Web Forms :: Validation Summary Not Showing Up?


I've added a CompareValidator and ValidationSummary to a web page. The CompareValidator is working fine, but the validation summary never shows up even if I force a post back. I've verified that both controls have their ValidationGroup property set to the same value. Is there anything else that would cause this behavior?

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I want to display Validation Summary message in Sequence how to mannage this The Summary message not shown in Sequence 1.First Name Is Required 2.Last NAme Is required

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When my validation fires on my web form, the validation summary writes out the same error message for each control that was in error twice! I have no validation groups in my web form.Here is my html for the Validationsummary control. <code> <asp:ValidationSummary ID="ValidationSummary1" runat="server" DisplayMode="BulletList" ShowMessageBox="true" ShowSummary="false" EnableClientScript="true" HeaderText="You must enter a value in the following fields:" /> </code> A typical control is set up below as follows: <code> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" ControlToValidate="HospAcctno" ErrorMessage="Patient Info: Hosp Acct#" Text="*" runat="server" /> </code>

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I have a form that had all fields required. Some validation was occuring when you tabbed out of the field or so on.. so i decided to try a validation summary so that all the validation occurs at the end and not during the form completion. My issue is that i have a modal popup that is being used to confirm a field before proceeding and inserting the record. If i leave all my validation set to "Dynamic" and remove the summary, the validation works, but the modal popup doesnt do as i want. I want to control when the modal popup is displayed. In other words, you complete the form, if anything fails, then DO NOT show the modal.. once the form passes validation THEN i want the modal to popup when the button is clicked and displays the confirmation message. If they click ok, the record is inserted.. if they click cancel they are allow back to the form and correct anything they need to, revalidate and then if passes display modal popup.

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I've made an ASP.NET web form that uses the standard ASP.NET validation. I'd like to make the error summary show up in a jQuery UI Modal Message as well as below the actual form.Is it possible to execute the script if the validation finds an error?

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I have a button that will calls a method to save some textbox information. But before that I want a confirmation box and the validation summary should check if all the required fields are filled. My problem is when I use OnClientClick = "return confirm('Are you sure')", the validation summary does not fire, but the save method is called fine. My question is how make the validation summary check the required fields, get the confirmation box show up, and then call the save method.

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I have two validation groups on a form (we will call them VG1 & VG2). I have the following code: <asp:TextBox ID="textbox1" runat="server" ValidationGroup="VG2" /> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator Text="*" ForeColor="#C301B9" ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" ErrorMessage="My error message" ControlToValidate="textbox1" ValidationGroup="VG2" /> When this control has focus and I hit enter the validation summary displays the validation error messages for VG1. VG1 fields are not visible (set via JS). I think I may need to also disable VG1 validation group summary.

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In a multigrid i have validating two controls like date and amount.it is validating correctly when i press the tabevent.when i press the save button it is not validating.iam using two validations gruops and two validation summary.Then in save button i have also tried onclientclick() function with javascript it s working fine but if i give the correct value in date and amount records not saving how to over come this. Date: ' runat="server" CausesValidation="true" ValidationGroup="group" Width="80px" AutoPostBack="true" OnTextChanged="txtDate_TextChanged"> Amount" ' CausesValidation="true" ValidationGroup="req" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true"> validations summary: button save: OnClick="ButtonSave_Click" TabIndex="6" /> how to validate this in the button save also two popup box should be shown

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I have a fileUplaoder control on my form, The file has been uploaded when the user click the button. I wanted to associate a Custom Validator (Or some other validator), that will check 1. File Type (To exclude .exe etc) 2. File size (To restrict user not to upload a file >5MB) If the above 02 conditions are violated it will stop the user to submit the form and will show the appropriate error messages on the validation summary. (Like the file is larger then the allower size etc etc) I wanted to use validation summary for this purpose as I am already displaying all validation messages for all controls on the validation summary

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is it possible to get this <asp:Literal ID="FailureText" runat="server" EnableViewState="False"></asp:Literal> to show up in the validation summary ?

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I have a login control in an aspx page with no master page file that is currently working, i.e., the validation summary control displays the appropriate message(s) if the user name and/or password is not entered. When I built new page using master page, the validation summary is not displayed but the asterisk is displayed at the end of the text box. I placed the login and validation summary inside asp:content of the .aspx file which references the contentplaceholder of the .master file.


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I am executing this validation summary program in Visual web developer 2008 express edition, found the validation summary property is not visible in output. <div><asp:ValidationSummary ID="sum1" runat ="server" ShowMessageBox="false" HeaderText="You details cannot be processed due to following errors:" DisplayMode="BulletList" ShowSummary ="true" Font-Names ="arial" Font-Size ="12"></asp:ValidationSummary> <asp:CompareValidator ID="cmp1" runat ="server" ControlToValidate ="txtname" Display="Dynamic" Operator="DataTypeCheck" [code]....

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How to do the following: I want to have a link [upload image] which pop ups modal form, and when user populates it, the form is processed. (The question is not about uploading, this may be a contact form or anything). My problem is, how to display the form and server side validation messages when validation fails. I have found this tutorial: [URL], but it seems quite old.

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i have a asp.net required field validator with a validationgroup setting to show a validation summary. some of my form fields are either shown or hidden depending on selections elsewhere. if a div containing a form textbox is hidden i want to hide this element from showing up as a required field in the validation summary so effectively needto remove the validationgroup="mygroup" from the validation control. how would i do this? i know how to check if a div is visible or hidden but not how to use it to conditionally set the validator control attributes.

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I use a validation control to check if value entered is numeric. When I type letter in the textbox, the error messages shows for a second, then the application continues, and eventually throw exception. I'm going to add server side validation in code behind. But I wonder why the validation control doesn't stop the application. I don't see any difference between this web form and other web forms where validation controls work fine.

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below is the code and when i select a wrong filetype i get instant red "*" but i dont see the validation summary and there is a buton("upload") and when i click on it than i get the validation summary error message. my question is: why validation summary is not displaying when i select the wrong file type? [Code]....

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I have an issue that I've been fighting with for some time. I have a large web form, with update panels and autopostback controls. When the users click "submit", some custom javascript runs which shows validation summaries and turns the fields with errors red, relatively easy, and it works as expected. The problem is that I have a dropdownlist which should autopostback an update panel. It does this perfectly if the user does not click the submit button, and therefore my custom client script dosesn't execute.However, if a user clicks submit, the custom client script executes (turns fields red and shows validation summaries), and then the dropdownlist does NOT autopostback the first time a user changes it's value. If the user changes the dropdownlist's value a second time, then the autopost back occurs and everything functions as it should. I don't understand why the autopostback is disabled for the first click after the javascript executes. Can someone please help me out? The DropDown List looks like: [Code].... The Submit button is: [Code]....

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I have a Cancel button on a form that I wish to use to redirect the user to another page. But when the button is clicked the Validation applied to the text boxes is still applied and will not allow the page to tranfer. Server.Transfer("problem_uploadpage.aspx") The Validation Summary comes up showing what needs to be fixed, but I want to Cancel the entire input.

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I've got several custom validators on my page calling JavaScript validation functions and a ValidationSummary at the top of my page. This WAS working but all of a sudden (I must have messed something up), when I submit my form, I am only getting the server-side methods called and my Validation Summary is not showing the JavaScript box. I know that my javascript methods are being hit too, so what gives? I see no javascript errors when I debug.

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I have a multi section form which the user can jump between sections to complete. Each section has its own validation group associated with it. I want to create a summary page which itterates through each of the validation groups and outputs if it is valid or not by changing an associated text.The problem that I am having is that once one validation group fails validation all subsequent sections also report as failing - presumably as the page.isvalid is still holding the fact that a previous group has failed

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If I am using validation in a master page, how can I "separate" it from tripping other validation summaries in the content?

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I have a validation summary (vs) and required field validator (rfv) on my page. The validation groups are not set in either of the controls. When I leave javascript on, the rfv fires correctly and the error message appears in the vs, as well as a * appearing next to the textbox I am validating. When I set the EnableClientScript=False for the rfv (forcing a postback and server side validate), the * appears, but the error message doe not appear in the vs. Why is the error not appearing in the vs? The fact that the * is appearing shows that the validator is being fired.

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I have an ASP.NET AJAX form with ASP.NET validations baked in. When I push the code to the production environment and use the form, the validations do not show up after an ajax call has been made (the validations are still working, but the css is not showing up - ex. * Field Required message). If I don't make any ajax calls, the validations show up just fine. I have read that UpdatePanel has a bug: [url], and I read this blog which has a workaround for it - which didn't work for me:[url]

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I am using VB.NET 3.5 within Visual Studio. I have a form near the bottom of a page that leaps back to the top when i hit submit. I discovered the MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback="true" trick but it only works if there isn't a validation problem. If i submit the form my validation summary box is populated but the page jumps to the top of the page. Also, not sure if its important/helpful but my form is inside a MultiView.

How To Remove The Display Of Popup On Hitting The Back Button Of The Browser bytes.com

I have two questions a) I have a registration page which on successfull registration throws an popup alert ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "strJsMessage", "<script language='javascript'>alert('Registered Successfully!');window.document.forms[0].action='index.aspx';window.document.forms[0].submit();</script>"); The popup works fine, and on successfull registration redirects to another page. But when I hit the back button on IE browser, I once again see the popup window which is not visible in Mozilla browser. Can anyone kindly let me know how to make this popup disappear when it comes to hitting the back button in IE browser b) I have used required field validator controls and a validation summary which pops up the message about all the required fields that are missing on clicking of the button. The problem is it shows the summary only but when i chooose the messagebox option as true, it does not popup the message. but when i choose the show summary option it shows.

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i have a tab container with three tab pannels how to write validation summary for

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i have difficulty to show the validation error message next to textbox. fyi, the error message by default are showing in validation summary. how to configure the validation error message in order to show next to (on right) a textbox. eg. in index.aspx or edit.aspx.

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I use the oob client side validation from mvc 2 RC. The input field validation errors are working fine. But the validation summary is missing. How to get the validation summary on client side validation?

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I have a validation summary that I use soley for my Required Field Validators. That works fine if I do things that way up to a point, if by chance the validation summary says "Date field required" then I edit the date and input an incorrect date, which I have a JavaScript validation for, that message will come up saying how to enter the date. The problem is that the validation summary is now populated and it wont clear until I hit the server again. Is there a way to clear it or make it invisible through JavaScript on some form function like onsubmit - that will allow me to be able to clear that summary?

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I have an aspx page, where there are 2 validation summaries. One for master (at the top of page) & one for details (at the bottom). On details validation, the focus just shifts on top of the page and not on my validation summary in details section. How to do this

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A website I'm designing vgdesign.net/thc has a form in the footer. It functions how I want right now (to my knowledge) except for the fact that after a user submits a form and it passes validation, I want a message to be displayed that says "Thank You". I have a class created for this in my stylesheet but I don't know how to trigger it when the form is sent successfully. Essentially, I would like the result to look like this: If the form doesn't pass validation, I want it to not display until the users fix the errors in the validation pop ups and resubmit. The php script that sends the form contents to the specified email is at the top of my index.php page. The validation tool I'm using is called jquery inline form validations (found here: [URL] How can I have that success message pop up when the form was successfully submitted?

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[code]..... i get all the error message in validation summary except one.the one is if i enter the wrong entry in old password textbox i am getting the error message in literal(ID=Failturetext).i want to show it in validation summary.is ther ary way to do this without the use of event "ChangePassword1_ChangePasswordError".

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Firstly I have many controls, mainly radio buttons, that have required validators and a validation summary. I have some radio buttons which contain property types, e.g. house, flat, maisonette etc. Then I have another set of radio buttons with floor level (Top, Middle, Ground). How can I make floor level mandatory only when flat or maisonette is selected and still be shown in the validation summary?

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A from with a checkbox, and depending on the checkbox state 2 different divs are shown. Code:var alias = document.getElementById('alias'); var list = document.getElementById('list'); if(document.getElementById('isList').checked) [code]... div is shown by default on page load, list shown then click on isList checkbox, and alias is shown again when click on the checkbox again.Now, add CodeIgniter Form Validation plugin, set appropriate rules and set-up validation plugin to re-populate the form with.Without checkbox enabled everything works.On errors form is re-populated.when form is submitted with checkbox enabled, have an issue.CI's Form Validation plugin re-populates the form, and re-enables the checkbox, but the list div that is supposed to be shown when checkbox enabled is not there, and instead the alias div is shown.list div shown on list validation error?avoid using JavaScript form validation, and stick with my good old PHP.

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How to update the datagrid through javascript validations IN WEB FORM

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I am trying to redesign the review summary for the product page, so it shows the list of reviews and the form to add a new review. The form works, but the list does not. I add the summary from view.phtml like this: <?php echo $this->getReviewsSummaryHtml($_product, false, true)?> My summary.phtml file return this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getItems() on a non-object in /home/content/41/6755141/html/keepwell/buy/app/design/frontend/fvm/default/template/review/helper/summary.phtml for this line: <?php $_items = $this->getReviewsCollection()->getItems();?> [Code]...

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I have a situation where a page fails validation if a Gridview on the page contains no datarows. The rest of the page validates using a validation summary. I'd ideally like the failed validation message to be passed on to the validation summary.

Web Forms :: Validation Summary Not Showing In Master Page? forums.asp.net

I am using User controls in my web page. I have validation controls in my user control and the validation summary control is placed in the master page. Problem is I am not getting the errors displayed when I am running my application.

Web Forms :: Set Focus To Validation Summary? forums.asp.net

I have a single page form which is divided into two parts Part1 Validation Sumaary 1 Controls Save part1 button Part2 Validation Sumaary 2 Controls Save Part2 button On validation on 2nd part, I want to set focus on the validation summary 2. But the page scrolls to the top. Is there any workaround this.

Security :: Message Box For The ValidationSummary Control? forums.asp.net

1) I have a createUserWizard and ForgetPassword Controls...I believe they don't have the Validation Summary Controls, but they throw out the error message(for controls like email validation etc) through ValidationGroup....now how do i throw the error message to the users as MessageBox(since i can't set the ShowMessageBox ="true" in ValidationSummary Control)???2) also i m checking the PasswordStrength at the web.config file.....When i m trying to throw the error message to the usersusing the Message Box....it doesn't actually throw the error message that i created(instead it throws me an MessageBox saying "new Password does not match the regular expression specified in the Config file

BBCODEs Fail To Execute forums.phpfreaks.com

I made summary to my articles in my index page. but I have a problem with bbcode.summary show the open code eg [strong] but the closing code [/strong] does not show in summary bcs I already cut my article.so my bbcode fail to execute.PS: in full article bbcode show nice. $limit�=�400; $summary�=�$Bod; if�(strlen($summary)�>�$limit) $summary�=�substr($summary,�0,�strrpos(substr($summary,�0,�$limit),�'�'))�.�'...';

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I have 5 fields on my web form out of which 2 are hidden. i have to validate all of them so i have associated required field validator with all of them. it works fine it does not shows me the error message for the controls that are hidden at that point of time.now i added a custom validation control and when this validation fails all the error messages are shown... can some body please tell me what am i doing wrong and what is the best approach that can be followed in this case.

Execute Javascript After ClientSideValidation? stackoverflow.com

I'm using a bunch of standard asp RequiredFieldValidars in a vb.net web application. What I would like to be able to do is to execute a Javascript function at the end of each attempt to perform client side validation. The function needs to execute after all the validators have been run and the pages validation summary has been displayed. function ValidationComplete() { // Run me after validation has been performed }

MVC :: Html.ValidationSummary Appears On Initial Load Of Page And It's Empty forums.asp.net

I am not sure what I am doing wrong in how I set up validation on my models and viewmodels. For some reason on several of my views that contain a validation summary, it appears empty on initial load of the page. On some other pages it appears correctly when the form's data is posted and it does not appear on initial load, this is the way that I would expect it to work. On the views where this is occuring, my viewmodels are somewhat more complex in that they contain another complex type that I am passing around that has it's own set of DataAnnotation Validation properties, but I have called the validation summary like this; Html.ValidationSummary(true) so that those properties are not validated.

Combine JQuery Client And Server Side Errors In Same Summary At Top Of Page stackoverflow.com

I am using JQuery for all of my client side validation and Asp.net validator controls for all of my server side validation. I am using an errorlabelcontainer to store the client side validations in a summary at the top of the page, which is the requirement. All works well. My problem is, I want to display the server side asp.net errors in the same errorlabelcontainer OR display all of the client side errors in the validation summary. Either way, Both errors need to be in the same place/div. Any ideas on how to do this? I thought of maybe using the asp.net validation summary as the errorcontainer in JQuery, but I cannot find the summary. This is what I have right now. $("#aspnetForm").validate( { onkeyup: false, errorLabelContainer: $("ul", $("#FormErrors")), wrapper: "li" }); If you need to see more code.

Web Forms :: Combining JQuery Client And Server Side Errors In Same Summary forums.asp.net

I am using JQuery for all of my client side validation and Asp.net validator controls for all of my server side validation. I am using an errorlabelcontainer to store the client side validations in a summary at the top of the page, which is the requirement. All works well. My problem is, I want to display the server side asp.net errors in the same errorlabelcontainer OR display all of the client side errors in the validation summary. Either way, Both errors need to be in the same place/div. Any ideas on how to do this? I thought of maybe using the asp.net validation summary as the errorcontainer in JQuery, but I cannot find the summary. This is what I have right now.

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Using MVC 3 RTM and MvcContrib/FluentHtml version, I can't get the jQuery client side validation to work. Server side validation works fine, and returns showing the correct validation summary, etc. But the form post always tries to hit the server-side post controller action when it should have stopped on the client side to display the validation error. I tried replacing the MvcContrib ModelViewPage with the default Mvc ViewPage and it still didn't work. Here's my code: Web.config has: [Code].... Site.Master page has: [Code].... View page inherits from MvcContrib's ModelViewPage:Here's the view page: [Code].... Here's the controller post action: [Code].... Here's the entity object with the Required field: [Code]....

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i have my validation summary shown at the top of the page. i want to set the focus to the summary everytime a error is dispalyed. how can i do so this is what i have done and has not worked. [Code]....

Making The Container Of A Validation Summary Visible When The Validation Summary Becomes Visible? stackoverflow.com

I have the following markup. The errorPanel was first only used to show server side exception messages, and works fine like that. Now I'd like to incorporate my validation summary into that same errorPanel. [code].... My problem now is that the required validation happens client side, and I want to keep that, so I have no server side opportunity to make errorPanel visible, in order to make the validation summary visible. I see I have two options: Do validation server side, and use my code there to make the panel visible, or hook into the client side code somehow and catch an event there when the summary should be made visible, and then also make the errorPanel visible. How could I go about the latter?

VS 2005 Programatically Check If Validation Has Failed / How To Solve www.vbforums.com

I have a web form with about 20 fields all validated, rather than use the validation summary control. I would like a one line alert at the foot of the form that says something along the lines of "errors were found check the fields highlighted with a *" rather than an explanation for each field that has failed validation. Seem simple enough in theory but i cant work it out. Is there a line of VB.net code i could use to determine if validation has failed on one or more of my validators and maybe show a label with the "errors were found please check the fields highlighted with a *" message?

Web Forms :: Validation Summary Can Show Errors Only In Message Box? forums.asp.net

We have option in validation summary to show errors in messagebox. But at the same time errors also showed in the page. Any way to hide this. Because of page space i think to use popup but i dont want to siplay in the summary also.

.net - Validation Message For Modeling stackoverflow.com

I have placed the following code on my page : <%: Html.ValidationSummary("Form not correct", new { @class = "errList" })%>Then on each property I have somthing like : <%: Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.ModelViewAd.Title, "*", new { @class = "val" })%>The problem is that as soon as I open the page each ValidationMessageFor will show * and the ValidationSummary will show "Form not correct" even when the form has not yet been validated? The Summary list will however be shown first when the form has been validated.I need both the ValidationMessageFor and the ValidationSummary to be shown only when the form has ben validated. [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Javascript Validation For Assigning Validation Group To Validation Summary On... forums.asp.net

I am using one datalist control for uploading multiple images.I hv used one Asp:FileUplaod Control and one button in one itemtemplate.I am using reqired field validator and regular expression validator for file upload cntrl I am assigning validation group for both of them on ItemDataBound event of my datalist so that each upload cntrl hv same validaton group as required field and regular expression validator.Now what i want to do is - i want to show my error message in validation summary which is right at the top of the page.I want one know how to write javascript that will assign validation group of my control in datalist on which i click ?

Web Forms :: How To Change The Validation Summary Message Box Title forums.asp.net

how to change the validation summary message box title....

JQuery :: Using UI Modal Message To Display Validation Summary? forums.asp.net

I've made a contact form here: [Code].... The validation summary is inside a div which I'd like to show as a modal message using the jQuery UI. The problem is that I can't figure out how to execute the javascript when the ValidationSummary is shown.

C# - Hide A Div If Validation Summary Is Available In Javascript / Jquery? stackoverflow.com

How to hide a div if validation summary is available in javascript/Jquery.

Scrolling A Page After Validation Showing Validation Pop Up? stackoverflow.com

i have a button on the bottom of the page OnClick it validates the form fields and if there is no valid field it displays a pop up message to enter the required fields using asp.net Validation Summary Control. I want that when it showing the pop up once user click on OK buttom of pop up window then it should scroll to top of the page to form area. how to handle this to jump the page up? I am working in asp.net 3.5 +VS 2010.

Automated Form Validation? bytes.com

after coding for days on stupid form validations - Like: strings (min / max length), numbers(min / max value), money(min / max value), postcodes(min / max value), telefon numbers, email adresses and so on. I thought it might be a better way to programm an automated, dynamic form validation that works for all kinds of fields, shows the necessary error messages and highlights the coresponding form fields. Before I start to reinvent the wheel I thought I should ask you guys if someone has done this before, or if there are some good examples of how to do this on the web?

.net - Publish The Site On The Server Have An Error? stackoverflow.com

i wanna to show a message box but i prefer to be server side ,i wanna to have full control over it,i mean the number of buttons, the icon etc like windows application.the problem when add reference to system windows.forms and use it , when publish the site on the server i have an error , i can't remember exactly , but when remove all my messages every thing becomes ok.this problem appears even with summary validation when i wanna to be shown as a message box rather than list.

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when "nut" is running sometimes the Linux "Power Management Preference" (PMP) shows a UPS tab, and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't figured it all out yet but it seem rather random when I do an init 3 then init 5. That is, on restarting X Windows PMP might or might not have a UPS tab.Regardless of whether PMP has a UPS tab or not, nut seems to work just fine. However, that's a side issue. The real issue that I am having is that nut doesn't shut down my server when I put the UPS on battery. I have run the UPS right down to 10% and it's minimum threshold is 20%.And, even though nut doesn't shut down my server it does work in every other way that I can test. Even the web interface works.Could someone who has got this working please look at my configuration and let me know if they see anything wrong, or give ideas on how to troubleshoot thisHere is my configuration: Code: hosts.conf MONITOR myups@localhost "Tripp Lite UPS SU1500XL" [code]....

Validation Controls On Form - Disable Some And Enable Others? forums.asp.net

I have a form with 5 radio buttons on it based on which radio button i have several div tags that i hide and show each of which has some basic input controls, i do have validation on each, the problem is that if i click on radio button and the controls show up and i try to submit the form it will not because of the other validation i think are being fired, is there a way and how would i disable the validations based on what radio button was clicked.

Web Forms :: Separate Validation Summaries Required For Insert And Edit Controls forums.asp.net

I did the data access tutorials on this site.They used validation controls for the insert and the edit template fields. Each of these used their own validation summary control. The markup for them is below. Can I use the same validation summary control for both the insert and the edit validation controls? It seems redundant if i can set the Validation Group property to the same value then I would only need to use one validation summary.I don't know if this is allowed, or a good idea though. [Code...]

Web Forms :: Validation Summary Appears After Postback? forums.asp.net

i have many validators but one validator RFVRIDDORReferenceId is enabled and disabled through javascript. because txtReferenceId is shown when something is selected from a dropdownlist. initially it is disabled. everything was working fine until i implemented EDIT functionality in which through an ID i need to load page and show everything...on serverside i enabled RFVRIDDORReferenceId.Enabled = true; if ReferenceId database field had value in it. other wise it stays like that. after loading the information on page and disable RFVRIDDORReferenceId through client side...press save button and everything will be updated but when page comes back validation summary has Following errors occured > ReferenceId is required it displays in red i dont know why it is doing it....(postback itself shows that all validators were true). is there any reason? does validator validate themselve after postback? if yes then why does not remaining validators shows error message? PS: its a required field validator and there are many other but validation summary shows only for this validator.

Web Form - Make The Data Editable Until The Browser Is Closed? www.phpfreaks.com

i have completed my web form,connection works fine (thanks guys ) i am now in validation , but i have a question, when i click send and i return to my web form (back) all data is gone from the from how do i make the data editable until the browser is closed? by using cookies? i am not familiar with that is there other way to make a web form data stored until a session ends. i do not use any logon to id the user i just want the form saved .

Web Forms :: Created Some Required Field Validators And A Validation Summary Control? forums.asp.net

I created some required field validators and a validation summary control. When I get an error it displays next to the control its validating and also inside the validation summary control. I only want the error to display in one place; inside the validation summary control. I tried making the required field validator invisible but then it didn't display anywhere.How can I get the errors to only display in the validation summary control? There is no need to display them twice it just clutters up the page.

Web Forms :: Can The Validation Summary Be Used Without Validation Controls forums.asp.net

I have an application where the validation is done via code. Can validation errors be displayed in the Validation Summary even though Validation Controls are not used?

Web Forms :: Create Custom Validation Summary Message With Or Without Using Validator Summary Control forums.asp.net

i wanted to create a validation control or technique to display certain custom messages on the page. i tried to use the validation summary control that comes with .net. But that always displays all the error messages of the validation controls. I just want to know that can i display only certain validation messages for my validation controls??? eg: I had say 10 required field validators. And i just need to display a common message for all of them. Is it possible?

Creating A Summary Form? www.vbforums.com

Ok, I have two forms. One which shows Personal Details of a client , the other which shows Calulations of their next Insurance bill.How do I create a so called 'Summary Form' which shows their details and insurance amount when I open the Summary Form ?

Web Forms :: Message Box Does Not Show? forums.asp.net

I am using an ajax extension control textbox type... With a required Expression Validator... And A validation Summary(With Message Box)If the user enters an invalid date in the text box sometimes the message box shows and soometimes the message box does not show. Allthough SetFocusOnError still works properly. why the Message box is not being displayed all the time?

Web Forms :: Validation Summary Message Box Does Not Pop-up For A Required Field Validator forums.asp.net

i am working on web-form for which I have set the validation summary showmessagebox = "true". I have two required field validators, which trigger on a checkbox's OnCheckedChanged event....now my problem is, when I hit submit, the page does not submit if I do not enter any values in the text boxes..which is correct behavior but it does not point out to the error or does not display the message box. i have to scroll up to see what is wrong with he page and then try to enter the values...I do not understand why my message box does not show up or at least why my setfocusonerror which is set to true does not show me the text boxes... find my code below... [Code].... [Code].... [Code]....

Validation Summary Message Box Doesn't Pop Up For Required Field Validator? bytes.com

i am working on web-form for which I have set the validation summary showmessagebox = "true". I have two required field validators, which trigger on a checkbox's OnCheckedChanged event....now my problem is, when I hit submit, the page does not submit if I do not enter any values in the text boxes..which is correct behavior but it does not point out to the error or does not display the message box...i have to scroll up to see what is wrong with he page and then try to enter the values...I do not understand why my message box does not show up or at least why my setfocusonerror which is set to true does not show me the text boxes. find my code below.....

MVC :: Multiple Instances Of Same Partial (with Same View Model) Messes Up Validation? forums.asp.net

This project I'm working on have this custom clientside JavaScript validation framework created for (which I cannot change) that show error messages/summary based on your data annotations and a "Validate" method in your ViewModel. Like I said I'm not allowed to change this, so wont be able to go with suggestions doing that. What the person that created this did not foresee, is that one might need put several partials of the same type and having the same view model (each in a form) on a view. So I went ahead and did things the normal way (using Html.whateverFor<model => model.whatever) and wala!....the custom validation thing throws error messages for the specific form fields, next to each form in the view. I was suggested to create a "prefix" for each instance of the view model, and do something like this: Change: <%: Html.HiddenFor(model => model.AccountNumber)%> To: <%: Html.Hidden(Model.ElementPrefix + "AccountNumber", Model.AccountNumber)%> Not to mention the tons of jquery selectors and all that I have to go change (and all my view inputs) (I just hate having to find workarounds for this "custom" everything they created for this project)

Web Forms :: Finding Dynamic Form Generation App? forums.asp.net

I'm looking for a web app that lets me desing forms (with validations and validation relationships between fields) on a web browser. I've tried Infopath but it's not the right solution for me (and it's not working well even with Microsoft Gold partner support).

App Won't Work On Mobile Devices? www.dreamincode.net

So ive decided to pickup a framework after learning some php not long ago and have rebuilt a simple project i made when learning php originally but now with codeigniter. Everything is going well except that when i try to use the codeigniter version of the site on a mobile phones' web browser it will not let me get past the login screen. I also notice it wont display any validation errors(from form validation for codeigniter) if there were any.Did i miss a detail that maybe codeigniter wont work on mobile web browsers?

Jquery :: Django Form Validation Message Not Render In View In Ajax Post? stackoverflow.com

I have created django form and shown in the html page from django views. From the page i need to post the data from jquery ajax and i have did if data's are valid then my django valid get True and perform the task and return the json value.But in case invalid data means it will not render to corresponding html with django error messages like normal form submission.Is there any way to do django validation message shown in corresponding fields(as like normal django form post validation) with jquery ajax post method.

Showing Modelstate Errors While Using RenderPartialToString? stackoverflow.com

Im using the following code: [code].... To return a partial view and a form through JSON. It works as it should, but as soon as I get modelstate errors my ValidationSummary does not show. The JSON only return the default form but it does not highlight the validation errors or show the validation summary. Am I missing something? This is how I call the RenderPartialToString: string partialView = RenderPartialToString(this.ControllerContext, "~/Areas/User/Views/Account/ChangeAccountDetails.ascx", new ViewDataDictionary(avd), new TempDataDictionary());

Web Forms :: Multi Asp:Button With Asp:ValidationSummary forums.asp.net

On my form I have 2 buttons (btnOk and btnSubmit) and a validation summary all in 1 form (form1) function of btnOK : the user entered a code > find the username function of btnSubmit: submit the username in the database (normal there is more, but this will do for the example) html code <asp:TextBox ID="txtCode" runat="server" /> <asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnOK" Text="OK" OnClick="btnOK_Click" /> <br/> <asp:TextBox ID="txtName" runat="server" /> <asp:requiredfieldvalidator id="valName" runat="server" ErrorMessage="Fill in name" ControlToValidate="txtName"></asp:requiredfieldvalidator> <asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnSubmit" Text="Submit" OnClick="btnSubmit_Click" /> <asp:ValidationSummary id="valSumm" runat="server" headertext="Incorrect fields" ShowSummary="False" showmessagebox="True" /> in the cs file protected void btnOK_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {} protected void btnSubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {} protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){ if (!this.IsPostBack) this.form1.DefaultButton = btnSubmit.UniqueID; } My problem: When i click on btnOK or btnSubmit it always executes the validation, i only want the validation when click on btnSubmit. btnOK > no validation + search name btnsubmit > validation + save name Partial solution: When i remove the validation control and use labels with btnSubmit or in javascript, my problem is solved. But i want to use the validation control for this, because it is made for this and its easy.

OCX Trouble www.vbforums.com

does anyone know how to make it so when i type into my compiled OCX it can show a form that the user has specifiedVB Code:function Showform(form as frm)form.showend function ^^^just a quick summary but how would i make the ocx show a form? becuase when i try it (or something like that) it tells me that the form in not there (because its trying to get it from the OCX not the current project)Yess i do need it to be an OCX any help would be appreciated

Web Forms :: Display Error Message In Validation Summary Using Javascript? forums.asp.net

How can i use Javascript to dispaly the error msg in validation summary . i have the validation summary in master page, and would like to add some error msg if i find some custom errors.

Web Forms :: Need To Somehow Trigger The Summary Control And Append The Error Message To The Header ... forums.asp.net

I am using a combination of required field validators and validation on postback. The reason I am using both is because I have some controls that are dependant on conditions. Anyway, with these conditional controls I would like to make use of the validation summary to display the error (instead of having a separate label to display the error). I am thinking I would need to somehow trigger the summary control and append the error message to the header text.

Web Forms :: TextChanged Event In A Textbox To Validate A Value In Textbox? forums.asp.net

I aam working with textChanged event in a textbox to validate a value in textbox.hen i am enter data in textbox then press submit button i am getting validation summary before the textbox textchanged event. Is there anyway to fire textchanged event first to validate before button validation summary?

Web Forms :: Multiple Validation Summary Controls Not Working? forums.asp.net

When I click btnSave it should validate all the controls, first it should display "all required fields" error message and then after the user fills all the required fields, again after clicking save, it should display the validation error messages and should save. whereas when i click ValidSave it should similarly display only "the required field controls error messages of ValidationGroup"and then validate only the controls belonging to the Validation Group and should not be saved until all the validationGroup Controls are valid. Eventhough it validates the ValidationGroup controls, the error messages are never displayed. let me know where the error is. [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Validation Focus During Updating Row Data? forums.asp.net

I hope someone could clear up my confusion on how this gridview works. Scenario: We are utilizing edit template within the gridview linked to a validation summary. Question:How do I give the validation summary focus when a user incorrectly "updates" information within the gridview. I have tried placing: Dim reqFldVal As RequiredFieldValidator = CType(grdOrgFullList.Rows(e.RowIndex).FindControl("RequiredFieldValidator1"), [code]... Inside the an row updating subroutine with breakpoints but the code is never executed.

Web Forms :: Validation Summary To Maintain Prior Error Messages During The Postback? forums.asp.net

I have the following user control: [Code].... This control is used multiple times on one aspx page. The issue is that each time an instance of the control is validated due to a text change any prior error messages are cleared from the validation summary. I want the validation summary to maintain prior error messages during the postback.

Web Forms :: How To Popup A Message Box In C# forums.asp.net

I am catching an error message in my c# function and would like to write this in Validation Summary popup control. Can I write to Validation Summary control thru c# code OR alternatively, how to popup a message box in c#.

C# - Custom Validator Firing But It Does Not Update The ValidationSummary stackoverflow.com

I am working on a custom form field validator, it seems like the custom validator is working by not allowing it to continue to the next page, but it doesn't update the Validation Summary nor does it display the asterisk and the labels that i've made visable. I also have other validators like RequiredFieldValidator on the same field. My ValidationGroup is set, as is the Text and IsValid. I even wrote and set a dummy client side validation method in javascript as some workarounds suggests. here is the validation summary code in asp.net [Code]....

Why The Error Message For Custom Validator Is Not Shown In Message Box stackoverflow.com

I have tried in many way but the error message for custom validator is not shown in validation summary but it(ValidationSummary) shows error message for every other type of validator. [code]....

Web Forms :: Set Up Different Validation Summary For Different Type Of Validators? forums.asp.net

what i want to do is to set up different validation summary for different type of validators. for example, for required field validators, if user leaves some required field blank, it shows that "You have to fill in mandantory information, indicated with a star" and if some format is wrong, it shows that "format is invalid" right now, i set all requied field validators' text to be a star, and leave error message to be blank. so that the validation summart will only display the header message. that is what i need. what i dont know is how to separate regular expression into another summary. i think the validation group property requires multiple buttons. however, i only want one submit button, and this is where i got stuck.

JQuery :: (validate) Does Not Work With Backup Php Validation forum.jquery.com

I'm using bassistance.de's form validation, as shown here: [URL] In the very possible event that someone is browsing without JavaScript enabled, I've put together a PHP form validation that should direct the user to an error page. The JavaScript works when I do not have the validation part in the PHP. When I do, it seems the JavaScript is completely ignored. Here's my HTML: [Code]....

Web Forms :: Validation Control Fails But Still Postaback Occurs? forums.asp.net

I have a page where user can create their account. I have several validation controls on the page.When user clicks submit button the message box pops up with appropriate messges(as configured in validation summary). But once users clicks the OK button, then the form submits. Ideally it shouldn't do it?

Web Forms :: Change Validation Summary Alert Box Heading? forums.asp.net

I am using asp.net validation controls in my application. the alert messages are showing in validation summary. now i should change the title(heading) of the alert(message) box.how to do this ?

Web Forms :: Add Client - Side Javascript Confirmation Dialog To Form With .net Validation Controls? forums.asp.net

Is there any way to add a confirmation dialog to a submit button when the form already has other validation controls and a summary control using "showmessagebox=true"? I tried adding OnClientClick="return confirm('Are you sure?');" to the submit button, but that seems to block all of the other validation?

MVC :: Buttons Can Specify That They Do Not Cause Validation Logic To Run? forums.asp.net

Does anybody know how to implement this new feature of the MVC 2 RC? Here is verbatim what ASP.NET MVC 2 Release Candidate Release Notes says: "...Buttons in a form can specify that they do not cause validation logic to run. The default is that every button in a form causes validation logic to run, and if validation fails, the validation logic blocks submission of the form. Enabling validation selectively for buttons lets you create forms .

MVC ::use Validation Summary Like In Webforms? forums.asp.net

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 2, DataAnnotation and MicrosoftMvcValidation.js for validation. I have two forms in my view..is there a way to use validation summary like in ASP.NET Webforms.

Repopulate A Form And Display Errors With No-script? stackoverflow.com

I'm building an application which uses ajax calls for form validations and some others, problem is that I don't like it when those validation errors shows up on a new page with no css at all and form completely gets reset without the javascripts.I'm talking about a dozen forms so, it will be quite annoying for the user to go through forms over and over again.I've read some answers on this topic, but is there a specific way, a best-practice for a situation like this (more along the lines of form validation)?

JQuery :: Textarea/Textbox Html Content Encoding To Satisfy .Net 4.0 Validation Test forum.jquery.com

I have web form (not MVC) that has bunch of textarea and textboxes where user can input HTML markup. For example, a textarea is provided so users can put YouTube embed iframe html tag where it will be shown on their profile. The problem is that asp.net 4.0 http request validation doesn't like things like ">" or "<", etc. I can put pagevalidation="false" on the page and/or revert back to .net 2.0 validation but why would I want to do that since I have geniuses like you guys that can show me how to do what I want with jquery without jeopardizing security. So what I want to do is form a handler so when the form is submitted, the content of the textboxes and textarea on the page be encoded (i.e. > to > etc.) before the submission to the asp.net 4.0 so we can keep the httprequest validation stuff happy. I have added a class "mustEncode" to each of the textarea and textboxes.

Prevent Submitting Form Before Validation Succeed? www.sitepoint.com

considering my php form validation script.The code goes like this: PHP Code: if�(isset($_POST['Submit'])) { ����$validator�=�new�FormValidator();[code].... By the way I'm using http:[url].....alidation.html for the validation part.What I'm not sure how to achieve is to stop the form from submitting before validation process finishes and is successful . Now it immediately goes to the form action page http:[url]....not validating the script.I want this to be a completely php server validation if possible, and not client javascript one.

Use Multiple Span Error Classes With Single Text Box stackoverflow.com

I put the form validation with span in my previous example cannot display all warning message in form validation with span but when I use more than 1 validation on a single field then I face problem to show in span.If I use this code and leave the field blank then it shows both errors like "ENTER EMAIL ENTER CORRECT EMAIL".

IDE :: Creating An Array Of A Structure Based On Existing Project? social.msdn.microsoft.com

how to write the code for my project.I am to base my new project on an existing one(existing one has code that works 100%)and create an Array of a structure that bascially holds the information from a summary form AND the totals from an AddToOrder_Click event. If you are still with me)... I cant figure out what the code is for my structure and Array so that I STILL have a Summary Form but I have an array that shows when I click my PrintPreview. So an Array is basically a "space" that holds information, like my summary form except it doesnt show until I click PrintPreview right? If I just wanted to show the table then my code belongs in the PrintDocument1_PrintPage to show the array but the actual structure code belongs in the Click_Event of my AddToOrder? Please Please understand I AM NOT asking for anyone to write my code, basically I am asking for some clarification on what exactly creating an array from a structure is and therefore determing where the structure is to be placed in my code..