MacBook :: Software Update Can't Connect To Update Server


I am trying to update my Mac book because it is saying that software updates are available (Mac OS X Lion version 10.7.3). But I keep getting a message saying�"Some of the selected updates could not be installed. Software updates can't connect to the update server. Make sure you are connected to the internet and then try again"I am using a DLINK wireless router and have had problems with the internet connection dropping in and out on my Macbook, Ipad and iphone but it now seems to be working on all devices so given I am connected to the internet I don't know why the software updates won't install on my Macbook.� Info:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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I am trying to run updates on my MacBook Air (Mac OS X Update/iTunes/AirPort Utliity) but after at least five attempts now I am getting the same error message: Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you're connected to the internet, and then try again

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I keep getting a message saying "Software Update can't connect to the update server.  Make sure you're connected to the Internet, and then try again."  I'm connected to the Internet, so that's not the issue.  I've tried rebooting, and using Disk Utility to repair permissions.   I've also tried waiting and trying again later. This is the third day in a row I've gotten this message.   Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Yesterday, I was about to install a couple of updates when I realized that they'd force me to restart. So I closed out Software Update and went along with my business. I also decided to change the short name of my account, as I took over my brother's and wanted to change it.Today, I saw that iTunes 9.1 had come out and ran Software Update and lo and behold, Software Update stalls with nearly no progress and hops around the dock. I switched to Software Update and it tells me: "Software Update can't check for updates because of a network problem." and under that "Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you're connected to the Internet, and then try again."

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When trying to run the update i get "Software Update can't find the update server. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet, then try again."does anyone know how to fix this. its driving me nuts. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.2)

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I have just upgraded to Leopard from 10.4.11, but after no applications appear to be able to connect to the internet apart from Safari and iTunes. As an example, when I try to use Software Update I get the following message: Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you're connected to the Internet, then try again. have checked the values in Network TCP/IP and DNS and both seem to be correct for my internet service provider. Information: iMac Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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My wife macbook pro os 10.7 don't show the java security update in software update

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Seems like a growing problem, but I'll share mine.Updated to the new software updates this week and now Safari, Itunes store, and software update cannot connect. i can't get any website to open on safari, can't access the Itunes store and can't access the software update function.Internet connection is is fine as Firefox working without a glitch. Information: iMac Intel Core 2 Duo Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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Im recently updated the software for my macbook pro. Since doing so, when i open safari it just says cannot connect to internet, even though my wifi is connected. After 2 mins of sitting on the desktop safari connects succesfully once opened and stays connected until i next put the machine into sleep. All other devices in the house are working, including an ipad, 2 x iphones and 2 x PC's.The macbook pro was working completely fine before the update so i am totally convinced that this update has caused it.

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When I run my software update for my Macbook Pro, and click on "install 1 item" (which is the 'Mac OS X update' 321MB), it asks me for my password, and everything, but then a screen comes up saying "the update can't be saved, A networking error has occurred: Cannot open file (-3001). Make sure you can connect to the Internet, then try again". I can't install it! What do I do?


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Just updated my software and now safari can't connect to websites. It connects for a bit then after awhile it will no longer connect. Firefox and Chrome are connecting fine so this is a safari only issue with the latest update.� Safari Version 5.1.5 (7534.55.3) Quiting safari and restarting works for a little while then eventually 'can't connect to server' eventually appears. I'm going back to firefox until this is resolved. Info:iMac

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1. Safari quits unexpectedly - takes much longer than usual to open safari then it suddenly quits after about 10 seconds 2. Went to software updates but got message saying it couldn't connect for updates (internet is working fine and firefox runs no problem) 3. Mail can't connect to gmail to send mail, can receive mail but can't seem to send Information: MacBook Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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why is my software update pop "software update quit unexpectedly" and needs to reopen? Info: MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.1)

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I can't get around this error: None of the selected updates could be saved. Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you're connected to the Internet, and then try again. Connection reset by peer. Info: Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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When I try to use software update on my mackbook, I get this message; 'Software Update can’t connect to the update server. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet, and then try again.'  I have checked my Internet is connected. It is OK, just to be sure I tried a wireless connection, also OK,  Internet connection is working fine. I have had this problem for three days, I have manage to download via this web site but not from Software update, is it still in use? could that be my problem. MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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My macbook will not update or install software Info: MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Just got this through Software Update. More info here: [URL] Quote: About MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.8 This update eliminates the noise made by the optical disk drive during system startup and wake from sleep on MacBook Pro computers. When installation is complete, run Software Update again, and install SuperDrive Firmware Update 3.0 To complete the firmware update process, follow the instructions in the updater application (/Applications/Utilities/MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update.app). The updater will launch automatically when the installation is complete.

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I have a Dual 1.8 GHz Power PC G5 and am running 10.4.11. When I select software update it says, "software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you are connected to the internet..." "Software Update can't check for updates because of a network problem." However, my internet connection works fine for everything else. I do have two peripheral drives connected. One of them had the same system as my main drive. However, the problem persists even when they are disconnected and I reboot. I can get the updates if I reboot from the peripheral.

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I have tried updating to OS4.2 on my iPad and on a new Iphone4. After connecting to my computer (MacBook Pro) using an updated iTunes (10.1), the software goes through the downloading process and after the whole 55.4MB have been downloaded, the file starts to be processed but before this is complete, I get a message saying the internet connection has timed out and an error code of 3259. I have tried updating this software now many times with both an iPad and iPhone but each time has produced the same result. Information: MacBook Pro iPad

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I'm setting up a tiger server to serve software updates to the clients, but the server doesn't seem to want to serve the updates. The client can connect to the server, but then shows the user a message saying the computer is up to date. I know that is not true, and I have all the updates mirrored, so why is it not working? If nobody has any idea, is there somewhere that says exactly what the software update client goes through to check if there are updates available, so I can follow it manually?

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I own a sony ericsson Xperia x10 and apple macintosh computers (both a Macbook Pro and iMac -- Mac OS X version 10.6.8 on both). I do not own a windows PC computer. I can't seem to run any software updates on my phone when I connect to my computers. Is there any mac compatible PC companion application I can download?I can download photos from my phone onto my mac but I cant run software updates. The computer keeps telling me device is not compatible.

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Installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook first... can't install anything and Software Update no longer works. I tried all the fixes (keyboard, dumping preferences, etc..). Nothing helps. Will this be fixed soon and, if so, I take it I'll have to go to the Apple site and download the update, right (since Software Update doesn't work)? Information: MacBook and Intel iMac 24" Mac OS X (10.6)

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My Galaxy S4 keeps saying that I have to update my security software, but everytime when I click 'OK' it's says connecting to server and then says 'can't update due to networkproblems' , but I don't have any network problems, I'm on wifi and the wifi-connection is perfect (able to surf on internet etc), my 3G network is also on. I've already tried rebooting my phone, but after a while I get that message again about updating my security software.

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I upgrade Mac OS 10.7.3. from a network with Lion Server in the office, using software update utility. I changed domain to access to upgrades and works fine.�Now I am working our of the LAN, and every time request software update, show me a message saying "Cannot find nnnn.server.com", and can't make upgrades from apple's server.�I changed domain, an clear lines, but message repeat. All the time search on software update server from office server.�How can I change the software update server on Mac OS 10.7.3. Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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I've been trying to download the new update for iTunes on my Macbook, its version 10.6 and I keep getting this message - The update iTunes cannot be installed, software update cant connect to the update server.Make sure you are connected to the internet and try again. Before the above message shows, it shows the downloading bar, with just Zero KB downloading, after a while it says the above message. My Internet connection is fine everything is working that uses the Internet in my house is working fine, Safari is working on my Macbook. It has been like this for the last few days now. Is this Apples problem with there server or a problem with my Macbook?. Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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I just updated my macbook pro but the System Profiler gives me this version MBP71.0039.B05. When the computer is rebooted did a beep. Maybe I've done something wrong. I made a new control with Software Update, but it still offers the EFI update 2.0. Maybe because I have not connected the computer to the power source, the update fails? Information: MacBook Pro 13" Mac OS X (10.6.5) 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

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why don't java security update show up in software update? macbook pro with mac os lion

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Does software update to pages, numbers , iBooks etc incur any cost or are the updates free? Info: MacBook Pro

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I tried to download the sofware update for itunes 10.6.3 for my MacBook Pro, but as soon as the download begins, it stops and I get an error message saying: "The update 'iTunes' can't be installed", and also "The update could not be verified..." and so on. How can I get the software update to download then? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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I can't seem to install Security Update 2009-005. I get the message: The update "Security Update 2009-005" can't be saved. A networking error has occurred: cannot open the file (-3001). Make sure you can connect to the internet, then try again. However, I can connect to the internet fine and have installed various other updates - iTunes, iWork etc Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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I have nokia N97(12.01) version 10.1.021 but problem is i m unable to update its software. I can't connect to nokia ovi suite with usb cable because when i connect the usb cable i dont find the option (pc suits) so that i can connect to ovi software. Even i coudn't find any software update option in the application menu. So can anyone please help me to get rid of the old firmware which is full of bug...I didn't even find any connectivity option in the seeting menu...

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i'm trying to update my OS Software to the 7.1 version (, I currently have the 7.0 Bundle 2392.I'm trying to update the software using the Desktop Software on a Mac. It has trouble connecting to my device and indicates the need for an update, but when it gets to the part of backing up social feeds, it gives me an error message and disconnects my phone. I also can't back up my phone using the desktop software (it gets to the same part of social feeds and then gives me an error message as well).

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I followed the instructions on the website and when I connect it to reload the software, the error number on the screen's device changes to 561 and a window opens to tell me the desktop software can't communicate with my blackberry.Once I clicked on repair and wrote in my password it simply tells me that there are no available updates of BlackBerry Device Software at this time and to put in my email so they can warn me when a new update comes out.I don't need to update the software obviously, just to reload any version of it so my phone can work again.

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I notice a lot of people are having this problem when it comes pre installed. I can't update from the appstore and I can't update from the program itself. When I use software update it will say all software is up to date. I checked the versions of the software that I have installed and they are not the new, current versions so yes i do need to update App store says I need to update Garage Band and Iphoto but I need to use the other account that was used to purchase the software. I have only ever had one account. This is not cool I have had this computer for 4 months now and this problem has been on going for 3.5 months I have a new macbook pro and osx lion was pre installed along with garageband iphoto and iMovie Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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we use the Software Update Server Service on our XServe with Mac OS X 10.6.4.Nearly all works great, even we have no problems with client updating though we're having 10.4, 10.5 und 10.6 client systems. But at the Server Admin tool where you can administrate the available updates the Xcode 3.2.2 update isn't able to activate. It's alreay downloaded, but i only see it if i click the little update button on the right side under the list of available updates and then after hooking the checkbox of it and clicking "Save" it's gone again, until i refresh the list once again of the aforesaid update button where it will be shown as unchecked again. I don't understand what here the problem is. All other updates aren't accompanied of those phenomenons. Software Update Server Log has no errors if i check the Xcode Update and system.log only says "Host configuration updated", any time i'm trying to activate this update.I'm using Server Admin Tools 10.6.3 and tried locale on the server machine as well as remote on my macbook without noticeable differences.I hope anyone can help or give a tip/trick. Information: Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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I had a software update come through recently which told me I needed to go to the Sony Ericsson website to update it.. I tried to do this and it appears I can only update it using a PC as its not compatiable with a Mac computer (which I have).I have tried running the software update on the phone and as it can't connect to the internet it wint update anything.. so Im stuck in a circle now.

ITunes Mac :: Cannot Purchase / Check Downloads - Network Settings discussions.apple.com

I have a wireless router that was working fine yesterday! Now today if I try to log into iTunes I can no problem, but when I try to make a purchase or check downloads I get the error: "Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again". I have no issue with my connection as I can go to other websites! Firewall has been turned off completely. I then tried to see if there was an update for the problem or for iTunes and through Apple > Software Update and I get the error. "Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure your're connected to the Internet and then try again". I clicked on Network Diagnostics to see if they could identify the problem but it said that the Internet and everything is working fine and there were no issues. Information: Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

MacBook :: Installed Update And Now Cannot Restart? discussions.apple.com

I installed the software update on my MacBook and it never restarted. I have tried most easy fixes but nothing seemed to help. I pulled the drive and then tried to update the software back to Snowlepord but I thnk the install failed. I've seen others with the same problem but can't seem to figure this out. Info: MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6)

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I installed software update this morning on my macbook pro and the computer will not restart? Info: MacBook Pro

MacBook Air :: Updating Expired Software From OS 10.7.5 To The Newest One? discussions.apple.com

I missed to update my software from OS 10.7.5 to its newest one on my macbook air, now i can't update my software though I have tried many times. Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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Do you have to back up your data before a software update on a macbook pro Info: MacBook Pro

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I am trying to migrate everything from my MacBook Pro to my brand new iMac but I get as far as searching for other computers and that is it? I am connected by ethernet cable on the same wi fi network,have my MacBook Pro to file sharing and still nothing. I have not updated to Mavericks since I read loads of bad reviews but all my other software is up to date on both computers.  I can't belive I didn't migrate when I took the iMac out of the box yesterday thinking it would be "easy" to do it later. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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I have been trying to install (from software update) the Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update for weeks now. I am using a Macbook Pro i5, Lion 10.7.4. Each time I run software update, after downloading some amount of KB, I get the following message; "The update 'digital camera raw compatability update can't be installed. The update could not be expanded, and may have been corrupted during downloading. The update will be downloaded & checked again the next time that software update runs." Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 8GB Ram

Nokia :: E71 Firmware Updating Error discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am facing a problem here, problem is.i checked that a new software for my device E71 is availabe(putting the product code) it says new firmware 410. something is availabe, but when i connect it to the cable and start nokia software update. it says no new firmware is availabe. what the is this?Second in device manager it says no server profile found.can't i update E71 via OTA? if yes then HOW?

MacBook Air :: How To Stop Contacts / Calendar Entries Duplication discussions.apple.com

I've recently changed service provider for my exchange (now using 2010 on PC and and outlook for Mac2011). I had been using 2003 and my iphone synched fine and also updated the server when I deleted emails.�Now I have several issues. When I upgrade the software on my iphone it duplicates contacts and some calendar appointments. Also whilst emails I delete on my Macbook air update the server, my iphone isn't updated and also if I delete things on my iphone they don't delete on either machine. (This use to be fine on earlier software and before I had the Macbook).�My iphone wants me to update to iOS 5.1.1 but both of the last times I've updated the software it duplicates appointments and deletes a whole load of contacts off the server.�Am wondering whether it's because despite settings changing it is holding history of the old account. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

Xperia X10 :: Can't Use PC Companion To Upgrade It talk.sonymobile.com

Would anyone be able to assist, since it doesn't seem like you can open a support call directly with SE. I am simply trying to update my Experia X10 software and even though I am connected to the internet (and can browse and download anything from anywhere) I can't use the PC Companion software to update my phone. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it (ver 2.0) and still it fails. It simply says 'unable to install or start phone software update components.'

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I downloaded this updated for my unibody Macbook Pro, and I think it's pretty vital. However, it gave me this error when I tried to install it: "You cannot install Macbook, Macbook Pro software update on this volume. This update requires Mac OS X 10.5.5 or newer." Now don't tell me that I have selected the wrong partition to install the update, or that I need to update my OS to 10.5.5 because I already have 10.5.6 and I chose the Macintosh HD partition to install the update.

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i can't update my BB sofware with PC (my BB won't connect to BB desktop software - i checked every posibility to connect (USB, Windows) - and i want to update my software using wireless. my software version: v7.0.0.296, Platform

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I have a mac OS X version 10.4.11 and i just recently purchased the latest itouch but i can't use the latest version of itunes because the itunes needs version 10.5 and above. Where do i get this update from? I have tried looking for it on software updates but it keeps telling me that I have nothing to update... I have a Macbook from 2007 so I know it's old but it's still in really good condition so I don't really want to buy a new one. Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Software Updater Not Working discussions.apple.com

When I go to get Software Updates, I get: The Software Update Server (troublemaker.createmore.com) is not responding. Internet is working fine.  Repaired disk permissions; this did not help  Running Mac OS X 10.6.8 on Macbook Pro Core Duo Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Seem To Download Latest Lion Update (10.7.3) discussions.apple.com

Whether through the App Store or the Apple download page, it starts to download, gets a certain way through, and then just stops. In the App Store, after awhile I get a message that Software Update can't connect to the update server. On the Apple.com download page, it just stops downloading. I don't think it's our internet connection, because the update worked just fine for our other iMac (which is older than the one I'm having trouble with).� Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

MacBook Pro :: HP Deskjet F4580 Printer - Software For V10.7 Lion discussions.apple.com

I have a problem with finding the right software for my MacBook Pro. I've contacted Hp customer care for the software needed but they sent me the v l0.6 link, and the update was not successful because my MacBook version was not supported "As I thought". And somehow I can't find the printer software online. Info: MacBook Pro

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Update For AirPort Utility Corrupted And Did Not Download discussions.apple.com

The recent software update has caused a problem. The update for Air Port Utility was corrupted and did not download. I have run software update several times since then and nothing has changed.�How do I clear out the corrupted file so update can start over? (MBP Lion 10.7.4) Info: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPod Touch

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Software Update Frozen - How To Quit discussions.apple.com

My software update is frozen and I cant get it off. I can't quit the update and I tried restarting it but every time I try it says to try later because the update is running. So I have tried letting the battery die thinking that would restart it but when it started back up again the update was still stuck. The loading bar is still up there and is solid not moving strips. What can I do to quit the update? Info: MacBook Pro

OS X V10.3 :: Some Applications May Not Open After QuickTime 7.2 Update discussions.apple.com

I ran a software update of my macbook air so it is now OS X v10.5.8 but Quicktime did not update.  It is still 7.3.2  Itunes says I need 7.5.5 or later.  How do I update Quicktime?  I've tried re-running the software update and it doesn't find anything. Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

OS X Tiger :: Software Update Can't Connect To The Update Server? discussions.apple.com

"Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you're connected to the internet, then try again." I've seen this topic before here ([URL]) but that did not resolve my issue. I can download updates directly from apple, but can't use Software Update. I have not changed any network settings since it worked last. The real issue for me is not being able to connect to the iTunes store to set up a new account. I'm trying to put FMTouch on a new iPod. Information: Intels & Power PCs 10.4 & 10.5 Mac OS X (10.4.11)

OS X :: Update/Installed Updates But Permanently Disappears After A Period Of Time? forums.cnet.com

When I install an update via Software Update, the installation appears in System Preferences/Software Update/Installed Updates, but then permanently disappears after a period of time. Same issue in Software Update.log.Is this normal? MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz w/OS 10.5.8

MacBook Pro :: Default Display Changes When Connecting To HDTV discussions.apple.com

My macbook pro has been connecting to my TV appropriately for months. The display is suddenly changing to a different default when I connect now.� It was fine two weeks ago and has done 3 software updates in between.� I have not loaded other new software. When the thunderbolt connection is made, both screens turn blue, then both display a screen resolution formatting that doesn't fit the screens. Info:MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Cannot Install Java Update - Error Message At Writing Scripts discussions.apple.com

I can't install Java update, not via 'software update', nor via download from Apple support site. Always get error message at 'writing scripts', even with the camera update. Same thing happens when trying to re-install Adobe flash-player, which I had uninstalled after virus threat. Seems I can't install anything anymore. I had previously uninstalled everything Java in Safari and run Mackeeper duplicate eraser. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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After updating my Macbook to 10.10.1, My Windows 7 machine can't log in to the shared folders. I keep getting an error: " Log in failure: unknowing username or bad password "  No settings have been changed on my Windows Machine and everything was working fine till updating my Macbook to 10.10.1  However my Macbook can still connect to the shared folders on my Windows 7 Machine.... Also I have checked the LmCompatibilityLevel on Windows and all seems okay. Info: MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1), Mid 2012

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I switched from ubuntu to fedora 13 today only and the problem that I am facing is that I can't update either using software updates or using yum. yum says no repository found and when I saw software sources in Add/Remove Software, I found no repository was enabled. I tried to enable it but it says cannot contact fedora, so this won't be enabled.I am able to surf internet by the way. I am having a LAN connection with a proxy server but i checked those things in it and of course I was able to do updates in ubuntu

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Can't send or receive e-mail on my iMac through Comcast for about 2 months now.� Same problem with all users set up in the computer.� Can connect ok to the internet, but can't access [url]..unless I reset Safari, then can only access once.� Tried setting up new mail account, but get error message that it can't connect to server mail.comcast.net.� Comcast blames it on last apple software update.� I don't think that's the problem.� Tried changing ports from 995 to 587 and 465 with no luck.� Uncheck SSL box, no luck.� Reset cable modem box, got incoming mail once, then no more.� Outgoing mail still would not send. Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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My bb device refuse to update. My current device software version is and BB desktop software version is updated to last version. the problem is when I connect my mobile to the PC and desktop software running and I choose update my device a window come up and said there are no BB device software updates available. I also tried to use wireless update and it was useless it doesnt work with me neither.

IPhone 5s :: Will Not Connect To Internet / Sync With ITunes On Home Computer discussions.apple.com

my iPhone 5s will not connect to the internet via data or wifi. I thought there may be a glitch and planned to check for software updates and/or factory restore at home but iTunes on my home computer (macbook updated to maverick) gives me a message that "itunes could not connect to this iphone. could not connect to the device."� Info: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Install On N8 After Update discussions.nokia.com

i update my N8 software to symbian Anna,since update i can't install anything on my phone,that includes the applications from ovi store

Software :: Blackberry Update Has Frozen supportforums.blackberry.com

I used software update to try and update my phone but it's stopped at 11% at social feeds which won't budge. I have tried a battery pull several times with no prevail, I can't connect it to my newly updated Desktop Software at all no matter how many times I have tried, and I cannot access my mobile whatsoever!

Incomplete Update / Now Unable To Access discussions.apple.com

Plugged in my iPad to my Macbook yesterday to charge it up and got a message saying there was a software update. I accepted and the software install hangs when about 95% complete. Tried it about 6 times now always the same result. The restore function doesn't work as the only option you can select is restore and update software and it seems to be the latest software that is hanging. Information: Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Debian Configuration :: Wheezy - Can't Change Software Sources? forums.debian.net

I updated to Wheezy from Squeeze and whilst I can make changes to sources.list manually, I can't do some updates in Software Sources.For instance, the 3 check boxes under "Download from internet" are all un-ticked and I can't change them if I wanted to - even though the sources.list is set up with "main contrib non-free"I cannot amend the download server either - it works out what the best server is but wont update if I tell it to.

OS X Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Servermgr_info: Unexpected Software Update State: Crashed discussions.apple.com

Every minute my server reports this message: servermgr_info: unexpected Software Update state: crashed A restart of the server stopps messaging this until the automatic nightly looking for software updates.In preferences the automatic software updates are disabled! How can I turn off the automatic looking for software updates of servermgr?  Info: Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 4 GB RAM, 1TB RAID (mirror)

OS X Leopard :: Applications Don't Connect To Internet / Resolve This? discussions.apple.com

I don't remember what I did, but multiple programs (ie: software update, itunes, twitterific, adium) wont even try to connect to the Internet. I can't figure out to see what the problem is. Other programs work fine (ie: firefox, mail, WoW) but these others simply wont connect anymore. I ran onyx, but that didn't fix anything. Information: Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Software Update Server / Works For Some Updates discussions.apple.com

So I have the Software Update Server working, and the clients are configured, but I know that some of them need the 10.6.2 update, for example, and it is downloaded to the server, but the only ones that show up to the client are the non-essential ones like iLife updates and stuff. Information: MacBook Pro 13" 4gb RAM Mac OS X (10.6.2)

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Updating Software On MacBook Pro - Cannot Find Server discussions.apple.com

I am trying to update the software on my macbook pro however everytime I attempt to do this I receive a message unable to connect to server. Although I have a working network. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Can't Turn It Off talk.sonymobile.com

I can't turn the phone off, do a back up or update the software

MacBook Pro :: Why Won't OS X Update To Current Version discussions.apple.com

I have OSX version 10.6.8.  When I run software update, it tells me my software is up to date.  On my other Macbook Pro, I have 10.9.4.  I realize that I will have to run a series of updates to get from 10.6 to 10.9 but why won't software update allow me to update to the next OS version in the sequence?

OS X :: Permission To Path Finder To Write To Applic Directory? forums.cnet.com

I installed snow leopard on my macbook pro (17") and now I can't update Path Finder. I am new to the mac (former windows user)and I just purchased Path Finder but now I can't install the dowloaded update. I have never told that purchased software does not have permissions to write to the application's directory. Below is the full update error: Update Error!:"Path Finder does not have permission to write to the application's directory! Are you running off a disk image? If not, ask your system administrator for help." I am the administrator on my macbook. How can I give permission to a purchased software to write to the application directory? Please help anybody. The same thing happens to Opera update.

Hardware :: Apple Releases Fix For Quirky MacBook Glass Trackpads ? forums.appleinsider.com

Apple has released a software update to address an issue where trackpad clicks would randomly go unrecognized on its latest notebook offerings: the MacBook (Late 2008) and MacBook Pro (Late 2008)."This firmware update addresses an issue where trackpad clicks may not be recognized on MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) computers," the company said. Installing the updateYou can download and install the update from the Software Update mechanism built into Mac OS X. Alternatively, you can download the update manually and follow a two part process: installing the firmware update [Download - 923KB] application onto your hard drive and using the firmware update application to update your trackpad's firmware.

Software :: Software Update - Never Reach The End? macosx.com

I have my macbook pro with Leopard last update 10.5.6. Problem: I open Software Update in System Preferences, click on "Check now", Software Update starts BUT never reach the end. Every think works fine, expect the Software Update. What I can do to fix this problem?

OS X Tiger :: Can Connect To Internet With Firefox, But Can't Use ITunes, Safari Or Update discussions.apple.com

I can connect to the internet with Firefox, but can't use iTunes, Safari or Update the software. It's a problem as a Music teacher - I need to use iTunes store! It's a work computer and uses a proxy when at that location and I can't use these programs there or at home where there's no proxy at all. Information: MacBook Mac OS X (10.4.11) 1GB Ram

MacBook Pro :: Safari Quits Unexpectedly During File Download discussions.apple.com

I just downloaded the new software update and when I download files from Safari my browser quits. Info: MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1

MacBook :: Can't Connect To Safari And Itunes discussions.apple.com

I can't connect to Safari or itunes store. Still I'm able to go on the internet via Firefox.Because of this I can't search to see if I need new software updates to these programmes either... Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

MacBook Pro :: Recovery Mode Says All Ok But Still Stuck After Software Update discussions.apple.com

But still cannot get past grey start up screen with spinning wheel after software update. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Nokia :: N97 V12 - Can't Get Rid Of Update Page discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got the latest firmwave (V12) today. I also installed that weird update that said install it before hand. after installing, when I go to Software Update, the same update comes along again! (it says update via PC Suite, and when I connect to the PC, it says I already have V12). Why can't I get rid of it from the phone update page?

MacBook Air :: Clean Shut Down (disable Auto-off) For Lion? discussions.apple.com

I've completed all software updates, so I'm at an impasse. Info: MacBook Air

OS X V10.7 Lion :: The Update “Mac OS X 10.7.3 Supplemental Update” Can’t Be Installed discussions.apple.com

I am getting failures on all software updates from apple? Info: MacBook Air (Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Having The Version 10.4.11 Which Software Do I Need To Update To discussions.apple.com

currently i have a Mac OS X versioin 10.4.11 which software do I need to update to? Info: MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

MacBook Pro :: 2011 13" Won't Install Updates When Try To Restart It discussions.apple.com

i have been trying to install software updates but everytime my computer restarts it doesnt install them and it just goes straight to my login Info: MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro :: Why Is Safari Crashing - Can't Open It discussions.apple.com

Is it related to the software update I just completed? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

MacBook Pro :: Reduce Startup Disk To Allow Enough Memory To Update Software? discussions.apple.com

how do i reduce startup disk to allow enough memory to update software? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5)

OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.4 - How To Setup Manually Software Update discussions.apple.com

How to setup the manually software update? Info: MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Software Update Can't Connect To Its Server discussions.apple.com

I have an iMac 8-1 with OS is Mac OS X, version 10.7, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and 3 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory. When I try to update software I get this error message: The file AppleMobileDeviceSupportDelta.pkg couldn't be found on the server url...�.Software Update cant connect to the update server. Make sure youre connected to the Internet, and then try again.I don't know how to "connect to the update server" but I guarantee that I AM connected to the internet! Info:iMac (20-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.7), 3 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Unable To Upgrade To 10.7.4? discussions.apple.com

I recently replaced my MacBook Pro's (13-inch, Mid 2012) default hard drive with a third party SSD. I'm not sure if this would have any affect on it, but I can't upgrade to OS X 10.7.4. I used Lion Recovery Disk Assistant to install Lion on the drive and to bring it up to 10.7.3, and when it was finished, I checked Software Update and there was no update for 10.7.4. I downloaded the update directly from the Apple website (both the client and the combo updates) and neither of them will allow me to update! I get a message in the Installer that says, "Mac OS Update Combined can't be installed on this disk. This volume does not meet thre requirements for this update." Again, I'm not sure if this has to do with the third party SSD I installed or not. Other than the inability to update the OS, the SSD works wonderfully. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 13-inch, Mid 2012

Software :: Update Fails To Connect To The Internet macosx.com

Mac OS 10.4.2 G4 (AGP) I just moved to a new home and unfortunatly my fast internet connection through DSL (3.0 Mbits/sec) had to be changed to something a lot slower running over DirecWay satellite. Whenever I run the software update utility, I get a dialog box that pops up and says, "A networking error has occured: bad server response (-1011). Make sure you can connect to the Internet, then try again. Software Update can't check for updates because of a network problem." Diagnostics pass, doing standard Internet tasks works just fine, as a matyer of fact, I can connect to the internet, surf, download email, etc. There is nothing different about the system other then I use a different internet provider. I'm wondering does Software Update look for a certain connection speed before timing out? I never got the (-1011) error before moving over to DirecWay.

MacBook Pro :: Crashing On Updates - Download Corrupt discussions.apple.com

Everytime I try to download software that my retina macbook needs, it will crash during download. Says download was corrupt. Getting very upset. The update said mid2012 macbook update and has two updates for my printer. None will work. My macbook pro is 1 day old. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

BB Bold 9000 :: Device Software Update Mistakenly Detects BES supportforums.blackberry.com

A few weeks back I got an email from RIM telling me an update was available to download via the update website. I followed the instructions and successfully updated my Bold to .247. Not long after this I received another email from RIM telling me a new update was available. Again I went to the website but this time I get the following message when I connect my Blackberry device to my computer to update the device softeware: "You cannot update your software using this system as your device is currently activated on BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Professional Software. Please contact your administrator for updates. Or check for updates from your carrier service provider" I am not on BES and don't know why this method is now not working. I have searched the forums but can't find an answer. I know I am not the only one experiencing this problem as there is a thread on Crackberry with others that have the same issue. Unfortunately no-one has posted an answer yet.

OS X :: Software Update Can't Find The Update Server? forums.macrumors.com

I got some eMacs for cheap and am currently cleaning them up. When I try to run Software Update on them, I get the message that says "Software Update can't find the update server. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then try again." These computers are definitely connected to the internet as I can browse from them. Is it possible that they are looking for an old update server? They're running 10.4.7 and 10.4.8. I've tried deleting the com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist file as described here but that didn't work.

BB Bold :: 9700 Hangs When Trying To Connect To Desktop supportforums.blackberry.com

While trying to update my apps this morning, the 9700 hung up, as did the Desktop software.I rebooted both. The device works partially but I am missing key features like the browser. When connecting to the device through either the desktop software of the web, I enter the password, which appears to be accepted, then the device hangs again.I can't update or remove the software.I get connectivity through 3G but have no browser.

Nokia :: Can't Connect N81 With Computer Via Cable discussions.europe.nokia.com

i can connect my n81 8gb via bluetooth....bt cant connect it via cable.hence cant update the software.