Writing A Program That Creates A Report File


I need some help writing a program that creates a report file, A:Random.rpt, with 100,000 random integers, right adjusted in 10 columns, with one space between each column. The first row contains the first 10 numbers, the second row contains the next 10 numbers, and so on. The random numbers should be in the range of 0 to 20,000, inclusive

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I have created a program which accepts a string of data from a remote system through MSComm and writes the string to a file. Periodicaly I want to create a report and then have the program do one of the following to the file.1. Rename the file.2. Delete the file.3. Clear out the contents of the file so I can write fresh data to the file.The Idea is to create the Report and then get rid of the old info so any new info will be written to a new or empty file. This way I don't have to read through a lot of old info looking for the new when I create the next report.Ideally I would like to have the program rename the file so I can keep it as a backup. I can create the report but how do I rename or delete the file?thanx

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In a program I wrote I write down the results / reports in an ASCII-file. On short term I have to write them into an dBase(IV) or Paradox-file.(without using other programs)I managed to create a database (the standard microsoft databaseform which is used in all examples), but that's .mdb and I need to create a .dbf (dBase) or .db (paradox)My question: who has some 'source' to create a dBase IV database(path and filename are entered by the user in my program)(I know how to fill the database)

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 If i create a report from access but i write my payroll program from Visual basic 6I would like to know how to run this report from VB.

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I want to create a PDF File from within my VB Application.I'm not using crystal report for printing.Printing my report is with standard print statements.Code:StartXpos = 1300 Printer.CurrentX = StartXpos + 3900 Printer.CurrentY = StartYpos + 300 Printer.Print Format(db_Klanten!KL_code, "000000"); Tekst = "/" Printer.Print Tekst; Printer.Print Mid(Faknr, 5, 4) Tekst = ""I tested different pdfcreator programs but didn't find a good one.So i want to write it by myself.Anyone knows how to write a pdfcreator program or maybe some books to help me started.thanx

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Guys,I am trying to build a report programatically in Access 97 and have succeded in doing so. However, when compiling the database and creating an MDE file, Access does not allow the program to create the report, since reports cannot be edited in an MDE file.I have proceeded to try and reference an external MDB and creating the report in that database, but Access informed me that an MDE file cannot reference an MDB file.Would anyone be able to assist me in creating this report? It has to be made from scratch as it is generic.ThanksAdi

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I am trying to grasp how to include a Crystal report in a program written in Visual Studio 2010.I have created a form in the program and included a Crystal Report Viewer on it. When I create a new Crystal report using the report wizard all seems well. However, when I debug/run the program I am asked to provide the database login ID and password. The database I am using was created with SQL Server 2008 R2, and was never created with login credentials. I believe the problem is in the Crystal Report Viewer opening the report but have no clue about what steps to take to correct this. When I run the program with the Report Viewer minus a Report, the Report viewer runs successfully. But when I include a report it asks for the login ID and password.

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I have written a VB 6 front end for an Access database. The machine I wrote the program on is running Win 2000 and MS Office 2000. It creates reports and sends them to Word. The program runs fine on a machine running Win 2000 & MS Office XP. However it crashes on a machine running Win XP & MS Office XP when it tries to write to Word. Everything else seems to work OK. I have eliminated all Word dependency files per MS Knowledge Base Article 249843.Any ideas?Thanks Ron

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I work with Crystal Report 7 & VB6 & Access97. After installing program in some of windows, I get the error messages as following when I want to open my report in program.Seagate Crystal Reports: Database Error----------------------------------------Can not initialize OLE.Seagate Crystal Reports: Database Error----------------------------------------Can not create DAO DBEngine.Seagate Crystal Reports: Database Error----------------------------------------Error opening file.File could not be opened: "Report" at file location "Report"

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hi,I wrote a program with ADO to write some records to a .DBF file. Then I closed the recordset and connection. But I can not access that file when the program was still running. Another question is,if I write a .DBf file into driver A and then take the disk out of driver A, the system reports that I should insert the disk into driver A when I try to exit the program. How can I resolve these problems?thanks in advance.

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I have a project for which I want to create html reports for.Creating the html isn't the problem. Problem is the data is really sensitive, and I want to be able to verify the file is a file created by my program and hasn't been edited by anyone externally.Does anyone know of any good ways to write some type of signature into a file that I can verify later and detect even if one character has been changed??Thanks


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i have a program called Vip Task Manager.This program lets me set up task which others have to complete.When they are done with a task they have to mark it "completed" and make a report on what they have done and used to perform this task.Vip Task Manager has a button which directs them to an upload form, now when they press the "open" button I would like this to happen: Open a certain report making program I made myself.When they finished writing their report and press save, the program saves this report on a dedicated network HDD (.txt file) and closes itself.Then add the file or link to the upload form in Vip Task Manager.What it all comes down to is that they dont have to minimize Vip task manager, open the report making software, save it, go to vip task manager, press upload, press open, look where this file is saved, select it, and upload it.now, typed in red is whats already been taken care of.The rest, I have no idea where to begin to be honest.First I want to find out how to retrieve that a button is pressed in a existing program. (dont know which code it is written in and it is not open source)

Installing Programs DLL Files social.msdn.microsoft.com

I've mad a program that produces barcodes using crystal reports and I'm having trouble trying to get the dll file for the barcode to be moved into the folder where crystal reports looks for this.I'm using a development project to create an installer for the program in vb 2010.i have tried just copying the dll file during the program start up if its not in the correct location but get the error saying that i dont have a high enough permission level to do this, would registering the dll file work seeing as its a 3rd party file and crystal reports expects it in a specific location?

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Hi,I've been given a task while I'm learning VB which involves creating a menu to run some reports. These currently consist of both VB and VBA type reports. I've also got a java program written in JEXCELAPI which I have been asked to include in the report menu. My long term aim is to convert this to VB but for the short term I'd like to include it.So my question is, can you set up a VB program torun a java program and how easy is it?Thanks

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I've created a logging class to log messages and errors for a program. I have two functions: one creates the log txt file each time the program runs (with date and time in filename) and the other function writes the message to the file. The problem is that when I go to write to the file, I get an exception that the file is in use by another process. If I don't create the file in my code and just use a file that existed before running my program, it works fine.

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I now need to use the scripting.FileSystemObject to code my program for creating text file, create folder, write and read to file....Any link or help?ty for reply^^

Php Exec To C Program That Writes File bytes.com

I'm trying to use the exec() call in php to run a program that I've written and compiled from C. This program attempts to create a new file and write data into it. If I simply run the program from the shell, it writes the file no problem. If i run the program through an exec call in a php script, however, the program executes but it seems to not have the correct permissions to be able to write the file.

Unknown File Type www.xtremevbtalk.com

Here at work, we use software that we bought to create reports. This program generates some files for a report. One is plain-text that defines the tables in the report. Another file saves the association between tables and report banners (like titles, but the data depends on these banners as well as the table structure.) This file, however is not plain text.The text file for the report is like 60,000 lines and was manually done, so i wrote code to generate this file from the data in our DB. Now I want to create the banners from our DB too.Can someone help me figure out what format this file is in? I tried .DBF and tried handling it like a file from ADO rs.Save, but to no avail.Here is some of the file:Code:ÿÿ                         $ % & * + , 0 1 2 < = > ? L M N O P Q R S T U V W d e f g h i jI'd rather not attach the file as their may be some proprietary info in it.

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Pls help me!In my program, I made a report(Crystal) and then I want to export this report to a Rich Text file. I use the following sub:Sub ExportReport() Report.SelectPrinter Printer.DriverName, Printer.DeviceName, Printer.Port Report.PaperSize = crPaperA4 Report.PaperOrientation = crLandscape Report.Export 'Report.PrintOut FalseEnd SubWhen the ExportReport is called, a dialog appears allowing me to choose the format file and the path to save it.But I want to specify the format and the path in my program(it means that the program does all things) how can I write the code for this?If I have many reports can I export it into only one file (for example, We have report named report1.rpt and we export it into the rich text file name rtfTest.rtf. Then we have another report named report2.rpt, can we append it into rtfTest.rtf)Thanks in advanced.

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Is it possible to write a program which in itself will create an executable, Is there a compile api call. I want to write a questionaire program where the questions and multi-choice answers are entered into text boxes and option buttons then have my program create a distributable executable program that can be run by others with questions and possible answers. The questions are answered and at the end creates a text file which will be read by another program. I am OK about the text file part of the project.

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I am writing a database program with ADO 2.5 with no data controls or data environments: everything is written by hand. What is the best way to create reports based on my records? Do I use the DataReport that comes with VB 6.0EE or Crystal Reports? Or are there good (and cheap...) 3rd party programs? Thanks.Eric

Writing To Word, Win 2000 Vs Win XP www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have written a VB6 front end for an Access database that writes reports to Word. The machine I wrote the program on is running Win 2000 & Office 2000. The program runs fine on a machine running Win 2000 & Office XP. However it crashes on a machine running WinXP & Office XP when it writes a document to Word. Everything else seems to work OK. I have not included any Word .olb files in the dependency file of the PDW per Microsoft's knowledge base.Any IdeasThanks

.NET Program With Pivot Table Class? forums.asp.net

I want to write a .NET program which reads XML data and creates the pivot table report. I have XML behind the other reports.. I want to make use of create report similar to Pivot table report of Excel 2007.

Access Reports In VB www.xtremevbtalk.com

hello everyone,i created reports in access and i want to see them in my VB program.i wrote this code.the problem is that this code perform printing the report but it doesnt show me thr report.can someone please help me and say where/what is the missing line so i can also see the report i created beside printing itthe code is:Dim appAccess As Access.Application Set appAccess = New Access.Application appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase (App.Path & "myDB.mdb") appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "myReport", acViewPreview appAccess.DoCmd.PrintOut appAccess.Quit i am using microsoft Access 10.0 object libararythank u

New Page Per Group In Crystal Report www.vbcity.com

How can i set new page per group in Crystal Report? Normally,I have to write program in Navision report ,It have one property = New page per group Now i have to write my report on Crytal report to show on the web.but i don't know how to set new page per group.I see the property it call New page after and New page before but i have no idea how to write program to set New page per group.Please help me!

Couldn't Write A File From Javascript www.vbdotnetforums.com

I have called a script in my .net code which creates a .csv file and writes into it. The file is created and the program is executed without errors but the created file has nothing written into it. I'm able to create and write into the file from .net. Also, when the script is run separetly writes into the file correctly but not when it is called from .net. what could be the reason...

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HiI have vb6 with CR v8.5 in XPi've created a report in cr and saved it and created a small test program in vb6 to view the report. This works fine from within vb6.the problem is when i try to package the program it does'nt create a setup file, just a support directory with nothing in it.I have tried changing 2 dep files as suggested by crystal decisions, but it's still not working.Any suggestions?Thanx

Configuration :: Access To Report File Denied - Another Program May Be Using It - In Windows 7 forums.asp.net

[[COMException (0x80000220): Error in File C:WindowsTEMPSmall {287137BF-8E50-469F-B436-A0A385C7912A}.rpt: Access to report file denied. Another program may be using it.i am getting this error while accessing the report in windows 7 we need to give write permission in IIS but how do i assign the write permission and to which file or folder or user do i need to assign it

Adding Child Forms After Installation www.vbforums.com

I was wondering if someone could tell me if there is a way to add child forms after an install.Here is the situation. I am creating a report writing software that has serveral types of reports. Currently, the reports are bundled into one program. What I would like to do is make it so that there is one parent form, and the customer can purchase each report seperatly. The reports would be integrated into the main program. Each report has different controls on a form.Each time the program is started it would look to see what reports the user has, check the license for each report, and begin the program showing the reports that are available.Is that possible? I thought it may be possible with an ActiveX EXE, but I don't know how I would get the main program to use it.Thank you for any advise.

VB6.exe Errors www.vbforums.com

When I close VB Ver.6 , system gives me error like this. VB6.exe has generated errors an error log is being created. Also, I have wrote a program with VB Ver.6. When I run a report from the system, it lock itself. 1-Where is the log file being created and what is the name of the log file?2-Why is the system lock itself? Thanks,

Printing A Access Report www.xtremevbtalk.com

I've created a report in MS Access and was wondering if there was a way to be able to print that report from this program I created in Visual basic.I've attached the data control and attached the database to the program I just need to print out a report. The program I created is Rental Property program and want to be able to print out reports showing maintanance costs per unit and so on. Any help would be appreciated.

Vb6.0 - How To Update VB App To All Workstation www.codeguru.com

Hi there, Server Database: MS SQL Report Database: MS ACCESS Report Viewer: Crystal 9.0 I have a Report Viewer Program w/c i always install(Create Package) to each workstation every time i made modification. Is there a way (vb code) to install only this program once (to server computer), then when they run it in the workstation, the program will update/copy (dll,ocx,database,report file ect,) to the workstation computer. So that i will not install to each workstation (20 workstation) in the network...Please help!!!!Thanks....

Reading Text File And When Found Triggers Then Do Another Action www.vbforums.com

Problem is that I create a program ( X ) wich will start another program (Let's call that one Y) and have to read a text file (.log).Now program Y, when started, will read information from a serial device and write it to a log file, now program X must check that log file and when he sees the trigger </trigger> then program X has to kill program Y (otherwise the log will be longer then nessacery).Starting program Y and killing it (processes) will not be a problem.The reading and checking for the trigger in the text file (on the fly, when text file is created) will be So anyone a thought on how I can solve that ? Thanks

How To Access The Key And Value Field From Reporting Server Web Config File social.msdn.microsoft.com

How to access the key and value field from reporting server web config file ,and reporting manager web config file.because� i have set the table� and database value their . table and database name is not fixed ,and i have to create report on that (notfixed� name�) table and (notfixed� name�)Database.��I have written sp in which i have passed the table name and database name.� but how can i take values from Report server and report managerconfig file

Crystal Reports - Producing A Report, One Record At A Time www.vbcity.com

I've created my report "template" for prodcuing my statements. As part of what I did, I created the links to all the SQL tables I need. However, I need to write a VB6 program that will select one record at a time, and then export it to .pdf format.I have in excessof 100,000 records in all my tables.How do I programmtically tell the report selection in my report template that this is what I want to do ?Thanks

DB/Reporting :: CrystalReports Redistribution - Viewer App That Takes A Command Line Parameter www.xtremevbtalk.com

I created a report viewer app that takes a command line parameter, the report filename, and opens the report. I also created a ODBC File DSN that I want to redistribute. However, currently, the DSN needs to reside in 'c:program filescommon filesodbcdata sources'. Is there a way for the report to look for the DSN in the application directory? Also, what components besides .NET 3.5 are required to redistribute the report and report viewer app?

VB6 Front End ,Win 2000 To Win XP www.vbforums.com

I have written a VB 6 front end for an Access database. The machine I wrote the program on is running Win 2000 and MS Office 2000. It creates reports and sends them to Word. The program runs fine on a machine running Win 2000 and MS Office XP. However it crashes on a machine running Win XP and MS Office XP when it tries to write to Word. Everything else seems to work OK. Any Ideas?

Directory Based Commands In VB www.xtremevbtalk.com

im attempting to create a file managing program in VB and can copy files nicely. the problem i have is that if you type in a directory (rather than used the microsoft common dialogue control to browse to it) that doesnt actually exist, the program crashes. im just wondering how you create new folders in VB if they dont exist.for example, i open a file for output as #1 and attempt to write to C:TempProgramBackup. if C:Temp doesn't exist, how can i create it, and ProgramBackup?sorry about my confusing writing!thanks

The Setup Program Doesn't Rewrite The Dll Files If Exists A Previous Version Of Them www.xtremevbtalk.com

I make a setup program with the "Package and Deployment Wizard" of Visual Basic 6.0. I use the Crystal Reports 8.5 like a Visual Basic component.The setup program includes the dll necessary for open these reports (craxdrt.dll...).The problem is that if the client machine has a previous version of these dll, it doesn't write the new version. Its seems like if find the same file, quit the copy of this.Do you know how can force the copy of these files, even if they exists jet?Thanks,Eva Janakieff

Output In .txt Files www.vbforums.com

Hello you guru's :-)I need a little help with this one.I'm creating a program that will "create" or write program headers, body and footer.It gets complicated when I want to "write out" in ASCII format. I would need a bunch of Sub to write info in those ASCII files.Ex.: I'm creating a .txt file that will contain the code required to run a particular task.private sub header ' open output file (in write mode) ' start the process print "/*************************************************/" print "* Program..: " & strProgramFile print "*" print "* Author...: " & strAuthor print "*" print "* Date.....: " & strCreationDate print "/************************************************/;"' close the output file for the momentend subprivate Sub Body ' re-open the output file (in append mode) ' do my output stuff ' close the output file for the momentend subetc...I simply don't know how to create that .txt file. Could someone proivde me the basic stuff so that I could go on.Sincerely,Patrice :-)

Report Is Not Refreshed www.vbcity.com

I write this program to show my report    report.ReportFileName = Standard1.chemin & "info.rpt"     report.Destination = 0     report.WindowState = crptMaximized     report.Action = 1      my report is appeared but the problem it's not refreshed, when I check the database all thing is right and when I open the report with CR and I press on bouton Refresh Report the data appears right and the report appears with data selected.I think something miss me in my program NB: I use VB6 and CR 4.6 thx

Insert A Picture That Is On Worksheet Into Another Worksheet www.excelforum.com

I have written a vba program that creates a report in excel. Most of the pages of the report are created at runtime. I have an image on a hidden worksheet that I need to place into one of the worksheets that is created at runtime. The image is an excel chart that I copied and pasted as a picture. I did this so that I could resize it easily and all of the elements of the chart would maintain their relative sizes. I have tried:

Report Errors Using VB6 And Access 2002 www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have written a program that keeps track of employees' paid time off. I have also created various reports in Access 2002 that my program calls and runs. The program and database are stored on a server and the employees access the program over our network. My problem is that I have about 8-10 users that can access the program and run it fine, but not every one is able to open the reports. I would say about 3/4 of the people that run the program can open the reports fine, but there are a couple that have an error when they try to run the report. All of the PCs are running Win2000 or WinXP and have Office 2002 installed, and all PCs are accessing the same program, but I do not know why certain PCs can open the reports and others can't. Any help that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

VS 2008 : Run A Fortran Executable From A VB Form? www.vbforums.com

My challenge is to prepare for a presentation using a GUI interface to access a program written in Fortran.The Fortran program reads a data file and then writes an output file.For the presentation I need to be able to change a variable value in a VB form, update the data file, and run the Fortran program from the VB form.I also need to be able to create graphs using VB forms using the output file generated by the Fortran program.

VB Using Foxpro Database www.xtremevbtalk.com

I wrote a VB program, using FoxPro Database. I would like to know how to solve the following problems: 1. how to lock the database at record level to prevent two users to update, add and delete the same record in database at the same time? 2. how to write a program to perform the Re-Indexing function, to help to re-create/re-build index file (.cdx) for the corrupted database? 3. what command / program code should I write in order to issue 'PACK' command to foxpro to remove the marked deleted record? 4. which ODBC driver should I use as a engine to link to the Foxpro database? 5. can i print the report (i am using crystal report), line by line? how?

The Opposite Of Object Oriented? stackoverflow.com

I am, unfortunately, working with some very messy software written by an individual who does not know much programming. It's not object oriented, and the author actually forwards individuals between files in order to execute different scripted functions. Entire pages are wrapped in if/else statements. Each file has its own SQL connection method, each has its own everything, and well - it's the epitome of why we should use OOP. S what's this programming style technically called? I'm writing somewhat of a report on it

Ssh - Transfer Files Using SFTP Or Shell/terminal Script? stackoverflow.com

I need to write a script that is run as a cron job every night which transfers some report files via sftp to another server.The report files are created every night using another cron in the format 'support_[date].csv' & 'download_[date].csv'. Find the 2 files created on latest [date] Copy these files to another server using SFTP I've tried several PHP scripts utilising the ssh2 extension, but to no avail. Is there a way to do it using a shell script? It's not something I am hugely familiar with to be honest (hence going down the PHP route initially)

Crystal Report Parameter Fields Required For .rpt File? www.vbcity.com

Hi,I’m using VB6 with Crystal Reports 8 and the SQL Server 2000 Pubs database. I can successfully pass parameters to my VB Crystal Report .DSR file using an SQL Server stored procedure and creating a recordset; without needing to create a Parameter Field within my .DSR file. Is it possible to pass parameters to a Crystal Report .rpt file using an SQL Server stored procedure and ADO recordset; without needing to create a Parameter Field within my Crystal Report .rpt file? The following code does not work? It displays the report header with no data.Option ExplicitDim crxApp As New CRAXDRT.ApplicationPublic Report As New CRAXDRT.ReportPrivate Sub Form_Load()Dim SQL As StringDim RS As New ADODB.RecordsetDim cm As New ADODB.Command gstrProvider = "sqloledb" gstrDatabase = "Pubs" gstrDataSource = "Xyz" gstrUser = "dm" gstrPassword = "dm"Set Report = crxApp.OpenReport("C:Program FilesSeagate SoftwareCrystal ReportsSamplesCodeVisual BasicFirst Class Hotelsmytest3.rpt")       gstrCN.Open ("Provider=" & gstrProvider & ";" & _   "Data Source=" & gstrDataSource & ";Initial Catalog=" & gstrDatabase & ";User Id=" & gstrUser & ";Password=" & gstrPassword & "; ")Dim strLName As StringstrLName = "green"SQL = "spSelAuthors '" & strLName & "'"Set RS = gstrCN.Execute(SQL) Report.Database.SetDataSource RS  CRViewer1.ReportSource = Form4.Report          'RefreshViewer    CRViewer1.ViewReportEnd SubThanks,DM

Cannot Open Newly Created File - Inconsistent Line Ending social.msdn.microsoft.com

I wrote a program that writes to a new created file a line of text. Anytime I try to open the new created file, I see a dialog box titled "Inconsistent Line Ending". I do understand why I receive this message. I wrote this program in VB.NET.

It Is Posible To Extract Formatted Text From A PDF File? www.codeguru.com

does anyone know how i can extract text from a PDF file (actually a report converted to PDF)?i got many PDF files (reports) with 132 characters lenght per lineif it posible can i create a TXT file reading and writing line per line and preserving its format, even the spaces?i need to read the reports to fill a data base file and use the data from the differents fields to get some statisticshelp please

Excel Process That Won't Quit www.vbforums.com

I am writing a program that writes to Excel and the only thing I can't figure out is how to stop Excel without having to actually unload the program. I'm using VB6 under Windows NT 4.0 and here is what I have so far.==============================================Public Sub Report()Set ObjExcel = New Excel.ApplicationSet ObjWorkB = ObjExcel.Workbooks.Add(App.Path & " emplate")' Write the information to Excel hereObjWorkB.SaveAs (App.Path & "" & FileNm & ".xls")Set ObjWorkB = NothingObjExcel.QuitSet ObjExcel = NothingEnd Sub==============================================The problem is, is that Excel stays running and I can't process another file to transfer to Excel. It stays active if I look at the Processes under Task Manager.Any suggestions?Thanks

Strange Behaviour Creating An Output File! www.vbcity.com

I'm creating a text file using the Write statement.The code is completely standard and it's been working fine until now but a user is now reporting some problems.After some investigation I've discovered that on my PC the file is created with ASCII 13 & 10 at the end of each line (as it should).On the PC that is reporting the error it is creating each line with just an ASCII 10 at the end of each line!!!???I've never seen this before and I'm at a loss to explain itAny ideas what might cause this?Both PC's are Windows XP.Mac

Parse Text File And Create An Excel Report? stackoverflow.com

My application is supposed to parse a text file (relatively easy) and create an excel spreadsheet report. Should I write a stand alone VB.NET application that saves the excel file, or should I use VSTO? I am unsure if there are any differences in terms of ease of development, usability issues, API functions available, etc.Are there any other programming languages/interfaces/libraries that will allow me to rapidly develop an involved excel spreadsheet? I am talking about things like functions, graphs, etc.

Monitor A Program www.xtremevbtalk.com

I would like to write a program that monitors another program. The monitored program would be started from the monitoring program.Basically, I want it to track what files the program is accessing and creating, and also what registry entries that it is accessing and creating. The ultimate goal here is to make a program that will monitor the installation of another program, such that it could duplicate it later, but with modified files such as mabey with an update pre-installed, or maps pre-installed.

Creating An "output" File www.vbcity.com

I'm trending data in Excel using VBA and want to report my findings in an output file each time the trend routine is run. What I'd like to do is have a sort of "output" file created in Wordpad to report the trends. Any advice as to how to create this file and to write my data to it from VBA? Thanks!

Working With Crystal Reports Within Visual Basic www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am currently developing a Visual Basic Program that will use Crystal Reports as a reporting tool. I have installed Crystal Reports Developer 8.5 in order to get the Crystal Reports Tools.The program that I am writing had been developed with an ADO connection to a MS SQL Server.I am unsure how to make a connection for the Crystal Report viewer in ADO, and how to pass records from a SQL statement to the report. Can anybody help me.

Creating Report On The Fly Or Dynamically From A Text File www.vbcity.com

I want to create a report (either in Crystal or with the VB report writer) that can can read directly from a text file entered (standard format) and display a report without having to first write to an mdb file or and external file or database.If possible I would like to stay away from ODBC but this is not essential...Does any guru out there have a solution please "The answer is out there, Neo, it’s looking for you. And it will find you, if you want it to."--Trinity to NeoEdited by - NickStanford on 10/7/2002 3:48:43 AM

Excel Worksheets www.vbforums.com

I am trying to create a .csv file that has 2 worksheets. I can create the file, write to the first work sheet, create a second worksheet but when I try to write to the second worksheet the program overwrites the first worksheet. How do you write to the newly created second worksheet!???Help!!

Close Crviewer Form www.vbcity.com

Hi all,I am writing 3 reports to be shown by using crviewer. I wrote a form with a crviewer put on it and used as a template to display reports. When used to show a report, I pass a report to that form. It works without problems.The problem I faced is that the reports do not close while the program ends. I used to close them one by one myself. I tried to create a new object of that form for each report and destroy them when program ends, but failed.Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance.

Writing Text Files In Vb? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm working on a program where i need to create a text file and write in it. I created the file and I'm capable to write in it but my problem is that i'm not able to write text on the same line. Imagine you have 2 textboxes, the first is tb1 and the second is tb2. how can i write then content of the 2 textboxes on the same line in the text file?

Report Percentage Of File Writte By A File Stream? social.msdn.microsoft.com

is it possible to report the percentage of file written by a file stream wile it is writing a large file?I am using a code like this one to write a large file Using Fs As System.IO.FileStream = System.IO.File.Create(FolderPath) Dim bf As New BinaryFormatter() bf.Serialize(Fs, data) End Using

Determine If Program Closed Due To An Error. www.vbforums.com

Is there a way to determine if a program was closed as a result of an error?My program adds 1 to intInstances on Form_Load and writes it to a file on the server. On Form_Unload it subtracts 1 and writes it to the file again. (of course this is after reading intInstances from the file).I have another program that will copy the new version of my program to the server if there are no instances running. If there are instances running it will create a temp.exe file. The next time my program is started, if it is the only instance running (intInstances = 1) it will ask to replace the main executable with the temp.exe.Obviously code like this will NOT work if intInstances is incorrect in the file. Well I still have a few bugs in my program and it closes early sometimes, and doesn't get to subtract 1 from intInstances and write it to the file.I would like to write a procedure for Form_Load that will check to see if the program closed unexpectedly the last time it was running, and subtract 1 from intInstances if it was.Can anyone tell me how to determine this?Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

Report In Microsoft Excel Sheet By Using VB 6 www.vbforums.com

Hi,I what some sample programs which use Microsoft Excel to write a report from oracle tablesThanks

Moving A Custom VB6 Program To A New PC - Install Disk Lost - TLB Register www.vbforums.com

I AM FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS!First off, I am not a VB6 programmer. My past includes programming in languages such as Cobol, Fortran, Basic, Apple Basic, SQL, some HTML, etc. but I have been on the tech side of things for the last 10+ years with occasional troubleshooting in different languages as needed.My problem: Installed a new hard drive for a client and performed a fresh XP Home install due to possible corruption in the old drive's XP registry. Client gave me a list of all the programs to move over and forgot about a database program used for their business that they had custom-made. They have no Install CD or disk and we can't locate the programmer. I do, however, have the old hard drive and the program still functions in XP. The only module of the program not working is "Reports". An uninstall log does exist - is it possible to create an INSTALL file this Uninstall file? Using what I know, I created a batch files that copies and registers the DLLs but don't know how to register the TLB & OLB files (STDOLE2.TLB, MSADO20.TLB, MSACC9.OLB). What's happening with the "Reports" module:Error message: Error opening file. File could not be opened: "Invoice Report", at file location: "Invoice Report"I click OK and then, after I select the report parameters, I get Run-time error '20535': Unable to connect: incorrect session parameters.Online I found regasm.exe but am not sure if I should use this and I found Run-time error 20535 but I am going in circles.Additional info: The program was originally written in 1999-2000 and then updated in 2002 (for XP?) and programmer is not to be found. ANY help is appreciated!

Change Word Document Properties www.xtremevbtalk.com

I did a search and there are lots of threads about printing in landscape mode from VB. What I want to do is write a Word Document such that when someone opens the Word Doc it appears in landscape mode. Let me explain what I am doing:I am generating a report from a call to a SQL table. I cycle through the rows returned and write out an HTML table to "Report.doc" then when I go open the document it converts it to an HTML doc and displays the data. That is fine, but the file is in not in landscape mode, so the longer lines get wrapped up quite a bit within the table. Is this a good way to generate the report? And if so, is there some setting I can put into the file to make it landscape mode when the user opens the report with Word? Is there a better way to format the output from the SQL call into a Word Document? As far as my program is concerned the file I am writing to is a pain text file, I never use the Word plug-in for this at all./<evin

Extracting Data From MSFlexGrids To Word www.vbforums.com

Good Morning,Please help a beginner. I have successfully written a program that fills several MSFlexGrids with comparative string information.Now I need help extracting the information in the cells to a Report.I've tried Write and Print Statements to a text file, and then used the Shell function to bring my data into WORD. It's not easy. I can't get consistant formatting.Please tell me if there's an easier method? I want a professional looking report with five columns of information.Thank you for your time------------Giselle

Error 713 - Application Defined Or Object Defined www.eggheadcafe.com

I am trying to install a program written by my previous colleagues, the program is written in visual basic 6.0 and crystal report. However when i installed the new program into a new computer and executes the report, it prompt out the above error message. Could anyone pls advise me on this issue.

How To Use Variables In Report Title With CRP9.02 www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I’m using CRP 9.02 to create reports in my program. I want to use a variable in my program such as "strCustomer_name" and send it to each report for using in report title. I declare a Parameters in report and named it cuname1 and then in the program I use this code: Code:1: Dim rpt2 As New crpReminderReport2: rpt2.cuname1.Value = strCustomer_name3: rpt2.Database.SetDataSource rstReport4: rpt2.PrintOut TrueWhen I run the program I get this error message on line 2: “Error 424: Object required”How can I use this method to put my customer name on title of my reports?Thank you

Closing 3rd Party Software www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have written a VB program that opens a third party program called Docuware and then opens Microsoft Access. After both programs are open Access begins printing reports. Docuware then converts those reports into TIF's and stores them in a special database.I would like to have the program automatically shut down when Docuware has completed converting and storing the reports. How would I go about doing that?

Crystal Report Viewer From VB www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am about to write a program which will use Crystal Report viewer to grab reports and display them so that the users on site don't have to have crystal installed.I would like to do this dynamically when they click on a *.rpt file.I have worked out how to get my program to run when this happens but am not sure how to grab the 'filename' parameter which is generated (%1).It' s probably really simple stuff but have not done this before - can anyone help?

Multiple Check Boxes www.vbcity.com

I am trying to writing a report writing program using VB.Net. I have no experience with Visual Basic, in the sense that I have not written a program with VB or VB.Net. I plan to make the program a MDI application. I found a Wizard .Net Component from Actipro Software to create what I am calling a "Report Wizard". The "Report Wizard" form is a MDI Child form. On the programs menu I have a Report Wizard menu item. When it is clicked the "Report Wizard" starts and displays a form that collects the initial report information (Date, Time, Report Number, Name of Person Writing Report, etc.). At the bottom of this form I want to have 4 check boxes (Example: Check all that apply: Informant, Victim, Witness, Suspect). The next forms to be displayed will be dependant on what check boxes are checked (Be it all 4 or any combination of the four). If, for example, the check box Informant, Victim and Suspect are checked, then the next form to be displayed is the informant form. When that form is complete, then the next form will be the Victim form, etc.My question, finally, is how do I keep track of what check boxes were checked as I go through the "Report Wizard"? I need the program to know that after the Informant form is finished the next form in the "Report Wizard" is the Victim form and then the Suspect form.As of right now I have no code to show, because I do not know where to start.Any and all help would be greatly appreciated to point me in the right direction. 

Programming :: EBADF Using Write() In C? www.linuxforums.org

I just started messing around in Linux programming, and I wanted to create a simple test program to open a file, read to it, and write to it. I can open and read it, but write always gives errno = EBADF. I've messed with file creation permissions and I can figure out why write() thinks it's a bad file descriptor but not read().Here is my code: #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/stat.h> #include <fcntl.h> [code].....

File Execution Using Shell Command www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi!!i wrote a program that executes a .exe file created using C++. This exe file creates a text file with some data and is working properly. But when i call it from my VB program using shell(<filename>) where <filename> is the full path of the exe file, that text file is not created. Could u tell me the possible reason for this, please.

Web Forms :: How To Open A PDF File Programmatically forums.asp.net

I am using Visual Studio 2005 prof. edition for creating a web application. In crystal report for VS 2005 (bundled version), I have programmed to export report file in PDF file (when user clicks a button provided by me for that purpose), in a predefined folder on the server hard disk. Now, how to open that exported report PDF file programmatically? (assuming Acrobat reader already installed on the server, as well as on client's computer).

Win 98SE To Win XP ( Crytal Report 7.01 ) visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

hi to all,have problem with deferent OS, Ive created a program in vb 6 with crystal report 7.01 on OS win98SE and the program reports resulted ok but when i tranfer it in win XP the program works but the report did not result the same as in win98SE, is it the formula that i should change in order to run the reports the same as in win98SE or should I change my version of crystal report, if so to change the version of crystal report what version for winXP so I wont have to change my formula on my old version. need help thanks in advance.iloy

Sending File To Outlook www.xtremevbtalk.com

Can anybody give me any idea on how to send a text fileto outlook as a attachment from in my vb program.I write reports from my application to a text file. i want to send this file to another user where he can open the file. and read the report.Can anybody perhaps help me with this.Thanks

Manipulating Files On The Hardrive www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am trying to write a program to basically create an image file in the C: directory and to edit the msdos.sys file. This file is write protected so I also need to know how to remove the read-only attribute using a program, and then to later restore the attribute. This needs to be done from a simple program using VB commands. Can anyone help?

Distribute Crystal Report With VB6 www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I finished creating a program, wich uses crystal report. The problem is that when I use the PDW (Package and Deployment Wizard), it shows three dlls files that need and it doesn't found. u2dpost.dll, u2fsepv.dll and u2fxml.dll, these are the files. These files I found it on the internet and downloaded it, and added it in the PDW. Then, I just installed the program in another computer, it copies all the files and register all the ocx and dlls files, but when it opens the report it gave me a runtime error: 50003 Application-defined or Object-defined error. I look for this error on the internet, but there isn't much about this error. I try another method but it gave an error indicating that it cannot open the report, and when I look for the report it appears that it doesn't recognize the file type (.rpt).I'm using Crystal Report XI Developer Edition and Visual Basic 6 Professional.Is there someone who can refer me an article or give me a suggestion? Is there a way to distribute Crystal Report XI Developer Edition with VB6 Applications?Thanks in advanced,TRONPR

Data Report Generation www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi As one of the processes for data reports a Temp file is created by the system for each report display..I can envisage with lots of use a lot of unnecessry disc space utilisation.. I have tried the Kill *.tmp at program closure but some of these temp files are read only and cause an error..Does anyone have a good way of removing the temp files after the report is closed and done with??Any help welcomed and appreciatedThanks

Crystal And ODBC (RDO) www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have vb6 (sp5) using Crystal 8.0 and Sql Server 2000 (sp3). My program calls a rpt file that has several sub reports one of which was created using the datasource ODBC (RDO). I've deployed the vb program using p&dw but the report only seems to run on machines that happen to have the VB development environment installed. On other machines the report fails with error 20599 Cannot Open Sql Server.Testing has shown that removing the sub report that was created with the ODBC (rdo) datasource allows the report to run without error (and of course without the sub report info).The setup file includes MSRDO20.DLL. Any ideas on what else may need to be included to allow this type of rdo sub report to run?thanks - ron

Batch Copying Of Files? www.daniweb.com

I am busy writing a application that i can set up a list of files to copy from one location to a remote network drive. THe program has a list of "jobs" in a datagrid that it loops through and executes in sequence. What i have now is a background worker that reports the status of which job it is on (File 1 of 5) but i would like something that shows the status of the current copying file as sometimes large files can look like it's stopped on the network I am using the System.io.file.copy structure, but have also tried the my.computer.filesystem.copyfile (which shows the status in a "windows" copy box) So, what i would like is some guidance on how to create a function that will copy the file but also report back progress periodicly. I don't want to read and write byte for byte as im worried this will be too slow. Also, is there a better way/function to use to copy files? Looking for best speed

ActionScript 2.0 :: Creating Program In FlashDevelop And MTASC Complier www.kirupa.com

I am creating as2 programs in Flash Develop Editor and compling that .as2 file in MTASC compiler, I am not using the FLASH IDE , I want to write a pure AS2 program that should contain any of form elements link Input Box,Label ( we import controls mx.controls.* in Flash IDE) . I struggling a lot in importing graphice controls in AS2 program without the .fla file library, Is it possible to write graphics program and compile in MTASC Complier

Programming :: No Output To Log File From Daemon Program? www.linuxquestions.org

I am learning Linux daemon programming and write a simple daemon program. The issue is no data is written to the log file (/var/tmp/simpledeamon.log) though the file is successfully created (it's file size is zero from ls -l output). Could someone kindly point out the error in my program,The code is based on the Devin Watson's article at Here is the code: // simplydaemon.cpp // A simple Linux daemon. #include <sys/types.h> [code]...

Creating A Text Delimited File www.vbforums.com

I just took a visual basic course and I am writing very simple visual basic programs. One of the programs that I am writing creates a text delimited file. The problem the text is being created delimited by commas. I needed it to be delimited by spaces for example I need"Mortgage" "234" instead of"Mortgage","234"How do I instruct visual basic to delimit my file with spaces instead of commas?? Thanks for your help

Change Database In Crystal Report 10 www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi allFirs I must say that I'm complitly beginner with CRI'm having problems with crystal report changing database path.I'm using VB6 access database and CR10What I have done untill now is folowing:With CR wizard opened blank report- set up database and tables for crystal report in design mode- created report and saved it in file with name "rn.rpt"- form is saved with name frmRN.frmWhat should I write in form_load in form frmRN.frm to change database of crystal report to app.path & "aza.mdb".Help neededRegards

Call Another Program With Variable. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all,I have a program coding by Visual C, the user use this program to input data then create a text file contains all the data they want to print out. The problem is that this program must call another program to print this file. I must write the second program(using VB), so my question is that can we call the second program and transmit the path of the text file as a variable(in the first program)? And in the second program how can we get this filepath(variable)?Thanks in advanced.

Run A Schedule From A Command Prompt? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I've got a report out on my report server.� Right now it is scheduled to create an HTML file at a different location every hour.� Currently there is a process that updates the table that the report comes from about every hour.� It would be nice to be able to have a bat file or vb script or something that can kick off the report and create the HTML file as soon as the table update is complete.� Is there any command prompt that can be used to do this?� I've found the rs utility, but it seems that it only creates reports on a report server, and not an HTML file. � Thanks, Jennifer

Writing Text/images To File www.xtremevbtalk.com

My program is writing text to a file (blah.edi) and I am able to read from that file, but I am clueless as to how to save images to the file as well. The program lets users select images from their hard drive and pairs them with text, to form a report. Is there a way to save both text AND images to my custom file type (.edi)? If someone could point me in the right direction, I would REALLY appreciate it!

Little More On Sessions? phpbuilder.com

I have a PHP page tha contains a form. Users enter data in the form, which are then written in a file (the file is created at the time a user enters some data) The file is then given as an input to an external program The external program runs and gives some results which are then stored in another file (that is created when the external program finishes). Code:

How To Code "Print Reports" Button? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I writing a program that will write data, (cities and their zip codes) to a sequential access file. The name of the file is "la2.dat". I was able to get it to write the data, but I'm having problems with printing it. I have to code the print records button so it will print a report showing the city and zip code. Print city in the first column of the report and zip code in the second column. It has to include an appropriate report title and column headings. And at the end of the report it has to print the total number of records and the end of report message. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

SQL Reporting :: Customize The Print Option Of The ReportViewer In C# Webforms? forums.asp.net

how to write custom code for printing a report in the report viewer in web forms using rdlc files

Help W/ Binary Files www.xtremevbtalk.com

I know how to read from and write to binary files, but how do I create one? We did a program in class where we read and wrote to a file that was already created, but I need to know how to create one, and what steps I need to do in order to read and write to it. ThanksCTM