Read From A Text File, Output To Browser In Japanese


I am trying to store data in a text file and output it to the browser using PHP. All very easy - if I was using English! the problem is, I want to use Japanese and I'm finding it a tad difficult to get PHP to understand. I have two files, a text file containing data to display and a php file with a script to display the data. I can get the contents of a text file displayed in English, no problemo, but in Japanese, it's another story... All the correct settings are enabled in the php.ini file for Japanese language support (mb_string, input_encoding, output_encoding settings etc..etc..) even if I save the text file, to be read from, in Shift_JIS encoding - I still can't get it to display normally! here's the script I'm using to read the text file : <? $filename="test.txt"; $fp = fopen($filename,'r'); while($line=fgets($fp)) { //output text file line print $line."<br>"; } fclose($fp); ?>

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I posted a question regarding reading japanese text from a text file. Well, since I solved the problem, I thought I'd post my solution for the benefit of other people with the same problem. The plan was to make a script to read and display japanese text. I will use it for making a japanese proverb script and for a japanese language study script. Method : I wrote a simple kanji text file (saved with UTF-8 encoding) I wrote a simple PHP script to display the file contents (saved with UTF-8 encoding) I specified the content-type header for the HTML page : <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> *** All files have the same encoding. *** UTF-8 supports japanese characters. and it works! this is my PHP (and HTML) script : <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <title>PHP : Japanese Text File Read : Exercise 1</title> </head> <body> <?php $filename="japanese.txt"; //open file $fp = fopen($filename,'r'); //loop through each line in the file while($line=fgets($fp)) { //output current text file line print $line."<br>"; } //close file handle fclose($fp); ?> </body> </html> I know it's a very simple script, for testing purposes only. It displays the contents of the japanese text file line by line. The key was to save all files in the same encoding (I used UTF-8) and to specify the encoding / charset in the HTML header (<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">)

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I am using php to write inputs I receive from browser into a text file.Than I use shell_exec() to execute a program on server that writes those inputs from the text file and write its output to another text file. Now after my program has written its output I want to read this text file from php and send it back to the browser.

Need Help In Writing And Reading Chinese And Korean Characters Into/from A .txt File www.codeguru.com

Hi , I use Windows 2000 Professional English OS and Visual Studio 6.0 (English version) for development.I have to pass strings from VB application to VC dlls and get strings back from the VC dlls to VB application.These strings can be Japanese , Chinese , Korean.1. I set all the Locales default to Japanese and had the default IME version as Japanese in the control panel settings. Restarted my machine. Using charmap , I copied a Japanese text and pasted in the VB text box and passed the text to the VC dll which uses _tfopen , _fputts to write the Japanese input string into a .txt file. The VC dll uses _tfopen and fgetts to get the Japanese string from the same file and appends a string _T(" : Output") to the string read from the file and sends it back to the VB application. The VB application displays the string from the VC dll in another text box. When I open the file using Notepad , I see Japanese characters in the file and when I go to the menu option Save As in the notepad , I see the current file to be of type Unicode. 2. I seem to have successfully passed the Japanese characters from VB to VC . But I am unsuccessful in passing Chinese and Korean strings from VB to VC. I made the appropriate Locale settings and the IME settings for chinese and korean and restarted the machine. But the file created by the VC dll does not have the input I passed to it. It either has ???? or some other characters other than the ones I passed. Could anyone help on what should be the settings on the VB , VC and the system settings for me to pass Chinese and Korean characters from VB to VC and to write correctly the Chinese and Korean characters properly into the file by a VC dll.3. Though I seem to have successfully passed on the Japanese characters from VB to VC , I still do not know what are the basic requirements for this to be successful. So it would be helpful if some one could tell me the settings for VB , VC and system for passing Japanese characters from VB to VC and to write correctly the Japanese characters properly into the file by a VC dllRegardsPrabha

Ubuntu :: Anthy Japanese Text Input No Longer Works Since The Upgrade ubuntuforums.org

Before I upgraded to Karmic, I had Japanese text input set up on my system, but since the upgrade it no longer works. I can still read Japanese text, and when I press Ctrl+SPACE I still get the ANTHY box in the bottom right-hand corner, but Japanese is no longer on the list of supported languages. how to get Japanese back?

Ubuntu :: Chromium Doesn't Render Japanese Fonts Properly ubuntuforums.org

So far, as a former Chrome user on Windows, I am enjoying Chromium. However, there is one glaring problem that is bugging me, and is disrupting my usage of the browser. Chromium will not show Japanese fonts properly. It's not that everything shows up as boxes. The problem is that certain characters will show in Japanese, and certain will show in Korean, thereby making the Japanese text unreadable. Copying and pasting into gedit allows me to read the Japanese text, and Firefox never had this problem, however, within Chromium, this is unreadable. Here is a picture to show you what I mean: Has anyone else had this problem, and fixed it? I have installed the language packs and have tried setting things to different unicode fonts and changing the encoding to unicode and even Japanese, and continue to get these errors.

General :: Japanese Font / Glyph On Jelly Bean (Nexus 7) forum.xda-developers.com

Android 4.1 has a better glyph support for Japanese users (renders Japanese-specific versions of glyphs WHEN system language is set to Japanese). I use a lot Japanese (reading / writing) and what see when system language is NOT set to Japanese is the Chinese glyphs characters instead of Japanese ones. Often those are the same as the Japanese glyph but in some cases they are not. But if I set the system language to Japanese the glyphs are the good ones. So, it's not so convenient to set system language to Japanese every time I need to read or write in Japanese ! It looks to be done with a fallback fonts list that gets switched with the UI locale. Inside of /system/etc/ there are two XML files: fallback_fonts and fallback_fonts-ja. In the ja one the order of MTLmr3m.ttf font is placed before DroidSansFallback.ttf. The MTLmr3m.ttf file is the Motoya Japanese font and the DroidSansFallback.ttf is the fallback font that has the simplified Chinese glyphs. The fix to allow Japanese instead of Simplified Chinese with a non-Japanese UI would be to copy the fallback_fonts-ja file to fallback_fonts. Before doing that it would be a good idea to copy fallback_fonts to something else like fallback_fonts.backup so that you could restore it later. However, before doing any of this you would also need to root your device since the /system directory can't be edited otherwise. This is what I found [URL] ... and what I done. I even tried to edit the fallback_fonts file to put MTLmr3m.ttf font before DroidSansFallback.ttf. But in any case, once I reboot my Nexus 7, the Japanese font are not read anymore (juste leaving blank). Any solution to use the MTLmr3m.ttf file (Japanese font) instead of DroidSansFallback.ttf without setting the system language to Japanese ?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Keyboard Layout Setting androidforums.com

so hopefully this question/problem isn't as simple/dumb as my previous.I've somehow messed up my keyboard settings or language. the bottom right and bottom left buttons now have some Chinese/Japanese text on them and the bottom left button turns on some alternative keyboard options and changes my text output to Japanese.Now I presumed this was simply something in my language settings but I've set them back to UK and still no joy.I'm also using Handcent sms and the Handcent keyboard ui but that's not displaying either. Tried un-install/reinstall but no luck.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #2101 While Trying To Retrieve Variables From A PHP board.flashkit.com

I'm trying to do a usual reading of variables from a PHP file, and I'm getting error 2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs.I have tried to open the remote .php file in my browser, and the output is perfect. The variables are all in the format variable1=value1&variable2=value2, etc. And yes, I know about the thing with the initial '&' character and have removed it, to no avail. Now, I have COPIED the exact text that the PHP outputs from my browser, and I've PASTED it into a .txt file. Then I uploaded the .txt file to my server. Then I changed the route in the URLRequest object from "...myfile.php" to "...myfile.txt". it works perfectly.So... what could be the difference between the text that the .php file prints vs the text that the .txt file prints, for flash to NOT read it?

Reading All Language Characters From ANSI Txt File? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have .txt file with ANSI encoding format which is generated from Japanese OS. so it has Japanese Characters in ANSI txt file.. i don't know how japanese characters allow in ANSI txt file.. My doubt is that How to read all language characters from ANSI txt file. That txt file will contain any characters like English,Japanese,Chinese,Numbers etc... ( Any kind of characters ) I want to read that characters as it is in file.. Dim sr As New StreamReader(_FilePath) While Not sr.EndOfStream MsgBox(sr.ReadLine) [Code].... Is there any general way to read all types of characters with ANSI format ?

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i have this japanese wireless internet pci cardmodel number fast fw54p i cannot locate the drivers for it or cant read japanese


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I have a file (say, output.php) which produces information which is output to a browser at present. That's good. But I need the exact browser ouptut to be turned into a text file (say, output.txt) which will be automatically saved somewhere on my disk, whenever output.php is run. How can I make this happen?

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I have a script that reads in a text file line by line and updates a mysql database.� The result of each line is echoed to the browser i.e "Successfully Update Product ID: 123" The problem is my browser (tried by IE and FF) only outputs results every so often, say 75-100 results.� Is this something to do with my server or the browser?� Is there anything I can do to change this?

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I need to insert one line into a text file.What's the best way?Previously, I've been reading in the file one line at a time and writing that same line out to a new file.When/if I detect my "marker" in the line then I output my additional line(s) to the output file.Once that is done, I continue with the read in/check for marker/write out to new file process.Is there another way? Can I open a file in read/write mode and just navigate through it and insert some text then close the file?

DBCS Contains EOF Characters !! www.vbforums.com

I have to provide multilanguage support for my latest app.This has gone fine so far (English, French, German etc) but now I have to implement Japanese.The way I have implemented it is (hopefully useful to you anyway) :I have a text file held in the resource file.The structure of this file is :-0001SearchingSuchenRecherche en CoursRicerca in corso*SpanishŒŸ�õ’†�E�E�E0002Select PortAuswahl PortChoix du PortSeleziona Porta*Spanishƒ|�[ƒg‘I‘ðetc. etc.I read the file in my app as follows :VB Code:'Populate the language array with all language text    If GetTempFile("", "~rs", 0, sFilename) Then        If Not SaveResItemToDisk("ScreenText", "Custom", sFilename) Then            iFileNum = FreeFile                             'Get free file handle            Open sFilename For Input As #2            For iCount = 1 To MAX_TEXT_STRINGS                Line Input #2, sText                iIndex = Val(sText)                Line Input #2, sText                sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.English) = sText                Line Input #2, sText                sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.German) = sText                Line Input #2, sText                sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.French) = sText                Line Input #2, sText                sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.Italian) = sText                Line Input #2, sText                sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.Spanish) = sText                'Japanese is handled differently                'Text is stored as unicode characters                Line Input #2, sText                If Left$(sText, 2) <> "**" Then     '"**" at left of string indicates that it is non unicode                    sText2 = ""                    For iCount2 = 1 To Len(sText) Step 2                        lTemp1 = Asc(Mid$(sText, iCount2, 1))                        lTemp2 = Asc(Mid$(sText, iCount2 + 1, 1))                        sText2 = sText2 & ChrW$(lTemp1 + (lTemp2 * 256))                    Next iCount2                    sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.Japanese) = sText2                Else                    sLanTextArray(iIndex, Languages.Japanese) = Right$(sText, Len(sText) - 2) 'Lop off the "**"                End If            Next            Close #2            Kill sFilename                                  'Delete the temp file        End If    End If Since adding the Japanese characters I have hit a problem since they appear to contain EOF characters. They are read and I can display them OK until I reach one of the rogue characters and I get an Error 62 (Input past end of file).I am wondering if opening the file for Binary might overcome the problem so does anyone either have a code snippet showing how to read a file opened for Binary a line at a time or do you know of another way that I can overcome this problem.Thanks in advance for any help.

Unicode Conversion www.vbforums.com

dear gurus,i'm looking for ANYTHING (even a commercial component) which would allow me to do this:i have an unicode textbox in vb. i copy and paste some japanese text directly from a japanese webpage (such as yahoo.co.jp), i want this japanese text to be converted to UNICODE (for instance, if i look at the source code of yahoo.co.jp i see that the text is replaced with Ý¥¤¥ó¥È or similar signs).i need this for an email program so that i can allow sending email in JAPANESE, and i'm totally lost...any help appreciated.thank you in advance,wc.

ActionScript 1/2 :: Embedding Japanese Characters At Runtime? forums.adobe.com

So I've got a basic actionscript text generator:Additional details:(you'll probably need japanese font loaded to read this)what is supposed to look like "The sign readsnstead loads as "The sign reads I don't understand why the english aspect of the fonts are loading but the Japanese symbols are failing - even if I set up an off stage textbox with the same kanji symbols embedded. this.createTextField("tLabel", this.getNextHighestDepth(), pointx, pointy, 280, 70);this.createTextField("aLabel", this.getNextHighestDepth(), pointx, pointy + 75, 220, 50);this.createTextField("bLabel", this.getNextHighestDepth(), pointx + 80, pointy + 75, [code]....

Japanese Characters In English Text www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have to make a translation routine where I have to replace some of the english text with japanese characters.example: part of the original file { ResConstants.Empty,"Empty"}, { ResConstants.Fit,"Fit"},must become : part of the new file { ResConstants.Empty,"some japanese characters"}, { ResConstants.Fit,"some japanese characters"},I tried to do this using the scripting object but I cant figure out how to combine the two charactersets.Thanks in advanceJef

Ubuntu :: Cannot Read Or Write Extracted Japanese Files ubuntuforums.org

I've extracted a few files through the archive manager through Ark (as well as through the command line) and some folders/files that were originally in Japanese are not properly displayed in the terminal or file browser. I can't delete them nor open them; I am informed that this file does not exist.I am running Kubuntu 11.04. I had a similar problem in Ubuntu 10.04 in that the text was not displayed properly, but the files were readable and writable.

Ubuntu :: Support For Japanese File Names ? ubuntuforums.org

I'm running Ubuntu Server 11.04 (no desktop installed). I'm wondering how I install the necessary support for Japanese text because I have numerous files with Japanese file names and they all show up as garble. I would also like Icecast to broadcast the proper song names with Japanese characters.

Localization :: Download Japanese File Name? forums.asp.net

I find difficult when i write web file manager to manage file online, when i download file having japanese name, the save dialog do not display right japanese name

Japanese Text Problem www.vbforums.com

I've written a dictionary application on Japanese Windows that, of course, displays fine on Japanese windows. However on English Win2000 (Locale set to Japan and IME set to Japanese) I have problems. Japanese text included in compiled source code seems to display fine in the label control. But text from DB, text files, user input displays as ? in the label, list,textbox and msflexgrid controls.I think that the Win2000 environment is fine, because Windows applications seem to accept Japanese input fine. I use Windows installer to package and install the app.Is there another set of controls I should be using? Do I have to explicitly convert text from one encoding to another before displaying them in a control? Does the font property for the controls need to be adjusted for different locales?Help..?..Justin

Text File Encoding? bytes.com

I have a file that was generated on a customers computer which is notusing the Windows default text encoding but uses Japanese(Shift-JIS)encoding.If I open the file in notepad the data looks normal but my applicationcan not read in the data properly (Line breaks are not what is expected)Is there a way to translate a file to the windows default text encoding?Also, is there an API to determine the which encoding a system is using?Thanks,Jamie

Fputs phpbuilder.com

for some reason when i output to a text file i am getting a funny char instead where the end of the line should terminate and a new one start. PHP Code: fputs($fh, "12345".chr(13)); fputs($fh, "12345".chr(13)); if i view it in a web browser its fine and each result is on its own line, but when just reading in a text file its not.

Text Box And Different Languages www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a text box that is being populated from a text file. If someoneentered a different language into the text box (ex: japanese), willthe text box be populated with japanese?I don't know how to test this.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Label Doesn't Display Japanese Text Correct www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,I want to run my application with japanese text. The japanese text is in a unicode-DLL and is loaded at startup.When I want to do this, I change the codepage to japanese on my XP and then start the program.Now my problem:The text in the menu, the titel from a frame and the tooltips are ok I think. The text in the labels and in the head of my SSTab-Control are not ok although all the unicode-strings in the DLL are ok.Can anybody help me?Thanksurbi

Read From End Of Text File www.vbforums.com

I need to monitor the log output of a system. The system appends a text file every second with new data. (to the end of the file)i want to parse this file every second and read what is logged.i cannot however modify the file, or even copy it because the other application keeps it open.i basically want to read the last couple of lines of text. is there a way to open a text file and start reading from some spot near the end rather than having to read in the entire file?

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I have this code to write output to a file and then read it back to the text boxes. However I can only store one name and number. How can I store multiple names and numbers in the same file and the read them in into the textboxes?Dim strName As StringDim strPhone As StringDim lngFile As LongPrivate Sub cmdSubmit_Click()lngFile = FreeFileOpen "c:windowsdesktop emp.txt" For Output As #lngFileWrite #lngFile, txtName.Text, txtPhone.TextClose #lngFileEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Load()lngFile = FreeFileOn Error GoTo Error_HandlerOpen "c:windowsdesktop emp.txt" For Input As #lngFileInput #lngFile, strName, strPhoneClose #lngFileError_Handler: txtName.Text = strName txtPhone.Text = strPhoneEnd Sub

Programming :: Iterate The Content Of A File In The Shell Script? www.linuxforums.org

i need to check group of URLs and there https requests from browser. Recently i got some command line web browsers to know the HTTPS status of the URL like curl, wget etc... Now all of i need to do is write a shell script. I will put all my URLs in a text file and my shell script should read each URL one by one and log the status along with the corresponding URL. Sample output: ./myscript.sh url.txt 1. site - 200 OK

Text Format ? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am generating a text file from my tool and I send it as an attachment tomy intranet newsgroup.I have received a complaint from one of my users saying that he/she is not able to read the contents of the text file and has suggested me to create a plain text file instead of a unicode one. I did not specify anything in particular when I created my text file. Is there anything I need to change to produce the output file in a plain text format ?I have just used normal Vb print to write to my output file but have used a lot of vbcrlfs !Thanks

Read The List Of CDs And According To The Genre Selected In A Combo Box www.vbforums.com

I have a text file to read. Each line of the file represents a CD with the title, the year, the artist name, the genre.My program should read the list of CDs and according to the genre selected in a combo box, it should output the list of CDs of the genre selected to a multi line text box.The stream reader is reading the strings properly but it only outputs the results if I use message boxes.How do I tell VB to display the "right" CDs all at the same time in a multiline textbox? [code]...

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Possible To Read And Write Japanese? talk.sonyericsson.com

I don't yet have my shiny new X10, but it should be with me in a few days. In anticipation of its arrival, I wonder whether it is possible to read and write Japanese on the phone? I'd like to add an English-Japanese dictionary, and hope that I'll be able to read the Japanese entries.

Ubuntu :: By Default Pango Is Choosing AR PL UMing CN As Font To Render Japanese Text When Current Font... ubuntuforums.org

Actually I want to log a bug but I don't really know what package to log it against. The problem is that by default Pango is choosing the AR PL UMing CN as the font to render Japanese text when the current font doesn't have Japanese glyphs. But AR PL UMing CN is a Chinese font, so Chinese glyphs for kanji characters (e.g., 覚) are displayed. This is jarring and confusing for Japanese readers. This situation mostly arises when you have mixed English and Japanese text. Some applications (for instance Firefox) will allow you to select a font for Asian text. Thus if the text contains only Asian characters it will use the font you select, rather than what Pango would have selected. But if it is a mix of English and Japanese, you end up with the wrong glyphs. Other environments (like gnome-terminal, or a gedit) have difficulties as well. Since the primary interface requires mono spaced roman characters you run into difficulty selecting fonts. Most Japanese fonts only have proportional roman characters. This means that if use a nice roman font and use Japanese text (for instance file names), you end up with Chinese glyphs. What I want is a mechanism that will work across all of Gnome for selecting the font I want to use for Chinese characters. That way I can choose either Japanese or Chinese glyphs. I realize this is low priority. It only bugs me a little, but many of my Japanese colleagues are put off from using Ubuntu because they are confused by the Chinese glyphs that pop up on my screen from time to time. As I said, I'd like to file a bug, but I'm not sure against what package...

Reading A Text File phpbuilder.com

I have a text file with certain fields in certain column positions in the file. I'd like to read the file in, look in certain column numbers in the text file and read in the values. then output the values on an HTML page. How do I tell PHP to read a text file in certain column positions?

How To Read Text File Of Specific Location? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Suppose I have the following text file:Apple USAOrange HKPear JapanGrape AustraliaMango ThailandI want to write a program, then user will input a query. For example, the user enter "Orange", then the program will read the text file, find the line which have "Orange" and then output "HK". Is there anyway to read a line in text file only, which contain the query word. Because the file contains > 15000 lines, I don't want the program read the file line by line...... I want a faster method to get the line~~~Thx

Application With XML Files Run Well On Japanese OS But Cannot On English OS? social.msdn.microsoft.com

ifference between Japanese operating system and English operating system when launch an application that be created base on .NET 3.5 framework. Develop computer: Operating system : Windows Vista, Japanese edition Developing environment :Visual Basic 2008 Run computer: Operating system : Windows XP SP3, English edition Both 2 computers are up to .NET 3.5 framework.The application ran well on Japanese edition OS computers but when I tried to launch on English edition OS computer, there was an error described : See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for system.xml.serialization/xmlSerializer: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> [code].... I guess this error is result of not able to reading from XML file that includes Japanese words. These words are defined as string.

2.1 Update :: How To Input Japanese Language? talk.sonyericsson.com

Updated my X10 abou 3days ago to Android 2.1 and ever since I can not display the Japanes keyboard. I have set location as Japanese but the standard keyboard option does not give me Japanese option for input language. I can read and browse Japanse without problem but when I create message, or simply reply e-mails /Text, I can not input any Japansese. It was working find before the update. Does anybody have a clue??

UTF8 In MySQL www.phpfreaks.com

I have a MySQL database with mainly English text, but also some Japanese. The charset of the database is set to UTF8. When I read the Japanese field data into a PHP variable and echo it to some HTML, I just get ""s displayed. The charset of the HTML page is correctly set to UTF8, too. Is there some other setting (perhaps in PHP) that I need to set? Or do normal string variables in PHP not work with UTF8?

Formatting Output forums.aspfree.com

I have a program that reads through a text file and prints output from it to another text file. My problem is that the output does not print all on the same line (horizontally). Does anyone know how to format the output so that it prints on the same line?For example:current output looks like this:2701(tab) AAA (tab)(tab) 20 (tab)(tab)(tab) 20I want it to look like this:2701 AAA 20 20Thanks!

Ubuntu :: CUPS Japanese Text Printing? ubuntuforums.org

I am facing a peculiar issue when printing Japanese text through CUPS (though I am not sure if this is the right forum). I developed a Java application (that uses a graphical object to print to a PrinterJob class) that prints text (of Japanese characters) to a printer. When I login in en_US/en_UK locale, the Japanese characters get printed from my Java app just fine. However, when I login in ja_JP and give a print job through my Java app, no Japanese text is printed at all. I get characters from only within the ASCII subset printed instead. I am using Serif and Courier New fonts in my app. Relevant details are: In ja_JP, a@a:/usr/share/cups/charsets$ fc-match serif:lang=ja ttf-japanese-mincho.ttf: "Sazanami Mincho" "Regular" a@a:/usr/share/cups/charsets$ fc-match sans serif:lang=ja ttf-japanese-gothic.ttf: "VL Gothic" "regular" [Code]...

Textbox - Read Txtfile And Navigate To That Site (own Browser Development) stackoverflow.com

I have built my own browser 9see attached code) however I would like to modify the code so that textbox1 reads a txt file at start and uses the contents of that text file to navigate to a URL of equal value to the text with in that text file. All this should happen at the launch of the web browser form. Example of the text file contents would be [URL] Code as follows: [Code]...

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Hi,I need to write some text string reading from a database into ascii file. The string could be a mix of English and double byte characters like Japanese etc.Can I write in the following way (sequential file type)Open FileName For Append As #1Print #1, textClose #1or do I need to open a binary file for writing??Thanks

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I was wondering how I could search for certain text (ie: description), and use all that's behind that text as a variable (all that is on the same line) in PHP. This needs to be read from an external location, a PHP file that must be ran (the PHP file reads content from a MySQL database and outputs this as a sort of index) Lorum ipsum dolor Sample output: dolor

Outputting Strings To A Text File www.vbforums.com

Hiya, what I want to do is output a series of string variables to a simple .txt file. I know how to do this, but the problem is it outputs the "" marks as well. I want to get rid of these as they can't be read by another program that reads the text file. However the program I'm writing must be able to read the values in the file back as strings. Can anyone help?Thanx in advance,Matt

Problem Reading A Textfile www.vbcity.com

Hi all!I have a small problem reading a textfile. I read the file and show the contents in a listbox.The problem is that only the last line of the file is displayed. Could anyone help me to read the entire file into the listbox?Code:Private Sub Command3_Click()Dim TempStr As Stringi = FreeFilecmdString = "c:windowssystem32cmd.exe /C" & "c:check.exe " & Text1.Text & ">" & "c:l6.tmp"Shell (cmdString), vbHide    Open "c:l6.tmp" For Input As #i        Do While Not EOF(1)            Line Input #i, TempStr            output = TempStr        Loop        Close #i            With List1        .AddItem output    End WithEnd SubEdited by - Maverick2004 on 10/7/2004 4:43:09 AM

Japanese www.vbforums.com

I want to create a vb application which supports Japanese characters. i tried by changing with the font setting and downloading the japanese IME. i want to input japanese characters and save these values in SQL server database.When i characters copied japanese characters and pasted it a text box it just showing ???????? and not what i copied.I know that Sql server supports unicode and i can use nchar,ntext and nVarchar data types. but the problem is how to input japanse characters through VB.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Unable To Open File In Browser? board.flashkit.com

i am loading some pages/images from some folder whose path is specified in the Xml used like this: <page src="user/_IMAGES_//image_0002.png" /> I am using Chinese /Japanese text in this Now the problem is that when i run it in the flash it loads those pages and when i load it in the browser then that file doesn't load anything.

Render Text File And Change Object's Properties? stackoverflow.com

i want to generate the output of an asp.net page by reading a text file, get the controls out of the text, change te properties of these controls, render it and displaying it. so for example, the text file may contain: <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <sys:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="empty1"></sys:Label> <sys:Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text="empty2"></sys:Label> </div> </form> </body> </html> after reading the text, i would like to change the properties of the sys:label controls. After that, the text will be rendered, and displayed.

Databases :: Japanese Characters Are Showing As Junk? forums.asp.net

I am using asp.net 2.0 and oracle 10g server for my websie development,it is a multi-lingual application,so we implemented localization from property files,here all japanese characters are showing fine,but when we enter some japanese text in textbox and inserting into database it's showing as junk.my database charater set is:WE8ISO8859P1the same database we are using for another appliation which is there in coldfusion,here every thing is working fine and showing japanese text properly.i tried all the things which are available in internet but still same issue.please suggest me how i can acheive this functionality.i am using asp.net 2.0 lient to connect DB is system.data.oracleclienti put debug point in code and saw the japanese text in quickwatch window it is showing properly but after insertion it's showing as junk.

Changing Locale At Runtime forums.devshed.com

Hi All,I would like to know how to display Japanese text on an English Windows OS. I want the user to select either Japanese or English from a menu and then have my application displayed in the selected language. I have all my data stored in resource files. My problem is, when I select Japanese, all text is displayed as "????." If I go to my control panel and select Regional and Language Options->Advanced->Language for non-Unicode programs and select Japanese, my application displayes the characters correctly. I do not want the user to have to change this setting and reboot the computer to switch between languages.I am assuming that I need to change the locale at runtime. I have tried to use SetThreadLocale along with MakeLangId and MakeLcid. A call to GetThreadLocale after I use SetThreadLocale shows the correct locale, but the text still displays as "????."Am I missing something here? Any suggestions?Thanks

ActionScript 3.0 :: Opening The Files In Browser? board.flashkit.com

i am loading some pages/images from some folder whose path is specified in the Xml used like this: <page src="user/_IMAGES_//image_0002.png" /> I am using Chinese /Japanese text in this Now the problem is that when i run it in the flash it loads those pages and when i load it in the browser then that file doesn't load anything.

Read Outlook Object With Japanese Characters www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all,I am developing a VB6 application that reads and writes calendar, contacts and tasks from/to Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP. I have installed the Japanese language pack and entered some japanese charaters in the body of a calendar entry. When I try to read this text in the body, I get a bunch of "?"s in the string that I save the value to. I have even tried saving the result to a byte array and reading the individual bytes. I still see only question marks where the japanese characters should be.I am running Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer 6.Any help would be very much appreciated.Thanks,vtrajan.

VS 2008 Possible To Shrink Text Size On A Webpage Through Browser Control www.vbforums.com

1.Firstly i am using a web browser control and i wish to get the URL of the current page and write it to a text box and to a text file. 2.I would also like to read the text file back and make some sort of bookmarking menu but dont really know where to start. 3.Is it possible to shrink the text size on a webpage through the browser control some sites the text looks huge.

Writing To A TexT File From A Text Box In Visual Basic www.vbforums.com

i have been looking at how to write text entered in a text box in VB to a text file outside of visual basic, i've searched and had a look in a few bookes etcthe syntax is simple, and easy to understand, this works and prints line after line in the txt fileOpen ("C:Documents and SettingsMy Documentsschool.txt") For Output As #1Print #1, ""Print #1, ""but i want the info that is saved into the text file from a text box inside visual basic itself, e.g.Open ("C:Documents and SettingsMy Documentsschool.txt") For Output As #1Print #1, Text1.Textbut the problem with it is that each time a new number is entered into thr text box. it over writes the txt in the text file itself, what im after is something where each time text is entered into the text box it is saved into the text file,and it keeps entering text into the text file, so it makes a list of entered text, line after line, not just replacing the text before it, i know how to do this from reading a text file and inputting the info into VB itelf, just doin a if and end statment, untill EOF, but cant get it to do the same as output:/any ideas?

Handling UTF Characters In Html Form Submission? stackoverflow.com

My html form has a few input text fields which can potentially get characters from Chinese, japanese, european, special characters like £, etc. So, in short, unicode characters. To process these values at the server side (with php), can I assume that all browsers by default encode these characters in UTF-8 format at the time of form submission. Or is there is way to tell the browser to always submit these characters as UTF8 encoded , so that we can use the utf8_decode to process these values ?

Output Method www.vbforums.com

I need to write a program which will read several .csv files within one directory. Each .csv file contains one line of text. I have 100 .csv files each contain 1 or 2 lines of text. I need to read each file then extract each line of text and put it into one big .csv file.ie. read each file then output text as one text file.Can i use the output method? if so can anyone help?Ive uploaded 2 example files which i need grouped together as one.

Writing Picture Into A File? social.msdn.microsoft.com

know that to output file with texts, can use the StreamWriter method. But may I know how to write text into a file and insert picture into the output file at the same. And also, how to read texts and pictures and display it into a RichTextBox.Realization!

General :: Finding Mount Point Path For Windows CIFS Volume Visible In Ubuntu File Browser www.linuxquestions.org

using Ubuntu file browser, I browsed my Windows network and logged on to a Windows PC. Now Ubuntu file browser shows me "C$ on WinPC" as a folder. I can open it, read/write files, etc.But from bash prompt, I don't see anything of type CIFS/SMBFS listed in the output of "mount". Only the usual suspects (like local CDROM). How can refer to Windows files from Linux commandline?

Nokia :: N97 Reading And Writing In Not Alfabeth Languages discussions.europe.nokia.com

I hope for new nokia phone (N97 and after) you'll put on mobile phone the whole character set and not only for Hong kong / or asia versions!Now the phone are fast and have memory so can handle all characters(With Nokia 5700 and now with N81 I use Psiloc Christal japanese for japanese).So all of us can read all messages in all language and see all web pages!Than you have to allow to write also in other languages (japanese, greek, russian ...)if you think that this is expensive for nokia, you can sell a input text for other languages.people will buy russian or arabs or chinese and so on. You give for free the voice to read messages but do not want we read and write in different languages.A bit strange.At the end you have to update anyway the old T9, also in english and italian it's very boring!I cannot memorize a lot of words, often the phone delete all the new words.The phone doesn't give me the most used words, dosn't complete wordsIn Japan all mobile phone have wonderful text input way to write messages, Nokia use the same old T9 of my first phone: nokia 8110, in 12 years Nokia could improve text messanging with fast and new imput ways in all languages, so we can be friends of all world!My japanese friend now she bought a new Sharp phone (japanese) and she can input text in all alphabet, do html mail with emoticons emoji SWF picture photos, color etc etc. IN her phone the imput text is easy to memorize words in all languages, Nokia still do very old imput test, the same in the last 20 years,

Restriction To The Size Of The File phpbuilder.com

I am using PHP to make a website related to biology. In this site I use PHP code to communicate with external programms (not in PHP, but some biological packages). These programms write their output in temporary files, which I then read using fread() or file_get_contents() functions. My problem is that these functions seem to have a restriction as to the size of the file that they can read. Is there any other way I read big files (for files close to 20-30MBs for example)? Please note that there is no other way for me to do this because these programs, by default, write their output to a text file, so I can't use PHP's system commands and read the output on the fly. The output file is first created and then I read it into a string and parse it according to what I need.

Read In Text File With Undefined Upper Bound? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Alright, so I've got my program and it works, but I have to pump out updates every once in a while. If I can get it so the code will let me have my text file with any number of lines for my array, then I can simply send out a text file and update done.So here's what my code does: Define a record of arrays, two items, a unicode string (Japanese/Korean text) and then an English translation for the text.I read in the file, it's one item per line, unicode string and then the translation.I have it preset with a defined upper bound for my array, but if I just took out the define and leave the upper bound as limitless, then it would work if I just updated the text file. Problem is, I don't know how to do it with stream.reader (I think that's what it is) because I learned a different way in school. I want to do something like Do While Not EOF with this, and loop it reading lines from the file. Would it work if I change the array to no upper bound and then simply use Do While Not EOF with stream reader?

Urgent..output Of DOS Command Into Text Box visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

hi all,I have question about doing some thing using VB.6I hope I can find the solution at you I have to run a batch file (.bat) from a VB program(no problem), then, I have to get the output of theexecution of the file at a text box or something likethat in my program!!i.e., if you type a command on DOS shell to execute abatch file, a feed back from this exection will bewritten in the command (e.g., syntax error, file notfound, output from the file.......any thing), so, Ihave to read this output from the DOS shell into myprogram..Can this be performed???thanks in advance

Outputting Text To Net Term www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm writing code that needs to export data to a text file, but I'm unable to get it to export quotation marks.For example, I need the text file to read:Output "rcv:apptext!"but the code is exporting:Output rcv:apptext!I've tried the print to file and write to file commands and neither seem to work. Thanks for your help!

Convert Unicode In One TB To Shift-JIS In Another TB? stackoverflow.com

Trying to develop a text editor, I've got two textboxes, and a button below each one.When the button below textbox1 is pressed, it is supposed to convert the Unicode text (intended to be Japanese) to Shift-JIS.The reason why I am doing this is because the software VOCALOID2 only allows ANSI and Shift-JIS encoding text to be pasted into the lyrics system. Users of the application normally have their keyboard set to change to Japanese already, but it types in Unicode.How can I convert Unicode text to Shift-JIS when SJIS isn't available in the System.Text.Encoding types?

Better To Include() Resources (css,js) Or To Let The Browser Do Another Request? stackoverflow.com

Would it be faster include a javascript file and outputting it in the html as a <script> or just use the src attribute and let the browser make another request? Simply outputting it instead of letting the browser make another request would obviously mean less requests and possibly less server load, but does it make it faster? Including the files and outputting them doesn't let the browser cache them.

Writing Array To File Takes A Long Time, Can You Speed It Up? www.vbcity.com

Hi All,This routine reads through 30 or so files and saves a new text file of results. The routine reads an array of 1000 records by 22 fields. The array reading is fast, but this piece of code is sloooow. Can you help, please?For j = 1 To RowsFor ln = 1 To 22tl = tl & Store1(j, ln) & ", " ' tl is the text to be savedNext lntl = tl & vbCrLfNext jOpen ddc For Output As #1Print #1, tlClose #1Doing 30 files takes ages, I was hoping it could be done in 15 seconds. All help is gratefully appreciated

Sessions And Header() Problem With Pdfs forums.devshed.com

I have to restrict access to some pdf documents and I don't want to do this with an .htaccess file so I'm trying to authenticate users with sessions and then read the pdf document from a non-web accessible directory and output it to the browser. The script seems to break down when I call a session_start() (that's called from within the authinit() function); What happens is that if I don't do the authinit and session stuff the script works fine, it reads from the non-web-accessible dir and then it displays in the browser. If I do the session stuff, the authentication stuff works, however when it tries to output the pdf, a download box pops up with the option to open disabled, and the only option is to save or cancel. If I try to save the file, I get an error from the browser saying the file is unavailable. The complete code for the php file is below (with the session stuff commented out). PHP Code:

Debian Configuration :: Switch Between English And Japanese Input While Keeping An English Interface forums.debian.net

I am learning japanese and I would like to be able to switch between english and japanese input while keeping an english interface. How would I achieve that? I am using KDE, by the way. In the Kiten documentation I read that pressing Shift+Space would enable japanese input (built-in in Kiten, according to the documentation). But that does not seem to work in my system.

Extracting The Text Between Quotation Marks www.phpfreaks.com

I know this should be easy but I just can't get it to work.  What I want to do is process a string and extract just those characters between a pair of double quotes: i.e.  input string:      'blah blah', "text" output string:    text input string:      'some characters', "more text" output string:    text The input strings are read in from a text file.

Apache Server Timeout With An Error Message "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" For A Script? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to redirect output of a simple Perl script to a web browser using PHP.The Perl script sometimes take 2-3 hours to execute and show output to the screen.By this time, I guess Apache Server simply timesout and displays an error message discribed above.Here is the sample code snipet. # The tmpOutput.txt contains output of a Perl script. # Read a file using an handle. $handle = popen("tail -f tmpOutput.txt", 'r'); [code]...

Shift-JIS phpbuilder.com

Created a page that is html encoded to be Japanese Shift-JIS , but for some reason, the page is rendering the browser as Japanese EUC. The page is used to display ranks drawn from data files that users submit to.This is only happening on pages that are php; the rest of the files on my server (html) are showing up fine in the browser. What would cause the php pages to cause the browsers (tested this in firefox 2.0 , firefox 1.5, IE 6 and IE 7, Opera and an old version of Netscape), to rever to EUC instead of picking up the encoding for Shift-JIS?

How Do I Extract A Piece Of Text From A Text Box www.codeguru.com

Hi, I am trying to write a part of my program that displays text in a box. From the text box I want to extract the 4-8 characters of the first line. This data will then be output to a message box. Any idea's?Or, I am reading a text file into the text box, could i just read the fist 8 characters of the file and just ingnore the first for and outout these to a message box?