Sql - Parameterized Query Expects The Parameter Which Was Not Supplied?


im having a problem with my code Private Sub TextBox2_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles TextBox2.TextChanged [Code]... once i typed in the string in the textbox to search for an item i get this error The parameterized query '(@Parameter1 nvarchar(4000))SELECT * FROM borrow where (Departme' expects the parameter '@Parameter1', which was not supplied.""

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I'm getting the error: The parameterized query(@CustomerID, @ProductCode, @DateOpened) expects the parameter @ProductCode, which was not supplied.For one thing, my INSERT query has five parameters, not just the three listed in the error notice. Another thing, I supplied @ProductCode in the AddWithValue statement. Another thing is that I don't get the error when I change: InsertCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@DateOpened", Date.Today.Date) [code].....

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The error is an SQLException which says that the parameterized query expects a parameter (@caseRef) which is not supplied. Can anyone explain. I can't see why it is not taking the parameter I'm supplying.

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with the code: T02FldDct01("DPF01") = "ABC" T02FldDct01("DPF02") = "DEF" T02Database01.Open()[code]..... I am getting the following error at the ExecuteNonQuery() line: "Parameterized query 'Update Table01 Set T02=@DPV01,T03=@DPV02 Where T01=@T02Ctr' expects a parameter value which was not supplied. Parameter name: @DPV01" T02 is a nvarchar field.The Dictionary was defined and populated as follows: Dim T02FldDct01 As New Dictionary(Of String, String) T0201 = "01" T0202 = "02"[code].... why the update routine will not recognize this Dictionary variable?

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Dear Friend i have created a parameterized report in access which call for three parameter and display all the fields accroding to data supplied by these parameters. I want i should be invoke this report as well as pass the three parameters through visual basic controlsThe code i get just for calling parameterize query onlybut i want to call PARAMETRIZED REPORTPlz Plz help me regarding that Thanks in AdvanceShivPreet2k1

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I've got the following Problem: The parameterized query '(@StoreId nvarchar(1),@OfferTitle nvarchar(4),@OfferDescription ' expects the parameter '@CouponData', which was not supplied. [Code].... [Code].... It had appeared to be running fine prior to now? It's not even executing the function. It just gets to ExecuteNonQuery() and throws back that error?

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Procedure or function 'Inser1' expects parameter '@CustoemrID', which was not supplied.supply a parameter for binding a gridview

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I keep getting this error : The parameterized query '(@AdminEmail nvarchar(4000),@AdminPassword nvarchar(4000))SELECT' expects the parameter '@AdminEmail', which was not supplied. [code].....

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Hi � i m trying to call a function in insert statment Insert Into (value, value1) Value(@value, dbo.function(@value1) dbo.function returns a value, when i test the function in querry builder all goes fine. In my program i become a error "Parameterized Query '' ' expects parameter @value1 , which was not supplied." I m using visual studio , tableadapter.update function to insert datarecords in db � thx for help �

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I have an application which uses globalization, hence the datetime objects are globalized based on current culture. These datetime objects are passed as sql parameters for a select query. The database stores the datetime in only one format (en-US style). Although the query is parameterized the final query generated does not contain converted values (format that Database is expecting).

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HI,I am in trouble with parameterized query for Crystal Report. I have a Data Environment called DE and a Command called Monthly Salary. This Command executes an SQL Server stored procedure that receives month as parameter. When I try to use this command for data for my crystal report within visual basic development environment, I get message like "Value for one or more required parameter not given". If I use a table instead of parameterized query, I do not receive this message. I need to use parameterized query for Crystal Report, My database may be either SQL Server or Access, I want to access data through data environment. How can I do this. Any suggestion or code sample is appeciated ( Now I resolve this problem in a way that like not. I execute the query and store data in a temporary table and use this table as my data source for Crystal Report).


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I'm trying to update the database library that we use at work to use parameterized queries so that coworkers who are not very knowledgeable about SQL injection won't have to remember to escape input and just pass in an array of parameters instead (I'm using pg_query_params). However, I am running into a problem. One of the requirements of the database library is that it logs each query that is executed and I can't figure out a way to get the text of a parameterized query once the parameters have been filled in. Is there any way to do this (aside from rolling my own function for parameterized queries, I guess)? In other words, when executing a parameterized query like pg_query_params('SELECT id FROM table WHERE foo = $1', array('bar')); I want to get something like SELECT id FROM table WHERE foo = 'bar'

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I have a sql stored procedure with an output parameter. I'm just trying to read the output parameter in my code and I just cannot get it to work. The error I get is: "Procedure or function 'GetFolderData' expects parameter '@RootName', which was not supplied." It looks like I am supplying this but it's not working. Here is my stored procedure: ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetFolderData] ( @RootID int, [Code].....

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Dear allHow do i define parameterized query in MsAccess and call this query using ADO parameters retrieve data to a recordsetthanks alot

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I have straight forward Insert Query, which takes values mainly from text boxes, however I am having trouble when the value is null. eg cmdP0.Parameters["@EmpID"].Value=txtEmpNo.Text; When I run the Query I get... � Message="Parameterized Query '(@ID int,@EmpID int,@Photo nvarchar(260),@DoB smalldatetime,@Med' expects parameter @EmpID, which was not supplied." I also get this when the parameter can be a string. I have set the parameter properties so that SourceColumnNullMaping to true (it was set as false - so hoped this might fix it!) No luck.

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I am using the stored procedure below for the select command of a SqlDataSource, and I'm trying to pass a query string parameter, but I get this error: Procedure or function 'ActivationCampaignGetById' expects parameter '@campaignId', which was not supplied. The parameter is present in the query string: http://localhost:62681/Activations/ActivationCampaignDetails.aspx?id=98 Here is my DataSource code: <asp:SqlDataSource ID="campaignDataSource" runat="server" ConflictDetection="CompareAllValues" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ProVantageMediaManagement %>" SelectCommand="ActivationCampaignGetById" SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure"> <SelectParameters> <asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="98" Name="campaignId" QueryStringField="id" Type="Int32" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource> And my stored procedure declaration: ALTER procedure [dbo].[ActivationCampaignGetById] @campaignId int as select

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I am using the stored procedure below for the select command of a SqlDataSource, and I'm trying to pass a query string parameter, but I get this error: Procedure or function 'ActivationCampaignGetById' expects parameter '@campaignId', which was not supplied. The parameter is present in the query string: http://localhost:62681/Activations/ActivationCampaignDetails.aspx?id=98 Here is my DataSource code: <asp:SqlDataSource ID="campaignDataSource" runat="server" ConflictDetection="CompareAllValues" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ProVantageMediaManagement %>" SelectCommand="ActivationCampaignGetById" SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure"> <SelectParameters> <asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="98" Name="campaignId" QueryStringField="id" Type="Int32" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource> And my stored procedure declaration: ALTER procedure [dbo].[ActivationCampaignGetById] @campaignId int as select

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� Stored procedure in SQL Server 2K is as follows.. � CREATE PROCEDURE �TestDataRead @TestString varchar(20) OUTPUT AS � SET @TestString = 'Mr.String' GO �----------------------------------------------------------------------- SSIS package details. � OLEDB connection manager;�Connection works fine. Execute SQL Task Editor properties are as follows. ResultSetàNone SQLStatementà exec TestDataRead SQLSourceTypeirectInput Parameter Mapping: VariableName: selected the user variable from the list. Direction: Output DataType:varchar Parameter Name: 0 Parameter Type: 20 When I run I am getting the following error. � � � SSIS package "TEST SSIS1.dtsx" starting. Error: 0xC002F210 at Execute SQL Task, Execute SQL Task: Executing the query "exec TestDataRead" failed with the following error: "Procedure 'TestDataRead' expects parameter '@TestString', which was not supplied.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.� ........................................... ................................................................... � � � Please help. Smith

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How can I call parameterized Access 2000 queries through VB6 by passing parameters as controls of VB form.

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I am working for a video streaming website for my college library.I am using PHP and MySql.I have not used any Parameterized Queries in this project.Recently I came to know about SQL Injections.Now that my code is almost done and i have to submit the project in the next two days,How can i now assure that my code is not SQL injection prone?Converting the whole thing in to a parameterized interface is what i can't do now?What should I do Now to avoid SQL Injections on my website?

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I've narrowed the problem down to the following: Receive "Login failed" for user ASPNET error message SQL Server 2005 is db and IIS is web server (both on same computer) Mixed authentication used on SQL Server I have created user ASPLogin with password that is correctly typed int the web.config: add name="masterConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=computernameGMOSERVER;Initial Catalog=Portal;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=ASPLogin;Password=password" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> I am able to access my webpages that query the database as long as they are not parameterized.However, the parameterized queries (e.g., SELECT * FROM SUPP_DASH_RESULTS WHERE organization_code = @orgcode) are the ones that do not work, and give me the "Login failed" error message

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Hey everyone, I have a smart device project in Visual Studio 2005 that has a SQL Mobile data source.� I am trying to create a parameterized query that utilizes 'LIKE' and wildcards.� My query is below: SELECT�LocationID, StreetNum, StreetName, rowguid FROM tblLocations WHERE�(StreetNum = @StreetNum) AND (StreetName LIKE '%' + @StreetName + '%') However, when I test this on my PDA, I get the following error: SQL Execution Error. Executed SQL statement: SELECT LocationID, StreetNum, StreetName, rowguid FROM tblLocations WHERE (StreetNum = @StreetNum) AND (StreetName LIKE '%' + @StreetName + '%') Error Source: SQL Server Mobile Edition ADO.NET Data Provider Error Message: @StreetName : deerbrook - FormatException Does anyone know how to add wildcards to a parameter? Thanks, Lee

Crystal Reports :: Add Parameter To Stored Proc - SQL State 42000 Native Error forums.asp.net

i hve crystal report which is wrking perfectly fine.. now i want to add paramter to my stored proc... but i am not able to add the same parameter on crystal report..i tried to add parameter in the parameter fields the crystal reports field explorer.. but when i verfiy database it still gives msg stored proc expects parameter which was not supplied..SQL State 42000 native error..

DataSource Controls :: Procedure Expects Parameter Which Was Not Supplied? forums.asp.net

I keep getting this error: Procedure 'cnpcpiFarmFormAssignField' expects parameter '@chUserId', which was not supplied. [Code]....

Passing Parameters To SQL Stored Procedure www.vbcity.com

I am using an ADO connection to SQL Server 2000. I am using the following statement to pass a parameter to the SP:cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreaterParameter ("@rfTagNumberStr", adVarChar, adParamInput, 50, rfTagNumber)I receive the following error when I try to execute the call:Procedure 'xxx' expects parameter '@rfTagNumberStr', which was not supplied.

Parameter Help www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a stored procedure in SQL as the followingCREATE PROCEDURE uspGetDetails @OrderID intASSelect ItemDesc, Qty, OrderIDFROM tblPractOrderDetailsJOIN tblPractCatalog ON tblPractOrderDetails.ItemNum = tblPractCatalog.ItemNumWhere tblPractOrderDetails.OrderID = @OrderIDGOI have VB code written as the following:Private Sub cmdDetail_Click()Dim oRS2 As ADODB.Recordset Dim oConn As New ADODB.Connection oConn.Open "DSN=Practice" Set oRS2 = oConn.Execute("uspGetDetails")End SubI get an error in VB indicating Procedure 'uspGetDetails' expects parameter '@OrderID',which was not supplied.How and where do I supply this parameter. Can anyone help me.

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Can I use the adodb command to make a query as text (not as stored procedure) and pass several parameters ?I saw that is possible with one parameter and setting its position in the text query with the simbol '?'. What if I had several parameters?I'm not using access and parameterized queries.I'm using ole for DB2.

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I keep on drawing this error:Sys.Net.WebServiceFailedException: The server method 'GetPhotos' failed with the following error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException-- The parameterized query '(@ImageAlbumGUID nvarchar(100))SELECT * FROM [Image] WHERE [Image' expects the parameter '@ImageAlbumGUID',which was not suppliedI understand how it is drawing it, When I skip creating an album It does not create an ID, so instead I would like to show a default image not from the db. I have been trying to figure out if @ImageAlbumGUID is nothing then the show image. [code]...

Procedure Or Function 'syl_EmailQueueInsert' Expects Parameter '@EmailCC', Which Was Not Supplied. forums.asp.net

We have a email table in the database (SQL Server 2005). When we try to execute the Insert Stored Proc in the database to add a record and leave the EmailCC and EmailBCC fields blank we are getting the following error: Msg 201, Level 16, State 4, Procedure syl_EmailQueueInsert, Line 0Procedure or Function 'syl_EmailQueueInsert' expects parameter '@EmailCC', which was not supplied. The EmailCC and EmailBCC are set to allow nulls. Shouldn’t the system automatically insert nulls into those colums if no value is supplied??? What am I doing wrong? Newbie

SSIS Data Flow Parameterize Query www.dbforums.com

Hi, I am using SSIS in SQL Server 2005 and want to have a query like this in my data flow task Select a.* from abc as a inner join (Select max(b.id) as ID from xyz as b inner join pqr as c on b.id = c.id and b.id > ?) as t1 on t1.id = a.id SSIS fails to detect the parameter (?) for the inner query and gives message. " Parameters cannot be extracted from the SQL command. The provider might not help to parse parameter information from the command. In that case, use the "SQL command from variable" access mode, in which the entire SQL command is stored in a variable.", so assuming this is your problem, then you can workaround. " The idea is to parameterize the inner query ,,, (so if the above query doesnt make sense ignore it )

Cannot Execute Parameterized Query From An Application - Version: 2000 (9.0) www.utteraccess.com

Hi, I am trying to execute a parameterized query from a access application. I am trying to insert data in a table using parameterized stored procedure. This is trigered in the OnClick event of a button. I am not getting error message. However the destination table does not have the right insert. Any help is highly appreciated. I am wondering where is the problem. Thanks CODE: Set Conn = New ADODB.Connection Set cmdInsert = New ADODB.Command Conn.ConnectionString = "Provider=sqloledb;Initial Catalog=PWO;Source=localhost;Integrated Security=SSPI;" Conn.CursorLocation = adUseClient Conn.Open Set cmdInsert.ActiveConnection = Conn cmdInsert.CommandText = "sp_insert_dbo_PWO_Status_1_single" var_QuotePrefix = txtQuotePrefix var_QuoteNumber = txtQuoteNumber var_QuotePWORevision = txtQuotePWORevision var_QuotePriceRevision = txtQuotePriceRevision var_NextScenarioNumber = txtNextScenarioNumber var_NextScenarioNumber = CInt(txtNextScenarioNumber) ' Add the parameters cmdInsert.Parameters.Append cmdInsert.CreateParameter("@userprefix", adVarWChar, adParamInput, 10, var_QuotePrefix) cmdInsert.Parameters.Append cmdInsert.CreateParameter("@usernumber", adVarWChar, adParamInput, 10, var_QuoteNumber) cmdInsert.Parameters.Append cmdInsert.CreateParameter("@userrevision", adVarWChar, adParamInput, 10, var_QuotePWORevision) cmdInsert.Parameters.Append cmdInsert.CreateParameter("@userpricerevision", adVarWChar, adParamInput, 10, var_QuotePriceRevision) cmdInsert.Parameters.Append cmdInsert.CreateParameter("@userscenario", adInteger, adParamInput, 4, var_NextScenarioNumber) cmdInsert.Execute rs, , adExecuteNoRecords Set cmdInsert = Nothing Conn.Close

Parameterized Query In Data Environment Designer www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,allI am using VB 6, MySQL v3.23.52-nt and MyODBC v2.50.39.00I am developing an application using Visual Basic 6. I have set up a DataEnvironment and added a new Command object(command1). and also set up a dataReport(datareport1), I want to assign a parameterized query to the Command Object, so on the General tab, click sql statement, I type the following query:select * from tblPayable where ponum = ? (I want to get ponum from textbox in a form finally)then I click Parameters tab, I can't do anything here, becase the Parameter Properties are disenabled (how to make them enabled?)I drag Command1 to dataReport1,then I run my program:Private Sub Command1_Click()DataReport1.ShowEnd Sub I got error: [TCX][MyODBC]SQLBindParameter not used for all parametersthen I search MSDN Library: I reached "Data Environment Programing Guidelines"I follow its example "To create a parameterized query", but not sucessful,I noted there's an explanation:Paramaterized Queries and the Access OLE DB Provider and ODBC Driver(Due to limitations of the Microsoft® Access OLE DB provider and ODBC driver, parameterized queries are not fully supported in the Data Environment when connecting to an Access database, because the driver and provider do not return information about parameters (like data type and direction) in the query.)Since I use Mysql ODBC driver, does that mean it's impossible for me to create a parameterized query? (if that true, I need work hard to find other way)can someone help me or give other good suggestion ?Thanks!Yinghong

Cannot Find The Reason For Error www.codeguru.com

I have the following code in VBint866 = 205objCommand.CommandType = adCmdStoredProcobjCommand.CommandText = "SelectUniqueRack"objCommand.ActiveConnection = conVB_SDSobjCommand.Parameters.Append _objCommand.CreateParameter("int866ID", adInteger, adParamInput, , int866)objCommand.ExecuteobjRS.CursorLocation = adUseClientobjRS.Open "SelectUniqueRack", conVB_SDS, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdStoredProcand stored procedureCREATE PROCEDURE SelectUniqueRack @int866 int ASSELECT DISTINCT [Rack_No] FROM [tbl866_LIN_Segment] WHERE [866_ID] = @int866 AND [In_System] IS NULL ORDER BY [Rack_No] ASCwhat is the reason for the following error-2147217900[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Procedure 'SelectUniqueRack' expects parameter '@int866', which was not supplied.

Transactional Replication Error Message forums.databasejournal.com

I have set up transactional replication between one SQL 7 box and a SQL 2000 box. The SQL 7 box is the distributor and publisher. The SQL 2000 box is the subscriber with immediate updating enabled. Replication from the 7 box to the 2000 box fails with the following error: "Procedure 'sp_addsynctriggers' expects parameter '@primary_key_bitmap', which was not supplied." I can not identify the cause of this error. Can someone shed some light on this? Thanks Rick

Error - Procedure Expects Parameter, Which Was Not Supplied forums.asp.net

Hi, I created a stored procedure in the sql server. I try to insert a record from the aspx page. But I keep getting this error, "procedure expects parameter <@firstname>, which was not supplied". This is what I am doing. cmd.CommandText = "proc_insertuser"; cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cmd.Parameters.Add("@firstname", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50); cmd.Parameters["@firstname"].Value = txtFirstName.Text ....other parameters I checked the parameter names, it matches correctly. The parameter does get added to the collection. I checked it using cmd.Parameters.Contains("@firstname") and the value is also correct. Using query analyzer I executed the procedure, I am able to insert a record. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem. TAI

Problems With Parameterized Insert SQL With OLEDB Destination social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hello, I've searched around and can't find any references to the problem I'm having. I'd appreciate any ideas or input. I'm trying to use the OLEDB Destination for an insert at the end of a long data flow. I need to parameterize the input, and for some of the columns I need to use literal values instead of parameters. It seems like this should be the most common thing in the world, but I'm at a loss to get it to work. I type in the SQL statement just like I would with an OLEDB Command transformation, with the ? character for the appropriate columns in the VALUES clause. However, when I try to use Parse Query I get this error: "Parameter Information cannot be derived from SQL statements. Set parameter information before preparing command." OK, so I start searching around for ways to set the parameter information. Nada. On the Mappings tab the parameter list is empty. I check MSDN and it says this: "If you have entered a parameterized query by using ? as a parameter placeholder in the query text, use the Set Query Parameters dialog box to map query input parameters to package variables." Set Query Parameters dialog box? I don't see this anywhere. What am I missing? The options with the SQL Server Destination seem even more limited, as I don't see any way to use a SQL statement or stored procedure. For the moment I'm going to stub this off with an OLEDB Command transformation with a downstream Trash desintation, but hopefully that's only going to be temporary. Thanks, Dan

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I am having a problem with�what appears to be a very trivial task in the graphical query designer.� When I enter =@County into the filter column quotes are automatically added like = '@County' which the makes the query string inaccurate (looking for a literal County = "@County" in the where clause). � I am using Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 with the newest service packs and retreiving data from an Oracle 10G database. � If I remove the quotes and run the query through the generic query designer in my SQL reporting project I get the error "ORA-00936: missing expression". � It is as if the SQL Reporting Project does not understand the meaning of the @ symbol for entering a parameter. � What am I missing here?� I thought @ specified that this would be a parameter and you then just needed to supply the values for the parameter. � Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. � �

Parametrized Insert Query Not Working? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to run what I thought was a rather simple parameterized insert query, but am running into all sorts of problems. SQL EXPRESS 08R2, VB.net Here is the VB code that builds the parameters... UPDATED Variable names: itemDataSource1.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("MyConnectionString").ToString() itemDataSource1.InsertCommandType = SqlDataSourceCommandType.StoredProcedure itemDataSource1.InsertParameters.Add("@short_Text", short_Text) [Code]....

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SqlConnection CncDwBugNet = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["ConnectionString"]); SqlCommand Sql = new SqlCommand(); Sql.Connection = CncDwBugNet; Sql.CommandText = "INSERT INTO filtro(descricao, cod_projeto, cod_usuarioowner, cod_usuarioview) VALUES (@Descricao, @CodProjeto, @CodUsuarioOwner, @CodUsuarioView)"; Sql.Parameters.Add("@Descricao", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = LocalFilter.Nome; if (LocalFilter.Project != 0) Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodProjeto", SqlDbType.Int).Value = LocalFilter.Project; else Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodProjeto", SqlDbType.Int).Value = null; Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodUsuarioOwner", SqlDbType.Int).Value = (int)HttpContext.Current.Session["User"]; if (LocalFilter.User != 0) Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodUsuarioView", SqlDbType.Int).Value = LocalFilter.User; else Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodUsuarioView", SqlDbType.Int).Value = null; ----- this error appears when i run executenonquery method... "Prepared statement '(@Descricao varchar(2),@CodProjeto int,@CodUsuarioOwner int,@Cod' expects parameter @CodProjeto, which was not supplied."

What Is Wrong In My Code??? forums.asp.net

SqlConnection CncDwBugNet = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["ConnectionString"]); SqlCommand Sql = new SqlCommand(); Sql.Connection = CncDwBugNet; Sql.CommandText = "INSERT INTO filtro(descricao, cod_projeto, cod_usuarioowner, cod_usuarioview) VALUES (@Descricao, @CodProjeto, @CodUsuarioOwner, @CodUsuarioView)"; Sql.Parameters.Add("@Descricao", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = LocalFilter.Nome; if (LocalFilter.Project != 0) Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodProjeto", SqlDbType.Int).Value = LocalFilter.Project; else Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodProjeto", SqlDbType.Int).Value = null; Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodUsuarioOwner", SqlDbType.Int).Value = (int)HttpContext.Current.Session["User"]; if (LocalFilter.User != 0) Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodUsuarioView", SqlDbType.Int).Value = LocalFilter.User; else Sql.Parameters.Add("@CodUsuarioView", SqlDbType.Int).Value = null; ----- this error appears when i run executenonquery method... "Prepared statement '(@Descricao varchar(2),@CodProjeto int,@CodUsuarioOwner int,@Cod' expects parameter @CodProjeto, which was not supplied."

Visual Basic Coding www.codeguru.com

I am using visual basic and ms access as database.I have created a query in ms access. I have created this query as parameterized query. Now, how to assign this parameter from vbcodeSay i have a textbox in my vb form. Now, whatever value entered in this textbox should be used as a parameter in a query that i have created in ms access. How to implement this ?I am using parameterized query with vb for the first time. So, I am getting no idea related to it.

Unknown Ammount Of Parameters, Parameterized Statement/split Strings In Transact Sql forums.asp.net

Hello, Is there any way to run a parameterized statement against SQL when you have an unknown ammount of inputs. Instead of doing the following: FOR i as integer = 0 to topValue strWhere &= " OR myColName='"& myArr(i) &"'" NEXT wash up the string and submit this to SQL, I want to do it with parameters. I'm calling a sproc in SQL and I would prefer just to send in a string like "1,4,42',45" in a parameter split that in SQL and run my query.The query would be something like "...WHERE myColname=1 OR myColname=2 OR myColName=3" I only want to declare one parameter and not use string concatenation as described above.It doesn't matter if there's a split function in SQL or not, as long as it solves my problem in an efficient manner. Cheers!/Eskil 

Insert A Null Value In A Parametrized SQL Statement? www.vbforums.com

Now that I've switched over to parameterized queries, everything is great except along with handling all the special characters that would otherwise disrupt an all text SQL stament, it's handling the word NULL. My code basically does this for every variable used in the entire SQL statement: If strCallName = "" Then strCallName = "NULL" End If [Code]... and that worked great for my old all text ones because leaving the word NULL out of single quotes would tell it yeah, that's actually null and pass it a true null value. Now with parameterized ones, it's literally passing it the word NULL I tried just leaving the string empty but then when I try to execute the command, it says that the parameter cannot be a zero length string. So how do you give a null value to a a parameterized query and make it actually send that to the database in the statement? Would strCallName = vbNull work or would it still say it's a zero length string?

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I have stored procedure as follows Alter PROCEDURE SP_CURRENCYLIST @CURRENCYNAME VARCHAR(200) AS BEGIN TRUNCATE TABLE TMCUR INSERT INTO TMCUR VALUES (@CURRENCYNAME) select * from TMCUR END GO In my code-behind page, connection.Open() For Each listofcurrencies As CurrencyListRow In client.GetSupportedCurrencies str = "exec SP_CURRENCYLIST" mycommand = New SqlCommand(str, connection) mycommand.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@CURRENCYNAME", SqlDbType.VarChar, 200)).Value = listofcurrencies.CurrencyShortName mycommand.ExecuteNonQuery() Next When i run my application it;s showing error as "Procedure sp_currencylist" expects parameter @currencyname,which is not supplied." Even i have supplied correct no of parameters as i have only one column in my table.I searched in many websites..but no solution..

Access :: 2007, Delete Query Does Not Work? forums.asp.net

I'm using Access 2007 for a project and I'm trying to run the following parameterized query: string sql = "DELETE * FROM participants WHERE participant_id = @participant_id" OleDbCommand command = DataAccess.NewCommand(sql); command.Parameters.Add("participant_id", 1); command.ExecuteNonQuery(); The really weird thing is that it will work if I hard code the value: string sql = "DELETE * FROM participants WHERE participant_id = 1"

How To Call A Parameterized Stored Procedure Within A Loop In ASP.NET forums.asp.net

I would like to know what are the ways to call a parameterized stored procedure within a loop in ASP.NET. Scenario:  I have a loop  through a dataSet and for each record I am going to execute a stored procedure to insert data in many tables.  I can not use the following syntax: cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure cmd.CommandText = "dbo.storedprocedurename" With cmd       .Parameters.Add(New SqlClient.SqlParameter("@param1", paramValue1))       .Parameters.Add(New SqlClient.SqlParameter("@param2", paramValue2)) End With  What are the other ways to execute the parameterized stored procedures within a loop in ASP.NET?   Thanks, Carlos

Parameterized Queries Running Slower Than Non-parameterized Queries bytes.com

Hello When I use a PreparedStatement (in jdbc) with the following query: SELECT store_groups_id FROM store_groups WHERE store_groups_id IS NOT NULL AND type = ? ORDER BY group_name It takes a significantly longer time to run (the time it takes for executeQuery() to return ) than if I use SELECT store_groups_id FROM store_groups WHERE store_groups_id IS NOT NULL AND type = 'M' ORDER BY group_name After tracing the problem down, it appears that this is not precisely a java issue, but rather has to do with the underlying cost of running parameterized queries. When I open up MS Enterprise Manager and type the same query in - it also takes far longer for the parameterized query to run when I use the version of the query with bind (?) parameters. This only happens when the table in question is large - I am seeing this behaviour for a table with > 1,000,000 records. It doesn't make sense to me why a parameterized query would run SLOWER than a completely ad-hoc query when it is supposed to be more efficient. Furthermore, if one were to say that the reason for this behaviour is that the query is first getting compliled and then the parameters are getting sent over - thus resulting in a longer percieved execution time - I would respond that if this were the case then A) it shouldn't be any different if it were run against a large or small table B) this performance hit should only be experienced the first time that the query is run C) the performance hit should only be 2x the time for the non-parameterized query takes to run - the difference in response time is more like 4-10 times the time it takes for the non parameterized version to run!!! Is this a sql-server specific problem or something that would pertain to other databases as well? I there something about the coorect use of bind parameters that I overall don't understand? If I can provide some hints in Java then this would be great.. otherwise, do I need to turn/off certain settings on the database itself? If nothing else works, I will have to either find or write a wrapper around the Statement object that acts like a prepared statement but in reality sends regular Statement objects to the JDBC driver. I would then put some inteligence in the database layer for deciding whether to use this special -hack- object or a regular prepared statement depending on the expected overhead. (Obviously this logic would only be written in once place.. etc.. IoC.. ) HOWEVER, I would desperately want to avoid doing this. Please help :)

Query With Wild Card Characters In Pg_query_params()? bytes.com

I am using PGSQL database and i want to write query using pg_query_params() which contains wild card character ('%'). query:pg_query_params("select�distinct�compno,comp_name,sub�from�compl�where�comp_name�like�'%$1%'�or�sub�like�'%$2%'�or�comp_details�like�'%$3%'�or�action�like�'%$4%'",$arr);.I tried by above query but i am getting the query failed:Query failed:ERROR:bind message supplies 4 parameters, but prepared statement "" requires 0.passing query parameters when we use wild card characters.

Stored Procedure - Missing Parameter? www.vbforums.com

Hey Guys, I have a problem with something that should be pretty simple. I have stored procedure that I pass 1 input parameter and expect 2 output parameters back. Instead I get this error: "Procedure or function 'MESSP_Get_PLCKitColour' expects parameter '@KitNo', which was not supplied." I would appreciate some help with this. [Code]...

Vb6 Datareport RE Parameter?_1 Has No Default Val www.eggheadcafe.com

I have been working on developing an access interface that creates multiple data reports (approx. 10). When I initially start the application any of the reports will work fine. However, after I run any of the reports with parameters, other parameterized reports cause a message box error stating that parameter?_1 has no default value. Now to try and be clear i'll say reports 1,2,3,4 are parmeterized reports while 5-10 are not. 5-10 always work. Report 1 will work over and over with different supplied parameters but 2-4 will throw the error. If I restart the application, I can run report 2 over and over with different supplied parameters, but reports 1,3,4 will throw the error. Any help you can give would be appreciated. I can supply code upon request. Thanks

Need To Create &&<Query&&> Statement Programmatically social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am creating a web application that uses a using a web service to get data for my reports.� Since the webservice only accepts 1 parameter called "sql" (the sql select statement), I am using the report's query string to get the data.� Here is the data source and dataset info I am using: DataSource ��� Name: WebService ��� Type: XML ��� Connection string: http://localhost/myWeb/myWebService.asmx ��� Credentials:� No credentials DataSet ��� Query tab: ������ Name: WebService ������ Data source: WebService ������ Command type: Text ������ Query String:�� <Query><SoapAction>......</SoapAction></Query> Here is a sample of the <Query> string that I use when I first build the report: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <Query> �<SoapAction>http://tempuri.org/GetDataset</SoapAction> � <Method Namespace="http://tempuri.org/" Name="GetDataset"> � <Parameters> ���� <Parameter Name="sql" Type="String"> ������� <DefaultValue>Select * From Customers</DefaultValue> ���� </Parameter> �� </Parameters> �� </Method> �<ElementPath IgnoreNamespaces="true">GetDatasetResponse{}/GetDatasetResult{}/diffgram{}/NewDataSet{}/Results</ElementPath> </Query> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the user selects a report in the web application, they are prompted for information about the sql statement, and then I can rebuild the <Query> xml fragment, substituting the new sql statemet for the default one.� for example, the statement "Select * From Reports" would be replaced with "Select * From Customers where LN = 'Smith'".� Then I want to attach that new <Query> statement to the report and run it.� How can I set this information in the report?� I can't find anything that talks about it, but there must be some way! Thanks in advance for your help!

Parametrized Table Name In SQL Query stackoverflow.com

I'm using Vb2005 to hit a SQL server. i have a pretty complicated query that hits identically structured databases on the server. I was looking into parameterizing the FROM clause but cant seem to do it.[code]Depending on the users needs I will hit the 'DriverDb' or the 'MaintDb' or 'DispDb' databases. the SQL string is actually much more complicated than that with references to the db in about 5 places so wanted to simplify it so that i could just replace with a parameter.

SQL - Parameterized Query Not Working stackoverflow.com

statement = "SELECT OrderID, (SELECT VendName FROM Vendors WHERE Vendors.VendorID = Orders.VendorID) " & ",OrderDt, RcvdDt, OrderTotal " & "FROM Orders " & "WHERE VendName=? " & "ORDER BY OrderDt DESC" Dim cmd As New OleDbCommand(statement, connection) cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("VendName", txtVendorFilter.Text) Dim reader As OleDbDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.Default) I was trying to do this before by simply concatenating the textbox value right into the SQL and I was getting a "No values given for required parameters", and read that that I should use parameterized queries instead. So I tried this and it doesn't give me any errors, but the reader never has anything in it. I've never used parameterized queries before, so I'm a bit lost as to why this isn't working. I've changed the above code to account for OLEDB from what I briefly read on how it should work, and it's giving me the "no values given for required parameters" again.

AJAX :: Default Image SlideShowExtender(if No Imagealbum Is Created)? forums.asp.net

I am having trouble with my .asmx. I keep getting the error: Sys.Net.WebServiceFailedException: The server method 'GetPhotos' failed with the following error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException-- The parameterized query '(@ImageAlbumGUID nvarchar(100))SELECT * FROM [Image] WHERE [Image' expects the parameter '@ImageAlbumGUID', which was not supplied I have my .asmx set up to display images if there is an album created from the db. If there is not an album created I would like to use a default picture. I tried setting the Image Url of the asp:Image to the image I want, but regardless I get this error. <%@ WebService Language="VB" %> Imports System.Web Imports System.Web.Services [code]...

Using Parameters With An Oracle ODBC Connection? stackoverflow.com

I'm connecting succesfully to an Oracle 10g DB with an the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver.Regular queries without parameters work fine, but parameterized queries act as if the parameters aren't getting passed in.ex. --this works fine Select * from tbl1 where column1 = 'test' --this doesn't select * from tbl1 where column1 = ? --odbc string parameter 'test' Here's what my connection string looks like: "Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle}; " & _ "CONNECTSTRING=(DESCRIPTION=" & _ "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)" & _ [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Procedure Or Function 'GridUpdDel_jul' Expects Parameter? forums.asp.net

In a gridview when delete command is firing am getting error like as follows...but Edit is working good with sql procedures...A critical error has occurred.Procedure or Function 'GridUpdDel_jul' expects parameter '@Groupname', which was not supplied. [Code].... [Code].... [Code]....

Vb-access : How To Link Unbound Data To Db Table? www.codeguru.com

i try this :'init a new record in orders table by send parameters to databasehere the query that works in sql query:***********************************'INSERT INTO orders ( id_order, supplier, employee, datee, total, id_price_quote, date_price_quote,' supply, payment_cond, commitment_date, real_total, budget_id )'SELECT Me.id_order, Me.supp_company, Me.user, Me.date, Me.total, Me.id_price_quote,'Me.date_price_quote, Me.supply, Me.condition, Me.commitment_date, Me.real_total, Me.id_budget;******************************this really work when i write it in sql query of accessnow i try it in the code :Dim SQLstr As Stringpreview: ***********************************SQLstr = "INSERT INTO orders ( id_order,supplier,employee,datee,total,id_price_quote,date_price_quote,supply,payment_cond,commitment_date,real_total,budget_id )" SQLstr = SQLstr & "SELECT " & Me.id_order & " ,'" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.supp_company & "','" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.user & "','" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.datee & "'," SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.total & ",'" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.id_price_quote & "','" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.date_price_quote & "','" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.supply & "','" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.condition & "','" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.commitment_date & "'," SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.real_total & ",'" SQLstr = SQLstr & Me.id_budget & "';" CurrentDb.Execute SQLstr**************************but...this is not good can someone see what is wrong/?

ASP Site Use Escapes For Queries And Parameterized Queries Using MSSQL? www.phpbuilder.com

PHP converting my ASP classic site over.On my ASP site I use escapes for all my queries.Replace(INPUT,"'","''").But as I am redoing everything I would like to now use Parameterized Queries as I suspect that is the safest way of all to do things. 1.My head is spinning from all the Googling I have done on this and still cannot find an example I can understand.Granted, I am not very accomplished as a developer.2.Am I correct in my assumption that if I am redoing everything I should use Parameterized queries?3.I have the php_mssql.dll file on php.If I give an example of a query, could someone show me how this would be written as a parameterized query?

ADODB With Access Parameter Query www.codeguru.com

HiI have ab access query and wish to run it and supply a parameter in VB6.I have tried with Set param = mycommand.CreateParameter () and using the 'with'.I am using XP (SP2) and Office XP with VB6 (SP6)I understand I could easily write an SQL query and bypass this problem but I must be making a stupid error with this and I hate that! - can you help.Please see code and details in attached pdf.Thank you.PS the access query works and finds results for the input used.

Output Parameter www.vbforums.com

I'm investigating a problem in an existing app where it complains that a parameter isn't provided to a SQL Server Stored Procedure. However, it's only an output parameter, so I didn't think it needed to be passed in. Am I wrong?It's called like this from VB:VB Code:With mqryEquiv        .Parameters("@Amount").value = curAmount          .Parameters("@Currency").value = strCurrency        .Parameters("@TrnID").value = IIf(lngTrnID = 0, Null, lngTrnID)        .Parameters("@InvoiceID").value = lngInvoiceID        .Execute                m_BaseEquivValue = .Parameters("@BaseEquiv").value     End With The SQL declaration is like this:Code:CREATE PROCEDURE SPPL_TRANS_BaseEquiv @Amount float, @Currency varchar(3), @BaseEquiv float OUTPUT, @TrnID INT = NULL, @InvoiceID INT = NULL AS.....The error is: "Procedure 'SPPL_TRANS_BaseEquiv' expects parameter '@BaseEquiv', which was not supplied."Any ideas?

Trouble Retrieving Value Of Output Parameter forums.asp.net

I am using Asp.net 2.0 and I am trying to retrieve the value from an output parameter in a sql server 2005 stored procedure. The following is my code:   Public Function GetUserProfile(ByVal UserID As String, ByVal Name As String) As String Dim Value As StringDim ValueParam As SqlParameter = New SqlParameter("@Value", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50, ParameterDirection.Output)Dim command As New SqlCommand("sp_GetUserProfile", con) command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UserID", UserID)command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Name", Name) 'ValueParam.ParameterName = "@Value" 'ValueParam.SqlDbType = SqlDbType.VarChar 'ValueParam.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output 'ValueParam.Size = 50 'command.Parameters.Add(ValueParam) 'ValueParam.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output command.Parameters.Add(ValueParam)   'TryIf con.State <> ConnectionState.Open Then con.Open() command.ExecuteNonQuery()Value = command.Parameters("@Value").Value.ToString If con.State <> ConnectionState.Closed Then con.Close()Return Value 'Catch ex As Exception 'If con.State <> ConnectionState.Closed Then con.Close() 'Return "" 'End Try End Function    ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.sp_GetUserProfile (@UserID varchar(36), @Name varchar(25), @Value varchar(50) OUTPUT ) AS --SET NOCOUNT ON  SELECT @Value = [Value] FROM UserProfileWHERE [UserID] = @UserID AND [Name] = @Name   The error I am recieving is :   Procedure or function 'sp_GetUserProfile' expects parameter '@Value', which was not supplied. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

ADO.NET :: How To Pass String Values To Parametrized Sql Query In Clause forums.asp.net

I'm using parameterized sql query to get data from database string query = "Select * from employee where employee_city in (@value)"; strign city ="'NewDelhi','Bangalore','Mumbai'"; I'm using following code to achive this [code]... But this is not giving the result. If run the query in SQLServer query window as "Select * from employee where employee_city in ('NewDelhi','Bangalore','Mumbai')", records are there. But the same query will not return any records from ADO.Net.

Moved Report To Another Solution, Now Parm Won't Work social.msdn.microsoft.com

� Hi all, I moved a report to a different solution using the "Add Existing Item" function. Verified that all the data sources were properly connected and that my queries to provide parameter lists were running ok. When I try to run the main data source (a stored proc) from the data tab, I get this message: � "..An error occurred while executing the query. Procedure or function 'ReportSP' expects parameter '@Item, which was not supplied. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 201)" � This SP runs fine from the old solution and in Management Studio, so there must be something I need to do in the new report. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I checked the report parameters and it's there. When I try to preview the report, it lets me pick all the parameters, including the one it's griping about, then it throws the message. � Any help would be appreciated - Thanks! � �

Parameter Gets Lost In Query stackoverflow.com

I'm stumped here - the folowing code errors with Procedure or function 'importsp_CreateDiallerBatch' expects parameter '@BatchName', which was not supplied[code]... When debugging the code, BatchName definitely has a value, and checking the parameters collection of cmd right before executing the urey shows 2 params, both named and with values set exactly as expected. I must have written code like this a thousand times

SQL Reporting :: Create Parameters In A MDX Query? forums.asp.net

I am new to MDX and Sql Server Analysis Service and I've searched this high and low and read a lot of articles, but cannot figure out how.I know this is tough after reading so many articles online, and thus I am only trying my slim chance of getting something helpful from here. I need to create a sales report and want to parameterize the region, so, I'd like to have something likeSELECT blah blahFROM [MySsasWarehouse]WHERE @regionThe @region may take values such as [USA].[Northeast].[New Hampshire], for example.How do I make this happen with MDX? I learned that I can doSELECT blah blahFROM [MySsasWarehouse]WHERE STRTOMEMBER('[USA].[Northeast].[New Hampshire]')But, I have no idea how to have something like STRTOMEMBER(@region)and to be able to pass values to that @region variable. In the end I would like to create a SSRS report using this MDX query and pass different values to @region. Do NOT point me to articles about how to pass parameters to SSRS, because I know how to do it through the URL query string.My question is How to create parameters for MDX query per se, and I haven't been successful in attempting to do so.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Handle Blank Fields In DetailsView Update forums.asp.net

I'm trying to use the DetailsView to make Updates. The problem is that it can't handle empty fields even though the underlying table field allows nulls. I get a message like this if I change the "State" field to blank when doing an update The parameterized query '(@Cust_ID int,@Cust_DL nvarchar(7),@DL_State nvarchar(2),@Last_N' expects the parameter '@State', which was not supplied.I'm using an object data source control which is calling the EditCustomer method in my Customer Class. I'm not sure how to fix this. [Code]....

SSIS OLEDB Data Source Query Parameters Connect To Oracle social.msdn.microsoft.com

�Hi,� � I'm trying to use query parameters with an Oracle OLEDB Source in a data� � flow task and I'm having problems.� � I've tried formatting the query each of the following ways...�� --� � select� � frq_code,� � frq_name,� � update_frq,� � uptime_frq� � from frequency_bcs� � where update_frq > ?� � and update_frq <= ?� � --�� � Parameters cannot be extracted from the SQL command.� The provider might not� � help to parse parameter information from the command.� In that case, use the� � "SQL command from variable" access mode, in which the entire SQL command is� � stored in a variable.� � Additional information� � ---> Provider cannot derive parameter information and SetParameterInfo has� � not been called.� (Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle).�

Bulk Parameterized Inserts? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to switch some hard-coded queries to use parameterized inputs, but I've run into a problem: How do you format the input for parameterized bulk inserts?Currently, the code looks like this: $data_insert = "INSERT INTO my_table (field1, field2, field3) "; $multiple_inserts = false; while ($my_condition)[code]... Is there a better way to accomplish a bulk insert with parameterized queries?

Databases :: Using ODBC Command And Adding Parameters To It? forums.asp.net

I am using ODBC command and adding parameters to it. But it always keeps on saying procedure proc_Update expects a parameters @id which was not supplies ( this errors comes for all the paramters that I add). Here is my code: [Code]....

How To Pass Parameter Values To Stored Procedure In Rs social.msdn.microsoft.com

this is the error  ... An error has occured during report processing. Query execution failed for dataset 'dataset name' Procedure 'procedure name ' expects parameter '@StartDate', which was not supplied

Repeated Warnings While Trying To Upload Images? stackoverflow.com

Warning: fopen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 42 Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for Array in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 43 Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 43 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 44 i keep getting these error messages whenever trying to upload a picture on my website and i'm not sure how to sort them out. lines 36-59 read: [code]...

Preventing Escaping Apostrophes With Parameter Query Not Working? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to prevent from having to escape apostrophes in my string variables by using a parameterized query with a SqlConnection, but it is not workinUPDATED: this is current code... 'Populate Connection Object Dim oCnn As New SqlConnection(strConnection) 'Define our sql query [code].....

DataSource Controls :: SQL Parameter Not Being Sent To Procedure forums.asp.net

What am i missing or doing wrong here, when i debug, im seeing the selected value in the code behind, but when the page loads, it says the following: Procedure or function 'Onsite_Report_Procedures' expects parameter '@rptNum', which was not supplied. <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SQLOnSiteReport" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%&#36; ConnectionStrings:connectn %>" SelectCommand="Onsite_Report_Procedures" SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure"> <SelectParameters> <asp:Parameter Name="@rptNum" Type="String" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource> [Code]....

DataSource Controls :: BLL And TableAdapters - Call Scalar Query From The C# Page Behind An .aspx Page... forums.asp.net

I am trying to call a scalar query from the C# page behind an .aspx page in VS2008; however I keep getting an error and I cannot figure out how to fix it. Basically the user will enter text into a textbox. The text is assigned to a variable and sent to the BLL. From there down to the DAL (Using table adapters). I want the query to execute which should return an integer (Query has been tested and works like it is suppose to in query builder). To me this error seems to indicate that it is not receiving or not understanding the parameter I am passing. How do I get the query in the table adapter to understand that the "teamName" parameter is meant for the "@Team_Name"? Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The parameterized query '(@Team_Name nvarchar(4000),@Is_Active_YN bit,@Team_Semester nvar' expects the parameter '@Team_Name', which was not supplied. Here is the query: SELECT Team_ID FROM dbo.Team WHERE (Team_Name = @Team_Name) Here is code from the C# page behind the aspx: // Declares PEEPSBLL object PEEPSBLL teamID = new PEEPSBLL.PEEPSBLL(); // Calls GetTeamID method and assigns the returned value to id. int id = Convert.ToInt32(teamID.GetTeamID(teamName)); Here is the code from the BLL: [System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodAttribute (System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodType.Select, false)] public int GetTeamID(string teamName) { return Convert.ToInt32(TeamAdapter.FillTeamID(teamName)); }

DataSource Controls :: Write Parametrized Sql Query Using SqlCommand Parameter? forums.asp.net

I just want to want know the effective way to write parametrized sql query using sqlCommand parameter which is known to be best way to write the parameter query

Please Help, Procedure 'sp_displaylabels' Expects Parameter '@mod_id', Which Was Not Supplied In Asp.net... forums.asp.net

Procedure 'sp_displaylabels' expects parameter '@mod_id', which was not supplied. I get the error at the SQLAdptr1.Fill(DS): Procedure 'sp_displaylabels' expects parameter '@mod_id', which was not supplied. But i am passing the @mod_id value in the string Valmodid. Private Sub BindData() Dim DS As New DataSet Dim SQLCmd1 As New SqlCommand Dim moduleId As New SqlParameter Dim Valmodid As String Valmodid = Request.QueryString("modid") moduleId = SQLCmd1.Parameters.Add("@mod_id", Valmodid) SQLCmd1 = New SqlCommand("sp_displaylabels", MyConnection) Dim SQLAdptr1 As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(SQLCmd1) SQLAdptr1.Fill(DS) MyDataGrid.DataSource = DS MyDataGrid.DataBind() End Sub '''My Stored Procedure code: CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_displaylabels] ( @mod_id nvarchar(10) ) AS SELECT * FROM tbl_labels where module_id=@mod_id ORDER BY id ASC GO

Mysql_num_fields() Expects Parameter 1 To Be Resource? www.phpfreaks.com

I am trying to download a mysql query to a csv file and have written code to perform this.� I can get the database information out to the file but the field names (headers) will not come out.� I am using "mysql_num_fields" to get the number of field names but I get the error "mysql_num_fields() expects parameter 1 to be resource".I have checked the PHP manual and it seems that the mysqli query I am running returns an object and "mysql_num_fields()" needs a resource?� I am not sure how to get around this? require_once�('includes/database_connect.php'); $query�=�"SELECT�*� FROM�cip [code],.....

Send More Than One Postgresql Sql Prepared Statement In One Call? stackoverflow.com

Is there any way to execute more sql prepared statements at once? Or at least use something to achieve this result, can it be emulated with transactions? pg_send_query can execute more statements (from php docs "The SQL statement or statements to be executed.") but pg_send_execute and pg_send_prepare can work only with one statement. The query parameter has the following description "The parameterized SQL statement. Must contain only a single statement. (multiple statements separated by semi-colons are not allowed.) If any parameters are used, they are referred to as $1, $2, etc." [URL] Is there any way to send more statements at once to make less roundtrips between php and postgresql like the pg_send_query does? I don't want to use pg_send_query because without parameter binding I can have sql injection vulnerabilities in my code.

VS 2005 Parameterized Query Update? www.vbforums.com

As you may have seen in my other post, I have to switch over an all text SQL statement based database interaction program to using parameterized queries instead.I remember doing it this way in college but I don't seem to be able to recall one part of it. The program I wrote back then and some code samples here both point to doing the code as I did so far: m_strSQL = "UPDATE [OWNER DATA] SET [FIRST NAME] = @strFName" m_strSQL &= ",[LAST NAME] = @strLName" Dim upCMD As New OleDb.OleDbCommand(m_strSQL, m_Connection) upCMD.Parameters.Add("@strFName", OleDb.OleDbType.Char, 30, "[First Name]") [Code]... it ran the SQL statement and that's that. Can I just do that with a parameterized query too without using the adapter.update()? And for bonus points, why the heck did I use that command in my old college program cuz I sure don't know?

DataSource Controls :: Execute SQL Query Based On Dropdown Selection? forums.asp.net

How do I execute a query in an XML field on a table into a grid view when the ID for the XML field is selected from a drop down? Table containing the SQL Query has a report ID, report name, and XML Parameter. The SQL queries are stored in the XML Parameter. Example: <SQL>Select * from tblAppReports</SQL> So when I select the Report Name from the drop down I want the XML Parameter field containing the SQL query to run and populate the Data Grid below the drop down.

Pass Parameter To Stored Procedure Through .net? www.daniweb.com

this is my coding when i run this coding for display the content in textboxes from the database by click event in datagrid. "Procedure or Function 'sp_developer_display' expects parameter '@developerid', which was not supplied."this error will display my sp in sql express is ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.sp_developer_display( [Code]...

The Parameterized Query '(@contactdate Nvarchar(4000),@dnbnumber Nvarchar(4000),@prospect' Expects The... forums.asp.net

HI, I am running the below method which returns this error: The parameterized query '(@contactdate nvarchar(4000),@dnbnumber nvarchar(4000),@prospect' expects the parameter '@futureopportunity', which was not supplied" Please help.Private Shared Sub InsertData(ByVal sourceTable As System.Data.DataTable, ByVal destConnection As SqlConnection) ' old method: Lots of INSERT statements Dim rowscopied As Integer = 0 ' first, create the insert command that we will call over and over: destConnection.Open()Using ins As New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO [tblAppointmentDisposition] ([contactdate], [dnbnumber], [prospectname], [businessofficer], [phonemeeting], [followupcalldate2], [phonemeetingappt], [followupcalldate3], [appointmentdate], [appointmentlocation], [appointmentkept], [applicationgenerated], [applicationgenerated2], [applicationgenerated3], [comments], [newaccount], [futureopportunity]) VALUES (@contactdate, @dnbnumber, @prospectname, @businessofficer, @phonemeeting, @followupcalldate2, @phonemeetingappt, @followupcalldate3, @appointmentdate, @appointmentlocation, @appointmentkept, @applicationgenerated, @applicationgenerated2, @applicationgenerated3, @comments, @newaccount, @futureopportunity)", destConnection) ins.CommandType = CommandType.Textins.Parameters.Add("@contactdate", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ins.Parameters.Add("@dnbnumber", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@prospectname", SqlDbType.Text) ins.Parameters.Add("@businessofficer", SqlDbType.NChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@phonemeeting", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ins.Parameters.Add("@followupcalldate2", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@phonemeetingappt", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ins.Parameters.Add("@followupcalldate3", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@appointmentdate", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ins.Parameters.Add("@appointmentlocation", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@appointmentkept", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ins.Parameters.Add("@applicationgenerated", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@applicationgenerated2", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ins.Parameters.Add("@applicationgenerated3", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@comments", SqlDbType.Text) ins.Parameters.Add("@newaccount", SqlDbType.NVarChar)ins.Parameters.Add("@futureopportunity", SqlDbType.NVarChar) ' and now, do the work: For Each r As DataRow In sourceTable.RowsFor i As Integer = 0 To 15 ins.Parameters(i).Value = r(i) Next ins.ExecuteNonQuery() 'If System.Threading.Interlocked.Increment(rowscopied) Mod 10000 = 0 Then 'Console.WriteLine("-- copied {0} rows.", rowscopied) 'End If Next End Using destConnection.Close() End Sub

DataSource Controls :: Retrieving Records From DB Using SQL Class forums.asp.net

When I used the (way #1) below I could retrieve search result from my DB Way #1: [Code].... But When I use( way#2) "separating my code to Presentation layer and data access layer ( using SQL HELPER CLASS )" Way # 2 Presentation layer: protected void btn_Search_Advance_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) [Code].... data access layer: [Code].... I keep getting this error: Procedure or function 'SP_Search' expects parameter '@SEARCHTYPE', which was not supplied.

SSRS And ASP.NET Multiple Reports Within One Report Viewer social.msdn.microsoft.com

� Ok, � I am writing an app that will allow a user to select various information for displaying in a report.� The sql is dynamically generated when the user clicks on "Get Report".� Currently, I am using a gridview with a datasource and I pass the query to the datasource and it displays in the grid view.� However, our company has expressed a need to migrate reporting to SSRS.� � Is there any way that I can use dynamic sql with a template report and feed the dynamic sql to it so that all I would have to do is write a single rdl or rdlc and pass it the sql? � Alternatively, is there a way to have One ReportViewer show multiple parameterized reports.� Ie.� User selects the report from a dropdown and then selects the parameter options from other dropdowns and when they click "get report" it loads the chosen report with the parameters? � Thanks in advance. � �

Parameterized Queries www.webmasterworld.com

I've been reading that magic quotes, addslashes and everything else related to escaping slashes are not the best to create secure queries. There is an example on this page that shows a parameterized query or bound parameter. However, the demo is for Java.

Parameter Queries Vs Parametrized Queries forums.aspfree.com

I have been asked to set up a parameterized query using 4 fields (ID Number, Surname, Christian Name and Treating Dr/s). When I search Microsoft On-line under parameterized queries it gives a tutorial which basically set out a simple query with "prompt" parameters in the Criteria field. When I search under the Access Help it gives me a totally different explanation - ie. setting up a cross-tab query first and then defining parameters. Is this a loose use of terminology or is there indeed a difference. Help please!

DataSource Controls :: Full Text Search Returns No Results On Production SQl Server? forums.asp.net

I am actually using 2 type of queries in my website e.g These Queries are from my stored procedures SELECT * FROM TblName WHERE FREETEXT(ColumnName, @parameter) AND SELECT * FROM TblName WHERE CONTAINS((Column1, Column2), @parameter)) I have enabled Full Text Indexing on my tables both local and on my hosting company MS SQL Server. The above queries are working fine on my local database and return results but these queries return nothing when i try to run them on hosting company MS SQL Server. I have identical data on both MS SQL Servers and both servers are 2008.

Getting Data From Dataset Back Into Database social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm new at this so I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I'm creating a website that collects dates in a calendar control (from Peter Blum).� When the page containing the control loads it populates the calendar with dates from the database (that have previously been selected by the user).� The user then can delete existing dates and/or add new dates. I create a dataset when the page loads and use it to populate the calendar.� When the user finishes�adding and deleting dates�in the calendar control I delete�the original dates from the dataset and then�write the new dates to the dataset.�I then give execute the data adapter update command to load the contents of the dataset back into the database.� This command involves using parameterized queries.� For example the Insert command is: Dim cmdInsert As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO Requests VALUES(@fkPlayerIDNumber, @RequestDate, @PostDate, @fkGroupID)", conn) cmdInsert.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@fkPlayerIDNumber", SqlDbType.Int)) cmdInsert.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@RequestDate", SqlDbType.DateTime)) cmdInsert.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@PostDate", SqlDbType.DateTime)) cmdInsert.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@fkGroupID", SqlDbType.Int)) da.InsertCommand = cmdInsert The update command is: da.Update(ds, "Requests") When I run the program I get the following error: Parameterized Query '(@fkPlayerIDNumber int,@RequestDate datetime,@PostDate datetime,' expects parameter @fkPlayerIDNumber, which was not supplied. I've used debug print to establish that the table in the dataset contains what it should. I would be more than grateful for any suggestions. �

Parameterized Query : Works With Execute Query But Not In Code? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have created a parameterized query in my tableadapter. Here is the SQL: SELECT CalcinerID, Comments, CorrectiveActions, CrucibleOxideWt, CrucibleWeight, DCPressure, DCTemperature, Date, DischargePressure, FeedPressure, FiredCrucibleOxideWt, GmSampleWt, LIMSNumber, LotNumber, MaterialType, OperatorID, QualLabOperator, QualLabTimeStamp, RecordID, ToteBinNumber [code].... When I use the Execute Query button in the Tableadapter Query Builder, the query works fine; I get all the rows I expect. However, when I run this in my code, the query behaves like an equality statement (i.e. Lotnumber = @Lotnumber) rather than a LIKE statement (Lotnumber LIKE '%' + @Lotnumber + '%').Here is the code that is not behaving correctly. Note that I have a textbox, LotSearchTextbox, where I enter the portion of the Lotnumber that I want to use as the filter. I also have a button, LotSearchButton: Private Sub LotSearchButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles LotSearchButton.Click Try Dim SomeNumber As Integer = Me.LotCalcinerO2TableAdapter.FillByLotNumber(Me.CalcinerDBDataSet.LotCalcinerO2,[code]..... why the query works in the Query Builder but not in the code?

Passing Parameters For "In Clause" In Sql Server 2008? stackoverflow.com

Parameterizing an SQL IN clause? am using a following procedurehere i use "in clause" for attendancecodeid which accepts inetger value,how i can pass parameters for my "sql procedure in clause" from vb.net,i tried many thing nothing worked for me looking for a solution, alter procedure MPEX_SP_ActivityException_Select @startDate date,@endDate date,@AttCode nvarchar(max) as [code]....

.net - Stored Procedure Parameters - Sometimes NULL? stackoverflow.com

i have a stored procedure to update a table. not all fields are required and some can be blank. for example, title is not required, but when it's blank i get an error Dim ptitle As New SqlParameter("@title", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20) ptitle.Value = objFormat.CheckSQL(title) myCommand.Parameters.Add(ptitle) ex {"Procedure or Function 'sp_UpdateUser' expects parameter '@title', which was not supplied."} System.Exception how can i fix it so that it allows for nulls if the data field is blank?

Passing A Control As A Parameter www.xtremevbtalk.com

What I am trying to do is I am trying to be able to have a control supplied to a sub which then makes changes to the control (which then appear on the form)At the moment I have something like this Code:Public Sub updateListBox(ByVal lstbox As ListBox)'Stuff to lstbox is carried out hereEnd SubWhat I am struggling with is that I am trying to supply the ListBox as a parameter like thisCode:updateListBox(me.List1)And this is coming up with the following errorQuote:Run-time error '424':Object requiredI was wondering whether anyone knows how I should be supplying the control as a parameter.Thanks for any help in advance

DataSource Controls :: Parameterized Query Error "The Parameterized Query '(@make Varchar(25)' Expects... forums.asp.net

I have routine in a vb class which queries an SQLServer(2008) database depending on the values passed to it. The values are then used as sqlparameters within the routine. I use it in two different ways, which produce different results. The first way is from an .aspx page where querystrings are used in the url. The page retrieves the values in the url and then uses them as arguments for the routine. This works fine. EG. [Code].... The second way is from another routine that parses values from a string (in the form of a url) and uses them as arguments Eg. [Code].... The issue errors happen when there is no values associated with one or other of make or model (search.aspx?make=&model=). The error returned is as follows; "The parameterized query '(@make varchar(25)' expects the parameter '@make', which was not supplied" Only the second method causes the error. The only difference is that the first method passes no value which is obtained from the querystring and the second method passes an empty string which parsed from the url string. I can't see the difference, but I'm new to this.

Stored Procedure Parameters - Sometimes NULL? stackoverflow.com

i have a stored procedure to update a table. not all fields are required and some can be blank.for example, title is not required, but when it's blank i get an error Dim ptitle As New SqlParameter("@title", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20) ptitle.Value = objFormat.CheckSQL(title) myCommand.Parameters.Add(ptitle) ex {"Procedure or Function 'sp_UpdateUser' expects parameter '@title', which was not supplied."} System.Exception how can i fix it so that it allows for nulls if the data field is blank?

Passing Datetime Variable To Stored Proc As Parameter social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hello, I'm attempting to pass a datetime variable to a stored proc (called via sql task).� The variables are set in a previous task where they act as OUTPUT paramters from a stored proc.� The variables are set correctly after that task executes.� The data type for those parameters is set to DBTIMESTAMP. When I try to exectue a similar task�passing those variables as parameters,�I get an error: Error: 0xC002F210 at ax_settle, Execute SQL Task: Executing the query "exec ? = dbo.ax_settle_2 ?, ?,?,3,1" failed with the following error: "Invalid character value for cast specification". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly. If I replace the 2nd and 3rd parameters with quoted strings, it is successful: exec ?= dbo.ax_settle ?, '3/29/06', '4/30/06',3,1 The stored proc is expecting datetime parameters. Thanks for the help. Mike

Item Cannot Be Found In The Collection.. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello all. I've got a problem with a class module sub where I am trying to supply a value to a parameterized query in the text for a command. It seems like the command does not have the parameter added to the collection like it should be doing. I know it's got to be something simple that I just can't see. Any ideas????Thanks...code sample below..Public Sub GetWorkAreaDescription() Dim rsDesc As Recordset MsgBox "cmd is " & mcmdDesc.CommandText mcmdDesc.Parameters(0) = msWorkArea'This is the line with the problem. Item cannot be found in the collection... Set rsDesc = mcmdDesc.Execute msDescription = rsDesc!DescriptionEnd Sub

[VBA] Passing A Control As A Parameter forums.devshed.com

What I am trying to do is I am trying to be able to have a control supplied to a sub which then makes changes to the control (which then appear on the form)At the moment I have something like this Code:Public Sub updateListBox(ByVal lstbox As ListBox)'Stuff to lstbox is carried out hereEnd Sub What I am struggling with is that I am trying to supply the ListBox as a parameter like thisCode:updateListBox(me.List1)And this is coming up with the following error Quote: Run-time error '424':Object required I was wondering whether anyone knows how I should be supplying the control as a parameter.Thanks for any help in advance

C# - Reflect Back The Name Of A Type Supplied As A Generic? stackoverflow.com

How to I reflect back the name of a type that is supplied as a generic parameter? I would really like to know how this is done in both C# and VB.NET. See the following example code and expected response. In C#: public void Test<T>() { Console.WriteLine("The supplied type is {0}",???) } [code].... Executing Test<String>() or Test(Of String)() should produce: The supplied type is String

How To Create Parameterized Queries stackoverflow.com

Using parameterized queries with ms access 2003 integration. To search any data according to different criteria.

Parameterized Query(Resolved) www.vbforums.com

hi all,how to create Parameterized Query in MS Access and use it in vb application.....