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hai friends,   Code:is any one familiar will FarPoint Spread sheet.in our project v r using VB & EXCEl.For excel, i used Far Point Spread.its working for me, without having Ms Excelits loading an excel file & values r added to the excel file.I don't know how to edit,delete, save the added the values.Any one who is aware of this Far Point Spread can help me to proceed my project nathanks & RegardsEdited by - Geethahiren on 4/1/2005 4:44:48 AM

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I have a Far Point Spread control on my form which is like an excel sheet and I wish to print this spread along with its data.How can this be done?In general can we print a single control (like a textbox or datagrid) along with its contents?Please help.Thanks in advance.Ekta.

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Hi all.I'm using the FarPoint Spread control and need to get a command button embedded into the spread [so when the spread scrolls the button stays in the cell/position it was embedded in and scrolls with it]I've tried using Spreads CellTypeButton but it looks as thou you can only call pre-defined Spread functions, which is not what I need as I have my own function the needs calling on click.I've tried the standard VB CommandButton but button does not link/embed itself to the spread it floats on top so when you scroll down on the spread the button remains in the same position.....Can anyone help out with this one pls??Many thanks.Rocks

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Hi,I am using FarPoint Spread control in my VB6.0 project. One of the form in the project contains 3 spread controls. I have to print contents all the 3 spread controls on a single sheet. Using the available properties, one spread only can be printed on one sheet. Does anybody have a solution for this??Thanks in advance.

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I'm trying to find a formula to use for a specific numerical outcome. For example say you have two teams playing throughout the year and you've made a prediciton on the results. If your prediction is correct your awarded 7 points if you predict a win its 3 points and if your incorrect than it's zero. what is the formula for awarding points? I've attached the spread sheet : FIFA Spread sheet.xlsx‎

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Hi All,I have an OCX, which consists of a Spread control ocx (Farpoint Spread3.0). I want to print the contents of spread sheet. I have used the Action property of Spread which is set to SS_SMART_PRINT. But in the resulting print sheet, columns are coming only partially. Could anyone tell me a solution for this?Thanks in advance,Regards,Sajitha

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I am transferring the data from excel sheet to spread sheet in vb.But when the number of records in spread sheet exceed 900 it gives the component busy message and my application and system hanges.If the number of records is lesser say 500 no such message is reported and my application runs fine.I will be oblieged if some one can give me a solution of the problem as I have to transfer at least 10,000 records to my spread sheet. thanks Upasna

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A table gets data every 4 minutes, I only need spread of every 15 minutes. Can I select only records spread every 15 minutes apart from this table without having to run a scheduled job every 15 minutes and loading one record closest to getdate() at that point into another table(this is how I am doing it now) Is there a better way. Please help Thanks

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Hi, I need help for data query from 1 spread sheet to another. I will enter data on 1 spread sheet but the other spread sheet will also updated. But the latter spread sheet will be updated only if 2 of the data fields are the same as the former spread sheet. Hope to get some advise on this. Thanks.

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1) How can I divide up a spread sheet so that a portion of the page will scroll while the rest of the page is stationary?I recently saw an excel spread sheet that was divided up into 3 sections. There was a section on top, a section along the left side, and the 3rd section was all the remaining cells underneath/to the right. Somehow, it was made so that when the user scrolled up/down, only the bottom two groups would scroll, and when the user scrolled left/right, only the right two groups would scroll.It is hard to find out how to do this if I don’t even know what the feature is called. Anyone know what I am describing?2) How can I sum up [a range of] cells across different spread sheets within the same excel file?I have a list of data [numbers] on one spread sheet. I would like to access these values on another spread sheet. Is there a way to point to another spread sheet’s cell values in a formula?

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This should be pretty straight forward but the solution has escaped me so far. I have some formulas that ratably spread monthly budgets across the life of a program. Ocasionally these budget formulas are hard keyed over with a value which overrides the ratable budget formula. I would like to conditionally format all cells that contain hard keyed values so they don't get inadvertently copied to new budget lines.

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Just my bad luck - first CoD4 crashes with DirectX error and now Left 4 Dead does that too (those are unrelated problems as far as I can tell, but still) Anyways, straight to the point: I get "Failed to lock index buffer in CMeshDX8::LockIndexBuffer" error right after intro movie starts. So far none of the solutions I found thanks to google worked so I was wondering if any of you nice people seen that problem. Or even better - solution. Made me sad when two of my favourite games refused to work in freshly installed system

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I have a file with 2 tabs that linked 1) Input 2) Spread. The idea is for the user to spread the total number they keyed in the "input" by months. I need a code that will display a msgbox if the sum of the variance column in Spread <> 0, so it can prompt the users that they still have to do the spreads before closing the files. I want the action to happen when they attempt to save or close, just to remind them it's not done yet.

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Conditional formatting is lacking. I need to colorize each data point on the graph according to a characteristic cell (not an x-axis or y-axis variable). I have done something similar by simply graphing a group of points as a series and changing the series color. I'm looking for a more graceful solution. From the example picture attached (i would attach a workbook, but the data is sensitive), a point is charted based on two variables and colorization is attempted based on the third variable. i would find the range of the third value, assign a gradient based on the spread, and colorize each point. My VBA syntax is lacking for chart functions

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I posted this message to the VBA forum and realized after the fact that VB 6.0 is NOT VBA (whoops!).All I need to do is use VB 6.0 to open a VERY SIMPLE (and small) Excel worksheet and read/load data from various cells into variables, (or arrays, text boxes, etc - you get the idea). Once I get the data from the spread sheet into the app, I'll be able to process it myself, and I have no need to write back to the spread sheet. Have read examples, including those which use ADO to manipulate the data, write to cells, create new columns and rows, create spread sheets from scratch, etc - all sorts of higher level stuff I don't need to do. But none so far show how to do the above mentioned. Thanks ahead for help!

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I am trying to create a workload spread sheet for work I need to have the same looking spread sheet 365 times but also need each sheet to be dated, EG (tue,01/04/2014 through to tue,31/03/2015) I can create 365 tabs that have the same spread sheet on and I can create dates but not do both at the same time, it isn't fun doing copy and paste 365 time.

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I want to find the first set of integers in an array X that the sum equals a given number N. For example: X = {5, 13, 24, 9, 3, 3} N = 28 Solution = {13, 9, 3, 3} Here what I have so far : WARNING, I know it uses global and it is bad,that's not the point of the question. <?php function s($index = 0, $total = 0, $solution = '') { global $numbers; global $sum; [Code]... I don't get how I can stop the process when it finds the solution..

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Hi guys please help meScenario:Iam populating the far point grid by assigning a recordset to its datasource property.In that there is one remark column which contains 255 characters but iam able to see only 60 characters.What are properties i should set for this in the design time as well as at the runtime

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where can i download spread.vbxi have a vb program but it says "spread.vbx" missingcan somebody helpcheers

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Dear All,I have a line graph where the markers are displayed at every point, I have a maximum and minimum point in the graph and the marker must be displayed only at these points and not all along the line. I tried the show markers by turning it on and off, but either they display the marker at all points along the line or they don't display the markers all along the line. I need them only at the maximum and minimum point. I am very desperate and need to find a solution immediately.Can anyone pls help.Thankx,Vicky

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i what to make spread sheet program like excel and i what it to be able read spread sheets and create them

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I would need to create a spread sheet like ASP.NET Form with 8 columns of data input.

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I have a spread sheet that needs to compare numbers in a row & hightlight the lowest number in each row.

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I need to make a series of numbers and letter auto fill in a spread sheet Example 2650A 2650B 2650C And so on.

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I was working on a chart to calculate my Amazon seller rating to see how many more perfect order I need to hit my next target grade. Here is how the calculation works. Order with no problem gets 100 points per order Minor problem gets 0 point Moderate problem minus 100 points Severe problem minus 500 points Grade are evaluate by: <84.5 Fair <96.5 Good <98.5 Very good Above is Excellent Total points / total orders = final grade (or percentage) As of now i got : 53800 (points) / 624 (orders) = 86.22(%) Now that I know what grade I've got so far and I also want to know how many more perfect orders I need to achieve my next targets or in case some bad orders come by and how far they pull me down. Attached is my work sheet so far and I'm just missing the calculation for the orange shaded part. Amazon seller rating calculator.xlsx‎

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Hi, I have a need to process a column of data and get information from SQL 2000 and return it to the Excel Spread Sheet. The data will be a list of order numbers in column 1. I need to look up each order number and return infomration relating to the order from SQL. Can anyone point me to the right process? thanks in advance,

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discover HOWTO for an on-the-fly "campus" wireless network? I will be part of a large youth sports event spread over several acres of grassy fields. I need a wireless network for the event operations and administration. I want to operate a private wireless lan, "under the stars" with a few puddles of kiosks participating. Some of my thoughts:I need some sort of antenna for outside use with wifi. I need a primary wifi access point.I could use a wifi router & access point to connect with the primary for each kiosk puddle.I could use a pair of wifi router & access point boxes, with directional antennae, as point to point.phone and tablet and pda and laptop boxes, in the hands of staff,could use this private wifi lan for event operations.I could put a LAMPP or XAMPP server someone on this lan for event operations The server could have a connection to the public internet somehow If I used one of the linux open-source wifi box, hotspot images or similar, I could manage this lan as a group of steamer-trunk, drop and setup stations.

IPhone :: 4 Bricked During Update On Day 1 - No Jailbreak discussions.apple.com

Finally got my new iPhone 4 today. Then it threw an error during update, and now iTunes says my iPhone needs recovery. But that throws an errors as well, at the point where it tries to restore the firmware. Happened thrice so far, exception code 9. So... do I have a very stylish brick lying here or does anyone happen to know a solution to this? Information:

Copying .xls File Numerous Times And Rename Each File From .xls Spread Sheet www.mrexcel.com

I have an excel template that needs to be copied multiple times and each sheet needs be named according to a list in an excel spread sheet. I also have a formula in the template that needs the value copied instead of the formula. I got this script from an site and tried it. It runs but I don't see any spread sheets. strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject ("winmgmts:\" & strComputer & " ootcimv2")

Create A Windows Shortcut? stackoverflow.com

I'm writing a script to tidy up a bunch of media spread across my hard drives, and it works pretty well so far at home (on my Mac) as I use symlinks in a directory to give the impression that everything is organised in one location, whilst the actual data is spread across the 4 drives. Unfortunately, I have to use Windows at work, and of course there's no symlink support there until PHP 5.3 (and I assume that requires Vista as that's when the command-line tool "mklink" first appeared). As a workaround, I considered creating a shortcut, but I can't find a way of doing it. Is it possible, or is there a better solution I've not considered?

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I have a spread sheet that we input data on and produce a simple graph. When I started we plotted these graphs by hand on chart paper. When we started using spread sheets I learned how to graph the problem is these guys we have working in the field don't know how or care to learn how to make a simple xy graph. Six months ago I started automating a workbook so our field guys could just plug in numbers and have the needed graph, I put check boxes to select the points to calculate the slope and intercept. I hard coded to plot to say line 21 then at the end of the test we always have a zero point that we don't plot so I put that on line 22 then have a macro to hide everything before I print it. I think I would like to dynamically select the data for graphing but I'm not sure about the best way to do this. My first thought is to key on the x axis column with a loop and graph data from zero until the x looses value.

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I have data on two spread sheets which I am trying to cross reference. On the 1st spread sheet I have a list of product codes e.g. 22886, On the 2nd Spread sheet I have a list of product titles which all include product codes within the text e.g. CHRISTMAS FANCY DRESS COSTUME - SANTA SPARKLE OUTFIT 22886 M I need to insert a formula into the 1st spread sheet which will tell me if based on the product code it is present in the 2nd spread sheet. I have tried VLOOKUP and I think because I am trying to search for a code within a text string it keeps failing! All cells are general cells but the position of the code within the titles varies.

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Can any one recommend a firewall which supports load balancing? We have a number of servers with in our rack which are currently hosted behind one firewall box but I would like to have the firewall load spread across multiple boxes. Ideally this needs to be an open source solution. We have Looked at IPCOP, pfSense, m0n0wall but these dont seem to support the sort of load balancing we require.

'greater Than >' Formula & Result www.excelforum.com

Column B is basically 550 points + column C = Base Roll. We need to introduce a cap so no more than 1000 points can be displayed/earned. So column G adds all points & column F caps. So far it's all ok. Now when i add a value to column E (points spent) those points are deducted from column G instead of the capped 1000. Entering a value of 500 displays 800 in column F instead of 500.

Points System? www.codingforums.com

I am creating web site where users earn points and buy items with their points ect. I am pretty new to php, but I have learned alot of the basics. On my website I have a registration page where users can signup and their data is inserted in a MYSQL database, and the users can login and logout. Thats about it so far, I need help with creating a points system, where users can earn points and spend points.

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i'm relatively new to Visual stuido and am currently tryin to transfer data to an excel spread sheet. i have heard by a few friends that i need to set the spread sheet up.  i have 8 columns and need to list the data underneath each.Please help me

Pulling And Manipulating Data In Different Areas www.excelforum.com

i need to pull data from one spread sheet and place it in a new spread sheet. and i am not that familiar with macros i am learning but i need to get this done.

Difference Between Start And End Dates www.excelforum.com

I need to compute the no. of days between start and end dates and spread no. of days on each month. I've attached a spreadsheet with examples and further explanation.

Find, Highlight Across And Sumif Macro www.excelforum.com

I have a large spread sheet. I need to find 38 accounts in the spreadsheet, highlight them across the span of the spread sheet and then do a sum if to the side. I need to use this Macro monthly on a new ageing and some months some of the accounts may not be in the ageing.

Creating An Editable Style Sheet www.codingforums.com

I'm trying to create a script that opens a css style sheet and inside a form field, inserts the data from the style sheet, so that it can be edited as a whole. I'm also trying to have a submit button that writes the whole thing back to the file. I know to open the file, I need to use fopen(), but that's about as far as my knowledge spreads. And I also know that the script isn't unique to a css stly sheet but could be used for any file.

Dropdown Listbox Question www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a dropdown list box that I want to have the box small but when selected the data spreads out across as far as it needs to go. Forgive if it doesn't line up. Any help is appreciated.exampledropdownbox display = N1 click display would go N1 / LONG INFORMATION N2 / LONG INFORMATION

Need VB Tweak For Excel Spreadsheet www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need to copy a range of data to a user defined spreadsheet and tab via a message box. I know I'm way off at this point, and I would appreciate any help. Thanks -Herrtodd Code:Sub copydatatosummary()'copys all pending leaks to user defined spreadsheet and tab Range("A1:F100").Select 'this is the total leaks range Selection.Copy MsgBox "What spread sheet and tab would you like to copy to" Range("A1").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Application.CutCopyMode = False Range("A1").Select End Sub

Convert Column Number To A Letter www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all,Say you have the formula Code:.cells(rownum,colnum)rownum and colnum are variables.How would you get vb to convert the rownum into its letter equivalent. I just want the letter value for that range, not the row number aswell.e.g colnum=5, therefor its letter equiv is EAlso, I want to extend this so it goes further than IV, the furthest cell to the right on an excel spread sheet.So if I typed in 300, it will say what Column letter it would be, even though the maximum amount of columns is 256.Thanks for any help given

Vlookup Across 12 Worksheets www.excelforum.com

I've being asked to create this awesome new spreadsheet that summaries data from two other spreadsheets. I personally have no idea about excel but have gotten quiet good with the vlookup and isna formulas etc and so far so good. Till i had to search for a value over 12 worksheets. Ive tried Vlookup using an indirect formula using named cells etc i found but i cant work it out and all this reading has turned my brain to mush. So what im trying to do is: I have a new spreadsheet called summary. What i need to do is pull sales data through from a spread sheet called "Sales Orders_2009". In the spread sheet there is multiple tabs, 12 of which i need to search. The tabs are called SalesJan, SalesFeb etc. On each tab i need to search in the data range B10 to I34. In the Summary spreadsheet i type an invoice number into A2 and that is the lookup value to search for across the 12 worksheets.

Time Format- Spread Sheet To Calculate Call Duration www.mrexcel.com

I am setting up a spread sheet to calculate call duration it would be a great help if data could be entered using one hand IE use decimal point on the number pad instead of the colon is this possible. I will need to subtact start time from end time to get the duration

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I am supposed to make an xy scatter graph like the one drawn of paper. The average point need to have a "cross" around it. So far I can just plot the points. I have added the average point as secondary series. I just need to put the "+ sign or cross around" it.

Repeating Adjacent Cells Based On Formula www.mrexcel.com

Based on a trigger point (being a month), and the number of times the expenditure is spread over (factor), can I formulaize the repetition of the figures? Sheet1 *CDEFGHIJKLMN5***Trigger Points**Desired result via formulae **6CostFactor*JunJulAugSept*JunJulAugSept7 £ * * * *10,000 2**1**** £ * * * *5,000 £ * * * *5,000 *8 £ * * * * *6,000 3*1**** £ * * * *2,000 £ * * * *2,000 £ * * * *2,000 *9 £ * * * * *8,000 1***1**** £ * * * *8,000 *

Find Resulting Point By Given Point, Angle And Distance www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need someone with a descent understanding of math to help me out with this little problem.Given an origin coordinate, angle and distance, calculate the resulting point's x,ySo far I have the following:Public Type Point X As Integer Y As IntegerEnd TypeFunction Get_Point(ByRef ptOrigin As Point, ByVal angle As Integer, ByVal distance As Integer) As Point 'Do math stuff here Get_Point.X = resultingX Get_Point.Y = resultingYEnd FunctionAny help is much appreciated

Limit Data Validation Values To A 1 Point Margin In 3 Different Cells www.excelforum.com

I have a section of my program that asks for board scores (point value is 6-10 in increments of .5) I have set up a data validation so that users can only enter those specific values. Problem is, none of the values can be more than 1 point from each other. (the part I have yet to figure out) Example, if the first value is a 6.5 the second is 7.0 and the third is a 9.0, I need the data validation to display an error because the 9.0 is beyond the one point spread. Summary: Display an error message if any of the points are more than 1.0 point from another.

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Guys and Gals,I've got a spreadsheet that I am using for a project at work and I've come to the point where I need to implement a complex solution..... and Im looking for hints / solutions to help me.I want for my spreadsheet to be mosltly locked not allowing anyone to change the entries, however some columns need to be unlocked to allow entry, and every row below the last row need to be unlocked for data entry. Does anyone know a macro, or some kind of process for doing thisThanks again for your helpNick

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I'm trying to come up with a cheap , middle of the road, and high end set of solutions (list of equipment) for in-house hosting of video-casting / audio-casting on a site that can get big spikes of traffic at times. With some particular attention /consideration to the back-end, server requirements/needs. When or at what point does one need a a dedicated server for media? How much bandwidth is needed? how much traffic is a breaking point?

Spread Values When Criteria Met www.ozgrid.com

I have worksheet where I would like to apply a number value proportionately throughout a column bases on user-defined conditions (i.e. >=, <=, Between) from other colunmns. See example below and attached worksheet with further detail. Col A Col B Col G Col L Col M 01380Employee 15.0 5.5 (0.8) 00304Employee 24.0 - (0.8) 01901Employee 33.8 (1.0) (0.8) 01729Employee 43.0 - (0.8) 01482Employee 53.0 (1.1) (0.8) 00299Employee 62.5 - - 00069Employee 72.5 0.5 - 01783Employee 81.5 - - 02076Employee 91.0 - - 01934Employee 100.5 - - TOTAL 4.0 -4.0 In the above example, I would like to have the TOTAL value of Column L (4.0) be inversely spread throughout column M based on criteria selected by a user in a section of the spreadsheet. Criteria: Column G >= 3 AND all values in Column L = 0; Spread -4.0 (Inverse of cell L12 = 4) in column M for records that match criteria. I would like to have a command button apply the logic of the conditional criteria set for Columns G & L and spread proportionately ithe value from n Column M. I added examples of the different criteria and the layout in the file attached.

Annual Amount By Month www.ozgrid.com

There are two tabs in my workbook right now. The first is where users will input information and annual budget number for consulting fees. The second tab spreads the annual budget by the 12 months. I don�t want the users to see or touch this tab containing the spread. Once the annual budget number is entered, I would like them to use a combobox to choice how they would like to spread the budget monthly. One choice is evenly which is the default and the other would be manually. If they choice manually I would like a userform or something where they than input each month�s amount that will total the annual budget. See attachment, this is all I got so far.

Quickest Way Using Code... www.vbforums.com

to import two columns from each 10 Excel spread sheet into SQL Server?Thanks

Bitmap To Bitmaps (Finding Objects) www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am new to graphics. I have asked a lot of experts(?) about this and NO one seems to have the answer.How do I find objects in a bitmap and copy them to a new bitmap automaticly?Example 1: A bitmap with 30 coins spread on a red background. I would end up with 30 new bitmaps ,each with 1 coin.Example 2: 20 Stamps spread on a red background. I would end up with 20 new bitmaps, each with one stamp. All these objects would be spread far enough apart that a rectangular area around them would not have another object in it. There are only 3 colors involved, 2 for object, and a different one for background.

Linking Excel Spread Sheet - Version: 97 (8.0) www.utteraccess.com

Have: excel spreadsheet with 30 fields and records/rows that does calculations to get markup on products. ( i only need 15 to be linked) access data base with a lot of fields table "data main" with 1200 records. Have created a linked table from the excel spread sheet in access. it contained all the excel fields "excel linked" Previously, I imported all the data from the excel spread sheet to a table. "excel Data" I then did an append queries choosing only the fields needed to append to "data main" After running the update, I realized I had messed up, I had chosen some of the wrong columns. I need to do 2 things, update the data from the "excel data" table to correct the data info. I need to make a more permanent query or link to link the data from the 15 fields in the spread sheet to the "data main" table. Any help/ tips on this? Thanks

Spread Sheet www.vbforums.com

Hey people, I make a program for my dad to keep info about his TAX cleints. I need to be able to get a spread sheep to have something like this:[NAME] [ID]Carp 111Carp1 112Carp3 113The files are stored as 111.ini, 112.ini ect...inside the INI file is has name=Does anyone knoe how I can add this to a spread sheet??

Import Multiple Text Files www.ozgrid.com

I have about 200 text files each with 2 columns. I want to create a single excel spread sheet where the data comprises of the second column from each text file. I do not know any thing about macros and so need help on writing a macro that will automatically import data from the whole of the second column of each text file into one single spread sheet.

Formula To Clear Out Cells With In A Spread Sheet If Certain Input Entered. www.excelforum.com

On the attached spread sheet here is what I am trying to do. In B2 I will either enter D (digital label) or F (Flexo label). With that than if a D is entered nothing else will happen with in spread sheet but if F is entered D23:Q40 will need to be cleared out and blank.

Importing Data From Multiple Tabs www.excelforum.com

I have an excel spread sheet with about 300 tabs. each sheet has the same column fields..I need to pull certain column fields ( the same fields ) out of each tab and export them to another spread sheet.

Searching For Specific Words www.excelforum.com

I have 1000 diff names in a spread sheet and wish to search another spread sheet with these names on and alot more. I want the search to look in the larger spread sheet for these 1000 names and copy all the informtaion in the cells to a new sheet, if the name is not found i would like something like "no info found" to be seen. Im a novice to doing this sort of thing in excel, but i have found this script which searches for the word "mail box" and copies all the info in the cell when it finds it.

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I have a excel spread sheet that has 30 rows and single column(like A1,A2,A3....A20).I have to loop thru all these row values one by one and search for matching values in another spread sheet.If it mathches take the second column and third column values in the same row and paste it my spread sheet in the fourth column and fifth column.and put yes in the sixth column.Go to next row and do the same.Repeat this for all 20 rows .How to do that?

Listing Required www.excelforum.com

I have been given a worksheet which has 5000 rows spread along 13 columns. There are about 200 cells that I am interested in from this sheet, these cells being the subtotals of the cells above them. I have extracted the individual cells containing the subtotal values to a new, empty column but they are spread down this column with blank cells in between. Is there a function / formula to get rid of the 4800 blank cells so that the data I need is compressed into a stack of 200 cells all filled with data?

Formula To Distribute A Value Along A Bell Curve. www.excelforum.com

I'm trying to find a formula that would spread out a value amongst multiple cells along a bell curve. Say I have $x,xxx. I want to spread that amount out in a certain proportion, regardless of how many cells I'm spreading it throughout. Say I have a $10,000 project. I want to be able to spread it out like a bell curve in the cells I choose. For instance, if it was a five month project it would be distributed as January - $1,000 February - $2,500 March - $3,000 April - $2,500 May - $1,000 If I added another month it would change to January - $833.33 February - $1,666.66 March - $2,500.00 April - $2,500.00 May - $1,666.66 June - $833.33 I already thought of manually adding percentages to each cell, but the formula needs to be dynamic.

Converting Table To List www.excelforum.com

I am wanting to manage my inventory and need to convert spread sheets with tables specifying style, size color to lists with skus specifying style, size color. please see attached spread sheet with one sheet with table and second sheet with list.

Writing Data In To Excel Spread Sheet www.sqlteam.com

Hi All, Here is the scenario: I am inserting data into a spread sheet from user interface(power builder). But at the same time some one can open that excel spread sheet to read the data. Then the process was going to fail(it won't able to write the data in to the spread sheet). How to avoid this situation? I really appreciate if anyone can shed some light. Thanks in advance!!

To Get A Column Data Which Spanned Multiple Tables www.sqlteam.com

All, i am looking for a query which fetches data from column 'managerid' which spread across 20 tables, Managerid colums is spread across 20 tables and i need only managerid data from all the tables available, data for managerid column will be different in each table. can anyone help me regarding the same.

Final Cut / Motion :: Camera Fly Through 79 Photos? discussions.apple.com

I have a numbered series of tiffs (1 -79). I would like animate a camera to fly through each image to the next image until the final image. All my attempts end up with a group of 79 photos all compressed together and not spread out in Z (?) space. I can not seem to spread the photos apart. They all move as a group but will not spread apart. Information: Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.4.10) FCS 2

Not Exiting www.xtremevbtalk.com

Curious, My application prompts the user to Open an excel spread sheet. Now this is just a little sort program so it doesn't actualy OPEN the Excel app, it just opens the spread sheet and runs threw it sorting out numbers.Now, for some reason even though I have Code:MyXLApp.Quit when the user clicks the exit button, i can't run the spread sheet after the fact when the application is no longer running.Am i missing something?Ulysses

Sort And Filter Autosum And Copying To Main Spreadsheet? www.excelforum.com

I have a cashflow spread sheet on which there are three properties that are currently being renovated and are being rented out. I would like to see ongoing costs for each individual property on the main spread sheet. I can filter and sort by the properties and autosum to get the individual costings of properties, but I would like to be able to see the costings of each property on the main spread sheet once I have stopped filtering.

Pulling Data From One Spreadsheet Into Another? www.excelforum.com

What I am trying to do is pull data from one spread sheet into another. The Data spread sheet has 2 columns. Date and Price. What I need to do is enter a date in to row b2 (example 2/13/2013) Then Cells c2-v2 fill in with the data from the 20 days prior to 2/13/2013. Also note that I use only dates from weekdays.

Sort Spreadsheet To Collect Like Items www.excelforum.com

I have attached my particular spread sheet I an referring to. I set up a spread sheet to write out all the material I buy to go into a product I make. I work my way through a layout diagram and type all my data in to a spread sheet, one row per item I need to buy. Now I want to order everything. Is there a way to sort the spread sheet so it brings all my like items from Column A (item) together, so I Can count the quantity required to order? I have tried to sort, but am worried I might be messing up the rows and column - all the row information must stay together for it to work. 567 BOM REV 0 - 16 12 2013.xlsx‎

How To Use Date Field Within Spreadsheet To Notify www.excelforum.com

I have created a spread sheet, which automatically calculates 90 days in advance. I would like to know how do I get the spread sheet to notify me, when the computer date reach's the 90 days date. I have no idea about macro's or anything like that.... I would like an email to be sent to a couple of people if that is possible, i have attached the basic spread sheet incase its required to be viewed. Property disposal2.xlsx‎

Function That Distributes Numbers Depending On The Quarter And Year? www.excelforum.com

I'm trying to find out a function that allows me to evenly spread the amounts given a certain start year and quarter and end year and quarter. Let's say, I have 20 dollars and the starts in 3Q/2012 and ends in 2Q/2013. Then, the money should be spread out in four quarters. If the end is in 3Q/2013, then the spread is five quarters, and the amount distribution automatically changes. Attached is my spreadsheet.

How To Shift A SUM Row Down When The Above Cell Is Filled www.excelforum.com

I've attached a simple spread which gets across the main problem. i need the totals row (currently row 7) to drop down a cell each time the data base above has an extra row added to it its pretty much a cosmetic issue but it can be useful on hugely long spreads.

How To Export Table To Excel? - Version: 2000 (9.0) www.utteraccess.com

How do you export an Access table to an Excel spread sheet? Is it possible to just export it to a saved Excel spread sheet file, resave it and close it so I don't have to look at it? The idea here is to save an Access table in an Excel format to be accessed by another application that will pull the data out of the Excel spread sheet fileds. Thank You!

3 Point Arcs!! Clockwise Or Counter-Clockwise www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I need to determine weather a 3 point arc is to be drawn clockwise or counter-clockwise. I know the coordinates of the 3 points, and I have all ready found the center and the radius.I have tried doing it by comparing the angles between the points but I cant get a solution that works consistently.Any advise will be appreciated,Brian

Actionscript 3 :: Play A Specific Part Of A MP3 File Without Loading All Of It? stackoverflow.com

I have a project at office which is mp3 player when a user start a song from any point, the whole mp3 file gets loaded then start to play from the point user selected so now I need a solution to be able to play the mp3 from a specific time without loading the whole mp3 to be able to do that (You know like youtube when you click in the middle of a video and it starts to play from this point)

HELP - Bezier Curve: "Add Anchor" ??? www.xtremevbtalk.com

In Photoshop, you can use the Pen to add an anchor point in a path. This basically splits the curve of the path into two new bezier curves at the location of the new anchor point.I need to be able to select a location along an existing bezier curve and "split" it into two curves. The original curve will extend from far left to the point of the break, while the new addition will extend from the break to far right.The problem for me is: How do I solve the x/y point locations for the control points so that the curvature remains intact?Is there a matrix I can apply to my points?Any takers?+Q__

Table That Updates Automatically With The Name Highest Score www.excelforum.com

I want to create a table that updates automatically with the name & highest score top. I.E. currently I have :- Dates starting in A4, names B2 : K2, scores B4 : K4, Not too fussed about having the date in the results table but i'd like something like :- Scott 4 points, Geoff 7 points Tony 2 points, I would like a table to automatically sort a table (preferably on sheet 2) so it looks like :- Geoff 7 Scott 4 Tony 2 Is this possible ?, I only have 6 rows of data so far so it can be re-arranged if needs be and data will be added each week.

BB Bold 9000 :: Switching Between Two Sims Now Made Easy forums.crackberry.com

i am looking for a dualsim solution in my Blackberry Bold.All dualsims i found so far do not work with 3g...

Text Disappears Behind Keyboard discussions.apple.com

When I'm using Notes the text I'm typing disappears behind the keyboard as it get so far down the page - any solutions?

Shuffle An Array Of Cards www.vbforums.com

i have an array of uno cards in my project, and need to shuffle the array. each array cell from 1 to 96 is set as form load...yes, i searched the forum for solutions. but couldn't implement anything i found to work for me except for one that shuffled exactly the same every game...so can i please get a simple solution to this? i don't want anything complicated... need help asap because i'm kinda stuck at this point now before i can do anything else on this assessment task

Macro To Copy The Portion Of Text In Cell? www.excelforum.com

write a macro to copy a set of sentences in an Excel Cell. Excel cell contains set of sentences under 2 categories. OK Points: * ---------- * ---------- * ---------- Improvement Points: * ---------- * ---------- * ---------- I need to copy the sentences under the heading improvement points. Enclosed trial excel sheet for further ref.

Guidance And Direction www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have created a UserForm for a spread sheet that is used to create a paver (like a drive way paver) proposal. The CostCalc spread sheet calculates and records all the information for a complete proposal. So my UserForm has 6 tab pages to capture all the data. The UserForm was created because 1) to make it easier for people to enter the data and 2) to hide the calculations that are performed. I have a print button on the UserForm that will print out the CostCalc spread sheet which has a proposal form as one of its sheets.Programming I know how to do. I am recently new to VBA but I am learning quickly. I am not sure how to do some things that I want to do so that is the purpose of this thread. I need some suggestions. I also want the input of those that have more experience at this.1) I want to use the CostCalc spread sheet in the back ground to actually do the calculations that will be displayed on the UserForm as the quantities are inputed in the UserForm. I want that CostCalc to be hidden. Where do I look at to do this?2) I am thinking that as I user inputs Data to the UserForm, I will write the input to the spread sheet to get the calculations that will be displayed in the UserForm. Is this easily done? Will the response be quick? 3) When the user is done inputing data, I want to save the template CostCalc spread sheet to a new one with a spread sheet saved named by the project number. I assume that I will SaveAs? And I want the Template CostCalc sheet to be new so that the user can input another proposal.4) Are there some thngs that I need to consider for such a under taking?Thank you for your responses!

ActionScript 2.0 :: Randomizing Animation Starting Point? www.actionscript.org

I'm working on a services module (slideshow for lack of a better term) for an accounting firms website - site is still under construction at On the home page, far right hand column a grey box with a service icon and user controls progresses thru the five services until the user advances the slide manually.I need to randomize the starting point of the slide show using one of the five services. To complicate the matter further I need to weight them so some services show up more often than others. But randomizing with equal weight would at least be a start.

Make Any Number Begin With Decimal Point www.mrexcel.com

I have a column that has values ranging anywhere from 1 to 999,999 and I need a way in vba to take whatever value is in the specified cell and place a decimal point at the far left. Example: change 175526.34 to .17552634 change 376.1 to .3761 change 22987.254 to .22978254 when the code is run I need the selected number to begin with the decimal point. See, the tricky part is that the length of the number varies and I cant just divide by X to shift so many places to the left..

Vb Steps To Fine Tune The Requirement www.xtremevbtalk.com

We are doing a software for a POINT OF SALE (POS) for a retail operation (huge supermarket) where we need to give a pop-up on item code and item description where ever required. We have a item master containing around 80,000 records.The coding is done in VB and we are using the VB 6.0 ADO 2.6 / Oracle 8.1.7.The usage of this pop up is as follows.A user would press a key (say home ) and then a pop up window comes up with two columns namely item code and item description. We will be giving 2 option like say F2 and F3. If a user will press F2 the pop up will get sorted code wise and then there will be a text box where he can start typing the code.. If he presses F3 the pop up will now appear sorted description wise. A search function is used (in list box) to bring in those codes which match the keys pressed in the text box. The search will actually fire for each key typed in the text box. In case data is not found, a validate is to be made to disable further typing.We are having a restriction in the List box to display only 32,000 records (which is the maximum capacity). So we are stuck with giving the above solution to the users. Now we are loading the same 80,000 into three list boxes, which is not actually the solution.We are now using a Windows API function to search in the list box. So now searching is fast, but loading is getting delayed.. becoz we are using three list boxes for item code and three more for item description..We have tried using some spread with oracle data controls also, where the loading is fast but search is very slow. We are forced to give the above said solution as it is becoz the users are already using this function exhaustively in a dos based Point of Sales software.Kindly suggest an alternate to over come the same. If required, I would put in some screen shots or the source even.Thanks in AdvanceGiri

VB &amp; FAR POINT www.vbcity.com

hai friends,   is any one aware of VB + FAR Point.i don't know how to retrieve the column values to another form.help neededthanks & regardsGeetha

Dell :: Video Guide: Changing Thermal Paste(AS5) On Studio XPS 1645 forum.notebookreview.com

Due to popular demand of people requesting a guide on how to change their thermal paste I decided to make a video guide for the community as a way of giving back. Enjoy and sorry if I'm no high quality youtube blogger. This is my first video ever. Changing Studio XPS 1645 Thermal Paste(AS5) from XmDXtReMeK on Vimeo. You need isopropyl alcohol(99% or high purity)/arctic clean solution would work too with Q-Tips to clean up the previous compound. So please have that handy guys. Also watch this video on why I will not spread the compound but put a pea size dab of the compound and let the pressure spread it. You do not want air pockets between your cpu and heatsink, it will cause a lose of the thermal interface and wont work optimal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyXLu1Ms-q4 .....

Automatically Calculate The Bonus Points Into A Cell www.excelforum.com

I am updating a sports competition ladder. There are two aspects to compiling the table I would like to automate but have been unable to find out how via the excel documentation. The aspects are. 1. When a team loses by a margin of seven points or less below the total points scored by the winning team then the team is awarded a single "1" bonus point that contributes to their overall competition points tally. 2. When a team scores four tries or more they are likewise awarded a bonus point. I require formulas that will automatically calculate the bonus points into a cell. Situation One cell 1 = Points For (eg. 17) Cell 2 = Points Against (eg. 24). In this instance the team did not win. They scored 17 points and the winning team scored 24 points. Therefore the team lost but lost by seven points and is therefore entitled to one (1) bonus point. SOLUTION NEEDED - I need a formula that will calculate whether cell 2 is seven or less than cell 1, and if so automatically place a total of "1" in cell 3. Situation 2 Cell 1 = Tries Scored (eg. 5) In this instance the team has scored five tries. They have scored more than four tries or more and is therefore entitled to one (1) bonus point. SOLUTION NEEDED - I need a formula that will scan the number in cell 1. If this number is 4 or more, then a total of "1" should be automatically placed in Cell 2. I have looked into the excel help but to no avail and the search terms are so broad it was a nightmare trying to search the forums.

Migration To A Database Questions social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hello, I'm new to databases but not to programming in general.� I've got a few applications which currently sit on a single PC and read/update a particular XML file on the box.� The applications are C# apps and use FileSystemWatchers and a mutex to keep watch for changes and update the XML file as needed.� It has worked reasonable well for me. Now, I need to run these applications on separate machines, so it seemed a good point to consider moving toward a database solution. I'm hoping that there is a straightforward solution using SQL Server that will ensure that my applications alway have the current view of the world.� I had run into instances with my existing setup where once in a while an application thought its DataSet was up to date, but wasn't. Can someone point me in the right direction to implement the solution?� I suspect that this is a really common need for lots of programs that are distributed.� I'm still quite a newbie with databases and SQL Server, so I'm not even sure I'm using the right terms to describe things. Thanks, Matt

Ssl/https Curl www.phpfreaks.com

I'm trying to perform a curl on a "https://" site... I've searched the internet far and wide, and have yet to come up with any solution to my problem.� I was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction.� Whenever I try this code:

Directory Tree - Get A List Of Filename And Filepaths With The Extension? www.phpfreaks.com

how can i get a list of filename and filepaths with the extension '.png' in the following directory structure, advanced solution should allow further files and directories to be added at any point in the tree: /* �- folder � �- test1.png � �- test2.png[code]......

VB Access To Lotus Notes Email www.codeguru.com

I have a project which requires simple send and receive type access to our Lotus Notes email system. From what I have seen so far, it appears that our current version of Notes (4.6) does not support MAPI. I have looked around quite a bit and I have not found a method to access Notes email from VB. I found Lotus' VIM library, but it appears to only be a 16 bit solution. Could somebody please point me to a reliable way to access Lotus Notes email using 32 bit VB? Thanks,Ken

Toolbar Icons Not Showing Up www.vbcity.com

In my toolbar i have icons that appear in the form designer, but when i build and run my app they do not appear. The buttons and their labels appear, but no icons. I created an image list object and pointed it to the toolbar. Everything appears to be in order as far as i can tell. Attached is a zip file of my solution if anyone wants to take a look. Any ideas?SN

Javascript - Creating A Form To Input Multiple Contacts? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to devise a form that will allow me to input multiple contacts. It's a pretty long form so far and I want to keep it as short as possible. I was thinking of just having one set of fields for contact inputting which will add this contact to a list box or gridview but I'm not sure that is the most elegant solution. Could anyone else point me in the right direction to something good I can use? I'm writing in HTML / asp.net / javascript.

Pages 09 :: Place Changed After Leaving Full Screen Mode discussions.apple.com

I'm a writer and I spend most of the day working with Pages. It's always in full screen mode, but whenever I switch to Mail or Safari, or if the system goes into screensaver mode, Pages jumps back from the insertion point, i.e. where I was working, to another place in the text, sometimes as far back as thirty pages. I have filed a bug report, but am curious to know if this common and if there is a solution. Information: Mac Pro 2.66

Running A Excel Macro From VBScript www.xtremevbtalk.com

Can anyone help with this ? I am trying to Run a Macro in my Excel Sheet using VBScript So Far I have tried the Following Code:'This is a VBScript. Dim strPath Dim oXLA strPath = "MyExcel.xls!CreateData" set oXLA = CreateObject("Excel.Application") oXLA.Run strPath Set oXLA = NothingThis is no good. I tried some Solution I found after doing a Google Search those did not Help Also. Please point me in correct direction. Thanks Datta.

Cross-Browser Method To Determine Vertical Scroll Percentage? stackoverflow.com

How can I find out what percentage of the vertical scrollbar a user has moved through at any given point? It's easy enough to trap the 'onscroll' event to fire when the user scrolls down the page, but how do I find out within that event how far they have scrolled? In this case, the percentage particularly is what's important. I'm not particularly worried about a solution for IE6. Do any of the major frameworks (Dojo, jQuery, Prototype, Mootools) expose this in a simple cross-browser compatible way?