Won't Connect To Bt Hub


for some reason this ipad 3 will not connect to the bt hub, it keeps searching for the connection and says internet is not available. when i know it is Info:iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, Windows Vista

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I have BT Infinity with the BT Hub 3.About 5 days ago my Telephone and Infinity stopped working due to a fault on the line. In order to be able use the internet i logged on to one BT's Wifi Hotspots which altered some settings so that I could connect. The faulty line has now been fixed.My problem is that I can no longer get my Desk Top to connect to the hub,despite turning off wireless it still connects wirelessly to my hub.

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IPad Air won't connect to my home internet since I added Apple TV, I tried turning off ipad but still will not pick up my ipad, my lap top works ok. I have picked up bt fon but Apple TV will not work on this? My iPad Air worked perfectly with my new Apple TV for one day, then stopped working, I tried changing bt home hub channel but still did not work.

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I bought a Power Mac G4 (version=3.3) second hand from my company.  It is running Mac OS 10.2.8 and Microsoft Office X.  I wish to connect it to my BT broadband hub.  However, it does not appear to have an AirPort card and even if it did I was told that the BT hub mainly works with Microsoft rather than apple products.  Can anyone advise me how I can connect and what products I need to buy?  Info: PowerMac, Mac OS (10.2.x)

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I recently sold my old MacBook to my brother. He has 2 PCs and 2 iPhones, both of which connect perfectly to the internet through his modem/router (a BT Business Hub). The Mac, on the other hand, just won't connect to the internet. Airport connects to the router, but cannot load any web pages. Connecting by ethernet does not appear to help. This Mac will happily connect to any other router except this one.

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I have an I pad that won't connect to my BT internet, it recognizes the signal (full bar) and used to connect but now says "unable to join BT$)!'k" It also won't get signal from BT FON or the like. But will connect to my neighbors broadband without issue! Why might my ipad have connectivity issues with my own broadband (wife's iPad and laptop work fine) but work seamlessly with other BT broadband network!

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I setup wireless connection on the device fine and it connected to my BT Home Hub 2.0 but after a while using the internet it would disconnect and restart my hub. I have tried to change the encryption on the hub but again I get the same problem.This Blackberry is the only problem I have wirelessly, I have several laptops and consoles that connect wirelessly fine.

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I have downloaded ubuntu 11.04 and the internet does not connect to by bt home hub 2. The computer connects to bt Fon and bt openzone but not to the home hub. It recognises that the home hub is there and accepts the password but then tries to connect and fails. I tried running the trouble shooting help section for wirless on ubuntu and it advised me to go on to a forum as the computer was not fully recognising my network adapter. My wireless connector is intel RJ45.

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I have a time capsule connected to a BT Infinity Hub and I have disabled wifi on the hub and set up a private network on the time capsule. My daughters laptop, ipad and my ipad can connect to the network but 2 x iphone 4 and 1 x iphone 4s cannot. They can see the network, they get the password prompt but when connecting they get the error message unable to join the network. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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how I can connect my Sky HD box to the internet to receive Sky Anytime +.I have a L A N driven by a BT Home hub 2.0 This is upstars with my PC. My TV is downstairs and I have a BT Voyager ADSL Router connected to my Sky HD box and landline. Sky has enabled Anytime + but it doesn't work.

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I have a BT home Hub 3 and find that whenever I switch off completely,ie a shutdown rather than a minor switch off, on restarting my IPad tries to connect to BT"s Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi with Fon which I have used when away from home. It's more a nuisance than a real problem but I would like to set a default that when in range of my HomeHub it connects automatically.


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I have a wireless home network using a BT Home Hub wired to the internet.I have a WD NAS wired to the hub/router.I have a Mac OS X 10.4 desktop and a Toshiba Windows laptop both connected to the network by Wi-Fi.They can both see the shared files on the NAS. I have an iPhone 5S which connects wirelessly to the network, and can access the internet, email etc fine.I can't find the NAS on the iPhone, but I know it is on the same network as all my devices.What do I need to do to the iPhone to see the files on the NAS?

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I just got BT Infinity and whenever I download something or run speed test (speedtest.com) my computer disconnects from the internet and shortly after connects again. How do i fix this? I am running a dell latitude d600 with windows xp. Before bt infinity i just had a normal bt home hub and that worked fine. I don't think this is happening on other computers connected to the network but i can't be sure. I am using Wi-Fi, not ethernet and i haven't tried connecting via ethernet yet but the hub is in a different room and i cant move anything from room to room because of the set up. A previous answer i got was to re intall my wireless router. I thought this had worked, but it only suspended the time before the disconnect for about 1 min. Then it just went back to disconnecting straight away again.

HTC Hero :: Wifi Connection - Can't Connect To Bt Home Hub androidforums.com

iv just got a replacement hero and i cant get it to connet to my bt home hub, my last one did no problems but when i try with my new one it just comes back as unsuccessful, it does seem to connect to bt openzone tho if that helps.

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I have an airport extreme base station and I heard you need a modem to connect it to, I have a bt homehub and need to just get the internet setup. I can't seem to set it up how hard I try. It shows this when I try to plug it in without the bt hub [URL] and I dont know if I have a modem or not?

BT Keyboard Off - Press Eject Button But Cannot Revert Back ? discussions.apple.com

Is there any quick and easy way to disconnect your BT keyboard from your iPad short of turning BT off in services? I tried the eject button but that doesn't seem to revert you back to the onscreen keyboard if you are still in BT range. I also tried turning keyboard off and that didn't help, iPad still thinks it is connected and won't pull up onscreen. The only thing I've found that works is going to Settings and turning BT off.

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I presently have my itunes library sat on my beloved macbook, and I have no complaints. Later this year however, I am going to be purchasing a couple more mac for the household (a desktop and another laptop), and I wondered if it would be possible to have the itunes library stored on a networked hard drive (I have an iomega home media 500GB HD hooked uup to my BT Home Hub) so that all macs in the house could get at the music if required. Information: Macbook White (2008) Mac OS X (10.5.7) 4mb Ram, BT Home Hub, iPhone 3g 16gb

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I,m unable to connect my ipad to wifi , using my home hub. The ipad recognises the home hub ,but wont connect. Ihave tried all the solutions listed in the help pages , without any luck. I now get a message on screen saying " Unable to join network BTHub3****. The ipad will also not connect to bt fon or bt openzone. I have recently been away & the ipad connected to the accomadation wifi without any problems. Info: iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

MacBook Pro :: If Usb Is Plugged To Computer It Won't Boot discussions.apple.com

I have two usb hdds connected to a usb hub. I've never had any issue with it(the hub). After I installed the last update 10.7.3 everytime I restart my computer if I have the hub (with all my hdds and other devices) connected to my computer, the computer won't boot. It get up to the white screen (before the loading wheel). If I unplug the usb cable it starts booting inmediately. Info: MacBook Pro

Xperia Ray :: BT Driver For W7? talk.sonymobile.com

I bought Xperia ray few days ago and trying to build app using bluetooth and PC. PC is running windows 7.I can pair (send four numbers, confirm numbers) but when W7 tries do install drivers the drivers are not found. I tried several things. BlueTerm won't connect. Bluetooth File Transfer won't connect also. Also I tried adding com port for incoming in BT settings (as suggested in one post) but won't connect again?!The Xperia is running Android 2.3.4 version! Also, want to mention that I'm able to connect to the same PC (and BT dongle) with other phones with no problems at all!is it true that SE does not support (create) BT drivers for win 7??? If so I'm very disappointed .the phone is great but the driver is really something that's needed!

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1) It intermittently goes dead altogether with charge still available. Doesn't respond even to connecting charge lead! Only get out of jail card is taking the battery and reinserting and, as if by magic, it's fine. 2) Sickly WiFi connection. Having setup connection for some 3 months and no problem with my BT Home Hub it has decided now that it won't - at least not directly through the WEP id. It will however connect to the BTFon or Openzone!!!!!! Nothing has changed that I'm aware of but the phone seems to hang on 'getting IP address'. I've tried resetting the Home Hub, taking out the HTC battery and re-entering WEP info but nothing works. Can't connect to my own WiFi.

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I currently have a desktop PC (running 10.04) connected to the home hub (v2) via ethernet and everything works correctly. I want to change to wireless so I can move the home hub, I've tried several usb wireless adapters and always end up with the same issue. I can associate with the home hub it will hand out an ip address, answer dns queries and allow me to connect to its web setup page but not the internet (ping, web, etc). I also have a htpc (also 10.04) which is able to connect through the wireless correctly plus a laptop running XP. Desktop - Ubuntu 10.04 (gnome) HTPC - Mythtv 10.04 Laptop - Windows XP Wireless Dlink G132, Belkin f5d7050, edimax EW-7711UTn (currently in use) (Configured using wpa_supplicant)BT Home Hub V2 (Black)

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I've just bought an HP Pavilion DV6 with Windows 7 64-bit. After the initial setup, I tried to connect to my wireless router (BT Home Hub) and after typing in the wireless key, it connects, but the network's read as unidentified and does not connect to the internet. Upon going through the diagnosis stages, it eventually comes up with '"Windows Network Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration'. This seems like a pretty common problem but I haven't seemed to come across a solution viable to me.

MacBook Pro :: WiFi Connection - Cannot Connect To 5GHz On Dual Band Bt Home Hub discussions.apple.com

I have a macBook pro, running Yosemite, and cannot connect to 5GHz on my dual band bt home hub.  Keeps saying 'invalid password' even though it is correct.  I have given the 2GHz and 5GHz separate names and passwords and can now connect to 2GHz without dropping al the time, but am frustrated re 5GHZ.  Even when stood next to the router it will not connect or recognise password. Info: MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)

Hardware :: AirPort Express Flashing Amber And Disappear forums.macrumors.com

I have an AirPort Express which I use for AirTunes and to extend the wireless network of my Time Capsule. The Time Capsule is connected to my BT Home Hub (Modem/Router) via Bridge Mode, therefore, I run two networks in my home. The BT runs wireless G, and the TC, wireless N. Last week, my BT home hub was automatically restarting and cutting off the connection, this in-turn would cause the amber light to start flashing on the TC and AE. However, once the problem was fixed, the TC went back to green, but the AE still flashed amber. So today, I decided to move the AE to the same room as the TC and try to manually reset it using the push-pin hole on the bottom. That worked, but it only showed up in AirPort Utility for about 5 seconds before flashing amber and disappearing. I've tried re-setting it about 4 times, still with no avail.

Intel Mac :: Everything Works Except It Won't Load Web Pages Or Connect To ITunes Store, App Store Etc? discussions.apple.com

On 6 th April my BT homehub2 updated it's firmware and that's when the problems started. Broadband went down completely and powerlineadapters adapters for bt vision fried. After 2 telephone support calls we eventually got the home hub reset and connected to broadband. Bt supplied two new powerlineadapters and bt vision is now working. Laptop, iPhones and iPad (and bt vision) all connect fine and work completely well.  My iMac running OS X 10.7.3, appears to work in that it connects no problem to home hub and when you run diagnostics it says your Internet connection appears to be working normally... However I cannot get a web page to load - I have tried chrome, Firefox and safari. The bizarre thing is using Outlook I can send and receive email, also my apple devices are still syncing via the iCloud - that would suggest that the iMac is indeed connecting wirelessly to the router and sending and receiving data - just no web pages at all - also it can't connect to things like iTunes store or apples app store... Everything was working fine until the firmware update!   Also may/may not be related but when I log in now I always have to manually connect to router, it always connects fine but it used to do it automatically, also recently upgraded to Lion and I have my doubts there too?  Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

File Transfer Via BT Home Hub 3 www.ipadforums.net

Just upgraded to a BT Home Hub 3 from a BT Voyager router. I cannot now transfer files fom my PC to iPad2 using WiFi and the FTP facility in some apps. I just get an error message on my PC instead of a connection to the FTP root directory. Had no problem with the BT Voyager - instant connection and problem-free transfer.

Cant Connect Wifi - BT Home Hub RouterInformation discussions.apple.com

I am having problems with my Ipad connecting to my Wifi. It does occasionally connect but disconects after a few minutes? I am in the Uk and use the BT Home Hub routerInformation: Imac 21.5" Windows 7

Nokia N86 :: Error Connecting To BT Home Hub? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am having problems connecting to my BT home hub with my new Nokia N86. I have used the WLAN wizard and entered the WEP code but when I go to connect I get the message 'Gateway could not be found'. I have been using it without any problems with my Nokia N95.

BB Curve :: Unable To Connect To Internet It Shows On The Phone supportforums.blackberry.com

I am unable to connect my internet it shows on the phone,all boxes ar ticked, Wi -Fi is connected (BT Hub), but browser does not start?

Connect To A New BT Infinity Home Hub? www.ipadforums.net

I have Just tried to connect to a new BT infinity home hub but even though the network key is correct and I have a good signal the Ipad2 will not connect to the web in any app ?

Windows 7 And BT Business Hub? www.pcadvisor.co.uk

My new windows 7 laptop wont connect to the BT business hub... all other computers and laptops in the house connect fine... When I diagnose the problem it says that the device needs to be turned off and back on again... Tried this numerous times waiting minutes before switching back on but it's still saying the same thing?

Hardware :: Rt2870 - Unable To Show In Wicd? www.linuxquestions.org

Having read and attempted several theories on how to resolve this issue to no avail. Code: root@bt:~# lsusb Bus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 008 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub [code]....

Hardware :: Airport Express Wifi + Hard Wired Ethernet Not Connecting forums.cnet.com

Airport Express wifi MacBooks and the hard wired ethernet MacMini no simultaneous connection via hub Network consists of Cable Modem; Airport Express (1 ethernet port) 2 x wifi Macbooks; Mac Mini (ethernet ) 4 Port ethernet hub connects the network OS X 10.5.8 Configuration Port 1 on hub cable modem Port 2 on hub Airport Express (not Airport Base Station) Port 3 on hub MacMini Both connect without the other plugged into the hub but not simultaneously The first to connect seems to gain control of the connection

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: PC Companion Won't Connect With It Through Bluetooth talk.sonymobile.com

my problem is that it does connect with PC companion with USB, but not with bluetooth.It does get paired, the pc sees the phone, correct name, gives me the 4 digit code, and put them in the phone, but when I put in the phone, it seems ok, until PC Companion just says I cannot connect via BT, and tells me to try with USB cable.Why would I try with BT, for any other reason that not wanting to use the cable?Well, anyway, BT in the PC is ok (i used to connect with a Palm Treo 1 week ago), and BT in the phone is ok, it connect with car's handsfree.

Networking :: Refuses To Connect To The BT Homehub www.linuxquestions.org

I have linux mint 10 and a bt homwhub 2.0. The wifi dongle that I use is a BT Voyager 1055. Before a week ago I could connect to my bt homehub via linux mint and the bt voyager easily and quickly. But now, however, it seems that Linux Mint refuses to connect to the BT Homehub, the BT Voyager dongle seems to be working because it's green light is on. The Bt homehub is fine because our other windows pc's connect fine (I'm on my windows XP laptop now) but linux will not. On linux it recognises that the dongle is plugged it and picks up various WIFI connections including my BT Homehub, but when I try to connect it to the internet via The homehub, it will not, it try to connect for a minute or so and then a little message comes up saying 'wirless network disconected' any one now what to do ?

HTC Incredible :: How Do I Supress Auto-music On BT Linking? androidforums.com

My car has BT for 'phone' and 'audio'.I never play audio that way though. The problem is that when I get in the car and it BT connects, the phone auto brings up the music app and starts to play. I don't have the car head unit set for that input method, so the tunes go nowhere, but suck battery life.There is no way to tell the head unit to not use BT audio when connected. Is there a way to have the phone not bring up the music app when BT connected?

Nokia :: N96 (firmware 30.33 ,lastest Version) BT Connection With BH-904 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got one problem with my N96(firmware 30.33 ,lastest version) with NOKIA headset BH-904. In the first week, there was NO any problem in BT connection. After that, my N96 would cut off BT connection with BH-904 every time about 3 seconds right after recognize & connect. My N96 is able to connect other BT headset. My BH-904 is also able to connect other cell phone. It seems to be a N96 BT compatibility problem.

OS X Tiger :: Mail And Safari Unable To Connect To The Internet But Connection Is Live? discussions.apple.com

I have a Quicksilver G4 running OSX 10.4.11 with Safari 3.0.4 and Mail 2.1.3, connected to the Internet via Ethernet and a BT home Hub setup. Recently the Mac refused to connect to the Internet although a PC connected to the same hub did. I tested the connection with a laptop and found the cable to be fine and a good connection. I ran system diagnostics which tells me the Mac is connected to the Internet and the connection is fine - except that Mail no longer sends or receives mail, and Safari tells me I am not connected to the Internet. I've tried every test I can think of - the connection appears fine as far as the ethernet cable, Network Diagnostics state that I have a good connection, yet neither application will connect to the server. I have changed no software in years other than Apple updates, and this is the first problem in many months of trouble-free usage. Information: G4 1.25 QuickSilver Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Acer Aspire E5-571 :: Can't Connect To WiFi At All community.acer.com

I bought the Aspire E5-571 yesterday and i have been trying to connect to wifi with no luck what so ever. it runs windows 8.1 x64bit. i have updated the atheros network adapter to .285 provided on the acer drivers downloads section. but still no luck. wifi connections are shown but i cannot connect to them, i have bt infinity using the bt hub 4. i get as far as typing in the pass code for the router but then says it cannot connect. my other devices can connect (iPhone, laptop running win7). the only way for me to connect is to sit on my stairs using an ethernet cable.

Samsung :: Eternity And PC Studio www.howardforums.com

I am trying to get the software to sync with the new eternity over BT. It is able to find the phone and connect over BT and I can explore the phone but it won't sync. I get the error that sync failed.

OS X :: Since Using Powered Usb Hub Losing Internet? forums.cnet.com

Imac, osx Leopard. Was working fine for many months (except for the 27 vertical lines but won't bore you with that), I bought a powered usb2 hub to power a usb hard-drive, when connecting the hub after a few minutes the Internet connection stopped and does so any time I connect the hub, now without the hub being connected the internet stops and starts every few minutes making it impossible to do any work. Other macs in the house are unaffected (s I'm having to write this on a minimac). Has something damaged the imac for good ?

BB Curve :: Cannot Access Internet When Connected Via Wifi supportforums.blackberry.com

When my Blackberry curve 9320 is connected to either my BT home hub wifi or a wifi hotspot, I cannot access the internet because I get the following message:Communication failure if this problem persisits contact your service provider.

Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Connect Wirless To Bt Home Hub ubuntuforums.org

I have just installed ubuntu from the ubuntu website for my laptop. Its great. Whatever i read or do though i cannot connect wirless to my bt home hub.

Curve :: Tesco Supplied Blackberry Won't Connect Wifi supportforums.blackberry.com

My daughter just bought an 8520, she has since been told by three Tesco customer care advisors that it is not possible to connect to our bt hub, is this correct?

Windows 7 Laptop Won't Connecting To Wireless Router? www.sevenforums.com

I recently bought a new windows 7 laptop and tried to connect into my my router it did this successfully but it always now says no internet access when i have full bar wireless connection it only works if i am beside the router but if i walk away it doesnt work my other windows xp laptop works just fine even from 30ft away, my windows 7 laptop when troubleshooting the network that there is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point but its a new laptop i also bought a new home hub from bt because i thought that was the problem, it also says when troubleshooting that 'the connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken

IPhone No Longer Connects discussions.apple.com

Recently repaired WIFI router (BT Hub) result my Iphone no longers connects although no problems with Ipad. Info: MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)

OS X :: Using Lag Switch Between Modem And Router forums.macrumors.com

i'm not sure where to post this. I have a BT home hub router which I connect to my phone line which gives me my internet. I wan't to use a lag switch for my PS3 which needs to be between my modem and my router. How would I go about doing this?

MacBook :: Slow Downloading Speed On Torrents forums.macrumors.com

im having a problem with really slow download speeds on utorrent.ive only just started using my mac for downloading torrents since my PC died, and im only getting about 6kbs from anything i try to download, my PC was connected to my router (BT Home Hub) through an ethernet cable, and it worked fine, so all i can think of its my Airport blocking access to Utorrent. i read up on something called port fowarding, but i want to be sure about what im doing before i start poking around my mac

OS X :: Removing A User From A Network? forums.macrumors.com

When I look at the page that tells me how much of my download allowance I've used it also tells me what devices are connected to my BT Home Hub wireless network. As well as my computer there is an iphone which isn't mine. I want to know how to I get rid of them? I also can't understand how they got on there in the first place but that's another matter.

SUSE / Novell :: Broadcom Wireless Verse Open - Repositories www.linuxquestions.org

I am running opensuse 11.2 on my hp 2133 mini notebook, I have been having trouble connecting my broadcom 43xx internal wireless modem to my BT Home Hub, I have looked at the b43 driver that comes pre-bundled with the live dvd and understand that the driver doesnt work, I have looked at the YaST Package Search and to my horror found 50 seperate packages, from: wl-kmp desktop - wireless driver for broadcom 43xx series of chips to sta-pae kernal for 43xx series of chips? How do i know which Kernal and driver i need to get my wireless network running and which i dont?

IPhone :: Connecting My 4 To Home Wifi? discussions.apple.com

I have just recently bought an iphone 4, however it wont connect to my home wifi. when i select my bt-homehub from the networks the circle just keeps spinning as if its loading, everything else like laptops etc are connected to the wifi so it cant be my hub, and when i go to a friends house and to the phones4u shop my iphone connects to their wifi and has a tick beside it so i know its connected and has the wifi signal in the top left hand corner whereas when im home my iphone has an E in the top left corner, My mum is able to go on wifi using her samsung phone. ive tried resetting everything and turning my iphone on and off and ive called my internet provider and they say everythings fine with the wifi hub. Info: iPhone 4

Ubuntu :: Cant Access Software Repositories - 404 Returned? ubuntuforums.org

I have a Dell Mini running 10.10 dual booted. Accessing internet through a BT Home HUB version 2.problem solved by making the Wireless setting 802.11 B/G, instead of the BT default), now I can not access software repositories. when I try through synaptic to load Icedtea, or Google chrome for example, I get server not found 404. I was previously able to get software.

Connecting Korg Microkey To Ipad 2? forums.macrumors.com

hi! i have an ipad 2, camera connection kit, and audio technica at2020 usb microphone setup. i am planning to get a 37-key korg microkey keyboard. i read somewhere that plugging this keyboard to ipad using the CCK won't work so i need a usb hub. my question is do i need a powered or unpowered usb hub to connect the microphone and keyboard to the ipad simultaneously?

MacBook Pro :: Finding Recommendations For Powered USB Hub? forums.macrumors.com

I've been trying to find a good, solid powered-USB hub to use with my Macbook Pro. I tried the Belkin 7-port, which had good reviews, but it just stopped working after 2 weeks, and it was never powering self-powered USB hard drives properly (even though it was supposed to). So I'd like some recommendations for a good USB hub that has sufficient power to use with self-powered USB hard drives and that won't slow down or stop working when i connect too many devices.

IPhone Won't Charge Connected To USB Hub discussions.apple.com

When I plug my iphone into a usb-hub it won't charge when the hub is only powered byn AC power supply. The usb-hub can also be powered by plugging it into the usb-connector of a laptop. When I do that, the iphone charges. I already hooked up the usb-hub to a DC regulated power supply unit which can deliver 5 A. The current into the hub goes up to 1.6 A but the iphone doesn't charge. Info: MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)

OS X :: BT Home Hubv2 Wired To Apple Time Capsule? forums.macrumors.com

Im attempting to extend the wireless network within a clients house and have the following scenario. BT Home Hubv2 downstairs offering wireless connection and internet .CAT5 cable laid from downstairs up to the loft where i now have an Apple Time Capsule Id now like to extend the BT Wireless Network using the Apple Time Capsule so all users can roam on the same wireless network without having to join a new one? Can anyone advise on whether this is possible and if so how? Ive found this site which talks about wiring a BT Home Hub v2 with a Home Hub v1 and was going to follow the same procedure?

Hardware :: How To Use New Imac, Time Capsule forums.appleinsider.com

My dad has just bought a 20" imac along with the time capsule 500gb. He has a Bt business hub that is the dsl modem and router for his internet. The Time Capsule was bought under the impression it would replace the Bt Hub. Having done a bit of post-purchase research I see that this isnt the case. It was primarily bought as a backup so the fact it cant act as a wireless router /modem (i mean to be able to get rid of the business hub which is rubbish) isnt a major problem.

OS X Tiger :: IMac Has Stopped Connecting To The Internet Via Ethernet Cable? discussions.apple.com

I have got a strange problem. Suddenly my imac can't connect to the internet. I have had no problems since I got the BT Home Hub about a year ago. It is connected via an ethernet cable. I can connect wirelessly with my macbook and a windows lap top as well as an X box The local Apple store checked my imac on Saturday (8/1) and found nothing wrong. I swapped the cable and port on hub when I got back home, but still no joy. Information: IMac Intel Core Duo (2006) Mac OS X (10.4.4)

MacBook Air :: It Won't Connect To Wifi discussions.apple.com

I have a MacBook Air that is refusing to connect to the home network. The MacBook is a late 2011 model 3,1 core 2 duo, 4Gb RAM 128Gb SSD connecting to a virgin media super hub. Tried the hub with and without enabled security. Sometime the MacBook sees the hub when you try to connect it immediately errors with could not join..... A network timeout occurred.  The Bluetooth seems to be just as flaky. Won't connect to my iPhone?Thinking the wifi/Bluetooth card may be dodgy.   Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)

Connect 3G To BT Mobile Data? discussions.apple.com

connect my Ipad 3G to BT Mobile data. I have cut down my SIM card and it connects to Vodaphone (BT's carrier). I have put in what I believe to be correct APN settings (APN-btmobile.bt.com, User name - bt, password - bt) but when trying to connect I get 'you are not subscribed to a cellular data service). The sim works in the dongle on my netbook so I clearly am subscribed. Has anyone got BT Mobile working on their Ipad? Information: Home Brew Windows Vista Ipad 64 3g