Web Forms :: Reload The Page When The User Clicks On The Back Button


I want to reload the page when the user clicks on the back button, from a particular page.Say for example there are three pages: Page1.aspx,Page2.aspx,Page3.aspx I want when user move from Page2 to Page3. When he clicks on "Back" button on browser page shld load I have tried adding a onload function JS in Page2 it works out. The issue is identifying user is coming from Page3.

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My site has a master page and content pages that appear within the master page. One of my web forms retrieves data from my database and displays it in the form. The form also has an "update" button which allows the user to save any changes that they've made to the data on the form. Currently, when the "update" button is clicked, I am trying to have the data sent back to the database to update the database tables and then reload the same web form with the updated data. However, the changes are not being maintained when the form is reloaded, and I also checked the database and noticed that the changes don't appear in the database table. What do I need to fix to make sure these changes are saved to the database and the web form display the updated data properly?

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I am using the trick where you store some data in a hidden form in order to be able to be able to persist it so that when the user navigates away from the page and then uses the BACK button to come back I can restore the data to the page without hitting the server again. However, this trick means that the same thing happens when the user clicks refresh or reload... (even shift-reload in Firefox). I would like to detect that the user is clicking reload as opposed to clicking the back button so that I can start fresh on a reload but still restore the previous data when the user navigates away and back. I've been investigating the onbeforeunload event etc but haven't figured anything out yet.

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On my form I refresh a dataset in the Page_Load() event. But I also have a filter button which changes the dataset and reloads it. When the user clicks a button, the dataset gets refreshed twice. I would like to modify the Page_Load() event so that if the page is being reloaded because of a button click event, then I will skip refreshing the dataset in the Page_Load() event. Is it is possible to determine that the page is reloading due to a button click event?

Disable Page Reloading On History Back? stackoverflow.com

I dont want to page reload when going to history back on my web pages. When visitors are click back button on browser or press backspace key, my pages are reload. How can i disable reloading on history back or how can i activate real caching?

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what might cause the back button/history in Internet Explorer to become greyed out when navigation between web forms occurs? Example - I have a hyperlink on my main webform that when clicked directs the user to a second web form. This web form has a variety of databinding occuring. When the page has finished loading/binding, the back button goes from blue to grey. It appears that the referring page is removed from the history as well.

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I need to show a div upon page reload after the user clicks on the submit form button. Specifically, I have a PHP contact form in a show/hide div. Clicking on contact shows and hides the contact form. Both the show/hide js and the php contact form work perfectly. When the user clicks submit -- the page reloads and the "message sent" is written in the contact form div. But when the page reloads, the form is in a div set to display: none; in the CSS -- which is how the page loads on default. Upon submit, I need the page to reload and show the contact form in the hidden div. I'm not exactly sure where to start since all the javascript for the page reloads to default. Also since it's all PHP I can't set or call an anchor in the content_form div.

Automatic Page Reload When Accessed From Pressing The Back Button? stackoverflow.com

I have a RoR site that loads a splash page on the first visit. It's simply a page with information about the service and a form to enter credentials. When the user logs in, the form submits to the same page (document root) but if the user is logged in successfully, the actual site is loaded. My issue is that when the user presses the back button, they're taken back to the log in/splash page. This makes sense because the browser has cached the page, but I'd like it if I could somehow tell that the page is being shown from cache and reload it. You can see the same functionality on [URL]: Go to the home page logged out. Enter your credentials and click log in Once logged in, press back button to go back to home page. Page will automatically reload to bring you to your logged in state.

IE Vs Firefax Back Button Reload? www.codingforums.com

I'm having an issue with the difference in behavior between the IE and FF back buttons. I'm using jQuery to create collapsable div regions which contain text boxes on a search form. After submit, if the use clicks the back button in FF, the region(s) the user had previously expanded, show as expanded. Also, there search term is still present. In IE, when clicking the back button, all regions are collapsed, in there original loaded state, but the search term is still saved. [Code]... When clicking the back button in FF, nothing happens. For IE, the alert pops up. This tells me that IE reloads the page (but somehow still saves some things, like the search text). My question is, is there a way to keep IE from reloading when the use clicks 'back'? I will be creating my own 'edit' back button for users to get around this, but I also would like to prevent this from confusing users and causing undesired results.

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I have added a User control to my web page. inside the user control I have an ImageButton for which I have implemented an onclick handler. My web page contains the form tag with runat=server attribute. When the image button is clicked the form is posted back and the Page_Load for the form fires, but the click handler for ImageButton in my user control doesnt fire.

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how can I get and set the current web page scroll position?I have a long form which needs to refresh based on user actions/input.When this happens, the page resets to the very top, which is anyoying to the users, because they have to scroll back down to the point they were at.If I could cature the current scroll position (in a hidden input) before the page reloads, I could then set it back after it reloads.


Getting Data From Address Bar Into Form Action. www.phpfreaks.com

Here is the problem...i have a game where a users id and encrypted password are stored in the address bar on every page of the game. e.g. main.php?P=bank&uid=15&password=faspmi9r329m2d324sd now i have a problem when trying to link to a page through a form while still keeping these variables in the link to be more specific i have a form for a user to deposit gold into their bank upon entering a value in the input box and clicking either deposit or withdraw the form is to reload� the same page where the proper if(isset($_POST command will take over and do the correct job. The only problem is if i use a $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] as the action for the form when it reads back on its self again it doesnt include the uid or password...it simply is reloading main.php ...my question is.... how do i get these variables sent back through the form button so the page will reload with the users information still there?

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Is it possible to make some kind of clickable object that resets a flash file? Say you're in a game and your character gets killed. By clicking on a button you you're taken back to the start of the flash file and all the variable reset to their starting positions. Basically I just want to make a button that reloads the flash file the same as hitting the reload button on your browser (except that it just reloads the flash file and not the entire web page).

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when i set forms authentication to my website to web.config file as <authentication mode ="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="login.aspx"></forms><authentication><authorization><deny users="?"/></authorization> and login button ,i write the following code FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage("login", false); and logout button ,i write the following code FormsAuthentication.SignOut(); FormsAuthentication.RedirectToLoginPage(); it works but when i press browser back button after logout button click it maintains the page history and the page will redirect to last requested page

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i have a JQuery ui dialog box that opens up as a contact form when a link is clicked, which works fine, my problem is trying to submit the information. When you click the send button it fires a button click event of another asp:button ive got hidden on the page... the post back event fires and the page reloads but the asp:button click event doesn't not fire? Heres my code: asp:Button is as follows: Code: [code]....

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My site has a complex form that passes it's values on to a validation script using the POST method.� If validation fails, the validation script displays an error message to the user and presents a 'go back' button that takes him back to the form.� I'd like to reload the values into the form fields when the form page reloads, and I want to keep it all on the server side if possible.� Here's how my form looks (excerpt): Code:

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Is the a script out there that can load a web page only time when the button is click. I don't want the page to reload when the button is continuosly clicked. if the page is already open and they click on the same button, i don't want the page to reload since it is already open.

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I'm trying to have my web browser simulate the reloading of the webpage without having to refresh the page. For example, if a user loads a web page, then they lose internet connection and they want to refresh the page they could just click a button to reload all the contents of the webpage including scripts to their original settings.

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How does one in PHP prevent POST data being resubmitted for processing viathe user clicking the Web browsers back button?I mean I have a form which is doing something.After it does what it is supposed to do in the resulting page I do not want a click on the browser back button to cause the same process being repeated because of the click on browser back button.

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we have a web form with check boxes on. When we click our back button the page only returns to the previous state (un checking the check boxes one by one after each click). We would like it to go back to the previous page and remember the history of the page. I've tried : [Code].... but this just crashes the page. our javascript button looks like this: <input type="button" value="Back" onclick="history.go(-1)" /> (the browser back button does the same thing)

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I have a web page whithin i have display an image, when someone clicked on the image, The image is poped-in. And then, there is a close button after viewing the photo.Now, I would like to add the the event onclick one function that allow me to refresh/reload the page. So I will have this sequence ( close popin ==> back to the page ==> reload the page)

Sign Out Button Reloads All User Controls? stackoverflow.com

I have an aspx page with several user controls (ascx) as well as an asp:button for signing out. The click event of the button clears the session and does a response.redirect to the login page. However, before the click event is called, since the page posts back, all of the Page_Load events run for all of the controls. What is the best way to have the click event code run without unnecessary reloading of all user controls?

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I have a ASPX Page that contains several user controls, which are loaded dynamically after user interaction. On one of ascx I have a hidden button that is being clicked on some user actions (via button.click()), which works fine on 1st page load. But after the form is being submitted once, the other ascx is loaded. There if user clicks the back button and resubmits the 1st form (again via button.click()), button_clicked event on server does not fire again.

Back Button www.codeguru.com

I have been given a project for university which has a number of forms, which can be opened up by various different forms.I'am wanting to place a back button on each form to enable the calling form to be reloaded. I want this back button to work back through the forms until the first loaded form has been reached, much as the back button works on a web browser.

Force Reload Of Page When User Press "Back" Button forums.devshed.com

Is there a way to force a page to reload if a user har pressed the "Back" button in the browser.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Possible To Reload Movie Itself? www.actionscript.org

Tell me how to reload the movie itself, same like we embed a swf file on a web page, click browser's reload button so the flash movie reset to its original state? But I want to do this from within the movie, when user click "reset" button, all the previous created instances will be released from memory. I can delete each object manually, but lots of work involved, also not sure if the resources are really free.

Web Forms :: Check To See If A Page Was Reached Through The Browser Back Button? forums.asp.net

I have an application that posts to a form on a different page, on a different site. Everything works fine unless the user presses the back button.The way it'ssetup now, if th euser forgets their pin, they click alink which takes them to a popup window. The enter their info and then they're sent a new pin. Fine.However, I'm trying to account for all possible scenarios. What if the user forgets their pin, is taken to this other page, and then decides they remembered their pina nd presses the back button. They'll need to reload in order to be able to try to post again, otherwise the session variables I'm using to log them in won't reset (I reset some in the page load event).Is there anyway to detect whether the page was arrived at via the browser back button so that I can reload it?

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a) In Asp.Net we can check whether a request is a postback or not via Page.IsPostBack property.But where does this property get its value from? Thus, where in the incoming request does browser put this value? b) As far as I can tell, hitting a reload button also causes browser to send form data back to the server. Thus, is under the hood hitting browser's reload button same as pressing a submit button ( which is nested within a FORM element)?c) Assuming browser displays A.aspx for the fist time and assuming user clicks browser's reload button, then I would think this request will be considered as a postback by Asp.Net (especially since browser also sends back any form data), but it's not.

Making Browser Back Button Work While Using AJAX Requests stackoverflow.com

I am writing a web application which retrieves a lot of data using AJAX which substantially modifies the loaded page depending on what button the user clicked (Let's say that clicking on button1 takes the page from state0 to state1 and so on..) Further, if the button number is passed to the server as a GET variable, the server returns the page in the correct state. Needless to say, the back / forward browser buttons do not work because the URL is not changed during state changes accomplished through AJAX. So, my question is, how can I make the browser back / forward buttons work? Is it possible to supply the browser with the correct URL every time the state changes; but stop the page from reloading? question is only about browser back / forward buttons. I can create custom back / forward buttons but that is not what I want to do.

Chrome And Firefox Reloads The Page On Back Event? www.sitepoint.com

We are developing an application with ASP.Net and C#. We have a back button (html link) on few pages, by clicking on back button it triggers the browser back event. So user will be able to see his last viewed results (by going only one level back). We are calling "window.history.back();" function of Javascript to achieve this, but the problem is that its working fine in IE but not in Chrome and Firefox. Whenever user clicks on the back button, Chrome and Firefox reloads the page from server and execute all the server side events. What we need is simply go to one step back without reloading or refreshing the page.

Implement Previous Button On Form Using Zend Framework? stackoverflow.com

how to implement a previous button on form, when users click on it , they can back to previous page?

Getting User Selections On Clicking Browser Back Button? stackoverflow.com

My application has got several pages. On some pages I have given a back button on other pages it's not given (client's requirement). Now on a particular page, I have a list of choices (choices are image slides using jQuery plugin) to be selected by the user. Selecting a choice takes the user to next page. And now I want to get the same page with same selected choice as highlighted on clicking the browsers back button. On clicking the browsers back button, I guess the page is reloading loosing the cookie values i.e. when I select an image from my image set it takes me to another page. On clicking the browser back button, I wanted to get that page with same image selected from that set.Is there any work around so that I can get the selected values also on browser back.

Select Menu Not Being Restored When Back Button Used / Fix It? stackoverflow.com

Consider a web page that has a select menu with a JavaScript event handler tied to the menu's onchange event that when fired reloads the page with a new query string (using the value selected in the menu). Issue: when the user hits the Back button, the page DOM is restored from the cache but NOT the state of the select menu. Browsers affected: Firefox and Safari (which use a back/forward cache) code... View this page and notice that option A is selected. Then select a different option (say option C) - the page is reloaded (with a query string, ?select1=C). Then hit the Back button - the select menu continues to show Option C as selected. Question: Does anyone know why the select menu isn't restored and how one could solve this issue? I've used JavaScript in the past to force the form fields on a page to match the query string but there are issues with that approach (i.e., FF and Safari don't normally execute the onload event for the window when loading a page from the cache) and it seems like a hack to me.

Web Forms :: How To Reload Image Button Without Reloading Entire Page forums.asp.net

i want to reload an image button (put in a new image on it) without reloading the entire page, i have 4 image buttons which i what to use more like radiobuttons, evertytime i click on it it loads a new image and load default images on the others, hence i'm keeping track of the nutton that was clicked. my problem is that everytime i click the buttons the entire page reloads, how to make only the image buttons to reload not the entire page?

Login Script With Sessions www.phpfreaks.com

I have created script with a single user login validation within php page. I have tried to use sessions to create a log-out page, but when a user clicks the link to the log-out page and is redirected; if the click the browser back button and click reload, the page will still have them logged in. Code:

How To Disable The "Back" Button? www.sitepoint.com

Yes, I would like thoughts on how to intentionally commit web usability sin and "break the back button" but please don't freak out on me yet. I've had quite a few years of experience in web development at this point and I understand the need for usability. This is precisely why I need to disable the back button, or at least make people need to think before they use it. Its a service to the end user in this case & an attempt to prevent them from making a mistake. I am currently working on a web application that is almost entirely AJAX. (Lets save the "is AJAX worth the hype" discussion for another thread. It has its place & I'm not using it trivially.) It is designed in such a way that it is intended to function as a desktop application, and, other than the fact that it is on the web & rendered in HTML/JS, it really bears no resemblance to a traditional "web site". There aren't "pages" and a "history", there is just a user interface used to manipulate the data and update the view. All the different views occur on a single page, just as any single window desktop application would. Now the problem: Because its being developed to run in a browser, people will still have the "web site" mentality, not understanding the huge difference between "web application" and "web site". If they do open a new view and then want to go back to what they were previously looking at, they will want to hit the back button, but in the context of this app, that may seriously goof them up, even resulting in loss of work. Example: Lets say that a user opens "data_entry.asp" and does some work. They then fill out a form but need to look up some information. They click a "Look Up" sort of button to get the information they need. When they click it, the data entry form is hidden (note that their data entry is unsaved, but perfectly safe since it is still on the page) & replaced with the info search form which uses AJAX to perform their search. Now to get back to their form, they SHOULD click the "close" button, which just re-displays the data entry form, but they've been conditioned to hit "back". When they do this they will go back to the page they were on before, resulting in the loss of everything they entered on the form. So what I need to do at least is alert them hen they click the back button "Hey, you're about to leave this page, but there's really no reason to do that unless you're really done." & give them the chance to back out of using the back button (no pun intended). Anyone have any idea how to disable the back button, or have any idea how to tackle the problem at hand. I don't want to revert to using separate pages and having to store temporary data to re-populate forms. In this kind of app thats a lot of extra & unnecessary work.

Change A Label At Page Load Based On Radio Button www.webdeveloper.com

I have a webpage which has two radio buttons. There is a label also in the web page. I want the label string to be based on the radio button status. I am able to change when somebody press the radio button using "onclick" function, but now when the page is reloaded. Here is my code Code: I want the highlighted label value to be changed based on the radio button value at the start up itself( ie if the page get reloaded if some error has happend at filling the form)

Click Checkbox Or Radio Button To Reload Page? www.webdeveloper.com

I want to be able to click on a checkbox (or a radio button) and have it reload the page, but also keep the item selected. The code I currently have reloads the page but does not check the checkbox or select the radio button. The code is: <form name="myform" method="post" action="thispage.htm"> <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox" value="checkbox" onClick="javascript:window.location.reload()"> </form>

State Management :: Form Data Lost When Using Back Button In Browser After Window.open() To A Separate... forums.asp.net

I have 3 aspx pages: search, results, and details. User enters search criteria and submits. The page redirects to the results form. User clicks back from browser and search criteria is still present. However, if user clicks a link on the results form (which uses javascript window.open to load the details page in a new browser window), clicking back button reloads the search page and the user's search criteria is gone. I'm unclear as to why the behavior is different between the search and results page when all that changed on the results page was a client-side event.

Web Forms :: Changes To Pre-filled Textboxes Are Not Preserved? forums.asp.net

I created a simple web form in which some default values are added to the textboxes on Page_Load. I added a button which when clicked, inserts the textbox values to a db. When executed, the default values are stored instead of the changes. My guess is that when the button is pressed, the page is reloaded and the default values overwrite the user inputed values. Is there any way to prevent this re-fresh?

Jquery :: Reload Or Maintain DOM State After Browser Back Button Pressed? stackoverflow.com

I need a browser page to maintain it's post ajax changed state after the user navigates away and hits the back button to return to it. Unfortunately items previously faded out with jQuery are visible or dynamically added items (via ajax) disappear once the user hits the back button to return to a page. I've tried about 20 different no-cache meta and header solutions and none seem to work in Chrome 13.0.782 for mac. I've also tried the onunload solution outlined here: Cross-browser onload event and the Back button to no avail. Ideally I'd like the page state to remain the same (with all jQuery changes to the DOM) without having to reload it, but I would be happy with the ability to reload the page when a user navigates back to it. I realize there are multiple questions about reloading after the back button is pressed, but none of the solutions work in my situation.

Web Forms :: Can One Web User Control Gives Two Different Functionality On Two Different Web Pages forums.asp.net

can one web user control gives two different functionality on two different web pages,suppose i use web user control on web form 1 and also web form 2 , but i want some more work from this control on web form1 but this more work not affect on web form 2. for example: button click event of web user control gives me Good Morning message on screen, when i use this control on web form 1 and web form 2 ,it will give me Good morning message on screen,when i click this button, But i want that ,this control give me Good Morning message and some other messages like good after noon on web form 1 only, one control but different functionalty on two different pages

Disabling Multiple Submit On HTML Forms stackoverflow.com

If my user clicks more than once on a submit button of a form, he essentially sends multiple GET/POST requests (depending on the form prefs). I find that disabling the submit button using JS is a bit problematic, because if a user tries to stop (ESC/Stop Button), it doesn't reset the button (unless you catch that and handle that using JS again), if the user comes back (Back Button) from the next page, the submit button is still disabled (at least in Firefox). What is the best practice for disabling multiple form submits.

Link Button Doesn't Fire Click Event? forums.asp.net

i hv a web user control in which i have placed a link button this control is used in master page and a web page is derived from this master when i click on link button form default page which is also derived from master then click event is called but when i navigate to another page which is also derived from that master page but no click event is fired in that case

Capturing A Back Button Press (to An Anchor) www.webdeveloper.com

How can you capture a back-button move that points to an anchor.. So basically, the user enters the page, clicks on an anchor which brings him to another part of the page, clicks the back button. Now ideally when he hits the back button, I want to be able to call a javascript function from there. Page loads --> user clicks anchor (#test) --> calls javascript function using onClick --> user presses back button --> ?? capture the back button move and call javascript function ??

Click Link! www.vbforums.com

Assume that a web browser project has a Boolean variable named blnNavigated. The browser also has the Back & Forward buttons for users to navigate.What I want is if a user clicks a link in a web page to navigate to another page, then blnNavigated should be set to True but if the user navigates using the Back or Forward button, then blnNavigated should be set to False. Setting blnNavigated to False can be done in the Back & Forward buttons' Click event function but how do I set blnNavigated to True if the user has clicked a link in the web page to navigate to another page?

Refresh DIV Content Without Reloading Page? www.sitepoint.com

I'm trying to reload some dynamic content that is contained within div tags without refreshing the entire page. After some searching it appears that Ajax is my best bet, but I have never worked with JQuery before. Here is the code snippet from the page containing the data I'm looking to refresh when a user click the "update" form button: Code: <div id="data"> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"> <tr> [Code].... As you can see I'm currently just reloading the entire page, which is weak.

Asp.net - Refresh Page With Framesets On Button Click stackoverflow.com

I have a web application built around a frameset. The main page (with the frameset layout) is index.aspx. After the user logs in, if there are any alerts it redirects the main content frame to an alerts page with a confirmation button on it. When they click this button I want the index.aspx to be reloaded. If I use the response.redirect("index.aspx") on button click it reloads the main content frame with another frameset. The server-side button click sets a flag within the database so that the user doesnt see the alert again. how do I force a complete reload of the entire frameset?

Web Forms :: How To Generate An Excel Sheet On Click Of A Submit Button forums.asp.net

I have a web based form which is used to enter info into an Access DB. When a user clicks on the submit button in the form the information entered in the form goes into the DB. I have made the connection between aspx form and Access DB through an asp page using ADO.net.I wanted to add another feature into the form where when the user clicks the submit button a preformattedxcel sheet pops up with all the info filled onto it automatically (from the form). The user just need to save the file later on.

Asp.net - Page_Load Not Update After Click The Button stackoverflow.com

I have a simple ASP.NET page: sub Page_Load //Get data form databse and show it end sub sud deletsome(Source As Object, e As EventArgs) //delete one record when user click on submit button end sub When I click the button, the page reload, all the data have no change, I must re-enter the page again, the record I have delete disappear. Can you show me why? The full code here: [Code]...

Create A User Shortlist With Cookies? www.phpbuilder.com

I am trying to create a scenario where a user can click to add an item to their item shortlist (or favourites). I would like the shortlist to be viewable on the same page and for the page to auto refresh to show the added item when they click.I have got pretty close with 2 soloutions but neither are ideal.Solution 1: Upon submit button click, uer gets sent to new page where cookies get set & a confirmation message 'added to favourites' is displayed but users need to click on back browser button to see the new item added to the first page (I have set first page to Code:header("Cache-Control: no-cache");so that when i return it picks up the new cookie & displays it. This solution is not ideal because it sends users to a new page & they need top click back.Solution 2:Upon submit button click, form action is referred to same page as form with cookies getting set in header. However the page needs to be refreshed again before I can view the added favourite (although subsequent added favourites only require one button click). Again I am not happy with this as it requires a manual refresh.

Posting Submitted Text Data To A New Page? www.phpfreaks.com

I currently have a web page that allows a user to enter text into a form then select a "Submit Query" button; upon doing this the entered text is saved to a database and displayed for the user on the same page (the page where the form and "Submit Query" button are located). I wish the results to be displayed on a new page when the "Submit Query" button is clicked, not displayed on the same page.� Is this achieved through targeting? I am a bit lost at this point on how to achieve this result.

Web Forms :: Two User Controls In Master Page forums.asp.net

I have at present two master pages, what I want to achieve is the following; One user control loads, there is a button to click, when user clicks that button the user control should unload upon session authentication and the second one loads. However, the second one has a button as well, and I want to click on that button to unload that control from master page and reload the first user control.

AJAX :: Web User Control Loaded Into PlaceHolder Control Causing Full Postback On Parent Page? forums.asp.net

In my default.aspx page I have a PlaceHolder control within an UpdatePanel. In this placeholder control I will dynamically load a web user control, which is just a form with a submit button. On this user control, I have the form within an update panel and I have the "Submit" button's Click Event added to the triggers. When I submit the form, the UpdatePanel on the web user control nor the update panel on the default.aspx page are capturing the post back, thus causing a full post back which refreshes my page. how to capture this post so its rendered in Ajax and not a full post back?

Back & Refresh Buttons In Popup Window Not Working www.webdeveloper.com

I've got some popup windows with help screens in them. The screens are other pages of my site specially sized to fit. Those pages have links to other pages, so users can navigate them inside the popup.So I thought I'd do two things: 1. Put a back button in the popup to let the user go back one or more pages in the help screens. But a simple button saying history.back() or history.go(-1) just does nothing. 2. Let the user refresh the pop-up content so that the user can go back to the first page of the help screen without having to close the pop-up and reopen it from the main page.But a simple refresh button saying location.reload(true) or window.location.reload() also does nothing.There is a button in there that works OK, window.close().Am I missing something fundamental about the nature of popup windows?I don't really want to have my help screens open in new browser tabs because I know people won't bother to close them.

Reload Form Data forums.devshed.com

I am developing a web site using php. I have a form for login in page1, which has two input box and a submit button. When I click the submit button in page1, it runs page2. When I click BACK button(now in page1), and FORWARD button (supposed to be in page2). Both IE and Netscape give me a message like the following (note: the browser cache is not turned off either by php header() or by browser setting): ********************************************* This document resulted from a POST operation and has expired from the cache. If you wish you can repost the form data to recreate the document by pressing the reload button. ********************************************* When I press the RELOAD button, page2 is load correctly. Now, how can let the browser automatically do the reload without showing me the above message?

PHP Form Keeps Resending Information On Reload. www.webmasterworld.com

I have PHP form that is basically a contact page when the user clicks on submit. I have the page update with your message that says it has been sent, but now if the user clicks on reload it ask to resubmit the information over again. And that's where i want to stop this so when the user clicks on reload it will not resubmit the information again. How can this be done?

VB Web Browser Error forums.devshed.com

I've created a web browser in VB and I am having a few problems with the browsers back/forward buttons. I have inserted the correct code to make the browser move back/forward through the pages but I have a small problem:When I first start the browser and click back/forward (no web page has been loaded yet), I get an error and the application closes.Is there any way to disable the buttons at first and then when I open a url, display the back button and if I click the back button, display the forward box?Thanks

Forms Data Controls :: When Use The Previous Button To Navigate Back To The Previous Step The Page Reloads... forums.asp.net

I'm using a wizard control with 4 steps, when I use the previous button to navigate back to the previous step the page reloads but at the bottom of the page.Instead of showning the whole of the page, the user views the footer of the site and the previous button and next button.I'm sure there is a very simple answer to this but I just can't figure out how to get the page to reload to the top.

Linq Query Does Not Display Result The First Time But The Second Time? forums.asp.net

I have a page and a button, when the user click the button a linq query result is displayed. The weird thing is that when the user access that page for the first time nothing hapend when he click the button, But if he reload the page and then click the button it works.

Printing Using Web Control Print Button VB.NET www.daniweb.com

how or what's the JavaScript code to perform the following: 1. I have two frames on my web page. (Top and Bottom) 2. Top Frame is data 3. Bottom Frame are some Controls. (Print button, Back Button, Close Button.) 4. I'm using VB.Net creating aspx pages. Question: I would like to write to a field in my sql database when the user presses the "Print" button. I was told that I needed to do the following: "create a "Print" button, and USING JAVASCRIPT, invoke the "window.print()" method when a user presses it, then you want to author a hidden form variable, then submit the form. Your code-behind page would read the hidden form variable to know that the user clicked your "Print" button." What will I need to perform the above? I'm very new to web development and Javascript.

Detect Back Button Click In Browser? stackoverflow.com

I have to detect if a user has clicked back button or not. For this I am using window.onbeforeunload = function (e) { } It works if a user clicks back button. But this event is also fired if a user click F5 or reload button of browser. How do I fix this?

Program To Click The Next Button On The Webpage? www.vbforums.com

I am making a simple application and im using a browser embedded on a form im able to tell the nrowser what address i want it to open i would now like to enter some text into a text box and then have the program enter it onto the web page and then i want the program to click the next button on the web page[URL}..that is the site i want opened and then i want the user to have entered the postcode in a textbox in the application and then click a button which opens the page enters the postcode and clicks next

Javascript - If Users Press The Browser's Back Button To Reach The Prior Page Then Page Should Display... stackoverflow.com

if users press the browser's back button to reach the prior page..then page should display a message like "web page expired" in asp.net can i use javascript for this? for example.. there are 4 pages in web sites. 1,2 and 3 can be back. but when the 4th page run then 4th page can not be back... when the user press browser's back button , diaplay ma message "weg page expired".

Make The Browser Back Button Work For The Main Page When Using Iframes? stackoverflow.com

We have a problem with IE. On a web page with a form, multiple frames are created via javascript. This is due to some crappy WYSIWYG. The problem is that when the user clicks on the browser "back" button, you'd expect the entire page to go back. This is what happens in FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. But for IE, you have to click the back button for each frame on the page, even if you don't do anything else but load the page. Knowing that sometimes +20 frames can be on the same page (many textfields), this is a real pain for users. how do you make the browser back button work for the main page, regardless of the amount of frames you have on the page ?

Users Press The Browser's Back Button To Reach The Prior Page - Then Page Should Display A Message Like... stackoverflow.com

If users press the browser's back button to reach the prior page..then page should display a message like "web page expired" in asp.net Can i use javascript for this? For example.. There are 4 pages in web sites. 1,2 and 3 can be back. but when the 4th page run then 4th page can not be back... when the user press browser's back button , diaplay ma message "weg page expired".

Dynamic Form Dissapear When Using Back Button www.sitepoint.com

I create a dynamic form which appear when user click on + button. The problem is, if the user make a mistake and they want to go back using back button after the form is submitted, the dynamic for dissapear. Is there a way to make the dynamic form stay, even after you submit, then you use back button to the original page.

Jquery :: Execute Code When Page Load Ready Or Page Is Being Visible Through Back Button stackoverflow.com

I was wondering, how I can use JQuery, to execute a same code, when either a page is loaded ready, or a page is visible to user due to back button clicked? $(document).ready(function(){ // Work only first time page loading. // How about when user click on back button and come to this HTML page? alert('You c this page, as it is either first time loading, or user click on back button'); });

Clearing Results Of DataGrid From Page www.vbforums.com

I have the following page and what I'd like to be able to do is that when the user clicks on the clear button that it disposes of the results of the datagridview and reloads the page. Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Data Partial Class _Default Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected Sub whosoncallButton_click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles whosoncallButton.Click [Code] .......

Reload Or Rebind Data Of Parent Page? forums.asp.net

I've a page to display record details from an objectdatasource. i've added a button for each record and by clicking on it a popup window appears and show a form to update the details of that record. After user press the save button on the form, how can I reload the parent page or rebind data on it so that the updated data can be shown?

Handle Reload Button Event Or Block It? www.codingforums.com

I am generating a report on submit click.Due to size of data query execution takes some time to display result, in mean time if user press reload button on browser toolbar consequently same query request going to database and the performance become slow down. I am able to restrict user from clicking F5 and ctrl+R button but not reload button. I there any way to handle event on reload button? or can we disable reload button on submit?

Web Forms :: How To Disable Back Button In All Browsers forums.asp.net

I'm doing a quiz website.I have "start.aspx" page which is having "start test" button. When i click on that button,the web page will be redirected to "quiz.aspx" page where i'm displaying questions for users.I have totally 10 questions.but i will display one question at a time in my "quiz.aspx" page.The questions will change when user click on the "next" button.So here,When user finished answering first question,he will click on the "next" button to display second question in the same page.At this time,when he click on back button in the browser window, it should not go back. for this i have tried the following code. [Code].... But it's not working in both IE and firefox.. Alternatively also I have tried to remove cache and i wrote the following Response.CacheControl = "no-cache" but it's working in IE and not in firefox.. I'm spending more time in this back button issue..

Forms Data Controls :: Calling User Defined Grid Control Two Time's On A Page? forums.asp.net

i created a user control and place a button on it.i drag dropped the user control on a aspx page and wrote the grid load and button clicks in the user control.now i got a requirement to use the same user control grid and button to again use on the same page.however the data populated will be different and the button click functionality will be different.how can i reload the different data on the second grid as i had already wrote the code in the first one

Read Input Fields On WebPage From Visual Basic www.vbcity.com

If you are on a web page which has 6 fields for a user to enter data. The user hits a button which displays everything the user typed in the previous form. (Finished Product)Once you are on this web page I want to run a Visual Basic program which will capture the users entered data. The user will click a button on my custom browser to start the program to capture the data.Any ides on how to accomplish this one?Edited by - cmc on 12/16/2003 7:17:06 AM

Launching Windows Form App From Webpage Using C# forums.asp.net

how do I launch a windows form from a web page. For instance, when you click a button the windows form should launch and the web page should continue to run in the background without the user seeing it (this is there a way to keep the web page alive after the windows form app launch)

Php Javascript Postback bytes.com

How can I do the following using php/javascript Page 1 has a form with a text field, when you click on a link next to the textfield it launches page2 where you click on a picture which returns a value back to page 1 without page 1 reloading. So basically I want to launch a new page2 from page1 and then return a value back to the form on page 1.

C# - Advanced Search Form Results In A Grid And Back Button stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a asp.net forms web application where I've got advanced search form with grid listing results below. Grid is sortable and pageable. Grid is listing products. I've got two requirements : 1) make the url remember the advanced search form state so search results page can be bookmarked etc. 2) on the product details page there is a back button that should take the user to the advanced search page with the same settings in the form and same grid state. I have implemented a workaround to above two problems but I don't think my solution is very clean and I'd like to hear better ideas. My workaround is as follows : 1) I iterate through form fields and I put values into the querystring after the hash. So when the page is loaded it gets the values from url if available. 2) when user clicks a link to product details page from the grid I use javascript to create a cookie with url to advanced search page so when rendering the product details page I know the url for the back button.

Blog Post Comment Without Page Refresh (ajax)? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make comments on my page just like the ones in wordpress. When you press post comments your page updates without reload. How can I do that? I understand I have to use jquery post, and I've had several attempts but for some reason my web page keeps reloading. I have a form like this : <form name="postForm" id="postForm" action="addComments.php" method="post"> <textarea name="commentContent"></textarea> <input type="submit" name="commentButton" id="commentButton"> </form> I tried $("#commentButton").click(function() do something .. but I still get the page reload. I mean I have the php part ready, working with page reload like an ordinary form just fine, just I'd like to learn and do this without page reload. Any idea how can I make this happen?

JQuery :: Detect User Has Clicked Back Button? forum.jquery.com

how do i detect user has clicked back button of browser and i want to prevent it from redirecting to back page i dont want to disable the back button

$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] Inside An Echo Statement? www.phpfreaks.com

I have an if clause such that if a button is pressed on my web page then i want to reload the page and include a new form on it. I am having a problem getting the $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] command to work from iside a echo command. I must not be escaping the code correctly with back slashes: I currently have the line : � echo"<form�method="POST"�action="<?$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>">"; However this doesnt seem to work as my page just doesnt display in the browser.

Find User Control's Id In Aspx Page? stackoverflow.com

I have an aspx web application in which 1 aspx page and 1 web user controls exist. I added 4 instances of the user control in aspx page. There is a remove button in user control which is used to remove the control from the aspx page. If I click on remove button of the user control, how can I find that which user control's remove button is clicked from the aspx page.

JQuery :: Restart Animation After User Presses Back Button? forum.jquery.com

I have a javascript animation built with animate(). Whenever the page is reloaded, it is playing correctly, the problem is when the user navigates away from that page and the presses the Back button to go back to the previous page with the animation. The animation does not play again, it just shows the last state (probably because it's cached/in history?). Is there any way to restart the animation after the user presses the Back button?

Back Button Like Windows Explorer www.codeguru.com

Hi Guru,I have an MDI form with 10 child forms eg: Form1 to Form10.On the MDI form user can go to any child form by clicking a button in the MDI toolbar.My question is how to go back to the previous form by clicking a "Back" button on the toolbar, if user has gone through few forms eg: first go to Form3, then Form7, then Form 1, then Form 10 and from Form10 if user wants to go back to the previous form, how?Looks funny but I want it, please help.Thanks.Shoby.

AJAX :: UpdatePanel Causing Page Reload forums.asp.net

I have a page reload problem. I am using .NET 3.5 and I have 2 update panels, one containing grid and another containing text boxes and buttons. I can fill the grid and everything works fine. If I leave the page running for about 10 - 15 minutes or so and then I try to refill the grid or click any button, it does not post back and reloads the whole page. I do not use any scripts or any client side functions.

AJAX :: Refresh Modal Popup Extender Each Time The Button Is Clicked? forums.asp.net

I have a user control and inside that user control I have a image button on whose click I am opening a modalpopup extender(which is another user control) I am populating all the values in drop down list and getting all the information i need on the form. The user and go and save the information required on that web form and clicking on cancel would exit the form which would bring the user back to the main user control. The problems faced: 1.Problem 1: Not refreshing On clicking on tree view one of the nodes I am calling the reload function of parent user control as well as the user control present as popupextender. This click would refresh and fill in the values from the database for user to view and edit. Now when the user clicks on the image button another user control opens up where he can edit the entire values of the form and move back and forth in the records I have put update panels for every block and for the buttons. He can save the information. But when he exits and form and reopens it after a while the values of the form are retained the values which are not saved to the database but the ones which were selected so it is retaining them and not refreshing. How can I force the refresh everytime the button is clicked for modalpopup extender user control. 2. Problem 2 enable/disable buttons I am not able to enable and disable the buttons inside the extender the buttons are in the update panel as well as for the different sections of the form.

How To Modify Web.config File To Open Application For Known And Unknown Users forums.asp.net

The part of my web.config is following: <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="login.aspx"> </forms> </authentication> This code gives always redirect to login.aspx page then after succesfull log in, application is redirected to default page default.aspx. And this is the case when the user is known because user gives permission to log in (user obtain login and password before log in) Now I decided to open my web application for anymous users and I have question - How to modify web.config file to open for example homepage.aspx for all visitiors but when the visitor clicks in Login button in application he will be redirected to login.aspx page and asked to write login and password. From this moment he not wil be anymous. I think about two independent part of my application: one is for all visitors and it runs when visitor input the name of the webpage (www.xyz.com), second is for identifying users which (their login and passwords) exists in database - there is the button in the application which after clicking redirects user to login page.

Web Forms :: Disabling Back Button After Logout? forums.asp.net

I am having a link button to logout on a master page. when i click on logout on a particular web form i am redirecting to login page. What i need is when i hit back button it should not go to the previous page. I have written java script but it works only for Home page. When i am clicking logout other than home page it's redirectiing me to that page so what should i do for this..

Why Pretender Does Not Write Out The Updated Changes forums.asp.net

I have a user control in page which is effectively a list of links to other site pages. The content are built up by clicking other buttons on the page. I press the 'Save' button and an item is added to the list. The list is contained in session and is limited to 5 items. The control updates session at postback then reloads at prerender to take into account the previous update to session. When a user selecet one of the links then goes back to the original page via the browser back button the postback state does not reflect changes made. When I look at the source code the prerendered items are not included so its easy to see why the browser reloads the initial page, not the changes page. Is there any reason why pretender does not write out the updated changes?

State Management :: Transfer Data From First Page To End? forums.asp.net

i have a problem to transfer data from first page to another page... basicly my web site that i build now have like 4 pages..so i name it registration1 - registration4 ... the problem i face now is when user click to next page button..so the data entered on that page cannot retrieve from another page...for example.. firstpage ; -User enter data on the form that i design for registration...and then click send.. second page: -user enter another data on the other form again...and click send third page: -user enter another data on the other form again...and click send forth page: -all the information give to user from first page to 3rd page will display..and have a button to print all the information.. my problem is i cant retrieve data from every single page...

Restore Form To Initial Values? stackoverflow.com

My web application has a form with four select elements. Just the first one has data. When user selects the first one, the second one is populated with data and so on. After submission, users can click on back button. If they do that, the form gets messy. To prevent this, I want to restore the form to the initial value. How could I do that when back button is pressed?

Remove/Disable Script When Using Browser's Back Button? stackoverflow.com

I have a page that consists of two frames: one being a flash app, and one being an aspx page with a user control that contains a grid with several "add to cart" buttons. When the user clicks a button I would like to reload the whole window with a shopping cart page. I found out how to do so here quite nicely by avoiding response.redirect, and using response.write to insert some javascript that redirects.The problem is that when the user hits the back button from the shopping cart page, the script executes again, effectively canceling out the back button. (bad usability)So my question is, is there a way to detect if the user arrived at the page via the back button and avoid executing the script?