OS X Leopard :: Software Update - Can't Find Update Server


Software Update couldn't install two things: iTunes 9.1 and a "security update". When downloading I got a message saying the update server could not be found. I downloaded iTunes manually, but I cannot download the security update. Also, Software Update is now saying nothing needs to be installed. I tried deleting the com.apple.softwareupdate.plist file but that hasn't worked. I also trashed the file and I'm worried now I shouldn't have. Edit: the file I deleted seems to be back in the preference folder... does it just generate a new one after it's deleted?

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So one of the cool things about Froyo is being able to check off Enable Automatic Update for market apps. So i have that checked off for like 80+% of my 80+ apps (that took a while to do let me tell you). Now i have had three apps have updates available since i checked off the box, yet they never actually automatically updated. I waited, hours, still never updated. Is there a setting i need to modify? Do i need to tell it what time of day to do it? Anyone else noticing this? I only really want it in apps that i don't care about reading the new features. But it is annoying that i have it enabled and it does nothing.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Only Updates When You Manually Update It androidforums.com

Timescape has auto updating, but it only updates when you manually go in and update it and even then you have to come out of it and go back in before it updates. I remember with the old builds you can set how often it should update, and how often it should check for new mails, can't seem to find those settings any more.

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Can't see the online contacts in the social phonebook(facebook contacts)!! when i click the online contacts filter in the left hand top corner it shows me no contacts.

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im having an issue with timescape on my homescreen does not update with timescape it can leave an update saying 4minutes ago on my screen but the update be several hours old

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Inside many of my records, I have some HTML - - inside the HTML, I have a particular tag: <code> I'd like to change only that code to: <pre> But I don't want to change any other text inside any records... What sql can I use to do something like this?

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My Code is as follows: <asp:DetailsView ID="DetailsView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateRows="False" DataKeyNames="Id" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" Height="50px" Style="position: static" Width="125px"> <Fields> <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Active" SortExpression="Active"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("Active") %>'></asp:Label> </ItemTemplate> <EditItemTemplate> <asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" Checked='<%# Bind("Active") %>' Style="position: static" />  </EditItemTemplate> <InsertItemTemplate> <asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox2" runat="server" Checked='<%# Bind("Active") %>' Style="position: static" /> </InsertItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> <asp:CommandField ShowInsertButton="True" /> <asp:CommandField ShowEditButton="True" /> </Fields> </asp:DetailsView> <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:NetConnectionString %>" SelectCommand="SELECT [Id], [Active] FROM [HN_RoomMaster]" InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [HN_RoomMaster] ([Active]) VALUES (@Active)" UpdateCommand="UPDATE [HN_RoomMaster] SET [Active] = @Active WHERE [Id] = @original_Id"> <DeleteParameters> <asp:Parameter Name="original_Id" /> </DeleteParameters> <UpdateParameters> <asp:Parameter Name="Active" Type="String" /> <asp:Parameter Name="original_Id" /> </UpdateParameters> <InsertParameters> <asp:Parameter Name="Active" Type="String" /> </InsertParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource> When I click Edit Button the CheckBox gets the value from database and gets ticked.But when I click Update Button, Value ' True ' gets updated to database. But when i try to update the same data the following error message appears near CheckBox: When casting from a number, the value must be number less than infinity.Make sure the source type is convertible to the destination type. I want to update 1 or 2 as value for the field ACTIVE. ie the CheckBox value should be 1 or 2.

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Hows best to update the photo's linked to facebook in contacts? the sync doesnt do this....

Android :: Facebook / Address Book Link And Updates? androidforums.com

When I open my address book and edit a contact and select facebook to link the contact. It updates and uses the picture from facebook. This is a very neat option, my question is when I link a profile from facebook to a contact does this decrease battery life, or can I change some setting so facebook wont update but maybe once a day?

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How can i link up facebook, timescape so that it updates/adds photos to my contacts in phonebook via facebook like you can on the htc hd2?

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i don't know what i did in Terminal a few weeks ago and now i'm having problems. I firts noticed this when trying to update my ipad and iphone to ios5.1 itunes kept showing the message "connecting to the iphone software actualisation server" but it stayed this way for hours. I think i touched something in Terminal i didn't had to.Can anyone tell me how to reput iTunes in to its default settings using Terminal? Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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if it would be possible to update all the links in a workbook at once. For example, say I have a worksheet which is linking to a file named something like 4-6-08 (1) and 4-6-08 (2) and so on with the number in brackets being from 1-21. Now say I have the same thing for 4-7 and 4-8 and 4-9. Now I want to change the links to point to 4-10,11,12,13 instead of 6,7,8, and 9. But still there are 21 copies of each sheet. Is there any way to change all the sources at once so all the 4-6's could become 4-10's and 4-7's to 4-11's?

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I have several Excel files saved on a network drive at work. We run cost studies and have numerous links mixed in with these files. My question is, when we change data in one sheet, it doesn't update the other sheet where we have it linked. When you click on the address for the link you get, (\fileshareN:Raetc...) If I remove the \fileshare and leave it as N: the links update. What am I doing wrong here? It automatically adds this \fileshare piece when I add the link. When I have removed it and close it, the extra information is added and I am back at square one.

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I have a workbook (we'll call it Mainbook)that has links to files on a shared drive (call these subbooks). For some reason, unless the "subbook" files are open, my links in "Mainbook" will not update.

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I have a Vlookup in a shared workbook looking in another shared workbook for the data I want. I open the file and click "Update Links" but I then get the following message box: "This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated. -To change the source of links, or attempt to update values again, click Edit Links. -To open the workbook as is, click Continue. I know this message is trying to tell me it can't find my links, but the path/workbook/ sheet are correct and the numbers are getting updated. I'm worried the message will deter the other users of this workbook from allowing the use of the vlookup.

Sony :: Windows 7 Intel 965 Chipset WDDM 1.1 Driver Update forum.notebookreview.com

Windows Update showed a new update to the graphics driver for the 965 which applies to my SZ and whatever other model uses the 965. It seems to have fixed the "glitchy" aero border.

Dell :: E6400 -- Any Benefit To Updating Intel Display Adapter Driver forum.notebookreview.com

The latest version of the Intel Intel Display Adapter Driver available on the Dell website is dated 08/25/2008.. The Intel website shows Version dated 01/21/2009 is available.. Has anyone updated their E6400 to this new driver? Does anyone know of any specific benefits or problems with this new driver?..

Update Rows From MSSQL To MySQL www.dbforums.com

Is there any way where I can add the MySQL Server as a Linked server to MS SQL server? Is there any way where I can update a table in MySQL server based because a row was updated in MS SQL server using a trigger? Thanks, Amit

Update A Query Table From A Command Button www.vbcity.com

i need that a spreadsheet from the active control menu in front page shows a query from my access database. I can do this already but I need it to refresh everytime a person enters the page. I believe I need a button with a module in it that would refresh the database once pressed. I just don't know how to go about it. Any input?

HTC Incredible :: Contacts Facebook Photo Won't Update androidforums.com

Some of my contacts photos update, some never do, some do it randomly. Yes I sync, I update through the contact, I've tried everything I can think of. Whats the trick here? Yes they are all linked because they have pictures but some have pictures from 5 months ago!

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I have 2 problems. 1st, when I want to update multiple values, I tried: $sqlRequest = "UPDATE gvntools_msg SET title = '$title' AND body='$body' AND videoID='$videoID' WHERE username = '$username'"; What would be a correct syntax? Because it wont save the results. Also, I wanna store a private message in database. As its plain text I decided to go simply with VARCHAR(1000). Saves fine, but I have a problem getting it inside textarea. Messagebr /><textarea name="body" cols="40" rows="10" maxlength="1000" value="$body">

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When ever user comment and clicks add, i need to open an HTML file from a directory(i need to open an existing file which i know), i need to locate a string </head> and i need to put the value of the text field there like this:Comment is the name of the text field the user has to enter into to enter the text into the file!! <meta name="comment" content="value in the text field ie ($_REQUEST['comment']"> now i have this if($_REQUEST['comment']) { [code].......

HTC Hero :: People - Contacts - Pictures In My People Update With Facebook androidforums.com

I have all of my contacts linked to their respective facebook accounts, but the pictures that show up when I go to my People never update with the facebook pictures, they have stayed the same since the day I linked the two regardless of how many times the person has changed their default picture since then. Is there any way for me to change this so the pictures in my People update with facebook? Since they are linked I assume they should be able to do this.

Using Boolean 'and' To Update A Table Based On Values In A Link Table www.access-programmers.co.uk

The attached Access XP file demonstrates my problem. I've included a form to make testing easier. Each record in the Projects table has one or more linked entries in the Keywordlink table, showing keywords that apply to that record. Each record in Projects has a Yes/No 'Utility' field. A third table, Keywords, supplies the keywords that the user can apply to records in Projects, using the subform on the main form. The Keywords table also includes a True/False 'Utility' field. I have set this to True for for the first three keywords. I need a query, a series of queries or some VB code that updates Projects_Utility for all records to True if and only if the record's linked entries in Keywordlink include all of the keywords for which Keywords_Utility is True (a boolean 'and', as opposed to an 'or'). Otherwise, Projects_Utility must be set to False. In the attached file, with the current settings in the Keyword table, the 'GetSelectedProjects' query should then produce single-row listings for ClientA and ClientF. I'd appreciate any help you can give me on this. I'm not a programmer, but I can manage a bit of VB code if I have to.

Mysql Lock Concurrent Read Or Update Of Row? stackoverflow.com

I have table, and many(too many)requests for selecting from it a single row.After selecting a row, the script run update query to set a flag that is that row had been "selected".But as we have too many requests per time, in period between one thread select a row, and update its flag, another thread have time to select the same row.Select query get one row from the table, ordering it by some field and using LIMIT 0, 1.I need that DB just skip the row, that had been selected before.The engine is InnoDB.

Allow Users / Administrators To Update Content Management Themselves stackoverflow.com

Is there an option besides Drupal or Wordpress to use to allow the user or administrators of a site to update and manage content on the site themselves? Is it possible to use Drupal or Wordpress for a particular section of the site that I want to allow the above mentioned but not the rest of the site. Basically I am just looking into options to be able to make the site from scratch: without having to make it a drupal or wordpress template without having to handbuild the content management system

Perl Read File - Refresh When File Updated stackoverflow.com

I've looked all over for how to do this, and I've seen it done in WHM with Jquery and PHP, but how can I have a PHP or Perl script read a log file (logfile.log for example) on a webpage, and refresh as the log file is updated (while staying to the bottom of the log file)?

HTC :: Desire Doesn't Update Facebook Picture In Contacts androidforums.com

I found it annoying that when in my Contacts my friends facebook pictures dont update. Under, Menu/Settings/(Account and synch) I got facebook to refresh every 1 hour. The facebook headlines from my friends do show up, but their pictures stay the same nomatter what. How do I update the contacts pictures automatically?

Motorola Droid X :: Facebook Friends Contacts Profile Pics No Longer Update androidforums.com

Sync my pix apk sucks. removed some bloat ware using titbck up. I backed all apps b4 removing. But titbck up won't let me restore them. They have a strike through line on them. I need the social networking.apk and motoblur contacts sync apk. Can somebody up loaf or let me know how to restore them. I'm thinking about sbf'or will a factory data reset be ok?

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Not Updating My Friends Profile Pictures androidforums.com

I have the favorite widgets and I'm using my friends FaceBook as there profile picture. Only problem is, it wont update there pic, it's going on days now since they've change there pic and it wont update. I have unsync FB, resync and its update only that time, but it wont do it automatically.

HTC Incredible :: How To Update Facebook Contact Pictures? androidforums.com

I'm not sure if anyone has already figured this out but I just did it by accident a few minutes ago. If your facebook contact has changed their picture and you want to update it on your phone, go to People > Online Directory > Facebook > Click refresh. It updates everyones pictures so it may take a while if you have a lot of contacts.

Android :: Facebook Friends We Cant Delete - But Dont Want Updates androidforums.com

There are certain facebook friends that you could give a sh** about their senseless status updates and photo updates every five seconds. Right? Like friends girlfriends, chicks you hooked up with years ago, etc, that if you delete they will talk a bunch of trash about. So, my issue is: is there a way to have android ger updates from facebook and give notifications, but disable updating certain friends? or vice versa, choose a list of friends to update only. i have a Verizon Droid eris, stock 1.5 with Sense UI

Motorola Droid :: Contact Will Not Update From Facebook androidforums.com

When i first got the phone, i opened up facebook. It updated my contacts with everything on there. Then i went to text my friend and accidentally deleted her from my contact list. I put her number back in but it won't update from facebook or show up when i want to text her. Can someone help me out?

HTC Hero :: Disable Auto-update Of Contact Picture From Facebook androidforums.com

I have synched a lot of my contacts with their Facebook accounts, but for a couple of them I have chosen custom pictures to appear in the phonebook. Whenever I connect to the Internet, the custom pics gets replaced by their current Facebook profile pictures. Is there any way to disable this without completely removing the Facebook synch?

Motorola Droid :: Anyway To Update Contact's Photos That Sync With Facebook androidforums.com

So when you enter a new contact, if you have your facebook account synced, it will automatically put the contact's picture in there for you...BUT when someone updates their picture (as I know some have) it does not seem to update under my contacts. How do I fix this?

HTC Desire :: Contact Facebook Photos Not Updating androidforums.com

After having linked all my contacts with their facebook profiles. their profile pics came up on their contact info. HOWEVER now they do not update. for e.g when they update their profile pic on facebook. my desire wont update it to their contact info on my desire. i have syncing automatically and manually through settings...but no luck. what am i doing wrong?

HTC Desire :: How To Get Facebook To Update? androidforums.com

Could be simple, but how do I get Facebook to update more often? At present, on my main pc, I can have pages of messages etc yet on the phone, the last comment could have been made 2 days beforehand. Occasionally it updates at some unknown point.

HTC Desire :: Facebook Version After Froyo Update TMobile androidforums.com

Finally updated to Froyo last night and see that the facebook version is still 1.2, whereas the current version on the market is 1.3.2. Assume this is in the T-Mobile rom, but is there any way to uninstall it? Or if I install the current version will it go over the top (or will I end up with two versions?)

Sprint HTC Hero :: Way To Have Weather Auto-update But Not Google Contacts androidforums.com

If you go to menu > settings > accounts & sync, there is a checkbox for Auto-sync. This seems like the only way to have the weather on the flipclock widget auto update. However, I do NOT want Google contacts to be auto-updated... I dont use Google contacts, all my contacts are Phone contacts, and I want to keep it that way. Is there a solution?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape - Sync For Updates With Facebook androidforums.com

Is anyone else having an issue with facebook within timescape? When it tries to sync for updates with facebook an error pops up in the notification bar and says "could not update from facebook server unavailable" The interesting thing is it actually does still update the timescape and can still post updates to FB Tried a factory reset of my phone and the issue is still there

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Xperia X10 Timescape Updates Of Callog And Email talk.sonyericsson.com

I have noticed a probable gltich in the timescape, excuse me if I had mistaken. I see that all my accounts(face book,Twitter, SMS) are updated correctly but I don't find the call log and my email view of timescape correctly updated. Please help out to get this corrected. PS I am using the 1.6 version of Android. 

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Facebook On Timescape Not Updating talk.sonyericsson.com

I have hundreds of friends on facebook so when I got this phone, i was expecting tonnes of updates on Timescape. All I'm getting are small notification such as someone uploading one picture to their profile. I don't see any status updates at all. 

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Updating Facebook In Timescape talk.sonyericsson.com

I have a peculiar problem with updates for Facebook in Timescape.If I enter Facebook directly all updates are shown fine. However, there have been no updates to facebook posts in Timescape for 2 days - setting is set to update per hour. If I click through one of the old posts in timescape it shows me a Facebook login screen - but whenever I type in my Facebook login it flicks back the emailaddress/phone number to show my phone number rather than my username!?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Facebook Option Gone From Timescape App After Update talk.sonyericsson.com

After updating my phone to version 1.1.A.0.13, i came up with 2 issues:  1) The facebook refresh button, along with the facebook option were gone from timescape app!. I mean that in options, only twitter would appear for account adding!. Yet my older facebook feeds still appear, but as i said no refresh button is available now, so that i could get new ones! 2) Almost none call metering app works anymore! I used to use Call meter NG, but after updating it says that some error happened and it turns up with questionmarks instead of numbers were the call & sms counters were. And no other relative apps seems to work also. 

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape - Not Update From Facebook - Connect To Internet talk.sonyericsson.com

Timescape used to work fine but now everytime I try to update  facebook it with "Could not update from Facebook - could not  connect to the internet." I've seen discussed on other forums about the notification displaying even thouh the update was successful - in ny case it actually does fail. My phone's internet settings are unlikely to be the problem as i have had no difficulty watching HD streaming video connecting through Optus Australia 3G.  I've tried signing out of the facebook ap and also signing out from facebook in the browser just in case facbook was denying the connection - this did not fix it. I've tried deleting the timescape facebook service account and adding it again - didn't fix. I have also gone into Manage Applicatons and hit 'Clear data'  for timescape - also didn't fix. 

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Widget Not Updating? androidforums.com

My Timescape widget is not updating and still shows an SMS I received almost a week ago as the most recent message with caption "2 hours ago". I have changed my facebook updates to "Update automatically = never" and not included in the main spline, but have SMS and emails regularly appearing which is what I want to see in the widget. Anyone else got similar issue, or even better anyone 'had' similar issue and found a fix they'd like to share? At the moment it's a big waste of screen space.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Email Not Syncing - Updated After Reboot androidforums.com

Has anyone experienced Timescape emails not syncing? My facebook and twitter feeds update properly, but the emails don't update unless I reboot. The emails will initially update after reboot, but won't update again until the next reboot. I've gone into "Email" and set my "Email check frequency" to every 5 minutes, but this does not seem to have any effect on Timescape.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: 2.1 Updates For US? androidforums.com

I am in seattle, washington. when i tried to update OTA, it says i have the latest version 1.6 has anyone in the west coast, united states, tried updating yet?

HTC Droid Eris :: Linked Facebook Contacts - Updated Pictures androidforums.com

For contacts that I have linked to their respective Facebook accounts, I had the phone import their Facebook default picture to use as their contact card photo. However, once they change their default picture on Facebook, my phone never gets updated. It remains the initial picture that was imported, even if I go to the contact and tell it to update (which then gives me the option to use Birthday and Photo). The photo never gets updated though. But... If I remove the Facebook link from that contact, and then link it again, their new Facebook picture shows up. So my question... Is there any way this can be done automatically, without me having to do it this way? I'd like my contact photos to be updated automatically whenever they are changed (or at least have a set interval to check, like maybe once a day or so).

HTC Desire :: Google Contacts' Birthdays Calendar Doesn't Update androidforums.com

I added the birthday to a contact the other day but it didn't appear in my calendar on the phone, even though I have the Google 'Contacts' birthdays and events' enabled and it has worked fine in the past. To cut a long story short when I add a birthday a new entry is created in the Google calendar but it doesn't appear on the phone even after multiple syncs. The only way to get it to appear (or to get the test ones I tried, to disappear) was to remove the calendar from the phone and then add it again (Calendars>Menu>Remove----Menu>Add).

HTC Desire : Contacts Profile Pics - Not Updating androidforums.com

I have my contacts linked to there face book profiles but there profile pictures are not updating? any one know how to get it to update so i always have the current profile pic on my desire?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Syncing With Google - Contacts Not Updated androidforums.com

When I add a google contact through the phone, it does not updates my contacts with google. Exactly the opposite when I add a contact to google. Is this whats supposed to happen?

HTC Hero :: How To Update Google Account Info? androidforums.com

When I initally got my HTC Hero, I created a google account using my gmail address.In the meantime I have changed my gmail address and now I don't know how to change it on the phone.Therefor it keeps asking me to log-on, but to the wrong e-mail address.Please, help me to change my Google account so I can refer to my new gmail address and hence start receiving e-mails on my phone again?

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Contacts Update? androidforums.com

Ok im trying to link my contacts to their facebook accounts if they have one. I tried linking someone today and they are not in my facebook list. It seems the list has not been updated since i got the phone cuz none of my newer friends are on there and all their profile pics are old. How can i update this?

HTC Hero :: Updating Contacts With Facebook Info androidforums.com

Is there a way to automatically sync facebook friends and info with your facebook friends? The only way i know right now is to go to each contact and link there info through the friends list from facebook. this hs to be done one by one and would take hours. can it be done automatically?

HTC Droid Eris :: Transfer Phone Contacts To Gmail Account After Update androidforums.com

I have a Droid Eris. I have sent my contacts from my phone to my gmail account before. After the Android update I can not send the contacts from my phone to my gmail account. How can I send my phone contacts to my gmail account?

Update Queries In VB? www.dreamincode.net

i have a form which once the user has entered their correct Account No they will access the jobs relating to their number. I now need to use and update query so that once I select yes in the Query handled box, after clicking the update button, this row will then be deleted from the table. Here is the code that I have so far: Public Class Form1 Private Sub Label1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Label1.Click End Sub [code]....

Professional :: 10.1 Debugger Projector Updates forums.adobe.com

I just downloaded the Release and Debugger updates for the Mac CS5 Flash. However, the zip files only contained the Mac projector. Wouldn't I need to update the Windows EXE projectors as well? When I publish dual platform projectors I would like both to be up to date. How do I update the Windows EXE projectors on my CS5 Flash installation on my Mac?

Forms Data Controls :: Listview Not Updating Products And Not Turning Back To Itemtemplate forums.asp.net

I have a listview showing the data, and that i will use to Show, Edit, Delete, and Insert data. I added a ASP.NET Ajax HTML Editor to the EditItem Template. I click on EDIT button and it turns into the EditItem Template, i modify the data and when i click UPDATE it does nothing. Neither updating data or turning back to ItemTemplate. Here is its code: [Code].... And the Code behind: [Code]....

ActionScript 2.0 :: Load Twitter 'update' Into Flash board.flashkit.com

I'm trying to pull a Twitter text based update in to Flash using actionscript 2.0 I have php pull the twitter like so and php works just fine: Code: <?php require_once( './my_twitter.php' ); $twitter = new MyTwitter('xxxx', 'xxxxxx'); [Code].....

Update Password But After That When Click On Any Other Link It Shows Required Fie bytes.com

I update password, but after that when i click on any other link it shows required fie... [code]....

Conditionally Trigger A Full Page Postback From A Link Button Inside Update Panel stackoverflow.com

How do I conditionally trigger a full page postback from a link button inside of an update panel? I have a custom control that contains its own updatepanel with a link button nested inside of it. When the link button is pressed I want its event handler to have the option of either letting the control update as normal or doing a full postback on the page. Here is the control hierarchy: Page Custom Control UpdatePanel LinkButton Event handler Pseudo code: LinkButton Click Handler Begin If is a partial post back AND a full postback is needed Page.DoFullPostback End If End Handler Note: I aways need the partial postback to happen. I was considering injecting a __DoPostback in the controls markup but this seems hacky to me.

Forms Data Controls :: Use Manual Insert & Update With FormView (master/detail) forums.asp.net

I have a master/detail page using gridView and  formView attached to a pair of entityDataSources.  The automagic insert and updates quit working after making heavy customizations to the form (replacing ID numbers with persons' name, etc).  The automatic CRUD throws errors on insert and silently fails on edits, but delete works fine (woot!!!). After two fruitless months of trying to get the automatic insert and update to work, I wrote my own code to replace them.  This has caused a new problem: The records are inserting correctly (haven't made it to the updates yet) but the automatic is still firing and throwing an error.  I've tried turning the automatic inserts and updates off - the insert still fires, but an exception is thrown that the form doesn't support inserting records. I can post code but I don't know whats relevant. The two files are in the neighborhood of 220 lines each. Basic structure is gridView formview tied to gridview formview fires OnDataBound (code replaces numbers with human readable stuff) formview fires OnItemInserting (fires custom code to assemble new record and save to the database outside the entityDataSource) formview fires OnItemUpdating (when completed, will update records similar to OnItemInserting) entityDatasource for gridview autogenerate where clause turned on Enable Insert, Delete & Update turned on entityDatSource for formview

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Lang-ASP.NET C# Database-SQL SERVER 2005 [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2sa1iza.jpg[/IMG] my code [Code].... Database Structure Author_name-Varchar(20) Book_name -varchar(20) date_of_issue-datetime sno-auto identity

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I m trying to edit in gridview. Also i m using footer of gridview to insert data. [Code].... My sqldatasource code for editing

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How to update a colums value of a Row in a gridview on Row Command Event Handler. I am using a SQL Datasource. [Code]....

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i can update the first item in the dropdownlist only which called(Flipper) and its image in the gridview,but i cant update the others(River,OK) productsi have two pages,one is display all the product and edit link(hyperlinkfield),when i click on the edit link,it transfers me to theupdate product page(The problem is in this page)AddEditProduct page [Code].... UpdateProduct page [Code].... updateproduct.cs [Code]....

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I have 3 textboxes and one gridview. When i click on Edit button the entire will store data will store into particular textboxes. How to do it?

Forms Data Controls :: Update SQL From Gridview? forums.asp.net

I have a piece of SQL that is run when a row is selected for update within a gridview.I want to return a string value from the query.Can this be done from a Gridview SQL Sproc?

Forms Data Controls :: GridView Won't Update? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that retrieves just fine. I can add rows and that works. I have a stored procedure hooked to the datasource and the sproc will update the database when executed in the SQL studio. It lets me add the update command to the grid and when I click Edit the row changes to edit mode. I change values and press update and it changes back to read mode but no update has occurred.  I put a break inGridView1_RowUpdating and the new values are all captured in the e.NewValues element in the debugger, but it doesnt make the change. I am trying to let the aspx do the update; I would normally just write code to do this but if this would work it would save me time. Sesides I've messed with it all night now and it should work, far as I can tell!

How To Update Particular Column Values Of Gridview On Specific Dates Using Vb.net stackoverflow.com

I have column in database ID From To s1from s2to s2price fare 1 Delhi Manali 17-Dec-2010 19-Dec-2010 $900 $600 2 USA Canada 18-Dec-2010 20-Dec-2010 $500 $800 3 Newyork salinas 19-Dec-2010 22-Dec-2010 $760 $1000 I want when any user search For: Delhi to Manali on between 17-Dec-2010 to 19-Dec-2010 then the price would be automatically changes to $900 in gridview else the default price wold be displayed in fare is $600 if he search for DelHi to Manali after 19-Dec-2010. I m confused how to implement this logic ... using vb.net ...

Databases :: Edit / Update Command Does Nothing / Exception Handling? forums.asp.net

I am  currently attempting to create a simple edit/admin page which will allow some users to add or edit records in a MySQL data table. Creating new records works fine ... Insert Query and Parameters are right there in the ASP code. But Editing/Updating does nothing ... and frustratingly enough, I am having trouble finding a way to programmatically display what might be causing the trouble. Here is the pertinent ASP code: [Code].... This data source is bound to a DetailView control further up the page. The OID field is the table's primary key, and it auto-increments. Obviously the user doesn't input the OID field ... could this be part of the problem, and if so, is there a way to hardcode the page so the record number displayed in the DetailView is automatically passed into the UPDATE query? Or, is there a more elegant solution? In any case, I currently have a Label control displaying my command query and parameter values ... It only shows those parameters displayed in the DetailView.    [Code]....

Outputcache - Dynamically Update Dependencies? stackoverflow.com

I have an ASP.NET application which requires output caching. I need to invalidate the cached items when the data returned from a web service changes, so a simple duration is not good enough. I have been doing a bit of reading about cache dependencies and think I have the right idea. It looks like I will need to create a cache dependency to my web service.To associate the page output with this dependency I think I should use the following method: Response.AddCacheItemDependency(cacheKey); The thing I am struggling with is what I should add to the cache? The dependency my page has is to a single value returned by the web service. My current thinking is that I should create a Custom Cache Dependency via subclassing CacheDependency, and store the current value in the cache. I can then use Response.AddCacheItemDependency to form the dependency. I can then periodically check the value and for a NotifyDependencyChange in order to invalidate my cached HTTP response.The problem is, I need to ensure that the cache is flushed immediately, so a periodic check is not good enough. How can I ensure that my dependant object in the cache which represents the value returned by the web service is re-evaluated before the HTTP response is fetched from the cache?

Update Message To The Data In The TextBoxes Of WebForm bytes.com

I am trying to make a simple form that is positioned within a contentHolder. The "CommitChange" Function should do a simple action - update a message to the data in the textBoxes in the form. However, though I change the text through input (writing in the textBox txtEmail [URL] for instance), the values stay the same as they were when the page loaded. Why Does the page not update the values in the textBoxes? Here is the function: protected void CommitChange(object sender, EventArgs e) {   ContactMessage messageToUpdate = new ContactMessage( idToEdit,txtName.Text,txtEmail.Text,txtPhone.Text,txtMsg.Text,DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString(), int.Parse(DdlStatus.SelectedValue),int.Parse(DdlSubject.SelectedValue),txtAddress.Text,txtCity.Text, txtMobile.Text,txtInnerText.Text); BLLContactMessage.updateMessage(messageToUpdate); lblOutput.Text = "Message Updated"; lblOutput.Visible = true; }

Update Nullable Column In Db To Null? forums.asp.net

Can anyone reliably get the EDS to save a nullable column to the databse as a "null" when bound to any of the controls such as "FormView"?I have tried using several different UpdateParameters (Session, ControlParamater, Parameter,  etc). I have tried setting "ConvertEmptyStringToNull" to true and leaving the property off entirely. Nothing works. On my "Inserts" it works fine.(I have made sure the column is set to nullable = true in the Entity Designer.....)

Update Qty Column In A Session Datatable? forums.asp.net

I have a Datatable store in the Session. This Datatable has a column call Qty. I have one button on the page that will update the Qty.  How can I update my DataTable Qty column? [Code]....

AJAX :: Updates On User Control Not Available On Housing Page forums.asp.net

I have a user control that I am explicitely calling from an aspx page. In page_load of hte aspx page I have the following, myControl = (DynamicTable)Page.LoadControl("../inc/DynamicTable.ascx"); Then in my code where I want it to execute the control, I have this pnlESDDEnrolled.Controls.Add(myControl); where pnlESDDEnrolled is the panel I am loading it into for display. So, I execute the aspx page, it links off to the user control, populates the control, returns back to the aspx page and the page dispalys with the user control in the middle of it. All is well. The problem comes in when updates are made on the user control. Keep in mind, that other data is updated on the page as well, and the update button resides on the page, not the control. Anyway, when the update button is pushed, the button_click event is fired on the page, but the updates that I made on the user control are lost. Since the page loaded the user control and then the usercontrol executed the page unload method, the page has no knowledge of the user control anymore. Thus, when the update button on the page is pushed, I guess I am not really sure what happens with the updated data on the user control. All's I know, it is lost.

AJAX :: RegisterStartupScript No Longer Working For Partial Updates forums.asp.net

In previous release, I used RegisterStartupScript method to run JavaScript when UpdatePanel would finish updating.  That would work for both Partial and Full-page updates.  With BETA 1 - javascript doesn't execute  for partial updates. Is there a new model for triggering javascript when UpdatePanel returns new content? I am really thinking of going back to last CTP before any new surprises come up. 

Ajax - Long Process And Sending Updates To Browser stackoverflow.com

I've asked this before but I was hoping for another answer and perhaps some code samples because I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an asp.net page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

Web Forms :: Web Page That Allows Multiple Database Row Updates forums.asp.net

We currently have a page with a listview control that has textboxes and an update button for each row. Users are able to update the database one row at a time.This is problematic in countries where the internet connections are very slow because a round trip is needed for each row update and this can become impossible to use.We need to create a page which allows multiple row updates so that each round trip is more productive.  There woudl be just one update button on each page and users could enter values into each row.  Clicking the update button would update each changed row of the database.We currently use linq 2 sql.  I would imagine that we could still use this in the above scenario??? Or is there a better data connection methode to use in this scenario.

ADO.NET :: Linq Insert/update Exception? forums.asp.net

I am using Linq-To-Sql to add people to a one-to-one table. Sometimes I get a error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint" when the person is already added. Can anyone give me instruction on how to handel the exception. [Code]....

AJAX :: Modal Popup During DataGrid Update? forums.asp.net

trying to achieve the following 1) When a user click a button 2) Display modalpopup which preevent user from any interaction with the rest of controls in page 3) In the page a data grid displays with current task completed 4) once all task completed, close the modal dialog Ok i have put all the controls within the update panel, the modalpopup is working fine, but when i use a timer to datagrid databind, it closes the modal popup. I tried to use modalpopup.Show() within the Tick event of timer but it started displaying one modalpupwindow for each tick.

Forms Data Controls :: Update Gridview Cell Width When Text Is Multi-lined forums.asp.net

I have a gridview which is being populated with some datatable, currently one of the column can have multiline text, the issue is whenever the text is huge, the formatting of grid gets distorted, all the cells in the grid get expanded to accomodate the text. However I would like only a single cell or may be single row which has huge text to expand whereas all the other rows should remain with the initial "HEIGHT" only..

Update SQL Database Using Checkbox In Datagrid? www.vbforums.com

i have a datagrid in which i display a list of complaints lodged by some people. the fields displayed include Call Status, Call RefNo , Details Etc.. i have added a checkbox. the admin should be able to check complaints that he has read and then click on "Mark as read" and then the status of the complaint should change to "Pending" from "New" or from 0 to 1. [code]....

DataSource Controls :: LINQ: Updating Nullable Datetime Field Automatically forums.asp.net

I use LINQ to SQL and Dynamic Data controls. I have created a partial class that represents a table in my database. The table has three datetime fields (among some other fields that are not relevant in this matter): MyDate, MyDateSet and LastModified. MyDate and MyDateSet are nullable while LastModified is not nullable. MyDate is to be updated by the user while MyDateSet and LastModified are to be updated behind the scenes. The partial class looks like this: public partial class MyTable     {         partial void OnCreated()[code].... When an instance of the class is updated in any field through Dynamic Data, LastModified is set to the current time, and this works fine (this is done in the first if-statement). Recently I have added MyDateSet (again, nullable) to the table and I want this to be set to the current time if MyDate is updated. This is what I try to do in the second if-statement, but it is not working . If I try to update MyDate of an instance, the MyDate field is updated correctly on the database, but MyDateSet is not set to the current time. I've tried running SQL profiler, and it seems that the update-statement is UPDATE MyTable SET MyDate = 'some date' AND LastModified = 'current time' where it should have been UPDATE MyTable SET MyDate = 'some date' AND LastModified = 'current time' AND MyDateSet = 'current time' How come it's not working with MyDateSet when it's working with LastModified? Could it be the fact that MyDateSet is nullable while LastModified is not? If so, how do I fix it?

Web Forms :: Update Database Data After Particular Interval? forums.asp.net

we have to upgrade a database  application. In the previous application the transaction is updated 2 days later into the database. Now we have to update that instantly when the transaction happens. How this is possible. I want to know why the database update too late

Forms Data Controls :: DataTable To Update Database? forums.asp.net

DataTable to update database? tbl.Columns.Add("COL1");

Forms Data Controls :: Database Won't Update Correctly? forums.asp.net

Sometimes the database clears everything and keeps the original status record.I don't know why this won't update, [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Update Textbox Value Within A Datalist forums.asp.net

I am having a datalist which will display the user selected information like the item name, color, front message, back message and the quantity. The quantity is displayed in the text box so that the user can modify the quantity.   I need to update the quantity within the datalist.

Forms Data Controls :: How To NOT Update Binary Column In DetailsView forums.asp.net

I am having the user select an image to upload to the SQL Server DB via a binary field. Works fine IF the user always selects an image in the file upload control. If they don't, then since the sqldatasource update command has the binary field hard-coded, it is going to try to overwrite the binary data with empty string or something resulting in a "cannot implicitly convert nvarchar to varbinary(MAX)".So when the fileupload control is empty, and since I am not binding this binary column in the DetailsView, how do I essentially do this: e.NewValues = e.OldValues in the ItemUpdating event? As it stands, e.OldValues is always Nothing.(Side Note: I am a little confused on how the DetailsView loads items into the e.OldValues collection. How does it determine exactly which items it contains? i.e. in my example below, it doesn't contain PictureData, but why? The Template fields only have the Header Text and Sort Expression values defined. I would expect there to be an ID property that gets set and then that is the value that becomes an item in e.OldValues...) Here is my markup: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Update Data Within Datalist? forums.asp.net

I have a datalist that is populated via a database. I would like to enable the user to update a single field. I have followed the msdn tutorial for updating data within a datalist .. this is working marginally - when I click on 'edit' the datalist disappears, then when i search for the same entry again, the datalist becomes the editable version - [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Not Updating Database From DataList forums.asp.net

I have a DataList that on Update calls a function "DataList1_UpdateCommand" to update the data OnUpdateCommand="DataList1_UpdateCommand" It does not actually update the new value typed in. I placed a debug on the line below, but the text in the "FieldBalance" displays the original value and not the updated value, but the web pages does display what I typed in and not the original. Dim FieldBalance As TextBox = CType(e.Item.FindControl("txtBalance"), TextBox) Below is the DataList code and the DataList1_UpdateCommand sub [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Update Information Via Txt Control? forums.asp.net

On the form I have txtFirstName txtLastName txtAddress The GridView is a command "Edit" But I do not want the information update within a GridView. If  click on the "Edit", the data can only change update within the GridView. I wish to correct information in the control txtFirstName, txtLastName, txtAddress when I click "Edit".

Updating Dropdown Datasource From JQuery? stackoverflow.com

I want to update my dropdown list datasource (get the values from the database again) but i want to do that from jQuery, there i insert/update/delete records from that same database table.This is my dropdown list <asp:DropDownList ID="ddl" runat="server" AppendDataBoundItems="True" DataSourceID="ShortCodeDataSource" [code]...

SetInterval Of Function - Called From Function - Display And Update www.codingforums.com

I'm trying to make a time script for an app I'm making (this is not an HTML document; it's a .js file to be used with Titanium) however I'm having trouble getting the function to display and update. function updateClock() { setInterval ( 'kiTime()', 1000 ); } function kiTime () { //Get current date and time [Code]... If I use kiTime() under the text field I will get the current time (or at least the time the app was opened), however if I call updateClock() it's blank.

UPDATE On An Array Resultset? forums.devshed.com

i have a small issue on a site that i maintain, basically its a costing report for a given user between two dates, it seemed to be working fine, but we have just noticed somethin weired: we put our start and end dates in and we get the correct results back with textboxes to amend the $value if we need to, the problem comes when we submit any changes, and the code does its stuff. history.value has a default of 3.10 $value properties are: Quote: value | decimal(3,2) | No | 3.10 Heres the page code: $sql="SELECT * FROM history, property WHERE history.property_id = property.property_id AND history.user_id = '$client' AND history.updated >= '$start' AND history.updated <= '$end'"; $result=mysql_query($sql); [Code]... As you can see its putting in the default, but spread over the first four UPDATES then updating the remaining $value's as blanks. im assuming the array is messed up, but i cannot work out why.

Update Database Program www.webmasterworld.com

i need to design a small program that runs on computers and every few seconds sends a packet to a server, which tells the server information, such as the computer's IP or the time of the day etc. I also need to design a program on the server's side that knows how to accept this information and communicate that information with a PHP file or inserts the information into a mysql database. E.g. let's say someone isn't at home and wants to check the amount of hd space they have on their computer at home. Since their own computer continually updates the server with information, the person can just log onto the server to check this. I would relaly appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do this, and which programming language should i use to create the server and client programs? Would it be c++?

Problems Getting Hit Counter To Wait One Hour Before Updating/logging Last Ip phpbuilder.com

Im trying to make a hit counter that logs ip,browser, date and time. It works ok, except that I would like it to wait logging hits from last IP for one hour. How do I modify my script to do this ? Code:

Updating Item Numbers (or IDs) bytes.com

After a while of deleting records in a MySQL db, there gets to be the gaps in the id numbering system. i.e. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, and so on. Is there a way to renumber the id system in a table for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc without manually going in and changing those numbers?

While Loop Not Updating Mysql Query? stackoverflow.com

Writing querys to mysql, so it is a newbie mistake, but can't figure it out.Here is the code(with lots of echos so I can show my output). Code:while($row = mysql_fetch_array($tempresult, MYSQL_ASSOC)){ $tempStartDate = $StartDate; $tempEventID = $row['EventID']; $tempDaysFromEvent = $row['DaysFromEvent']; [code]... The output looks correct it to look in the db.the issue is because $tempStartDate is a string?It is a datetime in mysql.

Jquery :: Drag And Drop - Update Table Content While Dragging The Element stackoverflow.com

my question is can we update the table content while dragging/resizing the div.The content is the position and size of the div that is dragged or re-sized