Won't Delete Unwanted Photos / Bug Deleting Orignal


I have approximately 100 pictures on my iPad. I went through and deleted pictures that I didn't want. When I quit The Photos application I later re-opened Photos and noticed that pictures I had previously deleted were back and pictures that I wanted to keep were deleted. This is a very serious problem, especially if you delete the originals from your memory card after transfer. This needs to be fixed ASAP. C'mon Apple, this is a major problem as I have now lost several good pictures because of this problem.

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I recently synced my Facebook contact to my phone so that I could have their Facebook pic as the pic on my phone. I do not want to have all my Facebook contacts in my Phone. I tried deleting them from my phone but it says that I have to delete them from Facebook in order to do so.

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I have used freetextbox in my asp.net application. My web page has one freetext box, On command button. On clicking on the command button it insert some text into freetext box. Actually these text are a string of html like this. <SPAN id="15aac2e0-0de8-4a39-8653-a5f0e60ad5bd">Y</SPAN> in design mode it shows  Y only and in html it show whole html string given above. My problem is when i delete the Y in design mode by pressing delete key from my key board. It only delete Y deos not delete <SPAN id="15aac2e0-0de8-4a39-8653-a5f0e60ad5bd"></SPAN> tag. My code is given below. [code]... When I delete the text in design mode is underlying <span id=".................." ></span> deos not delete.

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is there anyway to completely delete things like "gtalk" and "corporate calendar" from the device? SOmethimes when I click on my Running applications, they are being used and I have never once used them. Thanks in advance for the help

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Is there a way to delete unwanted scenes from HTC Evo 4G? I created a lot of scenes when I was learning to use them, and I would like to clear up the clutter. How can I delete scenes that I saved that I no longer use?

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This is my first experience with Android. Is there a way to delete or at least hide the icon for unwanted or unneeded applications such as corporate calendar?

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I work 24 hours shifts, and on my calendar I have those shifts set up as all day events. I made them in Outlook, it syncs with Google Calendar. I use Jorte as my calendar app. Every night where I am scheduled to work later that day, at midnight, I get a chime for that all day event. How do I turn this off, but not ALL of the notifications? Just for the all day ones.

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I am new to the Android family, I just bought a new HTC Hero. I have three email accounts linked up to my phone, but I cant seem to delete any of my unwanted emails, only the ones from my GMAIL account. Can anyone help me?

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Is there a way to delete unwanted apps on a stock phone? I got an update last week and it came with some stupid trial games that I don't want. When I go into app management to remove it, there is no unistall option. I hate how we are forced to keep some apps.

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i just got my behold 2 & was so frustrated about not being able to delete all my unwanted emails all at once...what a terrible feature not to have. but i found the solution...just go to market & download the "K9" application & it's done. you can select all emails, then delete AND they don't go to a "junk" folder...they are gone for good. maybe everyone knows about K9 already but i just had to share this wonderful information for anyone encountering this!!

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Recently acidently loaded a photo to onine locker form samsung captive that needs to be deleted ASAP. Also on family plan can parents see a phones online locker? How would i access the online locker to delete the photo?

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How do you delete unwanted widgets without deleting the app?

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<%: Html.ActionLink("Delete", "Delete", new { id=item.Emp_ID })%> how to add an image instead of  first "Delete"

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Using "Enable Delete" from Gridview control, I can delete (besides, update, sort, paging, etc) data from the database (this is done automatically). However, how can I delete the actual image that resides in my image folder (i.e. from "pix" folder )? What is the best way to delete image? If using code behind, how? Please write a full code for me. Here is my source  code. <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="photoID"

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I think the subject is clear . I found some where these codes : [Code]....  But they just didnt work ,the confirmation dialoge showed up but meanwhile the row deleted!

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My BB was purchased in Korea and linked to my company system. On leaving the company I was allowed to keep the phone but it still shows Korea and I cannot sync my personal emails. I have been to O2 but they seem not be able to help. I can access emails through the web. I also have my address book showing Desktop as well as personal.

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Hi all,Can someone advise how to add to this code to delete the command button after the code runs??CHeers!!Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()>'CopyData1 Range("C10:C37"), "BASE MACHINE">CopyData1 Range("C45:C115"), "OPTIONS INCLUDED">End Sub>Private Sub CopyData1(rngC As Range, Target As String)>Application.ScreenUpdating = False>Dim rng As Range, cell As Range>Dim rng1 As Range, rng2 As Range>Dim rng3 As Range>Dim nrow As Long, rw As Long>Dim Sh As Worksheet>nrow = Application.CountIf(rngC, ">0")>If nrow = 0 Then Exit Sub>Set Sh = Worksheets("sheet1")>Set rng = Sh.Columns(1).Find(What:=Target, _>After:=Sh.Range("A1"), _>LookIn:=xlValues, _>LookAt:=xlPart, _>SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _>SearchDirection:=xlNext, _>MatchCase:=False)>If rng Is Nothing Then>MsgBox Target & " Not found">Exit Sub>End If>Set rng3 = rng>Worksheets("sheet1").Unprotect Password:="jenjen1">rng.Offset(3, 0).ClearContents>If Application.CountA(rng3) > 2 Then>Else>Set rng3 = rng.Offset(3, 0)>End If>rw = rng3.Row>rng3.Resize(nrow * 2, 1).EntireRow.Insert>For Each cell In rngC>If Not IsEmpty(cell) Then>If IsNumeric(cell) Then>If cell > 0 Then>Cells(cell.Row, 5).Copy>Sh.Cells(rw, "c").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues>Cells(cell.Row, 2).Copy>Sh.Cells(rw, "B").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues>rw = rw + 2>End If>End If>End If>Next>Worksheets("sheet1").Protect Password:="jenjen1">End Sub

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I have a couple of emails from the enterprise server that are stuck in my inbox that will not delete no matter how many attempts...all other new messages from server and internet email delete fine like normal, just these two stuck.

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I have an older iMac. I just upgraded the RAM and the operating system. When I connect the iPad my photos opens but iTunes does not see the iPad. Anyone have any similar problems or any ideas on how to fix the problem? Also is there a way to run the iPad on FireWire? Information: iMac Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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I have a record in the db and a picture file name recorded with that record. I am writing a deletion routine which checks that file name and is supposed to delete it using unlink. Although it reports the correct directory and file name, I received the following: Warning: unlink(/home/pab/html/pics/test.jpg) [function.unlink]: Permission denied I checked my permissions and the file is set at my user name and 666. Does anyone know why this won't work or maybe another way to delete the file?

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I am splitting up one huge text file in several smaller files to prepare them for database processing. So far I tested it with files up to 100MB and everything works fine. Now here's my question: To optimize my script I would like to incrementally remove all lines form the original file which have already been copied to the smaller file. This would speed up reading the original file in each loop. Unfortunatelly I couldn't find a way to remove/delete lines from an open file. Of course I could read the whole file, delete the lines and then write it back. But for files bigger than 1 GB this doesn't seem to be a good idea....

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Is there any way to use PHP to delete an external file?

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hi,i have a supplier table in access.in vb form i have command button,text1.when user press the command button it should delete the specified record (i.e. text1.text).Please suggest me code for ADODB or ADODCnote: i am using ADODCthank youregardsmadhu

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Some of my contacts photos update, some never do, some do it randomly. Yes I sync, I update through the contact, I've tried everything I can think of. Whats the trick here? Yes they are all linked because they have pictures but some have pictures from 5 months ago!

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Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this or not. I am a MS Access 2003 newbie, I usually am doing PHP stuff.I am helping a friend with a database form and want to do a basic delete record button.I have all the other buttons working fine. new record, previous, next, last, save and close as they were all pretty easy to figure out with the macro thing.Just can't figure out how to do the delete record one.I assume in VB you have to put something in between this code.Code:Private Sub Delete_Record_Click()End Sub I would appreciate any help or direction to help.Thanks!

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This is a desperate cry for help, I am doing a project with a Random Access File. But Although I can delete a record from being displayed in the form, it remains in the file and also the UBound(Counter) property doesn't decrease by one. I realise without giving the actual code this description may seem a bit vague, but if anyone has/knows where I can get some sample code of how to delete a record it would be GREATLY appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out at this stage, Thanks Olan

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Running on a unix box and looking for a good (free!) php script I can use to read/write/amend/delete on the tables in a mysql db. Been searching for a while but can seem to find one with a good web front end to use.

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I've used PHP to save raw data from Flash to an XML in the past. Load the XML into flash, update a couple variables, then send it to PHP to completely overwrite the old .xml file. This works great most of time, but sometimes after a few days, I'll check the .xml and it will be empty (0 bytes). Not sure if this is caused by a user who aborted during the writing process, or simultaneous connections, etc. Been thinking about doing a backup every day using CRON, but that's a mission and I'd like for it not to happen full stop. Any suggestions?

DElete Command www.vbforums.com

i have this peice of input code in my project, but i am struggling to make a delete command without meesing up my data: ' code to add new record 'arraycounter= '(how many records)ArrayCounterAF = (ArrayCounterAF + 1)' code to re-dimension the array 'ReDim Preserve ArrayDataAF(8,ArayCounterAF)'inputting a space so a new record can be 'inputted For Counter = 1 To 8 ArrayDataAF(Counter, ArrayCounterAF) = Text1(Counter - 1).Text Next Counter'saves data to fileOpen "AppointmentsFile.dat" For Output As #1 For a = 1 To 8 For b = 1 To ArrayCounterAF Print #1, ArrayDataAF(a, b) Next b Next aClose #1'save size of array (how many records Open "ArrayCounterSize.dat" For Output As #1 Print #1, ArrayCounterAFClose #1' i have used a control array (text1), and globally declared my variablesPLEAS HELP SOMEONE ANYONE!!!!!!!!

Motorola Droid X :: Facebook Contacts - Remove Them Other Than Manually Deleting androidforums.com

So i just got the phone today and i love it, but my facebook friends got added to my contacts and I'd rather not have them there. Is there a way to remove them other than manually deleting them one by one?

HTC Incredible :: Delete "Facebook Friends" From Current Phonebook? androidforums.com

It's pretty annoying when I click phone at the bottom and see a bunch of friends from facebook that I dont talk to on the phone but on facebook in my phone book. I tried figuring out how to erase all facebook contacts from my phonebook but I couldn't. What I did notice what I did what I liked that it did link a lot of people from my facebook to current contacts with images. But I'll have to do this manually. Is there anyway to delete "Facebook Friends" from current phonebook? The only way I know how NOT to see facebook friends in your phone book is if you just go to people and don't click on Phone at the home screen which I always do...

Android :: Delete Facebook Contact androidforums.com

How do you delete a contact in your address (phone list) that is a facebook contact? It wont show in the people contact but if you use the home tab (on phone) the list there shows the facbook person but not in people contact? I can delete normal contacts but not ones imported from facebook..

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I set up HTC sync and Facebook and all that jazz. However, there are a few people in my Facebook Contacts list that I don't really want to have in my contacts list. I don't dislike them to the point where I'd want to un-friend them on facebook, but I don't really want their number to be in my phone. Does anybody know any way to delete a single facebook contact from your phone? Click and hold doesn't work, going to their "people" tab doesn't work, I can't figure it out...

Android :: Facebook Friends We Cant Delete - But Dont Want Updates androidforums.com

There are certain facebook friends that you could give a sh** about their senseless status updates and photo updates every five seconds. Right? Like friends girlfriends, chicks you hooked up with years ago, etc, that if you delete they will talk a bunch of trash about. So, my issue is: is there a way to have android ger updates from facebook and give notifications, but disable updating certain friends? or vice versa, choose a list of friends to update only. i have a Verizon Droid eris, stock 1.5 with Sense UI

Samsung Captivate :: Unable To Delete A Read Only Facebook Contact androidforums.com

So today i was looking at my contacts and i noticed that anyone who has a facebook account and is linked to my contacts, has 5 linked contacts in their info. thos 5 linked contacts all being repeats of the facebook contact. its like each contact is linked to itself 5 times. i tried deleting the extra ones but it says i cannot delete a read only contact and i tried displaying only my phone contacts and disabled contact sync with my facebook account but they are still showing up. any idea of what to do?

Motorola Droid :: GMail Auto Sync Deleted Previous Contacts androidforums.com

I entered in my gmail information to my new droid and it sync'd with my contacts on gmail, all 5 of them, 'deleting' my previous contacts. I say 'deleting' loosely because when I look through my contacts none are there, however if someone sends me a text it has them saved with their number. Is there a way to restore/retrieve my contacts?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Deleted Contacts androidforums.com


Samsung Captivate :: Deleting Contacts From Sim Card androidforums.com

Am I missing something here? I had my contacts connected to my gmail, then decided to see if I could put them on the sim and still use a picture for them (protip, you can't :P) then I decided to go back to [g] contacts and thus would need to just delete the ones on the sim else I'd have multiple ones. So off I trot, hold down for the context menu, hit delete and then BAM "Failed" er...what? I'm not allowed to delete my own contacts if they're on the sim card?! What, do I have to mount it to the pc and go looking for them or something? That's ridiculous if so, I'm hoping I'm just missing something obvious...

Motorola Droid :: Deleting All Contacts Automatically androidforums.com

I downloaded an emulator, and was told i could put games on my phone. in the process of trying i must have hacked my phone. ask me how i have no idea. my android has been deleting the contacts off my phone and when i try to import them they never stay on my phone. its pretty annoying. if some one could point me in the right direction, i am new to the forum and i just want my phone to be back to normal and stop running slow.

Android :: App To Block Unwanted Callers AND Unwanted SMS androidforums.com

New to Android. I always used a app called Magicall on my WM device. I want to be able to block specific contacts, unknown number or anonymous numbers and also specific contacts for SMS. I can see I have the option to send a contact direct to voicemail but don't have the same facility for unknown/anonymous callers and nothing to block SMS. Any recommendations for an app that works with 2.1? (I'm using a HTC Desire)

Android :: Un-Delete Facebook Contacts? androidforums.com

Jealous girlfriend searches phone, deletes female contacts she doesn't like. They were facebook sync'd, and after adding one of these girls back, I can't sync her back with her facebook profile (it's not there o_O). Any way to "un-delete" the facebook contact and add her back to my contact list? (only deleted from the phone contact list, and not actual facebook, just to clarify)

Host Deleting Files www.webhostingtalk.com

how bad is it for a host to delete a file and not tell you that they deleted it?

MVC :: How To Use AntiforgeryToken With Delete Action Link forums.asp.net

i am currently working on an asp.net mvc 2 web app and would like to add  some ajax functionality on my delete item actions.Show, on the list items displayed view page, i wrapped the list items inside a partial view and added an ajax delete action link for each item (inside a foreach loop): [Code].... On the AjaxDeleteItem ajax controller action, i delete the selected item and redisplay the updated items list (via UpdateTargetId = "divList", where the list items partial view resides).My question is how i could insert Antiforgery token in such a scenario in order to secure delete operations from CSRF and XSRF attacks.

Deleted Tmp Folder, Mounted Secure File www.webhostingtalk.com

I deleted my tmp folder and mounted a secure tmp file via fstab e.g. /path/to/tmp /tmp ext2 loop,noexec,nosuid,rw 0 0 the temp files are now written to a secure tmp file, however some processes still need that folder for example cpanel. "Failed to create directory /tmp/cpanel.TMP.xxxxx" Should I ignore that and similar error messages or what am I supposed to do?

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Is there a way based on the current user that when the page loads that the Delete option on the gridview is disabled?

Delete The Attribute NAME From The FORM Tag? forums.asp.net

I have a APSX page with a form. My page validate with XHTML 1.1.The form tag is: <form id="Contact" method="post" runat="server">   When I see the page in the browser this form tag is: <form name="aspnetForm" method="post" action="default.aspx" [code]... 

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I have custom user controls each with a SQLDatasource and a GridView in a DeclarativeCatalogPart.  When I try to delete a control from a WebPartZone I get the following error.The SqlDataSource control 'SDSOnCall' does not have a naming container.  Ensure that the control is added to the page before calling DataBind.

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I'm walking through the ASP.NET MVC "Contacts Manager" tutorial. [URL] I've followed exactly what's said in the tutorial, but I keep getting the following exception from the "Delete View". Object reference not set to an instance of an object.Line 10: Line 11: Are you sure that you want to delete the entry for Line 12: <% = Model.FirstName %> <% = Model.LastName %> ? Line 13: Line 14: <% using (Html.BeginForm(new { Id = Model.Contact_Id })) When i suprress line 12, I still get this Line 12: Line 13: Line 14: <% using (Html.BeginForm(new { Id = Model.Contact_Id })) Line 15: { %> Line 16: <p> I just don't know. Maybe the POST DELETE method is not communicating with the datacontext... The important question is why the only the "Delete View" is not working???

Forms Data Controls :: It Will Deleted The Record If Checked Is True forums.asp.net

let said my gridview have 3 records with checkbox features. If i want to delete the checked record, i will retrieve  the these records and store into a temporary datatable.After that , it will deleted the record if checked is true.However, it;s only work when u delete one by one or whole record as once. This is because if u deleted the second record at position 1, then the third record  at position 2 will moved up. [code]....

Crystal Reports :: Delete Space Between Each Section? forums.asp.net

http://www.dotnethell.it/users/files/1303_crys.zip this is an image of structure of my crystal report and the result of it as you can see, there are no space between the label "auditor" and the beginning of section2, but then i run it, crystal insert some blank rows in it how can i do to delete this space?

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I am currently building a simple photogallery. The photogallery contains a box with a few photo's in it, lined up horizontally. The box where the photo's are placed in is using an overflow so that there are only shown a few photo's. Below the box i have two buttons, left and right. The idea is simple if you click the left button the photo's must go 50 px to the left and visa versa goes with the right. I have coded this but the photo's unfortunately won't move! Have i done something wrong? You can see my code here:

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Im not sure if this is a php problem or javascript, but since the actual photo gallery is run by javascript I'll post it here, sorry if its not though. Everything works fine but when I click on another image to change the main image the caption wont change with it. <script type="text/javascript"> // Gallery script. // With image cross fade effect for those browsers that support it. // Script copyright (C) 2004-08 [url]www.cryer.co.uk[/url]. [Code].....

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I have the following piece of jQuery code: [code]If a user have posted the form, and something is entered into one of the fields, then I can't show the default value in the field, if the user deletes the text from the input field.This is happening because the value of the text-field is still containing something, even when the user deletes the content. So my problem is how to show the default value when the form is submitted, and the user then removes the typed in content?When the form is submitted the input looks like this, and keeps looking like this until the form is submitted again:<input type="text" value="someValue" defaultvalue="From" />So I need to show the default value in the input-field right after the user have deleted the content in the field, and removed the focus from the field.

Jquery :: Deleting Individual Elements In List When Clicked www.sitepoint.com

I am looking for a way to add an id attribute to a div element I append to my document so that i can find the id later and delete it. So far, no luck with jquery .each loop trying to assign unique value and add incrementing value to each of them. In my code, they all seem to have the same id and when I click again it just appends the same value again to all of them. //first I add a title to the list using append. function addTitle () { $('.myList-box').append('<div class="mylistitem"><div class="mylistitem-image"><img width="30" height="40" src="[URL]small.aspx?TitleID=' + titleid + '"/></div><div class="mylistitem-title">' + title + '</div><div class="mylistitem-options"><a href="javascript:removetitle();">Delete From List</a></div>'); } // then I need a click function, that indexes all the current .mylistitem(s) and allows me to find the id I am clicking on so I can delete it! function removetitle() { $(".mylistitem").each(function(i) { this.id = this.id + "_" + i; }); var item = $(".mylistitem").attr("id"); alert(item); }

HTC Hero :: Facebook Contact Photos As Phone Contact Photos androidforums.com

I thought that if we sync'd facebook to the Hero that people's display pictures would automatically become their contact photo on the hero.can someone tell me if this is possible and how they've done it?

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Photo As Contact Photo androidforums.com

Anyway i can get the photos from my facebook friends to be the photo for there contact photo in my phone book?

Database File Is Gone www.webhostingtalk.com

My wife accidentally deleted wordpress within fantastico so i had to reinstall wordpress but my database file is gone where does linux or fantastico keep deleted files

Android :: Application To Link Contacts - How To Delete Unwanted? androidforums.com

After backing up my contacts I now have two main problems and can't find an easy fix. a) I have numerous duplicate contacts. Is there an application to delete the unwanted ones? b) None of the accounts have linked with Facebook and I don't want to have to go through and manually link them all. Is there anything out there to do this?

HTC EVO 4G :: Evo 4g Terminal / CLI - Can Delete Unwanted Stock Application? androidforums.com

I don't know the name of the method I used but its the one that calls for you to place the file called "PC36IMG.zip" on the root of your sd card and then reboot into the boot loader. I followed the instruction and it seemed to flash ok, but now i'm trying to find out where to find the terminal/CLI so I can delete unwanted stock app like amazon music shop or nascar tv. All the instructions say to open the terminal or CLI and type in a particular path in order to delete the apks that those apps use. The problem is the guides never say where to find the terminal. Is it somewhere on the phone? Is it something I download, do i need to connect the phone to a linux computer to find the terminal?

Motorola Droid X :: Any Way To Delete Preloaded Unwanted Stuff? androidforums.com

Ok coming from the droid and I always wondered how do I get all the stuff that is pre installed deleted. I have numerous things I want gone. I have noticed on this x that it seems there is so much running. I have stopped it and somehow it seems to want to run again. Those are the things I want gone. I will never get any battery life with all this running all the time. There is a news thingy that runs any way to disable this stuff.

Motorola Droid :: How To Delete Unwanted Songs From SD Card? androidforums.com

I downloaded imusic and proceeded to download some songs.no problem there.However, I can't seem to figure out how to delete unwanted songs from the SD card. How is this done?

HTC Desire :: Update Facebook Contact Link Photo's androidforums.com

Hows best to update the photo's linked to facebook in contacts? the sync doesnt do this....

Samsung Captivate : Link Facebook Friend Photo With Contact? androidforums.com

Is there a way to link your Facebook contact with this phone like the HTC sense ui so that the contact have a fb photo instead of a blank face? I tried to facebook account login in settings already but no go

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Link Up Facebook - Timescape For Updates / Adds Photos androidforums.com

How can i link up facebook, timescape so that it updates/adds photos to my contacts in phonebook via facebook like you can on the htc hd2?

ICloud :: Why Doesn't All Photos From Iphone Photostream Load To Mac discussions.apple.com

why doesn't all my photos from my iphone photostream load to my mac Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

BB Bold 9700 :: Deleting Archive Folders Linked To Enterprise Email Account? supportforums.blackberry.com

I use a Curve 8310 as my work BB (through an enterprise server) and recently acquired a Bold 9700 for my personal email accounts.  I used the "Switch Device" option on my BB Desktop Manager, to trasfer contacts from my work BB to the 9700.  All this was a breeze.  Unfortunately what this also did was transfer my work email folders (all archive folders) on to the 9700.  So in the email application on the 9700, if I select "View Folder" from the menu key, I see a whole bunch of archive folders. I have no use for these folders on the 9700 but cannot find a way to delete them.Is there a way that I can delete all these redundant email archive folders from the 9700?

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I'm trying to delete a picture (.jpg) from server after the first time showed.But the file is deleted (unlink();) before showed. I've already tried with sleep() but this only delay the loading and after all the file is deleted before showed.

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it works fine with deleting database results but the unlink wont unlink file from dir? Code: [Select]else if($action=="del") { [code]........

Random Access File - Adding, Editing &amp; Deleting Using Command Button www.vbcity.com

Hey everyone....i am new to VB. I have VB.net 7.1 and i am creating a Random Access File. I have created a command button to display the contents in a list box for the random access file "products.dat". Coding for the adding command button is shown below:Private Sub btnAddRecord_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAddRecord.Click        Dim OneProduct As ProductType        OneProduct.ProductID = txtProductID.Text        OneProduct.Description = txtDescription.Text        OneProduct.Price = txtPrice.Text        OneProduct.Stock = txtQuantityInStock.Text        OneProduct.Reorder = cboReorderLevel.Text        FileOpen(1, Filename, OpenMode.Random, , , Len(OneProduct))        FilePut(1, OneProduct, NumberOfRecords + 1)        FileClose(1)        NumberOfRecords = NumberOfRecords + 1        lblNumberOfRecords.Text = NumberOfRecords        txtProductID.Text = ""        txtDescription.Text = ""        txtPrice.Text = ""        txtQuantityInStock.Text = ""        txtProductID.Focus()        cboReorderLevel.Text = 50    End SubI now need a command button that allows me to select an item in the list box so i can delete it.

HTC Desire :: Facebook Profile Photos Disappearing In Contacts List androidforums.com

It would seem that when someone updates their profile pic in Facebook now, I lose their picture in my list of contacts.

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Contacts Delete From My List? androidforums.com

I just received my EVO today and linked my facebook account to Friendstream and now all my friends (300+) were added to my contacts list on my phone. This might be a silly question but how do I delete these contacts from my list? I came from an Instinct phone and I just can't find the option to delete contacts on this phone like I did on my previous phone.

HTC Incredible :: Put So Many Contacts In Gmail And Facebook Accounts / Delete All Of These? androidforums.com

I put in my gmail and facebook accounts during the initial setup of the phone. Now I have a crapton of Contacts.. many are just people I have emailed once in my life or some random friend of a friend from facebook. I really don't went them cluttering up my contacts list when I go to make a phone call. I tried to unsync Contacts in both of these apps, but the contacts didn't go away. Is there some way to delete all of these?

Motorola Droid X :: Google Contacts / Facebook Photo Syncing androidforums.com

Found a perfect program for syncing my Google Contacts with their facebook account pictures (without using the sh*tty facebook app sync)..thought I'd share incase it hasnt been mentioned.Google Contact Sync | Heart of Angel..Worked perfect for me, especially if you make sure that your google contact names match the facebook names

Sprint HTC Hero :: Stop Google Contacts From Syncing Unwanted Contacts androidforums.com

i use google contacts to sync my personal numbers to my phone but for some reason everytime i email someone from somewhere like craigslist that anonymous address is saved to my contacts? wtf? how do i stop this?

HTC Droid Eris :: Lost All Contacts Photos From Facebook In "people" androidforums.com

Just updated my Eris to 2.1 today. Once updated I lost all my contacts photos from facebook in "people." Just wondering how to get them back on there.

HTC Tattoo :: Facebook Photo's In People androidforums.com

I've just got the tattoo today, and have been trying to sync facebook with my contacts in people. The pictures of my contacts are not downloading or displaying, yet I can see their updates and status.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Facebook Not Linking Photos With Contacts androidforums.com

Has anyone figured out this problem with facebook not linking photos with contacts? This is annoying...thought this was supposed to be an update not a downgrade

HTC Desire HD :: How To Delete Contacts Imported By Facebook? androidforums.com

Right, here goes. I've got all the contacts I want in my contacts folder. Some of them are linked to their facebook accounts which I like. But when I tap phone, a load of people who I only chat to on Facebook are there despite not being in the contacts folder. So how do I edit what appears under "Phone" Is there away to get rid of all the contacts that Facebook imported in one go? Or a way to edit my phone directory online? I didn't know that when I set up my Facebook account it would import anyone who has a number to my Phonebook!

HTC Desire :: Contact Photos For Linked Contacts Keep Reverting To Facebook androidforums.com

I have a contact that is linked to a Google and a Facebook contact. Both have photos. If I open the contact, press the link and then press the drop-down that overlays over their image at the top-left, I can change the contact to use the Google picture - which I prefer.but the picture ALWAYS reverts to the Facebook one after a while. Why is this?I should note that the Google picture is not THEIR google picture in GTalk - it's one I uploaded for them.

HTC Desire :: Contacts Icon / Photo Conflict / Phone Vs FaceBook androidforums.com

i've just upgraded to the Desire & am liking many things in it, but this issue bugs me:i've synced & linked the contacts in my 'people' app. in some cases, this involved linking the FaceBook profile of a person with a pre-exisitng phone number in my phone/sim card.The problem is that the phone seems to default to the Facebook 'profile picture' as the icon/photo that shows up in my People app (for that contact), even if tell it not to.I've tried downloading new pics, or taking a photo with the camera, and then manually setting this as the 'icon' for a certain person. This works for a while (a few hours?) and then within one day, the phone automatically re-sets this icon & replaces it with the Facebook profile pic. again.

HTC Desire :: Unwanted Facebook / Email Contacts In Message Recipient Auto-suggest androidforums.com

First of all I'd like to point out that I have posted this in the HTC Desire section because I'm not sure whether my problem is Android or HTC Sense related.I have linked my contacts to their facebook profiles so I can see thier pictures awesome.Except that whenever I compose a new text message and click on the people icon, I get a list of every single one of my facebook friends, and multiple entries for each - one for email, phone etc.Except obviously I only want to text one of the people in my contacts, but keep slecting someone's email address that they've listed on facebook, or the wrong person who shares the same first name. This is highly frustrating - random people appearing in my message recipients list is something I have never had to deal with before in my 10 years as a mobile phone user.

HTC Droid Eris :: Facebook Apps Cant See Photo Albums From Friends androidforums.com

When I try to use Sense to view photo albums for one friend, it shows that they have zero photo albums. The official facebook app does the same. If I use the browser to visit her profile, I can see her numerous photo albums easily, but damnit! I want the software to work like it's designed and this little bug seems so bizarre. As far as I can tell, the missing albums bug only applies to this one friend. I would be able to easily overlook the bug except that one friend is my fiancee.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How To Post A Standing Photo On Facebook From Phone talk.sonyericsson.com

How do you post a standing photo on facebook from x10mini? my photos keeps being posted laying down which is a bit annoying.

Android :: Getting Contact Photos From Facebook Only Contacts groups.google.com

The standard way of getting contact photos/uris from ContactsContracts.Contacts.CONTENT_URI does not work for any photo that is not of GOOGLE descent! meaning, if the contact does not have a Google contact with a photo, then I cannot pull a contact photo.This is not only my problem. I see that no one has really answered this question.I know that the Android Incoming Call Screen displays a Facebook photo just fine, so I am not sure why I would need to do something different.Is there someone out there, from Google/Android, who can tell me what I need to do?

Android :: Save To Contact - Photos From Facebook And Flickr androidforums.com

I have loads of photos on Flickr and Facebook and I want to set some of the photos to my contact list. When I open the facebook app, there is no way to see the photos. So I went to Albums and signed into my facebook page. I can see the photos and email them, but I cannot save them to my phone. Is the only way of doing this is going to the browser and long-clicking it to save? Is there an app which will copy them in bulk to my phone?

Motorola Droid :: Facebook Photos Not Showing androidforums.com

In going through my friends list on the Facebook app I've noticed that 10-15% of my friends photos don't show. Has anyone else experienced this?

Android :: Way To Send / Tag A Photo To Facebook From Photo Itself? androidforums.com

I could be missing this, but is there a way to send/tag a photo to facebook from the photo itself? The Facebook app for my blackberry lets me do this. If I pull up a photo I just took, I have the option of sending it to Facebook, as well as tagging it. I can't figure out how to do this on my Moment.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: In Timescape Delete Each Tile Sepaeartely? androidforums.com

In timescape do you have to delete each tile sepaeartely?? or is there a delete all button. If you dont delete the tiles do they stay on for infinity? or is there a default amount before they are automatically binned.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Tile Deleted From Homescreen / How To Restore? androidforums.com

I have a problem it here. I accidentally deleted the timescape tile on my home screen. Can anyone please tell me how may i restore it.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Tile Deleted / How To Put It Back On Homescreen? talk.sonyericsson.com

I just accidentally deleted the timescape tile at the center of Home screen. Could you please tell me how to put back the timescape tile back?

Samsung Captivate :: How Do You Delete All Phone Contacts? androidforums.com

Ok on the aria this was easy.just view by phone only then select all then delete.on this phone I can't figureit out.

Samsung Captivate :: How Do I Delete All 70 Contacts From My SIM Card? androidforums.com

Bought Captivate- AT&T copied my SIM card to a new one and contacts are wrong. How do I delete them from my SIM card several or all at once? (I know how from my Blackjack II just not from the Captivate). The contacts in the phonebook are wrong to. How do I delete all contacts from the internal phonebook? Factory Data Reset? (I read this brings it to the state where it was turned on for the first time is this true?)

HTC Droid Eris :: Too Many Contacts Deleted - Phone Numbers Missing? androidforums.com

My fiance and I both got the Eris last week, and we both got our contacts transfered from our old phones (hers was LG EnV Touch). We both had existing Gmail accounts which were setup by the Verizon techs at the store as well. The other day, she started telling me that she was getting this weird message on her phone "Too Many Contact Deletes" or something to that effect. I disregarded it as nothing, and carried on until tonight. She called me freaking out that all her favorite people in her HTC Favorites Widget were gone, including me, and that my number just showed up when i called her, no name, no picture, just number. So I had her check her People list and she said they were all still there, except that all their Phone Numbers were missing. I quickly logged into her GMail account to confirm, sure enough, everyone was still there, but all the numbers were gone. I did some research and found a little bit on the error message she got originally, but nothing about random deletion of contacts phone numbers. I still have her LG EnV Touch here with all her contacts, and am contemplating deleting all of her Gmail contacts, all of her Phone contacts and then importing the list into GMail, and syncing with the phone. Is that what you would do? I'm worried that this will happen again. What is this caused by and how does she prevent this in the future?

Motorola Droid X :: How To Delete Programs? (APK Installed From Link) androidforums.com

I installed a couple of programs not from the market (tweetdeck for example) how do I go about removing them? I know if I had downloaded it from the market I could just go there to uninstall it, but what if the APK was installed from a link? I am rooted btw. Can I just use the folder program to go in and delete the APK?

Web Forms :: Delete An Image File Once It Is Displayed On The Image Control? forums.asp.net

I am creating an image file on the fly and saving it on the harddrive. I display the saved file on the page through an Image control during the page_load event. The code is shown below: Dim ms As System.IO.MemoryStream = New System.IO.MemoryStream(byteValue) Dim img As System.Drawing.Image img = img.FromStream(ms) img.Save(Server.MapPath(filePath)) Image1.ImageUrl = Server.MapPath(filePath) The above code works fine and it displays the image on the page. I want to delete this image file from the hard drive, once it is displayed. I wrote the following code to do so: Protected Overrides Sub OnUnload(ByVal e As System.EventArgs) MyBase.OnUnload(e) Dim file As FileInfo = New FileInfo(Server.MapPath(filePath)) If (file.Exists) Then file.Delete() End If End Sub I was under the impression that the above code will be executed only when the page is unloading. However, it is executed immediately when the Page_Load is executed, and hence the image is never displayed. how to display the image and then delete the image file from the harddrive once it is displayed?

Delete Link With Jquery Confirm In MVC 2 Application? stackoverflow.com

I have a table with records that has delete links. Basically I followed the NerdDinner tutorial for that part in MVC. But I don't want to have the confirm view, I'd rather have a confirm dialog, and then if confirmed let the HttPost action method delete the record directly. I have something working, but being new to both MVC and jQuery, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Here's the jQuery: I found the function for making the link POST instead of GET on the internet: `$.post(this.href); return false; And I'm not sure what the "return false" part does. I tried to modify it for my needs with a callback and so on, and kept the return part without knowing what it's for. Secondly, the action method has the HttpPost attribute, but I have also read somewhere that you can use a delete verb. Should you? And what about the RedirectToAction? The purpose of that was originally to refresh the page, but that didn't work, so I added the window.location.reload instead in a callback in the jQuery. Any thoughts? The Delete action method calls a couple of helper methods because it seems with the Entity Framework that I use for data, I can't just delete an record if it has relationship dependencies. I had to first delete the relationships and then the "User" record itself. That works fine, but I would have thought it would be possible to just delete a record and all the relationships would be automatically deleted...? I know you're not supposed to just delete with links directly because crawlers etc could accidentally be deleting records. But with the jQuery, are there any security issues with this? Crawlers couldn't do that when there is a jQuery check in between, right?

JQuery :: Implementing The Listview Control With Delete Link And Lightbox? forums.asp.net

[Code].... Implementing the listview control with delete link and lightbox?

Delete All Sentence Rows Which Does Not Contain $bit? www.phpfreaks.com

I have a link in my rows $bit="http://bit.ly/abcd"; $query = mysql_query("DELETE FROM *table* WHERE sentence........"); I need to delete all sentence rows which DOES NOT contain my $bit.

Delete Default Value Of An Input Text On Click? stackoverflow.com

I have an input text [url]... I want to put a default value like "What's your programming question ? be specific." in StackOverFlow, and when the user click on it the default value disapear.

Get Default Text To Delete When User Click In To Input Box? www.dreamincode.net

can you delete text in a input text box with an onclick event like this. <p>Name<br /> <input type="text" value="enter name" name="name_billing" size="56" onclick="delete" /> </p> I am trying to create input text area with default text so that when the user clicks the field the default text is deleted and replaced by what ever the user types in

Jquery :: Css - Prevent Unwanted Animation? stackoverflow.com

I have a list of of 10 icons that make up a menu. By default, the first icon will be bigger than the others to show that it is active. When the user hovers over another icon, the first icon will shrink and the other will grow and if they hover out, the first icon will return to its big (active) state again.The problem is, if you quickly hover the other icons, the first will attempt to grow and thus cause it to look like it's shaking. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Here is a test page I set up: http:[url].... jquery: $("#icon_one").width(76).height(76).css({ 'top' : '-15px', 'left' : '-15px'}); $(".icon").hover(function(){ $(this).stop().css({'z-index':10}).animate({top: -15, left: -15, height: 76, width: 76}, 75);[code].....