Web Forms :: Masterpage Not Displaying Properly In IE Compatibility View Or Safari


I am building a website that isnt displaying properly accros browsers. It displays fine in FireFox and IE but does not display correctly in IE compatibility view or Safari. The problem is that I have a background header image that is different on the left and right so I cant do a repeat and center the content div. I was able to acheif the effect by building a table with three columns. But on safari, the backround of the outside columns does not show because there is no content in those columns. In IE compatibiliy mode, the columns disappear and the center column is shifted to the left. Anyone have any ideas? HEre is my code. <body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 100%"> <tr> <td style="background-image: url(Images/MasterPage/BKGbodyLeft.png); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: left top"> </td> <td style="width: 1020px"> <div> <div id="Header"> </div> <div id="Content" style="padding-top: 20px; height: 630px"> <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="ContentPlaceHolder1" runat="server"> </asp:ContentPlaceHolder> </div> <div id="Footer"> </div> </div> </td> <td style="background-image: url(Images/MasterPage/BKGbodyRight.png); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: left top"> </td> </tr> </table> </form> </body>

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I'm using the VS2005 & SP1 and my web forms report viewer control toolbar is acting very strangely in Safari during runtime. (1) Not like in IE 7 - display all buttons in one line. it is displaying icons on several separate lines . (2) The report contents were narrowed in Safari. it was not wide as in IE 7. ( see RED vertical lines ) [Code]....

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In web application I'm using devexpress toolkit, and have the right (correct) result in IE only (using also some java-script), on clicking event for example is working in chrome and safari, but in Firefox and Opera not The grid view are not showed properly in division in any other browser, except IE!

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I have asp.net web site which has master page ajax and css file.... I have change masterpage and change master page reference in each page to new masterpage name. then i open aspx page and open in design view no problem i can see new lay out colours and images, when i right click on file name and click on view on browser page open in IE but not images no styles. try on Firefox same problem.

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i have master page that when i run this with ie(in compatibility view) page correct load and my menu bgground repeate as true! but when compatibility view is disable page dont show in correct and menu section bgground not repeate and a part of page show empty page bgground(bgground for this section can't show)!!! how i can set in code behind a command for compatibility view for all time active? and in firefox or google Chrome howto?(in these browser page show like ie normal mode)

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I have a bug that is only seeming to effect IE 8.Also has a weird display issue in IE8, but not in "compatibility view", which the bug may fix. Works and looks beautiful is Safari and Firefox.

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when i click the link button in Masterpage the window has to close. This function is working properly in IE but in fireFox or chrome or Safari Other than IE in all browsers postback is happening. my code : [code]....

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Created in VS2008 The login page is created with the masterpage and it has the header picture. After Logout or run FormsAuthentication.SignOut(); The login page is not showing correctly with the header (from master page). And the setting on the web.config as below: <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="Login.aspx" name=".ASPXFORMSAUTH"> </forms> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users="?" /> </authorization> Is there any reason why the header from masterpage can not be viewed from the login page?

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I have written methods to override the LoadPageStateFromPersistenceMedium and SavePageStateToPersistenceMedium methods. now the problem is that i am using a masterpage, so how do i maintain using my masterpage and still inherit from System.Web.UI.Page? Bear in mind that the .vb Code behind the masterpage already inherits System.Web.UI.MasterPage. Anybody know how i can "properly" override these methods in a MasterPage?

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I would just like to raise an opinion regarding the asp.net menu control in .NET Framework 2.0.We have a number of web applications,both internal and external,that currently employs the menu control.This is placed in a masterpage and pulls its data from a sitemap file.This is indeed a very handy and the least expensive(than employing expensive third-party asp.net menu controls too powerful for its use) solution as we needed basic navigation menu functionalities only. However,the built-in menu control in .NET 2.0 is a problem when it comes to browser compatibility.Two issues that I want to highlight are:its compatibility with Safari and Chrome its compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility issues with Safari and Chrome To fix this issue is plain and simple.You can add the below code to your pre_init event: [Code]... You may have hundreds of pages and pasting this into each page may be a dilemma especially if you hate working like a repetitively-tasked labour monkey for hours. You can simply place this code in a global class(mine is named PageBase.vb)and inherit every page from it ("inherit PageBase" will replace "inherit System.Web.UI.Page").This will reduce your task to simply doing a quick find-and-replace method. Compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8 I am aware that the .NET Framework team and the IE team had a debate on this making the .NET Framework team to admit they were wrong in their dynamic menu control display mechanism.From here,the .NET guys issued a hotfix to fix a number of issues within .NET Framework 2.0.Find more details here. Apparently,we have a number of applications in a number of our servers.For people who may want to slag me for not having a central server for web applications,we do this for DMZ zoning for different target client/customer groups.This hotfix now requires us to install it to all servers where it is needed.This is another problem and it is costly.We have a number of third party applications,both web and desktop softwares,that maybe affected by this hotfix.This may require risk assessments and systematic testing to applications using .NET Framework 2.0. Our IT is our strategic asset so doing small hotfixes like this may pose huge risks to our current operations.I am not looking for answers as what I raised was no question but an opinion.

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I've just started developing a web site in VS 2008. When I try and view the page (click 'start debugging') an IE window pops up displaying a directory listing of all the files in my web application directory rather than my masterpage or content. Why is this and how can I correct it?


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I have web.sitemap file that is setup properly.I have a menu that is displaying the parent but popouts are not displaying the sublevel menu items, the popup appears but there are no links.The sitemappath does not even show up on the screen.web.sitemap [Code].... masterpage menu & sitemappath controls [Code]....

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Are there any plugins or something like that where you can view web pages in Internet Explorer? I have both Safari and Firefox. Firefox has an IE view add-on, but it doesn't work with Max OSX. I don't want to have to run Boot Camp or similar product to run windows. I just want to see what web pages look like in IE when I am coding.

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Today I realized that I no longer have a "Web Content Form" option (where you select a MasterPage) when I add new items to my ASP.NET web application. I know how to manually add a MasterPage to a web form, it's just such a pain - and I really don't understand why Web Content Forms suddenly are missing. Visual Studio Team System 2008, SP1, VB.NET, ASP.NET 3.5 I recently installed and uninstalled VisualSVN. My best guess is that screwed up my poor VS somehow.How do I get Web Content Forms back?

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Has anyone come across a good way to share MVC MasterPage views across different solutions? I am able to do it using web forms with a virtual directory but the same method does not seem to work for MVC MasterPages.

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not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this one, so apologies if it's not.A friend asked me to build a wordpress theme based on a layout he'd mocked up in photoshop. airly straight forward so far. Anyway, yesterday I uploaded it and it all looked fine in both FF and IE. I then checked it in Safari and the post and page content does not appear.When I view source code the content is in there, it just isn't being rendered to the page.Here's a link to a 'page' that views fine in firefox and ie, but doesnt display anything in safari.Here's a link to the archive page, where the same thing happens.Finally, here's a link to a post. Again, the same thing. Fine in FF and IE, blank in safari.Like I say, the site works as expected in IE and Firefox. I've also

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The following swf file does not render properly in many versions of IE on various Windoze platforms, but does on others and in my Mac OS Snow Leopard on Safari and almost correctly (small error) in FF: http:[url].... � The following swf file does not pull up the assets at least in my Mac OS Snow Leopard on FF but does do so in Safari. Also same problem on IE 8 on either Vista or XP (think Vista): http:[url].... That same swf file, embedded in a really stripped down plain Jane html doc as follows, does not render anything in Mac OS Snow Leopard with FF but has no problem in Safari: http:[url].... �<html><body><OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-[code]...... Flash doesn't have browser compatibility issues?

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My SWF works well in all three browsers when tested on my local system: Firefox, IE and Safari.However,when tested from the server FireFox and Safari both do not complete a portion of the SWF motion.I have a number of dots that move in from different directions then line up followed by moving text and objects.� in both Firefox and Safari the dots only begin to move then the SWF move on to display the other objects correctly.Am I looking at a timing issue or a loading issue?The site is [url].... view the top banner.

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Most web sites that I try to visit cause an error to display at the bottom of the screen - A problem displaying xxxx.com caused internet explorer to refresh the web page using compatibilty view.The problem is that even though it's using compatibility mode, it usually only displays the web site header info, there's no detail. This happens on most web sites. I have another pc with Windows 7 and IE9 and have no problems. I compared the settings and everything looks OK.

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Most of my pages use a master page. If I design the page completely in the Design View the controls display on the page properly, within their content placeholder space. But if I add the control programatically, its added outside the content placeholder area, which is to say, its basically added to the masterpage. Im trying to programatically add a System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table to a page in the Page_Load event with the following statement: Table table1 = new Table(); this.Controls.Add(table1); Everytime I view the page, the table is showing up below the <asp:Content></asp:Content> elements where Master content should be displayed. Do I have to add the table to the Content Control on the Masterpage? And if so, what would that code statement look like.

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For me, in 64 bit mode, Safari insists on using Preview to view PDFs (and which is slow and clunky). If I make Safari downgrade itself to 32 bit mode, it properly calls up Acrobat to view PDFs. How can I have Safari running in native 64 bit mode and call up Acrobat to view PDFs on webpages? Or is it not possible? Information: Mac mini Mac OS X (10.6.2)

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I have a Masterpage which contains two contentpalceholder, first one for a Usercontrol and second one for my web forms. Now I want to change the usercontrol's property of sqldatasource from out side of usercontrol such as some web forms. Can I access objects of usercontrol from the other web forms or masterpage?

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I have a MasterPage at Rool level. I have 2 content pages: RootContent.aspx - at Root folder where MasterPage is, and SubFolderContent.aspx - inside a subfolder. Now, the css styles like backgroung images etc are displayed properly when I open RootContent.aspx, but when I navigate to SubFolderContent.aspx, these style are not displayed. Is there any security issue that SubFolderContent.aspx cannot access the Root level master page style. I have used the following Page Directive in SubFolderContent.aspx: <%@ Page Title="" Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/DefaultMaster.master" ...

AJAX :: Update A Masterpage Label From A Content Page? forums.asp.net

Using .NET 3.5 I have a MasterPage with no Ajax on it. I have one Content page with my Ajax ScriptManager and UpdatePanel with a Multi-View. When I navigate on a button click in the Multi-View I need to update a Label on the MasterPage. I wrote some code using FindControl and it updates the MasterPage Label in the code but my MasterPage Label does not change. I guess it's because the MasterPage isn't reloading?

Asp.net - Navigation SiteMathPath - SiteMapPath Control Is Not Displaying On The Masterpage When I Log... stackoverflow.com

My application has a number of different users, currently there are different masterpages set up for them. The idea is for some type of breadcrumb in the system i.e. home > details > ...What is the best approach for this? I think I will need to define the separate paths that each user can have (all the pages they can view) in the Web.sitemap (will have multiple SiteMapPaths) and then add the sitemap control to masterpage and link them to the appropriate SiteMapPath, does this sound like the right way to approach this? I am having an issue with setting up the SiteMapPath within the masterpage. I used the following tutorial http:[url]....aspx to try to use the control, but the SiteMapPath control is not displaying on the masterpage when I log in do you know what the problem might be? Web.sitemap: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <siteMap xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/AspNet/SiteMap-File-1.0" >[code].....

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Im developing a website in asp.net where i want to connect the Payment gateway(rbs worldpay) as instructed im connecting to the payment gateway...the problem is, there im using some html button to connect the gate way as per the instructions the input button should be in form tag .in masterpage inherited aspx page we dont have any form tag the button is working properly when i placed that html code in content placeholder 1 but the button is displayed above the page......if i place that code in content place holder 2 the button is not working........... im placing the code [code]....

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I have a register form that have many controls and validators.On the left side of the form, there's File upload control and one button name upload which has both client side and server side event.The problem is my upload button was working properly on firefox, chrome, safari but it's server side click event not firing on IE, not event postback. I was already define causes validation for that button was false.I don't know why and if anyone know the solution.

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I start a new blank project on VS2008. I right click the blank solution on solution explorer and click the add new project command I choose a web project template. Firs I add a new item as a masterpage. Later, I want to add a new file to the web project which is use a masterpage but I can not see to select "select master page" options on "add new item" display screen If I start a new project as a web site directly, no prob.

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I'm getting a date string in the form "2011-01-27T04:59:00Z" from a web service call. Firefox and Chrome have no problem parsing the string with var d = new Date("2011-01-27T04:59:00Z"), but Safari and IE won't stand for it. I can parse the string myself and feed it to Date.parse() or Date.UTC(), but I'm wondering why (1) such a disparity exists among browsers in something so basic as a Date object, and (2) why a public API would return a date string in a format that is rejected by Safari and (especially) IE.

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I am having an issue with an animation constructed on a Mac using CS4 appearing differently when viewed online using a PC. When viewed on a PC the letter 'a' within the logo drops below the border of the small red square. On a Mac it appears as designed, centered within the red square. Website [URL]. It seems to be a PC hardware difference as the animation appears incorrectly using either IE and Safari using a PC while on a mac on all available browsers, Safari, Firefox,Opera, Flock the animation displays correctly.

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Now that I got my 24" LCD that apparently can't be pivot from landscape to portrait mode in OSX, I would like to at least be able to view two web pages side by side, since the 24" display is wide enough for this. Alas, I don't see a way of opening a second instance of Safari (the way you can do it with IE Explorer in Windows side).

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I have created a Web User control that is made up of a Multiview with 2 views inside the Multiview. I have buttons on both views and a gridview on 1 view. My question is when I drop this Web User Control on a Web Form all I see is [MultiView"MultiView1"] and when I view the from in the browser I dont see the Web User Control. why the Web User Control is not displaying or rendering.

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I have a Masterpage that contains a menu (Menu1) In my WebPage Load Procedure (default1.aspx.vb) I have code Menu1.items(0).text="Blah Blah" Visual Studio says Menu1 is not declared. It is declared in MasterPage and Default1.aspx is properly bound to MasterPage. I do not want to put code in masterpage.aspx.vb. Events for Menu1 are handled in Default1.aspx.vb so why can't I access Menu1 properties in Page Load? How do I do it?

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I'm not looking for an app that lets me read the HTML of web pages or create web pages which is all I can see to find searching the store. I have a folder of offline HTML files that I use as reference material and I used Dropbox to put it on my iPad 3rd Gen and it won't let me open it in Safari and says I don't have an app to view the files. I need an app that I can use to view the files or a way for me to upload them so I can view them in safari.

Actionscript 3 :: Flash / TextField / Safari - Can't Type Into Text Field When Wmode Is Set To Trans... stackoverflow.com

Why are text fields not catching events properly in Safari when wmode is transparent (no problems in ie/ff/chrome)? The only workarounds I've found involve sending html form field events to flash through an external interface (eg. overlaying html form on flash). Edit: Swfobject embed code...<script> var swfVersionStr = "10.2.0"; var xiSwfUrlStr = "playerProductInstall.swf"; var flashvars = {}; [Code].....

Localization :: Page Can't Display Chinese Characters? forums.asp.net

I spent a couple days to try to find the solutions online. I am developing a web site which needs to display some Chinese characters. In the MasterPage, I put <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> in the <Head>. In the MasterPage there are are navigation menus which are Chinese character. I have a web page Default.aspx which uses the MasterPage. In Default.aspx I have some <asp:Label>s which are Chinese characters. On the local computer, I can see all of the Chinese characters. But the problem is: after I ftp all of the files to my web server (DiscountAsp.Net), I only can see the Chinese characters in the MasterPage, I can not see the Chinese characters which belongs to the Default.aspx. Instead of Chinese characters, it displayed weird letters.

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The .NET Framework 3.5 renders the ASP.NET Menu Control as nested tables (bad for browser compatibility), however .NET Framework 4.0 renders the Menu Control as UL and LI's which is CSS friendly (good for browser compatibility especially for Google Chrome & Safari).So how would one go about registering asp.net 4.0 on the web server and with my VS 2008 WAP to get the .NET Framework 4.0 rendered results for the Menu Control. FYI I already installed .NET Framework 4.0 on the 2008 Web Server

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I've got an interesting one here - I honestly don't think I've had this issue before. My folder system looks something like this (as noobish as it may be): -Root ../Pages ../Pages/Admin ../Pages/OtherFolder ../Pages/AnotherFolder etc. Now - I've got a Masterpage file in the Pages folder which is the general look of the entire site. Then, in each Pages Folder there's going to be another Masterpage inheriting the Page Folder Masterpage File.This seemed like a very simple and standard approach. But I'm having an issue. When editing the application in VWD2008E - I can see the Page Masterpage file just fine in Design View. But when trying to look at the the Masterpage Files, say the Admin Folder or the OtherFolder, in Design View - nothing shows except the Page Masterpage. It's really frustrating. Oddly, when running the application, no errors pop up and the sub-folder masterpages/pages show up just fine. They simply won't display in the editor.

Error / The Type Or Namespace Name 'DefaultLayoutMain' Does Not Exist In The Namespace forums.asp.net

I'm getting an error: The type or namespace name 'DefaultLayoutMain' does not exist in the namespace 'StockHill.Web.MasterPages' (are you missing an assembly reference?) and (I think related) error:'object' does not contain a definition for 'Master' This is my code: public new StockHill.Web.MasterPages.DefaultLayoutMain Master { get { return ((StockHill.Web.MasterPages.DefaultLayoutMain)(base.Master)); }

Internet Explorer 8 - IE 8 To Reload A Page In Compatibility View? stackoverflow.com

I'm testing a fairly complex Javascript-based web application in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista. After loading the application, IE is in "standards" browser mode and "IE 8 standards" document mode. While the application is running, IE will sometimes reload the page and display a message saying something like "A display problem with (URL) has caused Internet Explorer to reload the page in compatibility view" (not the exact message, I'm on a non-English version of Vista). After the reload, the browser is in Quirks mode. Debugging the Javascript code has been an exercise in futility since the problem can't be reliably reproduced or narrowed down

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I have a MasterPage which is in the root folder of my web. The MasterPage contains an image which is stored in a folder called Imaages which is below the root folder. The reference in the MasterPage is: <img src="Images/LeagueHeader.gif" alt="LeagueHeader"/> [Code].... The pages in the sub folders work, but the ones in the root do not.How do I reference the images on my Masterpage so they work both on pages in the root of my web site and in sub folders?

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I would like to store some querystring variables in hidden form elements on the masterpage and reference them from web user controls so that I can preserve the information and consolidate the code in one place... However, I cannot seem to get access to the information from the web user controls.... I am using public variables on the masterpage to set and get the hidden form element data, e.g: [code].....

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I have created a great stand-alone web form in asp.net utilizing many jQuery features and CSS. It works fine. When I re-create it as a web content form as part of a MasterPage, my jQuery and javascript is completely ignored. I am referencing the pertinent jQuery and CSS in my of the MasterPage. I have a content placeholder at the bottom of the masterpage called "ScriptContent". In my content page, this is where I plug in the various jQuery methods and javascript. When I view the page source everything is there. However, it's all being ignored so to speak. What am I doing wrong?

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I m using Asp.net 2.0 to develop my web app. i m using Webhandler (.ashx) pages to wrrite some html from backend.. the code is work finr for IE but it is not work for mozilla,safari.. [Code].... alert message is not showing on mozilla,safari but it is working in IE. so i think context.Response.Write is not working ..

Javascript :: Mousewheel Scroll On Flash Content stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to change event for mousewheel after leaving / entering flash content. on flash - I want to scroll flash carousel on web - I want to scroll web content My problem is: Different browsers give different "focus" for flash element and therefore not properly triggered in events: Event.MOUSE_LEAVE, MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER. I have JS triggered for MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_LEAVE but this seems not to work. Also mouseWheel is attributed to the browser, not a flash object. Firefox 4.x/5.0 - fires them properly, without clicking Chrome 12.0.742.112 - it fires after the grant of "focus" or click on the flash object, like IE 9.0.1 JS code: function stopWheel(e){ if(!e){ e = window.event; } /* IE7, IE8, Chrome, Safari */ if(e.preventDefault) { e.preventDefault(); } /* Chrome, Safari, Firefox */ [Code]....

IWeb 09 :: Photo Albums Not Appearing In Safari On IPad discussions.apple.com

Using iWeb, I have successfully dragged photo albums onto a page and published the page (part of several). The published page displays and works properly when viewed in Safari on any standard laptop or workstation. The albums do not display however on the iPad.

Web Forms :: DropDownList Width? forums.asp.net

I am facing one strange scenario i.e. I am using dropdown list in my web form with width as 100px and populates the list from database. But when I view my dropdown list in IE it hides the long text after 100px, but when I view the same form in firefox then the dropdown's list box width is stretched according to the long text size.How can we achieve the same behavior of firefox in IE too.

OnChange Behaving Differently On Firefox And IE? www.codingforums.com

I am creating web page. I am in the early stages of building. But I have found that my onChange function behaves different on Firefox and IE.It work as it suppose to on Firefox but not on IE. On IE, onChange is not triggered when you select the an option. But triggers when you click the mouse the second time. Here the code, <html> <head> <title>Compatibility Test</title> [code].....

CSS Styles Not Applied On Dynamic Elements In Internet Explorer 7? stackoverflow.com

When we render dynamic elements with Javascript in IE7, the CSS styles are not applied. When we use the Web Developer toolbar to view the page, the dynamic elements do not appear. Pages render fine in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Is IE7 unable to apply CSS styles to dynamically created elements? IE8 renders the dynamic elements properly. This question applies to IE8 since we use the meta tag to force IE8 to render in IE7 mode.

Enlarging Fonts In Safari? discussions.apple.com

Other web browsers (IE, Firefox), let the user enlarge the font size for web pages. The ipad's Safari browser does not do this. This makes reading some web sites very difficult -- Such as the Apple Support Forum you're reading now. Panning and zooming the screen ins a very poor solution, because some sites won't zoom, but also because you have to scroll horizontally for every line of text. Is there a font size adjustment in the ipad Safari browser? Information: iPhone 4, iPad, MacBook Pro iOS 4

Eclipse Internal Browser To The Chrome Web Browser? stackoverflow.com

PHP Eclipse Internal Browser set the Internal Browser to the Chrome Web Browser.Clicked Windows > web Browser > Chrome (the other options of course were default, IE, FF) viewing a web page in the External Chrome Browser rendered differently when viewed in the PHP Eclipse Internal Browser(Set To Chrome).In comparing internal PHP Eclipse browser set to Chrome with external Chrome Browser.Negative Margins showed differently, Text Line heights showed differently.the presentation would be the same on the Internal and External Browser.changed the PHP Eclipse Internal Browser to use IE and Fire Fox.The presentation of webpages in internal PHP Eclipse browser does not seem to change despite changing the web browser it is to use.

Switching Betwen Datasheet And Form View - Version: Any Version www.utteraccess.com

I've got a main form with a subform on it. I've got a button on my mainform, that when pressed will determin what view the subform is in, either datasheet or form view. i want to be able to change views, ie, if its in form view, change it to datasheet view, and if its in datasheet view, change it to form view. Forms!frmCustomer.sfrmCustomerProjects.Form.CurrentView determines the view, but I am not sure how to set it, when I do Forms!frmCustomer.sfrmCustomerProjects.Form.CurrentView = 2, I get an error message saying the control is read only Any idea's

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I am using a WooTheme for Wordpress that has the loopedSlider script in it. Everything works fine in Firefox and Safari, etc. But in IE, no content is displayed after the slider. However, when you view source, you can see that it is there, but it is not displayed on the screen.code...