Writing A VB Program To Send SMS On A SMS Gateway Using A GSM Modem


Does anyone know how to write a VB program to send SMS on a SMS gateway using a GSM modem? Or point me to some resources? Thanks!

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I have a project in vb.net 2005, an application that send, read & delete sms thru this program using a gsm modem with ordinary sim. The only module that i havent finish yet is the portion of send, read & delete sms from my gsm sim. does anyone who can help me or give a source code on how to send, read & delete sms from my gsm sim. i am currently using a smartbro huwaei gsm modem as of now.

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SMS Sending application in vb.net using GSM Modem of Mobile & AT Command where mobile numbers are dynamically coming from sql server database.

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I am developing an ASP.NET web page for sending sms using gsm modem. I have connected my phone using data cable to my PC.What are all the other requirements needed?I need to write vb.net code in code behind file to send SMS Using GSM Modem. What steps do i take to develop my web page for it.

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I have a goip modem (Buy GoIP, voip adapter, GoIP4, DBL GoIP4 GSM VOIP Gateway 4GSM VOIP Voice Gateway Guaranteed 100% Brand New #RG0001 atalready has the sim cards it needed. I'm connected to the device using the IP Address and entering username and password to access the modem configuration. Is there any here has an idea on how to create a SMS Server from a seperated Computer and the SMS server will schedule the sending of the messages. My problem now i

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I wanted to send and receive SMS from my application, as of the need i bought a Wavecom GSM Modem. I also downloaded ActiveXperts Toolkit for communicating with GSM Modem, i can be able to send SMS through the GSM Modem. have problem with receiving SMS.

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Is any opensource SMS (Short Message Service) gateway written in C# or VB.Net. Gateway must support AT command mode. I don't need SMS service, I need library to communicate with mobile phone or GSM modem (AT command mode)

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i am creating an sms program... using vb6 and mysql...my program was working well until i changed my gsm modem... the program can not anymore read the sms received... it can still send messages, list the messages, acknowledges the newly received messages... but whenever i try reading the sms, it only responds with this: "+CMGR: 0,,0"whats wrong? how to set the gsm to respond with this:"+CMGR: 1,+639191112222,,"00/11/22 12:12:12" "MY MESSAGE"anyone?

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I need to create a web application that sends SMS messages (In Bulk) from PC to a mobile. which is the best one in order to acheive this task. Will it be feasible for me to send SMS messages in Bulk using GSM Modem or is GSM Modem is capable of sending SMS messages in bulk?

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Hi friends,Iam C.Vinoth Chandar here from INDIA.Actually i own a ringtone website where i give ringtone codes for download for free and my site has been a bumper hit and iam getting many visitors these days.Now i have planned to send ringtones through sms from my website.I know many sms gateways and sms components to do that where we have to by sms credits or buy the component.But i dont want to do that way.I want to use my computer as the sms server. I have a gsm device and a data cable which is connect to my serial port.What i want to do is that when user comes to my website and request for a ringtone the request must come to my gsm device ( either a phone or gsm modem ) then the gsm device must connect to the database and take the requested ringtone file and send it back to the gsm device.The gsm device must the send the ringtone to the requested user.I dont know where to start on this. Kindly help me out.I want to do this badly.Thanks everyone in advance.C.Vinoth Chandar

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I am working on an alarm system software, which is SMS-based. I am using a GSM modem to receive the SMS when a client's premise security devices are triggered. The types of SMS text received will be like for e.g. "fire alert"(when devices triggers), "fire clear"(when devices are 'reset'). My program can detect real and false alarm, it works this way, i will input a premise site-map on a picture box at the main GUI, i can then create buttons at run-time and drag them to the respective position on the map. The buttons created have their text set as the client's block number referred to the database. So basically, a button represent a client. When a device in the client's premise is triggered, a SMS will be sent and my GSM modem will receive it, process the SMS and the button representing the client will start 'flashing' showing that the client's premise is under danger. Then when the button is clicked, which acts as an acknowledgement, will display the client's information on labels and turning that specific button to red color. Finally, when the device is 'resetted' in the client's premise, it will send another SMS to my GSM modem, after processing, the button will be back to normal. But my program has detect false alarms also, the first part is similar to mentioned above, client's premise security device triggers, SMS sent, SMS received by GSM modem, process SMS, button 'flashing'. Secondly, if the alarm is false, it will be automatically 'resetted' or the client may 'reset' it, then a SMS will be sent to my modem, turning the button to 'flashing' green in color. when 'acknowledged' will display the client's info and the button will become normal. The problem here i am facing is during the processing of the SMS, because the real and false alarms both will receive the 'clear' SMS when during some stages, but the functions are different and of course the 'checking' for both functions will be different too. The problem occurs at the checking process whereby the 'btn' variable is not detected. 'Try 'AT commands to receive SMS serialPort.Write("AT+CMGL=""REC UNREAD""" & vbCrLf) 'set command message format to text mode(1) [Code]....


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I want to write a Solution with VB.Net for Receive "Users" requests and Send specified information to them with SMS.I use D-Link GSM-Modem (Model:DWM-156). This model/type of GSM-Modem, has embeded Driver and a Application for Sending/Receiving SMS.on it, and also we can attach MicroSD to the Device. 1-Send/Receive with GSM-Modem and D-Link's application : when i attach GSM-Modem to USB port, D-Link' app , run automatically , then I heared noises on my Speaker, like when turn on a Mobile. I think this Signals "Hand Shake" with My GSM-Network. [Code]...

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We use MS Outlook to send SMS thru our office SMS gateway.I have written an application using VB6 with the MS Outlook objectto send SMS thru the gateway.This works fine with MS Outlook 2000 but there are additional charactersreceived in the SMS when use with later version, eg. MS Outlook 2003.For example after the 70 chars, an equal sign is added to the received SMS message.If I use Outlook 2003 itself to send the SMS, it also works fine.Anyone can help?Edited by - Peter Chee on 11/22/2007 9:00:25 PM

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As in like when the gsm modem receive a sms, it will auto detect and read data from gsm modem and display it on a textbox in a sms application.May i know how to insert a AT command method inside my program to receive incoming sms?(Now When i Debug, can not receive anything, no error message. [code]...

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I am doing a sms project using VB .net to connect to my gsm modem via serialport. All the connection and everything was working great and I can send and receive sms. Then here come a problem, I need to send long sms more than 160 chars. I read and did some research and I know that I need to use the pdu and udh. I managed to understand slightly of the pdu packet but is still quite confuse on that part. Anyone can briefly explain the exact way to do the concatented sms (long sms)?Another problem is how can I use vb to encode the data into pdu gsm 7bit data? Is there any built in functions or do i need to write them myself?

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hi all,I have made an application to send/receive sms with VB 6 and nokia 30 GSM Modem.But i got trouble when receive sms more then 10 sms in one minute.in my case, my application sometimes just receive 5 or 6 sms from 10 incoming smswhat's wrong??can anyone can help me to solve thi problem?got any idea to solve the problem?thanks for advanceps : sorry for my english, i'm form Indonesia

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I am currently developing an SMS application to read and receive SMS. I run the application and tried to send an SMS and the application indicates that the message is successfully sent. However the recipient did not receive the SMS. I am using Sony Ericsson T610 Code:Imports SystemImports System.ThreadingImports System.ComponentModelImports System.IO.Ports Public Class Form1 'connect your mobile/GSM modem to PC, 'then go in device [code].....

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im trying to make a program that can read a sms received through gsm modem.im using serial port to connect to the modem and use this code... [code]... in the first IF statement im trying to get the index of the msg then send an AT command to read the smg in the second IF, im trying to get all the data of the msg. in the index of 1 of the array i can get the number of the sender..my problem is that i cant get the entire msg of the sms.

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send a sms alert which use in nagios. But, when i try to send sms from "sms_client", I got the error message. Here is what was i do host:/etc/sms # sms_client mynumber "Test" And here is the error messages : Dialing SMSC 0855xxxxxx... WARNING: read() Timeout WARNING: read() Timeout ERROR: Timeout: searching for +<CR><LF>+ failed after 10 seconds ERROR: MODEM: Setting Local echo Failed Total Elapsed Time: 16 Seconds [code]..... I use Wavecom Fastrack wm20392 as my GSM Modem with serial cable connectivity.

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this one requires some l33t skillzi have built an SMS gateway that succesfully receives SMS , processes them and sends out reply data to the originating number.however, when the load gets very high, usually around lunchtime, i occasionally get collisions when trying to send an outgoing SMS reply and the modem is processing an incoming SMS.i use MScomm_OnComm to receive the SMS from the simcard on the GSM modem, using a poll delay every few seconds. OnComm does not fire (i think) unless i specifically check for new SMS messages using AT+CMGL="REC UNREAD". upon OnComm, i flag a boolean value that holds outgoing SMS at_commands until the receiving data has been processed.now, this method works fine 99.5% of the time. but when the incoming load gets too heavy, i get a collission. an example of this would be when you use a mobile fone to send out an SMS and there so happens to be one coming in at that very instant : you get a Message Sending Failed notice on your mobile.is there any way to check the modem for incoming activity, especially if i just checked for unread sms messages before sending the outgoing, but none are detected as during that milisecond, the incoming one had not been fully received by the simcard/modem .i am at my wits end, i've even tried putting in two boolean locks to try and catch the situation but have failed so far. whats worse , the gateway has already gone live and i've only recently detected the problem. could not simulate beforehand using just my one cellfone hitting the modem.please help. TQi can post code if necessary. i've gotten desperate enough to not bother about source code proprietorship. i'm also willing to contract anybody who can look at the code and figure out a solution.

Send Sms Automatically Through GSM Modem With Condition Using Visual Basic 6 www.codeguru.com

Hi,I am currently working on a book stocks checking project,using visual basic 6 to write a code about sending sms automatically through gsm modem to inform the user that the book stocks is insufficient.Firstly i would need to enter the database of the books to check if any stocks fall below 2.Then if any stocks fall below 2 my programme would need to send out sms automatically to inform the user that the book stock is insufficient.I would also like to know what is the meaning of"MSComm1.InBufferCount" in vb6.Can any help from any pros here....

Multiple Threads Calling Same Function www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I am doing a program to send/receive sms to multiple modems on multiple serial ports concurrently using vb 6. Currently, I had made used of createThread to achieve sending/receiving of sms to one modem. After I had done my programming.. then i realise that the only one thread can call the function. Any ideas how to get around this problem? Thanks for the help.

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i tried hard to send sms without ssending number. i mean [from:Idea] hi,there? the sms which ssended by u ,at other mobile it dosent shows any phone numbers,it shows as shown above. i have asked to provides for this kind of services or features but they are not responding and say that they sending this kind of sms through their server.remind u i am not using gsm modem.

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i'm supposed 2 integrate a gsm module with a micro chip so send sms.And i'm allowed 2 use silicon laboratories so write the code as i'm an amatuer to this

Send And Receive Sms To Gsm Modem www.codeguru.com

i am connecting a gsm modem to the serial port of computer and i want to use the visual basic to send at command using RS232 to read and send sms from the sim card in the modem so i need help in writing the code using visual basic

Sending SMS To Mobile Phones Worldwide? bytes.com

I want to know how to send SMS from ASP.NET to mobile phones worldwide. I have searched lot of sites but they are dealing with connecting the mobile phones in the system and then sending SMS to it using the gateway. But that is not my requirement. send SMS worldwide from my program in ASP.NET (Sitting in the system and accessing the webpage to send SMS worldwide) with appropriate guidance and if possible with source code guidance also.

Software :: SMS Gateway - Receives Sms Via GSM Modem ? www.linuxquestions.org

Does anybody know any useful free software for SMS Gateway (like OZEKI software under windows) for linux that receives sms via GSM modem convert it to mail and/or fax and visa versa and has web base configuration GUI?

Sending OK Response Over HTTP To Webpage Request stackoverflow.com

I am using an SMS Gateway to make my application receive SMSs. For this, the SMS Gateway sends a request to one of the pages in my application with the message as a querystring parameter. eg.[URL]. Now after my page gets invoked, I need to send an OK response to the SMS Gateway so that it doesn't keep retrying to send the same message to my application again and again. I cannot figure out how to send the OK response.

Sending Mobile Phone SMS's www.vbforums.com

Hi,has anybody tried sending mobile phone SMS's (=text message) via a GSM phone?The scenario I'm thinking about, is that I'd have a VB software monitoring certain actions and if necessary it would be able to shoot out a SMS via a GSM. Naturally I'd need to connect the GSM to the pc serial port. I'd prefer using a Nokia phone as they are easy to obtain second hand.All help is welcome regards,Eero

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Hi lists,I am working with a sms project. In this I amsuing, GSM modem, VBwith MSComm control.When I use the hyperterminal, i am receiving the entire sms, like this, I want ot recive the entrire sms in a string when using mscomm. Here the sms length willbe vary.Anyone have worked in this. Any help...P.V.Velan

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I am recently doing a project which require me to send and receive SMS using GSM Modem...When I try these...Select Case FromModem$case "+CMTI: "SM",1" xxxxxxxxxxWhy is there Error??? then it will highlight SM... Compile error : Expected : End ofstatementFor those who do not know what +CMTI: "SM",1 is...It is the return result when receiving a SMS successfully...Never mind if don't know AT COMMANDS...I just want to know how can I detect +CMTI: "SM",1 using Select Case Statement...? HELP!!!

3 Ways To Send Sms Via Vb6 www.vbforums.com

I am developing the application in VB6 in that i want to send sms through computer i have learned that there are three ways 1 sending sms from modem2 sending sms from gsm modem3 sending sms from provider webcan i have those codes seperately or are there any other way to send sms or not

3 Ways To Send Sms Via Vb6 www.codeguru.com

I am developing the application in VB6 in that i want to send sms through computer i have learned that there are three ways 1 sending sms from modem2 sending sms from gsm modem3 sending sms from provider webcan i have those codes seperately or are there any other way to send sms or not

Send "massive" SMS Messages For Mobile Phones? www.vbforums.com

I have build an application to send "massive" SMS messages, for mobile phones.For doing this, I use 4 GSM modems connect to my computer.About the aplication, it will be used for emergency calls, for firefighters, in my corporation. The question is:- I can't use SMTP for send sms, cause I dont have Internet conectivity every time. So, this way its not possible. I make the app, sending AT commands to the GSM modems.But, it gives me some problems, some messages are not send, the modems "hangs" frequently, and its necessary restart the computer. I have heard, that exist another better ways for doing this, but who are using thisr ways, don't tell me how make it.

Send SMS Via GSM Modem From .net Application? www.dreamincode.net

I want to send SMS Via GSM Modem from vb.net application I write code But it is not working . Here is Code below : Public Class Form1 Private SMSEngine As SMSCOMMS Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click [code].....

Sending Sms Without Using Sms Provider Gateway? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I want to know how to send the sms from vb.net application without using sms provider gateway. i want to send sms through web.

Types Of Sending And Receiving Sms? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am doing a project on creating send and receive sms application just like a software named Mozat M2U. I just want to know what are the different ways of sending and receiving sms. When I am doing my research, some of it uses sms gateway which is some application is using is for a trial. After that, the sms gateway have to pay. Besides the gateway, some uses the AT command using the GSM modem or phone. The project that i am doing is for my school. The project that I am doing is not only send/received one sms but in bulk. Besides that I am getting all the contact lists from the SQL Server and I am doing the application on visual studios 2005. I am getting no where after searching the net for example. Hope that anyone would help me. I have my dateline for doing this project.[URL] Besides that my friend is doing the email part but it uses the SMTP server. So how to combine both the email and sms. If using the SMTP server, can i send sms?

VS 2010 GSM Modem / AT Commands - Test If The Message Was Successfully Sent? www.vbforums.com

I have an application, for sending SMS to mobile phones, using a GSM modem and AT commands. It works perfectly, except in one point. If the modem have some problem, for example doesn't have network, or even doesn't have a SIM card, I dont know if the message was sent or not. How can I test if the message was sucefully sent?

C# - Send SMS Through Via Gsm Modem? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to detect GSM mobile (any kind) which connectedthrough serial port to computer and then be able to send SMS throughthis mobile phone to other mobile phones from asp.net website running under iis(only 1 system), could anyone help me and guideme, I wrote a program which could open COM port but still couldn't detect mobile phone and send SMS through it.

Mobile Phone www.vbforums.com

I have seen a lot of threads anywhere about interacting a pc via vb program to a mobile phone through a GSM modem. Bu ti have just downloaded a program, including a crack (pls forgive me, i have no money to buy it), named Logo Manager, and it manipulates my mobile phone without a GSM modem. I just used a data cable connected to a serial port. With it, you cand send sms, logo, ringtones and th elikes. My question is, can vb do such things? I mean a vb program.

Detect Modem Name www.xtremevbtalk.com

hello.i'm doing a project using mscomm to send out sms using a GSM modem. Is there a way to find out which port my GSM modem is connected to? I have tried sending the "AT" command and seeing which port responds with an "OK" but the problem is, in addition to the GSM modem, I also have an internal 56k modem which will also answer with an "OK".I'd like to know if there is a way for the modem to respond with its name so i can tell the difference between the two modems?the best thing would be to allow the users to select the available modems that are connected to their PC-- thru use of combo box. So to come up with this combo box i need to know how to detect and differentiate the modems.hope someone can help out.thanx in advance.--raf )

SMS Via Generic Modem www.vbforums.com

Hi AllI am busy creating an SMS system that sends SMS'es via an external analog modem. Is there anyone that can help me with a standard interface for sending an SMS via the COMM port? I've established a connection with the modem, and all seems to be working fine until I try to send the SMS, at which point I see an error: "Modem not Responding."Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Web Forms :: Sending SMS Using XML / How To Use SMS Business XML Module forums.asp.net

i have developed asp.net page for users to register their mobile numbers in sql server database but after i contacted my SMS Gateway provider they provided me with XML API for sending bulk sms. ( I need to find a way to make XML they provided me work to read all mobile numbers stored in my database for sending them as bulk sms or making a for loop to make loop on numbers on the database to make them written in XML code they provided me ) Here is the XML file i have received from Gateway provider: SMS Business XML Module Application Overview Request Response How to use SMS Business XML Module Application Overview  SMSBusiness XML module is a powerful SMS solution that provides a userfriendly interface for sending customised SMS messages to a large number of mobile numbers within minutes.  SMSBusiness also empowers you to modify the Subscriber Name, SenderID & password (encrypted format)  An easy-to-use Web module Request Format English [Code].... Description :

Use Gateway In An Application? www.daniweb.com

i have developed a system which needs to process funds transfer using means of mobile phone sms(short message sent). my problem is that i don't know how to intergrate the application with the sms gateway. suppose sms has been sent through the gateway,what will trigger the system to respond since message from phone enters database directly.

Create SMS Gateway In NET? stackoverflow.com

I want to develop an SMS gateway in .NET, using PDU encoder/decoder classes. It's working fine for me, but the problem is receiving multipart SMS messages. I want to handle these messages with segmentation and reassembly, like Ozeki SMS gateway. Ozeki SMS gateway stores every multipart SMS in a file; I want to do the same thing.

Vb Code To Send Sms From Device Application To Gsm www.vbcity.com

hi ,i have developed the user interface screens for motorola Q using vb(device applications). i am using the windows mobile smartphone 5.0. now i have to send sms from the screen developed to the gsm(chip silicon). i need to code to send sms.so plz help me.regards,shruthi

Java - Get The Result From Provided URL Without Opening The Browser? stackoverflow.com

How do i get the result from provided URL without opening the browser using php programming/AJAX. This is the url provided by SMS gateway [URL] Basically I am using cron-job scrip to start processing and send SMS to the recipients. What I want is just the result from the URL(Without opening the browser for gateway api) and proceed the to next process. The api result will be -1000 UNKNOWN ERROR -1001 AUTHENTICATION FAILED -1002 ACCOUNT SUSPENDED / EXPIRED -1003 IP NOT ALLOWED -1004 INSUFFICIENT CREDITS [Code]....

VS 2010 How To Sms From Pc To Mobile www.vbforums.com

how can i send sms from PC to GSM-MOBILE i am developing a banking application and want to add a functionality by which the user can know the balance in his account by sending a sms only.so i want my PC to send sms to mobile and receive SMS from mobile.i heared about GSMCOMM library but dont know how to use that.

How To Insert AT Command Method Inside My Program To Receive Incoming Sms social.msdn.microsoft.com

May i know how to insert a AT command method inside my program to receive incoming sms? My program is in visual basic windows form 2005. Here is how my program goes. After i click connect button in my application, the gsm modem will automatically read the incoming sms and display in the textbox on the program. I already have the list of AT commands to be used, they are : 1. AT 2.AT+CMGF=1 3.AT+CMGL="ALL" I also would like to know how to declare these commands as string inside the program. Here is my program so far: CODE; This code is for the user to click on connect button which will connect to the serial port. So after connecting the modem will then auto read and display new incoming sms.

C# - Sending SMS From Windows Mobile stackoverflow.com

This is the question asked at many places but I could not find any satisfying answer so asking it in stackoverflow. Hope I will get answer soon. I need to make an Windows Application (VC++/C#/VB.NET) which can send SMS using windows mobile which is connected through ActiveSync or Device center without GSM Modem.

VS 2008 - Multi-thread Two Loops So That This Process Is Running At The Same Time? www.vbforums.com

It is my previous problem in vb6, its hard to multithread using vb6 so I migrate my codes to vb.Net.How can I multithread this two loops so that this process is running at the same time.Because when I start my second Loop, my first loop stop in executing. It will start again when my 2nd loop finished. [code]... I have 2 connected GSM Modem in usb port.That codes will send SMS in all contacts in my ListBox.

SMS Gateway www.vbforums.com

HiI need to get some information on SMS gateways.ie how to make use of SMS gateways.Can anybody provide me such information.I will be greateful ton u.Regards

SMS Using GSM/CDMA Phone www.codeguru.com

I want to develop application in VB in which I want to send/recv sms using GSM/CDMA phone attached to pc thru USB data cable. In case of sms send I want to have delivery notification

Send A Sms Message From Visual Basic Thru A Gsm Modem forums.aspfree.com

hello, i have some knowledge about visual basic programming, what i cant figure out is how to send a sms message using a gsm modem connected to the serial port. your help would be appreciatedthanks

SMS Messaging In VB And/or ASP www.xtremevbtalk.com

Not sure where to put this ...Hi, just wanted to know if anybody has ideas on how to setup an SMS gateway and how to write a COM dll to send SMS messages in your VB/ASP projects.My boss is interested in making an app that can alert the system administrator(s) of pending items needing their attention via their cellphones.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Redirect Audio Stream To/from The Serial Port? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm writing a program that will allow me to send SMS and call using a GSM modem. I'm communicate with the modem using AT commands. I have a problem with "connect" sound from the modem to the speakers. After installing the modem is visible in the system as two ports. On one of them sends and receives commands. The second is just for voice communication. I can't redirect PC audio input/output to the modem serial port. (So I can't hear callers and vice versa) From what I've managed to find I have to use SAPI. (ISpVoice::SetOutput)

Sms Application In Vb? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello there, i have a project to build an sms application using vb, so that i can send and receive sms using mobile phones. How can i do it? Some people told me that i have to use AT commands to communicate with the gsm modem. Is there anyone who could give me the big picture of how can i build it? i'm still newbie in vb FYI, i'm using nokia handset (6100 and 6610) as the modem through a data cable connected to my pc. Thx a lot!

Reading Sms From Sms - Gateway? forums.devshed.com

I hope someone can help me, since the company where I bought the hw and sw no longer exists.I have a sms-gateway installed, and sending sms is no problem, the problem is reading sms if someone sends a respons back to the gateway This is the code for sending sms to the gateway Code: $fp = @fsockopen("localhost", 8080, $errno, $errstr, 30); $out1 = "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>"; $out1 .= "<s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">"; $out1 .= "<s:Body>"; [Code]... I think what I need is some similar code like the code I have for sending the sms, only this code has to read the respons and then put the phonenr (oa) the message (ud) and timestamp(scts) into my MySQLDb. The file respons.php currently just insert an empty row in the DB to test if the page is "reached"

Sms Application Using Gsm Modem? www.vbcity.com

Hello there,i have a project to build an sms application using vb, so that i can send and receive sms using mobile phones. How can i do it? Some people told me that i have to use AT commands to communicate with the gsm modem. Is there anyone who could give me the big picture of how can i build it? i'm still newbie in vb FYI, i'm using nokia handset (6100 and 6610) as the modem through a data cable connected to my pc.Thx a lot!

Read Sms Via Pc With Auto Reply www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi, i am planing to use this kind of application to my latest project... but in different use.i've red about topics regarding send recieve sms from gsm modem.what i want for my project is that it can send a load to a recipient via gsm modem...im from philippines and there is sim menu where u can send load to otherhere's how it works on a cell phoneexample:cellphonemenu+phonebook+messages+settings+cell load <-this is the sim menu [enter] -amount <-input amount [enter] -pin <-input pin [enter] -recipeints number <-input recipients no. then process complete.what i want is use it using gsm modem... via AT Command.also i would like to know if i can get a copy of your codes? toyapogi@yahoo.com - send me if u havetynxxx in advance

Example To Send SMS www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, i've searched for code to send Sms messages with a mobile phone, for example with Nokia 3310. I've found this code: 'You need the freeware ASMSCTRL.DLL to run the sample.' Download it from http://www.vahland.com/pub/asmsctrl.dll' and register it on your machine.' Read http://www.vahland.com/pub/asmsctrl.htm for more infoOption ExplicitDim asObjSet asObj = CreateObject( "ActiveXperts.SMSC" )' MODEM PROPERTIESDo asObj.PortID = inputbox( "On which Comport is modem or GSM connected? (1, 2, 3, ..)", "Input" )Loop until asObj.PortID <> ""' SENDER and RECIPIENTasObj.Sender = "00000000000" ' Set your phone number here; only digits are allow, minimum 1 character, max. 16 charactersDo asObj.Recipient = inputbox( "Enter the recipients phone number (only digits allowed, no spaces etc.)", "Input" )Loop until asObj.Recipient <> ""' MESSAGEDo asObj.MessageText = inputbox( "Enter the message text you want to send to the recipient. Only the first 160 characters of the message will be sent", "Input" )Loop until asObj.MessageText <> ""' Send the mesage to the recipient through the locally connected GSM phoneWScript.Echo "Sending the message..."asObj.SendMessage FALSE ' FALSE means: not through provider, but through direct connected GSMIf( asObj.LastError <> 0 ) Then WScript.Echo "Failed to send message, error: " & asObj.LastError & " (" & GetErrorString( asObj.LastError ) & ")" WScript.Echo "To trace all commands sent/received through modem, set the 'LogFile' property," WScript.Echo "for instance, asObj.LogFile = " & Chr( 34 ) & "c:mylog.txt" & Chr( 34 ) & "."Else WScript.Echo "Message successfully delivered"End If' ********************************************************************Function GetErrorString( lError ) GetErrorString = "Unknown error" Select Case lError Case 0 GetErrorString = "SUCCESS" Case 1 GetErrorString = "Evaluation period has expired" Case 2 GetErrorString = "License was entered, but invalid" Case 10 GetErrorString = "Invalid provider dial string" Case 11 GetErrorString = "Message was sent to SMS provider, but no reponse received" Case 12 GetErrorString = "Message was sent to SMS provider, SMS provider reported a synax error" Case 13 GetErrorString = "Message was sent to SMS provider, SMS provider didn't accept message" Case 30 GetErrorString = "Invalid sender address" Case 31 GetErrorString = "Invalid recipient address" Case 32 GetErrorString = "Invalid message" Case 50 GetErrorString = "No response from modem" Case 51 GetErrorString = "Unexpected response from modem" Case 52 GetErrorString = "Error response from modem" Case 53 GetErrorString = "No dialtone detected upon attempt to connect to remote party" Case 54 GetErrorString = "No carrier reported while connecting to remote party" Case 55 GetErrorString = "No answer reported while connecting to remote party" Case 56 GetErrorString = "Busy tone reported while connecting to remote party" Case 100 GetErrorString = "Generic port Error" Case 101 GetErrorString = "Invalid parameter" Case 102 GetErrorString = "Invalid port. Most probably, port does not exist or is in use" Case 103 GetErrorString = "Unable to perform operation because port it already opened" Case 104 GetErrorString = "Generic open port error" Case 105 GetErrorString = "Unable to initialize port" Case 106 GetErrorString = "Unable to write to port" Case 107 GetErrorString = "Unable to write directly to port" Case 108 GetErrorString = "Unable to read from port" Case 109 GetErrorString = "Unable to retrieve device information" Case 110 GetErrorString = "Unable to change device settings" Case 111 GetErrorString = "Unable to purge the port" Case 112 GetErrorString = "Timeout" End SelectEnd Function But if I try to run this code then I get this error: WScript.Echo "Sending the message..." ==> WScript = Variable not defined. I've put the dll file in my reference so this cann't be the problem. I know that this code is working because some answers of peoples on other forums. But I can't find the solution. Any idea...?? BR, Peter.

Sending Sms Through GSM Modem www.codeguru.com

hello all, i am working on a school management project. If anybody knows about sending sms through GSM modem in vb then plz reply me.thank u

Send Bulk Sms To Mobile Via Service Provider Endpoints forums.asp.net

I am looking send Bulk sms to GSm mobile phone.i know through web service we can send sms but it is slow. so i am looking how to send SMS via service provider endpoints. Give me step by step procedure and what are gatway required fir this.. the code should be in c#...

Error Handling www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have made a SMS Server application. I works in this way:1. Some program write a message in a database in the "incoming" table.2. every 10th second my sms server checks the incoming table. If any messages they will be send with a gsm modem.3. sent messages will be moved into the "sent" table.My problem is that if the database is stopped, the app will return an error whenever it tries to connect to the database. Therefore i have made an "on error" statement which looks like this:Errhandler:wait 60 'a function i have made to wait x secondsgoto getsql 'a label i have made just before i get the recordsetThe first time the error occurs the errorhandler works fine, but the second time the program crashes and says that my mysql database is gone.Why can't the errorhandler catch the error the second times it occurs in the same function?

Sending A MMS From A Modem Siemens MC35i forums.devshed.com

I have a question that whas already debated in this forum... I purchase a modem Siemens MC35i GSM/GPRS , with the purpuse of sending SMS and MMS from an aplication in VB.net... In sending SMS it was easy , I just look and study the AT comands of the Manual of the Siemens MC35i and the results where positive. About sending MMS the manual is not explicit, I don´t have a clue whow to start and whow the process works in sending MMS... Can I send MMS just with AT comands? If not, can It be done in VB.net? Can you give some kind of information,in Internet about MMS with AT comands or with Vb.net...(I´m tired of Look for this information, but with no results} ) Thanks for all... Have a good day!!!

Using A Timer To Blink Multiple Buttons? social.msdn.microsoft.com

i am working on an alarm system software, i am required to blink buttons whenever an alert SMS is received by my gsm modem, after checking for its authentication with the database. The buttons represents the individual units of houses that are armed with a hardware whereby whenever an alarm is triggered, the hardware sends a alert SMS which is received by my gsm modem. The unit under alert represented by the button will start blinking to show that its under alert, when clicked, it will stop blinking to show that the alert is acknowledged. But now i am facing a situation whereby when the second alert comes in, the first alert will be overwritten by it, which is not what i wanted, i want it to be like both buttons will be blinking, not overwritten. The buttons are all created when the program is running, with its text referred to the database. I have placed a timer to do all the blinking. The timer will start after the checking for authentication. [Code]...

Send An SMS Through A GSM Modem www.codeguru.com

Anyone one out there with some idea about how i can send, read, and reply SMS directly from my GSM modem. Please include the sample program.

GSm Modem Sms Receiving www.vbcity.com

Hello!I am a newbie in this forum. I've started a project in visual basic where I am using a TC35 GSM Modem connected to RS-232. I have initialized the modem so it can receive AT commands. I want the program to react on a particular string in a received SMS. E.g. if an incoming SMS:s message ="open", the program should e.g. start a program. Anyone got any ideas? Please write to me. I can try to help you with something in return. All the best!//Jont

GSM Modem -Receive SMS -Help www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello!I am a newbie in this forum. I've started a project in visual basic where I am using a TC35 GSM Modem connected to RS-232. I have initialized the modem so it can receive AT commands. I want the program to react on a particular string in a received SMS. E.g. if an incoming SMS:s message ="open", the program should e.g. start a program. Anyone got any ideas? Please write to me. I can try to help you with something in return. All the best!//Jont

Localization :: Convert Arabic Text To Unicode? forums.asp.net

Am developing a SMS Application, from there I have to send Arabic text by SMS, problem is that SMS Gateway does not accept Arabic text directly, Gateway accept Arabic text in Unicode/UCS2 format. So I need code to convert Arabic text in Unicode Format.

Read Sms Via Pc With Auto Reply www.vbforums.com

hi, i am planing to use this kind of application to my latest project... but in different use.i've red about topics regarding send recieve sms from gsm modem.what i want for my project is that it can send a load to a recipient via gsm modem...im from philippines and there is sim menu where u can send load to otherhere's how it works on a cell phoneexample:Code:cellphonemenu+phonebook+messages+settings+cell load <-this is the sim menu [enter] -amount <-input amount [enter] -pin <-input pin [enter] -recipeints number <-input recipients no. then process complete.what i want is use it using gsm modem... via AT Command.also i would like to know if i can get a copy of your codes? [Email address removed - Mod]tynxxx in advance

Make A Program That Can Send Sms? www.vbforums.com

i want to make a program that can send sms that's include serial number if the user but i really dont know the code of how can i send sms

Networking :: How To Write A Device Driver For Virtual Modem www.linuxquestions.org

i have some basic knowledge about device drivers.can any one tell how to write drivers for virtual modem, Actually my project is to implement communication between the two PCs by using two virtual modems. so for that i need to write the code for the virtual modem which it should understand all the AT commands exactly as physical modem and it should send/receive call and SMS.

Just Starting Out www.xtremevbtalk.com

i'm a programmer who is just starting to learn how to make simple programs that can send sms from a gsm phone to a pc and vice versa...this is of course in vb 6.0, the language i'm used to...could anyone please give me some tips and tricks on how to do this such as: what library i could use,sdk that would work on vb 6.0, and other stuff similar to these...sample source codes are very much welcome...i don't have any intention in pirating these codes, i'll just use them as guidelines...thank you very much!!!

Building A CRM Application? www.daniweb.com

I am doing a project on the CRM application which sending and receiving sms using the vb.net language. I am no where to conclusions of my project because I could not build the application. I have found many examples but the problem some of the examples some uses the sms gateway or the AT commands. I could not differentiate which one to use? I have a dateline to finish this project of mine.Most of the example does not look like a CRM application.

Web Application For Sending Bulk SMS? forums.asp.net

Looking to build a web application which provides a platform for sending bulk SMS on reasonable rates. Whether i have to sign an agreement with GSM providers for sending SMS or is there an alternative for this? If so, how can i embed the SMS service with my application code?

How To Send SMS With SMS MODEM bytes.com

i am having SMS Modem i want send the SMS through SMS Modem Through PHP Script. i am having site which contains the information the users want to receivce the information to their mobile. how is possible?

VS 2010 Apllication Send SMS Through GSM Modems - Upgrade www.vbforums.com

I have one about one apllication send SMS trough GSM modems. The application works fine, and without problems. The questions now, is: - I use Huawey E220, to send the SMS, with AT commands. Now, I wanna migrate for better hardware, and try use another GSM Modem. In this case, I was try with Siemens M20 Terminal. But, with this kind of equipment the applicatiosn doesn't work. It was necessary some extra code for establish communication?

SerialPort_DataReceived Event To Receive SMSes? social.msdn.microsoft.com

a program to receive SMSes automatically, i am using the serialPort_DataReceived event to detect any SMSes coming through the serialPort via a GSM modem, a delegate to update the mainform, i am able to receive SMSes, upon receiving the first SMS, the information in the SMS will be displayed in a messagebox. My problem is, consecutive SMSes received will display the first SMS information in the messagebox. From what i can see is that, my program is able to successfully poll SMSes but unable to display information of the SMS except the first one. Here are some codes i have done: Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.data Imports System.Drawing.Image [code].....

How To Write Code For Sending Sms www.vbcity.com

hello!!this is my first time using VB and i've to write program to send SMS via VB. i really don't know much about VB. i'm just looking for the code so that i can modify it to fulfill my needs.does anyone know what is the code?do i need to use any hardware interfacing such as Nokia handphone and DAU9P?do i need to be online to send sms via VB?what other application that i need to implement this system?and another question,how can i write code to interface between blood pressure device (like in ICU) to the PC?for information, i've to design an expert system for blood pressure that will send the patient condition automatically to the doctor through SMS. please help me.....yours sincerely,alyalissa

SMS Problem..new SQL Server Issue! [Urgent] www.vbcity.com

HiMy project requires me to use a software called Aureus Anuncio 2000 to send SMS. This software comes with a modem,builtin Access DB and a DSN (ATGSMSGW) which maps to this database. The problem is that my work requires me to use an SQL Server database. I tried mapping the existing DSN to my SQl Server DB and also named the SMS tables and fields exactly in the way they were but when i tried sending SMS, i keep getting the error :"System has detected another modem. Please use the prescribed modem".Please note that SMS sending using the existing Access DB is working fine.Can anyone help me with this problem?( I have to use SQL Server.)thanx.Edited by - jshree on 3/30/2004 12:20:17 AM