Samsung :: X700 / How To Install JAVA Games?


I tried to install java games using Softick ppp and SAMSUNG Java Game Uploader.But indicator stops in half process.and phone does not respond.please help me my email is sajithdilan90@gmail.com

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I created a torrent on Demonoid if your d/l speeds are killing ya on the other options. If you don't have an account you have 2 weeks from today to find it. I believe that is the non-user limit. If you need an invite, PM me and ask nicely and I may provide one.

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I have no issue syncing my FB contacts to my phone. They are all on my phone and in Contacts list. My issue is I can not link them to contacts I have already on my Phone. I click on FB name and it says "link contact" but it only lets me Link it to other FB contacts! It doesn't let me link them to phone entries I already have stored on my phone.

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Am I the only one having this problem? I purchased my samsung epic a week ago and every since I've been getting the message that my facebook contacts is unable to syn at the moment an error of some sort,and too try later.WTH? My facebook calender syncs but not the contacts.I thought that it was th phone so I took it back to the sprint store they restarted my hard drive but it still didn't work,thy sent me to the repair center at another store and the general manager told me to go back and tell them to replace the phone and that I shouldn't be having issues so soon. Well I did that,they gave me a new phone and guess what.yep u guessed it,still the same issue.I went back to the repair center they played with it for 2 straight hours while I waited impatiently and still I walked away with the same problem. What the heck and I suppose to do now?

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i just got a samsung sch a870 and i have a link cable from a650 that fits into the phone, i downloaded some drivers that were posted on this site in some thread and it says that my phone is recognized by my computer as a modem or something, but anyways, i cannot get bitpim to detect my phone, is there any information that you can provide me iwth.

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I've got two retail copies of Test Drive Unlimited, first one is the old one and the second one is the one with car megapack. Anyway, game works great, wheel also, the only thing that fails is multiplayer. I can create an GS account but ALWAYS when i login i get an information about server being non available. I have a router, i tried forwarding the ports but it was the same. I disabled my firewall, uninstalled any application that may have caused this, but it still doesn't work. Im trying to connect since two months, im kinda desperate right now. Everything was working fine on Vista and XP. Does anyone have similar problem? Is there any fix?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop and I installed Windows 7 Build 7100 on it. However, Open GL games do not work, and I have the ATI 8.56 graphics driver installed and I am trying to upgrade it to the latest 8.61. However, after I run the installer, my screen does not blink and once installation is complete, I do not see a change in the driver version - and catalyst is not installed as well. However, when i am trying to re-install it says the drivers are already installed. Any ideas as to whats going wrong? Its a 32-bit OS. I cannot run any OpenGL games, they fail saying it could not load OpenGL.

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[url]... Well during today's New Year's College Football Game between TCU vs Wisconsin, the main sponsor of the Rose Bowl Game, Vizio made a small commercial in which a tablet of some sort is visible within 15 seconds of the commercial. (Watch article and video) I see many tablets coming in 2011....

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I want to replace my 1810T's Intel Wifi Link 5100 with an Intel Wifi Link 5300. The 5100 has two antenna connectors and so the 1810T has two antennas already installed in it. I purchased a third antenna, but I don't want to disassemble the screen to add the third antenna next to the two stock antennas. Can I just place the third antenna here (empty area next to mini PCIe slot):

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I have updated my bios to R4041M3, performed a clean install of Windows 7, and installed all the new win 7 drivers including the video driver from this page: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu...=5151&os_id=47

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I periodically check Dell's site for updated video drivers but they are always sooo old. (Dell's driver-Version 7. something, Intel's-Version 11.something) Intel's site is much more up to date. Anyway, I'll download the Intel drivers and attempt to run the installer. It'll extract all the files but then close and show a message stating that the driver isn't "validated" to run on this computer and that I must get driver updates from my pc maker. Why are others able to install the drivers, even on other Dell systems? Is it a business notebook thing due to the need for stable system images?

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I bought a second hand M1330 on ebay with the intel graphics. I can't seem to get a driver installed no matter which one I use. I've tried both Vista and Windows 7 but in both cases when I'm trying to install the drivers, I get an error message saying The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup with exit. I've tried both drivers from the intel site as well as the dell site but no luck. Any ideas?

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I'm in the process of creating an XP Pro operating system install for my new Inspiron 1545, on a new SATA hard drive (taking out the original SATA hard drive from Dell with Vista preinstalled to use as separate bootup opsys which I have to reinstall to zap all the bloatware later). Things were going really really well (I thought) with setting up my new drive with XP and I got past the problem that bites most folks (SATA hard drive not being recognized by XP install), by switching the drive in BIOS to ATA mode b4 doing the install. I got XP completely installed & activated AOK, with only a few minor wrinkles which I was able to figure out. Applied a few simple quick tweaks to XP to make it easier for me to use (disabling autoplay, killing the search dog, setting folder views, removing stuff I don't use like Windows messenger, MSN, etc). Then I went to install all of the necessary Dell drivers from the website for the 1545 for (in order) Intel GM45 Chipset, Video, Ethernet, Dell Quickset, Wireless, Sound, Card reader, and Alps touchpad. I had figured that stuff out already and had all the drivers copied over to the new PC ready to go .....

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How come new contacts created on the phone are not showing up in my Gmail account online? Is there a way to keep everything synching in both directions? Most of my contacts are in Outlook, but I'm trying to use Gmail to keep things simple.

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all of my contacts are not assigned to any groups. i would like to delete all of them and re-import my sim contacts because all my gmail contacts are mixed in with my sim contacts on the phone. what i would like to do is clean off my phone contacts and re-import all my sim contacts so I don't have the google contacts cluttering up my phone contact list.

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I'm using Easy Tether right now to post this, yet it will not connect to Facebook, or Gmail and Google Voice, PicasaWeb, or other Google products, aside from Gqueues.If I connect this laptop through any wireless connection (my home network or multiple public wifi hotspots) it has no problems seeing those sites.Ideas?

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AT&T locks its latest Android phone -- the Aria -- out of sideloading apps, too | Android Central.I thought this phone suppose to be open.

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Is this possible? I been ask a few times by friends to upload a pic I took of them with my epic. I can send them the pic threw messaging but it downgrades the quality for them to upload to Facebook.

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I can't get the profile pics to sync up with the contacts on my phone.

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The biggest reason I wanted a data phone was so I could check facebook from work (blocked), or while out and about. When I got the Incredible, I found out that all the Facebook apps do the stupid "Top News" only, and you can't change it to view all the recent new. The only way I could find to get around it was to click on "Full Site" at the bottom of the mobile site page, click on "Most Recent" when the page loaded, then often the link wouldn't actually work but if I hit "refresh" the page would reload with "Most Recent" selected and the most recent posts all listed out. A real pain, but possible. But when I try the same thing on my Fascinate, I just get a big blank page with no status updates. Is there any way to view the full, regular, "Most Recent" post list on the Fascinate?

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I initially had all of my contacts switched over to my new phone via backup assistant. Now I know most people don't like this because they can do this via google. However, the reason that I like backup assistant so much is because it puts the numbers on my phone and then I can give a person their own ring tone.My problem occurred on 10/23, when in the morning, I turned my phone on and all of my contacts were gone. I tried to resync with backup assistant but the stupid program is messed up and long story short, Verizon knows about it and they have no clue when it will be fixed. Now to my question. I have managed to get all of my contacts from Verizon saved to my computer and uploaded to gmail. However, it is a pain because I have to go through each one and move the phone number from the notes section to the actual phone number section and gmail lags something bad for me for some reason.I want to know how I can get my gmail contacts saved back to the phone without having them all duplicated. http://androidforums.com/fascinate-support-troubleshooting/198843-cant-associate-ringtones-contacts.html I used this technique and I ended up with 270 contacts that were linked instead of the 135. I don't want them duplicated because I don't want them taking up more room than they have too. Is that just weird of me to be concerned about how much room the contacts are taking up? Should I just be happy with this or is there any way to change the gmail contacts to phone contacts?

Samsung Fascinate :: Any Way To Merge Phone Contacts With Google Account Groups androidforums.com

How come the groups tab of Contacts on this phone ignores your google groups completely? That makes the contacts pretty much useless to me. I have over 700 contacts and they're all grouped nice and neatly, but that doesn't seem to matter. Any way to merge the phone groups with the google accounts groups?

Samsung Epic 4G :: Selective Syncing Of Facebook Contacts To Phone androidforums.com

Is there a way to selectively sync Facebook contacts to my phone? I have roughly 1000 Facebook "friends" but only 300 are really friends and family and the rest are mainly gaming friends for games like Mafia Wars, etc. and I don't want to sync those. I want the Facebook contacts who I personally know to show up when I use the contacts icon on the home screen. I would like to sync them but I'm afraid it will import the list and I would have to manually delete them.

Samsung Fascinate :: Want Facebook Widget On LPP? androidforums.com

So I'm using Launcher Pro Plus. It comes with a full-screen Facebook widget. That shows you the news feed, etc. in the settings of the LP Widget, there are two options. Facebook Login Update Interval. I had to sign in and stuff to get the widget to work. Did that. Worked fine for a couple of days. Then tonight it's just not working. My interval is set to 15 minutes. Last FB post was at 9:15. It's now 2:08am. I go to the option "Facebook Login" in the settings and I get this: {"error": {"type": "0AuthException ","message": "Error validating application."}}

Samsung Fascinate :: Facebook Not Syncing / Way To Fix? androidforums.com

So i just got the fascinate about 6 hours ago. I tried syncing with facebook, adding my account, i can log in yet it does not sync saying its down and will be back up shortly? Say what, anyone else having this problem?

Samsung Fascinate :: Setting Up The Facebook Function? androidforums.com

i've having a really tough time getting my phone to link up to the facebook widget thingy.... i've tried all sorts of things but it wont link up...

Samsung Fascinate :: Facebook Birthdays Sync With Calendar androidforums.com

I do not have sync birthdays checked under my accounts. The Facebook birthday events have been added to "my calendar" events. I have even done a hard reset. Seems like a syncing issue. I want to be able to use LPP agenda widget, but I can not customize which calendars to view. This has not happened on my Droid X or Incredible.

Samsung Fascinate :: Facebook Linked Contact Priority androidforums.com

I want to link a few of my contacts with facebook so that I pull facebook info and get their profile pic. I know how to do this. However, I'd prefer to keep the name I already have for them on my phone. For example: Say I have "Jon" saved on my phone. His facebook profile name is Jon McJonjon. When I link the profiles, now his contact will read Jon McJonjon. I'd prefer to keep the name I previously had for him as his contact name. Any way to prioritize which profile you're linking is the main contact name that shows up under the contacts list?

Samsung Fascinate :: Facebook Sync Contact Error androidforums.com

Set up a facebook account on my Fascinate to sync contacts and it keeps giving an error trying to sync. It saids Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly. Never does.Anyone else get this or is it just me? Might it be fixed? Anything i can do to make it work?

Samsung Fascinate :: Contacts Disappeared androidforums.com

When I bought my Fascinate yesterday, all my contacts and Facebook contacts were synced to the fascinate. Then today, all of my contacts and fb contacts disappeared. Is there anyway I can get them back? All my gmail contact information remained, but all contacts with phone numbers and FB Contact Information was lost!

Samsung Fascinate :: Can't Associate Ringtones With Contacts androidforums.com

I'm a new member; I've had my Fascinate for about 2 weeks.Last night I tried to do something that seems simple: set a song as a ringtone for a specific contact. The procedure is given on page 75 of the manual. But it doesn't work.When I try it, I get a screen that says to press Menu and touch "Get friends" or "Accounts". But pressing Menu does nothing.I've gone through and activated sync for all accounts (and run sync multiple times), and my contacts DO all show up when I select "Contacts" from the home screen, but the manual's procedure still fails as described above.

Samsung Fascinate :: Contacts Syncing With Google androidforums.com

Well, google is to efficient. My contacts on the Fascinate has synced with Google and includes everyone I have ever contacted through Gmail. My Gmail and Google Voice both include a more limited list of contacts and associated groups. How do I sync this list with my Fascinate?

Samsung Moment :: Working On Rooting? androidforums.com

So we've seen threads asking if/when the moment will be rooted. well i think its going to be awhile. mostly because i don't think anyone is working on rooting it. so i'm sure many of us would like to know if anyone is actually working on rooting the moment?

Samsung Captivate :: Rooting Methods Not Working androidforums.com

I appear to have gotten one of the new Captivates where the volume and power method does not work. I've tried it endlessly for about an hour and I am getting nothing. Is there any other methods I can use?

Samsung Galaxy S :: Can I Remove JUST Facebook Numbers androidforums.com

There are a few friends that have incorrect numbers.. Is there anyway to keep their facebook picture and updates but delete the number they have on fb. from showing up in my contacts under their name?

Samsung Moment :: K-9 Mail Address Book androidforums.com

I got the K-9 for my Yahoo mail, but is there a way to get my email addresses imported?

Samsung I7500 :: Address Book Over Bluetooth androidforums.com

I've a snazzy bluetooth thang in my car. On my old phone (TyTN II) and work phone (Nokia somethingorother), when you pair the phone, it uploads the phonebook so that it's browseable from the car kit.On the Sammy, all I see is a list of phone numbers, no names. Which is less than useful.

Samsung Captivate :: Applying Photo To Contact androidforums.com

I have applied my photos to my contacts. My only issue is the image size. I need a full or half screen image, rather then the thumbnail (1x1). Can this be fixed as is, or do I need an app for that?

Samsung Captivate :: Facebook Contact Photos androidforums.com

Has anyone been able to get their contacts to sync with their facebook profile picture? I finally got the account synced or so it says, and if Im in contacts and click on the far right tab I can see everyone's status but none of the facebook profile pics have been applied.

Samsung Captivate :: Unable To Delete A Read Only Facebook Contact androidforums.com

So today i was looking at my contacts and i noticed that anyone who has a facebook account and is linked to my contacts, has 5 linked contacts in their info. thos 5 linked contacts all being repeats of the facebook contact. its like each contact is linked to itself 5 times. i tried deleting the extra ones but it says i cannot delete a read only contact and i tried displaying only my phone contacts and disabled contact sync with my facebook account but they are still showing up. any idea of what to do?

Samsung Captivate :: Message Contact List Shows Each Contact Twice androidforums.com

In my contacts list when I press the contacts button, I see each contact once. I have it set to only show contacts from my phone. When I go to send a text message and press contacts, my contacts are there multiple times, but I can't see any differences because they are named the same. For example, my son Adam shows up twice in the contact list in text messaging, but only once when I press contacts from my home page.

Samsung Captivate :: Download Link For SRE 1.3 androidforums.com

Does anyone have a download link for the new SRE 1.3? I'm waiting to flash the new JH7 until I can download it, but since XDA has been down all morning, I was hoping someone else can re-upload it, or provide the download link.

Samsung Captivate :: Road SMS App / .apk Link androidforums.com

Found this in another board in this forum. Installed it and it works fine on my Captivate. The only mods I use are Rooted and Non-Market Apps enabled in settings.db. Otherwise, its a stock phone. I text a lot while walking. I DONT recommend anyone try this while driving, but for walking while texting its quite handy.. The app is called Road SMS:Walk Safely With The Samsung Road SMS App AndroidSPIN | Your No.1 source for Everything Android. Galaxy S users can download it via Samsung Apps, but since AT&Greed is the devil, we cant download it. If you have sideloading/Non-Market Apps enabled, you can grab the apk here and install.

Samsung Captivate :: Is There Common App Link To Reboots androidforums.com

So my phone spontaneously rebooted today: http://androidforums.com/captivate-all-things-root/210476-brand-new-captivate-rebooted-today.html Is there a common app that may be causing this? Only thing I thought of was either the app Battery Booster, which selectively shuts down running processes to conserve battery, or Lookout, which is an antivirus and back up. Any thoughts?

Samsung Captivate :: Link To Down Loadable User Manual? androidforums.com

I have heard others reference a page in a user manual, I assume this is not something they got with the phone but something downloaded. Does someone have a link?

Samsung Captivate :: Photo Resolution After Transfer To Pc androidforums.com

I have the camera resolution set to superfine(5mp) and it takes really good pics.However,when I transfer them to my laptop and try to view them with the windows photo viewer they aren't anywhere near the resolution I took them in.Is there something I did or not doing ?,I took a 5mp Pic,transferred it to my pc and it showed up at less than 15kb in size when it should have been like 2-3 megs.

Samsung Captivate :: Link To Odin 1 Click And Simple Guide androidforums.com

For anyone needing to flash back to stock while XDA site is down, I located a simple guide and a link to Odin 1 click. What's Odin?

Samsung Captivate :: Need Photo Deleted From Online Locker androidforums.com

Recently acidently loaded a photo to onine locker form samsung captive that needs to be deleted ASAP. Also on family plan can parents see a phones online locker? How would i access the online locker to delete the photo?

Samsung Captivate :: Editing A Contact androidforums.com

I have several contacts to whom I would like to add additional phone numbers. When creating a contact, I am allowed to add them. However, when trying to add them to an existing contact there doesn't seem to be an option that allows me to do that.

Samsung Captivate :: Contact Errors androidforums.com

I have a Samsung Captivate running 2.1 and I am having a problem with some of my contacts (all synced from Google, nothing on the sim). When looking at contacts, then I click on a contact's name to look at their specifics, I get the following message: Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. dumpstate_app_201009071149_android_process_acore.l og has been saved. Use *#9900# to copy out log.

Samsung Captivate :: Contact Transfer From Wm6 androidforums.com

Just got it last night at ATT b&m (for $149!!) and yes (as my lovely wife can attest) I was captivated for many an hour. Battery cycling. Overall VERY good despite the posts I've read. Very intuitive UI but I could see where some mods would be sweet. EXCELLENT GPS performance; 15-30 sec fixes INDOORS with 5-10m accuracy w/out WiFi. My BJII was never this good. Excellent You Tube performance WITH HQ playback. 8GB SDHC works flawlessly, My only suck is phone contacts transfer from WM6. BTW - bod was 7/22/10. Now on to the Market, sideloading and may be root.

Samsung Captivate :: Contact Display Name And Picture androidforums.com

Two related questions regarding the Captivate's built-in "Contact" app - both dealing with linked contacts from Gmail and Facebook: 1)Has anyone found a way to change which picture is displayed for a linked contact? On the HTC Aria, you could choose whether you wanted the picture from Gmail or the one from Facebook. 2)Has anyone found a way to change the displayed name in Contacts. Again, on the HTC Aria, you could pick whether to display the name from your Gmail contact or the one from the Facebook contact.

Samsung Captivate :: Duplicate Contact Entries - SIM And FB androidforums.com

I just bought the Captivate 2 days ago and this is my first Android phone. I have tried to sync my contacts and FB together (not all of my FB contacts as I have 500+) but just the main people I talk to on a regular basis and it has created duplicate entries in my contact list. I know this not an operating hinderance to the phone but it is just annoying. What is the point of syncing when it just created more entries? It also has duplicates in the drop down to: part when I create a new text message. Should I take all of my contacts off my SIM and copy them to the phone? Is there a way to have one entry for my contacts including the FB pic? I am importing my contacts from hotmail to gmail now and hoping this might help.

Samsung Galaxy S :: No Auto Sync Contacts? androidforums.com

No auto sync contacts on galaxy s? Samsung seem to have left out this feature, madness I tell you. or is it just me being stupid I did a quick google search and this appears to be the case .

Samsung Captivate :: Captivate Contacts App - Blank Black Screen androidforums.com

I have a Captivate that I just brought today.....and everything works just fine except the Contacts App. When I launch the Contacts App the screen is blank and nothing to click on to add a contact. Is something wrong with just the app or phone? Has anyone experienced this?

Samsung Captivate :: Trouble Synching Contacts From BB To Captivate androidforums.com

I purchased my Captivate about 3 days ago, and for the most part I love it. Context: I was given a brand new SIM card for it I switched from a Blackberry Bold.The AT&T rep. tried using the machine that connects both phones and synchs contacts from one to the other, but it did not work. My question is: How do you synch contacts from a Blackberry to the Captivate? Before you answer, let me say that I do have a Gmail account and I know the Contacts app can synch with the account, but I do not store my friend's phone numbers on there - and I do not want to individually input each one. Also, I own a Mac and when I had my blackberry I did not back up my contacts on my Mac, and did not have Outlook to back them up onto even if I had tried backing them up - so I cannot simply export my contacts to .csv and load them up to Gmail. There is more I can say (for instance, it seems as if my contacts have been put onto my Captivate, but they're not in the Contacts App that came preloaded with the Captivate...they are, instead, in the folders section under Contacts...how the heck did they get there?!) but I will stop here and see if anyone can guide me through this very frustrating process.

Samsung Captivate :: IPhone 4 Contacts Into The Captivate androidforums.com

Can anyone explain to me how I get my contacts from the 4 to the Captivate that doesn't involve using Gmail? I don't care to use Gmail to manage or sync my contacts.

Samsung Captivate :: Sim Contacts Organizing androidforums.com

how you all organize your contacts cause i have contacts on my sim and then i have some on my phone but the phone contacts have more options and some facebook friends show as well as email addresses.

Samsung Captivate :: Syncing Contacts androidforums.com

I have a Samsung Captivate, but I think this issue is only dealing with the Android Operating System and Gmail. I have a Gmail Account, Facebook Account, and a University Email Account that I pull my contacts from. All three of them are synced with my phone. The University Email uses Gmail and Google apps. I am trying to figure out a way to sync all my contacts in one place, preferably my normal Gmail account. I understand that you can't auto-sync Facebook contacts to Gmail, but I would like to sync the contacts that I've added to the phone to my Gmail Account.

Samsung Captivate :: Any Better Way To Manage Contacts? androidforums.com

First of all, I'm pretty darn happy with the Captivate but maybe my threshold for satisfaction is lower than most. Plus my GPS has been working great since the update. But there's one thing that frustrates me about the phone: Contacts. I have dozens of duplicate contacts. Dozens of linked contacts. Some contacts are stored on the phone, some on the SD card. Some are Google contacts, some Facebook contacts, some I'm not even sure. Some I can edit and add new information to (the ones stored on the phone), some I can't (the ones on the SD card.) This is the one part of this new phone that makes me miss my old Treo 750. Is there a simple way to manage/unlink/edit/update contacts that I'm just not seeing? Is there another, better contact management app besides the stock app? Any tips, suggestions from the Android experts out there?

Samsung Captivate :: All Contacts Disappeared androidforums.com

This is the second time this has happened. All of the sudden, without warning, all my contacts are gone. I sent a text not 10 mins ago, at that point everybody who I'd texted had their names and photos next to the texts. Now, I'm left with just a bunch of numbers. I checked my "Contacts" app, and it's empty. It did the same thing about a week ago, but it was early and I had a Nandroid backup from the night before, so I only lost about two texts. My last backup is from two days ago, too much for me to restore back that far. Any idea a) WHY this would happen, as randomly as it did? and b) How to get back any contacts that might not transfer from a GMail/Facebook Sync? Would this be a problem with the phone, or something I did to the phone that would make it do this literally randomly? I guess I'll throw in that I mainly use Handcent, have ChompSMS on here as well, and haven't used the default messaging app since I downloaded Handcent. I also am no longer able to sync Facebook it appears. Also, contacts are the only thing missing. All other data is still there, along with all apps and even my homescreen layout is still intact.

Samsung Captivate :: Contacts Not Pulling Up androidforums.com

When i press contacts on my phone it says "Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

Samsung Captivate :: Add Contacts Into Groups? androidforums.com

how in the world do u add contacts into groups?i goto groups and when i try to add member non of my contacts show.

Samsung Captivate :: Synchronizing Contacts Over And Over androidforums.com

Ive noticed an opaque "syncing" icon appear in the top corner of my screen and ive managed to drag it down and notice it say "synchronizing contacts.I dont want this to happen. I havnt added any contacts. Im fine with my contacts the way they are. I unchecked the "background data" box under "accounts and sync" but i need it checked to use the market so i caved and let it do it.How do i get it to stop this? If it helps, ive only noticed it in the last couple days, and the only apps ive downloaded have been tweetdeck and angry birds. Could one of those be doing it?

Samsung Captivate :: Syncing All Contacts? androidforums.com

Well, this is a problem on every Android phone, it seems. On the Captivate, how do I have it just sync "My Contacs". You know, as much as I enjoy having 50 sale...@craigslist.com contacts in my address book...

Samsung Captivate : How To Remove Contacts At Once? androidforums.com

Is there a way where you can remove all your contacts at once? I have them all on Google and want to go ahead and remove all the contacts from my sim card and phone. Then sync my phone with google so they are all current.

Samsung Captivate : Way To Edit Contacts? androidforums.com

I cant edit my contacts, it only brings up the ability to edit the phone number and email, not the ringtone, pic, etc...I have launcher pro... Please help im so frustrated right now...

Samsung Captivate :: Backing Up Apps And Contacts androidforums.com

If I use Titanium to back up apps to external sd, have my app list on appbrain and have my contacts in gmail, could I safely do a hard reset and get everything back to the way it was?

Samsung Captivate :: Contacts With Multiple Ringtones androidforums.com

Is there a way to assign multiple ringtones to each number, not to each contact? I have several contacts that have multiple numbers and would like "home" "work" "mobile" etc to all be different ringtones but still remain within the same contact.

Android :: Download And Install Apk From Link stackoverflow.com

I`am trying to download and install an apk from some link, but for some reason i get an exception. I have one method downloadfile() which downloading the file and a call to and installFile() method, which supposed to install it in the device. Some code:......................... This is the exception details: "Neither user 10057 nor current process has android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGES". and i have set in my main app that permission in the manifest.

How To Install Ffmpeg, Ffmpeg-PHP, Mplayer, Mencoder, Flv2tool, LAME MP3 Encoder www.webhostingtalk.com

When i try to install all those things i am getting error...i am following the things given in below link but i am not to excute this svn command [url]

Hosting For Gaming Website www.webhostingtalk.com

A few days back i had made a post asking about which would the best host for a dating website that me and a couple of friends were planning to start. Thanks alot to everyone for the answers. However now we have decided to go with a gaming website, as the idea appeals to most of us. The concept is to have a real time online game running on the server 24X7, people can join any time they want and leave any time they want, the game would still keep progressing. My main concerns with such a site are: 1. Bandwidth : As people will be online for a long time playing the game I am guessing we will need good amount of bandwidth 2. Server CPU : Will we end up eating lot of server CPU as the game engine will be running 24X7 on the server? What kind of implications does this have? I dont see any CPU specific details in the hosting plans i have seen so far. Please advise on the above two. What kind of hosting should I be looking for? Hosting budget is 30$/month (max).

Installing Ffmpeg www.webhostingtalk.com

I was trying to install: FFmpeg FFmpeg-PHP Flv2tool LAME MP3 Encoder I have read this instructions in here: [url] But to this step: 12. Compile FFMPEG cd ~/ffmpeg/ffmpeg ./configure --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libogg --enable-libvorbis --disable-mmx --enable-shared echo '#define HAVE_LRINTF 1' >> config.h make make install I got an error like this: Quote: [root@host ffmpeg]# ./configure --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libogg --enable-libvorbis --disable-mmx --enable-shared Unable to create and execute files in /tmp. Set the TMPDIR environment variable to another directory and make sure that /tmp is not mounted noexec. Sanity test failed. If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest version from SVN. If the latest version fails, report the problem to the ffmpeg-devel@mplayerhq.hu mailing list or IRC #ffmpeg on irc.freenode.net. Include the log file "config.err" produced by configure as this will help solving the problem.

HOWTO Install FFMPEG www.webhostingtalk.com

FFMPEG INSTALLATION FROM SOURCE FFMPEG INSTALLATION FROM SOURCE installed by: Robertas Dereskevicius Edited by Jon Nikolakakis OS/ Fedora Core 5 Summary download and install: libffac libffad2 xvid libogg,libvorbis mp3lame ffmpeg Setting Up Install Folder, Logging and download Packages 1)Log into ssh 2) cd /usr/src && mkdir install && cd install 3) Download faad2 and faac from http://faac.sourceforge.net/oldsite/download.php get Faad2 and faac (new versions) wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/f...ar.gz?download wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/f...ar.gz?download 4) Verify that you have these components are installed rpm -qa automake rpm -qa autoconf rpm -qa libtool rpm -qa m4 rpm -qa gcc-c++ If any are missing than simply yum install (packagename), if you dont have a package manager than get one, it will save you alot of time and headaches. Installing Faac 5)tar -zxvf faac-1.24.tar.gz && cd faac 6) sh bootstrap 7) ./configure 8) make 9) make install 10) cd .. Installing Faad2 11) tar -zxvf faad2-2.0.tar.gz 12) cd faad2 && less README.linux 13) There is 2 bugs with this package, so need to manually edit these files 14) nano Makefile.am Edit the file to look like this SUBDIRS = libfaad common frontend plugins EXTRA_DIST = faad2.spec 15) cd common/mp4ff && nano mp4ffint.h 16) Comment out this line //void mp4ff_track_add(mp4ff_t *f); 17)Save file and cd ../.. 18)autoreconf -vif 19) ./configure 20) make 21) make install Installing Libogg and Libvorbis 22)cd .. and then Check to see if libogg and libvorbs rpm -qa libogg-devel rpm -qa libvorbis-devel rpm -qa libncurses-devel If not installed then simply Package Install (replace yum and install settings with your package manager) yum install libogg-devel yum install libvorbis-devel yum install libncurses-devel Installing LAME (for audio) 23)go into lame sourceforge - http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...package_id=309 24)wget http://mesh.dl.sourceforge.net/sourc...me-3.97.tar.gz 25)tar -zxvf lame-3.97.tar.gz 26)cd lame* 27) ./configure; make;make install Installing Xvid 28) cd .. && wget http://downloads.xvid.org/downloads/...e-1.1.2.tar.gz 29)tar -zxvf xvidcore-1.1.2.tar.gz && cd xvid*/build/generic/ 30) ./configure; make; make install; 31) cd ../../.. Installing ffmpeg 32) rpm -q subversion If not install, then install subversion 33)svn checkout svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg/trunk ffmpeg && cd ffmpeg 34) ./configure --enable-shared --enable-xvid --enable-vorbis --enable-libogg --enable-mp3lame --enable-gpl --enable-faad --enable-faac --enable-a52 35)make 36)make install If Installation went ok, run ldd ./ffmpeg If Path to Lib Libraries are not ok 37)Check to see if /usr/local/lib exists on this file cat /etc/ld.so.conf If not echo /usr/local/lib >>/etc/ld.so.conf 38) cat/etc/ld.so.conf Now check to see if (/usr/local/lib exist) 39) save file 40) ldconfig 41) run ldd ./ffmpeg FFmpeg should be complete and installed. On some servers you may need to add Disable Shared and enable flags.

Installing FFMPEG On VPS www.webhostingtalk.com

We have a managed VPS, and have never needed on our own dedicated servers in teh past to have FFMPEG due to the line of data we host. So, I asked our provider to please install FFMPEG onto our server. This is the response I have received: FFMpeg requires PHP to be compiled as CGI (PHPsuexec) that is only officially supported by cPanel. So in order to install FFMpeg modules we have to resetup your VPS with cPanel. Now our VPS is running Direct Admin on CentOS. I am not trying to poke holes at our provider, just trying to find out if this is the truth, or if there is a work around that can accomplish this. I do not want CPANEL on our account. We have two unix techs here at work, however unfortunately they are both off for two weeks as of middle of last week, so i'm caught with who to look for to gain a second opinion.

FFMPEG And FLVTOOL2 Install www.webhostingtalk.com

I just got a brand new server, its a centOS 5 box with cPanel installed, compiled with suPHP and the latest version of Apache. I was trying to install FFMPEG, Flvtool2, flvtool, mplayer, etc etc, and I had some issues, so I paid serverwizards to install it, and they tried to install it, but it seems they installed a broken version of flvtool2, or didnt install it right, and their best response up to date is "we are googling this", then they blow me off for 12 hours. This has been going on for 3 days so far. Here is a test I ran. Quote: root@svr3 [~]# /usr/bin/flvtool2 -UDs /home/rbetvcom/public_html/amphosted/uploads/CSb3k1pZcsi4BtyuOhx3.flv ^XERROR: ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flv/stream.rb:257:in `index' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flv/stream.rb:257:in `frame_sequence' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flv/stream.rb:256:in `collect' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flv/stream.rb:256:in `frame_sequence' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flv/stream.rb:270:in `framerate' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flv/stream.rb:131:in `add_meta_tag' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:184:in `add_meta_data_tag' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:137:in `update' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:47:in `send' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:47:in `execute!' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:46:in `each' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:46:in `execute!' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:239:in `process_files' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:225:in `each' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:225:in `process_files' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2/base.rb:44:in `execute!' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2.rb:168:in `execute!' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/lib/flvtool2.rb:228 ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in `gem_original_require' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in `require' ERROR: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flvtool2-1.0.6/bin/flvtool2:2 ERROR: /usr/bin/flvtool2:19:in `load' ERROR: /usr/bin/flvtool2:19 root@svr3 [~]#

Installed 3gp For Ffmpeg www.webhostingtalk.com

I have just followed a manual online for installing ffmpeg in 5 minutes, I've been requested to enure the 3gp codec is installed, how can I install this codec?

Installing Imlib2.so Ffmpeg www.webhostingtalk.com

i dont have this preinstalled.. Can anyone guide me on its installation

Shoutcast Hosting Service --What To Install www.webhostingtalk.com

I am doing a business plan to start a Shoutcast Hosting Service, We already decide to go with the FDC servers, and for running the server I would like some help on these issues: 1. What system operation should I select for the server: - Windows 2003 Web/Standard Editions - CentOS 5 - FreeBSD 6.3 - Gentoo LiveCD. 2. How about the best control panel to use: - Plesk - Cpanel 3. Do I need to install on the the server just the Shoutcast Server file or also the DSP and Transcoder for Unix (sc_trans_lame)? 4. I also need the Cast-Control software to manage the accounts and streams, but according to the instalation manual I need to use a MySQL Configuration ? Because I dont know nothing about SQL databases!

Web Forms :: Unable To Install Silverlight 2.0 SDK On Windows Vista Home Premium forums.asp.net

I am unable to install Silverlight 2.0 SDK on Windows Vista Home Premium. I was getting the following error: "Error 1500 Another Installation is in progress you must complete that installation before continuing this one" I restarted system and tried to install but again i was getting the same error

WCF / ASMX :: Installer For Installing WEB Service? forums.asp.net

I am using WCF,  now can somebody guide me how to make installer to install the services in IIS??? i don't wan to do manually.

AJAX :: Installing AJAX In Visual Studio 2005 Professional? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to learn how to use AJAX and I've hit my first roadblock: installing it on my machine. I've poked around all over the place for installation instructions, and the ones I could find all reference some sort of msi file that I can't find anywhere on the Downloads section of this site.

Visual Studio :: Installing "MicrosoftAjaxLibrary" In Web Express forums.asp.net

On the same page that I download Visual Studio Web Express there is a download link to Asp.net Ajax.  The page apparently is: [URL] The results was a zip file called: MicrosoftAjaxLibrary which has maybe a half dozen *.js presumably Javascript files in it. Ok, I have the file, I have it unzipped.  How do I install it?  Where do I put the files so Visual Studio Web Express will display/use them appropriately?  Once I get an answer, this could be a FAQ.

To Install MVC 3 Beta Without Installing SQL Express And Visual Web Developer? forums.asp.net

When I try to install the ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta on my server using WebPI, it wants to install Visual Web Developer Express 2010 and SQL Server 2008 Express R2 as prerequisites.I don't want either of those installed on my server. However, when I try to run the standalone installer, I get the error "Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3 does not apply", presumably because I don't have the prerequisites.Why is an IDE required to run ASP.NET MVC3? Are there manual or alternate ways to install the runtime only? 

Visual Studio :: Minimum PC Configuration To Install 2010? forums.asp.net

What are the minmum configuration to install the visual Studio 2010 with .Net Framewark 4.0.

Visual Studio :: Install Vwd 2005 Professional? forums.asp.net

i know VWD 2008 or vwd 2010 beta 2 is avilable. but i need Visual web developer 2005 EE how to i install it

Installation :: Unable To Install Visual Web Developer? forums.asp.net

i can not install visual web developer and become a error: componentes for visual c++ can not downloaded?

MVC :: Error Installing 2 On Vista Ultimate 32 - Bit forums.asp.net

I can't seem to get the mvc 2 to install. I have a copy of visual studio 2008 already installed and working. I'm using vista ultimate 32-bit and I've ran it normally just by double clicking it and also by doing a run as administrator.  Both fail with the same log entries.  It always exits with code 1603.Here's the bottom portion of the install.log file: 'Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2' RunCheck result: Install Needed Verifying file integrity of :UsersglenAppDataLocalTempVSD1766.tmpMvcRuntimeAspNetMVC2.msi WinVerifyTrust returned 0 File trusted Installing using command 'C:Windowssystem32msiexec.exe' and parameters ' -"C:UsersglenAppDataLocalTempVSD1766.tmpMvcRuntimeAspNetMVC2.msi" -q ' Will attempt to elevate process. Process exited with code 1603 Status of package 'Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2' after install is 'InstallFailed' Status of package 'Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 - Visual Studio 2008 Tools' after install is 'InstallNeeded'

AJAX :: Installing Control Toolkit For .net2? forums.asp.net

I'm having a bit of trouble with this - I've got the correct version of the toolkit, and I've installed the ajax extensions and templates, but when I go to install the toolkit, I select the dll in the Choose Items and I get the error message that there are no coomponents in the dll. Frantic googling for all I'm worth will only point to helpful folks highlighting the link: [URL] however that seems to be a dud, now, and results in an error page. I got the Ajax build from: [URL] I downloaded the NoSource version, and I've run the VSI included so that I can now create apps that (in theory) use the toolkit, but I'm a bit flummoxed as to how to get the toolbox in the toolbar so that I can get at the controls within Visual Studio. The environment is Web Developer 2008 Express edition

Visual Studio :: Can't Get Ajax Control Toolkit To Install forums.asp.net

I have the extensions install but I can't figure out how to use the toolkit. The instructions link on the toolkit page is a dead link. See below. To start using the Toolkit in your own web sites, please follow the instructions on this page: [URL]

Checking If Dll Is Installed stackoverflow.com

I have a asp.net web app that needs vfpoledb dll installed on the server to work. I wanted to check to see if this dll is installed and if it isn't display a message and link to install it. I have no idea how to go about this. Can someone give me an example of how to do this check in code for an asp.net C# app?

Caneling 5.0 Install/uninstall Messed Up 4.1.14 phpbuilder.com

I canceled the install of mysql 5 and now I can't access my databases. mysql 4.1.14 is still installed (it was atleast). After I canceled the instal, it said completed (not canceled) so I checked add/remove programs and I removed mysql 5 becauee I thought it would interfere with my current install... it seems that it also removed my old mysql service. I have tried reinstalling mysql 4.1.14 as a service but it wont start "Could not start the MySQL service on Local Computer. Error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly." How can I fix this problem?

Installing / Compiling Perl PECL Extension? forums.devshed.com

The "pecl install perl" command doesn't work. I've switched PHP versions and it still won't compile. Here's the last few lines of make output: Code: /tmp/trunk/php_perl.c:1900: warning: passing argument 2 of ‘add_next_index_zval’ makes pointer from integer without a cast /tmp/trunk/php_perl.c:1905: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast /tmp/trunk/php_perl.c:1908: error: expected expression before ‘)’ token /tmp/trunk/php_perl.c:1908: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘PL_stack_base’ [Code]....

Pass Values From Nonpc Games To Webservers? www.daniweb.com

How can you pass values from nonpc games like xbox, psp, etc to webservers?I heard you can do it via xml?And how about posting values like POST?

Installing SOAP bytes.com

Anyone got any clues on how to install the SOAP extension in PHP 5.2.0? Do I have to recompile PHP and then reinstall it, or is it simpler than that? Are there any URLs that explain the situation?

Odd Behavior Installing Extension bytes.com

I've set up PHP on an Windows 2003 system running IIS (yes yes, have I considered Apache? Unable, other factors at play). I wrote a simple test PHP that does nothing but phpinfo(), and it works great. The moment I activate mysql support, trying to execute the script results in a perpetual wait until timeout. I have read http://www.php.net/manual/en/instal....extensions.php My libmysql.dll is accessible to paths (copied to Windows as experiment to make sure. My extensions_dir is pointed at my ext dir, and if I insert gibberish into it, launching PHP gives an error, so I know PHP has found and parsed the file. The crux is that things go to heck when I uncomment extension=php_mysql.dll. Trying to run the test.php halts and goes no further. If I comment that out again, everything works fine (except, of course, for mysql).

Trouble Installing An Extension/Module www.webmasterworld.com

I've waisted 1/2 my Saturday today trying to figure out how to install an extension/module for PHP today. I've never done this before but am pretty sure I've follwed the instructions. Still Apache is telling me that it "Call to undefined function: xslt_create()". Please tell me if you can see what I am doing wrong. Here's what I've done: 1. Downloaded and installed Sablotron (and expat, the XML component it depends upon). 2. I've copied the php_sablot.dll to every place I could think of including the Apache2/modules directory. Note, I found some instructions stating to place this in the 'extensions' directory but one does not exist. 3. I have added a line in the php.ini file to load the module: extension=php_sablot.dll 4. So that the extension can be loaded per the above php.ini file, I have added the path info to my PATH environment variable. Moreover, I have copied this dll to every place I thought it might be looking just in case, including the windows/System32 dir, the root of my Apache2 dir and I even created an 'extension' directory and placed it there. Still no dice. I can't get this darned this to recognize the xslt_create() call in my php page. Anyone have any ideas or can anyone see where I've gone wrong? Documentation on this is quite lacking.

Linux - Installing PECL Sphinx Module? stackoverflow.com

I've installed the sphinx binaries and libraries and am now trying to install the PECL sphinx module. My system is running OS X 10.6 with MAMP 1.8.2 installed. I try to install sphinx using the following command: sudo pecl install sphinx The PECL command outputs the following: running: phpize Configuring for: PHP Api Version: 20090626 Zend Module Api No: 20090626 Zend Extension Api No: 220090626 The versions above don't match the versions listed when doing a phpinfo(). It seems that PECL is trying to complie against the built-in version of PHP.If I ignore the errors and continue the it will successfully compile and place the sphinx.so file in: /usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/sphinx.so when in fact it should be: /Applications/MAMP/bin/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/ I've tried copying the sphinx.so file to the MAMP extensions dir but when I restart apache PHP displays the following warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/Applications/MAMP/bin/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/sphinx.so I think this is because MAMP is 32bit and the built-in PHP is 64bit so PECL complies for 64bit. I might be completely wrong but I did read this when I goggled on the topic.how to get PECL to map to the MAMP version of PHP instead of the built-in version?