Motorola Atrix 4G :: Earpiece Speaker Stopped Working?


I have bought the Atrix 4G in February 2012 and my warranty has expired in JuneRecently the earpiece speaker on my phone has stopped working and the local motorola service center advised me to replace the flex cable that houses the earpiece speaker. Can someone let me know where I can procure this flex cable in the US? Is it available for online ordering?

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i am user of Motorola Atrix 4G.each and every thing which we need is available in the smart phone.but recently i heard about the cancellation of up gradation of android 2.3 to 4.0.A single core phone with less ram then the atrix that came out around the same time that has 4.0.4 while Atrix 4G is Dual core phone why Motorola stuck it on Gingerbread?me and my friends which are using Motorola Atrix 4G are very disappointed to hear about this cancellation...we dont want to change this awesome cell phone only for this reason.its our humble request to take back your decision and launch the up-gradation of Android 4.0 for Atrix 4G.

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When using Car Home mode - whether in the dash mount cradle or not - all navigation directions are coming through the earpiece speaker (above the word "Motorola" on the front) instead of the louder speaker-phone speaker (on the back). Totally useless. I have Bluetooth turned off, so that shouldn't be the problem. Turning up the volume only increases the earpiece volume, it doesn't activate the other speaker. Anyone know how to fix this?

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How to Export Contact from Atrix 4G to your PC using Phone Portal Atrix 4G contacts: 1) you can export all of your contacts easily using " Phone Portal " which comes with Atrix 4G 2) you don't have to download, install nor purchase anything 3) i've written and attached Microsoft Word doc on how to export contacts 4) I've also stored doc " Atrix 4G Exporting Contacts to PC.doc " under my user name5) 5) Procedure i've listed is the easiest i've found so far for Atrix 4G 6) There are many more items you can perform from Phone Portal, but this discussion is only on exporting contacts from Atrix 4G to PC 7) You can manger following from Phone Portal [code]....

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The earpiece speaker buzzes like it's blown and I don't know what's worse. Dealing with the buzz or getting a refurbed atrix. Anyone else have a buzzy speaker?

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Have many of you had the issue that only the earpiece speaker or earphones work, and the handsfree loudspeaker doesn't kick in, unless you're making a call and choose handsfree? This is particularly annoying when listening to music and you want it through the louder speaker, or if you set an alarm, or receiving calls...... Anyhow here is an article: Motorola DROID Experiencing Main Speaker Issues | PhoneNews.com. Surprised I haven't seen more about this on the forum.

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I have an Atrix 4G, I am running Android version 2.3.6 and the build number is 4.5.141. When I am looking at all of my apps and I press the magnifying glass to search I immediately get an error message "Sorry! The application Home (processcom.motorola.home) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I want to submit a bug but I dont know how to go about doing that.

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I have a Motorola Atrix 4G, manufacturer ROM, not rooted, Android 2.2.2.This morning the phone alarm went off as usual (Ben Harper) but then suddenly stopped.Checked it, no mp3 avalable anymore but in fact, the whole (internal) 'sdcard' folder had disappeared. Re-booted: a new sdcard was created. All my personal files have disappeared.how to recover the previous 'sdcard' folder?

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I have an Atrix 4G, but my internal speaker is blown...I have to use the speakerphone speaker in calls. Which I can deal with; what I'm looking for is a mod or app that will allow me to play my music, videos, and any streaming media via the speakerphone speaker as well. Currently, none of the individual apps allow for an option to do this.

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I rooted my phone a week or so ago and love it 100 times more than before. However, I use it daily to listen to audio books. Before rooting when I had my earpiece in - if I received a message or call then sound came only through the earpiece. Now it comes through the earpiece and the external speaker on the phone. Suggestions on how to stop it?

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I've been using your JB builds on my Motorola Atrix mb 860. When ever I call or a call comes, I can't hear anything unless I'm on speakerphone or I plug in Bluetooth headphones. I even replaced ear speaker flex cable. But still I am unable to hear anything. I already did the factory reset, wiped cache/system and data and also tried different JB flavors for atrix and also stable CM 7.2 on the sdcard.


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Have an Atrix 4G by At&T. I plug my HDMI cable into the TV (in an attempt to show video, pics, anything) and I get a Motorola logo flashing around only. The Entertainment Center shows up on the phone. If I press anything on the Entertainment Center it disappears, my TV goes blank for a few seconds, then the Motorola logo comes back. I can get the Entertainment Center back thru the pull down, but any selection, it starts all over again.

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Tried this headset yesterday and the volume was very low on the phone. Which Motorola headset has the best earpiece volume for the Atrix?

Motorola XPRT :: Phone Audio, Requires Daily Reboot? forums.motorola.com

I have recently switched to a XPRT and have been having a problem with the phone audio (speaker, earpiece and mic) that requires me to reboot the phone EVERYDAYAll other audio functions work properly. Speaker for music, notifications, phone rings...but when i try to make or receive a call, there is no audio on my end (whether on speaker, earpiece or bluetooth) and the microphone is dead as well.The only way to resolve this issue is to power cycle (reboot) the phone. THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY!

IPhone :: Sound Coming Through Ear Piece No Speaker discussions.apple.com

Has anyone else had this issue? Sometimes the sound switches from the speaker to the earpiece and the only way to get the sound to come out of the speaker again is to reset the phone. I've tried plugging in headphones and removing them but the sound goes from earpiece to headphones and then back to earpiece after I remove the headphones. The only solution? Reset/reboot the phone.

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I bricked my motorola atrix 4g when i boot it boots into AP fastboot flash mode flash failure and if i power up and hold down both volume keys it says boot mode selection available boot modes normal powerup recovery ap fastboot bp tools normail power up gives me invalid CG OTV invalid CG version and invalid CG OTV recovery does not work flashboot does and bp tools does nothing i just got this phone for my birthday!

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I just purchased the Atrix 4G, I can't create motoblur acct, the phone said there's something wrong with phone internal clock.

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I have an unbranded c905 which I have done the usual mods to, but for some reason I cant find any acoustic drivers anywhere that stop my earpiece being crackly above 4. High pitch sounds make a real crackly sound so people with loud voices really distort the speaker. Is this because my earpiece is broken or I need clearer crisper drivers? So far I am using some drivers from a C702 but still its crackly.

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I have an Atrix and I'm wondering are there any apps/Widgets that will show frequency of a core (doesn't have to show both as my second core is usually offline) in real time and that wont just stop functioning after an Hour or so. Atrix 4G running CM7 ICS MOD2 @ 1.3Ghz

Motorola Webtop Docks :: 4G Lapdock - No USB Connection? forums.motorola.com

When connecting my Atrix 4G to my lapdock, (which I just received today), I get the picker on my phone, which indicates that only HDMI is being seen by the dock, and no USB. I have no aftermarket cover on my phone, have tried removing the Motorola battery cover from the phone and fit plate from the lapdock to get a better USB connection, but just can't get a USB connection, or so it seems. I know when I plug the phone in and open the lapdock it should just go right to Webtop, but I get the red M screensaver till I select an option on the phone. The when I select Webtop I get the touchpad on the phone which works. Also get no audio from the lapdock speakers if I play music, but when I unplug the phone the music starts playing from the phone speaker. One time out of many, maybe 50+ now, I saw a USB devices detected message on the lapdock screen, but only the one time.

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THE STRING "fastboot oem get_unlock_data" DOES NOT RETURN ANY DEVICE ID. WHY?The bootloader on Motorola devices released before August 2012 is not unlockable. This fastboot command will not return a device ID or unlock data for these Motorola devices. At this point, only the devices on our Supported Devices list are eligible for the unlockable bootloader program.HOW DO I TELL IF MY DEVICE HAS AN UNLOCKABLE/RE-LOCKABLE BOOTLOADER?This depends on a few factors. First is whether the device ships with a bootloader that is capable of being unlocked or re-locked. Second is whether the wireless carrier that sells the device allows the bootloader to be unlocked, as each of our operator partners has their own policy. As new devices are released, please check the bootloader introduction page. You will be able to check whether your device shipped with an unlockable bootloader. We will be adding devices to this list regularly.As of August 2012, the only Motorola devices which can be unlocked are: Photon Q 4G LTE (Sprint) RAZR Developer Edition (Europe Only) XOOM Now above what I have bolded are my areas of concern. In particular, the second quote:First is whether the device ships with a bootloader that is capable of being unlocked or re-locked.The Motorola Atrix HD has indeed shipped with a bootloader that is capable of being unlocked or re-locked. It supports the exact same commands as the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE does, the commands of: fastboot oem unlock fastboot oem get_unlock_data fastboot oem lock This device fits that exact definition. Running a strings.exe runthrough of the bootloader from the Atrix HD shows that it indeed supports these commands, and anyone with this device and the android-sdk can run these commands themselves. The part where the unlocking process is stuck is the Motorola "Unlock My Device" webkit, where the results of "fastboot oem get_unlock_data" were pasted into the box to get the emailed UNIQUE_KEY to put into "fastboot oem unlock [ unlock code ] " as the same process is the Photon Q 4G LTE. The site comes up with this error:As you can see, we can assume the second half of the "few factors" as the faq pointed out:Second is whether the wireless carrier that sells the device allows the bootloader to be unlocked, as each of our operator partners has their own policy.Assuming this, it is then AT&T's decision that the Motorola Atrix HD has a locked bootloader, but the device DOES support unlocking and re-locking, contrary to the first quote in this post from their faq about devices before August 2012 NOT supporting these functions.The bootloader on Motorola devices released before August 2012 is not unlockable.So my question is, will this information be able to get corrected, or is Motorola planning to make an announcement that the Motorola Atrix HD will not be unlocked because of AT&T, but that the hardware and software actually support unlocking and re-locking?

BB Tour 9630 :: Bluetooth Hands Free Troubleshooting? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Tour is about a month old and had been working normally w/ a Motorola H700 handsfree earpiece. All functions were as expected. Suddenly, about 3 days ago, the button on the earpiece will not answer a call, terminate a call, or call-up the voice command menu. Volume buttons do work. However, all other features work normally such as voice menu from phone button, send and end on phone, etc. Communication is normal during a call. If you use these phone buttons as a workaround. I thought the button on the earpiece might be broken, but it does beep in the speaker when you press it and I was able to pair it with another non-BB phone and it functioned properly. I tried deleting the H700 from the BB bluetooth list then re-pairing, but the problem is still there. Anyone have any ideas? .

Motorola Atrix 2 :: Is Atrix Battery Compatible With Atrix 2 forums.motorola.com

id like to buy one of those over 3000mah batteries for my atrix 2 , but where i live i can only find this batteries for the atrix 4g and im not sure if it works on the atrix 2.

Motorola Atrix :: Skype Audio - Can't Hear Other Person forums.motorola.com

When I make a normal skype to skype call I can't hear the other persons voice. Yesterday, I could hear on switching on the speaker but after doing a factory reset I can't hear any sound. Mic is working fine as the person on the other end can hear me properly. Is this a handset fault or normal with motorola ATRIX.

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It is so ridiculously annoying and pathetic that Motorola made a Photon 4G Q which won't be able to use original Photon 4G's accessories?I just bought Motorola Photon 4G HD Dock & Nav Dock and realized that Motorola Photon 4G Q has its HDMI & micro USB slots in different location than the original Photon.So that your loyal customers give you more $$$ to buy new accessories?

HTC EVO 4G :: Notification Alert While On Call androidforums.com

Since I have updated to Froyo on Tuesday, via software update on phone, my evo 4g has picked up an annoying habit. I use the stock messenger app. If I receive a text message while on a call, it plays the text alert music in my earpiece and I can't even hear the person on the phone to save my life. If I were to turn on the speaker, it is alot worse.

Samsung :: D900i Earpiece Speaker www.howardforums.com

I have just got a Samsung D900i - whenever I make a call I cannot hear anything through the earpiece speaker no matter how loud I turn it up. The person on the other end can hear me but I can't hear them.However, if I put the phone on loud speaker during the call I can hear the other person. In addition I can hear all keytones/ringtones through the earpiece speaker, so the speaker cannot be completely dead. Can anyone point me in the direction of a setting I could check that might be muting the earpiece volume during a call? Or is it likely to be a faulty speaker?

Motorola Atrix 4G :: Unable To Create Its Account Online forums.motorola.com

I bought an unlocked Motorola Atrix 4G from the US about a month ago. When I try to create a Motoblur Account online (url...) here in Mumbai, I get to the last screen where it says "Creating your MOTOBLUR Account" and then the progress bar keeps on moving from left to right repeatedly for eternity and the account is never created.

Motorola Atrix 4G :: Can't Log In Or Create Motoblur Account forums.motorola.com

I just bought Motorola Atrix 4G, actually I bought it without any service or data plan. I paid regular price for it, but I can't create MotoBlur account, device error messages says that there is a problem with the internal device clock. I'm using normal AT&T pay as you go cards with 3G coverage.

Motorola Atrix 4G :: MOTOBLUR Service Not Available Right Now forums.motorola.com

I got a Motorola Atrix 4G from the states. I brought the phone to the middle east and tryed to set up the phone. But when i try to link up my moto blur account i get a message that says that "moto blur service is not available right now try latter" and i think that its due to my ip address.

Motorola Atrix 4G :: Deleting Email On Phone Not Sever? forums.motorola.com

I'm new to the Motorola Atrix 4G and was wondering is there anyway you can delete emails without deleting them from the sever? If not is there a e-mail app you'll would recommend?

Motorola Atrix 4G :: Powers Off During Call? forums.motorola.com

I have been having an occasional problem with my Motorola Atrix 4G when making cell phone calls. The phone not only disconnects from the person I am talking to, but powers down as well. If it just disconnected I could immediately call the person back, but instead, I have to go through the power on sequence and then call the person back which takes considerably longer.

General :: Motorola Atrix 4G - Will Update Sim-lock Phone forum.xda-developers.com

the thing is that I have a Motorola Atrix 4G from Claro, Nicaragua with Froyo. Claro doesn't have released the official GB update. So I was wondering, is there any other way to update to GB? The phone is locked, I just can used with Claro network, and I don't want to pay to unlock it. Will a custom rom totally lock the phone?

General :: RAM Disappeared In Atrix 4g - 300M Left forums.androidcentral.com

My Motorola Atrix 4G has lost its RAM. I have no idea of what's going on, except that from previous 1G ( i think it was like 700 or 800 available) I have only 300M left. The RAM HAS JUST DISAPPEARED. I'm not talking about Ram being occupied by apps and processes. I was having some issues with it later, so I recently performed a hard reset, clearing also the internal memory and the memory card.

Motorola Atrix 4G :: Unable To Hear Caller's Voice forums.motorola.com

Mine is a all new Motorola Atrix 4G. Its since 2 months i had purchased.Since two days it started to give issues while talking calls. I am not able to hear the voice of caller. But the caller was able to hear properly without any issues.However, When I try to call any customer care phones, I am able to hear the automated voice too.It does not to make sense to me why I am not able to hear the callers' voice (only if it is humans).

Samsung Vibrant :: Want Secret Code To Increase Earpiece Volume androidforums.com

Can anyone provide one of those developer codes everyone is using for the GPS, instead to change the Max earpiece volume in the phones ear speaker to a higher setting? I was in a loud setting today and I could barely her my conversations. I know this is possible because I did it like five years ago on a Motorola razor...surely this android phone can have volume algorithm changes also.

HTC EVO 4G : Sound Error After Update / No Speaker Voice androidforums.com

After updating my EVO, all my sound comes out of my earpiece only. No speaker.I can get the backside speaker to come on in a phone call, but any other apps, games, etc-- sound is only thru earpiece, not the backside. Is there some setting I've missed. It's aggravating.Wife updated her EVO fine, and she doesnt have that problem-- Rebooted a couple of times.

BB Bold :: 9800 Ear Piece Not Working? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Blackberry 9800 Torch's earpiece doesn't work when I'm on a call (incoming and outgoing calls). I always have to talk on the speaker phone. Sometimes when I reboot the phone the ear piece will work for 1 or 2 calls but then will stop working again.

Cseries :: Nokia C2-00 Earpiece & Loudspeaker Will Function At The Same Time? discussions.nokia.com

Just purchased a C2-00. Whenever I make a call normally, the voice can be heard on the earpiece & very clearly on the loudspeaker also - AT THE SAME TIME...When I turn on the speaker phone on, then the loud speaker gets activated & is loud, which is normal of any phone. Is this a problem with my handset or a feature given by Nokia that the Earpiece & loudspeaker will function at the same time?