Motorola Electrify :: Green Blinking LED Notification Flashing But No Messages?


My green blinking LED notification keeps flashing when screen times out but there no messages that I can find on my phone and my battery is fully charged. Could this be a lag issue with my e-mail ISP? It does nto matter if I am using 3G or WiFi. Seems to have just started in last week or so.

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Notification Light Stopped Blinking forums.motorola.com

I made a mistake, well now it feels like a mistake, of installing light flow led controller on my Atrix 2 and it was a complete fail. So I uninstalled the app and now the LED notification light does not blink when it is in screen off mode. It blinks twice when you lock it, then the notifications stop. HELP! How do I reset the green notification flash?

Samsung Moment :: LED Light That Blinks When Fully Charged? androidforums.com

Does the moment have an LED light that blinks when theres a notification or turns green when fully charged?

HTC EVO 4G :: Use WiMAX LED For SMS/MMS Notifications androidforums.com

How to use WiMAX LED on HTC EVO for SMS/MMS notifications "Since the notification LED on the left side of the HTC EVO 4G's earpiece isn't customizable, you can't tell if a flashing green light means a missed call, SMS/MMS, email, alarm, reminder, or voicemail without turning on the phone and looking at the screen. Wouldn't visual notifications be more useful if the WiMAX LED on the right side of the earpiece displayed some of them too? Then you could get a better idea of what was going on more quickly and decide whether it was worth stopping whatever you were doing to deal with it. Text messages, for example, are almost always important, so why not assign SMS/MMS notifications to the WiMAX LED? Here's how you do it: 1. Download bludragon742's WiMAX Notifier. The latest version (10.09.06), released earlier this week, doesn't require root and can be used for SMS/MMS (stock messaging app, Handcent, and Chomp have been tested). Later versions will support missed calls, Gmail, and voicemail. Install it on your EVO and launch it to adjust the settings. 2. Choose your desired LED color and blinking rate from the list: green slow, green glow, green & red alternate, orange glow, red solid, green solid, orange solid. Press Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Notification flash. 3. Uncheck the SMS/MMS option so that the standard notification LED does not blink when a message is received. Now whenever you get a new SMS or MMS, the WiMAX LED will let you know about it. And when the notification LED goes off at other times, you'll know it's not because of a text message"

BB Curve :: LED Notification Stopped Working? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Blackberry Curve LED notification has stopped working. I have checked all of the parameters on the phone and LED notification should be on. It has always worked before today. I get no green flashes for wireless coverage and no red flashes for messages. Additionally, I have my phone set up so that when messages come in I get a tone. Now, all that the phone does fpr messages is vibrate.

HTC Droid Eris :: Trackball Notifications / Only Light Up For SMS - MMS? androidforums.com

I am so confused on notifications. This is what I see happening by default. SMS/MMS - Trackball Exchange Email - Trackball Gmail - Green LED Google Talk - Green LED Missed Call - Green LED In my Settings --> Sound & Display --> Notifications --> Notification flash ... everything is checked for Trackball. I'm curious is to how this is working for everyone else. I wish the trackball would only light up for SMS/MMS.

BB Bold 9000 :: LED Flash Notification Question On Missed Calls forums.crackberry.com

I just purchased the BlackBerry Bold today at an AT&T store.It is one amazing and beautiful piece of work. I was wondering: Is there any way to have the LED Flash as notification when you have a missed call? I set "Call Logging" to record all missed calls in MESSAGES in efforts of the LED Flash to blink, but that hasn't helped. It seems that the LED Flash only blinks when there's an email, text, or mms message waiting.On my Curve, the LED light would flash for any type of notification... missed call, new voicemail message.

BB (RIM) :: Missed Call Notification LED Gone? www.howardforums.com

My bold notification LED (The RED LED which blinks) is gone. Its working fine for text messages. But not at all for the missed call. I checked the Profiles and the LED flashing under Repeat Notification is ON. What to do?

HTC EVO 4G :: False LED Notification When Car Charging androidforums.com

I've noticed when I'm charging and using Google Nav in my car, sometimes I'll randomly get the green LED notification blinking in between the amber LED charging light, even when there's no new messages of any sort. Seems to go away once you unplug and plug it back in, but it's annoying since it gives a false positive for new notifications. I'm using the Rocketfish charger in case that makes any difference.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: App To Control Brightness - Disable LED Notification Altogether? talk.sonyericsson.com

I have the X10 and recieved a text message in the early hours of the morning. The green LED which flashes to notify of the event is actually quite bright in a dark room and ended up waking me up (in fact, I was quite confused at first as to what on earth it could be lol!). Does anyone know if there is an app which controls either the brightness of the LED notification or can disable the LED notification altogether?

HTC Incredible :: Why Does LED Stop Blinking androidforums.com

When I get a call, email, text message..etc.. my phone will make a noise once.. and then the LED will flash green. HOWEVER.. if I don't notice it.. it seems after a few minutes the LED stop blinking green. I often leave my phone on my night stand.. step out of the room for awhile.. come back.. look at the phone and the LED is not blinking.. but when I wake up the phone I show a missed call, new email, new text, etc. Is this how it is supposed to work? should the green LED keep flashing until I check the phone?


Motorola Droid X :: GB LEDs Don't Seem To Work With SMS Popup forums.motorola.com

I'm finding that my LED indications that I set in SMS popup don't seem to work. Actually it seems that anything that would cause an LED blink as part of its notification and wake the screen up (e.g. SMS Popup, getting/missing a phone call) doesn't work properly. If I disable SMS popup and use the standard text message notifications I get the LED notification. I also seem to get new voicemail and new email LED notifications (they don't wake the screen up).

Motorola Droid :: Overclocking / Notification LED Blinking Green androidforums.com

I rooted today, didn't install a ROM yet but went ahead and put P3Droids low voltage 1000 kernel on my droid to see what it was like and wow! If I thought my droid was fast then but I've got one question, my notification led is blinking green now when its in standby, normal?

BB Bold :: 9780 Cannot Stop Flashing Red After Receiving A Message? supportforums.blackberry.com

I just download whatsapp messenger and try it. but after receiving a message, the LED notification was flashing continuosly, even after I read the message and delete ithow, as my battery will drained if the LED is always flashing.I already set the LED notification to OFF in the setting menu, but when I received the message from whatsapp it start to flashing RED again

Android :: Blink - Customize Your LED Alert androidforums.com

Blink : Customize your LED alert Blink is a free software available to download from android market. Blink will override your default LED color with different color for different notifications. You can customize notification with the color of LED you want. Application provide customization for notifications like SMS, MMS, Missed Call, Low Battery and Low system memory etc. NOTE: The application is running fine with nexus one with multicolored trackball notifications in froyo. Feature: - New SMS & MMS LED Color & Frequency Adjustment - Missed Call LED Color & Frequency Adjustment - New Phone Call LED Color & Frequency Adjustment - Low Battery LED Color & Frequency Adjustment - Low System Memory LED Color & Frequency Adjustment Screenshots Direct Download: http://downloadandroid.info/download/Blink.apk Scan QR code: Source:droid-life.com

Motorola Droid :: Stock Messaging - Green LED Notification ? androidforums.com

Anybody know why my green LED stopped blinking all of a sudden? I just got 2 texts (stock messaging app) but my light is not blinking anymore. I see the notification on the top of my screen, but no light. The light isn't broken as it still lights up w/ emails.

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: LED Color When Charging Stopped Blinking? forums.crackberry.com

I have a refurbished Storm1 with the upgraded 5.0 software. I noticed that the color of the LED is now somewhere between blinking red and yellow while charging. When fully charged the LED turns an unblinking solid green.With the previous storm on 4.7 the charging LED light was blinking green.The phone charges and all other LED colors seem to be as before. I was wondering if the LED was supposed to behave like this on the new software.

HTC Droid Eris :: Way To Make Trackball Light Blink androidforums.com

Has anybody found a way to make the trackball blink for various other notifications other than SMS and eMail? I use google talk all the time and I would love to have the trackball light blink slowly (just like the normal alert for a waiting SMS message) when I receive a google talk message that I haven't read. Or how about gMail? They light up the notification led blinking green but there is no trackball notification. I'm actually quite surprised there doesn't seem to be any setting I can find to make the trackball blink for various notifications. My phone's already rooted so that should expand my options but I haven't found anybody that's done this yet.

Motorola Droid X2 :: Can Disable Notifications For VZW Voice-mail forums.motorola.com

I've used exclusively Google Voice for voicemails, and not the VZW service, for over 6 months. I figure all VZW voicemails are cleared out by now. But still, the little "tape" icon is displayed in the notification banner. When I enter the voicemail app, I see that I do have one voicemail. Also, the green LED blinks incessantly sometimes (but sometimes not??). I think the voicemail notification and LED blinking are related.Is there any way to disable notifications for the VZW voicemail, both the notification icon and/or the LED blinking? The Menu button has no effect in the voicemail app, and I don't see any applicable setting in the phone's Settings menu.Or, is there some way to clear/empty/disable my VZW voice mailbox without deactivating Google voicemail for my phone?

BB (RIM) :: 8220 Blinking Green Light When Phone Is OFF www.howardforums.com

I am trying to figure out what is going on with my Blackberry 8220 Flip on T-mobile and any help would be greatly appreciated..I hadn't used it in a while, and yesterday after putting my sim card in, wiping the phone, and charging the phone it turned on, made phone calls, and sent text messages fine. But when I turn it off the LED keeps blinking green. The LED only blinks green when the phone is OFF. When the phone is powered on the green light stops completely. I double checked and the LED coverage indicator is turned OFF.Anyone have any idea why the LED is blinking green only when the phone is off?? It never used to do this before and I couldn't find any information on it online.

BB Curve 83xx :: Sound And LED Flash Has Stopped Working forums.crackberry.com

My sound and LED flash has stopped working for just blackberry messenger messages.Regular text messages still have sound and LED notification.I check my sound profiles and they are still set to tone and have the repeat notification to LED flash, but it's not working. I did a battery pull to see if that would help, and it didn't work. Do you know of anything I can do?

Motorola Droid :: Gmail Doesnt Show On Status Bar And Led Notification Keeps Blinking androidforums.com

I would get a Green Led Notification for GMAIL . And then when i would i check it , it doesn't show on my status bar . And when i close the phone, like lock it .. the Led keeps blinking green ? It stayed like this for almost two days .. and then just then I signed up for this forum it sent me and email to my phone .. surprisingly .. my Led blinks , the phone vibrates and GMAIL shows on the status bar ..What can I do to prevent the GMAIL &continuously Led blinking .. to happen again ? What's wrong with my DROID ?

Motorola Droid Razr HD :: Vibrate On Notification Alert Not Working forums.motorola.com

When I set the mode to vibrate as opposed to silent or alert the notification LED blinks but the phone does not vibrate...

HTC Incredible : Notification - LED Actually Flash Is The Phone Is Sleeping androidforums.com

I know that the LED is supposed to flash green when you have a notification, text, missed call, whatever. My question is does anyone's LED actually flash is the phone is sleeping? I figured that even though the screen was off the light would flash so you could tell something was there without having to turn the screen on, but I haven't noticed it. As soon as I turn the screen on, that is when it seems that the light will flash.

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: RED LED Notification For Message forums.crackberry.com

The default setting for RED LED notification is when a new message is received, it will blink.My question is how can I set up my phone such that it will keep continue blinking until I read the message.Right now the blinking will stop after some time (~5 min?) even if I have NOT read the message.

BB Storm 9500 :: Update Phone Working Unusual Resets supportforums.blackberry.com

So after the new update my phone was working fine. No unusual resets, no problems at all. Now when I receive any notification, the LED lights blinks like normal. Once I check & clear the notification, the LED still blinks. How can I stop this, besides turning off the LED notifier?

HTC Hero : Make Trackball Flash When I Get A Message? androidforums.com

Right, i have nimbuzz set to vibrate and put a notification up when i get a message and the green LED at the top flashes, but how can i make the trackball flash when i get a message, also, when i get an sms, the trackball only lights up a few times, how can i make it last longger?

BB Bold 9700 :: Why Does LED Keep Blinking (SMS Already Read) forums.crackberry.com

Let's say i'm texting back and forth with someone, so the threaded SMS screen is open. When I get a new message, it shows up on the screen, my phone does the alert ring/vibrate, and the LED flashes. But, if I don't immediately start typing a reply, or go back to the main list of all messages, the LED continues to flash. I'll even scroll up to the most recent text, but that does nothing.Why does the LED keep blinking when its clear I've read the most recent SMS?!

HTC Eris :: Notifications - Blinks The Trackball Not LED androidforums.com

Here's my problem, on my Eris, I recently flashed Kaosfroyo, and now when I have a notification, it blinks the trackball not the LED. Is there a way to make a global setting to use the LED for any notification that's not on going? I'm rooted, obviously, so I'll try almost anything.

Nexus :: Trackball Glowing Every 10 Seconds androidforums.com

The only notification light I am seeing is the trackball glowing every 10 seconds. The spec sheet makes it seem like the led above the screen is also supposed to be used for notification ala my G1. I tested it using sms and email and the notification ringt one rings but then no flashing led, just the pulsing white trackball every 10 seconds. One thing I really liked on my G1 was seeing the notification led's and being able to tell if it's an email, missed call, or sms by the color of the led flashing. Is anyone else's led notifying them? Oh, and my led isn't broken. When I plug it in to charge it's orange and turns green when finished charging.

Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: LED Light Stopz Blinking? talk.sonymobile.com

when v recieve any notification for eg.message it blinks a green light.n keeps blinkin after regular interval.bt now i can see a blink only when i recieve a notification,bt it doesn't blink after regular interval.

HTC Desire :: Option For Changing Colour/rate Of LED Blink Light - When Get A Text androidforums.com

I am using handcent for my sms. i think it is great, i can customize it heaps how i want it. however there is an option for changing the colour/rate of the LED blink light for when i get a text, however no matter what i pick it never changes. the little light at the top always blinks every 4-5 seconds in a green colour when i have a new message, however i would love for it to blink blue every second (as i have tried to set it) so that i can differentiate the notifications from reminders and other notifications. is this a problem with the phone not doing wat it is supposed to, or the application isnt working? or a combination, maybe the desire doesnt have any other colours for its LED light?

HTC Droid Eris :: Make Green Light Flash Again When I Get An Sms? androidforums.com

I can't future out how to have the led green light flash when i get an sms now only my trackball blinks. Does anyone know how to make the green light flash again?

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Green LED Light Became Flashing After Deleting Apps And Restarting forums.crackberry.com

I have had my storm for a week now and after restarting to finalise deleting some apps this green flashing LED light came on. But it's not like a coverage indicator where it flashes constantly it flashes 8 times then goes of for about 5 minutes and then flashes again. So I tried a battery pull to see if it would go away and the green LED did but now the exact same thing is happening except the LED is red (flashes 8 times stops for 5 mins flashes 8 times and so on)

Motorola Droid X :: Want To Go To Set Up / What LED Blinks For / What Color? androidforums.com

Right now I have a green LED that blinks when I have a text or email, and a blue one that used to be for a facebook message, but now it is purple. How did this change? Where do I go to set up what the LED blinks for, and what color?

HTC Desire :: Led Indicator To Keep Blinking androidforums.com

When i receive a text message, is it normal for the led indicator to blink green for only a few minutes and then stops blinking? is it possible to set the indicator to keep blinking until i read the message?

HTC :: Tmobile Wings (atlas) Want To Turn Off Service Blinking LED www.howardforums.com

T-mobile wings ( HTC atlas) Want to turn off service blinking LED.the green led on my wings blinks when i have service. .. ALL the time. and i hate it, i want to be able to have it blink when i have a msg or missed call or anything of that nature but i do not want it blinking all the time, ( as it does now because it is a service indicator)ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find it.

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Email Notification Gone forums.crackberry.com

After my last upgrade to .141 Hybrid, The notification led always blink green whatever I got a message or not and there's no sound that tells me to check my inbox.But it does work with a SMS.

Android :: App To Make Camera Flash LED Work As A Notifier Instead Of Notification LED? androidforums.com

Is there such an app that can make the camera flash LED work as a notifier instead of the notification LED?

HTC EVO 4G :: Handcent SMS Shows LED Notification When Charging? androidforums.com

i've noticed since the update this morning late last night that the LED notifications are now showing even when i'm charging my phone. you can choose amber or green LED blinks too.

BB Bold 9700 :: LED Coverage Indicator forums.crackberry.com

quick question regarding the LED coverage indicator.I currently have 2 bb's a curve 8310 and of course a bold 9700. i have set both bb's to have the LED coverage indicator on. the curve 8310 LED constantly blinks green while the 9700 only blinks while im on a call or if i am using my bbm. the BOLD always has full bars of coverage so im not sure if they changed the way the led indicator works or if there is just a problem with my 9700.

HTC Desire :: Phone Notification LED On For 5 Minutes Only? androidforums.com

I have enabled the notification LED on my Desire for all events. And it starts blinking. But it blinks for 5 minutes only, then goes off. Same thing on Hero. There is no entry to specify how long to blink. I want the LED to blink until I turn the phone on. Otherwise it is useless.

General :: Disable Green Blinking Light On Gmail Notifications www.droidforums.net

I want Gmail notifications to show in the notification bar, but I don't want the green blinking light on my Droid because it's woken me up sometimes at night while in the dock. How do I disable the green blinking light while leaving all the other notifications?

HTC Desire :: Handcent - Notification LED Colours androidforums.com

Has anyone actually managed to change the colour of their LED? Handcent (the SMS app) gives you options to not only change the colour but also the frequency of LED flashes. I have set it up a few times but every time I get a text message, it is he usual green, slow flash - and even then it doesn't always work. Sometimes I look at my phone with no LED flashing at all, pick it up to do something else, then notice there is an unread text..

HTC Droid Eris : Notification LED - Message/email/missed Call androidforums.com

Got my android yesterday havent really played with it other than installing app killer, and checking to see if i could root(i cant :sadface and noticed on my mothers phone(same droid eris) that her notification light was blinking Green. i Checked the manual from the verizon website and all it mentions is green solid, red solid, and red blinking, nothing about Green blinking. It was not plugged in, it was not being used. I thought it was perhaps saying "hey you have a new message/email/missed call" but she had no notifications. anyone know what Blinking green means?

Xperia Ray :: Notification LED Won't Work After ICS 4.1.B.0.431 Update talk.sonymobile.com

I just recently noticed that the notification LED would no longer work or blink if there is an incoming message or missed call IF THE SCREEN IS OFF. I am confused since the it will work if the screen is on (which is the opposite before the update).Before I got the update, the notification LED works as it should. This is clearly a bug, and needs to be fixed. It isn't something that can disable the total functionality of Xperia Ray users?

BB Pearl Flip :: LED Notification Light forums.crackberry.com

Since I'm new to BB's and the 8220 at the same time I don't know if this is supposed to be the case or not I got 2 SMS messages today, it was during a meeting at work so I had the phone set on Quiet which I have left the LED Flashing in the Profile options. So I was expecting to have a blinking red light telling me that had messages waiting, but it wasn't until I checked the time on the external display that I noticed I had a notification waiting. Is there a reason I might not had a blinking light? My co-worker has a Bold says that his blinking light only stays on for about 5 minutes after the notification was received, but with his old Pearl it would keep on blinking all night long Is this a OS 4.6 thing?

BB Curve 8900 :: Unread Message Flashing Indicator Timeout? supportforums.blackberry.com

I was looking for an answer to this question through various searches on the internet, and was hoping that maybe someone here could help. When I receive a new message, I my phone (on the normal setting) displays a flashing red led to let me know that I have a new, unread message. However, after about 5 minutes or so, the led stops blinking. Is this normal? Is there some way to set the led to keep blinking until the message has been read? I'm also having another issue where certain messages (such as password reminders from this site) are being received but seem to be automatically set to 'read' and shown as open as soon as I receive them. Therefore, I don't get a new message indicator or a red blinking led. That might be the topic of another post.

BB Curve 8900 :: Coverage Is Set To Off Yet Green LED Is Still Flashing supportforums.blackberry.com

I just got the 8900 yesterday, and I had skipped the setup when I opened it up yesterday. Today I decide to restart my BB because I was removing a Google mobile app, so once I restarted, I got the BB set-up tutorial thingy popping up again. So I set the language and set it to not to remind me afterwards. However, once after doing so, the green LED starts flashing green. I asked one of my friends, and he says its Coverage, and told me to turn it off. And I did as I was told, yet its still flashin green. The LED itself isnt flashing constantly like it should in Coverage tho, it blinks about 7-8 times, before it stops, for half a minute and starts blinking once again. Its irriating and I would like to turn it off for good I'm on Rogers carries, and im running OS.

BB (RIM) :: 8130 Missed Call Notification Red LED www.howardforums.com

I've had a 8130 Pearl for two months now and during that time whenever I missed a call I thought the LED indicator would flash red. Today I missed a call but the LED did not flash anymore. I checked my ringer profiles and they are all set for repeat notification on the LED. My roomate just got a 8130 today and I tested to see if the LED would flash after a missed call and it doesn't. Does the LED actually flash after a missed call or am I mistaking it for text message notifications? I've searched on this topic and some people say there is no missed call indicator and others say there is as long as repeat notification is set to on. I'd like to know so I can confirm if I'm going crazy or not

HTC Hero :: Any Way To Get LED To Flash In Some Other Colour? androidforums.com

Anyone on the hero been able to get the LED to flash another colour other than green for notifications?, lots of market programs have the option to change colour for different events mine only ever flashes green. I assume this isn't a feature available on hero at moment, maybe it will be enabled in new version, I really could do with it.

HTC EVO 4G :: Turn Of LED Notification androidforums.com

In several of the battery tips/tricks to help batter life, they recommend to turn off the LED notifications for sms mms email etc. Well, it seems that even when all mine are un-checked the LED light still flashes green when I get a text/email etc. I'm refereing to the LED light that comes on when you charge the phone.

Xperia X10 :: LED Notification Stopped Working In 2.3 Update? talk.sonymobile.com

After I updated to 2.3 the notification LED has stopped working.It just flashes white every so often, but doesn't flash green/blue for other notificaions (SMS/Email/FB) as it used to.It does still turn orange/green when on charge.

HTC Incredible : Notification Light Flashing While Charging / How To Fix? androidforums.com

my notification light was flashing between red and green while charging anyone know why

BB Bold 9000 :: LED Stopped Working forums.crackberry.com

For some reasonn and I know not what, my LED on my Bold has stopped flashing to indicate that Ihave network coverage. I have checked the settings and LED coverage indicator is set to ON. I miss the reasuring green blink.

BB Curve 8900 :: Red LED Notification Stays After Opening Msgs? forums.crackberry.com

For some reason from time to time after I get an SMS, MMS, or Facebook notification after i check the message and read it, the red LED stays on and flashes the only way i can get it to quit blinking is to do a battery pull. Whats going on here?

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: LED Light Flashes Randomly? forums.crackberry.com

My red led on my storm will randomly start flashing even when I have no new messages or emails. I have checked everything, and i never have anything new coming in when it starts to blink. I have also disabled the led to not blink at all when new messages come in, however it still blinks. So my question is this. why is my storm randomly blinking, and should I install an led reset app? I searched previous forums and someone suggested to another BB user to install an led reset app and that should fix the problem.

Android :: Green Led Light Notification androidforums.com

Does anyone know how long your led light notification blinks for missed calls and text messages etc.I thought is was to blink until you checked the missed call or message.Mine is going off after 5 to 8 minutes without going into the phone and checking the missed call or text.Is this normal?

Motorola Droid 4 :: Can't Remember If RAZR Had A Notification LED For Missed Calls & Messages forums.motorola.com

I had a RAZR that failed and I replaced it with something else. (don't ask) Now I want to consider a Droid 4, but I can't remember if the RAZR had a notification LED for missed calls & messages but the real question is does the Droid 4 have a notification LED? This is important to me, as I need to keep my phone on silent a lot of the time, and the flashing LED is about the only way I know if I've missed a call (without waking the screen.)

Motorola Droid X :: LED Turned To Solid Blue While Browsing Web? androidforums.com

Long story short: on my way to vegas my girlfriend was browsing the web on my droid x and the led turned a solid blue. The only app I have that turns the led blue is blink but I have it set to flash blue for incoming and missed calls, however, I didn't have any missed calls and there were no notifications in the tray.

HTC EVO 4G :: Why New Email LED Indicator Not Persist Longer? androidforums.com

How do I make the "new email" flashing green LED continue to flash forever or until I mess with the phone? It works fine, but stops flashing after a while so if I'm not staring at my phone, I could miss the LED indicator and not realize I got a new email. Using the Gmail application (not the HTC email program). What causes the LED to stop flashing after a while? Is it because the phone is going into a deeper sleep mode that I could configure, or is it because the flashing LED indications stop and there is nothing you can do about it? I checked under notifications and didn't see any setting for "duration" of the flashing LED indicator for emails.

Android :: Checking If New SMS Has Been Read stackoverflow.com

I am working on a simple app for the HTC EVO that blinks the alternate notification LED when a new text message is received. I have this part working great via a Broadcast Receiver but I need some way to turn the LED off when the user has read the message(s) using their default SMS app. I'm not sure if it is best to do this in the receiver or in a background service.

HTC :: Status Lights On Eris www.howardforums.com

I'm trying to figure out what they do and what they mean. So far, here's what I think I've figured out. The translucent white track ball on the bottom blinks slowly about every 10 seconds when you have a new email or message. The top tiny LED to the right of the ear piece glows steady green when fully charged and steady red when charging. I recall it blinking green at one point but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to make it do this or what that would mean.Do any of you have any info. about either the [phantom] blinking green LED or any other status light issues?

HTC Desire :: Make LED To Flash Green / Red androidforums.com

Is there a app to make the led flash green all the time and go red when there is an alert, email sms ect.

HTC EVO 4G :: Any Way To Change Notification Of Missed Calls? androidforums.com

Is there anyway to change the notification of missed calls, so it shows up on the home screen similar to how new messages, SMS or voice mails show up. The little notification Icon at the top of the screen in the status bar is way to small and gets lost among all the other notifications. Not looking for something that blinks or changes the color of my LED.

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: My Led Won't Stop Flashing Green forums.crackberry.com

My led won't stop flashing green.How do I stop it? It might be a bomb!

KitKat 4.4 :: Notifications Interrupting Audio Playback? forums.androidcentral.com

On Android 4.3, and playing any type of media such as MP3 or movies, and a text message, e-mail, or any other type of messages is received, unless the phone is actually muted the audio playback is interrupted with a notification. Has that been addressed in KitKat? I'd like the option to dis-able audio notifications (blinking LED or vibrate is preferred) so the audio experience isn't interrupted.

Motorola Electrify :: When Will Motorola Media Link For Mac Work forums.motorola.com

When will the Motorola Media Link for Mac work with the Electrify?

HTC EVO 4G :: How To Stop LED Flash For Gmail Notifications? androidforums.com

Is there a way to turn off the LED notification for Gmail? I went into the LED options and unchecked "Email," but I'm not sure if that's just for the "Email" app itself, and not Gmail. I still get the LED flash when I have new Gmail, but it doesn't seem to happen *every* time! I still want the notification icon to appear, so I don't want to turn off Gmail notification altogether. I already turned off sound, now I just need to turn off the LED.

HTC Incredible :: Handcent SMS - LED Light Flash / Vibrate Mode androidforums.com

I used this app on my original Motorola Droid and loved it, but I have noticed some problems with it on the Incredible. I'm wondering if it's just me or if anyone else has had these problems as well. 1. LED Light does not change color. No matter what color I set the LED light to in the Handcent app, it always just blinks green. This isn't necessarily a huge deal, but I liked having my text messages blink a different color than my emails and other notifications. 2. LED light does not always blink and screen does not turn on. I noticed that the LED light only flashes once in a while, no matter what type of blink setting I choose. Also, the screen does not turn on when I get a text even though I have the box checked that is supposed to enable the screen to turn on despite having the popup box disabled. Once again, not a huge deal, but it would be nice if these things worked since I got used to these features on the Droid. 3. Phone does not vibrate at all when in Vibrate mode. Ok, this one is a huge deal. No matter which vibrate settings I choose, the phone will not vibrate when I receive a text if the phone is in vibrate mode. I am missing tons of texts now because I need to have my phone silent for most of the day. I checked the recent reviews of the app and didn't see anyone complain about this, so I don't know if there is just something wrong with my phone or if the app just isn't very compatible with the Incredible.

Motorola Electrify M :: Went To Sleep And Won't Turn On? forums.motorola.com

My Motorola Electrify M went to sleep and won't turn on.

Motorola Electrify :: How To Set Music As Ringtone forums.motorola.com

Can I set the music I have loaded directly onto my Motorola Electrify as a ringtone, if so how can this be done?

Motorola Droid :: Does Green LED Light Only Blink When You Get Message? androidforums.com

Does the little green LED light only blink when you get a message?. Or should it blink all the time? (Swore it was doing it all the time)

HTC Hero :: Green Default Light Still Blinks / Change Setting For LED? androidforums.com

On the HTC HERO handsend there is a setting for LED. I picked a different color to blink when I get a message but the green default light still blinks. If u look on the ear piece of the phone it looks like there is another light on the right of it. Do anyone know anything about changing the settings for this?

BB Curve 83xx :: Red Notification LED: How To Make It Constant Instead Of Flashing? forums.crackberry.com

I would like to replace the flashing red LED (new message notification) with a constant red LED. It's a bit annoying having to wait ~5 seconds to see whether it's flashing or not. Constant red light would be much faster. In the profile options I can only choose between flashing and off.Is there a workaround for this or are there any 3rd party applications that could accomplish this?

BB Storm 9500 :: Solid Green LED Always On supportforums.blackberry.com

Hey, this is really bugging me. I have my coverage indicator off, I don't have any new messages/calls/anything like that, yet there is a solid green LED on my Storm all the time. It has been on for the past 3 days. I did a battery pull, and the green LED came back on immediately when I put the battery back in. I have let my battery fully discharge, then recharge completely, so my battery level has been everywhere from 0% to 100% and the green LED was on the entire time. I know there was another thread on this forum about a blinking green LED, but mine stays SOLID so I was hoping someone would be able to help.

HTC Incredible :: LED Indicator Stops Flashing / What's Purpose? androidforums.com

The Inc is my first smartphone so I don't know anything about how the LED indicators work. When I get emails and texts, I get the green LED indicator that flashes. Is the LED supposed to keep flashing until you clear the email/text from your notifications panel? I ask because I got an email last night and I didn't check it until I woke up this morning and the LED indicator wasn't flashing anymore. If this is intentional, what's the purpose of having the LED flash for only a limited amount of time?

Motorola Droid : Way To Remove Battery Notification Warnings? androidforums.com

is there any way to remove the battery notification warnings and led flashing on the moto droid with home++?

BB Tour 9630 :: Green LED Flash Suddenly Stops Flashing forums.crackberry.com

I have a tour 9630. The green led that I have set up to flash suddenly stops flashing. The only way it comes back on if someone sends me a text that flashes red and then resets back to green. Or if I manually turn off the network connection or disable the led and then re-enable it. Any idea what could be happening? This phone has been nothing short of flawless to this point.

BB Tour 9630 :: Email Notification Disappears forums.crackberry.com

I've tried searching for a solution for this but all i find is people who cant get their notification to go away, i have the opposite problem: I have a yahoo email account pushed to my phone. If my phone sits idle for a few minutes after receiving an email, the notification icon goes away and the message appears to already have been opened before i open the messaging app. The led continues to flash showing i have a message but there is no icon in the notification area.I'm running OS 5 with v7.11 hybrid and also have BerryBuzz installed.

Motorola Droid Razr M :: What LED Colors Are You Seeing forums.motorola.com

The RAZR M uses the LED in two ways, out of the box. Red LED when you're charging a dead battery, which goes off once the charge is high enough to activate the display; and Green LED for messages waiting.However, third-party apps also use the LED light and may flash different colors.What colors do you see, do you know which app is using it, and can you control it?

Motorola Droid Bionic :: No LED Notification Not For Email Or Text Message forums.motorola.com

I get no led notification, screen off or of course screen on. Occasionally the led will flash a single time when the phone goes into sleep mode but no more after that. Not for email, text message, nothing. Tried a reset and no led even before re-installing 3rd party apps. None of the led apps worked either.

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Email Notification Not Working forums.crackberry.com

I just got a Storm 3 days ago and until today, my email message notification was working fine. My BB played the notification sound, vibrated in holster, and the LED light blinked. Today, I noticed that my email notification was not working correctly - no sound, no vibration, no LED. Messages are being delivered and noted on screen with the red star and message count. Also, notification is working fine for BB messenger and phone calls. I've rebooted several times by removing & reinstalling the battery, to no avail. Anyone else have this issue? I'd appreciate suggestions on how to fix my BB so that email notification works normally.

BB Tour 9630 :: LED Keeps Blinking - How To Turn Off forums.crackberry.com

Just upgraded from a storm and couldn't be happier. Since sunday though the only reason I've had to do battery pulls is because my red led keeps blinking. Now I deleted every single message and notification and even switched the alert settings to led off one by one trying to figure out where its coming from but with no luck anyone have any ideas?

Xperia X8 :: Turn On Screen On New SMS? talk.sonymobile.com

I just bought a Xperia X8 for christmas and I just love it! The only thing that is buggin' me out is the fact that when I receive a new SMS when the screen is off, it won't turn on to show the notification, and only the green led blinks.

Motorola Triumph :: Notification Light Wont Stop Blinking? forums.motorola.com

my notification light wont stop blinking green. I have no new notifications and I have gone through all of the programs that i get notifications from and turned them off and it still keeps blinking when the screen is off

HTC EVO 4G : Why Does Incoming Gmail Sound A Notification? androidforums.com

So, I've searched for an answer but am not getting any where.. Here is my dilemma. When someone sends an email to my yahoo account, the phone vibrates and the led flashes. Perfect. But when someone sends an email to my Gmail account, I get the Notification sound, the vibration and the led flash. Not good, especially at 1 am when I am sleeping. I can not figure out why gmail is activating the notification sound and yahoo mail is not. (Probably something simple, and I am missing it...) I would greatly appreciate if someone can explain to me how to kill just the gmail notification sounds, without effecting any other notifications. Also, I have noticed that when I get a new message notification, I can open the widget on the main screen to read the email, and it shows read, but the task bar notification is still there, and when I drag it down, it shows the message is still unread. Any ideas.

Samsung Epic 4G :: Check Email - Messaging Notifications - LED Notifications Not Working androidforums.com

I have had my Epic 4g for two days now and I am having the some notification and email problems. I don't get notifications when new email is available. I only get my email to show up on my inbox on my phone ONLY when i open email. I currently have it set to to check email every 5 minutes but this is obviously not happening. and i dont get a blinking LED when i get a SMS, Text message.

Motorola Droid :: Way To Set Different-colored LEDs For Different Notifications? androidforums.com

So I know Gmail always comes up as a green LED on my Droid, and that's fine. Also, I use Handcent SMS, and I can change the color of notification on that, so I have it set to pink (seemed like fun at the time.) I'd love an app that would let me choose the colors of other notification LEDs. Anyone know of one like that? I tried using the Market to search for notification and LED, but didn't find anything.

Motorola Droid :: Notification LED Doesnt Blink While Gaming. BB 0.4 androidforums.com

I have BB 0.4 with blue energy theme and chevy 1.1 lv kernel. Along with Launcher Pro. Normally the notification LED will blink when i get a text while doing normal stuff or nothing at all. But when i am gaming the LED doesnt blink. Has any one have a problem with this? Also, when i open a message from the notification bar instead of the message box in the dock. The dock still displays the number of messages unread even after reading it.

HTC Incredible :: Way To Increase Led Notifications For Email More Than 5 Minutes? androidforums.com

I'm curious to know if there is a way to increase the LED notifications for emails and texts to anything more then 5 minutes. It seems kinda pointless to notify for only 5 minutes especially if you are away from your phone or did not hear any notifiers. After 5 minutes you will still need to unlock the phone to check for something. I have just moved from the Motorola Droid to the Incredible and noticed that the Droid's LED notification blinked until the message was open regardless of that duration. Any ideas?

Motorola Droid :: "Missed" Call App Breaks In 2.2 androidforums.com

Was a fan of this app. Used it to give me custom color LED (purple) and sound for a call that was missed. As well, for calendar services I used it to flash a custom color LED (blue) and play a sound. Essentially, you could override the system settings and pickup where it left off.Well, as of 2.2 this app is busted. The dev claims to have made a more 2.2 friendly versions.. but its busted. No more color LED selections - stock Droid green and green only - and the Calendar notifications are 100% busted. A missed notification call works in that you can get your custom sound, but only green LED (which is already the stock color for like 3-4 other notification). But like I said.. nothing for calendar.So.. anyone have any tips for replacements in 2.2.I found one - Calendar Notification - and it CAN do colored LED (I used blue) and a custom tone that broke in Missed Call. And I still use Missed Call for missed calls, but hate the green LED. Would love to find 1 app to do it all, hate having 2 apps - 1 of which is busted. and BTW, never figured out why the dev always says the gMail notification is not possible. I have used an app - and they have a 2.2 version that works perfect - called gMail Notifier.