Motorola Electrify :: Green Blinking LED Notification Flashing But No Messages?


My green blinking LED notification keeps flashing when screen times out but there no messages that I can find on my phone and my battery is fully charged.  Could this be a lag issue with my e-mail ISP? It does nto matter if I am using 3G or WiFi.  Seems to have just started in last week or so.

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Works nicely for my X. I just downloaded about 8 gigs of my music. It sync'd my videos also. Works well, but you have to select what you want to sync in the settings. Took me a while to figure it out. Also, if you try to sync a DRM protected MP3, the X gets cranky and kind of freezes up and displays a get license in the notification area.

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I seem to be having trouble getting notifications from the native facebook account. It doesn't seem to update very often either. Anyone seeing the same thing on the Droid 2?

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Some have complained about not being able to change the LED or get repeat notifications for gmail. I stumbled on this last night and thought I would share. I haven't tried it and make no claims to its greatness.Gmail Notifier.It lets you change the color of the LED, vibration length, and gives repeat notifications. It also works for multiple gmail accounts I believe.

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this is the easiest way to transfer files to your Droid that I have found so far. Super Easy enjoy!! Motorola Media Link - Motorola USA

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I create a flash animation in CS5 but after closed it , I try to reopen it but the flash shows that error. " Flash cannot parse the file".

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I use javascript to play a flash file, and it plays correctly. But it also needs to parse some configuration files in the flash default directory. So the problem is: the flash file I am going to play can't access its config file for the wrong working directory. For example, I specify the swf path value as 'falsh/list/test.swf', so my javascript will give this swf value by swfobject.embedSWF to play this flash. But the flash file flash/list/test.swf needs to parse a config file in the same directory with flash file like flash/list/config.xml. The problem is flash attempts to parse this config file under the current javascript working directory. [Code]...

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This feature on my desire has never worked but im only just getting round to asking why. it happens when i get a facebook notification and drag down the notification pane from the top of the screen. when i get a "new poke" notification and tap the message it takes me to my facebook home page and i can respond to the poke, that works fine. however when i get a "new message" notification and i tap that it just redirects me to a blank page. ie the weblink doesnt work. is there anyway to edit the weblink for this notification so that it redirects me to my facebook homepage?

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if you can get facebook to give you a notification when a new message or comment or whatever is posted / sent to you. up in the notification bar on the home screen i get my gmail alert and text alert but am unable to get a facebook alert. any suppestions?

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My x Peria doesn't pop up face book notifications ? i have it with time scape and face book for android? Also how do u update emails as that updates face book?

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Everytime i click for notifications, an error message appears. "Cannot retrieve the notifications. Please try again later [601/Parser error:unexpected '-' at position 64.]"

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My notification flash doesn't flash ?? all the options are ticked.

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I have Facebook for Android set to update notifications every hour and have set it to vibrate and play a sound...but I have yet to get even 1 notification. I have to go in to and manually update myself. Anyone else got this problem?

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Suddenly stopped working for no reason. I've changed nothing in the settings and everything in default settings aswell as Handcent settings show that the sound is being used....but when I 'Test Notification' in Handcent there is no sound.

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I haven't been using the Facebook app since the version 1.3.2 battery issue, but I've noticed that recently it's been updated to 1.4.1. So I thought I'd give it another try, and they seem to have fixed the battery issue which is great, but I'm now missing notifications (i.e. when you tap the blue bar at the bottom you get a list of comments people have made either after your comments, or on your photos and things). For example, this morning I had 8 notifications on the app, but when I checked the mobile site there were two that hadn't pushed through to the facebook app. Anyone else get this? I have the feeling I'm missing a really simple setting somewhere.

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Can I clear my Facebook notifications in people? I've had my phone for about 4 days, I synced my contact card in people to my Facebook account right away, ever since it's said I have a 157 wall posts. It shows up under the updates and events tab in people. I've tried scrolling through all the notifications, but they won't clear.

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I've just linked all my contacts in my address book to their facebook accounts. For each of my contact in address book there's a little green icon near the name, with a number that indicates the number of "unread" notifications. There's some method for deleting these icons without reading all the notifications of all my contacts? Or their disappear by their selves after some time? I don't want to see for each of my contacts this icons that indicates me to read dozens of notifications.

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OK, I've been on the leaked version 2.3.9 pretty much since it was available and didn't upgrade to the OTA. Recently, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account since I don't really use it anymore. I have always had it listed in my accounts with Google and Twitter, and now I want it removed. Every time I try to remove it from my accounts on my phone, I get an error message. Any ideas why it's getting an error and what I can do to fix it?

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I work 24 hours shifts, and on my calendar I have those shifts set up as all day events. I made them in Outlook, it syncs with Google Calendar. I use Jorte as my calendar app. Every night where I am scheduled to work later that day, at midnight, I get a chime for that all day event. How do I turn this off, but not ALL of the notifications? Just for the all day ones.

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Looking for an app to make my ringtone/notification sounds into profiles for work/school/home etc. I downloaded quick profile but it only changes my ringtones not my notification sounds.

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how to add a html format in mail body message. here's my code: MailMessage msg = new MailMessage("mail@[URL]", "tomail@[URL]", "Subject", "BODY MESSAGE WITH HTML FORMAT HERE...."); SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("IPADD"); client.Send(msg); client.Timeout = 500; client.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials;      

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What I want to do is make a get request to this URL: [url]... which should return some JSON and then parse out certain information from it. How would I go about doing this in Actionscript 3? I'm more concerned with figuring out how to get the data to feed to a JSON parser rather than parsing the JSON, since there seem to be plenty of questions about parsing JSON. The reason I want to do this in AS3 is that I have a 3D flash visualization set up and I want to get this data, parse out the relevant bits, and then display the parsed bits in the visualization.

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I am attempting to parse some JSON from a URL via Flash/AS3. Here's my code so far: > import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON; > import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSONDecoder; > > var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); [code]... The trace(loader.data.toString() + " ") outputs a bunch of HTML.

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I'm trying to send array of data from Flash to PHP to sending e-mail. I'd like to do that because I must change the php page everytime my form site changes because of client's choice.[cod]e...

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I'm trying to pull data into flash using JSON but i keep getting this error JSONParseError: Unexpected < encountered at com.adobe.serialization.json::JSONTokenizer/parseError() at com.adobe.serialization.json::JSONTokenizer/getNextToken() [Code]....

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I have a 3rd party programme which generates the xml file below, and it re-writes the xml file every time a new message is received by that 3rd party programme. What I'm trying to do is find a way to read in the relevant flashvars (if that's the right term) into a flash file (basically I want to read in messages 1 - 6), ignore the rest of the xml, display the messages and then re-load the xml about every 30 seconds (in case it's changed). I guess this is pretty much like a news reader of sorts, but I don't have any control over the structure of the xml file, so if someone could point me in the right sort of direction, then I'm happy to have a go at learning. I did try messing with a basic news reader flash file that I downloaded, but it didn't seem to like the xml - I guess because each message in the xml has its own number?[code]...

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What is the best way to pass JSON to and from a Flash movie?Currently to communicate between javascript and Flash :I'm using 'flashvars' to pass data to the flash movie when it initially loads I'm using 'ExternalInterface' at runtime to transfer single values, such as booleans at runtime I want to move to the next level and do this with JSON now. Initially I just want the ability to send JSON to the flash movie on instantiation, but later i will need to send data back and forth.I just want to do it right first time and avoid any compatibility or 'gotcha' issues if there are any. i dont even know if i can pass a whole object to Flash, or if i need to serialize it as a raw JSON string.

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To read JSON using as3, are there any built in methods? It would be better if we get some code samples.

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I know most people hate 100% flash-based websites, but I was recently forced to use flash for a college assignment. After creating a fully-featured ria in less than 2 weeks with every feature I could imagine, i've regrettably fallen in love with this beast (which I previously refused to touch with a stick) due to the power of AS3 and the ability to sprinkle it everywhere :- I now want to port a commercial desktop application of mine (which has been largely unsuccesful) to the web and feel flash/flex is an excellent candidate. While creating a html/css/js version would be ideal (working browser shortcuts, for a start), i'm certain it'll take a year to create in cross-browser html/css/js what would take just ~3 months in flash. Obviously as the (paid) desktop product was unsuccessful, i'd want to minimize the risk/investment in the (free) web application. I plan on using JSON for web services, so it shouldn't be a huge pita to port in the future.Is this a good strategy for launching a web app you're not yet 100% committed to? Or will the fact i'm using flash doom me from the start? Has anybody else done this? If so, how did your userbase respond to the 100% usage of flash, and did you get around to porting it to standard web technologies?

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I have read a lot about parsing JSON with Actionscript. Originally it was said to use this library. [URL] but it seems Flash Player 11 has native support for it now. My problem is that I cannot find examples or help that takes you from beginning to end of the process. Everything I have read seems to start in the middle. I have no real experience with JSON so this is a problem. I don't even know how to point ActionScript to the JSON file it needs to read. I have a project with a tight deadline that requires me to read twitter through JSON. I need to get the three most recent tweets, along with the user who posted it, their twitter name and the time those tweets were posted. The back end to this is already set up I believe by the development team here, therefor my JSON files or XML just needs to be pointed to and then I need to display the values in the interface text boxes I have already designed and created.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Parse XML Feed To Flash forums.adobe.com

I'm trying to parse a RSS which comes from a page to Flash. But Im having some trouble, I wonder if someone could with some input/hits/tips whatever to take out links to picture, texts and attributes from the RSS so I can make flash with dynamic pictures. I found two components but I cant make them work.[URL] Also this tutorial but it seems confusing. I can get on with some articles, tutorials or something.?[URL]

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I have a couple of emails from the enterprise server that are stuck in my inbox that will not delete no matter how many attempts...all other new messages from server and internet email delete fine like normal, just these two stuck.

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I can't boot to Windows 7. It says that Windows could not verify something about this object. Windowssystem32winboot.exe Anyone got anyway to fix it so I can boot to windows 7? PS: I used Vista Boot Pro, and for the boot loader option, I clicked Install Longhorn Bootloader. Could this be the problem?

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I am having a rather strange issue which, although is not hindering the use of my computer, is still something that I would like to try and resolve. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 545 about a month ago (first week of Oct. 09). Given that Windows 7 wasn't available at that time to the general public, my new computer came with Vista Home Premium. My computer does not currently have an aftermarket sound card; I only have the OEM one that came with the computer. Also, I currently do not have any speakers or any other external audio devices that are currently hooked up to my computer. While I was using Vista I never had any problems or warning prompts appear when using audio programs like iTunes even though I didn't have any external audio devices connected to my computer. No problem there. When I received my copy of Windows 7 Pro I decided to do a clean install on my computer. After installing 7 I went through and manually installed all of the audio drivers that were on my computer when I received it from Dell (note: although the audio drivers were the same the re-installed ones were the updated versions designed for Win 7). I didn't use the driver disk that came with my computer though, because of the hassle of using those disks. Instead I manually downloaded the drivers that I needed from the Dell support page. After re-installing all of the drivers, updates, and programs on Win 7 I noticed the following: every time that I opened an audio program like iTunes I would receive a warning prompt claiming that "iTunes has discovered a problem with your audio configuration; audio may not operate properly". Furthermore, I have a Sony voice recorder that I use for school and the program for the recorder gives a similar error message claiming that "the file cannot be played back; check your audio drivers or operating system". In addition, this error message prevents me from editing any of the voice files I have saved on my computer. But the strange thing is that all of these error messages disappear when I plug in my headphones. The messages go away, I am allowed to edit my voice files, and the sound works great. As I said above, the audio drivers I currently have installed are identical to those that originally came with my computer. Given that I had never received similar error messages when not having speakers or headphones hooked up to any of my past computers or to my current computer before I installed Windows 7, I am assuming that the operating system is the culprit. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, do you know how to fix it?

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Whenever I try to access iTunes store on my iPad 3 it just refuses to connect and displays message cannot connect to iTunes store. Even though Internet is working fine and I am able to access Internet through safari and apps store.

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Recently bought an iPad wi-fi only, connect to all wi-fi's fine other then my office one. In the settings it shows its connected by the name off the wi-fi then keeps flashing not connected. I have reset the router and the network settings in the iPad.

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I use my iPad to edit music on my Desktop by Syncing it with iTunes.But from last week onwards I am facing a very strange problem i.e. Every time I try to connect to iTunes from my iPad 2, I am prompted with a message stating ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’. How can I fix this??

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I just made a purchase of a 1410 for about $340 with an Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 and 2GB ram. I plan to do a clean of install Windows 7 32-bit once I receive the laptop. However one thing concerns me, how does the laptop fare with online Flash video streaming? I'm thinking it will do fine with 360p and 480p streaming, but is it able to run 720p or even 1080p smoothly? Also, is this model able to multi-task somewhat? I'm not looking for anything extreme, but I'm wondering more about running multiple tabs in a browser or running Office apps with internet surfing, etc. If not playable out of the box, are there tweaks to get HD flash playback smooth? I've heard of the new Adobe Flash 10.1 helping out with performance somewhat, but I'm wondering if it's a long wait before a cheap (sub-$400) netbook/sub-notebook can stream HD flash well that isn't an ION with Atom. I've heard great reviews on the 1410 and like the purchase, but was just curious about some of the performance situations stated above.

HTC Incredible :: Jager Sense Rom MMS Message androidforums.com

I have found a slight issue with the Jager Sense rom, which other than this is so full of win. I am using Handcent and my phone it will no longer send MMS messages. It just acts like it's sending, indefinitely. I noticed in Titanium that there was an app called Messages 1.00, which cannot be installed back to the phone from there. I believe that this app not being installed is the cause of the issue, but I don't see it in the the Backup folder. What the heck is the technical name for this app, so I can push it back. I know kind of a stupid ?? It's been a long day.

How To Program Website To Sell Ringtones Using SMS Messaging www.vbforums.com

Hii,I wonder if anybody could help me how to program a website, which at the end could enable me to sell ringtones, etc via short messaging service (SMS). Perhaps, you guys know what sites are available for references.Thanks

Creating Message That Shows Up When Mouse Hovers Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

Does anyone know how to do this. I want one of those little yellow message boxes to appear when the mouse hovers over a command button. Any help would be appreciated

HTC Desire :: Text Messages People And Facebook androidforums.com

I have linked my facebook account to my desire and I have a couple of issues that I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with: 1. I received a text message from my credit card company, who are not in my contacts list. The phone has listed the sender as a random facebook contact who is not in my 'people' list. How has this happened and how can I fix it? 2. I have used some of my friends facebook profile photos in my people list. However, when they update their profile picture, the photo does not change on my phone. Can I do anything about this?

HTC Desire :: Unwanted Facebook / Email Contacts In Message Recipient Auto-suggest androidforums.com

First of all I'd like to point out that I have posted this in the HTC Desire section because I'm not sure whether my problem is Android or HTC Sense related.I have linked my contacts to their facebook profiles so I can see thier pictures awesome.Except that whenever I compose a new text message and click on the people icon, I get a list of every single one of my facebook friends, and multiple entries for each - one for email, phone etc.Except obviously I only want to text one of the people in my contacts, but keep slecting someone's email address that they've listed on facebook, or the wrong person who shares the same first name. This is highly frustrating - random people appearing in my message recipients list is something I have never had to deal with before in my 10 years as a mobile phone user.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Guide For Zenexp - Flashing Rom? androidforums.com

I just rooted my hero like an hour ago and i want to try a new rom. i think ive decided to try zenexp, but i dont see a guide and there are a million links/downloads on the xda page. is there a guide or a walk through on this? sorry if this is a real newb question, and thanks for any help you can give.

Android :: Google Voice - Text People Or Send Them A Message On Facebook androidforums.com

I've been using Google Voice on my Env Touch for about a year now but only mainly for the sms transcriptions as the Env Touch doesn't have an app for it. So, here's my main problem. All of my contacts are just in my phone. I don't have anyone's email address as all I do mainly is txt people or send them a message on facebook. I'm wanting to add all of my contacts to my gmail account so when I get my Incredible everything will be there. Right now my sms from GV just has the number and I actually don't know any of my friends numbers, they're just in my phone. *yes, technology can be a sort of burden at times* So I don't have a clue who the voicemail is from until I call into it. Is there any easy way of porting all these contacts from either my phone, backup assistant, or facebook? Also, do android phones take your contacts and your facebook and merge them into your gmail account?

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Messages From Contacts Numbers androidforums.com

I have my Facebook contacts linked to my phone. But when a comment, post, or message is received by my phone it's listed as a number. These messeges are not listed under that contact but they are in the general list of messages received. When i try to save the post/message to my contact it creates a new phone number for that person. For example, when i get notified of a comment my Facebook contact puts up, it is listed as coming from 3266518 ...then 519 and so on instead of being tied to that person. When i try to save it to that person it saves it as an additional phone # for that person. I have notifications setup on Facebook and my contact linked to Facebook. Are these two different things?

Samsung Captivate :: Message Contact List Shows Each Contact Twice androidforums.com

In my contacts list when I press the contacts button, I see each contact once. I have it set to only show contacts from my phone. When I go to send a text message and press contacts, my contacts are there multiple times, but I can't see any differences because they are named the same. For example, my son Adam shows up twice in the contact list in text messaging, but only once when I press contacts from my home page.

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I have a problem in posting a message on friends wall in facebook. I write below code for posting a message. private void postwall(){ try { FBRequest streamRequest = FBRequest.requestWithDelegate(new FBRequestDelegateImpl()); Map<String, String> parameters = new HashMap<String, String>(); frdlist = new String[list.size()]; for(int j=0;j < list.size();j++){ if (list.get(j).isChecked()) { frdlist[j]=String.valueOf(list.get(j).getUserid()); parameters.put("message", "HI.... its a test application of Dates Near Me"); parameters.put("attachment", "{"name":"Facebook Connect for Android","href":"http://code.google.com/p/fbconnect-android/","caption":"Caption","description":"De scr iption","media":[{"type":"image","src":"http://img40.yfrog.com/img40/5914/iphoneconnectbtn.jpg","href":"http://developers.facebook.com/connect.php?tab=iphone/"}],"properties":{"anotherlink":{"text":"Fac eb ook homepage","href":"http://www.facebook.com"}}}"); parameters.put("auto_publish" ,"true"); parameters.put("target_id" ,frdlist[j]); parameters.put("uid" ,String.valueOf(FBSession.getSession().getUid())); streamRequest.call("stream.publish", parameters); } } } catch (Exception e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace(); } } I am passing three values: message,target_id and uid. All values I get perfectly. But when I check my friends wall that time message is not display on wall.

HTC Desire :: Handcent Not Sending Text Messages To Multiple Contacts androidforums.com

I've been using Handcent since I've had my Desire, but since the last few updates it seems to have developed a fault when sending the same sms message to multiple contacts. If I send a message to say 3 people, it either force closes, or comes up with the error message not sent. If it comes up with the latter, the messages are queued & sent 1 after the other. I was able to do this no problem before, so has anyone else experienced this in Handcent?

HTC Desire :: Multiple Contacts Listed For Messages Widget Not People Widget androidforums.com

all my contacts are google contacts with several linked to Facebook accounts.When I access my contacts through the People widget, all's good, I only see the google contacts (I've deselected Facebookers in the view menu). However when I access the Messages widget all my contacts are doubled up for some reason. I realise this list is also showing facebook contacts as well as google contacts but even the non-facebook contacts are doubled up.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Sending Text Messages talk.sonyericsson.com

I just got my xperia yesterday but for some reason i cant seem to send text messages when i put my sim in the new phone. i can receive them, make and receive calls and get on the internet no problem. i have also tried resetting the factory settings twice! 

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Not Sending Long Txt Messages androidforums.com

everytime I go to send an sms thats 3 pages long it will send then I get a notification saying unable to send Nd the receiver only gets half the message ! this is really winding me up it happens everytime its 3 or more pages long !

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: X10 Sending Text Messages Randomly, By Itself androidforums.com

I have been having a problem recently with my phone sending text messages to random nonsensical numbers. i.e. I get a message failure because the phone tried to text "0110000100000" which is obviously not a phone number. I had installed handcent almost immeadiatly upon getting the phone. So I tried uninstalling it and putting on chomp. Still have the same problem. It seems to help if I use my task killer after using the sms app. I am running the original firmware that came on the phone from Rogers, as everytime I use pc companion, it tells me i am up to date, and the update service locks up my computer (and my laptop and my wife's netbook). I would rather not do a factory reset, but I am getting pretty close.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Phone Is Sending Text Messages talk.sonyericsson.com

I recently bought a X10 mini/pro. Today I took a look at my latest invoice from the phone company. I was billed for sending a text message to a swedish phone number...........Searching the internet I found out that many people experience that their Sony Ericsson phones, by themselves, send text messages to a phone number belonging to Sony Ericsson, Sweden.  

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Unable To Send Picture Messages talk.sonyericsson.com

Please can someone help me, I have just bought the X10 phone, it was original on voda phone network but has been unlocked so I can put my virgin Sim card in, when I try to send a picture message I get a message saying 'unable to send, message will be sent when service becomes available'.  Does anyone know what I need to do.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Can't Send / Receive MMS Messages Since Upgrading To 2.1 androidforums.com

My question is as above, since upgrading to 2.1 i can no longer send or receive MMS messages.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Cannot Send Text Messages On Virgin Network talk.sonyericsson.com

cannot send text messages on virgin network can call go on internet but cannot send a text but can send a mms so i dont understand someone put me out of my misery sms centre it says not set but will not store the number given by virgin

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : A Tick Appears In Dialog Box / When Send Text Messages talk.sonyericsson.com

I've upgraded my software and have no problems with my phone, but now when I send a text message a tick appears in the dialog box. When I first got my phone I was being charged for text notification from orange so I'm just wondering if this tick has something to do with that? If so, how do I turn them off?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Forward Sms Messages That Are Sent To Me To Contacts androidforums.com

Does anyone know how one can forward sms messages that are sent to me to my contacts?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Managing Contacts And SMS Messages Through PC talk.sonyericsson.com

I am thinking of getting a Xperia X10 mini/pro handset to replace my nokia phone. With my Nokia I could do things like add and remove contacts through the pc (Running windows xp) and also view edit and delete SMS messages through the PC what I was wondering is what is the software (free) that I would need to download for the Xperia X10 mini/pro ? only I couldnt find it on the SE website.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to set default numbers in my phone for text messages and phone calls for individual contacts, please?  I would like to set up the phone so it defaults to mobile phone numbers for text messages, so I don't accidentally try to send a text message to a landline.I have fiddled weith the phone for ages, but haven't yet found the option to do this.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Send Text Message It Says Cannot Send talk.sonyericsson.com

When i try and send a text message it says can not send, i have done an update too my phone.

Jquery - Getting An XML Error Messages For JSON? stackoverflow.com

UPDATE 2: I did not mention that I do not get the error below in Chromium, but I do get it in IE8. UPDATE 1: Response Headers: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 15:40:23 GMT[code]..... Why does that happen and how can I stop the error message from appearing?

Flash :: Calculate Days Between Two Dates? stackoverflow.com

I use this script currently to determine the difference between two dates: [Code]... The problem with this is I want to monitor the actual physical day change so if someone accessed the application at 11:59 PM and then came back 5 minutes later this would register as a 1 day difference (a new day), this current script requires atleast 12 hours to have passed between two dates for it to register as a new day. I have thought about using the date number etc, but because months and years are so different it is quite a complex route, there must be something simpler.

Professional :: Reproducible Error: Flash Can Not Parse This Document forums.adobe.com

I have a reproducible error: I am being forced to fix corrupted flash files that give the "Flash can not parse this document" error. But shortly after I fix the problem, the files are re-corrupted.   Here is how the problem is reproduced: when I update a custom component that is used in other symbols in the library. When a new version of a custom component symbol added to the library, replacing an older version, the symbols that contained the old symbol are corrupted in the XML. This is tedious and time consuming to work around.

Professional :: Flash Cs4 Windows Projector? forums.adobe.com

Ever since I`ve changed to flash cs4, every windows projector publish I make takes a really long time to open and play an animation.I`ts just very slow. When I created stuff on flash cs3, I had no problems running published projects.   Can anyone help me here? It`s just that I searched for a lot of forum questions just like mine on other web sites and none could . Since your the developers os this product I would like to see what you`ve got to say about this.

Professional :: TransitionManager In FLASH Projector forums.adobe.com

I seem to be having a problem with the TransitionManager effects in Flash Projector flash.[code]Where mediaViewer (a movieclip on the timeline) is a TileList component that I extended and...when visible = true Will do a Zoom in transition. The problem is that while the above code works fine in a SWF file it doesn't in the EXE file. The component is not shown nor is there any transition taking place. If I remove the Transition effect it works as expected.

Professional :: View A PDF Within A Flash Projector? forums.adobe.com

I would like to know if it is possible to view a PDF document WITHIN an offline Flash Projector.exe? Just like when you have the ability to access the Acrobat toolbar within a web browser.   I have 45 PDF booklets that I can already open from a Flash Projector into Acrobat Reader for printing, but I would prefer not to leave the Flash Projector at all.

Flash :: Handle A Time Object From Php In Flex (parse It To A Date Object) stackoverflow.com

I've got a php backend which delivers a time (e.g. '07:00:00'). This time is recognized as a string but I need it as a Date. So what I need is: Convert a string '07:00:00' to a Flex Date object. Is there a way to do this (without using regular expressions)?

Flash :: Obtain And Push JSON Data Into Arrays? stackoverflow.com

so I have a JSON link that contains a couple of nodes (not sure what you call them in JSON) that I need to put into arrays in ActionScript, but I'm still having trouble trying to trace out all the specific node content.I found a similar question here, but the fix just showed how to trace out the entire JSON file (which shows up in my output window as [object Object],[object Object],[object Object],...)first node: {"captions":[{"content":"[hello world] ","startTime":0,"duration":4000} My code: private function onCaptionsComplete( event:Event ):void { //var jsonObj:Object = JSON.decode(event.target.data);[code]..... captions: undefined TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.What I would like to be able to do is put the content data into the captionsContent Array, and the startingTime into a startingTime Array, same with the duration data.

Python :: Json Communication Between Flash And Javascript? stackoverflow.com

note: using django/python/javascript/flash So its been two days since I'm stuck at the error. I did the things you told me to and found a couple of ways around it but nothing worked. These are the results.Javascript does not receive the normal string it has to be a json object so. in views.py somestring = json.dumps("HELLO WORLD") which renders this in HTML "HELLO WORLD" and in javascript it is rendered like this a240527176321_quote_hello Now, since it is a json object I need to convert it back in flash. But when it gets in flash where I receive it like this function something(hellovar){ ..... ...... } it does not even come inside the function.

Actionscript 3 :: Read Json Format In Flash? stackoverflow.com

i want to download this file: [URL] and the retrive the first 5 photos links to my flash application.

Flash - Access A Nested Json Array? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to access a nested json array var jsonResponse:Object = JSON.decode(response); var foo:Object = JSON.decode(jsonResponse.nested); var bar:Array = foo as Array; When i inspect foo - its an object with about 50 children objects.I can read the properties of the children objects. However, when i cast foo as an Array it comes back null.I'd prefer to not iterate over each object and push it into an array.

Actionscript 3 :: Sending Json Form From Flash? stackoverflow.com

i am having one form accepting json post in Asp.net which i need to call from Flash As3... i am using below code to do that. I have seen some post in which they say its working fine. But i am encountering below Error Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. Here is my code. var messages:Array = new Array (); messages.push({"From":fromemailTxt.text,"To": ToemailTxt.text,"Body": BodyText.text,"Subject":SubjectText.text}); var JsonObj:String = JSON.encode(messages); [Code]......

Flash 10 :: Flash Cannot Parse This Document. An Error Occurred Opening File 'D:......fla' www.actionscript.org

When I open the file in Flash CS5, this message appears:Flash can not parse this document.An error occurred opening file 'D:......fla'

Exim: Send Separate Message For Mailing Lists www.webhostingtalk.com

I've just came across an issue with mailing list on a Linux server. Problem is that when a message is broadcasted from a mailing list having around 1500 subscribers, most of them having @yahoo.com and @hotmail.com addresses, message to most of the recepients fails with following error... Code: 2009-07-09 12:26:25 1MOn2u-0001CB-QJ SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<he***k@yahoo.com>: host c.mx.mail.yahoo.com []: 452 Too many recipients It is becuase exim tries to send a message to as many recepients as it could to users on same domain On a Windows server, i was running Merak mail server and there was an option to send separate message to all mailing list subscribers, but i don't know where it could be located in exim config, or even if it has!

MVC :: How To Replace The Default ModelState Error Message forums.asp.net

I need to replace the model state resource (to another language). I've seen some answers to the question above, but unfortunately I could'nt make it work using MVC 2 preview

How To Clear A Status Message On A Web Form When Starting A Process stackoverflow.com

I have a web form used for importing data from a CSV file. It contains a result panel and a result label, which either show a success message or an error message after the import process. Let me say here I know the page should not be doing the import, but this is legacy code and the client expects only small changes. My problem is that the result message (label) retains it's previous content and visibility during the next import process, because clearing it during Page_Load or at the beginning of the import method only has effect when the import method is complete and thus the postback is complete. At the moment, the only solution I can see is to move the import code into a separate class (as it should be), call the import method asynchronously, clear the result message, and thne set then result message when the complete or error callback from the import process is called.

Error Message Near The End Is Always Displayed? forums.asp.net

I have tried to run the following code but the error message near the end is always displayed   Partial Class _Default Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles  Dim conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection 8:      Dim comm As New SqlClient.SqlCommand 9:      Dim Users As SqlClient.SqlDataReader

ADO.NET :: EF4 CTP4 - Getting Error Message forums.asp.net

Im getting this error message [Code].... global Application_start [Code]....

MVC :: Add Link To Error Message? forums.asp.net

I have a form with username.In case if username is blocked, I need to add link to restore user profile.E.g.: In controller in validation function [Code]... It almost works,but error message is html encoded.What is your thoughts and how it should be in the right way.

Update Message To The Data In The TextBoxes Of WebForm bytes.com

I am trying to make a simple form that is positioned within a contentHolder. The "CommitChange" Function should do a simple action - update a message to the data in the textBoxes in the form. However, though I change the text through input (writing in the textBox txtEmail [URL] for instance), the values stay the same as they were when the page loaded. Why Does the page not update the values in the textBoxes? Here is the function: protected void CommitChange(object sender, EventArgs e) {   ContactMessage messageToUpdate = new ContactMessage( idToEdit,txtName.Text,txtEmail.Text,txtPhone.Text,txtMsg.Text,DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString(), int.Parse(DdlStatus.SelectedValue),int.Parse(DdlSubject.SelectedValue),txtAddress.Text,txtCity.Text, txtMobile.Text,txtInnerText.Text); BLLContactMessage.updateMessage(messageToUpdate); lblOutput.Text = "Message Updated"; lblOutput.Visible = true; }

Winform Control Hosted In IE, FileIO Security Exception / How To Solve This Error Message bytes.com

I see a message on: winform control hosted in IE, FileIO security exception. I have got the same problem, which I cannot figure out what is the solution for weeks. I have Windows 7 (Home premium edition), framework 3.5 (how can I check that, if gacutil is correct version, if it metters, anyway ...) I am writting on C#. Also on assemblyInfo.cs : [code]....

Web Forms :: Date Validation Causing Multiple Error Messages? forums.asp.net

When i click on the Search Button OR the Count Button, i get BOTH error messages - why ? I should only get one error message. [Code]....

MVC :: ValidationException Message Not Being Displayed? forums.asp.net

I am doing some custom field validation and throwing a new ValidationException when required, however the message passed as an argument is not displayed when the exception is thrown instead it displays a more generic message. "The value '...' is invalid." (instead of what ever message i put as an argument.) [Code]....

Getting Error Message While Calling Web Service Method From Application forums.asp.net

i am getting this error message while calling a web service method from my application The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly i am using asp.net 2.0.

Change Error Message In Control? forums.asp.net

I have a control that holds a dropdownlist of U.S. states.   There is a required field validator with the text of the ErrorMessage="State"   I would like to change this at run time to represent the names of the different fields that this is required on.   for example it could say  ErrorMessage="State, Previous Address 1" or ErrorMessage="Driver's License State"

Security :: Change Login Error Message? forums.asp.net

I'm starting with the prebuilt ASP.NET site in VS 2010.  The login page gives the following error message if login fails: "Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again." How can this message be changed?

Architecture :: Notify Message To Server About Change In Database forums.asp.net

I am new to ASP.NET which is causing me a lot of problems in implementing my project. My project is to create a website for students to anonymously ask the prof. questions during the class. Basically I am able to create the website that maintains the list of questions. Now the main problem is "How to notify the Professor during class". The professor has a laptop connected to internet at all times. How can I send a notification message to the professor whenever a question is asked? I don't need a mail notification but I need to display a message in the task bar notification area.

Message: Undefined Index: Host Mean? stackoverflow.com

I'm running php/codeigniter. could somone give me any clues?

Displaying A Please Wait Message phpbuilder.com

I need to display a please wait message followed by the actual page when the processing has finished. The actual page should overwrite the please wait message. I've tried using header status codes, but they either mess up the page or just leave the please wait message still being displayed. I've seen this technique being used, but haven't been able to find out how it is done.

Get The Error Message For The Mail() Function? stackoverflow.com

I've been using the PHP mail() function. If the mail doesn't send for any reason, I'd like to echo the error message. How would I do that? Something like $this_mail = mail('example@example.com', 'My Subject', $message); if($this_mail) echo 'sent!'; else echo error_message;

Mail() Function: Add <br /> In The $message Received? www.daniweb.com

here is my code and I don't know how to add <br /> to get a return in the email received: <?php $to = "myemail@gmail.com"; $subject = "From the website"; [code]...

Catch In Oracle Grace Period Message? stackoverflow.com

I use an Oracle database in a PHP application. A user tries to connect to the PHP application. His password has expired, but the grace period for his user's profile isn't null, so he can still connect to the application. What I would like to do is recognize that this user should change his password and display him a message. I've tried with oci_error(), but it doesn't return anything as there were no failure in connecting to the database with this user. I would like to catch ORA-28001 (and ORA-28002) Unfortunately, I can't do any change of structure in the database itself (add extra table or extra field).

Checking The 'message' Parameter Of The Mail Function bytes.com

I would imagine it is a fairly common situation for a site to allow the user to enter some text into a field and then to have that text passed to the 'message' parameter of the mail function (http://us4.php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php). Is it a good idea to pass this text through some other function first or can it be sent through as is? Is this a case where the maxim 'do not trust input from the user' does not apply?

Mail() Function - Normal Message Received As Attachment? www.phpfreaks.com

I am using PHP mail() function to sent message. Following is the code, the message is received in email account, but as attachment, not displayed in the body section as normal message would.Please can you guys help, as why is this message going as attachment, but not being displayed in the body of email.Below is the url which gives preview as to what I mean. Code: [Select]$to = $_POST['to']; $subject = ' web visior'; $customer = stripslashes($_POST['customer']); [code]...

Cannot Send Session Cookie Error Message www.phpbuilder.com

An error occurred in script 'C:xampphtdocsgofasterincludesheader.php' on line 10: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at C:xampphtdocsgofasterincludesconfig.inc.php:68) line 10 of header.php reads: session_start(); I was wondering why i keep getting this message and what it means so that i can fix it. I am just building a login for a music community site i am building!

Getting Error "unrecognized Message Version" When Enter The Url Of The File www.phpfreaks.com

i am trying to use my message centre platform to simulate sending and recieving of messages. the problem i am encountering is that when i enter the url of the file, an error message comes up with "unrecognized message version". the code looks like this: <?php header("Content-type: text/xml"); echo("<?xml version="1.0" ?> "); // Connects to your Database mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "random") or die(mysql_error()); mysql_select_db("trinidadnews") or die(mysql_error()); $data = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM news") or die(mysql_error()); [Code]....

Ozeki Server Not Receiving SMS Messages stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to get Ozeki to recieve SMS messages from my GSM Nokia E63 - it will send messages fine but wont recieve them. I am also trying to get a PHP/HTML form to generate messages, but the example on the Ozeki website won't work! [code]...

Paypal IPN Script: Create On Site That Receives Confirmed Payment Messages And Inserts Into Wordpress... stackoverflow.com

There are two parts to this question, so I'm going to pubish it as two separate questions. The first one deals with interfacing with IPN and is this: I need to create a simple .php script that can interface with Paypal's IPN system everytime I receive a confirmed payment for a given product. The script will then install the user into my wordpress user's database as a "member" (which is a custom role I've defined) using their email address as their username and the paypal transaction id as their password. I'm doing it this way because I can easily enter all the people who have purchased prior to this, into the database without having to generate random passwords for everyone. The second question will be much easier and that's how to use the IPN data (firstname, lastname, email address and transaction id) to enter the user into the wordpress member database.