[VB6]Webbrowser && Right Click On A Link


i disabled the right click menu and i made my own menu...now i need a code for a button in the menu that when i click on a link it comes the menu "open in a new page"...can any1 help me?

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I am using a standard command button of which I am sensing left & right mouse button clicks via the mouse_down event.The problem is the button only shows as 'pushed' with the left mousebutton but not the right button.I have tried calling the control's click event from within the mouse_downevent code but the button still does not "pushdown" when the right mousebutton is pressed.Does anybody know a way of getting the 'standard' command button controlto depress when the right mouse button is clicked?? Thks in advance.

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I have a toolbar series which the client has now asked for additional functionality but with the lack of realestate they do not want any more buttons added to the toolbar. I am trying to execute the click event for each button but need to capture if the person right clicks on a particular button.I can capture the right click through the mousedown event but then I dont know which button was clickedIn the ButtonClick event I can retrieve which toolbar button but not which mouse button was clicked.Is there some way I can combine the twoThis is my existing function if that helpsVB Code:Private Sub tbrMain_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As MSComctlLib.Button)'Pass the button key through to the CommandBar sub      Dim oList As CTKVList    Dim oPair As CTKVPair     On Error GoTo ErrorHandler            If Button.Key = "ReadyState" Then        Set oList = New CTKVList        Set oPair = New CTKVPair                'Set up the Key/Pair        With oPair            .Key = "Campaign"            .Type = CKVTypeString            If g_oCurrentCampaign.Title <> "" Then                .StringValue = CStr(g_oCurrentCampaign.Title)            Else                .StringValue = CStr(g_oCfgInfo.Queue)            End If        End With                'Add it to the List        oList.AddHead oPair                'Set the reason to the list generated        Me.TExtension1.TSetReason oList        CommandBar ("ReadyState")                Set oList = Nothing        Set oPair = Nothing    Else        CommandBar (Button.Key)    End If        ExitHandler:    Exit Sub    ErrorHandler:    RaiseError E_MODULE, "tbrMain_ButtonClick", Err.Number, Err.Description End Sub

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i want to disable right click of my web page in asp.net. it should be work in all the browsers....

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<a href="Profile.aspx?ProfileId=1" class="view-profile">View profile<a> When the user click on my href there is an treatment=" .ajax script that will allow or the user to view the profile." the problem is when that when the user right click my href,the treatment is ignored and the user can see the all profiles. How can I prevent the right click? Or how can I execute the same treatment(check) when the user right click my href. I have tested the below code but not working: $(function() { $('.view-profile').bind("contextmenu", function(e) { return false; }); });

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I have a UpdateProgress that trigger fine when I click on stuff inside my UpdatePanel.  However I have some regular HTML link ("<a href>") outside of the panel.  How can I reuse the UpdateProgress so when I click on those link, it will show my loading screen?

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i have 2 questions if u go here Mail and view the source can anyone work out the "click" code from the source for the sign in button ive tried everything and just cant find it and get it to work. im using yahoo mail as a way to just work it out its not actually for yahoo but if i knew that it would make my other project alot easiersecond questionhow can i automatically get the image source link from say this page linkthats not the page im trying to figure it out for but the other site is a private site u need to sign up register and pay but it uses a verification word just like yahoo msn and alot of sites do. basically why i want to be able to grab the image link and show the image in say a pic box is cause im making a quick login tool for the site ill still see it in a webbrowser control but it saves me typing every lil thing in this way ill just need to type the image word into a textbox and hit submit type thing. anyone got any ideas for these 2 questions?

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I am opening jQuery dialog when a link is clicked. Dialog is opening fine, but the page is scrolling down to page so I can't see the dialog until I scroll up. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { jQuery("#waitDialog").dialog({ autoOpen: false, modal: true, height: 375, position: 'center', width: 400, draggable: true, closeOnEscape: false, open: function (type, data) { .....

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I have a webpage with some links, and I need to intercept the link-clicking event by jQuery. The task is finished well, but then a problem arises: if the user click a link when javascript doesn't finish loading, it link to another page (which is an error).I have tried to find a way to disable link-clicking before page loading finish, but the best solution now is that I must add onclick="return false;" into my links, which is not very elegant

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I have a web site for example:http://www.bbc.co.uk/and now I wont click on "History"(left) by my program automatic ...Dim adresa adresa = "http://www.bbc.co.uk/" Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")ie.navigate adresa Do While ie.READYSTATE <> 4 DoEventsLoop ie.Visible = True ie.Document.All("a_ID_link_or_I_dont_know").Click Set ie = Nothing...(beginner)

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Yahoo! Messenger had this feature. When clicking a link in a web browser, it pointed to something like:ymsg:userie:HTML Code:<a href="ymsg:user">Send an instant message</a>Which would then run Yahoo! Messenger and open an instant message to that user.I want to have the same thing in mine. I've seen code on www.pscode.com/vb before but I can't find it. I remember it was something in the registry.Does anyone know or have any ideas? I basically just want them to click a link like that and have it execute my program.Edit: Here is an example:http://profiles.yahoo.com/danny.guitarBelow my picture, you can see the smiley face and "Send IM" link. It points to ymsgr:sendIM?danny.guitar.And after searching the registry, I found "ymsgr" in:HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassescalltoshellopencommandHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesymsgr

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I am trying to add a webview in my app to display a web page. However, every time I click link on the web page, Browser will be launched to display content in that link. I understand it is something about intent but I am still wondering is there any simpler method to ask webview to display link content within its View ?

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I have some WebView widgets inside my Activity. I use loadData() to set the content, and this html contains a link. Some of my WebViews work okay, when I click the link, the web browser is started in a new window, but some make my app crash when I click on a link. 10-13 08:45:24.257: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): android.util.AndroidRuntimeException: Calling startActivity() from outside of an Activity context requires the FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK flag. Is this really what you want? 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.app.ApplicationContext.startActivity(ApplicationContext.java:627) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.content.ContextWrapper.startActivity(ContextWrapper.java:236) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.webkit.CallbackProxy.uiOverrideUrlLoading(CallbackProxy.java:185) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.webkit.CallbackProxy.handleMessage(CallbackProxy.java:277) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:99) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:123) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:3948) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:521) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(ZygoteInit.java:782) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:540) 10-13 08:45:24.308: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(751): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method) There seems to be a problem with the Intent that the WebView fires when I click the URL, but I have no control of this Intent, I think. Does anybody have any idea? I use this AsyncTask to set the content in the WebView, and it works fine.code...

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I have an app that loads a webview and all the clicks are kept within the app. What I would like to do is when a certain link, for example, http://www.google.com is clicked within the app it opens the default browser.

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I want to extend the WebView so that I can override the action of clicking on a link in the webview. At first glance I do not see how to do this. I tried adding an onclick handler to the WebView and that had absolutely no effect. I am not seeing very much info on extending the WebView control and was hoping someone might have some suggestions.

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I'm trying to catch the mouse click location so I wrote an onClick in the body tag, but every time I click on the page the whole page turn orange for a little while. Is there any setting can disable this effet?

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I'm currently rendering HTML input in a TextView like so: CODE:...................................... The HTML being displayed is provided to me via an external resource, so I cannot change things around as I will, but I can, of course, do some regex tampering with the HTML, to change the href value, say, to something else. What I want is to be able to handle a link click directly from within the app, rather than having the link open a browser window. Is this achievable at all? I'm guessing it would be possible to set the protocol of the href-value to something like "myApp://", and then register something that would let my app handle that protocol. If this is indeed the best way, I'd like to know how that is done, but I'm hoping there's an easier way to just say, "when a link is clicked in this textview, I want to raise an event that receives the href value of the link as an input parameter"

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i have to open the popup on from the gridview's linkbutton, bnut it open on the double click, not on the single click. LinkButton btn = sender as LinkButton;

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i have stored the txtfile in the database.i need to show the txtfile when i clik the link. and this link has to be created dynamically. my code below: aspx code: [code].... i have got the link dynamically, but i did not able to download the txtfile when i clik the link. how to carry out this.

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my requirement is i want to add education details having three fields 1) name of school  2)name of city 3)Degree some persons will studied only in one school . some in 2 . aome in 3. how to add dynamically .and after that i want to show the data to admin .if there is 2 means i want to display 2 school informa

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I update password, but after that when i click on any other link it shows required fie... [code]....

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I have a site on which members can select from a list of links (from a ListView in profiles.aspx) in order to view details of another site member (in profile_detail.aspx), using this code: profiles.aspx and profiles.aspx.vb: [Code].... [Code].... I would like to do the following tasks but need coaching:From a completely different page (in other words, not from profiles.aspx this time), the user clicks on a photo of a site member; the program picks up the UserID associated with the photo from a database table and saves it to a session variable; completely bypasses the profiles.aspx page; goes directly to profile_detail.aspx and displays the correct person. My problem: I don't how to bypass clicking the link on profiles.aspx.In other words, I want to go directly to profile_detail.aspx and apply the UserID session variable in displaying the person who matches that UserID. You could say that I need to programmatically "click a link" found inprofiles.aspx.

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I am having trouble with a  aspx page that when I click on the link to go to the page it opens/starts at the bottom. I want the page to open at the top like normal pages do.

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How to select a row in a grid view by clicking link button in asp.net with VB.

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i m working on a project with c# asp.net. i listed the thesis on a table and every these has a edit link ( Ex : edit link = ad_disp_these.aspx?these_id=1 ) and theses are stored on sql Server 2005 db in theses table. what i want is, when i clicked the edit link the these which id is related to the link starts downloading.

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I'm using the following code to send an email verification link (from the security tutorials).  How would I modify the code below so that if the user has already clicke the verification link, it will display "account already verified" and redirect them to the login page? using System;   using System.Web.Security;      public partial class Verification : System.Web.UI.Page   {       protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)       {           if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["ID"])) [code].....

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I am sending a mail, in this Emailbody see the code below Emailbody += "<td nowrap=nowrap><a href=http://pms.winrock.org.in/SubContractFin.aspx?id=" + lblSubConNo.Text + "><strong>Click Here</strong></a></td>"; whernever user get thi mail there is a link (Click Here) in this mail which redirects to SubContractFin.aspx form with a query string id. thorugh this query string I am doing somthing on SubContractFin.aspx form.Now I want that if a user click this link it should goes to my login.aspx form and after successful user login it goes to SubContractFin.aspx form with same query string id.So how I need change my email body code.

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I have a site with a functioning database for members displaying location info. One column is shows their web address. When I set this column to be a hyper link column and then go online and click the link, I get an error. It seems that the database thinks this link should point to a page within the site instead of the home page of a completely different web site url. What property do I need to set to get the link to send the visitor to the member web site? I used VWD 2005 to create the site and use SSMS Express for changes on the remote server.

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I have noticed that many new modern websites (and templates like themforest templates) are being built without any page flicker.What I mean by page flicker is that when you click on a link the hole screen flicker and then the new page is retrieved and viewed.Here are some examples of these new sites (templates) that do not have any page flicker. http://demo.post-interaktive.com/rubicon/html_templates/index.html http://pexeto.com/weblider/index.html http://ambi.crazypandagames.com/index.html I would like to know to make a website like above. I do realize that it must be ajax or javascript. However what I would like is some code.

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My client wants to pass values through the query string, but they don't want the query string to be displayed in the browser's address bar. The values being passed are for tracking purposes. I know that postback doesn't happen after you click on href link.Is there any way I can get the value out of the query string without displaying it in the browser's address bar? I think this may be impossible, but I may be wrong; I'm hoping to see if anyone has any answers.

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 http://ondotnet.com/pub/a/dotnet/2005/05/23/webparts_1.html I followed the above tutorial creating 2 WebPartZones, and 2 web server controls onto the WebPartZones.There is an arrow icon in the top-right corner of the web server control on each WebPartsZone. Clicking on the arrow revealed 2 links: Minimize and Close.I clicked the Close link of the Web server control, a UserControl, on the second WebPartZone.  The WebPartZone2 and User Control then were removed from the web page.   When I opened the web site gain later, I still can not see the User Control and WebPartZone2.How can I restore the WebPartZone2 and User Control?  <ZoneTemplate> <uc1:DDS ID="DDS1" title="DDS Search" runat="server" />  </ZoneTemplate>

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I have now a fancy JavaScript which displays a modal Window after clicking a link. I'd like to reuse that code with small changes. eg. different IDs, different labels... I know the possibility to create a Helper. But I don't want a [Code].... thing. I'm sure there is an elegant solution for that. RenderUserControl is maybe a solution. But then it must provide the possibility to assign parameters to it, directly in the View.

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Is there any way to stop Gridview to turn back to first row when user click edit link button. Say there are 50 rows in gridview, user scrolled down to 45th row then click edit button. Gridview shifted to editmode but user need to roll down back again to reach the row 45th.

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how to set a variable depending on the link that is clicked than pass it to php.It's for a rating plugin - The links will be numbers 1 - 5 and need to pass the integer to php when clicked.. in background.I am assuming I would use "XMLHttpRequest" so I can reload - send variable, and display in the background.Then in php have something like $vote = GET_(vote).

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But before the next page loads. Can it be done?

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Hello Everybody,I've soem pictureboxes, and I want to show too command buttons when you click on on of the images but if you click somewhere else I want to make them dissappear, I tried the form_click event, and from_mousedown even, but they only work when you click on the form, but I've loads of other things on it, so the user must be "lucky" to click on the form, but to put the code to make them disappear in every object of the form would take a lot of time and I wonderd if there was another way to make them disappear again after clicking on something else???(its not that I don't want to ut the code there because of the work, but if I didn't search for a better methods then I would stay at the same level of programming)

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HelloI have developed this program in VB6, iit is based around a 4 tab form, with each form containing a bunch of parameters which need to be filled in using the textboxes provided, navigate buttons(back,forward and save) are provided which enable the user to navigate using the buttons rather than clicking on the tab. i was wondering say if the next button on the first tab is commandtab1nextis there any way i can do the commandtab1next_click() within the program itself, i mean can i actually do the commandtab1next_click() within the code?

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For example:In a listbox, I have a click event that changes a label's caption from 'Loaded' to 'Clicked' and changes the color from black to red.I have a double-click event that shows a message box saying "I've been double-clicked." You can re-set the label by clicking it.When I click the listbox, the label's caption and color changes. This is what I expected.When I double-click the listbox, the label's caption and color changes, and the message box is displayed. Why?????

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I have a WebView in my Android App that is loading an HTML string using the loadDataWithBaseURL() method. The problem is that local anchor links (<a href="#link">...) are not working correctly. When the link is clicked, it becomes highlighted, but does not scroll to the corresponding anchor. This also does not work if I use the WebView's loadUrl() method to load a page that contains anchor links. However, if I load the same URL in the browser, the anchor links do work. Is there any special handling required to get these to work for a WebView? I am using API v4 (1.6). There isn't much to the code, here are the relevant parts of some test code I've been working with: CODE:...................

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How can I link like the Checkbox and larger TextView to external data? Should I use a SimpleCursorAdapter? Or create my own adapter? Should it extend ArrayAdapter or BaseAdapter? My list item UI:

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I need to change a standard HTML Input button to a Link button but am running into problems because the existing code calls a javascript function.  The function basically does the same as the browser back button.  When I add the code and set the property runat="server" I get a "CS1026: ) expected".  Quite new to ASP,net  (VS2010) so could be going about this the wrong way.  [Code].... [Code]....

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dear all: when i implement the source , then having problem, pls help meto solve it.....mail me:ahhow@yahoo.com

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i have this macro and 9118 record into sheet ABICAB i have seen in my History link (Cronology of IE) the macro make for each record scanned a new link!!!!!!!!!!! after 6 minutes of macro i have 156 new link into history list acccccc..........:-(Is possible to not store into history link all page visited with the macro?Code: Sub RICERCA_ABI_CAB()Dim ie As ObjectDim lngRow As LongDim lngMaxRow As LongDim wksList As WorksheetSet wksList = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("ABICAB1")Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")On Error GoTo errHandlerlngMaxRow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).RowWith ie.Visible = TrueFor lngRow = 2 To lngMaxRow.navigate "http://www.bancaroma.it/abicab/index.asp", 2Do While .busyDoEventsLoopDo While .ReadyState <> 4DoEventsLoopIf wksList.Cells(lngRow, 3).Value = "" ThenWith .document.Forms(0)'Abi.ABI.Value = Range("A" & lngRow)'Cab.CAB.Value = Range("B" & lngRow).submitApplication.StatusBar = "Processing row " &lngRow & " of " & wksList.Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Rows.CountEnd WithDo While Not CBool(InStrB(1, .document.URL, "?search"))DoEventsLoopDo While .busyDoEventsLoopDo While .ReadyState <> 4DoEventsLoopOn Error Resume Next'CONSIDERARE PRIMA CELLA COME POSISZIONE "ZERO"Range("C" & lngRow) = UCase(.document.all.tags("table").Item(1).Rows(0).Cells(3).innerText)Range("D" & lngRow) = UCase(.document.all.tags("table").Item(1).Rows(1).Cells(3).innerText)Range("E" & lngRow) = UCase(.document.all.tags("table").Item(1).Rows(2).Cells(1).innerText)Range("F" & lngRow) = UCase(.document.all.tags("table").Item(1).Rows(3).Cells(1).innerText)Range("G" & lngRow) = Format(UCase(.document.all.tags("table").Item(1).Rows(4).Cells(1).innerText), "#00000")On Error GoTo errHandlerEnd IfNext lngRowEnd WitherrHandler:ie.QuitSet ie = NothingExit SubActiveWorkbook.SaveEnd Sub

Sprint HTC Hero :: Sprint Evo Link Has HERO In The Link Address androidforums.com

Looking at the Sprint Evo introduction page at Sprint.com, the link address has the name 'HERO' big and bold in it. I wander why that is? As for me, I sure hope the Evo isn't going to be the only 2.1 Hero on Sprint. Sprint - HTC EVO? 4G

Web Forms :: Create Child Links For A Link? forums.asp.net

I want to create child links for a link without using sitemap. For example: i have four links "Home" "About Us" "Contact Us" "Products". I generate these links from my sitemap. Here is my site map code: <siteMap xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/AspNet/SiteMap-File-1.0" > <siteMapNode> <siteMapNode url="default.aspx" title="Home"  description="" /> <siteMapNode url="aboutus.aspx" title="About Us"  description="" /> <siteMapNode url="contactus.aspx" title="Contact Us"  description="" /> <siteMapNode url="products.aspx" title="Products"  description="" /> </siteMapNode> </siteMap> I add two more pages test1.aspx and test2.aspx. Now I want: - These two links are children of "About Us". - When I click test1.apx or test2.aspx the "About Us" title will be highlighted. - I tried add child node to "<siteMapNode url="aboutus.aspx" title="About Us"  description="" />" and it work fine. However, my boss doesn't want me to use this one.

Three Images On The Left, Which, When Clicked, Change The Image On The Right Depending On Which Of The... forums.devshed.com

Im trying to build on a script that I found on the internet and modified to my needs.urrently there are three images on the left, which, when clicked, change the image on the right depending on which of the left images was clicked.Simply, when you click the whisky link on the left you see a bottle of wiskey on the right. Here is my script: Code: <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript"> function switchImg(i){ [code]....

Web Forms :: Load A User Control On Link Click Event Of A Link Button During Postback Of Aspx Page? forums.asp.net

Here is my requirement - 1. I need to load a user control on link click event of a link button during postback of aspx page. 2. On button click event of a save button on that aspx page, I need to read the selected values from that user control on further postback. If I write the loadcontrol code in link_click event, the control is not recognized at all in the button_click event. When I shift it to page_init and execute only during not postback, the user control loads with default values.

Web Forms :: When Clicking On A Link Would Like The Linked Page To Appear In The Contentplaceholder? forums.asp.net

I have a masterpage that has a banner and under the banner it has a few links...The issue i am having is when clicking on a link i would like the linked page to appear in the contentplaceholder, i can't seem to figure it out.

AJAX :: Have 4 Main Links In The Page When Any Of These Link Is Clicked Its Submenu? forums.asp.net

iam new to AJAX i need a help from you guys. i have 4 main links in the page when any of these link is clicked its submenu (say 3 submenu) should load in AccordionPane.

Url Link In A Label www.codeguru.com

How would you put a Url link, so the user can click on it and it takes them to the url of the link?

Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

Is it possible to do a following "check" :If (cmd1.click=True) or (cmd2.click=True) or (cmd3.click=True) Then ......End If

Right Host For File Hosting? www.webhostingtalk.com

I have a dedicated server for most of my sites and scripts I'm starting a site (kind of like rapidshare, not really the same but for the purpose of this example, it might as well be rapidshare/megaupload/etc) I want to run the main site off my dedicated server, but for the hosting of files, I want hosting that will offer good speeds/bandwidth/space I'm not sure if I should get multiple 10mbit/sec lines, or one 100mbit/sec line, or what I should really do

Add Custom Menu Item To Windows Right Click Context Menu ???? www.vbforums.com

Hi everyone Earlier today there was a thread with this Q in it but it wasnt ever resolved. What i want to do is add my own custom entry to the windows menu that pops up when you right click on an something in particular to the edit menu. So when you select some text no matter what app your in it has my custom menu option in it along with the usual copy and paste and what not.Can this be done If so how and where do i start ??

Custom Command Button [vb6] www.vbforums.com

hey guys, anyone can tell me where can i find a tutorial to create custom command buttons in user controls, xp like?thanks

Building A Table In Vb6 www.xtremevbtalk.com

i normally work in access, but i am trying to learn vb. i have vb 6 installed, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to design a table in vb. ms website is not much help, eveyrthing i read tells me to connect to foxpro or access tables. is that truely what i have to do, or can tables be built within vb, and if so how? thank you

Building VB6 DLL In A Program Way www.vbforums.com

I need to build a bunch of vb6 dll from a list of vbp.Is there anyway to code this batch process with auto version incrementation?Thanks

Need Help: VB6 API Button Click Code Doesn't Work; VB.NET Code Does?! www.vbcity.com

I am baffled. My VB.NET code works, but my VB6 code does not. I need to know what is wrong with the VB6 code and why doesn't behave the same as the .NET code?VB6 Code:Code:' in a BAS modulePublic Declare Function SendMessage2 Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, _    ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As Long) As LongPublic Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN = &H201Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP = &H202Public Const MK_LBUTTON = &H1‘in a ClassPublic Sub DoWindowAction(ByVal vlngHWND As Long)    Dim lngReturn As Long    lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, MK_LBUTTON, 0)    lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, 0)    'lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, BM_SETSTATE, 1, 0)End SubThe commented out line with the BM_SETSTATE gets me a little closer. But even with this in I need to set focus to the application that contains the button I am trying to click with vlngHWND and then move focus to another app. What is going on???VB.NET code:Code:Friend Class API    <DllImport("user32.dll")> _    Public Shared Function SendMessage(ByVal hwnd As IntPtr, ByVal wMsg As Integer, _        ByVal wParam As Integer, ByVal lParam As Integer) As Integer    End Function    Public Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN As Integer = &H201    Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP As Integer = &H202End Class'in a form    Private Sub ClickButton()            API.SendMessage(lngHWND, API.WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 1, 0)            API.SendMessage(lngHWND, API.WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, 0)    End SubThanks,Eric

Open A Website On Vb6 www.vbforums.com

hi, i would like to know wich control i have to use to open an internet explorer on my vb program and how do i make it to go to ursl?tanks

Vb6 Command Button Picture? www.vbforums.com

I noticed that a button has a picture property. How does one get a picture, icon etc to display on the face of the button?t.i.a.

Picture Icons Instead Of VB6 Command Button www.codeguru.com

For the sake of presentation , is it possible to present command buttons as Picture Icons?I would have thought an image file could be added to the form and it's properties could allow for code to run in the back ground?Has anyone got experience doing this?

Question Concerning Picture Property Of VB6 Command Button www.vbcity.com

  Hi! I think that if you set the picture property to an image, and the command button also has a caption, then they are both centred, with the caption below the image. Is it possible to have both caption and the image to be on the same line, not one on top of each other? Is this even possible? Thanks!

VB6 And My Website www.vbforums.com

Can I create an application that will dial a modem in VB6 and Build a website then inside the website run the application?

Website And Vb6 App www.vbcity.com

Hi GuysCould any one please explain to me how I would go about the following. I haven't done this before and need advise. How do I start?I am launching a web sit soon and I would like to have an option for downloading an application I have built.1)Where do I put the application? There is two folders. Private and Images.2)If I have a page with the word DOWNLOAD, how do I link it to the application.If there is more to know please put me on the right pathThanksPieterEdited by - pieterw0 on 3/15/2005 9:19:20 AM

Code To Write Text Isn't Right forums.devshed.com

Hi. I am currently developing a little program for myself that takes the HTML output of a certain program, and converts it into a PHP file. I think all of my coding is right, but maybe one of you can hep me.What happens is, when I go to the folder where all the new php files should be, there is just one, and it's PHP code is correct for it's file name, but it is always the last one in the list of files.Like filea.html has code "a", fileb.html has code "b", and filec.html has code "c". It should output three files (filea.php, fileb.php, and filec.php) with their respective code, but it only outputs filec.php with code "c".Here is ALL of my code:Code:Option ExplicitDim Web As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorerDim Doc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocumentDim e As MSHTML.HTMLGenericElementDim a As MSHTML.HTMLAnchorElementDim img As MSHTML.HTMLImgDim arr() As StringDim strHTML As StringDim strPHP As StringDim strPath As StringDim strPath2 As StringDim strFile As StringDim strFilePHP As StringDim arrFile$()Dim i As IntegerPrivate Sub Command1_Click() Call JustDoItEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Load() strPath = "C:Program Files.400 Software StudiosTotal Pro BasketballsavesEFBA2Website" WebBrowser1.navigate strPath & "blank.html" strPath2 = "C:PHPNUKE 7.0htmlmodulesTPB_Files" File1.Path = strPath Call SortEnd SubPrivate Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant) If Not Right(WebBrowser1.LocationURL, 10) = "blank.html" Then arrFile$ = Split(WebBrowser1.LocationURL, "/") strFile = arrFile$(UBound(arrFile$)) If Right(WebBrowser1.LocationURL, 12) = "_Roster.html" Then Call Roster ElseIf Right(WebBrowser1.LocationURL, 15) = "_financial.html" Then Call Financial End If End IfEnd SubPrivate Sub Roster() Set Doc = WebBrowser1.document strHTML = Replace(Doc.body.innerHTML, Chr(34), "" & Chr(34)) strHTML = Replace(strHTML, "Player Ratings", "Player Abilities") strHTML = Replace(strHTML, "player_ratings", "player_abilities") strHTML = Replace(strHTML, "</TABLE></DIV></TABLE>", "</TABLE></DIV>") strPHP = "<?php" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _ "echo " & Chr(34) & _ strHTML & _ Chr(34) & ";" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _ "?>" strFile = Replace(strFile, ".html", ".php") Open strPath2 & strFile For Output As #1 Print #1, strPHP Close #1 RichTextBox1.Text = strPHPEnd SubPrivate Sub Financial() Set Doc = WebBrowser1.document strHTML = Replace(Doc.body.innerHTML, Chr(34), "" & Chr(34)) strHTML = Replace(strHTML, "<BR><A name=ticket_pricing>", "<BR><br><br><br><br><A name=ticket_pricing>") strPHP = "<?php" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _ "echo " & Chr(34) & _ strHTML & _ Chr(34) & ";" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _ "?>" strFile = Replace(strFile, ".html", ".php") Open strPath2 & strFile For Output As #1 Print #1, strPHP Close #1 RichTextBox1.Text = strPHPEnd SubPrivate Sub Sort() For i = 0 To File1.ListCount - 1 If Right(File1.List(i), 12) = "_Roster.html" Then List2.AddItem File1.List(i) ElseIf Right(File1.List(i), 15) = "_financial.html" Then List3.AddItem File1.List(i) Else List1.AddItem File1.List(i) End If Next iEnd SubPrivate Sub JustDoIt() 'Do Roster For i = 0 To List2.ListCount - 1 strFile = List2.List(i) WebBrowser1.navigate strPath & List2.List(i) Next i 'Do Financials For i = 0 To List3.ListCount - 1 strFile = List3.List(i) WebBrowser1.navigate strPath & List3.List(i) Next i 'Do OthersEnd SubLet me know if any of you experts see some part of my code that causes this.Thanks, Chris

Serialization Missing Dot Right Before New Line Serialization stackoverflow.com

I've been using XML serialization for a while, and today I realized something really odd. If I have a new line right after a "dot" (.), when i deserialize, I lose the dot. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? The following is my serialization code: [Code]...

Move An Image Of A Bus Across The Screen From Right To Left www.sitepoint.com

I have been tasked with using javascript to move an image of a bus across the screen from right to left. I have found some code that almost works, but I cannot get the bus to finish offscreen. I have tried changing the x-position to a negative number, but it doesn't seem to work. If there are any javascript gurus out there, take a look at the sample code at :[url] How to modify the existing code to achieve the desired effect.

Jquery :: Can't Get Right Width Or OuterWidth Of <label> Element stackoverflow.com

simply can not understand this problem I have - I need the .outerWidth() of a <label> element, but it keeps returning a value that is different from the one I can read out of my firebug? .outerHeight works just fine though. SOLVED: Note to self: custom fonts and calculations of width does not work all that well, lol

Animating Div Elements Left To Right And Back? stackoverflow.com

I have a menu system made up of divs and i want to animate the left property to slide each time the user mouses over a menu item but i need the outer div(which is black) element to expand as the menu items move left to right also I want the div element(.container) to slide back and contract the outer div element(this black div which is 0 width) I have a basic example done in jsFiddle it olny moves the elements to the left

JQuery :: Slide The Images In Accordion Form Left To Right And Right To Left With Minimum Time Frame... forum.jquery.com

is there any feature to slide the images in accordion form left to right and right to left with minimum time frame(delay)?

JQuery :: Using .animate() To Animate A Div From Left To Right, Right To Left? stackoverflow.com

I seem to be having difficulties using jQuery .animate() to animate an absolutely positioned div from right to left on a button click, and left to right on another button click. Below is my relevant CSS, HTML, and jQuery code. I can click the #moveLeft button and it wil indeed animate it to the left, but when I click the #moveRight button, nothing happens. CSS #scorecardTwo { position:absolute; padding:5px; [code]....

Jquery :: Make A Standard Mobile Listview Without The Right Arrow Image That Appears On The Right Of... stackoverflow.com

Is possible to make a standard jquerymobile listview without the right arrow image that appears on the right of the li object?

JQuery :: Simulate A Right Clik (contextmenu) Event? forum.jquery.com

I use the plugin jquery.contextMenu.js to open a custom popup menu when a user right click to a specific html element. Nox, I want to show this popup menu when a simple onclick event occurs in a specific element. I have see that JQuery propose trigger method but there is no oncontextmenu event !

Simulating Keystrokes In VB6 www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am trying to make a program, and I need some code that will simulate pressing the enter key, to control another program. Thanks!

How To Get The Current Directory And Current Drive In VB6.0 www.codeguru.com

I just want to know how and which function to use to get the current directory and current drive in VB6.0

Add Item To The Default Browser Right Button Click Menu? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to add item to the default browser right button click menu?

Making Menus In Different Language (Hindi/Urdu) Using VB6.0 www.vbforums.com

hi to allI want to make menu that can show menuitems in a particular language other than English.There is no font selection criteria in Menu Editor of VB6.0So how can i do that??

Jquery :: Finding The Right List Object? www.sitepoint.com

I'm trying to create an multiple upload script and the upload part is working fine, but...When a file is uploading a animated gif is shown in the list part <li></li>. If I only upload 1 at the time everything looks just fine and the animated gif is changed to the just uploaded image. Great!. But if I upload 2 or mare at the same time the problem is there. For each upload I start a list object is created. This part works fine, but when picture 1 is done uploading it is shown in the last created list object and the same is picture 2 overwriting picture 2. This is not good... How can I change this? Code JavaScript: var mynewLI = null; new aUpload(uploadBtn, {[code].....

JQuery :: Drag And Drop Photos To Right Box forum.jquery.com

I found fantastic drag and drop technique, analyzied javascript file and would like to get helo, how to create it. Here: [URL] you can drag and drop the photos to the right box, then you can email them. How can I create it on my own website? You can find javascript file here: [URL]. Is it possible at all?

VB6: Transparent Form - Solid Controls bytes.com

I am working on an Application which I have based on several frames.There is one central frame, and, as required, the other frames 'slide'out from behind it.The problem is that this requires a large form to keep room for all ofthe various slides.I want to have the form transparent, and have mouse eventspass-through to whatever is behind it. I have done some searching andhave found the commands to make a form transparent - but this methodalso affects all of the controls contained in the form - this is nogood for me.My other option is to make each frame a separate form, but then itstarts looking a little ugly with so many form toolbars etc. I canhave the toolboxes etc. removed from the form, but I am curious toknow if my original vision is possible.Any suggestions?Thanks,Trevor.

Jquery :: Scrolling Plugin - Horizontally Scroll Page When A Person Clicks On Some Link? stackoverflow.com

I want to horizotally scroll my page when a peron clicks on some link. Is there any plugin available for jquery to do that? I saw localscroll scrollTo. None of them worked for me. I've been trying to get it work since 3 hours. I don't even get any error in firebug.

Sprint HTC Hero :: When Click On Internet Link Get A Pop Up Of Settings Box Briefly Then It Goes Away androidforums.com

I get a pop up of settings box briefly then it goes away. Is this common? I don't have to push button or do anything but it pops up.

Android :: WebView Can't Click On Link / Why Is So? groups.google.com

My activity has a LinearLayout which contains a TableLayout and a WebView. The TableLayout has button and a TexView. This is created from code instead of using R.java (for our own reason). Things are displayed correctly, however I can NOT click on the links inside the WebView (I can NOT browser through inside the WebView). This doesn't happen if I only have WebView inside the contentView. Are there some layout setting I missed?

Web Forms :: HTTP Error 403 On Clicking Link Button To Open PDF File? forums.asp.net

I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I'm Binding the name of file to a LinkButton and intending to open that file on the LinkButton' click. I have the LinkButton in the TemplateField of a GridView control. Below is the code I'm using :   And the Event Handler goes like : protected void GridView1_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName.Equals("goto")) { fileToOpen = e.CommandArgument.ToString(); Response.Redirect(path + fileToOpen); } }

Visual Studio :: Need To Open A .avi File That Has Been Stored In A Dir ., And Play On Click Of A Link? forums.asp.net

My project is in VS2005. I need to open a .avi file that has been stored in a dir ., and play on click of a link ( Say name of a file) . How can i do this in VS2005. Is their any one to give suggestion. i couldnt find proper codes in .net forums.

Web Forms :: Open A Ppt When Link Button Is Clicked? forums.asp.net

I have a ppt in a folder Rocky and i am doing something like this : this.btnSmartQuoteTutorialVideo.OnClientClick = "OpenMaximizedWindow('Tutorials/Paoli/PaoliSmartQuoteTraining.ppt'); return false;";

Web Forms :: When Click On Corresponding Link Must Open The Corresponding Closed Webpart? forums.asp.net

I have Five Web part Zones in my page and each one have Gird control. I have Five link buttons in same web page. My requriemnt is when Any webpart is closed, when click on corresponding link must open the corrsponding closed webpart.

AJAX :: Save File Dialog To Appear On Clicking Link Button? forums.asp.net

[Code].... [Code].... i want to display the Save Dialog to appear when the user click at the LinkButton located in the Header Template of the Repeater P.S: i have tried so may things as you can see in the code but does not seem to work.