Writing A Program That Creates A Report File


I need some help writing a program that creates a report file, A:Random.rpt, with 100,000 random integers, right adjusted in 10 columns, with one space between each column. The first row contains the first 10 numbers, the second row contains the next 10 numbers, and so on. The random numbers should be in the range of 0 to 20,000, inclusive

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I am trying to read the contents of a file (servers) and create a new file off of it with more information line by line. You will see the logic soon. I know how to do this via a script but not php. The end result is servers2 should have (ssh root@$count 'echo $user|passwd --stdin root' ; done). The variable $count is the list of servers in the (servers) file, so it will have the line above for each server name. Code:

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i have been trying to use the different commands associated with fopen, so that when i write my new data to a file, it will onyl contain this new data, and none of the old data. Which ever i try, a, w etc, it just adds my new data to the end of the file.

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I need to create temp file on the clint side So, i read that files can be created on the folder of internet temp file. how I can do that?how I can get the path of the temp folder?I need VB code

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Possible Duplicate: Read XML file and write to a php array/file I need to update the country list of my website and I want to automate the process. Country list can be found here [URL] I tried it this way [URL] (PHP XML Expat Parser) However, this didn't seem to work well as I was confused where to actually 'get' the data and print it to my own array for later use. Now I want to try it using XML DOM [URL] Just want to check with everyone, if I had a simple XML file to read, that contained a country code and country name as follows: <Entry> <Country_name>AFGHANISTAN</Country_name> <Code_element>AF</Code_element> </Entry> I want to read this file (DOM method), and then feed the data into a separate file/array of mine that will be accessed by my website. What PHP xml functions would YOU use/recommend to do this simple task?

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I've got PHP running fine on IIS (OS: Server 2003, SP1; IIS: 6.0; PHP: 4.3.11). In PHP, the user uploads a file, which is then processed and the contents are inserted into a new file, created in PHP, onto the server. This bit works fine, the new file created by PHP is correctly stored. Later, once the user confirms the upload and PHP inserts the contents of the file into the DB, the code tries to remove the file created in PHP moments earlier, via the unlink() function. What I see on screen is the following: Permission denied I have made sure that the permissions for the Internet account that created (and is trying to delete) the file have full permissions over this particular folder and the files within it. But the user must have permission anyway, because they are able to create this file in the first place. I've looked at the permissions for the file in PHP, which read: 0666. So everthing *appears* ok to me; I can't see where the permission issue is coming from.

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What i would like is to output the result to a text file Code:

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I've used PHP to save raw data from Flash to an XML in the past. Load the XML into flash, update a couple variables, then send it to PHP to completely overwrite the old .xml file. This works great most of time, but sometimes after a few days, I'll check the .xml and it will be empty (0 bytes). Not sure if this is caused by a user who aborted during the writing process, or simultaneous connections, etc. Been thinking about doing a backup every day using CRON, but that's a mission and I'd like for it not to happen full stop. Any suggestions?

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Today I found some cstomer on the servers make a link for named it file.txt and link it to other customer php file. so that customer have the ability to show the other custoer file content when visiting the url because it is a text wile originally it is a php file. the php file was a config file, so now he know the database password , and because he is in the same server he can use that databse. the question , how to avoide this prolem in the future? notes , the SuExec is rnning and the open_basedir protection is enabled, but the problem still exists.

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know about any php reporting tool like crystal reports or lesser than that or any php script for creating reports, how you are managing reports for your accounting projects

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I am trying to either create a file that doesn't exist or write to a file that already does. within a php file I am trying this: $file = fopen("data.txt", "a"); fwrite($file, " " . $name);[code]... I am running Apache under windows Xp and have no luck that the file "data.txt" is being created. The docs say that adding the a parameter should create a file with a name mentioned in the fist parameter (data.txt). what am I doing wring here?

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I'm using datareport to show and print reports. The report is created at runtime in which I link to the datareport object. The problem is the creation time takes too long, it spends almost 5 minutes just to fill up the table. can anyone shed light to my problem?

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Not really sure what to call this. I know it can be done and I've downloaded an example for it before but I forgot where it is.I want to be able to click a URL in a web browser and have it open my program, just like how outlook express usually opens on mailto:links but I want my own, ie:HTML Code:<a href="myprogram:something">Open my program</a>I know it's in the registry somewhere, under "shell" or something. If possible, I'd also like to be able to have the parameters like outlook express has:HTML Code:<a href="mailto:me@me.com?subject=something">For mine:HTML Code:<a href="myprogram:">Connect to</a>

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How to create this JSON array using vb.net array [code]...

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I have a text file for the report in my .net application. Now I need to download this text file so that user can open it in a nice format. Also I need to print this text file in a nice format too. I could convert this text file to word or excel for the nice format. But I am wondering if I have other choices. I never use reportview control. Is that a good choice?

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I have a file like this: name city 435 I want to increase only the last row (example: 435 +1) and leave the others rows.

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I have the following code to edit my configuration file in the browser. The file content is retrieved and displayed in a text box. Then the edits are saved back into the file. Everything works fine on my development machine but in my hosting account it does not work.When I save the file, all single quotes are over written adding a backslash in front of them.How can I change my code to prevent this? // button javascript $save_changes_js = "return confirm('Do you want to SAVE the CHANGE(S)?');"; // oen web config [code]...

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Im trying to read and write to/from the same file, is this possible?Here is what I am getting negative results with: <?php $file = fopen("filename.csv", "r") or exit("Unable to open file!"); while (!feof($file)) { [code]...

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Is there any quick way to read/write an ODF file from PHP? I needed this for an ODS(spreadsheet) file[URL].. seems to be unmaintained so i didn't even bother.[URL].. (ods-php) gives an fatal error(tries to allocate more than 512Mb) when opening the file[URL].. if for writing documents only from what i saw(i need to read from spreadsheets also)[URL] (PHP ODF templates) is pre-alpha so again did not try it

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I have 2 text boxes and a radio button. When the user clicks submit I it to generate a XML file with the fallowing format. <object> <string1>$string1</string1> <string2>$string2</string2> <bool>$myBoolean</bool> </object> After that I want to be able to read through the file and display it.

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im trying to make a poll that uses a text file for storing totals, and...well its not working. I have a text file with 5 values seperated by semicolons, like 1;2;3;4;5, and that file is poll1.txt. If I supply the script with an option, it will succesfuly read and show the contents of the file, but when I try to change one of the values and put it back, it fails. It writes to the file with loads of black squares and more semicolons than are in the $newresults variable. Follows is the incorrect code:

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San someone supply me with a PHP script to read and write to a text file on the server

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Does anyone know a function, class or library to easy edit configuration file? Like the XML functions but than for configuration files. Or should I write my own class for this?

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I am trying to do a simple thing: read a line from a text file and write this line to another text file. The problem is: when I write the text into the new file there is an empty space between each characters. EG my original line is abcdef and the result is: a b c d e f  &#8299;. I tried and tried, searched google, but I am stuck... How can I read line n from one file and write it to another file exactly the same?

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Possible Duplicate Reading and Writing Configuration Files I have a config file, which contains some information that I would like the user to be able to change. I've already thought about holding the information in a MySQL table but this isn't a good idea as I've got my Database class included AFTER my configuration variables and this would mess up my code structure. Any idea how to read/write variables/specific lines of a file? Here's my global config file.> error_reporting(E_ALL); /* The parameters used site-wide First set are Datbase parameters And second set are the salts used to generate strings */ $params['db']['host'] = 'localhost';..............

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How can I read PDF and write into a TEXT file. library or source which is doing the same thing.

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I don't make this too clear, what I'm doing is creating a text based adventure game in PHP, a lot like Colossal Cave. I do not want to recreate my databases for every user so I hoping to write all the user date into a file and read variables from it when I require.For example the file would be like this: HP: 100 Room: 4 Item: torch [code]....

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how to write and read .txt file with zend framework 1.9?

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ead image file and write in to word document file using php. Actually i am developing shopping cart site. for that i have created barcode image. i need to take print outs. for example if i click print means same barcode should be generate 64 times in word document. how i do it? [cod]...........

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I have a script that writes a hit to a text file, but lately I have been noticing that the text file number is decreasing, instead of increasing or stay the same. Could some one be doing this and if so what is a good security measure to put into place to prevent this from occuring? I would prefer not to register the hits in a database; I would rather stick to a text file storage medium for this case.

Use To Read Or Write To A File That Is In Aother / Different Foder phpbuilder.com

I am learning how to write to a file....Pretty awesome...I understand how it works, but I need to know if I can run my script in this location ( home/folderA ) and edit a text file in this location ( home/folderB ).....I know the file is being read, but the file will not change or update. Code:

Read/Write Text File At The Same Time? www.phpfreaks.com

I very new to php and all I am simply trying to do is read the contents of a text file and echo it out on the screen. I have tried many things to see what I am doing wrong but it just simply isnt working for me. I know the server I am using has php enabled as well because I have tried a simple echo and it works fine. This is the code I am currently using. <?php $file = fopen(file.txt", 'r'); [code]... I have a file.txt on the server I am using in the same directory as index.php, I feel like this should be working but I get no result!Alls I have in the text file is a statement that says "hello world".

Read / Write To Text File With Method? www.sitepoint.com

I remember I used to have a code for a poll script that updated via an external text file. The contents of the text file was something like this: [code]... I know how to use the fopen(); fread(); fwrite(); functions, I just can not figure out how I changed (for example) the number 15 in that string. Was this something to do with an array?

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I wrote in PHP code that it will "fopen" a file(lets call it TXT) and write there the chosen checkbox, then later another process(lets call it PROC1- in c code) needs to read the file(TXT). I need to synchronized it, I mean to block the process(PROC1) from reading, while the PHP writes into the shared resource (TXT). does fopen take care of it? I think that the diffident between it and the open() method..or maybe to use pipe(), but as I've seen it runs only commands and not opening a file..

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I am using a cURL based php application to make requests to another webserver that does asynchronous requests. So what I am doing is creating files with the name as .req with the info I will need on the return and as the identification in the request. The requests are done using HTTP-XML-POST. The file is written using: - file_get_contents(reqs/<databaseid>.req, FILE_APPEND); What happens is that while the requests are being generated in bulk (about 1500 per second), the responses start coming back from the webserver. The response is caught by a another script which received the from the response and opens the request file based on it using: - $aResponse = file(reqs/<databaseid>.req); Now what happens is that in about 15% of requests, the file() request fails and generates a log entry in apache log like this: - file(reqs/<databaseid>.req): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <scriptname> on line <xyz> It has been verified using a cleaner script that runs later that the file did exist.

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I want to write to a certain line of a file. Somebody suggested that I put the file into an array, modify a part of it, and write it back out. So for example if I were to edit file.txt's third line I would do. Code: $content = file(file.txt); $content[2] = "blah blah blah"; I am trying to write the array back into the file, but I can't seem to get it to work. I tried to do this after the code above: Code: $file_pointer = fopen("file.txt", "w"); fwrite($file_pointer, "$content); But that didn't seem to work.

Write An External File To Put An Array Into It phpbuilder.com

I need to write an external file and I need to put an array into it. I create a portion of the file like this: PHP Code: ob_start(); echo '<? $externalArray = '.$myArrayValues.' ?>' $myVar = ob_get_clean(); $newArray = '. print_r(myExternalFile.php) .'

Write Array Contents Into File... www.phpfreaks.com

Ive got the below array:     [geninfo] => Array         (             [groups] => Array                 (                     [13] => African Nations Cup XXV                     [7] => Champions League                     [1] => English Premiership                 )        ) And Id like to write its contents to a file, but that content needs to be written in a certain format. Id like that format to be <option value="(array key)">(array value)</option>... Ive tried some variations using the file_put_contents and implode functions but I havent been able to arrive to what I want to do...

Read And Write Rich Text Files From TinyMCE? stackoverflow.com

A file uploader and editer in php using TinyMCE rich text editor.which all files/types can be edited in TinyMCE.a server file in TinyMCE.save to file edited in TinyMCe and what format should save.tinymce is not right editor, open source rich text editor.

File Write Permission Denied On Windows Host? bytes.com

I'm running a PHP 5.1 on an Apache 2.2 server under Windows XP which I use to develop my web apps.Currently, I am trying to add "upload" functionality to my project, but for some reason, when the move_uploaded_file() function is called on it, the following error is generated

Write Data From Text File Into Database? bytes.com

i m trying to write data from txt file onto database but when i am executing my php code for it the empty record will be inserted in the database not the data written on txt file will be entered.plz help me out  <html> <?   $con=mysql_connect("localhost","root","root"); if (!$con)[code].....

Web Services - Writing A Exe File To Write Text File To Client-side? stackoverflow.com

I would like to write a file to the client-side in php. The problem with php is that it will only write in the server-side. I need help because i dont know how to do it. What I have: Whenever a client clicks a link to a page it will run the script that will write to a text file which contains a query results from a database known as a flatfile. But it is not possible for client-side in php. What I need: Whenever a client click the link, it will download a .exe file. In the .exe is the php script that will write a file to the client's hdd. After the .exe file is downloaded, it will automatically run and create the file on the path specified.

Write To A Text File Once Only forums.devshed.com

I've got a script that writes to a text file:

Write Variables String To Another File www.phpfreaks.com

I have a php file called install.php and the user submits there host details, the thing is i also want to write those details to these define functions in includes/config.php with the content define('DB_HOST', 'change1'); define('DB_USER', 'change2'); define('DB_PASS', 'change3'); and overwrite change1 with host and user and pass how could this be done

Codeigniter - Permanently Write Variables To A File stackoverflow.com

I need to be able to permanently change variables in a php file using php. I am creating a multilanguage site using codeigniter and using the language helper which stores the text in php files in variables in this format: $lang['title'] = "Stuff"; I've been able to access the plain text of the files using fopen() etc and I it seems that I could probably locate the areas I want to edit with with regular expressions and rewrite the file once I've made the changes but it seems a bit hacky. Is there any easy way to edit these variables permanently using php?

Open And Write To Files www.phpfreaks.com

I am have problems with a php file I'm trying to write.  It goes bad when I try to rename a file and open index.php and replace a string with another one.  I get the error Warning: fwrite(): 3 is not a valid stream resource in run.php on line 10 Warning: fclose(): 3 is not a valid stream resource in run.php on line 11 I have no idea what 3 is that the errors are referring to.  Can anyone see what is wrong? Code:

Read/write Access To All The Files www.webmasterworld.com

I recently made a php app for a company that spiders through a server and finds all files of a specified type (html, etc) and then opens the files and does specified things to them. So, the tool needs to be placed on the server and then it needs read/write access to all the files. It works fine on my local server, but the client says that it fails (message is "failed to write to file" and then it stops). I told him to try it with ALL files and folders set to 777 just for testing purposes and he says that it's still not working. I have no idea what to suggest.

Can I Use Php To Read From/write To Other Files On Server www.webmasterworld.com

I've got a news section on my page and I want people in the company to be able to fill out an online form to add new news stories so that the website looks constantly updated. all the news stories and scrolling abilities are currently in a javascript file which are written out to the page when a user loads the page. So preferably I'm looking to take in information from a form and write that information into my javascript file if that's possible. r if I can't do the above I want to take in information from my form and write to a database or new file then read that from my javascript file with php.

Read / Write Xml Files Using Drupal 6? stackoverflow.com

I would like to know how can I parse XML files and perform read write operations using Drupal 6.

PhP Can't Write Or Open Files In Suse Linux phpbuilder.com

I'm on Linux 10 and none of the file functions work in PhP. I get a permission denied error although I've even chmod the files and directories to 777. I was doing some research on this this and someone had the same problem in a Fedora box. It turned out to be a SElinux issue. Could there be anything in my SuSe that's similar to SElinux?

Security Read Write Files And Folders www.phpfreaks.com

when i upload files to my webspace i set permission to my files and folders. Im wondering how im unsafe if i grand a folder or file with write permissions to all/everybody. In fact I have the intelligence to understand that ones can places files to my webspace and then execute them. But I dont have the knowledge how to implement it. How can i write to that folder and files?

Using PHPExcel Library To Read / Write Excel Files? stackoverflow.com

I am using PHPExcel library to read/write excel files. Now I want to generate a chart, or add an image (chart generated with pChart ). I would like to know if there are other libraries that support dinamic image insertion (not template images) or chart generation based on written data.

Powerpoint - Read Write Edit Pptx / Docx / Xlsx Files? stackoverflow.com

Is there a library extension available for efficiently handling pptx/docx/xlsx files using PHP? As of now I am more interested in PPTX files.

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i want to create a new file and attach it to an email. so far, im stuck with opening a new file and writing to it. heres my script. I always get the "Cannot open file error. what am i doing wrong? <? $today = date("mdY"); $file_to_send =$today."order.xls"; $output = "something"; if(!$handle2 = fopen($file_to_send, 'w+')){ echo "Cannot open file<br> "; } if(fwrite($handle2, $output)==false){ echo "Cannot write to file<br>"; } fclose($handle2); ?>

Mass File Open/write www.phpfreaks.com

I'm trying to make a simple game, and I've created say, ~4096 blank files in a directory. They're in coordinate form (31,3, etc), and I want to open every one separately and write some randomly generated content to it. How would one go about doing that without writing 8192 lines of fopen()/fwrite()? 

Write To A File On An External Computer? phpbuilder.com

Is it possible for me to write to a file on an external computer? I am building a site where i want the users to be given an unik id the first time they contact the site through a piece of software which i have developed. Their username is found in a settings file on their local harddrive and is sent to the server when they request infromation from the server. Now i want to be able to change the string in the settings file so that after the first request to the server it will contain their unik id as well. Is this possible?

Write Array Values Into A Csv File? stackoverflow.com

I have an array whose structure is like $data = array{0=>'abc',1=>xyz,2=>tqs} Now I need to write these values into a csv file. I need to display every value in 1st column and with everytime new row on new insert along with previous value already available. Below is the code I am using but everytime I execute it I get the last value in the file: for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) { echo $data[$c]; echo $query = "select prod_sku,prod_name from [Code].... How can i achieve this using PHP?

Write Very Large Array To File? stackoverflow.com

I've got a client with a Magento shop. They are creating a txt file to upload to googlebase, which contains all of their products, but due to the quantity of products (20k), the script bombs out once it's taken up about 1gb. It's being run via cron. Is there a way to either zip or segment the array, or write it to the file as it's created, rather than create the array and then write it? <?php define('SAVE_FEED_LOCATION','/home/public_html/export/googlebase/google_base_feed_cron.txt'); set_time_limit(0); require_once '/home/public_html/app/Mage.php'; Mage::app('default'); [Code]....

Write A Multi Dimensional Array Into File? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to use files to hold an array for checkers this is the array $board = array( array(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0), array(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0), array(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0),............

Translate Array Values Write To File? stackoverflow.com

I have a google language translate PHP class you can see here My array file like this: $lang['FORUM_LOCK'] = 'Lock'; $lang['FORUM_EDIT'] = 'Edit'; $lang['FORUM_POST'] ='Post'; ... I want to loop through and translate all array values and write to file.

Writing To External File phpbuilder.com

I noticed that in order for me to be able to write output to external file, I must have that file CHMOD 0777. Now, this file will have static html in it to be used as include. Question, how bad of a security risk is it to leave static HTML page with 0777 permissions. There is no direct link to that file otherwise. I tried to see if I can CHMOD the file to 0777 using PHP, write my output and then CHMOD it back to 0644, but it doesn't seem to work. I suppose my server settings do not permit it.

Safe Concurrent Write To A File Shared Between A Perl And A Script stackoverflow.com

A Perl script (which I do not control) appends lines to the end of a text file periodically. I need my PHP script (which will run as a cron job) to read the lines from that file, process them, and then remove them from the file. But, it seems like the only way to remove a line from a file with PHP is to read the file into a variable, remove the one line, truncate the file, and then rewrite the file. But what happens if: PHP reads the file The Perl Script appends a new line. The PHP script writes the modified buffer back over the file. In that case the new line would be lost because it would be overwritten when the PHP script finishes and updates the file. Is there a way to lock a file using PHP in a way that Perl will respect? It looks like the flock() function is PHP specific.

PHP Write Image To File? forums.devshed.com

Is there a way to create a PHP script to generate an image (or merge an existing image with data values on top of image) and then write that same image to a directory? I have a script that creates an image with some database values showing for forums signatures. Some forums do not allow PHP scripts in signature bbcode so I would like to be able to "write" this image (renamed of course) to a directory on my website. This way users can still use the image in their signatures but it is a static image with the data embeded on the image. Code:

Write Image To Word Doc File www.webmasterworld.com

I have got my website to produce a report based on a recordset and write it too a .doc file. I would also like images of products based on the recordset to be added to the .doc file too - is this possible please? If so, how!?

Write Image File Larger Than 4096? stackoverflow.com

i am using ODBC and found that can not read more than 4096 for a field am reading an image from db $image=$row["image-contents"]; $image_name="test.jpg"; $file = fopen( "images/".$image_name, "w" ); fwrite( $file, $image); fclose( $file ); The problem is that the file created is only 4096 bytes and the image file is corrupt because $image is larger than 4096.I now that fwrite use blocks for write but i dont know how do it.



Write Text On JPG AND SAVE FILE phpbuilder.com

I'm trying to find code that writes text on a .JPG file and saves it. I ran into lots of example of making labeled buttons on the fly for the browers to use. But I have a need to write a string over a photo sized white .jpg file and then save the output. Function like 'imagefttext' sound good but there is very little doc. Any direction would be appreciated. I spent some time at phpclasses.org but I haven't found what I need.

Write In Server Side To Save Uploaded File? stackoverflow.com

I use the UploadFile example in EXTJS [URL]... but I don't know what to write in the server side to save the uploaded file (in php). My client side code is : [code]...

Update Or Write Into File? www.dreamincode.net

When ever user comment and clicks add, i need to open an HTML file from a directory(i need to open an existing file which i know), i need to locate a string </head> and i need to put the value of the text field there like this:Comment is the name of the text field the user has to enter into to enter the text into the file!! <meta name="comment" content="value in the text field ie ($_REQUEST['comment']"> now i have this if($_REQUEST['comment']) { [code].......

Program That Fetches Website Files For Backup bytes.com

Do you have or know of a program or script available that runs on myWindows 98 desktop machine that when I run it goes to my variouswebsites and downloads certain selected data files and sends them backto me for backup purposes?Thank you.Allen

File Write Permissions www.phpfreaks.com

I'm trying to get an open source PHP app working for my company.  It's giving me the following custom error: FreeMED was unable to create a file to record the healthy status of the system. The FreeMED directory should be owned by the user that the webserver is running as... Usually this is 'apache'. You can also fix this by giving universal write access to the home directory of FreeMED. But that is not advisable from a security standpoint. I've narrowed it down to the line of PHP that's breaking it here: $test = CreateObject('FreeMED.FreeMEDSelfTest'); As far as I can tell, I've made the directory it's using as open as possible and it's still giving me that error.  The owner is apache (user and group) and the permissions are (temporarily) set at 0777 (universal read/write). Is there some PHP or Apache configuration that needs changed to allow PHP this kind of permission?

Cannot Write To File - 777 Permissions? stackoverflow.com

PHP cannot write to any files in my web directory. I don't know why! I have the permissions of the file set to 777, but it is not working! Here is the code in question: <?php if ($f=fopen('test.txt', 'a')) echo 'file opened'; fclose($f); Nothing is being echoed! I don't know why :(.. the userid and gid is 0:0 from the script, and if I try to chown to that it doesn't work.I need this fixed asap this should be an easy thing to do but the damn server is being difficult.

Chmod - Setting Permissions For Write A File? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to create a file with PHP here is my code: $file_to_send = 'ftp_test_from_created_file.txt'; chmod($file_to_send, 0777); $fh = fopen($file_to_send,'w'); $tsv_line = 'Hey These Are Tab Seperated Values'; fwrite($fh, $tsv_line); fwrite($fh, ' '); $tsv_line = 'Hey These Are Too'; fwrite($fh, $tsv_line); fclose($fh); This clearly gives me an error because I am trying to set permissions on a file that does not exist yet. Although if I skip the chmod call I get an another error telling me I do not have permissions set. So either I am in a sick chicken vs egg cycle or I need to set the permissions on the containing directory...but how? it tried all of the folling: chmod('../containingfolder/', 0777); chmod('../', 0777); chmod('', 0777); None of which work... what should I do? Oh and by the way once I am done do I need to change the permissions back? UPDATE I tried chmod('.', 0777) and this is the error I got: Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted The only reason I am trying to make this file is so I can FTP it somewhere else, then I planned to unlink() it. So if there is a better way? Like maybe storing the file in memory to send it(don't know if thats possible)? Also I am using PHP4.

File Permissions - Give Write Access To A Directory? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use PHP to create a file, but it isn't working. I am assuming this is because it doesn't have write access (it's always been the problem before). I tried to test if this was the problem by making the folder chmod 0777, but that just ended up making every script in that directory return a 500 error message until I changed it back. How do I give PHP write access to my file system so it can a create a file? Edit: It is hosted on Hostgator shared hosting using Apache. Edit 2: Someone asked for the code: The code is a GD image script. I know the rest of it works as previously I was creating the image every ime it was called. Now I am trying to create them when new text is added and save them to a folder. The write line I have is:imagejpeg(null,$file,85); I also created a test file to check if it was just a broken script (mainly copied from tizag):[URL]..(I don't know if/how to post the code here properly. Here is the contents of the PHP script, minus PHP tags.) It returns 13,13,1 (separate lines), so it looks as if it thinks it wrote something, but the testfile.txt is blank (I uploaded a blank one), or non-existent (if I delete it). Edit 3: The server runs CentOS.

Apache Linux Weird Permissions - Write To A File Using Fwrite() Inside My Server Directory www.phpfreaks.com

i ve been trying to write to a file using fwrite() inside my server directory. i am using this code: Code: [Select]ini_set('error_reporting', 'on'); error_reporting(E_ALL); echo substr(sprintf('%o', fileperms('skata')), -4); $fp = fopen("skata", "w"); fwrite($fp, "skata"); fclose($fp); the only thing that comes up to the browser is: Code: [Select]0777 i have even pre-created the file "skata" in the diractory running as root and gave it permissions 777. i m not quite familiar with linux or apache permissions and i can tfigure out what's going wrong. i am running apache under fedora

Call A C Program From Read Program Output? stackoverflow.com

how to run a C program from a php script and store console output of the C program to a php variable?My program prints an integer value on the console using C printf() function. I want to read this value and store it in a php variable.I am using linux. I tried exec but it doesn't display the variable value once echoed to the pageThis the code snippet I am using. exec("Release/matchface image1.jpg image2.jpg", $output); while( list(,$row) = each($output) ) { echo $row. "<br />"; }

Specifying Where To Write In A File? forums.devshed.com

Is there any way to specify a spot in the file that you want to write to? Instead of just adding it at the end or beginning?

Using PHP To Write A PHP File www.phpfreaks.com

I'm writing a PHP application that has a component that writes other PHP files. I have the fopen, fwrite, and fclose all working correctly. The problem is, is that when it writes the new PHP file, and I open it, my server throws a 500 error. When I open the new PHP file in a text editor, It looks like perfectly valid PHP. Here's my code. Code:

How To Write Code To Import Text File To SQL Using www.xtremevbtalk.com

I wanted to import data from text files (2 fields) with space delimiters to an SQL 7.0 table. I am using VB as front end, how will I write code for this ?

How To Write Code To Import Text Files To SQL Using www.vbforums.com

I wanted to import data from text files (2 fields) with space delimiters to an SQL 7.0 table. I am using VB as front end, how will I write code for this ?

Flex :: Create A Text File Via JSON? stackoverflow.com

I'm using Flex 4 for building the communication to Arduino. There are three (3) main values coming from it (X,Y,Z). Here the Flex's code newText.text = magnetic.readUTFBytes(magnetic.bytesAvailable); d = JSON.decode(newText.text); MNx = d["x"]; MNy = d["y"]; MNz = d["z"]; Is there any example or codes (in Flex) that can I create and save these values as a TXT file (data.txt). These values as a structure should be like below. [ { "time":"1", [Code]....

Web Forms :: How To Dynamically Create HTML File From The Code forums.asp.net

Precisely and concisely, I have aspx page that has only one button "Generate". If the user clicked on this button, one HTML page should be created. The created HTML page should have title "Home" and the Body should contain "Hello World". 1) What is the code that should be written inside "Generate" button in order to accomplish this functionality? 2) Assuming the HTML page gets created, How to store it inside specific folder on the local drive? Or how to store it inside DB?

Creating A File Hosting Service www.webhostingtalk.com

I hired a full time web designer to help me create the site but I'm wondering what else I'm missing. I'm guessing I'm going to need a high end dedicated server with an 100mb unmetered port? How much space should I be looking for? The file size is going to be limited to 150mb per download and if the files have not been downloaded in 2 weeks they will be deleted. What type of HDD space should I be looking for?

Windows Hosting That Allows File/Image Write Through Script www.sitepoint.com

I have a website built with asp .Net with MS SQL database. The website have some pages that uploads images and files in some folders. I have tried GoDaddy shared Windows hosting. But they don't seem to allow file upload using a script. Then I tried GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated. The tech guy told me MS SQL would be part of the hosting. Later I find he lied, there is no MS SQL as part of it. I am trying to find an affordable hosting that has MS SQL and also allows file upload using script.

SQL Reporting :: Error In Reports: The Full Path Must Be Less Than 260 Characters Long forums.asp.net

When I call my reports from the .net program, i am getting following error Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportServerException: The path of the item 'D:/WebSites/DevelopmentWebsite/AP_reports/AP_reports/vent_Full_Div' is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long; other restrictions apply. If the report server is in native mode, the path must start with slash. (rsInvalidItemPath) at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.GetExecutionInfo() at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.SetParameters(IEnumerable`1 parameters) at Reportviewr.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in d:WebSitesDevelopmentWebsiteReportviewr.aspx.cs:line 416   The path of the item 'D:/WebSites/DevelopmentWebsite/AP_reports/AP_reports/Event_Full_Div' is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long; other restrictions apply. If the report server is in native mode, the path must start with slash. (rsInvalidItemPath

SQL Reporting :: SSRS URL Paramter Value Does Not Match With Report Parameter Values forums.asp.net

We have rdl report and passing a multiple paramter values through URL. When the passed values exists in report parameter values then report displayes properly. But when we pass the values through URL which doesn't exists in report parameter value then it throws an error saying parameter value is missing. The reports db and the application db through which we display the reports are different. how do we address this issue.

C# - Can Create A PDF Quotation File From Winform stackoverflow.com

Assuming i have a winform that has a button called "Create a Quote". Once user clicks it, a PDF File gets created on desktop. The PDF File has a fixed design/structure e.g. the logo is at the top left corner, the headers are fixed, etc. However, the data it self is pulled from a database. As you see above, Quotation #, Description, Qty, U.P (USD), T.P (USD) records should be fetched from the db and dumped in the pdf template then create the pdf for user.

Open PDF File And Write? forums.asp.net

I have a project which deal with some products. The user can select the product which ever you want to check and select OK. So the pdf generate and show including the selected product name.. Can anyone help to work this situation? I have the pdf template. So i think i can open that pdf when the user click "OK" and add the selected products at the specified location in the pdf and shown in the new window...But i don't how is it possible anyone suggest about this and best solution?

SQL Reporting :: How To Display Parameter Prompt Area In Web Report Viewer forums.asp.net

I tired to create a parameterized report in Report Builder 2.0 with parameters having multiple values fetched from the database. I really liked that feature, which allows me to select the desired records from the dropdown. I uploaded the report in SSRS 2008 and I could view the reports with parameters from the Report Manager of Report server. But when the report is called through the Report Viewer, I didn't get any of the parameters displayed inside the report viewer. The only way I could found is to manually give the dropdowns in the web page and sent that values to report by setting its parameter. But at here I cannot multi-select the values. So I would like to get the exact functionality given through the report manager in the report viewer. get the report parameters in the Report Viewer of ASP.NET?

Forms Data Controls :: Write XML File From Web Service To Display In Gridview forums.asp.net

How would I display the following code into a GridView. First, I need the application to write the xml file somewhere on my harddrive and then I need it to read it to populate a gridview.   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { var xmlRequest = new XElement("GetTicketAction", new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsi",[URL] " new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsd", "[URL]"), new XElement("CompanyName", Setup.Company), new XElement("IntegrationLoginId", Setup.Username ), new XElement("IntegrationPassword", Setup.Password), new XElement("SrServiceRecid", Setup.SrServiceRecid)) .ToString(); var proxy = new MyWebService.integration_io(); var xmlResponse = proxy.ProcessClientAction(xmlRequest); var parsedXmlResponse = XElement.Parse(xmlResponse);......................

SQL Reporting :: How To Disable Wrap In The Cell In A Report forums.asp.net

I am in VS2008 Report rdlc Design tab and my report has drill down function. One item being drilled down on is Country. However, when user drilled down, the cell become 2 rows like this:- United States Of American I do not want it to be 2 rows but want to expand its length to make it one line on expand. In Gridview etc there is a property Wrap but when I click the cell I do not find this property in this cell property in the report designer. What can I do ?

SQL Reporting :: How To Change Report Layout In ReportViewer forums.asp.net

 I now have a ReportViewer control on asp.net page with datasource select Country, Product, Value from Table1. This reportviewer is associated with Report1.rdlc and currently Report1.rdlc has this matrix layout Country as row field, Product as column field and value as Calculate field (Sum) I want on button1click on asp.net, the report change to this layout: Product as row field, Country as column field, value remains as Calculate field. How should I proceed with this ? I know pointing to Report2.rdlc would be an option but I have more than 20 scenario and I want to keep doing it in same Report1.rdlc. Is there way to programmatically change the layout of Report1.rdlc when buttonclick is fired ?

SQL Reporting :: How To Call An Existing Report In Reportviewer On A Web Page forums.asp.net

I am trying to integrate an existing SSRS report in asp.net. 1. created the report and deployed it. 2. In the web page, have a reportviewer and trying to attach the same report. The report's url is :http://ReportServername/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%Clinical+ReportQ: What is my ReportPath and reportServerUrl? Is there something else I need to do? Should I copy over the rdl file to the report server?

SQL Reporting :: Webform Reportviewer Report Can't Find Subreport? forums.asp.net

My web form reportviewer control can't seem to find my sub report.  When I debug, it gives an error message in the report that states the report can't be found at file path for the sub report.  If I copy and paste the path out of the error into the address bar of windows explorer, the report opens right up.  I am using VS 2010, the 4.0 framework, and windows 7.

SQL Reporting :: An Error Occurred During Rendering Of The Report - How To Avoid It forums.asp.net

I have a SSRS report that is uploaded on WSS3.0 site. This report has a "Jump to report" link to another report and there is also a parameter that is being passed. The report used to work fine but after we added SSL to the site it shows the following error message: An error occurred during rendering of the report. An error occurred during rendering of the report. An internal error occurred on the report server. See the error log for more details. Now when I remove the "Jump to report" link from the report it shows up fine with the SSL. the log file has this: [code]....

SQL Reporting :: RDLC Report Rendering On Mobile Device? forums.asp.net

I am trying to create mobile device friendly versions of our reports, and am having a hard time with different phones rendering the report incorrectly.  My phone (a Palm Treo) renders the report correctly (the same as viewing the report with a standard IE web browser). However, the rendering is apparently screwed up on my manager's phone (a Motorola).  She sent me a picture and the table is condensed into very narrow columns, which causes the text to wrap after a few letters. Since our current reports are all .rdlc report files, I would like to continue using the same format for the mobile reports.  However, the generated markup of the .rdlc reports is quite bloated, and I'm frankly not surprised that some phones choke when trying render them.  Are there any fixes for this, or should I just abandon .rdlc for mobile reports and manually create the markup myself?  I am not too keen on the latter, because I have already invested a sizeable amount of time on the existing reporting framework. Also, if anyone knows of a good way to simulate the rendering of various mobile device web browsers, that would be nice.  Otherwise, I have no way of telling which phones will render our site properly! 

SQL Reporting :: ReportViewer "View Report" Button Not Functioning? forums.asp.net

Version 9 of ReportViewer in Remote Processing mode, IE 7 or 8 my report loads correctly. The toolbar appears correctly and parameters can be changed however the View Report button does not refresh the page to reload the report with the adjusted parameters - ie clicking performs no action. I am sure this is something simple I have missed?

Crystal Report Or Active Reports? www.daniweb.com

i looking for a design report like crystal report or active reports but for php the objective is creat a report using mysql data and save the template and load that report in a pdf file for print or save any one know something like that? i already use classes like class.ezpdf.php but i spend many hours creating complex reports, all is created using a text editor..

Create Code Behind Dynamically Created Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have found numerous different ways to add dynamically generated buttons to a form (i.e., during runtime). However, how do I dynamically generate the code behind these buttons?Thanks in advance!

1.com/file.php, 2.com/file.php Where File.php Is Hosted On Main.com/file.php www.webhostingtalk.com

Say I have 2 websites and they all use file.php which is located on mainserver.com/file.php. I want to use the file like this: website1.com/file.php website2.com/file.php