Web Forms :: How To Export Displayed Content Of Page To Pdf


is it possible to export displayed content of asp.net page to pdf.if yes how

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i have a master page in a root and some pages in root and works perfectly, but now i need a different folder (secure) and in this folder i have an Admin page but doesnt show icons from master, only the placeholder. If i change the url from .css (url('images/page-bgglare.png') to (url('../images/page-bgglare.png') works the pages inside the folder but doesnt works the pages in root.

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We currently have a page with a listview control that has textboxes and an update button for each row. Users are able to update the database one row at a time.This is problematic in countries where the internet connections are very slow because a round trip is needed for each row update and this can become impossible to use.We need to create a page which allows multiple row updates so that each round trip is more productive.  There woudl be just one update button on each page and users could enter values into each row.  Clicking the update button would update each changed row of the database.We currently use linq 2 sql.  I would imagine that we could still use this in the above scenario??? Or is there a better data connection methode to use in this scenario.

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what the difference is. When will you use each? What Is the good use of IsPostback? Is this for to not loading data from database if Postback occurs to save on performance? It seems to be working for me, I only load data if not IsPostback. Is this correct? Is this because all my postbacks are generated by UpdatePanel? What is a difference between Postback generated by UpdatePanel versus regular Postback? Is the IsCallback true in this case? Should I check it instead? 

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I am not sure if this is possible (I am quite new at asp.net stuff but quite experience in VB ) I have managed to do the following, with no problems: I have a framed page, top page has a gridview and seach fields to query an Access database. Each record has 40+ fields The bottom framed page, has some textboxes. Once you do a search on top page (gridview), you are able to select whatever row it is shown. At this stage (when record is selected on top page) using "select" or whatever, I would like to transfer the data from the selected row and put them on the many textboxes on the bottom framed page. I know there are better ways to do this, however on the bottom page, users are able to ammend, add etc additional values, as well as doing some calculations, prior to transfering the info to (yet again) another form, so needs to do it this way as per request from my boss.

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I want to show Excel objects and its functionality on my web page. Is there any way to do so? I want to show it the way google spreadsheet is.

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I have an html page which contains link to open pdf file. however this link opens in adobe reader when i click on it. I have set target property to blank. but it doesnt work either. I want to open this pdf file in new tab in the same window.

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Im woking with aspx. And when I view source HTML I saw some code [Code].... I hate it. It's not clear and not validate.  When I working with PHP or ASP, I can get a pure HTML page. But can't with ASP.NET.

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I am having trouble with a  aspx page that when I click on the link to go to the page it opens/starts at the bottom. I want the page to open at the top like normal pages do.

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I have noticed that many new modern websites (and templates like themforest templates) are being built without any page flicker.What I mean by page flicker is that when you click on a link the hole screen flicker and then the new page is retrieved and viewed.Here are some examples of these new sites (templates) that do not have any page flicker. http://demo.post-interaktive.com/rubicon/html_templates/index.html http://pexeto.com/weblider/index.html http://ambi.crazypandagames.com/index.html I would like to know to make a website like above. I do realize that it must be ajax or javascript. However what I would like is some code.

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I want to send mail through a html page. My html page contains a form having ur name,phone,address etc... I want this content to be sent to an email id. I used the following code. [Code].... Its working but the way the form content is being sent is not good. sending the mail (form content) in a nice customized way. I cannot use any technology besides pure html.

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how to generate HTML code from the code behind? I would like to build a form that generate an html code inside a for loop. I will let the user enter the photo name and No. of photos Then I will generate an HTML code like this: <a href="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(1).jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(1).jpg" alt="" width="345" height="247" /> </a> <br /> <a href="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(2).jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(2).jpg" alt="" width="345" height="247" /> </a> <br /> <a href="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(3).jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(3).jpg" alt="" width="345" height="247" /> </a> <br /> depending on the No. of the photos the code will be duplicated in the loop Then I will display the result of the loop in label or in a textarea to let the user copy it any where The problem is that while compiling my code it considers the HTML code as a part of the behind file and gives errors on the single quote, the double quote and on the parentheses 

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i have a website which has a <IMG> and/or <asp:Image> in it. The user has an option to upload an image. so if the user does upload an image it will be displayed in the stated controls above. but if they don't the control displays its alternative text or an "x" icon. can i just place a default image in it if there is no image reference to it to display?

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We are developing a framework which will be shared accross applications. What is the best way to share master pages, user controls accross applications by preventing other developers to modify the master pages and the user controls ? Is the following way suitable one ? Embedding masterpages and the user controls in a dll and using VirtualPathProvider to load the master pages and user controls dynamically. But in this approach developers can not view the design. Is there any other way to convert master pages and user controls to a different format as developers can able to view design?

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I wnat to evaluate the performance of my web page. How can I show the time comsued of a page?

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I have a member site that allows the members to upload their photo to their page. In addition they have a public accessible .aspx page that I would like to have their photo displayed on. Using the www.mysite.com/webpage.aspx?MemberID=johnsmith method to call the photo associated with the memberID, how do I call the photo in my page? My member's photos are saved in a folder and NOT in a database. Each of the member's photos are automatically saved with a filename that is their "MemberID".png.

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i want to display vowels and consonants in a given string. i have taken a txtbox and btn if the btn is pressed it has to show vowels and consonants separately.

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<% if (this._arr_design.Count > 0) { %> <% foreach (Ameronix.Teeone.Models.Design obj_design in this._arr_design) { %> <tr> <td style="width: 254px; height: 27px;"><%= obj_design.name_design.ToString() %> <div class="thumbnails"> <% foreach (System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair<int, Ameronix.Teeone.Models.DesignSection> kvp in obj_design.arr_design_section) { %> <div class="thumbnail"><a href="/snapshots/processed/designs/<%= obj_design.id_design %>_<%= kvp.Value.id_design_section %>.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img src="../resources/get_image.aspx?src=/snapshots/processed/designs/<%= obj_design.id_design%>_<%= kvp.Value.id_design_section %>.jpg&width=50&height=50" /></a></div> C# Code................... This code is used to display the snapshots of processed images on the page, but the first images is displayed in the place of second one as well.Not able to sort it ..These images r stored in the SQL table.There is a repeat of image.

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what i want is to have pr of each website listed in gridview. The gridview is populated through database. Is it possible in asp.net?

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Is it possible to transfer to a prior web page when a "file not found" exception is thrown?  Currently, I'm using a try/catch scenario and would like to go back to the *home* page in the catch but my home page doesn't get displayed and never seems to fully exit the page where the error occurred.

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I need a folder/file browser control in my ASP.Net page I have created a windows user control using C# and added it to my ASP.net page Here is the source code of it:    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" > <head><title> Untitled Page </title></head> <body> <form name="form1" method="post" action="default.aspx" id="form1"> <div> <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUJNzgzNDMwNTMzZGTRhODPdkC39bBdueaWdgWCc3VlWQ==" /> </div> <div> <OBJECT id="MyWinControl1" height="200" width="200" classid="http:CISFolderFileBrowser.dll#CISFolderFileBrowser.UserControl1" VIEWASTEXT> <PARAM NAME="Title" VALUE="My Title"> </OBJECT>  </div> </form> </body> </html> I am running this page using ASP.Net Development Server But the control is not displayed in browser and no error message is displayed I have checked this url too: [URL]

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I have option page to my Project which has Status,Issu,HMR,DFG buttons on center of the webform, every page will redirect to another page if you  click on this option buttons,Now i wanted to change this .. I want to split the page keep all options buttons on left of the screen when you click option buttons corresponding web page should open in Right of the screen,how can i do this one.I am working on visual web developer2008(Asp>net3.5)

Web Forms :: Onclick Rename Page And Insert Text? forums.asp.net

is it possible to add an onclick event to button so when its clicked a page would be renamed from "a" to whatever is in a textbox . and also is it possible to make the onclick event insert some text into a textbox in this renamed page from a text that is already in an existant page.

Web Forms :: Find The Control In A Page? forums.asp.net

I am having couple of check box in my web page.How to I find them using VB SCRIPT?I want to know which of them is selected?

Forms Data Controls :: Write XML File From Web Service To Display In Gridview forums.asp.net

How would I display the following code into a GridView. First, I need the application to write the xml file somewhere on my harddrive and then I need it to read it to populate a gridview.   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { var xmlRequest = new XElement("GetTicketAction", new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsi",[URL] " new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsd", "[URL]"), new XElement("CompanyName", Setup.Company), new XElement("IntegrationLoginId", Setup.Username ), new XElement("IntegrationPassword", Setup.Password), new XElement("SrServiceRecid", Setup.SrServiceRecid)) .ToString(); var proxy = new MyWebService.integration_io(); var xmlResponse = proxy.ProcessClientAction(xmlRequest); var parsedXmlResponse = XElement.Parse(xmlResponse);......................

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Master pages wrap (with images) is not visible for some pages in the website. All pages in a members only folder are not inheriting the master page lay out. It looks like I need to specify the path somewhere due to the folder structure. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help. I have Images folder in the root, few pages that work as expected in the root and then couple pages in the Members only folder.Problem is with these members only webpages. 

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I need to create a hyperlink to a dynamic page, based on search criteria.  I can get to the category by using http://www.mysite.com/AdvancedSearch.aspx?c=XXX.  I want to go deeper into the search criteria.  It goes like this 1. Category  2. Location  3. City.  My visible url only goes to the category level,even if the search includes location and city. How can I find the real url to specify category, location and city?

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I want to create a button which exports the grid view contents only  (not the menu and the master page) into the CSV format.

Web Forms :: Page Scrolling Not Smooth? forums.asp.net

I have a page with three tables, three charts and some other stuff. When I scroll up or down on the page it tries to jump to some other places, scrolling is not smooth. After a few minutes I also get this error popup: Error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. The same behavior is noted on all pages with charts. aspx page code: <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"  MasterPageFile="AppMasterPage.master" CodeFile="ViewBG.aspx.cs" Inherits="ViewBG" %>

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how do i display a datefield field e.g.  07/27/2010 08:00:00 as Tuesday, July 27, 2010? (i want the time part but i couldnt find any fucntions that display the date in text mode?) I am creating a SQL procedure and need to read the data back into a gridview in that format.

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this is my aspx page code : <a runat="server" id="hlkmail"><img src="../images/send_mail_icon.jpg" alt="" /></a> <a runat="server" id="hlkgallery"><img src="../images/galleryl_icon.jpg" alt="" /></a> this is code behind (aspx.vb) : hlkmail.HRef = "sndmail.aspx?Clientname=" & clientName hlkgallery.HRef = "pgallery.aspx?Clientname=" & clientName above code shows fixed images. i want to display image dynamiccally depending upon the db value. i have a stored proc that returns hasmail ='true/false' and hasgallery='true/false' from database. if true i want to display send_mail_icon.jpg else send_mail_icon_watermark.jpg and gallery_icon else gallery_icon_watermark.jpg. i want to do this in code behind using if loop.

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i have the follwoing textbox. i want it to be a reqiured field so i have used the RequiredFieldValidator. My problem is that i have set an event on the textbox and i need autpostback=true. However, because of this my requeired field valdator doesnt work. is there a way i can get it to work and dispalyed when the user has left it blank and use the autopostback=true.the following is the code i have: [Code]....

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i need to display perticular couln field values in a ListBox control. but database is not in local meachine. i know how to configure a ListBox to display values from localdatabase but how to configure to a remote database ?

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Have a look below. I hope its easily understandable. //ASPX Code <asp:DataList ID="DataList1" runat="server"> <ItemTemplate> <%#DisplayReceipts(Eval("Date").ToString(),Eval("MemberName").ToString(),Eval("Amt").ToString()) %> </ItemTemplate>.......... My dataset/datatable/sp returns 8 receipt records for particular accountid. I want to display each receipt (record) as ItemTemplate in DataList (with my desired html layout) hence the code above. But i am getting 36 receipts displayed in datalist with some of them repeated.

Web Forms :: Master Page Usercontrol Unable To Load ? forums.asp.net

I am using vs2008 with Vb.My Master page has two usercontrols, one for the page logo and another for the site menu. I have been using the same design technic since vs 2003 and vs 2005, but now I am facing the following problem.After creating a web content form and associating it with the master page, I should be able to see my logo, my menu and the layout provided by the css stylesheet, but actually my page loads blank.

Web Forms :: Display The Physical Harddrives Of System? forums.asp.net

i need to display the physical harddrives of system in a dropdown & depending on the drive select the folders  subfolder in listbox or some other control in asp.net webapplication 

Web Forms :: Opening Treeview Item In A Blank Page forums.asp.net

I need to open a tree view menu item(when clicked) in a blank web page. so I gave target="_blank".It doesn't work.

C# - How To Display Windows.Form.MessageBox In Web Application stackoverflow.com

I want to display my validation error messages in the MessageBox. I have Four TextBoxes and One Button control. When I click the Button Control, the TextBoxes without the text to be shown in the MessageBox. I have almost done this, but the problem is When I click the Button, the MessageBox is opened as a minimized window. So it is difficult for the end user to realize. I want to display the MessageBox to the user when button clicks. Here is my code, In the Button Click Event [code]....

Web Forms :: Determine Disk Space On Server And Total Of Content In Specified Folder forums.asp.net

New project requires that the server space be displayed and what the total content is of a folder. Where can i find information on how to do this? can someone provide a small sample or links to information i can review.

Web Forms :: Can Set Default Page Control's Property In Global.asax forums.asp.net

I face some problem. I have default.aspx page, where user make some operations. There're available some panel on this page to show notifications. If exception will appear I want to handle it with Application_Error method in the global.asax file, but I don't want to redirect user to another page. I want to make notification area visible (on the default.aspx ) and show error message in that place. How can I make it? Can I set default page control's property in global.asax? Or there're some otheк solution?

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I been testing Telerik Sitefinity CMS. I noticed drag and drop content blocks on the page like in the screen shot I am dragging and dropping content on the page and certain areas allow to drop those blocks with dashed lines. Are there any tutorials or posts someone tried this and shared to achieve that kind of functionality?

Android :: Web View - How To Click Web Link And Display In WebView App groups.google.com

I am trying to add a webview in my app to display a web page. However, every time I click link on the web page, Browser will be launched to display content in that link. I understand it is something about intent but I am still wondering is there any simpler method to ask webview to display link content within its View ?

Web Forms :: Should Go To Login Form After Clicking Link In Mail forums.asp.net

I am sending a mail, in this Emailbody see the code below Emailbody += "<td nowrap=nowrap><a href=http://pms.winrock.org.in/SubContractFin.aspx?id=" + lblSubConNo.Text + "><strong>Click Here</strong></a></td>"; whernever user get thi mail there is a link (Click Here) in this mail which redirects to SubContractFin.aspx form with a query string id. thorugh this query string I am doing somthing on SubContractFin.aspx form.Now I want that if a user click this link it should goes to my login.aspx form and after successful user login it goes to SubContractFin.aspx form with same query string id.So how I need change my email body code.

Web Forms :: Fill Html Form And Send Mail? forums.asp.net

the members are occuring html form and adding one submit  (id must btnPost) in fck editor. and saving. visitors are visting to this page and filling this form and click btnPost. I want to send mail this fill form . but texts, selects, radios must be  like fill form. how can I this.

MVC :: How To Display Portion Of Page Within Another Page forums.asp.net

I want to have two pages/views(?) A and B. When a user sees page A, I want to display a section of the B page inside the A page. When the user sees page B, he should see the regular B page. How can I accomplish this?

Web Forms :: Use Windows Form To Authenticate Against Asp forums.asp.net

I have a ASP.NET website which uses the standard ASP.NET Login Control for authenticating users. The user information is stored in a SQL Server database which is not accessible from client side. I want to write a standalone desktop windows form application which requires user to login with the same credential (username and password) used on the website. For the web-based form authentication, it's simple just to use the login control. Howerver, I have no idea for how to deal with the login for windows form application. My naive idea is to create a login web service which windows form application can utilize.

Web Forms :: Clear The OutputCache Across Web Applications? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to clear the output cache of one asp.net web application from inside another asp.net web application? Reason being... We have several wep applications structured like... [URL] Pages in /area1/ and /area2/ are cached and are managed through /intranet/cms/. When a page is edited using /intranet/cms/ I want to clear it out of the cache in the appropriate /area#/ application. I already tried using a VaryByCustom that looks up a guid stored in the HttpContext.Cache but that seems to be cached per web application, that doesn't work. Really if there were any way of passing data between web applications on a single server, that would solve my problem, since I can use that + VaryByCustom. One thought was to create some file and useHttpResponse.AddFileDependency to make it a dependency in both applications- but this is less than ideal because I have many pages and therefore would need many files. Another idea is to create some URL in the /areaN/ apps that clears the cache for a given page and just make a request from the /intranet/cms/ app to that URL to clear the cache.  This would work, but seems a bit clunky.

Web Forms :: Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Book By Eric Griffin forums.asp.net

I am using the above book to learn ASP.NET 3.5 SQL server 2005 and C#. When I run the code as is given in Listing 5-7 I get 1 error message and 5 warnings. Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Admin/MasterPages/PersonalPorter.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="Main" <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="server" </asp:Content> <asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="PersonalPortalContent" Runat="server" </asp:Content> Error 1 The directive 'master' is unknown. C:UsersdavebeckinghamDocumentsVisual Studio 2008WebSitesPersonalPortal2Default.aspx 1  Warning 2 Validation (ASP.Net): This attribute name must be followed by an equal (=) sign and a value. If the value is in quotation marks, the quotation marks must match. C:UsersdavebeckinghamDocumentsVisual Studio 2008WebSitesPersonalPortal2Default.aspx 1 5 C:...PersonalPortal2...................

Web Forms :: Can't Delete Web Part? forums.asp.net

I have custom user controls each with a SQLDatasource and a GridView in a DeclarativeCatalogPart.  When I try to delete a control from a WebPartZone I get the following error.The SqlDataSource control 'SDSOnCall' does not have a naming container.  Ensure that the control is added to the page before calling DataBind.

Web Forms :: Web Control - Multiple Selection Drop Down? forums.asp.net

Am creating a user control for multiple selection drop down( i e dropdown with checkbox list) as shown. It works fine if i have only one instance of the control in a page. But it fails for more than one. I guess its java script client id issue. but i checked even that but unable to found :- This is my .ASCX file. [Code]....

Web Forms :: Passing Multiple Parameters To An Exe From Web Application forums.asp.net

I need to execute the following exe file with multiple arguments from asp.net web application "C:Program FilesSysteminvoke.exe" /project "UPLOAD" /app "Default App" /task "XMLGEN" /parm.OutputDirectory "c: emp" I tried the following asp.net code, [code]....

Web Forms :: Different Head And Meta Tag Content On Each Content Page? forums.asp.net

I am using master pages.  I want to put different head and meta (description, keywords) on each content page. How can this be done to make my site better designed for search engines.

Trying To Display A PDF File On A Web Page Using ASP.NET VB 2005? forums.asp.net

I am trying to display a PDF file on a web page using ASP.NET VB 2005 I have been unable to find an exmple of how to dispaly a PDF from begining to end.

Web Forms :: Turning Off The Timer? forums.asp.net

I think I know the answer to this, just want to make sure.  Question:  there's no way to turn off a timer in ASP.NET on the client side (easily—I've seen the undocumented hacks on the net).  Therefore, you have to set up you own logic client side while the timer is running server side, correct?  I went through these examples and understand them: http://www.asp.net/AJAX/Documentation/Live/tutorials/IntroToTimerControl.aspx http://www.asp.net/AJAX/Documentation/Live/tutorials/TimerControlWithUpdatePanelsTutorial.aspx So, the pseudocode for a trigger done programically—so you do something when somebody clicks a button Button1 would be-- after you set up a ScriptManager, UpdatePanel and suitable ASync PostBack triggers in XAML (as per the above links) so that the Ticks event is triggered in the UpdatePanel: public partial class MyWebForm : System.Web.UI.Page     { bool myTriggeringBoolean; //used to turn off and on code in the Timer's Tick event [code]....

Web Forms :: Turning Off An Anchor? forums.asp.net

I have a simple navigation control which takes a property "ActiveLink" that should turn off an anchor tag. Whether I use an HtmlAnchor or an asp:HyperLink doesn't matter to me, but how do I get the server to turn off the anchor and just get it to show the text? Do I need to show both an anchor AND a label and swap them out in turn? It seems kind of redundant. The HtmlAnchor.Disabled property isn't doing it, and neither is the HyperLink.Enabled property.

Web Forms :: Turning Markup Into Codebehind Code forums.asp.net

I have the following markup for a paypal button but i want to be able to set some variables from the code behind eg the cost/price and ammount, im new to aspx and im not sure weather i have todo the whole form from the code behind or weather or not i can access the form from the code behind, Code below. [Code]....

Web Forms :: Turning Off The Autocomplete Feature For A Textbox forums.asp.net

One thing I really love about web browsers, is the autocomplete feature they have for different controls, like textboxes in forms.  However, some times users get confused with the dropdown appearing.  So, we would like to be able to disable the autocomplete feature for some textboxes on some of our ASP.NET WebForms pages.  Isn't there a property which controls that?  Or is that done through JavaScript?

Web Forms :: Turning Off Saved Passwords/autocomplete? forums.asp.net

I have an application where I don't want the browser to be able to remember passwords. I can see the AutoCompleteType = disable and that seems to work in IE, but I also need to support FireFox. Setting autocomplete="off" doesn't seem to do anything. Is there anyway for me to kill the autocomplete of a password text box in FireFox?

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I've tried searching here and on Google, and have found the same question asked a few times but no answers. There is no tab key on the E72 keypad, so can anybody tell me is there an easy way to skip through a web page from link to link (or field to field)?

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I'm trying to read the contents of any Web page on another host. I'm finding that... echo file_get_contents( 'http://www.php.net' ); .... works fine if I upload the PHP script to my Web host, and run it there. But if I run it on my PC, which is running Apache 1.3.33 (Win32) and PHP 5.0.5, then it always times out, and gives me the error message... [error] PHP Warning: file_get_contents(http://www.php.net) [<a href='function.file-get-contents'>function.file-get-contents</a>]: failed to open stream: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. I get the exact same results using... $fh = fopen( 'http://www.php.net', 'r' ) or die( $php_errormsg ); while (! feof($fh)) { $page .= fread($fh,1048576); } fclose($fh); echo $page; Anyone know what could cause this to happen?

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HiHow do you open a web page in the default browser from VbThanks

Calling A Web Page From A Command Button. visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

I am trying to call a web page from a command button click event base off ofthe user input into a textbox. I have made an Activex doc and it works finecalling the web page but I can not call the Activex doc from a form. Is itpossible to do it this way? I just need to be able to call it from anotherform.Thanks in advance for any help.

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What's the best way to create a log in web form to access a portion of thewebsite?Shelly BrownDirector of Web Services email@removed

Form Display Accessing Options Like A Website www.xtremevbtalk.com

I recently made a menu form that when you click on the label it underlines the caption and allows the user to go to the next option. But when I place my mouse over that label, I would like to make the mouse cursor change to a hand - similiar to the one that appears on a website for selecting. Is there any coding that would allow me to do that?Thanks for any help.Stephen

Web Link On A Form www.xtremevbtalk.com

Is there any function which will lunch default webbrowser with url of my website? If I only know where is stored any info about webbrowser it could be much easier to do it.

Web Link On Form www.vbforums.com

Hi Friends, yet another one ?? I want to create a web link on the form so that when the user click on the link, the browser open the url.A label is enough for link but How to activate the browser whenuser click on it ???Thank You all for ur grt hlp....

Web Link In VB6 Form www.vbcity.com

I'm sure there's some easy way to put a clickable URL on a form. I'd prefer if it just called the default browser.So, is this one of those "it should be easy" questions, or can somebody give me a hand?Thanks

HTC Desire :: Share Web Pages Options / Facebook And Friend Stream androidforums.com

I have two options to share web pages, facebook and friend stream. Can someone tell me what the difference is please?

Display Twitter Feed In Form? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I would like to add my twitter feed to my application in form1. How would I go about doing this?

Web Forms :: Create A Link Button Dynamically? forums.asp.net

I have this page that can view all the products... the products can also be viewed alphabetically by clicking a letter from a - z A B C D E F and so on...  <--- Like this.. my problem is what control will I choose (because im confused what control to use)? and how to dynamically add this to the page?

MVC :: "System.Web.Mvc.Html.MvcForm" In The Top Of Page / How To Remove This forums.asp.net

on my MVC webforms there is a text in the top of the form as "System.Web.Mvc.Html.MvcForm". how can i remove this?

Web Forms :: How To Use Link Button And Get Link Of A Page And Make The Button To Redirect To That Page forums.asp.net

In my gridview i am returning values from database in which 'filelocation' is containing location of pages over my server and i want to use coustom linkbutton in templete field to raise a event and set session variable and then redirect to that page . My question is how to get value fron 'filelocation' coloum in gried view when a linkbutton in clicked and onclick is fired and also set session value at taht point.

AJAX :: Show Content Pages Loading Progress Using Ajax Updateprogress forums.asp.net

I have a master page, nested master page, and content pages.I'm trying to resolve a task adding an animated gif to show it when content pages are loaded. I put it on a nested master page inside UpdateProgress having ContentPlaceHolder inside UpdatePanel assuming my gif appear during content pages loading. However, it appears only above login page and not always and never on/or above other content pages. The content pages: <%@ Page Title="" Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" MasterPageFile="~/MenuNestedMaster.master" CodeBehind="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="AIS._Default7" %> [code]....

Web Page Encoding Issues www.webhostingtalk.com

I administrate a server with IIS 6 on it running Windows 2003 server. The problem is the person is does the webpages uploads webpages onto the server and when viewing them in the browser you see weird characters. The default encoding used is ISO, so when I change it to UTF-8 the characters go away and it looks normal. Now I know I can have him go into each page and add a meta tag to tell it to use UTF-8 but he has thousands of pages.

Lighttpd Hosting Videos :: Cannot Display Page www.sitepoint.com

we have a site, x.com and it hosts videos, we want to serve these videos using lighty, however, we can't seem to get it to work at all, The current setup is Cpanel with Apache so we want Cpanel + Lighty(only for flvideo.x.com) and Apache for everything else, im running lighty on port 8080, we've tried different ports for the sake of trial and error. This is the configuration that we have: # lighttpd configuration file # # use it as a base for lighttpd 1.0.0 and above # # $Id: lighttpd.conf,v 1.7 2004/11/03 22:26:05 weigon Exp $ ############ Options you really have to take care of #################### ## modules to load # at least mod_access and mod_accesslog should be loaded # all other module should only be loaded if really neccesary # - saves some time # - saves memory server.modules = ( # "mod_rewrite", # "mod_redirect", # "mod_alias", "mod_access", # "mod_cml", # "mod_trigger_b4_dl", # "mod_auth", # "mod_status", # "mod_setenv", # "mod_fastcgi", # "mod_proxy", # "mod_simple_vhost", # "mod_evhost", "mod_userdir", # "mod_cgi", # "mod_compress", # "mod_ssi", # "mod_usertrack", # "mod_expire", # "mod_secdownload", # "mod_rrdtool", "mod_accesslog" ) ## a static document-root, for virtual-hosting take look at the ## server.virtual-* options server.document-root = "/home2/x/www/flvideo/" ## where to send error-messages to server.errorlog = "/var/log/lighttpd/error.log" # files to check for if .../ is requested index-file.names = ( "index.php", "index.html", "index.htm", "default.htm" ) ## set the event-handler (read the performance section in the manual) # server.event-handler = "freebsd-kqueue" # needed on OS X # mimetype mapping mimetype.assign = ( ".rpm" => "application/x-rpm", ".pdf" => "application/pdf", ".sig" => "application/pgp-signature", ".spl" => "application/futuresplash", ".class" => "application/octet-stream", ".ps" => "application/postscript", ".torrent" => "application/x-bittorrent", ".dvi" => "application/x-dvi", ".gz" => "application/x-gzip", ".pac" => "application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig", ".swf" => "application/x-shockwave-flash", ".tar.gz" => "application/x-tgz", ".tgz" => "application/x-tgz", ".tar" => "application/x-tar", ".zip" => "application/zip", ".mp3" => "audio/mpeg", ".m3u" => "audio/x-mpegurl", ".wma" => "audio/x-ms-wma", ".wax" => "audio/x-ms-wax", ".ogg" => "application/ogg", ".wav" => "audio/x-wav", ".gif" => "image/gif", ".jar" => "application/x-java-archive", ".jpg" => "image/jpeg", ".jpeg" => "image/jpeg", ".png" => "image/png", ".xbm" => "image/x-xbitmap", ".xpm" => "image/x-xpixmap", ".xwd" => "image/x-xwindowdump", ".css" => "text/css", ".html" => "text/html", ".htm" => "text/html", ".js" => "text/javascript", ".asc" => "text/plain", ".c" => "text/plain", ".cpp" => "text/plain", ".log" => "text/plain", ".conf" => "text/plain", ".text" => "text/plain", ".txt" => "text/plain", ".dtd" => "text/xml", ".xml" => "text/xml", ".mpeg" => "video/mpeg", ".mpg" => "video/mpeg", ".mov" => "video/quicktime", ".qt" => "video/quicktime", ".avi" => "video/x-msvideo", ".asf" => "video/x-ms-asf", ".asx" => "video/x-ms-asf", ".wmv" => "video/x-ms-wmv", ".bz2" => "application/x-bzip", ".tbz" => "application/x-bzip-compressed-tar", ".tar.bz2" => "application/x-bzip-compressed-tar", # default mime type "" => "application/octet-stream", ) # Use the "Content-Type" extended attribute to obtain mime type if possible mimetype.use-xattr = "enable" ## send a different Server: header ## be nice and keep it at lighttpd server.tag = "lighttpd" #### accesslog module accesslog.filename = "/var/log/lighttpd/access.log" ## deny access the file-extensions # # ~ is for backupfiles from vi, emacs, joe, ... # .inc is often used for code includes which should in general not be part #### accesslog module accesslog.filename = "/var/log/lighttpd/access.log" ## deny access the file-extensions # # ~ is for backupfiles from vi, emacs, joe, ... # .inc is often used for code includes which should in general not be part # of the document-root url.access-deny = ( "~", ".inc" ) $HTTP["url"] =~ ".pdf$" { server.range-requests = "disable" } ## # which extensions should not be handle via static-file transfer # # .php, .pl, .fcgi are most often handled by mod_fastcgi or mod_cgi static-file.exclude-extensions = ( ".php", ".pl", ".fcgi" ) ######### Options that are good to be but not neccesary to be changed ####### ## bind to port (default: 80) server.port = 8080 ## bind to localhost (default: all interfaces) server.bind = "flvideo.x.com" This is the weird part, if we lynx x.com:8080 it will display the html file inside the docroot, if i go x.com:8080 on firefox or internet explorer the connection gets reset and internet explorer throws a "cannot display page" error,

.NET Pages Run In Web Configuration forums.asp.net

in asp.net (in .cs file of an .aspx page ) there is no Main() method then how an .aspx page run or  executed ?

Replace Multiple Different Images On One PDF Template Page With Itext (itextsharp) stackoverflow.com

We have an ASP.NET application that users use to generate certain reports. So far we had one PDF template that had one image on it, and we would just replace that image with our programatically generated one (graph). We have used code from this site for that: [URL] Problem now is that we have two different images on one PDF page, and the code from link above selects both images on one page and replaces them all at once with our generated image. how to replace multiple different images on one page with itext?

Get Data From Previous Page For Search Function And Display Returned Data Into Gridview www.vbforums.com

I implemented PreviousPage to get data from previous page for my search function and display the returned data into a gridview. The gridview's allowpaging is enabled, but every time I go to next page, my previous page data is lost... how can I resolve that?

Forms Data Controls :: How Do Display A List Of Data Returned From The Database forums.asp.net

How do display a list of data returned from the database like this. [code]....

Web Forms :: Transferring Data From One Page To Next Page Using Contect.Item? forums.asp.net

I am transferring data  from one page to next page using contect.Item concept like this in first page protected void Page_Transfer(object sender, EventArgs e) { Context.Items["UN"] = UserName.Text; Context.Items["UserPhone"] = UserPhone.Text; Response.Redirect("Result.aspx"); } I want to get this values in result.aspx page for that i am writting like    public void Page_load(object obj, EventArgs e) { string s =(string) this.Context.Items["UserName"]; string s1 = (string)Context.Items["UserPhone"]; } But  iam getting s  and s1 as null values . what did i write wrong ?

Web Development - How To Disable OutputCache For Only One UserControl On A Page stackoverflow.com

i am using OutputCache on a ASP.NET Page. I set it programmatically like this in my Page_Load: Response.AddFileDependency(cachefilepath); Response.Cache.SetExpires(DateTime.Now.AddHours(12)); Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.Server); Response.Cache.SetValidUntilExpires(true); Response.Cache.SetSlidingExpiration(false); Response.Cache.VaryByParams["*"] = true; Now the Page will be cached and this works fine. But i have one UserControl on the Page which shouldn't be cached. Is it possbile to disable Caching for this UserControl although the whole Page is getting cached? The reason is that the output of this UserControl has two states and so can be different for each client according to his actions...

Forms Data Controls :: Datalist Export To Excel Method forums.asp.net

There is a lot of info on the internet and on this forum about the possibilities to export data from gridview, datalist etc to Excel.This isn't the problem. But what i am wondering is, what are the criteria for the server to be possible to export to a excel file.I have a function to export to excel a datalist, and locally on my Pc it goes wel, but when I place it on the server it doesnt work anymore. The export file (XLS) is empty. So localy I get data into the excel file en remote I get no data in the excel file.

Display A Pdf Document Inside A Webform? forums.asp.net

I need to display a pdf document inside a web form. I know how to do so using an hyperlink control (NavigateUrl property), but in this case I need to display the pdf as a result of an internal process, not the click of a link by the user. There is any way to do so?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Select Master Record For Display Based Upon Detail Records forums.asp.net

I have two tables.  One table containing 1 master record and the other table containing multiple records per 1 master record.  I want to only display in a gridview (or whatever is best) the master record AND its assocated detail records IF certain fields in the detail records are there.  I have been trying to figure out how to do this but I am still a bit of a newbie and I don't how I can do this.

SQL Reporting :: How To Display Parameter Prompt Area In Web Report Viewer forums.asp.net

I tired to create a parameterized report in Report Builder 2.0 with parameters having multiple values fetched from the database. I really liked that feature, which allows me to select the desired records from the dropdown. I uploaded the report in SSRS 2008 and I could view the reports with parameters from the Report Manager of Report server. But when the report is called through the Report Viewer, I didn't get any of the parameters displayed inside the report viewer. The only way I could found is to manually give the dropdowns in the web page and sent that values to report by setting its parameter. But at here I cannot multi-select the values. So I would like to get the exact functionality given through the report manager in the report viewer. get the report parameters in the Report Viewer of ASP.NET?

Possible To Copy Display Data From Another Website Page forums.asp.net

Is it possible to copy display data from another website page?Display data means ,data that is displayed in page.For example,http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/pollution.aspxI am alien to this website,but I want to copy data .that is shown in above link page to my website page.

Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Image In Datalist? forums.asp.net

I am trying to display images in a datalist. I derive the list of images as follows have a drodown list which contains the possible filders. The user selects the folder and clicks a button to display the images. On the button click I get the contents of the folder using getfileinfo|(0 and add the details to a datatable. I create a field in the table that contains the path and the imagename (fieldname imagePath) To display the image <asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" ImageUrl='<%#Eval("Imagepath")%>' [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Data In A Datalist? forums.asp.net

I am displaying data in a datalist.i have to repeat the same data vertically twice.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Category Name Without Category Id forums.asp.net

I am working in a project that is a musical website. I want to display the web page with all categories I have. In my database , named Category_Master, I have two fields like Category_Id (which is a primary key ) and Category_Name. I have generated category_Id with NEWID() function. The category_Id is not supposed to display on the web page. But, i have to select Category_Name and according to that , I have to get the category_Id. If I am using Static connection with SqlDataSource, i am able to make visible=false property so that the category_id won't be visible. But , at that time, I can't write code to Select the category_id of the selected index.      If i am using disconnected approach, I filled the  dataset with the Category_Master, and binded it to GridView. But, at that time, I can't hide the category_id from the user.  I want to select category_id by clicking on the category_name with out displaying category_id ..?

Web Forms :: Accessing Hosted Page Base Page From A Usercontrol? forums.asp.net

I have a base page (_BasePage) that all the pages in my application are inheriting from, the base page has serveral methods. I also have a usercontrol that can be placed in several pages. I wold like to write a method inside the usercontrol that can call a method in the base page (_BasePage) in runtime.

Forms Data Controls :: List Not Displaying Any Information forums.asp.net

I am using mobile list control inside that i inserted a label when i bind any dataset to that list it is not displaying any information. In msdn it is mentioned the mobile list control is equivalent of web control is datalist. The code as follows. <mobile:List Runat="server" ID="List2"> <Item> <mobile:Label runat="server" id="lblStudentName" Text='<% #Eval("StudentName") %>'> </mobile:Label> </Item> </mobile:List> in code behind protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { MTestDataContext dc = new MTestDataContext(); List2.DataSource = dc.Students; List2.DataBind(); } }

Display New Information Onto Page bytes.com

I have an application, which is going to be a draft application, like for a hockey fantasy league. I want to have a live draft, so I've created a background thread which monitors the "transactions" that are happening. My problem is, I need a way to actually display the new information onto the page as I recieve the updates. What would be the best way to go about doing this?

SQL Reporting :: How To Call An Existing Report In Reportviewer On A Web Page forums.asp.net

I am trying to integrate an existing SSRS report in asp.net. 1. created the report and deployed it. 2. In the web page, have a reportviewer and trying to attach the same report. The report's url is :http://ReportServername/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%Clinical+ReportQ: What is my ReportPath and reportServerUrl? Is there something else I need to do? Should I copy over the rdl file to the report server?

Checking An Open Web Page? forums.asp.net

I want to write an ASP page which will accept a set of parameters (lets call it Page A), and will then launch other ASP pages, feeding parameters to those pages as required (call these Page B and Page C).What I want to do though is make sure that Page A will only launch Page B if Page B isn't already open.  I also want to perform the same check before Page A launches Page C.Is there an easy way to do this using ASP?

JQuery :: Adjusting Elements Display According To Page Width stackoverflow.com

I would like to adjust elements displayed on my view depending on the width of the page. Let's say the page width is greater than 800 px, then I would like to display div A + div B (see picture below). But if the page width is less or equal than 600 px,then I would like to display only div A. It has to be dynamic. So If the user resize the window, the div B must be showed or hided.

Display Content From One Site On Another? stackoverflow.com

I heard once that this could be done using Curl, but I don't want to display all contents from an external site on my site, but only the contents from a particular div.

Grab Some Content From A Web Site? www.sitepoint.com

I am trying to grab some content from a web site. Web sites charset is charset=iso-8859-1. this is a sample of a page from that website. This is my codes PHP Code: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />  PHP Code: $header[] = "Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8";  $header[] = "Accept-Encoding: *"; $header[] = "Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7"; [Code]... I get problem with some characters. I tried everything. I spend last 5 hours to sort this out.

Display A Page's Elements As Selectable? stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a way to make all visible objects in a webpage selectable by a visitor. For example, I take google's homepage as source, my php script already gets the homepage, and stores everything in an array. Now I want to show the google homepage with every object (span, div, body, td etc...) selectable. My visitor will select a few objects and then click submit (form post) I do not know how to do this, even after searching dhtml and so ..