To Calculate The Difference Between Two Time Variables


i want to calculate the difference between two time variablesi need ur help since i'm not getting the result correctly    actually i'm getting the result differently in hours,minutes & seconds but not collectively as 2 hours : 20 minutes : 45secondsplz help

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I am trying to calculate the time difference between two points in time. I am using: Environment.TickCount.I set a long variable to the Environment.TickCount and then a second long variable to Environment.TickCount at a later point in time. I then subtract the second long variable from the first long variable, yet an incorrect difference is returned.

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I get a date time exception while calculating time difference between two dates in C# code.This occours only with 32 bit Windows 7.

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I want to calculate the current time differences between US/Central timezone and British Summer Time. I mean, currently these both timezones have daylight savings going on, so they have a 6 hours time difference. But after Sunday October 31 2010, daylight savings will be off for British summer time, at which moment there will be a 5 hours time differences between these two timezones. Is there any way I can calculate these varying time differences?

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I want to calculate the time difference between two button clicks up to the milliseconds . I wrote the following code, but got stuck on calculating the time difference between the two clicks (to be dispalyed in Label5).Th idea is to use this later for calculating up to the millisecond the time performance for each procedure in my entire application.Public Class Form1 Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick Dim Timestamp As DateTime = System.DateTime.Now [code].....

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I am using VB from MS Access. I have two fields that are "Date" fields. I am using them to store times (a start time and an end time). I want to calculate the difference between the two times in hours. I have tried using DateDiff but I can't seem to get it to work. Currently if I store "9:30 AM" in the startTime field on the form and "10:00 AM" in the stopTime field on the form, I try to calculate the difference as follows:Dim difference As Long difference = DateDiff(DateInterval.Minute, Me.startTime.Value, Me.stopTime.Value)When I excute the code, I get the following error:"Run-time error '424'Object required"I am trying to calculate the difference in minutes and then I'll determine the nearest quarter hour from that as a floating point value. What I'd like to have return is "0.5" (the difference between 9:30 and 10:00).Can anyone please help me? I've been searching google for time differences and can't seem to find anything that works in my code.Thanks,Becky

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I am using the following formula in Column E to calculate the difference between an employees start time, and their previous shift end time in order to work out how many hours rest they have had: =IF(A4=0,"",IF(I4=0,"",MOD(I4-B4,1))) My Current Formula works fine for same day calculations, but if an employee finishes work at 18:00 on Friday and starts work at 22:00 Saturday night, Excel calculates the Total Rest hours as 04:00, when in fact they have had 28:00 hours rest... Is there a way of calculating the hours difference between two dates? I have attached a sample of my spreadsheet to illustrate

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I wud like to calculate the time difference between two values.I have two values which is the in time and out time of each employee.Subtracting in time from out time should yield the time the employee has stayed at the office If the in time is 09:00:00 and the out time is 18:00:00.The difference between the two would be 9 hours.

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I want to create a View, which contains columns from two tables, and an additional column, which should calculate the difference between two dates.01/05/2005 7:30 AM - 01/05/2005 8:00 AMThe column should be a calculated column,Can I assign the value of a column to a user defined function?In the UDF, how to get the difference between those two dates to be: "00:30"Are there SQL Server functions to time and date that allows me to do so? I have dateadd, datediff, but I am unable to figure out the 2 problems above.thank you,

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Please can someone tell me how to calculate the difference between two times stored in a recordset. I do not need to calculate the difference in days or dates, i just need the difference in time.

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How do I calculate relative time?How do I calculate someone's age in C#? Anyone know how of a function in VB.NET or C# that will take two dates, calculate the difference and output that difference in an english string? For example if I pass the dates '3/10/2009' and '3/25/2009', the function would return the string "15 Days" or if I pass the dates '3/10/2005' and '3/15/2007', the function would return "2 Years, 5 days"


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well,I have two text boxes each text boxes containing time(eg. in one text box the time is 09:30:00 and in other 16:30:00) and there is third textbox, I want to calculate differnence between first two times. all the text box are masked in time format.how to do calculate time differences?thanksdarkangelo

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I have two variables that store two dates in the format of yyyy-mm-dd. I need to calculate the duration or difference between the two dates and store it in another variable, so I am using this format to store both dates in PHP $DeparturedDate = "$year-$month-$day" $ReturnDate = "$year-$month-$day" and need something like this: $Duration = ReturnDate - $DeparturedDate

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Given any two timestamps with the format dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM How to calculate the total time difference in seconds. For e.g. calculate the time difference in seconds for following 07-Nov-2009 00:00:01 AM 06-Nov-2009 11:59:59 PM Answer should be 2.

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I've 2 strings that representing the start and end values of a date and time.For example, start date = 30-01-2010 11:50 and end date = 02-02-2010 12:30. How can i calculate the difference between this 2 string? I want to calculate the difference in (day, hours and minutes) or just (hours and minutes). how to calculate the difference between two date and time. The date and time was save in text type which i capture it using $focus->column_fields['XXX'] = date('d-m-Y h:i A'); Therefore, anyone can kindly provide me a sample coding to calculate the difference between date and time and return the result in text.(hours and minutes or maybe include days)

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Hi all, I have two date and time fields which format are like: 15/09/05 09:48:43,I have another field which calculates the time difference between these two fields. I am doing a calculation on the time difference field and want the time to be displayed as for example 03:00, but at the moment it just shows 3:00. This is the control source which has some formatting in it: =Int(CSng((([txtDateDel]-[txtdateRO])-[closed])*24)) & ":" & Format(([txtDateDel]-[txtdateRO]),"nn") I have tried adjusting this but am having no luck. I would be grateful of any help, Thanks :)

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I know you can get a date difference by using DateDiff function but I am looking for a similar function or a easy way to determine a time difference.For example, say a certain event started at time SH:SM:SS (SH = Start Hour, etc) but was interrupted at time IH:IM:IS (IH = Interrupt Hour, etc). I need a way to calculate the difference between the two times in seconds.

Datediff Minutes And Hours www.access-programmers.co.uk

I would like to calculate the time difference between two dates, what ive got so far is TimeSpent: DateDiff("n",[datein],[dateout]) This calculates the minutes between two dates, Can you format this so that it calculates hours. minutes for example 124 minutes would be 2.04? I thought using "h/n" might work but it hasnt thanks

Calculate Difference Between The Dates? stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate: How to calculate the difference between two dates using PHP? How to calculate difference between the dates? Is there any default function for to calculate the date differences?

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Need a point in the right direction with this one! I want to calculate the difference between two time values, the problem is there two different formats as below:- 1) 520.00 - this is a number format 2) 500:00:00 - this is a time format HHH MM SS What could I use to show I have a 20.00 hour difference???

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advance thanks to all...can anybody helpme soon........... i am using sql server 2005........i want to find out time difference between two dates in HH,MM,SS format eg i want the time difference of these two dates 02/Nov/06 9:14:21 AM 19/Apr/07 11:52:31 AM  now i am using this calculation in my procedure is as follows...but i think this is wrong...if we will seperatly calculate like this wrong i am getting set @totaltravelHr=datediff(HH,@datediff1,@datediff2) set @totaltravelMI=datediff(MI,@datediff1,@datediff2) set @totaltravelSE=datediff(SS,@datediff1,@datediff2)    

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the following javascript is not calculating the difference between the two numbers.cant understand y<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> function showAmt(){ total = document.total.value;[cod

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I want to calculate the difference between 2 different times. have the following code: Code: tNow = Now.TimeOfDay.Hours & ":" & Now.TimeOfDay.Minutes & ":" & Now.TimeOfDay.Seconds tEnd = iNum1 & ":" & iNum2 & ":" & iNum3 tTimeRemaining = tEnd - tNow This works all well until, the variables are the following: Time Now: 7:36:34 PM Time End: 12:46:00 AM Because it passes over from PM to AM it gives me like 18 hours difference.Im lookiing for it to return me 5 hours

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Hi all,How to find out the difference between two times. I have two text boxes one is recorded time another is closed time. Time format is long.I want to calculate the hours and minutes between the two times please assist me on the above issueThanks and regards,Doosam

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Instead of calculating a time difference manually I want to have a formula do it for me. What I want to achieve goes as followed: 08/06/2006 04:33 12/06/2006 01:05 Time difference is 92:32 [hh:mm] another example: 09/06/2006 12:42 12/06/2006 11:35 Time difference is 70:53 [hh:mm] So instead of getting 92:32 and 70:53 by calculating it myself I would like to have a formula do it for me. Otherwise I'll have to invest a lot of time to get the information I need.

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I have two numeric variables in T-SQL - @Var1 and @Var2 These variables can be positive or negative. I want to find the difference between the two variables, eg: @Var1 = -50 @Var2 = 25 Difference = 25   @Var1 = -50 @Var2 = -40 Difference = 10   @Var1 = 60 @Var2 = 10 Difference = 50   Is there a function in SQL Server to carry this out? 

Get The Correct Results Calculating Two Unix Timestamps? stackoverflow.com

I know this has been asked several times before but I can't seem to find the right answer. I want to calculate the difference between two unix timestamps and show this difference in days. I'm not concerned about minutes or seconds here. $time = 172800 - time() + 1265010604; echo floor($time/86400); Where 1265010604 is the timestamp for today and 172800 is a 3 day offset.

Calculating Difference In Times As Hours And Minutes www.excelforum.com

I need to calculate the difference between a start time and end time in hours and minutes. Start 01/07/2008 11:40 End 01/08/2008 19:28 Start and End columns are formatted as 'Custom' m/d/yyyy h:mm. I'm not sure what formula to write to calculate the hours and minutes between the two times. Everything I've tried doesn't count over 24 hours. Also what do I format the result cell as?

Time Difference With Specific Calendar www.excelforum.com

I am looking to calculate the time difference between 2 date time fields using a specific calendar. I work in an engineering company and am having problems calculating machine utilization efficiencies. Example: Job 1: Start date 06/01/2009 10:00:00 Job 1: End date 06/02/2009 12:00:00 Calendar: Dayshift: Monday - Thursday 07:15:00 - 16:15:00, Friday 07:15:00 - 12:15:00 Nightshift: Monday - Wednesday 21:00:00 - 07:45:00, Thursday 21:00:00 - 05:45:00 Using the specified calendar I am trying to calculate the time difference between the start and end date of job 1.

How To Calculate The Time Difference www.vbforums.com

Does anybody know how to calculate the time difference between (for example: 01:00 PM and 02: AM)?I've set 2 variables:StartTimeValue = Format(MyStartTime, "hh")EndTimeValue = Format(MyEndTime, "hh")'StartTimeValue will return 13 when 01:00 PM is set.'EndTimeValue will return 02 when 02:00 AM is set.Now how can I get the time difference? Is this formatI'm using ok, or should I use "hh:mm" for the returnvalue?thx, sub-zeroVisual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

Time Calculation (Spanning Dates And Using Military Time) www.excelforum.com

I have 4 distinct columns. Adm Date Adm Time Trans Date Trans Time 1/16/2014 937 1/16/2014 1045 1/1/2014 121 1/1/2014 121 1/14/2014 800 1/11/2014 735 1/30/2014 100 1/30/2014 205 1/13/2014 800 1/12/2014 1202 I would like to calculate the difference (# hours spanned from the dates shown). Unfortunately when we transfer the data the COLON is dropped from MILITARY TIME so I am having problems in the calculation. This is also made more difficult as some of the calculates span over two dates.

Web Forms :: How To Get TimeSpan On Webpage forums.asp.net

i have a page and on that page i have two TextBoxes . In one text box user enters "From TIme" and in second text box user enters "ToTime" in "hh:mm tt" format. i want to calculate number of hours on server side. is there any easy way so that i can calculate difference of two fields and show user number of hours.

JavaScript Date Difference, Accounting For Leap Years bytes.com

I'm really sorry to post this as I know it must have been asked countless times before, but I can't find an answer anywhere. Does anyone have a snippet of JavaScript code I could borrow which calculated the difference in years and days between two dates, and takes leap years into account? I'm calculating the difference in the usual way, i.e.... var difference = dateTo.getTime() - dateFrom.getTime(); ....and converting this millisecond value into days by using... var daysDifference = (difference/1000/60/60/24); But how do I then display the difference in days AND years? I've tried the following: var yearsDifference = Math.floor(daysDifference/365.25); var daysLeft = Math.floor(daysDifference-(yearsDifference*365.25)); ....but it gives me inaccuracies. For example, if I use my code to calculate the difference between 05/01/1998 and 05/01/2000 it returns 1 year and 364 days!

SQL Server :: Rounding Off Numbers/time? forums.asp.net

I have 2 time columns and a difference column. All of these has a varchar datatype. I converted the time in h.mm format. Now I need to round it off to the nearest quarter/half hour(h:15 = h.25, h.30 = h.50, h.45 = h.75) after calculating the difference between the two time values. Example: 5.08 = 5 5.18 = 5.25 5.34 = 5.50 5.56 = 5.75

IF Function Using Cells Formatted As Time Hh:mm www.mrexcel.com

I am trying to calculate the difference in time between two cells and if the difference is >= 8 Hours the result is 8 hours - 1 Hour if the result is less than 8 hours then the result stands. I have the following, but it returns 8 always. The two cells are formatted as hh:mm H6 = 06:30 & G6 = 14:30 =IF(((H6-G6)>=8),"((H6-G6)-1)","(H6-G6))")

Conditional Budget Difference And Percentage Formulas www.mrexcel.com

In looking for examples of business budgets I found a sample spreadsheet that used these two conditional statements: A) to calculate the difference between the Budget and Actual numbers: =IF(OR(B10,A1), B1-A1,) where B1 is Actual $ and A1 is the budget $. B) to calculate the percentage (+ or -) =IF(A1,C1/A1,) where A1 is, again the budget, and C1 is the result of the difference calculated in A) above. What is the advantage of these conditional formulas over the more straight forward B1-A1 and C1/A1

Date Difference In Minutes www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,I am trying to calculate time difference between two date entries but I need to get calculated in minutes. I have been trying to use DateDiff function but I have not been succesfully especially if it is time entry like 11:56 AM and 12:00 PM. I get some wierd output.Thanks and looking forward to your reply,Raj Antony

Calculating Time Difference www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi FolksI am haveing a problem calculating time differences:I have a start time (stime) and endtime (etime), i found some code on this forum which i need to tweek to be able to calculate the time difference.Datediff("H",stime,etime)This works fine until say the start time (Stime) is 10pm and the end time is 2am. then the hours returned will be 20 hours.I can't get it to recognise am and pm times or the 24 hour clock.can anyone advise me how i can adjust this code or point me to another forum.Thanksnigel

The Best Way To Calculate The Difference Time Between 2 Times... forums.devshed.com

I will calculate the difference time between 2 times string>>Like 2003-10-1 10:10 and 2003-10-1 10:20the first time string is 2003-10-1 10:10,the second time string is 2003-10-1 10:20.the calculated difference time is 10 minutes.How i can do it with vb??...

Time Difference In Hours www.vbforums.com

How can I calculate the time difference in hours between two instances given by their date and time.For example difference between 23/11/2002 15:45 and 25/11/2002 23:15.This is urgent please help.

Calculating Difference In Days Using Interval Object? stackoverflow.com

I've already seen some answers in StackOverflow about how to calculate difference in time between two dates. But no answer are using the DateTime obejct or the Interval Object in PHP. I got the following code snippet from PHP Manual website: [URL] <?php $january = new DateTime('2010-01-01'); $february = new DateTime('2010-02-01'); $interval = $february->diff($january); [Code].... But the problem is that total days equals 6015 days when it should only be 31 days. I tried to access the instance variable days in the Interval object. It too shows 6015 days. But the instances for month and days intervals are correct. And I want to use these objects to calculate the difference in times! UPDATE: I think it was just a problem with my PHP setup

Time Diff In Asp www.xtremevbtalk.com

how to calculate the time difference in asp eg 0700 - 0530 i should get the answer as 0130 how to get this if any idea please , very urgentthanks in advance

Calculate Dates/times Using If Statements? www.excelforum.com

I'm not too hot with Excel formulas but I'll explain as best I can. I have 3 columns with dates and times A - 01/08/2008 08:17:08 B - 01/08/2008 12:17:08 C - 01/08/2008 17:00:11 This is what I want to do... If A > B then Calculate the time difference between A and C If A <= B then Calculate time difference from B to C I'd like to get this formula in 1 cell if possible?

Difference In Dates For Specified Time www.excelforum.com

Formula query Column “A” list of dates correspondence in Column “B” list of dates correspondence reply out Need to calculate how many times the difference between date in and reply date is <= 5 in a specific time period. The start date is entered in say, “K1” The end date is entered in say, “L1” Also calculate difference in dates between 14 days and 21 days for time period Also with reply in column “B” not sent until over 28 days. I have tried SUMPRODUCT with (date_in=K1)*(date_out<=L1) for the dates but unsure how to define <=5

Return Minutes Difference Between 2 Times www.excelforum.com

I have to work out the time difference between 2 times over a 24 hour period. There is a fixed booked departure time and an actual time of departure, the actual time of departure can be either before or after the booked time. I need the time difference between the times shown as either +/- minutes at present it returns the time in [HH:MM]. I have a simple IF formula to work out - time but when it calculate + time it returns the reverse difference. A= booked time B= actual time

Calculate Time Difference www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hello, I,ve made the following date fields in a form: begintime, endtime. I've also made a field Diff that calculates the difference between the two by the code : Diff = Format([begintime] - 1 - ([endtime], "Short Time"). Bij this code you can calculate the difference even over night. But now I've got to calculate the part of the time someone worked between midnight and 06:00AM if that person indeed worked in those hours. e.g. someone started at 16:00 end ended at 03:30. The part of time I need = 3:30 e.g. someone started at 01:00 end ended at 11:00. The part of time I need = 5 How can I accomplish this? I hope someone can help me because I'm :confused: Thnx Remco

Calculating Percentages ... www.excelforum.com

I'm sure this will be an easy calculation for most of you........... If I have two numbers, ie. 390 and 217, how can I calculate the difference between the two figures as a percentage? (These two figures represent sales in two months and I need to know the difference in percentage terms).

Calculate Hours & Minutes Between Two Dates / Time? www.phpfreaks.com

I am wanting to Calculate Hours & Minutes between two Dates/Time. I have four fields: ss_datestart, ss_dateend and ss_timestart and ss_timeend. I want to display the hours and minutes between two dates/times. Example: $ss_datestart $ss_timestart --- $ss_dateend $ss_timeend 05-12-2009 13:44:31 --- 05-12-2009 17:55:31 I want it to then display the difference in hours and minutes only, so it would return: 04h 11m (ignoring the seconds of course). And if it were something that went over a day so: 05-12-2009 13:44:31 --- 06-12-2009 17:55:31 <--- This would return: 28h 11m FYI: Dates are dd-mm-yyyy

Times With Different Text Values www.excelforum.com

The following times I have in two cells next to each other. 16:55:0917:23:00. I'm trying to calculate the difference between the two times but the problem is the paste special values, values are way different and this is causing the calculations to be off.

Calculate The Difference Between Two Dates / Times? www.phpfreaks.com

What i would like to create is the ability to calculate the difference between two dates / times. For example: 2010-12-13 10:00:00 to 2010-12-17 17:00:00 In a format of days / hours and minutes / seconds. However, I only want to calculate for an 9-5 work day, not the hours outside. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about creating something like this.

Negative The Time www.mrexcel.com

I have a formula calculating time to the second (e.g HH:MM:SS). I am calculating the difference from the time something was scheduled to be done vs. when it was actually completed. What I can't get Excel to do is calculate the same time but listing the time in negative, as if the project went over and by how much. I know how to do this in numbers view, but unable to do this in time view.

Calculate Time Difference From Two Columns www.mrexcel.com

I want to calculate time difference from two columns, 00:00:18:4400:00:28:44 00:00:19:2400:00:29:24 00:00:34:7700:00:44:77 00:01:05:3200:01:15:32 00:01:05:3200:01:15:32 wanting the difference between col B and col a. Sum doesn't work

Simple - Multiple Variables www.vbforums.com

Ok heres what should be an easy one. But I cant figure it out.I have a sub in my module called CheckTimeDiff. I would like to have multiple variables connected to this sub. The code below is what I would like to use but when I try and call a sub with more then one variable it says "Expected: ="What have I done wrong????VB Code:'Call SubCheckTimeDiff(C: est.file",True) Sub CheckTimeDiff(MyFilePath as String, FileTrue as Boolean)  Dim FileDiff As String  Dim lFso As Object, lf As Object  Dim sDays As Double, sHours As Double  Set lFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")  sDays = 0  sHours = Form1.HourText.Text        If FileTrue = True Then            Set lf = lFso.GetFile(MyFilePath)      Else           Set lf = lFso.GetFolder(MyFilePath)      End If                'Calculate Difference of File Age and Current Time in SECONDS        FileDiff = DateDiff("s", lf.Datecreated, Date & " " & Time)                'Convert File Age Difference from SECONDS to HOURS        FileDiff = FileDiff / 3600                'Calculate desired file date in HOURS        AgeDiff = (sDays * 24) + sHours            'Check if File is older then desired, delete file if true        If FileDiff > AgeDiff Then            'Kill (Myfilepath)        End If            Set lf = Nothing        Set lFso = Nothing  End Sub Thx ~Messup000Resolved:I found it... I needed to add call to use it

Subtract Values From Two Text Boxes And Then Show The Difference Into A Html Label www.sitepoint.com

I neeed to subtract values from two text boxes and then show the difference into a html label. Basically I need to enter times, like 10:00 and 12:00 and it calculate that the difference was 2 hours.

Difference Between Global Variable And Public Variable Is BAS Module www.vbcity.com

What is the difference between a Global Variable declared and a public varibale declared in BAS Modulefor example in a BAS Module MyModule I am declaring the two varibles as followsPublic MyPublicName    as StringGlobal MyGlobalName    as StringNow i can use both the variable through out the project. If so what is the difference between these two variables. 

Date Difference Without Weekends www.ozgrid.com

what formula I can use to calculate the difference between two dates while not including weekends. For example in cell A1 I have 27-Feb-07 and in B1 I have 05-Mar-07 ; it is possible to to calculate the difference between these by not including weekends. The weekends I am refering to are Saturday and Sunday.

Difference Between Peaks In Excel www.mrexcel.com

to calculate the difference between peaks in an excel graph, but i need to do it between every two peaks.. I was just wondering could anyone tell me how to do this with some sort of formula or a vba file Ive attached a picture. I need to calculate the difference between the blue peaks along the x-axis.

Calculate Difference In Value Of Item Between Two Dates? www.excelforum.com

Example.xlsx how to calculate the difference in value of an item between two dates on a pivot table. I have one table that feeds the Pivot Table and it has three fields: Data as of Date Item Value So each day, the Data as of Date is updated to the current day and the items are the same but the values are different. I need to calculate the difference in value between the most recent date and x days ago. I cannot figure out how to do this via Pivot Table.

Access 07 -- Automatic Calculation Of Difference www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi, I am creating a table in 07 and I want my table to be able to calculate the difference between two amounts. I have the column "price" which shows the total amount, another one called "money paid" which shows how much of the total amount they have paid so far and the third is "money owed" which is the difference that i want to be calculated automatically. Do you know any way to do this??

Pressing Calculate Button A 2nd Time Zeros 2 Variables www.vbforums.com

Gentlemen:A form with 6 variables now behaves properly in the first run of entering the 6 variables, and pressing the calculate command button.But if the same calculate button is again pressed two of the variables namely the first and the last which call for Currency values are zeroed out.I also get an error in the value of the final calculation if I change any of the variable values on the form. The process again zeros out the first and last fields.Attached is a zipped of the form, and code.Any suggestions????

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Dear Access Expert. I have a choice of either calculating a field or storing it. Specifically, I have two pieces of data ... departure time and arrival time which I have taken from another source. This other source also has the difference between these times. Currently, I am not storing the difference in a field as I have opted to calculate it in my database. However, I am thinking that maybe it would be better to store it vs. calculating it because I have 35, 000 records and storage space is not going to be an issue. What do you suggest if I my main concern is speed and effeciency? Thank you very much.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Way To Detect Latency forums.adobe.com

I need to calculate the latency means time difference between the two user machines the scenario is: 1. App 1 publishes stream 2. App 2 play the stream published by App 1 Now in App 2 I need to show the time difference between the App 2 and App 1 time. Say if current time on App 1 is 10:46:30 and on App 2 it is 10:50:20 then need to display the difference. How to send the time value to App 2 from App 1 as time zones for the two users may be different.

How To Calculate Time www.mrexcel.com

WHen I was a beginner at Excel, I came up with the following formula to calculate the time difference between two "time" values. Since I was too lazy to add a ":" between my hour and minute, I had decided to simply enter the start (column B) and end time (column C) as a military time (e.g., 0100, 1230, 1500, 1930, 2300, 2359). The following formula would be in Column D. =IF(C7

Calculate The Time Difference Between Endtime And Starttime? stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:Subtract time in PHP How can i subtract time?the day remains the same.i just need to subtract two time. Date = 2011-04-26 Starttime = 12:39:53 Endtime = 14:34:28 now i need to calculate the time difference between Endtime and Starttime.

Days Between 2 Dates www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi VB experts,I have separate variables for two dates: vYear, vMonth, vDay, vHour, vMin, vSec. All I want to know is how calculate the difference between them. I tried some algorisms and always, in concrete cases, they fail. Any ideas??Thank you so much!

Calculating Lead Time Between Two Dates / Times - Excluding Holidays And Weekend www.mrexcel.com

Calculating Lead time (in hours) between two dates/times, excluding holidays and weekend Start Time End Time Lead Time 12/26/2012 15:50 1/2/2013 12:38:00 ??????????

Difference Calculation Based On Other Column - Reset Based On Non-Zero Value www.excelforum.com

I require calculating difference between two columns. (Actual and Estimated). Difference between these two numbers are calculated in third column, but it is reset every time actual number is non-zero. Scenario:- -Estimated Numbers are always followed by an actual number. -After actual number is obtained, estimated numbers till that date will be added and deducted from actual number. -After this, again estimated number will be added till next actual number is obtained for deduction. If estimated number is not followed by actual number, then no need for difference calculation.

Difference Between Two Times Imputed By The User? www.vbforums.com

ok i will try to put this simple as i can. i am a doing computing coursework and as everyone can guess it is a pathetic programme i have to build. i need to work out the time difference between two times imputed by the user. i get high marks from making the programme user friendly so i want to use normal time (hh:mm). i am struggling to calculate the differences between the times. i have tried to do it manually by working it out by sums and i have triedd to use date variables but vb 2008 just keeps saying i need to use timespan. i have never used system.timespan and have no idea how i am meant to use it.

Count Seconds Page Is Viewed bytes.com

I would hold a variable of when it's opened, then in the script that runs when the page is offloaded, I coudl calcualte it. How do you store a time variable? How do you calculate the amount of time (seconds) based on two timestamps?

Calculate The Time Difference Between Two Times? www.phpfreaks.com

I'm using DATETIME to store time in a database and would like to calculate the time difference between two times like so: $timeAdded�=�"2010-03-01�09:01:00"; $currentTime�=�"2010-03-01�09:02:00"; //here�comes�the�magic //....... echo�"This�user�was�added�$timeDifference";� It should result something like: This user was added 1 minute ago. This user was added 17 minutes ago. This user was added 3 hours ago. What's the best way to do this?

Calculate The Standard Deviation Of The Difference Of Two Arrays In Vba www.excelforum.com

I'm trying to create a VBA piece to calculate the standard deviation of the difference of two arrays. I have two columns of data and i want to create a third column that is the first minus the second and them calculate the standard deviation of that. My problem is that i wanted to do all of this behind the scenes in VBA (didn't want to output the third column).

Calculate Time Difference Between Two Dates www.ozgrid.com

I have two Rows of data. Each row contains a unique Name column and separate columns for Date, Hour and Minute. I would like to calculate the Time difference in Days, Hours and Minutes between the two Dates. I�m not sure if the way I�ve set it up is the most practical. I�ll attach the spreadsheet to better explain.

Time Difference Calculation www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hello: I have a report with three text boxes: Box 1 contains an employee's total weekly hours in hours and minutes: 40:00 Box 2 contains the actual total hours worked for the week: 35:30 Box 3 is the difference between Box 1 minus Box 2 I tried all the date/time functions to calculate the difference between Box 1 and Box 2 and none of them worked. I keep on getting an error message. Does anybody know how to calculate the difference between two sets of time (in hours and minutes)? Thank you in advance.

C# - How A Month Is Calculated In The Rest Of The World stackoverflow.com

I'm just curious that how a month is calculated in the rest of the world because Differences in Months between two dates are calculated differently. In our Insurance Company, we calculate a month as below: [Code]...

Simple Macro? www.vbforums.com

I want to write a macro & was wondering if you anyone could help me?? I need to use Micorsoft Access...Heres my query:If i have 2 fields with 2 dates, how can i calculate the difference in the number of days between the two dates. It has to be done in Access...is this possible? Ive attached a wee example : field one = 12/02/02 field two = 22/02/02 Difference = 10 days.Any ideas?

Select Data In Drop-down Box bytes.com

I have a two text box and one select box. two text box will be filled with date values. (in the form of dd-mm-year) First text box is called "start date" Second is "end date" Thus, I want to put dates between "start date" and "end date" in select box. Is there any way to put automatically in option field? My idea is, first calculate the date difference and then, add date till startdate + difference.

Calculate The Difference Between Two Dates Ignoring Weekends? www.vbforums.com

I need to calculate the difference between two days excluding weekends. this code counts the difference between two days. PHP Public Class Form1 Dim date1 As Date Dim date2 As Date [Code]....

Calculate Daily Average Of The Several Variables www.excelforum.com

I'm working on a time series dataset with a time step of 15 minutes. I need to calculate daily average of the several variables. So let column "A" be the "date-time" column, let column "B" be the "variable column" and column "C" be the "average column", I need a function that calculated in C1 cell the average of B1 to B95 cells, in C2 cell the average of B96 to B190 cells, in C3 cell the average of B191 to B285 etc.

VS 2008 Calculate And Display Unknown Variable In Another TextBox www.vbforums.com

1.prompt a text string in 0 to 20 characters and then pass it as a input parameter to a Boolean-valued Function to check if the string is symmetric or not. Display the result. 2.The Einstein's equation E=mc2 relates three variables, E, m, and c. create four TextBoxes, two for the names of variables (E, m, c) and the other two for the values of corresponding variables. Based on the entered names and values, calculate and display the unknown variable in another TextBox.

Grabbing Time Values From Table In Visual Basic And Performing Calculations With Them forums.aspfree.com

Hi, My boss wants me to program in visual basic, instead of using queries, a calculation between times, which values are gotten from a table. How do I perform a calculation between two fields from a table in code and what functions are there to calculate the amount of difference in minutes between times in visual basic? THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! G

Calculate The Time Difference? www.vbforums.com

Hi,Is there a built-in function to calculate time difference down to min/sec? from two data/time fieldsIf not, how can do this?Thanks!

Calculating Time www.vbforums.com

I am trying to calculate the difference between two different times loaded into text boxes and convert that to a decimal amount. What is the best way to accomplish this? I am also needing to extract these times to either an Excel spreadsheet or a regular text message for record keeping. What is the best way to do this? Please tell me it's not an array. Still having troucle with that.

Add Cells Plus Only The Greater Of 2 Columns www.excelforum.com

I have a spreadsheet which calculates times from previous columns, I need to include only one of 2 columns whichever is the greater and in the next column only add the difference of the greater column if it is greater then the sum of 2 other columns as shown in attachment Time in seconds A B C D E F G 17837423078B1+E1+F1+ THE GREATER OF C1 OR D1B1+E1+F1+ IF C1 OR D1 IS GREATER THAN E1+D1 ADD THE DIFFERENCE IGNORE IF NOT 17882423078B2+E2+F2+ THE GREATER OF C2 OR D2B2+E2+F2+ IF C2 OR D2 IS GREATER THAN E2+D2 ADD THE DIFFERENCE

How To Maintain A Time Of Login For Individual User? phpbuilder.com

I have one question, We can maintain login time and logout time in php. I have done it using the get date and time while the user is loging in AND get the time when the user logout THEN take the difference between them and stored it in database, IF the user doesn't logged out properly (ex, without logout just close the browser) . In this situation how to calculate the time difference between login and logout?

Calculate Difference Between Two Dates And Times www.mrexcel.com

From the below example, I would need to know the difference between date & time of Received and Resolved in number of days. Meaning - time difference should also be calculated in days CELL ACELL BCELL CCELL DCELL E - REQUIRED OUTPUTReceived DateReceived TimeResolved DateResolved TimeTurn Around Time - IN DAYS20-Jan-122:43:00 PM23-Jan-124:50:00 PMDifference between Resolved date & time and Received date & time