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OS X Leopard :: Mail Will Not Allow Attachments?

I can't get Mail 3.6 to accept attachments. I've tried dragging and selecting them and it won't go into the body of the message Information: 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail Missing On Mac - Visible On IPad / IPhone And ICloud
I have emails that show up on my iPad, iPhone and are visible when I log into iCloud but are not being shown on my Mac (Lion 10.7.4). I have checked my Junk mail and Trash and the messages are not there. I do not use Mail rules. I have restarted the Mail app and I've rebooted the Mac without any change. How to "re-sync" Mac Mail to iCloud or fix this issue?

Php - Jquery Method Is Not Allowed
How can allow this page to run on IIS server...It does not work on localhost..... it works when I open it directly... It gives the error "it is not allowed...! The working Example..! I want this.. "" the Erorr: <html> <head> <script src="jquery.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script> <script src="jquery.xml2json.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script> <script> function sayHello(msg) { alert(msg); } function dcSetRate(obj,value){ document.getElementById(obj).value = value.toFixed(4); } function dcSet(obj,value){ document.getElementById(obj).value = value; }......

Adjusting PDF Restrictions To Not Allow Printing, Copying?
I have a user uploading a PDF to my server, is it possible to adjust the PDF restrictions via PHP to not allow printing, copying, etc?

Separate Mail Server- Deliver Mail To Hotmail
i'm thinking about building a separate mail server away from my cpanel/whm machine. that mail server will be located on a different IP address with "clean" record so that business email won't get deleted my strict rules of hotmail. can you please tell me, generally, about this "buidling separate mail server", i.e. what MTA, software, web-mail software, will it be worth? ,etc. Pointing me in the right direction will allow me to complete the project in the shortest time.

Mail Notification Mail Body With Html Format
how to add a html format in mail body message. here's my code: MailMessage msg = new MailMessage("mail@[URL]", "tomail@[URL]", "Subject", "BODY MESSAGE WITH HTML FORMAT HERE...."); SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("IPADD"); client.Send(msg); client.Timeout = 500; client.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials;      

Mail Headers Not Working Properly?
I'm having a bit of trouble with mail() that hopefully you can shed some light on.  It's a basic contact form; user inputs and email is sent to someone in the directory.  The email is actually sending, but the problem seems to be my headers.  The From address in a received email is "unknown sender" and the HTML isn't being rendered (see below this code for an example of what I'm getting).  Here is the code that's putting the whole thing together: Code: [Select]$strMessageBody = "Name: " . $_GET['from'] . "<br/>Phone: " . $_GET['phone'] . "<br/>Email: " . $_GET['email'] . "<br/>" . $_GET['body']; [code].......

Mail Headers For Online App Are Not Working Properly
We switched to a new host last night and for some reason my mail headers for my online app are not working properly. The following code use to display the incoming apps as an html page in Outlook. Now it displays "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" at the top along with the page source below it. $mailheaders = "MIME-Version: 1.0"; $mailheaders .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"; mail($allRcv, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders);

Forms Data Controls :: Listview Not Updating Products And Not Turning Back To Itemtemplate
I have a listview showing the data, and that i will use to Show, Edit, Delete, and Insert data. I added a ASP.NET Ajax HTML Editor to the EditItem Template. I click on EDIT button and it turns into the EditItem Template, i modify the data and when i click UPDATE it does nothing. Neither updating data or turning back to ItemTemplate. Here is its code: [Code].... And the Code behind: [Code]....

JQuery :: Validation - Not Requiered, But If (not Blank || Not Default Value ) {check Condition}?
$('#enquiry').validate({ rules: { Email: { [code]....

Link In HTML E-mail Does Not Work In Hotmail?
I send automated mails to hotmail users. (thank you for your registration bla bla)Because plain text doesn't look attractive enough, I use HTML with images. The images reside on a public webserver. As SMTP server I use the SMTP part of IIS 7.5 (windows 2008 R2). I have an SPF record setup in the DNS. I have also read and found out that sending mail with the SMTP service and a DKIM signature cannot be done properly without an external commercial component. So I do not have such thing (yet). Now that is all about my background and here is the problem:I have this in my HTML: <a href="">click here</a> But when users get am e-mail like that and view it in hotmail. (chrome, IE, safari etc.) and when they hover the link they will see that the url is but when they click on it. It redirects to:'/mail/InboxLight.aspx'%20does%20not%20exist what am I doing wrong? Is it an SMTP/IIS server setting? Did I forget something in my Asp.Net C# code when I have send the mail? Did I forget something in the DNS or HTML markup? The link works perfectly when I receive the mail in my Outlook 2010 where the domain is also added to the safelist. EDIT If it seems to be all related to the antispam stuff in hotmail. Should I consider to buy:

Hosting: Big Bandwidth, Allows Mp3s, For Mp3 Downloading Website
i want a hosting where i can host about 50GB of mp3 files available to download for visitors. my budget is 5 to 6$ a month if paying anually,or 10$ a month if paying monthly (or every 3 monthes) there are many hosts offering huge bandwidth for this range of price, but thier policy limits using most of this bandwidth for html only..

Webhost That Allows File Hosting
I plan to host a small multimedia site. I am looking for a new webhost. I want a webhost that: 1. Costs less than $10 a month 2. Allows file hosting. (Video streaming/downloading) 3. Ideally allows for storage of files that are not related to the website. 4. Ideally allows for anonymous FTP access. Only 1 and 2 are critical. The site will have many MP3s, Videos, PDF and text documents available for streaming or downloading. All the material will either be my own or the copywrited material of my organization. I have their express written permission to host and distribute these media files under a creative commons license. It will be 5GB or less of files, and they will be downloaded rarely and not very many people simultaneously downloading at once. Most webhosts I have looked at (Monsterhost, 1and1, Bluehost,, etc) All offer unlimited/tons of space and have some provision in their terms of service agreement like this: "Webhost company does not allow file sharing / unlimited media sharing." or "HostMonster.Com offers its Services to host web sites, not to store data. Using an account as an online storage space for archiving electronic files is prohibited and will result in termination of hosting services without prior notice." So where can I find a host that allows file hosting, video hosting, etc? I don't need a lot of bandwidth/storage space, but I do want to host my media.

ICloud :: Get Mail On IPhone 4s And IPad 2 And Not On Any Of Computers?
I just switched to the cloud email service. Yesterday my mail worked on all 3 of the G5s I use. Today I can only get mail on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. It keeps asking for my password on the 3 G5 computers.I tried deleting and resigning in to icloud and I tried to change the email from mac mail to imac mail but it is still not working. Info: Dual Processor G5, Mac OS X (10.3.9), Ram 1 GB, 2 HD

OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Cannot Transfer My Calendar From Ipad To My Iphone Via Icloud
I cannot transfer my calendar from my I pad to my I phone via I cloud Info:iPad, iOS 5.0.1

CentOS 5 Networking :: Allow The User Only See The Size Of The File, And Not The File + Symbolic Links?
I'm researching about symbolic links been used with samba / CIFS:I'd like that the user that uses a MS-Windows OS could see my shared folder on CentOS 5 and the symbolic links that are inside this folder. Well, it works but, the user will see that the size of the file is bigger than the real file. Apparently, CIFS gets the size of the symbolic link (aproxim.32K) and add it to the size of the file.Example 1: 100KB file, used with shared folder, MS-Windows's user will see 100KBExample 2: 100KB file, used with symbolic link inside a shared folder, MS-Windows's user will see 132KB. (Sym link + size of file)Is there a way to allow the user only see the size of the file, and not the file + symbolic links ?

Disable The START Menu And All Its Menu Items Of WINDOWS 98 OS
Hi, During the execution of a visual basic .exe file ,I want to disable the START menu and all its menu items of WINDOWS 98 OS.Also i want to trap the key hits , CTRL + ESC and the windows keys.Ultimately,a user should not access the START menu or any of its menu items under any circumstances, once the exe gets loaded .Help would be highly appreciated.Aju.

Character Won't Allow To Write Record To Database?
I have a MySQL database and add records with a PHP form to the tables.I have 2 fields (char) in one table. When the fields contain the character '  it wont write the record to the table! For example...if I enter. " John's house" it wont accept the record since ' appears in John's name!

Allow Users / Administrators To Update Content Management Themselves
Is there an option besides Drupal or Wordpress to use to allow the user or administrators of a site to update and manage content on the site themselves? Is it possible to use Drupal or Wordpress for a particular section of the site that I want to allow the above mentioned but not the rest of the site. Basically I am just looking into options to be able to make the site from scratch: without having to make it a drupal or wordpress template without having to handbuild the content management system

ActionScript 3.0 :: Does Flash Web Services Allows Https:// Over HTTP
Does flash web services allows https:// over http ?

Should Shared Hosting Be Allowed File Storage
For those host which are not overselling, they have obviously the space for file storage. But should they allow file storage on their shared hosting account, if they aren't overselling, and the files are legal? Well, this can also be counted as a survey I need It would be best if you provide a reason if your vote is no.

Windows Hosting That Allows File/Image Write Through Script
I have a website built with asp .Net with MS SQL database. The website have some pages that uploads images and files in some folders. I have tried GoDaddy shared Windows hosting. But they don't seem to allow file upload using a script. Then I tried GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated. The tech guy told me MS SQL would be part of the hosting. Later I find he lied, there is no MS SQL as part of it. I am trying to find an affordable hosting that has MS SQL and also allows file upload using script.

System.Net.Mail Work In One Part Of My Web App, But Not In Another?
I have a web application that is running on IIS within my company's domain, and is being accessed via intranet. I have this application sending out email based on some user actions. For example, its a scheduling application in part, so if a task is completed, an email is sent out notifying other users of that. The problem is, the email works flawlessly in some cases, and not at all in others. I have a login.aspx page which sends out report emails when the page is loaded (its loaded once a day via windows task scheduler) - this always seems to work perfectly. I have an update page which is supposed to send email when text is entered and the "Update" button is clicked - this operation will fail most of the time. Both of these tasks use the same static overloaded method I wrote to send email using System.Net.Mail. I have tried using gmail as my smtp server (instead of our internal one), and get the same results. I investigated whether having the local SMTP Service running makes any difference, and it doesn't seem to. Besides, since C# is server-side code, shouldn't it only matter whats running on the server, and not the client?Below is my code to send email. public static void sendEmail(String[] recipients, String sender, String subject, String body, String[] attachments) { MailMessage message;[code]....

FTP Space That Allows Http Sharing
Are there any ftp back up space hosts out there like that allow ftp / http sharing for backups?

Looking For Hosting Allow Adult Content
i am looking for a hosting allow adult content, I need only space for a forum and a main page (welcome page) in html and some extras I think 1 or 2 GB of space is cool. About transfer up to 15GB. I want to do is users downloading videos and photos through rapidshare, megaupload and that stuff. About the pics, images are put through imageshack, imagevenue etc. Thas is why i dont need to much space. Currently I have 2 websites with different content. hosted in Hawkhost and jaguarpc. Jaguarpc allow adult content but only in VPS Hawkhost I think dont allow adult content. also need to have ability to pay for 6 or 12 months..

Looking For A Host That Allows Adult Content
Looking for a host that allows adult content I've been looking for a host for a few hours now and would like to get some opinions on what people think of the following companies or what other companies I should be looking at. altushost godaddy 1and1 hostgator these 4 all allow "pornographic" material requirements: 500mb-2gb space 20-100gb monthly bandwidth (option to scale this would be best) php 4 or 5 sql (2 databases) ftp ssh (not required, but would like it) 5-10 a month, payable yearly

Do MediaTemple Allow Adult Content
Does anyone know? I can't find the words 'sex', 'porn' or 'adult' anywhere in their knowledgebase, so I'm not too sure!

Web Forms :: Web Page That Allows Multiple Database Row Updates
We currently have a page with a listview control that has textboxes and an update button for each row. Users are able to update the database one row at a time.This is problematic in countries where the internet connections are very slow because a round trip is needed for each row update and this can become impossible to use.We need to create a page which allows multiple row updates so that each round trip is more productive.  There woudl be just one update button on each page and users could enter values into each row.  Clicking the update button would update each changed row of the database.We currently use linq 2 sql.  I would imagine that we could still use this in the above scenario??? Or is there a better data connection methode to use in this scenario.

Web Forms :: RequiredFieldValidators Are Allowing Postback To Occur?
I'm adding multiple TextBox and DropDownList controls programmatically on Page_Load. Some of them have attached RequiredFieldValidators that are being built programmatically as well. The issue I'm having is that when the Submit button (also added programmatically) is clicked, a postback occurs before the RequiredFieldValidators mark their respective fields as blank. How can I get these to fire client-side like they're supposed to?

Web Forms :: Set Label In Repeater Itemtemplate To Fixed Length And Allow Multiple Line
how to set the label in repeater itemtemplate to fixed length and allow multiple line

Design An Application That Allows Data To Be Input Over The Web Via Php
I am a scientific programmer new to PHP. I am trying to design an application that allows data to be input over the web via php to a mysql database and retrieved and displayed. The server runs apache on a linux box. There must be some templates or such-like for this simple sort of thing (what I am trying to do is purely functional rather than pretty)?

Obtaining O.S Type
Is there a way to obtain what operating system a user is using when they register to my site without them giving the info which would mean they could lie. Similar to how you get their ip but with operating systems? The reason why is cos multiple accounts i want to allow as long as the two accounts are not on the same OS which adds extra proof they they may be "brothers and sisters" etc with two computers. If they cheat for example and say "hes my brother he is on a different pc in a different room.." i want to find a way to get enough info to prove it.. cos my fear is banning people who ain't lying.. cos there are bound to be instances... i just want to keep it as fair as possible.

Allow Program Access
I have a web-based program. If I want to limit the amount of time that a person spends on the program, is there a way to do this?

Allowing A User To Select A XML File?
I'm trying to allow a user to select an XML file so that my javascript can parse it and create some pins for a google map. It works fine in Firefox, and by using FireBug I can see that the file is being accessed as expected. IE on the other hand tells me that "'files.0' is null or not an object" on line 68 of address-locator.php...Here's a link to the page: Address Locator (I've attached the files as well in a zip archive)and a sampling of the XML file I'm loading: HTML Code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <barList> <establishment> [code]....

Allowing User Check / Uncheck All Checkboxes In Form
I am trying to allow a user to easily uncheck/check all checkboxes in a form by checking or unchecking a checkbox. The checkboxes would be in a form like so: <form action="" method="post"> <input type="checkbox" name="checked[]" value="1"> <input type="checkbox" name="checked[]" value="2"> <input type="checkbox" name="checked[]" value="3"> <input type="checkbox" name="checked[]" value="4"> </form> I use an event handler to call a function: <input type="checkbox" name="checkall" onchange="checkall('checked[]', this.checked)"> And here is the function: function checkall(box_name, current_state) { all = document.getElementsByName(box_name); action = (current_state == "checked") ? "false" : "true"; for (i = 0; i < all.length; i++) { all[i].checked=action; }} The event handler should pass the name of the checkboxes and whether the "check all" checkbox is currently checked or not to the checkall() function. Nothing happens when I check/uncheck the "check all" function.

JQuery :: Draggable Only Allowing One Image To Be Dragged
I have a page full of images, album artwork to be precise. I have added code to make it draggable and it will only allow me to drag the first image on the page. Why is this? $(document).ready(function () { $("#draggable").each(function () { $(this).draggable({ revert: function (dropped) { var dropped = dropped && dropped[0].id == "droppable"; if (!dropped); return !dropped; .....

Upload - Don't Allow > 2mb Images
How do i check if the users are trying to upload bigger than 2mb files? I would like to deny that and put an error message to the user who is trying to do that. I know it is something like this, but what shall i change the 50000 to to become 2mb? if ($_FILES['imagefile']['size'] > 50000 ) { die ("ERROR: Large File Size"); }

Which Function(s) Allows To List All Mail Subjects And Associated Message Numbers?
just started working on my first email script.  I've managed to open a stream to the mail server using imap_open(). Which function(s) allows me to list all mail subjects and their associated message numbers(ids)? The following is actually pretty similiar to the example listed in the php manual. [URL]... I'd like to modify it further so that I can target specific messages rather than listing all of them. Code: [Select]$check = imap_mailboxmsginfo($mbox); //$num = $check->Recent; $num = $check->Nmsgs; if($num >0) { echo imap_qprint(imap_body($mbox, $num)); }

Script That Allows You To Upload Multiple File.
I have wrote a script that allows you to upload multiple file. My question is this could someone take a look at it and tell me is there a better way to do it.

JQuery :: Allow Calling Function To Override Default Options
I want the calling Function to be able to override the default options provided in the showDivPopUp function. function calling(){ showDivPopUp("title of pop up box", "message to show", { buttons:{ Yes: function () { $(this).dialog("destroy"); }, No :function () { $(this).dialog("destroy"); }}});} function showDivPopUp(title,msg,options){ var mgDiv = $("#msgDiv"); mgDiv.attr("innerHTML", msg); return mgDiv.dialog({ modal: true, buttons: { Ok: function () { $(this).dialog("destroy"); }}, resizable: true, show: "explode", position: "center", closeOnEscape: true, draggable: false, title : titl, open: function (event, ui) { $(".ui-dialog-titlebar-close").hide(); } });} So, the above code should show two buttons viz. Yes and No instead of just OK. I don't want to do if check for each option. In options parameter there might be options for which default is not applied. So the calling function may specify size option which is not mentioned in the showDivPopUp function.

App Running As Os Service?
I received one additional piece of information which may help(doesn't help me, but maybe it will help someone help me): someonesuggested that the application, or a part of it, begins running as aservice of the operating system. If this sounds plausible, where doesthe problem likely originate? Is it some part of the program code, orsome program code that is not present (the app. has nothing in it thatattempts to identify its environment), or maybe something in theproject properties?Thanks for any info.Here is the relevant part of my original post:I have a vb6 application which may have been started on Windows95using an earlier vb version, definitely updated on Windows98(inc. SP5). It is deployed on a machine running WindowsXP, and in thisenvironment the user can close the program, yet it (or some remnant ofit) remains listed in the Task Manager. This doesn't happen every timeuser closes the program, and without looking at Task Manager itappears the program is completely gone--no minimized windows in thetask bar, no error or warning messages.

ICloud :: Can't Not Link Mac To My IPad Or IPhone
I can't seem to have my mac linked via icloud to my ios devices. When I buy a song on my ipad, it will imediately show up on my iphone and vice versa. However, nothing shows up on my mac itunes. As well, if I buy a song through itunes on my mac, nothing shows up on either of the ios devices. I have icloud turned on on my mac. I've check and triple checked all the settings and all seem to be correct.

Can Not Link Access To A Table
I’m trying to ling access to a table in Informix/Unix and I got this error “The operation failed. There are too many indexes on table xyz_Informix Delete some of the indexes on the table and try the operation again” This is the only table I’m bringing in to access. I do not want to use any of the indexes. How can I fix this problem? Can I modify the registry to accept more indexes? Thank you Joe

Html - Pre-populate Form From E-mail Link?
I'm look for a way to pre-populate form from E-mail Link. I tried several method such as:[URL]Our vendor is saying this should work but I'm having no luck with it. If someone can tell me what might be wrong with this or if there is another solution. This is being used for an e-mail campaign so that the user receiving the e-mail does not have to fill the form link is navigating to.

How To Create A Separate E-mail Link To Employee
I have a website and I have 15 e-mail accounts for my employees for example - my website is and I created 15 E-mail accounts for 15 employees like - and so on........................... But I want to create a seperate link where my employees can login directly. For doing this it requires my ftp user ID and Pwd. I want to create a seperate link for this,

ICloud :: Syncing Mail On IPad, Iphone, & Mac Pro?
I use mail app on my Mac Pro to view my gmail account, now with iCloud how do I sync my mail on my mac pro, iPhone, & iPad so they are all updated as one account.  Currently I my mail on my iPhone and iPad update with each, but my mail on my Mac Pro does not.  I thought when I updated to Lion I would be able to use iCloud to solve this problem, but it has not.

ICloud :: Can't Access Mail On Mac Or IPhone
On both my mac and iPhone the mail program keeps asking for my password, saying: The iCloud IMAP server rejected the password  My password has not changed. When I enter it into the box, it just keeps repeating the message.  Info: powerbook, iphone, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

E-mail Link Button
Does anybody know the code for if i wanted to have a button that automatically e-mailed a certain e-mail address information that is in a text box? Because I have a text box, and I want it so when I click the button, it automatically e-mails me some information in the text box. Thanks.

how do you make a Command Button Send E-mail. Please leave an example for the code i would type. make some address up or something. thank you

Opening Send Mail On Command Button Click
hello every one hope you all r fine I need your little helpIn my program I have given a feedback button and form on this form there is a button submit I want to post the form on my mail id as soon as submit is clicked can some one tell me how to do this thanks in advanceAshish There is no shortcut to successEdited by - ashishtandon_e on 10/4/2005 5:32:53 AM

Motorola Droid X :: Yahoo Mail On 2.2 - Unable To Long Press And Open The Link
If I receive a link in an email on my yahoo account I am unable to long press and open the link? Is this a known bug?

Android :: Apps Hijacking Address Book - Google Mail
I started receiving lots of rejected emails from my account this evening... looks as though my phone (HTC Desire / Android 2.1) has been sending out bogus emails... no subject, just a link to a website ... eg. hxxp:// Its sent a different website to each section of my addressbook, so as not to have too many recipients on each outgoing email... some of the other emails reference different sites ... I've no idea what's caused this...assume it must be an app that's been installed. I've installed the free AV on my phone from the google market (orange/white capsule). I've fixed all the reported errors... Guess I wanted to know if anyone has seen this before... I'm worried the O/S may now be compromised and i'll need to start from scratch. If anyone can provide any advice and / or pointers to diagnostic/security tools it would be most welcome.

Samsung Moment :: K-9 Mail Address Book
I got the K-9 for my Yahoo mail, but is there a way to get my email addresses imported?

Motorola Droid X :: Sync Only MY Contacts In Google Mail
I must be overlooking something.I am simply trying to get my phone to keep contacts synced with Google Contacts and I don't want "All" contacts just "My Contacts".Every time I send an email in Gmail, it automatically adds it to all contacts.It is going to bloat my phone.

Motorola Milestone :: Google Apps Mail Calender And Contacts Sync
so I just convinced my boss that we should switch from our costly Ms exchange solution to google apps, as it can do all the same stuff we need and more. We all have Android phones and I have set up my HTC Desire (Android 2.2 sense UI) to sync with my google apps account, no problem.However my boss have the Motorola Milestone, and his android version just won�t sync with his google account. Every time I try adding a google account with his mail address (, I just get a �no network connection� error. But I can browse internet and youtube just fine.I have searched the forums, and it seems other people can add their google apps accounts just fine, while some have problems.

Android : Need An App To Change Mail Profiles
Just wondered if anyone could help? I'm looking to see if an app exists to change the checking frequency of the (Exchange) mail client based on time?

Android :: How To Send Link Through Mail?
I want to share one app to another persons through mail or sms.For example if i am downloading one app from android market.If i want to send that app link to other persons how i am sending the link to that ones through mail or sms.

HTC Droid Eris :: Turn Off Gmail / Use Mail To Get Gmail
Because Gmail doesn't do a good job of receiving emails sent to my POP3 accounts, I would like to use the Mail app on my Eris to receive all my mail, including my Gmail.I was able to set up my Mail app to receive my Gmail, but how do I keep the Gmail app from receiving mail going to my Gmail account?

Separate/Remote Mail Server For CPanel
I've been looking around on how to do a remote mail server for cPanel. I am talking about two separate dedicated servers. I want this first server to serve as the mail server of my second dedicated server.

Create Junk Mail Automatically
I have postifix mail server running. I want to create a junk folder as and when new user is added. How can I do that?

Can We Create OutBound Rules In Smarter Mail
i have installed a new mail server i.e. SmarterMail, and from past few days i have devoted much time to find "How to create Out Bound rules in Smarter Mail?" but unfortunately i ended up with no solution, hence here i am seeking help from all the member of WHT for my two questions: 1) Can we create an out bound rule in smartermail? 2)if yes, then what is the process for same?

Web Forms :: Make Validation Controls Trigger Only Not Clicking On Submit Button And Not On Other Na...
I have required validation controls on a page.  If the user got to this page by mistake and wants to go to a different section of the website using the navigational buttons; required validators are triggered and it will not let the user navigate away.  Ho do I get validators to trigger only when a submit button is clicked?

How To Send Mail On Yahoo And Hotmail
I want to send mail through to other my company domain e.g yahoo, hotmail etc Code is as below [Code]... But it returns error message as below. Transaction failed. The server response was: Relay rejected for policy reasons. Note: when i send email to my company adress through this code it work properly.

Get Contact List From Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo Mail?
I want to get all contact list of email from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail in the ASP.NET and C#. Instead of enter username and password on my page (and call the API for authentication), I am thinking to redirect to Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail respectively for authentication (is it something called oAuth?) and authorization (consent) ? It should redirect back to my page with all the contact list. 

.net - Open Default Mail Client With A Link?
I have an HTML link on my ASP.NET page. When the user clicks the link, an Outlook window will open. However, it changes the URL on my page also to How to stop it? <a href="#" onclick="'','','200','200');" style="color: White">Contact Support</a>

Web Forms :: Should Go To Login Form After Clicking Link In Mail
I am sending a mail, in this Emailbody see the code below Emailbody += "<td nowrap=nowrap><a href=" + lblSubConNo.Text + "><strong>Click Here</strong></a></td>"; whernever user get thi mail there is a link (Click Here) in this mail which redirects to SubContractFin.aspx form with a query string id. thorugh this query string I am doing somthing on SubContractFin.aspx form.Now I want that if a user click this link it should goes to my login.aspx form and after successful user login it goes to SubContractFin.aspx form with same query string id.So how I need change my email body code.

Sending Mail To Yahoo And Gmail Wont Work
I wrote this code for sending mail in asp.net2 .but mails only send to gmail and don't work for yahoo!!!!! SmtpClient smtpclient = new SmtpClient(""); MailMessage mail = new MailMessage(); mail.From = new MailAddress(""); mail.To.Add(new MailAddress(txtsend.Text)); mail.Subject = "bbc_sh"; mail.Body = ""; System.Net.NetworkCredential basic = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "password"); smtpclient.Credentials = basic; smtpclient.Send(mail);

Web Forms :: Sending Mail With SMTP Doesn't Work?
I've been quite looking all around for solutions about my problem but it seems nothing I've found actually works at the moment... When my form is validated, I want to send an automatic mail using SMTP. I have tried using both System.Web.Mail and System.Net.Mail :/ MailMessage message = new MailMessage();

Configuration :: System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient Credentials Don't Work With Exchange 2010
I run a Exchange 2010 server and created an account for one of my websites to send e-mails. The webserver's IP is even listed on the [Organization Configuration] -> [Hub Transport] -> [Global Settings] -> [Transport Settings] -> [Message Delivery] list. The code sets a set of Network Credentials, but setting incorrect or correct settings, it doesn't matter; if I list external e-mail addresses, I get a "Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Unable to relay for <address>" message, 'local' addresses that are cc-ed, do get delivered... When checking with telnet, I noticed that the only AUTH option was AUTH NTLM, but when checking the NetworkCredentails, it stated that NTLM should would.

Web Forms :: How To Send Out Css HTML Mail
I need to send out css html mail, but not sure if all mail server support css format. Does anyone have experience sending out css emails?

Send Mail Using Html Tags?
develop one html website, but in this page i want to contact us page, in this page i fill all details and press send button , all fields data must be send unique mail( same like contact page .html )

How To Send Mail In Html Page
i am not understand how to write mail sending code in html page. i have a html page , on that page some field which are send to admin via email .

Include CSS When Sending An Html E-mail?
I want to send HTML e-mails using smtpClient. But from what I understand the e-mail's body being HTML but where do I put my css declarations? need they be inline as stributes of each element?

Web Forms :: How To Send A Mail Using HTML Format
I need to send an email of the purchase details. so, I need to send a mail with HTML format. I have tried  and I am receiving only half of the message body. Is there any way to specify the size of the message or any thing wrong with my code. [Code]....

Email - Using Html Page As Mail Body?
I have an email template in a file called template.html, how can i use it as mail body in

Web Forms :: Send Mail Through A Html Page?
I want to send mail through a html page. My html page contains a form having ur name,phone,address etc... I want this content to be sent to an email id. I used the following code. [Code].... Its working but the way the form content is being sent is not good. sending the mail (form content) in a nice customized way. I cannot use any technology besides pure html.

Web Forms :: How To Set Priority On Html Mail Insead Of Plain
I got a issue with sending mail. The mail itself is made with plain text & html, it goes away good and all. Now the problem is that some get it like plain some get it like html. Like I tried to send one to myself on hotmail, It looked great was the html, seconds later I open it on my phone the same email address and there was the plain one. Some get the plain when looking on a computer to.How can I set priority on the html text instead of the plain? or is there a way? Second I issue is that I can not send email to some mail's like any address with .pl in it. What could this possibly be? I should say that I do use my own winserver2008 and use the localhost smtp on it.

Web Forms :: Fill Html Form And Send Mail?
the members are occuring html form and adding one submit  (id must btnPost) in fck editor. and saving. visitors are visting to this page and filling this form and click btnPost. I want to send mail this fill form . but texts, selects, radios must be  like fill form. how can I this.

Exim: Send Separate Message For Mailing Lists
I've just came across an issue with mailing list on a Linux server. Problem is that when a message is broadcasted from a mailing list having around 1500 subscribers, most of them having and addresses, message to most of the recepients fails with following error... Code: 2009-07-09 12:26:25 1MOn2u-0001CB-QJ SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<he***>: host []: 452 Too many recipients It is becuase exim tries to send a message to as many recepients as it could to users on same domain On a Windows server, i was running Merak mail server and there was an option to send separate message to all mailing list subscribers, but i don't know where it could be located in exim config, or even if it has!

Web Forms :: How To Use Html In String Variable In
I have a task to send mail for updated values my code is below i cant able to set proper format for that [Code]....

Send Mail Through JavaScript In HTML Page Secretly?
I am using a mailTo command. On posting it displays Outlook Express on my computer. But I want to send secretly, data to my email form client end.

Mails Bouncing Back With Error Number 450
I am facing a problem with my mails. I have hosted a new domain on my server and that domain is getting a lot of bounce messages with the following error message: Message is waiting at <Mail server name> for delivery to <recipients SMTP>. Message delivery has been delayed to the following recipients: Recipient: [SMTP:<recepients email id>] Reason: Remote SMTP Server Returned: 450 <Senders email id>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found Also when I try to check the DNS settings of that domain from I get the error message as: Retrieving DNS records for <domain name>... DNS servers nameserver1 [] nameserver2 [] Query for DNS records for <Domian name> failed: Timed out The hosting server is configured on the following softwares: Plesk 8.4 control panel Bind DNS Mail Enable Mail server

Realtime Transfer Of E-mail From Server To Server
I have a vps (CPANEL)... I would like to have incoming emails for a certain cpanel account transfer to another external server (after coming thru the VPS). I store my emails on the external server and have more space there. The reason behind this is: I have spamassassin on my VPS and would like to run email thru that before it delivers on the external server. I do not have the capability to install spamassassin on the external server. Is the above possible? How can I accomplish this?

Web Forms :: Can't Send Mails Over Internet
i made a simple page just to send mails over internet but the page can`t work let me show you my code [Code]....

C# - ELMAH - Only Sending Specific Exception Type Via Mail
I have ELMAH set up for a webapp, logging exceptions to a SQL server. I wish to have ELMAH send me an email too, but only when a specific exception is thrown (ie. MySpecialException). ELMAH must still log all exceptions to SQL server. I know you can do it programmatically in global.asax, but I'd prefer to use web.config. So, how do I restrict ELMAH error mails to filter out everything but a specific exception type, using web.config? UPDATE The filter ended up looking like this: <test> <and> <not> <is-type binding="Exception" type="MyApp.MySpecialException" /> </not> <regex binding="FilterSourceType.Name" pattern="mail" caseSensitive="false"/> </and> </test>

Passing Html Div Classes In Mail Form?
I have the following code in my php mail form: Code:[Select]print '<div class="email-err"><h3>Error!</h3><p>Please enter a valid email address</p></div>'; } elseif (empty($emailName)) { [code]...     Is that the proper way to pass divs and classes through php?I am trying to target them with css and nothing is working, so I'm guessing it is not.

E-mail Relay Restrictions?
I have a website(NewsPaper), where there is an option to send an e-mail from php script using php mailer function through SMTP server ( exchange windows 2003).but it seems that ammers are routing SPAM through the server.I need to restrict the mail relay, in order to grant permissions for those who are sending mails through our site using our PHP Form only. what shall i put in the relay settings..?? How can i do that to deny spammers from passing spam through our server???

E-mail Verification
i'm looking for a php program with mysql as database which will send a website username , password to anybody's mail inbox. also unless and until he clicks a link in the mail asking him to activate his login, the login and username he enters on the site should not be valid.

Mail Function Errors
I have some code to defend against spam etc and when I run it I get the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting '{' in /home/....t/public_html/phptest.php on line 462- in this line: function valid_email($address) The complete portion of code (below //Mail things) which is inserted in my (one) php page is this:

Get The Error Message For The Mail() Function?
I've been using the PHP mail() function. If the mail doesn't send for any reason, I'd like to echo the error message. How would I do that? Something like $this_mail = mail('', 'My Subject', $message); if($this_mail) echo 'sent!'; else echo error_message;

Mail() Function: Add <br /> In The $message Received?
here is my code and I don't know how to add <br /> to get a return in the email received: <?php $to = ""; $subject = "From the website"; [code]...

Checking The 'message' Parameter Of The Mail Function
I would imagine it is a fairly common situation for a site to allow the user to enter some text into a field and then to have that text passed to the 'message' parameter of the mail function ( Is it a good idea to pass this text through some other function first or can it be sent through as is? Is this a case where the maxim 'do not trust input from the user' does not apply?

Mail() Function - Normal Message Received As Attachment?
I am using PHP mail() function to sent message. Following is the code, the message is received in email account, but as attachment, not displayed in the body section as normal message would.Please can you guys help, as why is this message going as attachment, but not being displayed in the body of email.Below is the url which gives preview as to what I mean. Code: [Select]$to = $_POST['to']; $subject = ' web visior'; $customer = stripslashes($_POST['customer']); [code]...

Cookie Is Not Created And Page Is Not Redirect Properly?
PHP Code: <?php require_once('upper.php'); $error_msg=''; if(!isset($_COOKIE['LoginIdCookie'])){ if(isset($_POST['submit'])) [code]... In above code when I enter wrong user name or password, it displays error msg properly but problem is that when i enter right user name and password instead to redirect to index1.php it displays LoginPage again.

Cookie Is Not Created And Page Is Not Redirect Properly?
<?php require_once('upper.php'); $error_msg=''; if(!isset($_COOKIE['LoginIdCookie'])){ if(isset($_POST['submit'])) [code].. In above code when I enter wrong user name or password, it displays error msg properly but problem is that when i enter right user name and password instead to redirect to index1.php it displays LoginPage again...

Send Mail Using 4 Parameters
Using windows XP, when I try to send mail using 4 parameters, I get this : Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for ...

Send Mail By Using Php5?
i wish to send form data throw mailto() in php,but i got an warning msg that "Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:xampphtdocs send data to a mail id properly

PHP And Mail Attachements
Im sending an attachement to an email address which is suppose to extract the attachement and load it into the database. It seems that the system is not seeing the attachement. So here is the code. I was wondering if there is a better way of sending this attachement via email. the system does notice the attachement if the same email is fowarded from Outlook 2000. PHP Code:

Mail Attachements
Is it possible to send attachements along with an email from a php script? I primarlily use mail() for mailing but am open to suggestions.

Use The Mail() Funtion
I am trying to use my php scripts to send email but am having difficulty....I used to use the unix 'sendmail' program when writing PERL and I also have it installed now on my machine. When I try to use the mail() funtion although it does not give me an error it does not send the mail either.

General Mailing Feature Question
I am incorporating a mailing list feature for my blog users and I was wondering what I need to fix in the database query. I have a page where my users can input up to 10 email addresses with 10 accompanying names. Everything in this code works fine except for the last two values I want inputted (SESSIONemail and SESSIONname). Code: