Web Forms :: Validation Summary Not Showing Up?


I've added a CompareValidator and ValidationSummary to a web page. The CompareValidator is working fine, but the validation summary never shows up even if I force a post back. I've verified that both controls have their ValidationGroup property set to the same value. Is there anything else that would cause this behavior?

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I want to display Validation Summary message in Sequence how to mannage this The Summary message not shown in Sequence 1.First Name Is Required 2.Last NAme Is required

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When my validation fires on my web form, the validation summary writes out the same error message for each control that was in error twice! I have no validation groups in my web form.Here is my html for the Validationsummary control. <code> <asp:ValidationSummary ID="ValidationSummary1" runat="server" DisplayMode="BulletList" ShowMessageBox="true" ShowSummary="false" EnableClientScript="true" HeaderText="You must enter a value in the following fields:" /> </code> A typical control is set up below as follows: <code> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" ControlToValidate="HospAcctno" ErrorMessage="Patient Info: Hosp Acct#" Text="*" runat="server" /> </code>

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I have a form that had all fields required. Some validation was occuring when you tabbed out of the field or so on.. so i decided to try a validation summary so that all the validation occurs at the end and not during the form completion. My issue is that i have a modal popup that is being used to confirm a field before proceeding and inserting the record. If i leave all my validation set to "Dynamic" and remove the summary, the validation works, but the modal popup doesnt do as i want. I want to control when the modal popup is displayed. In other words, you complete the form, if anything fails, then DO NOT show the modal.. once the form passes validation THEN i want the modal to popup when the button is clicked and displays the confirmation message. If they click ok, the record is inserted.. if they click cancel they are allow back to the form and correct anything they need to, revalidate and then if passes display modal popup.

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I have a button that will calls a method to save some textbox information. But before that I want a confirmation box and the validation summary should check if all the required fields are filled. My problem is when I use OnClientClick = "return confirm('Are you sure')", the validation summary does not fire, but the save method is called fine. My question is how make the validation summary check the required fields, get the confirmation box show up, and then call the save method.

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I have two validation groups on a form (we will call them VG1 & VG2). I have the following code: <asp:TextBox ID="textbox1" runat="server" ValidationGroup="VG2" /> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator Text="*" ForeColor="#C301B9" ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" ErrorMessage="My error message" ControlToValidate="textbox1" ValidationGroup="VG2" /> When this control has focus and I hit enter the validation summary displays the validation error messages for VG1. VG1 fields are not visible (set via JS). I think I may need to also disable VG1 validation group summary.

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I have a fileUplaoder control on my form, The file has been uploaded when the user click the button. I wanted to associate a Custom Validator (Or some other validator), that will check 1. File Type (To exclude .exe etc) 2. File size (To restrict user not to upload a file >5MB) If the above 02 conditions are violated it will stop the user to submit the form and will show the appropriate error messages on the validation summary. (Like the file is larger then the allower size etc etc) I wanted to use validation summary for this purpose as I am already displaying all validation messages for all controls on the validation summary

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In a multigrid i have validating two controls like date and amount.it is validating correctly when i press the tabevent.when i press the save button it is not validating.iam using two validations gruops and two validation summary.Then in save button i have also tried onclientclick() function with javascript it s working fine but if i give the correct value in date and amount records not saving how to over come this. Date: ' runat="server" CausesValidation="true" ValidationGroup="group" Width="80px" AutoPostBack="true" OnTextChanged="txtDate_TextChanged"> Amount" ' CausesValidation="true" ValidationGroup="req" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true"> validations summary: button save: OnClick="ButtonSave_Click" TabIndex="6" /> how to validate this in the button save also two popup box should be shown

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is it possible to get this <asp:Literal ID="FailureText" runat="server" EnableViewState="False"></asp:Literal> to show up in the validation summary ?

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I am executing this validation summary program in Visual web developer 2008 express edition, found the validation summary property is not visible in output. <div><asp:ValidationSummary ID="sum1" runat ="server" ShowMessageBox="false" HeaderText="You details cannot be processed due to following errors:" DisplayMode="BulletList" ShowSummary ="true" Font-Names ="arial" Font-Size ="12"></asp:ValidationSummary> <asp:CompareValidator ID="cmp1" runat ="server" ControlToValidate ="txtname" Display="Dynamic" Operator="DataTypeCheck" [code]....


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i have a asp.net required field validator with a validationgroup setting to show a validation summary. some of my form fields are either shown or hidden depending on selections elsewhere. if a div containing a form textbox is hidden i want to hide this element from showing up as a required field in the validation summary so effectively needto remove the validationgroup="mygroup" from the validation control. how would i do this? i know how to check if a div is visible or hidden but not how to use it to conditionally set the validator control attributes.

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I have a login control in an aspx page with no master page file that is currently working, i.e., the validation summary control displays the appropriate message(s) if the user name and/or password is not entered. When I built new page using master page, the validation summary is not displayed but the asterisk is displayed at the end of the text box. I placed the login and validation summary inside asp:content of the .aspx file which references the contentplaceholder of the .master file.

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I have an issue that I've been fighting with for some time. I have a large web form, with update panels and autopostback controls. When the users click "submit", some custom javascript runs which shows validation summaries and turns the fields with errors red, relatively easy, and it works as expected. The problem is that I have a dropdownlist which should autopostback an update panel. It does this perfectly if the user does not click the submit button, and therefore my custom client script dosesn't execute.However, if a user clicks submit, the custom client script executes (turns fields red and shows validation summaries), and then the dropdownlist does NOT autopostback the first time a user changes it's value. If the user changes the dropdownlist's value a second time, then the autopost back occurs and everything functions as it should. I don't understand why the autopostback is disabled for the first click after the javascript executes. Can someone please help me out? The DropDown List looks like: [Code].... The Submit button is: [Code]....

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I use a validation control to check if value entered is numeric. When I type letter in the textbox, the error messages shows for a second, then the application continues, and eventually throw exception. I'm going to add server side validation in code behind. But I wonder why the validation control doesn't stop the application. I don't see any difference between this web form and other web forms where validation controls work fine.

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How to do the following: I want to have a link [upload image] which pop ups modal form, and when user populates it, the form is processed. (The question is not about uploading, this may be a contact form or anything). My problem is, how to display the form and server side validation messages when validation fails. I have found this tutorial: [URL], but it seems quite old.

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I have a Cancel button on a form that I wish to use to redirect the user to another page. But when the button is clicked the Validation applied to the text boxes is still applied and will not allow the page to tranfer. Server.Transfer("problem_uploadpage.aspx") The Validation Summary comes up showing what needs to be fixed, but I want to Cancel the entire input.

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I've got several custom validators on my page calling JavaScript validation functions and a ValidationSummary at the top of my page. This WAS working but all of a sudden (I must have messed something up), when I submit my form, I am only getting the server-side methods called and my Validation Summary is not showing the JavaScript box. I know that my javascript methods are being hit too, so what gives? I see no javascript errors when I debug.

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below is the code and when i select a wrong filetype i get instant red "*" but i dont see the validation summary and there is a buton("upload") and when i click on it than i get the validation summary error message. my question is: why validation summary is not displaying when i select the wrong file type? [Code]....

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I have a multi section form which the user can jump between sections to complete. Each section has its own validation group associated with it. I want to create a summary page which itterates through each of the validation groups and outputs if it is valid or not by changing an associated text.The problem that I am having is that once one validation group fails validation all subsequent sections also report as failing - presumably as the page.isvalid is still holding the fact that a previous group has failed

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I am using VB.NET 3.5 within Visual Studio. I have a form near the bottom of a page that leaps back to the top when i hit submit. I discovered the MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback="true" trick but it only works if there isn't a validation problem. If i submit the form my validation summary box is populated but the page jumps to the top of the page. Also, not sure if its important/helpful but my form is inside a MultiView.

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I have two questions a) I have a registration page which on successfull registration throws an popup alert ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "strJsMessage", "<script language='javascript'>alert('Registered Successfully!');window.document.forms[0].action='index.aspx';window.document.forms[0].submit();</script>"); The popup works fine, and on successfull registration redirects to another page. But when I hit the back button on IE browser, I once again see the popup window which is not visible in Mozilla browser. Can anyone kindly let me know how to make this popup disappear when it comes to hitting the back button in IE browser b) I have used required field validator controls and a validation summary which pops up the message about all the required fields that are missing on clicking of the button. The problem is it shows the summary only but when i chooose the messagebox option as true, it does not popup the message. but when i choose the show summary option it shows.

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I have a validation summary that I use soley for my Required Field Validators. That works fine if I do things that way up to a point, if by chance the validation summary says "Date field required" then I edit the date and input an incorrect date, which I have a JavaScript validation for, that message will come up saying how to enter the date. The problem is that the validation summary is now populated and it wont clear until I hit the server again. Is there a way to clear it or make it invisible through JavaScript on some form function like onsubmit - that will allow me to be able to clear that summary?

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A website I'm designing vgdesign.net/thc has a form in the footer. It functions how I want right now (to my knowledge) except for the fact that after a user submits a form and it passes validation, I want a message to be displayed that says "Thank You". I have a class created for this in my stylesheet but I don't know how to trigger it when the form is sent successfully. Essentially, I would like the result to look like this: If the form doesn't pass validation, I want it to not display until the users fix the errors in the validation pop ups and resubmit. The php script that sends the form contents to the specified email is at the top of my index.php page. The validation tool I'm using is called jquery inline form validations (found here: [URL] How can I have that success message pop up when the form was successfully submitted?

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i have difficulty to show the validation error message next to textbox. fyi, the error message by default are showing in validation summary. how to configure the validation error message in order to show next to (on right) a textbox. eg. in index.aspx or edit.aspx.

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I have an ASP.NET AJAX form with ASP.NET validations baked in. When I push the code to the production environment and use the form, the validations do not show up after an ajax call has been made (the validations are still working, but the css is not showing up - ex. * Field Required message). If I don't make any ajax calls, the validations show up just fine. I have read that UpdatePanel has a bug: [url], and I read this blog which has a workaround for it - which didn't work for me:[url]