Nokia Accessories :: BH 503 Bluetooth Headset Not Charging?


So I've bought a Nokia 503 bluetooth headset 1 month ago. I've charged it several times since I really use it a lot and haven't dropped it since then. But now, I plugged it in the charger and the red light doesn't turn on anymore. I tried a different nokia charger but still, it doesn't work. The chargers that I tried worked on my phone though.Whenever the headset is charged, it's settings on its connectivity resets, so everytime i charge it, i need to reconnect the bluetooth of my phone. So, I tried if the settings reset, but unfortunately, it didn't,. so my bluetooth headset really is not charging anymore.

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Can not Listen "music" through Bluetooth in Htc Hero but can make/receive call... Also all buttons works fine in headset like pause, next, back .. Tried Nokia, & Sony's all most Many Bluetooth headset ...& i really/badly need Bluetooth headset to work .. i have tried using Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset BH-214, Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo, Jabra BT3030 & MOTOROKR S305 & such as from Sony. but its just not working...

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just i m getting a bluetooth headset of nokia BH 503 and when ever m just want to connect it in my laptop it was not connected

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I'm having troubles pairing Nokia headset BH-503 to my linux box. Here is what I tried: 1) Installed Blueman 2) searched new devices and found my Nokia BH-503 3) Set PIN code to custom and entered PIN 0000 4) Of course the headset is on pairing mode However the pairing is always failing. In Blueman I get "Page Timeout", I also tried it with the other Bluetooth application which gives me the message "Setting up Nokia BH-503 failed"

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Nokia X6 is not shown on the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-503 Compatibility list ? Is Nokia X6 INcompatible with BH-503 ? I'm planning to buy one for my X6; So pls answer only if you know for sure

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I have a Nokia BH-503 and like connect and use with my MacBook Pro (MacOS X Snow Leopard) but I can�t connect the headset to the computer. The bluetooth search application can�t found the Nokia BH-503. Other possibility that I can�t test is that the ADD bluetooth wizard can give me the possibilty that I add the new device specifying the DEVICE ADDRESS. How I can know the DEVICE ADDRESS of my bluetooth headset BH-503? I can know my phone device address pressing *#2820#, but how I can find the bluetooth device address of my headset?.

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i just bought nokia bh-503 headset, and i have a bluetooth dongle in my pc, i tried to find bluetooth devices from that dongle, but it cant find the headset. -headset is on -dongle drivers are installed -already connected headset to my phone, works fine -connected my bluetooth to my phone, file transfer, success.

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I CANNOT succeed connecting the bluetooth nokia headset bh-216 to the nokia phone E63.I know both are working since I CAN connect either one to my laptopI closely followed the instructions, I even installed the update to my E63 phonewith the result that now I have to confirm the E63 bluetooth connection to my laptop while before the update it would connect automaticallyI saw however that bh-216 is not included among the compatible accessories to nokia E63.Strange: is there a problem of compatibility of bluetooth devices? Why does this happen on Nokia devices?

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My mother owns a Nokia 6600i slide.Now I need to get her a compatible wireless stereo bluetooth headset.To my surprise, when I go to nokia.com, product, this phone, search for compatible bluetooth stero headsets, it says "sorry, there are no compatible products".Proudcts specs for 6600i slide don't even list a2dp? I don't believe that's true. However, I don't want to try out myself.(in the past I had a bad experience with compatibility with some non-nokia brand headset, so I don't want to take a risk).Can you please list all the Nokia bluetooth wireless stereo headsets that will work with the 6600i slide? Which of the following will work "for sure" for listening music? - BH-501 - BH-503

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According to the specification of the N900 it supports the AVRCP bluetooth protocol. However, when I pair my Nokia bluetooth stereo headset BH-903 (listed as a supported accessory for the N900 on the Nokia site), this profile is not listed on the N900 - so I cannot start/pause, skip tracks, etc. Is this likely to be updated? There does not seem to be even a wired headset that can control music on the N900.

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I have a bluetooth dongle creative CB2436 and it's version 1.2 so I wanted to add My nokia BH-503 bluetooth headset While adding this problem occured this message "Adding the device failed resulting in an unkonwn error. The reported error is: 0x80004005. by the way I have bought my laptop new Toshiba A500 series and there was no bluetooth in it and when they shipped it to me there was no CD's with it but said to make recovery CD's so I made them buy a wizard.


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I just bought N81 8G.When trying to pair with bluetooth headet BH-303, i mean enable bluetooth and search for the device, the mobile doesn't detect the bluetooth headset at all.I tried pairing the same headset BH-303 with Nokia 6630 and it is working, so no problem with it.Is there a specific procedure to follow? In Nokia site, it is stated that it is compatible wih N81 8G.In compatibility of BH-303.

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I have recently acquired a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone and a BH-604 bluetooth headset. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is delivered with an AC-8E charger. The BH-604 on the other hand is delivered with an AC-5 charger. Both chargers share the same 2mm power plug. Is it possible to charge the BH-604 headset with the AC-8 charger ?The documentation for the BH-604 only lists the AC-4, AC-5 and DC-4 as compatible chargers. However, since the AC-5 and AC-8 can both be used to charge the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I would assume them to be both able to charge the BH-604 headset ?

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I have a Nokia 6300 phone and a BH-101 Bluetooth headset. The problem is that when I take a call through the Bluetooth headset, the person at other end hears an echo of his own voice. I checked and didnt find the BH-101 headset under the compatible headsets for the Nokia 6300.Also, my phone has a old firmware (6.6), the latest one available being 7.21.

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I have a Toshiba Portege R835 with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. I am using a Medialink BT Adapter 3.0+HS Class 2 specs. I am able to pair with my Nokia C3 00 mobile but my BH 503 headset cannot even be detected by my laptop. what drivers need to be downloaded for my BH 503 to be detected.

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I have N82 which I admittedly dropped once pretty bad (was biking, dropped it and the casing cracked), so this may be a hardware problem: I am trying to pair my N82 with a BH-503 headset. I go to Bluetooth setting and click on "More devices". It searches (and BH-503 is in pairing mode) but only for a very short time and then goes to paired devices list saying "no paired devices". Furthermore, when I go to the Bluetooth setting tab and toggle between "On" and "Off", when I try to toggle back to "On", I get "Unable to perform Bluetooth operation!" error message... I've tried to also pair with a 6136 and Nokia 700 internet tablet with no luck either. So, is there any way to figure out what is going on? I suspect and am afraid that its a hardware issue, but is there a way to be sure, or perhaps somehow try to reboot it or something? I did install the latest N82 firmware, but that did not help.

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I have iPad, with 4.2.1 installed, and Nokia BH 905 Headset but I can not get it to pair. (It pairs fine with my MacBook Pro.) Of course, followed the Nokia and Apple instruction manuals. Information:iBookMac OS X (10.4.3)Bluetooth Headset Nokia BH 905

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I've recently purchased the E65, and when I connect it to the BH-503 bluetooth headset, the music sounds like it was recorded with a mic off an old radio. When I connect it to my old 6300, the sound is crystal clear. I also can't use the play/pause, previous and forward hotkeys on the headset with the E65. I'd really prefer not having to lug my old mobile around just to play music. Is there something wrong with the phone, or is this intentional?

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After i upgrade my iphone firmware 2.0.2,my nokia bluetooth headset BH-209 cannot pair. it say incorrect Pin. Before i upgrade the firmware from 2.0.1 my nokia headset i able to pair with the default password. With new firmware update the default indicate incorrect PIN for "Nokia BH-209". please advice Information: Powerbook 12" G4 1.0ghz & Powerbook Ti 15" G4 867ghz,iPhone 2g 8gb Mac OS X (10.5) I love Apple Macintosh

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I can't get my Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Stereo headset to work with my HTC Desire.I have previously had it working fine with the stock HTC sense & the LeeDroid ROM. I have recently loaded the DeFRost 4.6 ROM.I can get it to pair OK and it appears in the 'Bluetooth Devices' list as 'Paired but not connected', when I try to connect I get a 'Cannot establish communication with Nokia BH-214' error.I am guessing this ROM does not support the A2DP standard. Is there a workaround?

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I have a 5800 XpressMusic and recently bought an BH-503 Bluetooth headset. It paired easily with my 5800 and I have no problems connecting the headset to my 5800. The sound quality is good and I enjoy listening to music on the new headset. The mic, however, doesn't work when paired with my 5800. I can hear the other guy without any problems but he cannot hear me. I've tried calling all of my friends and they obviously use loads of different mobile phones and landline phones, the result is always the same. I've tried resetting the headset - to no avail. Removing it from my 5800's Bluetooth paired devices list, then adding it again - no help. To test the mic itself, I paired the headset with my PC (a Dell XPS M1530). It paired fine - and the mic works! It's a bit on the quiet side but it works fine, I can chat on Skype and record voice on my PC. So obviously the problem is pairing the mic with my 5800. My 5800 recently came back from Nokia after some service (wouldn't switch on, now fixed) and has firmware v. 40.something (haven't got the phone at hand right now). I have beautiful sound in the headset, all the buttons work fine and I love the headset. Everything works when paired with my PC, it's just the mic not working with my 5800. FYI, I haven't tried the 5800 with other Bluetooth headsets. Maybe my 5800 has Bluetooth problems. I guess I could go back to the store where I bought the BH-503 and ask to borrow another Bluetooth headset to check if that fixes it.

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I own a brand new Nokia BH 111 bluetooth headset.I tried to connect it to my windows 7 (ultimate) pc.Its usuall procedure1) insert my bluetooth dongle,2) windows 7 finds the drivers and installs them (for blue tooth dongle only) 3) switch my bh 111 device in pairing mode4) in pc go to control panel--> devices & printers --> add device --> my bh 111 popups up in the list5) when i select it and proceed, win 7 tries to fetch drivers for the device but i cannot find and therefore its not properly installed and i cant use it.I only have trobleshoot enabled in the device which is the same, tryig to download drivers which are unavailable.

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Can anyone suggest me good A2DP Bluetooth Headset for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. 1)Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-103 is compatible with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. 2)Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 is compatible with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Nokia :: E75 - BH 103 Showing A Constant Red Light That Just Does... discussions.europe.nokia.com

I own an E75 and have paired it with a Nokia BH 103. The issue is with the headset. My bluetooth headset is showing a constant red light since yesterday. It doesn't go off when I charge, neither does the headset reset. I just can't seem to get it to work. Nothing in the manual either.

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My xperia x10 mini pro will not pair my headset which is a nokia bh-607 bluetooth headset that i used with my nokia. I did look up the compatibilty of the nokia headset and the xperia x10 mini pro was on the list.

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I have a new nokia BH 503. I connected it onmy nokia C3. It was paired successfully andcan play music. But my problem is I can't control the player using the headset's controls, only the volume. But when Iconnect it on another phone, the controlsworks just fine.

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i am trying to connect a Nokia bluetooth headset BH-104 to my HP ProBook laptop running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. pktun@yahoo.com The headset is found as a peripheral device, but the install of drivers fails. I don't know why as the bluetooth drivers are working fine in general (i can connect my Nokia mobile phone using bluetooth).

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i am trying to connect a Nokia bluetooth headset BH-104 to my HP ProBook laptop running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. ljq@yahoo.com The headset is found as a peripheral device, but the install of drivers fails. I don't know why as the bluetooth drivers are working fine in general (i can connect my Nokia mobile phone using bluetooth).

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I have a Nokia BH-505stereo bluetooth headset, but it only works with my Nokia phones C7 and N900, not with a PC.I can establish a connection to my PCs, but there's no sound coming from the headset, instead it keeps coming from the PC's loudspeakers.I have 1 desktop PC (+bluetooth dongle) dual booting Windows XP and LInux Mint Debian Edition , and a laptop (bt built-in) dual booting Win 7 and Lubuntu 12.04 - the problem is the same on all 4 OSs.

Nokia :: BH-600 And 5310 - Bluetooth Connectivity Between Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've got the following devices : - Bluetooth headset BH-600 - Nokia 5310 Express Music The BH-600 doesn't appear on the Bluetooth devices when i start the Bluetooth discovery. I suppose Bluetooth is OK on this phone, I success to connect it to my notebook. - Already do a "factory default" on my 5310 - 5310 firmware version V 09.42 07-11-08 RM-303 (no new version available in the database) - Heaset buy in March 2009, I don't know the firmware

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am trying to conncect my nokia headset bh-503 with my lenovo laptop,but this can not found drivers ..how can i download he drivers to connect this.

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i am trying to conncect my nokia headset bh-503 with my lenovo laptop,but this can not found drivers.how can i download he drivers to connect this.

Nokia :: N76 Radio And Bluetooth Stereo Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm french and I have bought this headphone BH-503 to listen to the radio with bluetooth from my red nokia N76 bought last year, but that doesn't work. No problem for music but nothing to do for radio. What can I do ? this head set is very expensive and I'm very disappointed. In france we have no possibility ton contact Nokia by phone so I try to have an help here.

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does bh-503 nokia bluetooth handset is compatible with nokia x6 8gb?The list show that it isn't compatible but when i search on net it is found that it is compatible.

Nokia 5800 :: Error To Use Bluetooth Headset / FM Transmitter Together? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 5800 and Nokia BH-212 bluetooth headset. Is it possible to play music when driving using an FM transmitter plugged in to the headphone socket on the phone, to play through the car stereo speakers, and to use the headset to kick in in case someone calls whilst I'm driving and listening to music? I'm getting the music through the bluetooth thing.

Nokia :: 5800 - Bh-103 - Bluetooth Connection discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have nokia 5800 xpressmusic with Version 30.0.011.C03.01 that was issued for the phone in 29/06/09. I also bought bh-103 bluetooth stereo handsfree and to my pity i realized that from time to time the bluetooth connection between my 5800 and my bh-103 is faulty. The phone shows that it is connected with this bluetooth but you cannot dial nethier from phone nor from the bluetooth bh-103. Even if i power off the bh-103 the phones stil shows the bluetooth connection to be active(the icon of the headphone dissapears). If i power on the bh-103 even if the icon of the headphone in the display of the 5800 dissapears it can't be paired. What i mean is that the phone shows both the bluetooth connection to be opened plus the icon of the headset in the display but as i mentioned before you can't voice dial by pressing the big center button of the bh-103, neither you can dial from the phone itself. this kind of problems i am facing since i bought the phone with the already installed version of the firmware

Nokia :: Bluetooth Stereo Headsets (like BH-503) Work With IPod Touch OS 3.0? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Ipod touch (and IPhone) just got an update, OS3.0, supporting bluetooth headsets. Does the BH-503 (or similar) work with the iPod Touch OS 3.0?

Nokia :: 6300 And HDW-3 Bluetooth Headset / Trying To Pair Unsuccessfully discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 6300 and a HDW-3 Bluetooth headset which I have been trying to pair unsuccessfully.This site indicates they are compatible http://www.maps.nokia.com/find-products/accessories/all accessories/headsets/bluetooth-headsets/hdw-.but loking at thre tech specs, the 6300 is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 2.0 + EDR supporting the following profiles: generic access, network access, generic object exchange, hands-free, headset, object push, file transfer, dial-up networking, SIM access, and serial port and the HDW-3 is Bluetooth 1.2 specification and supports profiles Hands-free 1.0 and Headset 1.1. So are they compatible ? If so any others ideas as never had any problems with previous phones/headsets ?

Nokia Accessories :: BH-503 Not Fully Charging discussions.nokia.com

I just bought my BH-503 last 2 days, now when I charge it its not fully charging. It's been 2 hours and still the light is red.

Nokia Accessories :: Cannot Connect Bluetooth Headset With Laptop? discussions.nokia.com

i would like to pair my Nokia BH-104 bluetooth headset with my HP laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.I can pair the headset but the drivers are not installed correctly. It is decognzed as a Bluettoth Periphelial Device, but not as a headset. Updating the drivers fails.

Nokia :: BH-902 - Bluetooth Headset Compatibility With Siemens discussions.europe.nokia.com

Is Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-902 compatible with SIEMENS headset Gigaset SL56 wich support bluetooth connection??? (http://gigaset.com/shc/0,1935,hq_en_0_127519_rArNrNrNrN,00.html)

Nokia Accessories :: BH-503 Prolonged Charging? discussions.nokia.com

I have just bought the unit yesterday. I tried to charge it and saw the red light as the manual says but 3 hours have passed and still red light. I charged it overnight and still red light. The manual says charging should only be around 1 hr 15 mins and light should turn green but it did happen on my case. The exact charger model no. that comes with the package is AC-5E though the manual says AC-4, AC5, DC-4.

HTC Desire : BH-905 - Not Able To Make Bluetooth Phone Calls androidforums.com

I have connected the Nokia BH-905 to my Desire both phone audio and media audio. Unfortunately when placing calls the phone does not switch to the headset to make calls. Am I missing an additional setting to switch from the phone's mic and speakers to my the connected bluetooth headset or is this a bug in the software?

Nokia Accessories :: PC Is Not Detecting Bluetooth discussions.nokia.com

I buy a nokia headset bh-604 and I would like to connect it to my PC thatworks under vista. My pc does not have integrated bluetooth module so I buy a small plug thatconnects by USB. the module detects my headset but vista asks me drivers.

Nokia :: E71 / Bluetooth Headset BH-103 Compatibility discussions.europe.nokia.com

Is E71 and BH-103 compatible? I know that E71 has BT 2.0 + EDR and BH-103 has BT 2.1 + EDR. However shouldn't bluetooth be backwards compatible? Finally Nokia get's an affordable BT stereo headset to the market and it seems to be compatible only with the latest 0 phones.

IPhone :: Voice Dialing With Bluetooth Headset On 3gs Not Working discussions.apple.com

I am trying to use voice dial on my 3gs with software 3.1 as I want to be able to dial people via the Bluetooth headset. I cannot seem to get it to work with any of the 3 headsets that I am using, even not the Nokia BH-102 that I purchased today. If I press the dial button on any of the headsets I get a beep and that's it. Should I get the same blue voice dial screen that shows when I keep the home button down? Also I presume that I need to say "call xxxxx" or "dial xxxxx"? The headsets are paired with my iPhone and if I press the button twice on the headsets my iPhone redials the last called number so that works. I can also answer calls with my Bluetooth headsets but am puzzled how to dial via Bluetooth. Anyone any ideas on how it should work and what the iPhone screen should show whilst dialling via Bluetooth? Information: iPhone 3gs with 3.1 software Windows Vista

Nokia :: Bluetooth Headset BH700 Is Not Switching On discussions.europe.nokia.com

Recently about 10 days back, I bought a new Bluetooth Headset BH700. And there was no problem at all for these many days. But suddenly, I was surprised that though, I tried 2 switch on the bluetooth enhancement, its not switching on. So, I thought that the battery might be down. So when I started to charge it with the charger provided by NOKIA, the red light glows the moment I connect the charger to the plug. But this red light goes off in the 2nd min itself. I can no longer see the red light. I don't know whats wrong here. According to Nokia, the red light should go off only when the battery is fully charged. So when I try to switch on the bluetooth headset assuming that the battery is fully charged, its doesn't work i.e., I cant switch it on. My bluetooth headset BH700 not switching on.

Nokia :: N96 (firmware 30.33 ,lastest Version) BT Connection With BH-904 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got one problem with my N96(firmware 30.33 ,lastest version) with NOKIA headset BH-904. In the first week, there was NO any problem in BT connection. After that, my N96 would cut off BT connection with BH-904 every time about 3 seconds right after recognize & connect. My N96 is able to connect other BT headset. My BH-904 is also able to connect other cell phone. It seems to be a N96 BT compatibility problem.

Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: DELL BH200 Bluetooth Head Set Mic Is Not Working For Audio In It After ICS Upd... talk.sonymobile.com

Dell BH-200 Bluetooth Stereo headset with mic doesn't work with new ICS (Android 4.0.4) in my Xperia Neo V after ICS upgrade, I am able to pair it and Phone Media works with it but not Audio, I mean to Say, Unable to answer calls using the headset. In Bluetooth Menu it is connected for both Phone Audio & Media Audio also. Phone Model: SONY ERICSSON XPERIA NEO V Model No: MT11i Build No: 4.1.B.0.587 Bluetooth Headset with Mic: DELL BH200 It is working fine in my Pre Installed Android Gingerbird edition

Cseries :: C7-00 Can't Discover Nokia BH-105 Headset discussions.nokia.com

After hard reset to Nokia C7-00 , everything is be ok. Bluetooth work fine except dicovering my BH-105 headset. The headset is working fine on another mobile and is worked on C7 before the hard reset. I try to remove battery and sim card but nothing happen.

Nokia :: 6085 - Fm Radio Over Blutooth www.howardforums.com

i would like to know what blutooth headphones would work with the fm radio on this phone besides the one nokia makes? for those that say it can't be done because need to have the wire for the radio to work in the quick start guide that came with the phone "pair it with a stereo headset with bluetooth technology. pair your device with the wireless stereo headset BH-601 so you can multitask and enjoy handsfree communication! It's easy!"

Nokia Accessories :: BH-503 Not Working - Red Light Flashes Slowly discussions.nokia.com

I recently purchased a BH-503 Bluetooth Headset. It worked great for the first few hours. Then I put it to charge, and the red light came on constantly. After a while, it went off so I assumed it was done charging. After that it wouldn't turn on. When I tried plugging in the charger again, the indicator light started flashing red slowly. And now thats all that it does. If the charger is plugged in, the red light flashes slowly, and when I unplug it, nothing happens. I tried the reset (press and hold multifunction key and volume up key) but it doesn't work.

Nokia :: BH-103 Compatible With N78? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have one and simple question - is Nokia headset BH-103 compatible with Nokia N78? I have still doubts, because it somehow does not come up when I look at headsets on the Nokia webpage.

Nokia Accessories :: Get Call Directly To Bluetooth Hands-free? discussions.nokia.com

I have a problem with c6 and bh-105. How to get call directly to Bluetooth hands-free? User manual says "press answer on headset and hold 2 seconds". I did it, but when call is ended, new call goes to phone again, not to headset When I am calling someone, there is similar situation. I must hold answer key for 2 secs to get call to bluetooth...How to set up this to send a call directly to bluetooth by default ?

Motorola Droid :: Bluetooth Headset With Droid androidforums.com

I have a Nokia BH-604 bluetooth headset.I have a landline and the Droid cell phone in my office. It is paired with both.It has worked with the Droid before, but I'm not sure what I did differently as it will not connect now, though it is paired.It does work with the landline.

Nokia :: 6120 Will Not Pick Up BH-501 Bluetooth Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

i have tryed a number of times to pair my bluetooth headset(BH-501) with my nokia 6120 classic but it wont pick it up?,ive read the instructions and applied them too many times but it still will not work.why?the blue tooth works on the phone and the lights flash on the head set but they wont pair.

Nokia :: N900 Bluetooth Drops All Time discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am using different Bluetooth headsets.Everyone of those disconnects after the first or the second call. I'm using the stereo BH-103 and also the BH-602, plus the BlueAnt Z9i.I make a call, sometimes two and after 5 to 10 minutes I noticed there is no sound, the headset has dropped or just totaly closed.Is there anything I can do. Of course I have a N900, which perfectly besides this much anoying issue.

Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E5 Is Not Connecting To Wireless Headset? discussions.nokia.com

My Nokia E5 suddenly stop detecting Jabra Bluetooth headset.When i buy bluetooth it detect for 2 days after that its stop detecting....

Nokia :: N73 And BH-503 BT Stereo Headset - Bad Sound Quality discussions.europe.nokia.com

I�ve bought new BT headset BH-503 to listen music primary... My cellphone, N73 is in list of compatible devices to this phones, but when I yesterday for first time succesfully connected phones to cellphone, sound quality was very bad...it plays MONO!!! I was angry, so I downloaded a new software for cellphone and installed...the quality is the same, very bad, still plays mono has anybody the same problem? Or is here anybody who can solve this?

Nokia :: 9300i And BH-101 - Doesn't Find And Connect To Bluetooth Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

I just got a BH-101 and I wanted to connect it with my 9300i. The problem is that the phone doesn�t find the bluetooth headset. I checked for compatibility here so it should work.The headset itself is fine. I could connect it to my N78. And the bluetooth device of my 9300i is fine as well because I could connect it to my old headset.

Windows 7 X64 Bluetooth Won't Pair With Headset BUT Wiimote Works www.tomshardware.com

I can't get my Nokia Bh-905i headset to pair up with my computer's usb bluetooth dongle, but it will pair up with my wiimote in a second. When trying to connect the 905i headset, it's stuck on "connecting to device" screen, which I am never presented with a pairing screen. Then it reports an error 0x80004005. I have tried installing broadcom's drivers, removing registry keys, new bluetooth profile name [Device Manager > Bluetooth > Advanced Name], and pairing multiple times and rebooting.I don't understand what is going wrong, the bluetooth adapter works with wiimote, a lot of people have no problem at all pairing up with their 905i headset, broadcom's drivers is suppose to be the end-all fix for bluetooth issues, but yet nothing has fixed it.

Nokia :: BH-900 Microphone Stops Working / Is On Mute discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got a BH-900 a few weeks ago and am very satisfied with speech quality, battery life, etc. I am using the BH-900 with a Nokia 6230i.However, after three weeks the microphone all of a sudden stops working, other people only hear a hissing noise.All other functions seem to work perfectly: I can hear my counterpart, I can hear key beeps, can change the volume, etc.I returned the headset and got a new one, never found out what was wrong with my original headset.Now, with the new headset, after another three weeks, I have the same problem with the new headset. As I am trying to treat the headset very, very carefully, I am assuming there might be a software problem.I have done the two ways of reset on the headset, and also have switched the phone off and on again.Any hint on what I might do (other than sending the headset back to Nokia again)?

Nokia :: 5530 Not Able To Detect BH-102 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am trying to configure the BH-102 headset with Nokia 5530 xm. The same headset is detected in my old phone E65 and my laptop also. However, Nokia 5530 xm is not able to detect it. Do I need to do something to make it get detected?

Nokia :: E66 - Not Recognizing BH-101 Bluetooth Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have been trying to connect to the BH-101 headset, but the Nokia E66 is not recognizing it whatsoever. The headset still is recognized by my old Nokia 6600 phone as i have tested it.

Nokia Accessories :: BH-111 Is Not Getting Connected? discussions.nokia.com

My Bluetooth BH-111 is compatible for device which are having BT version 3.0. I have a samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos with BT Version 3.0 and my device is not getting discovered in it. I have other Nokia devices like 5800, C2-09, 2690 all are working fine even my Micromax is also working with this device. Is BH-111 not compatible with BH-111?

Nokia Accessories :: BH-221 Headset PBAP Not Working? discussions.nokia.com

i have just gotten a BH-221 headset which is supposed to support PBAP and have a Nokia N9 which is as well supposed to support PBAP, but when i pair them, which works wonderfully with NFC, and someone who i have saved in my phones contacts list, calls me on the BH-221 display i just see his number and not the name associated to it. Can anyone advise what to do in regards to it? I have tried it on a lumia 800 as well and there it is showing some names and not showing others, what is the deal there?

Nokia :: E90 - BH_600 Bluetooth Headset Only Connects To A Device Not Visible By Any Other Devices discussions.europe.nokia.com

My BH 600 bluetooth headset only connects to my E90 without problems. It cannot be discovered by my PCs nor by my other phone, N80. Whereas my BH 200 bluetooth headset works flawlessly with the phones and the PCs. So I've ruled out faults on the phones, PCs and also partially the BH 600 (since it still works on one device). The question is if there are any number of paired devices limitation on the BH 600; meaning that only a pair can exist at a time. If a reset is needed, how could that be done?

Mac Mini :: Setup Double Sided Printing With Epson R285 Printer? discussions.apple.com

How do I get my Epson R285 printer to print double sided in Lion as it used to do on my Windows machine. Info: Nokia Bluetooth BH-905 headset, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

A2DP Drivers For Windows 7? www.sevenforums.com

Does anyone know where to find working drivers for A2DP for win 7? I have A2DPcompatible bluetooth headset (Nokia BH-604) and I get it working only in mono-audio if trying to use it for gaming (fps + voip).

Nokia Accessories :: BH-504 RED Light In Continuously? discussions.nokia.com

Ijust buy this beautiful headset BH 504. I have try to connect to my computer in he same time with LG HBS-200 my old headset. Computer give me an error and from that time my new nokia headset shows an continuously red light from the headset with the controls like in the picture. I have try to turn off actually I have hold on all buttons more then 8 seconds and also the call button with up volume.

Nokia Accessories :: When Headset Is Fully Charged / Also When Turn On It Is Not Showing Green Light discussions.nokia.com

i bought the Headset bh-214 when the headset is fully charged and also when turn on it is not showing green light.i could not restart this Headset.

Nokia :: 6700 - A2dp Bluetooth discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a brand new Nokia 6700 Classic. I try to connect it with a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth stereo headset, which supports the Bluetooth A2DP profile. Unfortunatelly Nokia says that no bluetooth devices were found. According to the specifications, it should support A2DP, so these devices should be compatible with each other. This headset works fine with my old phone, Nokia 6151 Steps i take to connect devices (names may be inaccurate, I : turn headset onturn Nokia on :-Pgo to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Bluetoothset Bluetooth to ongo to"Conn. to autio acc."select "New search""Searching for devices" appearsresult: "No devices found. Check that the device you are searching for has Bluetooth switched on and is set visible"Ps3. The headset is SE HBH-DS200

HTC Hero :: Bluetooth Enabled, But Hero Can't See Any Other Devices androidforums.com

Had my Hero for a few days now and just got round to trying Bluetooth with my Nokia headset that I used with my Nokia 5800. If I turn on Bluetooth on my Hero, it never seems to find any other devices nearby, even though my PC can see my Hero ok. I cant bind my headset with my Hero, as it just doesn't seem to notice my headset is turned on.

Nokia Accessories :: 5800 Does Not Get Any Sound From BH-108 Microphone discussions.nokia.com

I have Nokia 5800 phone and I've just bought a BH-108 bluetooth headset. Unfortunately, when I connect the headset to my phone, I encounter a pretty much peculiar problem - the phone doesn't get any sound from the headset microphone. I can clearly hear anything through it, but the phone can't hear me, nor can the people when I call them. When I am calling, I can hear the person otherside, but they can't hear me. When I try to use a voice command the phone just doesn't get my voice and I get "no match found". I am sure that my headset works properly, because I gave it a try with few other Nokia phones and they got my voice normally.

Nokia :: E66 Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting discussions.europe.nokia.com

Just got my E66 2weeks ago. I've the same problem as the guys from the car kit topic, the only difference is that my E66 is not part of any car kit, therefore I think its the E66's fault.? My bluetooth Nokia BH-207 headset, keeps disconnecting & reconnecting every 5 seconds! it depends on the day, sometimes it works for a day then it starts again.I've already re-set my headset, done all the necessary things you would do when you buy a new device! could it be that my nokia headset is not compatible with my new E66?

Sony Ericsson :: Vivaz U5i - Media Playback Through Bluetooth talk.sonyericsson.com

I have just changed over from a Nokia 5800XM to a Sony Ericsson Vivaz (U5i). On my nokia when it was connected to a bluetooth headset it would playback all music through the headset. How do I set up my vivaz to play music over the bluetooth headset?

Android :: Music Over Mono-Bluetooth androidforums.com

I have an HTC Wildfire and Bluetooth (Mono - Nokia BH-102).I am able to do calls using that. But the Music is not audible in it. It looks like Non-A2DP (basically Mono) headsets cant do that.I dont mind the clarity, but I want that to be heard over the Bluetooth.Play music through bluetooth headset? - xda-developers.The above link has a cab file for that tweek. But is it possible to install that CAB file over Android OS? If not, is there a way around?

Nokia Accessories :: Bluetooth Drivers For BH-503 Stereo Headphone? discussions.nokia.com

I just recently purchased a BH-503 headphones and want to use them to listen to music off my laptop as well. I am currently using a bluetooth dongle with the free version of IVT Blue Soleil drivers (version 6), which works for connecting to PC Suite.This free version has a 2 MB transfer limit on it and currently does not seem to send music through to the BH-503s through A2DP (HSP seems to work though).My question is, does anyone know if the full version of the drivers work with the BH-503s. I'd like to avoid purchasing the drivers for nothing if it wont work with the headphones.I'm running Windows XP Pro (SP3)

Nokia :: N97 And BH-904 - Hear No Sound From N97 On Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

I recently bought a Nokia N97 and a BH-904 headset... the headset pairs fine with my N97 as well as the Nokia 6300 I use, but the issue is that I can hear no sound from the N97 on the headset. The phone says it is connected and all, but I can hear no sound and the person I am calling cannot hear me. The phone cuts off sound from the internal microphone and speaker because it thinks the headset is being used, but it is not.Once again, my Nokia 6300 works flawlessly with my headset, so why not the N97?

Nokia :: N96 - BH 103 Malfunctioning On Cellphone? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got a brand-new N96 and a BH 103. There is a weird problem with it though. Many times when someone calls me & I pick up, after the first second or so the headset just stops giving out any sound at all. The caller does not near me and I don't hear the caller. Then, when playing games, the phone hangs when I am using the BH 103. I took the thing to Nokia and they started trobleshooting - they tried it with other Nokia phones and it seemed to work flawlessly. Except when they tried it with another N96 the same problem occurred. Then we tried another BH 103 and it had exactly the same problem with N96 again. My Nokia version is Installed updater shows that this is the most current version. Note: the problem does not occur the first time through, it occurs later - on the second to tenth call.

HTC Legend : Need Legend + Bluetooth Headset androidforums.com

I have a Sony-Ericsson Bluetooth headset which I used for several years with my previous phone. I wanted to pair it with my new Legend, but for some reason when I press Scan for devices in the Bluetooth setup, my PC shows up, my neighbor's Nokia shows up, but the headset never appears. I thought that Bluetooth devices were pretty universal; shouldn't my Legend see this headset and pair with it without problem?

Hardware :: Can I Use A Bog Standard Mobile Phone Bluetooth Headset forums.macrumors.com

I downloaded skype the other day. Awesome service. The calls are very clear. What I would like to do is call my friends from a bluetooth headset when I'm at home. I've seen some very large USB type phones (eww) but I was after a bluetooth headset. Could I say use a bog standard mobile phone bluetooth headset? I rather like the Nokia ones.

Nokia :: 6233 Radio On Bluetooth Headset discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a Nokia 6233 and cannot listen to the radio when using a stereo bluetooth headset, as the message "Connect an enhancement" appears. I am aware that this is because the wired headset is used as an antenna. My question is: Is there a way to have both wired and bluetooth headsets connected, and to use the wired as an antenna ONLY, and the bluetooth for listening to the radio?

Samsung :: Blackjack Ii And Matching Bluetooth Earpiece? www.howardforums.com

I just got a blackjack ii and was wondering if any of the samsung bluetooth headsets have the same charging adapter? I wanna get 1 car charger that can charge both my phone and bluetooth headset as I dont use the headset unless im driving.