Web Forms :: Login Form - Storing Password?


I am using web (asp.net 3.5). c#In my login form i accept username and password.what is best way of fecthing username and password from user and saving in sqlserver in terms of security .Is encription and decription only way? then how do i implement it?

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I am trying to create a stored procedure to Call ALTER LOGIN based on the the username passed in. However, the Alter login statement chokes on any parameter. Is there a way I can alter sql logins from a web form ?  I try the following and it bombs   ALTER LOGIN @LoginName WITH PASSWORD = @Password  But this works ALTER LOGIN 'TestUser' WITH PASSWORD = '123test'  I guess the alter login statement does not work with Parameters.  Any thoughts ?

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Hi, i'm here and wish some help.I need to create a simple login ( not connected to database or whatever), using two forms, one for login, one for register. When someone register, the password is store in say array, then close and return to the login form. The user can login if the password define in the register form is the same as the one type in login form. Please help!Thank in advance

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I have an ASP.net website running with the authentication mode on the web.config file is Windows. The webpages at the root do not need to have login & password form. Now I created a subfolder called 'reports' and would like to implement a few web pages with the login & password authentication form. Question, do I need to create another web.config file in the 'reports' folder and update the authentication mode="Forms"?

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Hi All,I have a program that opens a web site OpenError = ShellExecute(0&, "Open", tvTreeView.SelectedItem.Text, "", "", vbNormalFocus)In this web page is a login button (control).When this button is selected a login form pops up.I would like to be able to select this login button (using VB) And when the login form appears, check the form name (to make sure I have the right form) and then enter a name and password and finally select ENTER to log in.I could use SendKey instructions, but I thought there might be a better way.Thanks

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Is ther a way to use one login form to login to multiple pages? Here is my login form:<form action="login.php" method="post" name="login"> �<!-- Show a simple login form --><input type="text" name="username" value="username"><input type="password" name="password" value="password"><input type="submit" value="login" name="login">&nbsp;</form> This logs me in to my main site. But I also needs it to login to /forum/login.php at the same time.

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My web will call some form from my friend. i want to ask,can my friend use session in my project?? because when login, i store some username and password in session. but when we publish,when my form redirect to his form, it not return session in his form. i want to ask you all,is this possible 2 web application share session? i think it possible because still in one browser.

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Hello all! I want to first thank you for your time in advance whether a reply is given or not!I am working on a project in VB6, I have create a login password form in which I have an OK button which if login and pass word is correct (stored in access) it goes to the Main Form as well as a Change Password button which enables the user to change the password. I have the Change Password form that has a label that shows the value from the textbox from the login page that when the users login is entered, but when i try to have that same function work on the Main form it doesnt work, the label on the Main form shows blank.This is the Function I am using...this is in the Login form (when the program runs)Public Function ShowLogIn() As StringShowLogIn = frmUser.txtUsername.TextEnd FunctionAnd this is the code that is in the Sub Form Load() that enables the label to show what the user enters in the Login textbox (which I am trying to get to show up in two different forms and only the one works)Private Sub Form_Load()lblName = frmUser.ShowLogIn()End SubThanks again!! Kudos!

C# - How To Set Login Control To Compare The Credentials Stored In Web.config stackoverflow.com

I have set my credential in web.config as : <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="Login.aspx" name=".ASPNETAUTH" protection="None" path="/" timeout="20"> <credentials passwordFormat="MD5"> <user name="Nayeem" password="pwd"></user> </credentials> </forms> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users="?"/> </authorization> and have my login control as : <asp:Login ID="LoginEmployees" runat="server"/> I want my login control to authenticate with the credentials given in the web.config file

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I've been implementing the Forms Authentication in ASP.NET with C# (v3.5).I created a simple login form, when the users' email & passwords are stored in my SQL db.When I login in my localhost, everything works just fine, but when I published the project and uploaded it on to my production web server, things got a little bit wierd for me.The ttpContentxt.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated variable return false, even if the login was successfull (and again, in localhost everything works fine).

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Have a project where I need to access a RSS feed. The issue is this RSS feed, you need to be logged in as a user. They have a simple web form (login + password). 1) Post a web form with my login and password 2) Maintaining Session (w/successful login), do an additiional GET to retrieve the RSS feed. I am doing this in an ASP.Net page so it all happens server side in VB.Net


VS 2008 Textbox From Form1 Put Into Web Browser On Form2? www.vbforums.com

Ok I have 2 text box on form 1... Username: TEXTBOX HERE Password: TEXTBOX HERE The web browser is on form 2... When I click login, how can I make the username text box text and the password text box text inject into the web browsers username and password text box's on the web browser ON THE OTHER FORM?

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I'm trying to get a password form to login into another form but ever time i hit the complie button it just goes to my main form rather then the login first,

Ubuntu Servers :: Login System Using MD5 Password Encryption _and_ MySQL Database? ubuntuforums.org

how to implement a password login system that both sends passwords over the internet in an encrypted form (so my users don't get that annoying message saying "this web site is about to send your password in an unsafe form..." and stores its user data in a MySQL database? This seems to need a combination of mod_auth_digest and mod_auth_mysql.

How To Modify Web.config File To Open Application For Known And Unknown Users forums.asp.net

The part of my web.config is following: <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="login.aspx"> </forms> </authentication> This code gives always redirect to login.aspx page then after succesfull log in, application is redirected to default page default.aspx. And this is the case when the user is known because user gives permission to log in (user obtain login and password before log in) Now I decided to open my web application for anymous users and I have question - How to modify web.config file to open for example homepage.aspx for all visitiors but when the visitor clicks in Login button in application he will be redirected to login.aspx page and asked to write login and password. From this moment he not wil be anymous. I think about two independent part of my application: one is for all visitors and it runs when visitor input the name of the webpage (www.xyz.com), second is for identifying users which (their login and passwords) exists in database - there is the button in the application which after clicking redirects user to login page.

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Im getting the following error when I try to login to web page with a valid username and password: Oops. The error: Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON'. This is my web.config : <configuration> <system.web> <customErrors mode="Off"/> <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name=".ASPXFORUM" loginUrl="login.aspx" protection="All" timeout="30" path="/" /> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users="?" /> </authorization> </system.web> </configuration> Anyone know what this error mean?

[2005] Open Default Web Browser Then Login To Secure Page? www.vbforums.com

I'd like to be able to to login to a secure website directly from within my VB.Net 2005 app. I can use the following to open the page in the user's default web browser System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("http://www.xxx.com/login") When you visit this webpage you're prompted for a username and password (using the .htaccess/.htpasswd method). I'd like to be able to bypass the login popup and go straight to the logged in form (I have username and password stored in my.settings

Login Form To Store Info? www.vbforums.com

I have just added a login form to my main form which just has a username textbox and a password textbox. What i basically want a user to be able to do is enter their username and password into these fields and then for the form to store the values there. So if they enter their username and password, and then click OK on the login form, if they were to open up the login form their details would still be there?I want to be able to call on these values else where? How do i store the info in the username and password fields? And if they then closed the form and opened it up again would it still remember what username and password had been entered?

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I'm new to ASP.NET. I have a custom login form on my web with login and password fields and OK button. I use my own MembershipProvider to authenticate user. The login control form is in the upper right corner of page and if user is successfully authenticated, I need to display his name and html link "Logout", instead of it. How can I get programatically user status and use it in condition for displaying login form/login status?

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how can we change the password in the login form when the form is executing

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I want to know how can I protect my password in login & register pages because I am not using .net's Login or CreateUserWizard controls.I want an encryption method for this process e.g. when storing password in the database form the register page and when comparing the password with stored password in database to varify a user in login page.

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This is a simple code for inserting values to database.But I'm getting syntax error in the insert statement.I'm attaching the code for reference.Do help me out Regards Ransha Dim mail,Login,password,conn,strSql Login=Request.Form("name") password=Request.Form("password") mail=Request.Form("email")'Creating connection Object Set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") conn.Open "PROVIDER=MICROSOFT.JET.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE=C:/example/login.mdb" strSql = "INSERT INTO Names (UserName, Password, Email) VALUES ('"&Login&"','"&password&"','"&mail&"')" conn.Execute(strSql) conn.Close Set conn=nothing

CURL - Submitting A Form With Duplicate Forms Of The Same Form Names stackoverflow.com

I am trying to POST to a page that has two forms with duplicate name elements. The problem is that one form gets the password value and the other form gets the login value. (I can see this by printing out curl_exec($ch);) I will include my code for the target URL and the formdata. How do I fix this? // my target url and form data $target = "http://www.example.com/login"; $formdata = "id=$login&password=$password&Submit=Log In"; Forms: <form id="login" name="login" method="post" action="login"> <label for="id">LOGIN ID</label> <input type="text" value="" name="id" maxlength="50" size="30"><br> <label for="password">Password ID</label> <input type="password" name="password" maxlength="12" size="30">......

Multiple Databases phpbuilder.com

I have this site where I've installed phpBB Forum, B2evo blogs, A GB and PhpLinks. All of them have their own databases. I also have a Form where members can register. The Form has Login and PassWord entry fields and the values are stored in the Member master table in a different databse. Is there someway I could also populate the Login/Password of all the applications on submission of the above form.

Establish Connection Between Web Form And Sql Database? forums.asp.net

need a simple video that can expalin me the simple connection between a web form and sql db i am a begineer, i am learning all the things from these website, i need a video tutoorial that will explain me that how to create a simple form and simple database and conect them and manage those datas, can you people understand what i am expecting, for example, just a user login page with user name and password , and we have to store that details with a data base, and how to see the details what we stored, thats it and how to edit those details, atleast i need the first set of connection and manupulating video.

Automatically Input Current User forums.aspfree.com

i have a database that users log into before they can do anything, after they log in, when they open up a form, i want the username that was used to log in to be displayed and stored in a field. how would i do that? Here are the relevant fields and tables Name ---------------------- Description USERS --------------------- contains username/password/success/date time for login Login ---------------------- Login form Username ------------------ Username field in 'Login' Password ------------------ Password field in 'Login' EXPOSURE_REPORT --------- Table that contains information for form VV EXPOSURE_REPORT --------- Form REPORTRECIEVEDBY -------- field that needs the current user stored in it there are 6 or 7 users total, if that's at all relevant, thanks!

VS 2008 - InnerHtml - Cannot Submit Form www.vbforums.com

I'm working on a easy-login client, but I can't hit submit for the love of god. my code looks a bit like this: Me.WebBrowser1.Document.All("Username").SetAttribute("value", txtUser) Me.WebBrowser1.Document.All("Password").SetAttribute("value", txtPw) Me.WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).InvokeMember("Login") I'm pretty certain I have the name right for login. The User and password fill in wonderfully. Any suggestions? (I've tried this on other web forms and I couldn't hit submit on them, either)

[Innerhtml] Submitted A Webform? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm working on a Habbo easy-login client, but I can't hit submit for the love of god.. my code looks a bit like this: Me.WebBrowser1.Document.All("Username").SetAttribute("value", txtUser) Me.WebBrowser1.Document.All("Password").SetAttribute("value", txtPw) Me.WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).InvokeMember("Login") I'm pretty certain I have the name right for login.. The User and password fill in wonderfully. (I've tried this on other web forms and I couldn't hit submit on them, either)

Security :: Web Application Authentication Using Database? forums.asp.net

I am developing a web application which requires user to login. There will be N number of users using website concurrently. We have a MySQL database which will store user information like Name, User ID, Password etc. I am not able to understand on how to check username and password once they enter data using Login form which will be present in DB.

Redirect While Carying Form Data bytes.com

relative PHP newbie, not new to computing or web design Login page -get data page (bringing user name and password in form variables). get data page -display data page (bringing user name and password in hidden form variables). display data page -approval page (bringing user name and password in hidden form variables. Also bringing disposition in a form variable.) Code:

Migrate Existing Users To Forms Authentication? stackoverflow.com

How do I migrate users from a existing users table to Forms Authentication? There seems to be three options: T-SQL - Iterate through the existing users table and insert into Forms Authentication tables using the stored procedure aspnet_Membership_CreateUser Code - create a utility that will iterate through the existing users table and insert into Forms Authentication tables using Membership.CreateUser() Code - as users login verify credentials against existing users table and insert into Forms Authentication tables using Membership.CreateUser() Which is the most practical? I have been currently trying option 1 but I am running into difficulties using the password salt to create the encrypted password from a plain text password

Web Forms :: Use Windows Form To Authenticate Against Asp forums.asp.net

I have a ASP.NET website which uses the standard ASP.NET Login Control for authenticating users. The user information is stored in a SQL Server database which is not accessible from client side. I want to write a standalone desktop windows form application which requires user to login with the same credential (username and password) used on the website. For the web-based form authentication, it's simple just to use the login control. Howerver, I have no idea for how to deal with the login for windows form application. My naive idea is to create a login web service which windows form application can utilize.

Use Return Key To Submit bytes.com

I have a form on a web page that requires to click on a button to submit the information. I have two questions about changing this form: 1. Is there a way that I can change the script so that the form can be submitted by hitting the enter key? 2. Is there a way that I can have the Username and Password boxes cleard after the form is submitted? You probably don't need the code for the form as it is pretty basic but here it is just in case. <form name=login><table width=225 border=1 cellpadding=3><tr><td colspan=2><center><font size="+2"><b>Bombers Only Area!</b></font></center></td></tr><tr><td>Username:</td><td><input type=text name=username></td></tr><tr><td>Password:</td><td><input type=password name=password size="20"></td></tr><tr><td colspan=2 align=center><input type=button value="Login!" onClick="Login()"></td></tr></table></form>

Form Authentication On Purely HTML Pages? stackoverflow.com

I am using forms authentication in IIS7 to password-protect a dev site, but the authentication seems to get by-passed when the site contains only static HTML files + login.aspx + web.config. When I renamed the files to .aspx, I am prompted with the login form I am not doing anything fancy. I have a very simple login script and it should just redirect to index.html afterward. To summarize, the entire site is using HTML (for now) and needs to be password protected. <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name="appNameAuth" path="/" loginUrl="~/login.aspx" defaultUrl="index.html" protection="All" timeout="525600"> <credentials passwordFormat="Clear"> <user name="<user>" password="<password>" /> </credentials> </forms> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users="?" /> </authorization>

Use An Alternate Form Of WebBrowser_DocumentComplete? social.msdn.microsoft.com

In the program I'm writing I need to have a form load a web page and insert a username and password, then if the resulting site of the login is the error page, it will show the original login form and if it succeeds in the login, it will show another form.[code]...

Add Stuff To The Existing Tables? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am making kind of like a login form, except a little more complicated. Right now I have an SQL Database that stores the login information. My question is, how do I add stuff to the existing tables? Like How would I have it so an admin can type in a new login and a new password, and have it so the form stores it in one of my tables in the database?

Storing Login Info In XML File? www.vbforums.com

Hi, I've created a login screen for my application and defined the username and password using the following code If UsenameBox.Text = "username" and PasswordBox.Text = "password" Then Me.Hide() Main.Show() It works great however, I need the user to be able to set their own password using a registration form with the details being stored in a xml file. There are no security concerns with the password being stored in a text file as it's a mock login screen.

SQL Server Security forums.databasejournal.com

Is this possible? if yess how can i implement this? At the time of the initial login,(Via web) the user should be forced to change the password to a unique and proper password known only to the user. The new password should be stored in the database in encrypted form so that even a Database administrator will be unable to read. (The administrator could reset the password, after which time the user would know a change occurred if the request to change was not authorized.)

Editting A Txt File On My Server... www.phpfreaks.com

I have a login form with username and password (html of course). When you hit submit, I want the php script i have to make a log of that login. Heres what I got for the html part: <form action="login.php" method="post"> Username: <input type="text" name="usr" /> Password: <input type="password" name="pass" /> <input type="submit" /> </form> I want the php's name to be login.php, and the text file's name is loginlog.txt.

Login Through Script To Any Website? stackoverflow.com

I have username and passwords in database table for many websites. Whenever I need to go through the website I have to copy and paste usernames and passwords to login. Which is very time consuming. So I need a php script by which I only need to click the link of website which I need to login and by using username and password from database, it automatically submit login form and redirect me to after login web page.

Cannot Disable The MDI Menustrip From The Login Form social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have a login form that opens during MDI form load event. What I want is during login process i want the MDI frm Menu strip to be disabled and can only be enbaled after succesful login. The login form is base on a table that I created with username and password and is working find. The only problem is i cannot disable the MDI menustrip from the login form. here is my code in login form that process the disabling of the menustrip1 from the MDI form mainfrm.menustrip1.enable = false

Login Details www.vbforums.com

In my project at the start there will be a dialog box,Login,that has Enter password,the correct password when typed and and enter is clicked will bring to the mainmenu,the password right now is in the code,I need to make a form to change the password,ie login form datails,with user name,earlier password,new password and confirm password,also the new password typed should be the one which should be entersd in the Login dialog when the system is run ,Does anyone have code or an example to do this? Thanx in advance

.NET 2.0 And 4.0 Seem To Treat The Root Url Differently In Forms Authentication? stackoverflow.com

If have the following web.config: <configuration> <system.web> <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name="MembershipCookie" loginUrl="Login.aspx" protection="All" [code]...

Send Data From A C# Application To A Website / Webserver? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to send data from a C# application to a web page while opening the browser e.g. if you had a login form online and wanted to post a username and password to that form from your C# application. I see something like open browser to the forms page and post the login details to that page from the program then the page can process the form straight away thus logging them on and sending them to the homepage.

Security :: Forms Authentication In Web.config / Access To Folder Be Made Via Login Form? forums.asp.net

i have a problem with forms authentication. i have a website and want to restrict access to an especific folder. i want the access to this folder be made via the login form this is what i have in the web.config <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name="Compra" loginUrl="wfLogin.aspx" path="/" protection="All" timeout="30" /> </authentication> <authorization> <allow users="*"/> </authorization> Then this to restrict folder <location path="Admin"> <system.web> <authorization> <deny users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </location> the problem is that when the user login with valid information the website return to the login form.

Security :: Use Login Control And In 3-tier Architecture? forums.asp.net

I am creating the web site (storing the employee Info) in this I am using 3-tire architecture ASP 2.0. But I am confusing that how to use the login control in this and how it wills validate the username and password with table store in my database. In this I have two table (fk_tbluser and tblemployee). In fk_tbluser all named user will store (username and password) and in the tblemployee(employee no and password) table I am storing the password of employee login. When Named user will login in the portal it has to pass the Admin in the username and password which stored in the fk_tbluser table. E.G: username : admin password : admin password which stored in the fk_tbluser table. When employee will login in the portal it has to pass the employeeno as username and password which stored in the tblemployee table. E.G: username: 000001 password : employee(000001) password which stored in the tblemployee

PHP Authentication ? www.sitepoint.com

I have 2 scripts and two forms. One form is a registration form that inputs a user name and a user password into a MySQL database. The password goes through MySQL's MD5 function. The login form is as basic as it can get, and the login PHP file tests the supplied user name and password against what's in MySQL. I put the submitted password through MySQL's MD5 function when I test...

MVC :: Missing Form Values In ViewData? forums.asp.net

I can't figure out why ViewData does not include any of my posted Form values. The data is accessible through the Request object, but I thought it should be accessible through the ViewDatadictionary interface. Can anyone suggest how I can see the data? (debugging proves that it posts to the correct Controller action). Page Source:<div class="frame"><form action="/User/Login" method="post"><table><tr><td><span class="label">Login</span></td></tr><tr><td><input id="Login" name="Login" type="text" value="" /></td></tr><tr><td><span class="label">Password</span></td></tr><tr><td><input id="Password" name="Password" type="password" /></td></tr><tr><td><input id="PersistentCookie" name="PersistentCookie" type="checkbox" value="true" /><span class="label">Remember Me</span></td></tr><tr><td><input class="" type="submit" value="Login" /></td></tr></table></form></div> User Controller: [AcceptVerbs (HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult Login () string Login = ViewData["Login"]; // this is empty! string Login2 = Request.Form["Login"] // this returns the value populated in the form! return View (); }

Security :: How To Coding Webpage To Access Secured Folder Without Pop Up The Windows Login forums.asp.net

I set up a secured folder in my website. When I access this folder via web page, it pop up a windows login form to ask for user name and password. I would like to code the asp.net page or java script to access this secured folder with username and password without pop up the login form. find the method for asp.net page accessing the secured folder automatically.

Web Browser And Login Form Help www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm tring to login to https://www.comsec.com.au/ using the web browser control but I can't figure out how to submit the form.I'm using the below code for another site which works but looking at the source for the above site it doesn't have a "submit" button to press.Can anyone help me to submit the form? Code:WB1.Document.All("" & LoginField & "").Value = "" & UserName & "" 'idWB1.Document.All("password").Value = "" & Password & "" 'passwordWB1.Document.getElementById("Submit").Click 'login

Web Browser And Login Form Help www.vbforums.com

I'm tring to login to https://www.comsec.com.au/ using the web browser control but I can't figure out how to submit the form.I'm using the below code for another site which works but looking at the source for the above site it doesn't have a "submit" button to press.Can anyone help me to submit the form?VB Code:WB1.Document.All("" & LoginField & "").Value = "" & UserName & "" 'idWB1.Document.All("password").Value = "" & Password & "" 'passwordWB1.Document.getElementById("Submit").Click 'login  

Is This Possible To Login With Our Own Form To Facebook / Google / Yahoo stackoverflow.com

I am going to creating a project in this user can enter username and password in my web form and that Username/Password will check in these following site with this following sequence if any first get authentication true user will be login... Google Twitter Facebook Yahoo blogger Linkedin myspace flickr open id AOL livejournal wordpress I have some question Is this possible to login with our own form to facebook, Google, yahoo, twiteer etc Is it good way? how can I do that?

VS 2008 Make Username And Password Form To Login Into Form2? www.vbforums.com

how make username and password form to login into form2

Verify Username Password From Access Database? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Login form in vb.net coding to verify username password from access database

Assign Startup Form In VB www.daniweb.com

I have an problem to assign a startup form in vb.net. I have three forms: 1) Registration Form 2) Login Form 3) Main Form Firstly i have set set startup form as registration in properties =>Application after registration completed or saved i am displaying the Login form by hiding the registration form. and entering username and password it displays the Main form. Now the twist when i exit from application next time i started to run my project where i can check if their is entry in registration form it will directly goto login form.

Password Login (looping) www.vbcity.com

hi there!i've created a password login form where the user can input the id no and password. All id no.s and passwords i have stored in a textfile/document (note pad)how can i write coding that when the user types in the id and password and clicks on login(cmd button) the program can look for the password and id no in the text file and if its the same its allows access to the main system?i think it deals with looping until the password and id is foundpls can anyone help me thanx  

Php - Login Form With An Event Of Clicking The Enter Key To Submit The Form - It Is Not Working In IE stackoverflow.com

I have a login form with an event of clicking the enter to submit the form, it is not working in IE <form name="login" action="" method="post"> <ul> <li class="col1">E-mail Address</li> <li class="col2"><input name="email_address" type="text" class="textfiled" /></li> <li class="col1">Password</li> <li class="col2"><input name="password" type="password" class="textfiled" /></li> [Code].... Here on submit button i have mention an event as onkeydown="javascript: if (window.event.keyCode == 13) login.submit(); else window.event.keyCode = null;" This is not working in IE

Logging In To Website Opens A New Tab? stackoverflow.com

I've been working on my personal website as of late, and even thought it's not a big problem because I'm the only one that sees it, it's annoying nonetheless. Whenever I go to my login page, it all works fine. If I enter a bad username/password, it will just print a simple text message error(intended). But, if I login correctly, then instead of redirecting to the root of my website as I intend, it will instead create a new tab in firefox and from there it will be in / (which is correct). The problem is why does it create a new tab? I didn't even think forms were capable of such a thing: My full login page is at [URL] The gist of it is: <form method="post" target="/login"> Username: <input type="text" name="username" /> <br /> Password: <input type="password" name="password" /> <br /> <input type="submit" name="Submit" /> </form> And my server side code is also very simple: if(RouteID=="login"){ if(AuthenticationModule.Login(Form["username"],Form["password"],false)){ //logged in correctly Response.Redirect("/"); //just go to the root of my site }else{ Write("You fail at life"); } }

Firefox Access Denied On Enter The ASP Site? forums.asp.net

I have an ASP.Net intranet application that is Windows (not form) authethicationin web.config setting. and it works fine on IE and users got straight into the application.However, when users use firefox 5.0, they got a prompt asking for ID and password and they have to give the Windows login ID and password again to login. However, if they use IE this step is not needed.It seems IE auto retrieve Windows login ID and password behind but not firefox.

Using OnLoad() To Focus Login Form- Error Handling bytes.com

I am trying to fix error- object does not exist- I want it possible to allow object not to exist. I am writing a script on a page that may or may not include a login form. For example-after a visitor logs in, the login form is no longer on the page, but other content is still there. I want to bring focus to the login form using the onLoad in the body tag.....but if the login form does not exist, I do not want to perform this function. The following code works fine for focusing the cursor on to the login form. (code) <html> <head> <title> Testing Javascript </title> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function addcursor () { if (document.login) { document.login.username.focus(); } } //--> </script> </head> <body OnLoad ="addcursor()"> <form name="login" id="login" action="" method="post"> <input type = "text" name="username" id="username" /> <input type="password" name="password" /> </form> </body> </html> (end code) But if you remove the form in the body section from the code, an error "object does not exist or is null" results.

Login Screen Attempt www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am trying to make a login form that will look in an access database for the user and password. I am getting an run-time error.Private Sub cmdLogin_Click()'Verify that the password is correct and enter the search form.If Login.HScroll1.Value = 2 Then EndEnd IfIf Login.txtUser.Text = "" Then Login.HScroll1.Value = Login.HScroll1.Value + 1 Exit SubEnd IfIf Login.txtUser.Text = "" Then Login.HScroll1.Value = Login.HScroll1.Value + 1 Exit SubEnd If Login.Data1.Recordset.FindFirst "Login = '" & Login.txtUser.Text & "'" If Login.Password.Caption = Login.txtPassword.Text Then MsgBox "Login Successful!" Login.Login.Caption = "" Login.Password.Caption = "" Login.txtUser.Text = "" Login.txtPassword.Text = "" Exit Sub End If MsgBox "Login Unsuccessful!" Login.txtUser.Text = "" Login.txtPassword.Text = "" Login.HScroll1.Value = Login.HScroll1.Value + 1End Sub In my access database I have two fields.One is named Loginand the other is Password I created the data box and the hscroll When I run the program and type in the user and password I get a debug error Run-time error '424' Object required I hit debug and this is the line that is highlighted in yellow. If Login.HScroll1.Value = 2 Then Any ideas?

How To Implement Encrypt / Decrypt Of User Password www.daniweb.com

I have designing a desktop application using VB.NET 2008 & SQL Server 2005.In my Application i have a frmUserRegistration to add a user & frmLogin to login to my application.i can add the user details in the database but my password seems to be in characters.Login form also works using my method. BUT MY PROBLEM IS THAT I DONT KNOW HOW TO STORE THE USER PASSWORD IN ENCRYPTED MANNER TO THE SQL DATABASE AND DECRYPT THE PASSWORD WHEN USER LOGIN TO MY APPLICATION.

IDE :: Main Form Is A Login Form If The USer And Password Matches social.msdn.microsoft.com

im trying to do where the main form is a login form if the USer and password matches that in the code it goes to the main screen if it doesent it launches a form saying this user and or password is incorrect and when you click ok it closes that message window as well as the login form stop the program from launching is has to match the user and password from the text on text box one and masked textbox 1.

Login Password www.vbforums.com

HiI have a login form inside my VB6 application.The user must provide a password to be able to use the application.Where should I store the password?I want to add a command button into my VB6 application "Change Password" that way I cannot store the password into the code.where should I store it?thanks in advance

Security :: Database Connection Authentication Using URL? forums.asp.net

I wish to create a Single Login Page for the Various Applicatioins i am creating and So i wish to authenticate the Database connection in these other Web Forms (Landing Page) from the url. http://localhost/Landing.aspx?<Username><Password> How do i create this feature?? and then extract the username and password on the other web forms??

Changing Password www.vbforums.com

i have a login form, the user will enter his name and password, if correct, they will have an option if they want to change his password, if yes a new form will appear asking for the old password, new pass word and confirm new password if everything matches the login form will appear. i'll use acces as my database . pls help.

Security :: Authenticate Forms Using Login Controls? forums.asp.net

I am trying to develop some forms in Visual Web Developer 2008. I have successfully used the login Controls to embed the Authentication into my forms but the problem is anyone can enter the Private Forms by simply entering the Address of private Forms in the address bar, so there is no meaning of Login Controls :(. For Example, i have a LoginMembers.aspx Form, which has those Login Controls, if you enters correct login Name and password, you are redirected to MyPage.aspx, but if someone hasnt entered the correct password , he should not be able to enter MyPage.aspx. But if i enter the address of the MyPage.aspx(http://localhost:1234/MyProject/MyPage.aspx) in addressbar, it can be accessed bypassing the LoginMembers.aspx page :confused: How to make private forms accessed by members who have logged in properly?

How To Authenticate Forms Using Login Controls www.vbforums.com

I am trying to develop some forms in Visual Web Developer 2008. I have successfully used the login Controls to embed the Authentication into my forms but the problem is anyone can enter the Private Forms by simply entering the Address of private Forms in the address bar, so there is no meaning of Login Controls . For Example, i have a LoginMembers.aspx Form, which has those Login Controls, if you enters correct login Name and password, you are redirected to MyPage.aspx, but if someone hasnt entered the correct password , he should not be able to enter MyPage.aspx. But if i enter the address of the MyPage.aspx(http://localhost:1234/MyProject/MyPage.aspx) in addressbar, it can be accessed bypassing the LoginMembers.aspx page How to make private forms accessed by members who have logged in properly?

How To Compare Encrypted Password Stored In DB With Unencypted One forums.devshed.com

I need to compare the encrypted password stored in mySQL database with one which I am getting from login form submit. Scenario is as follows: There is stored password in the table users which I need to compare in login process with one which user enters into this form: <form method=post action="mycheck.php"> <input type=text name=user> <input type=password name test_password> <input type=submit name="login"> The passed password value in mycheck.php is not encrypted but rather the original entry - although I do not understand this why. For sure if I compare this raw entry with one sititng in the DB there is no comparission since they are totally different. How to go over this? Where is the problem hidding.

User Login Redirect www.phpfreaks.com

Here what i got so far: if (!isset($_SESSION['logged_in'])){     // not logged in, show form echo "<form action="{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}" method="post"> user id <input type="text" id="username" name="username" size="30" value="" /><BR /> password <input type="password" id="password" name="password" size="30" value="" /><br /> <input type="submit" name="Login" value="Login" /></form>"; } else { header("Location: members.php"); }

Click On X (close) Button, It Closes The Login Form? bytes.com

I have a problem about shown event. I have a login form and a main form. I start the program with main form. then I used frmMain.Shown() to control the login form. When main form is shown, it checks Win. Registry if username and password is stored there. İf yes, login form comes and wants me to sign in and if not, it calls first login form to create a record in Registry.The problem is that; When I click on X (close) button, it closes the login form, but Main form is still running and I can use it without sign in. How do I solve this problem? Or is there any other way to controls if Registry has the record or not

Cannot Automatically Fill Form In A Page With Frame www.vbcity.com

Dear fiends,I would like log in automatically in this site:         http://www.fineco.itbut the web page have a frameI have try with one tons of code but nothing work...This are some examples: (web is webbrowser control)1) Web.Document.f2.login.login.Value (where f2=name of frame login=name of form login name on input text)2) Web.document.frames.item(2).form(0).login.value="text"The response is always the same: acces denidedWhy? I have also try to load all frame:Private Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant)   If (pDisp Is WebBrowser1.object) Then                .....here code......      End IfEnd SubPlease HELP ME 

Logging Out Cookie Not Working forums.devshed.com

here is the login page Code: <form method="POST" action="login-complete.php"> Username: <input type="text" name="username" size="20"><br> Password: <input type="password" name="password" size="20"><br> <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="login"></form> here is the login-complete PHP Code:

Username + Password Check www.phpfreaks.com

Okay so I have a registered name and password - a hashed one - stored in the database table called member. First, when someone submit the form for a login, how do I match the name the person typed with the name in the database, case-insensitive and how to I check whether the 2 passwords match since one is hashed, which is the one in the database. BTW, for the forms, I'm using $_SESSION to store the $_POST values.

Loggin forums.phpfreaks.com

Anyone know how to use PHP to login to a remote site from my site, and grab certain content? basically what I want to do is have a form that logs in to a site, at the moment Gmail, then it will return 5 of the users unread emails. I want a form like this: Enter login name: <input type="text" name="login"> Enter password: <input type="password" name="password"><input type="submit" value="Login">

Forms :: Best Approach To Checking Conditions Before Loading A Form www.vbdotnetforums.com

I have a form which asks for a username and password to connect to a MySQL database. Before I load the login form I would like to place a check to see if the connection information is stored in the My.Settings.<connection string..I am using Sub New() in the Form.Designer to do this by placing the following [code]The connection form does show but when i close the form there is a blank form that shows up.

Security :: Encrypt The Data In A Column Of A Simple Table In Sqlserver 2008? forums.asp.net

i created a asp.net form for registration without using login controls and a table for storing information. the passwords in the password column in the table is clearly visible in text form i want it to be in encrypted form.

Focusing On A Pop-up Form? www.vbforums.com

Hello friends! I'm working on this login pop-up form which will prompt the user to enter the password when the main form is shown. Meaning main form will be shown, and then on top of it the login form will pop-up. How do I make it so such that the user are unable to click and go back to the main form by clicking on the main form, and instead focus on the login popup form? Thanks for the help!

VS 2008 - SQL Server Login From Windows Forms App www.vbforums.com

The configuration is as follows Remote SQLserver 2005 back-end Windows Forms Front end (Visual studio 2008) Is there a way to provide the username and password for the data connection from a Login form and not have it stored in a Connection string? Even better, is there a way to invoke the SQL login window each time the app starts? I need each user to be able to use his own (sqlserver) login everytime the application is started.

VS 2008 : SQL Server Login From Windows Forms App? social.msdn.microsoft.com

The configuration is as follows Remote SQLserver 2005 back-end Windows Forms Front end (Visual studio 2008) Is there a way to provide the username and password for the data connection from a Login form and not have it stored in a Connection string?Even better, is there a way to invoke the SQL login window each time the app starts?I need each user to be able to use his own (sqlserver) login everytime the application is started.

Configuration :: Debug Not Working In Login Form? forums.asp.net

I'm starting a new web site which involves a Novell/LDAP login to enter. Just installed VS2008, using framework 2.0, configured web.config to use authentication using form login.aspx which is the LDAP form we reuse from app to app. Debug is enabled, in form and in VS options. I'm running with localhost web server. Problem is debug doesn't work in the login form, does not stop at breakpoints I put in page_load event. Tried to bypass the login form to make sure, turns out debug will work on some startup form I made but does not when I redirect to login form. It seems VS2008 does not like something in my login form.

Form Question - Implement A Simple Form phpbuilder.com

I'm trying to implement a simple form. I've pretty much been using the format in the PHP book I bought, but everytime I submit this form, it just reloads the form again. <p>Music Lab Login</p> <form action="<Full URL of this file>" method="post"> <p>Username:<br /> <input type="text" name="username" size="20" maxlength="20" value="" /></p> <p>Password:<br /> <input type="password" name="pw" size="20" maxlxength="20" value="" /></p> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Login" /> </form> <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { echo "Got it"; } ?>

Simulate Web Form Input. bytes.com

I need to log into a web page automatically. The web page has a password text field and a login button. (A form?) How do I simulate that a user logged in and entered the password and pressed the login button?

Navigating From One Page To Other? stackoverflow.com

i made a form in which i input login information....if the information was correct the next page opened else the login form appeared again with 'wrong info' note....for this i wrote the following code in the login.php(form page)...first within php tags i wrote if( isset( $_POST["h11"])) {echo "wrong password";} and then below this outside the php tags, within the form tags , i set the value of h11(type hidden) to true...after this i coded the entire login form with action="loginback.php"...now in loginback.php i tested if username and password provided by the user are correct...if not i redirected the page to login.php using header("location:login.php")....now my problem is that the message wrong password is not being displayed as when we redirect to login.php from loginback after checking inputted info,the value of isset() becomes 0 again.

Security :: How To Use Multiple Membership Providers forums.asp.net

In my web application am using ASP.Net Membership for authentication ann role management.But now i have a situation where i need to authenticate multiple clients against different DB based upon the URL request being send. Below is my web.Config Details. <authentication> <forms loginUrl="Login.aspx" defaultUrl="Login.aspx" /> </authentication> <membership defaultProvider="QuickStartMembershipSqlProvider"> <providers> <clear/> <add connectionStringName="MEMBERSHIP_AND_ROLES" minRequiredPasswordLength="5" minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters="0" enablePasswordReset="true" requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" applicationName="SecurityQuickStart" requiresUniqueEmail="true" passwordFormat="Hashed" name="QuickStartMembershipSqlProvider" type="System.Web.Security.SqlMembershipProvider, System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"/> </providers> </membership> <roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="QuickStartRoleManagerSqlProvider"> <providers> <clear/> <add connectionStringName="MEMBERSHIP_AND_ROLES" applicationName="SecurityQuickStart" name="QuickStartRoleManagerSqlProvider" type="System.Web.Security.SqlRoleProvider, System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"/> </providers> </roleManager> ConnectionString.Config: <add name="MEMBERSHIP_AND_ROLES" connectionString="Data Source=x.x.x.x;Initial Catalog=xxx;User ID=xxx;Password=xxx" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/> Am using form authentication for user authentication. In my login page am using Membership.ValidateUser(username,password),which is using default membership provider. Now my situation is i need to override the default DB and connect to multiple DB based on URL request send to my web server.

Login Form Linked With Sql www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi guys i have created a table in oracle sql named "login" with columns username and password.USERNAME PASSWORD----------- ------------xyz abcdxyz1 sdfg In a simple form in VB i have kept a combo box for storing xyz and xyz1 and a textbox for entering the password and a ENTER button.now i wanna to compare the values in oracle sql table and values entered in the form and only the authorized user should be allowed.Any idea how to implement this.What sql query to use etc.

Make A Login Form With 10 Accounts? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I want to make a Login Form that can allow 10 users to login with different user name!! I have created a Login Form but i don't know how to add an database to store the user profile which come form the another form! Also ,what I need to type in after I add the database to connect with the Login Form and my form that the user name come from??

VS 2005 Use XML Files As A Database? www.vbforums.com

I have created a login form that asks the user for the username and password fr authentication.Inspite of storing the username and the password in a database,can we store the same in a xml file and retrieve the data at the authentication time from the xml file?Is there any advantage/disadvantage of using the xml file in this particular case rather than using a database to store the username and the password?

Login Form www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have try to use login form using database connection and it seem that i cannot make it to work. It can work if i get data from the form itself. Here is some part of my login form code.Code:If txtPassword.Text = data.Recordset!Password ThenMsgBox "password correct"ElseMsgBox "password wrong"End IfThank you a million for helping me. I am a newbie in VB.

Security :: Direct Access To The Page Using Role & Membership Provider? forums.asp.net

I have a web app developed using role & membership provider... this is my web.config file <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="Forms/LogIn.aspx" name=".ASPXFORMSAUTH" defaultUrl="Forms/main.aspx" timeout="30"></forms> </authentication>[code].... So i would like that the page "pag1.aspx" is reached bypassing the "main.aspx" so If I try to digit directly on the server http://localhost/forms/pag1.aspx?C=159 ......correctly appears the login page....and the URL became.. http://localhost/Forms/LogIn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fForms%2fpag1.aspx%3fC%3d151&C=159 and after login I can see correctly the page1.aspx . when I try to reach the page from my browser..I digit http://myserver/forms/pag1.aspx?C=159 .... the login page appears...but the url became.. http://myserver/Forms/main.aspx and after login I cannot see the page1.aspx....but main.aspx

Passing Arguments To Web Page Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have been wrestling with a problem for days. The solution is probably simple but i am not that experienced with html.I have a vb program which sends info to a web page and as that page fills up a button is 'pressed' and the page is submitted, cleared and reloaded again.To login to the site the code is as followsoIE.Document.Forms("Login").All("district").Value = "district"oIE.Document.Forms("Login").All("password").Value = password"oIE.Document.Forms("Login").submitthen I navigate thru several pages via code to get where I need to go then the code I use is basically this (with non essential info cut out)N1 = "order.code"N2 = "order.quantity"While Not .EOF For x = 0 To 9 If Not .EOF Then oIE.Document.Forms(0).All(N1 & x).Value = ![Product No] oIE.Document.Forms(0).All(N2 & x).Value = !Qty .MoveNext End If If Err = 3021 Then Exit For Next While oIE.Busy: Wend oIE.Document.Forms(0).submitThis works fineSo as you can see i am able to put info into forms where required. Now my problem. I have written new software that basically does the same thing but at a different site.The login works fine but when the next page appears i am unable to enter any info into either of the 2 fields that are availableif i use the codeoIE.Document.Forms(0).All("Code").Value="1234" I get the error message'Object variable or with block variable not set"This is prolly because the forms(0) does not exist i think, although the form is there. I think i may need to access the document?The html code is different for the input on this page alsoOn the first page the code reads<input name="Password" type="password" id="Password" style="width:55px;" />On the second page the code is;<input id="SecurityCode" tabindex="1" name="SecurityCode" type="TEXT" value="" size="16" maxlength="6" />so i do not know if there is a different way to pass a value to the "Input ID" field as opposed to the INPUT NAME field.ANY help would be greatly appreciated as would some direction as to find out more about navigating or manipulating web pages from within VB. (events properties methods etc)Many thanks in advanceEDITI am wondering if it is possible that the new window that is being opened is a child window. Is there a different way to access this?

Client Login To Server Without SQL? www.vbforums.com

Is that possible to done this? If yes, how to done it? Client: [Client is made in VB.NET] Add new form: "Login Form" Add new form: "Form2" [Code]... if it is "LOGIN" then check is the username and password correct, after that send back to the client that the information is true so the client will show up Form2 if it is "REGISTER" then add new username and password to the server *NOTE: The username and password will be saved in a file

Multiple Formsauthentifications In The Same Application? stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if it is possible to use two different formsauthentification logins with the following directory structure: /default.aspx /login.aspx /web.config /subdirectory/sublogin.aspx /subdirectory/subdefault.aspx /subdirectory/web.config The web.config in the root contains the following settings: <authentication mode="Forms"><forms protection="All" slidingExpiration="true" loginUrl="~/login.aspx" path="/"/></authentication><authorization><deny users="?"/></authorization> What I want to achieve is, that all directories except 'subdirectory' are protected by the login.aspx in the root. 'subdirectory' has its own login.aspx (sublogin.aspx) How would the correct content of the web.config in subdirectory look like?

Get The Value Of A Zend_Form In Zend Project? stackoverflow.com

I have a Zend_Form called login.php in my zend project. In controller I have $request = $this->getRequest(); $request->setMethod('post') ->setPost(array( 'username' => 'admin', 'password' => '111111', )); $this->dispatch('/en/auth/login'); $values = $form->getValues(); I wonder how can I get values from this form? $form->getValues() will return a array? and how to get the username and password form it?

How To Define The Focus On Page Load www.codingforums.com

I'm using ColdFusion to handle the login function for users (see login_form.cfm below). Have to click in the username box to be able to start typing. What's the best way to define the focus to be on the username when the page initially loads? <form method="post"> Username: <input type="Text" name="username"><br> Password: <input type="Password" name="password"><br> <input type="Submit" value="Login" name="login"> </form>

Help!! How Do I Submit This Form? www.vbforums.com

<form method="post" action="Login.asp" name="postForm" LANGUAGE="javascript" onsubmit="return Submit_onclick()"><input id="UserName" maxlength="50" name="LUserName" size="20" type="text><input id="PassWord" maxlength="50" name="LPassWord" size="20" type="password<input name="PostIt" type="hidden" value="1"><input type="submit" value="Login" Name="Submit"></form>Ive tried everything from webbrowser1.document.forms(0).submit to anything else i can think of, but i just cant seem to submit the form!does anyone know how i can do this?

Transparent Login Form www.vbforums.com

HiiiI would like to create a transparent form which is not having any borders,and that form should be a login form with a username & password on it and the size of that form should be the same as that of the MDI form which soluld also be seen at the same time, coz the Login Form is transparent form and should be exactly above the MDI form so that i can see the MDI form also but should not be able to access the MDI.

JQuery :: Fade Out, Then Submit Form? forum.jquery.com

i have a form <form id="login" autocomplete="off" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>" method="POST">User:<br/><input type="text" name="user"><i></i><br/> Password:<br/><input type="password" name="password"><i></i><br/> <input value="Login" onSubmit="setTimeout(2000); return false;" class="submit" type="submit" name="login"> [Code]..

Help Trying To Automate Login But Cant Send Data Due To Javascript www.vbcity.com

I'm trying to automate the login and send message to o2login page hereLogin in page send message page hereSend message page click here the code to login works but i haven't quite worked out how to make it wait for web page to finish and how to stop the pop-up    'navigate to website    On Error Resume Next    WebBrowser1.Silent = True    Dim URL As String    Dim test As String    URL = "http://www.genie.co.uk/06201721502892500117/O2/login/doLogin"    WebBrowser1.Navigate URL    'post the data    WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).All("username").Value = "username"    WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).All("password").Value = "password"    'submit the data    WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).submitThis is the bit that don't work    URL = "http://sendtxt.genie.co.uk/cgi-bin/sms/send_sms.cgi"    WebBrowser1.Navigate URL    WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).All("contact").Value = "number"    WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).All("MESSAGE").Value = "test message"    'WebBrowser1.Document.All("action").Click    WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).submitWhen submiting the data it just reloads the page there is a script attached to where you would click if you did this by mouse and wondered if anyone can get round thisThanx in advanceemail me