Sending PCL/PJL Commands To The Printer Using Vb


Hi,Can anybody Know how to send PCL/PJL Commands to the printer.i have to use API Calls to send PCL/PJL commands.but i don't know How?PLZ help me,Thanks,Anitha

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My customer has a file (PCL format) that was created by an HP LaserJet 4si driver. I have a need to send this file to various network printers - most of which are not HP LaserJet 4si printers. I thought that PCL was kind of a "universal" printer control language and would work on most printers, regardless of make/model of driver. I'm also concerned that we're kind of "locked in" to the HP LaserJet 4si since it is mentioned in the file's header (see brief blurb below):%-12345X@PJL COMMENT HP LaserJet 4Si@PJL SET PAGEPROTECT=OFF@PJL SET PAGEPROTECT=AUTO@PJL SET RET=ON@PJL SET RESOLUTION=600@PJL ENTER LANGUAGE=PCLIs this possible? Any suggestions?

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Hi friends,I have a program in vb 6.0. Its a small printing program.While printing the report, sometimes the printer starts to print printer comments...% - 12345X@PJL JOB             @PJL COMMENT "hp LaserJet 1300 PCL 6 (; Microsoft WindThen i have to to shut down the printer for 10-15 minutes and it will be OK after that.I am using the codedatareport1.hidedatareport1.printreport falseI dnt knw the problem is with the program or the printer driverPlease help me

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I have a printer that accepts commands via PJL, I have written a little software that will do everything i want it to do EXCEPT STAPLE. I have the doucmentation on the command on how to make it staple BUT i don't know how to send the PJL command to the printer. Any ideas? the below is the command in my manual.<ESC>%-12345X@PJL@PJL JOB@PJL SET QTY = 1@PJL SET OUTBIN = FINISHERBOOKLET@PJL SET JOBOFFSET = OFF@PJL SET STAPLE = LEFTTOP@PJL SET PUNCH = TOPPORT@PJL SET IMAGEDIRECTION = NORMAL@PJL SET TRACKID = "AUocrAAEZIovYG"@PJL SET TIME = "17:17"@PJL SET DATE = "2002/03/04"@PJL SET JOBNAME = "MICROSOFT WORD - J9.DOC"@PJL SET USERID = "?"@PJL SET ENTER LANGUAGE = RPDL::<ESC>%-12345X@PJL@PJL EOJ@PJL RESET

OpenSUSE Hardware :: Adding Custom PJL Instructions To Print Job forums.opensuse.org

Getting sick of always having toner saver active when printing in Linux, I've used windows today to "print to file" and examine how the windows driver for my printer manages to override the toner saver settings. It turns out that the windows driver prepends some PJL commands to the PostScript file that is sent to the printer. Nothing really fancy, so I would like to:Define two logical printers: one that uses the "toner save" feature and one that prints with the highes quality. For the "high quality" printer, prepend the same PJL commands that the windows driver adds. Any hints on how I can do that (especially adding the PJL commands to the data that is sent to the printer)? My search skills seem to let me down on this one :-( Hardware and software details:OpenSuse 11.2 HP LaserJet 6MP Printer networked through a D-Link one-port printer server (of the type you are supposed to plug into the printers parallel port)

VS 2008 Printer Spooler - Retrieving Page Count And Serial Number? www.vbforums.com

I'm helping the IT department at my school do an audit of all our printers (there are hundreds). They are all networked, so I wrote a vb.net program that sends PJL (printer job language) commands over port 9100 to all the printers to retrieve the page count. @PJL INFO PAGECOUNT actually gets the page count for all the printers, but for color printers we also need to know the color / mono page counts (number of color pages printed, number of black and white pages printed).... the number being returned by the PAGECOUNT command right now seems to be the total pagecount on color printers, so if I can find a command that will give me either the mono or color page count, I'll have the other number. I also need the serial number of every machine (the spreadsheet I'm working off of is unreliable). @PJL INQUIRE SERIALNUMBER actually returns the serial number for about half of the HP printers, and some random non-HP ones, but I can't figure out a way to get the serial number for the other 50%. I sent emails to some of the people who wrote the articles about PJL I was following, and they advised I try using printer spooler functions (from my brief google search it would appear these are windows API's that facilitate communication with a printer). Does anyone have any experience with working with the Printer Spooler functions or know a PJL command I might have overlooked that will help me get any of the info I'm looking for?here is my program right now. Ignore GetSerialNumber2 and GetSerialNumber3... they don't work (well actually GetSerialNumber2 works on 5 printers... but yea). GetSerialNumber() is the one that gets the serial number successfully for about half of the printers. (edit: I took out those functions in the version I posted, along with some other stuff that wasn't needed for this, to fit the post size limit)

******PCL Or HPGL/2 Edit...set The Number Of Copies To Print www.vbcity.com

Hi VBCity...You too Isaiah!Over the last 2 years, I have given lots of tips and help (some not so great) but now the tables are turned, I need help.If you have any pointers on editing PJL, PCL, or HPGL/2, then let's talk. Actually, I am wanting to edit the number of copies the printer/plotter outputs by modifying the PJL, PCL, or HPGL/2 code. So, if anybody out there has a clue about this, I am ALL ears. I have tried everything but it seems I'm not even getting my foot in the door. Each thing I try flops. Normally I can reproduce any behavior then automate it, but this is beyond me. Maybe it's pie in the sky to think it could be done!?I understand that each PCL or HPGL/2 file is written specifically for a given printer/plotter by the printer driver, yet I want to edit the number of copies on the fly as I pass the data on to the spool32 API.I know the HPGL2 command RP should do it and that I would need to enter HPGL2 mode if the file is a PCL file. Also, where would those commands go? What's the proper format? Do certain HPGL2 commands have to come first? Parsing HPGL2/PCL code is not difficult, but I don't know where this command should be placed.A sample plot file is attached here for your perusal, in case you want to look at it in Notepad or some other editor PFE32, etc.Thanks to all you great programmers out there in advance.VBsixerEdited by - VBsixer on 5/26/2004 11:48:02 AM

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I try to print different paper in one run. With changing of paper i ask "if the printer is ready for the new paper". Then i want to change my profileHow i can change a profile of the printer?I try with this: '' esc%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT PROFILE = 5 '' esc%-12345X Open Printer.DeviceName For Output As #1 Print #1, (Chr$(27) + "%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT PROFILE = 7") Print #1, ("@PJL RESET" + vbCrLf) Print #1, (Chr$(27) + "%-12345X") Close #1doesn't workchange profile on printer doesn't workchange the printersetting by hand work???How i can solve this problem??????

Common Dialog Print Function www.vbcity.com

I've formated and writen a PCL print file from inside my program to the harddrive. Now i want to send it to a PCL printer on the network. (its done over windows network) \servernameprinter001 etc.Can I in someway retrive the path to the printer using the Common dialog printer object? It would be so sweet if the user could select the Printer from the standard windows printer selector./Anders

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I found in the Technet OF MS an article "HOWTO: Send Raw Data to a Printer Using the Win32 API from VB [Q154078]"I tried this and it works fine.How can I send Escape sequences to a printer through this method. If I include f.e. vbkeyescape & "&l1O" (print landscape in PCL) in the string I send to the printer, this is printed as a string and not executed.Thanks for your help

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how to send native printer language codes to the printer driver?here some native printer language codes for testingEpson FX Printer Codes:-Printer Operation:Decimal ASCII Description 7 BEL Beeper17 DC1 Select printer19 DC3 Deselect printer 14 SO Select double width for one line15 SI Select condensed mode18 DC2 Cancel condensed modehow to pass these PCL codes to printer through VB programming for changing printer settings dynamically. try to solve this problem.KS Raju.


Send PCL Command With Printjob www.vbcity.com

Hi there..I have a vb application that can sucessfully print to the specified default printer (using printer object).I need to be able to staple the document (hard copy) at the end of the printing process.In order to do that, I guess I need to be able to send a PCL char to the printer... in order to make it stapling the document. Does anyone knows how to achieve that?Thanks a lot.Otavio

Accessing Printers And Faxes Folder On A Network Machine In Asp.net stackoverflow.com

From my vb.net code I am trying to set a printer name for the crystal reports printing rpt.PrintOptions.PrinterName="johnKingHP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL" But when I go to windows-->Start--> Run and enter JohnKing It is showing me Printers and Faxes folder and Scheduled task folder. But when I open Printers and Faxes it will show the adderess as Printers and Faxes on JohnKing. From my web application I want to sent the Printer name is the name shown above.

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I have a simm loaded with forms that i insert in the memory banksof an hp 4 plus printer, To print this forms from ms-dos and windows 3.x a send escape sequences (hp pcl commands)using the chr(27)(escape character) from a program that i made in visual basic.My problem is that when i try to do the same operation from windows 95 using visual basic 5.0 i can't. same people tell me that windows 95 don't recognize the chr(27), i try the passtrogh but don't work.If you can help, please send me and email

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Hi everybodyIts been a while since I have used VB and would just like to know how to "send a direct command to a printer"Thanx

How To Share Printers With Macs ? www.sevenforums.com

In both Vista and XP, I could explicitly setp the printer share name on the network and also what printer driver to use (PCL, PostScript). My PC has two printers, an Epson inkjet which doesn't support network printing from the Mac because it only supports PCL, and a Brother HL5240 laser printer. Under XP/Vista I installed the BR-Script drivers on both the Windows and Mac boxes, shared the printer as //Skip-PC/HL5240, and have no problems printing. Does anyone have a clue how I might do this in Windows 7?

Sending Intermec Printer Commands Through Ethernet www.vbforums.com

Im trying to send printer commands to a Intermec Label Printer through the ethernet, I use to do this through the Serial port and know I'm working with printers that are on network, I know how to print to a printer using the Printer Object but I need to send IPL commands straight to the printer to get status and print labels. I'm trying to do this in VB 6.0. Any help would be great.. Thanks

Sending ESC Commands To Printer www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all,I am trying to send Special ESC Commands to my printer with standard VB printer object.If I connect my printer to LPT1 port and use smtg like below, it is working. Code:Open "lpt1" For Output As #1Print #1, Chr$(27); Chr$(52);Print #1, "This one is working just fine"Close #1But the thing is I am using a parallel bluetooth port for my printer. This printer is shared in network.How can I use VB Printer object for sending ESC characters like I did in above examples?Any Ideas?

Printing Escape Sequences www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a file that contains HP LaserJet PCL commands. When I send the contents of the file to the HP LaserJet via a Printer.Print Data$; command the Escapes are being filtered out. What prints are the codes with a blank character where the ESC should be ... Anyone know why?

Convert To PCL Format www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi folks,I need to know how to convert a .doc to PCL format. Also just using some other tool like the printer object can be used maybe to save into a pcl format ?or somthing else, I may be able to construct the document from scratch so every other way is also good information but prefebly the .doc to pcl conversion.greets ghoti

Insert Pcl Escape Sequences Into PCL Built From Multiple PDF Files? stackoverflow.com

What tools/methods are available to build pcl stream from PDFs.We have a bunch of generated PDF files that get tied up into one big pdf.I need to generate a print job to print this with the ability to insert pcl escape sequences (to control paper feed and output bin stacking) per page. As of now we use the VB.Net printing classes, convert the PDF into a rasterized image using a third party tool to print. This does not allow us to insert PCL sequences into the print job. So, basically, we need to process a bunch of PDFs, append them to the pcl and insert PCL commands as we go along. Is there a way to achieve this. Our application is written in VB.Net.

Dot Matrix Printer - How To Get 'Emulation Mode'/'Printer Device Mode' www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm making a 'DMP TextMode Printing Software'. This app has a WYSIWYG rtf editor and can print the rtf file to a DMP printer keeping the formatting (those are supported by the printer) in 'pure' TextMode (or DOS Mode Printing).This app doesn't uses VB printer object. It can directly print to the spooler or can directly print to LPT port. Currently it supports Epson, HP, IBM and compatible printers.Currently user selects the type of Printer Emulation he wants to use and the app sends data in that PCL (Printer Control Language) format.I want to detect it autometically. But facing some problems. For example :My printer is an old TVSE MSP-55, which uses CITIZEN bios and supports Epson, IBM and CITIZEN-Custom modes. This modes can be selected by DIP switches or by PCL. I've found no way to detect current emulation mode, from Windows.Most DMP printers are not highly driver dependent. That means, you can use most Epson-compatible drivers with other Epson-compatible printers without much difficulty. Most of them will respect Epson PCL1. (And similar for other-mode printers.) And there is Windows Generic printers. So, If I want to know which Emulations current printer supports, detecting driver is not a very good idea.Does anyone know,1. How to detect if the printer is a DMP or not ?2. If the printer is a DMP then how to detect which PCL/emulation it supports ?3. How to detect current emulation mode ?Edit: If possible then directly from the printer hardware. Not from the driver.I'll be really grateful for any kind of help. Edit: Thanks TeraBlight. Forgot about that IE bullet bug.

Printing To An USB Printer www.codeguru.com

Hi Friends!Thanks in advance.I have written a ReportWriter to have my reports in plain text/ascii files. I print them from within the VB app using cmd.exe or command.com and sending the file to the printer like:type {filename] > prnortype {filename] > \Mac6EpsonIt works fine as far as I have my printer on the LPT. But I failed once when the local printer was on USB port and the app sent the command as "type {filename} > prn". The printing fails here. Can I have some advice for this?Thanks in advance,Regards,Kangkan

Printing To A Line Printer www.vbforums.com

using "Printer." commands to print to a line printer (dot-matrix) Epson 1180 that is on the network. A simple test (that ends with the Printer.Endoc command ) works fine when I send to a HP laserJet printer, but when to the line printer, A huge spools file is created adinfinitum while locking up the VB app. When I terminate the app, the spool file is released and I get nothing but a page advance or two. Any ideas? ThanksTom

How To Include In An Printing Text Bold Or Italic? www.vbforums.com

Hi,I want to print with ...Printer.Print "This is a Text and this part have to be bold and this part italic" ... and the Result should be ...This is a Text and this part have to be bold and this part italicI can't separate the Line. It must come in one command to the Printer.Print I use HP-Printers with PCL-Commandset.Any ideas?Nice greetingsFrank

PCL Command Printing For Dos Mode Reports. visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

<html><div style='background-color:'>Hi,<BR>Can anybody send the code or method to solve this problem.<BR>I have Cobol, Sculptor Both are Dos based programs. I want to<BR>print the reports of this with PCL command of HP printer.<BR>I would like the report be in duplex as well as single side mode.<BR>Expecting your co-operation.<BR>Regards<BR>Thomas K. Mathew</div><br clear=all><hr>Post Classifieds on MSN classifieds. <a href="http://g.msn.com/8HMBENIN/2734??PS=">Buy and Sell on MSN Classifieds.</a> </html>

Shell Guru Needed! www.vbcity.com

Happy New Year!Windows 2000, Access 2000, Annoyance 2004Why, oh why, can't I get Shell to work with 'printto'? I'm ramping up to solving my issue with users on a Terminal Server setup. Figured if I could get them to pick a printer, then I could send the file to that printer with Shell and 'printto'. However, when I use the routine below I get a 'success' value from Shell and nothing prints. Here's the routine I'm using:Private Sub Command0_Click()Code:Dim lngHWnd As Integer    ' HPLJ8000DN is the name I get for my printer of choice when I have Windows list the names of all    ' the printers on the network. Note, however that it fails equally well when I pass it the name of the printer    ' as either "\brgls09.rgl.netHP LaserJet 8000 Series PCL 6" or "HP LaserJet 8000 Series on PCL 6"    lngHWnd = ShellExecute(0, "printto", "c:1Snap est1.pdf", "HPLJ8000DN", vbNullString, 1)    End Sub "HPLJ8000DN" is the name I get for my printer of choice when I have Windows list the names of allthe printers on the network. Note, however that it fails equally well when I pass it the name of the printeras either "\brgls09.rgl.netHP LaserJet 8000 Series PCL 6" or "HP LaserJet 8000 Series on PCL 6"It fails on all file types I've sent it including .snp, .doc and .pdf. All of these apps show that they support the 'printto' verb. If I set my statement to show the app, Acrobat will open and display the file I've passed it, Word will open with no file up and, well, who knows what happens with the .snp file 'cause I get nothing.Argh!Thanks for any help 

Trouble Setting ActivePrinter In .PrintOut Command www.vbforums.com

I have not been able to find the proper syntax for defining the active printer in the .PrintOut command.I have an application that will be on two PCs that have a reciept printer as their default. I need this sub to print to a laser printer that is on the desk behind them.I tried to implement the ActivePrinter property of the PrintOut command but it seems to ignore it.Code:Sub Print_Charge()Sheets("Charge").PrintOut From:=1, To:=1, Copies:=1, Collate:=True, ActivePrinter:="HP LaserJet 1200 Series PCL 6 on MEDLIB_PRINTER" For x = 0 To AddChargID On Error Resume Next Sheets("Charg." & Format(Date, "mmdd.") & x).PrintOut From:=1, To:=1, Copies:=1, Collate:=True, ActivePrinter:="HP LaserJet 1200 Series PCL 6 on MEDLIB_PRINTER" Next xEnd Sub

How To Create Dynamic Printers(Print To File)? www.vbcity.com

Hi,I am trying to create dynamic Printers(Print to File) based on User Login. I am trying to use PrintUI.dll. But it would just let me create a regular printer on a standard port. It wouldn't let me create a "Print-to-File" Printer. Any thoughts?I am able to create printer by using this commandrundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "Test Printer" /f %windir%inftprint.inf /r "lpt2:" /m "HP Laserjet 4000 Series PCL"but when I am trying to create "print to file" printer using a print file name("c: est.prn:") using the following coderundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "Test Printer1" /f %windir%inftprint.inf /r "c: est.prn:" /m "HP Laserjet 4000 Series PCL"I am getting error: arguments are invalid. Can anyone tell me why my code is not working or whats wrong with this code.Please help me.ThanksHussain

Printer Setting www.codeguru.com

Assume we set the printer property as below: - Printer.ScaleMode = vbTwips - Printer.PaperSize = vbPRPSA4 - Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape The scaling values in my printer (HP LaserJet 5000 Series PCL 6) will be set as below: - Printer.ScaleLeft = 1140 - Printer.ScaleWidth = 16354 - Printer.ScaleLeft = 0 - Printer.ScaleTop = 0 Questions 1. Is the scaling value (ScaleLeft,ScaleTop,ScaleWidth,ScaleHeight) is consistent the same for all printers (different printer types/drivers) 2. If the answer is YES, how to calculate the scale for different printers Your help is highly appreciate

Clear The Transmit Data At Output Buffer (MSCOMM) www.vbforums.com

I am using the mscomm to connect the printer at comm port. I sending some data to be printed on the printer. I am using some ASCII code to issue command to the printer.(Not VB printer object).Sometimes i may want to cancel the printing job, how can i clear the output buffer? I tried to set outbuffercount = 1 but it is not working. Thanks

Printing Auto Cad Drawing www.vbforums.com

Can someone tell me how I would go about sending an AutoCad drawing file (*.dwg) to a printer with the click of a button on a VB form? I cannot use the Shell command to Open AutoCad because the computers that will be using this form will not have AutoCad installed. I tried to use the Shell command to open a Dos window and the sendkeys command to give it a Copy File Name Printer Name but it doesn't work correctly.Thank You.

Form.print Landscape? www.vbforums.com

I tried to print out a form using form.print, after the line Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape. It said that the this type of printer could not print this format (when it tried to print). The printer printed this error:PCL XL error Subsystem: KERNEL Error: IllegalTag Operator: 0x1b Position: 2In case this matters, the printer is a brand new HP LaserJet 4000 N. I doubt that's the problem though.Any ideas how I could print a form in landscape without errors?Sample Code Welcome

Controlling Printer Media Type In VB6 www.vbforums.com

I'm using a 3-tray HP4000 printer, with the third tray containing colored paper, and set to media 'color' via the printer's own menu.If I use the natural, PCL6 printer driver, I can't print to tray 3 without specifying the media as 'color'. In either VB6 or Word/2003, the paper is drawn from one of the other trays and the printer prints a PCL XL error message 'Warning: IllegalMediaSource'. If I set the media to 'Color' in Word's print dialog box, printing occurs correctly.Is there any way I can specify the media programmatically in VB6 - I don't want to force the user through CommonDialog in order to specify the media? Is it possible to pick up this setting on the printer via an API call?This problem doesn't occur if I use a PCL [rather than PCL6] driver for this printer.

Sending Control Characters In Text File www.vbforums.com

Dear All,i am using vb6.is it possible to send non-printable control characters in printer objects print statement ?orhow to send control commands in a text filethanksM A Sulaiman

Creat A Dll Using Visual Basic www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am making a dll using VB. I don't know this language, but I know others languages, as such Java and C. I have a program in VB and I should creat a dll about it. The program is this : VERSION 5.00 Object = "{F9043C88-F6F2-101A-A3C9-08002B2F49FB}#1.2#0"; "COMDLG32.OCX" Begin VB.Form Form1 Caption = "Form1" ClientHeight = 4485 ClientLeft = 60 ClientTop = 345 ClientWidth = 5175 LinkTopic = "Form1" ScaleHeight = 4485 ScaleWidth = 5175 StartUpPosition = 3 'Windows Default Begin VB.TextBox txtAcct Height = 285 Left = 2640 TabIndex = 7 Text = "12345678" Top = 3120 Width = 2175 End Begin VB.TextBox txtLname Height = 285 Left = 2640 TabIndex = 6 Text = "Johansen" Top = 2160 Width = 2175 End Begin VB.TextBox txtFname Height = 285 Left = 2640 TabIndex = 5 Text = "Gertude" Top = 1320 Width = 2175 End Begin VB.PictureBox Picture1 ClipControls = 0 'False Height = 1575 Left = 360 Picture = "EnPrintFrm1.frx":0000 ScaleHeight = 1515 ScaleWidth = 1515 TabIndex = 3 Top = 1320 Width = 1575 End Begin VB.CommandButton cmdExit Caption = "Exit" Height = 495 Left = 2880 TabIndex = 2 Top = 3840 Width = 1935 End Begin MSComDlg.CommonDialog CommonDialog1 Left = 4200 Top = 360 _ExtentX = 847 _ExtentY = 847 _Version = 393216 End Begin VB.CommandButton cmdPrint Caption = "Print Me" Height = 495 Left = 240 TabIndex = 0 Top = 3840 Width = 1935 End Begin VB.Label lblAcct Caption = "Enter Account#:" Height = 255 Left = 2640 TabIndex = 10 Top = 2760 Width = 2295 End Begin VB.Label lblLName Caption = "Enter Last Name:" Height = 255 Left = 2640 TabIndex = 9 Top = 1800 Width = 2175 End Begin VB.Label lblFName Caption = "Enter First Name" Height = 255 Left = 2640 TabIndex = 8 Top = 960 Width = 2295 End Begin VB.Label lblEncoding Caption = "Send the Track 1 data as: ~1" Height = 255 Left = 240 TabIndex = 4 Top = 3480 Width = 4335 End Begin VB.Label lblDesc Caption = "This form is used to send Mag encoding, print text." BeginProperty Font Name = "MS Sans Serif" Size = 12 Charset = 0 Weight = 400 Underline = 0 'False Italic = 0 'False Strikethrough = 0 'False EndProperty Height = 735 Left = 240 TabIndex = 1 Top = 120 Width = 4215 End End Attribute VB_Name = "Form1" Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False Attribute VB_Creatable = False Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = True Attribute VB_Exposed = False Private Sub cmdExit_Click() End End Sub Private Sub cmdPrint_Click() CommonDialog1.ShowPrinter 'Use the common dialog so that changes 'may be made to the driver Printer.ScaleMode = 6 'Vb millimeters Printer.CurrentX = 0 'Left, be aware of driver's orientation Printer.CurrentY = 0 'Top, be aware of driver's orientation Printer.FontName = "System" 'Tilde, track number method is used to send magnetic encoding data 'These two characters inform the driver to create encoding commands 'The next two lines will encode but do not print. Printer.Print "~1" & txtAcct 'track 1, Alphanumeric allowed Printer.Print "~2" & txtAcct 'track 2, numeric only 'Track three is not shown in this example Printer.PaintPicture Picture1.Picture, 40, 12, 35, 35 'Use any true type font to print on the card Printer.Font.Name = "Arial" Printer.FontBold = False Printer.FontSize = 16 Printer.CurrentX = 12 Printer.CurrentY = 12 Printer.Print txtFname Printer.CurrentX = 12 Printer.CurrentY = 24 Printer.Print txtLname Printer.CurrentX = 12 Printer.CurrentY = 36 Printer.Print txtAcct 'No barcode sent, see 010109-000004 click assist example if needed Printer.EndDoc 'This line sends the job to the driver End Sub These are my questions: What is the comand: Object = "{F9043C88-F6F2-101A-A3C9-08002B2F49FB}#1.2#0"; "COMDLG32.OCX" ? Do I need make any modification in program for creat a dll?

MSCOMM And Parallel Port www.vbforums.com

I'm in charge of a POS system and we use the MSCOMMcontrol to send the information to a Epson Serial printer, the fact is that I can send instructions to the printer very well (using the codes in the manual, escape characters) but I don´t know how to retrieve information from it. There is a command that when I send it, it is supposed to reply me if the paper is low, or if there's a problem with the printer.Finally I don't know how to work this commands (escape character) using the Epson Parallel printers, I try to use the Print command from VB but it just prints garbage. Thanks for reading this.

Use Of PCL With The Printer Object www.vbforums.com

Can PCL commands be used with the Printer Object? If so, how? If not, what are the alternatives? I would like to use the PC-8 Symbol Set to do "boxing" of data areas in a report, e.g., the graphic symbols for Chr(201), Chr(205), Chr(187), etc.

Printing Using More Then 1 Printer www.xtremevbtalk.com

if i want to print 20 000 documents using 10 printers wich are on the network and also install on my computer how can i change the printer with code, i mean no common dialog..."HP LaserJet 2100 PCL6""HP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL"etc...is there a way to change the printer without asking anything to the user...

How To Use The Condensed Mode With A Dot Matrix Printer? www.codeguru.com

How could I send this command with VB6, I'm still trying sending with the Printer.Print command.If someone knows, I need help ASAP.Thx.Fernand

Printing Directly To LPT Port www.vbforums.com

I have an application which prints bar code labels. The label printer requires specially formatted commands and data to achieve this, which means I need to bypass the windows printer driver.I've figured out a way to this by writing the data to a file (bcode.prn) and then shelling to command.com to copy the file directly to lpt1:VB Code:Shell "command.com /c copy " & App.Path & "code.prn lpt1:", vbHide Is there another (or better) way to print directly to the lpt ports bypassing the printer driver?Printer.Print etc doesn't work as this still uses the printer driver.Thanks for any help

Printing Rich Text Box www.vbforums.com

After such an amazingly quick and polite response to my first question.I have 1 other question to ask.Im sending some direct print commands to the printer.printer.print "Header blah blah"printer.print ""printer.print "2nd Header blah blah"printer.print ""printer.print ""I then have a richtextbox with multiline = true which i want to print below these headers.i use this command - richtext1.SelPrint Printer.hDCbut this then prints the richtext box over the other headers which i sent direct to the printer.How do i resolve this by printing the rich text box contents half way down the A4 page?As stated in a previous topic im a novice and any help is really appreciated.Thanks again

.net Printing With Both Texts And Images? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm new to VB.net programming on printing a page to a thermal printer (Epson T88IV). I really had a hard time figuring out how to code the printing of a bitmap image and some text, while sending commands (through font control) to the printer.I tried sending the escape characters with Control font, but the Graphics.DrawString of PrintPageEventArgs do not allow it.. so I used the RawPrinterHelper class I found on Microsoft KB. It worked out but, I cannot print a bitmap image with it.Anybody knows how to do that?

Load/Eject Printer www.vbforums.com

Hi Friends,I'm using DOS Based Print in VB. My problem is this that I've to Load the Printer Page (I don't know whether it is possible or not). Actually when My App prints a Receipt I've to move paper for 8-10 line. Now User has to set the paper back upto Printer Head for next Print. That's why I'm searching for any code which will send Load/Eject command to printer on every print so that user will not have any need to set the Page.Thankx

Printing Multiple Prints With One Button www.vbcity.com

Hi, I m using Crystal 8.0 for my reports and would like to know how to send two different reports to, two different printers with one button or a command Saif282

Windows 7 Can't Install Additional 32 Bit Windows Xp Print Drivers For Shared Printer www.tomshardware.com

I had no problem installing my venerable HP LaserJet 4100DTN as a shared network printer in Win 7 Pro 64. However, when checking install additional drivers for 32 bit windows, 7 would not accept the PCL 6 inf, downloaded from HP, which is the same driver version that has been installed on my 32 bit XP Pro PC's. Also tried PCL 5, with same result. Message is the selected driver isn't appropriate for the selected architecture.

Mixing Raw Print Data And Normal Output www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all,I am producing PCL 5 print data. I have a relatively large bitmap that occurs regularly throughout the print job and it's making the print files very large (approx 300Mb for 1000 pages).I can eliminate this problem by creating a PCL macro, but this involves sending raw printer escape codes as well as formatted print data. To generate the macro I need to send an escape sequence to start macro definition (Esc&f1y0X) followed the print data that is to be recorded in the macro followed by the end-macro-definition code (Esc&f1X). Then to call the macro I need to send the execute macro code (Esc&f1y3X).I referred to the MicroSoft knowledgebase and found article 154078 here:http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;154078This wasn't very helpful as the example and description assumes that the entire print job will be generated using the WINSPOOL API, but I need the driver features to render bitmaps and provide other GDI drawing functions. I tried adapting the supplied example to create a test file as follows:Code:' TESTING MACROS' Declarations required to support printing raw dataPrivate Type DOCINFO pDocName As String pOutputFile As String pDatatype As StringEnd Type Private Declare Function ClosePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal _ hPrinter As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function EndDocPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal _ hPrinter As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function EndPagePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal _ hPrinter As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function OpenPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" Alias _ "OpenPrinterA" (ByVal pPrinterName As String, phPrinter As Long, _ ByVal pDefault As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function StartDocPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" Alias _ "StartDocPrinterA" (ByVal hPrinter As Long, ByVal Level As Long, _ pDocInfo As DOCINFO) As LongPrivate Declare Function StartPagePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal _ hPrinter As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function WritePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal _ hPrinter As Long, pBuf As Any, ByVal cdBuf As Long, _ pcWritten As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function GetLastError Lib "kernel32" () As Long Private Sub PrintRawData(RawData As String) Dim sWrittenData As String Dim Result As Long Dim nBytesWritten As Long Printer.Print "About to send raw data" sWrittenData = RawData Result = WritePrinter(Printer.hDC, ByVal sWrittenData, Len(sWrittenData), nBytesWritten) If Result = 0 Then Dim ErrNo As Long ErrNo = GetLastError() MsgBox ("Call to WritePrinter failed.") End If Printer.Print "Raw data sent"End Sub' End of support for raw data printing' TESTING MACROS Private Sub Command1_Click() Printer.Print "First stuff we're printing." + vbCrLf PrintRawData ("Raw data to printer" + vbCrLf) Printer.Print "Last stuff to printer." + vbCrLfEnd SubWhen I look at the PCL data produced by the printer driver, I can see all the text that is generated by Printer.Print, but nothing from the WritePrinter API call.Any help, anybody would be greatly appreciated!Cheers all!

OS X :: Why Shared Printer Not Printing From IMac? (Error On XP PC) forums.macrumors.com

Got a iMac running OS 10.6, and am wanting to print from a Samsung ML-1710P printer connected via serial port to a XP PC. Everything seems to all be communicating with each other, except I eventually get a print error on the XP machine in the print manager. Can anyone help with this? Notes: - the computer and printer can be seen by the mac. - when a print job is sent, the mac spools and sends it "ok" - the XP print manager status changes to "printing" then after about 1 min changes to an error. - the latest driver for that printer is installed on the XP machine. - I have tried to use the Generic Postscript Printer driver, the Generic PCL Laser Printer driver and an old Mac OS10.3 driver from the Mac end. There are no newer drivers available. I have shared this successfully printer before, but only from another windows machine.

Sending ASCII Command To Printer Issue *** Thank www.vbforums.com

Have someone used to send ASCII command in order to control printer from VB?I'm trying to create a barcode printing program ,that support ASCII command.For example, I would send below ASCII to print a barcodeB0,0,10,N,"23240015MI03435"but I've no idea.Thank in advance..

VB Send Data To Printer www.xtremevbtalk.com

Dear Users, The printer that im using now need some codes to make it understand the function, that is not provided in the normal Printer property or method. The printer is cutter-enabled to cut the label every "A" labelsA--- may takes different value from time to time.. The printer manufacturer provided with some code that ready to be sent from the program (Software)..eg. &lt;ESC&gt;A &lt;ESC&gt;~A2 &lt;ESC&gt;Z'this code is the Printer native language..that set cut every 2 labels....How im going to send this data to the printer...from VB.Thanks & RegardsKahFui

How To Send To Printer On Windows XP? www.webmasterworld.com

I've just written a script that processes a Postscript file before sending it to the printer. I'm doing this with a printer port redirection using Redmon to execute the PHP script with c:phpphp.exe -c MyScript.exe. The postscript comes in as STDIN to the script from the printer driver. Everything is fine except one thing. I simply can't work out how to send the modified Postscript data to the printer! Any help, please? I have a Windows XP machine with PHP and Apache, and a HP 5100 LaserJet printed (PCL and PS) on a JetDirect wireless server card. This means that on the Windows command line I can do this: lpr -S -P HPLaserJet5100 filename as well as print from within applications by the normal method. However, I can't work out what PHP commands I should use to send a file, or a PHP string var (containing the entire Postscript data), to the printer! I can't pipe data in an lpr command, can I? I tried printer_open() printer_write(), etc, but that just made the printer print the Postscript as raw text without interpreting it! How do I communicate properly with the printer?

Printer Port www.vbforums.com

Hi!How I can communicate with printer port in VB like in DOS - copy myfile.txt LPT1:/B. I must send ASCII charachters to printer port for some hardware.Thank youDejan

Special Purpose DLL www.codeguru.com

Hi, I have a special need for a DLL that can send raw data bytes to a windows printer. My problem is this, I have a Novell network with the file server attached (via LPT1) to a printer re-director servicing 7 printers. (Printer port is captured). It takes a command (text string) like:@bfOUT3;The "3" would switch the printer output to printer #3 and will remain there until another command string is sent.Now, the hard part, I write in VB6 and EVERYTHING I send to the printer port is converted to graphics data according to the current font VB is using. This makes it impossible to re-direct my printers directly from VB. I currently have to shell VB out to a 16-bit dos assembly program I made just to do this.I can't program in C or C++, I only know 16-bit assembly and a lot of VB6. What I need is a DLL that will work with VB6 that would allow raw data bytes (text string) to the printer port skipping VB's "printer page" graphics. Something simple like this in VB would work: call OutToPrinter("@bfOUT1;")Thanks for reading this, Any Takers?

OS X :: Prints Black Only In Snow Leopard forums.macrumors.com

My hp deskjet 5850 will only print in black with snow leopard. I contacted hp and they said there is not updated driver since all the hp drivers are included in the snow leopard dvd. When I go to the Apple support to find the printers supported in snow leopard the 5850 is not listed. I tried changing the "Print Using" catagory to Generic PCL Laser Printer like the Apple site suggested but still won't work.

Use VB To Send File To Printer... www.codeguru.com

Hi,this may sound like a simple question, but what is the command to send a file to a printer? I'm trying to use the common dialog box first to choose the network printer to print to, and then use the Printer Object like this...Printer.print 'FileNameIt doesn't seem to want to send the file to the printer, do I have to send the file record by record? Please tell me I can just send the damned file!!!Thanks,Sean

Create Printer Driver www.codeguru.com

I'm doing a project where Machine A sends (prints out from printer) out a printout to machine B and machine B will read the printout and stores in database before sending to printer.I would want to create the simplest printer driver without word wrap... Is that possible in vb? or if not then how to in VC++.Does anybody knows any printer driver that does not have the function of word wrap at all. I tried using generic printer but it word wraps my document...Thanks in advancethanksCheers

How To Print Data From VB By Using The Com Port? www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi In my application i have print the credit card transaction. here i am connectd the printer to the com port which does not have any installed software. actually if i use the hyper terminal i can able to print the data. so know how can i print the same with the VB. here i have two command sets for this ::01 70 xxx for text printing:01 72 X for no of line feed.how can i send this commands to the printer.

Send HEX To Zebra Printer? www.vbforums.com

My printer is a ZEBRA TLP 3742, and dont have memory for graphics, so i've printed the label to a .prn file where I can see commands, and write them in VB commands The graphic part of the file is in HEX I think, so how can I send it to the printer ? i've tried by "print.Write" but dont work since it wants a String [code]...

Network HP Printer Won't Install www.sevenforums.com

Trying to install an HP 2100 tn printer through a Linksys router to a Win 7 62 Pro machine. Win 7 drivers for Asus MB, Marvell Card and latest firmware for Linksys router. Tried Win 7 printer installation routines a jillion times...and it couldn't find the printer (power cycled router and printer several times). Used HP latest network diagnostic but it can't find the printer. Used latest PCL 5, 6 and PS drivers from HP - nothing. Used netsniffer with HP diagnostic and it looks like the diagnostic sees the printer (reports the correct i.p. address) but doesn't identify it as a printer. Went back to XP where the printer works and found it is currently working with IPX protocol. Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to buy a new printer, or stick with XP.

Send Postscript File To Printer www.vbforums.com

I have a good postscript printer and I want to send a postscript file I generated to that printer via VB commands. When I do send it to print, I need to specify the number of pages to be printed. Does anyone know of any code that will do this for me?

Printing From Visual Basic 6.0 www.vbforums.com

I print from my Visual basic aplication, directly at runtime. it prints just fine. but sometimes, after printing, it still keeps spooling something into memory! then the printer spits out a error saying that " Pcl xl error , kerner error." has anyone had this problem? what's happening here? all the printers we have are H.P Printers. can anyone Please help me?thanks,anitha

VB Data Report Text Box Multiline www.vbcity.com

I'm facing a problem with VB data reportIn one rptTextBox which displays string , the property CanGrow is set as TrueThe textbox displays the string correctly in two lines, if the string length is greater than textbox width.But in one workstation, the string is getting overlapped.ie. If there are two lines , the second line is printed over the first line.How to avoid this ??I've distributed the same program to different workstations, all Windows 98, Connected to a HP 5000 PCL 6 LaserJet Printer through network.Pls Help...

Change Default Printer In VB www.vbforums.com

Is there a way to change the default printer. One way suggested in Vb Help is to change the Printer.Device name to the specified printer and then use the set printer statement. But this just sends the output to that printer. I want to change the default printer in start/settings/printer also to show the default printer to the specified printer.Is there a way in VB or is there an API to do this.Thanks!

Open Cash Drawer visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Does anyone know how to open a cash drawer in VB.net. I have an Epson t88IV printer connected to the lpt1 port and the cash drawer is connect to the printer via a rj45 jack. How do I send commands to the printer to force the drawer open??? Any help would be wonderful...Thanks

VS 2008 : Using COM1 Over The Network? www.vbforums.com

I have written in VB.NET a POS application.I'm using one thermal printer connected to COM1,I create a bat file wit this command : copy mydata.txt COM1: I run this bat and printer is working fine.I've installed my application on a second computer in the network and I need to print from there to the same printer,but is located on another computer.So how I use COM1 over the network,I've seen that for LPT port can be used NET USE command.

Print.. Printer.Print ?? Ahh!!! Under Win Nt Server 4.0 www.vbforums.com

Hi... I have just installed windows nt server v4.0 as well as vb pro 6.0. Trying to use the printer command as follows:printer.print = "Hello"printer.EndDocThis produces the printer icon near the time to appear. The only problem is that the printer does not print anything.. Performed a test print under printers folder in control pannel and it worked, But trying to print in vb will not work.. Tried 2 printers aswell.. Please help

Changing Font Size For Printer Object www.codeguru.com

Does anyone know how to change font size in using the Printer object? I have 2 applications, one as a DOS-based Clipper application, the other was the same application but created in VB 6.0. The reports for both applications are printed in a dot-matrix printer. When I print my reports in VB using the Printer.Print command, I get smaller fonts, therefore, more lines are printed on a page when compared to the output of my DOS application. Thanks in advance.

Change The 'Document Name' On Printer.Print www.vbforums.com

I'm having a problem (maybe it's not) when i print a Text Box VB Code:Printer.Font = "Fixedsys"    Printer.FontSize = 9    Printer.FontBold = False    Printer.FontItalic = False    Printer.FontUnderline = False    Printer.Print TextBox.Text    Printer.EndDoc and when I open the Printer's dialog box to see the Documents i have sentIt's always shown in 'Document Name' the name of my project 'DTMS'I wanna do something everytime i send a printing i can change the Document Name, for example the name of the Printing i'm sending. For example'Printing #127'

PostScript Printer Driver Installation Problem In Windows Vista www.vbcity.com

For my VB application I am using PostScript Printer. And while installing Postscript Printer Driver on Windows Vista getting Error message as: "Operation Could not be completer(error 0x00000705)Windows Cant locate suitable printer Driver."I am using following command to install printer.rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "PrinterName" /f %windir%inftprint.inf /r "FILE:" /m "XPrint 4920/4925 PostScript"The printer installation works file on Windiows XP.Thanks in advanve

Printing In Line Printers forums.devshed.com

hello evryone. Im trying to send data to a line printer but i don't want to use data report or the printer object in VB. i want the printer to print directly when it receives data. can anyone of you please tell me how to do it? (in VB) i'm using epson lx-300 printer. thanks in advance.

Sending File To Printer www.codeguru.com

Hello Friend,I am using the concept of Text I/O and creating a report in visual basic, I want to send the report to the printer directly .. In this regard I was using the Printer object print command but it is not that efficient.. Can U suggest me any API wherein I can directly send the File to the printer ..Urgent!!RegardsPrasasd

My Printer Just Churns Out Blank Paper!! www.vbforums.com

I've got a large string which i'm trying to print (ie, send to the printer) called printstr. On Error GoTo err1 CommonDialog1.PrinterDefault = True CommonDialog1.CancelError = True CommonDialog1.ShowPrinter Printer.NewPage Printer.Font = "Arial" Printer.ColorMode = 1 Print printstr Printer.EndDoc Printer.KillDocThis just send blank pages out the printer... does anyone have a suggestion?Is there a function to call the system print command on a text file?CheersMafro

Write Bytes To Com Ports www.vbforums.com

I want to send data to a fiscal printer through com2 port and reading through its protocol i found out that the data sent should have a 3 byte header(FEh F1h E1h) so that they can be recognized by the printer.Is there a way ,by using vb to send these bytes including the data to the printer?(In other words to write specific bytes to com2 port).Thanx in advance

PCL 5 && Print To Specific Printer www.vbcity.com

Hi,My office has a couple of program(VB) written in house a number of years ago that used PCL 5(or 4) coding to print a specific type of graph. This program and graph have worked since we had purchased a printer(Lexmark optra E312L) months ago. We did have to make sure we had the correct driver to make it work.Last week the graph and all PCL based printing routines have suddenly offset by about 1/3 of a page. that is , last week what started printing at the top left corner of page now starts printing about 3" down the page. The rest of the printout is basically fine. If we put in legal size paper, the bottom of the graph is at the bottom of the paper, where it should be 3" up from the bottom. I believe this is the networking or lexmark's driver problem. Do you have any experience like that?If I change VB code related to these PCL 5 code, How could I do that? How do I change these PCL codes and creates a file? since I am nor familiar with PCL, really need your help.Thanks in advance.Firstry

Printing From A .prn-File ***Resolved*** www.vbcity.com

It's very easy to send the output from a printer to a file. But it seems impossible to send this file back to a printer.After finding no way in VB, I tried it via SHELL-command and the 'good old' DOS-copy-command ( "c:command.com /c copy " & strFile & " prn:" )Ten years ago, this was working well. But if the printer isn't connected to a printerport but is a network-printer then i only get the message: 'device not ready'.Is the possibility of printing into a file only a useless archeological remain? Or does anybody know a solution for this problem ?Edited by - Ken Twin on 12/15/2004 4:22:26 AM

Word.Interop Print To Pcl File? stackoverflow.com

I'm working on an application which automatically generates faxes.The system uses word interop to fill a template .doc file with values (which works fine), but when it comes to be time to print the resulting file to pcl, I'm having issues. So, we've got a HP Laserjet printer set up which prints .pcl files. Dim appWord As New Word.Application Dim doc As New Word.Document appWord.ActivePrinter = PCL_PRINTER [code]...... Problem is that when the doc.PrintOut line runs, word complains, popping up a message:I've tried all sorts of combinations of things, but the error message persists. Very occasionally, the thing actually works and generates a usable pcl file, but 98% of the time, the error message pops up and the whole process grinds to a halt. We have other applications on the same server which do almost exactly the same thing, except they print from excel instead of word, and they work without throwing the error.

Y These Code Not Working??(transmit Commands To Epson TM-T88IIIP Printer) www.xtremevbtalk.com

Code:strMessage = Chr$(27) & Chr$(33) & Chr$(16) & _ Chr$(27) & Chr$(33) & Chr$(32) & _ strWord & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _ Chr$(27) & Chr$(33) & Chr$(0)i m trying to send commands to Epson TM-T88IIIP receipt printer, these code should make the print out double height and double width, but these print out the character(like chr(33) print "!"), the printer dont recognise the commands.i m using Epson TM-T88IIR as printer driver.anyone can help??thx in adv..

Print On Network Printer (default) Not Working www.codeguru.com

Hello, I have a local printer installed (that is not the default printer) and a network printer that is the default. If I send a report to print using datareports, printing is correct, but if I send something to print using the printer.print then nothing is printed. The job is sent to the local printer instead! I´ve read that VB is supposed to send whatever to the default printer... why then isn´t it working for the printer.print? I need to print always to the default printer.

File/Path Access Error www.vbforums.com

Here is my code:VB Code:Printer.Print "My Company"Printer.EndDoc Open "COM1" For Output As #1 'the error happens here"print #1, commands follws here I used the Printer object to print something then uses 'COM1' to directly print to it ( the printer is connected to COM1). I really need to do this for some reasons. Please help me...

Printer.print And Cut/copy/paste Please Help www.vbforums.com

the question is how would i print in vba is there a command similar to the VB command printer.print. i know that printer.print isnt a command in vba but thought maybe there would be a way to activate printer.print or another command to take its place. this is what i want it for i want to be able to print out information that i have in a textbox that i have on a excel sheet. and would like to use a module i got and have used in vb but it wont work cause of the printer.print command. well thanks for the help guys. ok while im here i mite as well find out how to do cut,copy, and paste i know this is easy but i cant figure it out i have looked in the help files and done what it says but it keeps cutting the whole textbox. i dont know whats wrong please help

Ubuntu Installation :: Printing After Upgrade To 11.04? ubuntuforums.org

I recently upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04,However when I tried my printer (HP Color Laser jet 3550), I encounter a PCL XL error. After googling around,I Installed the latest HPLIP driver (hplip-3.11.5.run). Now I have a peculiar situation,some time it prints ok, however most of the time I can print .doc and text files, however,if I try to print a pdf file I get the PCL error. In addition, the printer mixes the colors, or neglects to print one.I tried printing the pdf files directly with lp -d printer files, and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I have seen on other post most of the problems individually, but I have not seen any solutions.

Send Hex Commands To Printer? www.sevenforums.com

I have been trying to configure a receipt printer, model BTP-R880NP so as to have a center aligned receipt with small margins, but am informed I have to send hex commands to the printer.How do I send these commands from a web page printing a receipt to the USB printer?

Send Message To LAN www.vbforums.com

hello!Can anybody help how do we send a message to group of people (LAN/network) in VB without using "NET SEND" command.Thank you,

Spooling Data To Another Printer visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi allI've got two printers installed in my system . But i need to print usingonly 1 printer.The print command comes from a seperate application & i hav a program(VB )to watch the two printer status. When ever a job comes in 1st printer ineed to redirect it to 2nd printer.Can i do the re-spooling of a job thro Vb prgram ?got any help ?Thank Youvipin

VBScript To Send DOS Print Command forums.devshed.com

I'm attempting to print to a Zebra printer (barcode) by taking the results of an .asp page and sending the output to the Zebra printer, which will interpret the output / embedded Zebra Program Language (ZPL). Thus, printing the output at runtime. Does anyone know how to send a dos command with a vbscript from an .asp page that will send the .asp result output to a notepad file then send the notepad file to the printer at run-time?I tried a few scripts, but nothing worked.thanks!

Crystal Reports - Choose Printer www.vbforums.com

How can I allow my client to choose the printer they print a report to? I have crystal 8.5 and am calling thr report from a VB application, using the .ocx.VB Code:Crystal.ReportFileName = strPath & "Quote.rpt"    Crystal.DataFiles(0) = strPath & "QuoteSystem.mdb"    Crystal.SelectionFormula = "{Quote.QuoteNo} = " & cboQuoteNo.Text    Crystal.Destination = crptToPrinter    errCry = Crystal.PrintReport But this sends the report to the default printer. I want the user to be able to choosee from the list of installed printers.Please include an example and any references with reponse. Thanks

Printing Several Pics At Once, Running Out Of Mem www.xtremevbtalk.com

Does anyone know how to send several pictures to a printer without running out of memory?I've got a series of pictures I'm trying to print, each picture is about 3.5 megs. My printer can handle one picture at a time; however, when I send 2 or more pictures, my printer runs out of memory.A solution would be to only send one picture every 15 or so seconds to the printer. I tried using a FOR T = 1 TO 15000: NEXT T before the PRINTER.ENDDOC command and it didn't work. No pages would print until all the pages were sent. Is there a way to have a picture sent to the printer every X number of seconds so as not to use up all a printers ram and get an out of memory error?Thanks,L