WCF / ASMX :: Consuming Webservices With Https?


I wrote some webservices in my solution and it works fine when i consume it in my local machine... BUT when i deploy it in the public IP and using https. I'm not able to consume the webservices i got a "The provided URI scheme 'https' is invalid; expected 'http'. Parameter name: via" Error... I tried to change my configuration in my web app from security mode="None" into security mode = "transport" and I got an error... (forgot to log the error) Note* I'm using virtual IIS (this is where i test my project)

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WCF / ASMX :: How To Consume Webservices Dynamically forums.asp.net

I have the URL of webservice of some companies in database as Company-A http://companya.com/myservice/calculate.asmx Company-B http://companyb.com/someservice/post.asmx Company-C http://companyc.com/theservice/help.asmx Company-D http://companyd.com/services/count.asmx I want to dynamically consume these webservices. As sometime I need only CompanyA webservice, some time Company-B webservice. How I can do these.I thing I have to use WebService class (Imports System.Web.Services)

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I have this Internet web service page(webservice.asmx) being consumed jquery ajax call. And I am hoping to restrict public request to this webservice other than request from local pages (aspx or jquery ajax call). The web service checks for form-authentication before it gets executed but I just don't feel comfortable the .asmx page and list of services are viewable. So users can't just type www.mysite.com/webservice.asmx to access my webservice.

HTTP Connection Manager Err:unable To Connect To Remote Server social.msdn.microsoft.com

� Hi all, i am trying to consume an webservice which under secure layer (HTTPS) eg: https://test.com/test.asmx i'm connected thro' a proxy server. when i use the same url in IE it works fine, but when i connect thro' http connection manager it always throws me a error saying "unable to connect to remote server " can anyone provide me solution to over come this problem

.net - Webservice To WCF? stackoverflow.com

we had developed a webservice in vb.net,framework 2.0. We would need to rewrite this websevice in WCF with framework 3.5. Please provide some guidance regarding this and also there are many othersystems consuming our webservice url. Will this conversion have impact on the source system or does it involve any build activity for the source system to consume the url that will be developed with WCF method?

Flash Movie Consuming HTTPS WebService Connects As HTTP stackoverflow.com

I have a Flash Movie (SWF) that is consuming a .NET WebService (located on the same domain) and in my Test environment everything works perfectly (Test env is all HTTP). When deployed to production (All HTTPS) an issue occurs when trying to access the WebService from the Flash movie. A new WebService object is created with the HTTPS url passed to it. myWS = new WebService("https://mydomain/path/to/webservice") As I watch the HTTP traffic in FireBug I can see the Flash movie making a POST request (passing along the SOAP data) as HTTP (not HTTPS as I would expect). This HTTP requests hits the firewall which forces a 302 Redirect to HTTPS. After this redirect occurs, Flash/Firefox re-sends the request to the HTTPS version of the URL, but as a GET request (thus losing all the SOAP data and making the call to the WebService invalid). I am trying to figure out how/why a Flash WebService would call a WebService using HTTP even though I am specifically passing it a HTTPS url.

.net :: Create WCF Services That Can Be Consumed By Flash? stackoverflow.com

I'm a beginner in WCF, which I have chosen instead of Web Services because all articles and blogs I've read seem to point out that ASMX is old news.I have read a bit about the differences between old Web Services and WCF, and I got the general idea. I also took the MSDN WCF tutorial which seemed simple enough.My problem is that I want to create WCF services that can be consumed by Flash. I've read that it's doable everywhere, but with no obvious A-Z tutorial on how to proceed with the server-side and client-side...

C# - How To Consume Webservices Over Https stackoverflow.com

I am trying to consume a webservices which are located at https://TestServices/ServiceList.asmx. When I try to add a service reference to my C# library class project my app.config file looks like below: <system.serviceModel> <bindings> <basicHttpBinding> <binding name="TestServicesSoap" closeTimeout="00:01:00" openTimeout="00:01:00" receiveTimeout="00:10:00" sendTimeout="00:01:00" allowCookies="false" bypassProxyOnLocal="false" hostNameComparisonMode="StrongWildcard" [code]...

How To Use The IIS7 URL Rewrite Module To Reroute HTTP Requests To HTTPs stackoverflow.com

I have web services built with ASP.NET and ASP.NET clients consuming them. When consuming the webservices, how would I to force the clients to use https? I don't want to force the whole site to use https by turning on require SSL in IIS. Can I use the IIS7 URL rewrite module to re-route http requests to https?

WCF / ASMX :: Is The .asmx Required On The Website Consuming The Webservice forums.asp.net

I've been asked to reduce the number of files deployed on a website. 2 file types I'm looking at first are .asmx and .ashx. The asmx files in this case are only pointers to the Codebehind which is contained in a Single Assembly which of course is included in the website, are the asmx files actually required? the contents are <%@ WebService Language="C#" Class="ServerControl" %> I don;t think this asmx is required on the website as if an app wishes to consume the webservice it simply needs to reference the codebehind dll and them call the webmethod like a normal method, isn;t this correct or am I missing something with this asmx file?

C# - Consuming Webservices And Reading The Soap Message? stackoverflow.com

I am having difficulties Understanding and consuming Webservices in asp.net . i've created some Webmethods to be exposed , and tested them using the (Namespace = "http://tempuri.org/") and then i created a simple client application , that calls one of the functions through passing it as the "action" parameter in the form tag , something like :<form id="form1" action='http://localhost:3880/SoapService/Service.asmx/HelloWorld' method="post"> What i can't figured out: if possible a better Explination of Webservices and how they use and consume SOAP Messages How to pass Parameters with the function call, when i put the function url in the action parameter , like above.


When To Use Webservices And WCF stackoverflow.com

I am working on an asp.net application (.net 4 framework) design and was wanting to know what are the pros and cons and best practices for using webservices vs WCF techology? This application will eventually be used by outside clients to consume data. When would you use WebServices and when would you use WCF? Is one more scalable than the other?

Unable To Pass User Credentials From WCF Web Service To ASMX Web Service forums.asp.net

My WCF Client calls my WCF Service which then calls ASMX Web Service. The problem is i have configured my wcf client and wcf service to windows credentials type but when wcf service calls asmx service the user credentials (default windowsidentity) is not passed to asmx service. In WCF Service i am able to get user identity by using : Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.Name; WCF Service - i have disabled anonymous access and enabled windows authentication. ASMX Web Service - i have disabled anonymous access and enabled windows authentication. WCF Service Config [Code]....

WCF / ASMX :: Creating Webservice In Vs2005? forums.asp.net

how to make a web service in vs 2005 in file /new /project which template to be taken asp.net web application asp.net web service application or WCF service application (this template i dont have) currently i have a asp.net web application with .asmx page let me knw the rigtt way i have code in .aspx page i need to have that code in asmx(webservice)

Asmx Json Serialization Versus Wcf Json Serialization? stackoverflow.com

I have two experimental web services. One is an asmx contained within a .net web application. The other is a WCF service library being invoked from the web application.The asmx basically does everything I need, but I think WCF would be better, except that it doesn't do anything as I would expect after fiddling with the asmx service.For example, the same method behaves differently in each: ' ASMX <WebMethod(BufferResponse:=True, EnableSession:=False)> Function Test(aObject as Object) as Object ' object will have been successfully serializaed into a dictionary [code]...

How To Make WCF Auto Generate SOAP Docs Like ASMX stackoverflow.com

I'm currently writing a web service using WCF in VB.NET.Previous web services I wrote used ASMX but I wanted to learn WCF and so far it's going well. I actually prefer the way WCF does things.One thing I miss however is the way that ASMX used to generate example SOAP requests and responses. It was like getting documentation for free.Is there anyway to auto generate SOAP documentation for WCF?

AJAX :: Can Notify The Webservice That The Data Has Been Updated In The Same Connection forums.asp.net

I have a webservice for now ASMX, but I can change to WCF which inserts data to a table, and another process in a disconnected env. which updates this value. How can I notify the webservice that the data has been updated in the same connection?

Android : How To Call A NET Web Service From Droid? stackoverflow.com

I need to call a webservice("") from android...

ASMX :: Create A WCF Service ? forums.asp.net

I've created a Webservice and consumed it in a website application & i hosted the both in IIS, they are working fine. Now i've to create the WCF Service & consume the service in the web application and hosting the both in IIS. I've gone through the basicsof WCF; i found there are some contracts like Service Contract, Operation Contract, etc & also Found Interface1.cs & Service1.svc files, So don't know How to deal with these files.I'l post my webservice code and web app code, Please tell me Where should i do the modifications to convert it to a WCF Service, [code]...

C# - How To Set Webservice URL Properly stackoverflow.com

I have a ASP.NET application. Inside the asp.net application I have a folder called WebServices where I keep all the .asmx files. I am referring these asmx files inside asp.net .cs files. Instead of giving the full url to the webservice.url property how can i set the path like this. ds.Url = this.ResolveUrl("~/WebServices/xxx.asmx");

WCF / ASMX :: Default Values Specified To Class, Does Not Persist When Consumed From Webservice forums.asp.net

I have web service with reference of BO library in same application. My BO contains classes with some private members and respective public properties. All of these private members had default values in a perticular class say Contact.cs.Now when I consume this webservice into Windows Application, these already assinged values to BO does not persists in the Windows Application code. Is there any limitation such that you can serialize the default values assosiated with private members ? Even I have tried to assign these values directly to the properties in a constructor of Contact class.

Pagemethod Doesn't Work From Asmx File Rather Aspx? stackoverflow.com

I am using simple json method for calling webmethod but it works with aspx file ie url: 'myclass.aspx/myfunction' but it doesnt work if I put same function in an asmx file and change url to asmx. Is there anything else have to be done to enable asmx service ? asmx with vb code: // this works <%@ WebService Language="VB" Class="WebService" %> Imports System.Web Imports System.Web.Services [Code].....

WCF / ASMX :: While Consuming Webservice Getting Error As "The Request Failed With HTTP Status 401: ... forums.asp.net

I am trying to consume a webservice. I added the web reference. But when i try to access the method, I am getting the error as:"The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized."The web service has username as "user1", password as "pass".I tried this: Service1.TestPrcsService serv = new Service1.TestPrcsService(); serv.PreAuthenticate = true; serv.Custom_methodname(true); How to pass the username and password to access the method?

WCF / ASMX :: How To Return A Dataset In Webservice And Consume It forums.asp.net

i want to return a dataset, and consume it in the asp pages how can i do that suppose a dataset has 100 records, then how do i consume it in other websites

WCF / ASMX :: Consuming Freight Price Calculation Webservice? forums.asp.net

how to consume a webservice from Brazilian Correios (kind of USA Fedex). The Web Service address is [URL] The instructions says that I need to use the method CalcPrecoPrazo and send those parameters listed below (I already filled the variables with the correct content to help you use that webservice). Dim nCdEmpresa As String = "" Dim sDsSenha As String = "" Dim nCdServico As String = "41106" Dim sCepOrigem As String = "87047130" Dim sCepDestino As String = "80610320" Dim nVIPeso As Decimal = 1 Dim nCDFormato As Integer = 1 Dim nVIComprimento As Decimal = 20 Dim nVIAltura As Decimal = 30 Dim nVILargura As Decimal = 30 Dim nVIDiametro As Decimal = 0 Dim sCdMaoPropria As String = "N" Dim nVIValorDeclarado As Decimal = 0 Dim sCdAvisoRecebimento As String = "N" The result will be send by the parameter RESULTADO.SERVICOS in a array format.

WCF / ASMX :: Consuming .net Webservices In Php? forums.asp.net

I want to know can php client consume asp.net web services with 1: returning basic types int, string etc. 2: returning DataSets

C# - Create A Asmx Client For Wcf Service? stackoverflow.com

I have some clients calling my asmx service and I figure out to change my asmx to a Wcf service.How can my asmx clients call to my Wcf service without modify the client application?Maybe just a few changes in the config file...I can't expect than they compile their applications.

How To Make Web Services Secure In C# Both The Asmx And On WCF stackoverflow.com

How to make web services secure in asp.net both the asmx and on WCF. Currently we have web services and now are in process of converting them to WCF in some modules in our application. Now as upgradation is in process we like to incorporate security on the web services as we intend to open some of them to all our clients via web (they contain both asmx and WCF as well).

WCF / ASMX :: Which Tech To Use For Upgraded WS forums.asp.net

I have an asmx web service built using VS 2005 and we're going to be upgrading that to use certificate authentication. While doing that, we figured we'd update the .Net version of it.I'm unsure which technology to go with. Should we stick with ASMX or convert it over to WCF? If we go with WCF, can our current on be upgraded or would it better to start with a fresh WCF project and just implement our functionality in a clean project?

WCF / ASMX :: Server Was Unable To Process Request? forums.asp.net

I am trying to call a webservice and i am receiving the following error Server was unable to process request -- > object reference not set to an instance of object . Steps done for calling the webservice 1) created a wrapper class using wsdl.exe tool syntax :- wsdl.exe /l:vb <url.asmx?wsdl> <url.asmx?wsdl> is the url of the webservice to be called. 2) Imports <webservicenamespace> [Code].... 3) while checking the trace Its occuring while invoking the webservice function object[] results = this.Invoke(<webservicefunction(parameters)>)

C# - How To Override Wsdl Generation In Web Services .Net stackoverflow.com

I would like to create a WebService in .Net who expose multiple WebMethods I need a WebService version per new implementation (WebMethod or New Property in Business Object), like this : [WebService(Namespace = "http://tempuri.org/")] [WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)] public class Service : System.Web.Services.WebService { [WebMethod] [WebServiceVersion("1.0")] public string HelloWorld() { return "Hello World"; } [WebMethod] [WebServiceVersion("1.1")] public string NewMethodInVersion1_1() { return "Hello World"; } } With UrlRewriting or HttpHandler : HelloWorld WebMethod only : http://localhost/Service/1.0/Service.asmx HelloWorld WebMethod and NewMethodInVersion1_1 : http://localhost/Service/1.1/Service.asmx How can i generate a wsdl dynamically for the specific version used by the customer ?

C# - How To Consume WCF WsHttpBinding Service In Application Built In 2.0? stackoverflow.com

WCF service is running with 'wsHttpBinding' Binding. The application which gonna consume WCF Service is non-wcf compliance or in other words, it is on the top of Framework 2.0 and I can't use ServiceModel in this app (since only 3.5 supports ServiceModel). how to consume above WCF Service in application built in 2.0?

How To Make A Call To A Potentially Long-running Operation stackoverflow.com

When an ASPX page needs to make a call to a potentially long-running operation (lengthy DB query, call to a remote webservice, etc.), I use RegisterAsyncTask, so the IIS worker thread is returned to the pool, rather than being tied up for the duration of the long-running operation. However ASMX webservices don't have a RegisterAsyncTask function. When an ASMX webservice needs to call a potentially long-running operation, how can I implement the same behavior as RegisterAsyncTask? Note: the ASMX webservice is implemented as a script-service: returning json to a direct jQuery/ajax call. Therefore, I cannot use the "BeginXXX" approach described by MSDN, since that implements the asynchronous behavior within the generated client-stub (which isn't used when calling the webservice directly via ajax). EDIT: Adding source code: implemented the BeginXXX/EndXXX approach listed in John's answer. The synchronous "Parrot" function works fine. But the asynchronous "SlowParrot" function gives an internal server error: "Unknown web method SlowParrot" WebService1.asmx: [code]....

AJAX :: Autocomplete Script Does Not Work? forums.asp.net

Why my autocomplete ajax script does not work: This is my WebService.cs [Code].... <cc1:AutoCompleteExtender ID="AutoCompleteExtender1" MinimumPrefixLength="1" ServiceMethod="GetCountryInfo" TargetControlID="TextBox2" ServicePath="WebService.asmx" runat="server"></cc1:AutoCompleteExtender> Categories row in database is text type... I use ModalPopup, too(my textbox2 is in Modalpopup), does it makes problem? <cc1:AutoCompleteExtender ID="AutoCompleteExtender1" MinimumPrefixLength="1" ServiceMethod="GetCountryInfo" TargetControlID="TextBox2" ServicePath="WebService.asmx" runat="server"></cc1:AutoCompleteExtender>

To Run The Website, Get Error - Could Not Create Type 'umbraco.webservices.documents.documentService' stackoverflow.com

I was trying to install CMS for my ASP.NET (Open source Umbraco). After the installation process, when I try to run the website, I get this error: Could not create type 'umbraco.webservices.documents.documentService'. E:UsersSarinDocumentsVisual Studio 2010WebSitesWebSite20umbracowebservicesapiDocumentService.asmx Here's the line from default.aspx which is showing this error. <%@ WebService Language="C#" CodeBehind="DocumentService.asmx.cs" Class=umbraco.webservices.documents.documentService %>

WebMatrix :: Create WebService Like Asmx On Razor Syntax? forums.asp.net

anybody tell me how to create WebService like asmx on razor syntax.

AJAX :: Use Autocompleteextender In User Control? forums.asp.net

i want to use autocompleteextender in User Control. i tried this but not getting any effect i used webservice asmx file

AJAX :: Unable To Make Wcf JSON Ajax Service Work Through Http Like Asmx? forums.asp.net

I am new to WCF, I was using web service asmx before. I have trouble on making my wcf JSON ajax service work through http like asmx.Could you help me see what wrong in my code?My WCF services are defined in my website application folder. My aim is to call this service in my aspx page java-script code and return complex object back as JSON to my javascript. I have no problem on doing this through classic asmx web service. When I try to test it through my browser by type this in the URL , URL-http://localhost:3849/WebServices/Account/WCFCompanyService.svc/GetAll. it return "Method not allowed." But if I type just this URL-http://localhost:3849/WebServices/Account/WCFCompanyService.svc, it return this: WCFCompanyService Service You have created a service.To test this service, you will need to create a client and use it to call the service. You can do this using the svcutil.exe tool from the command line with the following syntax: svcutil.exe URL-http://localhost:3849/WebServices/Account/WCFCompanyService.svc?wsdl This will generate a configuration file and a code file that contains the client class. Add the two files to your client application and use the generated client class to call the Service. For example: C# class Test { static void Main() { HelloClient client = new HelloClient(); [Code].... This is my Ajax-enabled WCF service code: [Code].... This is the web.config service model setting [Code]....

AJAX :: Consume .asmx With JQuery (POST Method, Not JSON)? forums.asp.net

The ideal goal is to consume .asmx web service using jQuery like this [Code]....

WCF / ASMX :: Consuming Web Service Which Is Not Exposed Directly? forums.asp.net

I have created a webservice which is publicly exposed. This publicly created webservice can be consumed in the application But my requirement is I have to create a webservice to expose the schema and cannot be consumed directly.How to consume the web service which is not exposed directly.

WCF / ASMX :: How To Attach Ssl Certificate forums.asp.net

i need to attach ssl certificate with my werbservice .https://localhost:1505/CrackerJackService.asmx should be work.I am new to ssl .

AJAX :: Name Of Feature For Letting Javascript Access Asmx And Wcf Services? forums.asp.net

There is a term beginning with "w" which is an ASP.NET which allows javascript to access and call WCF/ASMX services.It is just like scripthandlerfactory,and the term is not webmethod or webservice(the attributes),but something else.Does anyone know what this term/feature is called?

Feature Beginning With "w" Which Allows Javascript To Access WCF/ASMX Services? stackoverflow.com

There is a term beginning with "w" which is an ASP.NET feature meaning javascript can access WCF/ASMX services. It is not the webmethod or webservice attributes and it is just like scripthandlerfactory.

Flash :: Flex - Call A Webservice Without Crossdomain.xml File? stackoverflow.com

How can I consume a webservice that hasn't explicitely created a crossdomain.xml? I understand it's for security and to prevent cross-site scripting, but it does seem like a major limitation to the Flex framework. For example, if I want to consume a webservice, which is suppose to be language agnostic, then I can't with Flex. The webservice/server has to be specifically prepared for Flex/Flash. If it's not, then it cannot be consumed.

Android :: How To Consume Session Dependent WCF Services Using Ksoap2 stackoverflow.com

I am using Ksoap2-Android for consuming the WCF Services. For the dotnet client we keep the allowCookies="true" in our binding configuration and it sends the same sessionid and keeps my sessions intact in my WCF services (My services are interdependent and use the sessions). Any one know any such setting for ksoap2-android, that will allow me to consume the WCF service keeping my session intact on the server. Currently when i make a new call to the service, the sessionid gets changed and all my session variables clear out and loose their values.

How To Configure WCF Webservice In IIS 5.1 And Project forums.asp.net

I have made WCF webservice , which i want to test . How to configure wcf webservice to the IIS 5.1 and include it into my Web project in vs 3.5 I need to Bind reapter and drop down list using the webservice in my TEST web application.

MVC :: Consume Wcf 4.0 Rest Services? forums.asp.net

how to consume wcf rest services in asp.net MVC? there is any standards are available? in my project SOA, so all the data came from wcf 4.0 rest services if there is any coding examples or resources to consume wcf services in MVC 2.0

WCF / ASMX :: Convert A Webservice Application In To Wcf? forums.asp.net

[Code].... convert a webservice application in to wcf?

Visual Studio :: Difference Between WCF Service And Webservice? forums.asp.net

I have one doubt what is the difference between WCF service and webservice?

WCF / ASMX :: Difference Between Web Services And WCF? forums.asp.net

I learned from internet that webservices can be invoked only by HTTP whereas WCF can be invoked by HTTP,TCP,et., can i know the difference between them

WCF / ASMX :: What Are The Steps To Follow To Migrate From Web Services To WCF forums.asp.net

What are the steps to follow to migrate from Web Services to WCF-Webservice?

ActionScript 3.0 :: How To Use WCF Webservice www.actionscript.org

can i use WCF webservice in actionscript 3.0? is it possible thn how?

WCF / ASMX :: WCF Service As Https Using Port 80? forums.asp.net

I have just noticed that a WCF service referenced as https in the web address is showing that the client is connecting on port 80

Create TTPS WCF Web Service On Cloud? stackoverflow.com

I want to create a HTTPS WCF web service on azure and want to use it in a desktop application.

Flash Connecting To A WCF Service? stackoverflow.com

proper endpoint configuration for my WCF service to enable a Flash app to consume it.

MVC :: Consume WCF RIA Service forums.asp.net

Is there a clean way i can consume WCF RIA Services within an MVC 2 Application?

WCF / ASMX :: Possible To Consume Wcf Survive From Class Library And Use In SQL Server forums.asp.net

Is it possible to consume a wcf survive from a class library and use class library in SQL Server 2005?

Security :: Calling SharePoint Search WebService From AJAX Service Fails With 401 forums.asp.net

In IIS I have a virtual directory with only windows authentication enabled. From Javascript I call into a ASMX webservice. From the ASMX webservice I make a call to the SharePoint Search.asmx Webservice. whatever I try I keep getting the followin gerror message: "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized" I use the following code to call the SharePoint webservice [Code].... My web.config settings are: [Code].... The Sharepoint farm is configured to use NTLM authentication. Strangely everything works when I am testing in Visual Studio using the builtin webservice, but when I deply to my local IIS or Test Server it breaks.

Add Access-Control-Allow-Origin To An ASMX Webservice Have Created In Program? stackoverflow.com

I have a very simple ASMX page.[code]... How do I add Access-Control-Allow-Origin to the response headers so that the webservice can be consumed by multiple websites using AJAX?

How To Trace Third Party Web Service Request And Response Xml forums.asp.net

I am calling a third party web service (eg amazon web service). I added it using "Add Web Reference" and I am using it.I want to trace all XML request and responses because the webservice provider often asks for the actual xml if i have any support issues.What i have tried: searched almost a day on Microsoft and other websites and found many examples of soap extensions, but all these examples consume a local web service (like asmx) <system.diagnostics> <sources> <source name="System.ServiceModel.MessageLogging"> <listeners> <add name="messages" type="System.Diagnostics.XmlWriterTraceListener" initializeData="c:logmessages.svclog" /> [code]...

Web Service Xml Unserialize Results? www.phpfreaks.com

I'm new to PHP and wondered if anyone could help...I am consuming an asmx webservice using PHP code. (Later to make a widget for wordpress).I can receive all the data, but it is in one very big xml file.I want to be able to convert this data, so I can make it more readable.Could really do with help as I don't have a clue how to convert it.

Can A WCF Service Be Consumed As If It Were A Web Service stackoverflow.com

I'm integrating a product from another vendor with our existing processes. This product interfaces with our system via an ASP.NET Web Service. As in, I need to write an ASP.NET Web Service that has the particular method names and parameters that the vendor has specified. Simple enough, but we're wanting to migrate as much stuff as possible to WCF. I haven't used WCF much yet, but as I see it it's the replacement for ASP.NET Web Services (and other things). Seeing as how I cannot modify the vendor's product, the only way I could write this new web service using WCF is if a WCF Service can be consumed as if it were an ASP.NET Web Service (i.e., as far as the vendor's product is concerned, it is consuming an ASP.NET Web Service). Can WCF Services be consumed in this way?

Can Call A Webservice From A Controller Action In MVC stackoverflow.com

Can I call a webservice from a Controller Action in ASP.Net MVC? public ActionResult Index() { PersonObject person = new Person("Sam"); //Call a webservice which is located in the same app under /Services/General.asmx/WebMethod and pass it person } Basically I want to do this from my Action... $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "/Services/General.asmx/WebMethod", data: JSON.stringify(DTOInternetPricing), contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8", dataType: "json", success: function(res) { }, error: function(res) { } });

WCF / ASMX :: Standardizing Interfaces To External Clients To Consume Wcf Services forums.asp.net

I have a build a new 3 tier application (Web,Application,Data tier). The application tier (middle tier) will host wcf web services. I build my service classes, define bindings , contracts etc which does the core business logic, data access and updates. Now I have around 50 external clients who would want services from my application tier. But my problem is client A might send a flat file request, client B might sends a comma separated file request, client C might be a soap request. The requests further may be either real time or batch. My services may have to send data back to the caller either in a flat file.., xml or a soap response or other formats. The response might also be either batch or real time. 1)Is there a way to standardize the interface for all these 50 clients accessing my WCF services ? 2) If an external client sends a flat file via FTP (intended to serve as input to my service), how do I get this flat file data to hit my service. (Assuming that the legacy system is not service based and hence the external client just sends a file and is not aware of any services of the new system)

Call A .net(.asmx) Webservice And It Just Doesn't Work www.phpfreaks.com

I'm trying to call a .net(.asmx) webservice and it just doesn't work, Code: [Select]� � require("nusoap.php"); $client = new nusoap_client('http://www.w3schools.com/webservices/tempconvert.asmx?wsdl', true); $err = $client->getError(); if($err){ [Code]....

Drop Down List In 3 Tier Style forums.aspfree.com

hi there , i am trying to populate a drop down list using a 3 tier style 1 will be the class.vb , next webservice.asmx , next is the webform currently i am having some problems with the coding<code> //class1.vb PublicFunction getBanquetProvider() cnn.Open Dim strSql As String = "SELECT DISTINCT Company FROM Banquet" Dim cmd As New OleDbCommand(strSql, cnn) Dim da As New OleDbDataAdapter(cmd) Dim ds As New DataSet Return da.Fill(ds) cnn.Close() //webservice.asmx<WebMethod()> _ PublicFunction banquetProviderlist() Dim dl AsNew CalculatorData.Class1 Return (dl.getBanquetProvider()) //webform.aspx Dim bl AsNew getService.Service1 ddl_provider.DataSource = bl.banquetProviderlist() ddl_provider.DataBind()</code> thanks in advance

C# - Host A Wcf Service Library In A Web Application? stackoverflow.com

I would like to host a Wcf Service, create in a Wcf service Library, in a Web Application. I've already done the same thing with Web Service asmx : using System.Reflection; using System.Web; using System.Web.Services; using System.Web.Services.Protocols; namespace WebServiceLibrary { [WebService(Namespace = "http://tempuri.org/")] [WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)] public class WebService1 : WebService, IHttpHandlerFactory { private static WebServiceHandlerFactory wshf = new WebServiceHandlerFactory(); private static MethodInfo coreGetHandlerMethod = typeof(WebServiceHandlerFactory).GetMethod("CoreGetHandler", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic); [Code]....

Problem Accessing Database Via .asmx Webservice forums.asp.net

I just added a .asmx webservice to my project. When i try to retrieve some information of the database using the webservice, despite using the same code as in a code behind .aspx file, it doesn't work.SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["LocalSqlServer"].ConnectionString);DataTable dt = new DataTable(); conn.Open(); String sql = "SELECT * FROM aspnet_Users"; //But i would suggest you to use parameterize queries or SP for security reasonsSqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text; cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();SqlDataAdapter ad = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd); ad.Fill(dt); conn.Close();   Using this code in .aspx.cs it works, but in my .asmx it doesn't. The 'cmd.ExecuteNonQuery()'  returns '-1' in the .asmx. I have to use the webservice because i have a Silverlight client in my application, whichs has to retrieve data from the database. Any ideas why it works for the .aspx.cs and not for the .asmx file?

NuSOAP: Change Content-type Of Request? stackoverflow.com

When consuming a .NET WCF webservice I get the following response (error): Unsupported HTTP response status 415 Cannot process the message because the content type 'text/xml; charset=UTF-8' was not the expected type 'application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8'. How do I change the content type? I can't find it in the NuSOAP forums/docs, or I might be overlooking something....

Can Consume Webservice In Windows Application In .net www.sitepoint.com

I came across a scenario where I want to consume webservice in .net windows application. But I can't see web reference in the Visual studio 2005 IDE. I know WCF can be best way to tackle this problem.

Sql Server 2005 Reporting Services And XML Webservice DataSource social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am new to both Reporting Services and Webservices implementation so I am just trying to use a simple example.� I found a Webservice on the internet that returns movie information: http://www.ignyte.com/webservices/ignyte.whatsshowing.webservice/moviefunctions.asmx?wsdl I am trying to call in using XML DataSource and with absolutely no luck.� Here are the steps I have followed: DataSource type: XML Connection String: http://www.ignyte.com/webservices/ignyte.whatsshowing.webservice/moviefunctions.asmx Report Data Quert: <Query> �� <SoapAction>http://www.ignyte.com/GetUpcomingMovies</SoapAction> �� <Method Namespace="http://www.ignyte.com/whatsshowing" Name="GetUpcomingMovies"> ����� <Parameters> �������� <Parameter Name="month"> ����������� <DefaultValue>12</DefaultValue> �������� </Parameter> �������� <Parameter Name="year"> ����������� <DefaultValue>2007</DefaultValue> �������� </Parameter> ����� </Parameters> �� </Method> �� <ElementPath>RunQueryResponse{}/RunQueryResult{}/diffgram{}/DataSetName/TableName</xmldp:ElementPath> </Query> I am getting an error: The XmlDP query is invalid.� (Microsoft Report Designer) Any help?� I am trying to figure out this simple example so I can apply it to my own webservice. Thanks

How To Use Simple Web Service With WCF forums.asp.net

This is my first interaction with WCF. I have a web service and i need to use that in WCF. Now i am all lost here about how to do that. All the articles which i am trying to follow show how to create wcf webservice and none of them shows how to utilize the existing web service with wcf.

Accessing Web Service In IPhone stackoverflow.com

I have accessed .net webservices in iPhone,now i like to develop PHP webservice which has to be consumed by my iPhone application. Is it possible to consume a PHP web service in iPhone, if possible give me a good tutorial or web reference for designing a simple web service in PHP and consuming it through a iPhone application.

WCF Web Service Through SSIS www.sqlteam.com

Hi I need to populate a table B by selecting a from table A but for every single record selected from Table A for some of the feilds i need to pass it to a WCF webservice and do some tasks. Can somebody show me an example on how to invoke a WCF webservice for every single row fetched from a database through a script component A step by step example would be of great help. regards Hrishy

WCF Webservice Through SSIS social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi � I need to populate a table B by selecting a from table A but�for every single �record selected from Table A for some of the feilds i need to pass it to a WCF webservice and do some tasks. � Can somebody show me an example of this i am completely clueless on how to invoke a WCF webservice for every single row fetched from a database. � A step by step example would be of great help. � regards Hrishy

Consuming Secured Webservice In SSRS social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi All, � We have a webservice, which we are able to consume in the SSRS report. Due to some requirement, we need to conver this webservice in to the secured webservice using the SSL https extension. We did this and just changed the connection string from http to https. � But when we try to run the report, we get the following error message. Copied from BIDS. � TITLE: Microsoft Report Designer ------------------------------ An error occurred while executing the query. Failed to prepare web request for the specified URL. ------------------------------ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Failed to prepare web request for the specified URL. (Microsoft.ReportingServices.DataExtensions) ------------------------------ The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. (System) ------------------------------ The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure. (System) ------------------------------ BUTTONS: OK ------------------------------ Can anybody help in this. � Thanks in advance. � Virendra

WCF / ASMX :: Passing Variable From Dropdownlist.selectedvalue To Asmx Webservice forums.asp.net

On my page I have a dropdown for country. On my asmx service I want to get the value of the dropdownlist to filter the next input which will be state/providence. My code on the asmx: [Code].... I want to add another clause to the WHERE statement to restrict Country = @Country so I will need to get that value to the web service.

WCF / ASMX :: Bulk Insert Data Into Asmx Webservice? forums.asp.net

I have datatable consist of 20 records and i want to bulk insert into sqlserver through the asmx webservice. Can anybody guide to me or provide Sample BusinessLogic and webservice code.

Consume A Webservice From A Windows Application? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am using VS2010, and i am deveolping a 3 tier application.how to consume a webservice from a windows application form ?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Call (WCF) Based .svc Kind Of Webservice From Flash? www.kirupa.com

I have a webservice like the following. https://xxxxxxxxx.com/Allocation.svc i want to call and use it direct from flash

WCF / ASMX :: Soap Works In WebService? forums.asp.net

Can anyone explain how many ways we can consume web service? How SOAP works in WebService?

BB Software :: Consuming Restful Web Service Using Eclipse? supportforums.blackberry.com

How to consume Webservices in Blackberry.i tried using httpconnection and url connection but all went vein............

Consume A Python Web Service In Webservice Project? www.dreamincode.net

I'm trying to consume a python web service in my webservice project.how to do that?

ASP Webservice Calling WCF Service? stackoverflow.com

I have almost the same problem as you have described in [URL] service. I have a asp.net webservice that calls a WCF service. On my development machine this is working fine. But if i deploy my ASP.net Webservice it is not working. Both the ASP Webservice en WCF service needs my cridentials. How did you solved your problem. In the logging of the WCF service I see that my credentials is not passing to WCF.

Consume A Webservice In Visual Studio? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to consume a php webservice in visual studio? I have a webservice with a wsdl file created by nusoap, when I try to add the web reference in visual studio the name of the service and the methods show up but it complains that the 'wsdl is not a known document type' and the discovery document could not be oundWell there is no asmx file at the moment, since the .net app is using the functions of the php ebservice and not the other way around. Maybe nusoap can create a asmx? I think that is just for the .net side though.I 'm trying with nusoap because it automatically creates the wsdl for you, however I did try the inbuilt soap handing of php first with my own wsdl file but got the same error as with nusoap.Seems the problem in the end was really my webserver, my files where encoded in utf8 and it didn't like that. Thanks for the answers though.

Newbie Question: How To POST Using The WSDL www.vbforums.com

Hi all,I need urgent help being quite lost on this matter. I've been using XMLHTTP for some time now to communicatie with webservices (asmx), but a new assignment compells me to work with a WSDL file.The problem is that HTTP GET cannot be done, for security reasons, so I cannot open the webservice in IE and inspect the webservice. I have to figure it out by using the WSDL.When that is done I have to do a HTTP POST to this particular webservice.Can anyone put me on the right track, perhaps with an example?Any help will be much appreciated, and rated of course

WebService Development - Constructors With Parameters stackoverflow.com

I'm fairly new to WebService development and have just set up my own webservice (ASP.Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008 .asmx file). I cannot find a way of setting up my webservice to take parameters on the constructor. If I create a constructor that takes parameters, it is not then shown when I hook up to the webservice from my application (it only shows a parameterless constructor).

.net - Web Service Calls Failing On Remote Server stackoverflow.com

I've got a webservice called Converter.asmx and I've just noticed that on the remote server I basically can't connect to it. The error that I get: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" and the error occurs where I'm calling the web service (second line below). Dim webservice As New localhost.Converter results.InnerHtml = webservice.ParseData(txtInput.InnerText, options) On my localhost it works fine. How can I change the webservice so that it'll work on the remote host as well?

Consuming WCF In Web Application? stackoverflow.com

My application is in asp.net 2.0. Is it possible to consume WCF service developed in asp.net 3.5? If possible, how can we consume wcf service in asp.net 2.0?

Error Adding Service Reference The Server Committed A Protocol Violation? stackoverflow.com

After moving application to shared hosting I cannot add service reference to .asmx and WCF services that used to work on dedicated server.The error in adding WCF service reference is: There was an error downloading 'address ... Service.svc'. The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=CR must be followed by LF Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: 'address ... Service.svc'. The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=CR must be followed by LF The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=CR must be followed by LF If the service is defined in the current solution, try building the solution and adding the service reference again.asmx web reference:There was an error downloading 'address ... .asmx'. The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=CR must be followed by LF There was an error downloading 'address ... .asmx/$metadata'.The server committed a

Transparent Transition From Asmx Webservice To Wcf Service stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a project where I'm replacing an asmx webservice with a wcf service. However, during a transition period, I'd like to have both work for our customers. So I've achieved this somewhat, however I've run into a wall during some testing. I'm getting the following message: Test method IntegrationTests.StrictMatchTests.StrictProviderPass threw exception: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException: The message with Action [URL] cannot be processed at the receiver, due to a ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. This may be because of either a contract mismatch (mismatched Actions between sender and receiver) or a binding/security mismatch between the sender and the receiver. Check that sender and receiver have the same contract and the same binding (including security requirements, e.g. Message, Transport, None).. I have an asmx file exposed, and I can consume it as a traditional web service. However, they don't seem to be compatible with the older service. If I consume the new service, it works just fine. But I would like this initial transition to be transparent to the end user, and gradually have them consume the wcf service over time.

AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Works As Web Service Not Firing Within Page forums.asp.net

I have created an autoextender & cannot seem to get it to work within my pages. So I'm missing something probably small yet important. The webservice AutoComplete.asmx, when called by itself, does return data correctly. The codebehind for AutoComplete.asmx is located in the App_Code folder. AutoComplete.asmx and the page from which I am calling it are both located in the root folder. AutoComplete.vb: [Code]....

WCF / ASMX :: Consuming Web Service In A Client Code (JavaScript)? forums.asp.net

Most WCF web service I have developed were consumed in a server side code (by adding a service reference in visual studio or creating a proxy class using svcutil.exe. I have never consumed a web service in a client code. So I apologize if I am using wrong terminology or my question does not make sense.We have a browser add-on or plugin that connect to a device on client computer (think of it as active-x control for internet explorer) inside a asp.net web page.This browser plugin/add-on then will be sending measurement data to the web server. After some research it appears to me that I can do eithera) Develop an AJAX enabled WCF web service and use script manager and javascript to consume it inside the web page that interact with browser pluginb) Develop a WCF web servcice (not sure about AJAX enable) that serialize request and response to JSON, and use JQuery inside asp.net page to consume it.QuestionWhat's difference between approach a) and b)? Which is better in particular scenario I have described.

ADO.NET :: WCF For Existing REST Webservice - Consume Like OData forums.asp.net

I have an existing RESTful webservice that I consume (I did not create) from a 3rd party. I currently use WebRequest and WebResponse to create and read the request and response. I access the service by url with query string parameters to pass what type of data I am requesting. I get the results back in XML, then have to load it into a new XmlDocument, create a bunch of DataSets, XmlNodeReaders, DataTables, etc. It's really messy in my opinion. What I am looking to accomplish is to take advantage of the Entity Framework Model, OData, and WCF. I have never create or used WCF yet. The webservice that I am accessing is some sort of service created from within Apache, it is not .Net. I don't know whether or not I can utilize the new .Net Framework 4.0 services to make the consumption of this service any better, easier, or cleaner.

XMLHTTP Get Method &amp; WebService.[Resolved!] www.vbforums.com

Pah ! What a resolution ! I found out that both the methods HTTPPost & HTTPGet are commented out in the Machine.Config files for the .Net Framework. I can only suppose this is to force you into uisng WSDL instead of HTTP Gets & Posts for .Net... Anyhoo I uncommented them and away I go...Man does that save some pain.... Hey Chaps.Any ideas why I can't consume a .Net WebService using the XMLHTTP ??The code below doesn't work & I don't understand why as, in reality, all the WebService is returning is an XML string ??VB Code:Dim x As New MSXML2.DOMDocument30Dim h As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP30 h.open "GET", "http://localhost/SPXTEST/Service1.asmx/HelloWorld", False x.Load h.responseXML I know you should consume using SOAP etc etc but I don't want the aggro....ThanksChubby.

Microsoft JScript Runtime Error: 'FileExplorerTreeViewService' Is Undefined? forums.asp.net

A VS2008 (C#) sample web project runs fine that I am trying to emulate. The sample project contains a Default.aspx page with a componentArt treeview control and a componentArt grid control and 2 (asmx) webservices to populate these controls. The Default.aspx page also uses a scriptmanager to call the webservices. This project has a .sln file but the pages do not have NameSpace. I create a new VS2008 (C#) web project from VS2008, but this project contains a namespace (out of the box) - the name of my project. I copied the guts of the sample project to my new project. Here are a few lines from Default.aspx <body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"> <Services> <asp:ServiceReference path="FileExplorerTreeViewService.asmx" /> [Code].... Where I run my project I get this error message: "Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'FileExplorerTreeViewService' is undefined" I went to the asmx file and removed the namespace references from the markup and from the codebehind - but still get error: Here is the asmx markup <%@ WebService Language="C#" CodeBehind="FileExplorerTreeViewService.asmx.cs" Class="myWebApp2008.FileExplorerTreeViewService" %> I tried remove .asmx and removed myWebApp2008 but still nothing. The sample works fine but I noticed that in its asmx markup it did not contain .asmx in codebehind= and also did not have a namespace. I binged! around (Microsoft's new search engine) for Microsoft JScript runtime error and one article suggested a bug with the .Net framework and provided some javascript to make a global i variable a local var. I copied the javascript code, but still I get the same error. My real problem is that I dont understand working with webservices yet. I made a duplicate copy of the sample project - and the duplicate copy runs fine. When I try to create the project from scratch is when I encounter this error.

Win7 And Session 0 Isolation? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am making a windows service that will communicate with a local application through named pipes, and with a server through WCF webservice. So the application hosts the WCF service for the local application, and is a client for the webservices. When trying to run this as a service, the whole thing crashes. I have localized the problem to the "Session 0 Isolation" issue? �If two-way interaction is required, use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), .NET remoting, named pipes, or any other interprocess communication (IPC) mechanism (excluding window messages) to communicate across sessions. WCF and Remoting have a better security enforcement that will prompt the user (assuming UAC not shut-off) to elevate if needed. But I am not sure what they meen. As far as I know, i cannot create a windows service as WCF.

How To Work With Webservice On Local Machine forums.asp.net

I made a webservice which is running on localhost. Then, I built a windows form app to consume the webservice. I noticed that the port for the webservice (on localhost) changes, so in the app, I have to update webservice reference. I used webservice in .net 1.1 before, and it does not change the port? do I miss something in .net 3.5? should I configure it at somewhere?