To Calculate The Difference Between Two Time Variables


i want to calculate the difference between two time variablesi need ur help since i'm not getting the result correctly    actually i'm getting the result differently in hours,minutes & seconds but not collectively as 2 hours : 20 minutes : 45secondsplz help

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The source for this problem can be found http://www.wellytop.com/SQLProblem.zip This test creates two threads each with a database connection and uses transactions to insert values into the same table. The objective of this test is to check that a thread cannot read the results from a pending transaction on a different thread. In effect this checks dirty reads do not happen and transaction locking. The test runs correctly and displays "PASSED" with MySQL indicating the transaction and threading worked. When running with MSSQL Express 2005 it reports a deadlock error during a transaction. It's not really possible to re-run the transaction and I would like MS SQL to operate similar to MySQL, i.e. MySQL waits for the other transaction to finish before the next transaction can operate on those table rows. I'd like to use MSSQL but I am wondering why this error doesn't happen with MySQL and so have, for the moment, chosen to use it as my preferred database solution. I have experimented with transaction isolation levels and this doesn't seem to solve the problem. I've tested this with a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 and no firewall turned on. To run this test with MSSQL Express2005 use the ODBC Data Source Administrator (odbcad32.exe) to create a data source named MyExpressTest and attach this to an empty database that has been created with the default values. Enable the #define MSSQL in the coude otherwise it tests with MySQL. To run this test with MySQL (to show how this test should work) use the ODBC Data Source Administrator (odbcad32.exe) to create a data source named mySQLNewTest and attach this to an empty database that has been created with the default values. Comment out the #define MSSQL to switch to MySQL mode.

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I thought that <%: had replaced <%=, since mentions on [URL]Prior to ASP.NET 4, the <%= %> syntax was used to execute code and write it out to the page. Starting with ASP.NET 4, you should always use the <%: %> syntax instead..." However, I've noticed that <img src='<%=ResolveUrl("~/Images/MyImage.jpg")%>' alt="blah"> works, whereas <img src='<%: ResolveUrl("~/images/MyImage.jpg")%>' alt="blah"> doesn't. I'm not sure what the name for these types of expressions are so I've had trouble googling it.

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Difference between ASP.net and VB.net. Is it not the same... I feel that in ASP.net we can do our coding using this language VB,C#,etc. Am I right or not..... or Both are different. Explain me with some sample code for ASP.net and ASP.net(C#), ASP.net(VB). VB.net

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Replacing Frontpage 2003 Having tried out the free version of visual web developer 2005 an 2009 I eventually decided to get the full version of expression web 2.I started out thinking that vwd was the successor to frontpage , alas that is not so. Apparently, thats expression webs thing I enjoyed the ability to compile vb.net in vwd, but ,,,can anyone tell me why Microsoft has 2 separate web widgets

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Before I get too involved in this new page, I want to besure I am going to go about it the correct way.  What is needed is a grid of some sort. The query returns groups of records, every two records are related and I need to insert a summary line after each pair of records.  Company 1 current       Company 1 previous *insert a summary of the currency amounts displayed with the two records. Company 2 current Company 2 previous *insert a summary of the currency amounts displayed with the two records. . . and so on What data control should I use to do this (a girdview, datagrid, listview??, something else?) I am running VS. 2008.  I was given a summary sample on a previous post: [URL] But I want to be sure this is what I should actually use.  

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I am building a website which include a shopping cart. I have been following some of tutorials in this website and also a book called ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit. And Althought both this website and the book have been great help, I am at the point of creating my shopping cart as explained in the book. However the problem which I am facing is as follow: In the book in the databse which has been used there are two tables that form menu, called MenuItemTable and SizeAndPrice, and it has used Datalist and repeater to show the menu. However in my database I only have one table representing the menu and I have used Gridview to show the menu. But my question is that is DataList is only suitable for when we are trying to extract information from more than one table or could it be used even if ther is only one table representing the menu.

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what is the difference between switch and IF function in PHP?? What I can see is where ever "switch" function uses "IF" function also applies there..correct me if I am wrong.. Or any performance wise difference between two??

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I very new to php and all I am simply trying to do is read the contents of a text file and echo it out on the screen. I have tried many things to see what I am doing wrong but it just simply isnt working for me. I know the server I am using has php enabled as well because I have tried a simple echo and it works fine. This is the code I am currently using. <?php $file = fopen(file.txt", 'r'); [code]... I have a file.txt on the server I am using in the same directory as index.php, I feel like this should be working but I get no result!Alls I have in the text file is a statement that says "hello world".

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Environment: Server1 (Local) OS Windows 2000 Server SQL Server 2000 Server2 (Remote) OS Windows 2003 Server SQL Server 2000 (Both with most recent service packs) Using Enterprise Manager, we have set up the Link Server (LINK_A) in the Local Server 1 to connect to Server 2. The SQL we need to run is the following: INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx; When we run this from the Query Analyzer, it completes with no problems in a few seconds. Our problem: When we add the DTS Package as the ActiveX Script (VB Script) to the Local Package, it times out at "obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql" Dim Sql, obj_Conn Set obj_Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") obj_Conn.Open XXXX obj_Conn.BeginTrans str_Sql = "INSERT INTO table1(" str_Sql = str_Sql & "column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & ")" str_Sql = str_Sql & " SELECT A.column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", A.column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & " FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A" str_Sql = str_Sql & " WHERE A.column1 0" str_Sql = str_Sql & ";" obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql ---------------------------------------------------------- When we make a Stored Procedure and run the following SQL, it freezes. INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx We've also tried the following with the same results; INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM [LINK_A].[catalog_name].[dbo].[table2] AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx The same thing happens when we try to run the "SELECT" by itself. SELECT TOP 1 @test=A.column1 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx ORDER BY A.column1 What is going wrong here, and how do we need to change this so that it runs without timing out or freezing?

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I'm using Excel 2003 SP2.The premise is I add worksheets at run-time based off of user actions. The sheets then add command buttons and then assign some vb code to be fired when clicked. Everything works great except the VB editor pops up (even when its closed). This is annoying, any way to stop it from doing so?VB Code:Public Sub Test(myWS As Excel.Worksheet)    Dim OLEObj As OLEObject    Dim Rng As Range    Dim WS As Worksheet    Dim CodeMod As Object    Dim LineNum As Long        Set WS = myWS    Set Rng = Range("I13")            Set OLEObj = _    WS.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1", _        Top:=Rng.Top, Left:=Rng.Left, Height:=Rng.Height * 2, _        Width:=Rng.Width * 2)    OLEObj.name = "test"    OLEObj.Object.Caption = "test"    Set CodeMod = _    ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents(WS.CodeName).CodeModule    LineNum = CodeMod.CreateEventProc("Click", OLEObj.name)    CodeMod.insertLines LineNum + 1, _        "msgbox(""test"")"        End Sub

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I've searched for "Saving", "Saving file", and "Saving to a file" but I couldn't get exactly what I wanted.I have a label that is a integer that changes its value.I want to save that data somehow so that I can load the file later to apply the changed value to my default label value.My second question: is there any way that I can see how many times a button has been clicked or pressed until some kind of an event?I have three boxes that contain one digit numbers, which change (or may change according to the random number) every time a command button has been clicked, and when those boxes receive certain randomized numbers, the program is supposed to pop up a MsgBox.I want to figure out how many times that box has been clicked from the beginning of the program or after that same event upto that event.Am I making any sense? I'm getting confused myself...Any help appreciated.

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I am running a dedicated server with a fast internet connection. This is the issue; I have a web site that displays data held in an SQL database. The web site page displays the data 10 rows at a time rolling on to the next page until the last page is reached, then reloads the complete page which also runs the SQL query to get the lastest data. The refresh rate is set 2 15 seconds. The data table is updated every 2 mins with new data from an outside source. The issue I am having is that at random times the browser get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". This happens on clients PCs in a number of different locations. My question is: could the error be anything to do with the source table been updated at the same time as the client PCs are reading it.

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Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have a profile for "in dock" to turn on GPS and bluetooth. Last night it didn't shut off and this am - DEAD battery. I've noticed sometimes in the dock it doesn't turn those features on either - but sometimes it does work?

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But how do you 'link' the me contact (the contact which is used for smsing) to one of your own google contacts (vincent in my case).

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I have a MySQL database with a table called "Locations" which looks a bit like this id | name | other parameters 1 | shop1 | blah 2 | shop2 | blah [Code].... This works, but it is inefficient calling the database through the loop, how do I avoid this?

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I have written a program that uses an array of the english alphabet and Morse code. I also built a form with a input box for the alphabetic information and an output box with the Morse Code. What i am trying to do is basically type a word like "Hi" in the input box and produce the Morse Code equivalent in the Morse Code output box. [Code] This works but only one letter at a time. Do i need to Parse the string of characters one at a time, and then run it through a loop like i have created?

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I am trying to UNION the two queries below without success. Dim ds1 As New DataSet Dim MyConnection1 As New OleDb.OleDbConnection(GetPOWERConnectionString()) [Code] .....

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I use this script currently to determine the difference between two dates: [Code]... The problem with this is I want to monitor the actual physical day change so if someone accessed the application at 11:59 PM and then came back 5 minutes later this would register as a 1 day difference (a new day), this current script requires atleast 12 hours to have passed between two dates for it to register as a new day. I have thought about using the date number etc, but because months and years are so different it is quite a complex route, there must be something simpler.

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I have been with Page-Zone for a couple years now. Just the past year I have had little problems with them. -For instance once I was trying to update my website and their server went down. I thought it was something on my end so I started trouble shooting it for an hour and then it came back up. -Another time the users on my website were without e-mail for a week, because they changed IP address. -And finally the e-mail accounts couldn't receive any e-mails from Comcast, MSN, or Hotmail accounts. So I ended up setting up a Google Aps account for us to use for e-mail. Granted they are very cheap but I have been having many problems with little support. Also today I just noticed that in the whois it lists Network Solutions as the technical contact. Are these things that I should be looking for a new host for?

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One of my clients like to host his emails at Yahoo hosting service, but he also wants to host his website at another hosting company with the same domain.

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I have two servers running windows 2008(rtm) and I'm getting just crappy transfer speeds between them. server 1: dual xeon quad core 8gb ram dynamic mirrored disks (windows software raid, ick i know hyper-V, 6 or so VMs, not real heavy load server 2: dual xeon quad core 8gb ram 3ware 9650Se raid card, raid1 (using latest engineering drivers/firmware) The servers are connected to each other via gigabit crossover. When I start to do a file transfer (a 40gb virtual machine, through windows file sharing) it starts fast. 60+MB/s says 12minutes remain but after 5minutes and 5gb or so of transfer it's slowed way down to 7MB/s and the network usage graph that was smooth and is now choppy.

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I have already create special folder to copy default picture for new user and put it inside that folder. I have used copy method (system.io.file) to do that and works fine but I have to give full path for two required parameters of copy method for example: I want to pass sourceDir = "~xyzdefault.gif" destDir= "~xyz" + userId + ".gif" can anyone guid me to another method to do that without write full path?

Serving Domain Through Apache And Lighttpd At Same Time www.webhostingtalk.com

There are 2 different domains with the same IP being served by Apache. I want one of the domains to be served by lighttpd, is it possible without having to change the IP of that domain?

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I would like to know if there's any way we could reduce "conversion times" for videos while converting them with "mencoder" and "x264 codec"? Is it possible to cluster 2-3 or more servers (Quad core/8GB RAM) so that I can reduce the conversion timings effectively? The original video sizes are around 500-700MB on an average and I'd like to convert them using mencoder in x264 codec @ 500Kbps bitrate and 2pass settings. Ofcourse it'll take atleast 1-2hours to encode 1 such video at these settings on a 'single' such server, so is there a way to reduce the conversion times to around 10-15minutes/video by using "parallel encoding" with x264 codec?P.S: I know how to form a cluster, using beowulf/rocks, etc...what I need help with is 'using' the cluster with x264 codec

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I have a web user control menu of page. Now I want HOME (which is an hyperlink text) in menu to be Bold at the time default.aspx Loaded (Load event)! How can I do that If any one can provide code! I am using VB .Net at back.

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I have two actions with the same name: [Code].... I think everything clear here. But I don't like that parameter int k which I never use and which I pasted in order to create another function which will be launched when some data was posted to that action.

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Let's say you have a complex html form. Some of the fields will be used to enter data into table 1. Other fields will be used to enter data into table 2, but only if the insertion into table 1 succeeds. Let's also assume that for whatever reason, you do not wish to split this up into two separate steps, using Session to cache the previous result. Is it possible to define your action thusly: public ActionResult DoFooThing(Entity1 e1, Entity2 e2); Where e1 contains the fields required for the first part of the process and e2 contains the fields for the second? Will both entities be properly bound? Note: these entities will have fields unique to them, so that no field is shared between them. An example of this would be in my forum project. A thread cannot exist without at least one post, so I make the user create the first post when creating the thread. My entity for Thread does not contain a field for Message, as it is not in that table. So I am wondering if I can safely bind my action like this: // ID is the forum id the new thread is going into public ActionResult CreateThread(int ID, Thread newThread, Post newPost); Then proceed to attempt to insert the thread, and on success insert the post, rolling back if either fails.

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Every date time format can  be represented by a regular expression  how can i get the a regular expression for a perticulat format?using .net API

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What I want is..If culture is en-US then string dateFormat="MM/dd/yyyy"; string timeFormat="24.00 hrs"; If culture is en-GB then string dateFormat="dd/mmyyyy"; string timeFormat="24.00 hrs"; and so on for other countries..Now how do I get these date and time format values ? What are the standards? Like which all countries use similar date/time formats and which ones don't ?ok I tried this :- DateTime myDate = new DateTime(); string us = myDate.ToString(new CultureInfo("en-US")); string us gets value =1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM Now how do I extract "dd/mm/yyyy" and "24.00 hrs" out of this...in my Dateformat column in my Table... I want to store STRINGS such as dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy NOT dates..In my TimeFormat column in the table, the values to be stores are STRINGS too, like I need to store either "24:00hrs" or "12:00hrs" How do I do this now ?**using ShorTimePattern returns these values as h:mm tt and HH:mm If I want to store the values in my DB exactly as "24:00hrs" and "12:00hrs", how do I use these values..h:mm tt and HH:mm,which one is for 24 hr format and which for 12 hr format ?**I want the information about Decimal Separator and Thousand Separator too based on the CultureInfo...whats the property for that ?

Web Forms :: Time Out Downloading Large Files? forums.asp.net

I used this sample to work around the issue we were having with large files. [URL] Unfortunately, when I attempt to download large files of 30MBs or more, the download times out and the user gets a partial download. It doesn't seem to be a consistant percentage of the download either. I attempted to download a 50MB file and got to 33MB. When trying a 30MB file, I downloaded 24MB.Below is my code. if (File.Exists(strFilePath)) {                fileName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(strFilePath); Response.Clear(); system.IO.Stream iStream = null; byte[] buffer = new Byte[10000]; int length; long dataToRead; try { iStream = new System.IO.FileStream(strFilePath, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read, System.IO.FileShare.Read); dataToRead = iStream.Length; //FileInfo file = new FileInfo(strFilePath); Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream"; Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", iStream.Length.ToString()); Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + fileName.Replace(" ", string.Empty)); while (dataToRead > 0) { if (Response.IsClientConnected) { length = iStream.Read(buffer, 0, 10000);..................

SQL Server :: Switch Two Field Data? forums.asp.net

I pulled a fast one today.  I imported thousands of records and accidentally put the FName in the LName and the LName in the FName.  I don't have a clue how to write a SQL or TSQL that will switch them.  I do have a parameter for the SQL though.  WHERE User - System Import.on ASP.NET because this is my place for help instead of going elsewhere to a more specific type of forum just for SQL.  I do only ASP.NET VB/CS development so this is my home to find all my answers.  (99% of the time).

SQL Server :: Select Query Based On Two Fileds With Different Column forums.asp.net

This is my Table structure:-Table1 Field1        Field2     Age Dean         Chen      20          Janel         Wast       25 ann            Miller      20 I used this select statement  select Field1+' - '+Filed2 from Table1 and i binded this in dropdownlist now on selecting dropdownlist i need to show age in label. so how would be my select statement... to show age base on Filed1 and Filed2

WCF Service Failing Every 23 Hours - Request Channel Timed Out stackoverflow.com

We have a WCF service self-hosted in a Windows Service. Right now we're experiencing a really strange behavior with it, which is that every 23 hours, approximately, the service raises an exception for every call made to it with the following error: Server was unable to process request. ---> The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:01:00. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.---> The HTTP request to [URL]has exceeded the allotted timeout of 00:01:00. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.---> The operation has timed out. The duration of the failure is between 4 and 6 minutes and, without touching anything at all, the service then goes out of the failure and the following responses are ok, for the next 23 hours, and then, again the error. As pointed above, the WCF service is self-hosted in a Windows Service, installed on a Windows 2008 Server OS. The clients calling the service are two different Asp.NET web services, one running on the same server and the other on a virtual server in a production environment. Both clients have presented the same issue. The configuration of the complete environment is this: Phone calls are received in an IVR system (let's say node 1), which calls a web service (node 2) that retrieves some information about the customer calling. Once the customer approves the operation, the IVR calls the web service (node 2), which relays the call to the WCF Service (node 3) to process a credit operation. The WCF then makes a TCPIP socket operation through a VPN connection to another entity (node 4). That communication lasts between 3 and 10 seconds, is registered in a persistent database and then is sent back in the same path to the customer (node 3, 2 and 1). This platform processes about 2,000 transactions a day, 24/7, except for the ones failing with the timeout. The reason to have the transaction relayed to a second service is for security purposes. The amount of data exchanged in each call is about 200 or 300 bytes. I've already tried most of the workarounds posted right here in stackoverflow ([http://stackoverflow.com/questions/981475/wcf-timeout-exception-detailed-investigation][1]) and the ones appearing there and some others found in google. The error is still persistent. The TCPIP socket operations are logged to a text file, and found no issues there with the response times from the external entity. The largest time was 9 seconds. Also, a database operations trace has been logged and did not show any performance issues either. The concurrency mode of the service is set to ConcurrencyMode.Multiple and, before going into production we made an stress test with ten clients making iterative calls over 2 hours, processing the wcf service about 30k transactions with no signs of performance impact. However, I already discarded a concurrency issue because the average time between transactions is one minute, and the largest one lasts for 9 seconds approximately. Besides, all other transactions complete successfully, independently of the load on the service. I cannot increase the timeout of one minute given the fact that the service is for executing ecommerce operations and in fact there's nothing really taking more than a few seconds to complete. This are the facts, and I hope you guys could come up with something I haven't already tried yet. Please have in mind at the time of answering that this is a critical mission service, and the changes or configurations possible to apply in a production environment are very limited.

Security :: How To Add Digital Signature On Two Web Service forums.asp.net

I have never write code like this... so I am trying to explian what problem I meet here.. assuming I have 2 web service one named WS1 another named WS2 WS1 (send data  to WS2) → WS2 then WS2 (receive data from WS1 and do something then return result to WS1)→WS1 if I want to add digital signature between WS1 and WS2 so that WS1 connecting to WS2 , WS2 will recognize who is connecting by digital signature what do I need if I want to do that? and how to do?

Two Controls Calling Same Method? forums.asp.net

I have 2 text boxes inside my aspx page and I want to call the same method func(object sender, EvenArgs ev) on ontextchanged events of these textboxes.I want to parse the text of these textboxes inside this function - now the question is how would func(object sender, EvenArgs ev) know which of the textbox's has called it? I need to know that so that I could then use text property of that textbox to parse it and further process it.Isn't there a thing like sender.equals(textbox1).Or probably is there a way I could pass the text as a string argument to func()? If yes, how and whats the format?I dont want to make two functions separately for ontextchanged events of these textboxes, when the fucntionality of this method remains exactly the same.

AJAX :: Passing Arguments Between Two Forms Using Jquery? forums.asp.net

I tried using Ajax & Jquery for the following need, but not able to do... I have Two Forms StringMain.aspx & Returner.aspx.... I have created 4 Divs at StringMain.aspx and a sample text "ToCheck" at First Div.. In the Returner.aspx form page load, i placed a label like this protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Label1.Text = "hello"; } I have set StringMain.aspx as default running page. So When i run StringMain.Aspx page, the text i placed in the First Div "To Check" should concat with the label Text "hello" of Returner.aspx and display it together in the First Div of StringMain.aspx like this "To Check hello".. The Technique i used is $("div#First-Div").load(" Returner.aspx");--But dint work...

Format Datetime With Or Without The Time stackoverflow.com

Sometimes I get a datetime with a time sometimes it's just the date. Of course if it's just the date I I want to format with "dd.MM.yyyy" and if it has a time "dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm".. This is in a repeater, so I thought may be it's possible without a simple if statement?

Web Forms :: DataList: Collecting IDs And TextBox Values At Same Time forums.asp.net

 Collecting IDs and TextBox values at same time.I have a datalist with 2 columns of products with a TextBox next to each product so my customer can enter a number in each checkbox (to determine the order sequence when this list of products is printed to the screen). I have a button for my customer to click when she is happy with the sequence chosen for each product and this calls a subroutine within which I need to be able to collect each productID and the number entered into the textbox next to it. This worked perfectly in my old system using Classic ASP and can't understand why it's so difficult to offer the same funtionality in ASP.Net! I have tried various approaches but none of them work in collecting the number entered into the TextBox and the ProdId at the same time. I tried storing the ProductId in the ID of the TextBox in the hope that I could then retrieve both the ProductId and the value of the TextBox for each product when the button is clicked but values of the TextBox ID are values such as 567 or 784 and are set dynamically (these are the productIds). The error I'm getting is as follows: The ID property of a control can only be set using the ID attribute in the tag and a simple value. Example: <asp:Button runat="server" id="Button1" /> and the line containing the error is: <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Prod_ID")%>' Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Sequence1")%>'>

JQuery :: One Line, Two Separate Selection Sets? forums.asp.net

Imagine you have this HTML layout: <div id="msg"></div><br /> <div id="submitButton"> <input type="submit" value="OK" style="width:50px" onclick="$('div.subtleMsg').hide(); return false;" /> </div> I know how to manipulate the contents of <div id="msg"> any way I wish but I'm wondering if it's possible, IN THE SAME LINE OF JQUERY CODE, to also manipulate <div id="submitButton">. Everything has to be combined into one long jQuery string because I'm passing it from the server-side code as a script.

Checking If Session Has Timed Out? stackoverflow.com

This is my base class for all pages except EndSession.aspx override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e) { base.OnInit(e); if (Context.Session != null) { //check the IsNewSession value, this will tell us if the session has been reset. [Code].... But on EndSession I try to navigate back to, say default.aspx, and then this code above just redirects be back to EndSession.aspx. So for better clarification: Step 1: Go to mypage.aspx Step 2: Wait for timeout Step 3: try to navigate away Step 4: get redirected to EndSession.aspx Step 5: try to navigate away Step 6: GoTo set 4 Setp 6 should be actually being able to navigate away...

Jquery :: Timing - Setup A Worker Function Thats Called Every 5ms By SetInterval stackoverflow.com

Im working on processing data. I setup a worker function thats called every 5ms by setInterval. I'm calculating the amount of time it takes the function to run, its 0 to 1ms. I'm also calculating the speed at which the function is actually invoked and its about 80ms. My question is, if it takes only 1ms to run through the function, and I'm calling it every 5ms, why is it invoked every 80ms? I do have a second worker function updating the canvas based on the current data the processing function is doing, but its run in its own setInterval. These numbers were taken while in Chrome. I've tested in Opera, Safari, FF3 and FF4 as well and the issue is the same, though the invoke time is different. (all this on a mac) I know this code does not yet work in IE. I know parts of this are ugly.. I haven't started to clean up the code yet... Lines 77 to 84 are the setInterval calls. You can see a working example here:

Php - Merging Two Set Of Array Values Into One Multidimesional Array stackoverflow.com

i'm a newbie in programming and in php too and i was wondering if anyone can help me with my array problem. i have two set of array, example: $name = array("peter","peter","joe"); $cars = array("ford", "gmc", "mercy"); and i would like to merge them into a multidimensional array like this $merge = array(array($name[0], $cars[0]),array($name[1], $cars[1]),array($name[2], $cars[2])); now, i would like keep the structure as above but i would like to do it with a native array function or foreach function. i've tried array_merge and array_combine but it didn't turn out as i expected. i've tried $arr3 = $name + $cars; but it didn't work too

Too Long Time For Performing Script www.phpfreaks.com

There is a PHP – script on the server, which is worked out for a long time (over 10 min). The connection breaks up while performing the script and the absence of output to the client’s browser since the browser thinks that the server stops answering.  How can I solve the problem that part of the PHP script on the server can not be performed because of connection interruption? 

Performing Simple Multiplication On Two Query Results? www.phpbuilder.com

I have two mysql queries that return a bunch of different records and figures. but I want to multiply one figure from one query by another fingure from the second query. Here are the two queries: (they return exactely what I need, I'll post a follow up showing the output of each...) [Code]...

Create Blocks Of Times From Multidimensional Array? stackoverflow.com

I am working on a scheduling system and I need to grab all consecutive times of 4 or more which I have accomplished: Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 18:00:00 [1] => 19:00:00 [2] => 20:00:00 [code].... How would I take this multidimensional array and put them into potential time blocks of four as check boxes? For instance: Checkbox 1 = 18:00:00 - 21:00:00 Checkbox 2 = 19:00:00 - 22:00:00 Checkbox 3 = 09:00:00 - 12:00:00 Checkbox 4 = 10:00:00 - 13:00:00 and so on...

Display DIV Only If User Has Been Idle For X Amount Of Time stackoverflow.com

I would like to display a helpful DIV that basically shows the user how to accomplish something on a particular page, but only if the user has been idle for a period of time, say, 30seconds. What I mean by "Idle" is: Not clicking any links Not right clicking anywhere Exceptions: I would like to exclude the following conditions from the Is User Idle rule: User has scrolled up or down/left or right User has pressed mouse button on an empty area on the site/ or on an element which has no source/link for example, an image with no hyperlink. and, Pressing keyboard buttons Can this be done? Or can we only detect when a particullar event occurs?

Calculate The Hamming Distance Of Two Binary Sequences? stackoverflow.com

hamming('10101010','01010101') The result of the above should be 8. How to implement it?

Display List Of Bands That Haven't Played For Over Two Months :S phpbuilder.com

I need to display a list of bands that haven't played for over two months and I'm having difficulty gettings my head around it because of the multiple tables. Code:

JQuery :: How To Check If Two Elements / DIV Belong To Same Parent stackoverflow.com

I am working on this piece of code for a shopping cart $('.addtoCart').click(function() { //get button id var cartID = $(this).attr("id"); //get check box id var checkBoxID = $('input.cartLevelChecked:checked').attr("id"); //get parent id var levelListID = $(this).closest('li').attr("id"); if(('#'+cartID && '#'+checkBoxID).parent('#'+levelListID)){ $(".selectPlan").show(); } //alert(/*cartID + checkBoxID +*/ levelListID); }); Basically I'm checking to see if the check-box the user checked and button they clicked on belongs to the same parent then show a div.

Two Dimentional Array forums.devshed.com

I want to using two dimentional array like. name | age | location i want to show the data in table form like name | age | location ------------------------ Rose | 15 | USA ------------------------- Viki | 25 |UK ---------------------- in this table the columens are fixed that are 3 but row is increasing one by one.

Datetime - Generate Random Date Between Two Dates? stackoverflow.com

I am coding an application where i need to assign random date between two fixed timestamps how i can achieve this using php i've searched first but only found the answer for Java not php for example : $string = randomdate(1262055681,1262055681);

ORDER By (dividing Two Columns) www.phpfreaks.com

Im making a gallery which allows users to rate the images. I have two columns noOfRatings (which hold the no of tiems an image has been rated) and totalRatingScore (which holds the total of all the ratings for that particular image) I want to make a sort option e.g 'sort by highest rated' Is there a quick way to return the recordset ORDERED by highest rated.. i wa thinking somethign along the lines of SELECT * FROM TABLE ORDER BY noOfRatings/totalRatingScore Can i do it this way or is some special techinque needed?

MySQL Order By Two Columns www.phpfreaks.com

I got my results to order the way I want. Which is ORDER BY verified DESC. But after that I want to order another column in ascending order. I tried ORDER BY verified DESC, device and that didn't work. I also tried ORDER BY verified DESC ORDER BY device. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Order By Two Columns MySQL? stackoverflow.com

I am implementing a Popular feature into my app where I will select the most popular posts from a databaseProblem is I need to get the most popular in terms of most likes and most comments. I just tried:SELECT * FROM db ORDER BY `likesCount`,`commentsCount` DESC LIMIT $from," . ($to-$from)But that will show an ascending value in terms of the numberOfLikes. How can I get it so that it measures the numberOfLikes and numberOfComments and selects the most popular one?

Hiding Records After A Period Of Time In It / MySQL www.daniweb.com

I created code for my TV guide web site, as mentioned in a previous thread [URL] This is the new code, which works well: <? //connect to mysql //change user and password to your mySQL name and password mysql_connect("localhost","root","PASSWORD"); //select which database you want to edit mysql_select_db("tvguide"); // Select only results for today and future [Code]..... However, once the date has elapsed it hides the records, but not once the time has passed - the records still show. To give an example, if I have a programme that airs at 6:30pm, I want it to show the record, but then hide it once the programme has aired (in this case in 30 minutes), or another example - a programme that starts at 9:00pm and finishes at 10:00pm.

Retrieving Data On A Constant Time Period? forums.devshed.com

I'm wondering how I could grab data from an array that I have in a specified time period, like say every 30 seconds or a minute or so. Tried doing searches via Google and on this site, but so far no luck. Has anyone ever done this or would know how this could be achieved?

Divide Time Period Into Equal Intervals stackoverflow.com

I have to create a function which gets 5 parameters representing information about the working time of some department. - when the work starts/ends, - when the lunchtime (or any other break) starts/ends, - integer representing minutes into how small pieces we should divide time period. Besides - it's possible that there are no breaks in the working time. The function should return all intervals from working time. [Code].....

Block A IP That Has Tried To Login Too Many Times Within A Certain Period Of Time? www.sitepoint.com

What's the best approach to block a IP that has tried to login too many times within a certain period of time?

Preserve Session State For Prolonged Period Of Time? stackoverflow.com

I'm having trouble preserving session state for a prolonged period of time. I use sessions to preserve login state. I require the below snippet of code at the top of each of my pages before any other code. First off, is there any settings I'm missing? session_cache_expire(2880); //set session to expire in 48 hours session_start(); Some people are logged out before the 48 hour expiration time. What types of things could cause this? I know closing the browser kills the session and this is not the case. As far as I can tell it happens when the user is inactive for several hours or more. Users are never logged off while actively browsing the site.

Two Windows Interacting www.sitepoint.com

I have two windows, one, the 'main' window which contains a blog entry, and a 'child' window that contains item in an ordered list. Each item A-Z has a corresponding word a-z in the main window. Whever the user puts his mouse over, or clicks on a-z in the main window, I'd like the corresponding item in the child window to be brought to the top and highlighted. I haven't had much luck looking around for answer because I'm not sure what I should be looking for. Even just some search terms would be helpful (though I prefer a nice solution!).

Sort An Object By Two Criteria? stackoverflow.com

Trying to sort this array of objects according to (1) depth and (2) weight, and am unsure how to modify the function I'm using to include this other level... I'm using this function: function cmp( $a, $b ) { if( $a->weight == $b->weight ){ return 0 ; } return ($a->weight < $b->weight) ? -1 : 1; } [code].... And that will accurately sort the array according to weight, but I need to add in another level of sorting. So that the array is first sorted according to depth, and then by weight. [code]\........

Returning A Two Dimensional Array From SQL Query? stackoverflow.com

Is there way to return a two dimensional array from a SQL query? Like.. "SELECT id, x, y, z FROM test" ..and have it return as id => x, y, z? I could do a loop and create a second array but I imagine that's extra work that I might not have to do. Just not familiar with SQL right now.

JQuery :: How To Move / Drag Items Between Two DIVs Or Selectboxes stackoverflow.com

I want to know how to move the list items or selectbox items between the divs or selectboxes. I am unable to how to know to use the jquery plugins and how to implement. If I download one plugin how to make it use in my application...