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I have a hex string (encrypted)I need to use Rijndael classes with these settings: Encryption: AES

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I need an example on how to implement AES encryption/decryption in .NET. I've been googling but haven't yet found any good examples. I've for example found AES example whih after some research wasn't 100% AES. I have to make sure by AES encryption/decryption is 100% AES, as I have to send email to the authorities explaining how I use AES (with secret key all), so they can hire some encryption expert which verify that we encrypt/decrypt it correctly. So he can verify that the what I implemented in AES is actually 100%. I'm reading the AES standard and how it's to be implemted in .NET Here is some code I'm having trouble with: [Code].... Which throws an CryptographicException: Specified key is not a valid size for this algorithm.

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how to test the AES Encryption in the openSuSE 11.3

Eseries / Communicators :: E7 Lacks Device Memory Encryption? discussions.nokia.com

I cannot seem to find where and how to turn on the device memory encryption on E7-00? Does this even have the feature? Former E series devices used to have 128 bit AES encryption with ability to export the key. Security code and/or remote locking is not enough, I NEED the proper encryption like in my previous E75.

Security :: AES 256 Bit Encryption? forums.asp.net

I would like to use the System.Security.Cryptography to encrypt / decrypt my passwords strings for my custom membership provider login.I've read some basic article's but they don't explain much about the process in detail. I've decided to use AES because it is said to replace DES encryption. How can I encrypt and decrypt my password strings in the strongest way possible with AES? I would really like a very detailed explanation about the method to use for this task.

Use CBC Encryption Mode? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to encrypt a string, 50-150 characters long, with AES in a mode other than ECB (due to security issues). I wrote an encryption class and am able to encrypt/decrypt perfectly in ECB mode, however when I switch to CBC, CTR or OFB mode, I fail to get the original plaintext back. Source: define('DEFAULT_ENCRYPTION_KEY', 'asdHRMfjkahguglw84tlrogl9y8kamaFDaufasds'); class Encryption [code]...

Encryption And Decryption By Aes Using Ecdh Key? www.dreamincode.net

i need to know how do encryption by aes using ecdh key in java.

BB Bold :: 9780 Encryption Type Configure? supportforums.blackberry.com

I bought a Blackberry Bold 9780 and took the BIS service. When I checked the encryption type as below copied from blackberry homepage, I can't find the "General Settings" and can't find the encryption type.Why and what is the encryption type in use with BIS? Can I configure it on my smartphone? Checking the encryption type on a BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry smartphone users can perform the following steps to verify the type of encryption used to protect the data in transit between their BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server: On the BlackBerry smartphone Home screen, click Options.Click Security or Security Options. Click General Settings.Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Under Services, the BlackBerry service specifies the type of encryption used (such as AES or 3DES).

Wifi Access From Domain To Domain? www.sevenforums.com

I have two domains, company.com and [URL] i need to be able to access the wifi that is on [URL] from a laptop that is joined to [URL]? im running win 7 pro 32 bit with the following security on the [URL] domain wifi Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise Encryption Type: AES PEAP the real deal is that i just need [URL] to share the wifi with company.com as under [URL] domain there are other attributes that need to be accessed?

AES Encryption/Decryption phpbuilder.com

I am currently trying to figure out how to implement aes encryption and decryption within a database. I am kind of new at this so please forgive my ignorance, What i would like to do is have it setup so after the user is authenticated using there username and password, They then have the ability to read encrypted data stored in another table. I have a basic understanding of how aes encryption /decryption works i am just unsure how i would go passing an the required decryption key without storing it in the database.

Ripping Open A File And Encrypting Its Guts? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am working on a program that uses AES encryption to encrypt a file. I fully understand AES encryption (after lots of research) and I am able to encrypt a big long string of binary numbers. How do you turn a file into a string of zeros and ones. Actually, a file will probably be represented using hexadecimal, so......How do you turn a file into a string of hex values? Is this even possible in vb?


High Signal For Both TKIP And AES, Internet Connection Only With Tkip? www.sevenforums.com

i have a dlink dir 615 wireless N router, a few wireless N network card and adapter,eg tp-link w821 wireless N adapter, and and asus wireless N card..my problem here is that i while using the dlink router,i can only have internet access for WPA/WPA2 TKIP and not WPA/WPA2 AES, both encryption has strong signal. Once I changed to AES encryption, i have no network access, never mind the internet.only when using TKIP that i am able to connect. and the speed is capped at 120mbps.

Advanced Encryption Satndard AES In PHP www.codingforums.com

I cannot use mcrypt library bcos we are hosting the application in some one else server. there mcrypt is not configured. another thing i like to use Advanced Encryption satndard AES. How we can implement it through PHP. I feel AES is the latest encryption technology. PHP Application on server will encypt the data and at the clientside Javascript will be used to decrypt the data.

Encryption && Decryption social.msdn.microsoft.com

Database Security, we are going to use AES 256 Symmetric Encryption. We will be using RSA for Asymmetric Key Encryption, 1024 Bits. We got the code working for the seond case but for the first, WHEN: CREATE SYMMETRIC KEY sym_Key WITH ALGORITHM = ������ AES_256 ENCRYPTION BY ASYMMETRIC KEY asym_Key GO THEN: -- Msg 15314, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 -- Either no algorithm has been specified or the bitlength and the algorithm specified for the key are not available in this installation of Windows. What can be the way out to be able to create the AES 256 Symmetric key.

Exchange Aes 256 Encrypted Data Between Flex? stackoverflow.com

I need 2 sets of encrypt/decrypt functions to run under PHP and AS3. I found AS3Crypto (for Flex) and mcrypt_encrypt (for PHP) and this article that shows how to use them for DES encryption:[URL].. I then tried to replace the DES encryption with AES-256, because the DES seems too vulnerable to brute force attacks. The results from AES encryption in Flex and PHP are different. Does anyone know (and tested) any equivalent functions for aes encryption in as3 and php? If I wasn't clear enough, here is another post of an user having the same problem:[URL]..

Protecting Database Encryption Key phpbuilder.com

My question sounds simple but I haven't been able to find a good answer in various articles on security. I need to store Social Security numbers (and other sensitive data) in mySQL using PHP. I plan to encrypt them using some form of symmetric encryption, such as AES. The question is: how/where do I store the encryption key? If someone can get ahold of my database or otherwise compromise security, it seems like they would easily be able to get the key just by accessing it in the same way my PHP files access it. Am I missing something? Is there some location on the server combined with some PHP techniques whereby the key can be kept out of the hands of someone who is sophisticated enough and determined enough to grab the database records themselves? It seems completely pointless to encrypt data if the encryption key can be found.

Column Level Or Database Level Encryption/decryption.... forums.asp.net

I want to perform column level and database level encryption/decryption.... Does any body have that code written in C# or VB.NET for AES-128, AES-192, AES-256  algorithms... I have got code for single string... but i want to encrypt/decrypt columns and sometimes the whole database... Can anybody help me out... If you have Store procedure in SQL for the same then also it ll do... Thanks in advance

Implementation Of The AES-CBC Cryptographic Algorithm? forums.devshed.com

I need AES-CBC encryption/decryption functions written in php.I found few php implementations of some other algorithms but not AES-CBC.I found one that supported AES-CBC but was not free/open source.I know about php's mcrypt facilities, but I think it is not available on MS Windows servers.

Which Symmetric Encryption Algorithm Is The Fastest For Smaller Messages stackoverflow.com

I am interested in help selecting one of the common symmetric encryption algorithms (Twofish, AES, etc) based on performance criteria (fastest encryption/decryption). We are currently leaning toward AES, but since the communications we are sending back and forth don't really need that level of encryption, a less secure algorithm would be acceptable for a performance gain. We will be using the selected algorithm to encrypt/decrypt messages (should be no longer than 200 characters) that are being sent between the client and server (Javascript client and PHP on the server) over HTTPS. The speed of the algorithm is important because the encryption/decryption process will need to keep up with messages as they arrive/depart via sockets on the server. I have found one site that has benchmarks for encryption and I plan to do my own testing, but I was hoping for input from SO on selecting an encryption for speed. note that the message will not be sent over HTTPS, they will be sent over HTTP.

Storing And Retrieving Encrypted Contacts From Or To Treeview social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have an application which saves contacts from Outlook/Csv onto a disk, from a Treeview. Now I want to provide security for this file. I want to provide encryption using AES algorithm to the file before it is saved on the disk. My problem here is how I encrypt it before saving the contents from the treeview into the file on the disk. Also I want to decrypt the file contents and load treeview if i find the file is encrypted.

Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Wireless - Unvalidated Server Certificate ubuntuforums.org

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise Encryption Type: AES Network Authentication mode: Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) - Unvalidated Server Certificate User must authenticate log-on. Its a wireless network. how to set this up for Ubuntu.

Server :: Disk Encryption Vs Performance? www.linuxquestions.org

how much of a performance impact full disk encryption (say, AES 256-bit) has on disk-related activities? On one particular project I'm involved in I am trying to weigh out security vs performance issues.

256 Bit Encrypted ZIP File? forums.asp.net

I making an application that zips a folder and encrypts it. I was using SharpZibLib from IC#Code but the passowrd encryption is not strong enough. I need to use 256 Bit AES Encryption, such as on WinZip.Does anyone know how I can set that kind of encryption? I've also considered the possobility of opening WinZip through code and encrypting it that way, but I don't really know how to get started on something like that.

IDE :: AES Encryption That Is Reputable Or Bank Secure social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am trying to find some source code that is reputable such as code created by Microsoft or a similar entity that has released the source code for AES 128 encryption in the latest VB .net framework. My understanding of encryption methods is sufficient though, I am not an expert on the subject. The following source code [URL] on the MSDN network works very well in VB though with the advent of more secure AES encryption, I would like to be more prudent by using a more secure method. Unless someone can prove or explain that this source code is at a level of a "bank standard encryption" or better I would like to be pointed in the right direction of more secure code or advice from experts.

Which Encryption Method Is Better? www.vbforums.com

I've seen a lot of threads on the web discussing about which encryption algorithm is better.According to what I've read, AES encryption algorithm is based on Rijndael's algorithm, and the first is the one being implemented by the US's government to secure TOP SECRET files.From what I've tried RijndaelManaged only supports 128bit long keys (that would be a byte array with 16 byte values, right?) and not 256 as I had first thought; however, AES seems to support 256bit keys (or is it all the way around?), I haven't personally tried DES nor TripleDES. So, which one is better or more secure? And what's up with asymmetrical encryption? What's the difference? Can both symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption be used for the same thing?

State Management :: Same Hash Value Generated When Use Different Algorithms For Viewstate Encryption? forums.asp.net

the same hash value generated when I use different algorithms for viewstate encryption.I have added below lines to the web.config file <pages viewstateEncryptionMode="Always" enableViewStateMac="true".../> <machineKey validationKey="AutoGenerate,IsolateApps" decryptionKey="AutoGenerate,IsolateApps" validation="AES" decryption="Auto" /> Also, compilation debug="false" ... > is set.No matter what I use (AES, MD5, SHA1, 3DES),it generates the same hash.Is there something I am missing out.And what is the default algorithm used if I don't specify anything?

Nokia :: WLAN Client Reuses AES / TKIP Sequence Numbers On Different Priority Level discussions.europe.nokia.com

A Nokia E71 cannot connect to a WiFi Access Point using AES encryption IF the WLAN access point makes a global crypto sequence check. Further Analysis showed that the Nokia WLAN client reuses AES/TKIP Sequencenumbers on different priority levels which is not compliant to IEEE 802.11(-2007) sec. "Each transmitter shall maintain a single PN (48-bit counter) for each PTKSA, GTKSA, and STKSA."

Open An AES Encrypted .zip? stackoverflow.com

How open an AES encrypted .zip?. I need an encryption method should be 128-bit or 256-bit AES. As well as this should be a PHP process.

Use PDFsharp To Open AES 128-bit Encrypted Files? stackoverflow.com

I've been receiving pdf files that I have been processing with the PDFsharp libraries. These files where 128-bit RC4 encrypted. Now I getting files that are 128-bit AES encyption. I'm getting this exception "The PDF document is protected with an encryption not supported by PDFsharp." Is AES just not supported, or do I need to change the method in which I open the file? [code]...

Security :: PDFs Are AES Cipher-able As Of The Acrobat 7 Spec- Any GNU Tools To Handle It? www.linuxquestions.org

I've been using pdfTk to encrypt PDFs for distribution to unsophisticated users (that is, users without PGP keys or the will to get one). RC4 encryption, although reasonably adequate for my use, is relatively insecure. I would be more comfortable with AES. Have any gnu tools emerged that implement AES within a PDF container?

Intel Mac :: Unable To Create “filename.dmg” (error -60008) discussions.apple.com

I’ve used Disk Utilities awesome capabilities many times, but am now running into my first real problem. I am trying to create a 100 GB new blank disk image, using the “Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option for format, 256-bit AES encryption, a single partition-Apple Partition Map, and Image Format as read/write disk image. When I implement this, it asks for the AES password then repeatedly crashes, albeit in slightly different ways each time. The most informative was a Unable to create “filename.dmg” (error -60008) message. I can’t find anything explanatory about this in Google I’m wondering if this has something to do with my upgrade to Lion (OS 10.7.4) yesterday from Snow Leopard. This error occurs on both my home and work iMacs. It seems to reliably occur about 1/2 way through typing in my password. The error occurs whether I use 128 or 256 AES encryption. There is more than adequate space on the hard drive I am attempting to place this image on. Disk Utility is version 12.1.1 (353) and all is running on a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 iMac.  Info: Mac OS X (10.6.7)

Kingston Security Flaw In Secure Flash Drive www.sevenforums.com

Kingston Technology is instructing customers to return certain models of its memory sticks, after the firm discovered a glitch in its DataTraveler Secure flash drives. The company said in a security notice that the models affected were �privacy� editions of the DataTraveler Secure, DataTraveler Elite and DataTraveler Blackbox. Kingston said the security flaw could allow a wrongdoer to hack into the memory sticks. �A skilled person with the proper tools and physical access to the drives may be able to gain unauthorized access to data,� warned the vendor. Kingston added that a number of its USB drives were not affected by the security flaw. Customers whose drives could be exploited by the security loophole should return the product, where Kingston said it would apply a factory update. Kingston had claimed that its Data Traveler Secure drive was the first of its kind to protect �100 percent of data on-the-fly via 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption.� Source:Kingston coughs to security flaw in 'Secure' flash drive ?

Cool File Encryption Software Released. bytes.com

You can use this software to encrypt your important files which you don't want others to see with AES encryption algorithm. Cool File Encryption adopts the international standard cryptographic algorithm--AES that has been proved to be secure by numerous attacks and tests. Cool File Encryption is reliable and convenient, which you can find when using it. software download link: http://www.dreamflysoft.com/downloa...eencryption.exe website: http://www.dreamflysoft.com If you have any proposal or question,please feel free to contact us through E-mail,I will answer you as soon as possible. E-mail: Join Bytes!

Motorola Droid X :: Wifi On Droid X androidforums.com

I tried connecting it to my router through N. My router was basically on auto settings 11bgn mixed, auto channel width, and auto security. But this basically gives me no internet connection at all on my Droid X. The Droid X simply switches over to WiFi for internet, which it's getting no access to, which is making wifi essentially useless for me. I turn off WiFi, and voila, internet through 3G again. So I read up on the problem with AES encryption? This means I had to use TKIP encryption, but wireless N doesn't work with TKIP, meaning I have to use wireless G, essentially making my N speeds useless, although in reality my internet speeds aren't going over the max 54mbps G speeds offers, but I'd still like my router to be able to transmit N speeds to my computers. Anyway, even switching to wireless G and TKIP encryption, it works sometimes, but then intermittently it will stop working. I don't change anything, it just stops working. This doesn't happen with other laptops connected to my router, or other phones even as I had a Droid Incredible before.

OpenFileDialog.FileName() To File For StreamReader? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am making an encryption application using System.Security.Cryptography

No Security In Wireless Connection? www.sevenforums.com

Just found out that my neighbour can access my ISP via my wireless 802-11g connection. And I can access via his connection...Not a good situation. I have checked security settings in both my router and Windows 7 network connection. I have checked that WPA2-PSK security and AES encryption is selected and a 8 digit network security key is current. I have disabled sharing. When connecting the network does not ask for a network security key but connects instantly and functions correctly I can see but cannot connect to another neighbours connection because it asks for a network security key and I do not have it.

ActionScript 3.0 :: AIR Encryption / Decryption Of String www.kirupa.com

I'm using as3crypto classes for encryption/decryption of a string. The encryption is ok (I'm using the following encryption method): Code: var cut:ByteArray = new ByteArray(); cut.writeUTFBytes(iutime); var key:ByteArray = new ByteArray(); var random:Random = new Random(); random.nextBytes(key, 8); var aes:ICipher = Crypto.getCipher("blowfish-ecb", key, Crypto.getPad("pkcs5")); aes.encrypt(cut); Now, I'm trying to decrypt the encrypted string using the same method, but I can't and I don't know why. Every time I'm debugging my air application I'm receiving an error (something about the decrypt() and IPad). How to use the same method to decrypt?

.net Encryption Result Does Not Match The Xcode Encryption Result Given The Same Input Parameters? stackoverflow.com

I have set up a method in vb.net and in xcode for encrypting a string using as far as i can tell the same parameters for an AES encryption.I've looked all over the place but cannot find information on whether they use the same encryption algorithm and settings. this is the vb.net code: Dim encryptAES As New AesCryptoServiceProvider() Dim encoding As New UTF8Encoding() Dim encryptor As ICryptoTransform encryptAES.Key = encoding.GetBytes("12345678901234567890123456789032") encryptAES.IV = encoding.GetBytes("1234567890123416") encryptAES.Mode = CipherMode.CBC [Code]...

How Are Endpoints Encrypted? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi All, � I have mirroring set up in a test environment and it�works great however I need to know/understand how the endpoints are encrypted.� I have them set to use the AES algorithm; however I can not tell from BOL what keys they are using.� I know the service master key is the root encryption key and endpoints sit at the server level (same level as service masterkey)�but I am not sure if the endpoints use�it to perform the encryption or not; do they and if not what do they use? � Thanks in advance, � Coleman �

Getting AES-Encryption Work In .NET? www.vbforums.com

I have a problem with an encryption made in AdobeFlex and which I need to translate to VB.NET.The core is a AES Encryption, but I tried several ways and code and the encrypted strings weren't the same The original Flex Sourcecode is: VB private function encryptAES(arg1:String, arg2:String, arg3:String="aes128-cfb8", arg4:String="None"):String { var loc1:*=com.hurlant.util.Hex.toArray(com.hurlant.util.Hex.fromString(arg2)); [code].... My question is how to get the code work in VB.NET

AES Encrypt Decrypt String? vbcity.com

i need a standard way of encrypting a string and decrypting it using AES. I am aware of the Cryptography class, however almost every example creates a class to do the encryption,If .Net already has this implemented and ready to use why would we create classes for encryption and decryption, isn't it as simple as calling the encrypt method of the class or decrpyt and passing in the text. Unless everyone is wanting to centralize the code. But even then i see so many different examples from File,Data Protection etc..

Store User Passwords In Sql Server Express Database In Encrypted Form social.msdn.microsoft.com

I use AES encryption in my vb.net 2008 windows forms apps to .... 1. Store user passwords in sql server express database in encrypted form 2. decrypt the encrypted Sql server express connection string password on the fly when connecting to SQl Server over a vpn or direct to web based sql server database 3. decrypt the encrypted ftp site password on the fly when my application connects to my ftp site to upload client's database backups The issue I have is that the secret key for the encryption / decryption is hard coded within the encryption/decryption functions. So anybody who decompiled my application would be able to generate the same encryption, as they would have the encryption secret key How can you hide the encryption secret key so that if anybody decompiled my app they could not reproduce the decryption function

Networking :: Connecting Wirelessly With Newly Installed Fedora 14? www.linuxquestions.org

I finally got the driver to be installed and to be associated with the network adapter. Now the issue is the wireless network adapter won't connect to my wireless network. I am new to Linux, and am trying to get my Fedora 14 to work online, without needing to constantly be wired in (what's the point of having a laptop if you have to be stationary). Anyways my network has WPA2 personal security with a TKIP + AES encryption (I switched it from solely AES because I thought that might have been the issue).I've heard a lot of good things about Linux, but so far its been frustrating trying to get this wireless connection working. I am currently taking a course on Linux, and I am using the opportunity to learn about and maybe switch over to a Linux OS which I have heard so much good stuff about in my previous courses.

Suggestions And Ideas Needed For Encryption Program. www.vbcity.com

I am writing a new encryption program. (DUH right. lol) I am looking for feedback on what users of my program would like it to do and such.So far this is what I plan.....Integrated with WindowsEncrypts and decrypts on the fly (as files are accessed).Using 256 bit AES encryption. (Rijndael)User selectable file encryption. (Users can select any file they can access to be crypt protected.)What else? any suggestions? Ideas? I would like to add in some sort of DragDrop encryption where a user can drag a file onto my program and it will immediately encrypt/decrypt it.One more question... is it possible to get the logged on users password? to make the encryption/decryption invisible, I'd like to use that password as the ecryption key otherwise I'll need to ask for iteach time or something. Tell me, and i will forget...show me, and I will remember...Involve me, and I will learn...-Karaethonme: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/profile.xml?45524Edited by - Karaethon on 8/15/2004 8:03:25 PM

Android : Why Is Desktop AES File IO Incompatible With Phone stackoverflow.com

I have ported an application from Android to desktop that uses AES to encrypt some private data.Both applications are able to encrypt and decrypt the data for their own use but unable to decrypt the other applications data.The AES keys, IVs, and algorithms are identical. The main difference between the two applications is that the android-sdk comes with the BouncyCastle provider already added to the security while the desktop application needed. Code...

Nokia :: E52 / WLAN Setup / No Gateway Reply discussions.europe.nokia.com

I tried to configure my E52 for WiFi but keep getting 'No gateway reply' error.I read the other thread but it is beyond my understanding.Tried with Open security,and WPA-PSK(with TKIP,AES,TKIP+AES).I gave the same pre shared key on the AP and phone.Every time it connects to the AP but then gives the error.I don't understand where its going wrong.Please help.

Windows Encryption Toolkit For .NET www.vbforums.com

I'm rewriting a VB6 application that used the Windows Encryption Toolkit and Blowfish encryption. Does anyone know if the Windows Encryption Toolkit exists for .NET? I would use a different type of encryption if necessary, but we have 2 programs where I work. Users encrypt files with one program and send them to us and we use another program to decrypt them. I'm worried that if I don't use Blowfish encryption again, users will send us files encrypted with AES for example and we won't be able to decrypt them.

Encryption Whitepaper social.msdn.microsoft.com

There is a whitepaper discussing an application of the SQL Server 2005 encryption features at: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/itsolutions/msit/security/sqldatsec.mspx Thanks Laurentiu

Fedora Networking :: Wpa Supplicant And Ndiswrapper To Enable Wpa2 Aes forums.fedoraforum.org

I am trying to enable wpa2 aes encryption on fedora. The wifi access was working fine with WEP and system-config-network but recently somebody hacked into my network and I had to switch back to wpa2 aes encryption. Looking at previous posts, I can see that a lot of people have used wpa supplicant and ndiswrapper to enable this. A post from 2006 even explains how to enable this: [URL]?t=93054 Using Add/Remove software, I have installed wpa_gui and ndiswrapper kernel module, but it doesn't work. I don't see my wlan0 in wpa_gui.

Android :: Recommended Encryption Combination For Digital Signatures stackoverflow.com

I have finally - after days and days of agony - figured out that I need two forms of encryption for my Digital Signatures Project. The first will will be symmetric (AES) and will encrypt the license data and the second will be a asymmetric (RSA) an will encrypt the symmetric key. Can someone give me pointers on the best methods to use for Android. For the public/private keys I am using: "RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding"(I head ECB is bad so what should I use?, what about the PKCS1Padding - shoudl I be using PKCS5Padding?) For the symetric keys I will probably use: "AES/?/?" (What mode and padding should I use?) The provider: "BC" RSA Keysize: 1024 (I tried 2048 but it didn't work for some reason) AES Keysize: ?

Fails To Connect To 5GHz No Wifi? discussions.apple.com

I have the iPad 64G and I am tiring to connect it to my Netgear WNDR3300 with the 2.4GHz radio disabled and only the 5GHz N radio enabled. I can only get my iPad to connect if I turn off all wireless security. I have tried WEP (64bit and 128bit), WPA (AES, TKIP, AES+TKIP), WPA 2 (AES, TKIP, AES+TKIP). None of these configurations worked. I am using 5GHz N because there are too many 2.4GHz wifi routers in my area and want to be on the less crowded 5GHz band. Information: iPad 64G Windows 7

Establishing Strong Web Security? stackoverflow.com

I have seen many sites who claim to have bank grade security encryption.if their web sites have been built with php what other forms of security can exist aside from using mysql_real_escape_string and a 128bit ssl encryption?

File Attributes On Secondary Drive www.vbforums.com

I know you can use windows to protect the files on your hard drives, understand that pretty well.....however, does it also carry over it you take a hard drive out and connect it to another machine without the same security setup? What I mean is will the security measures persist if the hard drive itself is switched out? How could you make this happen other than running encryption on each and every file.....and if the other computer is using encryption can you still open the files??Thanks,David

General :: Use ATA Security On A Hard Disk? superuser.com

My SSD HD supports ATA Security. Does Macbook EFI and linux support it? I know hdparm does. Who will do the unlock at each bootup? Can I still set a password without erasing the disk? Update: removed "SED full hard disk encryption" from the title based on comment by @ataboy. Some might still refer to this ATA security incorrectly as "encryption" however.

MacBook Air :: WPA And Cisco Wireless Access Points With MacBook Air? discussions.apple.com

I am new with MAC and I am having problems with wireless setup: Our network uses the following: Network Authentication: WPA Data encryption: AES EAP Type: Protected PEAP Authentication Method, EAP- MSCHAP v2 User ID: User must manually provide username and password, Now when I use BootCamp with XP these settings work with no problem but when I try and ( I tried too many times) under the MAC OS and Airport. Every time I get a message 802.1x Authentication has failed. One other point I will mention also on our Wireless Network we have another Security setting that allows: Security Mode: 802.1x WPA/WPA2: EAP LEAP/ prompts for Username and Password, When I use these setting with a Nokia E90 it connects with no problem. So basically our network allows for either of the above settings but when configuring them on MAC OS I get no where. Information: Mac Book Air Mac OS X (10.5.2)