System.Security.SecurityException: Request For The Permission Of Type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientPermission,...


I have created a windows library control that accesses a local sql database I tried the following strings for connecting Dim connectionString As String = "Data Source=localhostSQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=TimeSheet;Trusted_Connection = true" Dim connectionString As String = "Data Source=localhostSQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=TimeSheet;Integrated Security=SSPI"   I am not running the webpage in a virtual directory but in C:Inetpubwwwrootusercontrol and I have a simple index.html that tries to read from an sql db but throws the error System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientPermission, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed.    at System.Security.CodeAccessSecurityEngine.Check(Object demand, StackCrawlMark& stackMark, Boolean isPermSet)    at System.Security.PermissionSet.Demand()    at System.Data.Common.DbConnectionOptions.DemandPermission()    at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.PermissionDemand()    at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnectionFactory.PermissionDemand(DbConnection outerConnection)    at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionClosed.OpenConnection(DbConnection outerConnection, etc etc  The action that failed was: Demand The type of the first permission that failed was: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientPermission The Zone of the assembly that failed was: Trusted I looked into the .net config utility but it says unrestricted and I tried adding it to the trusted internet zones in ie options security I think that a windows form connecting to a sql database running in a webpage should be simple to configure what am I missing?

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i am still stumped with this operation: i am trying to retrieve a GridView selected row data..here is my code.. the commented part that gives me the selectedindex works just fine....but the one giving the selected row cell value does't work and  there is no error.. The update operation is done successfully...weired. i need to assigned selected row cells values to variables  ..do some calculations and then re-assign the result calculation to cell[9].. protected void GridView1_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) { string s = GridView1.SelectedRow.Cells[5].Text; TextBox1.Text = s.ToString(); //string s2 = GridView1.SelectedIndex.ToString(); //TextBox1.Text = s2.ToString(); }

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The date displays just fine in the grid.  I am having trouble with deleting the row in the grid.  I have researched and played with different things with the grid, but I can't seem to get it to work.  Most examples are in VB and I coding is C#.   What happens is the code (see *** in C#) doesn't return the column 0 (UserName) from the GridView.  So the next statement blows up becasue there is no UserName.  I used a ASP.Net VB book I got from a VB class I took to come up with the code. When I typed in "grdUsers.Rows(e.RowIndex)"... I got help from Intellisense, but the rest of the line ".Cells(0).Text"... I got no help.  I included below the code that I think is pertinent to the problem I'm having. [Code]....

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When I click on my GridView header "End Time" all the rows which contain the string "N/A" disappear. Here is my code: [Code].... Note: GetSortDirection returns "endTime ASC" or "endTime DESC" and save in ViewState: [Code].... Then I fill the DataAdapter and use the ViewState info to sort it: [Code]....

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I'm trying to achieve above 2 items but can't find out how. I've searched this forum already but also can't find anything relevant so am hoping that some of you might be able to kick me in the right direction.I'm creating a combined VB6 and excel application. Basically VB6 controls excel. The forms used are imports from existing excel applications where I didn't feel like recreating them all over again. Part from that, the excel tab control is way better and easier to use then the VB6 one.Progress timer:When starting the program I want to show a progress timer because the program needs to initialize many items and arrays used. I thus created a simple progress timer which depending makes certain pictures visible which form a simple progress bar. The timer used is the VB6 timer option since there's nothing relevant like that from excel. This works well in itself but the problem is with display of the timer. During start it shows the form on which it was created but the timer only starts working after all has been initialized which basically defeats its purpose. Does anybody have any idea how to conquer this one.Add item to top left window menu:I want to add a About option to the top / left menu of my program window, the one also containing the minimize and maximize options. I've seen it done in other programs and since it is the only menu item I need I would prefer to do it this way also. I can't however find any information on how to go about this. Hope that someone can give me a push in the right direction for this one as well.Thanks in advance for any suggestions.Best regards,Leon

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Hello,Have a question concerning the following:I have a textbox with the MouseUp event: Code:Private txtName_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single) If Button=vbRightButton Then PopupMenu mnuEdit End If End SubMy slight problem is that before you actually get the pop-up menu on the screen a system menu ( Undo/Cut/Copy... etc) pop upsIs there any way to get rid of that system menu?Thanks in advance for your help,Shurik.

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I have a string which i need to parse using Regex class of System.Text.RegularExpressions. I need to find if the first 2 characters of the string are either "00" or "07" or "16" or "23".

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System.Runtime.Serialization is ok but System.Runtime.Serialization.Json is missing.

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on my MVC webforms there is a text in the top of the form as "System.Web.Mvc.Html.MvcForm". how can i remove this?

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I run a Exchange 2010 server and created an account for one of my websites to send e-mails. The webserver's IP is even listed on the [Organization Configuration] -> [Hub Transport] -> [Global Settings] -> [Transport Settings] -> [Message Delivery] list. The code sets a set of Network Credentials, but setting incorrect or correct settings, it doesn't matter; if I list external e-mail addresses, I get a "Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Unable to relay for <address>" message, 'local' addresses that are cc-ed, do get delivered... When checking with telnet, I noticed that the only AUTH option was AUTH NTLM, but when checking the NetworkCredentails, it stated that NTLM should would.

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I have a task to send mail for updated values my code is below i cant able to set proper format for that [Code]....

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I'm trying to unit test a very simple html helper but keep getting the following exception: System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Entry point was not found. public static string AdditionalUsersDropDownList( this HtmlHelper helper, int additionalUsers ) { Dictionary<int, string> items = new Dictionary<int, string>( ); items.Add( 0, "None" ); for ( int i = 1; i <= 30; i++ ) { items.Add( i, i.ToString( ) ); } SelectList list =  new SelectList( items, "Key", "Value", additionalUsers ); return helper.DropDownList( "AdditionalUsers", list ); } public static string AdditionalUsersDropDownList( this HtmlHelper helper, int additionalUsers )

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I use OutputCache in an ASP.net MVC application. As developing with an active OutputCache is not very pleasant I want to disable the OutputCache on the Development Systems (local machines and development server).

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Yeah some people would say "Are you crazy using winforms controls inside asp forms"... and I think they are right. But I would say.. "I'm not the only one!!, take a look" [URL] So... Doing some kind of stuff like the previous link. I did the following: using System; using System.Threading; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace XXXX.aspx.Print { public partial class Drucker : System.Web.UI.Page { private ManualResetEvent mre = new ManualResetEvent(false); protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Threading(); } private void Threading() { Thread t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(GoAhead)); t.SetApartmentState(ApartmentState.STA); t.Start(); mre.WaitOne(); t.Abort(); }...................................

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I have a website that I have run for years running  a custom built CMS.  It has had no problems ever.  I decided to create a demo (temporary url) of the CMS using the exact same website.  Only people I give access to would be able to login and change it, so it basically is not in use for the most part. I tried this demo site the past few days, and I noticed that I kept getting  System.OutOfMemoryException errors.  I would wait for an hour or so, then it would work.  Next day, same thing. What could explain this?  2 exact same websites....one that is used all the time (no memory issues), and one that is hardly ever used (memory issues).  Doesn't really make sense to me.

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I'm trying to code an onclick behaviour for a GridView by using the following codebehind-code: protected void gridProcesses_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) { if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow) { e.Row.Attributes["onmouseover"] = "this.style.cursor='hand';"; e.Row.Attributes["onmouseout"] = "this.style.textDecoration='none';"; e.Row.Attributes["onclick"] = ClientScript.GetPostBackClientHyperlink(this.gridProcesses, "SelectProcess$" + e.Row.Cells[0].Text); [Code]....

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Am I going to be able to query (using LINQ to SQL) a database field with a type like the following "public System.Nullable<System.DateTime> Spouse_DOB"? I'm trying to use the following code: [Code].... and I get the error "'System.Nullable<System.DateTime>' does not contain a definition for 'Month' and no extension method 'Month' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Nullable<System.DateTime>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)" Is it because this DateTime column allows a NULL value (since everyone isn't married in my database)? Error 1 'System.Nullable<System.DateTime>' does not contain a definition for 'Month' and no extension method 'Month' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Nullable<System.DateTime>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:Working WebsitesGrannys Clan Address BookDefault.aspx.cs 38 26 C:Working WebsitesGrannys Clan Addres

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I have a datalist which querys the database and pulls the data ApplicantID, date, and testimonial into the datalist. I now want to get the username from the ApplicantID. Im using TLists to do this but on the line ApplicantDetails = JustClick.DAL.DataRepository.ApplicantProvider.GetByApplicantID(ApplicantID); im getting the error cannot implicitly convert type on datalist can anyone help as to why and how I can fix this cheers. The code im using is below  protected void testimonialsList_OnItemDataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             TList<BLL.ApplicantTestimonials> Testimonials; [code].....

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I have two servers. One is a web server and one is a sql server. What I'm trying to do is as follows: User uploads a document to a web site. File is stored on a web server in a directory, verified that it's a certain type of file, and saved. When the user presses a submit button, the page is uploaded and the Onclick event triggers a sql bulk insert (not on the same web server.) That's it in a nutshell. The basics of this page are done. The file can be saved but for whatever reason, I'm getting a Operating system error code 3(The system cannot find the path specified.) I've modified the machine.config on the web server to impersonate another user. I've made sure that the directory in question can be reached from both servers (and it can.) I can open/edit/delete the file  from the directory from both sides, but evidently that's not the issue.

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I'm looking at building an exhaustive function that returns a friendly name for the Users Operating System. I think I have most of the Windows stuff down, but I'm not sure about Linux, OSX, and others. Does anyone know where I can find an exhaustive list of HTTP_USER_AGENT's 'Gets the users operating system Public Shared Function GetUserOS() As String Dim strAgent As String = HttpContext.Current.Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT") 'Windows OS's If InStr(strAgent, "Windows NT 6.1") Then : Return "Windows 7" ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Windows NT 6.0") Then : Return "Windows Vista" ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Windows NT 5.2") Then : Return "Windows Server 2003" ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Windows NT 5.1") Then : Return "Windows XP" ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Windows NT 5.0") Then : Return "Windows 2000" ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Windows 98") Then : Return "Windows 98" ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Windows 95") Then : Return "Windows 95" 'Mac OS's ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Mac OS X") Then : Return "Mac OS X" 'Linux OS's ElseIf InStr(strAgent, "Linux") Then : Return "Linux" Else : Return "Unknown" End If End Function 'GetUserOS I basically want to return better results for Mac OS and Linux OS's. It's better in my opinion to say OSX Snow Leopard or OSX Tiger rather than just Mac OS X.

DataSource Controls :: Operating System Error Code 3? forums.asp.net

I'm doing a bulk insert to a sql server and when I do so, the SQL server connection string I have is logged in as admin, but when I press the "submit" button I'm getting this error. The file that I'm trying to open is in a folder with admin read/write access and as I said the SQL connection string is for the admin account. Anyone have any idea what causes this?

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i need to display the physical harddrives of system in a dropdown & depending on the drive select the folders  subfolder in listbox or some other control in asp.net webapplication 

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I design an ASP.NET web usercontrol and with a maskeditor and scriptmanager, I always get an object reference not set to an instance of an object exception at runtime. Stacktrace is: [InvalidOperationException: Only one instance of a ScriptManager can be added to the page.] System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.OnInit(EventArgs e) +384613 System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +333 System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +210 System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +210 System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +210 System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +210 System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +210 System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +378

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i recently tried using the switch method for a navigation system as opposed to using the get method. this is the code i am using with the get method commented out: Code:

Get Google Page Rank (32bit And 64 Bit Systems) www.webmasterworld.com

After trawling the web I found this code that enables the generation of page rank via php . Its works on 32bit and 64bit machines.. <?php function StrToNum($Str, $Check, $Magic) { $Int32Unit = 4294967296; // 2^32 $length = strlen($Str); for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++) { $Check *= $Magic; //If the float is beyond the boundaries of integer (usually +/- 2.15e+9 = 2^31), // the result of converting to integer is undefined if ($Check >= $Int32Unit) { $Check = ($Check - $Int32Unit * (int) ($Check / $Int32Unit)); //if the check less than -2^31 $Check = ($Check < -2147483648)? ($Check + $Int32Unit) : $Check; } $Check += ord($Str{$i}); } return $Check; } /* * Genearate a hash for a url */ function HashURL($String) { $Check1 = StrToNum($String, 0x1505, 0x21); $Check2 = StrToNum($String, 0, 0x1003F); $Check1 >>= 2; $Check1 = (($Check1 >> 4) & 0x3FFFFC0 ) ¦ ($Check1 & 0x3F); $Check1 = (($Check1 >> 4) & 0x3FFC00 ) ¦ ($Check1 & 0x3FF); $Check1 = (($Check1 >> 4) & 0x3C000 ) ¦ ($Check1 & 0x3FFF); $T1 = (((($Check1 & 0x3C0) << 4) ¦ ($Check1 & 0x3C)) <<2 ) ¦ ($Check2 & 0xF0F ); $T2 = (((($Check1 & 0xFFFFC000) << 4) ¦ ($Check1 & 0x3C00)) << 0xA) ¦ ($Check2 & 0xF0F0000 ); return ($T1 ¦ $T2); } /* * genearate a checksum for the hash string */ function CheckHash($Hashnum) { $CheckByte = 0; $Flag = 0; $HashStr = sprintf('%u', $Hashnum) ; $length = strlen($HashStr); for ($i = $length - 1; $i >= 0; $i --) { $Re = $HashStr{$i}; if (1 === ($Flag % 2)) { $Re += $Re; $Re = (int)($Re / 10) + ($Re % 10); } $CheckByte += $Re; $Flag ++; } $CheckByte %= 10; if (0!== $CheckByte) { $CheckByte = 10 - $CheckByte; if (1 === ($Flag % 2) ) { if (1 === ($CheckByte % 2)) { $CheckByte += 9; } $CheckByte >>= 1; } } return &#397;'.$CheckByte.$HashStr; } function getpagerank($url) { $fp = fsockopen("toolbarqueries.google.com", 80, $errno, $errstr, 30); if (!$fp) { echo "$errstr ($errno)<br /> "; } else { $out = "GET /search?client=navclient-auto&ch=".CheckHash(HashURL($url))."&features=Rank&q=info:".$url."&num=100&filter=0 HTTP/1.1"; $out .= "Host: toolbarqueries.google.com; $out .= "User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; GoogleToolbar 2.0.114-big; Windows XP 5.1)"; $out .= "Connection: Close"; fwrite($fp, $out); //$pagerank = substr(fgets($fp, 128), 4); //echo $pagerank; while (!feof($fp)) { $data = fgets($fp, 128); $pos = strpos($data, "Rank_"); if($pos === false){} else{ $pagerank = substr($data, $pos + 9); echo $pagerank; } } fclose($fp); } } //check page rank for http://www.example.com getpagerank('example.com'); ?>

Passing Complex Data Types From A SOAP Server www.phpfreaks.com

I am having problems passing complex data types from a SOAP server constructed using the built-in PHP5 SOAP extension to a SOAP client using nusoap.php or PEAR::SOAP. Code:

Abort System Shutdown www.vbforums.com

hey all. I was just wondering about the AbortSystemShutdown API. Does anyone have any experience using it? If so how is it used?Elon

Abort A System Shutdown www.vbforums.com

What can i do if a programm wants to restart the PC but my programm is not finish with the work?THX

Making A System Service www.vbforums.com

I need to make a server application that will run as a system service. It has to be able to use the winsock controll. the winsock controll I can handle, but any help on using the system service would be really appreciated.

Online Payment System www.codingforums.com

I am developing a site for a client who wants to sell courses. I have looked at paypal and it looks like the best choice, but the site needs to be able to give special offers for courses based on what courses the user has bought before. So, although I need a simple payment system, I need to have some feedback from the provider of who has bought what. I have looked at the paypal site and sent an email to no avail. Does anybody know if this is possible with either paypal or perhaps another provider.

E-Shopping System Without Payment? stackoverflow.com

My products are custom or single-availability items.I just need to be able to add and update a ton of products quickly.My current ecommerce shopping cart is too complicated.I only have a few products. I don’t even need an e-commerce shopping cart, I just need an online catalog.Friends, i need to create simply catalog of products with categories, images of products but without any payment system. Do you know PHP based, simple CMS for that purpose?

Payment System (PayPal API Or Other)? stackoverflow.com

I'm half way through writing an application in codeigniter that allows my users to each have a 'credit-balance', which is handled by a DB. But i'm wanting the users to be able to purchase 'credits' using PayPal(or maybe another solution?) I'm wanting the user to be able to do this on my website and them not have to go to the PayPal website and signup to pay. I guess my question for advice would be, What is the best solution for this? Would Pay

Multi Merchant Payment System With PayPal? stackoverflow.com

I need to build web application where users can sell goods. Each user should be able to get money directly on his PayPal account.

How To Send Back Data From A JSON Request www.vbforums.com

I have an existing WSDL which returns information to remote devices using SOAP. However, I'm writing a new app with Android which doesn't support SOAP so I can't use the existing WSDL and have had to code a new app which looks for a querystring from the Android app and returns the data in a JSON packet. I've coded the module which receives the data okay but I'm unsure how to send the data back in JSON forma

Flex :: Send HTTP POST Request With Binary Data In Body stackoverflow.com

I'm new to Flex and couldn't figure out yet how to send binary data to the server as the body of a POST request. The HTTPService component doesn't seem to support this. The FileReference doesn't seem to support setting the data via the Flex API.

Getting Exceptions On Sending Email forums.asp.net

I am trying to send email, using Gmail. But i am getting exception.... System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Failure sending mail. ---> System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoConnect(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress) at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.InternalConnect(EndPoint remoteEP) at System.Net.ServicePoint.ConnectSocketInternal(Boolean connectFailure, Socket s4, Socket s6, Socket& socket, IPAddress& address, ConnectSocketState state, IAsyncResult asyncResult, Int32 timeout, Exception& exception) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.Net.ServicePoint.GetConnection(PooledStream PooledStream, Object owner, Boolean async, IPAddress& address, Socket& abortSocket, Socket& abortSocket6, Int32 timeout) at System.Net.PooledStream.Activate(Object owningObject, Boolean async, Int32 timeout, GeneralAsyncDelegate asyncCallback) at System.Net.PooledStream.Activate(Object owningObject, GeneralAsyncDelegate asyncCallback) at System.Net.ConnectionPool.GetConnection(Object owningObject, GeneralAsyncDelegate asyncCallback, Int32 creationTimeout) at System.Net.Mail.SmtpConnection.GetConnection(String host, Int32 port) at System.Net.Mail.SmtpTransport.GetConnection(String host, Int32 port) at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.GetConnection() at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message) at _Default.btnSendmail_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in

Asp.net - SQL Queries Through .NET And JSON? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to figure out how to do SQL queries towards an SQL 2005 Express server and format the return value to JSON. I got the queries working using this (perhaps very newbie-like) code; Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Web.UI [code]....

Send Data From A Windows Form To An Aspx Page And Send Back A Response - Request.Form Vs Request.Bin... forums.asp.net

Im trying to send data from a Windows Form to an aspx page and send back a response. Im running around in circles trying to make this work. The data im trying to send is 4 strings. So fare I have this in my code, using the build-in webclient in visual studio 2010, in the windows form sending to the aspx [Code]...

Output To Excel And Other Formats? forums.asp.net

When using NET, what is the preferred method to provide a data file back to the user in excel or other data formats?

How To Read Xml File And Results In The Textboxes forums.asp.net

how read data from xml file? And how to display that data in textboxes?

C# - Send Server.UrlEncoded XML In Querystring Causing Error? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to send a string of XML as part of the query string. Normally I'd POST this XML but I'm sending it to a 3rd party system that I can't POST stuff to. So, as it goes, I need the 3rd party system to request the services of one of the pages in my system. (explanation: the 3rd party system produces PDFs of my web pages. I give it a URL to my page, and it PDF's that page. So, the XML file contains data that I need to generate the page) Anyway, I'm getting my query string as follows: string data = Server.UrlEncode(xmlSnippet.ToString()); string sFullUrl = urlString + "?data=" + data; I give the 3rd pary system this URL, and it calls my page.. except the request doesn't reach the page. It's failing into the Application_Error handler with this message: "A potentially dangerous Request.QueryString value was detected from the client (data=[my XML data])" As I know the data I'm sending is safe, is there any way I can make this work?

Security :: Prevent Users Browsing Files When Typing Directory? forums.asp.net

I have directories in my website which require authentication. But when i type the url with the directory name it lets me see the files but doesnt allow access as users need to login. How can i stop users viewing files if they manually type directory name in?

Read The Data And Write The Data To A Table And Its Not Working? www.phpfreaks.com

I made this form and I need it to read the data and write the data to a table and its not working heres the html form I left off the doc type so it dont take up that much room <form> <h1>Telephone Directory</h1> <br> [code]........

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Keeping Data After Unsuccessful Insert? forums.asp.net

I have a formview in Insert Mode linked to a SqlDataSource through a stored procedure. The stored procedure returns -1 in case of a duplicate and i wrote code for this in SqlFormInsertDataSource_Inserted event. Now, when there is a duplicate i display a message and i want the form to show the values inputed. I thought this would be done if i enable the ViewState but i doesn't work. I get the message but the form gets back to insert mode without any data.

Forms Data Controls :: Load 'item' Data From Linked Table? forums.asp.net

I have come from MS Access and am working through a couple of textbooks on ASP.NET 4. I am using the Gridview control connected to an SQL data source control. As an exercise I am converting my simpliest MS Access page which is simple a form to request a new stock item in our engineering stores. I have a normalised table called [stock_requests] and part of this is a field calle [failure_mode]. This field is an integer and there is another table listing the possible values for this field. This other table is called [failure_modes] and has two field: [id] < the primary key [mode] < the text to be displayed In my main table [stock_requests] in the field [failure_mode] I store the [id] from the [failure_modes] table for the applicable record in the [failure_modes] table. So for example if someone wanted to select "Catastrophic" as the failure mode the [stock_requests].[failure_mode] field would be 1; if the user selected "Gradual" as the failure mode the [stock_requests].[failure_mode] field would be 2 etc. Now, the gridview wants to display "1" or "2" but I want to display "gradual" or "catastrophic" without using views and all the headaches that brings. I have managed to sort out editting by using a templated field where I have a drop down list in this cell and I databind to a second SQL data source (imaginatively called SqlDataSource2). what is the best method for displaying the text 'Catastophic' or 'Gradual' etc. when in normal mode (view mode)? Is it another templated field and what is the basic approach I should use? I reckon I should be able to work it out once someone points me in the right direction.

Forms Data Controls :: Check Whether Data Has Been Modified Or Not In User Controls? forums.asp.net

I have 5 user controls in a web form. Data is being loaded into the user controls at the user control page load event. I have a single save button for the entire web form(the the top of the page). Each user control has update panel and consists of many web controls like textbox, dropdown,gridview and many other. after the page has been rendered successfully to the user. Considered that he has changed text in one user control (  in few textboxes,dropdowns , grid) and clicked on save button. Now I should save only the changes user has made ( in 1 user control) instead of saving all the 5 user controls. how can i achieve this?

Forms Data Controls :: Check Already Exist Data From Database Without Post Back? forums.asp.net

I have developed an asp.net application ... I have a textbox where user will enter is name ... I need to check if the name is already exist in the database table column when ever user enter their name with out post back . If user exist mean it should show a msg user already exist .....

Forms Data Controls :: Showing Data In Grid Format Without Repetition? forums.asp.net

Say I have a table which as two fields Category and Subcategory.  There are multiple sub categories under a particular category.  when displaying in grid it shows all subcategories along with the category which is the same is this case. How can I display records so that the category is displayed only once and all subcategories are displayed.

Forms Data Controls :: Load Data Into Gridview When Scroll? forums.asp.net

i have a gridview with vertical scrollbar and i have 100 rows in table. How to load 10 rows each time,when i scroll down or up.

Forms Data Controls :: Copy Data From Excel Row To Gridview Row? forums.asp.net

I need to copy data from excel to asp.net gridview. I have to select a row and press Ctrl+C to copy from excel, then I have to paste it in Gridview.

Forms Data Controls :: Copy Data From Db To Textbox? forums.asp.net

I have a web page like this default.aspx?id={0-n} default.aspx?id=5 for example  how can i copy this number to textbox !? i mean the 5  or any another number  i must use it in text box

Forms Data Controls :: Attempting To Bind Data From A Dropdown List / Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into... forums.asp.net

I am attempting to bind data from a dropdown list that was populated from another datasourceID. I've bolded what I believe is relevant to this issue in the code below. But basicly its binding the proper county on the pull down menu but when I hit form submit it dosnt postback that info instead its null. [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Integer Data Validation In DataSet Select Method? forums.asp.net

I am having dataset and I want to validate particular column for Integer(Numeric) value. e.g. ErrorRows = dt.Select("LEN(Year) <> 4 ") Above I have to validate Year column for Numeric value otherwise it should give me erroneous records which have data other than numeric.

Forms Data Controls :: Get Data From A GridView Without Using Select Column? forums.asp.net

i have a Grid View called: GridView1.. and i have a column of DropDownList with 4 items inside it (Approve Training 1, Approve Training 2, Approve Training 3, Reject)..when the Admin or user choose one of these items and then click on the Button (Process)an event will be called (process_Click)..it should go throw all the GridView rows and check the DropDown list.. and there is if/else statement to control the selected item.. what i don't know how to do is: if the user choose item1 (Approve Training 1) for example. then the ID, GPA, TrainingCode1 will be saved in a DataBase table called Approved.how to get these information from the GridView without using Select column??this is a part of my code: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Read A Data Table And Write In Access DB? forums.asp.net

I need to read a table from a dtgrid there is one code for example?

Forms Data Controls :: Invalid Attempt To Read When No Data Is Present? forums.asp.net

here, i want to read the data for sql table, but there has error occur. "Invalid attempt to read when no data is present." protected void DropDownListSelectDateYYYY_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { Session["selectDate"] = Session["month"].ToString() + '/' + Session["day"].ToString() + '/' + DropDownListSelectDateYYYY.SelectedValue.ToString(); System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print(Session["selectDate"].ToString()); } string sqlstr = "select * from ATTENDANCE where staff_Name = '" + LabelEmpSelected.Text.Trim() + "'and attendance_Date = '" + Session["selectDate"] + "' ";  whic session["selectDate"] cann't match to the database column data which is mm/dd/yyyy

Forms Data Controls :: How To Read Data From Stored Proceedure And Display To Gridview Using Object ... forums.asp.net

I have an object datasource which is using Business object as a myconnection The method i have defined under myconnection is Publicstatic DataTable getfn(String dtype, String did, String dprefix, String dname) { datable table = new datatable(); then declared stored proceedure and defined parameters and assighned values In the stored proceedure it has a query like select column1,coloumn2,coloumn3 As Call from table where I need to take data from Call and display it to the gridview through object datasource .

Forms Data Controls :: Selected Value For Filtered Data In ListView? forums.asp.net

My page has ListView with SqlDataSource. I set SqlDataSource as DataSet and EnableCaching = True. BEFORE I filter SqlDataSource, I don't have problem to get the record value for selected record data in my ListView. AFTER I filter SqlDataSource, my ListView can display the filter record data properly, but I have problem to get the record value for selected record data in my ListView. The record value for selected record data does not refer to the record value what I am selecting.

Forms Data Controls :: Populating Dropdown Box With XML Data Filtered From Another Dropdown Box? forums.asp.net

I've currently got a form with two dropdown boxes on, and an XML file sitting on the site. My two drop down boxes are Location and Date and what i'm trying to do it get the Location box to filter the XML and put the dates in the Date dropdown box. I'm using C#. Unfortunatly, its not working. My code is: [Code].... and my XML is like this: [Code].... why my dropdown boxes are not being populated?

C# - How To Write Binary Data "as Is" To Registry (ie: I Have Visible Binary Data As String From Regedit... stackoverflow.com

I have been googling this and have not come along a working solution for an entire day. I don't know anything about binary data types (as I've never knowingly used them) and I'm trying to write a binary value that I see in the registry, to the registry. Now, all I see is the following [shown below]... and if I try to pass that as a string to the RegSetValueEx in the WinAPI and of course it errors out... I do not know what 'numbers' I need to pass into the lpData As Any, argument of RegSetValueEx (i tried a bit array) in order for it to come out as the following [shown below] in the regedit. I really have no idea, and my tests to place random numbers in the bit array just produce corresponding random "figures" as visible in regedit that I do not understand how to 'tie' them together logically. here is the culprit! [Code]... If I had the following in a string or a bit array, what must I populate the bitarray with so that the registry outputs this [above] when written? or, how can I figure out how to do it? I was hoping there'd be a function that reads my string of binary data and transforms it into the real binary format to submit to the RegSetValueEx function in VB6 or other function in VB.Net or C# (this really is a language agnostic question, and the problem exists in all languages; ie: same process).

Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data Sourse To Repeter Control? forums.asp.net

I have sql dataset (getting by stored procedure) and i want to show it in repeter control . I never use this control .After bind datasource i want to click on one row and send that row  records  to another page. Can i do this using repeter control .I have done same concept using GridView . But now should do using Repeter Control.

Forms Data Controls :: Bind Gridview To Data From Another Page? forums.asp.net

I have two pages: The Source page with a query function SearchUser (Linq) and the Target page with Gridview. now I need to to pass the data that retrieve from the SearchUser function to the GridView of the Target page by "Object Data Source". (I've tried to click on gridview->Configure Data Source-> Object->  and then I can't see the Source page where the function is in).

Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Data / Display The Sub Models Of Particular Laptop Category? forums.asp.net

I have two tables... Laptop category and Laptop details ... Laptop of each category is displayed using Imagebuttons in my website... eg: Dell.HP,Compaq and each category is associated with unique ID like 1 ,2, 3, etc. Based on this category ID when i click on particular image button it should redirect  to another web page ( I ve specified the page in each ImageButton's PostBackUrl property as LaptopDetails.aspx ? catId=1 ....). And  in Details page  I would like to display the sub models of particular Laptop Category... for eg Dell has three sub models INSPIRON 1464, INSPIRON 15 and INSPIRON 15R sub models has to be displayed with image and all the details from the database...

Forms Data Controls :: Viewing Datalist Data Where From Another Table? forums.asp.net

I am trying to show data on a datalist, but with some caveats.1. WHERE the User Id = the querystring id pass on the url2. WHERE the table 'resume', the 'permissions' column shows as '1'orWHERE the table 'resume' the 'permissions' column contains within it any number from 2-4, any of which matches one or more numbers in the 'permissions' column of the 'contacts' table (but WHERE the 'contacts' table where the url querystring id = column 'myuserid' and the signed in Profile.UserName = the column 'theiruserid'Its complicted, but i dont know how to reference another data table when selecting data from the first table...?

Forms Data Controls :: Get Sql Data In Datalist On Mouseover Event? forums.asp.net

In this link [URL] you can see that we have a real state list. When you click the datalist the selectedindexchange event launched and call a method that retrieved the data from sql to display the correct image and realstate address, etc. How can I change the event to a mouseover event? I don't want to click to see the info I just want to mouseover and see the more info. <asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" ScrollBars="Vertical" meta:resourcekey="Panel1Resource1"> <div> <asp:DataList runat="server" id="DataListRealStates" DataKeyField="InmobiliariaID" [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Store A Gridview With Data In A Cookie? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to store a gridview with data in a cookie, and retrive whenever we want?

Forms Data Controls :: Accessing Data In DataList Using C#? forums.asp.net

Basically, for each group of rows belonging to the same category, I'd like to display one big "category" header above those rows.  So, for example, i have the following example data: name, category, ID jim, sales, 2 jane, sales, 5 john, sales 8 randy, marketing, 6 sandy, marketing, 44 I'd like to display it like so: SALES jim, sales, 2 jane, sales, 5 john, sales 8 MARKETING randy, marketing, 6 sandy, marketing, 44 I'm using the Datalist control, and the way I've been approaching it is to store the "current" category within some string variable, and for each row that's displayed, I compare the category with the "current" category variable to see if they're equal; if not equal, then I display a new header for the new category and store the new category in the "current" category variable.  Sounds simple enough, but I'm having trouble on how to approach this (I'm new to ASP.NET, former ASP user). this is what I have so far: <table width="100%"> <asp:DataList ID="DataList1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1"> <ItemTemplate> <tr> [Code].... * Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control.

Forms Data Controls :: Get The Label Data From Datalist? forums.asp.net

I am trying the below code but It didn't work. [Code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Using 'MyDataGrid' In The Correct Syntax To Insert Data? forums.asp.net

Are we using 'MyDataGrid' in the correct syntax to insert data  Code behind reads: [Code].... The front code [URL] for the Gridview reads: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Correct Use Of Listvieuw With Object Data Source? forums.asp.net

i made a small n-tier webapplication, a DATA project with my business objects a DA project with my datacces logic and a GUI project woth my website. For the CRUD operations on my main tables I use a lot of listviews, that works fine but when data grows its slows down.I used already used optimal paging & shared collection's to preventing database acces if data is already loaded en that helps alot.But I see when a user select the EDIT command the select of my listview is performed what is not needed, also when the user than select cancel the select is again called , is this normal behavior or do I made a  mistake in program logic somewhere because this behavior is slowing my application down.

Forms Data Controls :: Use Usercontrol In GridView? forums.asp.net

How can i use usercontrol in gridView or data grid for show news