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I am using Oracle 7.3 against SSRS. I have created an inline query with 7 unnamed parameters. I have named them in SSRS parameters window and selected NULL and ALLOW BLANK check boxes for all the parameters.   a.) What I think should happen is: I should be able to pass the combination of parameters NOT all of them, because I have selected NULL and Blank check boxes. But in my case the query is not giving me any results if I pass 2 of 7 parameters. I can see the results only when I pass all 7 parameters.   Please Help me...   b.) Is there a way I can create a Dynamic WHERE condition using ORACLE 7.3 as database and OUT REF cursor as out parameter for generating parameters.  An Example would be great.......   I am much familar with SQL Server and creting a dynamic query is no problem. Because of this new assignment in Oracle 7.3 I am pulling my hair to solve this perticlaur problem...   Please guys / gals help..   Thanks,  Deepak

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I'm a newbie to VB (even if I have experience with ASP/VB Script), so bear with me if I'm not explaining things properly or possibly asking a completely moronic question. Following my VB tutorial I've been making a small application, consisting of 1 form that displays info from a database.The standard application with db-connection (ADO) hasn't posed a problem, but now that I want to make the application location/directory independant I'm running into problems.Basically the application consists of 3 files:E:Tests est-form.frmE:TestsconADO.dsn (file with ODBC info)E:TestsDatabase est-db.mdb (Access database)Now I'm not having any problems using the conADO.dsn to indicate the db-path relative to the application, but I'm finding it impossible to make a relative path between the form/application to conADO.dsnSince I'm used to hard coding stuff I dove into the form file to see how VB connects the form to the dsn-file and found this: Begin MSAdodcLib.Adodc adoBiblio .... .... Connect = "FILE NAME=E:TestsconADO.dsn" OLEDBString = "" OLEDBFile = "E:TestsconADO.dsn"I've tried both CurDir() and App.Path to get the "E:Tests" directory to become a relative one that doesn't depend on where I place the form/application (since I want to be able to use my application wherever I chose and not just in the E:Tests directory), but nothing I try seems to be working.So my question is:How can I change the form properties so that the path to the DSN file becomes relative?Or if I can't do it this way, what is the best way to make a relative connection between a form and a database?Thanks in advance.

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Hi all,I have a code that will write my data from a tempimport table to a orderstable. Then deletes the temptable. What I need help with is how to check a value in my temptable before writing it to my orderstable. Below is the code I have so far and it works great but doesnt check for duplicate data before writing.I have looked at alot of differnt codes here and just can not seem to get a code to work correctly.I am using VB6 and the tables are in a SQL 2000 serverCode:Private Sub cmdImport_Click()Dim rst As ADODB.RecordsetDim xrst As ADODB.RecordsetSet xrst = GetRecordSet("select * from tempimport")Set rst = GetRecordSet("orderstable")Do While Not xrst.EOF    With rst        .AddNew        !ponumber = xrst!ponumber        !sfname = xrst!sfname        !slname = xrst!slname        !pfname = xrst!pfname        !plname = xrst!plname        !phone = xrst!phone        !streetaddress = xrst!streetaddress        !aptnumber = xrst!aptnumber        !city = xrst!city        !State = xrst!State        !zipcode = xrst!zipcode        !student = xrst!student        !studentpassword = xrst!studentpassword        !Parent = xrst!Parent        !parentpassword = xrst!parentpassword        !isp = xrst!isp        !isppassword = xrst!isppassword        .Update    End With    xrst.MoveNextLoopMsgBox ("Import Finished")GetRecordSet ("delete tempimport")End SubCode:Function GetRecordSet(ByVal SQLString As String) As ADODB.Recordset  Dim myConnection As New ADODB.Connection  Dim myRecordSet As New ADODB.Recordset  'assign connectionString  myConnection.ConnectionString = ODBCString    'open SQL database  myConnection.Open    'set CursorLocation  myRecordSet.CursorLocation = adUseClient    'get recordset  myRecordSet.Open SQLString, myConnection, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic    'return adodb.recordset   Set GetRecordSet = myRecordSetEnd FunctionThanksClarkEdited by - clark on 2/15/2005 9:50:20 AM

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If I have a report named "InventoryReport" in a Microsoft Access db named "Trains" on the "D" drive, what code would be entered in the Command1_Click() to view the report?Thanks

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Hello all, I'm new to using vB and especially in Excel. I've got Excel XP and am trying to use it to create a workbook for my Fantasy Football League. The problem I'm having is arranging the standings week by week. The league has 2 divisions of 4 teams each and I would like the standing to display the team with best record at top of each division. Also, if two or more teams have the same record, they need to be displayed in order of points.If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please post. I'll check asap and thanks in advance for any help.rossboy69

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I am going crazy trying to figure this out and I know you will probably find this very easy but I have 10 days to get this database up and running before I go on my Honeymoon and Im working day and night at the moment and I have only started.I have a database called 'Roster' on a Server called 'Cherry'.I have it connected to VB6 the Data Enviroment but now Im trying to run a query which I think I need to do in the VB application so I can change the value of a variable.I know this might look like a mess but I was reading through books and web sites and I came up with this Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(Roster)Do While Not rs.EOFSELECT Employee.FDR_ID, Employee.First_Name, Employee.Last_Name, Employee.Schedule, _Employee.Hire_Date, Employee.Extension, Employee.Cubicle, Employee.Hours, _Employee.APS_Signon, Employee.[Mosaix Signon], _Teams.Team_Name FROM Employee INNER JOIN _Teams ON Employee.[Team Number] = Teams.[Team Number] _WHERE (Employee.[Team Number] = 42)Where the 42 is. Thats should be where my variable goes.Please helpThanks

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i found a source code i like that fits my needsand im re doing it,i allso left the guys name who made itjust incase your wondering.try the zip and press the GO button and it scan a txt file.it has one top level command list in txt, just like i want it.ok wizbang helped me out and if the txt note pad file has the word [Note,"] then this code below replace every word in the text note pad file with a new code.this one belowCode:Dim A$, Q$, I&, J&, Z&Q = "[Note,"A = Text1.TextZ = 0Do I = InStr(I + 1, A, Q, 0) J = 0 If I Then J = InStr(I + 1, A, "]", 1) If J > I Then Z = Z + 1 A = Replace$(A, Q & Mid$(A, I + Len(Q), J - I - Len(Q)), "[If,[MemGetSize,EZ_soundmem],[MemDelete,EZ_soundmem]]" & vbNewLine & "[MemCreateFromFile,EZ_soundmem," & Chr(34) & "sound" & Z & ".wav" & Chr(34) & "]" & vbNewLine & "[SoundPlay,EZ_soundmem,0]" & vbNewLine & "[NoteIButton, , bgnotes.jpg ,0,1,1,1,,,,,0,,]" & vbNewLine & "[NoteIButton,'',speaker.ZMV,,1,107,75,50,50,,,0,,1]" & vbNewLine & "[NoteIButton,""Next"",,,,3,-1,,,,0xFFFFD0]" & vbNewLine & "[NoteIButton,""Repeat Audio"",,,,174,-2,,,,0xFFFFD0]" & vbNewLine & "[note,,,,,,,,,,,,]" & vbNewLine & "[If,[NoteIGet,3]==1,[MemDelete,EZ_soundmem]]" & vbNewLine & "[If,[NoteIGet,4]==1,[SoundPlay,EZ_soundmem,1]", 1, 1) End If End IfLoop While J > IText1.Text = Ain the code above i would allso like to have it " in " the >GO Button.so the way it worksif you press GOit shows only the top level codethen any were it see this code [Note,"] in a txt note pad, then it gets replace by the code wizbang helped me on, the code above..im a newbie so if you see any thing in the source code that might cause problems please let me know.source code below and it has allso a input.txt you can test it on

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I'm new to this and really need help for schoolHow can I change the color of the text on a command button without using a icon or picture. Can't set the forground color and it stay. I do a alt/v/l and can change the color until I run it then it goes back to default.Thankssgtmajor

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hi all, i am building a program that sends the contents of a text file to w3.org to validate the html. my question is, how do i get the contents of the text file to be submitted to the w3 page within a POST function. i have tried to add the string in the URL(validator.w3.org/check?fragment=CODE HERE), but an error is raised, and it does not check the page. I have looked at the source code of the page, and it sends all data through post. any and all help will be appreciated very much. thanks!

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i cannot get a hold of this scrolling text thing for msn messenger service i do not have a clue n e more. i hear it is so easy if you know the right people, well i think i dont know the right people. Someone out there must know how to do this and probably made bots ( bots are what they are called ) for msn.someone please help my email is kev_thomson4@hotmail.com please mail me if you know how you can help me. anything will help!

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Does anyone know how to force a tooltip to stay visible as long as the mouse hovers over it? I tried manipulating this code:Code:             mytooltip.InitialDelay = 500            mytooltip.ReshowDelay = 100            mytooltip.AutoPopDelay = 5000I changed the AutoPopDelay to 50000 with no results. It still stayed visible just as long as it was before i put this code in.Thanking you in advance.Edited by - ramon38 on 4/13/2005 6:17:28 AM

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Hello there..... im currently running a mysql database and i want to switch to a mssql database structure... creating the database is not a issue, but inserting values is a problem... my forum has a lot of data and moving one row at a time is near insanity.... i tried this. --- Code Snippet INSERT INTO si_acl_groups ("group_id", "forum_id", "auth_option_id", "auth_role_id", "auth_setting") VALUES (100, 0, 0, 14, 0), (96, 0, 15, 0, 1); but i only get this error. --- Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 2 Incorrect syntax near ','. any suggestion... i was able to dump the mysql database into a .sql file but it just gives the same error when i execute... please help...

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Hi,i got a problem here.. i want to make a ocx button that are capable of changing its shape like the shape objectin the general toolbarhere is the code i make dont be harsh me to guyz im just trying but unlucky in the general section i use thisdim buttonashape as shapepublic property set shape(ByVal new_shape as shape)set command1.shape = new_shapepropertychanged "shape"end propertypublic property get shape() as shape    set shape = command1.shapeend propertypublic property set buttonShape(ByVal New_buttonShape as Shape)set buttonashape = new_buttonshapePropertyChanged "buttonshape"end propertypublic property get buttonshape() as shape    set buttonshape = buttonashapeend propertyPrivate Sub UserControl_ReadProperties(PropBag As PropertyBag)set buttonshape = propbag.readproperty("buttonshape", 0)end subPrivate Sub UserControl_WriteProperties(PropBag As PropertyBagcall propbag.writeproperty("buttonshape",buttonshape,0)end subi receive error and i attach iti also wonder will this code work? for adding the capability of the command button to change its shape? like rounded rectangle etc....i hope someone here help me with this thankssssEdited by - acidrop on 3/5/2006 11:36:53 AM

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I am baffled. My VB.NET code works, but my VB6 code does not. I need to know what is wrong with the VB6 code and why doesn't behave the same as the .NET code?VB6 Code:Code:' in a BAS modulePublic Declare Function SendMessage2 Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, _    ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As Long) As LongPublic Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN = &H201Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP = &H202Public Const MK_LBUTTON = &H1‘in a ClassPublic Sub DoWindowAction(ByVal vlngHWND As Long)    Dim lngReturn As Long    lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, MK_LBUTTON, 0)    lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, 0)    'lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, BM_SETSTATE, 1, 0)End SubThe commented out line with the BM_SETSTATE gets me a little closer. But even with this in I need to set focus to the application that contains the button I am trying to click with vlngHWND and then move focus to another app. What is going on???VB.NET code:Code:Friend Class API    <DllImport("user32.dll")> _    Public Shared Function SendMessage(ByVal hwnd As IntPtr, ByVal wMsg As Integer, _        ByVal wParam As Integer, ByVal lParam As Integer) As Integer    End Function    Public Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN As Integer = &H201    Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP As Integer = &H202End Class'in a form    Private Sub ClickButton()            API.SendMessage(lngHWND, API.WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 1, 0)            API.SendMessage(lngHWND, API.WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, 0)    End SubThanks,Eric

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ok im trying to make a vbscript that adds people to my website , im using php and mysql and i have php scripts that are encrypted is there a way to get the VBScript to add directly to my database of members? and if so what would be the script to do so.My Database and Server are hosted here Locally So i can look at my DB but not the scripts as they are encrypted.Thanks in Advance For any Help on this Subject as im freaking out lolClanMuteAdmin

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I have decided that the router has a fault and it is time to replace. I would appreciate help in choosing a new router, as i am not tech savvy in that way.I have iphone, imac, PC, apple TV, PS3, and Wii that i use wireless for. I now also have my iPad. So i want it to be proven success with iPad as i know some people have had wireless issues with some routers.It has been suggested to me that the Draytek Vigor 2820n Wireless router is the way to go, as it has a very strong signal, and i have an old house with lots of stone walls. I want to use my equipment all around my house and in the garden area too.

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Hello, I'm trying to use sql to create a db, but the file the guy gave me is MySql. I tried a few things, and then I asked him to try to migrate it to MSSql for me, but it's still giving me this error: Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1 Incorrect syntax near 'meteor'. Here's the code i'm using in Studio Express: CREATE DATABASE 'meteor'; USE 'meteor'; CREATE TABLE 'address' ( 'address_id' int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, 'address_1' varchar(255) default NULL, 'address_2' varchar(255) default NULL, 'city' varchar(255) default NULL, 'state' varchar(255) default NULL, 'zip_code' varchar(10) default NULL, 'country' varchar(255) default NULL, 'phone_1' varchar(255) default NULL, 'phone_2' varchar(255) default NULL, 'fax' varchar(255) default NULL, 'site' varchar(255) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY ('address_id') ); Thanks for any assistance with this!

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How can I get a help/info text if the mouse is "taken over" a command button and not click on it. One example, If I have a cmdQuit, I want the helptext "Closing the system" be shown.Can someone help me ?

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i am trying to get a command button in vb to trigger a button on a web page. it is kind of a wierd button, but you can look at it here:Buttons i need those buttons to work if i press down on the similar button that i make in vb:image of buttons in vbcan anyone help me with this?

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Does anyone know how to lock a command button to a certain screen section, so that if the user scrolls down the spreadsheet the command button will remain in a locked location of the screen.

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Hey guys,Notice I have attached an image. This is a simple arena type game, that I am hoping on expanding, but I've run into a problem. Notice that on the image is a signpost, with one sign labeled "ARENA". Well, this is actually a seperate image, and I am wanting the game to launch into battle scenes when the player clicks the "ARENA" sign. However, using BitBlt, I find I can't just put the code under the picturebox's click routine, so how would I do this? How would I say code "When the player clicks this image this happens" using BitBlt?????Thanks a lot!

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Hi im trying to clean up and format a textfile that contains data as shown below and write the result to an Excel spreadsheet: 006252721954103167 2002090100000000N 045562081973091467 2002020100000000N 045800521973030667 2002031300000000N 116915141950110967T1996040100000000N 116915491956031367T1996040100000000N 116915571959042167T1996040100000000N 904323631954031467T2004012120040331N 904376671976070667T2004010120040331N 904382721975040267T2004010120040331N 905005041946062667 0000000000000000N 905005211967020567 0000000000000000N 905005391951062667 0000000000000000N This is what needs to be done: * Each line consists of 36 characters * These lines need to be divided into columns(cells) as follows: cell 1 = char 1-8 , cell 2 = char 9-16 , cell 3 = char 17-18 , cell 4 = char 19 , cell 5 = char 20-27 , cell 6 = char 28-35 , cell 7 = char 36. Cell 1 and 3 is fine as is. Cell 4 can contain a 'T' or be NULL. Cell 2,5 and 6 are containing dates in format YYYYMMDD eg. 20030423 . I need it to look like this YYYYMMDD eg. 2003423 If Cell 5 contains only zeroes,then it should insert default value of 20001201.(this should also be formatted as above) If Cell 6 contains only zeroes,then it should insert default value of " " or it can be NULL. Cell 7 cannot be NULL and should contain only a 'N" or 'Y' if it is NULL it should put a 'N' to the cell. The result must be in a Excel spreadsheet. Im working with hundreds of thousands of records, and Excel only allows 60 000 records per file. Therefor i need to break the resulting file every 60 000 records and create another resulting file containing the rest of the records till there is no more. Can you please help, this is very urgent! Im using Visual Basic at the moment. This is a doozy for me and im still new at this...If anyone knows of an easier way to this please let me know... PS: I can't use Excel formatting in this file because the program that uses the result files does not recognise the fields. Thanx in advance! L

Command Button Help www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have tried searching before even joining and couldnt find the exact answer I was looking for. So I decided to join and seek help.I am trying to create a command button on my excel sheet. I want the button to have a double feature. One would display "green" and fore ground color would be green. Two click or press it and it would display "red" and fore ground color becomes red as well. Can anyone guide me in the right direction??

Vb And Command Button Help!!! www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi, i kinda dont know how to word this but i have a problem with my command button and vb coding. The thing is i have an order system i created, which consist of an 'order' sheet and 'process orders' sheet. When an order is placed, i click on the command button named process which the first row in the 'order' sheet is automatically copied into the 'process orders' sheet and then deleted from the 'order' sheet (its suppose to do that lol). The thing is i need to construct the code so that the orders are processed one at a time by the click of the command button than all at once. Here is the code: Code:Worksheets("New Orders").Range("A2:G2").Copy Sheets("Processed orders").Range("A2") Worksheets("New Orders").Range("A2:G2").ClearContentsWorksheets("New Orders").Range("A3:G3").Copy Sheets("Processed orders").Range("A3") Worksheets("New Orders").Range("A3:G3").ClearContentsSo my question is how can i construct a code that will allow me to process orders one by one than actually all at once? please help and sorry for the essay lolp.s. i have attached the file in case anyone wants to test it or is confused lolEdit by Moderator: Please post Excel questions, in the Excel forum.Please use the [vb][/vb] tags when you post your code. Edit or reply to this post to see how.Thank you.

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HelloI am using this code: Code:Dim PathToMediaFile As StringConst QUOTE = """"PathToMediaFile = CommandText1.Text = Replace(PathToMediaFile, QUOTE, "")And I want it so that when this happens it also refers to a command button (cmd_Play)Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Hi How Do I building help to VB ? Where I found a Tutorial ? thank you in advance

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i am kinda new to VBA and was wondering how to write an IF statement for a command button. this is what i have:Private Sub GoButton_Click()If Workbooks("REDBManual").Sheets("Main Menu").Range(H9) = 1 ThenSheet2.ActivateEnd Subbut it is giving me this error: "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range"any help would be appreciated. thanks a bunch.cj

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Hi How I building a help ?, Where I found a tutorial ? I am using VB6 thank you in advance

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i´m doing an .exe with 3 command buttons,one for open a .swf file,another for open an htm file and th other to close the exe.is this right?:Private Sub Command1_Click()Documents.Open ("menu.swf")End SubPrivate Sub Command2_Click()Documents.Open ("web.htm")End SubPrivate Sub Command3_Click()EndEnd Subif not please helpi need one for opening the .swf other for open the html file, the problem is taht , how to make a command buttons open a file in the same directory as the .exe??sorry but i´m a beginner best regardssanti

Help Building SQL Statement www.xtremevbtalk.com

You've helped greatly in the past, how about again?Here's the table structure:tblStudentsstudent_idstudent_nametblEventsevent_idevent_dateevent_minutestblHistoryref_numstudent_idevent_idminutes_missed1. tblStudents holds student names.2. tblEvents holds info about events (date and length in minutes)3. tblHistory records what student attended what event and how much they missed.Result set needed is:event_date, student_name, minutes_missed, SUM(minutes_missed) Note: SUM[minutes_missed) would be up to & including that event_dateWhat I have so far:SELECT fname as Student, event_date, minutes_missedFROM tblhistory, tblstudents, tbleventsWHERE tblhistory.student_id = tblstudents.student_id and tblhistory.event_id=tblevents.event_id;Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.--Gary

Help With Program Sending Data To Website. www.xtremevbtalk.com

i'm working on a program that will take data entered into a text field lets say txtURL then send it to a website like google and submit the info. Any help would be appreciated I am somewhat new to VisualBasic and programming.

How To Link Help With Program? www.xtremevbtalk.com

How do I link the .hlp file to my application. I wanted the user to click on the menu named Help and the .hlp file would appear.

Please Help) A VB Program That Can Enter Login And Passwords To WebSite, Kinda Like GATOR www.vbcity.com

Does anyone know of any vb code files I can download that can do this.I have read and tried many of the examples ive seen thus far but just cant get them to work.Any Help would be appreciated!philio63@hotmail.com Yah, Ive been usin VB four five years,But I still know nothing.Edited by - philio63 on 3/2/2002 2:23:33 PM

Help To Improve The Code www.codeguru.com

Code:Private Sub Form_Load()Dim blnStartReading1 As Boolean, blnStartReading2 As BooleanDim strTestData As StringDim A As IntegerDim B As IntegerDim i As IntegerDim ii As IntegerDim strLatitude As StringDim strLongitude As StringDim strDepth As StringChDir App.Path'Open strfilename For Input As #2Open "test.txt" For Input As #2 blnStartReading1 = False: blnStartReading2 = False While Not EOF(2) Line Input #2, strTestData If strTestData = "STOP" Then blnStartReading2 = False If blnStartReading1 = True And blnStartReading2 = True Then A = Len(strTestData) For B = 1 To A If Mid(strTestData, B, 1) = " " Then strLongitude = Mid(strTestData, 1, B - 1) strLatitude = Mid(strTestData, B + 1, A) Exit For End If Next B 'MsgBox " " & strLatitude & " " & strLongitude & " " & strDepth & "" Open App.Path & "/Data.txt" For Append As #3 Print #3, " " & strLatitude & " " & strLongitude & " " & strDepth & "" Close #3 End If If blnStartReading1 = True And blnStartReading2 = False Then i = InStr(strTestData, "174=") ii = InStr(i + 1, strTestData, ";") If i < ii And i <> 0 Then strDepth = Mid(strTestData, i, ii - i) End If blnStartReading2 = True End If If strTestData = "EndHeader" Then blnStartReading1 = True If strTestData = "STOP" Then blnStartReading2 = False WendClose #2End Suboriginal file:Header2.8566700099.700000004.01666940101.466670002Decimal1.01.33Some descriptionEndHeaderSTART 43, L, 174=0;133=300000100.81888000 3.85663000100.81778000 3.85625000100.80883000 3.85519000STOPSTART 43, L, 133=250000;174=20101.29401000 3.20013000101.29359000 3.20232000101.29134000 3.20748000STOPSTART 302, A, 18=199.98843120 2.8566700099.70000000 2.8566700099.70000000 3.19926000STOPSTART 116, L, 57=2;133=250000100.94623000 3.73802000100.94658000 3.73897000100.94950000 3.74430000100.98286000 3.76365000STOPfor the original file, i need changing the format as below.By using code above,i found mistake was happen. i only need to change the value inside"START 43, L, 174=0;133=300000"this mean only the word after "start" hv 174=xxx, the format is change.Please help me to improve the code adove.3.85663000 100.81888000 174=03.85625000 100.81778000 174=03.85519000 100.80883000 174=03.20013000 101.29401000 174=203.20232000 101.29359000 174=203.20748000 101.29134000 174=20

Help With VB Command Button In Excel www.codeguru.com

Hello All,Can anyone help me with an Excel spreadsheet that is like a work roster.I want to be able to add a command button to the spreadsheet and when I press it it will populate cell A2 (or whatever cell is clicked on) with 9:00am and then put 5:00pm into the cell next to that cell, so in this case it is B2.Therefore cell A2 will = 9:00am and B2 will = 5:00pm in this example.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Help Improve Code -urgent www.vbforums.com

Code:Private Sub Form_Load()Dim blnStartReading1 As Boolean, blnStartReading2 As BooleanDim strTestData As StringDim A As IntegerDim B As IntegerDim i As IntegerDim ii As IntegerDim strLatitude As StringDim strLongitude As StringDim strDepth As StringChDir App.Path'Open strfilename For Input As #2Open "test.txt" For Input As #2 blnStartReading1 = False: blnStartReading2 = False While Not EOF(2) Line Input #2, strTestData If strTestData = "STOP" Then blnStartReading2 = False If blnStartReading1 = True And blnStartReading2 = True Then A = Len(strTestData) For B = 1 To A If Mid(strTestData, B, 1) = " " Then strLongitude = Mid(strTestData, 1, B - 1) strLatitude = Mid(strTestData, B + 1, A) Exit For End If Next B 'MsgBox " " & strLatitude & " " & strLongitude & " " & strDepth & "" Open App.Path & "/Data.txt" For Append As #3 Print #3, " " & strLatitude & " " & strLongitude & " " & strDepth & "" Close #3 End If If blnStartReading1 = True And blnStartReading2 = False Then i = InStr(strTestData, "174=") ii = InStr(i + 1, strTestData, ";") If i < ii And i <> 0 Then strDepth = Mid(strTestData, i, ii - i) End If blnStartReading2 = True End If If strTestData = "EndHeader" Then blnStartReading1 = True If strTestData = "STOP" Then blnStartReading2 = False WendClose #2End Subthe code above use to retrieve data from file "test.txt" and then rewrite it to file "data.txt" in another kind of format like below.3.85663000 100.81888000 174=0 3.85625000 100.81778000 174=0 3.85519000 100.80883000 174=0 3.20013000 101.29401000 174=20 3.20232000 101.29359000 174=20 3.20748000 101.29134000 174=20i want stop to rewrite the data when the line context in file "test.txt" is "Start 302"

Help Me With My Website! www.vbforums.com

Hello, This is my website.www.ea-delta.com I would like to know 2 things. 1.)Does it look nice?2.)Does it match the picture I u/l'edIf either is false please give me a way to fix it =)

Help Website For VC++? www.vbcity.com

HiDoes any one know any website for VC++ as in VBCITY.COM?. Thanks

W Embeded WorkSheet TextBox's, I Need Code Equivalent To An OnKey Event www.xtremevbtalk.com

Re: =EMBED("Forms.TextBox.1","") W Excel 2000Does anyone here, have an answer to why Embeded TextBox's do not have obvious Property Settings, to control Tab Key Behavior? The property setting choices are there, but I can't get any Tab Key behavior, to work. I have several PC's that I've tried this on, so the answer is not likely to be found there.On Sheet 1, I have TextBox1 and TextBox2 and I'm wondering two things, that seem like they should be simple.(1)How can I get TextBox 1, to tab over to TextBox 2 ?I've tried every property setting (that my eyes can detect), to no avail. That includes trying both AutoTab=True and AutoTab=False and TabBehavior =True and TabBehavior=False, EnterKeyBehavior =True and EnterKeyBehavior=False, Hidden=False, Unlocked, SelectionBehavior, etc, etc.(2)An Alternate configuration that I have, on Sheet 2, is just one EMBED TextBox. With that, lone TextBox, is it possible to set the tab key behaivor, or other key, to trigger a macro? I know that The OnKey method, does seem to only be intended for use with cells, not TextBox's. - And I am aware of the fact that the Escape key, will get me to the ActiveCell; but I need to have code, that will on the fly, get me to any cell Range, of my choosing, via: a TextBox KeyPress Event, or the like.As far as Tabing between TextBox 1 & 2, goes, I find the fact that the "how to", is not obvious, to be very-very strange; as my TextBox's that I have in UserForms, configure for that, quite easily.Thanks in advance, to anyone that can point me towards the answers to either, or both of my questions

Need VBSCRIPT To Play A Midi When User Clicks On A Graphic/ Or Button www.vbforums.com

need VBSCRIPT to play a midi(music) when user clicks on a graphic/ or button

Help Index Not Valid www.xtremevbtalk.com

Yeah this may sound wierd but when I tell it to set the index to 1000000 (that's 1 million) it says Index Invalid...how do I get around this? using VS6.0's VB 6.0

Not Valid Help File?? www.vbforums.com

Code:Private Sub mnuhlpfile_Click()On Error Resume Next Dim nRet As Integer nRet = OSWinHelp(Me.hwnd, App.HelpFile, 3, 0) If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description End IfEnd SubI use this to open my help file... which is a html helpfile, but when I test it, it says this:PS. I used HTML Help Workshop from microsoft...

Help Adding Link Labels To A Scrollable Container www.vbcity.com

Hello,I've written an application which has many records. I've provided a search bar in which the user can enter a keyword and the search will return the records with matching keywords. However, I'm looking to return the records as links to the records. The thing I need is to create the link labels on the fly and add them to some kind of container (like a list box) which is scrollable if the number of links exceeds the size of the container. I've looked at list box and list view and they don't seem to have the ability to house link labels. If I've missed something stupid or if someone knows a way to do this please let me know. Thanks for your help in advance.Kenny

HTC Incredible :: Need To Remove Facebook And Flickr From Gallery androidforums.com

Ok everyone. I searched but didn't see anything quite similar so wanted to post. Do any of you know how to remove the Facebook and Flickr tabs at the bottom of the Gallery page? I've attached a screenshot. They don't go away apparently when I remove the apk files but figured they had to be configured somewhere though it's probably compiled into the gallery app. BTW: I know I can just uncheck the box in settings to show the tabs but I'd like to remove them completely. If there is would you please let me know?

Sprint Hero :: Need Link To HTC_IME Keyboard Mod androidforums.com

the one that is in roms like NFXHero and stuff. im using the rooted .7 deodexed rom.

Motorola Droid :: Need A Working Link To Chrome Extension androidforums.com

Cannot find a working link to the Chrome extension for this.

HTC Incredible : Need Gmail Contact Names / Facebook Synch androidforums.com

I thought I had read something about this before, but now I can't put my finger on it. Is the initial synch between Gmail contacts and Facebook using e-mail addresses or contact names? In other words, if I'm using only first names for some contacts will it find their Facebook profiles or will I have to change the contact names to full names? My Incredible is arriving today (can't wait) and just want to know if I need to update my contacts.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Need Address Book App androidforums.com

I don't really like the stock address book on the Hero. I find the slide bar to be cumbersome because the bar is only there when you touch the screen and the letters on the slide bar only show up one by one as you slide the bar down. Is there a better address book program or application out there?

HTC Incredible :: Need An Alternative Address Book androidforums.com

You can't even read an entire address (city/zip code). If I am doing something wrong please let me know or if you know of an alternative address book please share.

Samsung Captivate :: Need Photo Deleted From Online Locker androidforums.com

Recently acidently loaded a photo to onine locker form samsung captive that needs to be deleted ASAP. Also on family plan can parents see a phones online locker? How would i access the online locker to delete the photo?

Motorola Droid X :: Facebook Sync Contacts Help androidforums.com

my contacts have doubled since syncing with Facebook. There are some FB contacts I'd like to keep, and others I would like to delete. I plan on deleting those but don't want them to re-appear at a later date. Is there a way to turn off FB syncing after just the initial sync? I think that's my best option at this point.New here so thanks for the info in advance and I hope to get enough knowledge to help out on the forums soon.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Need To Have My Contacts Backed Up androidforums.com

I now know i should have entered all my contacts as google contacts insted of phone contacts. but is there any way to backup the phone contacts? i want to do a complete wipe of the phone and need to have my contacts backed up.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Using Touchdown / Need Flexibility In My Contacts androidforums.com

I have been using the native email app for both synching with my exchange outlook server and handling a separate POP email account. This works fine for most of my needs, but I have a few glitches that I'm trying to figure out. I would like to be able to sync my outlook exchange task list and the standard email app doesn't do this I would like to have my email sorted in the same order with subfolders as I have on my PC, but the Hero sorts the folders in random order without proper sub folder hierarchy. would like to have some flexibility in how my contacts are sorted and displayed.Is anyone using Touchdown on their Sprint Hero? How do you like it? and does it address these issues?

Motorola Droid :: Overclock - Need Link To An Application? androidforums.com

I am running stock 2.1. I do not want to downgrade and root. But, i would like to overclock. People say this is possible and to just find the app on the market. All the overclock apps i have found show that it MUST be root. Can anyone provide a link to an app that will do this? Or even the title of an app that can do this WITHOUT root?

Samsung Galaxy S : Need Sound Profiles App androidforums.com

Since the latest firmware removed the vibrate option on the drop down tray and I usually use 3-4 profiles on my phone now the silent/vibrate/normal option was perfect.. What app can you guys recommend for a quick profile change?

Android : Need An App To Change Mail Profiles androidforums.com

Just wondered if anyone could help? I'm looking to see if an app exists to change the checking frequency of the (Exchange) mail client based on time?

Android : Need App To Make Ringtone / Notification Sounds Into Profiles androidforums.com

Looking for an app to make my ringtone/notification sounds into profiles for work/school/home etc. I downloaded quick profile but it only changes my ringtones not my notification sounds.

Android :: Need Link To Juice Defender? androidforums.com

I cant find juice defender app in the market anywhere! Can someone please help me find it or post a link to it.

Android :: Need Download Link For Httpclient Multipart groups.google.com

HttpClient 4 doesn't have that included anymore. The upstream project didn't integrate it from the 3.x client. I had to do exactly the same today. Basically I solved it by including some additional jars: mime4j httpmime This question was already on the list and there's some better explanation: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/msg/1ea124b384da9dc2 -- Urs My problem is that while i know what i have to include, i can't find a sensible download link for httpmime. the page points back to httpcore for downloads, but of course it's not in there any more (i checked). i was up for compiling it, but the source link takes me to the javadoc! something is definitely screwed up.

Html - Dynamically Created Elements From Codebehind Need To Be Inserted Between Specific Elements stackoverflow.com

I created a method and pass the element type, id, and any inner text that instantiates a new html element. The last statement: Me.Controls.Add(element) adds it to the end of the page, but I would like it to be inserted in a specific position (between 2 divs within a form). What I am describing is very similar to this post on SO here, although it was for javascript.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Load Movie And Pass The Variables Needed From The Main Movie www.kirupa.com

I'm trying to do a demo with a fastforward button and a rewind button that will go to the next scene and previous scene...however, due to the format that my predecessor created used...I'm stuck with alot of scenes. The navbar (ff and rewind buttons) is in a .swf file called main. The actual demo is in demo3.swf. I created a loader scene to redirect to the correct scene (when ff and rewind are hit), but I'm not sure how to pass the variables needed from the main movie.

File Sharing Need High Bandwith And HD Space www.webhostingtalk.com

i am starting a file storage/ sharing website and i need to get a server that offers the most bandwith and HD space as possible Right now i am looking at midphase or 10tb.com same thing, that offers 250HD space and 10TB of bandwith and other then them i havent found anyone that comes close to that offer. Other then them does any one have any recommendations on a host that has lots of bandwith and storage. My limit is about 200 a month with simple management prefered.

Need Dedicated Server For File Hosting Site www.webhostingtalk.com

i want to start a file hosting site like megaupload etc. So need a good bandwitch and storage for beggining and if it grows up then upgrade. Would you recommend buying Dual Core Cpu?Or Pentium 4 for beggining?

Secure Login With Additional Context Information Passed Through (which Also Needs To Be Secure) stackoverflow.com

My web application will be launched through existing thick client applications. When launched, an HTTP POST request will be generated including information like the userID and additional context information (basically stuff like the target user's name, birthday, etc.). My plan for authentication is for there to be a look-up table in the database. If the username is already there, automatically login the user, but if there is no entry in the database, redirect the user to an initial login page which will be used to create that database entry. My question is how to secure this against MITM and other security holes. How can the request generated through the thick client be on an SSL connection? Doesn't an SSL connection have to be authenticated with the username (and password) first? And if so, will the additional context information be publicly exposed until the user is logged in?

Big Site Needs Separate Server For Mysql www.webhostingtalk.com

my vbulletin site has been growing significantly and the server has crashed many times due to the high loads. My server guys tell me that mysql is hitting loads of 30 (not sure what that means) and i need to get another server for mysql alone. They recommend that I shld go for raid-5 for the mysql server due to performance and redundancy. Thus if i was to upgrade now, I shld just go straight for a raid-5. Is that true?

Do I Need Separate Apache & Mysql Servers Etc www.webhostingtalk.com

here's my current setup has my stuff running on 2 separate "self contained" servers (eg; each runs their own apache/php/mysql): Main site/server: content: mostly static content (no mysql, very little php). currently has about 4tb/m traffic. in the summer it could push up to 6tb/m hardware: P4 2.8ghz. 1gb ram. this server has no problem handling the load. only problem is bandwidth (i have to get it off the current host) Forums site/server: content: running vBulletin. currently 400-500 peak (probably jump to 800 peak this summer) users active per 15 mins. hardware: 64bit dual Opteron 242. 4gb ram. it's absolutely griding that to a halt at peak times. it acts like 4gb memery isn't enough (it will run fine then eat through most of the 4gb. grind to a halt, then recover) personally i think it was setup/configured wrong but i've had multiple people look at it and nobody can find anything wrong in the apache/mysql settings. What I want to know: what type of server setup should I start migrating to? should I keep both parts of the site separate? eg; main site on one server, forums on another server(s)? what i've sorta been looking into is 3-server setup. (server1) main apache/php server. probably on unmetered (honestly don't think i'll find anything else that offers high enough traffic). run the main site and the vB php from here (server2) dedicated mysql 'read only' server (server3) dedicated mysql 'write only' server. and have mysql read/write synced and have all 3 servers networked directly together. i have a friend running a single mysql driven site using this setup and it works really well for him. is this overkill for me? should the current dual Opteron be able to handle the forums and i just need to hire someone smarter, or is there some other setup that would work better for me? i'm tight so i want to go cheap as possible, but I also realize i need room for summer traffic expansion that always hits us.

I Need To Enable Register_globals www.sitepoint.com

i got hosting with cPanel Control panel i have some problem with this hosting because its "register_globals" disabled , i need to enable the "register_globals" on my hosting ,

Web Forms :: How To Show The Time Needed For A Page To Show forums.asp.net

I wnat to evaluate the performance of my web page. How can I show the time comsued of a page?

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Default Insert - Need ReadOnly View forums.asp.net

I'm using a formview in Insert mode with an AccessDataSource. I want to switch to readonly mode upon insertion to let the user confirm the input worked, then give them the option to insert a new record. If I set the DefaultMode to Insert, then after the first record is inserted, I get a new blank insertion form (no confirmation). If I set the DefaultMode to ReadOnly, after insertion, I get a blank form (presumably because I am not on the record just inserted).  How do I get the just inserted record to display? If I need to set the ID of the formview to the just inserted record OnInserted, how do I get that given I'm using an AccessDataSource?

Link To .xls But Need To Pass Parameters? forums.asp.net

I have a page containing a link to to MS Excel spreadsheet (I am able to assume that Excel is available as this is an intranet page). All works fine until I want to pass a parameter into the spreadsheet. Normally I would do this with /e but this will not work I am starting Excel through a link. Any ideas how I would pass the parameters into Excel? (also - there may be multiple requests for the spreadsheet at any time with differing parameters!!)

PHP-built META Tag Not Working. Help :) forums.devshed.com

I need to buid the redirect to another page with some parameters. For some weird reason (or my mistake) it doesn´t redirect me anywere and prints on-screen this: -23"> If I do a simple echo of a meta-tag it DOES work, so I guess I have a problem with the creation of the string. I am pretty burnt out, here´s the code:

Code Needed For Next + Previous Buttons On Simple Photo Gallery www.phpbuilder.com

i have tried to contact johnfm and had no success so i went ahead and posted my last issue as a new post hopefully he will see it....he is the man!!! but anyway i got the script and works great on the pc at home but when loaded onto my remote server at inmotionhosting.com i get an error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: scandir() in /home/zandic5/public_html/hardwood-stairs-photo-slideshow.php on line 40i tried erything can can't seem to get around that is there a way to get around that anybody?? [code].......

Need A Very Simple Gallery Script forums.devshed.com

I am seeking for a very simple gallery script no MySQL DB, no automatically generates thumbnail, no voting, no multiple login I need the following: -Multipage Album Support. -button to switch (left and right button) from one photo to another photo in the same album easy upload. I have been searching in hotscripts for more than a week already. Those scripts are not simple at all. I was having difficulty hacking those scripts. They usually come with the layout (I don't need those layout, I only need a simple image in the middle and left right button to change from photo to photo).

Need A Simple Gallery Script www.phpfreaks.com

I have looked through about 40 different scripts on hotscripts and can't find what I need. I have a very simple page that I want to add a gallery display to.  I need to be able to upload to a directory and have it automatically generate the thumbnails.  I don't want mysql because it will be a chore just to get them to use ftp to upload the images. I need it integrated with my existing site, using the same navigation, header, etc. It seems most of them want to use their own templates, etc.  I just want to be able to drop this in, specifiy how many columns and rows and upload the pics to the proper directory.

I Need Information From ...... groups.google.com

I have to retrive the title tag information? can you tell me. i am new to the php ........ can you give the example to get the information between <title> to </title> from the web page...... how shall i get it.

Photo Gallery Code Help bytes.com

I'm not sure if this is the right group to post in. If it is not, please let me know where I should be posting. I have been looking all over the internet for free javascript code for a photo gallery that has the following features. Do you know where I can find this? 1. Allows you to use different size photos 2. lets you put a few lines of text under the photo 3. Has navigation arrows (left and right)

HELP!! Making Text Bold In Text Box www.codeguru.com

i already posted this and i got help but the answers werent right. what i want to do is have a text box and three check boxes. one check box to make the text bold, one to make it italic and one to make it underlined. and when you enter text in the text box you can check the bold box and the text will turn bold right there. you dont check the box and then it turns to bold and from what you type from then on out is bold but instead it turns everything that is already in the box bold. some people told me to type if check is true then text1.fontbold. in when i do that it says invalid use of property. and i also tried text1.font.bold. please help me out!!

Help Making Bold Text In RTB www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi there!I have a small problem making bold text in a rich text box. I am looping through a string array and making the matching words bold, however if it finds a partial word then it will 'bold' the wrong thing. Here is the partially working code: Code:For i = 0 To UBound(rWord()) 'string array If InStr(rtb1.Text, rWord(i)) Then b = InStr(rtb1.Text, rWord(i)) rtb1.SelStart = b - 1 rtb1.SelLength = Len(rWord(i)) rtb1.SelBold = True End If Next iSo if the word "beer" and the word "bee" is in my text and the word "bee" is in my array, it will end up like this:"Here is the word beer and the word bee."Is there a way to come up with a more exact match? I've been looking at this and scratching my head.Thanks for lookingMax.

Random Image Help forums.devshed.com

I am making an activity, where sheep pop out, from 1 to 100. They are all the same sheep and look the same now my question is:I would like to know how to make a random amount of sheep pop up on the form. For example they click the start button and a random amount of sheep pop-up? They then must count how many sheep there are. How would I do that. I know its something to do with the int(rnd*100)+1 formula. So far I have a picture box, but when I press f5 i see the picture box and its not supposed to show until they press the start button to make random sheep. So please help.Thanks

Help With Making Multiple Images In A Control Array www.vbforums.com

For a school project I'm trying to make a program that lets you create an image, then create another image with a different name (a lot). I can't seem to find a way to do it, though. I tried putting it in an array, but that didn't work so well either. Here's the code I used:VB Code:If KeyCode = vbKeyReturn Then For intx = 1 To 10000    Dim img(1 To 10000) As Control         Set img(intx) = Controls.Add("vb.image", "imgtemp(intx)")        Delete imgtemp        img(intx).Move imgSymbol + 300, imgSymbol + 300        img(intx).Picture = LoadPicture("H:Program SelectorEnd Of The YearEnd Of Year Iconsquarter note.gif")        img(intx).Visible = TrueNext intx

Systray Icon Help www.codeguru.com

I've succesfully been able to create a systray icon for my program but there are a few problems. The ToolTip area is way too long for the Caption I have for it, is there anyway to specify the length of the ToolTip? Also, it takes 2 right-clicks to show the popup menu I have specified. I'm not sure why it's doing that. If anybody has any info, I'd appreciate it. Thanks~~Ryan

Creating A Save Command Button www.codeguru.com

I need some help creating a save command Button

I Need To Make A Command Button That Has No Borders. www.vbforums.com

I need to make a command button that has no borders. This way I can make it blend into my app's background. I had turned off the 3D to flat but this is not what I need. How do I, using vb5, make a command button without borders. (What I mean is I don't want the 3D looking border just one that is a flat loking so it can be easily blended into a background.)Thank in advance,Daniel

Saving DB As Excel Spreadsheet.. Need To Code PASSWORD, How?? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have the code to export a table from an Access db to an excel spreadsheet. however, I'm not sure how to hard code the password based on the working code. I don't want the user to know the password and current when this code runs, it will display a window asking for DB password. I need to hard code it based on my code.Also, is there a way to save the Excel Spreadsheet name with the current day and time??[code=vb]Private Sub ExportToExcel(strMdbPath As String, strExcelPath As String, strTable As String)Dim AccessDB As Access.Application Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass Set AccessDB = New Access.Application AccessDB.OpenCurrentDatabase strMdbPath AccessDB.DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, _ strTable, strExcelPath, True AccessDB.Quit acQuitSaveNone Set AccessDB = Nothing Screen.MousePointer = vbDefaultEnd Sub''must change this and make it dynamic.Private Sub MDIForm_Unload(Cancel As Integer)On Error GoTo Err_Exit: ExportToExcel "C:SchedulerSchedulerSchedule.mdb", "C:JobTestTable.xls", "Job" Err_Exit: MsgBox "Database wasn't saved!", vbCriticalEnd Sub[/code]Can anyone help???Thanks,efarhat

Saving DB As Excel Spreadsheet.. Need To Code PASSWORD, How?? www.vbcity.com

I have the code to export a table from an Access db to an excel spreadsheet. however, I'm not sure how to hard code the password based on the working code. I don't want the user to know the password and current when this code runs, it will display a window asking for DB password. I need to hard code it based on my code.Also, is there a way to save the Excel Spreadsheet name with the current day and time??Code:Private Sub ExportToExcel(strMdbPath As String, strExcelPath As String, strTable As String)Dim AccessDB As Access.ApplicationScreen.MousePointer = vbHourglassSet AccessDB = New Access.ApplicationAccessDB.OpenCurrentDatabase strMdbPathAccessDB.DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, _strTable, strExcelPath, TrueAccessDB.Quit acQuitSaveNoneSet AccessDB = NothingScreen.MousePointer = vbDefaultEnd Sub''must change this and make it dynamic.Private Sub MDIForm_Unload(Cancel As Integer)On Error GoTo Err_Exit:ExportToExcel "C:SchedulerSchedulerSchedule.mdb", "C:JobTestTable.xls", "Job"Err_Exit:MsgBox "Database wasn't saved!", vbCriticalEnd SubCan anyone help???Thanks,efarhat

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Can anyone recommend an address book app which allows for full postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers - and can sync with Outlook on a desktop PC. It would be useful if a touch on the appropriate bit of the file would start up a phone call an email or even a word processor. Phone is a Galaxy running 2.1

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