Won't Delete Unwanted Photos / Bug Deleting Orignal


I have approximately 100 pictures on my iPad. I went through and deleted pictures that I didn't want. When I quit The Photos application I later re-opened Photos and noticed that pictures I had previously deleted were back and pictures that I wanted to keep were deleted. This is a very serious problem, especially if you delete the originals from your memory card after transfer. This needs to be fixed ASAP. C'mon Apple, this is a major problem as I have now lost several good pictures because of this problem.

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Using the photo slide show on my Ipad2 - How come I can delete some photos, but others I do not get the option to delete, +/or the delete button is red and they won't delete. I have many duplicates. How to move the pics around in photo. I have tried going through my PC, not an apple and arrange them that way, but they still show in sequence of date taken. It cannot be done, unless you have an Apple with Iphoto on it.

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I do time lapse photography which means plugging my DSLR memory card into my ipad to import 1000-2000 photos at a time to create a timelapse,,once I have my timelapse video I need to delete all the imported photos to create room for new ones, As there's no select all function (holding down 2 fingers and dragging won't work either) it's not really practical to select every photo every time, When I'm at home I can plug it into a laptop and delete them from 'my computer' but I'm travelling to India soon and won't be able to do this, Is there anything I can do (other than erase all content and settings ) to mass delete all camera roll photos (settings - using - swipe - delete doesn't work nor does edit and delete whole albums)

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When I select photos and videos to delete in order to make space, the phone just won't delete them! It just quickly reverts back to home screen. Trying to install an app just results in touching "install" and nothing happens. May be due to no bytes available (?) How do I delete all these silly 1,600 videos and photos my kids have taken? Info: iPhone 4S

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I downloaded msn mac messenger then it won't sign me in, keeps saying : id or password incorrect. I couldn't fix this bug so I deleted (uninstalled it) by moving all files to trash . now the trash won't empty and it's annoying. is it a bug ? any clue? the trash won't say anything , just the "are you sure" message, then makes the "trashing" sound. but nothings changes.

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Photos downloaded from iTunes delete previously downloaded photos. I'm using the latest versions. It used to work but now it deletes previous Photo folders.I go into iTunes, photos, and select the photo folder. I then get a message advising that previous photo folders will be deleted. Syncing deletes previous photo folders. Very frustrating.

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I downloaded a CD disk of photos I had scanned to iphoto in photos. I then created a mobile me gallery. When I deleted one of the pictures in the the photos album it deleted it in mobile me and won't let me add it back from trash. Information: Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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For storage reasons, i want to delete photos from my iPhone 5 but, if I read the instructions� correctly, it will also lose photos from my other devices.� I Simply want them off my phone.� TUrning off iCloud won't do it as, when it is turned back on, it will delete photos from other devices.�

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I was playing with new iPad and plugged the cord into the USB port on PC thinking it would charge from the power on The laptop but it brought up iTunes and so I proceeded to play with this and ended up sending a file of photos from my PC to the iPad but now I cannot delete them. When I mark any photo from my PC the delete boon does not light up but if I mark any photo taken with the iPad it will light up and only delete that photo. how to delete the another photos.?

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1. Why can't I delete photos directly from Photos in my iPad?2. Is there a way to reset iPad to get rid of photos only without loosing other info?3. Why does iPad have to be connected to the computer and photos ave to be deleted from iPhoto in order to delete them from the iPad when it is so simple to delete in iPhone, for example?

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I have downloaded a picture attachment from my Gmail that is an 'unwanted picture' which I opened when I went to Gallery/Download folder.It is currently the default preview picture now for the Download folder. I've already deleted this picture from the Download folder, but anytime I download a new picture attachment, it still uses the 'unwanted' pic as the folder preview.I've even tried manually deleting the Download folder using AstroFile Manager.Everything I've tried doesn't seem to work.I desperately need help because currently I'm not able to download any picture from my Gmail account without that stupid picture showing up as the preview for the Download folder.

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I have a batch of HD video downloads in my iTunes Store queue that I can't delete. Before it was annoying, having to purchase both the regular video and HD video, then delete the unwanted HD download from my queue list, but now it's a problem. I can't empty the unwanted HD downloads, and for me to download them all will tie up my connection for a week or more. I do not have the bandwidth

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I have created an album moved several photos to it. When I returned to the original album to delete the original photo it ask "delete everywhere - photo in two albums". I don't want to delete all of them - just one. How can I only delete the original photos not the ones in the new album?

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When deleting an imported photo. When I select the album or photo I want to delete, again imported, I am never given the option to delete it. If you import a photo or album, are you able to delete it off the iPad once you imported it? Again, this is an imported photo, from another device. It was not taken with the iPad.

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The iPad has photos which came with the device, such as a wedding album of people we don't know, and trips we have yet to take, etc... I want to delete all of the photos which we personally have not taken.�Selecting a photo I don't want and then selecting the red delete button does not work for them at all. The red delete button does not 'light up'... (while trying to delete any of the 'intrinsic' library photos we don't want). Info: iPad

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While I am able to delete individual phots from the camera roll, I am not able to delete photos from albums which I have copied through iTunes. I have to delete them only from iTunes - by deleting it from the origin - i.e. my laptop, & then re-sync the iPad for the photos. Is there a way to delete directly any photo from the album (not camera roll).

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HOw do I delete photos off photo stream Info: iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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how to delete the photos in photo stream?

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How do I delete photos from photo stream?

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How can I recover photos that were deleted from iphone.� Photos were streamed to icloud.�

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iTunes is no longer syncing my iPhoto library to my iPhone 4.Everything was syncing fine when I first got the phone, but, over the past week or so, it's stopped syncing photos.Now, after attempting to start from scratch by deleting all the photos on my iPhone, iTunes won't sync ANY photos from iPhoto back to my iPhone. I've restarted my phone, computer, etc., force quit all photo-related apps on my iPhone, and tried various combinations of turning iTunes' photo syncing on/off, switching photo sync folders, etc., all to no avail -- I can't get my iPhoto library back on to my iPhone no matter what I do.

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I have a 3Gs iphone. Somehow a great many photos I don't want to keep have wound up in the Photo Library, and I can't find a way to delete them. How does one delete photos from the Photo Library or delete the entire Photo Library

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Re: deleting photos.�When I touch the photo(s) I want to delete and touch delete, they don't delete. Neither does the trash can appear to move the picture to the trash can. The delete works when deleting songs, but not pictures. Info: iPad

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I've made a Facebook album and it uploaded fine. I put in a photo by accident that I don't want on Facebook. How do I delete the photo out of the Facebook album? When I delete it using the delete key and commnand it removes the photo from the project as well. How do I delete it just out of the Facebook album?

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Guys we all know the conventional ways to free up a little memory. They are: 1) Battery Pull 2) Memory Cleaning 3) Cleaning Cache 4) Delete Event Log 5) Delete Call Log 6) Delete un-necessary messages 7) Delete unwanted applications (games etc) 8) Ensure that only 5 default applications are running in the background What I would like everyone is to share if there are any other ways to free up further memory in order to make the phone more faster.

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i have to submit my coursework in php by 3rd dec, I stuck at one place where i have to upload multiple photo and one can see all the photo he has uploaded and can edit or delete that photo so i have done uploading now i am showing those pics in table by running loop and generating tr and td but now i have two buttons with each row edit and delete now when i clicked on one delete or edit that pic should be delete or give text box to edit description of pic.....

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I have a financial dataset which I need to "clean" before manipulating/analysing. Each row of the data represents a completed transaction and the first step is to delete rows that are done with particular (internal) clients; the client data (the client's name) is in Column D. Currently, I delete the unwanted data by autofilter and delete (code below), however this means the clients to be deleted are only defined within the code. I would prefer to have a worksheet within the workbook where the user defines the clients by adding or subtracting their name from a list. I have created a dynamic range for the client list by inserting a Named variable along the lines of "=OFFSET(!$B$3,1,0,COUNTA($B$3:$B$200)-1," which works fine. However how do I work this list into my code so that it works when new clients are added or deleted? Current code for deleting unwanted client data: Sub filterdelete() Dim LastRow As Long LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count With Range(Range("D1"), Range("D" & LastRow)) [Code] .....

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i have a eris how do u delete fb notification on fb it self where it says photos profile and notifications u can high light them but cant delete

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How do you delete synced photos from your iPhone if the synced folder is deleted from your computer?

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Can you delete a photo from camera roll without deleting it from all other folders? Info: iPhone 4

IPhone :: Syncing Photos Using ITunes? discussions.apple.com

I can look at my photos on my Iphone like a hard drive and copy and paste the photos to my computer. I can then delete a batch at a time on the Iphone camera roll. However, how do I delete the 242 photos in my "photo library" album and the 242 duplicate photos in my "Iphone photo" album? When I click on the arrow box icon in the upper right corner of my phone, I can click on a photo, but the delete icon is not available. I am trying to free up more space on my phone and I want to delete these photos that I have already downloaded to my computer. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, Deleting Photos

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How do you delete photos in Sky-drive.when I go into system there is no delete button.

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How do I delete photos (IPhone 4S) from cameral roll without deleting the picture from an album? Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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I have selected to selectively sync photos only. The manually manage music and videos is selected, but every time I either try to add an event or even uncheck "sync photos" I get two prompts. One is do you want to remove or keep photos. And the second (no matter if I choose to keep or delete photos), I get a prompt to delete all applications and their data. I of course don't want to delete my apps and their data, but I can't add any photos... I have also tried to drag photos from iphoto onto iPad in Itunes. That won't work either (assuming b/c I choose to sync). Information: Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.6) ipad 3.2 itunes 9.2

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Can you delete photos from camera roll without deleting them from other folders? Info: iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1

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I know how to delete individual photos from iPad but does anyone know how to delete entire albums fro iPad? Information: Ipad

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How can I delete photos from iPhoto, and also how can I delete an album from iPhoto?

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Can I delete photos from the Imported album without deleting them from all my albums? Info: iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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I can't delete photos from my new iPad. The delete button is no lit up.

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Red delete button is not highlighted when photos are selected. Photos show up in photo frame Info: iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

To Sync Deleted Photo On Comp? discussions.apple.com

I have deleted/edited photo's in IPhoto on my Mac but they are not being deleted/edited on my ipad2.� Info: iPad 2, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Unable To Sync Photo - File Not Found discussions.apple.com

Just upgraded my Ipad today, it seems that all is well. Except, my photos won't sync. When trying to sync photos (and only photos) it says '"XXXX's iPad" cannot be synced because file cannot be found'i've tried the following to make it work. 1) turned off sync photos, run sync, turn on again, new sync 2) try setting the iPad up as a new ipad 3) deleting the photo cache file.This is very annoying, hopefully im not the only one having this issue. Information: Mac Book Pro 13.3 Unibody Mac OS X (10.0.x)

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How do you delete individual photos from the iPad? Failing that can you delete an album?

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im doing an album page just like facebook album Now im trying to allow deleting album function in which, when i click a button or linkbutton, the entire album will be deleted including all the photos within that particular album Album and photo is in two different table in my sql im using the sqldatasource to set the delete parameter DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM [Album] WHERE [AlbumID] = @AlbumID" is there any way i can insert another delete command in the same sqldatasource or other way to do it? i duno how to do with store procedure.

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You can delete individual photos from Photo Stream - go to "Photos" (yellow flower folder) stream click on the arrow in the right hand upper corner, then click on the photos you want to delete and at the bottom of the screen right hand corner click delete, then confirm deletion and they are gone. It's a good idea to always reboot your Iphone so the effects can take effects especially when you are making changes to the device. Info: iPhone 3GS

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In trying to put a few photos onto my husband's 3GS iPhone from my MacBook Pro, somehow I managed to put part of my Photo Library onto his phone and now I cannot delete it. I can't even delete the photos one by one. How can I delete the entire Photo Library off of his phone? Info: iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 5.1.1

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After importing photos with the connection kit, can you then delete selected photos from the iPad without connecting to a computer? I'd like to use the iPad for photo storage when traveling (without a computer) and use the iPad for initial review and then delete obvious rejects to save space.The iPad documentation seems to imply that you can only delete photos from the camera, not the iPad (unless you sync with the computer).

Cannot Delete Imported Event From Camera Connection Kit discussions.apple.com

I deleted my vids that I had imported via Camera Connection Kit and i instantly got a bunch of empty event folders on the photo app! They are empty so it is impossible to delete them! I could only find one source for this bug with a solution that didn't work for me. Apart from this nothing else in the entire net! Info: iPad 2, iOS 5, white

Cannot Delete Photos In Photosync App forums.macrumors.com

I purchased and installed the Photosync app. When I sync my photos from my HP onto the iPad they show as saved. Then there is no way I can delete them. how do I delete photos. Also, if the photos are in an album, synced by cable not wifi. I cannot delete any of the photos in the albums.

General :: How To Clean Cache / Files In Memory forum.xda-developers.com

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 Hercules (T-Mobile) and its used. In the Last week I pull some photos and mistakenly delete them, but with my "Recurva" program i could see all the photos (mine and others owners) On the one hand I'm happy for having recovered, but if one day I want to permanently delete photos, I have the fear that the other person recovers. How I can delete all photos, videos and files in the cache memory?

IPhone 4 :: IOS 5.1 - App Deleted But Photos Stored In Vault Not Deleting? discussions.apple.com

I synced some photos to my iphone 4 ios 5.1 then due to sum privacy i downloaded an app named photo vault and put the pictures in that app but when i deleted the app and then tried to delete the photos from photos they don't show the option to delete..camera roll pictures do show the option but these pic don't??

Activecell As A Referance To Delete The Selected Kit www.excelforum.com

I have been trying to use the activecell as a referance to delete the selected kit. _Though i need like + 2 columns to xlToRight. Then i want to select the data below the deleted kit and cut paste it to the orignal activecell.

IPhone :: New Photos Not Saving / Unable To Delete Old Photos / Camera Roll discussions.apple.com

I recently updated from a iPhone 3G to a 3GS and when I set up the 3GS I restored from the last back up I did of my 3G. I have 442 photos stored on my 3GS and when i take more the last one shows up in the thumbnail at the bottom of the screen but when I go to view it it's not there. I have plugged the iPhone into my PC and tried to delete all photos in the camera roll through the camera interface. When I try to delete the photos I get a pop-up saying that I don't have permission to delete the photos. I then tried to delete the photos manually with the trash can at the bottom of the screen in the camera roll app on the phone this said that I was deleting(the number of photos was going down) yet when I closed the app and reopened it all the photos are still there. I don't know what else to do can anybody help Information: Compaq Presario CQ60 Windows Vista

IPhone :: When Delete A Photo From 4s And Sync It Up To The Pc It Would Just Delete The Photo From The... discussions.apple.com

it deletes all my photos. I have since then began to import my photos to my Computer.However, after restoring again, i realized when I sync my photos to my iPhone they are in a seperate folder called Photo Library? Why? I don't like how I can't just sync the camera roll to the PC. (E.G When I delete a photo from my phone and then sync it up to the PC it would just delete the photo from the comp, and if I add a photo it would add the photo to my specific folder, therefore keeping a synchronicity) Is there absolutely anyway to fix this, i dislike having the seperate folders, thing is.. I can't even add the photo library to the camera roll. I understand the camera roll is for photos taken by the camera, however I add many wallpapers through apps, why can't I add my photos like that to the camera roll and delete the unnecessary folder? Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, NOT JAILBROKEN!

Won't Delete Photos / Can't Find Option To Delete Copies Of Photos discussions.apple.com

There are supposed to be two ways to delete photos on the iPad, that is, not using iTunes sync. Tap a photo then tap the trash can in the upper right corner and then confirm the deletion. Or, tap the rectangle with the arrow in the upper right corner, tap each photo and then tap the red Delete button in the upper left side. That works easily if photos are not duplicated in the saved photos album. If there are two or more copies of the same photo, I can only delete the first occurrence of the photo. If I tap the second copy the trash can does not appear, nor will the red Delete button work. Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a reason why one must delete the first copy and not the second? Or is this just the way it is designed? Curious about why deletion of multiple copies works this way. Information: iMac G5 17 Mac OS X (10.4.11) iPad (3.2.2); PM 7600/132+G4/450 (Mac OS 9.1)

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I am running into a problem where my CRUD operations on an entity sourced from an SQL View is not calling the generated methods for said operations.I press "Delete" in a ListView on an item, connected to a LinqDataSource. It throws an error saying that it cannot perform the operation because it affects multiple base tables. That's fine, I understand that. What I don't understand is why this code won't run on insert/delete:[code]In debug, it won't break on the method, so it's not being called. I even did a test where I deleted the entity by attaching/DeleteOnSubmit and still no-go. Is this a bug or am I not handling the right method? I can handle a data source's OnDeleting event, cancel, etc. (which is my temporary fix) but I'd really like to catch ALL delete operations in a central place no matter how I delete the entity.

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I got some photos in from a friend and saved them into iPhoto. They went into the camera roll section. But now when I want to delete them, I can't. Is this a problem with iOS 5? I just picked up my iPad 2 a week ago. With the listings of albums, I hit the "Edit" button to delete the camera roll album, but it is not highlighted. I'm assuming Apple doesn't want you to delete this album. So I try to delete the individual photos from camera roll. Hit the arrow button on the right, click on the selected photos(s) and hit delete and then confirm to delete photo or all selected. I do it, it deletes it and then it returns. I thought because it was Halloween last night it was like the zombie from hell that wouldn't die.

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I have an iPad and an iPhone. There are a number of iPhone apps that I don't want installed on my iPad. I have tried to do this two ways. 1) In the "Apps" tab in the iPad device on iTunes, I have unchecked the apps that I don't want installed. This works fine the first time I sync, but the next time I sync, iTunes forgets my checks/unchecks and I need to uncheck the unwanted apps all over again. Pretty tedious for about 40 unwanted apps. 2) I allow all the apps to sync to the iPad and I then manually delete each one from the iPad by doing the press-hold-jiggle-delete-rate app sequence. This works for 1 or 2 syncs, but at some point, iTunes will forget and will reinstall all those unwanted apps all over again.I can't delete the apps from iTunes, because I still want them to be installed on my iPhone. Information: Mac Mini Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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How do I permanently delete photos from Photo Stream on my Desktop? Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Is it possible to delete photos on the photo stream? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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How do I delete albums in photos and move photos between albums?

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I deleted a photo and now the screen is black and frozen, I can't tap or scroll back to view any of my photos.

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I want to delete all the photos in my Photo app but can't figure out how to do it.

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Is there a way to delete more than one photo at a time in the application Photos in the iPad?

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I can't remove photos from my IPad Photos , I can highlighting them but, it can just copy or share the delete button doesn't highlight.Tried to plug in to the computer , it doesn't show any photos in folder.I did delete all stream photos. Now I have three options in photos : Photos , Stream Photos , Albums.

IPad :: Photos And Videos Taking WAY Too Much Space discussions.apple.com

I've seen other threads with the photos and videos taking like 1 GB, 800 MB, but when I go to Settings --> General --> Usage, I see that the Photos & Camera app are taking up bloody 24,8 GB of space! My iPad is a 64 GB iPad, and I certainly did not expect this to happen. This has been going on for quite a while now.. actually, a couple of months, and now I'm just bloody sick of it.  There's nothing in the Photo Library and nothing in the Photo Stream. The photos and videos are taking up so much space that I've had to delete some really good videos, photos and apps. All my videos are from 10 seconds to 3 minutes long, and I don't have that many photos. I'm running out of space all the time and it's really a kick in the back to constantly delete stuff I like. I can't backup or reset to iTunes or anything like that.  What I 100% can't do: - Delete stuff. I'm 100% positive that there's no way I'm using over 24 GB of space to photos and videos, so deleting stuff won't work. - Backup/reset/whatever to iTunes. No computer... - Delete all my pictures and videos. Firstly, there's no way to do that without a computer, except deleting everything on my bloody iPad. Secondly, I most certainly do not want to delete all my photos, videos, apps or ANYTHING.