Web Forms :: Loading HTML Content Data Dynamically Into Placeholders In Content Pages


I will be getting data through wcf service coming form commerce server (instead of DB). Data which is coming will be in the form big html content with all html tags or may be a single line sentence. I should display this dynamic data into the placeholder in the content page (master content page). I have been trying but not able to load when the data is in the form of HTML page. html content or may be single lline of senetence.

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Need accessing the rendered content of a PLACEHOLDER control. I dynamically add a web forms page to a placeholder using "TABLE" this works great (cell row table placeholder ) now I wish to take that placeholder and use the rendered page to generate a PDF document. If it possible to access the rendered code how would this be done?

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I have created a web forms on which there are a few text fields, and there is a button on that form, I want to dynamically add an content page from a master page, and place this form in a specified directory, and then fill the content placeholders according to the field on the previous page, or from the database.

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I am dynamically adding a relatively large number of small images to a page. I make a XMLHTTP request which returns some JSON data of the form {images:[ {url:'/image?id=1', width:32, height:32, [Code]..... and add that content to the page using the innerHTML property. The problem is that the content does not seem to appear until all of the images are loaded. Because I am dealing with a relatively large number of images, I would like to see the text content appear first, accompanied by the placeholder images that you might typically see when a browser page is loading. Then as the images are loaded they simply appear in lieu of the placeholders without requiring the entire page to layout again. I was under the impression that if I specified width/height attributes for the img tag that I would get such placeholders "for free", without having to resort to some complex DHTML/javascript wizardry, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there something I am missing?

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would like to present users with unique content based on certain conditions being met as they land on the home page (default.aspx). The condition logic will be in the VB code behind Page Load event. The content will go in a content placeholder as specificed from the master page. However, the content change wouldn't be something small (ie making a panel or label visible or not) but rather it will be different HTML, Divs and databound gridview content. The HTML content will be stored in the database.

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The original question was: does anybody know how to load a specific content and not an entire web page when using the jQuery.get below? $.get('filename.html', function(data) { $('.class_name').html(data); }); and was given this code to use/try: $.get('filename.html', function(data) { $('.class_name',data).html(); //returns the HTML of .class_name inside of filename.html }); but it didn't quite work. It loads the entire web page into the defined class name rather than loading a specific content (Look below for further understanding)The filename.html which has content tag names like "[Copyright Year] that goes in the footer position of the site gets dynamically generated.I've created another static page help.html that has pretty much the same content overall except the dynamic content won't get loaded with the content tag (the system doesn't allow static pages to load them). This is what brought me to this solution. So now that I've added a class name to the indicated class that I want to load it pulls all the content and styling of the site rather than just the dynamically generated content of (filename.html) . <div class="adp_footer">[Copyright Footer]</div> <---- Doesn't get loaded when I used any of the above mention jquery strings,

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I want to know how can we create a web form dynamically ...?My requirement is I want to create a web-form with some contents dynamically and how to create menu's dynamically too...?I want to create backpanel where i can add web-from with some contents and can add menu's for that page.. Later, if i dont want that page then i can able to hide/delete the web form and menu....hope you can understand.

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I'm trying to dynamically build views based on what page the user has landed on. Inside my controller, the model retrieves the data elements for the given page. I now want to dynamically build the view. For a given page, I know what master page is being called for the page and I know what content placeholders are available in the selected master page. I also know which content placeholders the various data elements belong. My question is, how do I programmatically supply the data elements to the correct content placeholder? I do not have a physical view (no aspx page). I want to do this all in code. Is there a way to do this?

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i have a web application with master and content pages i just wanna know that can i use web user controls(.ascx) instead of these content pages and load them dynamically according to user clicks on the menu does using user control affects performance. i wanna load data from sql server in controls placed in web user controls so i m confused that it ll be a performance hit as i have to load the user control after every postback..plz give me suggestions on this. is there any performance testing tool that i can use to see the load on server.

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I have a web app that uses a master page with mulitple user controls on each content page. Most of the content pages have grids (telerik) that present data, with HTML tables that are created dynamically from a database. I write the load the HTML dynamically into a label. We also are loading a YouTube snippet that is set in HTML and we are get the most recent video within a playlist. My challenge is that the pages are loading slow. Very slow. There is consistent traffic to the main site with two other sub domains for management and they all utilize one database (shared within one instance of about 20 databases) on a shared web hosting server. My goal is to determine if the User Controls, Data Access, WebServer, or SQL Instance is slowing the site (all 3 domains). The site is running good with about 400 avg daily users, however, the site is now averaging about 1300+ daily users and i'm not sure if a Dedicated Server w/dedicated SQL Instance will resolve the challenges we are facing.

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Is there any way to write a picture (which is stored as binary data) onto a webpage?I can:*save the data to a file, but I don't know how to do that remotelyor*load the picture, but only the picture. The involves setting the HTTP content type to some image value. This way means I'm really only writing the pic, and no other HTML content appearsSo, can I either save the file to a temp picture dynamically through ASP? Or, insert the pic as a BinaryWrite into an HTML page so that other content appears?-RJ


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I want to create an options page with dynamically created options.I am extracting some data from a web page' source using my content script and I want that data to be displayed in the options page. How could I send that data to my options page?I have used localStorage in content script but that is not accessible in options page. localStorage is accessible in background page and content script if created in options page. But if I am creating it in content script, it is not accessible in options page.

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I have a master page and content page and placeholders in one of the placeholders in the content page i programmatically add a custom control (with loads of controls inside it.) Basically once all te controls are populated i want click a submit buttom on the form and get all the vales from the controls in the cutom control.

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Any idea why my web page content doesn't resize with the window?I'm not using fixed position - just a table with width="100%".I've put it in a placeholder

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Im developing a website in asp.net where i want to connect the Payment gateway(rbs worldpay) as instructed im connecting to the payment gateway...the problem is, there im using some html button to connect the gate way as per the instructions the input button should be in form tag .in masterpage inherited aspx page we dont have any form tag the button is working properly when i placed that html code in content placeholder 1 but the button is displayed above the page......if i place that code in content place holder 2 the button is not working........... im placing the code [code]....

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Wasn't quite sure where to post this, seems like the issues could be any number of things, so I'm trying to keep it general... mods, feel free to relocate appropriately. I am trying to build a page which will load various web user controls dynamically in response to menu selections made by the user, and then allow other interactions inside those controls (such as gridview manipulation and updates). The content page simply has a loginview, an ASP:Menu control, and an ASP:Placeholder. The placeholder is filled by the appropriate user control in response to the menu selection. Selecting a menu item causes a postback and the correct control is loaded as expected. I realized that using dynamic loading with interactive controls would be a problem with respect to postbacks, so I added a ScriptManager to the content page and enclosed the gridview controls in the web user controls within UpdatePanels, thinking that all postbacks required by the GridView would be handled inside the UpdatePanel and not cause the parent page to refresh (which would then wipe out the dynamically loaded control). However, it does not seem to work this way. Instead, although the control containing the GridView loads correctly and displays data, when I attempt to page, edit, or select any item on the GridView, nothing happens on the first click. If I click on any item inside the control a second time, the entire page refreshes and the control and its contents disappear. I have removed all the code inside the web user control and placed it directly into the content page to test, and everything functions correctly in that case. I think therefore that I must be missing something with how the user control is working, particularly with respect to the UpdatePanel. Is it just not possible to use an UpdatePanel to confine actions inside a user control that would otherwise cause the entire page to postback, or am I missing something somewhere? Psuedo-code for the issue below Content page [Code].... Control [Code]....

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My application has a Parent master page, a child master page and an aspx page( inheriting the child master page) > Parent master page has two content placeholders ( A and B) >Child master page uses the content placeholder A and instills two more placeholders ( C and D) >aspx page can now use C and D naturally However i would like to know whether the aspx page can place contents inside the placeholder B( which was not used by child master page)

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I want to add a progress bar before my web page's content loads, so I thought of loading it dynamically via javascript. This content has embedded javascript in its html. I tried using jquery.load() which works perfectly besides the fact that it does not support the js that doesn''t work on the returned contentjust to make it clear, what i'm doing is something like this to load all the content: $("#contentid").html("progressBar.gif"); $("#contentid").load(script.php #content) $("#contentid").show(); and inside the content returned from script.php there are js calls such as: jquery.load (to crawl for data and displaying it when ready) document.getElementById('some_div') (for chart api) [cod]e.......

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I am using ajax to fetch data dynamically, but there is a problem. When I refresh the page the fetched data is lost. I want the data to remain the same after I refresh the page.Suppose this is my page: <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Index Page</title> [code].... When I click on the search button the data which came in results div would be gone after refreshing the page.

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Okay I have a blank html page with the following in the head: $(document).ready(function () { $.ajax({ url: 'include.html', success: function(data){ [Code].... My question is why isn't this working? that it's probablybecauseit's been loaded dynamically andif ($('#load').length) is not checking dynamic content - but how would Iamendthe if statement to also check dynamic content?

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I am getting this error. I have included my code below. <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %> <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %> <%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.UI" %> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Test Page</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251"> <script runat="server" language="VB"> Sub Page_Load() End Sub </script> </head> <body> <form id="Form1" runat="server"> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" /> </form> </body> </html>

Onchange For Dynamically Added Rows? www.webdeveloper.com

javascript and have coded an invoice page through help from some available content on web.here is my requirementMy form contains inputs "item ,rate quantity,price" in a tabular form where one can dynamically add or delete rows.And the requirement is thatwhen Quantity is entered the Price should change to Price=Quantity*Rate on tab outSo I have used a Javascript onchange() and this works fine for the first displayed row. but for dynamically added rows this does not happen, I am not able change the price value for dynamically added rows. Code is as below direct_invoice.html Code: [code]....

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On my web-page I have PlaceHolder, not controls are loaded into it. <asp:PlaceHolder ID="PlaceHolderStatMain" runat="server"> </asp:PlaceHolder> I am looking the ViewState generated for the page, it is the following: <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUJLTg1NDkyNTUzD2QWAgIDD2QWAgIND2QWAmYPZBYCAgEPZBYCZg9kFgJmD2QWBmYPFQEYL3N0YXRfc3RhZGl1bS9sZWFndWVfV0VGZAIBDxUBGC9zdGF0X3N0YWRpdW0vbGVhZ3VlX0VFRmQCAg8VARgvc3RhdF9zdGFkaXVtL2xlYWd1ZV9GQ1VkZEuSBUr5LFL6WfCehNBJgjrq0GzwWCWN2qlU70V7LAAb" /> When I set EnableViewState to false: <asp:PlaceHolder ID="PlaceHolderStatMain" runat="server" EnableViewState="false"> </asp:PlaceHolder> The viewstate content was decreased significantly: <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUJLTg1NDkyNTUzZGTTn8Y28VwmpE/K7yPPkLFvhrqMdU8THijFW/BMFzk0tQ==" /> Question: how to remove 'useless' viewstate content without disabling viewstate for placeholder himself (I would like other control loaded into placeholder to has viewstate)? Is it possible at all?

Content Control Not Accessible From Content Page? stackoverflow.com

My content page looks like this: <%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Basket.aspx.cs" Inherits="Basket" Title="Untitled Page" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="Server"> </asp:Content> <asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> </asp:Content> Now, I would like to add some controls dynamically to the content when page loads, so I am trying the following code: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Content2. // I want to add controls to it dynamically } The problem is that the Content2 control is not visible by the compiler and I am getting error about missing directive or assembly reference.

Ajax :: Dynamically Loading Content Then Going Forward And Back stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a web application where, due to slow database access, not all content in a page is loaded immediately but rather dynamically when the user clicks a button after optionally making a selection. This works fine. However, after dynamically loading content, if I navigate to a different web page, then navigate back, in Internet Explorer the loaded content will have disappeared, i.e. the page will have reverted to the originally retrieved page. In Firefox (and Opera as well), however, the loaded content will still be there, i.e. the page will look like it did before I navigated away from it. The Firefox behaviour is the desired behaviour in my case, as the user would routinely navigate to subpages and go back to the main page. My question is therefore, is there any way I can force Internet Explorer to exhibit this behaviour, or are there any possible workarounds to get the desired result?

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I've made a pag with a content div that has min-height set to 1200 pixels, and a black bacgkround color.. When I add a bunch of lines in the .aspx page (in html) , it works perfectly, it changes the black background height to the required height if it was more than 1200 pixels. But, if I put a PlaceHolder in side the content div, and add a bunch of lines dynamically to the PlaceHolder, it doesn't work, the page shows the content with background of 1200 pixels of height, and at the bottom of it no more content background, but continues showing the rest of the lines outside of the content div..

AJAX Is Changing The Content Of File_get_contents? stackoverflow.com

I am using AJAX to load content into a placeholder, the PHP code uses file_get_contents to get the page I want, then gives it back to the AJAX response which puts it into my placeholder. The problem I am having is that the content that is being grabbed is actually being altered, like html tags are being put where they didn't exist.. Here is the code: function getPreview() { var indexe = ajax.length; ajax[indexe] = new sack(); var form = document.getElementById('form'); [Code].... It alters the content 7 total times from the page its grabbing... Any explanation for this? The page, opens up in a browser perfectly, it is seriously getting altered by AJAX or file_get_contents in some way, and I am completely baffled...

Html - Dynamically Set Frame Src On Page Load? stackoverflow.com

I have a HTML element <frame src="#" title="Content Frame" name="content" id="content" /> I want to set it's "src" dynamically using Javascript on page load. How can I do that ? I am trying something like; document.getElementById('content2').contentWindow.location = 'xyz_frame.html'; But for some reason it is not working..Again it is a element and not .A Rough code; <html> <head> <script language="javascript">[code].....

Array Data Taken From External Files bytes.com

I am working on JS navigation for my web page. Contents of 3 subpages are located in the array as shown below. When certain key is pressed on the page, div is filled with data taken from one of the array rows. *** var content=new Array() content[1]='<p>some text</p>' content[2]='<p>some other text</p>' content[3]='<p>yet another text</p>' *** The question is: is it possible in some simple way to put the data from those 3 rows into 3 separate files and make the JS code to take the data from those files? (I want to have 3 files with plain HTML) If so, please show me some example how to do that. Or give me some address where I can read about it, please. I have been using Google for several hours - unfortunately without any luck. In general - here is what I would like to do: *** var content=new Array() content[1]=[contents of &#391;.html' file] content[2]=[contents of &#392;.html' file] content[3]=[contents of &#393;.html' file] *** How can I put the above into JS code?

C# - How To Parse Html Files And Submit Information Programmatically stackoverflow.com

I would like to know which CODE, Classes could be useful for creating a WEB APPLICATION that could: 01 - Connect to an HTML file on the web. 02 - Parse its content (text content). 03 - Find out specific content in a page (for example looking for specific keywords). Also how to implement: 04 - How to submit information programmatically in HTML page (feeling forms). I am interested in understanding Classes and general practice and CODE for accomplish this task.

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While I was trying to refresh page contents dynamically using Ajax/JQuery, I have learned about the S-O-P issue and restrictions, however I was wondering if there could be a way to solve my little problem. To make it easier to understand I will first explain the workflow. I do receive web pages via email, that is HTML emails. The web pages contain HTML forms in such a way, once the form is complete it is sent to the proper web server (php) to store data. I mostly use Outlook 2007 as my email client (don't say anything here, I know!!!), but for some security restrictions, IFRAMES are disabled when "opening" the email. I have circumvented this problem using a VBA script that copies the whole page content, saves it on the filesystem as a stand-alone web page and loads into the browser (Firefox). Once the page is loaded into the browser, the address bar shows a local/filesystem URL, such as file:///C:/Users/Bob/Desktop/outlookpage.htm Till here no problem, works fine; now the problem: dynamic update page contents using Ajax, using jQuery.load, however that's where the S-O-P comes in. The PHP page being loaded to dynamically update the web page is seen as running on another domain, thus being blocked.

Web Page File Language Encoding - File Should Display Both English And Arabic Characters? stackoverflow.com

I have a problem in Language Encoding in PHP as my php file should display both English and Arabic Characters.Some web page parts are static and others are dynamic (data comes from a Sybase database) and the language encoding of database is ok as data is displayed well in it.My web page has some drop down lists that are dynamic but they display the data in a strange format which is not English or Arabic like squares and unknown symbols.I checked the possible causes and did many solutions like:- Changing the encoding of the PHP script: Saving File with the Name : WebPage1 of Type : PHP and Encoding : ANSI or UTF-8 or Unicode.Changing the HTML encoding declaration: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1256" /> Changing the PHP encoding declaration: header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8); header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=windows-1256'); Changing the database tables font and language: Arial(Arabic).

C# - Update Content Page From Master Page? stackoverflow.com

Menu links are in the master page and and the corresponding click events are written in the master page itself. I have only one content page. Data is saved in html form in the DB and that will be rendered to the content page on corresponding menu link clicks. But the problem is content page load occurs before the master page so the content page is blank. Here my code- public void GetLinkPage(Int32 linkId)//master page { LinkContentEnitity linkContent = new LinkContentEnitity(); linkContent = PageController.GetPageContent(linkId); } linkContent contains that content page in HTML form. How can I print this value on content page?

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I have content that I'm loading using an AJAX call and displaying the HTML (consisting of divs, etc) inside of a ul parent. Now I've written a series of .click and .hover functions that work perfectly on everything, right up to where my content is dynamically loaded, and then don't work at all on the dynamically-loaded content. I've gone through all my div ids to make sure they are correct and they are. Is there a way to gain control over the AJAX-loaded material?

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I have a very large tree data structure and I want to display some of its sections on a HTML page. I wrote the following JavaScript that loads parts of the tree dynamically injecting the desired HTML code. Code: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/>[code].... Each show_xxxxxxxx() function displays desired part of the tree on HTML.The problem is each time I load the HTML file it takes a lot of time to read the JavaScript (there are many show_xxxxxxxx() functions with a lot of HTML to insert).Is it possible to cache the loaded JavaScript into browser memory so it won't read the entire script when I reload the page with different content?

Web Forms :: Post Multiple Files To A Web Form With Httpwebrequest? forums.asp.net

I have a web form on a web page like this: <form method="post" action="http://poston.domain.com/" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="hidden" name="function" value="somevalue"> <input type="text" name="username" value="somevalue2"> <input type="text" name="password" value="somevalue3"> <input type="file" name="picture"> <input type="text" name="pictto" value="0"> <input type="submit" value="Send"></form> I can post all the required data to that form on that page by calling the following function: Public function GetResult(ByVal File As Byte)) as stringDim request As HttpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create("http://poston.domain.com), HttpWebRequest)request.Method = "POST"request.KeepAlive = TrueDim boundary As String = "-------------------------" + DateTime.Now.Ticks.ToString("x")Dim header As String = vbCrLf & "--" + boundary + vbCrLfDim footer As String = vbCrLf & "--" + boundary + vbCrLfrequest.ContentType = String.Format("multipart/form-data; boundary={0}", boundary)Dim contents As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder()contents.Append(vbCrLf)contents.Append(header)contents.Append("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=""function""" & vbCrLf)contents.Append(vbCrLf)<br/>contents.Append("functionname1")contents.Append(header)contents.Append("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=""username""" & vbCrLf)contents.Append(vbCrLf)contents.Append(myusername)contents.Append(header)contents.Append("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=""password""" & vbCrLf)contents.Append(vbCrLf)contents.Append(mypassword)contents.Append(header)contents.Append("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=""pictto""" & vbCrLf)contents.Append(vbCrLf)contents.Append("0")contents.Append(header) contents.Append("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=""picture""; filename=""Untitled.jpg""" + vbCrLf)contents.Append("Content-Type: image/jpeg" + vbCrLf)contents.Append(vbCrLf)Dim BodyBytes As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(contents.ToString())Dim footerBytes As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(footer)request.ContentLength = BodyBytes.Length + File.Length + footerBytes.LengthDim requestStream As Stream = request.GetRequestStream()requestStream.Write(BodyBytes, 0, BodyBytes.Length)requestStream.Write(File, 0, File.Length)requestStream.Write(footerBytes, 0, footerBytes.Length)requestStream.Flush()requestStream.Close()Dim ret As String = NewStreamReader(request.GetResponse.GetResponseStream).ReadToEndreturn retend function

Unit Tests For The HTML Output? stackoverflow.com

HTML and PHP separate i.e.HTML includes with placeholders, and functions for certain recurring elements (tabular data/sort of looped output).using regular unit tests on functions which create the inserted content, and then making sure it looks correct in the browser/W3C Validator?Edit:sorts of unit tests even worth having?If keeping content and structure properly separated, then testing a handful of includes in very limited scenarios (presumably, anyway).pages just to have a file to compare to?

Create Multiple Instances Using JS Dynamically? forums.devshed.com

I have written a code below: Code:<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "(URL address blocked: See forum rules)"><html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>Insert title here</title> [Code]... Basically, what I want to do is to dynamically create 5 instances of "emailRow" onto the web page making use of Javascript DOM. But have no success in getting it to work.

JQuery :: Load Function - Two DIVs On Page With Same ID forum.jquery.com

When I use the load function on my first page (index.html): $('#content').load('page1.html #content'); I got two divs on my page with the same id (id="content"). ... <div id="content"> <div id="content">Content from page1.html</div> </div> ... How do I resolve this issue without a another div?

How To Store HTML Into An Array stackoverflow.com

how to store HTML into an array in PHP so that I can than pass it to json_enocde. When I try: $page_data = array(); $page_data['title'] = "This is a test"; $page_data['content'] = <page content>; // <page content> is just a placeholder print_r($page_data); I get: Array ( [title] => This is a test [content] => ) <page_content>

JQuery :: CSS Not Loading And Can't Access Newly Loaded Content / Fix It? forum.jquery.com

I want to load new content into a container using .load ('content.html') after the user clicks on a menu item. and in the new content is a form and i encountered 2 problems. first is that the new content don't comply to my loaded css? the fonts sizes are off and the content seem unformated. second is that i cannot access the data in the new content in jQuery. code...

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jquery mobile will automatically apply css and some html for elements on the page based on what data- attributes are on them when the page loads.I am pulling in some html content via an ajax call but it is introduced to the page after the jquery mobile js rendering has occurred, and therefore does not get the many css classes.Is it possible to just call out to the js and ask for the rendering to get applied to just my new html content? BEFORE <div id="someDiv"> <ul data-role="listview" data-theme="b" data-inset="true"> <li>[code].....

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I have the following HTML content. When i click the button, the page doesn't post to URL provided in action tag. The corresponding application is running, but still the page load of the CrossPage.aspx was not invoked.<body><form id="UploadForm" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://localhost:2518/Web/CrossPage.aspx"><div><input type="file" id="BtnUpload" /><input type="button" id="BtnSubmit" value="Submit" /></div></form></body>

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I've got a custom ASP.Net web user control I've built; done this enough times before but this one is misbehaving and I can't spot why. Where the calling page includes the user control directly in its markup, all is well and the control behaves as expected. However if the page adds this particular control dynamically (to a placeholder in the master page, which is what's calling this whole thing) the elements within it stay firmly NULL - nothing from the user control gets written to the client at all, including static content within the user control.

Using Perl, But Would Php Be Wiser...? forums.devshed.com

I designed pages where the PHB's upstairs can go to a 'content insertion' page and type in the show's content for the week. This info is written to a text file, and that text file is read & inserted into the web page using SSI. The page that the PHB's use are created by a unique perl script for that show, which in turn call another unique perl file that writes to the text file. I used this method because when the PHB calls up the content updater page the current text is displayed in the form's textarea (easier to correct information that way). I am rewriting this so PHB's go to an HTML page which calls only one script for ALL the shows, and would potentially be more secure, and am wondering would php be more appropriate for this sort of thing? I am not sure how to have the current show's data displayed in the textarea without the page being dynamically created by a cgi form (which can read from the text file).

AJAX :: Firefox Doesn't Works forums.asp.net

I understand that probably this is not good forum for asking this question, but I'm a bit dissapointed, and I don't know where I can found answer to my question. Here is my problem. I've got a page that has dynamically loaded content with innerHTML like below: [Code].... Everything works fine .. since I wanted to have gif shown when page content is loading. But now I would like to after loading innerHTML content to execute javascript function to create pieChart of something. The problem is that I have to use document.getElementById()function, but it does not works with content loaded dynamically. I mean, Lets say that inside page loaded by innerHTML we've got a form which id="A" when instead pieChart() in above code i will use document.getElementById('A') it does not return my form. I've checked this in IE7 with no effect, ffox also does not seems to work. The only one browser that works at the moment is Chrome.

Is There A Better Way To Update Content Via Ajax Web Forms ThanUpdatePanels stackoverflow.com

I consider myself very knowledgeable in web UI development, and over the last four years I have learned a lot about ASP.Net Web Forms, but I still haven't figured out a good way to update sections of a page via Ajax. I have done this several different ways which basically involves a user control loaded by some sort of .aspx page or handler. This works well, but not very generically and usually runs into ViewState issues with anything that is even moderately complex. I would have jumped to UpdatePanel's sooner, but Microsoft's JavaScript code is total crap. Does anyone have any good strategies to load/update/refresh sections of a web form without using UpdatePanels? Or does anyone have any tips with using UpdatePanels to get around some of the front-end code crappy-ness? Update (clarification) Here is an example situation of what I am trying to do to be more clear. On our homepage near the bottom of the page we have some tabs with different content. Each tab's content body has different content geared to some different user type. Of the thousands of homepage visitors we get a day maybe a dozen click on any tab. Despite this data our managers still would like to have the tabs there. Because each tab body has a lot of HTML content in it, I want to load the content of the tab when the tab is clicked. The solution is obviously to use ajax; however, where do you put the HTML/Controls to load the HTML when the tab is clicked. I could put each tab's content in its own apsx page (e.g./home/tabs1.aspx), but then we couldn't easily embed the content in the page initially if we wanted to. I could put the content in its own user control and create a HttpHandler or page that loads it, but this leads to view state issues on more complex pages. I could just hard-code the HTML in a function and then set it a literal or return the HTML in a handler when an ajax request calls it. Each of these solutions work. Some are more than others (the third one is terrible separation of concerns, although I have seen it before). UpdatePanel's provide the best solution thought because they let you put the content in the correct part of the markup with out a separate file. The problem I have with UpdatePanel's is they require you to use Microsoft's javascript library. Are there any solutions that work like UpdatePanel's without using UpdatePanels? Box on page that has content when loaded, but updates every 30 seconds Big masthead navigation menu's that I would like to load only when a user hovers over a section You have a form that displays in a lightbox when a user click's a link. (this can cause viewstate issues)

Web Forms :: Getting All Added Controls Instead Of Intended Page? forums.asp.net

Most of my pages use a master page. If I design the page completely in the Design View the controls display on the page properly, within their content placeholder space. But if I add the control programatically, its added outside the content placeholder area, which is to say, its basically added to the masterpage. Im trying to programatically add a System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table to a page in the Page_Load event with the following statement: Table table1 = new Table(); this.Controls.Add(table1); Everytime I view the page, the table is showing up below the <asp:Content></asp:Content> elements where Master content should be displayed. Do I have to add the table to the Content Control on the Masterpage? And if so, what would that code statement look like.

Jquery :: Master - In Content Page The Document Ready Event Fires Before The Content Page Is Loaded? stackoverflow.com

I have a master page that references jquery + jqueryui. Everything is fine.In the content page I placed: $(document).ready(function () { $("#tabs").tabs(); }); It turns out that the ready event fires BEFORE the html of the content page is loaded :/.So, how to determine when the whole content page is loaded ?Edit this is my markup: master page: <form runat="server"> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"> <Scripts> [code]....

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I have a template that has mostly HTML and some data from php in form of <?=$text;?>. I have a page that need to have the content with same format (the format in the template) with different data. I loop the template couple time in the web page. I try to reuse the template, not create a string of the content of the same template and then echo them.

How To Display XSL-transformed XML In ASP.NET Page? stackoverflow.com

So far all the XML / XSLT I've worked with takes an XML document and transforms it to a standalone HTML webpage using an XSLT file. In my web application, I'm using a web service to retrieve the XML document, which I need to render and make human-readable, and then insert that formatted content into a content placeholder in my master page. The easiest way would be to append the XSLT to the retrieved XML file and link that to the content placeholder, but something tells me I can't just do that. I took a look at these Stack Overflow pages, but they just want to render the straight XML whereas I want a transformed XML. Also, I need to be able to put it into my master page template.

Ajax :: Load An External HTML Page Into A Div Using JQuery stackoverflow.com

while trying to load an external HTML page into a div using jQuery-ajax. I had this div: <div id="content"></div> and wanted to fill it with $("#content").load "include/add.html"); It loads the HTML file perfectly, but inside that add.html is a button that should load add2.html(also using .load), but it seems that neither the button nor the datepicker in that file work. I'm guessing the .load function is responsible for that? This is the content of add2.html: [Code]...