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Nokia :: N900 - Move Pictures To The Memory Card

How do I move pictures etc from the phone memory to the sd memory card ?

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Making Image1.Picture = A Picture From A Website
Is there anyway I can make, lets say, Picture1.Picture = ?I don't know if I need to use Winsock or not, because there are also other controls out there to retreive things from the internet (or http servers sepcifically)Any help appreciated.Thanks in advance,~S0RD3N

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Get Contacts Picture To Show Facebook Picture In Timescape
is there a way to get a contacts picture to show their facebook picture in timescape. I have linked all my contacts with their facebook accounts but it still shows the default white picture. I dont want to have to go through and take pictures of all my contacts. that would just be silly.Apologies if this has been asked before or is a simple fix. I'm new to this smart phone malarchy

Nokia :: E72 Keypad Skip Through Web Page Link To Link
I've tried searching here and on Google, and have found the same question asked a few times but no answers. There is no tab key on the E72 keypad, so can anybody tell me is there an easy way to skip through a web page from link to link (or field to field)?

HTC Desire :: How To Merge Nokia Contacts Over To Phone
I currently have a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mbl Ph ... I wanna merge ALL my Nokia contacts, over to the Htc Desire.? I have aprox 800 odd contacts I wanna put into the new phone ... Does anyone know how to do this.? - I do have Nokia OVI Suite, no option to export to CSV tho.?

Putting A Picture In A Command Button Through Code
i can do it by jsut changing the prooperty but i need to do it through code. ive tried things to the effect of "Command1.Picture = App.Path & "001.jpg"" but it doesnt work, it says "object required".

Url's Shows Non Secure When Moving Away From A Secured Link Without Hardcoded Url's In Html
I have an site. It has an order form which is accessible at The links on the site do not include the domain name. So for example the home page is 'default.aspx'.The issue is that if I click on a link like the home page from the secure page, the url becomes instead of's a good way to handle this? The scheme should automatically work using any domain name based on where it's launched from. So if the site is launched from 'localhost', moving away from the secured page, the url's should be http://localhost/...

Fedora Networking :: Samba Share With Two Network Cards - No Internet Access
I have a fedora 10 box with two network card on eth0 I have a pppoe connection to the internet, on second card eth1 I share my internet connection end I set up a samba server but I don't know if the settings are good. How to do this settings right to work fine, the ip are assigned by dhcp I don't use any static ip .When I try to browse the internet from the other computers some site's like {.com ; .org ; .info} are block, other site from {.ro} are working. Someone tell me something about turn off all my filters, but I don't know where to find this filter to turn it off. And when I use samba I can't have and internet access or vice versa. My network look like that: Code: eth0 |<--pppoe connection | MyComputer (fedora 10) | eth1 | switch | comp.1 comp.2 Win OS MacOS

Dell :: M1330 + Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5350 Wireless Mini PCI-E Card
i want to replace factory Intel 3945 with this card on my m1330 maybe somebody can share with this experience? by the way i will install x64 Vista very soon can I use this card with it? link to card [url]

Dell :: Inspiron 1720: Want To Upgrade Video Card (intel 965)
i would like to upgrade my video card, if it is possible and if it is worth it. my 1720 has the mobile intel 965 express chipset family. ive seen sigs (dr650se and someformofhuman) stating that they have the nvidia 8600m gt and was wondering if this is compatible with my 1720. also i found out through this forum that i can upgrade my cpu (which is the measly t5450 1.66 ghz) to the beastly t9300, and add a 2nd hard drive (which is my first step in upgrading this dell because i only have a 160 gb drive). i was looking for a new laptop until i came across this forum and found out the possibilities of my dell. i decided to stick with this and just upgrade it! thanks for the insight, and thanks in advance for all the help that i will be asking for!

Adding A Picture To Command Button
----------------------------------------How can I add a picture in a command button? Does it depend on the file type (gif or jpg)? ----------------------------------------

Extract Program Icon And Use As Command Button Picture
I am wondering how to extract program icons and use it as a command button pictureI have a program that has 20 command buttons and you can make each one shell to another program by clicking on it.. kind of like MS office Shorcut Bar.You can edit the link to point to a program location and when you press the coresponding command button it will shell to that program. is there a way I can have the program look at the link the user entered (ie "C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe") and extract the icon for use on the command button it refers to? or maybe there is an easier way all together?Thanks Garrett

HTC Incredible :: Get Facebook Pictures To Appear On Your Contacts List
When I go to individual contacts and try to link them, nothing ever shows up. My brother got a Droid X last night and when he installed the FB app it automatically synced the pictures for him. I re-installed my app and didn't get that option. How do I do this?

Move Access 2000 Database Relink Tables W/transferdatabase Command
Hi All,I have search this forum, found sound answer that came close but not enough information. I am trying to relink tables from a postgres database to access 2000. I am using docmd.transferdatabase which is working, but; I am prompt with a dialog box "Select Unique Record Identifier". I have put a "create index" statement in my code and I am still getting prompt with a dialog box. Does anyone have any suggestions. By the way, I am using a odbc connection. Partial code follows:'Open the connection    With cn        .Open "DSN=dsnconnection"    End With    If init = 0 Then 'Detect if this is the first time we have run this function       init = 1 'Mark we have been through here    End If    strSQL = "SELECT viewname as vname " & _              "FROM pg_views " & _             "order by viewname"    With rs        Set .ActiveConnection = cn        .Open strSQL    End With    On Error Resume Next    Do While Not rs.EOF       stable = rs![vname]       rs.MoveNext       If (stable = "acct_devices_v") Then          On Error Resume Next          DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, stable          On Error GoTo 0          DoCmd.TransferDatabase acLink, "ODBC Database", "ODBC;Database=myDatabase;UID=username;PWD=password;DSN=dsnconnection", acTable, _stable, stable          DoCmd.RunSQL "create unique index myIdx on acct_devices_v(id);"       End If    Loop    'CleanupIf rs.State <> adStateClosed Then rs.CloseSet rs = NothingIf cn.State <> adStateClosed Then cn.CloseSet rs = NothingEnd SubThank you for your help.B. Davis-

Motorola Droid X :: Way To Get Facebook Profile Pictures Into Gmail Contacts
Is there a way to get facebook profile pictures into your gmail contacts? The main reason why I want them is for texting in the google voice app looks very plain without personal images. I tried just putting in my own images into my gmail contacts to see if they would show up in the google voice app and they still dont show up. My ideal situation would be to use the facebook pictures, but if I need to I will go the second route of putting individual images into my gmail contacts and sync them that way, but I can't get either to work

Android :: Sync FaceBook Pictures To GMail Contacts
I have my Contacts updated with Facebook profile pictures, but when i check on the GMail website, no contact has the Facebook photo. I want to synchronize the pictures from Facebook to the contacts I have on my GMail account.

Android :: Links To Articles - How To Move Palm Contacts To Gmail Contacts
I'm about the take the Android (EVO specifically) plunge. I'm coming from an old Palm phone. Wow, talk about a quantum leap. Anyway, to prepare for the move, how do I get my Palm contacts into Gmail's contacts? Is that how it works? I need to move my Palm contacts to Gmail contacts, right? Then when I get my new EVO, it will sync with Gmail and my contacts will be in the new phone?

HTC Hero :: People - Contacts - Pictures In My People Update With Facebook
I have all of my contacts linked to their respective facebook accounts, but the pictures that show up when I go to my People never update with the facebook pictures, they have stayed the same since the day I linked the two regardless of how many times the person has changed their default picture since then. Is there any way for me to change this so the pictures in my People update with facebook? Since they are linked I assume they should be able to do this.

How To Move Command Button From Form
Hi,My Question is how to move anywhere command button or any control in form.please somebody help me.thanks

How To Move Command Button On Form Control
Hi Folks,I have one command button on on a form. i want to move or drag on the same form using mouse,an body have code for this please help me.Thanks

Picture In Command Button
Hi, I had put picture in one command button, and background with black color. It look like not smoth like image object, that means got white space (like 3D) at the edge/corner of the button. How I should do to remove the white space from button. Anybody can help me? Thanks you.

Put Picture In Command Button
Can someone pls tell me how to put picture in a command button?

Command Button Picture
I am trying to change the picture property on a command button depending on a situation. I know the picture property can only be set by an Object variable, but how do you load the picture into that variable, Any help welcome

Command Button Picture
Hi all! I am new at VB. Can someone tell how do I place a picture on a Button, I am using this codeNewButton.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "PicturesNewPic.JPG")I also tried setting the Button's Picture Property but the picture doesnt appears on the Button. It appears on the top left corner of the Frame.... I am calling the above mentioned code on Form_Load method

Picture In Command Button
I have a command button that has a picture in it, the picture is loaded as a bit map onto the button with the function of the button written on the picture ( Print, Clear Form, etc...), so if I change the picture I loose the text that explains what the command button does.The problem is that I need to keep the command on the button but change the picture.1. Is this possible?If it is.2. How to write the code to load a picture into a command button when the form is loaded.3. How to resize the picture to fit the command button size?Thanks for any help on this problem

Picture On Command Button
When I add a picture to my command button, the picture always goes on top of the text. This causes me to resize the command button and make it bigger. My question is how would I put the picture in line with the caption, and not make it go over. Thanks for the help

Vb6 Command Button Picture?
I noticed that a button has a picture property. How does one get a picture, icon etc to display on the face of the button?t.i.a.

Use Picture As A Command Button?
Is it possible to use an image as a command button? I have a few command buttons on my form and don't really like the boring look of the default buttons. Id like to be able to design my own button to use, any ideas?Bryan

Picture Box / Command Button
I'm using a form that was generated by the Data Form wizard. At the bottom, there is a row of buttons (Update, Cancel, Delete, etc). I need to add a button. But dragging and dropping a command button doesn't seem to put the button inside the object in which the rest of the buttons are housed. This object is given as a picture box. I looked up picture boxes in my book and it's all about pictures and animation. How can I add a function button to my generated form?Robert

Picture On Command Button
HiI have 3 command buttons (Button1 , Button2, Button3)Button2 contains an icon picture called “Pic1.ico”By clicking Button1 I want to remove this picture from Button2 (return this property to None in Button2) and by clicking Button3 return it back to button2Please provide me by the code which can do that

Command Button Picture
using API, is there a way to align the picture of a command button to the left or even right?

Picture On A Command Button????
Newbie Question: How do I add a picture (.bmp or .jpg) or and icon (.ico) to a command button. I see that one of the properties of the command button is picture, however when I link it to a file, no image appears on the button? I don't get an error, just (Bitmap) with no picture on the button. Thank You for any help.

Picture Command Button
How can I make the regular command button with graphical style to have the picture besides the caption not above it.I tried the command button in Microsoft Forms 2 Object Library (FM20.DLL), which I can control the picture position, but it have a 2 problems:1- it stics if I had double click on it !!!!!2- somtimes the button loses its picture !!!!!!!!I also tried some other OCX's but all of them have missing proprties like (defualt, cancel,....) or not freePlease I need a solution....Thanks... 

Picture For Command Button
Anyone know how to add a picture on command button or made your picture as a button....There is are back color on command button...but i change it nothing happen...anyone know how to use it...thanks

I'm loading icons into a IMAGELIST control as 16 x 16 icons.I'm then setting the PICTURE property of command buttons to the images in the IMAGELIST control.On my PC they are views as small 16x16 images most of the time. Sometimes they show as 32x32 images for no obvious reasons. When running the program on other machines the images always show as 32x32 ? I want them to always show as 16x16. What is happening ? We are all using 1024 resolution with truecolour set in the appearences section of windows.

Rotate A Command Button Picture
Hello All, up front let me say i am a newb, with just enough experience to be dangerous I am having problems with a program i am working on using vb6, esentialy it is a layout of command buttons wich i have made graphical and am placing pictures from another form in the project onto the buttons, depending on variables the user selects in the opening screen, the images need to be vertical or horizontal (or sideways).So my problem is a couple of the buttons i need to make it appear that the picture is sideways. redrawing the command button isnt hard at all, but rotating the image 90 degrees, is what is realy driving me nuts. I am guesing there has got to be a simple way to do this but after 4 days of searching and reading my eyes are crossed and i am running out of hair to pull out Any assistance would be most appreciated.Thank You

Posting Picture On Command Button
Hi, I would like to know how to paste an image (bitmap) on a commandbutton (forms) via vba code. Thanks, Sudhakar

Tile A Picture To A Command Button?
Hi!I've tried TheHand's picture form and I liked it verry much. So I wonder if is it possible to do something like that with a Command button?Regards!Ales Zigon

Command Button Picture Size
hey,I am developing a project and I want the users to be able to set the image path to a picture/icon on a graphical command button, and/or the caption. This works now (the path and caption is saved in a ini-file and loaded to the button when saving these changes), though the problem is the size of the picture. Using a large picture results in covering the whole button (the button is 855*855) and using a small picture or icon in just a small, tiny picture in the center. with an imagebox u can change the stretchfunction and a picturebox the autosize but commandbuttons nothing.. i want the picture to stay in appropriate size in the button and if there is a caption the picture should be placed above the caption so that you are able to read it.. is this actually possible? maybe with something else than a commandbutton? the color of the caption is black, I know it is actually possible to change the forecolor with like 200 pages of APIs but thats not very important..using the loadpicture function: Code:cmdLink(i).Picture = LoadPicture(iconpath)thanks

Saving A Picture Box Using A Command Button
I was just wondering how I would go about implementing a sub program which at the click of a button would save a picture box displaying data and then at the click of another button, would display that saved informationany help is appreciated

Picture With A Text In A Command Button
I want to put a picture with a text in a command button. Where or how can I do that? I'm MeShto. (One of the world.)Select * from vbcity where Member = 'MeShto';

Picture Property For Command Button
I'm setting the picture property of a command button at design time. I want to change it to a different picture at runtime. I cannot get the syntax to work. Do I need to use an environment variable to point to the path of the.gif file?

Both Picture And Caption On A Command Button
How to display both a picture [icon/bitmap] and a caption on a command button.ChakradharSoftware EngineerIT Solutions IndiaBanagalore

Picture Icons Instead Of VB6 Command Button
For the sake of presentation , is it possible to present command buttons as Picture Icons?I would have thought an image file could be added to the form and it's properties could allow for code to run in the back ground?Has anyone got experience doing this?

Picture Left Of The Command Button Text
Hi!Is there any way that picture on a command button is placed on the left of the text, not above the text?Thanks,Bostjan

HTC Wildfire :: Wildfire Contacts List On Both SIM Card / Phone Memory
When I hit the "phone" button on my HTC wildfire it brings up all my contacts on both my SIM card and in the phone memory. Is there anyway that I can see just the SIM card contacts as it shows up all of my contacts twice! When I hit the HTC people button it will just bring up a list of each contact only once, but this takes a few seconds to load.

HTC Aria :: Duplicate / Not Hide My SIM Card Contacts
My new HTC Aria will not hide my SIM Card contacts. When I click the phone button on the home screen it brings up a list of my contacts and shows the phone numbers stored on my phone and my SIM Card. I have unchecked the SIM Card in the People application, but they are still showing up.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Backup Phone Contacts To Sd Card On Sprint Hero
Is there a app out there will back up all my phone contacts to the sd card?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Facebook Profile Picture Of Friends Picture Displayed On Contacts?
is it possible to have the Facebook profile picture of my friends be the picture displayed on my contacts? or do I absolutely need to upload a picture for every contact individually?

HTC Droid Eris :: Changing Photo On Contact Card Other Than Facebook
I saw a previous thread (Changing my contact card picture) where a similar question was never quite resolved. I have the same issue except that my contact card has automatically synced to my facebook and I would prefer to change to a different picture that is not my facebook profile picture. There's no option to do so under people->my contact card and if I go to a picture in my albums it only lets me set the photo for a contact that is not me.

HTC Desire :: Remove Facebook Profile From Contact Card
I am new to android OS, when i synced my contacts with google, i started adding the facebook profile to each contact. The problem is by mistake i added the wrong profile to the wrong person. How can i change it or remove this facebook profile from this contact card.

Samsung Captivate :: Deleting Contacts From Sim Card
Am I missing something here? I had my contacts connected to my gmail, then decided to see if I could put them on the sim and still use a picture for them (protip, you can't :P) then I decided to go back to [g] contacts and thus would need to just delete the ones on the sim else I'd have multiple ones. So off I trot, hold down for the context menu, hit delete and then BAM "Failed" er...what? I'm not allowed to delete my own contacts if they're on the sim card?! What, do I have to mount it to the pc and go looking for them or something? That's ridiculous if so, I'm hoping I'm just missing something obvious...

HTC Droid Eris : Philosophical With Google Sync Contact / Put Contacts Onto SD Card
Here me out for a minute. I think it's great that I can have my contacts all safe and backed up to my gmail account. However, when I use my gmail e-mail, and I send an automatically adds them to my contacts. Am I weird for wanting my phone JUST to have peoples numbers in my contacts? I don't need people's phone numbers who live in England, because I'll just e-mail them if i need to ask them anything. Maybe I'm just old school and so used to my non-smart phone. Anyway, I want to put my contacts onto my SD card and have People read from that. Is that possible to do? The thing I'm scared of doing is that IF i unclick sync google contacts, all the contacts on my phone disappear. Did this one before by accident.

Samsung Epic 4G :: Moving Contacts From IPhone To Epic
Please provide thoughts on best way to move contacts from iPhone to Epic.I use outlook, so I assume once I connect my Epic to my outlook server, I should get all my contacts.My wife and son do not use Outlook and will be looking to move all their contacts over.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Sending & Receiving Business Cards
Got a X10 Mini last week and love it to bits.How the heck does one send a contact as a business card? Also does not seem to receive any business cards sent to the phone from other phones. Please don't tell me that it can't do this.Another question: How does one send a text message (sms) to multiple recipients?And a last one: It appears that it does not keep any record of sent text messages, so one cannot go back and check which messages one sent - ridiculous!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Sending Business Card From Phone
Hi has anyone got an idea how you can send a business card from the x10 mini please?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Sending Business Card Other Than Bluetooth
Is there anyway to send a business card other than by bluetooth? This phone is the most unfriendly user phone that I have ever owned.Suggestion to SE,before bringing new software update,please make it more user friendly.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Contacts From AT&T Sim Card Not Showing In People / Way To View
I just bought a Hero yesterday and had the Sprint store transfer my contacts from my AT&T sim card. Everything seemed to work fine except when he looked in the "people" icon, nothing was there. So after a few more tries I left. When I got home, I noticed that all my sim card contacts, including my Facebook contacts, were visible when I hit the "phone" icon. My question is, how do I get my contacts in the "people" icon? I want them on the first tab "all". I was able to get one of my contacts in the "favorites" tab but it takes too long to get there. I want to hit "people" and see all my contacts right away.

Motorola Droid X :: Moving And Backing Up All Contacts To Gmail
I'm not sure if this has been addressed but it's something I figured out on my own and thought I'd share with the rest of the interwebs.For gmail to access all your old contacts its a quick process (once this is done all your contacts will be in your gmail account which automatically updates anytime a new contact is made on the computer or your phone so you only have to do this once) Go to CONTACTS>make sure all contacts is selected at the top>MENU>MORE>IMPORT/EXPORT>EXPORT CONTACTS TO SD CARD>wait for this to finish>IMPORT CONTACTS FROM SD CARD>>>THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART>>>SELECT YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT This import takes a couple of minutes, but once its done, ALL of your contacts on your phone will be synced with gmail and like i said before, from this point on, all newly added contacts are automatically put in the gmail account by your phone.

How Can I Move My BIG Website From One Server To Another
How can i move my website from one server to another? There are 15gb of files so its not an easy move. I tried moving it with WHM backup and restore thing but that just messed everything up. Is there a more simple and efficient way?

Moving A Website - Hosting
I am re-developing a website that launched 8 yeas ago. When the site launched it was developed in TCL and had an Oracle back end. The site's previous developer is still hosting the site on his server. Long story short, we are re-developing the site on a new server at a different location. We'd like to re-launch on the old server (to help maintain Google search rankings), but we are developing in .Net and SQL. The old server is Linux. We want to maintain our ranking on Google since we are "Top Ten" on more than 20 great keyword phrases. If we use a DNS forward from the old IP to the new one, are we going to loose rankings on Google? Obviously yes. But would it be beneficial to help the old developer buy a SQL server so the DNS forward is to a server 2 feet away as opposed to across the country? Does Google treat these equally?

How To Move Large Files To New Host
I have some 100's of MB's to move and I'm definitely not doing it by transferring it via my PC / FTP. I seen all the tutorials on how to move your MySQL databases, but what about full folders etc, how do I move those (putty?)?

Uploading Files Through CMS After Moving To New Host
Hi guys, I've been having problems trying to edit my php.ini file which I think I've now fixed. The whole reason I wanted to do this was because I've just moved to Media Temple from another hosting company and I'm having a couple of problems with the switchover. Basically I use a CMS system to add properties which appear on the main website. I also upload PDFs and images. On the old hosting company, the PDFs and images went into folders called dnDir/pdf and dnDir/images but on Media Temple, they are going in to a folder called tmp. I really want them to go to the same place as they used to. Is this an issue with php.ini that I need to rectify? If so, could you point me in the right direction?

Moving HTML Into VB?
I am creating a website using dreamweaver (html page), but I want to add dynamicity to the page by using ASP.NET. I want to add the shopping cart and a database. For now it's a static website. Is there a way to import or modify the html (from dreamweaver) into the Visual Studio 2008 to make it dynamic?

Moving Html Data To Array?
I have got some information like the below. I need to move the 2,3,6 items into an array. </tr><tr> <td Width="50" height="25"><Input type=checkbox name=Sel id=Sel value='338305'></td><td height="21">item1</td><td height="21">item1_20090818.csv</td><td height="21">item1_20090818.csv</td><td height="21">8/18/2009 11:36:28 AM</td><td height="21">8/18/2009 11:41:20 AM</td><td height="21">Success</td><td height="21">1</td><td height="21"></td> [Code]....

File Corruption When Moving Hosting Companies
I'm in the middle of moving a bunch of sites from one hosting company to another. For most of the sites, I downloaded the files via FTP from the original server to my local hard drive. Then I uploaded them from my hard drive to the new hosting company/server. It seems like many of the files -- especially swf files and some image files -- were corrupted. I'm thinking something weird happened with the extensions but I'm not sure. All extensions LOOK ok but I'm wondering if either my computer or the server is hiding an extra extension. Somewhere today, I saw a file go by called index.swf.fla, which makes no sense at all. And yet, on both the server and my computer, it just says index.swf which is what it should say.

Using 2 Separate Network Cards
I am setting up an internal network for management only. So, assign an IP for the second NIC, and activate it, but it seems not working. I have tried this #ifconfig eth1 netmask broadcast #ifconfig eth1 up checking dmesg, it shows the NIC is up # dmesg ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready tg3: eth1: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex. tg3: eth1: Flow control is off for TX and off for RX. checking routing table seeing the 192.168.2.x routed through eth1 # route -e * U 0 0 0 eth1 * U 0 0 0 eth0 * U 0 0 0 eth1 default reserve1.somename UG 0 0 0 eth0 Repeat those steps for other boxes, but when pinging, all return errors # ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable From icmp_seq=3 Destination Host Unreachable

Dynamic Based Map - Messed Up And Won't Move
The below code connects to a mysql dbase gets a players current lonitude and latitude in a game and then display's where they are located via cross hairs on a game map. You can see what I mean in the screenshot attached if needed. There are also 4 html form buttons on the page to enable the player to move up down left right on the map. So when I go to the page and click one of the buttons I can see the blue cross hairs move. But after a few clicks of any of the buttons the cross hairs seem not to move any further. I am not sure if its an issue with the script not having the correct map size to useas there is a "gamesize" column in the mysql that is set to 250 but when I change it to some other larger or even smaller number the map gets all messed up and the cross hairs wont move at all. //lets get the players current lat and lon location to start out at $sqllatlon = mysql_query("SELECT map_lati, map_long from player_profiles where pid='$mypid'"); $latlonrow = mysql_fetch_array($sqllatlon); $current_lat = $latlonrow['map_lati']; $current_lon = $latlonrow['map_long']; //lets update the map display $brx = - $gamesize - $current_lon + 200;     $bry = - $gamesize + $current_lat + 200;  [Code].....

Dynamically Move /div Tag On Mouseover?
What I want is to have a page where part of the text is enclosed in a <div> tag with a particular attribute, like text color: <div style="color:#00FF00"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</div> consectetur adipisicing elit, When the user mouses over the next word in the text, in this case 'consectetur', the </div> tag would move one place to the right, so that the content now looks like this: <div style="color:#00FF00"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur</div> adipisicing elit, Cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this.

Move Div Contents On Mouseover Of Container Div?
I'm working on a concept of a movable map and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction or provide some examples of this already happening:I have a map that is contained in a div, the div is smaller than the full map. What I want to achieve is for the map to move when a person rolls over the container div. And of course be able to control where the map should stop moving by setting some type of boundary.Think Google Maps but by mouse movement and containment (without a user having to click to move the map).

Mouseover Effect - User To Move Their Mouse Over A Word And A Description Should Appear
I am wanting the user to move their mouse over a word and a description should appear. Like this: [URL], move your mouse over copyright symbol, which is down in the right hand corner of the photo. Could someone please tell how to do this? I know this would need JavaScript, but not sure what to search for in a search engine.

JQuery :: Slidedown Submenu - Move My Mouse Down Too The Menu That Slides On Mouseover
<script type="text/javascript" The problem i have is when i try to move my mouse down too the menu that slides on mouseover. The moment i remove my mouse from the menu it moves away again(just like i made it). So my question is: can i make a div that pauses all script? That way i could do that with menycontent and force the menycontent to show.

JQuery :: Items Move Up And Down?
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> [code]....

Move Items From One List Box To Another
I have a form populated by PHP and MySql and I am trying to get the values returned. I have amanged to be able to move the items from one list box to another and get the values of the second list box. What I need now is the values of the items added to the second list box and the values of the items removed from the second list box. The website is currently under development on my local server but if you need to see it running LIVE, let me know and I will upload what I have currently. [Code]...

Move Items Between 2 List Boxes?
I have created a form with 2 list boxes and coded to allow a user to move items from one list box across to another. What I need to do now is 1. to send the completed right list to a php page for database updating. 2. be able to have up to 3 list box sets on one page and reference each individually. i.e one for parent categories, one for child categories and one for products belonging to this category. the page is located at [URL] the code is as follows Code: <HEAD> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function move(frombox, tobox) { var arrFrombox = new Array(); [Code]....

JQuery :: How To Move DIV And Resize It With Animation Effect
How can I both move a div and resize it with animation effect at JQuery? i.e. div will be at the middle of screen and it will go to the left side and will have %50 of its height and %50 of its width after it completed its move.(It will have for example %75 of its size at the middle of its way) I tried that: $(".block").animate({"left": "-=100px", "height": "-=30%", "width":"-=30%" }, 1000); However it disappears? This works: $(".block").animate({"left": "-=100px", "height": "30%", "width":"30%" }, 1000); However it makes my square more bigger, I try =-30% but doesn't work. What should I do getting smaller instead of getting bigger?

JQuery :: Css - Fade Out All Other Divs And Move $(this) To Top Left
I have a grid of div's (we'll call "#entry"'s). I currently have them where once someone clicks any one div it will make all the others fade out. However rather abruptly the selected(clicked on) div will move to the top left of the part div. How can I get it to "smoothly" transition to that part of the screen after all the others have faded out? I'll provide below the code I'm currently using. $(document).ready(function() { $("div#entry").click(function() { $(this) [Code].....

JQuery :: UI Slider To Move Multiple DIVs
I want to use jquery UI to have a slider on my page that moves multiple divs different distances. So basically you pull the slider and div1 moves 10px left and div2 moves 20px left. I have taken a look at the jquery UI slider here [URL] but I cant figure out how to get that slider to move multiple divs. I am pretty new to jquery but I am enjoying the learning experience.

Move Image Inside A Div?
I have a div with a specific width and height. And a smaller image with the same width but much less height. How could I Position the small image to the inside top of the big div (but still all the small image to be visible in it) Animate the small image from the inside top of the big div to the inside bottom (and again, still keep it all visible) Inverse the process to go to the top again.

Jquery :: Move Image Within A Div Tag?
I have a image inside a div which is 100*100 , i want to move the image inside the div like various company's does. for example [URL] does that.I tried the below code ,but it is pushing all other divs down ,the divs are getting expanded. $item.animate({height: '+=5', width: '+=5'}, 'fast', function() { $item.animate({height: '-=10', width: '-=10'}, 'fast', function() { $item.animate({height: '+=5', width: '+=5'}, 'fast', function() { [code]....

Move The Image To Half The Div?
I have this Page and as you can see if you scroll down below the map you will see the logo and header for "Barinos Market"...if you click on the read more link the text expands ..which is exactly what i want. The problem I am trying to resolve is when the user clicks read more I need the barinos market image on the left to scroll down with the text and be half way down the is the code... <div id="barino_info"> <div id="barino_header"></div> <div class="info_body"> [code].... I am using this plugin to do the is my jquery to do it $('.right_body_inner, .doughboy_right_body_inner, .haw_right_body_inner, .river_right_body_inner, .vib_right_body_inner, .barino_equipment, .dough_equipment, .river_equipment, .haw_equipment, .vib_equipment').expander({ slicePoint: 355, // default is 100 [code]....

Move A Image Around A Grid?
I have a script which uses an array of numbers to represent their position in a div.its 5 by 5 like so: tileMap = [ [1, 1, 1, 1, 1], [1, 1, 1, 1, 1], [code]....

Photo's / Image Won't Move
I am currently building a simple photogallery. The photogallery contains a box with a few photo's in it, lined up horizontally. The box where the photo's are placed in is using an overflow so that there are only shown a few photo's. Below the box i have two buttons, left and right. The idea is simple if you click the left button the photo's must go 50 px to the left and visa versa goes with the right. I have coded this but the photo's unfortunately won't move! Have i done something wrong? You can see my code here:

Jquery :: Move Around An Image?
Using javascript, i would like to create an effect that displays a small image (1UP) that wanders around the "game deck" when users reach a specific level or score; user could gain an extra life simply clicking on it in time. Do you know any Jquery plugin or javascript snippet to achieve an effect like this?

Move An Image And See The Actual Movement?
I need an image to move from outside the viewed space, from somwhere on the page where users cannot hav acces, let's say from x position of -439px to 0px, so that the image looks like entering the window. And I need to do this after the user clicks a piece of text that is already on the screen. How can I do that ? In what tag should I include the image ? where should I put de event handler/ listener ? I know I need to change the CSS atributes but how. I tried this and it didn't work in Firefox nor in IE. THE HTML FILE <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> <html> [code]....

Move An Image Inside An Iframe?
I'm trying to make something a little like seen on Google Maps where you can search the location in text box and the map corresponding to the location will be dispalyed. Can any one send me the Javascript for the following in which my image is paced in an iframe and the upon entering the loaction in a textbox it image must move to that position witin the iframe.

Move An Image Of A Bus Across The Screen From Right To Left
I have been tasked with using javascript to move an image of a bus across the screen from right to left. I have found some code that almost works, but I cannot get the bus to finish offscreen. I have tried changing the x-position to a negative number, but it doesn't seem to work. If there are any javascript gurus out there, take a look at the sample code at :[url] How to modify the existing code to achieve the desired effect.

Move And Scale Image In Html
I have an image tag, size 100x75. The image it is holding is scaled down from 150x112. I don't want the image scaled down, that much, but I still want the container img tag to be 100x75, thus cliipping off some of the outer parts of the image.

Moving Around Key Order In A Multi - Dimensional Array
How can I "reorder" the keys in a multi-array? For example, I have: $arr["abc"][0] = "val1"; $arr["abc"][1] = "val2"; $arr["abc"][2] = "val3"; $arr["xyz"][0] = "val4"; $arr["xyz"][1] = "val5"; $arr["xyz"][2] = "val6"; And I want it to be: $arr[0]["abc"] = "val1"; $arr[0]["xyz"] = "val4"; $arr[1]["abc"] = "val2"; $arr[1]["xyz"] = "val5"; $arr[2]["abc"] = "val3"; $arr[2]["xyz"] = "val6"; My current effort is: foreach ($arr as $param => $num) foreach ($num as $val) $newArr[$num][$param] = $val; Specifically, I'm trying to loop through all elements submitted on $_FILES, as they all need the same thing done to them. By default, when there is more than one <input type="file" name="filedata[]" /> in a form, they go to $_FILES["filedata"]["name"][$index]. ("name" or any other parameter), so I cant just loop through every $_FILES["filedata"] to get at everything; thus, I need the keys of $_FILES["filedata"] reversed.

Moving Array Element To Top?
$arr = array( 'a1'=>'1', 'a2'=>'2' ); I need to move the a2 to the top, as well as keep the a2 as a key how would I go on about it I can't seem to think a way without messing something up :)

Moving Array Member To Top?
if i have an array like this Code: Array ( [customers] => Private [tariffarray] => Array ( [Code].... to the top (position 0)...something like $myarray ['tariffarray'][0]

Moving Cell With Arrow Buttons?
I want to move something with the arrow keys, but some aprt of script is incorrect and it's not working </style> <script type="text/javascript"> function setup() { row=0; [Code].....

Moving Website From .htm To .php/mysql
I know that some people believe that mod_rewrite etc makes it easier to have a fully spidered website etc. Hwoever I'm more focused on a php site once fully spidered. Does anyone out there have a well established php/mysql website which in the past they migrated from being static .htm/.html? If there is, was there any negative affect on your search engine rankings compared to your static pages? I realise that this may be a bit of a difficult question to answer as SE algorithms change a lot, but what I really need to know is - based on other's experience - should I expect a fall in traffic when comparing the established php/mysql website against the established static website?

Move Image With Touchmove Event On IPad?
I have a website that has a fixed background image which I am trying to adapt for the iPhone and iPad as the image does not stay static. I have tried various wrappers with no luck; either I can't scroll one way, or the site doesn't scroll properly (because of the use of dynamic ajax). So I started looking if there was a way to move the image background with the scrolling of the page and I used the following: $(document).bind('touchmove',function(e){ $('.background_image').css({top: $(document).scrollTop()}); $('.background_image img').css({top: $(document).scrollTop()}); [Code]....

How To Fix Mouse Moving (Drag And Drop)
How to fix mouse moving, to a pointer was always located on the middle of an element and worked synchronously?

Hide And Move News With Mouse Click?
1. I have code to show tip like code... How is correct Javascript code to Close this tip when clicked? 2. How to move next news feed with click on arror icon and back icon? code... How is correct Javascript code to move news item next and prevoius news? when clicked? code...

JQuery :: How To Move / Drag Items Between Two DIVs Or Selectboxes
I want to know how to move the list items or selectbox items between the divs or selectboxes. I am unable to how to know to use the jquery plugins and how to implement. If I download one plugin how to make it use in my application...

Move Multiple Times Between The Same Page?
I am a PHP beginner and I am trying to write a facebook app that will ask a questionnaire for random friends. I tried that for each friend a following info is presented in one page: photo and name questionnaire + submit But apparently, all random friends were shown together: for ($i=1; $i<= $num_Of_Friends ; $i++){ require('friendPhotoAndName.php'); require('questannaire.php'); }