[VB6]Webbrowser && Right Click On A Link


i disabled the right click menu and i made my own menu...now i need a code for a button in the menu that when i click on a link it comes the menu "open in a new page"...can any1 help me?

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[VB6]Webbrowser && Right Click On A Link www.xtremevbtalk.com

i disabled the right click menu and i made my own menu...now i need a code for a button in the menu that when i click on a link it comes the menu "open in a new page"...can any1 help me?

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In VB6 I'm wondering how can you get the webbrowser thing in vb6 (microsoft internet controls) to auto click a button on a website.

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im just made a webbrowser on cisual studio 2008 to enter automaticly to a link but me i want the webbrowser to enter to the link and wait 10 sec then click on Tab key then click on ENTER key Then ENTER key again , then wait 10 sec and close the webbrowser automaticly i want the clicks to be inside the webbrowser for exemple i open the webbrowser the open a auther program for exemple i open a calculator i dont want the clicks to be on the calculator but i want it to be on the webbrowser

Show Mouse Over Link In Status Label? social.msdn.microsoft.com

In IE firefox and other webbrowser when your mouse is over a link/image/email the url of it is shown in the webbrowser before you click on that link

Sessions Are Not Sent For New Window Navigating In Webbrowser www.vbcity.com

Hi all,I am currently using WebBrowser control for VB6.0. When I navigate through a password protected user login website within the WebBrowser, whenever I click on a link that opens a new window - it ASKS for my username/password again (hence I believe the session variables are not sent to the new window). Is there a way I can make it so the webbrowser send the page's session variables into the new window in case it pops up?Thank you for my urgent request.Regards,Lalitha.C

Swf Context Menu www.vbforums.com

Does anyone know a way to disable the context menu which appears when you right click on a swf? In the control's properties, you can disable everything except for the last selection.....which is a link to Macromedia's website. My goal is preventing users from opening up I.E.I've tried using a webbrowser control instead of the shockwave control to display the swf. With this I used Bloodeye's code to disable right click in a webbrowser, which worked w/ html pages, but not when the url was a non-embedded swf.any ideas?

Invoking Methods From The WebBrowser Control www.vbforums.com

Hello,I'm looking for a way to have links/buttons within a page rendered inside the WebBrowser control call/invoke methods on the containing VB6 form.I have googled myself silly but can't find any reference information for this specific tasks.For example, I have a VB6 form called frmMain which contains WebBrowser1. A VB6 method populates the Document with text and links, and some links should call back to the VB6 form on which the WebBrowser1 control is hosted.Thanks!

Avoid Webbrowser Data Copy, Paste To Word Or Notepad ? www.daniweb.com

How to avoid webbrowser data copy, paste to word or notepad in vb.net. Disable right click on webbrowser by using IswebbrowserContextmenuEnabled =false

MSHTML HELP www.vbcity.com

Hey, I am really getting no answer from anywhere regarding the mshtml and webbrowser controls. I have an html page:Code:<html><head></head><body><a href='blah.com' name='a'>Blah</a><a href='blah.com' name='b'>Blah</a><a href='blah.com' name='c'>Blah</a></body></html>And I have a VB6 webbrowser control with a reference to the MS HTML TLB.. I really need to know when a user mouses over or clicks the links in the webbrowser.. how can I do this?? I seen examples of how to click links programmatically from VB, which of course is the exact opposite of what I am trying to do and also the closest example. So could someone please show me a sample of capturing the onmouseover and onclick events froma VB6 application? I would be very grateful, indeed. Thanks in advance.regards

Restore WebBrowser Window! www.vbforums.com

My VB6 application uses the WebBrowser control & is equipped with almost all the GUI elements that can be seen in IE.Assume that the Go button is to the right of the Address Bar, just below the IE logo. Now when the IE window is restored, IE ensures that inspite of the reduced window size, the user needn't scroll horizontally to click the Go button. The width of the Address Bar decreases & the Go button re-positions itself accordingly. How do I add this feature in my WebBrowser?Thanks,Arpan


Enter And Receive Information From A Javascript Enabled Website? www.dreamincode.net

AS in the title i would like my browser to navigate to http:qfi.im Button1.click... etc etc Webbrowser1.navigate("http:www.qfi.im")Then in the link box it should paste link in text1.text Then it would press submit in bottom right corner Then it would grab the generated link that appears in the right-hand-side click it then begin download I would usually know how to do this but this is javascript enabled and is causing errors inside the form webbrowser

Close New WebBrowser Window! www.vbforums.com

I am using the WebBrowser control in my VB6 application. In order to ensure that when a user right-clicks a link & selects 'Open in New Window' or when a pop-up window comes up, the new page opens up in my browser & not in IE, I am using the following code:VB Code:[color=blue]Private Sub wWeb_NewWindow2(ppDisp As Object, Cancel As Boolean)    Dim frm As New frmWebBrowser    Set ppDisp = frm.wWeb.Object    Cancel = False    DoEvents    frm.ShowEnd Sub[/color] This code works fine & does open the pop-up window & the other window in my browser (& not IE) but there's a problem.Suppose a user right-clicks a link & selects 'Open in New Window'. When he does so, a new window with the new URL opens up but when I close this new window, the parent browser window (within which the link was right-clicked to open the new window) also closes at the same time. How do I ensure that the parent window doesn't close when the new window is closed by the user?Thanks,Arpan

Open Popup Link Of New Window Event In Webbrowser social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am trying to trap the newwindow event for the webbrowser control using this code Private Sub wbMain_NewWindow(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs) Handles wbMain.NewWindow Dim wb As WebBrowser = DirectCast(sender, WebBrowser) Dim link As HtmlElement = wb.Document.ActiveElement [Code] ..... But the href property is always empty, this is because the active element is the last button clicked. But it is a button I click in the webbrowser control that opens a link in IE.

Pop-Up Blocker! www.vbforums.com

The following code blocks pop-up windows using the WebBrowser controls:VB Code:[color=blue]Private Sub wWeb_NewWindow2(ppDisp As Object, Cancel As Boolean)    Set ppDisp = wWeb1.object 'wWeb1 is another [b]WebBrowser[/b] control in the same FormEnd Sub[/color] The code does block pop-up windows but at the same time it doesn't let users open a link in a new window (by right-clicking a link & then selecting Open in New Window).Any workaround to overcome this?Thanks,Arpan

VS 2008 Find Clicked Url Link/ Open Link In New Tab? www.vbforums.com

Im trying to create a webbrowser in VB 08; I was wondering how i would create new tab with the Link the clicked. *EG* They Right-Click Link > Open In New Window/Tab > Makes New Tab In My Program > Navigates To The Linked Clicked.

WebBrowser1 Link To Open In WebBrowser2 www.vbforums.com

Himy first post here, so hello to everyone. I have a question regarding webbrowser control in vb6.I have html with links in WebBrowser1. Clicking on one of these links, I would like WebBrowser2 to open that page, and the first WebBrowser1 to remain unchanged. Any ideas how to do this?Many thanks for any help...and yes, I did use the search function (for over 2hrs now)..

Disable Right Click www.xtremevbtalk.com

HiI'm trying to dissable right click with a webbrowser control and I found some code that works, but doesn't if the mouse is over images (focus problem I presume).So anyone knows how I could disable right click, and especially only with webbrowser ?Or what the webbrowser's class name would be?Thanks.

Scroll Through Vb Webbrowser Control Javascripts? www.vbforums.com

I know it is possible to use the various webbrowser control properties to go through the images and form components on a webpage loaded in the webbrowser control, is it also possible to go through an array of 'javascripts' on that webpage and make changes to those scripts?Does anyone know a resource that lists all of the available webbrowser.document.properties?I posted a related question about a week ago and got a really excellent answer for if someone were to click a link that then created a 'set as homepage' prompt, but the problem I am having is the prompt is started from a javascript, not a click event...ieCode:<script language="JavaScript"><!-- Beginfunction right(e) {if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' && (event.button == 2 || event.button == 3)){var url="http://www.example.com";var title="Example - This is your new Homepage";javascript:window.external.AddFavorite(url,title);return false;}return true;}document.onmousedown=right;document.onmouseup=right;if (document.layers) window.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);if (document.layers) window.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEUP);window.onmousedown=right;window.onmouseup=right;// End --></script>

I Need Help Clicking A Link On A Webpage www.vbforums.com

I am looking for some help in Automating IE. I have several web pages that I want to collect info from. I want to be able to click a link on each page but the link appears in different areas of the page on each load depending on how much data is on the page. Is there a way I can use ?WebBrowser.Documents.links(x) to click the link. Or if anyone knows of a place to get more info on the Webbrowser control I am hip to reading up on it.

Can A Link In A Webbrowser Open A New Browser That's Not IE? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a webbrowser control in my application and in the page that loads on startup, there are links that open in new browser windows. From what I understand, the webbrowser is just emulating IE, but is it possible to make the user's default browser open (instead of IE) when they click on links in the page? If not, I'm thinking I'll just dynamically rewrite the html in the pages that load, so that all links open in the webbrowser control, and not a new browser...any ideas?thanks

[2008] Access The WebBrowser Links? www.vbforums.com

I have a WebBrowser1 control and two TextBox(1,2).The First TextBox1 is used to load Urls to the webbrowser.After the WebBrowser completed to load the web page,I just want to write the urls (http:/........) of the links in the web page in the second TextBox2.The links can be a buttons or images, so insted of clicking on them I want to access them by the program.How can I write the urls of the links from the webbrowser on TextBox2?

How Disable Shift+link-click In Webbrowser www.vbforums.com

please any one know how to disable the shift key with link-click in webbrowser control to stop open the new page in different browserthanks

ADO Data Link Missing www.xtremevbtalk.com

Using VB6, Sql Server 7 on a W2K machine.I am trying to set up an ADO control and need to set up a Data Link file.I right click on the control, go to properties, select "Use Data Link File", go to Browse, right click in the list window, and select New.There is supposed to be a "Microsoft Data Link" as a choice from the pop-up menu, but it isn't there - lot's of other choices, but not that one.Am I supposed to install something to get this option?Thanks,Tom.

Webbrowser Control URGENT www.vbforums.com

I am stuck1) I have a form that runs a webbrowser where I load a page. Then a commandbutton that is enabled = false. I choosed like this because tha button is like a next step. If you click a specific link in that webbrowser, commandbutton gets active... and you go to the next level.So how I make that button enabled when you click a specific link in the webbrowserand2) Another form with a webbrowser and 10 OptionButton and a commandbutton also enabled = false. When I choose option 1 webbrowser goes to www.google.com. When I choose option 2 webbrowser goes to www.yahoo.com and so on. So what I need is everytime I choose an option commandbutton enabled to be on false and to be enabled when user clicks on a link in the webbrowserThank you

Microsoft Internet Controls www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need some help can anyone tell me how to get the URL from the WebBrowser(Microsoft Internet Controls) Component when you right click "Open in New Window" any help willbe nice

The Dealio With WebBrowser (MS Internet Controls) www.vbforums.com

I've inserted a WebBrowser object into my app, how do I prevent users from right clicking inside the browser and getting "view source" or "properties"

Get The Webbrowser GoBack Or GoForward History? www.vbforums.com

Are there any Method or API that can get the webbrowser GoBack or GoForward History like ie right click of GoBack or GoForward Button.

How To Stop The Sound Webbrowser Produces forums.devshed.com

I have a webbrowser control which I use to navigate by clicking (by code) some links. The webbrowser control is using InternetExplorer and InternetExplorer produces a "click" sound when we click on a link or a button.How can I avoid that? I just need it to be silenced.

Webbrowser www.xtremevbtalk.com

i am using that WebBrowser control and i am wondering if there is anyway i can make it so that when i click on a link it opens the link in my actual brower's window. note: i don't want to right click and stuff hope you guys can help thanks.

Webbrowser - How To Programme The Right Click Of The Mouse www.dreamincode.net

I have been doing a webbrowser for a few days and i had come to some problems i can't solve... First: how can i programme the right click of the mouse, like when the user clicks a link the option open in new tab works and it doesn't open IE. Second: I had a favourite system that when the user saves the page the items in a combobox are saved in a txt file. But the problem is that the file saves just this "System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox+ObjectCollection " and not the link of the saved page...

Custom Context Menu, Can It Be Done? www.xtremevbtalk.com

HiI'm experimenting with the Webbrowser control and would like to "upgrade" it's functionality.One thing I need to add is a custom context menu (right click menu). The menu-items in the context menu would be based on whether or not the user has selected some text, right-clicked on an image or right-clicked on a link.So what this all comes down to is:*I need to catch the rightclick event of the webbrowser control (it doesn't have one so I guess I need to subclass, but I'm hoping someone else has a better idea)*I need to know what the user has right-clicked on (which object), or if it is text, the selected text.Does anyone know how I might achieve these 2 goals?Thanksbitwiz

If A Link Is Right-clicked... www.vbforums.com

morning all.Im using the Webbrowser control.I would like to have different pop-up menus when right-clicking plain text and when right-clicking links...but is that possible? thanks

WebBrowser: Open Link In Other WebBrowser forums.devshed.com

HiI have a question about the webbrowser control to which I haven't found an answer:I have one form with two webbrowser objects (WebBrowser1 and WebBrowser2). The first WebBrowser loads an html site containing links. When I now click on one of these links, I would like the WebBrowser2 to open the page, the webbrowser1 should stay the same. How do I do that?Any help is much appreciated....Thankshajunk

How To Block The Right Mouse Click On Webbrowser Control www.vbforums.com

How to block the right mouse click on webbrowser control?I don't want the user to be able to click F5(Refresh) or BackSpace(Back)...How can I go about doing that?Also, I would like the user not to be able to right mouse click on the WebBrowser control.I don't need it using API's please! I just need away around it!Thank you all Any help will definately do!

VS 2010 - WebBrowser Control With Clicking Links www.vbforums.com

I have my app which is an internet browser using the webbroswer control, But if you click on a link in the webbrowser that is an Open in new window link then it starts IE and i know the webbrowser control is basically IE but how can I stop this an make it go to the url in my webbrowser?

Getting The Link Of A Page www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a question related to the webbrowser control.How can i get the link of a page,link that is only displayed if you right-click on the page and select proprieties.Because the link that is displayed in the address bar is the same no matter what page you open so that's why i can't use the method .LocationURL.Thank you.

Webbrowser ? www.xtremevbtalk.com

How could i make a code a form with a buton and like 20 webbrowsers.But every webbrowser connects to a diff IP and when the button is clicked every webbrowsers clicks the link?

WEBBROWSER LINKS - Store All Links Into A Collection social.msdn.microsoft.com

my webbrowser navigates to a webpage. I need to store all the links into a collection, I did find the code to do the job (on this forum) and it works, but there is a problem: there are more links on the page than those the code reads, like when i right click on a picture and choose "copy shortcut" I get a link that is not showing when I display the "view source" for the entire page. I can't figure out how to do it.

Help With A Simple Customized Web Browser?! :( www.vbforums.com

HeyasI'm actually gonna make a program for a friend that will work for his site and I need some help with it...It will have 2 web browser browsers. If someone clicks the link on the left side the link will open on the right side.(Will be working for a foreign language lyrics site.)It's rather simple what I'm going for really The only problem is that vb browsers usually work with Internet Explorer meaning that they aren't very customizable...Link to a IE vb browser:http://www.acky.net/tutorials/vb/wbr...WebBrowser.zipAnyways--Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!!

Webbrowser Control Focus www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi,I have a form with a webbrowser, and when I click the webbrowser, and then use the mouse, I can use the mouse wheel. but I want to make it so that the webbrowser is focuses basically all the time, unless something else is clicked or tabbed to. Basically, I want to be able to mouse scroll right away when I open my form. I tried webbrowser1.setfocus but it didn't work. any ideas?cheers,

How To Click Button In WebBrowser Created In Loop www.vbforums.com

In my application, I want to have 10 webbrowsers, which go to google like this. For i = 0 To 9 Dim Browser As New WebBrowser Browser.Name = "Browser" & [i] Browser.Navigate("[URL]") Browser.Visible = True Next So now I will have 10 webbrowsers aimed for google, right? So how do I make a loop that clicks the search button 10 times? I know I need to use member_invoke like this Browser.Document.GetElementById("search").InvokeMember("click") But I have no clue how to code the loop.

Detect Mouse Events In Webbrowser Control www.vbforums.com

sir,how can i detect mouse events in webbrowser control. i have searched the vbforums, but i got only posts explaning right mouse button click in webbrowser control... i want to detect left mouse button click... i want to display a message box when i press on my webbrowser control.plz helpraman...

Can't Edit Files Loaded In WebBrowser www.vbforums.com

I have two Windows 7 machines and for some reason one of them does not save the changes in the file on the local computer when I right click in the WebBrowser and choose View Source. When I click on View Source in the WebBrowser, it opens the file but with [1] attached to the filename. When I edit the Source, and save it and reload the webbrowser,the changes not saved.

Stopping New IE Windows From Being Launched www.vbcity.com

Hi, I am writing a VB6 program which supposed to be an Internet Kiosk for employees.So far I have been using the WebBrowser Control, and I am facing this problem.I am trying to keep all browsing within the one window in the application I have written.But when a user clicks on a link like "<a href="page" target="_blank"> it will launch/spawn a new IE window.Does anyone know how I can trap and prevent any new IE windows from being launched?Edited by - algtm on 7/25/2001 5:20:47 PM

Disabling Right-click On Plug-ins Displayed In A Webbrowser www.vbforums.com

It is easy enough to disable right clicks on the rest of the webbrowser content but how do I disable right-clicks on plug-ins displayed in a webbrowser (like flash and mpegs displayed with windows media format)

WebBrowser Interaction www.xtremevbtalk.com

Anyone stear me in the right direction to figure out how to send a notice back to VB from the webbrowser control. For instance i'm building a chat program and when the user right clicks on another users name on the chat screen i need the webbrowser to send vb the users nickname and the location of the click. I am assuming i need to add a OnClick event to a custom block of html code that sends the nickname to some sort of activex or java script?

Webbrowser && Images www.vbforums.com

Hi,What I would like to do is this.Using a webbrowser control, navigate to a page of my choice, then every time I right click on an image either (whichever is easier)a) automatically download that file to a specific location and filename (determined at runtime)b) display a popup menu which gives me an option to downloadI guess basically I'm asking, how do you determine the filename of an image you right click on, in the webbrowser control.Any ideas?

Adding A Custom Right Click Item To The Web Browser Control's Pop Up Menu In VB6 www.vbcity.com

Somebody else asked this same question regarding .net but I'm using VB6 and the Browser control so hopefully someone can give me an answer as well.Does anyone know how to create a custom right click menu item to the web browser control in VB6? What I want to do is add a menu option that is enabled when a user right-clicks on a link in the browser that starts with a common URL string. For example, let's say I want this menu item to be enabled ONLY when the link goes to a URL starting with http://www.vbcity.com/forums/ so it would be enabled if one right-clicked on a link to http://www.vbcity.com/forums/post.asp?method=reply&tid=52321 but not to http://www.vbcity.com. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks, Dan

How Many Windows Open! www.vbforums.com

Assuming that a browser window in a WebBrowser project is already open, another window can be opened in the following 3 ways:- Navigating to the File--->New--->Window menu.- Right-clicking any link in a web page & clicking the Open in New Window menu item.- Opening another instance by directly double-clicking the EXE.Now assuming that more than 1 browser window is open, how do I find out how many browser windows are open at a given time?

WebBrowser Control Is Always On Top Of Form ??? www.vbcity.com

Good day !Design time:1. Put WebBrowser1 on Form2. Put Label1 on Form3. Right-click on WebBrowser1 choose "Send to back" -> no effectRun time:Label1.ZOrder = 0WebBrowser1.ZOrder = 1Rem -> no effect WebBrowser1 still above Label1 ?!Anyone know how to place "Label" or another control above "WebBrowser" ?(VB6, XP Prof, IE7)

System Tray Icon Doesn't Work With WebBrowser Control www.vbforums.com

Hi,I have a simple VB6 app with a WebBrowser control and have added the System Tray Application from CypherSolutions that I've used loads of times in other apps.Problem is - whilst the window is visable the right-click option doesn't work on the system tray icon - if I minimise the window - it's ok.I've uploaded the app to http://www.simonpearce.co.uk/logmeinapp.zip if anyone wants to take on the challenge!This has been driving me crazy for ages - can anyone shed any light?CheersSimon

Disable Right Click In A WebBrowser Inside VB6 www.vbforums.com

well, im curious as to how you would disable the right click function from the webbrowser thats embedded inside ur vb6 application. cuz u cant set its properties to false for the menubar because it doesnt do ne thing. ne 1 have ne ideas?

Displaying Google Ads In VB6 Application www.vbforums.com

I have an application that I have written in Visual Basic 6.As it is free for people to use, I want to try and make some money out of it using Google Ads.Google Ads use JavaScript and I can't see a way to easily extract an advertisement and display it on a VB6 window.I can use the webbrowser object but that needs scrollbars and allows the user to do various things if they right click.Has anyone done something similar before that can offer any advice?Thanks.

WebBrowser Questions. Please Help. www.vbforums.com

Hi,I have a few questions about the web browser if someone could please take a look. Thank you I'm creating a file based on user input, which also has some javascript. Sometimes a warning message is displayed, which I don't want to come up. (Javascript error, debug yes/no)So my question is, how can I stop this message when there is an error in javascript of the page being loaded in webBrowser?I tried setting the "silent" property to true, but no use...Next when someone "right clicks" in webBrowser, they can choose to see the source code of the page being loaded. Can I hide the code, or disable the right click?I know I can put a javascript which will block the right click, but can I do it with VB as well?Basically, I might try and squeeze in my own menu items rather than what is the default IE right click menu.Finally (not related to webBrowser), I want to "bold" all text displayed in labels, textboxes, command buttons etc on this particular form. What would be the command for that, and can I bold individual items?Thank you so much for helping me and bearing with a newbe like me.

Webbrowsers Context Menu-need An Expert www.xtremevbtalk.com

I chk around for a week..msdn has a VERY poor example..I need to add the option of "open in new tab" to the webbrowsers context aka right click menu!Ive checked most sites..I think i need a step by step on this one...If ive ever doen it before id of simply looked at a similar programming language and converted it but I dont understand it at all..most sites have it written in viual studio..ive vb6 pro....please Helpppppppppppppppppppppp!please note..i said add to not rebuild the menu...i can rebuild one but to much trouble..and not good for learning or future reference!

Capture Html Of Web Page Allready Loaded Via Vb6 www.vbcity.com

I need to capture the text of a web page allready loaded.I am unable to get at it using the webbrowser control and use innertext etc, as the page is a popup., and i cannot determinethe url of the page.I realise i can right click and view source etc.Ie. can i get at the page via the page caption and then save the text content.I need the capture to be controlled from a vb6 program. Appreciate any ideas.

Detect Link Click In Webbrowser Set To Edit Mode www.dreamincode.net

I have an application that loads a web page then allows the user to edit that page by setting the Webbrowser control to EditMode.What I am trying, so far unsuccessfully, to do is trap when a user right clicks on a link already on the web page. The problem I have is that although I can trap the right click using MouseDown and GetElementFromPoint, if the link that is clicked is nested within a higher level element then the higher level element is returned by GetElementFromPoint not the nested element.[code]When the user right clicks, say, the link with test2.html my current code returns the DIV element not the A element. How can I understand which of the A elements the user clicked.[code]

How To Simulate Click On A Link With Javascript www.vbcity.com

Hi,I am trying to simulate clicks on a link of a web page using vb6 and the webbrowser control. The link contains a tag like this:<a href="javascript:;" class="someName"> inner text </a>I can find the object of this A tag (let's call it objCur), but when I use this code to simulate the click, it does not work.objCur.Click     It once worked when the link did not contain javascript, but not now.I have also tried these: objCur.InvokeMember ("Click") objCur.raiseevent ("Click") but none of them worked. But how to make it work for link like <a href="javascript:;" ? I tried several hours but no answers found. Please help! Thanks in advance!

VB6 - Accessing Webpage Document Streams www.vbforums.com

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to retrieve the stream of a webpage from a webbrowser control, like the DocumentStream in .NET, but for VB6?Thanks

Finding Default Web Browser www.vbforums.com

Anyway in VB6 to find the absolute path to the users default webbrowser?OR if not what about just to internet explorer??Thanks

RE- Is It Possible To Submit User Data To VB APP Using HTML www.vbcity.com

Is is possible to submit user data to MS database, using webbrowser , vbscript or HTML within vb6 form?Edited by - saran_133 on 6/30/2005 11:49:51 PM

Getting Html Source Content Thru Webbrowser Control In VB6.0 visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hello All, Can anyone help me in getting the html source content of aweb page, thru webbrowser control in vb6.Prior Thanks,Venugopal

Internet www.vbforums.com

how do u make internet pop up to a sertian site like for an updaterGotoWebpage("http://www.google.com") not a webbrowser from vb6

Webbrowser Find Link With Changing Url www.vbforums.com

I have been trying to find and click <a style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="if(!fbjs_sandbox.instances.a2437228683.bootstrapped)fbjs_sandbox.instances.a2437228683.boot strap();return fbjs_dom.eventHandler.call([fbjs_dom.get_instance(this,2437228683),function(a2437228683_event){a2437228683_doajax('inbox', ';search=', '')},2437228683],new fbjs_event(event));">Next</a>I'm not sure how I would navigate to it or 'click' the word next. But that's what I need to do.I've tried For Each Var In WebBrowser.Document.links If InStr(1, CStr(Var), "Next") > 0 Then WebBrowser.Navigate CStr(Var) Exit Sub End If Next Varand that hasn't worked. It worked to find the 'Logout' link which was similar looking. I am using VB6. Any help is appreciated thanks.

WebBrowser/New Window www.vbforums.com

Ok, I had a minor problem with this before, but when I open a new Window, either automatically or by right clicking on a Link, the webBrowser opens up, but only displays the default page. How can I make it show the link it should showing, and not the default page that I've set in the Form_LoadPrivate Sub WebBrowser1_NewWindow2(ppDisp As Object, Cancel As Boolean)Dim F As New frmBrowser Set ppDisp = F.WebBrowser1 F.Show End SubPrivate Sub Form_LoadWebBrowser1.Navigate2 "test url"End Sub

VS 2010 - Find And Click HREF On WebBrowser1 www.vbforums.com

I am experimenting on a vb app and I have a textbox where you input the value of the href (e.g. http://.......) so when I click the button it will search for it and click it. So while the webbrowser is on a webpage which haves many href elements, when i press button1, I want it to find the one we defined at textbox1.text and click the BLUE HREF Link on the webbrowser (I think this requires javascript).

Get Filename Of Viewed Page Webbrowser www.codeguru.com

Hi. I am writing an app in VB6 that incorporates a webbrowser component. The app allows me to visit pages on my websiteand at the click of a button, all links in the displayed page are collated into a html page and then displayed in the browser window, showing me a list of all links in my webpages.What i need is to get is the filename.html of the page being currently displayed so i get : index.html followed by all links in the index...etc...I can get the url(without filename) using webbrowser.locationURL and the page title, but i need the filename(ie. index.html) I have read through the msdn and online but i cannot find a method to do it.. Thanks in advance.

Webbrowser Click Text Link www.vbforums.com

hi i'm loading a page with the webbrowser control and I need to click on a 'next' text link. its not part of a form and the actually href link is a '#' which means you have to automate a manual type click in away.so how would i mouse click the next link or simulate a mouse click so the app can run in the background

Webbrowser - Open Links From Excel/powerpoint Within The Same Window (ie Webbrowser) www.vbforums.com

I am working on a custom browser using the webbrowser control.When I open powerpoint or excel documents within the webbrowser and when I click on a link in them, I want to open the resulting page in the same window (ie. within the webbrowser control) instead of launching a new instance of default browser. How can do this ?TIA

How Do I Click Text Links On Webpages? www.xtremevbtalk.com

This may seem a stupid question to some people but i dont know much about the webbrowser in vb.I want to open up a webpage and have the program click a certain link for me.I know the basics with the web browser, like navigate and i know how to click a button on the web page e.g. submit, but i want to know how to click a text link.One way to do it would be to navigate to the page i want the link to take me to, but i need a way of knowing which page the link has come from.Any help will be great thanks

Can I Send Message To My Form www.vbforums.com

i have a webbrowser in my form and the html which open in my webbrowser contine link with text BRAE i want send message mouse click to this link frome my brogram without movieng mouse just send the message >>thanks for any replay

VS 2008 Intercept Clicked Link In Webbrowser? www.vbforums.com

For my webbrowser application I would like to have a separate form to display online pdf files.Does anyone know how I would check to see if a clicked page link points to a pdf file and if so open form3 and load the file into the pdf reader component (pdfread) without causing the webbrowser to navigate to the link, this always seems to open the pdf file in a new instance of internet explorer. I realise that to load the file into the pdf reader the code would be pdfread.loadfile(whatever file)Hope I've explained this properly.

Disable The File Download Popup Window? www.vbforums.com

I'm using a webbrowser in the program. it will login a site, then get a special link which is a csv file on the site. then I need download the file. since the site needs login and uses https, so, I use webbrowser.now, I can login, but when I click the file link, it will pop a message box and ask me to save/open it.is it possible to disable this popup window and save the file to local directly?

Using DUN For WebBrowser Object www.codeguru.com

I have a few web sites I'd like to go to and capture certain dynamic information on a daily basis, using the WebBrowser Object. Right now, I am manually using DUN to connect to my ISP and then I click a button on my form and away my WebBrowser Object goes, gathering my information.What I'd like to be able to do is have it check if DUN is connected to my ISP. IF it is, it runs the WebBrowser routines and then hangs up. If it isn't, then it starts a DUN connection with my ISP, executes, then hangs up.Thanks!dan

Webbrowser Control Launches Paint When Navigating To .bmp www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm using a webbrowser control as an imageviewer...it works great, except that when I tell it to navigate to a bitmap file (.bmp), it opens up Paint. Can I stop it from doing this and just display the .bmp in the control instead?Also, the webbrowser control will display a menu when you right-click it while it's running. Is there a way I can disable this? The Media Player control has the "enablecontextmenu" property you can set to false but I didn't see anything like that for the webbrowser.

2 Instances Of Web Browser www.vbforums.com

I have created a web browser using the WebBrowser control in VB6. After compiling the EXE, when I run the browser, though only 1 instance of the web browser opens up, Windows Task Manager in WinXP (right-click any vacant area on the taskbar & select Task Manager) lists it 2 times (under the Applications) tab).Assume that the home page of the browser named MyBrowser is about:blank. When I run the EXE, Windows Task Manager lists MyBrowser twice. The 2 tasks are namedabout:blank - MyBrowserMyBrowserWhen I right click the former in Windows Task Manager & click Bring to Front, Windows Task Manager loses the focus & the focus shifts to the already open browser making it the active window but when I right-click the latter in Windows Task Manager & click Bring to Front, then Windows Task Manager loses the focus (which I can make out by the change in color of the titlebar) but the focus doesn't shift to the open browser. In fact, none of the open apps have the focus under such circumstances.What could be the reason behind this?

New Window Size! www.vbforums.com

I am using the WebBrowser control in a VB6 application.Often it happens that clicking a link in a web page opens a new window with a pre-defined size - an example being the Rate This Post link in this forum which when clicked opens a new window whose size is smaller than the conventional window. Also some of such new windows can be maximized whereas some can't be maximized i.e. the Maximized button is disabled in such windows.When such a link is clicked in my browser, the link opens in a new window but it always opens in the maximized state. Now how do I make such a new window open in its pre-defined size?Thanks,Arpan

Web Browser Newbie Needs Help... Urgent www.vbforums.com

I working on a web browser in VB6 I have inserted my Menubar, Toolbar, Address bar W/ ASCII keyreturn, go button, web control, Statusbar, and progressbar. Every pretty much works.What I want to know is how can I make the browser control so it doesn't move.And how can I change the page by clicking the links instead of right clicking and selecting open link.

Create .udl File In Windows Me visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hello, Can anybody solve my problem of creating a data link file ( .udl ) using ado control in vb6. After inserting the ado control, whenever i choose ado data control properties and then click the data link file option and then right click in my home directory, the popup menu shows no create .udl file option when i choose the new option in the popup menu . My OS is Win Me. How do i proceed ? How do i make the create .udl file option appear in the new file type option?Please help Thank youAshish Kamat

[IE] Representation Of An Extended Object www.vbforums.com

Were can i find a Graphically representation of an extended object map of Internet Explorer?like:WebBrowser.Document.All.*WebBrowser.Document.applets.*WebBrowser.Document.links.*WebBrowser.Document.forms.*WebBrowser.Document.scripts.*WebBrowser.Document.images.*WebBrowser.Document.emement.*thanks

WebBrowser Annoying Sound!!! www.xtremevbtalk.com

each time i change the internet link of my program there a annoying sound it a 'CLICK' that you hear but i change the picture each 500 milisec using a timer...so you hear a click at each 0.5 sec... is there a way to desable the sound of the webbrowser.navigate or webbrowser.navigate2 command?!?

WebBrowser Control Issue www.vbforums.com

Hello!I'm developing a application which will display some menus made in HTML with WebBrowser control.I made everything, including translating clicks on links in HTML to VB events. But there is a thing that I can't do:I don't want my users to freely modify my HTMLs. I rename it for xxxxx.dat, but anyone can click with button 2 and choose "View Source", modify the code, save and **** me... =(My question is:There is some way to make the menu doesn't appears when user hit the button 2 of mouse in the WebBrowser control?

Controlling PDFs Viewed With Acrobat Reader In The Webbrowser Object www.vbforums.com

One way of viewing PDFs in VB6 is to use the standard acrobat reader to view them in the webbrowser object (i.e. using pdf.ocx indirectly). My question is - if one does that by say webbrowser.navigate "http://www.vbworld.com/bozo.pdf"how can one send commands to the adobe plug-in to do things like do thing like hiding the toobar etc.Here is an example of it being done with scripting http://www.borncity.com/WSHBazaar/News5.htm but I'm not familiar with that so I don't know how to convert it to VB6.

Disable JavaScript Alert In WebBrowser Control forums.devshed.com

I would like my custom webbrowser application to prevent webpages from generating JavaScript alert messages. I have a VB project with a form that contains a WebBrowser control. As a test I created a simple example project to demonstrate my problem. I started a new VB6 project, added the WebBrowser control to the project and dropped it onto Form1 along with a CommandButton. Next I added the following code...Private Sub Command1_Click() WebBrowser1.Slient = True WebBrowser1.Navigate2 "http://mysite.com/test.htm"End SubHere are the contents of the web page (test.htm) referenced above...<html><head> <script> alert("hello world") </script></head><body></body></html>Pretty simple so far, right? Problem is I expected the alert message generated by the web page to be suppressed since I used the "WebBrowser.Silent = True" statement. However, the alert message is still appearing. How can I prevent alert messages like these from displaying within the WebBrowser control?

Problem Using Webbrowser Control On A Secure Site. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello.I have a VB6 app that uses a webbrowser control to open an internet site that emulates Microsoft Outlook. The home page requires a login name/password.After the user logs in he can then use the web-based outlook.Here is the trouble I'm having.If I log into the site using Internet explorer and select some feater, for example - "New Message", I get a new window allowing me to compose a new message.If I log into the site using my VB6 app with the webbrowser control and I then select "New Message", the new window requires a login name/password before allowing me to compose the message.What do I need to do to prevent this 2nd login screen?Is the webbrowser control the right tool?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thank.

WebBrowser And Msgbox www.vbforums.com

Hi everybody,i working with webbrowser in vb6, and i have the next problem:The user search a page and somethings when the user click back the page display Warning: Page has expired!!!Ok, i try to find a solution with command refresh but the navigator display a messagebox with the legend: The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information.Click Retry to send the information again, or click Cancel to return to the page that you were trying to view.And i dont know how click to button retry and follow execution the application.Thanks.

Search For Files www.vbforums.com

HiI want to enter a filename into a VB6 textbox(e.g dailynews.jpg).When pressing on a command,i want the code to search for this filename in a specific folder(C:Archiver) because the folder Archiver contains many other folders and I don't know in which folder dailynews.jpg exists.Upon finding it,I want to display the file in a webBrowser controlVB Code:webbrowser.Naviguate sfullpath sfullpath is the full path of the file returned by the codeAny idea about how to search this file,is there a command in VB6 that searches for files?Thanks in advance

Force A Permanent Focus On A Control www.vbcity.com

Hello,I'm using VB6 and (as posted before), I'm having problems with the webbrowser Control.As soon as it loses the focus, the excel-document that is loaded in the webbrowser control gets unusable (clicking on sheets make them dissapear etc...).As told before: this problem only arises when starting lmy application from an EXE. When runnung it in my IDE, everythiong works perfect.I get desperate about this, an looking for a workaround.....for example making sure that the Webbrowser NEVER loses it focus. But is this possible? I mean: does clicking on another control on the form automatically changes the focus and the Lostfocus event of the webbrowser is called?My aim is to NEVER let the lostfocus-event happen. Is this possible?Any help would begreatly appreciated.Regards,Filip

Source Code Of WebBrowser? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have done a lot seaching about how to get the source code of a webbrowser site but I the source code I get is different from the source code I get when using the WebBrowser right-clicking and clicking view source which is actually opening in notepad.I need to get the source as it is in the notepad and not as it is when using WebBrowser1.DocumentText or InnerHtml and so on or a normally browser such as Google Chrome etc.

WebBrowser Application www.vbforums.com

I have a webbrowser application created in vb6 and I want to know: when I hover the mouse on a link (put the mouse on a link) I want to view in the program's taskbar the URL. How is the code?Thank you for your answer, what is the code for the newwindow?

VS 2010 - Click The Link In The WebBrowser? www.vbforums.com

I want to make a code that let you make a google.com/url etc. link with the users link in it (their input). When they click Button1, after a few seconds the text in TextBox2 is their own link with a valid google.com/url hash etc. I've managed to come this far:When I delete the timers and click on the button and manually on the link in the WebBrowser, it will work. But when I add timers and stuff, it will not click the link in the WebBrowser. And when 1 timer is done, TextBox1.Text displays about:blank [code]...

WebBrowser Context Menu Issues (VB6). www.vbforums.com

Hi programming gurus, This is my first post, but I'm afraid that is not an easy one... I'm having a "little" issue here with a project involving a WebBrowser control in VB6. I need to write a custom browser for one of our customers, limited in what the user can do (is for children). I'm trying to set up a custom context menu, capable of open a new browser window and execute a custom printing utility. I was able to create the menu, and to invoke it when the user right click over the webbrowser control using the next code:Code:' www is a WebBrowser control.' frmMain is the container form.Dim WithEvents varDocumento as HTMLDocumentDim hfrmNueva() as FormDim hfrmIndex as IntegerPrivate Sub www_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant) On Error Resume Next Set varDocumento = pDisp.Document Me.lblTitulo = varDocumento.TitleEnd SubPrivate Function varDocumento_onContextMenu() As Boolean On Error Resume Next PopupMenu frmMenus.mnuFileEnd Function The menu opens perfectly. The only problem is that I want the menu to open a specific link when the users right click over it, but I can't find a way to associate the link with the event. I was able to use the "Open in new window" option of the WebBrowser standard context menu using the code below, but I don't want to open the standard printing dialog if the user picks "Print...". I want to run a special app when the user choose this option.Code:Private Sub www_NewWindow2(ppDisp As Object, Cancel As Boolean) hfrmIndex = hfrmIndex + 1 Set hfrmNueva(hfrmIndex) = New frmMain hfrmNueva(hfrmIndex).www.RegisterAsBrowser = True Set ppDisp = hfrmNueva(hfrmIndex).www.object hfrmNueva(hfrmIndex).Visible = TrueEnd Sub So, basically I want to be able to do one of two things: 1) If I use the standard context menu of the WebBrowser control, change its behaviour so I can open any application from the option "Print..." (a custom printing utility). 2) If I use my custom menu, be able to know which link the user right clicked and use it as URL for the new instance of the browser form. I have even tested with the HTMLDocument.elementFromPoint() trying to figure out the coordinates of the mouse pointer to get the element ID and then look for their SRC attribute, but to no avail. If you have any other idea I could use to achive any of this two things, I'll be VERY glad to hear it :-)Thanks in advance and best regards, Nickolai.

DocEvents MSHTML www.vbforums.com

Hello all, I am relatively new to the DocEvents method in VB. I have managed to figure out how to tell if a users clicks on the webbrowser control, however, I can't seem to find a way to distinguish between right and left click. Anyone got any ideas?thanks in advance.BTW...here's the code I'm using.VB Code:Private Sub Web1_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant)    If pDisp Is Web1.object Then        Set DocEvents = Web1.Document    End If    End Sub 'This part actually works.....but no way to determine left or right click...Private Sub DocEvents_onmousedown()     Debug.Print "the mouse was clicked"End Sub

Use The WebBrowser Control To Access A Website? www.vbforums.com

I have been trying to use the WebBrowser control to access a website, nothing fancy involved, just a Security Certificate error message I can't get around: The site that I've been trying to access is [URL].. By clicking on the "Login" hyperlink you are taken to a https connection.Internet Explorer simply allows you to click on the "Continue to this website (not recommended)" link which displays the Logon screen.Clicking on the same link in a WebBrowser control simply reloads the page as (I assume) WebBrowser has not been told that the page is ok. I've tried looking around for the solution with no luck, it seems like such a simple problem..

Dual Monitor With Touchscreen Browser Control? www.xtremevbtalk.com

i am looking for a way to make a clone of 2 webbrowsers when i make a click in the first webbrowser it shows the same in the second webbrowser detailed:i am making a program with a touchscreen and a hdtelevision setup as extended monitor at the touchscreen you can control what is happening on the tv now i want to control a webbrowser but the problem is i want a internetbrowser on the touchscreen where i can make changes and clicks on the websites and then i want also to view the internetbrowser on the tv to see the website this is meaning i want a clone from the internetwebbrowser from the one on the touchscreen to a clone on the hdtelevision some sort of linked copy/clone of the webbrowsers

Help On Executing JScript Functions Using Webbrowser Or Inet www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,Can anyone help me to figure out the code to execute a JavaScript function in a webbrowser or INET document?I want to execute a function called "check_all(1)" in an HTML page from a VB6 application using WebBrowser (SHDOCVW.DLL) or INET (MSINET.OCX) using the "document" attribute (if its possible). First, I go "WebBrowser.Navigate("http://www.mysite.org"), then I want to execute a function called: "check_all(1)" by pressing a button in my app.Can anyone help me?SL64

Resizing WebBrowser Control With Form www.vbforums.com

Hello,I have a very simple VB6 app using the WebBrowser control.I would like the WebBrowser control to resize with the form it's in (ie, when someone changes the size of the form, the WebBrowser control resizes with it).Is this particularly difficult? Can anyone offer any help? Many thanksSimon