VB6 And Access Database ... Inventory/Sales/Purchase Project


I am a VB newbie. Have just started a Project - similar to an Inventory - to recorditems I buy and sell on Ebay and, eventually, to track my Ebay transactions.I have got the Access database set up (with relationships),and I've used the VB Wizard to create some forms.I need to combine these Forms, and others, into a working systemeg: If ADDing an Item, it needs to have come from somewhere - Purchase Order and Seller records. If DELETEing, then Sales Invoice and Customer records will be needed.This project is intended exclusively for my own use.At the moment it's all done on Ebay and email records.Hope you can understand thisI could email the database and VB project to anyone who thinks they can helpI've been told that it's easier to do with msAccess Forms, but I've only ever used msAccess to create tables. Also hope someone can give me pointers or an example to work from.Best regards

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Hi All,I have search this forum, found sound answer that came close but not enough information. I am trying to relink tables from a postgres database to access 2000. I am using docmd.transferdatabase which is working, but; I am prompt with a dialog box "Select Unique Record Identifier". I have put a "create index" statement in my code and I am still getting prompt with a dialog box. Does anyone have any suggestions. By the way, I am using a odbc connection. Partial code follows:'Open the connection    With cn        .Open "DSN=dsnconnection"    End With    If init = 0 Then 'Detect if this is the first time we have run this function       init = 1 'Mark we have been through here    End If    strSQL = "SELECT viewname as vname " & _              "FROM pg_views " & _             "order by viewname"    With rs        Set .ActiveConnection = cn        .Open strSQL    End With    On Error Resume Next    Do While Not rs.EOF       stable = rs![vname]       rs.MoveNext       If (stable = "acct_devices_v") Then          On Error Resume Next          DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, stable          On Error GoTo 0          DoCmd.TransferDatabase acLink, "ODBC Database", "ODBC;Database=myDatabase;UID=username;PWD=password;DSN=dsnconnection", acTable, _stable, stable          DoCmd.RunSQL "create unique index myIdx on acct_devices_v(id);"       End If    Loop    'CleanupIf rs.State <> adStateClosed Then rs.CloseSet rs = NothingIf cn.State <> adStateClosed Then cn.CloseSet rs = NothingEnd SubThank you for your help.B. Davis-

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Hi folksI am having trouble getting Access to open using a command button. I don't want to integrate Access with the program just want it to open a database once I have clicked on a button.I have done this before using Excel and Word but cannot get it to work with Access. This is the code I used for Excel.Dim ExcelAppExcelApp = CreateObject ("Excel.Application")ExcelApp.Workbooks.Open ("C:DirectoryInfo.xls")ExcelApp.Visible = TrueThat code works but I cannot get it to work for Access. If someone can help me you will be made King of Programming by me anyways Thanks in Advance.Kind Regards

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Hi all,I would like to make a link in my Access DB to a Foxpro database. So I follow the code that I search here:Public Sub CreateLinkedAccessTable(LinkInDB As String, _ LinkToDB As String, _ LinkToTbl As String, _ LinkTblAs As String) Dim catDB As ADOX.Catalog Dim tblLink As ADOX.Table Set catDB = New ADOX.Catalog ' Open a Catalog on the database in which to create the link. catDB.ActiveConnection = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _ "Data Source=" & LinkInDB Set tblLink = New ADOX.Table With tblLink ' Name the new Table and set its ParentCatalog property to the ' open Catalog to allow access to the Properties collection. .Name = LinkTblAs Set .ParentCatalog = catDB ' Set the properties to create the link. .Properties("Jet OLEDB:Create Link") = True '.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Datasource") = LinkToDB'-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' HERE I MODIFIEDDim s' USE DSN-LESS , FAILs = "ODBC;Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};" & _"SourceType=DBC;" & _"SourceDB=C: est.dbc;" & _"Exclusive=No"' USE DSN, OKAYs = "ODBC;DSN=TEST"'------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .Properties("Jet OLEDB:Remote Table Name") = LinkToTbl .Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Provider String") = s End With ' Append the table to the Tables collection. catDB.Tables.Append tblLink Set catDB = NothingEnd SubSo, while I make a DSN in Control panel/ODBC data source, the above code can be done. However, I would not like to make a DSN. So I try using DSN-less to do the code. However, I got error "ODBC--call failed". Do you know why?Much thx.

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I have a database with two tables (tblPhotos and tblPhotoComments).  My tblPhotos tables has the following fields: pid, apid (albumID), title, description, uploadDate.  In the tblPhotoComments table I have the following fields: cid (primary key), pid (foreign key), cname, comment. Now, I have a webpage used to view a large version and details of an image clicked on the gallery page. On the gallery page each photo is linked with the following address: viewp.aspx?pid={0}. On my view page I have two listviews.  One to display the photo and the details and one for the comments, both with the pid = query string field pid. The comments listview allows for inserting records and the insert template is located on the first field. How can I make it that when I fill out the information (Name and comment) the pid of the query is transfered to the tblPhotoComments table in the database, so that when the page refreshes, it will display all the comments that have the pid of the query.  I tried doing something with the insert statement in my sql statement, but couldn't seem to get it to work.

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I am in trouble writing connectionstring in app.config. Actually database name contains space in its name. following is the connectionstring i want to put in app.config. but when i do the same it gives me error. how to solve this problem ? <add name="Connection" connectionString="Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=C:Program FilesInsigniaTime & Attendence.mdb;Uid=;Pwd=admin;" /> here, database is access db having name as 'Time & Attendence.mdb'

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HiI have written a database in Access 97 that uses replication. I have recently discovered that some users have Access 2000 and that it does not givew the option to just open the db but just gives the option to convert it.I'm afraid if it is converted access 97 users would not be able to use it.Is there any way that I can include code in my db to stop the db being converted, something that automatically just opens the db without prompting the user.Any help would be mmuch appreciated.thanksCooks.

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I have to automate one database process in .Net web applicaiton which uses Oracle 11g Database as Backend. I need to know two things: (1) How to check space on Oracle database server? I need space on server and not in the Database itself. My process creates few tables so I want to make sure that we have sufficient space before the process starts. (2) Also I need to create script to backup Indexes and Triggers on the table so that I can recreate them after data transfer process is completed. Any idea how to create script form c# code?

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Is there any way to control the name of the link that Eclipse makes when it integrates a library project?  I have inconsistency going on depending on the machine, and I don't understand why. The project structure is really simple, basically there's a library called "_engine" and a set of other projects with varying names.  The _engine project is a library, and everything else uses it as such.  I have three machines, one is using WinXP, one using Win7 32-bit, and one using Win7 x64.  All of these are using Eclipse 3.5.2 and the same directory structure on-disk.  They have a few simple path settings to ignore .svn subfolders and that's about it. On both the XP and Win7 32-bit machines, each of the projects ends up with an _engine link underneath it in eclipse.  The problem is, I'm trying to get this onto the 64-bit machine now, and on that one I end up with two links upon importing the project, one called _engine and one called _engine_src.  This means the project doesn't compile.  Only the _engine_src link seems to refresh, and if I remove the library and re-add it that's the name I get. I can make this work by deleting the extra (_engine), but I don't understand why it's doing this, and it means my project settings end up different on the third machine.  Does anyone know if there's anything I can do to trouble-shoot this?

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I have a base class ("MyBaseClass") in a project called "BaseFramework" which is included in several solutions within the company. There are several derived class's in various projects throughout the company that inherit from "MyBaseClass". If I then create a List and add derived class's to it, it will not serialize. I realise that if I were attempting to serialize this list, and the base class and derived class were in the same project, I could simply apply the "XmlInclude" attribute to the base class and include all of the derived class's. This is however not possible across projects, because that would require a circular dependency.

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I am attempting to solve the well known problem of automatically generated serialization assemblies in VS 2010, both VB.NET and C#. The "Generate Serialization Assemblies" option in project settings does nothing for non-web projects (see [URL]). Thus the calls to serializers generate file i/o exceptions that are very unfortunate, and for which there is no cure. The method suggested above does not appear to work with VS2010 and SGEN still runs with /proxytypes enabled.

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i have the code for asynchronous call to the database. i execute the sql command into the begin method that will executed onto the separate thread. now i want to execute the another database call asynchronously so that this also execute onto the separate thread. code for one database cal is here.... private SqlConnection con, con1; private SqlCommand cmd, cmd1; private SqlDataReader dr, dr1; protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { AddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync(new BeginEventHandler(Begin), new EndEventHandler(End) ); } } /////////////BEGIN METHOD IAsyncResult Begin(object sender, EventArgs e,AsyncCallback cb, object state) { string connect = "Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Asynchronous Processing=true;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\Database.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True"; con = new SqlConnection(connect); con.Open(); cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT FirstName,LastName,Age,Company,Profile FROM Person",con); return cmd.BeginExecuteReader(cb, state); } //////END METHOD void End(IAsyncResult ar) { dr = cmd.EndExecuteReader(ar); Label2.Text = System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.GetHashCode().ToString(); GridView1.DataSource = dr; GridView1.DataBind(); }

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I downloaded a source code of a project and inside the project there is an images folder. I wanted to add another image file to that folder and so what I did is just put the image that I want to add into the actual directory of the image file then I drag and drop the image to visual studio 2008 image folder. However when I try to refer to the image, it seems like visual studio 2008 can't find the image. When I try to view the page in the browser, it gives me the classic x mark.

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I will start a new project in a couple of weeks and I have some questions about ASP .NET WebForms. Visual Studio ofters some nice wizards such as the SqlDataSource component that you can assign to a GridView and then you can edit and delete rows without coding. The disadvantage of these wizards is the bad seperation between the layers and thereby the maintance of the software. One good example is the SQL statement in the view (*.aspx files) and so on. I would like to ask you how you handle this in your projects. Do you use the wizards? Otherwise if the wizard would not be used then it is a lot of effort necessary to program all features of the GridView component self. Such as edit, sort, paging etc. Is there information available how  you can do this? I didn't find really something. What is your opinion about this.

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I have .dll file on Desktop, I imported it to References my ASP.NET application - but when I delete this file from desktop I have error in my ASP.NET application. What is the solution ?

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I want to retrieve identity column value after running Insert or Update (using Access DB in C#). How can I do it? i use a Typed dataset to fill and update...

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Anyone know what font they are using? I know this is a hosting forum but I really needed to know which font they used in the center picture where it says : what is project vino?

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I have a datalist and I am filling it using a dataadapter, dataset. So in my .ascx page, I have <asp:datalist runat="server" id="dlProducts" repeatcolumns="2" repeatdirection="horizontal"> <itemtemplate> <table border="0"> <tr><td><%# Eval("Item_Name") %></td></tr> <tr><td>I have to add a picture here</td><td><%# Eval("First_Name") %></td></tr> </table> </itemtemplate> </asp:datalist>  In the area where I have put a statement like "I have to add a picture here", I have write a big case statement.  Like: Case: 6 // show a picture from file1 case: 7 // show a picture from file2 Case 8: //show a picture from file3 So How do I do this here?  Because I dont know how to access the datalist values from code behind. Here is my code behind: SQLString = "SELECT First_Name, Picture, item_name, item_id from table1 where item_id = " + request.querystring["iid"]; dataadapter daItems = new dataadapter(SQLString, "connection_name"); dataset dsItems = new dataset(); daItems.fill(dsItems); dlProducts.datasource = dsItems(); //So at this point how do I populate the picture in the <TD> tag I mentioned earlier?

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Is there any website where I can download sample finished projects with codes?

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I have a small php personal project i am doing, it's a film library, I have a list of films on a page, which is just a select title FROM films.. I want each of these titles to be a link to another page that shows all details of this film (SELECT * from films where title = xxx) Now  , I can do this with forms using the POST method, but i dont wanna have buttons beside the film title, it's better to just use the links ... is there a way of using links to pass the argument (in this case film title)..

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How is this done? so that when a user wants a new line, it will show when the information is displayed. Ive got this but doesn't seemed to be doing it?! Server.HtmlEncode(Extra.Text)             Extra.Text = Extra.Text.Replace("[ ]", "<br />")

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I have most of my sites on the very reliable clook.co.uk but I only only get around a Gig of bandwidth per month per site. I'm thinking of getting an unlimited hosting package so I could upload client's music files, large images, video clips etc.. Nothing is illegal or adult. Then I could host my sites as normal at Clook and then point to all the very large files being hosted at the new place. I think I'd get about 10Gig of traffic max a month. And as it'll just be an extended online harddrive I've no real need for databases, email, php, cPanel etc... I've seen some unlimited offers at hostpapa.co.uk for 4.99 a month with a free domain. Is there a catch? What do you recommend?

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Lets say i gave user space on my site. They also make there own pages e.g blog or whatver how would that work. Would those blog pages just automatically get added to my host server as if i uplaoded it or would it get stored in a databse. if so how. and wer can i laern do u knw?

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Having a bit of a problem with mysql. Mysql 5.1 on windows 2008 server iis7 Site on windows 2003 server iis6 [sorry but can't move to linux kids! ;)] In the process of shifting a site to a new server so I have moved the database 1st and connected the site to the new database. I tested the connection before moving but now the site is connecting to the new database I am having problems. connecting via PDO the page hangs for an age before getting 'too many connections' error. Monitoring the server I see MANY threads of: 'unathenticated user' from the ip address of the host the site runs on. I also see a thread for the connection with the correct user name in my config file and I am a total loss as to what is going on.

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I installed mysql server on linux box IP = but when i try to connect to this IP it alway error(111). but use localhost and is OK. beer@beer-laptop# ifconfig | grep "inet addr" inet addr: Mask: inet addr: Bcast: Mask: beer@beer-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -h192.168.1.100 ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) beer@beer-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -hlocalhost Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or g. Your MySQL connection id is 160 Server version: 5.1.31-1ubuntu2 (Ubuntu) Type ';' or 'h' for help. Type 'c' to clear the buffer. mysql> beer@beer-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -h127.0.0.1 Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or g. Your MySQL connection id is 161 Server version: 5.1.31-1ubuntu2 (Ubuntu) Type or 'h' for help. Type 'c' to clear the buffer. mysql> Connect from another machine it also error 111. another@another-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -h192.168.1.100 ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) How difference between use localhost/ and in this case. I don't know how to connect to this database from another machine.

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I think my problem might be a bit exotic here and I apologize for beingabsolutely uninformed about MySQL. I am currently applying to grad school and in the application form, I keep being redirected to a blank page stating "Unable to connect to MySQL server" when I am actually supposed to choose my program of study. I googled MySQL (I really had never heard of it before), downloaded the 5.1 version and php, but I still keep getting this message. Renewing my TCP/IP and disabling the firewall for a moment didn't do it either (that was all I could come up with). Is there anyone out there who knows what the actual problem is (because I have no idea where the problem lies) and how to solve it, so I can finally access this page?

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I using Mysql Administrator tool to backup my database. While backing up, my web is not running normal. It shows this at the front page. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User hpirs4_user1 already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home/hpirs4/public_html/includes/functions/database.php on line 19 Unable to connect to database server!

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Hi, A third party development company is creating a third party application for us in PHP and uses a MYSQL database.  The app is an extension of our website which is developed in .NET and uses a MSSQL 2005 database.  There are some cases where the two databases require connectivity since a few fields need to relate. We are having issues connecting the two databases on the server and after reading some forums have identified it to be a configuration issue.   I was wondering if anyone could be of any help in solving this issue, or lead us in the right direction (i.e. where to begin, forums, etc.). Here is a description and some questions from our developer:   --------------------------- We are trying to get a PHP application (.php pages running on the webserver which is the same physical machine as the MS SQL server) to connect to the database (MS SQL server). In order to facilitate this, php.ini was configured in the following manner:   mssql.secure_connection = ON extension=php_mssql.dll   We ensured that IIS/Windows was setup properly too: System32 and php both contain ntwdblib.dll ver 2000.80.194.0 enable pipe name protocol [Default was disable] enable TCP/IP IP1 [Default was disable]   MS SQL Server is set to Windows AND SQL server authentication (Mixed mode).   When the PHP application attempts to connect to the database by using: mssql_connect('localhost', '<userid>', '<password>')   produces this error message: Login failed for user 'MAILIUSR_<computername>'. (severity 14)   Why doe this occur?  Why is this IUSR userid being used?  the userid we sent in with PHP was a sql userid that we know works (we use it with .NET, and to connect to the database remotely).  Also, why is it using the MAIL domain?  In anycase, shouldn't this IUSR userid work? it's a valid windows account, and mixed mode authentication is allowed.   ------------------------- Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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i m trying to write data from txt file onto database but when i am executing my php code for it the empty record will be inserted in the database not the data written on txt file will be entered.plz help me out  <html> <?   $con=mysql_connect("localhost","root","root"); if (!$con)[code].....

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Specifically, is it faster to store template source in a database (MySQL) and run a query or in a file and use the file functions to get the contents? Advantages/Disadvantages of both other than the speed difference?

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Hi to all!!After solving the "MoveNext" issue, I would to create an mdb database using vb code. I know how to insert, delete and update fields of a database, but how I can create a new one via visual basic code?like windows "New"->"Microsoft Access Database" feature..thanks simons

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hey guys, anyone can tell me where can i find a tutorial to create custom command buttons in user controls, xp like?thanks

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I have 2 problems. 1st, when I want to update multiple values, I tried: $sqlRequest = "UPDATE gvntools_msg SET title = '$title' AND body='$body' AND videoID='$videoID' WHERE username = '$username'"; What would be a correct syntax? Because it wont save the results. Also, I wanna store a private message in database. As its plain text I decided to go simply with VARCHAR(1000). Saves fine, but I have a problem getting it inside textarea. Messagebr /><textarea name="body" cols="40" rows="10" maxlength="1000" value="$body">

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i normally work in access, but i am trying to learn vb. i have vb 6 installed, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to design a table in vb. ms website is not much help, eveyrthing i read tells me to connect to foxpro or access tables. is that truely what i have to do, or can tables be built within vb, and if so how? thank you

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I need to build a bunch of vb6 dll from a list of vbp.Is there anyway to code this batch process with auto version incrementation?Thanks

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I have a MySQL database and add records with a PHP form to the tables.I have 2 fields (char) in one table. When the fields contain the character '  it wont write the record to the table! For example...if I enter. " John's house" it wont accept the record since ' appears in John's name!

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I am beginner in PHP and MYSQL. Before using mysql i have created database in text files. Now I have to convert it into the table of mysql database. The things i want to do is first open the specific folder and into that open the sub folder and in each sub folder there are text files. Than open the text files, read the data and add into the sql table and add the folder name to the another field..

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I am using Adoc which is extremly helpful in making a database, but how do I link the database to the program. I have all of my programs files in the same folder as the database, how do I let the program know where the database is. Thanks

Write And Read From Database At Same Time www.phpbuilder.com

I am running a dedicated server with a fast internet connection. This is the issue; I have a web site that displays data held in an SQL database. The web site page displays the data 10 rows at a time rolling on to the next page until the last page is reached, then reloads the complete page which also runs the SQL query to get the lastest data. The refresh rate is set 2 15 seconds. The data table is updated every 2 mins with new data from an outside source. The issue I am having is that at random times the browser get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". This happens on clients PCs in a number of different locations. My question is: could the error be anything to do with the source table been updated at the same time as the client PCs are reading it.

Open A Website On Vb6 www.vbforums.com

hi, i would like to know wich control i have to use to open an internet explorer on my vb program and how do i make it to go to ursl?tanks

Open Mdb Database In Website www.vbcity.com

hi,I wrote vb6 program that use mdb file and i used this ConnectionStringCode:cnStr = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=c:databasesdata.mdb;Jet OLEDBatabase Password=1234;Persist Security Info=False"Now I want to used the same program with the same database. But i want to put the mdb file in my web site. I can't find the correct parameters for the ConnectionString.can some one help me?

Vb6 Command Button Picture? www.vbforums.com

I noticed that a button has a picture property. How does one get a picture, icon etc to display on the face of the button?t.i.a.

Picture Icons Instead Of VB6 Command Button www.codeguru.com

For the sake of presentation , is it possible to present command buttons as Picture Icons?I would have thought an image file could be added to the form and it's properties could allow for code to run in the back ground?Has anyone got experience doing this?

Question Concerning Picture Property Of VB6 Command Button www.vbcity.com

  Hi! I think that if you set the picture property to an image, and the command button also has a caption, then they are both centred, with the caption below the image. Is it possible to have both caption and the image to be on the same line, not one on top of each other? Is this even possible? Thanks!

VB6 And My Website www.vbforums.com

Can I create an application that will dial a modem in VB6 and Build a website then inside the website run the application?

Website And Vb6 App www.vbcity.com

Hi GuysCould any one please explain to me how I would go about the following. I haven't done this before and need advise. How do I start?I am launching a web sit soon and I would like to have an option for downloading an application I have built.1)Where do I put the application? There is two folders. Private and Images.2)If I have a page with the word DOWNLOAD, how do I link it to the application.If there is more to know please put me on the right pathThanksPieterEdited by - pieterw0 on 3/15/2005 9:19:20 AM

Web Link In VB6 Form www.vbcity.com

I'm sure there's some easy way to put a clickable URL on a form. I'd prefer if it just called the default browser.So, is this one of those "it should be easy" questions, or can somebody give me a hand?Thanks

VB6 Right Mouse Button Click Event www.vbforums.com

I want to make an event handle when right mouse button is clicked on form.I cannot find it in the vb6 events for form.

Server.htmlDecode() Returning A JSON String From Database stackoverflow.com

I have created a function which essentially enables me to output anything I need from my database in a similar method to Facebook's FQL querying method as a JSON text result. I can also use the same function to get the output as a Dictionary, or List of(Dictionary) to use with VB functions for other purposes. [Code]...

Database File Is Gone www.webhostingtalk.com

My wife accidentally deleted wordpress within fantastico so i had to reinstall wordpress but my database file is gone where does linux or fantastico keep deleted files

Databases :: How To Construct An Excel File Connection String With Full Path forums.asp.net

I am trying to write a page to read the Excel file provided by the user. I know I can't use the FileUpload to get the full path of the file from the client PC. This give me the problem when I write the connection string for the Excel file: [Code].... Without the full path, I can't replace the Data Source by a variable and I definitely can't assume all users will have their Excel files named Book1.xls located in C:Doc all the time.

Assign .net Membership Roles To Individual Database Records? stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a system where we want to restrict the availability of information displayed to users based on their roles. e.g. I have a tabled called EventType (ID, EventTypeDescription) which contains the following records: 1, 'Basic Event' 2, 'Intermediate Event' 3, 'Admin Event' What I need to achieve is to filter the records returned based on the username (and hence role) of the logged-in user. e.g if an advanced user is logged in they will see all the event types, if the standard user is logged in they will only see the basic event type etc. Ideally id like to do this in a way which can be easily extended to other tables as necessary. So I'd like to avoid simply adding a 'Roles' field to each table where the data is user context sensitive. One idea I'm thinking of is to create some kind of permissions table like: PermissionsTable ( ID, Aspnet_RoleId, TableName, PrimaryKeyValue ) this has the drawback of using this is obviously having to use the table name to switch which table to join onto. Edit: In the absence of any better suggestions, I'm going to go with the last idea I mentioned, but instead of having a TableName field, I'm going to normalise the TableName out to it's own table as follows: TableNames ( ID, TableName ) [Code]....

MVC :: How To Connect A Controller/Model To Existing Database Table forums.asp.net

I'm having trouble connecting to my model to my existing database using Entity Framework .  Here is the code I'm working with: [Code]....

Web Forms :: Use Database In Html? forums.asp.net

i want to show the content of data into label...but i want to do this only in html page of asp.net how to use database for labels through html in asp.net.

Binding Database To HTML Tables? forums.asp.net

I am retreiving a row  with three colomns from the database and binding to the HTML table. 1.  How to  convert  those row names to hyperlinks. 2. If i click those hyperlinks it should navigate to another page.How to do that ?

C# - Replace Hard Coded Values With Database Values? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to implement this tag cloud: [URL] ...and I need the replace the hard-coded values below with those coming from my database? [code].... I've created the following sql string which returns the data in the format expected string/int or value/key SELECT Tag, COUNT(Tag) AS Counter FROM dbo.CtagCloud GROUP BY Tag HAVING (COUNT(Tag) > 3) ORDER BY Counter DESC

Insert Fields From Different Pages To Database? forums.asp.net

i have three pages named first.aspx, second.aspx, third.aspx. i fillup some fields in first.aspx, then click next,i fillup some fields in second.aspx then click next, i fillup some fields in third.aspx and here i click submit button.now i want to save those all fields in to the database at once.

Getting The Parameter Values Being Passed To SQL Database Via SQLDataSource Control stackoverflow.com

I have a SQLDataSource control that is calling a database stored procedure, and passing quite a large number of paramaters, and the stored proc returns records that populates a gridview control. When I walk through the code behind to determine the values being passed, is there any way that I can see exactly how the parameters are being formated and passed to the stored proc?

Forms Data Controls :: How Do Display A List Of Data Returned From The Database forums.asp.net

How do display a list of data returned from the database like this. [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Implement A Rating Mechanism Into Database Design forums.asp.net

I have the attached database design. The database has been designed for a tradesman web site, i.e. Plumbers, Builders etc. The two main tables are tblCustomer and tblTrader which will stored data from two frontend web pages where the customer and trader can enter their personal details. After a customer enters their personal details (i.e. registers through the site) they will then be directed to a child page where they can progress to entering a specific job attached to a specific trade (i.e. Plumber) and trade type (i.e. Bathroom Installation), once a customer job has been entered I want these details to be emailed to all the trader_email addresses from tblTrader, from this email alert the traders will then enter the system and offer quotes to the customer through tblTraderQuote where the customer will then accept the best quote for them. What I also want to implement is some sort of rating option that will allow the customer to rate their trader, either something like ebay's feedback or just a simple 1-5 rating option? How can I implement this into my database design or is this something that should be performed within the programming layer?

Submitting Validated Form Data To A Database? forums.asp.net

I have used Expression Web to create a website with a standard .ASP form that saves data into an Access database using standard HTML controls.  This works fine except there is no validation of the fields.  A user can enter anything to get past the form. I want to use ASP.NET to validate all of the fields in the form and then save to the same Access database.  When I rename the webpage from .ASP to .ASPX, I am able to get the validation controls working properly by changing HTML controls to ASP.NET controls.  However, I cannot figure out how to get the form data submitted into the Access database because the code to connect to the database was removed when I inserted the first ASP.NET control. What am I missing?  It seems like a simple task but I haven't been able to figure it out.  I have a couple books and they don't answer the question.  Can someone guide me in the right direction?  

Databases :: Custom Oracle Exception Handling? forums.asp.net

I have a web page with 5 textboxes (for branch_id, street, city, state, and zip) and a button. When data is entered in the textboxes, the button is clicked and the data is populated in the database. I have the sql INSERT statement ("insert into branch values(:branch_id, location_type(:street, :city, :state, :zip), staff_nested())") in both the SELECT command and INSERT command. It was originally in just the SELECT command, but I also added into the INSERT command in case I need to do something in the on_insert or on_inserting event. I'm not sure if that would actually work since I click the button to enter. Anyway, if a duplicate key is entered in branch_id the error "ORA-00001: Unique constraint violated" is raised. I would like to change this and put my own error message, such as "ID is already used, select another." What I have so far is below. I do still get the same message. Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Try Catch ex As OleDbException [code]....

Databases :: Edit / Update Command Does Nothing / Exception Handling? forums.asp.net

I am  currently attempting to create a simple edit/admin page which will allow some users to add or edit records in a MySQL data table. Creating new records works fine ... Insert Query and Parameters are right there in the ASP code. But Editing/Updating does nothing ... and frustratingly enough, I am having trouble finding a way to programmatically display what might be causing the trouble. Here is the pertinent ASP code: [Code].... This data source is bound to a DetailView control further up the page. The OID field is the table's primary key, and it auto-increments. Obviously the user doesn't input the OID field ... could this be part of the problem, and if so, is there a way to hardcode the page so the record number displayed in the DetailView is automatically passed into the UPDATE query? Or, is there a more elegant solution? In any case, I currently have a Label control displaying my command query and parameter values ... It only shows those parameters displayed in the DetailView.    [Code]....

Web Platform Installer And Sql Express Database Setup stackoverflow.com

I tried to install Amplifeeder today with the Web Platform Installer. When I arrived at the database setup I had to fill out some informations like "db admin user/password" and user username/password. Using SQL Express I do not have any username/password (neither admin or user). How should I be able to install applications with the WPI and SQL Express 2008 ? Basically I had this error while trying to install in the logs: DownloadManager Error: 0 : MS Deploy exception: Microsoft.Web.Deployment.DeploymentClientServerException: The database 'AmpliFeederDB' could not be created. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'sa'. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

Image Insert Into Database - Oledb To Connect With Oracle www.vbforums.com

i am using oledb to connect with oracle from asp.net. i am inserting image into my database.i could insert large and samll image into database. but i couldn't update large image with small image. ie if i insert small image(50kb)and if i want to update small image with large image(200kb) it is not updating.it updates with null value. i don't know why.

SQL Server :: Unable To See Database From Visual Web Developer forums.asp.net

I am using Visual Web Developer 2010 Express on a web server. On the same network I have SQL Server 2008 Express installed on an SQL server. I have created a login for my web server in SQL Server like mydomainmywebserver$.In Visual Web Developer when I use Database Explorer to add a connection I am having a problem. I can see my SQLserver in the server name box but I don't any database in the Select a database name box. What is the likely reason for this? Is it an authentication problem in SQLserver?

Databases :: Connect Oracle Using Microsoft Visual Web Developer? forums.asp.net

I'd like to connect my Oracle Server Database 11g (in another machine) with the default project of Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010. I did : Start A new Project : ASP.NET Web Application The design fit very well with my simple needs, so i've modified the css file and some apsx for my project, and i'm trying tu use Oracle instead of SQL-Server I've downladed ODTwithODAC112012 from the Oracle website, and installed it. First problem i thought that it will recognize Visual Web Developer as a Visual Studio solution, but it doesn't ! so in the Project/Add Class i haven't Oracle.DataAccess In fact i just want to use the authentification from Oracle to log my user, using my tnsnames. What i should i do to get it, or do i need to use another way ? In the Web.config file there's a lots of definition like "provider", that i don't know how to use  !! is there a typical way to do with oracle ?

Web Forms :: Fill The Data Into The Database - SqlException Is Unhandled By User Code forums.asp.net

I am making a login page in asp.net. when am trying to fill the data into the database it can give the error..."Incorrect syntax near 'Password'." my code is SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection("Data Source = DELLVOSTRO; Initial Catalog = ALPHA; User Id= sa; Password= intransit"); string queryString = ("INSERT INTO LOGIN(User_Id, Password, Confirm Password, E_Mail, Security_Question, Security_Answer) VALUES ('" + CreateUserWizard1.UserName + "','" + CreateUserWizard1.Password + "','" + CreateUserWizard1.ConfirmPassword + "','" + CreateUserWizard1.RequireEmail + "','" + CreateUserWizard1.Question + "','" + CreateUserWizard1.Answer + "')"); sqlConnection.Open(); SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(queryString, sqlConnection); cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();

C# - How To Efficiently Send Large Files From The Database To The Browser stackoverflow.com

In my web application I am working with files. Some files are very large. I use Response.Write() to write the file to the browser. This goes well for the smaller files, but for large files this can take a while and the bandwidth is fully used. Is it possible to split large documents and send it piece by piece to the browser? Are there other ways to send the document quicker to the browser?I hold the document as a property of an object.

Databases :: How To Migrate From Mysql Version - 3.23.38 To Sql Express forums.asp.net

I have an old mysql database, version - 3.23.38. I'd like to migrate from this database to ms sql express 2005. When reading through about MySQL Migration Toolkit, I found this fact - it is designed to work with MySQL versions 5.0 and higher. So, which toolkit could do for mysql version 3.23.38? Or let me know how to migrate it.

Databases :: Connect Sqldatasource With Mysql In VS 2005? forums.asp.net

I'd like to know how to connect sqldatasource with mysql in VS 2005.

SQL Server :: How To Get Notepad All Item In Sql Server Database Table Field forums.asp.net

I have one asp.net application using Sql server as back end.. in sql server database i have one table which consist two fields.. ItemName and RateI have one notepad file which consist around 700 ItemName with Rate..  So how to get this ItemName and Rate in my Table...

SQL Server :: Separate Web & Database? forums.asp.net

Currently, we have our ASP.NET applications running on windows server 2003.  All of our data resides on an IBM ISeries / AS400.  The 400 people are going to be creating massive new tables with millions of records.  Because of this, I've been asked to look into the idea of putting new ASP.NET pages on the IBM ISeries server.  This server uses APACHE.  I have read that to do this, I will need to use the Mod_Mono Apache module. I would like to come up with a list of benefits and drawbacks to this new idea.  Initially, it seems like this is a bad idea for a few reasons: Security: if a users gets unauthorized access to our local server(s), they will only have access to either DB or web server, not both. Maintainability: Microsoft ASP.NET is easier to implement on a Microsoft Windows Server. Problem Solving: I will have to first determine if an issue is due to the ISeries server, or the Apache server, or the ASP.NET application. This could be countered by saying that I would already have to determine if the issue is due to Windows server, or ASP.NET application.  However I have better experience with troubleshooting on a windows box that I am familiar with. Problem Creating: I could escentially create a problem that not only takes down the web server, but the database as well, and other RPG programs running on the ISeries. Resources: The database server will not have to server my application, it will only have to retrieve the data for it. Drivers: The windows server already contains many drivers and .DLL's that are used... will these even exist on the ISeries? How easy (if even possible) would it be to get them on the ISeries if they dont exist..? A few positive thoughts: The application will reside on the same server as the data, thus, it may be quicker at retrieving data from these millions of records in a table. This was the main point as to why I should look into this possibility. Single point of failure. We no longer have to worry about two servers going down and causing this application to be unavailable...

Web Forms :: Web Page That Allows Multiple Database Row Updates forums.asp.net

We currently have a page with a listview control that has textboxes and an update button for each row. Users are able to update the database one row at a time.This is problematic in countries where the internet connections are very slow because a round trip is needed for each row update and this can become impossible to use.We need to create a page which allows multiple row updates so that each round trip is more productive.  There woudl be just one update button on each page and users could enter values into each row.  Clicking the update button would update each changed row of the database.We currently use linq 2 sql.  I would imagine that we could still use this in the above scenario??? Or is there a better data connection methode to use in this scenario.

Databases :: Getting The Column From Sql Or Dataset? forums.asp.net

[Code].... This is the part where I check whether there is an output   [Code]....  Using the same sql as above, I obtain the value of the column using the datareader Am i doing it correctly because i dont get the output that i wanted

SQL Server :: Identity Column Reset When Shifting Database To Remote forums.asp.net

actually recently we just shifted our website. & now when i try to transfer database from my previous server to new remote server database.all the tables auto increment field is set to 'NO' and there is no primary key anymore.

ADO.NET :: Linq To Sql Many To Many Insert Into Database In One Transaction forums.asp.net

i have a Tag Table TagId TagName Post Table  PostId PostName TagPost Table TagId PostId How can i do a many to many insert into database in one transaction?

SQL Server :: C Sharp - How To Connect To Database forums.asp.net

i am writing a simple C# application with sql as my database however i am confused how to connect to my database the details are the following: Server = "BFO-PC3\BFOPC3SQL2000"; Username = "aesadmin"; Password = "adminpw"; Database = "M4200";

Databases :: Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleException: ORA-03113:end-of-file On Communication Channel forums.asp.net

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel Exception details: Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleException: ORA-03113:end-of-file on communication channel  My database is Oracle 10g, I am using .NET Framework 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008.  It happened only once when first time in the morning I open my URL in my test server then this error popup at very first page of my site.

Publishing Website And MySQL Database? www.vbforums.com

This is what my website looks like: When I build the website and upload everything as it is, I get this error: Quote: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified) I guess I have to deploy Database, or?

Setting Checkbox Value From Database? forums.asp.net

In a itemtemplate in a listview control, how can I set the value of a checkbox to the 'IsActive' bool value being returned from my database? <asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" Checked='<%# (bool)Eval("IsActive") %>'  /> 

Simulating Keystrokes In VB6 www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am trying to make a program, and I need some code that will simulate pressing the enter key, to control another program. Thanks!

How To Get The Current Directory And Current Drive In VB6.0 www.codeguru.com

I just want to know how and which function to use to get the current directory and current drive in VB6.0

Making Menus In Different Language (Hindi/Urdu) Using VB6.0 www.vbforums.com

hi to allI want to make menu that can show menuitems in a particular language other than English.There is no font selection criteria in Menu Editor of VB6.0So how can i do that??

VB6: Transparent Form - Solid Controls bytes.com

I am working on an Application which I have based on several frames.There is one central frame, and, as required, the other frames 'slide'out from behind it.The problem is that this requires a large form to keep room for all ofthe various slides.I want to have the form transparent, and have mouse eventspass-through to whatever is behind it. I have done some searching andhave found the commands to make a form transparent - but this methodalso affects all of the controls contained in the form - this is nogood for me.My other option is to make each frame a separate form, but then itstarts looking a little ugly with so many form toolbars etc. I canhave the toolboxes etc. removed from the form, but I am curious toknow if my original vision is possible.Any suggestions?Thanks,Trevor.