Url - How To Get The Client's Browser Displayed Address


I 'm implementing my version of "ShareThis" in my webpage.How can i get the client's browser displayed address with Asp.NET?I am little confused with this one since the url to share...1) is created with URL rewriting2) contains Greek characters.

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I have simple PHP code that sends a URL to a user via email with an email address included in the URL. I have used rawurlencode() to encode the email address before it gets sent out. The email client (Hotmail in this case) shows the URL correctly with the @ sign encoded as %40. However when I click on the link, the browser converts to @ again resulting in a malformed URL. how to ensure the email client or browser (not sure who the culprit is) doesn't decode the %40 in the URL to an @ sign? See code below.[URL]

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Instead of rewriting the url to point somewhere else, how can I modify the current url in the browser address bar to attach the www to the current domain. For instance, if a user was to type [URL], how can I change it to display [URL] on the browser address bar? Is this an IIS setup thing or can this be done on the asp.net code behind, suchs as the global.asx or web.config?

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I would like to change the appearance of the URL, which gets displayed in the title of the Browser, without the page being reloaded. Sounds strange.. here an example. The users arrives at www.example.com and in the URL bar of the browser he sees: http://www.example.com I'm looking for some javascript which would change the URL which gets displayed in the title to: http://www.ExAmPlE.com without the page being reloaded! Is that possible at all?

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How to encrypt URL Address ? ============================== Now i 'm play about PHP language . and now i want ot know how to " advance url display " like encrypt URL Address in browser ( IE , Opera , others ) like Display ::

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Hi all I am having a problem, displaying a field form my mysql db. the field is a text varchar(80) containing url's (web addresses more importantly). the issue is, when a user enters into the db an address without the 'http' suffix on the start of the url, I try to display it.. but obviously the browser then renders it as a file to the root directory when actually its an entire new url. Did I explain that good enough?

Adding To A Link Using The BeforeNavigate2 Method www.vbforums.com

Ok, so I built an application for an online game I play and it has an intergrated chat client in it using an OCX. unfortunitly I may have to take the chat client out becasue if the intergrated and ingame chat clients are both in use the OCX's start to cause problems with eachother. one workaround thought of was to add ?Browser=FEA to the end of every URL passed through the browser control as this would allow the game server to disable the ingame chat client. For some reason I have been unsuccessful in doing this, I have tried to add the below to the BeforeNavigate2 method.VB Code:If InStr(URL, "?") ThenIf InStr(URL, "?Browser=FEA") ThenElseURL = URL & "&Browser=FEA"End IfElseIf InStr(URL, "&Browser=FEA") ThenElseURL = URL & "?Browser=FEA"End IfEnd If but this new parameter does not seem to be passed. Please give me some help here I don't want to have to remove the client but I'm out of idea's- Ian L

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I was bored and decided to write a small program around the built in web browser control in VB2008 because all my other browsers eat up more ram than i like xDbut one thing i can not figure out is how to get the URL from the web browser control to enter into a text box (the address bar).I have tried using Private URL As String URL = WebBrowser1.UrlBut i keep getting this errorValue of type 'System.Uri' cannot be converted to 'String'Help?

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My client wants to pass values through the query string, but they don't want the query string to be displayed in the browser's address bar. The values being passed are for tracking purposes. I know that postback doesn't happen after you click on href link.Is there any way I can get the value out of the query string without displaying it in the browser's address bar? I think this may be impossible, but I may be wrong; I'm hoping to see if anyone has any answers.

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How to validate Internet address(URL) in javascript like [URL] or [URL] or [URL] I want to implement jquery client side validation

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I'd like to know can I make my flash be affected when browsers address bar changes.Sample: [url]....What do I need: flash website with subpages.I want it to call a function to change visible page into one put in the address bar, like: I click a "info" button in flash flash shows info page and changes address bar in browser to http:[url]...info and vice versa: I put http:[url]...info into address bar flash changes it's subpage to info.I want it to be one flash file as index.php page without any reloadings, just like in[url].....


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in my flex .swf file I check for "#/1" at the end of the URL in the browser address box (and if its present, use a local Flex SharedObject to restore a previous state). if "#/1" is not present, I call SWFAddress.setValue("1") which has the effect of appending "#/1" on the end of the URL in the browser address box, if that top level URL is also the url of the html page containing my .swf file. My problem occurs when the html file containing the swf is in a frame, in which case calling SWFAddress.setValue("1") replaces the top level URL in the browser address box with the URL of this frame page (and then appends the "#/1" on the end of that), which then makes this frame page the top level, wiping out all the other frames. But I just want to append "#/1" on the end of whichever top level url address happens to be in the browser address box (not replace its entire content with the url of the frame page containing the swf.

Software :: Send E-mail To Multiple Receivers And No One Can Find The Other Receivers' Names www.linuxquestions.org

Is there a way to send personalized bulk emails ? That is sending mails to a group of people without each of them knowing about each other's email address (without using BCC). Also, with each person having only his own mail address in the 'To' field. the way may be like setting any option in hotmail.com or via any mail client [thunderbird is preferd]or via any add-on for browser or mail-client. refrence page : [URL]

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I have seen more than a couple of sites using flash content and displaying it based on the URL string. For example, accessing http://domain.com/ loads the site normally and the SWF object displays the home page and sets the URL to http://domain.com/#/home. Then accessing the About section sets the URL to http://domain.com/#/about Also, if accessing http://domain.com/#/services directly (from the browser's address bar), loads the site and the SWF displays the Services section automatically.

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I'm using custom url rewrite routines for my website using the Context.RewritePath, but when a postback is performed on a page, the address bar reverts back to the proucts.aspx?id=5 url.I read on ScotGu's blog http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/02/26/tip-trick-url-rewriting-with-asp-net.aspx that I can use a control adapter to rewrite the "action" attribute on the <form> control. Having directly copying his form.browser to my App_Browsers folder I'm getting the following error: Error 20 Could not load type 'FormRewriterControlAdapter'.What value do I need to replace the adapterType with?The form.browser file reads: [Code]....

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When redirecting from one page to another using the header function, the URL from the previous page remains in the browser's address field. How do I get rid of this and have the URL of the page display in the address field? For instance, if I am at http://abc/index.php?user=abc and have a header function in that particular script that redirects to http://sano/home.php, how do I get http://abc/home.php to show up in the address field instead of http://abc/index.php?user=abc?

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Iam having a web browser control, and at runtime i display the contents. I have url, email address in that page.When i click on the url in that page, I want to stop navigating the url in the same control, rather than i want to navigate it to another web browser control.How to acheive this ?.Thanx in advance.

Rewrite Url Clientside Without Reloading Page? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to rewrite the URL in the URL-field on the client's browser? So when a person clicks on a link on my page something ajax happens (eg a tab shows up) i want the url to display the action without refreshing the page.

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How to validate Internet address in asp.net mvc textbox like [URL] or [URL] I want to implement jquery client side validation

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I have created a webform for client where the client information gets stored and the client can login and view the form, but when the client veiw the form it displays the submission table and then the client have to click on view in operation to display the results, i wanted to implement a function so it becomes possible to redirect the clients to the actual results directly instead of the submission table while for admin the submission table should be there...i guess i need to implement hook_menu_alter() in a custom module...was wondering if someone could help me with the code for hook_menu_alter()...the url for submission table is "node/$nid/submissions" and for the results is "node/$nid/submission/$sid"

Again....IDE && EXE Don't Match! www.vbforums.com

I am using the WebBrowser control in a VB6 project. The home page of the browser is set to about:blank. This is what I have done:VB Code:[color=blue]'wWeb=[b]WebBrowser[/b] control'pgrWeb=[b]ProgressBar[/b] control'sbrWeb=[b]StatusBar[/b] control'cboURL=[b]ComboBox[/b] address bar'cmdForward=[b]CommandButton[/b] to move forward'cmdBack=[b]CommandButton[/b] to go back'mnuStatusBar=Status bar [b]Menu item[/b] Private Sub [b]wWeb_CommandStateChange(ByVal Command As Long, ByVal Enable As Boolean)[/b]    Select Case Command        Case 1             cmdForward.Enabled = Enable        Case 2            cmdBack.Enabled = Enable    End SelectEnd Sub Private Sub [b]wWeb_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant)[/b]    If (cboURL.Text <> "about:blank") Then        sbrWeb.SimpleText = "Done"    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub [b]wWeb_DownloadBegin()[/b]    If (mnuStatusBar.Checked = False) Then        pgrWeb.Visible = False    Else        pgrWeb.Visible = True    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub [b]wWeb_DownloadComplete()[/b]    cboURL.Text = wWeb.LocationURL    Dim Found As Boolean, i As Integer    Found = False    If (cboURL.Text <> "about:blank") Then        For i = 0 To cboURL.ListCount - 1            If (cboURL.List(i) = cboURL.Text) Then                Found = True                Exit For            End If        Next        If Not Found Then            cboURL.AddItem cboURL.Text        End If    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub [b]wWeb_ProgressChange(ByVal Progress As Long, ByVal ProgressMax As Long)[/b]    On Error Resume Next    pgrWeb.Max = ProgressMax    pgrWeb.Value = ProgressEnd Sub[/color] Next I run the browser from the IDE & type www.yahoo.com & press the Enter key. Under such circumstances, www.yahoo.com remains as it is in the address bar & after about 80% of the page has been downloaded, the URL in the ComboBox address bar changes to http://www.yahoo.com.I compile & create an EXE of the browser. I open the EXE, again type www.yahoo.com & press Enter. Now as soon as I press Enter, I find that the URL in the ComboBox address bar automatically changes back to about:blank & after about 80% of the page has been downloaded, the URL in the ComboBox address bar changes to http://www.yahoo.com.Why this discrepancy when the browser is run from the IDE & when its EXE equivalent is executed?Due to this, what happens is in the former case, http://www.yahoo.com gets added as a new (& the first) URL in the address bar but in the latter case, what happens is though http://www.yahoo.com gets added as a new item in the ComboBox address bar, it gets added as the second item in the address bar & about:blank gets listed as the first item in the address bar. A URL getting added to the ComboBox address bar is being taken care of by the wWeb_DownloadComplete() event function.I don 't want about:blank to be listed in the ComboBox address bar. How would I prevent that?Please note that any subsequent navigation to other pages (either by clicking a link or by typing another URL in the address bar) will go on adding that URL in the ComboBox address bar.Thanks,Arpan

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I made web browser which consist address bar that I use it to type addressess in it i.ewhen I type [URL] it opens [URL] but when I go to anther page in google it doesnot show it's link in address bar lix InterntExplorer or other international browsers so how to show any link or any sub page's link in my browser address bar ?

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How to develop a user defined plugin for a web browser. It should features: It should be installed in any browsers. It should be executed whenever the browser starts. It should monitor the web page and access the web page that the browser displays. It should monitor and access the web page (for example, getting a value from a text box) irrespective of the web page the browser displays. (The web page can be of any URL either google or any domain)

INET/WinSock/HTTPRequest API To Handle Page Redirect ... Any Solution? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello to All Forum Members;I'm currently working on an Application which periodically checks external-IP address of a machine by visiting a Website URL. My client has established a script which does not have a direct URL to PHP script which returns the IP address of polling PC, it has a referral URL technique implemented in Refresh meta tag. I tried using INET OCX but as expected, it failed to collect the final result, the External IP address as returned by URL. Instead, INET collects the code of page which actually Redirects the browser to other URL. This code has a JavaScript code which is actually causing this Redirect. The JavaScript is as follows ...Code: <script language="javascript"> var myhostname = "checkip.pixend.be?Server=logtest"; //alert("Hey Nice to see you " + myhostname); myRe = /^(.*):([0-9]*)(.*)/; var newname = myhostname.replace(myRe,"$1$3"); //alert("I changed URL to:" + newname); document.write("<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; URL=" + "https://" + newname + ":19638/webhost/rollout">"); </script>If you type "http://checkip.pixend.be?Server=logtest" in Browser Address bar then Browser successfully collects and returns the IP address. However, if you give the same to OpenURL of INET OCX, then it returns the Redirect Page Code. Is there any workaround for this? Can we make INET API or WinSock to support the Page Redirect based on "Refresh" meta tag? Currently, I'm using Web Browser Control but client is facing some difficulties in installation of this Application on his different machines. So, I need to find out some alternative method to handle this Page Redirect issue. Please let me know if there is any Visual Basic 6.0 example code or link which will help me to get rid of this problem. Waiting for your valuable reply ...Regards,Ruturaj.

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I want to create a file upload client for [URL] and I wanted to know if it is possible to make an application that lets you select a file from your hard drive, press an upload button and then the app will process it just like the website processes the file when you use a browser.Also I want the app to display the progress bar that the website displays when you upload, and when it's done, it has to get the URL for the uploaded file and display it in a textbox.

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I have a set of tabs and I need to be able to have each tab's URL display the correct/active tab if someone pastes it in the address bar. Script: $(function() { $('.tabs span').click(function(){ switch_tabs($(this)); [code].... So if someone pastes [URL] in their browser for example, the browser goes to that page and tab C is active BUT the page doesn't jump down.

Forcing A Browser To Re-render An Image From Its URL Location And Not From The Browser's Cache bytes.com

Is there a way in Javascript, or perhaps in HTML, to force a browser to re-render an image on an HTML page after a round-trip between the client and the server ? In my particular case, the image is changing on the server although the URL for it remains the same, but the browser is still displaying the old image from its cache rather than the new image from its URL location.

Error Script Web Browser www.daniweb.com

I am trying to make web browser control at my form..my url is : [URL] but, when i'm running my project..i'm getting error..you can see the error at [URL]

Net Address - Bogus Values bytes.com

SQL Server 2005 SP2 question: The SSMS "Activity Monitor" provides a column "Net Address". In most cases, this is the MAC address of the client's ethernet card. In some cases, it is all zeros, and the "host" column contains the client's IP address. In some cases, the "Net Address" value is just bogus. Furthermore, when I connect to a SQL Server 2000 instance, from the same client machine, Enterprise Manager displays the correct MAC address. Has anyone else encountered this?

Unable To Map A Network Drive? www.sevenforums.com

I am trying to map a network drive with an address like this: Quote: [URL] It's basically a folder on the school network, I can access this folder and view its contents perfectly fine through an internet browser, but when I try to map a network drive to it, it doesn't work, I keep getting errors like this: Quote: A device attached to the system is not functioning Why do I keep getting this message? And why am I able to access that folder through a browser but not through windows? I am using Windows 7 btw.

Cant Found A Code That Opens Default Web Browser And Gets It A Address www.xtremevbtalk.com

i googled many and many keywords and sentences but , i cant found a code that opens the default web browser and gets it a address ( address is : text1.text )

Flash :: SWFaddress Stuck In Infinite Loop? stackoverflow.com

I have an issue with SWFAddress in Flash: when the user navigates to a page within my flash app, I call "setValue". This changes the URL in the browser's address bar, which in turn calls the "externalChange" event in flash. This event causes the flash app to load the page displayed in the url bar... so the app keeps changing the flash page and updating the url bar into infinity. How do I know if the url bar was changed by flash or manually by the user?

Fedora :: Make Mozilla Firefox Browser Work For Xampp? www.linuxquestions.org

I have installed Xampp on Fedora 11. After that I have gone to Mozilla Firefox Browser and wrote [URL].. on the address bar but it is not supporting Xampp, when I opened Konqueror Browser and wrote [URL].. on the address bar it is supporting Xampp and showing everything of Xampp. Now, is there any way to make Mozilla Firefox Browser work for Xampp?

Placing A Hyperlink Onto A Form In VB6? forums.devshed.com

I'd like to place a hyperlink onto a form in VB6, such that my program will display something like:"Created by xyz software",where clicking on "xyz software" would launch the system's default browser and open http://www.xyzsoft.com/AND/OR"Created by some.guy@somewhere.com",where clicking on the e-mail address would launch the system's default mail client and address an e-mail to that address (same as a WWW mailto: link).I've seen this done in multiple Windows programs but haven't really been able to figure out what controls I should use to get it done.If anyone would point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated... Shawn A. Curnew, MCP

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I'm trying to mask a URL and found a great way to point one domain to another while keeping the original domain name in the browser address bar: Code:

Mysql :: Flex - BlazeDS - Hibernate (Tomcat) And Air Cannot Reach The Database Server stackoverflow.com

I create a Flex application that works with a browser using a database with the MySQL server that I can create, modify and delete data from a database. The problem I encounter now is that I want to see my program with Adobe AIR (virtual machine). At the display that does not pose a problem. The problem is that air can not reach the database server is located in the MySQ. the error message displayed is as follows: "Error : client.Error.MessageSend - Channel.connect.failed error tConnection.Call.Failled : HTTP: Status 404:url:'[URL]"

Chatroom - Make A Chat Room Script? stackoverflow.com

Several visitors connect to [URL] They each can write and send a text message to chat.php and it displays instantly on everyone's browser [URL] Do I have to use a database? I mean, is AJAX or PHP buffer capabilities enough for such a chat room on sessions? How can sessions of different users share data from each other? push data to a client browser. Is constantly refreshing client browser (AJAX or not) the only way? Also the challenge here is how different users, for example, 2, 1 on 1, share chat texts? How do you store them? And how do you synchronize the texts between the 2 clients? Not using a database preferably. Actually YShout mentioned by Peter D does this job pretty well. It doesn't seem to keep refresh the browser. But I don't understand how it pushes new messages to existing user's window.

ActionScript 3.0 :: PDF / JPG Not Displaying? www.kirupa.com

I have set up a galleriy of work that I have done for clients, I have used a simple url request to load the files.[URL].Why won't the files display in the browser.They display loacally just fine, but when I change the file path to the site it stops working.

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I am migrating a client from Plesk to my cPanel server and I want the client to be able to access webmail on their old server through their IP address during the migration. On my cPanel server, webmail can be reached at [url]or [url] The problem is that none of the above urls is working on the Plesk server. The webmail for the domain is currently at [url]. Could anyone tell how can I reach webmail on Plesk through their current IP address?

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I am trying to run a script which can access a solr index using solr-php-client. THe script stops inside the ping function of Apache_Solr_Service class. Then I tried to do this: echo file_get_contents('url'); and got nothing -- blank page. BUT string url works as it should throw browsers address bar. Additional information: apache 2.2.3, CentOS 5.5, php 5.1.6, Solr 1.4.1

Jquery :: Php - Prevent Address From Triggering A Change? stackoverflow.com

I'm using jquery address to track changes with the browsers nav buttons and have hit a bump in the road. The plugin works great for simple html links but I have a dropdown menu that is triggering an address change when the parent node is clicked. The drop down menu looks like this: [Code]... I've been thinking about creating an onClick event that gets/sets the same URL so it doesn't trigger jqueries address change method. This seems more like a hack then a solution though.

Stop The HTTP Request In Client Side? stackoverflow.com

I have the scenario to the HTTP request which is hitted from the browser address bar and i need to redirect to different URL on the client side.Is there any way to Abort the HTTP request and redirects to the new URL.

Inconsistent IP Address Extracted With PHP - Give Me A Hint, Please! bytes.com

I'm not new in PHP at all but it's the first time when I used the variable _SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]. I need to track for my client, the vistors IP addresses but I got stuck with this problem: I have a cable access at home so I have dedicated ( fixed IP address) and I tried to record on my server side php script my IP address from home, but I got always 2 distinct IP addresses: one is x.y.z.204 when I type directly the PHP script URL from the server into my browser and the second one is x.y.z.236 when I used a booked link (from my browseer favorites) to the same PHP URL on the server and also when I use a http link from any html document towards the same above mentioned PHP URL on the server. So, I get reported 2 IP addresses of my home computer when I try to record on a php side script my home computer IP address always the same in the above mentioned circomstances. I've tried it for almost 2 days with the same results.

IIS Client Name Server Name visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

I have a web site on my intranet called http://gcontrols/icio/ that runs on a client server. The machines name is gcontrols. I have to change the computer name to something else but do not want to change the web sites URL address. How do I keep the same URL address after I change the computer name?Also, I have another client I would like to use as a backup if the client goes down. How do I do that?

C# - Changing Postback URL To Hide Default.aspx? stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to hide the document name from the user by using a folder with appending querystring in the following format: http:[url]..... When I post back the page, it directs it to the physical page: http:[url]......It it possible to motify the postback address so I can omit the default.aspx from the client browser?

Driving Me Crazy! www.vbforums.com

A WebBrowser control houses a hidden ListView. This ListView gets populated from a text file with those websites which are listed as disapproved websites. This Form also houses a hidden TextBox. When the page gets downloaded completely, this TextBox gets populated with the URL (in the Navigate Complete2 event function of the WebBrowser) that the user is currently viewing.Disapproved sites are those sites which the user doesn't want to visit. So when such a URL is typed in the Address Bar (which is a ComboBox), the user is shown a MsgBox saying that the site is a disapproved & he isn't allowed to proceed further. Now since the user isn't allowed to proceed, I want the ComboBox Address Bar to display that URL that he was viewing just before he typed the URL of the disapproved site. The URL of the site he was viewing just before he typed the URL of the disapproved site is already in the hidden TextBox. So using the Text of the TextBox, the Address Bar should change to the URL that the hidden TextBox contains. This is how I tried it:VB Code:Private Sub [b]wWeb_NavigateComplete2(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant)[/b]    txtHidden.Text = cboURL(0).TextEnd Sub Private Sub [b]cboURL_Click(Index As Integer)[/b]    Dim i As Integer        For i = 1 To lvwAppSites.ListItems.Count        If (InStr(cboURL(0).Text, lvwAppSites.ListItems(i).Text) > 0) Then            MsgBox "This site is listed as a disapproved site"            cboURL(0).Text = txtHidden.Text            Exit Sub        End If    NextEnd Sub The code is pretty small & simple but when the user clicks OK in the MsgBox, instead of populating the Address Bar with the URL that the hidden TextBox contains, the Address Bar becomes blank.For e.g. assume that the home page is about:blank & www.yahoo.com is listed as a disapproved site. When the browser loads, the Address Bar shows about:blank & so does the hidden TextBox. When I try to visit www.yahoo.com, I am shown the MsgBox & am not allowed to proceed. Under such circumstances, what happens is the Address Bar becomes blank instead of showing about:blank.I even inserted a breakpoint on the If condition in the above code to see the flow of code & found that when a disapproved site is typed in the Address Bar, VB correctly goes to the MsgBox line (& the browser shows the MsgBox to the user) line, then to cboURL(0).Text = txtHidden.Text (which changes the URL in the address Bar to the text that is in the hidden TextBox which is about:blank in this example) & finally the Exit Sub line after which the debugger stops. So at no point does the debugger show any code that makes the Address Bar blank; so why is the Address Bar becoming blank after the MsgBox is closed by the user?

Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: AB Server And SOGO Carddav Connector In Thunderbird? discussions.apple.com

Anyone get this working?I have address book server working just fine with address book mac clients, I just can't get the thunderbird clients to see the address book server directory.In address book, I set up my clients like this:[URL]I suspect it must need to be slightly different for thunderbird carddav users. Maybe apple implemented the carddav protocol slightly different than the open source standards. Information: Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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I could display the box around the URL link, but if my URL link spans over more than one line, then my code shows the one rectangle on 1 line. But, in android-browser, in the same case, whole URL (still if it spans over multiple lines) gets surrounded by single large rectangle. I am not getting how this is achieved in android ? Can anyone please give me some pointer on this ? I could not able to find out exact code for this in android-webkit code.

Cpanel Redirects To Hostname www.webhostingtalk.com

I am getting a problem that after my reseller client's clients sign in to their cpanel they see server.myhostname.com url in their address bar. This started after upgrading to cpanel 11 yesterday I have these options set in whm: ** When visiting /cpanel or /whm or /webmail WITHOUT SSL, you can choose to redirect to: Origin Domain Name ** When visiting /cpanel or /whm or /webmail with SSL, you can choose to redirect to: SSL Certificate Name Webmail is extremely slow as well for some reason.

Apache :: How To Keep URL Unchanged After Redirecting www.apachelounge.com

I have set up Apache as a SSL front end for our web applications deployed in GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Open Source Edition, how can I keep the original URL displayed in the web browser address bar unchanged after redirecting via Rewrite / ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse Reference 1: RewriteEngine On # If the request URL does not start with a slash (/), prepend it. RewriteRule ^([^/].*)$ /$1 [E=redirect:y,N] # If the request URL starts with more than one slash (/), keep only the first one. RewriteRule ^//+(.*)$ /$1 [E=redirect:y,N] [Code] .....

URL Rewriting To A Common End Point? stackoverflow.com

I want to create an asp.net white-label site [URL], that could be styled for each of our clients according to their specific needs. So for example, client abc would see the site in their corporate colours and be accessed through their specific url http://abc.com. Likewise client xyz would see the site in their own styling and url http://xyz.com. Typing either url, in effect, takes the user to http://whitelabel.com where the styling is applied, and the client's url structure is retained. I was thinking of URL rewriting using URLRewriter.Net [URL], or similar, mapping the incoming address to a client id and applying the theme accordingly. So, a url rewrite rule may be something like <rewrite url="http//abc.com/(.+)" to="~/$1?id=1" /> <rewrite url="http//xyz.com/(.+)" to="~/$1?id=2" /> I could then read the id, map it to the client, and with a bit of jiggery-pokery, apply the correct theme.

How To Get MAC Address stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate: How can I get the MAC and the IP address of a connected client in PHP? In my website client's requirement is to getting IP address as well as MAC address and PC Name of visitor's machine. For IP address no problem I have done. But What for MAC address and PC Name? Can we get it via PHP programatically ? If it is possible, can you tell me how to do that?

Display Image From Url? www.sitepoint.com

I wanted to actually insert image into mysql blob field by getting the image from url. But I can't even display the image into the browser from the url. http://localhost/sks/test.php PHP Code: <?php header('Content-type:�image/jpeg'); echo�file_get_contents("http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/funny-pictures-cute-fierce-kitten.jpg");[url]..... it shows the url instead of the image, but that url has become an image type because I cannot select the text.

VS 2008 Creating Web Browser That Displays The Content In It's Screen www.vbforums.com

basically I would like to create a Web Browser that displays the Content in it's screen. I started like this: [Code].... The 1st Struggle already is that hitting Enter after adding the Address does not display the content. I need to click on the Search Button. Additionally it would be nice if the Address is an IP Address that the last Part of the IP address could automatically be incremented and show the next Device in the Browser.

Java - Displaying A Website In A Website? stackoverflow.com

What I need to do is this:<iframe src="http://www.google.com" width="800" height="600"></iframe>But the constraint is, I want my website to fetch a requested website and display it inframe. That is, the clients browser must only have a connection with my web server. My websitein turn will fetch requested url's and display them to the client.The only way I have thought I could do this is perhaps passing the url to an application that in turn downloads the page and then redirects the clients browser to the page (now stored locally on my web server). The problem is however that this would only work with rather boring and static sites, I require the website in the website do be fully functioning, ie streaming video, secure connections...

Mailto: And Attachments www.vbforums.com

Using mailto: protocol We can specify the address, the subject, and the body of a message but we cannot create an attachment.I could send an email from the server but that will require showing to the user all possible addresses to send that mail to.Instead I'd like to use client side because the user will be able to specify an address to send to from his local address book.So, how can I open new mail form on the client (Browser) and add an attachment?Thanks,Mark

Image In A ImageCombo! www.vbforums.com

I am using a ImageCombo as the address bar in a WebBrowser project. The reason why I am not using a ComboBox instead of a ImageCombo is because I want the address bar to display images with the URLs listed in the address bar (like how IE displays an icon in the address bar). To display the image, the ImageCombo address bar is bound to a ImageList.As such, the address bar displays the image but when a link is clicked in a web page, the image disappears. Even after the entire page has downloaded, the image still remains invisible. The same thing happens when a URL (or some text) is being typed in the address bar.How do I ensure that the image remains visible at all times when the browser is open?

Networking :: Send Mail Via Different Dedicated IPs From Same Box? www.linuxquestions.org

I have software with a newsletter system - but because I have 16 clients per server they are currently all sending emails from the same (eth0) IP address DESPITE having a DEDICATED ip address per client account for their WEB address. If one spams (or gets spam complaints) then they all suffer - and I'd love to send their email via their unique IP address to stop this problem and to make the IP match their domain which has to be better at getting through spam filters anyway I'd have thought...

Filename.html Missing From Location.href? www.webdeveloper.com

When at the root of a site, without specifying a filename, a usual default of index.html (or even .htm) is loaded; however index.html does not appear in the location.href or location.pathname properties - only what you see in the browser address bar. I only have access to client-side Javascript (no server-side stuff at all). Is there a way of getting this default filename from client-side JavaScript?

Use Accented Characters In URLs? stackoverflow.com

I have my site & DB set to utf8. I have a problem when I type in accents in the query strings section turns to %E3, but if i use links or forms within the page it gives %C3%A3 in the url.What can I do? EDIT: Let me try to clarify this a bit: I'm trying to use accented characters in my URLs (query strings) but I'm having somewhat of a hard time getting this to work across multiple browsers. Some browsers like Firefox and IE output a different percent encoded string depending on whether I'm using a form within the page or typing the accented character in the address bar. Like I said in my original question, ã inputed in a form turns to %C3%A3 in the url but if I type ã in the address bar, the browser changes that to %E3 in the url. This complicates things for me because if I get %E3, then in php/html I get an unknown character (that is the diamond question mark, correct?)

PHP-generated Link To Local File Doesn't Work When Clicked On. Why? bytes.com

I'm running an Apache server on my own computer (Windows XP Pro). I wrote a simple PHP script (called test3.php) that I'm running by putting the following URL in the address bar of the browser (Firefox) .... http://localhost/test3.php The script generates the following link using the echo statement ... <a href="file:///C:/pictures/xyz.jpg"> Picture </a> ("C:/pictures/xyz.jpg", as you can guess by now, is an image file on my harddrive, but it's not in the document root). When I clicked on the link, nothing happened. However, if I RIGHT-click on it and select "Copy link location" (which copies the URL to the clipboard) and then paste the URL into the address bar of the browser, the picture then displays correctly. Why did it not work when I clicked on the link the first time, but it only worked when I pasted the link to the address bar? Is there some special notation/syntax that I need to use to get this to work properly?

Url - Hide From Address Bar? stackoverflow.com

I use php to build web applications, but i want my web pages without .php extension in the browser's address bar. For eample url shows like url in the browser's address bar. How can i do this?

Echo An URL Link Without Displaying The Whole URL Address? stackoverflow.com

How do we echo this url link so it displays a link named View instead of the long generated url address? It's this currently I'm using: echo($value->url."<br>"); The output of the code above would give me the whole url address,if I want it to be a simple link named View ? The above code currently doesn't display the url in link, I want it to be a click-able link named View.

Sending Hidden $variables forums.devshed.com

How can I send a hidden variable via URL to another PHP file? eg. http://localhost/filename.php?name=forum&id=1 At the moment this url is showing up in the address bar of my browser. I don't want that to show in my browser address bar.

VS 2010 Get Direction On Module Submit Form? www.vbforums.com

I'm ready to implement a server browser for my FPS.but instead of having a .exe running on the remote machine to handle the server list, i'd like to use simple HTML and server side scripting.what i need is some kind of a tutorial that can be used to show me how in my dedicated server program to (for example) [URL] and the client program to [URL](and read the .txt file into string/data) i can handle the server browser side, but i need some help on the .exe of the dedicated server and the .exe of the client submitting/retrieving data from a http site from within their modules.

Swf - IE9 Displaying Flash At 0,0 Or Not At All stackoverflow.com

So out of all the browsers I have access to IE9 is displaying old-style object embedded Flash code at left:0; top:0; All other browsers, including IE 8 have no issues at all. [URL] But if I upgrade to using swfobject IE 8 and 9 simply display an empty space: [URL] But Chrome, Safari, and FireFox are all happily displaying the Flash. [URL]

How To Display Web Address With Adobe PDF Reader 10 & IE 9 X64 www.sevenforums.com

I was using IE 9 32-bit version together with Adobe PDF Reader 10. When I would try to open a PDF file from within the browser, it would and the Web Address would continue to display at the top of the window while browing the PDF document. I could then continue using IE 9 and move on to other pages and etc.Now, I have swtiched to using the IE 9 64-bit version. What happens now is that when I enter an address in the web browser and it's a direct link to a PDF file example url...it opens up with no problems, but I no longer see the IE 9 Web Address shown anywhere. So in essence, that page becomes a Adobe PDF program window and I loose my IE 9 access. I guess the PDF files are no longer displayed within the browser (althought I have it check ON).

ActionScript 3.0 :: Flash Site Scaling In Browser board.flashkit.com

Im designing a website but having trouble viewing the whole page on different sized monitors. On more square resolution monitors, the left side of the website will get cut off. If you scale the browser window up, to a more widescreen format again the site will come back into view, but as you scale your browser window to the left e.i. making it more square, agian the left side gets cut off. anyone know how to prevent or fix this? the site address is [URL]

Check If Address Is Valid forums.devshed.com

I'am trying to make a browser and I want that it would check if address I entered is valid. If user enters -www.address.domain - everything is okay, user is redirected to that address.If user enters - ghfdlgfdghfdl - not okay, alert box will popup saying INVALID ADDRESSI know it looks something like this:Code:If ComboBox1.URL=http://*.* thenWebBrowser.Navigate URL.Textelse ifMessageBox.Alert='Invalid Address!!'end ifThis code is obiviously wrong Anyone know how it should be?

OS X Leopard :: Strange Characters Display In Email And Web Browser discussions.apple.com

Myself and my creative director (on two different computers) are seeing Fonts displaying in strange characters in our email clients and web browser. He uses Entourage for Email and I use Thunderbird. We both use Firefox for a web browser. This does not happen with every email or with every web page, what could it be? View a screenshot here: [URL] Information: G5 Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Use Sessions How Does The Php Mask The Page Url. www.phpfreaks.com

If i use sessions how does the php mask the page url. To be more specific, if I'm employing sessions on www.whatever.com and I visit www.whatever.com/whatever.php the browser only displays the address www.whatever.com. How is this achieved if I wanted to do this without using sessions. How do I mask the address like this?

URL Doesn't Seem Grab The MySQL Information For The Certain ID? www.daniweb.com

I've set up a profile page where people can enter the address and then it displays all the information. However the URL doesn't seem grab the MySQL information for the certain ID.How do I do it?Example URL: http:[url]....so when you go to that URL it gets information from the MySQL database in the field ID set at the end... so in this case number 1.Then inside the profile.php it grabs all of the data from ID 1.then I can echo it onto the profile.php page.

Receive Input Over TCP / IP And Use It To Update HTML? stackoverflow.com

The server wants to push information to a client or broadcast to all, when an event happens - as opposed to the clients constantly polling the server "just in case". The client then updates a browser page display. How do I do that? (toldya it was a n00b question) Should I have a thread which receives info on a socket and then writes it to a database which the browser display (PHP) can process with an HTML refresh tag, or what?

Programming :: How Proxy Server Get Html Page From Internet www.linuxquestions.org

im making client(browser) and proxy server application in linux and using c/c++....can any one guide me that how proxy server get page from internet and send it to the client (browser)?and how that page will be displayed on my browser??meanz that will be only text...if text then how i can display graphical page....

Web Forms :: Enforce Www For SSL? forums.asp.net

I am using secure socket layer on the checkout pages of my site. This works fine when a user goes on [URL] However when I was testing my site I went on [URL]aspx the user gets the security warning in the browser about the certifcate not matching.Is there therefore a way to enforce the www. part of the address for my checkout page. The code I currently have for the ssl is: [Code]....

URL Rewrite groups.google.com

I want to show one URL at browser and content of different URL. Like user can see the URL at address bar like: href="http://localhost/test/home/ or http://localhost/test/tech/php/ but content of page will be http://localhost/test/index.php The URL of the address bar will never change to http://localhost/test/index.php

Create An If Else Statement forums.devshed.com

I am having trouble with the else section of my if else code. In my database the email address of clients is stored as $yfemail. The clients have listed the websites, email, etc for others in a search page like environment. Whend displaying the listings I am trying to create an if else statement that displays "no email given" if $yfemail == 'community1@blahblah.com' This is not a problem. The problem lies in my else statement. I do not want to give the actual email address out to the general public, so I can't just add a simple else echo $yfemil type of code. We have a page on the site that allows users to e-mail the clients anonymously. This means in the else staement I need to send the user to another page on our site and pass the email address in the url. PHP Code:

Content Swapped Between Child And Parent Windows? www.webdeveloper.com

I have a form that submits parameters to Stripes action. The action builds a URL, fetches a PDF from that URL and returns the PDF to the browser. Stripes has a neat StreamResolution object that takes the URLConnection and MIME type and returns the object which I can simply return to the browser.I also have a requirement that the document should be opened in a new window.Unfortunately, sometimes PDF generation takes a while, so I'm required to pop up a "Please wait..." window that has to be taken down once the PDF loads.I cannot use the target="_blank" on the form, since it prevents me from hooking the javascript I need, so I use javascript to submit the form [URL]:<form action="/..." onsubmit="viewReport('/.../foo.action?eventName=view+p=x')" "> ...</form> Here is the javascript that gets called Quote: var report; var spinner; function viewReport(url, report) { [code].... The PDF is getting fetched and displayed and the popup is taken down, but the PDF content is displayed in the original window, while the new window contains the calling page.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Make Querystring Simple In Address Bar In Browser forums.asp.net

I have used querystrings in many webpages. When user click hyperlink then it moves to next page but there is a very long string is being displayed in the Address bar of the browser. I just want to show like this: [URL] Not like this: [URL]