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Safari Cannot Open A Page Because "too Many Redirects Have Occurred"

I get a message saying safari cannot open a page because "too many redirects have occurred". These pages open perfectly well in a rival browser. What is wrong with Safari? My platform is iPad  Info: iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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I've got problem with Ajax.BeginForm in ASP.MVC 3. I want to search textbox for my database. So I've got this code in my Index view: [Code].... Which calls this method in controller, which return detail partial view of patient public ActionResult GetPatientByRC(string RC)  { IPatientService svc = new PatientService(_PacientRepository);[code].... after clicking on submit button, I'll get partial view open in new webpage (not in GetPatientByRC div). Does somebody know what is wrong?

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I need to open a tree view menu item(when clicked) in a blank web page. so I gave target="_blank".It doesn't work.

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I had one page and in that page their is one div, in which one page will be shown, there is main-page.php and in that i have i had ajax-page.php [ which will shown in that div ]. Now ajax-page.php, is having some links and i want to open in that same div. Currently the links of ajax-page.php is opening in new window. so how to open ajax page links in ajax part?

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I'm trying to copy the docklayout from one page and try to recreate it in another page. Here is my code- protected void dockLayout_SaveDockLayout(object sender, DockLayoutEventArgs e) { List dockState = dockLayout.GetRegisteredDocksState(); JavaScriptSerializer ser = new JavaScriptSerializer(); Session["dock"] = ser.Serialize(dockState); } protected void btnSave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Response.Redirect("receivingPage.aspx"); } receivingPage.aspx.cs public partial class receivingPage : System.Web.UI.Page { private List dockStates; private RadDockLayout dockLayout; protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e) { dockLayout = new RadDockLayout(); dockLayout.LoadDockLayout += new DockLayoutEventHandler(dockLayout_LoadDockLayout); JavaScriptSerializer ser = new JavaScriptSerializer(); dockStates = ser.Deserialize>(Page.Session["dock"].ToString()); for (int i = 0; i < dockStates.Count; i++) { RadDock dock = new RadDock(); dock.ID = string.Format("RadDock{0}", i); dock.ApplyState(dockStates[i]); dockLayout.Controls.Add(dock); } this.Controls.Add(dockLayout); } protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { } void dockLayout_LoadDockLayout(object sender, DockLayoutEventArgs e) { foreach (DockState state in dockStates) { e.Positions[state.UniqueName] = state.DockZoneID; e.Indices[state.UniqueName] = state.Index; } } } But I'm getting emtpy docklayout in receivingPage.aspx.

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what the difference is. When will you use each? What Is the good use of IsPostback? Is this for to not loading data from database if Postback occurs to save on performance? It seems to be working for me, I only load data if not IsPostback. Is this correct? Is this because all my postbacks are generated by UpdatePanel? What is a difference between Postback generated by UpdatePanel versus regular Postback? Is the IsCallback true in this case? Should I check it instead? 

Calling Page Methods Of UserControl / Page Using MSAJax?
Is it possible to call usercontrol methods/events using MSAJAX. I wanted to update my usercontrol by calling one of its events when a property from its parent page changes.

SQL Reporting :: Carry Forward Total Of A Page To Next Page
i am on a report in which i need to show the Total of Current Page in page footer then i want to carry forward this total to Next page's Page Header. How can i do it?

Web Forms :: Transfer Data From Gridview Row In Framed Aspx Page To The Other Page
I am not sure if this is possible (I am quite new at stuff but quite experience in VB ) I have managed to do the following, with no problems: I have a framed page, top page has a gridview and seach fields to query an Access database. Each record has 40+ fields The bottom framed page, has some textboxes. Once you do a search on top page (gridview), you are able to select whatever row it is shown. At this stage (when record is selected on top page) using "select" or whatever, I would like to transfer the data from the selected row and put them on the many textboxes on the bottom framed page. I know there are better ways to do this, however on the bottom page, users are able to ammend, add etc additional values, as well as doing some calculations, prior to transfering the info to (yet again) another form, so needs to do it this way as per request from my boss.

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I need three tabs out of which only one is open at a time n when u open another tab, one out of the earlier closed one should open(preferably with mootools). And also the tab which is opened should come at the top of the page as well.

AJAX :: Show Content Pages Loading Progress Using Ajax Updateprogress
I have a master page, nested master page, and content pages.I'm trying to resolve a task adding an animated gif to show it when content pages are loaded. I put it on a nested master page inside UpdateProgress having ContentPlaceHolder inside UpdatePanel assuming my gif appear during content pages loading. However, it appears only above login page and not always and never on/or above other content pages. The content pages: <%@ Page Title="" Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" MasterPageFile="~/MenuNestedMaster.master" CodeBehind="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="AIS._Default7" %> [code]....

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I have a .swf file that I directly linked to digg. How can I redirect that specific file to a different page/server to relieve some of the pressure from all those users?

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I have done some searching around, and from what it looks like so far, there is no native way to parse JSON in Actionscript/Flex. XML is automagiaclly parsed and life is good. Why isn't JSON parsed this same way?

Web Forms :: Open The Link Of One Page In Anothrer?
i am using rss and i get the links,description all data to my xml datasource and i display the details through data lis and i  am using an iframe so that i can get the links opened in my master page but now when i right click on the url and select ot open in new page it is opening the url related stuff but not under my master page can i solve this problem and also i want to get the same result when i click it i mean when i clik the url it has to open in new page but under my master page can i do this

Cannot Use Response.Write In <head> Section Of Aspx Page?
I'm trying to use the Response.Write() method to dynamically insert content in the < head > section of an aspx page. I need to inject a string value from a property on a code-behind object which is a link to my CSS file. However, it is not being processed properly at run time. The object is public on the class and is hydrated in the Page_Load() event. Down in the body of the page I can successfully inject other properties from the Corpoartion object with no problem at all.Why does this not work in the < head > section?This is the part that does not expand correctly: <link href="<%= Corporation.PageStyleSheet %>" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> Here is the entire < head > section: <head runat="server"> <title></title> <link href="<%= Corporation.PageStyleSheet %>" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Link In Gridview - Open New Page And Bring All Details?
i have the following gridview i would like the Vistidate column to be a link2) as you can see each patient can have multiple visit dates. when for example i click on 12/08/10 which is going to be a link i would like a new page to open and bring all the details from that visit into the various textboxes that i have such as DOB, telephone etc.

Clicking Browser Back Button Is Opening A Link In The Previous Page?
I am using the below code [Code].... In the page there are two links. When i click the first link it opens a window in a new page. I do this by using the above code. I am clicking the second link in the page and navigating to another page. Now i am clicking the browser back button. Supprisingly its opening the first link. How clicking back button is opening the link in the page. I am using c# .net 2005.

Redirect Cached Search Engine To New Dir
I recently reorganized my music site, putting my songs in their own directory (off of public_html), and now a couple of search engines are generating a boatload of 404 errors. Can I redirect the file requests to the new location and, if so, how?

Handling Redirect Exception With CustomErrors?
As many of us know when you use Response.Redirect("page.htm") throws a  ThreadAbortException which i have never heard of a  good reason why it HAS to do this but i digress. We have a customerrors tag in our web.config file <customErrors defaultRedirect="~/Error.aspx" mode="On"/> The problem we are running into we are seeing is that its going to error.aspx even when we are catching the exception in the page but the user never sees the error page. Why is this happening? Its screwing our logic up.  So for example in Button_Click(): Try ....event code Catch ex as System.Threading.ThreadAbort Catch ex HandleException(ex) End Try I put some code in our error page to write out a file and in fact, even when we catch the exception, the file is being written out. Doing Response.Redirect("URL",false) is not an option because all the cleanup code we have after the redirect (In the finally) will not be ran. Is there any way to get around this problem?

How To Redirect To A Webform From A Serialization Class File
I'm wondering is it possible to redirect and open a webform from a serialization class file?  Does anyone knows?

Visual Studio :: An Unhandled Win32 Exception Occurred In Svchost.exe [xxxx]
I am getting below error after installing VS2005 in my machine. If i open any application/browser then automatically this error popups. An unhandled win32 exception occurred in svchost.exe [xxxx] New instance of Visual Studio 2005. I have seen many post deals with same issue, but couldn't find any solution.

Visual Studio :: Unhandled Win32 Exception Occurred In Iexplore.exe (2584)
I get this error and I need to restart Visual studio 2005? What's this error and how can I fix it?

Redirecting Causing Error - Control?
I have a page (with masterpage and a few user-controls on them). On the page there are some update panels. One panel has a datalist. when I click the second time or third time on one of the list items (which causes a postback) I get the Invalid postback or callback argument. Also, when I click the top menu wich is supposed to Response.Redirect (refresh the page completely) I get the error again. 1st question- How is it that redirecting causes this error? 2nd question - How do I find out which control caused this? I have read some articles and posts, but couldn't resolve this. tried this.Page.ClientScript.RegisterForEventValidation  but I don't know which control to attach this to.

Web Forms :: RequiredFieldValidators Are Allowing Postback To Occur?
I'm adding multiple TextBox and DropDownList controls programmatically on Page_Load. Some of them have attached RequiredFieldValidators that are being built programmatically as well. The issue I'm having is that when the Submit button (also added programmatically) is clicked, a postback occurs before the RequiredFieldValidators mark their respective fields as blank. How can I get these to fire client-side like they're supposed to?

Forms Data Controls :: Iterate Throught Repeater Having AltetnateItemTemplate?
In my web page, I have repeater control with alternate item template as shown in sample below: [Code].... In the code above, I always get TextBox2 as null.Is the way, I'm iterating through [Code]....

MVC :: Ajax.BeginForm Not Displaying PartialView Always Redirects To New Page?
I have a very simple app where a user enters 2 text values and presses a button, I want a confirmation message to be displayed on the same page however it keeps redirecting to show the partial view as a full view. This is my home View: [Code].... This is my ContactController: [Code].... And finally this is my Confirmation PartialView [Code].... This is using MVC 3/.Net 4, I have downloaded an MVC 2/.Net3.5 sample project from the web that is doing exactly the same which works fine. What am I doing wrong?

MVC :: Redirecting From MasterPage In .net ?
I have a masterpage on which ill check for a condition if condition is true i want to redirect it to a particular view. how can i do this because on masterpage either view() or RedirectToAction() function are available. My condition is [Code]....

Subdomain And Redirecting To It?
I want to have a subdoman ( of all, I don't know how to copy my files to this registered subdomain. Second:  I want to Redirect my whole website to a new sudomain. for example if a user types: "" it automatically goes to "". is it possible? if yes, What should I change? Maybe in my master page?

MVC :: HttpNotFound Not Redirecting In 3 RTM?
On a MVC 3 RTM controller action I have the following: [Code].... When I write something like /User/Edit/124, which returns a null user, I just get a blank page with the same url. But if I write something like /User982738972/Edit/1 then I get the expected 404 page that I set in Web.config.

SQL Reporting :: Cannot Get A Web Page With A Reportviewer Control On It To Display The Report
I realise this is a fairly common question, but I have read this forum, and many other sources - and simply cannot resolve this.I have a website -, hosted by ASPHostCentral. Reporting Services is on my account.service web service URLThe report manager URL is My reports and connection live in a folder called "Matthew McNally".ASPHostCentral setup a user and password, and I can visit both of those sites, enter the username and password, and view the sites. I can upload a test report, and view it in both sites.I cannot get a web page with a reportviewer control on it to display the report - due to the 401 error message. Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic Imports Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms Imports System.Security.Principal Public Class ReportsServerCredentials Public NotInheritable Class ReportServerCredentials Implements IReportServerCredentials [code]...

SQL Reporting :: An Error Occurred During Rendering Of The Report - How To Avoid It
I have a SSRS report that is uploaded on WSS3.0 site. This report has a "Jump to report" link to another report and there is also a parameter that is being passed. The report used to work fine but after we added SSL to the site it shows the following error message: An error occurred during rendering of the report. An error occurred during rendering of the report. An internal error occurred on the report server. See the error log for more details. Now when I remove the "Jump to report" link from the report it shows up fine with the SSL. the log file has this: [code]....

301 Redirect For An Entire Subdomain?
I want to wipe a subdomain off the face of the internet. So any page in the sitemap I want it to 301 redirect over to the homepage of the main www site... Can that be done?   I tried setting the re-direct in IIS, but it only worked if I hit the homepage (the subpages all 404d)

Convert From - Simple Buttons To Redirect Users To Another Page?
Does PHP have simple buttons to redirect users to another page? In, I just create a link button that redirects the user to the next page.I haven't found anything like this yet in PHP. (I am very new... just a few days into PHP now.) Suppose I have a main page to my site that directs users to a second level page where they can join or a different second level page where they can do a search.What's the best way to do this in PHP? Like I said, with, I would've just created two LinkButtons.

Redirect Based On Domain Url
I've got multiple domain names parked on my site, and want to redirect domain1 to domain/specific page and domain2 to /other page, etc. I would prefer it to happen automatically, before the page loads. Is anything available in PHP? What browser issues will I have with a PHP redirect, if any?

Redirect Based On HTTP_HOST/SERVER_NAME Within Same Domain
I am trying to redirect to a specific path based on HTTP_HOST or SERVER_NAME with a PHP-script. I have tried these scripts: 1. $domain = $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]; if (($domain == "") || ($domain == "")) { header("location: /index.php/da/forside"); [Code]..... And other similar scripts. Either the page loads forever or the browser returns some redirection error.

Jquery :: Multiple PHP Processes - Allowing The User To Continue Browsing Without Having To Open Up A...
I have a page where users enter their email address, click "Send", and the webserver will email them a ~10mb attachment. Right now, I have the page just display "Sending..." and the user waits about 20 seconds on this page. Instead, I want to have it say "Your attachment will be emailed in a few minutes," sending that process somewhere else and allowing the user to continue browsing without having to open up a new tab. I really just need someone to point me in the right direction because I don't even know what to Google at this point.

Having Multiple Cases That Do The Same Thing?
The first one is definitely something that works, but which one below is the efficient way? switch($type) { case 1: print 'success'; break; [code]....

Change Header Redirect Based On Error Conditions?
When developing an application, exceptions (errors) can occur. I noticed that using the header( “Location” directToPage.php ), redirects to the page even if errors occur. I also noticed that it has to be the first line in the php code. So I am curious, how do others use redirect logic when exceptions (errors) occur? For example: Code: <?php //-- I have to put the redirect here for it to work header( “Location” successPage.php ); //-- I use a Data Access object to insert data but the insert fails [Code]....

Sending Session Cookie Before Redirect
I have a function in a lot of pages, which redirects to a new page, if a form has been submitted: if (!(defined("DEBUG_INSERT") && DEBUG_INSERT) && !(defined("DEBUG_UPDATE") && DEBUG_UPDATE) && !(defined("DEBUG_SELECT") && DEBUG_SELECT)){ if ($_POST){ $_SESSION["postvalue"] = $_POST; header("HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily"); header ("Location: ".BASE_URL.$sess->assemble(),true, 302); header("Connection: close"); exit(); }else{ if (isset($_SESSION["postvalue"])){ $_POST = $_SESSION["postvalue"]; } } } In conjunction with a login form and a browser that accepts cookies for the session handling, this leads to everyone having to enter his login and pasword twice. i believe this is, because the cookie do not get sent before the header ("Location:

Setting A Cookie Before A Header Redirect?
Set a cookie just before a header redirect but it is not working.I have read that setting the cookie after the header redirect line should solve the problem.Similarly, a post here previously suggested that if you were using a 'human URL' in the location redirect, you should use '/' in the path parameter of the cookie. header("Location: $url" . $params); setcookie('cartstlang', 'lang', 0, '/', '', FALSE, FALSE); setcookie('cartstdb', 'db', 0, '/', '', FALSE, FALSE); [code]... Also note, I have tested this by commenting out the header redirect and then clicking on an link to change pages.The cookies then appeared fine on a var_dump().I am developing on XAMPP with PHP 5.3+.I have tested in both IE 8 and Firefox 4.

Cookie Is Not Created And Page Is Not Redirect Properly?
PHP Code: <?php require_once('upper.php'); $error_msg=''; if(!isset($_COOKIE['LoginIdCookie'])){ if(isset($_POST['submit'])) [code]... In above code when I enter wrong user name or password, it displays error msg properly but problem is that when i enter right user name and password instead to redirect to index1.php it displays LoginPage again.

Cookie Is Not Created And Page Is Not Redirect Properly?
<?php require_once('upper.php'); $error_msg=''; if(!isset($_COOKIE['LoginIdCookie'])){ if(isset($_POST['submit'])) [code].. In above code when I enter wrong user name or password, it displays error msg properly but problem is that when i enter right user name and password instead to redirect to index1.php it displays LoginPage again...

Redirect To Another Page If The Criteria Is Not Met.
I am trying to redirect to another page if the following criteria is not met. Headers are already sent to the client so I tried header and this did not work. What am I doing wrong with this code? PHP Code: $fMemberProfile = f(q("select status from dt_profile where member_id='$fMember[id]'")); if($fMemberProfile['status'] == 1 || $fMemberProfile['status'] == 3 || $fMemberProfile['status'] == 5) { $steps_done++; $pro_lb = $pro_le=""; } else{             $URL="";             Redirect:("$URL");         }

HTC EVO 4G :: Cannot Link Contacts To Facebook
I went to add some numbers today and when I go to link to the persons facebook profile, all of the sudden it won't link. It'll say "linked" then I click done (though it lags when I go to click done) and then nothing happens.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Cannot Link Facebook Contacts In 2.1
Since I updated to 2.1, I am not able to link my contacts to my Facebook friends. I am signed in to Facebook through "Facebook for HTC Sense" (when I click "Add Account" and choose "Facebook," it won't do anything) but when I go to a contact and try to link to a friend, there is no one on the list. I have tried logging out and back in, then restarting the phone, but that hasn't fixed the problem. Also, is anyone else having the keyboard refuse to work when trying to send a text?

Android :: Cannot Link One Person In People To Facebook
I have a ton of people in People (google) and 300 people in Facebook. All seem to link just fine. Except one person. She is in People (google) and in Facebook. Same exact name. If I open up People, she is there. If I open up Facebook friends, she is there. When I open up People, find her and try to link to Facebook, she is not there.

OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Cannot Transfer My Calendar From Ipad To My Iphone Via Icloud
I cannot transfer my calendar from my I pad to my I phone via I cloud Info:iPad, iOS 5.0.1

Cannot Edit A Macro
When I list my macros using alt+F8 the edit option is no longer available, any ideas what I have done?

Ubuntu :: Samba - Windows Cannot Access Symbolic Links?
I have samba set up, and I can log in, etc. However, whenever I try to access a symbolic link, windows tells me that "windows cannot access [directory name]". I have this under global, but it doesn't seem to help: Quote: follow symlinks = yes wide symlinks = yes unix extensions = no The permissions of the target directories are open.

Networking :: XP Can See Samba But Cannot Access Share
I've got a problem getting my XP system to see a Samba share.I set up Samba using Swat, setting a guest account with the same name as a user account, and setting a samba password for it.In Windows I used "manage user accounts" to set up the account and password for the Samba host machine.If I try to access the samba machine before bringing samba up, everything happens much as you' expect. Network places doesn't show the Linux machine, and I can't map a network drive. The reponses to all these attempts are immediate.If I bring the XP sytem up after the linux system, I can navigate as far as the Linux system fro "network places", but if I click on that system, after about 30 seconds, I'm told I cannot access that system, and may not have the correct priileges. If I try to map a network drive, the first time I try, after about 30 seconds, I get the message: "No service is operating at the destination network endpoint on the remote system". Subsequent attemts yield a "The network path ... could not be found" (after a 30 second wait).If I try and browse to the folder (in Map Network Drive), I get as far as the Linux system, and when I click on it, I get an hourglass for 30 seconds, and then nothing.It seems clear that the XP system can see the Linux system (the ping each other OK), and can see the Samba process, yet cannot see the share. But if it can't see it, why does it always take 30 seconds before reporting back. (remember, if Samba is not running, I get an immediate return which implies it's not some network timeout). And why would it take 30 seconds to determine that the share isn't present, or that the permissions are wrong?

Networking :: Samba Config - Cannot Access Share On Home Network
I've used Samba for several years and when it works it's great. Unfortunately from time to time it seems to get messed up and either all the 7 machines on my home network can't be seen or I can't access the shares on some. I have 2 Windows XP computers 4 Kubuntu and one Linux Mint KDE, all the latest versions. I'd rather not plough through all the documentation for Samba, but would really like a "model" smb.conf with a few comments about parts that might have legitimate variants. I have researched this with Google searches many times but have failed to find the information I need in concise form.

BB Bold :: Cannot Link With BBM Contact
had a BBM contact. All of a sudden he could receive my message's but when tried to reply it wouldnt go and a red X appeared. We have tried to delete contact details and rescan but all that happens is "Pending waiting for Authorisation) No other contacts effected.

Samsung :: Data Link Cable - Cannot Get Bitpim To Detect Phone
i just got a samsung sch a870 and i have a link cable from a650 that fits into the phone, i downloaded some drivers that were posted on this site in some thread and it says that my phone is recognized by my computer as a modem or something, but anyways, i cannot get bitpim to detect my phone, is there any information that you can provide me iwth.

BB Torch :: 9800 Cannot Link To Pc For Download Apps
My Torch 9800 cannot lnk to the pc for download the apps, it always said my plug-in is not install. Even i installed, it take years tnot even to connect my phone to pc.

Cannot Connect Automatically To Wireless Connection
I have a really annoying issue with my wireless network whereby on start-up or resume my lappy won't automatically connect to my wireless connection despite the fact that "automatically connect" is checked in properties and the wireless adapter is enabled. There are currently 4 available wireless networks, 1 which is mine and 3 which must belong to neighbours. If I right-click on any of those other 3 the only option available is connect and it seems they can't be configured, the problem with this being that if I left-click them the "connect automatically" box is always checked. If I uncheck the box, the next time I left-click that connection the "connect automatically" box is checked again. I am wondering if this is causing a conflict whereby Windows 7 doesn't actually connect automatically to any of them as they are all checked...? The only way to connect is if I manually click "connect"...? So, is my problem that Windows 7 is getting confused and if so is there a way to stop those other networks defaulting to auto connect...? I have tried to find config options for the unwanted connections to delete them or remove auto connect but they either don't exist or are well hidden. Or could it be that there is another solution to this problem...? Incidentally, my Windows 7 PC which has a wireless connection seems to connect automatically every time I boot it. Why does my lappy need a manual kick-start...?

IPad 3 Refuses To Connect And Displays Message Cannot Connect To ITunes Store
Whenever I try to access iTunes store on my iPad 3 it just refuses to connect and displays message cannot connect to iTunes store. Even though Internet is working fine and I am able to access Internet through safari and apps store.

MSN Unable To Connect/cannot Connect To Pc Server
Ok I've never used iPhone so this may seem basic question. I downloaded MSN on iPad. Now do I use my normal pc id or do I need to set up new one? When i use my old one it says cannot connect to pc server???? Information: iPad 64G

Seeing The Message ‘Cannot Connect To ITunes Store’ While Trying To Connect IPad 2 With ITunes
I use my iPad to edit music on my Desktop by Syncing it with iTunes.But from last week onwards I am facing a very strange problem i.e. Every time I try to connect to iTunes from my iPad 2, I am prompted with a message stating ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’. How can I fix this??

Cannot Connect To Pc?
I've just got an Ipad. When I plugged it in to my pc, nothing happened. The pc did not register it at all. I've tried to reinstall Itunes and tried to restore the Ipad with no luck. When I put the Ipad in recovery mode the pc find the device, but cannot recognize it. I've tried to install the driver manually, but it said that the driver-file do not have informations about that device. (or something like that)What to do? Information: Ipad

Cannot Get It To Connect
I have "the new" iPad, and I cannot get it to connect to or sync with my computer Info:iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, Windows7

Cannot Connect To 3G Out Of Office?
Recently purchased the Ipad 3G, have inserted sim & contacted Telstra and they have advised that the sim is activated but I cannot get the 3G to connect. Wifi works but when out of the office the iPad will not connect to 3G?

I Cannot Get The 3G Or Wifi To Connect
my ipad shows "iPad" in the status bar area where you would usually see signal strength/wifi/3G. I cannot get the 3G or wifi to connect.

Cannot View My Command Button In My First Web Application
Really need help on this matter.. I am really new with I've installed VS.Net.. Try to create my first web application. In my web form form, I've added a label, text box and command button for testing.. In my Label property, I've set the Label's text and text box's text to "Testing" (for example").. When I build and browse my web form, I could only see my label text and my text box text (Testing). However, I've couldn't see my text box border and command button... Anybody.. pls help me...

Cannot Attach Code To ToolBar Button !!!
Hi all,I'm trying to attach code to a Toolbar button, but have not been successful.I created first an Image List and then a Toolbar where I specified the buttons.Once the toolbar and buttons were created, I double clicked on the Toolbar button to attach the code, but the Procedure lists the following:"Private Sub ToolBarButton5_ButtonClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarButtonClickEventArgs) Handles ToolBar1.ButtonClickEnd Sub"If I attach the code here, regardless of whatever button I click, the action performed will be always the same !!!Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong ?Please let me know.Regards,Joao.

Cannot Write To File - 777 Permissions?
PHP cannot write to any files in my web directory. I don't know why! I have the permissions of the file set to 777, but it is not working! Here is the code in question: <?php if ($f=fopen('test.txt', 'a')) echo 'file opened'; fclose($f); Nothing is being echoed! I don't know why :(.. the userid and gid is 0:0 from the script, and if I try to chown to that it doesn't work.I need this fixed asap this should be an easy thing to do but the damn server is being difficult.

Android :: People Force Closes - Cannot Add / Link Contact
I'm having an issue linking my wife to her Facebook profile in the contact "people." When she calls her number comes up. After I hang up, I try to "connect with person already in contacts" and it forces "People" to close. I tried to add her manually and it deleted it before my very eyes while I was within "people." I did it using the Google phonebook and not the phone's. Is there any issue with this, and what's the difference between the Google and Phone options (benefits, etc... ?).

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Cannot Get Contacts In Phone Book
I have updated my phone because I had gotten some new contacts through facebook, and I would not ..Therefore, I also update the phone again to reset it all ..Now I can not get the contacts in the phone book, though I had backed up everything. And last time I updated my phone, there were no problems getting the contacts out again!?When I send an sms I can easily find my contacts, search for a name!Can not figure out how to have them in my phone again ..So  I have the latest update on my Sony Ericsson x10 mini and finally I got  the latest on there was no problem with getting the contacts in the  phonebook!

Motorola Droid X :: Cannot Remove Facebook / Twitter Account
I am trying to remove my facebook and twitter accounts from my phone since they took over my contacts list and I simply just do not want them. When I go to settings > accounts > then try to remove either of them I get the Removing Account box with the red bar and it feels up to the end. Then I get an error message saying "An error has occurred. Please try again." I have rebooted the phone and everything.I googled this problem and found many posts with the same problem, but no answers. Does anyone have a clue what to do ?

Motorola Milestone :: Contacts Disappeared - Cannot Add Google Account Back
I have a UK Motorola Milestone running Android 2.1-update 1. Yesterday all my contacts and my google accounts, to which they were synchronised, disappeared. Just like that, out of the blue. I tried to add the google account again, but I keep getting a "can't establish reliable data connection" error. It is not a network access issue because internet and email (imap, not gmail) work fine, plus I tried with two different SIMs and with Wi-Fi, but to no avail. I read about people deleting some files from their rooted Android and/or hard resetting their phones, but these fixes don't seem to always work and I'd rather try something else first. I must say that, even though I like Android, I am getting very annoyed at how unreliable and buggy it has proven compared to my iphone and blackberry. Is it too much to ask to have a phone that doesn't reboot every other minute and that doesn't delete your contacts?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Cannot Send Text Messages On Virgin Network
cannot send text messages on virgin network can call go on internet but cannot send a text but can send a mms so i dont understand someone put me out of my misery sms centre it says not set but will not store the number given by virgin

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Send Text Message It Says Cannot Send
When i try and send a text message it says can not send, i have done an update too my phone.

.Net Cannot See JET Queries?
I have a Access 2003 backend db and I'm using vb 2005 to connect to the db via conntection string.  It works ok! I can see all the tables but only some of the queries. Why should some queries be absent? In 1 query I have a user define function which cuts up a string. I've created a new VB project with a new connection but the same result. I've compacted the database with not change.

Flex :: Adobe Air: Drag Application Crash - Error #3200: Cannot Perform Operation On Closed Window
Now I set dragEnabled="true", dropEnabled="true" and dragMoveEnabled="true" to archive the ability to reorder my Items via Drag and Drop. But as soon as I start to Drag an Item the whole Application crashes with: [Code]....

Get Actual Path For Page To Place Into Table Link Controls Before Read Page Into Html?
I have a page in my site that I am reading the contents into HTML and then emailing the page to users. The issue is how do I get the actual path for the page to place into the Table link controls before I read the page into html?  I have tried Dim strtest As String = Request.ApplicationPath and Dim strtest2 As String = Server.MapPath("/") neither work. To compound the issue obviously right now I'm using localhost but won't be later. I am using VS 2008 and for the code behind.

Child Page Requires ScriptM And Head Although Those Are In Master Page?
If I take the script manager and the head out of the child I get the corresponding error messages (e.g. head tag required, script manager required).

Visual Studio :: Link Html Page To Aspx Page Using Vb Studio?
I created web application using visual studio and I want to link it to html page using front page when I run the HTML page I got the following error:The XML page cannot be displayed annot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A name was started with an invalid character. Error processingresource 'file:///C:/Users/kisruser/Documents/Visual Studio ... <%@ Page Language="VB" Debug="true" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="_Default" %> -^

Cant Get Class In App_Code To Work In Code Behind Page For Simple Page?
just a quick question -i cant get my class in App_Code to work in my code behind page for simple .net page, some light what doing wrong?  [Code]....

Cannot Upload File
When I try to install ffmpeg, but it fail. The server cannot upload 1KB file from php. $_FILES['xxx']['size'] return to 0 $_FILES['xxx']['tmp_name'] return to '' Server: CentOS 5.x X86_64 Bit + Cpanel + Apache 1.3 + PHP 4.4.8... Quote: Originally Posted by php.ini ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Resource Limits ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; max_execution_time = 30 max_input_time = 60 memory_limit = 64M ; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept. post_max_size = 8M ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; File Uploads ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Whether to allow HTTP file uploads. file_uploads = On ; Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use system default if not ; specified). ;upload_tmp_dir = ; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. upload_max_filesize = 50M

MVC3 Razor Cannot Work With International Characters In Custom Html Helpers
I currently trying to convert a ASP.NET MVC2 application to ASP.NET MVC3 razor. I have a lot custom Html helper methods, which render html output, like the one below, which renders a button with some markup : StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("<input type='submit' id='")            .Append(buttonId)  .Append("' name='" )  .Append(buttonId)    .Append("' value='")  .Append(buttonValue)  .AppendLine("' class='myclass1 myclass2' />");return MvcHtmlString.Create(sb.ToString());

DataSource Controls :: Linq Group Cannot Get The Data Returned
I'm attempting to further reduce a dataset/table by various user input.  Part of this process is grouping the data by a timestamp prior to a summation.  I'm trying to use LINQ and cannot get the data returned that I need.  [Code]....

Web Forms :: Transferring Data From One Page To Next Page Using Contect.Item?
I am transferring data  from one page to next page using contect.Item concept like this in first page protected void Page_Transfer(object sender, EventArgs e) { Context.Items["UN"] = UserName.Text; Context.Items["UserPhone"] = UserPhone.Text; Response.Redirect("Result.aspx"); } I want to get this values in result.aspx page for that i am writting like    public void Page_load(object obj, EventArgs e) { string s =(string) this.Context.Items["UserName"]; string s1 = (string)Context.Items["UserPhone"]; } But  iam getting s  and s1 as null values . what did i write wrong ?

C# - Cannot Implicitly Convert Type System.Collection.Generic.IEnumberable
I'm receiving this error in my Linq statement --- Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable' to 'hcgames.ObjectClasses.ShoppingCart.ShoppingCartCartAddon'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?) From this query ShoppingCartItems items = Cart.GetAllItems(); ShoppingCartCartAddons addons = Cart.GetAllAddons(); var stuff = from x in items select new ShoppingCartItem() { ProductID = x.ProductID, Quantity = x.Quantity, Name = x.Name, Price = x.Price, Weight = x.Weight, Addons = (from y in addons where y.ShoppingCartItemID == x.ID select y) };

Web Forms :: Accessing Hosted Page Base Page From A Usercontrol?
I have a base page (_BasePage) that all the pages in my application are inheriting from, the base page has serveral methods. I also have a usercontrol that can be placed in several pages. I wold like to write a method inside the usercontrol that can call a method in the base page (_BasePage) in runtime.

AJAX :: ScriptManager Not Found On The Page (although It Is On Page)?
I've upgraded my web application from ASP.NET 2.0 framework to 3.5. I've also updated AJAX toolkit from 2.0 to 3.5. The updated was made on 20th of January. However today the application started giving me error that there is no ScriptManager on the page although it's (I'm using AJAX ModalPopupExtender on 2 pages). I didn't change anything on the pages except yesterday I've added one ASCX control to both pages but problem doesn't disappear even if I remove the control. Basically the thing stopped working for no particular reason. I will try to reinstall the AJAX toolkit and I think that there are maybe somethings to change in web config but it's strange since it worked perfectly until few hours ago.

The Div Is Supposed To Cover The Whole Page Almost Like A Black Transparent Window On The Page?
I'm having a little problem with creating a element in internet explorer. The element that I'm creating is a div with a few style attributes to to it. The div is suppose to cover the whole page almost like a black transparent window on the page. However it is not. The messed up part about this is that it works fine in Firefox, google chrome and I'm sure other browsers (though haven't tested) and when I go to apply the div in my actual code as javascript is suppose to when you tell it create it, it works fine. No problems whatsoever. function showPhotoUpload() { var overlay = document.createElement("div"); overlay.setAttribute("style","z-index:3; background:#111111; width:100%; height:100%; [code]....