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I have never been more frustrated in my life.all I want to do is print an excel sheet, only the first sheet of the doc and workbook, and have the dialogue box appear so the user can select their own details.that's it.running from my prog. i can't seem to make it happenany comments would be helpful...thanks,-munch

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Hey Guys,I have searched, but couldn't find an answer.I have made a program in VB that puts some info on a Excel sheet. If I press 'Print sheet' I can print this sheet on the default printer, but I want to be able to let the user pick a printer and print with that selected printer (only if the user wants to print on another printer than the default printer).When I show the common dialog for the printer, I don't know how to link the 'Print' button on the common dialog to a certain command to print the active Excel sheet!Can you help me with this?Kind regards, Arjan

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I have a print button on several sheets in a workbook. I have a code set for it so that when it is clicked, it will bring up a print dialog box. It looks like this... Sub Button14_Click() Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show End Sub However, on one or two of the sheets, I would like a message box to also display when this button is clicked. The button is called Button14_Click() Private Sub Button14_Click() MsgBox "Please print new signature cards for customer(s) to sign" End Sub

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I'm having trouble hiding the dialog box that excel displays when printing something. I can disable every other dialog by setting the displayalerts property to false, but this only affects dialogs that require input from the user. The dialog i am talking about is the one that says Now Printing Page # of #on the Printer NameAnd has a cancel buttonI am accessing Excel from my VB program and it is not visible but this little box flashes up all the time when I print. Does anyone have any ideas on how to hide it?

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Hello,I am learning common dialogs and I discovered thatafter you use the open dialog box to open a file, you can'tshow the printer dialog box. Why?You could test on the following example i downloaded,first click Show print box button(the print box does show), then open an icon (i've put an icon in the zip file), click Show print box again(it doesn't show up this time) why?

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Hey all,I recently discovered this forum, and I've been refering to it from time to time for help with a project I'm working on.My question is does anybody know how to print an Excel sheet from a VB program? My program, in a nutshell, takes various data from the user, and then performs a lot of math on that data and then puts all the results onto a form for the user to see. I have also added a 'save results' button, which saves (using a common dialog save box) all the data to an excel sheet for easy viewing, but mainly for easy printing. So as it is now, I can run the VB program, get my results, click the 'save results' button, close the VB program, open the Excel file I just saved, and then print it through Excel's print menu. What I want to be able to do is never have to open Excel. I just want to populate the sheet using VB (which I have gotten to work), and then print that same sheet using VB (which I have not gotten to work).Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.-dwm

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I need to print my ABOUT dialog box, but I dont know how exactly.All I have is an OK button and if i make another print button and print it out that way then the print button will show up on the form.how do i print the about dialog box without having to show the print button. or do i even need one.the goal is to print out the form for classthanx!

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I wish to use the CommdialogBox to print an image. Using the showprinter method I can open the printing dialog window. What I am not too sure about is how to pass the image to be printed details to this printing dialog box?Can I print from within the dialog box or do I use the dialog to gather information about the print prior to using my original code to print? How do I access the OK button within the printing dialog box?If someone could help to explain the printer commondialogbox then it will be a great helpthanks

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I have a file for which I wish only selected pages to be printed, so I have disabled the print function in the ThisWorkbook module. Instead, the user chooses from a menu of available sheets to print, via a user form, and then requests the print. I've got most of this sussed in my mind, but the users need the option of which printer to use (loads of networked printers available and the choice will depend upon monochrome for draft print or full colour for final print), so I want to be able to call up the printer dialog box using Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show BUT!!!! I want all the options on the dialog box disabled, except for the choice of printer as clicking OK after choosing the printer adds the active sheet to the list of items to print.

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I have a workbook with 4 spreadsheets, each taking 1 page to print. I want Sheet 2 to print on the reverse side of Sheet 1 and Sheet 4 on the reverse of Sheet 3 so that all four pages of data takes 2 sheets of paper to print. I have tried selecting 2 sheets at a time and 4 sheets at a time but printing result is always single sided even though "duplex" is selected in printer properties. In the Print dialog box I have tried selecting "Active Sheets", "Entire Workbook" and even "Selection". I've also tried specifying pages 1-4 rather than All. Eventually, by printing to a PDF creator, I have concluded that Excel is treating each tab is a separate print job. i.e. I get 4 separate PDFs.

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I have written a code to print the crystal report instead of using print button in the crystal report viewer control.(I have done this in order to keep record of printed pages.) So, now there is a print button in my form, which upon clicked will show the printer select dialog box to print the crystal report pages. Now I need to track the event when user presses the Cancel button shown in the print dialog box?


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Hello!I use Visual Basic 6.0.I have made differents reports with the Data Report component. My problem is when I try to print one of them. I use the next statement:LlEsmArtReg.PrintReport TrueThe 'True' is becaruse I want show the Print Dialog Box.My problem is that the Print Dialog Box not appear at the front, instead of that appears on the back. So the final user have to make a 'Alt+Tab' to see this Dialog Box.Someone can tell me how to do for this Dialog Box appear at the front, automatically?Thanks,Eva Janakieff

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With my VB6 program, I have to print out multiple excel files.Currently I have it set up to print each file individually after exporting the data from a database.I would like to set it up so the user would only have to set the printer once (I'm allowing for different printers) and print out all the files in one swoop (saving the names of the files to print out in an array then looping through the array to printout)Currently my code at the end of each cycle to set up the files is the following: (having xlApp being bound Excel.) Code:'Print to a printer, arg12 sets sheet# or entire workbook xlApp.Dialogs(8).Show arg12:=3My question is can i use the Print dialog out of the Common Dialogs to set the printer and then use xlApp.printout or is there some better way to do this?Pseudocode of what the print code might be:Code:set printerwhile there are items in the array load arrayitem printout array itemloop

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Is there a way to have the print dialog box come up, make a selection, and put that selection into a variable? Ex: Code: Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show brings up the print dialog. I need to be able to select the printer and have the selected printer put into a variable in my vba code. I have tried Ex: w=Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show, but all I get is w=true The reason I need it is because I will be printing via vba code, but the printer may vary for different print jobs.

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Hi:I would like to select the pages to print using the Print dialog box generated by the CommonDialog component (comdlg32.ocx) that comes with VB6.However, I am unable to enable the Page and Page Number boxes on the Print dialog box. For instance, the code: CommonDialog1.flag = cdlPDPageNums CommonDialog1.ShowPrinterwill show the printer dialog box, but the Page and Page number boxes are not enabled. Any suggestions?Thanks in advance, Ted

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I have a workbook with 8 sheets. Two of the sheets have 31 pages (one page for each day of the month). I have to input data every day into these sheets on the current day (ie: If the first day of the current month is Sunday, that is page 1). I have to print out the current days page (not the sheet) after it is complete. Is there a macro or vb code that will print out the current day/active PAGE only? As it stands, I have to do the ctrl+p thing to get the print dialog box, and input the page I want printed....as you know, I have to input the page twice in the dialog box to print only one page, otherwise it starts to print from the page I chose.....and if I don't pay attention, I can print 30 pages when I only wanted one.

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how to automate the printing of Excel sheets each with a different name to a Cute pdf printer? I have a VBA procedure which uses Windows API calls to write to a system ini file (which I understand is a necessary requirement of the Cute software), which loops through all the sheets I need to print, and sends them one by one to a Cute pdf printer. However each time the 'print' instruction is invoked - I say print but of course this is really a file save process, the Save As dialog box pops up asking the user to confirm the save. What I want to achieve is the file gets saved automatically, with the relevant sheet name with no confimation dialog box.

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Greetings,Is there a way to bring up the Excel 2000 (9.0) Print Dialog box using VBA code or simulate the keyboard keystrokes of (Alt+F & Ctrl+P) that could be called with a command button? I've got an Excel VBA application, using Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0, that worked before we got a new printer network. Excel's Print Dialog does work with my application and the new network, but I'd like to bring it up with a command button. Thanks,Ken

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I'm working on a project that opens an Excel workbook adds data to cells then prints out the sheet to the default printer and creates a pdf file. If I don't have the sheet print or pdf when it's done writing the data to the sheet and closes the excel files it's gone from the Task Manager list. But when I have it print out either a hard copy or create the pdf Excel does not close correctly. Here is my code open the Excel sheet:Code:'Opens EDG Transmittal Sheet    Dim xlTmp As Excel.Application    Set xlTmp = New Excel.Application    xlTmp.Workbooks.Open "C:/VBA Project Stuff/Edg Transmittal/EDG TRANSMITTAL TEMPLATE.xls"    'ActiveWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess xlReadOnly       'Makes The Excel Sheet Visible If Set To True    xlTmp.Visible = TrueHere is the code to print the active sheet to the default printer:Code:'Prints the current Sheet or Workbook to the printer   Call ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).PrintOut(From:=1, To:=1, Copies:=edgcp, preview:=False, ActivePrinter:="default")And here is my code to close the workbook:Code: 'Closes the current workbook without saving changes    xlTmp.ActiveWorkbook.Close (savechanges = False)        xlTmp.Application.Quit 'quit excel   Set xlTmp = Nothing 'terminate the object variableAny help to get excel to fully close after printing would be greatly appreciated.Thanks, StanEdited by - skeeley6 on 10/13/2005 12:26:25 PM

Uncheck Print In Grayscale www.excelforum.com

I have 15 sheets in an excel file that I have to print out in color every month, and my company has excel defaulted to have "Print in Grayscale" checked and I can't change it. So for every sheet, I have to go to the print options an uncheck the box. Is there a way for VBA to print each page in color systematically?

Open A Print Dialog Box In Opera Browser Using Code? www.webdeveloper.com

I am trying to open a print dialog box in Opera browser using javascript code as <script language=javascript> window.print(); //This is working in IE, Netscape, Firefox, but not working in Opera </script> where as if I am using the following code Opera browser understands and able to open print dialog box <input type="button" value="Print this page" onClick="javascript:window.print();" ID="Button1" NAME="Button1"> My requirement is to open print dialog box in Opera browser using script block.

Printer Setup Dialog Box ? www.vbforums.com

how can i show the print setup dialog box, which will allow u to set the printer properties, like the one in MS word.the Commondialog Control's Show Print will show the printing dialog box ...... i'm not asking for that pls helpshruti !

Open Print Dialog Box www.excelforum.com

I would like a macro to print 2 sheets in a workbook. I can write the macro that will select the sheets I want, but I don't want it to just go and print because depending on if the user wants it printed in color, b&w, etc. they have to choose a different color. What code do I use to open the print dialog box?

Print Dialog Box www.vbforums.com

I have a program that will show the print dialog box if I don't open a file. Once I access the open dialog box, the print dialog box will no longer come up. I'm using the Common Dialog boxes. Any suggestions?

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im invoking the print dialog boxorderwin = ShellExecute(Me.hwnd, "Print", "_tmp" & filename, "", "", vbNormalFocus)how do i freeze my form until the print box closes (like in word)

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Hello folks!Does anyone have a clue how I can retrieve the total page number required for printing out an Excel sheet in VB/VBA ?I've got an Excel sheet, and I want to print out the current and total page number in the footer, but I want to print nothing in the footer, if the total page number is 1 ... so I have to retrieve this number before printing the sheet ...The only thing I have is the printing area I want to print out ...Thanks for any help Wolfgang

Common Print Dialog Box Properties www.vbforums.com

I am using VB6 and Crystal Reports 8.5 with Windows 2000 operating system and decided to use the VB print dialog box. When called, using “CommonDialog1.ShowPrinter”, the VB print box displays a three tabbed section print common dialog box: General, Layout, and Paper/Quality. Using the code between the “With CommonDialog1” and “end with” below, the following code enables the features that I want on the general section tab of the VB print dialog box: With CommonDialog1 .Flags = cdlPDPageNums .Min = 1 .Max = 999 .FromPage = 1 .ToPage = 999 End WithQuestion: What are the property variables for the other two tabbed sections of the print common dialog box and what system variables has to be updated (with the user settings) from the common dialog box? For example, this statement gets a value from the common dialog print box: orientation = commondialog.orientation What does orientation (1 for portrait, 2 for landscape) update in VB6?I appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.

Printer In EXCEL www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi, i am creating an application which can automatically populate the database data into an excel sheet....now i have successfully export the data to the excel....but now i want to use call the EXCEL to print it out, can i do that? can i have a preview before print it out? is that possible to control the excel's printer dialog using other application? NEed you help in these, pls teach me how to do that....thanks 1st....^.^

Common Dialog Printer Box www.vbforums.com

HiI placed a common dialog box in my VB 6 program and in the "Print" command button on my form, I put "CommonDialog1.showprinter" in the Click event with the code for my report immediately following it. I am not using crystal but simply a bunch of Printer.Print, etc statements to make up my report.It works fine in that it shows the printer dialog box when the user clicks on the Print button but my report prints even if the user click on "Cancel" from the Printer dialog box. Can you show me how to make the report print only if the user clicks on OK on the printer dialog box?Thanks,

Change Printer When Printing www.vbforums.com

I have a common dialog box for printing. It does the normal, pops up the box, choose your printer and your settings then you print it.. Only problem is if you bring up the dialog box again to print without restarting the program, then no matter what printer you select, it always prints it on the first printer you selected the first time you printed something. Is there a way to reset something with this so it will print to a different printer if i select another one at a later time before restarting the program?

MsAccess: Printing A Report Using Common Dialog www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have put a common dialog box on my form and added code to show printers but how do i make it print for example a report called "Test"thanksharley

Printer Dialog Box www.vbcity.com

I am new to VB. I have a few print commands that I need to have a printer dialog box pop up so the paper source and/or printer can be changed. I have tried to use CommonDialog1.ShowPrinter but the box just stays up and when you OK or Print it does nothing. I do have the common dialog boxes loaded in my preferences. Could some just show me how this Printer dialog box is suppose to work. Thanks for your help!

New Print Macro www.mrexcel.com

What I would like to do is when I click on the print botton or select Print from the File menu, I would like to have a dialog box pop up with a YES botton and NO button asking the question "Would you like to print out the Medication Summary Page?". YES indicates to print off an additional worksheet and NO indicates just print the active sheet. In the active sheet I have dropdown list in B6 to select a drug name to calculate IV medication drip rates. I also have other worksheets Named the same as in the list. For example, if you select D5W in the list, I have a worksheet named D5W. If you select YES in the message box, I would like to have the Active Sheet and the Medication Summary page print, ELSE just print the Active Sheet.

Avoid Print Dialog Box While Printing Webpage? forums.asp.net

I am using client side javascript to print the contents of web page. In the print page, i am getting the Print dialog box. How to avoid the print dialog box, when printing the webpage? I have checked this site, [URL] but the javascript is not working. How to avoid the print dialogbox while printing the contents of the webpage?

Changing Cells Values After Opening File www.xtremevbtalk.com

Code:Public Sub HPC3906A(frmStarterform As Form)Dim objExcel As Excel.ApplicationDim xlWB As Excel.WorkbookSet objExcel = New Excel.ApplicationIf Startertype = 1 Then Set xlWB = objExcel.Workbooks.Open(App.Path & "C3906A_R Starter.XLS")Else Set xlWB = objExcel.Workbooks.Open(App.Path & "C3906A_O Starter.XLS")End If'what do I add here to change a cell value for 'example cell "A30" value = "Print 500 5% Pages"objExcel.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show 'opens print dialog boxCleanUp: Call xlWB.Close(SaveChanges:=False) objExcel.Quit Set objExcel = NothingEnd Sub

ShowPrint Issue www.vbforums.com

I've got the below code to print the contents of a listview which all works fine. The problem is once the user has selected the printer and clicks Print it takes 10+ seconds for the print dialog box to disappear and the printing starts.Has anyone else come across this and/or know of a way so as soon the print button is pressed the print dialog box disappears?VB Code:Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()On Error Resume Next        With CD1    .CancelError = True    .ShowPrinter    End With     If Err.Number = 32755 ThenExit SubEnd If   'Code to print listview here End Sub

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Here is a problem I have been trying to solve for a while and have yet to find a solution.I want to print an excel file to a pdf without any user input. I am doing this with pdf writer printer driver. I can get the printer selected and tell it to print but it always brings up a print dialog window which the user then has to hit print then specify a file name after that. I want a function that I can call that I can print and excel file directly to a pdf with the pdf writer printer driver without having to have a print dialog window pop up.I need this to be automatic because I have about 150 - 500 files at a time and I dont' want to have to specify file names for each one.Does anyone know of a way to do this. I've tried using sendkeys to control the windows but that does not work. Unfotunaltey when excel pops up a print dialog it freezes execution of the program until the user enters the data into the print dialog. I"m hoping someone knows a way to solve this problem.ThanksKelly

How To Display The Printer Dialog Box In All Office Application And In Internet Explorer Too? www.codeguru.com

Option ExplicitConst WINDOWS_CANCEL = 0Const WINDOWS_OK = -1Const WINDOWS_SHUTDOWN = -2Const WINDOWS_COMMAND = 0Dim printer_ As PrinterPublic Sub printing_with_a_new_style() On Error Resume Next Dim selectPrinter As Integer Dim selectedPrinter Dim currentPrinter ' display printer dialog box selectPrinter = Application.Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint).Display If selectedPrinter= WINDOWS_OK Then ' Search printer to select selectedPrinter= StrConv(Application.ActivePrinter, vbUpperCase) For Each printer_ In Printers currentPrinter = StrConv(printer_.DeviceName & " on " & printer_.Port, vbUpperCase) If currentPrinter = selectedPrinter Then Set Printer = printer_ Exit For End If Next ' launch printing Application.Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint).Execute ' End of printing MsgBox "End of printing" Else ' printing cancelled MsgBox "printing cancelled" End IfEnd Sub##########################################In Office application, the call to this methoddisplay "printing cancelled".If i want this to work,I must replace "Application" by a "Word"But in an excel application, this fail.How I can display the printer dialog box with the same code,in all Office Application, and Internet Explorer too.thanks Laurent

How To Call The Printer Dialog Box In All Office Application + IE In VB? www.codeguru.com

Option ExplicitConst WINDOWS_CANCEL = 0Const WINDOWS_OK = -1Const WINDOWS_SHUTDOWN = -2Const WINDOWS_COMMAND = 0Dim printer_ As PrinterPublic Sub printing_with_a_new_style() On Error Resume Next Dim selectPrinter As Integer Dim selectedPrinter Dim currentPrinter ' display printer dialog box selectPrinter = Application.Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint).Display If selectedPrinter= WINDOWS_OK Then ' Search printer to select selectedPrinter= StrConv(Application.ActivePrinter, vbUpperCase) For Each printer_ In Printers currentPrinter = StrConv(printer_.DeviceName & " on " & printer_.Port, vbUpperCase) If currentPrinter = selectedPrinter Then Set Printer = printer_ Exit For End If Next ' launch printing Application.Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint).Execute ' End of printing MsgBox "End of printing" Else ' printing cancelled MsgBox "printing cancelled" End IfEnd Sub##########################################In Office application, the call to this methoddisplay "printing cancelled".If i want this to work,I must replace "Application" by a "Word"But in an excel application, this fail.How I can display the printer dialog box with the same code,in all Office Application, and Internet Explorer too.thanks Laurent

Why Doesn't Print www.vbcity.com

Dear All,I am using a common dialog control to print a form but it doesn't print. When I click print button, it shows a print dialog box to allow options selected. However, when I click OK button, it doesn't print. The strange thing is I open and check printer , it shows "spooling" under printer status but it doesn't print even if I wait forever. One more thing: I tried using PrintForm instead of common dialog control, it prints properly. That means it's not a problem of my printer. Please help me.My code:Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()CommonDialog1.CancelError = True   On Error Resume Next   ' display the dialog   CommonDialog1.ShowPrinter   If Err.Number = 32755 Then Exit Sub ' user cancelled   If CommonDialog1.Orientation = cdlLandscape Then       Printer.Orientation = cdlLandscape   Else       Printer.Orientation = cdlPortrait   End If      Printer.Print ' I also tried Printer.Print Tab(10); Form1End Sub

Printer Properties Dialog Box www.vbforums.com

HiOne more query based on Printer and Printing Options.In VB, is there a that, on click of a button, I can open the Print Properties Dialog Box. I mean not the whole Printer Dialog Box but just the Print Properties dialog. Attached is the screenshot of the dialog box that I'm talking about.I'll really thankful about any help on this... Thanks DEX

Common Dialog Box Question (save And Print) www.vbcity.com

heres a three parter...1) is there a way to clear out the history for file name when using the save common dialog box control?2) how do i print the contents of a rich text box when using print common dialog box... the code i have Code:RichTextBox1.SelPrint Printer.hDC prints whatever is selected in the textbox and if nothing is selected, it prints out the whole thing... but when the printer dialog box appears and you have something selected and you want to print the whole thing by picking all in 'page range' it still prints out what was selected.3) is there a way to set the margins when printing using the common dialog box control? when i print, the margins are very smallanyone know how to deal with these?thanks!primal

Text Box To Print www.ozgrid.com

I have a text box that I couldn't get to print properly on one page of A4 (margins). The text box then grew beyond an A4 sheet of paper and I made two text boxes. I've managed to get the first text box to print, but I can't tell Excel how to print the second text box.

New Number Would Be Placed On Printed Sheet www.mrexcel.com

I would like to print a excel sheet and each time I print this sheet a new number would be place on that printed sheet. Like a invoce number. So if I would print 50 sheets it could be number from 1 to 50 on each sheet or if I printed 10 sheets it would be number from 1 to 10?

Code To Print Worksheets Is Flawed. www.vbforums.com

I have some code which allows users to select which sheets of an Excel workbook they wish to print. The code works great, but has one drawback which I'd like to try and fix. At the moment the code allows users to see and print pages of the workbook that I've hidden, and then leaves them unhidden.I'm a total vb newbie I'm afraid so I'm in over my head with this this one. I'm kinda hoing someone here might have the necessary expertise (and the time!) to show me how to amend the code so if a sheet is hidden or veryhidden it does not appear as a print option and remains hidden. I think part of the problem is this:For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets sh.Visible = xlSheetVisible But I'm not sure how to fix it.The full code is as follows............Sub PRINT_SHEETS() Dim sh As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets sh.Visible = xlSheetVisible Next Application.ScreenUpdating = True Dim i As Integer Dim TopPos As Integer Dim SheetCount As Integer Dim PrintDlg As DialogSheet Dim CurrentSheet As Worksheet Dim cb As CheckBox Application.ScreenUpdating = False ' Check for protected workbook If ActiveWorkbook.ProtectStructure Then MsgBox "Workbook is protected.", vbCritical Exit Sub End If ' Add a temporary dialog sheet Set CurrentSheet = ActiveSheet Set PrintDlg = ActiveWorkbook.DialogSheets.Add SheetCount = 0 ' Add the checkboxes TopPos = 40 For i = 1 To ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Count Set CurrentSheet = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i) ' Skip empty sheets and hidden sheets If Application.CountA(CurrentSheet.Cells) <> 0 And _ CurrentSheet.Visible Then SheetCount = SheetCount + 1 PrintDlg.CheckBoxes.Add 78, TopPos, 150, 16.5 PrintDlg.CheckBoxes(SheetCount).Text = _ CurrentSheet.Name TopPos = TopPos + 13 End If Next i ' Move the OK and Cancel buttons PrintDlg.Buttons.Left = 240 ' Set dialog height, width, and caption With PrintDlg.DialogFrame .Height = Application.Max _ (68, PrintDlg.DialogFrame.Top + TopPos - 34) .Width = 230 .Caption = "Select sheets to print" End With ' Change tab order of OK and Cancel buttons ' so the 1st option button will have the focus PrintDlg.Buttons("Button 2").BringToFront PrintDlg.Buttons("Button 3").BringToFront ' Display the dialog box CurrentSheet.Activate Application.ScreenUpdating = True If SheetCount <> 0 Then If PrintDlg.Show Then For Each cb In PrintDlg.CheckBoxes If cb.VALUE = xlOn Then Worksheets(cb.Caption).Activate ActiveSheet.PrintOut ' ActiveSheet.PrintPreview 'for debugging End If Next cb End If Else MsgBox "All worksheets are empty." End If ' Delete temporary dialog sheet (without a warning) Application.DisplayAlerts = False PrintDlg.Delete ' Reactivate original sheet CurrentSheet.Activate Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets sh.Visible = xlSheetVisible Next Application.ScreenUpdating = True End SubAny assistance would be very much appreciated.

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I am printing web page on pageload using print dialog box. for this, i used "window.print()" to call print dialog box on page_load event . In web page, I have Cheque details and front & back Image of Cheque. I want to print both image on different pages but using "window.print()" this is not possible.

How Do I Get Print Dialog To Not Change Default Printer? www.codeguru.com

Is it possible to use the Print Dialog to select a printer without the current default printer being changed to whatever is selected?I would like to use the print dialog to allow a user to select a printer. Then use this printer and the print object to print to this printer. I do not want the current default printer to be changed? It seems to me other programs such as Word and Excel do this is it possible in VB?Do I have to restore the default printer with something else after using the dialog?I have seen ways to set the default printer and I think I have read in some places that to get the current printer selection from the dialog the default printer has to be changed, but is there another way to get printer selection and settings without changing the default printer?Here is my code to show the print dialog and print. With dlgCommonDialog .DialogTitle = "Print" .CancelError = True .Flags = cdlPDReturnDC + cdlPDNoPageNums If Err <> MSComDlg.cdlCancel Then Call Print_DR1 End If End WithAny help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Programing The Common Dialog Controls www.codeguru.com

I am trying to set up my program to print the value of 2 text Boxes. I have never used the Common Dialog COntrols before. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to program them.***BE MORE SPECIFIC I KNOW*****ok, i know how to make the box pop up. CommonDialog1.showPrinterWhat I want to know is do I just program the Print object?and the box will print when i push print?little confused I always created my own dialog boxes colors, fontsbut thought i would try to save me some time and use VB'sthanksDoc

Supress The Printing Message Box www.excelforum.com

Is there any way to suppress the �printing page 1 of 4�� message box that pops up every time you print? I have a button which when clicked prints my sheets in excel and I'd like to supress the printing message box.

Print Dialog Box ? www.vbforums.com

Hello All,can anyone tell me how to provide a windows printing Dialog Box for printing a crystal report thru coding?thanks in Advance!Pari

Automatic Print www.xtremevbtalk.com

how can I automatically print the contents of a form to the default printer so I don't need to have a print dialog box appear??Thanks,John

Accessing The Print Dialog Box www.xtremevbtalk.com

Does anyone know the code to 'pop up' the Print Dialog Box that users can normall access through File,Print on the menu bar?

CommonDialog And Printer www.vbforums.com

i cant find anywhere on how to do this!!!!how do i show the printer dialog that is standard in Windows in my app and then print out the document i want in VB?i have an IDE made....i want a printer featurei want to show the normal printer dialog box, and then when user hits print - it should print the contents of the main txt boxany ideas? PLEASE!

JQueryUI :: Unable To Open "Print Dialog" With Dialog On Google Chrome? stackoverflow.com

I'm actually using JQueryUI Dialog plugin to show some information to the users of my site. The content of this dialog can be printed, so I need to open a print dialog (from browser) when I click on a button.I'm creating this dialog like this (this is just an example; I modified content and size): var box = $('<div id="print-dialog" title="Print map">blablabla....</div>'); box.dialog({ width: 100,[code].... But when I click on 'Print' button, nothing happens. I tried the same example on Firefox and IE and works fine.You can try to execute my code on JSBin right here: http://jsbin.com/osoro3

Printing Graphs Upside-down www.xtremevbtalk.com

I've written a program that will print out a summary sheet of data along with five graphs. It prints fine when I run the program from vb6, but when I compile it, my graphs (and there position on the page) are flipped upside down.A secondary more minor problem is that the print dialog box doesn't appear all the time, but the program will still print to the default printer.thanks for any help.Tripp

Print Range In Excel From Vb Application www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have several vb user forms which populate an excel spreadsheet. I need to put a command button on a user form which will print out the excel sheet that has been populated. At no time will the user see the excel workbook.I have managed to get as for as printing the sheet but the print-out is blank as I have been unable to work out how to tell the printer what the print range is.I realise that this must be a very basic question but I would appreciate some help.

Details About Printing www.codeguru.com

I'm tring to print a data report using a print dialog box. I have two books and the MSDN Library, and I still can't find any decent examples of this. All they have is an analysis of the dialog box as a whole. Can anyone post some code where they used the dialog box to print?Thanks in advance.

Anyone Know How To Programatically Disable Windows Print Manager? www.vbforums.com

Im doing an application which integrated to MS Office means user can display Word doc, Excel, or even PDF but not allow user to print as those are control documents.. but i couldn't find a way to disable the windows standard print function (Print dialog box). Please help on how to disable windows print function...

CommonDialog Print? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, I have used the common dialog box to implement the Save, and Print dialog boxes. But how come the Print dialog box does not work sometimes. It only works AFTER the Save dialog box is shown. If we click the Print dialog box first (as soon as we run the application) it doesn't work. I can't figure out why. I am having trouble implementing the Help dialog box. It keeps giving a message "Can't find the file...." Any advice?

Sorting List Of Items Into 2 Separate Lists www.mrexcel.com

I work for a printing company that prints labels. We have 6 printing presses, lets call them A,B,C,D,E & F. Certain labels can only be printed on printing press F. From our business system I can run a report in excel format giving details of all the labels that we have sold in the present month. I need split that report into 2 separate excel spreadsheets; 1 showing everything that was printed on presses A to E and the other showing everything printed on press F. I also have another excel spreadsheet which gives a complete list of all the labels that have to be printed on press F. Every label that we print has a part code and both spreadsheets show this part code so that would be the linking factor between the 2 sheets.

Changing Cell Properties With VB6 www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm using VB 6 and I would like to know if I can change properties of cells like font, font size, and font bold. Also if I can change column width and add Headers and footers. Thanks for any help.Dim appXL As Excel.ApplicationSet appXL = New Excel.ApplicationappXL.Workbooks.AddWith appXL.Range("A1") = frmDataEntry.CaptionEnd WithApplication.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show 'opens print dialog boxApplication.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show 'opens save as dialog boxappXL.QuitSet appXL = Nothing

OLE Or Insertable Object - Can't Solve www.xtremevbtalk.com

ok, I managed to link and print an excel sheet from a vb6 form. The information is taken directly from an mshflexgrid on the same form. When I transfer the information and print out the ole excel everything's ok. There's only one problem: on the vb form the excel sheet doesn't update. I know that the information is there because the printout shows it, but thay are just not displayed on the screen.Any suggestion?

I Cant Print With Crystal Reports www.vbforums.com

I'm using VB6.0 and Crystal Reports from VB5.0When I tried to print a report, the Printer Dialog Box appear,but when I click OK, the report is not send it to the printer.(It looks like, but it doesnt) and if I tried to export it to Excel,the button does not show the dialog box to export to a File.I already uninstall and install Crystal Reports; but thatdoesnt work.Any help would be appreciated.regards.!

Display Printer Selection Dialog Box www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi EverybodyAnother problem!In the code below all I am trying to do is do some page settings (you may ignore the details) for printing this speadsheet on A3 paper. I am trying to include an error handling section at the end whereby if the current printer cannot print on A3 sheets, then it should display an error message followed by displaying an appropriate dialog box where the user can select a printer that can print on A3 sheet if one is available for the user to pick. If not then the print preview should end displaying appropriate message. Code:Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean) 'On Error GoTo Display_Error_Message Dim startRow As Long, wrkgRow As Long, finalRow As Long startRow = 12: wrkgRow = startRow: finalRow = 560 Application.ScreenUpdating = False Do While wrkgRow <= finalRow If Right(Cells(wrkgRow, 1).Value, 2) = "()" Then Rows(wrkgRow).EntireRow.Hidden = True End If wrkgRow = wrkgRow + 1 Loop Application.ScreenUpdating = True With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .PrintArea = "$A$9:$GL$560": .PrintTitleRows = "$1:$8": .PrintTitleColumns = "$A:$A" .LeftHeader = "": .CenterHeader = "": .RightHeader = "" .LeftFooter = "": .CenterFooter = "": .RightFooter = "" .LeftMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.590551181102362) .RightMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.590551181102362) .TopMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.590551181102362) .BottomMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.590551181102362) .HeaderMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.393700787401575) .FooterMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.393700787401575) .CenterHorizontally = True: .CenterVertically = True .Orientation = xlLandscape: .PaperSize = xlPaperA3 .FitToPagesWide = 6: .FitToPagesTall = 4 End With Set ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(1).Location = Range("A147") Set ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(2).Location = Range("A285") Set ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(3).Location = Range("A423") Set ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(1).Location = Range("AI9") Set ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(2).Location = Range("BO9") Set ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(3).Location = Range("CU9") Set ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(4).Location = Range("EA9") Set ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(5).Location = Range("FG9") Exit Sub Display_Error_Message: Exit Sub Dim msg1 As String, msg2 As String, finalMsg As String msg1 = "Please ensure that your selected printer can print on A3 sheets" msg2 = "To manually alter print settings, please turn of the Excel events proceeding further." finalMsg = msg1 & Chr(10) & msg2 MsgBox prompt:=finalMsg, Buttons:=vbInformation + vbOKOnly, Title:="Printer Error" Cancel = TrueEnd SubThis seems to work ok except that I am not able to display a dialog box where the user can select a printer capable of printing on A3 sheets (as we can by going to File -> Page SetUp ->).Any suggestions as to how can I display the appropriate dialog box for the user to select the printer?Best regardsDeepak Agarwal

Excel Document Margins Moved When Viewed On Different Computers www.excelforum.com

I have designed an excel spread sheet for my staff to fill in when completing care plans - there are a lot of drop down boxes etc., on the form - when it comes to printing 3 computers on the office print it fine but the other 3 the margins seem to move and the sheets come out totally wrong - I have checked the setting and we are all using the same setting etc., but it is still happening - we are also all printing to the same printer.

Change The 'Document Name' On Printer.Print www.vbforums.com

I'm having a problem (maybe it's not) when i print a Text Box VB Code:Printer.Font = "Fixedsys"    Printer.FontSize = 9    Printer.FontBold = False    Printer.FontItalic = False    Printer.FontUnderline = False    Printer.Print TextBox.Text    Printer.EndDoc and when I open the Printer's dialog box to see the Documents i have sentIt's always shown in 'Document Name' the name of my project 'DTMS'I wanna do something everytime i send a printing i can change the Document Name, for example the name of the Printing i'm sending. For example'Printing #127'

Printing Multiple Sheets On One Piece Of Paper www.vbcity.com

I have a spreadsheet with two sheets. I need to print a selected area from both sheets onto 1 piece of paper. Right now im having problems with getting just one of the sheets to print out correctly. //CODEWith Worksheets("TIME SHEET").PageSetup        .CenterHorizontally = True        .PrintArea = "$A$1:$N$27"        .Orientation = xlLandscape        .FitToPagesWide = 1        .FitToPagesTall = False    End WithWorksheets("TIME SHEET").PrintOutWith Worksheets("EXPENSES").PageSetup        .CenterHorizontally = True        .PrintArea = "$A$1:$O$21"        .Orientation = xlLandscape        .FitToPagesWide = 1        .FitToPagesTall = False    End WithWorksheets("EXPENSES").PrintOut//end Im having trouble with the .FitToPagesWide = 1if I go into excel and goto pagesetup and select "adjust to 100%" like what is defaulted on excel. When it prints out it does not fit it to the page. When I go in and manually set it, it prints fine when i run this. also,The two print out on separate sheets of paper, ive looked at a couple of sites and the help in excel and they showed examples of printing different ranges on the same sheet of paper but It didnt work when i did//codeWorksheets("TIME SHEET").PageSetup.FitToPagesWide = 1Worksheets("TIME SHEET").Range("A1:N27").PrintOutWorksheets("EXPENSES").PageSetup.FitToPagesWide = 1Worksheets("EXPENSES").Range("A1:O21").PrintOut//ENDThis prints it out the same way as it prints with the code at the top. They both still come out on 2 sheets of paperone of the sites gave this example for printing multiple ranges on one sheet of paper//CODESub PrintRpt2() 'To print several ranges on the same sheet - 1 copy    Range("HVIII_3A2").PrintOut    Range("BVIII_3").PrintOut    Range("BVIII_4A").PrintOut    Range("HVIII_4A2").PrintOut    Range("BVIII_5A").PrintOut    Range("BVIII_5B2").PrintOut    Range("HVIII_5A2").PrintOut    Range("HVIII_5B2").PrintOutEnd Sub//ENDBut I need to print ranges from 2 different sheets so i have to have the "Worksheets("")" part in there. Im pretty new to VBA, so any help or input would be appreciated.

Direct Printing To Printer www.vbforums.com

What are the commands for printing to a Printer. I just wish to simply use a few variabvels and print there content with a few labels onto a sheet of paper, with maybe a heading.I have tried useing the CommonDialog1 dialog box for settig up the printer etc but i get a Missing Operator error. I have included the MS Common Dialog Components.What components should i be installing with this program??

Applications :: Possible To Have More Options In OS X Print Dialog? forums.macrumors.com

Is there a possibility, to have more print options in the OS X print dialog? Specifically, I want to change quickly the layout of E-Mails, I print (font size bigger, smaller, rewrap mail, move attachments, so they print properly on one sheet instead of spreading on 4 sheets, etc.). I was a heavy user of fineprint for Windows back then and loved especially the implemented big print preview.

Suppress Printing With VBA www.excelforum.com

What i have is over 20 worksheets which have information on them that i want to print when selected so, i have a "main page" with a variety of options for the user to select (by check box) and when they are happy with their selection you would click another check box to print out, i have done this because the printer is set well away from the users and if they printed of sheet by sheet then lots of miles treading back and forth to the printer room would happen so, i thought by doing it this way it would batch print all selected sheets after selection, the code is set up to print all sheets which are selected by "true" in cell O2. This is no problem as it works well but the code also prints when the check box is de selected. What I would like is a message box to appear before the main macro runs for the user to select "yes or no" to confirm printing. I have put code in this for the command but it will not run the main magro if you select "yes"...below is the code for the main print loop...I think the code for print message should appear before this...

Disable "Printing..." Dialog Box In Vb6 Form.printform Command www.codeguru.com

Hi,I am sort of a newbie at programming. i am currently using vb6 to print a form with pre filled text boxes and images using the form1.printform method, everything works fine but i keep getting a small pop up dialog box which says "Printing..." and it has a "Cancel" button. This pop up box stays only for the duration it takes for the print command to be recieved by the printer and the printer starts printing. I want to disable/hide this dialog box and stop it from popping up at all, How do i got about it..? This dialog box isnt there if i use the printer.print command, but i cant print a form using the printer.print command so i want to continue using the form.printform method.

Sp_OACreate With Excel forums.databasejournal.com

I'm having problems creating and saving an Excel object. I can create a Word document, but not an Excel file It fails and Excel is in the task manager but nothing else happens. I have to kill the processes, from my Exe/Dll viewer "ProcExp" (It's a cool app, that saves me from rebooting to free up my system) Anyway, here is both my VBS and TSQL code. TIA JeffP... /*'vbs code......saved in Notepad Dim myexcel set myexcel = createobject("Excel.Application") myExcel.Application.UserName = "JeffP" myExcel.Application.Workbooks.Add myExcel.Application.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ("Me.xls") myExcel.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Save myExcel.Workbooks.Close myExcel.Application.Quit'end vbs code */ --begin tsql declare @Obj int ,@file varchar(100) ,@user varchar(100) ,@res int ,@sheet int ,@saveas varchar(255) ,@save varchar(255) set @user = 'Jackx' set @file = 'me.xls' set @saveas = 'ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs("C:Documents and SettingsjeffMy Documents")' set @save = 'ActiveWorkbook.Save' exec @res = sp_oacreate 'excel.application' ,@obj output print 'Obj' print @res print @obj print '-------' exec @res = sp_oamethod @obj ,'workbooks.add' ,@sheet output print 'add' print @res print @sheet print '-------' exec @res = sp_oamethod @obj ,@saveas print 'saveas' print @res print @file print '-------' exec @res = sp_oamethod @obj ,'ActiveWorkbook.Save' print 'save' print @res print @file print '-------' exec @res = sp_oamethod @obj ,'Workbooks.Close' print 'close' print @res print @file print '-------' exec @res = sp_oamethod @obj ,'quit' print 'quit' print @res print @sheet print '-------' exec @res = sp_oadestroy @obj print 'end' print @res --end tsql

Printing Files From VB 6.0 forums.devshed.com

Hi,Any one can help me out to find, how to print files from vb application, as I am using print dialog box from common dialog control but it is not accepting file name dialog box open but it will not take the filename to print?Thanks

Common Dialog Print www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm using MS Common Dialog for the printer aspect. After I print once it remembers what printer I used and continues to print to it without showing me the dialog box. here's my code. Code:dlg.CancelError = True On Error Resume Next dlg.ShowPrinter If Err = 32755 Then Exit Sub End If Printer.Orientation = 1 newp.PrintFormIt continues to print to the same printer even if I close the program and restart it. Thanks!

SQL Reporting :: Remote Rdl Report Print To Default Printer Without Print Dialog? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to print SSRS 2008 remote rdl reports on asp.net web page to a default printer without showing the print dialog?

Printer Delay Using Common Dialogbox www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all,I am using a common dialogbox for printing.The problem:When clicking on print or pressing the enter key, printing is delayed by 10 to 15 seconds.If I eleminate the common dialog box, printing starts quickly.Is there a way to elminimate the delay when using the common dialog box?TIADick Deeds

How I Print A VB6 Form Using Printing Dialog Box Plz Help Me forums.aspfree.com

--Help me--Help me--Help me--Help me--Help me--Help me--I made a database software but i can't print the visual basic form using Printing Dialog box to a printer device.Please help me how i can print a form using printing dialog box.--Help me--Help me--Help me--Help me--Help me--Help me--

Printing With Common Dialog www.xtremevbtalk.com

my program prints out a list of the customers stored in the database.i want to add the print dialog box so the user can change the print options - number of copies etc.if they click ok, it prints, fine. however if you click cancel it also prints... i dont want this to happen, also i dont know how to control the number of copieshow do you use the data that the print dialog returns?

Why Can't Print From 2nd Account www.bleepingcomputer.com

I'm running Win 7 Pro with my account (with admin rights) and my wifes' account (without admin rights). When in my account I can go to "file" then "print" and my printer is in the print dialog box. When in my wifes' account, and I go to the print dialog box it just says "xps document" or something to that effect where it should have the printers name. How can I make it so my wife can print?

Print If Cell Range Has Value www.mrexcel.com

I have a excel sheet that has a range of cells (Q39 - Q49) that I required to be filled with yes or No befroe the user is able to print off the sheet. what I thought of doing is creating a command button to print the sheet once it has checked to see if the range is filled? Does anyone know how to disable the print functions and make the cmd button to check the cell range before printing the sheet?

Print Only To Paper In Vba Excel www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I'm trying to create a module that prints the selected sheet only to paper. I already created a dialog box which lets you select printer, but I don't know how to detect if the selected printer is a real printing device or a software application, like PDF 995, which acts like a printer but actually converts the sheet to a .pdf file.I will apreciate a lot any help you can offer!Thanks

Manipulating Excel's Print Dialogbox www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hey guys,Sorry for asking twice, but this problem is really holding me up!!! Does any one out there know how to manipulate the built-in print dialogbox at run time? I'm using excel in the background for output of inputs/calcs done in VB and I need to restrict some options in the dialog to stop the user from selecting "active sheet(s)" and "selection" in the "Print What" section of the dialog. Here's the code I am trying:objExcel.Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show arg7:="Entire Woorkbook""arg7" according to the list given in the VB excel help, is the print_what argument for xldialogprint. For "arg7", I've tried nearly everything under the sun - different numeric values, text(including the quick keys), boolean expressions etc... Nothing seems to work! Does anyone out there know what this argument wants to set the particular options?(Too bad Excel doesn't work like Word for this case!!!!)Thanks, and sorry about the double post,F150man

Common Dialog Print Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hey folks, I am having trouble showing out the print common dialog immediately after I show out a open dialog box. The problem is whenever I use the common dialog object to show an Open Dialog box and after that I use the same common dialog object to show the Printer Dialog box, it refuses to pop up. Instead of doing that. It skips the Show Printer line and executes my printing codes. Weird ! Help ? Thanks in advance...

Print HTML File www.vbcity.com

I want to print multiple HTML files without any pop up of print dialog box. I can print it from below method but I am usually getting problem.1)WebBrowser1.navigate “c: est.htm”WebBrowser1.ExecWB OLECMDID_PRINT, OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER Problem: This is taking long time to navigate html file, In Printing – it again takes more time. This method fail to print multiple html files.2) Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As LongPrivate Sub Command1_Click()Call ShellExecute(0, "Print", ("C:Somefile.html"), "", "", 0)End Sub3)rundll32.exe mshtml.dll,PrintHTML %1 (%1): HTML file name             Problem:                This method is fine but I am getting pop up of Print Dialog box for each single HTML file.--A solution could be to SEND “Enter” key from program on that print Dialog box. Please Help me to fix this problem.

Color Calibration Bars Are Printing forums.adobe.com

I am printing on an Epson Stylus Pro 4800. I am using Photoshop CS2 (version 9.0.2)and have the Color Settings set at North American Prepress2 which was recommended for using ICC settings. I have the printer set to "No Color Adjustments" (i.e. let Photoshop control the color). Each time I send an image to print, the printer is printing color calibration bars then ejecting the sheet. The image is printing on the second sheet. At $2.50 per sheet (fine art paper), I can't afford to waste the paper. Does anyone know how to turn the color calibration bars off. I have already checked the Output Options in the print dialog box and the calibration box is unchecked.

Want To Print And Fax The Rich Text Box's Content. www.vbforums.com

Hi All,I have created an application with a RichTextBox control on the form.I need that user can print the content of Richtextbox.I added Common Dialog box in my form and able to generate the print dialog box but unable to print only Rich Text box content.Similarly if the user need to fax or email the content what control and coding i should add?Thanx,Saurabh

Probelm In Vb www.vbforums.com

hii have a textbox and print button on a formduring form load i bring the text into the textbox form a fileand when the print button is pressed i display aprinter dialog box.now my problem is when i pressed ok in the printer dialog box the content in the text box is not getting printed.how to overcome this?

Print Excel Sheet As Background Process? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm developing app in VB.NET 2008. I have one prob that i'm creating excel sheet runtime, loading data and printing excel sheet through my application. Actually it has 150 sheets to print. i'm printing by using this code xla.Sheets.PrintOut(Copies:=1, Collate:=True) To print 150 sheets , its taking around 17 min. so now the user is waiting until printing process finish(ie 17 min ) . actually i don't want to make him wait, i want to execute this printing process in backgroud. so the user can work on other process in my app. how to print this in background ?

Print Properties www.xtremevbtalk.com

My question is, when I go to print a form I want the form to print as Landscape. So in the print dialog box I go to Preferences and check Landscape and then Print. When the Print Preview comes up it starts out as Landscape but switches to Portrait sceconds later, and wants to Print as Portrait. It actually egnores all of the Preferences from the Print dialog box. I have the Orientation set to cdlLandscape in the Property Page of the Print Dialog Properties. Do I have to put something in my code to make it print as Landscape?

Add Data To Existing Excel Files www.vbcity.com

Hi all,I've got an excel spreadsheet with many sheets in it. I hate having to open it in excel and then click on the appropirate sheet and then add some data. I want to be able to do this by selecting some items from a drop down menu.For example...Toronto.xls - contains sheets DataServer, SAP Server, Print Server, Etc.Johannesburg.xls - contains sheets DataServer, SAP Server, Print Server, Etc.Brisbane.xls - contains sheets DataServer, SAP Server, Print Server, Etc.- I first select a location like Toronto, Johannesburg, Brisbane -- this will basically determine which excel file I want to work on- Based on that I want now select a sheet to add/review data (DataServer or SAP Server or Print Server)- I then am presented with a form which asks for me 5 or 6 things and when I click OK, that info gets saved into the excel file in the next lineCan anyone help me get started?Thanks in advance for anyone who responds.Regards,Adeel

How Do I Print An Array Of Worksheets In One Print Job? www.vbcity.com

I need to print a set of worksheets in two Excel files (Excel 2002). Each sheet has a 1 or 0 in cell A1 to indicate whether to print or not. My code needs to loop thru each sheet, look for the print indication, and print if cell A1 = 1. I can do all this easily in multiple print jobs. My problem is that I need all the appropriate sheets to print in one print job.It is not an option to combine the sheets in one file because each workbook is limited to 3000 cell format combinations. Can you please help?Code:Sub PrintSheets()'This code creats an array of sheet names and prints that. That works beautifully for printing 'from one file, but it doesn't work when the names come from two files. Dim PrintArray() As StringDim wsSheet As WorksheetDim index As Singleindex = 0'this loop creates an array with sheet names that are to be printedFor Each wsSheet In Workbooks("First.xls").Worksheets ' there are 30 sheets    If wsSheet.Range("a1") = 1 Then        ReDim Preserve PrintArray(index)        PrintArray(index) = wsSheet.Name        index = index + 1    End IfNext'this prints the arrayWorkbooks("First.xls").Sheets(PrintArray).PrintOut ActivePrinter:=AdobePrintEnd SubThe code above would work in another situation, but it doesn't solve my problem.Next I tried to create an object array that holds all the sheets I need to print, but I couldn't figure out how to print the entire array in one print job. See the following code.Code:Sub PrintSheets2()Dim wsPrintArray() As WorksheetDim wsSheet As WorksheetDim index As Singleindex = 0'these loops create an array of sheets that are to be printedFor Each wsSheet In Workbooks("First.xls").Worksheets    If wsSheet.Range("a1") = 1 Then        ReDim Preserve wsPrintArray(index)        Set wsPrintArray(index) = wsSheet        index = index + 1    End IfNextFor Each wsSheet In Workbooks("Second.xls").Worksheets    If wsSheet.Range("a1") = 1 Then        ReDim Preserve wsPrintArray(index)        Set wsPrintArray(index) = wsSheet        index = index + 1    End IfNext'this works for one sheet, but I want to print the whole array in one print jobwsPrintArray(0).PrintOut ActivePrinter:=ToshibaPrinterEnd SubThe key to my problem is in the last line; How can I print an array of worksheets in one print job? I would be grateful for any help you could give me.Edited by - scratcat on 10/4/2005 9:21:12 AM

Printing From VB And The Text Box www.vbforums.com

I use only a simple VB text box in my program but haven't found a reliable way to print the content of the text box out. Normally it just prints what looks like a screen capture out and that's all. I'm looking for a tutorial, code snippets or even a ActiveX control that could enable simply selecting a printer (ala the common dialog print box), setting some setup functions (margins, orientation) and printing the page.Are there an advantages to printing from the RichTextBox control instead?

Print Preview Excel Template With VB 2010 www.daniweb.com

I can't get this to work. My program fills all the values into an Excel spreadsheet- no problems there. What I'd like to do is a print preview/print function. I can't seem to get my code right, all I get are blank pages in the print preview box. Dim oExcel As Object = CreateObject("Excel.Application") oExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:DailyLogsDailyLog.xlsx") PrintPreviewDialog1.Document = PrintDocument1 PrintPreviewDialog1.ShowDialog() oExcel.Sheet1.PrintPreview() So as I see it, this should open excel, then navigate to the actual excel file. The print preview dialog should come up, which it does, and the excel sheet1 should be previewing, but it's not? I don't have any errors, just a blank print preview. At least thats how I see it, but obviously I'm wrong because it won't work.

Excel 2007 :: Graph Not Visible? www.mrexcel.com

I've got a workbook that was written in excel 2003. It has been modified in excel 2010 and a graph has been added. Everything looks normal in excel 2010 and 2003 but when opened in excel 2007 the graph is not visible. Printing the sheet has the graph on it, so it is there, but how can I get it to show on screen? I've checked the print property in case that had anything to do with it but it is set to true.