Select All Input Element Htmlagilitypack?


how do i select all input element using htmlagilitypack, extracting the input element name and type

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I need to app to go through all the elements <div class="address"> and check the length of the text inside it. if its less than or equal to 2, then it needs to skip the following line and check the next <div class="address">Here is my code: Dim content As String = "" Dim web As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb Dim doc As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument() doc.Load(WebBrowser1.DocumentStream) 'this is where I need to check if text inside divclass="address" is <= 2 Dim hnc As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNodeCollection = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//div[@class='address']/preceding-sibling::h3[@class='listingTitleLine']")

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How do you check for null with HtmlAgilityPack? I'm getting "Property or indexer 'HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNode.HasChildNodes' cannot be assigned to -- it is read only" with the following. if (Node.Element("TD").HasChildNodes = DBNull.Value) I"m getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. " with if (Node.Element("TD").HasChildNodes)

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Here is a snip of my code: Dim content As String = "" Dim web As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb Dim doc As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument() doc.Load(WebBrowser1.DocumentStream) Dim hnc As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNodeCollection = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//div[@class='address']/preceding-sibling::h3[@class='listingTitleLine']") [Code]...

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We are using following code to append more input element on text change: $(document).ready(function() { $('#instal').change(function() { var instalval = parseInt($(this).val()); if(instalval != '') { [Code].... We are using html5 input type="number" for value but so it adds 6 elements if we selects 6 and after that if we selects 12 it adds 12 to last added 6 elements so totals elements would be 18 not 12 (on selection of 12), so how can we fix our code to achieve this, and what if we select 6 again after selecting 12, i hope this makes sense.

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I'm using HtmlAgilityPack to parse HTML. I want to check if an element has a specific attribute. I want to check whether an <a> tag has the href attribute. Dim doc As HtmlDocument = New HtmlDocument() doc.Load(New StringReader(content)) Dim root As HtmlNode = doc.DocumentNode Dim anchorTags As New List(Of String) For Each link As HtmlNode In root.SelectNodes("//a") If link.HasAttributes("href") Then doSomething() 'this doesn't work because hasAttributes only checks whether an element has attributes or not Next

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I want to select all input hidden fileds but want to their names and then select those elements.

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I have form elements which dynamically generated like this... <form name="formA" ...> <input type="select" name="text_1" ...> <input type="select" name="text_2" ...> <input type="select" name="text_3" ...> <input type="select" name="text_4" ...> </form> And I doing some validation like this. function checkvalue() { var f = document.forms['formA']; var eLen = f.elements.length; for (var i=0; i<eLen; i++) { if(f.elements[i].name == "text_" + i) { alert ( f.elements[i].name); } else { alert (f.elements[i].name); } } It never goes into first part of if statement.. Is there a way I can access these kind form elements..

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I can use jQuery to bind a function to a keyup event within the context of an <input> element such that the event only fires when the <input> element is focused: $('#my-input').keyup(function(e) { // only fires when the focus is on the <input> element } How do I bind a function to a keyup event outside the context of the input element? I want to be able to trigger a keyup event only when the <input> element is not focused: $(':not(#my-input)').keyup(function(e) { // this code fires regardless of whether the input element is focused } Unfortunately, the function above is run regardless of whether the <input> box is focused.

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I seem to be having an issue delegating a custom event to a set of elements and then trigger that same event. I'm using jQuery 1.6. I am selecting a set of :input elements from a form, and having a custom "attrToggle" event be delegated to the form's containing element.Later on I try to trigger('attrToggle') after selecting those same :input elements and it doesn't appear as if the handler is getting triggered.I have created a jsfiddle of a simplified example of this functionality.

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I'm writing a custom form UI and currently building a select box replacement. The custom select control is basically a div with a hidden (off screen) select input in it, along with a span containing anchor elements mirroring the options of the select input: <span class="input select"> <span id="select-select1" class="select-input"><span><span>This is the second option <a class="button" href="#"></a></span></span></span> <span id="select-select1-options" class="select-options"> <a value="1" href="#"><span>This is the first option</span></a> <a value="2" href="#"><span>This is the second option</span></a> [Code]...


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I am think this should be fairly easy, but struggling a bit ... I have a SELECT input element that allows the user to select multiple items. I would like to provide a mechanism for them to clear all selected items, probably will just be a SPAN tag or something similar. Anyway ... using jQuery, how I would I clear the selection on the SELECT input element so no items are selected.

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I currently this code on my app that works great to loop through a page and grab the label of an input value of a form and then print the value to a rich text box.I am now trying to revamp the code to give me the ID the value if the label contains a specific name.For instance if the label before the input field contains the word Username then I want the application to output the ID of the input field rather than just everything that has a label. Here is my current code: Dim web As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb = New HtmlWeb() Dim doc As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument = web.Load("http://shaggybevo.com/board/register.php") Dim nodes As HtmlNodeCollection [code]....

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Using Zend_Form, how would I create form elements like this <input type="text" name="element[1]" value=""/> <input type="text" name="element[2]" value=""/>

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I am using the notation from the manual to create an array of elements: To get your <form> result sent as an array to your PHP script you name the <input>, <select> or <textarea> elements like this: <input name="MyArray[]"> <input name="MyArray[]"> <input name="MyArray[]"> <input name="MyArray[]"> How do I set the focus in the first input of my form when the page loads with javascript?

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I want to select all inputs that have the same exact values.I want to be able to grab those elements names.

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My CMS generates forms in a specific way, and I need to change the way validated fields are selected. I'm using the validation plugin: It identifies form fields that have the "required" class. My CMS generates required elements like this:<div class="required"><input /></div> I was hoping this can be easily changed in the plugin syntax, but I can't find any reference to such a change (to select the required fields using this selector: ".required input"[where input is any form element])

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am processing html forms with htmlagilitypack, but encounter some problems. take for example <form action="" method="post"> <input name="email" type="text" /> <input name="fruit" type="hidden" value="5" /> <img src="/image.php"> </form>

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I have a previous html code. <table width="600px" cellspacing="0" border="1" id="mainTable"> <tr><th>Name</th> <th>full Name</th> <th>Type</th></tr> <tr><td> <input id="11" type="text" /> </td><td> <input id="12" type="text" /> </td><td> <select id="13"> </select></td> </tr></table> <input type="button" onclick="return btnAddRow_onclick()"/> I want jquery function that will add row with html elements and with new id. For example, after clicking, will add: <tr><td> <input id="21" type="text" /> </td><td> <input id="22" type="text" /> </td><td> <select id="22"> </select></td></tr>

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basically i'm making a webbrowser, and i want it to select and option from a dropdown ComboBox, on a certain button click. I use this code which i found it on these forums as well: For Each element As HtmlElement In WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("select") If element.GetAttribute("id") = "wrapper_opacity" element.SetAttribute("value", "51")[code]..... The problem with this code is that it just inputs the selected value, but it doesn't really SELECT it.The option selected is shown, but not activated.

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i have this code to extract all form input element in html document. currently, i cant get select, textarea and other elements except input element. Dim htmldoc As HtmlDocument = New HtmlDocument() htmldoc.LoadHtml(txtHtml.Text) Dim root As HtmlNode = htmldoc.DocumentNode [Code].... how to get all elements in all forms in the html document?

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I have mock-up of a form, in which there's a file input element that users use to select local image to upload. The idea is that users can upload up to four images, using just one file input element but cannot select multiple at a time. The selected images get sent to the server upon form submission. Is this idea feasible using HTML5 + javascript?

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Is it possible to extend jquery to include a function that will select elements with focus. In the same way :input selects all inputs :selected selects all selected etc but instead :focus or focused: which would select the focused element. I have a table which includes an input field on each row (like a simple datagrid). Id like to be able to hit an access key and delete the row (input textbox) which has focus ie the row which the cursor has been placed in. I found this but it selects the first input textbox only for some reason?... and not the one with focus. $.extend($.expr[':'], { focused: function(elem) { return elem.hasFocus; } }); var id = $('input :focused').val(); console.log(id);

No Tag For XML File Element - Method Call Fails stackoverflow.com

I have this method: Private Sub SetIfNotNull(ByVal input As Object, ByRef destination As Object, ByVal ConversionType As ConversionType) If input IsNot Nothing AndAlso input <> "" Then Select Case ConversionType Case DealerTrackConnection.ConversionType._String destination = input [Code] ..... And here is one call in which it fails: SetIfNotNull(ApplicantElement.Element("suffix").Value, NewApplicant.Suffix, ConversionType._String) If the element from the XML file is nothing (there is no tag), the method call fails. but I am checking for nothing.

VS 2010 Html Agility Pack Null Reference Error www.vbforums.com

I explain what I would do immediately:I have to extract data from a table using html htmlAgility Pack This 'my code that when executed gives me' a reference error.I can not figure out what is wrong, I am more 'I can not do this a Private Sub Button5_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button5.Click Dim web As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb() Dim doc As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument() doc = web.Load("http://www.mia_pagina") [Code]...

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I want to fill some Controls with information I read from a file...The text is stored as:Formname | ControlName | Valueeg.Form1|Text1|TextvalueWhen I run my code I get a `invalid qualifier`- error...so theres something miss in the syntax...it should give meForm1.Text1 = TextvalueVB Code:Open FileName For Input As #fnum   Do Until EOF(1)     Line Input #fnum, data        If Not data = "" Then        elements = Split(data, "|")        'MsgBox elements(UBound(elements) - 2) & "-" & elements(UBound(elements) - 1) & "-" & elements(UBound(elements))        elements(UBound(elements) - 2).elements(UBound(elements) - 1) = elements(UBound(elements))        End If Loop

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I am trying to get the value of a timer using the HtmlAgilityPack however when I get the innerText by the element ID it returns --:--:--Is there any way to get the time value since it uses AJAX?

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I am dynamically adding input elements to a table with the id of inputDataElements. These input elements have the name deleteAction: Question: I would like to capture mouseover events on the deleteAction-named input elements. I have the following jQuery script: Problem: I do not get the alert message when I mouseover the input element. Is there a way to capture the mouseover event with jQuery, when the elements are added dynamically?

Dynamically Inserted Input Elements Not Showing Up In ActionResult's FormCollection Parameter stackoverflow.com

I am adding input elements in a view, dynamically, using JavaScript. But I am unable to find those inputs in my ActionResult's FormCollection parameter...: public ActionResult SomeAction(FormCollection fc) I am able to find static input elements in the View. And using FireBug, I can see that the inputs are inside of the form element, in the DOM, and are not floating around somewhere random. How can I access these inputs elements?

Get The Inner Text Of A Label Before An Input Element? stackoverflow.com

My app is using htmlagility pack. As of right now I can get all the input elements on a form. The problem is that I am getting ALL the input elements by ID. I am trying to narrow it down to only give me input elements of a form by ID that contain exact inner text labels before each input element. Example: <label for="email">Email Address:</label> <input type="text" class="textbox" name="email" id="email" maxlength="50" value="" dir="ltr" [code].....

Submitting A Command Online www.vbforums.com

I already have all my text inserted and stuff, I just need to know how to hit the right submit button. Here is my coding:VB Code:Load BrowserBrowser.ShowBrowser.WebMain.Navigate "http://www.neopets.com/loginpage.phtml"Do Until Not Browser.WebMain.Busy    DoEvents  Loop'Alright, the above loop waits for the page to be done loading. Otherwise we can't examine the HTML  Dim doc As IHTMLDocument2  Dim element As IHTMLElement  Dim inp As IHTMLInputElement  Dim j As Integer, s As String  Set doc = Browser.WebMain.Document 'Making the doc variable reference the web browser document; in other words, when doc is used, read it as web.Document.  For j = 0 To doc.All.length - 1'we'll loop through all tags in the HTML to see if it is one of the input boxes.     Set element = doc.All.Item(j)    If element.tagName = "INPUT" Then'if the tag of the selected element is INPUT, then it may be a textbox.        Set inp = element        Select Case inp.Name        Case "username": inp.Value = user.Text        End Select'if the name of the element (the 'name' attribute) is 'shopwizard', it's the textbox we're looking for.    End If  Next j  For j = 0 To doc.All.length - 1     Set element = doc.All.Item(j)     If element.tagName = "INPUT" Then         Set inp = element         If inp.Name = "" Then           inp.Click         End If     End If  Next j  For j = 0 To doc.All.length - 1'we'll loop through all tags in the HTML to see if it is one of the input boxes.     Set element = doc.All.Item(j)    If element.tagName = "INPUT" Then'if the tag of the selected element is INPUT, then it may be a textbox.        Set inp = element        Select Case inp.Name        Case "password": inp.Value = pass.Text        End Select'if the name of the element (the 'name' attribute) is 'shopwizard', it's the textbox we're looking for.    End If  Next j   For j = 0 To doc.All.length - 1     Set element = doc.All.Item(j)     If element.tagName = "INPUT" Then         Set inp = element         If inp.Name = "" Then           inp.Click         End If     End If     Next j This should log you into the neopets website using the information you have entered. Before, I did not know how to hit a submit button, but I learned that you accesed it through its Html name. Except, it did not have one, I even checked through an Html editor. Luckfull though, there was only 1 button, so I just had its name as "". Now the problem is, there are 2 buttons on the page. Both have "", and its hitting the wrong one. Is there another way I can specify which one?

Jquery :: If Input(type=text) Has Value, Then Enable Select Element stackoverflow.com

I have a table, has many rows. for example one of from rows(all rows are same): <tr> <td> <input type="text" /> </td> [Code]..... select element is disabled by default. How to determine, input value has value? for enabling select element in this row

JQuery :: Validate Plugin: Message Being Displayed Even For Valid Elements? forum.jquery.com

I am calling a custom method to validate adate input element (this element is an array ). Upon validation, a message is displayed against each date input element, even if the others are valid. If one date element is invalid, all other valid date elements too show the message. How do I make sure that the error message is displayed only for the invalid element? My formelement is defined as such: <input name="order_date[ ]" size="10" type="text"> Here's the script: <script type="text/javascript"> [Code]....

Display Content Based On Select Menu Dropdown Change? stackoverflow.com

I'm currently using the following to display an input field when I change a dropdown menu selection: <select id="delivery_country" name="d_country" onchange=" if (this.selectedIndex==14){ this.form['statesUSA'].style.visibility='visible' }else { this.form['statesUSA'].style.visibility='hidden' };"> However, this only changes the input form element called "statesUSA". If I want to show the div that this form element is inside, how do I do this? For the record, my HTML reads: <div id="usa"> <input type="text" id="statesUSA" /> </div>

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I have a HTML document with form. The form has several radio buttons. I want different elements of HTML (including <input> elements) to appear when each radio button is selected. Also, it is intended to show only those elements for a specific radio button. For example, if i select RB1, it shows me element div 1 and hides all others. If i select RB2, it hides element div 1 and shows element div 2, et cetera. So far it works fine with .style.visibility = 'hidden' and 'block'. Now, here comes the problem - each element appears below the previous element, they appear as they are in the HTML, no matter if i show the previous one. It looks pretty bad, because element positions are jumping as i select different radio buttons. How do i keep them in the same level, at the same position?

Getting An Element By Name Or Id? www.vbforums.com

Webbrowser1.Document.GetElementbyId("idname").SetAttribute("value", Textbox1.text) For Each element As HtmlElement In WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("input") If element.GetAttribute("id") = "idname" Then element.SetAttribute("value", TextBox1.Text) End If Next

Ajax :: Prevent JQuery Change Event From Triggering When Select's HTML Is Changed? stackoverflow.com

I have a select element that has a change event attached so that, when the user selects a new option, that text is placed into a corresponding input element. That's working fine: $("select[name='" + dropdown_name + "']").live("change", function() { text = $("select[name='" + dropdown_name + "'] option:selected").text(); $("#" + inputfield).val(text); }); However, when another select is changed, that select field's html is changed according to an AJAX request. When this happens, the selected value from the select element pre-HTML change is placed into the input field. $.get("file.php", {x: x, y: y}, function(text) { $("select[name='dropdown_name']").html(text).removeAttr("disabled"); if (!$("select[name='dropdown_name'] option.selected").length) [Code].... How do I prevent that particular function from occurring only when the HTML is changed?

Html - Use Variables Of Input And Form Names To Reference Input Element? stackoverflow.com

I have a two variables. One containing the value of the `name` attribute of an input element, and another containing the value of the name attribute of its form element. Using JavaScript how do I reference that input element just like below, except for replacing the inputname with the value of the variable that contains the name attribute of the input element, and the formname with the value of the variable that contains the name attribute of the form element? document.formname.inputname I don't mean to sound complicated, and I am looking forward to a reply,

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I got a table with some select, inputs and textareas in it. if i click a button i execute addRow function which populates the row and creates new elements in each cell (new selects, inputs, textareas). But i dont know why, when i get a child of TD where select is the tagName is undefined and nodeName is #text, for INPUT and TEXTAREA it works perfect. Some code Code: It happen so in Chrome and FF, in IE works fine (first time something that works here and doesnt in ff)

JQuery :: JQuery And Custom Attributes/ Find All Input Elements That Will Require Validation? forums.asp.net

to directly get all elements in a form who contains a non html attribute ? <input .... customAttribute="validateMe"> So I could find all input elements that will require validation.And use this in a loop to add validation to the input's found : $('input').attr("customAttribute").val() == "validateMe" I could also write every validation for each object separately, I have only a few elements who uses a required validation but it would be nice that I could do this in one shot instead of repeating the $("input").rules("add .....

Traversing To A Specific Child Element With Prototype stackoverflow.com

Given the following markup. <div id="example"> <div> <div> <input type='hidden'></input> [Code].... How can I quickly get the hidden input element given I have the ID for the top most div element with the ID 'example'? I can hack away at it so I can just iterate through each child element until I hit the input, however, I'd like to improve on that and utilize Prototype and simply jump to that hidden input given the div.

JQuery :: Set Focus After Submit With Form Plugin? forum.jquery.com

I have created a form with malsup's Form Plugin wherein it submits on change of the inputs. However, after each submission, the form loses focus, which forces the user to click on the next input element after each input change, which is a bit annoying. Is there a way I could set the form to automatically focus on the next input element after the submission depending on which input element the form was submitted from? [code]...

.net - Using HTMLAgilityPack To Parse An HTML String Not From A URL? www.vbforums.com

I am trying to take a string that I have marked up through vb.net code and cross-check it with the text file it came from originally. This is for proofreading the html output.To do this, I need to parse an HTML snippet that does not come from a URL.The examples of HTMLAgilityPack I have seen get their input from a URL. Is there a way to parse a string of marked-up text that does not include a header or similar parts of a well-formed webpage?

XPath - How To Get Value Of Specific DIV From HTML www.vbdotnetforums.com

I'm trying to get the value of a specific <div> from an html. This div has a class attribute of "itemPrice6", but problem is that this class appears few more times for other <div>s in which i'm not interested in. Best thing for me is if I am able to access the needed <div> using something like XPATH so I can target only those I need. My Code: Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim web As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb Dim doc As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument = web.Load("[URL]") Dim prices As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNodeCollection = [Code] .....

JQuery :: Get Multiple Form Input - Select Values From The Same Page In Php? forum.jquery.com

I have multiple <select></select> elements in a php page. After an option is chosen from the first drop down <select></select> element, options of the 2nd drop down <select></select> element will show up. Selection of an option from the 2nd drop down list will get the options in the 3rd dropdown list show up. Thus input from the 3rd drop down list will show up the options in the 4th drop down list. Such is the case for the 4th, 5th ,... drop down list. Each time depending on the inputs from the previous drop down lists , the values for the immediately later drop down list will be retrieved from the database. i.e options for the nth drop down list to be retrieved from the database will depend on the selected the values from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, .....(n-1)th drop down list.

Php.ini Settings phpbuilder.com

<form action="index.php" method="post"> <input type="text" name="element[]"> <input type="text" name="element[]"> <input type="submit"> </form> <?php echo $_GET['element']; /// it shud be $_POST['element']; ?> if we do not change the default settings of the php.ini file, then what will the above code print? Nothing or Notice?

Jquery :: Keep Focus In Input Element Where Enter Was Pressed To Submit Form? stackoverflow.com

Form contains input elements and submit button. Pressing Submit button shows pdf file in new tab in browser. If enter is pressed to show report, focus moves to submit button. After selection report parameters tag again additional click in input element is required to enter new value to same element. How to keep focus input element where enter was pressed ?[code]...

JQuery :: Live() - Focusin Event Fires Multiple Times While Using 1.4.1? forum.jquery.com

I am using JQuery 1.4.1. I have HTML input elements which created dynamically. I have assigned "focusin" event all input elements. While loading page, it is triggers only once while focusing each input element. When I minimize and maximize the page, focus event is fired multiple times. Finally it show "Stack overflow at line 0". $('input').live("focusin",function(objectRef) { alert("focusin event"); })

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Simple question i can trace all elements from xml but how to trace 5 or 15 or any number (that you enter to input text field) of random elements from xml file

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I'm using the PHP simple DOM parser for filling an HTML template; it seems there's no support for defining a corresponding parent element like: $parent= $dom->find("div.myBox"); // parent element $txt = $dom->find("input",$parent); // select all inputs from $parent

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For example, I'm using the script below to check for empty fields : $('a.submit').click(function() { if ($('.LoginData').val() == "") { $('input:text[value=""]').attr('style', 'border-color:#FF0000;'); } else { $(this).parents('form').submit(); }}); All the input elements have the class LoginData, so I used the jQuery class selector which selects all the elements containing that class. However, when the if condition finds a field that isn't blank, it just stops there.

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I created a text-based RPG game, which gives players the opportunity to use the chat function. What I am currently using is a chat window to the left of my game, with AJAX. I have an AJAX code that looks like this: Code: [Select]<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('form').submit(function(){ element = $('input[@name=input]').get(0); mymessage� �= element.value; [Code]....

Excel VB - Click, Delete Row www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi All, i've seen answers to questions similar to mine... but none worked for me..Basically, I have a user interface (user form) which has various inputs. On a button click, this input generates a report. In the report, each element has its own line. Therefore, if a few elements are not selected, there are empty rows. I need these rows to be deleted when the report is generated. Any ideas???

Html :: Check Input File Size Using Flash stackoverflow.com

I have a multipart html form with a file input element and would like to check the size of the selected file before uploading. I can access the file path using the value attribute, however is it possible to pass that path to a swf and have the swf return the file size or is this blocked by the flash sandbox? Are there any existing projects that already do this? I'd like to avoid replacing my file input element with a flash uploader if possible.

Jquery :: Hide / Unhide Cloned Form Elements stackoverflow.com

I can find numerous examples of Hiding and unhiding form elements in Jquery. I can also find numerous examples of cloning form elements in Jquery. But is there a way to hide/unhide cloned form elements in Jquery?For example, lets say I have 3 product categories (selectable from a dropdown box). Each of these product categories has its own form elements associated with it. I want to allow the user to be able to inquire about 1 or all of the product categories multiple times. For example, lets say a user selects a product category. The form elements associated with the product category they selected will unhide. User can input into those form elements and submit the form...or they have the option to select again from the same or another product category and fill out the form elements associated with their second selection, third selection, etc.

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How do you populate input elements other than text inputs with posted data?

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< input onClick = "someFunction()" ../>< input onClick = "someFunction()" ../> how to get those two elements into array, like with getElementsByName ?

Forms Based On Selection phpbuilder.com

I have two form select elements which are being populated from a microsoft sql database. I need the second select element's contents to be based on the selection in the first select element. For example like say the first select element has a list of countries and then when you select a country, the second select element is populated with the cities in that country.

Jquery :: Forms - Calculate Values From Input Type="text" And Select Element? stackoverflow.com

How do I calculate fields in a form with both input type and select element with jQuery?For example <input class="days" type="text" name="txt"/> <select class="roomtype"> <option value="">Please select a room</option> [code]....

Jquery :: Html - Get The Width In Pixels Of An Element? stackoverflow.com

I want to get the width of an element including border, margin and padding.I know using $(input).width() or $(input).css('width') give the width of the element.But here is the requirement. Suppose I created a text box like follows: <input type='text' id='txtBox' name='txtBox' style='width:100%' /> or <input type='text' id='txtBox' name='txtBox' style='width:auto' /> If I get the width using either $input.css('width') or $input.width(). I am not able to get the width in pixels. I am using jquery1.3.2.

JQuery :: Find Dom Element Starting From Found Element In Same TR forums.asp.net

I would like to select an element that is in the same TR as another element I found with a selector. The selector itself: $("input[name='sMessageValue']","#messageTable") Now I have this element and got its value I would like to find a checkbox located in the same TR, i tried this as starting point : $(this).(':parent').val(). But seems not the right thing to do.

Automatic Output On Textbox Input www.vbcity.com

Hi ALL!I'd like to know if exist a method to show automatically data (read from a CDB) into a label/listview during characters input into a textbox.I mean for each char in textbox, I would have a list or a single name to select.e.g.: I wish to show ALTANTEXTBOX LABEL/LISTVIEWA     All the element starting by AL     All the element starting by ALT     All the element starting by ALTetc. until reach and set ALTAN Thanks in advance for your help! 

JQuery :: Cant Delete An Element Using Remove()? forum.jquery.com

I have some problems with removing <li> element by clicking on <a href=""> element in it. For example: <ul id="menuList"><li><input type="text" class="title"/> <input type="text" class="block" /><a class="delete" href="#">Delete</a><li/> <li> <input type="text" class="title"/> <input type="text" class="block" /> <a class="delete" href="#">Delete</a><li/> [Code]... It checks all <li> elements and save value of title and block input fields in array of objects ang generate JSON - code and input it into #code element.But when I delete one of the <li> by clicking the link, it becomes invisible for me, but function ParseMenu save it into array whatever/ What can I delete this <li> element from everywhere?

Class To A Zend Framework Decorator On Error? stackoverflow.com

I have Zend form elements wrapped in list-items. Form is validating or coughing up errors as it should. But I'd like to apply a class to the list-items of offending elements (but only to the list-items offending elements) on failed validation. Example:This field has valid input <li> <input type="text" name="address2" id="address2" value="" size="25"> </li> but this one does not <li class="error"> <input type="text" name="address2" id="address2" value="" size="25"> </li> [code]....

Jquery Input File Missing Text? stackoverflow.com

When I get the text from a input element that has the type of file $("#selected-file").val() or .text() //only returns the name of the file selected. not the entire path how can I get all of the text from the element?

Adding A Combo Box At Run Time - JQUERY? stackoverflow.com

i have added html elements at run time using append Code: function addFormField() { $("#inputss").append("<strong>asif</strong>"); } but how can i add a select element at run time that looks like this.. PHP Code: <select name="pre_req" id="pre_req" class="inputs" value=<? if($this->uri->segment(2)=='update') echo $results['pre_req']?>> <option value='None'>None</option> [code]....

Focus On Element Fails After Popup www.daniweb.com

I have an input element on a form. When I open a popup form and then close it, I try to put the focus back on my input element by using the focus() method. However, that fails and it doesn't get focus.When I press tab to get out of this input element, it takes several tries for it to get the tab event (since it wasn't focused, but how come it suddenly gets focus to respond later?)

JQuery :: Css - Making A Floating Element Stick To Another Element? stackoverflow.com

I'm using this jQuery form validation plugin. It shows field errors in a small floating div which is great.The problem arises when the error div is shown and then the element it corresponds to moves out of it's original place. For example if above an input box I .show() an element that was previously hidden, it will push the input down, but the error prompt for that input will stay in place.How can I make the floating div stick to/follow it's corresponding element?

Jquery :: Filter Child Select List Based On A Parent Select List stackoverflow.com

I have two select lists which are being styled using the jQuery UI Selectmenu script. This script hides the select elements and writes out its own ULs with the input elements as LIs. I am trying to write some conditions so that if a user chooses an element from select list 1, it hides some elements from select list 2. Here is the HTML being generated dynamically by the script copied from Firebug: <ul id="role-menu" aria-labelledby="role-button" role="listbox" aria-hidden="true" class="ui-selectmenu-menu ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom form-select ui-selectmenu-menu-dropdown"> <li role="presentation" class="ui-selectmenu-item-selected current"> [Code]....

Actionscript 3.0 :: Search Function - Search Through The XML? www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I've got a flash movie that reads in an XML file and has an input text box. When you type something in the input box, I want to search through the XML and return the names of the elements that match whatever is currently in the input box, even if its only partially complete.The input box has an event listener of type Event.CHANGE on it and it runs the following function. Code: Select allfunction searchWords(e:Event):void {[code].........

Dynamic Form Elements phpbuilder.com

I am trying to write a script that [a] asks a user how many input elements they require for a form, and [b] the names of those input elements. I did this first for the dynamic generation: Code: <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method="POST" > <input type='text' name='inputfield'/></p> <input name="inputname" cols="50" rows="25"></textarea> <input type='submit' name='submit' value='Submit' /> ........

How To Detect The End Of Line? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I'm new to VB and this forum, I'm working on a program that to check the validity of a text file. The elements in the text file are in integer type and i'm going to assign all elements in text file into an array.By:Open "c:map.txt" For Input As #1Do While Not EOF(1)Input #1, map(x)x = x + 1LoopClose #1However it takes all the elements into an array without notifying the line separation between elements.I'd very appreciate if anyone could help me with this.Thanks youRedbean

Appending InnerHTML Creates A Gap For The First Element? stackoverflow.com

I have a simple application where if the user presses TAB or Space; a new input field is added to a div element.The following is a snippet of the div element used to hold the input fields: <div class="container" id="container" onkeydown="KeyDown(event)"> <input type="text" maxlength="15" id="0"/> </div>[code].... Why does this occur while adding the initial input field with HTML, versus replacing the innerHTML and them incremental each input field?

Jquery :: Change Event Is Bound To The Element? stackoverflow.com

I have an element <input type="file" id="fileUpload" size="100" name="fileUpload"/> A change event is bound to this element i.e $('input[type=file]').change(function() { alert('changed'); }); I am cloning this element using var newElement = $('#fileUpload').clone(); and appending newElement to the form $('form').append(newElement); Now what happens is that after appending the change event is not bound to the new element.

JQuery :: Select More Than One Elements Siblings? forum.jquery.com

I have a set of elements with id-s x1,x2,x3,x4. If i select only one of them siblings like $('#x1').siblings(), it selects the other three elements. But if i select siblings of two elements like $('#x1,#x2').siblings(), it selects all elements. How can i select more than one elements siblings?

JQuery :: Selector "does Not Contain" Within Multiple Selectors? forum.jquery.com

i'm trying to selectan input element with multiple selectors:- input element'sclass contains "submitText"- input element'sclassDOES NOT contain "ui-focus"- input element's name is "myName"it should look somehow like this: $(' input[class*="submitText"][class!*="ui-focus"][name="myName"] ').attr('value', value); i know !*= does notexist. but what elsecan i use? i also tried somethinglike this: [code]....

Passing Values And Outputting Them Using JQuery stackoverflow.com

What I'm trying to do is to pass the value of the select element (i.e. EUR, USD, etc.), as well as the value of the left text input (i.e. 100) to the form on the bottom of the page. When I submit the form, I can see that it is only passing the default values of the text input and the select element. Namely, it passes the values that each element contains upon page load rather than the ones I input. The form is submitted using jQuery $.post. Furthermore, I'm trying to dynamically show the resultant value in the right text area. I believe the PHP is working properly, but here it is anyway: [URL]

Browser Back Button - Create A Number Of <input> DOM Elements Dynamically Based On What User Picks From... stackoverflow.com

I have a page that uses jQuery to create a number of <input> DOM elements dynamically based on what user picks from a <select> box. Let's say the user picks 4 from the select box, my script dynamically shows 4 input boxes. The problem is when the user refreshes or goes back to this page (with the browser back button). The elements that are created dynamically are not repopulated to their last values, while all the other 'static' elements are. I was thinking I could create a hidden input that would be serialized through javascript with the contents of the dynamic boxes, then read from it on $document.ready and then repopulate my boxes.

JQuery :: Selected Elements Based On Checkbox forum.jquery.com

I have the following HTML. I wish to select all the second column elements for only rows where the input is checked. For instance, if row 1 and row 3 was checked, I would want to select the td elements which contain row1_column2 and row3_column2. <table><thead><tr> <th><input type="checkbox" value="" class="checkAll" /></th> <th>Col1</th> <th>Col2</th> <th>Col3</th> </tr></thead><tr> <td><input type="checkbox" name="cb[]" value="1" /></td> <td>row1_column2</td> <td>row1_column3</td> </tr><tr> <td><input type="checkbox" name="cb[]" value="2" /></td> <td>row2_column2</td> <td>row2_column3</td> </tr><tr> <td><input type="checkbox" name="cb[]" value="3" /></td> <td>row3_column2</td> <td>row3_column3</td> </tr></table>

AJAX :: AsyncFileUpload Assigning Styles To Input Type=file Element? forums.asp.net

AsyncFileUpload control is rendering in this way. <span id="Span1"><input type="hidden" name="uploadinput$ctl00" id="uploadinput_ctl00" /><div id="uploadinput_ctl01" name="uploadinput_ctl01"><input name="uploadinput$ctl02" type="file" id="uploadinput_ctl02" id="uploadinput_ctl02" onkeydown="return false;" onkeypress="return false;" onmousedown="return false;" style="width: 355px;" /></div></span> Is there any way to assign styles(like width, position,top etc..) to Input type=file element alone.One way i can see, is using Jquery document.ready eventhandler, $(function(){ var element = document.getElementById('<%=uploadinput.ClientID%>').lastChild.firstChild; element.style.width = '150px'; but the problem with that is, i am not able to identify input type = file element after postback in that document.ready eventhandler.please let me know if there is any other way to assign styles to input file element of AsyncFileUpload control with out any issues.

Dojo Attach Event To Dynamically Created Element? stackoverflow.com

I have a form. I include Dojo. Everything works fine. I use Dojo to change the class, values and attributes of input elements based on user input(sort of like validation). The problem is, because of IE, I'm required to create a new input element(that I know of) if I want to change the 'type' of an input from 'text' to 'password'. Once I create this element(which has all the same attributes and same id) as the element that it replaced, my Dojo funtions such as ... dojo.query("#password2") .connect("onclick",function(){ // if password2 is equal to the default text if( this.value == "Confirm your password" ){ this.value = ""; [Code]... no longer work on the newly created elements. I have run into this problem before and used to use jquery and had a livequery plugin that reassigned the events to elements.Is there a plugin or native functionality for Dojo to do this that I'm unaware of?

JQuery :: How To Access Checkbox Value Inside Table www.daniweb.com

I'm having problem with getting the checkbox state of a selected row inside table. I don't know if there is any specific function to determinate which row is selected so I've thought of the following... when the row is selected, style(background color) is applied to the tr element, so I thought that I could looked for the tr element which has that style and extracted checkbox state from it.<table><tr><td>Text</td><td>Text</td><td>Text</td><td><input type="checkbox"/></td><td>Text</td></tr><tr style="background-color:LightBlue;"><td>Text</td><td>Text</td><td>Text</td><td><input type="checkbox" checked /></td><td>Text</td></tr><tr><td>Text</td><td>Text</td><td>Text</td><td><input type="checkbox"/></td><td>Text</td></tr></table> If we assume now that second row is selected, how would I get the state of the checkbox (checked, unchecked)?

Zend Multiselect Element Is Posting Only One Selected Values? stackoverflow.com

I am creating multiple select element like this and it is showed successfully on form: $element = new Zend_Form_Element_Multiselect('clinics'); $element->setLabel("Clinics"); $element->setAttrib( 'style','width: 240px' ); $element->setMultiOptions( array( '1'=>'clinic1', '2'=>'clinic2' ) ); After rendering above element it shows the following html in html source: <select name="clinics[]" id="clinics" multiple="multiple" style="width: 240px" size="5" class="required" tabindex="41"> <option value="1" label="clinic1">clinic1</option> <option value="2" label="clinic2">clinic2</option> </select> [Code]....

Xpath Preceding-sibling (using HtmlAgilityPack And VB)? stackoverflow.com

Im using HtmlAgilityPack/HAP so that I can use Xpath with HTML documents.selecting the preceding-sibling of div class="address" in this url[url].....The sibling that I want is h3 class="listingTitleLine" Here is a screenshot:

Click (mousedown) Event Of A Select Element? stackoverflow.com

I have an empty select element, I want to execute some code when that element is clicked on, but I do not want the dropdown list to appear, here is what I have found: When I disabled the select element I cannot catch the mousedown event. When I enable the select element I can capture the mousedown event but the dropdown list appears. For arguements sake what I want is to be able to click the select element, JavaScript to throw an alert box but I want to prevent the dropdown list from displaying.

Programmatically Selecting Text In An Input Field On IOS Devices (mobile Safari) stackoverflow.com

How do you programmatically select the text of an input field on iOS devices, e.g. iPhone, iPad running mobile Safari? Normally it is sufficient to call the .select() function on the <input ... /> element, but this does not work on those devices. The cursor is simply left at the end of the existing entry with no selection made.

HTML Elements And Events Using E4x In FF1.5 bytes.com

I have been trying to do the following. Using JS I want to create an input element (text box) and attach a event listener. I have done in in two different ways. The first is using xml elements directly (as in e4x) and the second using the dom method createElement (which is much clunkier to write). I'd prefer the former. I've included a stripped down example below. It appears that when creating an input element using the line: var inputBox = <input type="text" size="30" /> that it does not have the same properties as when it is created with: var inputBox2 = document.createElement("input"); because when an event listener is attached using addEventListener, an error is generated on the first, but not the second. My thoughts on this are either 1. The namespace for the input element is not correct and whether input can have a listener attached. However, my guess is that it would not show up in the first div box. Code:

Submitting Web Form From VB Code forums.aspfree.com

I am currently using the following to submit a web form:element.clickwhere element has been found by : For Each Element In Doc.All If Element.tagName = "INPUT" Then If Element.type = "text" Then . . ElseIf Element.type = "submit" Then . Element.ClickThis works fine for the majority of web forms but is unworkableif the form uses some other method for submitting the form such as a custom image to be clicked.Does anyone have any ideas as to how to find such an image in the page??

How To Add JQuery UI Button Icons To Input Buttons stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to use jQuery UI Button icons with <input type="submit"> elements? The documentation example uses <button> elements, but it does not explicitly say whether or not icons work with input buttons. I'd like to add icons to ASP.NET Button controls which render as <input type="submit">. This is what I've tried: $("input.add").button({ icons: { primary: "ui-icon-circle-plus" } }); The button is styled correctly except for the missing icon.

Call To Apply A Rounded Corner Fix To 'button? stackoverflow.com

i have a function that i can call to apply a rounded corner fix to 'button.button, button.ui-button, input.button and input.ui-button' which merely adds a div next to the element and then wraps the whole lot in another div.It works fine on page load, however, i had to make a function that i could call to fix buttons not available at page load. $(document).ready(function(){ // Adds necessary div elements to buttons on page load. $('input.button:visible, button.button:visible, input.ui-button:visible, button.ui- [code].....

Evaluate Of Two Elements Hold The Same Data stackoverflow.com

How can I evaluate, on keyup, whether or not two elements have a certain type of data, as attached by the $.data() method of jQuery? <input type="text" class="some_div"></input> <input type="text" class="some_div"></input> $('.some_div').keyup(function(){ //do BOTH elements have some data? //do something // else //do something else });

JQuery :: Count Occurrence Multiple Element With A Same Name? forum.jquery.com

I could count all elements by using $(input:text).length But how could I count many element that has a same name? Lets assume<div><input name="username" class="required" type="text" value="- none -" size="33" maxlength="50"><input name="username" class="required" type="text" value="- none -" size="33" maxlength="50"> [Code].... How could I count that Input field only the name just the "username" ?

Actionscript 3 :: Keep Element Grayed Out Unless A Conditional Is Met? stackoverflow.com

I'm in the process of designing a Flash application, and it requires either two or three pieces of data from the user.The third data element is only relevant if one of the other elements has changed from the default value.In order to prevent the user from inputting information that would skew the calculations based on the input, how can I gray out the text input box if the default conditional is unchanged? I could embed a conditional to ignore the input from that particular box, but I know that some users will fill in all data fields regardless of on-screen instructions.

Read Input Field From 2 Different Form Elements? stackoverflow.com

I have a web page with an input field (a calendar to select a date from). The problem is that I need to read that input field from 2 different form elements that each have their own action and other values. |calendar| [do this] [do that] I don't want to copy the input field in both forms since it would look silly. [Code...]

Jquery :: Replace Input With Select (Time Picker) Like In Google Calendar stackoverflow.com

Im trying to reproduce following effect. I have two input elements on form: class=time and id=timefrom class=time and id=timeto I want to hide/remove this elements create select element with hours and minutes example 00:00 00:30 01:00 01:30 02:00 ... Second element should be dynamic. For example selecting in first element 01:00 should cause change values in second element e.g. 01:30 (30 min) 02:00 (1h) 02:30 (1h 30 min) I didn't find any plugin for this I am trying reproduce this effect but with no luck.

JQuery :: Check If Form Has Elements Or Is Empty? forum.jquery.com

I have a form that is a regular form but in some cases it might be empty. <form id="myform"></form> or it might have some elements <form id="myform"><input name="X" value="X" /><input name="Y" value="Y" /></form> What is the proper way to count or check if the form has say inputs, select, textarea, etc..., or check if it's empty?

Shift Visible Text In A Narrow Input Element To See Cursor At End? stackoverflow.com

The problem I am having is that given an input element with a maxlength that is much wider than the element's width (as set in its style), and, given a value that is wider than the element's width, how can I get the element to "scroll" to the end of the text. In IE it is easy, I create a textRange object, put its start and end position at the end of the text, call select on that range, and bam, the cursor is placed at the end of the text AND the text is shifted so that the end is shown. In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, trying to use the input element's setSelectionRange sets the cursor in the right position, but the text is not shifted so that I see its end, but instead the beginning. Does anybody know of a way I could go about placing the cursor at the end of the text AND shifting the text so that I can see the cursor? code...

JQuery :: Live Events Not Firing For Dynamic Element stackoverflow.com

Why are none of the live (or dead) events I bind to a dynamic element firing? (function ($) { $.fn.myPlugin = function () { var $filterBox = $("<input type='text'>").live("click", function () { alert("Clicked"); }); this.before($filterBox); // insert into DOM before current element [Code]... I am calling myPlugin on several <select> elements. I thought it would work without the Live plugin if I bound it before adding the element to the DOM, but not even the live events are firing. Is it because my element has no ID? Edit: The following does not work either: var $filterBox = $("<input type='text'>").bind("click", function () { alert("Clicked"); });

Disable / Enable Submit Button Prior To Filling Everything Out? www.sitepoint.com

So I have a few inputs that the user must fill out before they can submit. How can this be done with the following text input and select element? Code: <input id="project_input" type="text" name="peer_project" onclick="this.value='';" onmousemove="enable_submit();" value="What project was this?" /> [code]....

Changing An IFrame Source From Input Text? www.codingforums.com

I am looking for an input text that links to a iframe. . ? To begin, we need some simple HTML elements: A basic form; An Input text that will contain the URLs we want to use; An iFrame that will display the page we select from the input text.