Upper Case To Lower Case And Lower Case To Upper Case?


if there's any way for vba to detect if each individual character in a string is in caps, and if so, convert to lower case, and if it's in lower case, convert to capitalized The text will vary in length and content... so he wants to see how we can change: "This Is Strange" to "tHIS iS sTRANGE" "THIS IS STRANGE" to "this is strange" "this is strange" to "THIS IS STRANGE"

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switch($_GET['id']) { case 'home': include 'home.php' break; case 'about': include 'about.php' break; case 'portfolio': include 'portfolio.php' break; case 'products': include 'products.php' break; case 'contact': include 'contact.php' break; default: require 'home.php' } if($_GET['cat']) {    switch($_GET['cat']) {    case 'expertise':     include 'expertise.php'     break;    case 'more'     include 'more.php'     break;    } } [...] that is my index.php. when I'm at index.php?id=portfolio, i want to be able to move to another page (not just include more content on the same page) so i need to go to index.php?id=portfolio&cat=more (which is the second page of the portfolio page). But it isnt working with the code I have now..what should I add/take out?

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Hi!I've been looking around in VbCity.com for a similar problem, but has not found any answer so I post a new question.In my application The user use ENTER in a textbox (I catch this with Textbox_Keydown and Case 13). Then I want to setfocus on the first Row in a Flexgrid in the same form and simulate a Hflexgrid_MouseUp on this row. Private Sub Textbox_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, shift as Integer)    Select Case KeyCode    Case 13        FlexGrid.Setfocus        Flexgrid.Row=1        Flexgrid.Highlight = FlexHighLightWithFocus        SendKeys "{Enter}"    End SelectEnd subBut this does not trigg any event in the FlexgridAnyone with a hint?

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Hi:I'm using Dropdown style button in toolbar. And i coded it like this Code:Private Sub Toolbar1_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As MSComctlLib.Button)Select Case ButtonMenus.Key Case "AddCus": frmNewCustomer.Show End SelectEnd SubIt's not running...I know it's not the way it supposed to be thus i'm seeking for help here.Thanks.

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We are working on a project for a large corporation, and are developing an online application for them using PHP/MySQL. They have requested that we write some "Test Cases" for the application, so they may use them during the testing phase. Has anyone written, or have experience with, Test Cases? Please advise best practices, or basic how-to. I have been Googling, but specific advice for PHP-ers would be a very helpful thing.

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i have a switch and case section. the switch parameter is a veriable called $Char and a character it is (i.e. "e" or any other character (not its ascii value)). how can i put the chars $ " in the case command?

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There is this text file with around 80,000 words, all in lower case, in alphabetical order. How do I read these words into associated arrays? I mean, words starting with 'a' go into $words['a'], those with 'b' into $words['b'] and so on.. The array should become something like $words['a'][0], $words['a'][1], $words['a'][2],....,$words['b'][0], $words['b'][1], $words['b'][2],...

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The below shown Tree view are dynamically created link buttons. These link buttons should be created DYNAMICALLY. I tried to create dynamically and its working fine for 1 and 2 case. But I am not able to get 3 case dynamically when i clickon from 2 case. If I click on Products Link Button it'll display all sub products(i.e, computers, mobiles,...) and if I click on computers  and then only it should display all other sub products like Keyboard, Mouse,... lly, if I click on Mobiles and then only it should display all other sub products like Nokia, Samsung  ,... etc.. [code]....

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I am working on an add-on component that needs to play nice with other similar add-ons. There is a 3rd party component that decided to implement the functionality a little differently than the default. What I am trying to do is call an overload of a method that only the 3rd party component has, like this: Select Case True Case TypeOf provider Is 3rdParty.Provider result = DirectCast(provider, 3rdParty.Provider).GetNames(method, True) Case Else result = provider.GetNames(method) End Select Unfortunately, the DLL that contains 3rdParty.Provider is optional, so this code will give compile errors if it is not present. How can I accomplish the same thing but make it safe to run whether the 3rdParty.Provider.dll is present or not?

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[code]... bar should return x (the argument passed into the constructor function), but only if it is called from within a prototype method (a method of Foo.prototype). So, bar should check whether the current execution context is a Foo.prototype function, and only then bar should return x. In Case 1, the current execution context is Global code, so the return value of the bar call should be undefined. (By this, I mean: I want it to return undefined in this case.) However in this case 2, the current execution context is Function code of a Foo.prototype function, so the return value of the bar call should be x. [code]...

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I have an array that contains a query and gives me values like PHP Code: [0] => stdClass Object ( [id] => 233 [title] => Login [path] => login [link] => index.php?option=com_users&view=login [parent_id] => 1 [level] => 1 [lft] => 11 ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [id] => 238 [title] => Sample Sites [path] => sample-sites [link] => index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38 [parent_id] => 1 [level] => 1 [lft] => 259 ) Giving those and taking in consideration that I don´t know the values of lft as they are random how can I select from the array the object with the lowest number in lft?Just to make my question a little be clearer as I don´t know if I´m making any sense, if I have an array with values 6, 1, 3, 10, 25 if I want to access the 1 in this case the index is 1 so I can just go $array[1]; but what if I want to access 1 but don´t know the index, all I know is that I need the lowest number in the array which in this case turns out to be 1.

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Seems my switch case statement isn't working, and I can't see why it isn't. The App: The webapp I am making is a webpage that uses imagemaps as a menu system. The menu is basically a table with 6 columns and 5 rows. Each row is a seperate image. When a cell of the "table" is clicked, the options under that tables category are displayed as pictures. I did this by passing a variable and reloading the page when a hotspot on the image map is clicked. When the page reloads a switch case is used to display either a row with a cell selected, or the default unselected row. Below is the select case that will not work properly. The Map functions all work (they have been tested) and pass the variable. PHP Code: .....

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I have a script that writes a hit to a text file, but lately I have been noticing that the text file number is decreasing, instead of increasing or stay the same. Could some one be doing this and if so what is a good security measure to put into place to prevent this from occuring? I would prefer not to register the hits in a database; I would rather stick to a text file storage medium for this case.

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I'm writing a little web service which generates SO/SF/SU/MSO user flair in the form of an image with various "themes". I find this preferable to using the HTML/JS solutions offered by SO as it's more flexible and also works better in forum signatures. I'm retrieving the data using the apparently unofficial API (More info here). I can have the data in HTML or JSON. I assumed the JSON would be easier to parse. Unfortunately, I'm not great at regexes. and the best I can come up with is some very hacky sub-stringing. I believe a regex should be the most elegant solution regex that matches ID, GravatarURL, ProfileURL, DisplayName, Reputation and Badge Counts (Bronze/Silver/Gold). FWIW This is to be used in a VB.Net project (in case that affects the syntax at all) [Code]..... In case any of you are interested, some screenshots of the flair as a work in progress are available here: Me, Jeff Atwood, Joel Spolsky

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I have a pure ActionScript 3 problem, but the simplified test case I've prepared is in Flex 4 for better visibility (the source code is below): Since Flash Player 11 / AIR 3 support JSON natively, I've decided to move a multiplayer game, which used XML for communicating with server, to JSON. But I have a frustrating problem, that given two Objects like [Code]...

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If there a way to install official Intel video drivers on an HP DV5-1000us? A friends friend has one and I tried extracting the files from the .exe then updating the drivers thru the device manager but it won't take the drivers prob due to a hardware id # hp had changed to prevent people from installing all but thier own "optimized" ( my ) drivers. And this DV5 is the one with the GMA X4500 video adapter in case anyones wondering.

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I want to remove some of the outer casing on my AR series Vaio to replace it with a new part, is their anywhere that i can download a service manual for an AR series vaio that shows me how to take one apart so that i can replace the plastic fascia ?

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Hi all. I'm trying to set the range of cells plotted on a chart in Excel by first finding the last cell that actually contains data. I've basically got the two pieces of code I need but I don't know how to put them together:t = 0Dot = t + 1ActiveSheet.Cells(t, 6).SelectLoop Until ActiveCell.Text = ""t = t - 1This locates the last contiguous cell of data in column 6, but now I need to convert this somehow to a .Range for the chart command:ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range("E2:F11")But this t variable is returning an RxCx kind of info. I don't want to use a Select Case Loop because I think (guess) there is a way to make the range like:("E2:Fx") in this case x is actually tso, how can I do that?Thanks allWengang

Help With VB Command Button In Excel www.codeguru.com

Hello All,Can anyone help me with an Excel spreadsheet that is like a work roster.I want to be able to add a command button to the spreadsheet and when I press it it will populate cell A2 (or whatever cell is clicked on) with 9:00am and then put 5:00pm into the cell next to that cell, so in this case it is B2.Therefore cell A2 will = 9:00am and B2 will = 5:00pm in this example.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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Hi,I've created a macro under worksheets called updates. I want to attach it to a command button I've created on an excel spreadsheet. I can attach it via properties but I thought there was an easier way of just right clicking on the command button and selecting "assign macro" - unfortunately, in my case, assign macro is not an option. I've obviously done something wrong but I not sure what. Any help?Tks Lou

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I have an app where I want to list all phone numbers and the associated contact name.I see that there is the Contacts.People table for the purpose of getting all phone numbers and that there is a PERSON_ID to allow me to lookup the contact in Contacts.People.Great.Now I see that all the columns I want are already joined to the Contacts.People.Phones table. But that seems lucky in this case.How could I do the equivalent of the above statement in general if the implementer of the content provider hadn't been so nice as to join for me?

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My Activity is running on the foreground and my Activity is getting pushed to background when I hit on the home button... I am trying to display the pop up at certain intervals, in this case as my activity is running on background when I try to display the pop up but thats not shown on the foreground.

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No auto sync contacts on galaxy s? Samsung seem to have left out this feature, madness I tell you. or is it just me being stupid I did a quick google search and this appears to be the case .

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Timescape used to work fine but now everytime I try to update  facebook it with "Could not update from Facebook - could not  connect to the internet." I've seen discussed on other forums about the notification displaying even thouh the update was successful - in ny case it actually does fail. My phone's internet settings are unlikely to be the problem as i have had no difficulty watching HD streaming video connecting through Optus Australia 3G.  I've tried signing out of the facebook ap and also signing out from facebook in the browser just in case facbook was denying the connection - this did not fix it. I've tried deleting the timescape facebook service account and adding it again - didn't fix. I have also gone into Manage Applicatons and hit 'Clear data'  for timescape - also didn't fix. 

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Since I got the 2.1 Android upgrade, the picture of my contacts linked to facebook users do not update automatically anymore; so if a friend changes his profile picture on facebook, the new picture is not shown in "People". This was not the case before.

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But how do you 'link' the me contact (the contact which is used for smsing) to one of your own google contacts (vincent in my case).

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I have a WebView, which will contain links to documents, in this case PDF files. The default action (at least on my device) seems to be to open the URL with the browser, which in turn causes them to be saved in the default download location. I want to intercept this in my code, so that I can get hold of the file and save it to whatever location I choose. Is this possible?

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In my Android dev phone I have a requirement to implement - On power up Radio interface (GSM in my case) is up and any data traffic (e.g. ping, http, etc) goes through radio interface. When I turned on Wifi I need to shift all data traffic (except voice/voip) into WiFi channel. Does Cupcake/Donut support this kind of handoff?

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Problem: Current regex pattern does not filter all lines. Adding ^ to the beginning and $ to the ending of the pattern seems to break it as well. If I try it ont gives partial results using options(multiline & case insensitive). Using it in the application returns nothing at all.

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I have written code to pull some data into a data table and do some data re-formatting. I need some help splitting some text into appropriate columns. CASE 1 I have data formated like this that I need to split into 2 columns. [Code]... column is the first 11 characters That is easy.column 2 should contain all the text after the first 11 characters up to but not including the first number.The last column is all the text after column 2

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As the title says, suppose I have an hypothetical XML containing this: [Code].... I can check if a certain speech has a bg change by simply doing this: if(bgs[i]) { //true! } what should I compare in the case of sounds, I've tried many, like: [Code]....

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I have my domain name and have downloaded Smart FTP to drag and drop the files of my project to the domain's public_html file. But it seems you have to have .html files instead of .aspx files or is this really the case? I did the Smart FTP tutorial but haven't been able to change the page currently displayed under my domain name.

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I have a dedicated server with whm/cPanel centos 5, however I have an issue with retrieving files between 2 cpanel accounts. One account is an ssl site [url]and the other cpanel account is [url] Now, the manager since it's on seperate account can't get the files and media stored locally on the other account due to account permissions. Does anyone know how to hack whm/cpanel to give an account access to another folder in the home directory? I don't really want to give it full root access in case the account gets hacked.

Reporting A Website For Illegal Hacking And Other Activities? www.webhostingtalk.com

How would I go about reporting a website for illegal hacking and other activities? Their host is fully supporting them. They have even given them the ip address of the proxy I used, in which case the client of theirs have added the proxy to their htaccess deny list.

C# - How To Get Full Path Of Downloaded File stackoverflow.com

i want to find the downloaded files full path. in my case. iam replacing some data in document and saving in client side. so itz automaticaly saving in thw client side(normally in the Temp folder). i want to get that full path from the client side. code Response.AppendHeader("Content-disposition", "attachment; filename=myword.docx");

Web Forms :: How To Call HTML Control Via Code Behind ? forums.asp.net

I already searched on Google and found that I do it just only add runat="server" However, the solution is OK if the HTML tags exist since page loading. In my case, my web page will generate textBox on client side only if an user inputs some data as example Some of code as follows. [Code].... How can I call HTML control via code behind.

Web Forms :: How To Access HTML Control Value From Server-side Code forums.asp.net

I have to access my html control and get its value from my server-side code. Is there anybody who could suggest how I could do it? My html control is very simple: <input type=text> But the thing is: I can't make it <input type=text runat=server> cause in this case my jquery functionality (datepicker) does not work.

Visual Studio :: Missing Code Browser For Pages With Code Not In A Separate File? forums.asp.net

I'm missing a the code browser when I create pages that have the code not placed in a seperate file. For pages with .asp.vb files I get the browser correctly. I think it's called a code browser but just in case it's not I mean the dropdown that shows Page Events, Buttons and other controls that can be selected along with their events. How do I turn on those dropdowns for pages with code behind that uses <script> tags in the actual .aspx page? Included (Showing page events just under the tab): Missing

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I have a form with username.In case if username is blocked, I need to add link to restore user profile.E.g.: In controller in validation function [Code]... It almost works,but error message is html encoded.What is your thoughts and how it should be in the right way.

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Keeping Data After Unsuccessful Insert? forums.asp.net

I have a formview in Insert Mode linked to a SqlDataSource through a stored procedure. The stored procedure returns -1 in case of a duplicate and i wrote code for this in SqlFormInsertDataSource_Inserted event. Now, when there is a duplicate i display a message and i want the form to show the values inputed. I thought this would be done if i enable the ViewState but i doesn't work. I get the message but the form gets back to insert mode without any data.

Forms Data Controls :: Showing Data In Grid Format Without Repetition? forums.asp.net

Say I have a table which as two fields Category and Subcategory.  There are multiple sub categories under a particular category.  when displaying in grid it shows all subcategories along with the category which is the same is this case. How can I display records so that the category is displayed only once and all subcategories are displayed.

Web Forms :: Add Eventhandler At Linkbutton In Gridview Or Querystring At The Posbackurl Attribute? forums.asp.net

trouble with the gridview.First at all, I needed a dropdownlist in my gridview, I got it, but now I would like to add a new column with a linkbutton or link that send me to another page to edit an especific item (users in this case), but when I add the column and use templates to put a linkbutton I cannot add event to every linkbutton :(I do this in: Protected Sub GridView1_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewRowEventArgs) Handles GridView1.RowDataBound Dim row As GridViewRow = CType(e.Row.Cells(0).NamingContainer, GridViewRow) [code]...

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i'm unable to the response times of my server. The server resolves the correct ip to the ping domain but gets a request timed out. I'm using a firewall but i don't know whether is that the case. If so what should i do to correct this issue.

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I need to display a pdf document inside a web form. I know how to do so using an hyperlink control (NavigateUrl property), but in this case I need to display the pdf as a result of an internal process, not the click of a link by the user. There is any way to do so?

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I have used an accordian extender in my page as <cc1:Accordion ID="Accordion1" runat="server" AutoSize="None" FadeTransitions="true" FramesPerSecond="40" SelectedIndex="1" TransitionDuration="250"  CssClass="accord"> <Panes> [Code].... In normal case both header texts (More search options and less search options) are visible.I want only one header text is visible at a time.ie;either more search options or less search options. can we write code in accordian selected index changed?

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I have an updatable Gridview control that I cannot seem to URL encode a textbox in one of the columns. I cannot encode some of the other controls in the row, so the solution from the msdn site doesn't work in my case. I only want to encode the single textbox. However, with the code I have, I don't get any errors, and the database is updated, but the column that is edited becomes empty in the database. Here is what I have in the gridview rowupdating: [Code]....

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How can one import csv text into a DataSet in-memory without having a physical file to reference?I know that one can do this with OleDb, where OleDb can open a connection using a path to a physical CSV file.However, in my case, I do not have a physical file path to access with OleDb-- I just have the CSV data, in-memory.I know that I can loop through the data; but, that is ugly given the CVS escaping rules to handle commas and double-quotes inside cells.What is the clean, in-memory, built-in, dynamic way to do this?

AJAX :: ListSearchExtender [Duplicate Post]? forums.asp.net

Probably a stupid question, but I cannot figure out why the prompt text is something like  '..h' instead of 'Type to Search' or whatever the default is. Also, when I try searching for a value   I only see the last character I typed  and dots before it ie   sen would be '..n'.  Do you guys know why this would be the case? The ListSearchExtender works fine in the showcase page.. 

Web Forms :: Wizard.ActiveStepChanged Method Is Called Before The Page_Init? forums.asp.net

I'm debugging right now and it seems the Wizard.ActiveStepChanged method is called BEFORE the Page_Init method?!? I've tried it several times now. If thats the case: what is called BEFORE Wizard.ActiveStepChanged?

ATX Tower Colo www.webhostingtalk.com

I have a tower case just under 440mm in height and was wondering where in the UK this could be colo'd? It's basically a standard tower case you get with PCs bought from places like PC World these days. I just don't want it going to waste under my desk, so was hoping it could be colo'd somewhere. It's a P4 3.0GHz, 1gB RAM and 200gB HDD PC, so could make good use of it really. Now I have to say from the kick off that IRC must be allowed by the colo provider. how I can make use of this wasted box?

C# - Passing Parameters With Conditionally? stackoverflow.com

i have a dropdownlist with seven different optins like (date, subject, press, cia, media...) and user will select one of the item from the dropdownlist and click on search button to get the results.here is my repository class GetInquires method which accepts 7 parameters but it will pass only one prameters at a time to the storeproc and in case of Date (it will pass both from/to) public List<Inquiry> GetInquiries(string fromDate, string toDate, string subject, string press, string cia, string media, [code]...

Change Gridview To Render Thead Element? stackoverflow.com

I have seen some other posts on how to get this working ... however none of them seem to be concerned with case where you have sublcassed the GridView as your own custom server control.I am attempting to set these properties to get the GridView to render a thead element but I continually get a null reference exception. Any takers?Here is the DatBind method I overrided new public void DataBind() { base.DataBind(); [code]...

MVC :: To Pass More Than One ViewModel To The View? forums.asp.net

In my page there is a Login form. It looks like [Code].... But at the same time in this page I need to render some info from another ViewModel. Is it possible to write in action something like return View(Model1, Model2); ?And how could I get access to these ViewModels in this case?

JQuery :: How To Catch Exceptions And Display In Div forums.asp.net

I was wondering what will be the method to catch any exception at server end and to show the error message in a div with error icon on top of the page using jquery. All the examples I have browsed show how to display the div on click of some button or link but in my case the scenerio is different. I want to use it for displaying messages to user and make use of Jquery's animations as well.

Checking If Something Can Be Converted To A Certain Datatype? forums.asp.net

i have a lot of querystrings and form input as strings that I need to convert to integer values Convert.ToInt32(strValue) but that obviously goes wrong if there's anything but the characters 0123456789 in the string. So how can I check if it is possible to do the conversion before I do it and possibly fail? I have learned that exception handling (try-cases) are not very good for performance and should be avoided but that is the only solution I can think of. Right now I'm using this:  [Code]....

Recordset Gets Messed Up By EOF/ Reading In It ? bytes.com

Seems like a $rs-> EOF messes up the record set? (using php 4.2.2 and MSSQL database) I try to read the ntext-field "body". THIS WORKS !! [Code]..... Also I see now that in the first case, if I try to echo twice the same , it doesn't print the second one: echo $rs->Fields["body"]->Value; // prints the text echo $rs->Fields["body"]->Value; // prints nothing (even no zero)

Build List Dynamically And Pass / Save User Selected Values stackoverflow.com

I think in this case I need to write a client side script that onpageload/onchange gets options from server & builds a list dynamically. & stores new options to server via some JavaScript script. I will prefer to save user input in a file on server.

Build A Chrome Extension In Order To Upload Images (from Clipboard) stackoverflow.com

I wanted to write a simple chrome extension in order to substitute the following sequence of steps which i have to do very often for university: make screenshot of something edit screenshot in Paint save unnamend.png to harddrive upload unnamed.png to imageshack.us/pic-upload.de or any other website share link of image with others. I don't care which image upload service to use, i just want automize this use-case in order to save time (I already red and did a getting-started chrome extension and checked out their API, but that's it, this page: [URL] seemed useful, but i couldn't make it overwrite my systems clipboard

Reqular Expression: Replace User Defined Format With Number? stackoverflow.com

I want to replace a user define format like... ABC-####-09 to ABC-0023-09 How many leading zero should be decide over how many '#' sign in format, and the length of default value to replace (23 in this case). Is there any regular expression pattern to do this?

Possible To Resize Text To Fit A Fixed Size Div? stackoverflow.com

This seems like a pretty natural use case to me, though I haven't been able to find anything on it:Say I have a fixed-width div that is dynamically populated with some number. What's the best way to ensure that numbers with more digits take smaller font sizes such that they fit nicely into that fixed width? Is there some CSS property for this, or do I have to resort to Javascript hackage?

Catch Exception Where Object Created? stackoverflow.com

How to treat exception in best way in construct? option1 - catch exception where object created: class Account { function __construct($id){ if(empty($id)){ throw new My_Exception('id can't be empty'); } // ... } } [Code].... write in which cases should be used option1 and in which should be used option2 or other better solution.

Dynamically Move /div Tag On Mouseover? stackoverflow.com

What I want is to have a page where part of the text is enclosed in a <div> tag with a particular attribute, like text color: <div style="color:#00FF00"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</div> consectetur adipisicing elit, When the user mouses over the next word in the text, in this case 'consectetur', the </div> tag would move one place to the right, so that the content now looks like this: <div style="color:#00FF00"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur</div> adipisicing elit, Cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this.

JQuery :: UI Draggable - Constrain Inner Element Within Parent When Inner Element Is Larger Than Parent stackoverflow.com

I am trying to achieve this effect with jQuery UI - very much like the way you crop an image on Facebook: [url] Here is a very simple test case in HTML (an img within a div): And here is the logic that seems fit for the purpose - however it is unfinished: My first attempts were to modify the offsetLeft & offsetTop variables, in all their multiple access points, but nothing seems to be working for me. Here is a jsFiddle with what is explained above: [url]

Designing A Good Hash Function For Set Length URL Shortening? stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a URL shortener. The input is a URL and the output needs to be a 4 character string (alphanumeric, case-sensitive). I calculated it out that if I use 4 characters with a case-sensitive alphanumeric key space I should potentially be able to store 64^4 (16777216) URLs until I run out of space. I also don't want my URL shortener to generate any short URLs that are offensive four letter words. It would be unfortunate if someone made a short URL that was domain.com/f**k. You get the picture...

Library To Resize Images According To Browser Window Size? stackoverflow.com

is there any javascript library for resizing the images according to browser window sizes ? I need to consider all cases (vertical / horizonal image, vertical / horizonal browser window) N.B. The image scale has to be the same! (no distorsions)

Formula Column In Crystal Reports? forums.devshed.com

I am just wondering if there's a way to inser a formula column just like the formula column in Developer 2000 into a crystal report ? In some cases I need to make certain calculation or retrieving data that is not included in the main query of the report , How can I make this function in crystal reports ?

Php Mini Project Film Library www.phpfreaks.com

I have a small php personal project i am doing, it's a film library, I have a list of films on a page, which is just a select title FROM films.. I want each of these titles to be a link to another page that shows all details of this film (SELECT * from films where title = xxx) Now  , I can do this with forms using the POST method, but i dont wanna have buttons beside the film title, it's better to just use the links ... is there a way of using links to pass the argument (in this case film title)..

JQuery :: Determine Height And Width Of Dynamic Html Element? stackoverflow.com

suppose i have one js variable and my html data is stored into it like var data = '<div id="tst">here will be my othere html</div>' in this case can i determine that what would be height & width of div tst using jquery? var $test = $(data).appendTo('body'); var size; window.setTimeout(function(){ size = { [Code].....

JQuery :: Count Children And Apply Percentage Based Width? stackoverflow.com

How can I use jQuery to count the number of child elements (in this case list elements) inside div id #foo and then divide 100 / (# of counted child elements). The last step would be to apply that as a percentage based width <style="width: Npx"> Where N = [100/(# of child elements)]?

How To Retrieve Password Which Is Stored Using Md5 Function www.webmasterworld.com

"I am using secure md5 to generate a password. In case my user forgets his password, there is any way to reconstruct it."

Check Dates Against Weekdays? bytes.com

I have a orm built with RSForms Pro in which there is a calendar. The form is about bookings for activities, some of which are not available every weekday. Is there a way of checking the date the clients chooses and display some kind of alert in case the activity he/hse is booking, does not take place in that weekday?

Checking The 'message' Parameter Of The Mail Function bytes.com

I would imagine it is a fairly common situation for a site to allow the user to enter some text into a field and then to have that text passed to the 'message' parameter of the mail function (http://us4.php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php). Is it a good idea to pass this text through some other function first or can it be sent through as is? Is this a case where the maxim 'do not trust input from the user' does not apply?

Creating A Reference In Other Cases? stackoverflow.com

i know that its creating a reference in other cases. but what happens here? $crawler = &new MyCrawler();

Having Multiple Cases That Do The Same Thing? stackoverflow.com

The first one is definitely something that works, but which one below is the efficient way? switch($type) { case 1: print 'success'; break; [code]....

Distinquish Between 0 And Some Datasets From Db ( Both Valid Cases )? stackoverflow.com

currently I'm using phpunit to write tests for some functions that access a mysql-database. Now I'm unsure what to do to distinguish when a function returns some datasets or nothing (which both are valid function results). Should I use different tests (so that one of them will fail in any case) or is it in this case ok to use an if that possibly skips asserts? I have to do some tests on the results, if there are some. I know this has been asked before somewhere already, but I couldn't formulate a proper query to get me an answer,

Using Object Properties Or An Array For Value Storage? forums.devshed.com

I like the syntax of accessing object properties better then that of array indexes but i have read a few times that OOP is slower. Does that hold true in this case as well, using objects purely for value storage?

How To Use Explode In A Sentence stackoverflow.com

I am thinking a way to do this. I want to get some text in a sentence. This is a sample of $item_title in database: cat1 + sub1 of cat1 + test 1 of sub1 of cat1 All i want to do is get the sentence starting from first ' + ' In this case i want to have: sub1 of cat1 + test 1 of sub1 of cat1 $pieces = explode(" + ", $item_title); $idonotneed = $pieces[0]; // cat1

Sorting Problem Usng SQL ORDER BY www.phpfreaks.com

i have a sorting problem in php using the SQL command "ORDER BY". i want to sort this number descending: 30, 4, 50, 200. so in actual case we should get: 200 , 50, 30 , 4. But what i get when using the ORDER BY statement is: 50, 4, 30, 200 After look a while at the incorrect result, i think the problem is because it sort using the first digit of the number.

Importing StyleSheet Using Switch/Case www.webmasterworld.com

I'm using a simple radio group buttons to let the user select the stylesheet they want. Then the switch/case script imports the desired stylesheet. What is wrong with this script (because it doesn't work)? Okay I know it is the "@import/blue.css"; but I can't figure out what it should be. Is there a site that explains how to do it?

Syntax Error And Switch Case? www.phpfreaks.com

I can't find a reason for why I'm getting this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' on line 4 if I should use a switch case in my code instead of what I have at the moment, or leave it as is? <?php session_start(); $error = "An error occurred, please press f5 to refresh the page and try again."; if(!isset($_SESSION["list_score"]){ [Code].....

Switch Never Finds A Case For Either Operator? www.phpfreaks.com

I have made in the following code. Code: [Select]<?php $operator = fgets(STDIN); $operator = $operator[0]; echo " [code]...... The switch never finds a case for either operator. Why?

File_get_Contents Won't Send Query Strings In Url? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make a request to a website this way : file_get_contents('http://www.yahoo.com/index.php?var=value'); in the index.php file ( Receiver ) , when I try to echo $_GET['var'] from within the index.php and get the response with file_Get_contents, I get nothing. curl is getting it right , but I just want to know it this way in case curl is not installed sender: echo file_get_contents('http://www.yahoo.com/index.php?var=value'); receiver : index.php contains <?php echo $_GET['var']; ?>

ImageTrueColorToPalette Losing Colors? stackoverflow.com

script that converts true color images to palette images if the number of different colors in the image is less than or equal to 256.In my test case, I have an image that contains 79 colors.After running ImageTrueColorToPalette on it without dither and the $ncolors parameter set to 79, I have an image that only has 15 colors in it. I have even tried running ImageColorMatch on it after converting it to palette, and I still end up with only 15 colors.Using GD in PHP, how can I convert my true color image to a palette image without losing all of those colors?

Jquery :: Remove Only Position - Top And Left - Of Style Attr stackoverflow.com

Iam dinamiclly setting the postion attr of the element only when the view is out of viewport of the window, in other case default value is set from the css file, Once the dynamic position is set i want to remove the position attr alone, i can remove style attribute it will also my display property of style which is required, is there a way to to remove the position attr alone?

Passing Array To The Javascript? forums.devshed.com

Large array that gets unserialized with php and I want said array available to me via javascript.If I were making an ajax call, I'd just use jquery's getJSON method and I'd be all set.In this case, however, the array gets created when the page initially loads.I guess I could create the logic by parsing through the array and printing it out as javascript, but was hoping that there was any easier method.

Systray Icon Problems.... www.vbforums.com

I just learned how to put an icon in the systray, and when I left-click the icon the form is supposed to load again, but it doesn't... Here is my codeVB Code:Option Explicit Private Sub Command1_Click()  Me.WindowState = vbMinimizedEnd Sub Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)  Dim IconClick As Long  IconClick = X / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX  Select Case IconClick  Case WM_LBUTTONDOWN:  Me.WindowState = vbNormal  Me.Show  End SelectEnd Sub Private Sub Form_Resize()   If Check1.Value = 1 Then      If Me.WindowState = vbMinimized Then     Me.Hide     Me.Refresh     With IconME     .cbSize = Len(IconME)     .hIcon = Me.Icon     .hwnd = Me.hwnd     .szTip = App.Title & vbNullChar     .uCallBackMessage = WM_MOUSEMOVE     .uFlags = NIF_ICON Or NIF_ICON Or NIF_TIP     .uId = vbNull     End With    Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_ADD, IconME     Else     Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_DELETE, IconME     End If  Else  'Do nothing  End IfEnd Sub Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)     Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_DELETE, IconMEEnd Sub Thanks,Sir Loin