Read And Write XML With PHP


I need some examples or an explanation for read some data of a XML file and for write some elements in the file with a form everything with PHP.

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Hiding File From Visitors? www.phpfreaks.com

If I have an XML file which my site reads from with JS and PHP is it possible to set the file or folder the XML page is in to be un-seeable by visitors but it can still be written to and read from with php and read from with JS? I have sensitive information on the XML page and I am trying to decide if I should make a second XML file or not.

Read And Edit Xml With PHP bytes.com

I'm trying to write some php that will read in some xml and then allow me to modify the tag and write back out to xml. In the following example, I want to read in 'text_for_paragraph_1', then allow it to be viewed, edited, and saved back to the xml... I have absolutely no clue even where to start...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Read And Write XML? www.actionscript.org

On load I want to read some attribute information including x, y coords for elements that will be positioned on the stage accordingly. On moving elements to a new position I want the new coordinates to be written back to the XML file. I understand AS can read the XML file OK but not write native. A php script is required to perform the write.

Ajax :: Write An Character Converter Using Php www.daniweb.com

i'm trying to write an character converter using php and ajax. i'm getting a really anoing error(uncaught TypeError). i've added screenshot of the error. and this is the xml i'm trying to read generated with php<?php $key = $_GET['key']; header('Content-type:text/ xml').PHP_EOL; $xml_output = "<?xml version="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"?>".PHP_EOL; $xml_output .= "<Root>".PHP_EOL; $xml_output .= " [Code]...

Reading Data From .xml File Into .txt File With Script? www.phpfreaks.com

Well, im a n00b for php, and what i need is a php script which will read data from .xml file and write it into .txt file. Example of .xml file : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <tv generator-info-name="NeTXMLTV/" source-info-url="http://www.net-tv.hr/" source-info-name="NeT TV XMLTV" source-data-url="http://www.net-tv.hr/xmltv/net-pregled-programa-xmltv.xml"> [code]....

JQuery :: Handling Line-breaks Across XML / HTML Form Textareas stackoverflow.com

I'm loading an XML file with ajax, dynamically writing/reading values to/from HTML form textareas using jQuery, and then saving back to an XML file by passing it to a PHP-write function on a form submit. What I'm looking for is a consistent way to handle line-breaks and paragraphs across HTML/jQuery/XML- Something where users would see actual line-breaks, not code, in html and form fields. Up until now I've been using <br/> tags in CData fields in XML, but these show up in form fields, and jQuery is making a mess of my CData writes.

PHP MYSQL Flash Character forums.phpfreaks.com

I have a big problem with turkish characters ("&#305;�&#287;��&#351;"). I am designing a video sharing script. First of all, the script gets the latest video info from mysql and write it into playlist.xml, and then flash video player reads the data from xml and shows it. However there is a problem with php generated xml files. When i use notepad and save it,everything works fine, but when php creates the xml file, strange characters appear. Code:

Browser Not Reading Entire XML File? stackoverflow.com

I have an XML file that is written by a PHP script. The data for the XML file is gathered from several different RSS feeds. The PHP script is invoked every 5 minutes by a Cron Job. The PHP Script takes maybe 5-10 seconds to write the XML File. Here's the problem: After the XML file is written, I can open it through DreamWeaver and read everything just fine - but when I enter the XML File's URL into my Web Browser (IE or Firefox), I get a "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed" Error in the Browser. When I do View > Source in the Browser, the XML file appears incomplete - but when I open the file directly off the server, it is complete.

Xmlparser - Write Data To Xml Using XML Parser stackoverflow.com

this is my question in XML and new to this. i was struggle with creating a xml file using xml parser in php. my requirement is read array which contains data to write in xml. how to process the array for writing data into xml file. i tried to write a single data in xml but i didn't create a xml file otherwise it just display the data in browser. [1]: [URL] i used the code in the link but i didn't create a xml file . how to create .xml file using xml parser in php.

DataSource Controls :: Email Xml Attachment To Database? forums.asp.net

I want to Read an email xml attachments validate the xml with scheme then to write to database the xml data and oppse to read from database and write to xml (also to validate with scheme) and send the xml by email what is the best way to do that example to read from database to datatable then using datatable.writeXml ..... the best way to validate the xml with it's scheme the best way to build scheme for xml file.


XML To MySQL - Write A Code Which Will Relay Information To Update A Database. phpbuilder.com

I've wanting to write a code which will relay information to update a MySQL database. I know XML only carries information that's why another program will write a XML script then run it. I want to know is how can PHP read the XML script and then upload the contents to a MySQL database.

Writing To A File From WordPress Plugin? stackoverflow.com

I've written a custom plugin for my WordPress site that relies on reading/writing from an xml data file within the plugin folder. When I test this standard PHP code for file reading/writing, it will let me create/write to files located at the wp-admin/ level, but not files within the plugin folder, although it can read from both. $file = 'test.xml'; (Can write to this file) $file = plugins_url()."/my-plugin/test.xml"; (Can read but not write to this file) // Open the file to get existing content $current = file_get_contents($file); [Code]..... I'm currently running this off a local MAMP server, but want a solution that will let me package and publish the plugin on any WordPress server.

General :: Inserting Xml Data Into Mysql Taking So Long? www.linuxquestions.org

I have about 200k data entries in xml file. I wrote php script (using php-xml) to read xml file and insert into mysql. At first it went really quickly inserting, then after a while after inserting 100k entries, it slowed right down, just like it would not even doing anything. I have CentOs with 512M on VirtualBox running as server.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Cached XML Wont Be Read Again? www.kirupa.com

My problem is that once flash reads an XML, it then wont read the XML again but rather uses a cached copy. This causes problems as I want it to update a record number in the XML. My flow of data is like this: 1)Flash reads (and presumably caches) an xml file. 2)User enters data into flash (including update data for xml). 3)Flash sends data to PHP. 4)PHP edits XML file (adds a line and updates a record #). 5)Repeat above. In practice what happens: I have a recorded number recorded in the XML. (say 10) Flash reads the recorded number from the XML. (still 10) Flash updates the recorded number (now 11) Flash sends the number to PHP which updates the XML (so XML is now 11) When process is repeated: Flash uses cached XML so reads record number as 10!!

Read Xml Into Datagridview And Write The File Name As Well? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I need to write the xml files into datagrid view but what i need also is to write to the datagridview and next to every row , the file name from where im reading the values from xml , example if have an xml file named : AIO , i want to read the values of the xml and add a column to the datagrid view that displays the name : AIO and so on the code that reads all the xml files and display there values in the datagrid view is below : Dim FilePath As String = FileName.Substring(0, FileName.LastIndexOf("")) Dim meter As New Stopwatch Try [code]....

Read XML File And Write To A Array / File stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate: Read XML file and write to a php array/file I need to update the country list of my website and I want to automate the process. Country list can be found here [URL] I tried it this way [URL] (PHP XML Expat Parser) However, this didn't seem to work well as I was confused where to actually 'get' the data and print it to my own array for later use. Now I want to try it using XML DOM [URL] Just want to check with everyone, if I had a simple XML file to read, that contained a country code and country name as follows: <Entry> <Country_name>AFGHANISTAN</Country_name> <Code_element>AF</Code_element> </Entry> I want to read this file (DOM method), and then feed the data into a separate file/array of mine that will be accessed by my website. What PHP xml functions would YOU use/recommend to do this simple task?

Reading Xml (using 4.3.11) www.codingforums.com

For testing purposes, I would like to read from a xml document and put the data read from the .xml file onto a web page. However, the example the book provided is for 5.x (as I found out with these messages) Warning: domdocument() expects at least 1 parameter, 0 given in /home/exlluhz/public_html/books/xmlread.php on line 5 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load() in /home/exlluhz/public_html/books/xmlread.php on line 6 Does anyone know of a way to read a xml file and then display it using php 4.3.11? Code:

ActionScript 3.0 :: XML File Reverts To Original File After Save forums.adobe.com

I'm working with a little bit of XML and have questions, first here are my steps: 1) Load XML 2) Append to XML 3) Save XML using PHP Well, why when I load the same XML file does it read the file without the appendend nodes I just added?I can open the XML file in Dreamweaver and see the appended nodes, but once I load the XML back into the .SWF, it clears the appended nodes and only reads the original nodes again..[code]My .swf is local at this point and PHP and XML files are on a server running PHP5.Apparently the PHP script is correct because it DOES save the file correctly. I can save as many <persons /> as I want. But when I close the Flash .swf the URLLoader reads the original XML data again. Not sure how that's possible?When I change the location of the XML to load into the URLLoader it changes so I know it's reading the same file I saved to..

Write Attributes Of Xml Files In Mac? stackoverflow.com

write attributes of xml files using php in mac. Now, the weird thing is that it works flawlesly on windows, but when i try to run the script in a mac, for some mysterious reason beyond me, it keeps writing the atributes of the xml file with dashes, this is the actual xml file that the script writes: <stuff id="stuffid"></stuff> this is php code, really basic script: $file = fopen("data.xml","w"); [code]...

Read XML Into Datagrid But Get Error Writing From Datagrid To XML File? www.vbforums.com

I am trying to create an xml editor that read and write xml. my code reads the xml with no problem and allows me to create new rows but when I try to "write" it over I get the following error: "Token StartElement in state Epilog would result in an invalid XML document" here is my xml: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <MacroList identifier="test"> [code].....

VB-XML Clarification www.vbforums.com

1) I want to fetch a set of records and write the result set to XML 2) Read the same XML data from VB and display in a flex grid

Generate XML File phpbuilder.com

Which library is used to generate XML files? I'm not sure which is used for reading, which for writing, xml vs xsl in terms of what their extensions do. I have an xsl file that I use to format a group of xml files. I would like to use php to insert data from a database into an xml file using the correct elements which ive chosen.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Reading And Writing Xml? www.kirupa.com

I've been searching all morning for some samples on how to read and write xml files.Here's what I have so far.My XML File called Call2Action.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Call2Action version="1.0" creationDate="2009-05-06"> <ProceraFixedImplantBridge> <Yes>5</Yes> [code].... 'String(xmlData[idx].Yes' is where I'm having a problem, can't figure out the syntax for declaring the element I want to read, plus I want to read the elements inside let's say <ProceraFixedImplantBridge>. I need to add that to the code.I want to increment the counter for yes or no, and write the file back.

Vb Code To Read XML? www.vbdotnetforums.com

I'm having one hell of a time writing code to read my xml file. I have written the code to write it, but now need to read it. I would prefer some kind of a loop to read it. here's the xml..<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><AdvisorBuddy><BoxSet0> [code].....

JQuery :: Xml Parsing In IE 8? forum.jquery.com

I wrote something like: var table=Array(); $.post("script.php", {arg1: a}, function(xml) { $(xml).find("tagname").each(function() { table[table.length]=$(this); }); }); The code works OK in Firefox and Google Chrome, but it fails in Konqueror (khtml) or IE 8.0: the resulting array is empty although the xml read by Ajax call is OK. I tried also with "$("tagname", xml).each()" - same result.

JQuery And Ajax Object? stackoverflow.com

I'm a fairly experienced programmer getting my head around PHP and Ajax for the first time, and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to incorperate object oriented PHP into my ajax webapp. I have an admin page (admin.php) that will load and write information (info.xml) from an XML file depending on the users selection of a form on the admin page. I have decided to use an object (ContentManager.php) to manage the loading and writing of the XML file to disk, i.e : class ContentManager{ var $xml_attribute_1 function __construct(){ [code]....

Text File Behavior bytes.com

I have a question about the behavior of a text file thats being written and read to. Say Im using an XML file as the database for my little application. Users come to my site and the file is read and parsed and coverted to some display in html. On another page users can add information that updates this XML file. Is there any risk in this approach? While the XML file is being written to, what is its readabililty? And vise-versa. Assuming Im using the standard read write functions for files in PHP, will the read wait for a write to finish, etc.

Read A XML File That Is Generated From A Script - Recieve The Error : Start Tag Expected, '<' Not Found... www.sitepoint.com

how i can read a XML file that is generated from a PHP script. for example i have a php script called books which outputs the XML code below: $books = array(); $books [] = array( 'title' => 'PHP Hacks',[code].... Then i have another script that reads this and outputs this onto the users screen see code below: <?php $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->load( 'book.php' );[code].... however this does not seem to work, i recieve the following error Warning: DOMDocument::load() [domdocument.load]: Start tag expected, '<' not found in file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/LTI/book.php, line: 47 in C:xampphtdocsLTIindex.php on line 3 if i however hardcode the XML and save it as an XML file then the 2nd piece of code works fine. Any one have any ideas or can point me in the right direction to to get the 2nd piece of code to work when reading an php script that output xml?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Swf Works Fine When Its Not In A Google Gadget? board.flashkit.com

This swf works fine when its not in a google gadget.It will read and write xml as the user interacts wtih it. Why once its embeded inside a gadget will it only read xml? It will not send xml to my file on my server and write a new xml file. Actionscript Code: var reg3 = new XML(myendxml);� //Chat.text +=� "in the function";� var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();� variables.xmlData = reg3;� [code].....

Config Files : Best Approach? forums.devshed.com

I'm building a system where a lot of variables need to be editable. Many of the config variables must be available at each pageload.I normally use mysql for configuration, but I figure it might be better to use some other solution for better performance? The three other variants I can come up with is: - xml config file (read/write DOMDocument) - ini file (read parse_ini_file / write ?) - php config variables (write?) What method would you recommend?

Read Xml File - Write Out The Different Elements Of The File? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to read an XML file I have been given using php. I basically want to write out the different elements of the file, but I am really struggling with how to do this.Here's some sample XML input.I want to be able to write out the following: E DBID - N E DBID - RDBID - N E DBID - RDBID - O

Library For Reading/writing MS Excel Files? stackoverflow.com

Is there a free PHP library for reading/writing excel files? I don't want to use XML (I think you could read excel files as XML, I don't want to do it that way). I also need to create graphs and other goodies, so saving the file as csv will not work either.

Reading Filenames In A Folder And Storing Them In XML? stackoverflow.com

how one can write PHP code to read filenames from a particular folder and save the extracted filenames in an XML document?Reading filenames in a folder and storing them in XML?

Search Multiple XML Files? www.daniweb.com

I'm just starting with PHP and I was given a rather difficult task. I need to search through multiple XML files in different directories, then return the name of the files that contain a given search input.Will it be easier to write a script that reads all XML files and writes their content to an MySQL database?

Raw POST Data bytes.com

Is there a way to access the raw data sent to a PHP app via POST? I'm trying to read the XML sent by a Flash program with XML.send() and its sent via POST but not URL encoded. PHP is expecting URL encoding so it comes in like: $_POST['<?xml version'] = '"1.0"?>' Perl can read it just fine like so: read (STDIN, $rawpost, $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'}); s/&amp;/&/g;

Read XML And Basic Nodes By Using The Simplexml Function? stackoverflow.com

I need to read a XML using PHP.I can read the "basic" nodes.I'm using the simplexml function.This is my PHP code: <? $xml = simplexml_load_file("http://....xml"); foreach($xml->entry as $c){ [code].....

Xml Wont Write Right forums.devshed.com

i'm trying to use php (4.06) to write to an xml document usind data and fieldnames from a psql database. the php script is generating xml, its writing the whole document in fact but the structure is wrong. It prints a record for correct number of fields but it repeats the details twice and then appears to get stuck in a loop after it reaches the second field. the other problem is that i still cannot get the fieldnames inside the xml tags. PHP Code:

Read XML In Php? www.phpfreaks.com

I have this feed: http://www.slougheaz.org/xml2/feed_two.xml Which is a pure XML feed (not an RSS one).� How can I go about reading it in a browser using php?� I was told of simplexml, but is that just not for parsing an RSS XML document when this is a pure XML document?� If so what other ways can I use to let php read the file?

How Can I Use Css/xml Inside My Php File For Formatting www.phpfreaks.com

What I'd like to do is use xml in my php file for use with my css.� I noticed php can read from xml files to get data but can I use xml in my php file like how xhtml uses xml.� As in can I use xml with css for presentation� rather than as data entry.�If you know what I mean.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Read And Write Xml In A Google Gadget? www.actionscript.org

This swf works fine when its not in a google gadget.It will read and write xml as the user interacts wtih it. Why once its embeded inside a gadget will it only read xml? It will not send xml to my file on my server and write a new xml file.[code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Make It Wait For A Couple Of Seconds? www.kirupa.com

I'm rather new to AS3 and have been tasked with a project, the project requires reading in values from an XML file created by PHP, this works fine if the XML file is available, and is just being updated by PHP, however, when flash calls the PHP page that creates the XML file for the first time, it doesn't give PHP enough time to make the XML file.

ActionScript 3.0 :: PHP Generated XML Into Flash? forums.adobe.com

I know as soon something with problem comes here in this forum it can get RESOLVEDNow what is my problem, well i will like to know how can i get this dynamic XML generated with PHP into flash.I want to create a simple gallery that reads this generated XML and adds movieclip childs.On the stage I have a large Movieclip with instance name mcDisplayLargeand a Movieclip with instance name mcImgThumbs PHP FILE: dynamic_xml.php header("Content-Type: text/xml"); //set the content type to xml// Initialize the xmlOutput variable$xmlBody = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>';$dir = "images/gallery1/"; [code].......

Reading .xml Files www.phpfreaks.com

i'm experimenting with reading .xml files currently i have: <?php         $filecontent = file_get_contents("filename.xml"); $xml = new SimpleXMLElement($filecontent); echo $xml->asXML(); ?> this works great, it reads back in a nice format the contents of the .xml file, but im wanting to take information from the .xml file and store them in variables for later use but i'm not sure how to search the .xml file and take what i want.

Generates Xml For RSS Feed But Cannot Parse It stackoverflow.com

Im trying to create a news feed using php. I have a php code written which connects to the database and retrieves information which is converted into XML. The file is however a .php and when I try to parse it using google reader it dosen't work because it only reads files which are XML. Here's my code: <?php header("Content-type: text/xml"); $dept = $_GET['dept']; require_once ("/var/www/html/http/sass/includes/config.inc.php"); require_once ("sass_news.php"); $sassNews = paginate('sass_news', 'sass_news', $numResults, $offset, $order, $condition); if($sassNews) { $xml_output = "<?xml version="1.0"?> "; $xml_output .= "<entries> ";..........

Escape The Xml?> Characters www.webmasterworld.com

This seems to cause a problem as PHP takes the?> to be the end of PHP script. I then get a load of PHP in my XML file that was created. Anyway to escape it? <?php include("DBConnection.php"); // open a file pointer to an RSS file $fp = fopen ("rss.xml", "w"); // Now write the header information fwrite ($fp, "<?xml version=&#391;.0'?><rss version=&#392;.0'><channel>”);

Maintain XML Document State After Session Serialization? stackoverflow.com

The class instance that I want to store in session holds an array of loaded DOMDocuments.As noted in one of the answers here: PHP quirks and pitfalls, when you serialize an object containing XML, the XML structure does not survive the unserialize process. As I understand it PHP5 is supposed to automatically serialize session data, so what I need to know is how to make XML survive the serialize/unserialize process?I've read about and it looks like it can't be done, plus the overhead involved in writing and reading the session file with the automatic serializing/deserializing seems to make it preferable to just read and write the XML files in the class instance on __sleep and __wakeup. Is that the case?

Include Python Script / Program To Read The XML And Echo / Print The Data Onto The Screen stackoverflow.com

I am new to Python and currently have to write a python program/script to be integrated inside PHP. Basically I have one stand-alone python program that will be executed through CRONTAB that grabs data from a remote device and exports the data to an XML file. I also have to write another python program/script to be include inside PHP to read the XML and echo/print the data onto the screen. So my question is that What is the difference between python program and script? Given my python program, I included #!/usr/bin/env python at the beginning of the file but I still cant execute it using ./scriptName.py How to include and run a python program/script inside the PHP file? Inside the python script, how to output the data using the same manner as echo in PHP? The include part in my PHP is: <td><p><img src="img/today.gif" alt="today" width="180" height="40" /></p> <?php include "monthphotos.php"; ?> <?php include "todayatcpp/index.php"; ?> </td>

Create Xml File Before Page Loads? www.phpbuilder.com

I have a php script that writes an xml file with data from mysql - No problems here The xml file is loaded with random data and links for a flash file that rotates images and has clickable links - again no problem here My question is: Is there a way to preload the xml file in my index.php file before the flash begins to load. The issue is that the xml file is being created and properly filled with data but the flash files are loading to early and therefore reading the xml file as empty so it will not load data. Code: include_once("createxml.php"); in the very top of my index.php page. But it does not work.

Flash :: Send Xml Data To Php Page? stackoverflow.com

I want to send xml data to php page my xml in flash is that for examle: <level id="1" mark="10"><page id="12">HI..</page></level> i send it,but at the URL i see this: ../inex.php?xml=<level id=1 mark=10><page id=12>HI..</page></level> without double qout....!!!! so i can't read this xml with simplexml_load_file() function in php

ActionScript 3.0 :: Passing Dynamic File With Different Names To SWC Object? www.actionscript.org

I have a flex application that reads from external XML file(URL loader) and displays graph. My xml file is dynamically generated using PHP and the filename=currentloggedin user name(i.e. username.xml).How should I load the xml into SWC? Will Flashvars work? I have a HTML page that has PHP code to get username and the same file embes the swc. How to pass the PHP varibale to my SWC?

Actionscript 3.0 :: Can't Read XML Generated By PHP www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I�ve been trying to write AS3 that can read xml which is dynamically generated by php. i�ve generated the xml in several ways -- all of which seem to work but i keep getting the error, Error #1088: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed,when i try to load the xml into flash. however the xml (as viewed when you go to "view source" in your browser) is indeed well formed.i�ve seen various discussions where people bring up this problem but haven�t seen a solution in any of them. i have 4 versions of the php. the first just uses echo. the second uses echo but i wrap it in {start_ob(),ob_end_flush()}; then i use simpleXML and finally i use domdocument. the first 3 give the error above, the domdocument throws no error but the xml is empty. i�ll start with the simplified flash code: Code: Select allvar path:String = "php/videos.php" // var ldr:URLLoader = new URLLoader() [code]....

Server A Using Xmlreader To Read XML From Xmlwriter On Server B stackoverflow.com

I have two servers Server A reads http:[URL]../xmlwriter_src.php using $reader = new XMLReader(); $reader->open('http://www.some-url.com/xmlwriter_src.php'); while ($reader->read()) { /* -- do something -- */ } Server B creates an xml stream $writer = new XMLWriter(); [Code]... the xmlreader on server A keeps complaining that server B doesnt respond, even though I can see the xml result in the browser.It takes less than a second to generate If i copy the xml to a static file, the xmlreader outputs the file.

Migrate From Db To A Local Single File Implementation Of The Database (flash & AS3)? stackoverflow.com

i have a database in MySQL who i query from a php script. Now i want to run the same aplication but in local (without the php script, the mysql and whitout the server). I develop the IDE of the new app using flash (AS3), now the think is that i need to migrate the data base too. I was thinking using SQLite wich is great because it use the same commands that mysql and is local, but i really dont know how to make querys from AS3 to sqlite whitout using php. I was also thinking to develop a simple script who read my actual data base (mysql) and parse all the data to a new XML file who then i can read from the new IDE develop in flash, the problem is, that in this way i have to write all the code for the querys, i mean, when i use php+mysql and i need all the data WHERE reef=2 i just make a simple query, but with the new hypothetical schema flash+xml to make a simple query like that i have to write a lot of code if you know what i mean.

CS3 Reload Xml When Browser Refresh board.flashkit.com

i'm working on a project that uses php and xml to link my database information with flash. I've successfully allowed flash to read the xml contents. I need to randomise the data i retrieved from the database, so my xml content will change everytime i refresh the browser. However, i realised that the flash content didn't change like the xml content. The script to read the xml is written on the 1st frame of my 1st scene. Is there a way to read the xml again everytime i refresh the browser or re-enter the scene?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Saving XML With Variable Filename In Php? www.kirupa.com

I'm trying to save an XML file on a remote server via an php file, and so far this works fine by following the tutorial on this site - exept one thing...I would like to define the filename of my XML file to be saved via php in flash dynamically, eg. so I can create several XML's from flash. But how is this possible ?- can an entry in the passed XML file be read in an easy way in PHP4 - or can I send a variable along with the XML object with some wrapping (maybee an advanced object).

Load External Xml File? stackoverflow.com

I have the following code (from a previous question on this site) which retrieves a certain image from an XML file: <?php $string = <<<XML <?xml version='1.0'?>[code].... What I'd like to know is, how can I load the external XML file rather than writing the XML data in the actual PHP like is shown above?

Professional :: Slashes Get Added When Writing Text File? forums.adobe.com

I'm using flash and php to write or overwrite a text file (an xml file).� I have text strings that contain the xml data, which then get parsed by the php file. � It works fine.� However, I notice that the header in the XML file <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> get's replaced with <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> � Why would slashes get added? [Code].....

Retrieve Remote XML Data? stackoverflow.com

I'm currently reading a regularly updated XML file with PHP (simpleXML). I'd like to reduce calls to the remote server by reading a cache file on my web server, then after some time, retrieve a new copy of the remote file. Is this an accepted practice for reading remote XML files, then parsing? how to go about this in PHP, or perhaps there are some PEAR classes that deal with this?

Php - Connect These 3 Programming Languages? stackoverflow.com

How to pass information in this flow: Flash(AS3) -> PHP, using XML -> Database(mysql) Can anyone write a simple code for that?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Failing With Reading XML www.actionscript.org

I made an XML file and then replicated that in a PHP file. I then just executed my PHP file and then viewed the source of it and then copied that into an XML file and had my AS read that file it works fine. However, when I have it set up to read my PHP file and I test it in Flash it gives me the following error:[code]

Readable & Is_writable & File_exists Fail For URL Path And Not For A File In The Same Directory? stackoverflow.com

I've been googling this question for two days and really haven't found anyone who can give me a solid answer. Maybe the geniuses at stackoverflow My conundrum: I'm trying to read and write to a file using a URL syntax for a URL pointing to a file on my server. (See code below) The code works fine so long as the filename is in the same directory as the php file and I'm not using any URL socket on it. (i.e. $filename = "test.xml") But as soon as I try to add a URL socket (i.e. I get failures on all three tests (is_readable, is_writable, file_exists). Why would this be? Is there a way to correct it so that I can read and write this file? My Setup: PHP 5.3.2 on Microsoft IIS 7.0.6000.16386 on a Microsoft Vista machine PHP directory: c:Program Files (x86) [code]....

IDE :: Write Japanese Character Using Unicode? www.kirupa.com

how to write japanese character using unicode if i read the unicode data ("u3042") from XML?because i only can write it using : var str:String="u3042"; trace(str); its work, but if i read it from xml and write it, it's not work..

Parsing XML With The XMLReader? stackoverflow.com

writing program that reads in some XML from the $_POST variable and then parses using the PHP XMLReader and the data extracted input into a database.using the XMLReader as the XML supplied will more than likely be too big to place into memory.XML and basic code as are follows: '<?xml version="1.0"?> <data_root> <data> [code]... The code will work perfectly if the XML being passed does not have the <?xml version="1.0"?>line, but if i include it, and it will be included when the application goes into a live production environment, the $reader->read()code for the while loop does not work and the XML is not parsed within the while loop.

VS 2008 Use An XmlTextReader To Read Simple XML Data From A File? www.vbforums.com

I'm trying to use an XmlTextReader to read simple XML data from a file I wrote using the XmlTextWriter class. I've very little experience with XML and reading/writing from it, so it's been a little struggle. The writing part went OK though, but I can't really figure out how to do the reading. All examples I found using google handled it all slightly differently, and none made it really clear what they were trying to read...I am storing the position, size and a filepath of MDI windows using this format: xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <MDIForms> <Form X="208" Y="95" W="424" H="277">C:UsersNickDesktopabc.plm</Form> [code]..... obviously I cannot do what I want with this. I need to get the attributes in each element too, and I need to read multiple elements and do something for each element...

Read Txt File And Insert Into MySQL? www.phpfreaks.com

I need to read from a file and insert the files content into a MySQL column the table contains 3 fields � id INT version VAR xmlver LONGTEXT What im wanting to do is grab the file, read it and then write it to a txt file, then the data from the txt file be read and sent to MySQL along with the id and xmlver details, i have seen this code snippet but when i try it it doesnt get me anywhere (confuses me) Code: [Select]mysql_query('insert into tablename (columnname) values ("' . mysql_real_escape_string(file_get_contents('somefile')) . '");'); Whats the best way to do this?, code below (is it worth writing the XML to txt before insertion or can i insert the xml as is?) <form�method="post"�action="<?php�$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];�?>"> <?php if�(isset($_POST['version']))�{ $version�=�$_POST['version']; [Code]....

Using Htaccess To "fake" An XML File? stackoverflow.com

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve: I have a dynamic php-driven website that is constantly being updated with new content, and I want my XML sitemap to stay up to date automatically. Two options I see:Write a php script that queries my database to get all my content and outputs to [URL]db and write directly to that file, and use the htaccess rewrite rule RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$ sitemap.php so that whenever someone requests sitemap.xml they're directed to the php file and get a fresh sitemap file.I'd much rather go with option #2 since it's simpler and doesn't require setting up a cron, but I'm wondering if Googlebot will not recognize sitemap.xml as valid if it's actually a php file?Does anyone know if option #2 would work, and if not whether there's some better way to automatically create an up-to-date sitemap.xml file? I'm really surprised how much trouble I've had with this

Parse An Xml Sitemap Using Curl And Individually Load Each Url stackoverflow.com

I am trying to write a script that will read a remote sitemap.xml and parse the url's within it, then load each one in turn to pre-cache them for faster browsing. The reason behind this: The system we are developing writes DITA XML to the browser on the fly and the first time a page is loaded the wait can be between 8-10 seconds. Subsequent loads after that can be as little as 1 second. Obviously for a better UX, pre-cached pages are a bonus. Every time we prepare a new publication on this server or perform any testing/patching, we have to clear the cache so the idea is to write a script that will parse through the sitemap and load each url. After doing a bit of reading I have decided that the best route is to use PHP & Curl. Whether this is a good idea or not I don't know. I'm more familier with Perl but neither PHP nor Perl are installed on the system at present so I thought it might be nice to dip my toes in the PHP pool. The code I have grabbed off "teh internets" so far reads the sitemap.xml and writes it to a xml file on our server as well as displaying it in the browser. As far as I can tell this is just dumping the entire file in one go? <?php $ver = "Sitemap Parser version 0.2"; echo "<p><strong>". $ver . "</strong></p>"; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, 'http://ourdomain.com/sitemap.xml;jsessionid=1j1agloz5ke7l?id=1j1agloz5ke7l'); [Code].....

Implement Paging On Xml Data? stackoverflow.com

how do i implement paging on xml data which is being called through php. i've been trying various jquery pagination on the xml file with no luck. html/php code reading the xml data: <div id="display"> <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); [Code]....

Xml Gets Error Http Header www.codingforums.com

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this issue in the xml or php forum. Anyway, I create a php code to write an http header in order to create an xml document: $line1 = "<?xml version="1.0"?>"; then I use a form to send the above line to another php page in order to check if it's correct. Code:

ActionScript 3.0 :: Retrieving Post/get Data In Flash? forums.adobe.com

I have a page, written in php that recives and� ID value for Album information stored in an XML file. The XML File contains a links to "Samples": I'm trying to get my flash file to "retrive" the data (the ID value) from the php page (the flash file will be embedded), and make a list of samples that can be played. A sorta of an Audioplayer. I already know how to retrive XML data, but the retrival of the ID value from the PHP is a puzzle for me...

Netcat / Apache Solution To Send Data ? stackoverflow.com

I have this device that sends XML data to a webserver in format as follows POST HTTP/1.1 Content-Type:text/xml Content-Length:369 Followed by XML The problem here is that apache simply sends 400 error for this and does not work.Is there anyway to create netcat to read xml and send to php? Is it better to run php to listen to Port? in that case will multiple requests at the same time work?

PHP Writing forums.devshed.com

Hi, I'm quite new to php. Actually very new. Anyways... my problem is: The text from my form is sent to my php file which in turn opens/writes/closes my xml file. This works great, the only thing that goes wrong is when I write a single or double quote in my text field, php writes ' or " in my xml file. ie: If I write this into my field: <teachers> <teacher name='Bobby Brown' file='bbrown'/> </teachers> PHP writes this into my xml file: <teachers> <teacher name='Bobby Brown' file='bbrown'/> </teachers> Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Dynamic XML Document? www.actionscript.org

I have the following code: ActionScript Code: var flashmo_xml:XML = new XML(); var pic_loader:Loader = new Loader(); [code].... ript create an XML file for the gallery to display. How can I update this to call a PHP script and then read the XML file that the PHP script creates?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Parsing Dynamic XML Sourced From A PHP File www.kirupa.com

I am having trouble parsing XML from a PHP file that essentially spits out XML. [URL] When I copy the exact XML and save it as an XML file, it works?! The error is reading, Error opening URL [URL] Could this have something to do with the PHP file being online and the SWF running locally?

Instead Of A Space When Writing To Screen? stackoverflow.com

I am completely lost with encoding issues, I have no idea what's going on, what the problem is exactly and how to fix it. Basically I'm just trying to read an HTML file from a Zip file, parse it then output pieces to XML. Now something funky is happening with the text I get out of the parser. When parsing the HTML, instead of a space I get á only if I write to the screen. If I keep it in a variable and write to a file it looks fine in the file. However even though it looks right in the XML something is wrong with it, my PHP parser can't parse that XML nor does IE seem to like it. I had to first mb_convert_encoding($xmlcontent, "ASCII"); so I could get that XML to parse in PHP. extract HTML from a .tar.gz file using Perl [code]...

Use MySQL Database To 'Read' 'NEW Config.php?var=NAME' www.phpbuilder.com

I'm going to try to explain this, Hope you can follow. I have a 'Flash Player' that connects using remote links including 'Remote Config File' which uses XML as the configuration. Flash Player works on directly, .XML files. Example: name.xml Then I tested and created a config.php to include the XML File. [code].... Updated the remote code, to connect to the config.php?var=NAME Works Successfully. Now, I'm trying to move away from the XML File and use a MySQL Database to 'Read' the 'NEW config.php?var=NAME' and shows fine from the database. When connecting, to the 'Flash Player' it does NOT want to read it and I'm wondering if it has something to do with the way XML is being outputted, but I've attempted almost everything. This is for a Live Flash Streaming Player (Live Radio Stations) Example: Database Driven XML [URL]....

Dump XML Posts From 'php://input' To File stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to write a parser for a xml postback listener, but can't seem to get it to dump the xml for a sample. The API support guy told me to use 'DOMDocument', maybe 'SimpleXML'? <?php $xml_document = file_get_contents('php://input'); $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->loadXML($xml_document); $doc->save("test2/".time().".sample.xml").".xml"); ?>

Php :: Writing To An XML File In Source Directory Of Flex Project? stackoverflow.com

I am writing to an XML file which is placed in the src directory of my Flex project. But when I run my application, the changes I make to that XML file actually reflects in the copy of that XML file in my [code]Is there a way to reflect those changes to the actual xml file i.e. the one in the src directory?Server Side: PHP.PHP file is in the same src folder. Here is the related snippet of code:[code]

File_get_contents Cannot Read Xml Service? stackoverflow.com

I want to read and parse the xml data from an url.My url is: [URL] I can access xml data from browser.However,when i attempt to read it by using php it doesnt work.It errors like this: Warning: file_get_contents(http://xml.gamebookers.com/sports/bandy.xml): failed to open stream: Connection timed out in

ActionScript 2.0 :: Reading XML Data Generated By PHP In Flash? board.flashkit.com

I have a normal XML file which i chucked together that works fine with the code i have below - this is obviously saved as an xml file as well. What I'm trying to do is generate an XML page using PHP. I have done so, works fine and reads as it should correctly when simply viewing the page in a browser, but when i try and read out the data in flash (loading in a php file instead of an xml file, everything is undefined!! Below is the flash code, which works when the load() link is changed to a straightforward xml file... Code: newsPageContent_txt.html = true; var test_xml = new XML(); test_xml.ignoreWhite = true; [code].... the header at the top of this PHP is generating the page as xml, so it should all be valid.

Save File Output phpbuilder.com

I have a php file that generates an XML file and I want to save the output(XML) into an XML file but when I try to do so, all the source code containing the PHP code is written to the file instead of just the XML that should be generated. Here is my code:

Display A Xml Document Without The Tags? stackoverflow.com

i have file called data_out.xml which contains this xml code: <?xml version="1.0" ?> - <allproperty> - <aproperty> <postcode>ha15rs</postcode> <price>250</price> [code].... i want to write a php script that outputs this data without the tags, im not worried about the formatting, just the output p.s. im using simplexml EDIT: is this wrong or right: <?php $fp = fopen('data_out.xml', 'r'); echo preg_replace('/<[^>]+>/', '', $fp); ?>

Read < Abc: Xyz > Xml Tag? stackoverflow.com

Using my below code i can read <abcxyz> xml tag easily. but how can i read the data between <abc:xyz> </abc:xml> xml tag.my php sample code... $objDOM->load("abc.xml"); $note = $objDOM->getElementsByTagName("note"); [code]...............

Flash :: Filling Playlist With XML Generated From MySQL Via Php? stackoverflow.com

I have an online flash video player fed by a playlist driven by XML. This XML is generated from a mySQL database via 'playlist.php'. The issue I am having is that when I feed the php generated xml into the player, it only reads the top level/hierarchy of xml information into the playlist (i.e. gallery level, when below that is category, and ultimately video). When I copy the output of the php generated xml into a normal xml file (i.e. playlist.xml), the playlist is fed with all of the appropriate information, and is complete. Can you tell me why my flash (as3) video player and playlist will recognise 'playlist.xml' but not 'playlist.php' information?[URL]..A link to the player, which is currently hooked up to 'playlist.php' is at the same address but with theater.html instead of playlist.

Write/delete On Xml File Without DOM? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to write on xml file. but my server have DOM as disabled. so i can't use the DOM function. is there a way to write on xml other then DOM? Files: xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <events> <record> [code]... parser.php: header("Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8"); $record = array( 'event' => $_POST['event'], [code]....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Writing And Modifying XML Files Using Server-Side / Flash Media Server? board.flashkit.com

can you write and modify XML files using server-side Actionscript? I've been going through Adobe's Server-side Actionscript reference, reading up on the File class that lets you modify files on the server, and the server-side XML class that lets you read and 'understand' XML data, but can you put them together and essentially edit XML files on the server?

Web Forms :: How To Populate Treeview Nodes With Data After Binding The Data forums.asp.net

I have a treeview associated with an XML Datasource but the treeview loads only the xml node names whereas i want to assign the values in the xml nodes to the treeview instead of typing <databinding> for each node in the source file. I want to write code which dynamically read the xml nodes and populatethe treeview or is there any property which will read the values also ?

Reading Info From A XML File - VS2010 www.vbforums.com

I have a XML document that im loading in to VS2010 This is the first time iv looked at XML in this sort of way [Code].... What i want to achieve is reading the Information from the XML document and then writing it to my back office (SQL) again this is for my own personal Use, i just want to get use to reading info from a XML file and doing things with the information i recieved from the file.

ActionScript 1/2 :: Flash Doesn't Want To Read Cyrillic From XML? forums.adobe.com

I have everything done to load a text from an XML file in my flash movie, but it shows the text only if it is written in EN i want to type the text in the XML file in Cyrillic but flash doesnt want to read it... I tried to change the Embed Characters of my text field but it still doesn't want to read it. I have added this to my XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> and still the same thing.