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VBA And Internet Explorer

Hi, I'm having some problems with the following - I have a WScript script written that logins into a password protected website and executes some things for me automatically. It used to work great when Internet Explorer used to accept but now it doesn't work very well for me - specifically:When the script is executed and login box comes up I'm using SendKeys to pass username/password - work fine when I'm executing the script manually, but once I set it to use with Scheduler it won't pass username/password to the login box, my guess is I need to make it "focus" on that login box... otherwise it passes username/password information to the IE itself and not the login. Any ideas?

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I have the Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21Z with Vista Home Premium. Recently whenever i try to download files from the internet it brings up a box saying do you want to open, save or cancel. I have tried both open and save, it does sometimes ask me if i want to run it and i press run. It then act as though its tryng to download the file, it then goes off once downloaded and never does anything else. Its sending me nuts as i have tried everything. I tried a system restore as i thought id done something i shouldnt have, ive tried deleting all temporary files and ive just got to the point now where i have ran out.

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I'm using ASP.NET to have a panel that can expand downwards to a certain point, at which point the user can scroll within the panel, both vertically and horizontally (horizontally because one GridView has a lot of columns which would be impossible to display without horizontal scrollbars in the panel/div)Problem is, if I set the panel (asp:Panel control) that holds the GridView to have Scrollbars="Both", and have a max-height set on the panel, IE8 refreshes into compatibility mode. If I remove the max height, or have only vertical scrollbars, it works fine. Any workarounds for this?

Using Links In VBA
I am using several spreadsheets which are currently linked to specific cells in other workbooks. These are updated through dating the links whenever needed. However I would rather not use formulas in the cells at all and only have value updated by using the link function within VBA. I cannot find how to do this though. Just to reiterate. I currently have cells that have"='\server01main_foldersubfolderDocument.xls" for example. The formula syntax is not exactly right but in the spreadsheets it is so you get the idea. These links are updated (when the workbooks are not open) when the links are update via the edit menu or a macro which does the same thing. What I want to do is have no formula in the cells (only values) and use the feature that takes the value from the other workbooks but in VBA exclusively. This is what I have not been able to find out how to do.

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how can I open a .txt file with vba and replace alll "," with ";" ?

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I have a fedora 10 box with two network card on eth0 I have a pppoe connection to the internet, on second card eth1 I share my internet connection end I set up a samba server but I don't know if the settings are good. How to do this settings right to work fine, the ip are assigned by dhcp I don't use any static ip .When I try to browse the internet from the other computers some site's like {.com ; .org ; .info} are block, other site from {.ro} are working. Someone tell me something about turn off all my filters, but I don't know where to find this filter to turn it off. And when I use samba I can't have and internet access or vice versa. My network look like that: Code: eth0 |<--pppoe connection | MyComputer (fedora 10) | eth1 | switch | comp.1 comp.2 Win OS MacOS

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My BB torch isnt connected to the Enterprise server or the Internet Service

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Starting yesterday afternoon, I am unable to access an internet browser or open any link on my Torch. I do not have WiFi turned on. The device almost appears to 'freeze' when I am attempting this action. I have completely cycled off and back on....

Way To Connect To Internet
Will I ever get IPAD to work? I have been unable to hook up to internet. I bought a new WiFi adapter and it does list it as hooked up on the IPAD. I was going to return it but I really want to get it to work. Information: IPAD Other OS

Not Able To Connect To The Internet
I recently bought an Ipad which seems to be working fine, except one thing; I am not able to connect to the internet. It's picked up my internet as the bars are at the top corner (three blue bars of signal). However when i open the Safari it is saying i am not connected to the internet, or something similar to that. What i don't understand here is, It's all connected through my Broadband as It's ticked on the Wi Fi setting. So what's the issue here? I don't want to take it back unless It's the last option, and as for the screen brightness which has some relevance? It's right up! The only thing that isn't set on my Ipad is the VPN, but are these mandatory?

VBA Command To Paste From Clipboard
Hi all, Is there a vba command (Access 2002) that will permit me to paste the data that is in the clipboard? In this macro, I'm trying to copy a line of data frrom Excel to Access, just like you would manually. What I have so far is: Range("A2").EntireRow.Select Selection.Copy DoCmd.OpenTable "tblInputHeader" DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataTable, "tblInputHeader", acNewRec What I need to have the macro do is to highlight the whole last row of the data table (Access) and paste the contents of the row from Excel, that is now in my clipboard. As usual, any help will be greatly appreciated. Creo

Network: Issues With VBA Created Toolbar And Excel From Webserver
Hi guys, I have an Excel app in which I have created a custom toolbar. This app.xls is loaded on a website and accessed via an ASP link (I dont have access to the ASP code). When the link is clicked it offers to open the app from there or save locally. Everything works perfectly when saved locally and executed but not when open from here is selected. In this instance the app works fine except for the menu. Each and every option (which just point to macros within the app) results in an error box - File Reservation. App(1).xls is being modified by xxx Open as Read-Only, or choose Notify to be alerted when it is available. The buttons offered are Read Only, Notify and Cancel. When I make the file available from my own webserver it works just fine, even with multiple simultaneous users. Anyone know what the ASP could be doing or is there a setting within IIS that could be causing this? Both webservers are IIS, I have control of mine and not the other. Thanks... Dennett---Have done some more investigations and what is happening is that a copy of the spreadsheet is being opened from the webserver into Excel (which creates a temporary version into an IE5 temp directory. Filename.xls All macros triggered by buttons etc on the worksheet work fine and when I check the macro assigned to the button it gives a reference such as 'Filename[1].xls!macroname' but every item on the toolbar has a macro reference of the form 'C:dirdirdirIE5tempdirFilename[1].xls!macroname'. It's prepending the path to the local copy of the file. When toolbar item is selected it tries to run the macro in the temp file instead of that loaded into memory. Since the temp file is marked read-only I get the sharing violation error. Any ideas why it's doing this and how to overcome in the VBA code for the toolbar creation. The .OnAction directive is being used in the vba to trigger the macros eg - .OnAction = "FaxMacro4" Can I programmatically refer to the macro in the .onaction so as to stop this occuring? Thanks ... Dennett

Excel/VBA Connect A Button With An Shortcut
Hi,here's a easy question for the most of you ;-). I add a Button in a Excelsheet. How to i connect this with a key shortcut? I tried to do it the same way as in VB (add a '&' ín the caption property) but it didn't work. can anyone help me pleasethanksakademos

Add A Custom Menu To File Menu Of Windows Explorer
Hi,I have to develop a program which will add a menu item to windows explorer/IE file menu bar. My requirement is attached as a picture. It will work like similar to favourites in IE. But this i need to save the current folder in my menu as a favourite item, Please find attached picture to get more understanding.if you have any links or sample, please post it.I have to do this program in visual basic 6.thankzzzzz

Adding Bitmap Images To Explorer Menu (sub-menu)
Hi, I'm using the code from MathImagics to add my application to the explorer right-click menu. The problem is that I can not add different bitmap images to the sub-menu. For some reason I can only add the same image to the sub-menu options and the main menu item.This is the code of the main menu with the code to add a bitmap image. The bitmap image is stored in a resource fileVB Code:Const Optiontext = "My Menu"   ' menu item caption      Dim MenuItem As MENUITEMINFO   With MenuItem      .cbSize = Len(MenuItem)      .dwTypeData = Optiontext & Chr(0)      .fMask = MIIM_FTYPE Or MIIM_STRING Or MIIM_ID Or MIIM_SUBMENU      .fType = MFT_STRING      .wID = idCmdFirst      .cch = Len(.dwTypeData) - 1      .hSubMenu = CreateSubmenu(idCmdFirst)            ' 5. (Optional) show a bitmap image next to my option text (like WinZip)      '    if we do create bitmap handles, cMenu_Terminate should destroy them            Const LR_DEFAULTSIZE = &H40      .fMask = .fMask Or MIIM_CHECKMARKS      If hMyBitmapImage = 0 Then         hMyBitmapImage = LoadImage(App.hInstance, 101, 0&, 0&, 0&, LR_DEFAULTSIZE) '101 is the image number in the resource file         End If      .hbmpUnchecked = hMyBitmapImage      End With   '   ' Insert the menu option, and tell Explorer that we added one item   '     (separators do not get counted, only real options)   '      menuPos = menuPos + 1   InsertMenuItem hMenu, menuPos, 1&, MenuItem Below is the code I have for the sub-menu. I assume that if I have a second bitmap image in the recource file with number "102" and also change that number in the code, then the new bitmap image should show in the sub-menu. This works, only there is a side-effect. If I use image "102" for the sub-menu, then the image of the main menu item gets changed to image "102" as well.VB Code:Private Function CreateSubmenu(ByVal idCmdFirst As Long) As Long   '   ' demonstrate Submenu insertion   '   Const LR_DEFAULTSIZE = &H40   Dim SubItem As MENUITEMINFO      hMySubmenu = CreatePopupMenu() ' save handle of submenu (cMenu_Terminate should release it)       With SubItem         .cbSize = Len(SubItem)         .dwTypeData = "My Sub-Menu"         .fMask = MIIM_FTYPE Or MIIM_STRING Or MIIM_ID         .wID = idCmdFirst + 4 - m         .fType = MFT_STRING         .cch = Len(.dwTypeData) - 1              'Code for adding bitmap image to the sub-menu. If I change the bitmap number to 102, then the sub-menu      'gets the new image, but the image of the main menu item gets changed to image 102 as well.      Const LR_DEFAULTSIZE = &H40      .fMask = .fMask Or MIIM_CHECKMARKS      If hMyBitmapImage = 0 Then         hMyBitmapImage = LoadImage(App.hInstance, 102, 0&, 0&, 0&, LR_DEFAULTSIZE)          End If      .hbmpUnchecked = hMyBitmapImage      End With             InsertMenuItem hMySubmenu, n, 1&, SubItem            '----------------------------------------------------------------          CreateSubmenu = hMySubmenu   End Function Does somebody know how to show different images for the main menu and the sub-menu options?

VBA In Excel: Connect These To Pieces Of Code
Hi all. I'm trying to set the range of cells plotted on a chart in Excel by first finding the last cell that actually contains data. I've basically got the two pieces of code I need but I don't know how to put them together:t = 0Dot = t + 1ActiveSheet.Cells(t, 6).SelectLoop Until ActiveCell.Text = ""t = t - 1This locates the last contiguous cell of data in column 6, but now I need to convert this somehow to a .Range for the chart command:ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range("E2:F11")But this t variable is returning an RxCx kind of info. I don't want to use a Select Case Loop because I think (guess) there is a way to make the range like:("E2:Fx") in this case x is actually tso, how can I do that?Thanks allWengang

VBA Command Button Help
i am kinda new to VBA and was wondering how to write an IF statement for a command button. this is what i have:Private Sub GoButton_Click()If Workbooks("REDBManual").Sheets("Main Menu").Range(H9) = 1 ThenSheet2.ActivateEnd Subbut it is giving me this error: "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range"any help would be appreciated. thanks a bunch.cj

VBA Code To Stop Access 97 Db Converting To Access 2000
HiI have written a database in Access 97 that uses replication. I have recently discovered that some users have Access 2000 and that it does not givew the option to just open the db but just gives the option to convert it.I'm afraid if it is converted access 97 users would not be able to use it.Is there any way that I can include code in my db to stop the db being converted, something that automatically just opens the db without prompting the user.Any help would be mmuch appreciated.thanksCooks.

VBA Program To Log In Website?
Hi, guysI need to store/upload several impornt excel data files to the each midnight. How could a VBA program input the username and passward on the website automatically without any prompt alerts? How could I upload the files at some set time? thanks for any help.

Control Button To Internet Website.
Can I create a control button that when clicked on the form will pull up an internet website?

Running A VBA Excel Program From An Intranet Web Link
Hey all. Here's an interesting one dealing with IE/Excel. I've completed an application I've been working on for a long time now for the most part and I'm having some final issues. What I have done is created an excel VBA program with a main menu that lets you access many different forms. On to the problem.I've put the files out onto our Intranet and they are going to be accessed via the Intranet homepage. My problem is this. When I click on the link to open up the main menu of the application I get my own msg box I created that says: "You have other Excel workbooks open. Please close all workbooks before trying to create a request.", vbInformation, "PHIS Request Forms". This doesn't happen when I run the main menu excel file locally from windows explorer. It runs just fine.The crazy thing is that when I put a break point on the workbook_open event so that I can see how it loads from the start, it doesn't go to the error message ever in the code. When it gets to the line "If Workbooks.Count <> 1 Then", workbooks.count does equal 1 and it goes to the Else statement and loads everything properly. Once it finishes loading everything out of nowhere that error message I created about other excel workbooks being open popped up. I'm fairly sure it has something to do with how IE opens an Excel file from default. The actual Excel application window doesn't show up until the very end which is not how the application runs if you were to run it by double clicking the file in let's say windows explorer. I'm also thinking that the is giving it a little trouble too.Here's the code: Code:Private Sub Workbook_Open()On Error GoTo Err_Handler 'Changes the Caption from saying "Microsoft Excel" Application.Caption = "PHIS Request Forms" FindAppIcon 'Call Change Icon module functions 'Reset the caption for whether or not main menu loaded Sheet1.lblMainMenuLoaded.Caption = "" 'If there are other workbooks open, it will prompt the user to close them If Workbooks.Count <> 1 Then MsgBox "You have other Excel workbooks open. Please close all workbooks before trying to create a request.", vbInformation, "PHIS Request Forms" 'ActiveWindow.ActivateNext Sheet1.lblMainOrOther.Caption = "OtherForm" 'Stops message box in WindowDeactivate event from showing Workbooks("Access Request Form (Main Menu).xls").Close SaveChanges:=False Exit Sub 'If there aren't any other workbooks open, it opens the main menu Else ActiveSheet.ScrollArea = "A1:H40" 'Restricts the vertical scrolling Sheet1.lblMainOrOther.Caption = "Main" 'Tracks which form is being displayed to the user Sheet1.lblMainMenuLoaded.Caption = "Loaded" 'Tracks whether or not the main menu loaded Sheet1.lblMacros.Visible = False 'Gets rid of 'enable macros' error message Sheet1.Unprotect Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(20, 7).ClearContents ActiveWorkbook.Protect Sheet1.Protect HideBars 'Calls function to remove menu bars SetProgramOptions False 'Calls function to remove gridlines, scroll bars, etc... ActiveDocument.Saved = True Application.WindowState = xlMaximized frmMainMenu.Show End IfErr_Handler: 'MsgBox Err.Number & Err.Description Resume NextEnd SubTo any that at least give an attempt at helpin me out on this one cheers!

Open A Website Using VBA/Excel
Guys (Girls?),I have found some code on this forum that works great to open a website from VBA, but since it does refer to Internet Explorer, I suppose it will not work if the user of my spreadsheet does have a different webbrowser on his/her computer than IE. Is there a universal way to open a website from within VBA with "the standard program associated with the .html file extention" or something?The code I am referring to is:Sub VisitWebsite()Dim ie As ObjectSet ie = CreateObject("INTERNETEXPLORER.APPLICATION")ie.NAVIGATE "http://websiteaddress"ie.Visible = TrueWhile ie.busyDoEventsWend End Sub

Problem Launching OUTLOOK From VBA - Type Mismatch
I have code that I wrote in VBA for Access 2000 that files emails from Outlook. I know, I know.. I should use VB, not VBA... well I don't have a choice.I have tested the code on many workstations around the office, and it works fine... almostWhen I tested it on our new laptop I get a Type Mismatch error at the beginning of the code at Set olApp line:VB Code:Dim olApp As Outlook.ApplicationDim olNs As Outlook.NameSpaceSet olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") The references are the same everywhere I tested it (Outlook 9.0 Object Library is checked)...Can anyone think of reasons it works elsewhere, but not on this PC...?

Is There A Command To Open Windows Explorer?
I am writing a script to open a certan file. Right now I have the user input the File Path manually. I was wondering if there was a command that would open windows explorer automatically to allow the user to easily find the file path of the file he/she wants to open. THANKS

Vba - Can Excel Have A Command Button Array?
I'd like to code an array of buttons on an excel spreadsheet where I can reference the index number of the button in a shared subroutine Is that possible?

Excel VBA Command Button Address
I need to find some way to determine which cell a command button is "located" within so that the macro which it runs can perform its operations only on that row. Any ideas?

Making Txtbox Internet Link
I have a textbox on my program that i want to make a link. this is what i want it to do:- On mouseover change pointer- On click Open IE with desired urlTHANX

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape - Not Update From Facebook - Connect To Internet
Timescape used to work fine but now everytime I try to update  facebook it with "Could not update from Facebook - could not  connect to the internet." I've seen discussed on other forums about the notification displaying even thouh the update was successful - in ny case it actually does fail. My phone's internet settings are unlikely to be the problem as i have had no difficulty watching HD streaming video connecting through Optus Australia 3G.  I've tried signing out of the facebook ap and also signing out from facebook in the browser just in case facbook was denying the connection - this did not fix it. I've tried deleting the timescape facebook service account and adding it again - didn't fix. I have also gone into Manage Applicatons and hit 'Clear data'  for timescape - also didn't fix. 

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I had downloaded Internet setup file from the SE site once in which the complete process is given to auto setup through the msg sent by SE site on my cell phone, where it asks your operator your cell no. then a msg will come on your cell phone from the site which u have to run in your cell phone and Internet setting will be done automatically. But now I am unable to find that section please send me the link of that section. 

Sharing Internet Connections
Is there a windows program that will let me share two connections? For example, I have a dsl line and a wireless broadband. I want to combine these on the windows box so that if one goes down, it doesn't affect the network. I know there is hardware that will pool wan connections but I was thinking in terms of windows software that can do this without intervention.

Free Management, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Relaxed Restrictions
can anyone direct me to a host that allows me to run an IRCd with IRC bots and bouncers? The webspace should be 5 gigs or over and the bandwidth should be 20gigs/m or over. Free management (like offered on web intellects) would be great aswell. I have a 40-50$/m budget.

How To Create Files In Internet Temp Files
I need to create temp file on the clint side So, i read that files can be created on the folder of internet temp file. how I can do that?how I can get the path of the temp folder?I need VB code

Web Forms :: Can't Send Mails Over Internet
i made a simple page just to send mails over internet but the page can`t work let me show you my code [Code]....

Create A Arraylist In Vba Which Is Somehow Like Vb/c#/java Arraylist
I need to create a arraylist in vba which is somehow like vb/c#/java arraylist... it mus be able to store... have dynamic size... do anyone know how to create it? i tried doing it... but it just don't work.

Vba Current Directory
I am trying to make access open a word document but I have to specify the absolute path to the file c:accessfile.doc all the files are in the access including the directory i try the curDir function but that always comes up as c:documents and settingsAdministratorMy Documents How could I combat this issue??--John

Can I Detect/abort Windows Shutdown With VBA?
I did a search here on xvb, and tried to hijack the most relevant thread. It's a pretty old thread, and I haven't heard back.I have a hidden Access application that monitors the software run on machines that are used by the public. It's launched by a visible "sign-in" Access app that closes at the end of the customer sign-in process, leaving the hidden app running. There is another process that authorized staff can run that shuts down both Access apps and the system. Occasionally a customer will think they need to shut down the system when they leave, and that causes an error. I want to catch that and abort the shutdown. I want to put the code in the hidden Access app (the one that causes the error when the user tries to shut down.)If I have to, I'll write a little program in vb to replace the hidden Access app and use the native vb that Squirm suggests in this thread. But I can't believe there isn't a way to get this to go in VBA (the API technique suggested by Chief Red Bull.) Incidentally, I want to detect and abort a Windows "log-off" process too, as it causes the same error.Any help?

Open A Saved .html File Using A Command Button
I am using VB6.I have saved a page from the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. This saved page consists of a .html file and a folder that contains all the gifs, etc.I would like to use this saved Internet page in my application.Specifically, I would like for the user to click on a button, have his internet browser launch, and have my saved internet page appear in his browser. So, this page would appear whether the user was connected to the Internet or not.I would be very grateful for ideas on how best to do this.Thanks in advance.

About Building A Link In Vba To A Website Url...
Hi there. Can I use vba to pop up an IE brower getting access to a particular website; say, press a command button and get user to

BB Torch :: Internet Email Account Not Working After Enterprise?
I recently switched from bold 9700 to torch 9860. I setup my msn and gmail account on my Blackberry and it worked fine until I activated enterprise email account. Both msn and gmail 's icon dispeared and i don't get emails pushed to my blackberry any more. I already erased both msn and gmail accounts on BB and re-setup, doesn't make a difference. the msn worked fine on my 9700 until i switch.

BB Torch :: Using 9800 To Link Computer To Internet?
Does the Torch 9800 have the ability to link to a computer so you can access the internet on your computer remotely?   My wife has an iPhone which does this seamlessly (they call it "Tethering"). Went to the Telus store and the sales person claimed the Torch can do this but could not find the feature. I have spent 3 hours and cannot figure it out either.

How To Add A Menu Item To The Windows Explorer Popup Menu?
Hi,I have a feeling that this is going to be an API question, but I thought I start with this forum first..Basically, what I want to do is to create a little VB app which I can launch by using the popup menu in the Windows Explorer. When I right-click on a folder, I want to be able to launch my program.Any examples and ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated..Dan

VBA In Excel Form Applied From A Command Button?
Guys and Gals,I have written a small vba script that executes from a command button in excel. All it does is search the spresdsheet for duplicates and highlights the duplicate cell in red to make it easy to spot. However it is not highlighting the last duplicate of any run. The last duplicate is being seen as an original or unique entry, this is the same for text as integers. Please have a look at my code and let me have some pointers.Code:-Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:= _ "=COUNTIF(A1:G5000,A1)>1" Selection.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 3 ActiveWindow.LargeScroll ToRight:=-1 Columns("E:F").Select Application.CutCopyMode = False Selection.NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00" ActiveWindow.SmallScroll ToRight:=-3 Columns("B:C").Select Selection.NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00" Columns("G").Select Columns("G").AutoFitThanks in advance for any help.Steptho.

Import/Parse Text File Into Excel Columns Using Command Button &amp; VBA
I am attempting to import and parse a text file into an excel spreadsheet. The user starts the import with a command button. The user can select the file to import and then the information is placed into Excel columns. However, I receive an error message on my QueryTable.Add command. I cannot understand why; the QueryTable.Add command returns a QueryTable, which is the object I am setting it to. The run-time error indicates "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch." The code follows, with the line causing the run-time error in purple:Private Sub btnImportCOA_Click()'Import USPS ACS file    'Variable declaration        'CONSTANTS    Const ForReading = 1 'Open text file as Read Only    Const FirstCol = "D" 'First column available to be used for imported records        Dim FileToOpen 'Name of file to import    Dim ValidFile As Boolean 'Flag indicating if user chose a valid file    Dim fs 'File System Object    Dim ts 'Text Stream Object        Dim strHeader As String 'Header record from import file        Dim FirstRow As Integer 'First row available to be used for imported records        FirstRow = 5                Dim qtCOA As QueryTable 'Query table built from data returned from import file         'Prompt user for choose file to import    FileToOpen = Application.GetOpenFilename(, , "Choose COA file to import...", , False)        'Verify user did not click 'Cancel' button    If FileToOpen = False Then 'user clicked 'Cancel' button        Exit Sub 'no file to process    End If            'Sequential access to import file    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")    Set ts = fs.OpenTextFile(FileToOpen, ForReading, False)             'Read header record from file    strHeader = ts.ReadLine        'Close file    ts.Close        'Determine first available open cell to append records to end of recordset    While Worksheets("COA").Range(FirstCol & FirstRow).Value <> ""        FirstRow = FirstRow + 1    Wend       'Parse file into records    Set shCOA = Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1)          Set qtCOA = shCOA.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="TEXT;" & FileToOpen, Destination:=shCOA.Cells(FirstCol, FirstRow))        With qtCOA        .TextFileParseType = xlFixedWidth        'Length of each field from import file        .TextFileColumnWidths = Array(1, 8, 7, 16, 6, 1, 1, 3, 47, 1, 28, 60, 35, 1, 28, 60, 43, 66, 2, 4, 8, 1)        'Column data type for each field of import file        .TextFileColumnDataTypes = _            Array(xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, _            xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, _            xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, _            xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat, xlGeneralFormat)        .Refresh    End With

Posting Picture On Command Button
Hi, I would like to know how to paste an image (bitmap) on a commandbutton (forms) via vba code. Thanks, Sudhakar

Sprint HTC Hero :: When Click On Internet Link Get A Pop Up Of Settings Box Briefly Then It Goes Away
I get a pop up of settings box briefly then it goes away. Is this common? I don't have to push button or do anything but it pops up.

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When using Timescape, getting updates does that count as Internet Usage? Do I turn off the Sync Service to turn off Timescape from updating? I just don't want to go over my limit and realise I have to pay tons for the data usage!?

Motorola Droid :: View My Gmail Contacts On My Computer Without An Internet Connection?
Is there a way to view my Gmail contacts on my computer without an internet connection? I travel outside the country and may not have internet from time to time and without cdma coverage I may need to get my contacts from my computer instead of my Droid.

How To Host Website Through Public Ip
I have the public ip i want to access my website in another system through internet how can i host through public ip 

Get Current Directory
how do you extract the dirctory that the program is running from?in VBA you had to callapplication.path

Handle Event Button Click
Can Any body Help !I want to handle Internet Explorer Html Submit/Button through my vb application. I mean to say whenever any person clicks on Submit/Button in html page in internet browser, this Event handled by my running application.

BB Torch :: New Unlock 9860 Only Gives The Option Of Enterprise Account?
My new unlock 9860 only gives the option of enterprise account and not internet mail account, how can i get to enter an internet mail account?

IPad 3 Refuses To Connect And Displays Message Cannot Connect To ITunes Store
Whenever I try to access iTunes store on my iPad 3 it just refuses to connect and displays message cannot connect to iTunes store. Even though Internet is working fine and I am able to access Internet through safari and apps store.

Unable To Connect Without Wifi/possible To Connect?
Is it possible to connect to the internet without a wi-fi connection, for example can you use an iPhone or connect a modem device in order to connect to the internet? Information: Imac Mac OS X (10.5)

How Do I Add A Button To The Standard Excel Toolbar ?
I would like to add a button to the Standard Excel Tool Bar that will allow me to put some VBA code behind it.I am transfering control from VBA Forms to Spreadsheets and then back again. This button will xfer controlfrom the excel app back to the user forms.Thanks in advance !!!

How To Put Link In Your Program
Hi,I am making a program. I want to sell the program. However, I want the program to have some connection with my site.I want to create a button or a link in the form that when clicked will open a new internet explorer of firefox button displaying my website.That way I can put help files for my program on the web.How can I accomplish that?

How To Open A Website With A Commandbutton?
I know it's a newbiequestion, but I don't know how to do this .I'd like to make a commandbutton and if you click on it a website opens (in Internet Explorer)...Thanks in advance!

Adding A Link To A Subitem Of A Listview Column?
is it possible to add a working link to a subitem of a listview column? i want it so it would add a working link to one of the subitems and when a double clicks on it, it will open internet explorer and visits that website. or if that isnt possible....i would like it so if i right clicked one of the subitems, a menu will pop up , and the user can scroll down and click on "visit this website" .is any of this possible with the listview control?

Downloading On A Server
I have no download possibility on some computers from where I access internet, but I frequently need it. Can I download files from the internet resource sites directly to a hosting server (just like on a PC)? Can I do it with SSH? What are minimum requirements? SSH on a shared hosting? VPS with root acces?

Web Forms :: Unable To Get Full Path Of Fileupload In Firefox
I am using a FileUpload  server control in my website.. I am retrieving the path of the File using  "FileUpload1.postedFile.FileName" In Internet Explorer I get the real path of the File.. "Eg: D:..est.txt" But In Firefox Iam not getting the Full path of the file .just the File name "Eg: test.txt" 

Netstat -an Or -tln
netstat -tln shows my port 80 is listening. tcp 0 0* LISTEN but netstat -an shows nothing about port 80 actually my web can not be accessed. it shows "Cannot find server or DNS Error " under Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Takes Only Characters Before Space On Downloading?
I have a problem with mozilla that doesnt appear in internet explorer , when someone tries downloading a file called hello world.doc , the save as prompt by mozilla gives a file (hello) with nothing after the space.

Website Fine In Firebox But Messed Up In IE?
why the website i have made for a client is completely screwed up in Internet Explorer but pretty much perfect in Mozilla Firefox.Problems in IE: 1. Cells in tables are centered 2. Footer is not in line and looks bad 3. On the contact page the menu is not right The website is: http:[url]....

Disable Button Display In Mozilla Firefox
I am working on a website and have a button on that page as a bookmark. However, when I go to Mozilla Firefox, it displays the same button to mark as a bookmark. Is there a way to disable the button in Mozilla Firefox to only show up in Internet Explorer at this point using Javascript?

Detecting When The Select Element's Dropdown List Is Open And/or Closed
I need to know when the select element's dropdown list is opened (as when the user clicks on the arrow or does ALT-downarrow from the keyboard). Similarly, I need to known when the dropdown list closes. The closing of the dropdown list can happen without changing the dropdown, hence the onchange event is not a sure way to determine that the dropdown list closed. Is this possible in Internet Explorer?

Write Code For Click Event Of Command Button On A Worksheet
Hi folks,I have used VBA in a limited way in Excel only, and have no experience with userforms, command buttons or other UI functionality. I'm trying to create a worksheet with a command button. I want the command button to call a macro when clicked. I wrote a macro that creates a command button, places it on a worksheet, and gives it a caption. However, I can't figure out how to define the effect of the click event from within my macro. I can do this by hand in Excel (not VBA) by using the design mode of the control toolbox. But the code for the click event is attached to the worksheet, and I can't figure out how to write to that location from within my macro. I tried recording a macro to do this, but the recording doesn't capture creating the click event VBA code.Thanks in advance for your help and happy holidays,pwoodbury

Write And Read From Database At Same Time
I am running a dedicated server with a fast internet connection. This is the issue; I have a web site that displays data held in an SQL database. The web site page displays the data 10 rows at a time rolling on to the next page until the last page is reached, then reloads the complete page which also runs the SQL query to get the lastest data. The refresh rate is set 2 15 seconds. The data table is updated every 2 mins with new data from an outside source. The issue I am having is that at random times the browser get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". This happens on clients PCs in a number of different locations. My question is: could the error be anything to do with the source table been updated at the same time as the client PCs are reading it.

HTC Desire :: How Do I Sync Contacts From Gmail To Phone?
I am afraid I come up with a question that might be answered already. However, I am not able to find the particular forum thread helping me out.I just got my HTC Desire yesterday and managed to get my contacts on my gmail-account (in the internet). So far so good. My contacts are "safe" in my google-mail-account and I was able to export them as cvs.Now, on my HTC Desire they actually show up, if I choose "people" -> "menu and view" -> "Google".In the list of "view" I can also see my SIM Card (which says its empty and that is correct) and "Phone" which is empty as well. Please correct me if I am wrong:From what I think I see my contacts are on my internet googlemail account only and my phone is connecting to the internet to get them.But that is not I would want. I would want my contacts being synced between my phone (which is not necessarily connected to the internet all the time) and my internet google-mail account.Now, is there a way to bring those contacts on my phone (using the on board tools) so I can use them "offline" or am I misunderstanding the menu and the contacts are already "offline" on my phone marked as "Google" contacts?

Help Needed To Link A Command Button To A Windows Program
I just started using Visual Basic and my first program is a Startup Program the will organize your programs. I have a main page with different groups (games,applications, syatem tools, etc.). I have the linking to different forms working perfectly, but when it comes to connecting a command button to a program like Windows Explorer, I cannot figure the code out to do so. Can someone help me by typing a simple code to enter?~`Rage`~

Help Needed To Link A Command Button To A Windows Program
I just started using Visual Basic and my first program is a Startup Program the will organize your programs. I have a main page with different groups (games,applications, syatem tools, etc.). I have the linking to different forms working perfectly, but when it comes to connecting a command button to a program like Windows Explorer, I cannot figure the code out to do so. Can someone help me by typing a simple code to enter?~`Rage`~

Link IIS And DNS
Currently I have DNS as well as IIS configured on the same server. I am using host headers to seperate the sites on IIS. My question is how do I link my DNS to the website residing on IIS? My DNS server set (I can ping it from the internet) and I think I have IIS configured right, but I must be missing something?

Statically Link Php With Apache 2.0+
I was reading on the internet that it was not possible to link php and apache 2 statically. If this is true then is my only option to install apache 1.3 and link it that way? Are there any solution anyone know to get around this? I know DSO is better but the problem is.. some software requires them to be statically linked so its something I have to solve.

ICloud :: Mac Doesn't Show Up On My Iphone Or Ipad
My Iphone and Ipad do not see my mac My find my Mac doesn't show up on my Iphone or Ipad. It is turned ON in my Mac. and it is connected to the internet Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Bold, Underline And Italic Greyed Out
My spreadsheet is locked and protected, and i have found out that the BOLD, underline and italic functions have been disabled, is there anything i could do via VBA to keep these functions active,...????

Items Greyed Out On Sheet Right Click Menu
I cannot figure out why this setting has changed. When I right click my tab worksheet in Excel to copy or rename, it does not allow me. I will need your advice to re-activate that options so it is visible and not gray. I tried in the VBA workbook properties settings with no luck and also Tools, Options.

How To Execute A File/application By Command Button
Hello all, I'm a mechanical Engineer working with CAD softwares and new to the VB Programing. I'm working with Excel VBA Applications. I don't know how to dothe following 2 things. I would like to create a command button, which could execute a file or an application, if pressed. How to read a rext file and write in the Excel Cells?Please advise me on this.Best Regards,Viswa

VB Created Toolbar Thingymobob
I was wondering if there are events for vba programmed toolbarsie if the users closes the toolbar with the lil x on the toolbar, can you have code run, to either reopen it, or to remove it when its closed?

Command Button
I'm using user forms in an excel workbook. I'd like to put an underline in an specific letter in each command button in the userform so that I can use the button without using the mouse by pressing 'Alt' + the key.In VB I learned to put a '&' before the letter, but this doesn't seem to work in VBA.Does anybody know what should I do?Thanks!

Incrementing A Number From Zero On A Command Button Click
Hi everyone Is it possible to do thisOn a form, I want a command button and a textbox. I want the textbox to commence at zero and everytime you press the command button the textbox increments by 1. Thanks for anyhelpPaulMacP.S Buying a couple of VBA books today, so the dumb questions will stop (hopefully)

Form Scrolls To The Top When Command Button Is Clicked.
The form i'm working on is taller then the screen and i have a command button add the very bottom of the form. When you click the command button it scrolls to the top of the screen. How can i have it just stay in the position it was when the user clicked the command button. I know in vb6 there is a sellength property but i dont see that in vba. Thanks.

Disable Access' Close Button
I am able to get rid of the X button on each form within my database, but I want to force users to click the command button to exit access, as apposed to using the X on the top right. How can this be done? There has got to be a way, either using VBA code within Access, or to write a seprate program itself that will disable that. Please let me know. I'll do whatever it takes.

How Programmly To Write A Button Code?
i need to add the Command Button in Word's document, using the i write:Set Calc = ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddOLEControl(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1")With Calc.OLEFormat.Object .Caption = "Calculator" .Top = 0 .Left = 184End Withthis code add the button with the specific properties parameters.Q: How i can add the code in this button?Thanx, ToXa

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Doesn't Sync With Facebook
My Timescape worked fine, but 13 days ago doesn't sync with the Facebook. I get a message: "Could not connect to the internet!" I tried with 3G and WIFI connection too. Everything works fine (for example the Twitter in Timescape or browser so the internet connection is available), only the Facebook refresh doesn't work. I tryed clear the timescape settings, and reconfig the timescape, tryed remove the Facebook account and re set, but the problem is the same. 4 days ago, I updated the phone software for the newest (R2BA026 1.1.31). I made a factory reset and made a repair with the PC Companion. I tryed remove the sony ericsson app, from my Facebook account. Still I have the problem, I can't fix it I didn't change anything, when the problem starts.

Motorola Droid :: Google Contacts Overwrite Contacts
I use a Droid and Google contacts. I hate Google's contact interface - it crashes Internet Explorer half the time - so I want to edit my contacts on my Droid and have them get updated on Google contacts. I tried this, but when I sync, the google data overwrites what is on my Droid. I've lost a lot of changes already. I tried deleting the contact in Google thinking the Droid contact would then become dominant, but the contact just got deleted on my Droid. But when I add a new contact on the Droid, it does go to Google. So it seems that all the existing Google contacts only sync one way - from google down to the Droid. I must change this. I need updates to happen both ways or else I need to make changes only go up to Google from the Droid.

Web Forms :: Error When Trying To Open A Csv File From The Open File Dialog Box , IE 7?
When i try to open a csv file from my 3.5 app by clicking on the link provided, a file download dialog box appears.When i click on the open button from there , i get this eror C:Documents and settingsUserNameLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5X9TXTM06myfilename.csv could not be found .Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the file locationis correct? Wjy am i getting this error? I am trying to open a file and it complains about file not found in the Temporary Internet Folder.I tried deleting the temp intrnet files.Dint work.I have IE 7 on xp professional sp3. Also i am streaming the file from the application. This happens only to some files and the rest of the files , i can open .

Web Forms :: How To Link .cs(class File) With .aspx.cs File
i have created basic .aspx files .one is login.aspx and registration.aspx...Now in my solution explorer i also added class file i.e StudentInfo.cs and wrote some properties in my question is 1. i want to connect Studentinfo.cs class to my login.aspx.cs...So that i can call the methods in to do it?

File Permissions On Shared Host
I recently opened a shared hosting account with a new host. Can someone advise on file/folder permissions I can set which will keep my shared host neighbors out? While accessing my account via FTP I noticed I could freely view and download files from other users folders - their PHP, HTML, images, you name it! I would like to be more private with my files which include PHP scripts, images, etc. I already contacted the help desk with my host and the tech said shared access between accounts is normal (even FTP) and if I restricted permissions then my PHP wouldn't work for Internet users. I'm not buying it. I should be able to set the permissions such that Internet users can execute the PHP and view images, without my account neighbors using FTP to download my files.

Forms Data Controls :: Horizontal Scrollbar Won't Resize In IE6?
I am having a lot of trouble displaying detail data with ASP.NET, especially in Internet Explorer (IE6). I've given up on the ReportViewer control, for a host of reasons, and now I'm just trying to use the GridView. Unfortunately, I cannot get the horizontal scrollbar to work in IE (although my web page works just fine in Firefox). The scrollbar appears at the bottom of the window, but it doesn't resize when there is too much data on the page, making it utterly useless and I don't understand why it appears at all. getting the scrollbar to resize? The only posts I can find anywhere discuss removing the scrollbar alltogether, which is the last thing I want. By the way, it does nott appear to be an option to use panel or div, because I have many rows of data and those scrollbars appear at the very bottom of the grid, and that is virtually unusable.

Databases :: Form Not Submitting The Data To MS-SQL?
I am building a .NET 3.5 web site with visual studio 2008 and MS SQL server 2008. I have a refrence to the database in the server explorer database.dbo, I have a form with input asp controls and a typed dataset with single data table and a strongly typed data adaptoer class. when I submit the form the data does not populate the table. contactUs.aspx [Code].... contactUs.aspx.cs [Code].... contactUs.js [Code]....

Visual Studio :: Configuring Assembly For Versioning?
I would like to know why I am not able to see myclasslibrary.dllhaving strong name key and added in gac when adding through 'add referrence in solution explorer of vs2008 professional edition.I used .netconfiguration tool2.0 for adding assembly into Gac.In installation default folder of VS2008 I was able to see 2 folders 'C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727'and 'C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv1.1.4322' .Which Gac foder is getting used?using Gacutil.exe -l I did not find myssembly though it showed from configuration tool mmc.

Changes In Page Not Reflected For Every User?
I've got a wierd situation.  I added some required fields to a page last week.  When I load the page and test it, the required field changes are "caught" and display the error messages.  Oddly, otther users can "get past" the required fields.  It's like the changes are being reflected.  How can I get the code "refreshed" in each users browser to ensure they are getting the latest greatest version?  Is this a problem with my code, or something crazy in Internet Explorer?

SQL Reporting :: Webform Reportviewer Report Can't Find Subreport?
My web form reportviewer control can't seem to find my sub report.  When I debug, it gives an error message in the report that states the report can't be found at file path for the sub report.  If I copy and paste the path out of the error into the address bar of windows explorer, the report opens right up.  I am using VS 2010, the 4.0 framework, and windows 7.

Preg_match May Not Fail On 4 And 5 Octet Sequences?
preg_match may not fail on 4 and 5 octet sequences, even though they are not supported by the specification.Checks whether a string is valid UTF-8.All functions designed to filter input should use drupal_validate_utf8 to ensure they operate on valid UTF-8 strings to prevent bypass of the filter.When text containing an invalid UTF-8 lead byte (0xC0 - 0xFF) is presented as UTF-8 to Internet Explorer 6, the program may misinterpret subsequent bytes.When these subsequent bytes are HTML control characters such as quotes or angle brackets, parts of the text that were deemed safe by filters end up in locations that are potentially unsafe; An onerror attribute that is outside of a tag, and thus deemed safe by a filter, can be interpreted by the browser as if it were inside the tag. This function exploits preg_match behaviour (since PHP 4.3.5) when used with the u modifier, as a fast way to find invalid UTF-8.When the matched string contains an invalid byte sequence, it will fail silently.preg_match may not fail on 4 and 5 octet sequences, even though they are not supported by the specification.The specific preg_match behaviour is present since PHP 4.3.5.Parameters $text The text to check.Return value, TRUE if the text is valid UTF-8, FALSE if not.

Upload Images Via PHP
We have a number of sites where clients can upload images via PHP. On just one site the uploaded jpegs are appearing as solid black rectangles - but only when using Explorer on Windows. The system in question doesn't resize or modify the images in any way, they're simply copied and renamed. I can do the upload using Safari which works fine, download the new image from the site and then re-upload using IE6 and the image turns black.

Why Is Returning NaN
I'm getting a weird error where in Internet Explorer 7, when I call Math.round on a float it gives me an "Invalid Argument" error. Consider the following:var elementLeft = parseInt(; // Here we're actually getting NaN.In this case x is a non-negative number and element is just a DOM element in my page (a div, in fact).The variable passed in as the x parameter is actually initialized earlier as parseInt (element. style.left). It appears that the first time I try to read, IE is actually giving back NaN.

The Div Is Supposed To Cover The Whole Page Almost Like A Black Transparent Window On The Page?
I'm having a little problem with creating a element in internet explorer. The element that I'm creating is a div with a few style attributes to to it. The div is suppose to cover the whole page almost like a black transparent window on the page. However it is not. The messed up part about this is that it works fine in Firefox, google chrome and I'm sure other browsers (though haven't tested) and when I go to apply the div in my actual code as javascript is suppose to when you tell it create it, it works fine. No problems whatsoever. function showPhotoUpload() { var overlay = document.createElement("div"); overlay.setAttribute("style","z-index:3; background:#111111; width:100%; height:100%; [code]....

Checking If An Argument In A Function Is Not Called?
im creating a function that detects if the user is coming from an Iphone, Ipad or internet explorer. If i call the function browsercheck(iphone); i want it to specifically check if it is an iphone. And the same goes with Ipad and MSIE. That part of the script I have got to work. But what i want is that if the function is called just like browsercheck();  without an argument is automatically detects what the user agent is and then acts accordingly. The problem I have is writing the part of the code that looks if the variable $agent which is the argument is empty, and if so act upon that, and if its not empty, carry on with the rest of the function. Code: [Select]<?php /* This function is used for checking the user is coming from the correct platform, and if not it will redirect them */ function browsercheck ($agent) { $useragent = getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT"); if (isset($agent)){ [Code]....