Nokia Lumia :: How To Delete Facebook In 610?


i want to delete facebook completely from my windows phone 7.I am having lumia 610

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I don't know how to use the Bluetooth from this Nokia lumia 610.i tried for many times but I failed.

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How can I download and installed Hindi font in Nokia Lumia 610?

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ok so i just got a nokia lumia 610, but everytime i try to add a new contact, i add a name and a phone number and as soon as i try to save it, it pairs it up with either facebook or hotmail (by itself), and then it says i cant it as i have choosen not to see contacts from facebook/hotmail, i would happily have my facebook contacts showing but the last thing i want is 300+ people on my phones contacts that i will never phone, or text, also if i try to show contacts from facebook, and then delete the 1's i don't want to see, it doesnt let me press delete so is there a way to connect only some contacts to facebook, so you only see the 1's your going to use and have the number of, or is there a way to delete the contacts you dont want to see from the peoples/contacts? if i cant sort this out i wont be able to use this phone,

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Want to update windows 7.5 to 7.8 in Nokia Lumia 610. Want to install Facebook application but it said not available for your region.

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He can I make Facebook chat on Nokia lumia 800

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Its rly disgusting ; nokia promised us angry bird for nokia lumia 610 in next few months after it released Till now i haven't heard any hopefull news from my 'once' dearest brand NOKIA I cant evn dwnld files from web Nokia make ur value count

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File transfer is not available now for lumia 610

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Previously I was using Nokia E7 from which I can use device as modem and can connect to internet on PC via USB cable thru Nokia PC Suite, Now I have change my device and using Nokia Lumia 610. How can use this device as modem and can connect to internet on PC via USB cable as this iphone does not connect to PC Suite and Zune in only used for media and photo sharing purpose. There is not option to connect to internet in zune

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i have nokia lumia 610 and it doesnt show remaing balance after call ended my old was able to show this old phone was nokia 500and also i not able to get incoming call even when i have full network signal and my call are getting disconnect after sometime i am out of home network i told service provide company this problem

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I just bought a lumia 610, and it was working great until I got to setting up my mail.Whatever I try, it just says 'Oops! We're having a problem that we can't solve at the moment. Try again later.' I've been trying all day to sign in with my gmail account, and nothing happens (POP and IMAP enabled). I managed to log in with Facebook, but the "what's new" section never updates.Plus, I get a message saying error code:80070490 with Facebook chat .


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i want to add a 3gp video from my pc to my lumia 610 through zune but zune does not supports 3gp video.

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Does lumia 610 will get 7.8 update.and if yes what are new features will get added?

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In Lumia 610, the captured images are always dark.Is there any settings in Camera application to get proper pics?

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Can I read or write Bangla in LUMIA 610?

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my lumia 610 can't dial *100#, it showed "session terminated".

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Is it possible to install the applications into Lumia 610 using Zune PC software?

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how to stop my screen rotating between portrait and landscape, it is a lumia 610, and I can't find anything on the user guide

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It was just officially annouced by Microsoft 40 minutes ago at the Windows Phone Summit that current windows phones would get WP 7.8 update with some features of WP8 but not WP8 itself. The biggest worry is that WP8 will allow native code for apps, and that many apps will thus not work on "older" phones. The Lumia 900 is only a few months old and the 800 and 710 and 610 are not much older (all are less than 9 months on the market), but they will not be getting Windows Phone 8 update just like all first generation Windows Phones. Nokia must have known for some time as well that current Lumia buyers would not get WP8 update, this seems unfair especially for Lumia 900 buyers. How does Nokia plan to make this more fair for current Lumia users?

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Network Setup is available in the Microsoft Marketplace for Lumia 610, Lumia 800, Lumia 710, and Lumia 900 in all countries except USA, Canada, Columbia, India and Iceland. The app is also not currently available for the Lumia models sold in the following Operator Variant forms: Boost (Australia), Talkmobile (UK), Virgin (UK).

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I have a Nokia Lumia 800. I have created three extra agenda's within one windows live account. - Schoolagenda - Facebook verjaardagen - Werkagenda The problem is:Schoolagenda: is syncing good but it took forever and after I deleted another agenda. So no problems here (for now)Facebook verjaardagen: Still has the old name (Facebook test). I changed the name a while after the creation Werkagenda: Created this as last and has a few entries. Doesn't show up on my phone at all?

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I have a Nokia lumia 610. And I can't download anything using the internet explorer . If tried to download it just plays it directly and neither saves it. What's the problem ??And the things downloaded using any 3rd party is not shown in the music or video library.

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I'm using a Nokia Lumia 610 handset.After I browse a lot, when I have to close IE, I need to click the "back" key many times to go to first page I visited. Only then the browser closes.Is there a faster way to close the browser ?

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i recently purchased a nokia lumia 610, im from india, and i cannot download whatsapp on my phone. I was unable to find it on Marketplace and i couldn't download it straight from whatsapp.com, please help. Is my phone compatible with Whatsapp? i bought the phone thinking it is and im really disappointed.

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I have nokia lumia 610. Form last 24 hours I am getting Error 80072efd while sync email account and Error 80004003 while accessing market place. Many of the sites are also not opening on IE.

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I am considering getting the Lumia 610, but I am concerned about how it will receive the 7.8 update, whenever that one comes. Will we be able to simply go to WP Marketplace or Nokia website to get the update? Would be a bummer if the update is linked to a certain carries as I'll be buying it not locked to a carrier / without a contract, I will use my existing pre-paid sim.

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i m having a brand new nokia lumia 610 and i am happy with it apart from some discrepancies about file transfer.. like music very much and i am finding to set equaliser but i can't find i

Nokia Lumia :: Upgrade RAM For 610? discussions.nokia.com

Is it possible to upgrade the RAM for Nokia lumia 610? Many great games cant be played just because the RAM is less.

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Charging From PC Not From 220volt discussions.nokia.com

My daughter's lumia 610 has amazing issue. It is charging from computer, but not from normal home charger. Is there any solution for this? I will no longer go to Nokia shop, as answer is always "not used correctly", to any possible fault in phone.

Nokia Lumia :: File Transfer Through Bluetooth On 610? discussions.nokia.com

I heard there's an app that we can download to make file transfer through Bluetooth Possible On Nokia Lumia 610 any idea whats that App/software?

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Randomly Dials Numbers? discussions.nokia.com

I have a Nokia Lumia 610 and for some odd reason last two weeks it randomly dials numbers either mobile or landline. When its sat on the kitchen table, it just dials it, more oddly it switches to loud speaker and it does it about 10-15 times same number one after anotheritched it off and back on and for a few days its ok and then it does it again. Anyone ever come across this and is it fixable

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hey i am having a windows phone 7 nokia lumia 610 and i am wanted to connect my phone with an ad hoc network that is wanted to connect internet through my laptop .as i have created an ad hoc network but it can't seen in my phone.

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i am having nokia lumia 610 windows phone having 7.5 os why doesn't it shows call summery after call ended and my older mobile was able to show it call summery and my remaing balance too but this phone doesnt have option like that too in settings as per my knowledge

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I have Nokia Lumia 610 and the market app isn't working since 5 days. When I click on the market app, it takes me to the main screen again.

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All my friends who are using mobile phones (iphone) are visible through facebook website and i can speak to them from my PC. But why i cant see those friends online, when i use my phone (Lumia 610)? I only see friends who are using PC. When i try manually to find a friend from people hub and i know that he is online from mobile, the message says that this friend i not connected and urge me to send him SMS.

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is there any possibility to set Nokia Lumia 800 email's account not to delete emails from base server account ?

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I cannot open onenote app on my Nokia Lumia 920 and there is no way to delete an reinstall it.

Nokia Lumia :: Blinking Screen While Texting On White Background discussions.nokia.com

i just noticed that whenever i text and the background is white, the screen usually blinks a little but noticeable,, for example here i will text this is white background i will see from here that my screen is blinking while im texting specially when i'll touch the space bar.. Uhmm its not a major problem but i found it somewht annoying on my part because my friend has a nokia lumia 610 and i already tried what ive tried on my nokia lumia 900 and it seems that his phone has no problem regarding with the littleness blinking screen.. Hmmm it is only 6days old phone.,Fyi guys ive tried to adjust the brightness to low,medium and high. And switch to white screen background would i just reset the phone?? Does someone experiencing what im experiencing right now??

Nokia Lumia :: Hindi Language For 610? discussions.nokia.com

I require HINDI language. In Nokia 610, what I have to do?

Nokia Navigation :: Avoid Highroads In Drive On 800? discussions.nokia.com

how to avoid highroads in Nokia drive on nokia lumia 800

Nokia Lumia :: 800/900 Screen White Not Really "White"? discussions.nokia.com

compared with 610/710 in dealer shop when changed background color to "white" ,and check the screen Lumia 800/900 screen "wihte" inclined to a little bit "green" obviousely compared with 610/710, they're looks really "white" But explained by dealer, it's because of screen made from different material, is it TURE? BTW, looks like some IM softwares not able to keep "online" status if run in back-end. Is it TRUE and no solution?

Nokia :: N95 Not Compatible To 610 Car Kit? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I own a Nokia 610 car kit and got a new N95. I installed the newest firmware on the N95 v11.0.026. I can conenct the N95 to the 610 but I cannot send the phone book nor can I use SIM Access Profile. I got the "Nokia 610 Contact Download Application for Nokia 3250, N71, N80, N91, N92, E60, E61, E62, and E70" software from the support page and installed it like described on the N95. I reconnected the 610 and N95 from scratch like described in the user manual of the download application but it does not work.

Nokia Lumia :: Bluetooth Will Not Connect To A 710? discussions.nokia.com

I have a lumina o, wife has lumia 710.Bluetooth will not pair.Message i get on the 800 is " Nokia Lumia 710 will not connect"The codes are the same

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I can't find at WP Store Nokia Transport App.I use Nokia Lumia 920 on WP8 OS

Nokia Lumia :: Network Setup App Is Missing From The Marketplace? discussions.nokia.com

Nokia network setup app is missing from Nokia lumia 710 marketplace I am unable to run internet on my phone

Nokia Lumia :: 710 Facebook Chat Shows No One Online discussions.nokia.com

I just got a Nokia Lumia 710, but I am having problems using Facebook Chat in it ( The one integrated with messaging). I have setup windows live and facebook to connect with each other and also imported contacts from facebook into windows messenger. I have turned facebook chat on, synchronized both windows live and facebook accounts on my Lumia, but still when I go to online option in "messaging" it says "No one's online" even when there are actually friends online. It does not show a 500 error or something else, it just says no one's online and doesnt update at all. The consequence of the above is that I cant send chat messages from my phone to facebook chat.

Nokia Lumia :: Download Videos In 710? discussions.nokia.com

How to download videos in Nokia lumia 710

Nokia Lumia :: Does The 810 Support Wireless Charging discussions.nokia.com

does the nokia lumia 810 support wireless charging.

Nokia Lumia :: L800 Deletes My Contacts discussions.nokia.com

I have a lumia 800 that randomly deletes my contacts from my contacts list, the amount of contacts and when it deletes them is totally random.I contacted nokia support and they suggested a factory reset, which I did and the phone then promptly deleted 4 more of my contacts.I contacted nokia support again and they suggested a rollback to the previous backup before the latest update, tried to do this(twice) but this does not work and I get error code 801812eo.

Nokia Lumia :: Some Apps Not Available On 920? discussions.nokia.com

Just bought my Nokia Lumia 920 and noticed that some Nokia apps are missing in the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone store (for example: Nokia Reading and Play To). If you do try to install them, you get an error saying that the app only works on a 480x800 resolution. when (or if) these apps are available on a Lumia 920?

Nokia Applications :: Re-downloading Apps To 900? discussions.nokia.com

I previously had Nokia N8 phone, but i bought brand new Lumia 900. So my question is that is there any way to get paid apps which i had in N8 to Lumia? I couldnt find any Nokia Ovi app at Lumia where i thought i might be able to re download the app

Nokia Lumia :: USSD Requests & Notifications On 800? discussions.nokia.com

I am not able to use the service providers USSD services on Nokia LUMIA 800.pecifically TaTa Docomo *191# gives a list of options to know balance, validity etc. Also I am not able to receive summary notifications sent by the service provider after each call/sms etc.Is it a known windows bug ? Anybody facing the similar problem?Also feel this is related to the LUMIA call ending bug /t5/Nokia-with-Windows-Phone/Can-t-end-a-call-in-lumia-800/m-p/1283747#M5533

Nokia Lumia :: 'Build' 920 Not Getting Portico Update (1232.5951.1249.0001)? discussions.nokia.com

[URL]Nokia says: "Because we're committed to providing a fantastic experience to our Lumia 920 and 820 customers, we are releasing a software update that brings a number of enhancements initially to the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 at AT&T in the United States and to the Lumia 920 at Rogers in Canada."This is the 'Portico' update (1232.5951.1249.0001) and many Lumia 920 users in the US (AT&T) and Canada (Rogers) have been able to update their phones today (12/19) as seen in these pages - [URL] I have a Lumia 920 and I'm an AT&T customer living in San Francisco, California, yet when I go to "Settings -> Phone Update -> Check For Updates." I get the update status: "Your phone is up to date. Last checked 2 seconds ago" When I check "Settings > System > About", it still says "Firmware revision number: 1232.2109.1242.1001"I received this Lumia 920 at the Microsoft "Build" developers conference in Seattle last month. enable the "1232.5951.1249.0001" update for 'Build' Lumia 920 phones?

Nokia Lumia :: 900 How To Get A Backup Of Contacts discussions.nokia.com

I Have a Nokia Lumia 900 and I'm also planning on buying another phone (not nokia), as I have all my contacts on my Nokia Lumia I want to get the all the contacts to my PC for later use.

Nokia Lumia :: 800 (Tango) Ringing Loudly For SMS During Call? discussions.nokia.com

I have a Lumia 800 with latest 12220 FW installed. I have been having the following problem since Mango: 1. A call comes in and I answer 2. During the call SMS is received 3. The SMS notification tone sounds loudly after a beep in my ear, thus busting through my ears. Ericsson T10i -> Nokia 7110 -> Siemens C45, C55, M55, M65 -> Nokia 6131, N73, N82 -> HTC Wildfire, Desire HD -> Nokia Lumia 800 -> HTC Desire X + Sennheiser CX 500

Nokia Lumia :: 610 - Poor Battery Life? discussions.nokia.com

I purchased my Lumia 610 about 2 weeks back, and I have not gotten a full day (24 hours) of work out of it yet. When charged to 100%, it shows 16-19 hours of battery life. My usage is typically around this:1 hour on the phone.15 minutes of Twitter. 15 minutes of browsing on 3G. No bluetooth/ WiFi/ Internet sharing on most days. Manual brightness setting. Battery Saver on. Dark backgroundLocation settings off. Email refresh after 1 hour. XBox signed out. I can't think of anything else I can do to reduce my power consumption. I'm using the firmware version 1066.0000.8779.12201, which according to my Customer care is the latest firmware version. Nokia claims a 720 hr standby time on 3G, which I am nowhere close to.

Nokia Lumia :: Maps Download Fails On 610? discussions.nokia.com

I purchased a Nokia 610 today and am trying to download the UK maps in Nokia Drive. Have setup WiFi. Select the UK (All) map to download.At random points throughout the download process the app crashes and returns me back to the start screen. I have removed and reinstalled the app with no change.

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Earphones Don't Work discussions.nokia.com

I have a problem with my Lumia 610. Everything worked fine until the earphones stopped working even though they're connected. I'm sure it's not them causing the problem because I've tested the phone with other earphones and it wouldn't recognise them as well. When something is played the sound simply comes from the speaker. The FM radio also doesn't work and shows information that earphones are not connected.

Nokia Lumia :: Way To Add / Personalize Message Tones With 610 discussions.nokia.com

Is there a way to add/personalise message tones with the Lumia 610.So far I've found no way to do this.If this is the case is there an App from windows to download to correct this or am I just wasting my time.

Nokia Lumia :: Not Getting Youtube On 610? discussions.nokia.com

I am having trouble in getting youtube website. Every time I visit youtube, a captcha page shows up. After filling the captcha the same page again comes up asking me to solve anothe captcha. It goes on like this and I never get to watch videos on youtube.

Nokia Lumia :: Data Sharing In 610? discussions.nokia.com

i am using Lumia 610... N i over heard that upgrading it to tango version will solve the issue of data sharing but it is still not possible...

Nokia Lumia :: App Is Too Slow In 610? discussions.nokia.com

I had installed what's app in my lumia 610..ND the speed to load it nd open it is very slow since the day I had installed it..how can I overcome this problem?

Nokia Lumia :: Alarm Auto On Off 610? discussions.nokia.com

The alarm does not work unless I leave the phone on all night. Is there an 'auto on off' setting that will switch the phone on when the alarm is due?

Nokia Lumia :: Allowing Cookies In 610 discussions.nokia.com

In Internet explorer settings "allow cookies on my phone" is already selected, but still while login in on some special website like touch.facebook.com or m.yahoo.com, these website ask to enable cookies. Are there any different settings in phone to allow cookies to enable us to login to this websites?

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Acting As WiFi Jammer? discussions.nokia.com

Got mrs S a 610 for her birthday a month ago As Mrs S isn't the most technologicaly adept of people she was worried at first, but has found the simple interface much to her liking However I have come across an problem which now I know what it is is a minor thing but it took some tracking down A few weeks ago I was browsing the web on my PC when suddenly the internet connection dropped out, the PC could see my home wireless network but wouldn't connect to it. I then noticed my N8 was suffering the same issue I looked at the router and it thought it was working, also the devices conencted via ethernet cable still had internet connectivity Tried rebooting the routher, the pc and my N8 to no avail, the router thought it was broardcasting a signal and the devices could see it but wouldn't connect. deleting the access points and trying to reestablish them didn't help? It was getting late so giving it up for a bad job I decided to go to bed, on the way up I noticed Mrs S's 610 on charge on the landing, thought I'd have a look with that, tried the internet, nothing, rebooted and the net was working. In the morning the other devices would also connect fine A few days later I experianced a similar event, again reboots wouldn't work, but then my eyes fell on Mrs S's 610 again on charge, I turned the wifi off on this and instantly PC and N8 could connect again, turned the 610 wi fi back on and not a problem until last night when the same thing happened, again cycled the wifi on the 610 to clear the issue The TLDR occasionaly when the 610 is on charge it's wifi suddenly jam every other wireless device from connecting to the same network, cycling the wi-fi on the 610 clears the problem?

Nokia Lumia :: Update Profile Picture In 610? discussions.nokia.com

i am having a windows live account and when i am trying to update my profile picture of my phone it can't happening..

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Can't End Calls? discussions.nokia.com

I just got my Lumia yesterday evening. I'm from Malaysia by the way. The problem presist whenever I'm making a call or even when someone calls me, I can't seem to end the calls. Whenever I'm making an outgoing calls, the screen goes blank, and all the buttons including the back, home and search buttons becomes unresponsive. The only way to end calls is to wait for the other party to end the call, or I just have to wait until the dial tones end. What if the other party has their voicemail enabled? I have to wait until the voicemail call ends, then only I can continue using my phone. either those or I just had to switch off the phone by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

Nokia Lumia :: 610 - Can`t Make Outgoing Calls discussions.nokia.com

Can not make outgoing calls on Nokia 610 ! Once I go to call settings and set ``show caller Id`` to MY CONTACTS it works , but it keeps on jumping back to SHOW EVERYONE and then I can`t make outgoing calls ?? Please , I need help ?Is there a way to downgrade firmware maybe ?

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Cant Open Media Messages? discussions.nokia.com

We have just got a lumia 610 for my wife and we are happy with it so far.Problem we have is her son has sent her a couple of photos by SMS, the caption reads "Get media content", which we click on, it turns to "getting media content" for a few seconds before reverting to the previous message, but no photo? no link to the online O2 mwessage centre.

Nokia Lumia :: 610 GPS Connectivity Lost While Traveling In Vehicle discussions.nokia.com

I keep the location settings on lumia 610 always turned on. I have observed that if I sit at a place, stationary, then the GPS is connected instantly and I can see my location on the map. But whenever I'm traveling in a bus / car the handset cannot find its location using GPS. It shows "Looking for GPS" message for all the time. Is this a 1. GPS hardware issue ? 2. Some s/w update issue ? 3. Satellite issue ?

Nokia Lumia :: USSD Code Doesn't Work On 610? discussions.nokia.com

I have bought a Lumia 610 about 2 months ago. and I found that my phone doesn't run USSD code while checking prepaid balance & offer from my carrier.

Nokia Lumia :: Connected 610 With Charger - Touchscreen Gets Stuck discussions.nokia.com

When I connect my Lumia 610 with charger, Its touch screen gets stuck. It does not allow me to unlock the phone by sliding the wallpaper upside. When I disconnect charger then it works like anything. I had also noted that some times, the wallpaper keeps jumping and suddenly slides upside and random applications gets started. But again when I remove the charger then it works normally. Is there any issue regarding the USB connector?

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Can't Transfer File's Via Bluetooth discussions.nokia.com

I am Planning to Buy Nokia Lumia 610 But Please someone tell me its real Specifications because when i see on Indiatimes Shopping Site I see that it have 720p @ 30fps Video Recording but when i see other Sites like GSMArena, PhoneArena etc. I see VGA @ 30fps and One more thing i see on Indiatime's page that it have 16M Color Screen but when i see on other sites they says it have 65K Color Screen.So, Please tell me What is its Real Specs and one more thing I see that it can't transfer file's via Bluetooth is it right and what is the use of Bluetooth If it can't transfer any file?

Nokia Lumia :: 610 Full Calendar Day / Month Schedule Empty With No Task Or Meetings discussions.nokia.com

I'm using the phone few days. I've installed latest software from the site (7.10.8773.98 / 1066.0000.8779.12340). When I'm creating some task or meeting in the calendar, I see them on desktop calendar icon (and reminders are working well) but when I open full calendar and see the day / month schedule it's absolutely empty with no meetings / tasks.

Nokia Lumia :: Wifi And Marketplace Not Working On 610 discussions.nokia.com

my wifi and marketplace aren't working on my Lumia 610. I have it maybe two months, and just today the Wifi stopped working. Laptops, other smartphones and an iPod are all connecting to the modem just fine. Just my phone. It also keeps telling me my internet password is wrong, when it's not. Finally, on Nokia's website, I believe, it told me to try resetting my phone. Did it. Still not working. Now I'm getting the error code: 805a0193 in the marketplace, so now I can't download any apps. I had literally done NOTHING to the phone, this just started out of nowhere.

Nokia Lumia :: 610 - Outgoing Call Icon Remains Top? discussions.nokia.com

my issue is as described above. The phone has (as far as I can tell) allowed me to close the call but I cannot find a way to get rid of the icon other than by turning the phone off and then on again.

Nokia Lumia :: Windows Live Id Service Unavailable? discussions.nokia.com

Without games and apps my lumia 610 is just like black and white mobile sets...I use 2g sim of 'bsnl' in india...Have created windows live id..

Nokia Lumia :: SMS Character Counter Not Appearing After 130 Characters discussions.nokia.com

I have a lumia 610. However the SMS character counter is not appearing after 130 characters are typed in for an SMS message.

Nokia Lumia :: L610 Doesn't Display Notification For Outlook discussions.nokia.com

My Lumia 610 doesn't display notification (unread messages) for outlook when the screen is locked. However it does display the notification such as missed calls, text messages, face book messages, Gmails, Yahoo emails, Windows live emails. But nothing for Outlook.

Nokia Music :: How To Set New Ringtone discussions.nokia.com

how to set a new ringtone in my lumia 610.i have read here in one of the discussions to change the genre from zune.But amongst the genre options am not able to find ringtone as an option.I renamed Tones which was found amongst the genre as ringtones but even this did not help.also tell me how can i access the downloaded files in my phone

Nokia Lumia :: Why Zune Software Shows Low Mass Memor discussions.nokia.com

I Purchased Lumia 610. According to Wensite Mass Memory is 8 GB But When I Connect Phone Through Zune Software Then It Shows 5.76 GB. Why It Shows Low Memory ?

Nokia Lumia :: Can't Open My Marketplace discussions.nokia.com

I have just got the Lumia 610 and was getting on fine with it but I now can't open the marketplace or music and videos.

Nokia Lumia :: Maps Not Working - Pdf Not Working 920 discussions.nokia.com

Both software of PDF and Nokia maps not working on Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia :: 800 Keeps On Rebooting discussions.nokia.com

I got a Nokia Lumia 800 that keeps on rebooting I tried soft and hard reset and i have have updated into the latest OS

Nokia :: Sync Calendar On My MAC With Lumia 900? discussions.nokia.com

I am trying to figure out how i sync the calendar on my MAC with my Nokia Lumia 900.

Lumia :: It Doesn't Show Up In List Of Nokia Devices For Selection discussions.nokia.com

I am trying to download an app from obi but my lumia doesn't show up in the list of Nokia devices for selection.

Nokia Music :: Lost Pin After Reset - Can't Download Music On 710 discussions.nokia.com

I forget my pin..i tried both the option U provided on Nokia site ...i can't download music on my lumia 710.

Nokia Lumia :: Play .amr Audio Files On It discussions.nokia.com

Is possible to play .amr audio files on Nokia Lumia 800?