Nokia :: N900 - Move Pictures To The Memory Card


How do I move pictures etc from the phone memory to the sd memory card ?

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When I move pictures from Nokia N8 memory to the SD card they can not be open.

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nokia N73 how 2 move the message from memory card move to phone memory?

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I have a nokia e51, how do I move all my installed applications from my memory card to my phone?moving pictures and video is easy, I want to fit a bigger memory card, that's why I need to move things onto the phone memory. So I don't lost them.

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A configuration snafu sent pictures to a folder in Device Memory. (Device Memory/Home/User/Pictures) All my previous pictures went to memory card. (Media Card/Blackberry/pictures) I am not able to move the pictures from the Device Memory folder to either the memory Card or to my PC. Normal "Move" and PC downbload procudes don't work (I can't get to the Device Memory folders via my PC, and the Blackberry won't let me move from the Device memory to the Media Card.) These pictures will be lost if I can't move them. I don't want to email them. How do I move the pictures in Device Memory/Home/User/Pictures to either the Media Card or to my PC.

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I had pictures on my motorola phone and transferred them by blue tooth to my nokia 5230, as i don't have USB cable for the motorola phone to move them to my computer while i do have it for the nokia (my computer has no blue tooth capabilities). And strange the pictures get always put by default in the inbox of my nokia and when i connect the nokia 5230 to my computer through the USB cable, the wizard that opens to move files between the phone and computer, doesn't move or synchronize those pictures, it moves all the files in my inbox except those pictures and when i try to explore the files content of the nokia phone on my computer by exploring my mobile phone drive which shows 2 drives, one for the phone memory card and one for the phone SIM card, I can see all files on my phone SIM or memory card except those pictures. I can never email or text those pictures direct from the phone as the phone doesn't at all provide any option to do that and doesn't allow to move the pictures to any other folder on my phone except to My Folders which acts the same like inbox of not allowing any option to move them out of there through USB or email or text. The only way to do it is to move them one by one to my gallery which allows all files stored in it to get synchronized with my computer, the only problem with this method is I have 1000 pictures and moving them individually would take days. Any help how to move those pictures to my computer in one shot?

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I just bought the nokia n900 at amazon.com. I have tried placing the external memory card the SanDisk sdhc 8gb.I do it once and it worked out. But then no longer is recognizing the memory card.

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my problem is that my phone says Memory card corrupted, when I try to enter to file manager, on Nokia N900, it says memory card format unsupported, well, I'm here ask for your help.

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We released on Monday 21.6. new version of Nokia Ovi Suite, official version is Nokia Ovi Suite Our recommendation for everybody is to update to this latest version. We plan to start web update for existing Nokia Ovi Suite 2.x users during Wednesday 23.6. Keep your installed Nokia Ovi Suite running, you'll see update notification automatically when update is available.- Nokia Ovi Suite is also available for direct download in www.ovi.com/suite web pages Our list for improvements for Nokia Ovi Suite 2.2 release:New, simplified navigation in Nokia Ovi Suite Enjoy your photos and videos in a beautiful full screen view Get free, updated country maps for your device Basic support for Nokia N900 (messaging sync and memory card access not supported by Nokia N900) Microsoft Outlook 2010 sync support, including support for Outlook folders Faster start up and improved proxy support.

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I just got my tour and I had a 1gb memory card in my previous EnV Touch with all my pictures. I can't figure out how to get the pictures off the memory card to the internal memory so I can put the 2gb memory card back into my tour that it came with. I don't want to use Roxio because it messes up my computer and the Menu > Move doesn't move it to the internal memory!

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How do you move your pictures from Device memory to your memory card?


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I have gotten my nokia n82 a week a go with 2GB memory card inside.I have gotten problem with my gallery.I have checked my gallery and recently some pictures were corrupted or something so i switched off pohone and turn on again and all pictures were gone when i went to my gallery.Do i need to get a new memory card or do i need to update something.Because i can't format my memory card because i got 3 months free gps navigation.And if i will format it now than it will be lost

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When I power on my N900 I get a notification message saying device storage format unsupported. Note: I don"t have a memory card, this is the Internal Memory Card. When I check (settings, memory) It says memory card corrupt 1.86GB available. When I check File Manager, It says no files/folders. First two pictures on: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=44203 is basically how it is on mine. I tried flashing the firmware and emmc and it worked everything was back. But when I restart my phone same notification. When run mount/home/user/MyDocs via X-Terminal. In File Manager I can see N900 folder but in Settings/Memory is still says memory corrupt. When I restart phone everything does not work again. Can someone please assits me.

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I would like to copy a picture and a song from memory card to phone memory of my Nokia x2, but I don't know how to. If I take out memory card from the phone now the picture I chose as my screen background disappears I want to have it all the time on the screen no mater if the card is in or out of the phone.

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I wasn't to sure how to search for this problem I'm having. Basically I got afew ringtones and I go to select them and I get this song OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in the selection menu. Stevie Wonder - I just called to say it appears like 50 11 times. It show it on the memory card. I looked threw the memory card. It's not there. I wanna get ride of them mass copy that appears so I can select my ringtones with ease. I DEMAND NOKIA MAKE A N900 for AT&T USERS AND CALL IT "N900" FTW Edition" My E63 is BLUE (Where's my Icon...?) and Stop with the popup notes Nokia sheesh I don't need help from you :/ I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit/Ultimate Edition 2.5 64bit on my HP Dv6 1030us

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When you load too many data in memory card (assuming that you have installed memory card more than 512 MB) the phone mis behaves, it continuously restarts and if you format your memory card it comes back to normal. If any body had found remedy for this let me know or if NOKIA is ready to replace the phone with new upgraded model. Nokia 3330 - > Sony J200i > Nokia 3530 > Nokia 3230 > Nokia 1110 > Nokia 3110c

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I have to take my Nokia 6120 in to be fixed because it just stopped making any sounds, tones, alarms, and i couldn't hear anyone and they couldn't hear me.Now i want to save some of my text messages to my memory card before I give the guys my phone as they said they'd have to wipe it, but I can't work out how to do it.When I select the message and then say 'move to' i only get the option of 'my folder' which, as far as i can work out, isn't on the external memory card.How can I move messages to the memory card?

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Sometime My N900 Freezes up. Like if I have to make a phone call or open the application it takes around 2-2.5 mins to start up telephone. Sometime its so embarrassing when someone ask the phone for a call or I'm saving some ones contact. And seriously then N900 to me seems like a brick & feels like to throw it away (I have done this with few Nokias) I have even tried rebooting but doesn't help. Happens now and then & stays for few days. (specially if I'm not connected to internet). Please don't take me otherwise I love Nokia and N900. Owned Nokia 5110, Nokia 8210, Nokia 8250, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6820, Nokia 9500, Nokia E50, Nokia 8800 , Nokia E71, Nokia N91 4 GB, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N97, iPhone 3GS & finally Nokia N900,Nokia X6, Nokia E55 & BB BOLD 9700

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Phone: N82 Previous problems: crashed memory card with maps on it Target: Download maps on phone memory (new memory card not installed) Problem: Nokia Map Loader keep showing message "Waiting for device". Previously installed PC Suite and Map Loader. Started Map Loader and starter Nokia Maps application in Menu -> Maps. What can be the problem? Maybe I need to install memory card first, install Nokia Maps on memory card and then download?

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I have a 64GB microSD in my Nokia 808 Belle FP2.. I recently went on vacation and after about 600 pictures taken, I got an error that my micro SD card memory was full, and it auto switched the save location to my mass memory.I have plenty of memory free on my micro SD card still.Is there a picture or file limit in the DCIM folder?

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I need yr help to tl me how to move my app from phone memory to the memory card !!! cuz right now i have only 1.7 MB free memory and i cant receive any thing through the bluetooth !!! so do know how to move these appl to the memory card !!i didnt choose to download these appl in to the phone memoryit just went there automaticly when i downloaded them from the SW update !!!and my phone is nokia 5800 xp

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How safe is the internet on the n900 ?Would u risk doing something like internet banking as an example? Nokia n900

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is it true, the N900 does not have a compass and free Nokia maps navigation is not available to the N900?

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I wonder if there is a possibility to transfer my old SMS (from a Nokia N97) to my Nokia N900? Sadly (for SMS) you can not use the transfer function or the PC Suite. Does anyone have a solution? Copying the SMS from SIM card to the device is really no use, I have approx. 800+ SMS which I really would like to have on my N900.

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my nokia 6500 does not detect the memory card. When i connect it via cable to pc it doesnot highlight the 'datastorage' option and says memory card not found. Further, when selected the storage option as memory card for pictures or videos the phone automatically changes to phone memory.

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So i bought a new memory card and i moved all my pictures that were saved onto my device memory and put them onto the memory card. After i did this my file free went down and the free space on my memory card didn't move at all? does anyone have any ideas. do i have a memory leak somewhere?

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i guess both the screens of nokia 5800 and nokia n900 uses the same resistive touch screen technology.the interface on nokia n900 is very smooth,fluent,responsive and so on. But have a look at 5800's interface.It is even not closer to the nokia n900's interface.Why is it so?...only the price and the different operating system makes such a difference between these two mobile?

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How do I change the storage of messages to the memory card moving all the mail boxes along with their content on a nokia 5320? First time I tryed that option it asked me if I wanted to move everything... I said no... but after a short time I changed it again to phone.Now I want to move again to memory card... but wants to move the messages and (email) settings too..

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how can i Move All my pictures from my Device memory to the Media Card?

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What is the key press that allows you to select multiple files (pictures) to move from the device memory to the media card?

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How can I move pictures from phone (device memory) to MicroSD card installed in camera.

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I have forgot memory card password of my Nokia 6270 phone can somebody help me to crack the password or format the memory card.pls email me on rec-bonds@dimensioni.net

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I've a nokia 5130c-2 xpressmusic. Does it support 8gb memory card? I've tried 4gb memory card and it does not make any problem. But in nokia website, it says 5130 only support 2gb but i've used 4gb memory card. Can i use 8gb memory card on my phone? And what's the accurate memory card capacity of my phone?

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I set a password for the memory card of the nokia 6125 and i forget it .how can i unlock the memory card?

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i have set a password on my memory card in my phone Nokia x3-02.how can i reset my memory card password becuz i forget it

Nokia :: Moving Contacts From Phone Memory To SIM Card Using PC Suite discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 5800 and it has broken sadly. I was using the PC suite to edit and move stuff from my phone memory before I send it back, and I was just wondering how I copy or move the contacts from the phone memory to either the memory card or the SIM card.

Nokia :: Transfer Data To Phone Memory? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Is it possible to insert sim card from old (dead) nokia to my new nokia and transfer all data to new nokia phone memory?

Nokia :: PC Suite - 6230 Not Backing Up MMS Messages Or SMS-picture Messages discussions.europe.nokia.com

I successfully backed up Nokia 6230 contents and trasferred them to Nokia N95 with PC Suite 7.1. All over 130 SMS messages were included in the backup and all of them were restored correctly. BUT MMS messages (Multimedia messages) and SMS messages including graphical pictures ("Kuvaviesti") were not included in the backup. They are all located in Phone memory, because after switching to different SIM and MMC memory card to the phone they are still inside Nokia 6230.

Nokia :: 6300 How To Move Messages To Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

how to move mesages to the memory card. Received a few multi media messages but will only move them to "saved messages" folder is it not possible to move things directly to the memory card if not then it's about time Nokia adopted this function like samsung.

Nokia Nseries :: N900 OVI Maps - Offline - Doesn't Work Well discussions.nokia.com

I came to know that we can use OVI Maps in Offline in N900 from the below url http://maemo.nokia.com/n900/tips/maps/. But it asks a connection to proceed and search in OVI Maps doesn't work well. As well the locations are not auto populated. guide me to use OVI Maps effectively in offline in N900. FYI, I downloaded the required maps in to my N900 using Nokia OVI Suite

Nokia :: Bluetooth Headset - Error Says Profile Is Not Listed discussions.europe.nokia.com

According to the specification of the N900 it supports the AVRCP bluetooth protocol. However, when I pair my Nokia bluetooth stereo headset BH-903 (listed as a supported accessory for the N900 on the Nokia site), this profile is not listed on the N900 - so I cannot start/pause, skip tracks, etc. Is this likely to be updated? There does not seem to be even a wired headset that can control music on the N900.

Nokia :: 5800 Xpressmusic / No Songs In Media Player discussions.europe.nokia.com

(Nokia 5800 XpressMusic)I can't find any songs in Media Library but there are plenty in Sound Files in Memory card (transferred via cable & ovi suite) and plays too. Did it happened because i updated my nokia software to 40.0.005 recently. also refreshing the Media Player doesn't work, it only displays Refreshing process for a long time till the battery is out Also can't change Memory in Use of Messages to Memory Card eventhough i select the Memory Card to Phone Memory, it automatically establishes Phone Memory as it's Memory in use.

Nokia :: N900 Phone Doesnt Ring After Change Profile From Silent To General discussions.europe.nokia.com

Phone: Nokia N900 Version: 10.2010.19 - 1.203.1 Put your Nokia N900 on Silent. Now call your mobile and when the calling screen appears hit the loudspeaker key. Clicking this key will cut out even the vibrations on the Nokia N900, but the phone you are calling from will still hear a ringing tone.End the call from the other phone. Now put the Nokia N900 back on General profile. Call the N900 again from another phone. This time you will not hear a ring tone even though you are back on General profile. (I've checked and my volume was on full) Atleast this is the problem I'm getting at the moment. Apologies if this problem has been covered elsewhere. I've tried to find it but couldnt so will appreciate if someone can paste a link to it here.The problem goes away if you restart the N900, but I'm hoping this problem can be fixed.

Nokia :: N95 - Memory Card Isnt Recognised On My Computer discussions.europe.nokia.com

I bought a memory card a couple days after i got my phone nokia n95, and inserted it etc, but when i try to put music on it and photos i dunno where to change it from it going onto the phone memory to the memory card. It says convert to phone memory but ive looked all around on nokia music manager nd stuff and i cant see anything that lets u change it to the memory card instead of phone memory.

Nokia :: Update Not Starting Up After Disconnected USB Cable discussions.europe.nokia.com

I disconnected usb cable while i was updating my nokia n900.Now its not starting up, just appears nokia logo and blue led light.

Samsung :: Moving Pictures To A Memory Card For My Omnia www.howardforums.com

My internal memory is running very low and I want to get a memory card and move the pictures over to that; how do you do this? Also when I take pictures how can I make sure they automatically go on the memory card and not the phones memory?

Nokia :: 5800 Want To Expand Memory discussions.europe.nokia.com

I want to expand the memory on my 5800xm. Do I have to use the Nokia version, or another compatible card?Recent phones: N91, N95-4, 5800xm, and Currently using my N900 v2 software

Nokia :: N900 Stale Email Account Blocking New Service? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Don't know if that's just me or my newly acquired N900..... I used the Nokia Messaging service during the trial phase a year or two back. After the trial was over, and finally the real service became available on the local carrier ( 3 Hong Kong ), I signed up for the service only to find out that the old email address I signed up during the trail period is now blocked. I can add email address that's not in the original trial account, but not the same ones ( got an error message from Nokia Messaging setup on the N900 saying another Nokia Messaging account already taken the email address I was trying to add). So I went into the email.nokia.com to delete those email accounts (and the status of my subscription correctly shows that it's now operator subscription), but the problem persists. Actually it seems that my N900 email accounts under Nokia Messaging are out of sync with what I can see on email.nokia.com.(I have a couple accounts on the N900, and none in email.nokia.com)

Nokia :: E71 Data On Memory Card Not Visible Anymore discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have my nokia E71 for almost a year now and all working fine untill last week.All of a sudden all data I had stored on the memory card (2GB) is not appearing on the screen anymore.For example pictures, music, is not showned in the phone anymore, only data that is stored in the phones memory.Also I had the Garmin GPS software on it and I can not access it anymore. Icon disappeared as well.I have checked the memory card and all data is still on it but it's just not been showned by the phone.I updated software but didn't help.

Nokia :: N78 Photo Gallery Show Wrong Picture Through Multimedia Button discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia N78 for a month. this problem occur when I took a new picture using the camera,or downloaded a new picture on MEMORY CARD ONLY. second after I took the picture it show the right picture by the preview tool. but when I go to the multimedia button and select the last picture taken, it show a randomize previously taken picture but the name of the picture show the right one and the picture was others picture.

Nokia Nseries :: Move All Contacts TO The SIM Card On A N97? discussions.nokia.com

I have searched and while some topics exist on taking from the sim card using Nokia Suite, none address my issue of moving contacts from phone memory to the SIM Card.I have the latest N97 and Nokia Suite updates, but I can find no way to write to the SIM card.

Nokia :: 2680 Can't Take More Than 2 Picture And Songs / Memory Is Full discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 2680 slide phone. I have got 2 song and 2 pictures in it and when I take another picture I got an allert that my memory is full.On the Nokia site I saw this about the memory: Combo 32 MB Flash, 4 MB SDRAM.What can I do about this? I supose that the combo memory is the memory where pictures, music and messages are stored.

Nokia :: Disk Error E51 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am using a Nokia E51 and recently bought a Kingston 4 GB micro SDHC card which is reported to work fine with this phone. It is recognized by my phone and writing or reading data is working without problems. When trying to take pictures I get a disk write error after 4 or 5 pictures, although copying the picture from phone memory to disk is working fine. Does anybody experience similar problems or has a solution to this problem? Formatting the card by phone did not help.

Eseries / Communicators :: Copy Nokia E5 Texts From Memory Card To Phone Memory? discussions.nokia.com

how can i copy my nokia E5 texts from my memory card to my phone memory?

Xseries :: Nokia X3-02 : Switch The Message Memory From Phone To Memory Card? discussions.nokia.com

nokia x3-02 : how to switch the message memory from phone to memory card?

Nokia :: Map 2.0 On E71 Not Working With Memory Card Inserted discussions.europe.nokia.com

i just got myself E71 phone. Lately i have a weird problem. When my memory card is inserted to the phone, i cannot launch the Nokia Maps 2.0 application. But if i eject the memory card, then the nokia maps can launch without any problem. It will states that memory card is not available, it will use phone memory. Anyone face this problem before? If yes, can share the resolution?

Cseries :: C5-03 "Not Enough Memory To Perform Operation. Delete Some Data First" discussions.nokia.com

I get this message when I try to use most applications in my new Nokia C503 "Not enough memory to perform operation. Delete some data first"i have 116Kb free in the phone memory and 960Mb in the Memory card. I don't have stored any messages, nor pictures, nor videos in my phone memory.Browsing with the File manager on the phone memory only see empty folders and some files .dat .cfg. cvs. txt. in the main root .

Nokia :: PC Suite Installs Ok But Operation Failed On Sis Install discussions.europe.nokia.com

PC Suite installed fine, no error messages. Previously, I had no troubles. A day or two ago, the version of Nokia Software Updater was itself updated, to 1.4.98EN Now, whenever I attempt to install a sis or sisx file, from Windows, I get an "operation failed" error, from Nokia Application Installer. This happens whether or not I have PC Suite configured to install apps to either the phone or to its memory card. Also, When I connect my phone to my PC, I can no longer browse either the phone's memory card, from Windows. Windows Explorer can detect the presence of the memory card but, when I select the memory card, Nokia Phone Browser gives me the error "The operation could not be completed". However, Nokia Phone Browser can access the phone's memory, just fine. Has anyone else encoutered this, particularly after Nokia's updater was updated?

Android :: How To Load Droid On Nokia N900? groups.google.com

Does anyone knows how to load Android on Nokia N900 ? I read in few places that some functions might not work .. Nokia doesn't seem to know where they are heading with Maemo/Meego/Symbian since Meego will not be ported to N900.. and only 1/3 of Ovi apps work on it .. would be great to have a build for the N900 - I'll switch right away.

Nokia :: MTP Device Driver Installation Failure - Solution discussions.europe.nokia.com

I formatted my computer and now its a Windows Vista home premium 32bit SP2, with all updates for windows and newest editions of Ovi suite and Nokia pc suite also including the MTP Protocol port kit from www.microsoft.com (Im Using a Nokia 5800 Express Music). And after 3 days of investigating, why the MTP driver cannot be installed and i only had access to the small card of the phone, which ever way i installed Ovi suite and Nokia Pc suite and used the other hints on the internet. Well Tadaa ->nothing worked until i had following options: 1 Jump Around on the Phone/ Computer 2 Take the phone and shove it up the vendor's behind while Highway to hell is playing 3 Being presistant which led to this solution: 1) Press the power button on the phone and select thr remove memory card option 2) remove memory card 3) Load Nokia PC suite and connect the Phone to the computer via cable (you should be able to browse the small card via PC suite or (My computer -> Nokia Phone browser or equivalent) 4) In my case, windows still moaned about the inability to install the MTP device driver.So while the phone is still connected and error message is present => go to Start -> (Setting->) Control Panel -> Device manager (Classic view) 5) Find "MTP device" (Has a Yellow Exclamation mark on the Symbol) 6) Right click and select "Disable" (the fu****) 7) Take memory card and insert it into the phone while it is still connected to the Computer. A beeping sound should come up. 8) Check if it has worked by either trying to browse it via PC suite or My computer -> Nokia Phone browser or equivalent. If you can access it: Congratulations.If not: I wish you good luck on your journey to a solution With that method i was able to let the pc suite move videos and pictures onto the computer, load pictures and other files such as maps onto the phone via the Nokia map loader.

Nokia PC/Mac Software :: MTP Device Driver Installation Failure? discussions.nokia.com

I formatted my computer and now its a Windows Vista home premium 32bit SP2, with all updates for windows and newest editions of Ovi suite and Nokia pc suite also including the MTP Protocol port kit from www.microsoft.com (Im Using a Nokia 5800 Express Music). And after 3 days of investigating, why the MTP driver cannot be installed and i only had access to the small card of the phone, which ever way i installed Ovi suite and Nokia Pc suite and used the other hints on the internet. Well Tadaa ->nothing worked until i had following options: 1 Jump Around on the Phone/ Computer 2 Take the phone and shove it up the vendor's behind while Highway to hell is playing 3 Being presistant which led to this solution: 1) Press the power button on the phone and select thr remove memory card option 2) remove memory card 3) Load Nokia PC suite and connect the Phone to the computer via cable (you should be able to browse the small card via PC suite or (My computer -> Nokia Phone browser or equivalent) 4) In my case, windows still moaned about the inability to install the MTP device driver.So while the phone is still connected and error message is present => go to Start -> (Setting->) Control Panel -> Device manager (Classic view) 5) Find "MTP device" (Has a Yellow Exclamation mark on the Symbol) 6) Right click and select "Disable" 7) Take memory card and insert it into the phone while it is still connected to the Computer. A beeping sound should come up. 8) Check if it has worked by either trying to browse it via PC suite or My computer -> Nokia Phone browser or equivalent.With that method i was able to let the pc suite move videos and pictures onto the computer, load pictures and other files such as maps onto the phone via the Nokia map loader.

Nokia :: N900 Downloaded The Version 2.0 / Device Not Supported discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've just received the new N900 (ordered few months ago), and I've tried to use Ovi Suite instead then Nokia Suite. I've downloaded the version 2.0 but it tells me N900 is a device not supported.Now I'm going to download the old Nokia suite and try with it, but does anybody have an idea if OVI Suite will be avalable for N900 in the future?

Nokia :: Notes And Contacts Lost After Firmware Update discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have read the official support page which told me to first make a backup from phone memory to memory card, take out the memory card, and THEN make the firmware update, put the memory card back in, and restore memory from card. I did all this and now all my business notes and all my business contacts are gone. Were they not stored in the 'phone memory'? Or did the website fail to say that notes and contacts will NOT be saved from phone memory to memory card when one performs the backup? And no, I don't use Windows, so I cannot synchronise contacts and notes and calendar. I have always made a backup from phone memory to card. Did I just find out that the people at Nokia are just a couple of mumbling amateurs who tell their clients to 'make a backup of the phone memory to memory card' and then fail to mention that some things are NOT backed up in this process? Suffice to say that I am very, very, extremely angry at Nokia now.

Nokia :: N82 Want To Save Pictures To Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

I use the camera on my N82 very regularly but I just want to be able to save my pictures to the memory card. I do not want to 'Upload to Orange album' or 'send as postcard' or send to a friend'. How can I turn these options off? History: Always Nokia since 1994 including Nokia 2140, 7110e, 6150, 6210, 6310i, 6230i Current: Nokia N82 (with Access to a 5800XM)

Nokia :: N900 - How To Reformat Micro SD Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

I would like to know where is the function to reformat my Micro SDHC memory card from my N900 device? I am still using the same 16GB memory card from my previous Eseries S60 third edition device which created all the folders & system files & some downloaded apps for S60 still saved on this card, please advise.

Nokia :: N95 Too Low Speed To Copy Files To Phone? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Nokia N95-1 (RM-159) firmaware 30.0.015 Memory card Transcend 8G. Then y insert Memory Card in USB-SDCard adapter the any files from PC copy to Memory card with speed ~20MB per second.But Then memory card inserted in N95 and connect to PC via USB cable we have next result by file copy speed: 1) The File 445MB copy to phone - 17 minutes ( PC Suite connect mode - speed ~ 450KB/s ) 2) The File 770MB copy to phone - 20 minutes ( USB connect mode like flash drive - speed ~ 650KB/s ) Whats so wrong? How speed up? Why so slowly.May be Nokia release new firmware & release new drivers that speed up? When i'ts fixed? Also be cool if you posted what speed rate you see then copy files from PC to you phone via USB cable.may be in new Nokia smartphone models have greater speed Nokia! Take a care for me and we real say THANK YOU NOKIA and you can collect a more money.

Nokia :: 3600 Slide - How To Format Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 3600 slide and I've just bought a new Kingston 4GB memory card for. I knew it needed formatting as I read how to do it in the manual before. It said Menu --> Gallery --> Memory Card Options --> format memory card only when I opened the "options" list for the memory card folder, there was no "format memory card" option :S so I'm really confused, why is it written in the manual if it's not there?

Nokia :: N900 - Gmail's Account / User Name Password Do Not Match discussions.europe.nokia.com

i set up my gmail's account with Nokia messaging on my N900 and it works fine. But when i go to email.nokia.com I can' log in with my gmail's account .that say : The user name and password you entered do not match any accounts on record. Please make sure that you have correctly entered the first email address you used when you signed up for Nokia Messaging. I still can use gmail with my N900

Nokia :: Which Device Is Best For Using Maps Application discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am replacing my N97 for the N900. I use Nokia Maps a lot and can't get info about the difference between these phones. Is it possible to drive the car and use the N900 as a navigator like the N97 ? Please let me know about your experience regarding Nokia Maps. Is there an upgrade for Maemo Nokia Maps in near future?

Nokia 6500 :: Album Picture On Music Player? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 6500 Slide with a 4Go memory card and lot of music inside!There is a point I do not understand.I have in one on my music folder a picture of the album, and I can see the picture of the album on the screen when listening, but this is only for one song and not for all. Moreover I have other folders with pictures, but I cannot see the picture, it is a MP3 song format does anyone have an answer?

Nokia :: N900 - Best Web Browsing Experience discussions.europe.nokia.com

Frankly speaking with most of the Fancy Features that the N900 offers it is a question, how many users choose to use it to its full potential. For a user like me I am gonna use my phone a lot to surf the web, check some cool sites etc. I have been also checking out Motorola's Droid which has a 3.7" Inch screen with 16:9 wide screen Ratio the other day I had a chance to surf the web on it, and let me tell you guys it was a very good experience. I have still not had my hands on the Nokia N900. Does the N900 also give the same viewing pleasure, which includes excellent picture quality, wide vieweing(what I mean by wide viewing is, not watching anything in constricted, narrow view) Real Life picture colours etc. What I am saying is with the Droid I did not feel I was watching anything in a very constricted and Narrow view, is the experience and the feeling also the same with the N900.

Nokia :: 5800 - The Phone Will Hang During Restart - Memory Card Inside Phone discussions.europe.nokia.com

I had bought this nokia 5800 three week ago. This problem did not occur on the first day. On the second day, after i put in some media files inside the memory card through USB connection (using nokia PC suite), the phone will hang during restart and i need to take out the battery to turn the phone off. This problem keep on happens until i remove the memory card from the phone. Somemore, this problem does not disapear even i remove those media files. With this problem, i need to remove the memory card evey time i restart the phone and plugin the memory card again after the phone is turned on. By the way, i would like to ask ---> if i plugin the memory card after the phone is ON, will it harm my phone or the memory card? The memory card is original card come with the phone.

Nokia 6230 :: Wont Show Correct Size Memory Card? discussions.europe.nokia.com

My Nokia 6230 phone has had a 32Mb MMc card in for ages, usually permanently full, so I decided to use a new 1Gb card purchased some time ago but forgotten about.The phone is not showing the correct capacity on the Memory card, it is only showing 158.6 Mb instead of 1Gb, am I missing something?I noticed that there was a format command available on the phone, is this relevant to this situation?The card works fine, as I saved a picture to it to check.

Nokia :: Using N900 For Internet Connection On Mac discussions.europe.nokia.com

Can anyone tell me how to use the Nokia N900 as a tether for a Mac laptop to acquire internet access?

Nokia :: N900 - Does It Have A Video Light discussions.europe.nokia.com

Nokia n900 - does it have a video light when you are recording video.

Nokia N900 :: Backup Contacts Using Support Of PC Suite? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I want to know if the PC suite supports backing up my contacts and messages on my Nokia N900

BB Curve 83xx :: How To Ensure Pics And Video Are Saved To Memory Card? forums.crackberry.com

when I go to "my pictures" on my blackberry i see the icons of pictures in my phone. I see "media card" and "device memory" I don't have any in device memory. And in "media card" I have pictures i've transfered from my computer to my phone through usb. How do I ensure every picture i take gets saved to my memory card?

Nokia :: 5800 XpressMusic - Cannot Access Phone To Free Up Memory discussions.europe.nokia.com

What I have done is put too much stuff on my phone memory. This means it is crammed right to the full. Therefore, it does not have enough free memory to get past the boot screen (white with NOKIA written in blue). Because of this, I can not access the phone to free up memory. APART from getting it reformatted, what can I do to move data to the Memory Card.

Nokia :: N900 Get Adobe Flash On Firefox discussions.europe.nokia.com

Does anyone know how to get Flash on Nokia n900 firefox.

Nokia :: How To Customize Ringtone For Each Contact? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I wonder how to customize the ringtone for each contact or group of contacts in Nokia N900

Nokia Nseries :: 5800XM Memory "leak"? discussions.nokia.com

I recently hard reset my phone & installed the latest Nokia software (60.xxxx).(I could never understand why the memory was so low before as all my apps were installed to the memory card)Anyway, since then the only things I've installed to the phone memory are Mobbler, Nokia photo sharing & the upgrade to Nokia Store.This dropped memory to around 56MB.However it seems to drop further gradually for no reason I can see - and is now down to 50.8MB !

Nokia :: N900 / Flash 10.1 With Hardware Accerated Video discussions.europe.nokia.com

Is Flash 10.1 with hardware accelerated video coming to Nokia N900? Flash is a CPU hog on the N900 right now and renders the device unresponsive. It would be great if Flash 10.1 were to come to N900. Flash on Maemo was one of the main reasons for choosing N900.Android is getting it with 2.2 (Froyo) and with turn by turn navigation is already ahead of the game.

Nokia :: 5800 Phone Memory Not Detected discussions.europe.nokia.com

I tried connecting Nokia 5800 through mass storage on Windows XP and Windows 7, but only memory card gets auto detected and phone memory is not getting detected. Also when I open "My Computer" I can see drive letter assigned to Memory card, but not to phone memory.While when I connect through PC suite, I can browse both phone memory and memory card. current firmware version: v30 free space in phone memory: 75 MB Can somebody please help understand the problem and get it resolved.

Nokia :: No Option To Save Contacts To Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

there is no option to save contacts to memory card.why nokia make such a stupid decision?

Nokia 5230 :: Sync Memory Data To PC Using OVI Suite? discussions.europe.nokia.com

How to sync memory card data with pc using ovi suite for nokia 5230 nuron?

Nokia :: N900 - Memory Card Not Found discussions.europe.nokia.com

I just put the memory card into my N900 from my old N95 and the N900 dont show it anywhere. I have restarted and searched for it and no good.

Nokia Nseries :: Save 999nos Om Messages Stored In 5800xm To Pc Or Phone Memory Card? discussions.nokia.com

How can i save 999nos om msgs stored in my nokia 5800xm to my pc or phone memory card?

Eseries / Communicators :: E5 Ovi Store Update Bug? discussions.nokia.com

Had a notification that a newer version of Nokia / OVI store was available today (22/02/12 Ver. Ovistore_32prdSrv_1_22_014.sisx) so I downloaded and installed it.It stores cache on the phone memory in a directory imagecache/Juniper and is full of all the icon pictures of apps on the nokia store.so the phone memory is filling up. EVEN WORSE.If I go into my pictures gallery they are all being displayed there!!! Can't find any of my own photo's because all these stupid icons/pictures from the store!

Nokia :: N79 - Maximum Size Of SDHC Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

N79 specifications says max 8GB microSD is supported, but: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-software/product-support/nokia-n79/n79-accessories offers 16GB card. If 16GB card is supported, would someone please correct the information in phone spec at: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-software/product-support/nokia-n79/specifications (microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 8 GB)