Line And Points Using C# Chart Control?


I have data in data table like below. I am trying to make graph like below using asp.net chart control (made graph in excel with some test data) points are X and Y values. lines are linear, exponential, logarithmic and power values. how can I make this chart in asp.net (vb.net or c#)? I am newbie to chart control.

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im trying to create simple pie chart using the MS Chart controls. When my pie chart gets rendered in the browser i get padding around the pie chart that i cant get rid of. i would like the pie chart to sit up against the edge of the image with no padding or margin. in my code below the padding is highlighted in blue. i.e Chart1.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue; <script type="text/C#" runat="server"> protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { //Set the chart type Chart1.Series["Series1"].ChartType = SeriesChartType.Pie; //add points Chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.AddY(12); Chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.AddY(45); Chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.AddY(67); //set back color of chart object Chart1.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue; //set back color of chart area Chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Green; } </script> <asp:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server"> <Series> <asp:Series Name="Series1" ChartType="Pie"> </asp:Series> </Series> <ChartAreas> <asp:ChartArea Name="ChartArea1"> </asp:ChartArea> </ChartAreas> </asp:Chart>

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I'm using MS Chart Controls, i want to add a feature to my charts, im primarily using Bar charts. I will have a large numnber of Data points on my chart for example 20 bars etc, i want to limit the display to 10 so if there is more than 10 it will only show the last 10 bars and display a scrolling bar to scroll back and fort to see all the charts. I have the code to do this, and it works extremely well, only problem is. the code is in VB.NET I've converted it to C# and I am not getting any errors on page_load but my code doesnt seem to affect my chart in anyway, basically it doesnt work. Just wondering could some one have a look at my code and give me any pointers where i may have gone wrong or if anyone has ever got something similair to this working in c#. Im going to post both the VB.NET and the C#, VB CODE [Code].... C# [Code]....

"The Case Of The Disappearing Controls" By Cat "SOLVED" www.vbforums.com

controls in question: picture box and MSChartlog file messages: Line 20: Property OleObjectBlob in chtBGCurveChart had an invalid file reference.Line 17: Cannot load control chtBGCurveChart.Line 34: Property Picture in Picture1 had an invalid file reference.senario: each time I open the project I get these errors. I've changed the location of the original image used and even renamed it. But, I deleted the original picture box control and pointed to the new image name and location. That didn't take care of it. And the chart control problem may have originated from renaming the form. But a new chart control added to the renamed form should work! Oh, and I also renamed the chart control. All code is reflecting the renamed controls, form, and images. The problem still persists.CatCorrection: the picture box control does not disappear -- it simply does not load the image. The chart control does disappear.

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I am viewing items returned from a dataset in an Infragistics chart control. My problem is that due to a weak point in the control, I am left looking for a way to manipulate the height of the chart based on the count/number of items returned by the ObjectDataSource(DataSet). Does anyone one have an existing C# sample they could let me view of accessing the count of records returned within the code-behind of a page that I could then use within a case statement to set the hight of the control?

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Hello!Say, I am using a Webbrowser control in a VB6 application to display'outside' imported data-filled charts. I want to use the mouse to'draw' a line from two different points on the chart display in thewebbrowser control. I believe I use the MouseDown, MouseMove, andMouseUp funtions. If this is so, let me know! Further, how do Iincorporate this functionality in the webbrowser control (I'm using theleft mousebutton)...?Thanks in advance...

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I am new to Chart controls and I'm trying to display a label (text) for a datapoint in a chart instead of a value. I'm using the following code to load the datapoints and to add label information for each point (each label will be different). But when the chart is displayed all datapoint labels are blank (if I use the first line of code) or the labels are all the same, containing the last rows value (if I use the 2nd line of code). Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is there something in the .aspx that I need to set? [Code].... For example: I have 3 rows in my grid with the label data: "Cat", "Dog", "Mouse". But the label in my chart is blank for all points when I use the first line of code and when I use the second line of code the label is "Mouse" for all points.

C# - Linear Regression/trend Line With Ms Charting stackoverflow.com

I have data that are numbers both on x and y and have charted them using mschart 4.0 I need to add a trend line/linear regression to a bunch of points I have. The data on x and y are both numbers (no dates anywhere), for instance (33.4,45.1) would be a point. In the samples I downloaded from the first link I found a linear regression sample in the code files forecasting.aspx(.cs), and I found this ms documentation I have added a linear regression line to the chart with the following line (once all other data it setup etc) Chart1.DataManipulator.FinancialFormula(FinancialFormula.Forecasting, parameters, "Input:Y", "Forecasting:Y,Range:Y,Range:Y2"); The problem with both of these is that they assume dates are used. I went ahead and implemented it anyway, but my regression line starts at around the x value of 20, and will go to an x value of the max x value of one of the points (almost 70) if I give the parameter Period a value of 700. But since it doesn't start at x value 0 I don't trust it is correct.

Cannot Change Chart Thickness - Bug? social.msdn.microsoft.com

The Problem Changeing the line thickness (to say 1pt) of data points in a line chart alters that thickness in the designer but reverts to a standard thickness when the report is run (possibly 3pt). The Procedure Lets say I had three data points being charted as lines, I do the following: Put the chart into the designer Assign the datafields I want to chart The default line width seems to be about 3pt I right click the chart and select properties Data tab For each data point Click edit Appearance tab Series Style button Set Style to 'solid' Width to 1pt Color to whatever color is desired Ok the (way too many) dialog boxes to get back to the chart I note the line thicknesses have changed to 1pt Preview (or deploy and browse) the report The chart line thickness have reverted to the default (3pt?) This is very irritating. Versions SQL Server 2005� ver 9.00.3042.00 MS Visual Studio 2005 ver 8.0.50727.42 (RTM050727-4200) .Net ver 2.0.50727 Anyone have any idea of how to get the line thicknesses to stick?

Conditional Format Chart Data Series Points www.ozgrid.com

Background: I have a Chart sheet with a combination bar/line chart on it. Data is coming from a "datasheet". There is a combo box on the chart sheet that allows you to choose a specific office whose data you want to view. Pick an office from the dropdown and the chart changes. The data is a count of closed cases by month. The data sheet shows 22 Offices with their monthly data, along with entries for each month of the Upper Control Point, Lower Control Point and Mean based on the nationwide data for that month. The chart itself uses bars to show the office's case count per month, and I've incorporated 3 additional data series to plot the UCP, LCP and Mean as lines for each month. I'd like to change the color of the bars to be Blue, Green or Red depending on where they fall in the 3 lines. I sort of have it working, but I'm stuck. The code below grabs the value of each series point and compares it to the 3 control points and does change the colors. I've figured out how to use the If, next to change from one series point to the next, but cannot figure out how to loop through each of the control points. As it stands now, it looks only at the first month's control point and uses that for each successive month. I hope this is clear and I've tried to keep it as short as possible while still providing enough information. Sub chartbarformat() ' ' chartbarformat Macro ' Macro recorded 5/15/2008 by vacoyoungd ' Dim x As Integer Dim val As Variant Dim AveragePending As Range Dim LowerPending As Range Dim UpperPending As Range

Excel 2010 :: Chart - Clustered Column With Line www.mrexcel.com

I would like to be able to add a line (a trend line) to a clustered column chart. The attached jpg (picture copied from Excel Charts - Easy Excel Tutorial) shows the general structure, with the red (poorly) hand drawn lines representing what I want to add to the chart. If using Excel's Trend line functionality is not an option, I have already calculated the trend points adequately, so have the data to add as an additional series or combine with an existing series. (using Excel 2010)


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I am using technologies Visual studio 2005, .net frame work 2.0, ASP.NET, C#.NET, MS-Office 2003, Chart Director Tool and Operating system Windows Xp.Iam able to create a power point slide using my C#.net code. But I am not getting how to put Chart image in that slide. Using the below code I am generating chart in my .aspx page. <script language="C#" runat="server"> protected void Plotgraph_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { [code]...

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Hello All,I've noticed that the charts in Excel allow the user to move the data points, thus changing the data points (so long as they are not formulas). I tried to add the Microsoft Chart version 11 control to a form in VBA, but when the form is loaded, it doesn't seem to be possible to move the points. Is there any way of implementing a chart so that the user changes the data points by dragging?Also, I can't find the datagrid control in VBA, though it avaiable in .NET. Where is it?Thanks

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I am using Google chart API (with php) in my project to show some chart like line, pie, bar etc.I want to insert a comment next to each data point on a chart that's created, so that this data can store to the database. Eg: I have a trend line for 5 years. The values being 10,13,22,15,14 For one or more of these points, I want to insert a comment in the graph that I create. Eg: The spike in Year3 has been due to blah

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I have a pareto chart(Bar & Cumulative Line Chart) that I would like to have the line orginate at x = 0 & y = 0 without changing the position of the other points on the line chart. Basically this is for better visual appearance. When I add a 0 to the table, it skews the alignment of the line chart with the corresponding bar chart.

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I am trying to create an xyscatter chart using VB in Excel. The chart must show menu items i.e.:SteakFishChickenat xy coordinates based on:x= menu mix% (e.g. number of steaks sold/total items sold)y= contribution Margin (e.g. profit per item after cost is subtracted)Consider Table:Menu Item, MM, CM;Steak, 0.50, 5.00;Fish, 0.30, 2.00;Chicken, 0.20, 4.00;I can create a unique series for each item and give it an xy coordinate.so here are the questions:1) how can I plot these points as points instead of series (so that I can lable each point steak, fish, or chicken)and 2) I want to place [only] two grid lines on the chart (one x one y) that divide the chart into 4 sections, and that are used as comparison lines, but the lines coordinates are based on averages taken from the data source. I can generate the position number, HOW DO I DRAW A SPECIFIC GRIDLINE IN A SPECIFIC LOCATION?Confused yet??I've wasted over a day on this already! I'm pretty sure this can be done in VB because I've seen a program written using MSACCESS Runtime that plots the chart as described PLEASE HELP!!!!

Manually Plotting Chart www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need to provide the user with a charting interface wherin he would click anywhere in the chart and a point would be drawn there. On clicking another place on the chart a line will be drawn between the first and the second point and so on.Simultaneously, the data behind that point should be saved in a database.I cant afford to buy any charting tool for this functionality. The only option I have is MSChart or Office XP web Chart.Any help with coding example would be appreciated.

Data Point Marker In MSChart www.xtremevbtalk.com

I hope anyone can help! currently i develope a program that plot a line chart by using the MSChart control. but i face a problem when i want to mark a specific data point with this control. i try to use a picture box as a marker but i can not get the position of the specific point on the MSChart. anyone please help!!!!

Flex :: Line Chart Leaving Gaps In Data? stackoverflow.com

I have a Flex line chart where I allow the user to change the y axis ranges. When a data point falls outside the ranges, the chart drops the line segments on either side of the out of range point leaving a gap in the data line. I'm currently using the data function to clamp the values out of range to the y axis min/max, but this displays misleading data.

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i need help for the drawing curve with the ms chart control with five points and also i want to calculate the intersection point of the two different curve.plz help me how to use ms chart control in my vb application. i haven't use ms chart control before.

Ms Chart Object And Rnd Function www.vbforums.com

I have 2 question1)I want to choose a random number between 3800 to 4200 how can I do that?(rnd function)2) I have a MS Chart control(line style).I have 25 rows in my chart, I want to paint the data on rows number 5 and 10on a blue colour,and the other points,on a red colour.I code"Ms chart1.Plot.SeriesCollection.Item(1).DataPoints.Item(-1).Marker.Pen.VtColor.Set 0, 0, 255"but this is not for specific point!!!How can I do that?

Chart Point Coordinates www.vbforums.com

Hi,I was wondering, if I have a line chart (MS Chart Control), how can I get the point's coordinates so they would match the point's coordinates on the form?Thanks.

Forms Data Controls :: Code And Run It, It Show Nothing? forums.asp.net

I'm doing chart running in application using C# VS2010 to make my Chart Xaxis move.when i place my code and run it, it show nothing. so i created another program using vb.net using the same code as C# yet my vb.net code allow me to make my Chart Xaxis moving.moving mean from 1pm to 1.10pm and so on.which mean my minimum of the chart and maximum will keep moving. [code]...

Changing Data Series In Excel Charts www.xtremevbtalk.com

Does anyone know how to change the appearance of data series in excel charts? My program creates a combination bar/line chart on two axes, and I would like to be able to turn off the lines between points so that I can have a combination bar/scatter chart.If you manually go into an excel chart and click on a line, it lets you change the appearance of the data series and turn off the lines, but I can't find any way to manipulate data series in VB. Any ideas?

C# - Line And Points Using Asp.net Chart Control? stackoverflow.com

I have data in data table like below. I am trying to make graph like below using asp.net chart control (made graph in excel with some test data) points are X and Y values. lines are linear, exponential, logarithmic and power values. So how can I make this chart in asp.net (vb.net or c#)?

Saving A Graph www.codeguru.com

Hello everyone, Could anyone please tell me how to save a graph image as a jpeg file which can be viewed later at any point.I have the x and y co-ordinates using which the curve should be generated.I want to genrate a simple line graph using these points and save the image generated thus.I tried using the Chart control but it didn't have any option for saving the graph generated as an image file..Any ideas????Thanks.

Display Average On Chart? www.mrexcel.com

On this chart the X-axis are dates and the y-axis are daily scores. The chart shows each day's data point and computes a trend line. How can I dynamically calculate and display the average score as a single value somewhere on the chart? I could calculate the average in a cell outside the chart object but would like it to be part of the chart. I do not want to show the average as a separate horizontal line within the chart grid.

Forms Data Controls :: Fill In The Color Beneath The Line Of A StepLine MS Chart? forums.asp.net

I need to create a chart, preferably using MS Chart Controls, that looks like a stepline chart with the exception that color has to be filled in under the line. An area chart won't block off values like a stepline chart (it creates a direct, or curved, line from one point to another). An area chart does fill in the color the way I would like it to be but I want a stepline effect. What I guess I want is a StepArea chart. I would imagine that it should be possible but I haven't been able to configure it the way I want. how I can do this?

Chart Dotted Lines social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi, The chart is set to simple line I can not get my SSRS chart to show just the dots, instead it is joining the points together and show the points joining together and therefor appear as lines.. even tried setting the chart to simple scatter but then nothing appears on graph. Any thoughts please?

Set Scale Of MSChart www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have an mschart that's filled with an array of data. It's an xy-scatter chart.When it's graphed my chart draws a line from (0,0) to my first point at (37437.49,16). My data is all close together between 37437 and 37445 so i dont' want the chart to show a line from (0,0) to the first point. I want the x-axis to be scalled from 37437 to 37445. Not from 0 to 40000. Thanks.

Using Mschart Control-need Help www.eggheadcafe.com

Hi all,I am using MSchart control to plot a graph. I need to draw a line over mschart control whose coordinates can be got from the database. I should also use the scale of mschart control. graph plot will be of any kind like pie chart , bar chart etc.,Can you please help me to solve the problem to draw lines over mschart?Thanks in advance,dpr

Forms Data Controls :: AxisX.IsMarginVisible Does Not Work forums.asp.net

The following does not create a margin in the XAxis. Chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisX.IsMarginVisible = true; I am create a point chart and the left most point is directly on the Y Axis line and the right most point is directly on the right boarder of the chart area. Chart1.Series[mySeriesName].ChartType = SeriesChartType.Point; Is there a MARGIN width I need to set? Does this only work for 3D charts?

VS 2008 MS Charts For A Line Graph? www.vbforums.com

I've looked around, I can't find much documentation on Line Graphs using the MS Chart Addon for VB2008. Whenever I add the "chart" control (which seems to be the only new one in the property browser) a Bar Graph appears. I'd like to create a line graph rather than a bar graph, I don't see an option to change the kind of graph it displays. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, since I've seen people able to create their line graphs almost immediately after installing the control.

Create Scrolling Xy Scatter Chart www.ozgrid.com

I have downloaded a file called "scroller.xls" under the section "Excel charts". The file was made by Andy Pope and shows how to make a graph dynamic by combining Named Ranges and a scroll bar. My chart is actually XY scatter chart with data points connected with smooth lines. I followed but when I start scrolling, the data points (smooth lines) got "eaten up" as I move. I tried line chart and it works perfectly. Does scrollbar work for XY scatter chart? Is there a different formula for XY scatter chart? And I want the chart to be in new sheet, but I couldn't put the scrollbar in new sheet. I would like to know if it is possible when the chart is located in new sheet because my chart is quite large.

Controlling Position Of A Drawing Object On An Excel Chart www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a line chart that is an on-going time series chart. Each month I add another data point to the series. I currently have a vertical line drawn on the chart crossing one of the data points representing when an event occurred. I have everything working except how to determine how much (where) to move the line to stay with that month's data point as the points get shifted due to the addition of the new point.I've looked at all the properties of the Point object hoping to find something like an (x,y) coordinate positioning on the chart (I thought I could use the same x coordinate for my object). But, I can't find anything that seems to work. Does anyone have any ideas to try?

Draw Radar Chart Using Microsoft Control For Framework 3.5 stackoverflow.com

How can I draw a Radar Chart using Microsoft Chart Control for .NET Framework 3.5. I can draw "column" chart using the following code from MSDN. I could not find any example for Radar Chart. Series ChampionshipsSeries = chtNBAChampionships2.Series["Championships"]; //Add data points ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("Celtics", 17); ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("Lakers", 15); ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("Bulls", 6); ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("Spurs", 4); ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("76ers", 3); ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("Pistons", 3); ChampionshipsSeries.Points.AddXY("Warriors", 3);

Jquery - Using High Charts With PHP? stackoverflow.com

I am looking into using High Charts, but I want to populate the data dynamically with PHP and MySQL. Looking for an easy way to get data from the DB into the jQuery functions. This is how the points are created with jQuery. <script type="text/javascript"> var chart; $(document).ready(function() { chart = new Highcharts.Chart({ chart: { renderTo: 'container', defaultSeriesType: 'line', marginRight: 130, [code]....

Add/Remove Custom Control To Chart Drop-Down Menu www.ozgrid.com

I want to add a control under Chart on the menu bar. This line of code errors with "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument" With Application. CommandBars("Worksheet menu bar").Controls("Chart") Change "Chart" to "File" or "Edit" or "Tools" and it's fine. The Chart item only appears when a chart is selected, but it errors even when a chart on the worksheet is selected.

Chart Control www.vbforums.com

It's true. MSChart is crap.SO I thought I'd ask you lot whether anyone has any experience with any other chart controls or recommendations for chart controls.The charting I need is fairly basic - but it will need to do the following:(i) Histograms(ii) Line charts(iii) polynomial trends (quadratic, and cubic)(iv) Mix up all of the above on the same chart (so have a histogram with a gradient trend AND polynomial trend)I do not need (nor want) a 3D charting tool.Any help on this would be most urrmm helpful.

.net - Get Mark Position In Ms Charts On Mouse Click? stackoverflow.com

I m making a chart using MS Charts. Now the chart has mark points from where i want to get the coordinates if user clicks on the mark points. I want interactivity in the chart such that on clicking on the mark points i can retrive the cordinates (x-axis and y-axis) for the mark points. For example for the graph:- on clicking on the orange dots or blue dots i want to get the cordinates for that point, for example the first blue point is (10/11/2011, 49)

Programmatically Show The Marker On MS Chart visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hello,Using MS Chart within VB6, i would like to be able to programaticallyshow the marker on a specificdata point but am unsure whether it can be done or not.If so, i'd appreciate someone letting me know.If you are not sure what I mean, create a sample 2D line chart and clickon the series to highlight it, thenclick on it again to highlight a particular point. You should see adiamond shape marker appear on thedata point - this is what i would like to be able to do in code (i.e.force the marker position and show it).Best regardsDarren Logan BSc(Hons)Development Engineer

Plot Horizontal Line ALL Way Across Column Chart? www.excelforum.com

I have a data series plotted as columns. Then I want a horizontal line at $5,000 to appear all the way across the chart. It appears from the 1st to the last data point, but there is blank space before the first point and after the last point. I would like the red line to extend into this blank space before and after, so that it is going across the entire chart. I tried playing around with different axis settings and no luck.

Silverlight Toolkit - Read Selected Value Of A Data Point On Bubble Chart stackoverflow.com

I have created a Bubble chart using silverlight tookit as follows : <charting:Chart Title="Bubble Chart" LegendTitle="Legend" Name="chart1" Margin="0,0,0,42" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="568"> <charting:Chart.Series> <charting:BubbleSeries Title="Pollutant A" IsSelectionEnabled="True" ItemsSource="{Binding Pollution}" IndependentValuePath="AQI" DependentValuePath="Level" SelectionChanged="ChangeSomething" SizeValuePath="size1" > </charting:BubbleSeries> </charting:Chart> And my xaml.cs defines the handler like this : private void ChangeSomething(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e){ Text1.text="selection changed" // Here I want to show the value of the bubble selected }

VS 2010 Arranging Data Points? www.vbforums.com

I'm using mscharts, but my question might not need to be chart related to be answered.My chart contains 5 XY data points that will be shown in a spline (line graph). The X values are from text boxes 1-5, my Y values are from textboxes 6-10. I'm adding them to my chart by code. [Code]... My issue is I have to enter the data in order to make my line proper. Is there a way to first arrange the points, then add them to the chart. Otherwise if I add a lesser point in the middle, it "z's" the line.

Skipping Values In MSChart Control www.vbforums.com

I have a DLL that creates line charts using the MSChart Control. I'm giving it the uptime for a couple resources that are being monitored. If one resource isn't monitored on a given day, then I leave that value null. The chart assumes 0, which is misleading. Is there a way I can create broken lines on the chart? Incase I give it a null value it will plot every other value but that one?

Chart Control - Pie Chart - Text Around / Outside? stackoverflow.com

I am having a requirement, where I need to have a pie-chart, i need text around pie-chart , the text should be a hyperlink. Ex: we have 3 three fields A,B,C. A's ratio is 30%, B's ratio is 40%, c's ratio is 30% So pie chart gets divided into 3 parts, outside the graph , we should get the label A(in A's area only), when we point on , tool tip should say "A's ratio is 30 %'. I am working in .Net 3.5, VS 2008, using MS chart control(added explicitly by executing MSChart.exe.

Forms Data Controls :: Chart Control Getting Numbers From GridView, But Just Duplicates? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that I loop through to get the x and y values of the chart control, and upon the first execution of this code, it looks great. But when the page posts back and it "refreshes" data, the original points on the chart control are still there, as well as the new values. Is there any way to "delete" all data in the chart control to ensure this doesn't happen?

.net - Update MS Chart For 3.5 To MS Chart 4? stackoverflow.com

Does anyone now how to update reference from MS Chart 3.5 to MS Chart 4. I have recompile ASP.NET project with Visual Studio 2010, the reference already pointing to MS Chart 4.0 dll, but when I open the web app, it still says "The base class includes the field 'Chart1', but its type (System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.Chart) is not compatible with the type of control (System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.Chart)."

Web Forms :: How To Get Asp Control Instead Of Html Control Added To The Form forums.asp.net

I am getting started with a new web site using Web Developer Express 2008. On the default.aspx source, I dragged a button control in between div. <input id="Button1" type="button" value="button" /> was inserted. But according to the tutorial, I should get asp control in the form <asp:control ....> I have checked the top line of the page contains this line: <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="WebApplication1._Default" %>

Flex :: Make Chart Which Is Combination Of Bar And Line Chart Using Charting API stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make chart which is combination of bar and line chart using Flex Charting API . Here x axis would be common and y axis would be different. note that y axis got different range of value one is % and other is amount. Any one got idea how to make this chart. Here line chart would be staked on top of bar chart . The line chart and never over laid or drawn on top of bar chart.

Drawing Lines Over Mschart Control www.vbforums.com

Hello,I am trying to draw lines over an MSChart control in VB6. Using the line draw functions included, the lines are drawn on the form itself. I need a way to make the lines appear on top of the graph.Imagine a chart with a grid over it. I need to be able to scale this grid independant of the chart. Any ideas would be great.Thanks in advance,ED

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i want to draw 3 lines all passing throught the origin and color the regions between the lines (bands) differently. later i want the graph to display points as well whose co-ordinates are taken from a database.i have tried using MS Chart Control for this purpose but i faced the following problems.if i specified the chart style as Area or Line then i am unable to draw the bands in the chart as it draws the graph across multiple rows instead of one row which is what i want and i get a straight line graph if i specify no. of rows as one.if on the other hand, i specify XY scatter then i can draw the bands but i cannot fill them.

Prevent User From Moving Chart www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm using MSchart in an application.In the application I allow the user to select points on the chart. So I have to allow selections in the chart property window.However if a user clicks on the chart, holds the button down, the user can drag the chart around inside the chart window.And once the user has done that, he/she can now use the right mouse button and resize the chart itself.I want to be able to allow the user to only select points on the chart. Nothing else.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

Runtime Error 1004 For Excel Chart Creation On Second Run www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi All, I have an error cause by my create of chart. its runtime error 1004: Method ' Charts' of Object '_Global' failedany clue on what its talking about ?my code is as follows and works fine the first time my application goes through this section of the code. But the error occurs during the second time if i run this code ( ie i dun close the application; and it works during the first run)' Add ChartCharts.Add '' ERROR POINTS TO THIS LINE ActiveChart.ChartType = xl3DColumnStackedActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Chart").Range("A1:B51"), PlotBy:= _xlColumnsActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "=Chart!R1C1:R51C1"ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "=Chart!R1C2:R51C2"ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Chart"ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(2).Delete' Set Parameters of the ChartWith ActiveChart.HasTitle = True.ChartTitle.Characters.Text = "Thrust Plate Ava".Axes(xlCategory).HasTitle = False.Axes(xlSeries).HasTitle = False.Axes(xlValue).HasTitle = False.Elevation = 15.Perspective = 30.Rotation = 20.RightAngleAxes = True.HeightPercent = 100.AutoScaling = True.HasLegend = FalseEnd With' Change the Background color of the Chart AreaWith Selection.Fill.Visible = True.Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor = 50End With' Control the size of the ChartActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ScaleWidth 1.82, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeftActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ScaleHeight 1.4, msoFalse, _msoScaleFromBottomRightActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory).SelectSelection.TickLabels.NumberFormat = "0.0000"osheet3.Range("A1:B51").Font.ColorIndex = 2 ' set font color to white

How To Cache Real-time Data www.vbforums.com

I'm working on a windows forms application (.NET 4.0).My form contains a 'Fast Line' chart using the Microsoft chart control included in VS2010.The chart gets filled with about 20,000 datapoints.My application then starts receiving market data from a server via DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) in real-time and adds it the chart.

Only Charting Data In Series That Meet Criteria www.xtremevbtalk.com

Am wondering if this can be done. I have two time series in column A and B which I want to chart but only a some data points for Coloumn B. In column C I have two flags - Y and N. Y denotes I want the data point in the B row to included in the chart graph, N means I don't want it charted. Is there a way to get excel to chart all points in column A and only some points in colomn B that have an assocaited Y flag in Column c? For example: Row 1 Y = include point in line chart Row2 N = Don't include the point in line Row3 Y= include point in line chart I know I could use a look up function to filter out the Ns but I don't want to create new chart data series on the sheet - I just want the chart to reference the raw data which will increase over time. Also I know I could use the autofilter to chart each series seprately but not at the same time. Anyone got an ideas? Is there anyway to use an if statement within the chart for a given series? I'm thinking VBA route will only be the way forward. Thanks Excellors........

ActiveX - Webbrowser Control VB6 bytes.com

All!I posted a query a while ago as to how one can 'draw' lines on thewebbrowser control (as on an 'imported' chart). I'm re-asking thatquery, plus another. The new one is - How can one Center a portion of,say, an imported chart/document within the webbrowser control?Otherwords, the bottom-right portion of the chart/document is what Iwant to be centered when I import the chart/document.Thanks...

Get Line In Graph To Become Curved Between 2 Data Points In 10 Point Chart? www.mrexcel.com

how to get a line in a graph to become a curved line between 2 data points in 10 point chart. I the pictuer attached I am trying to get the line to curve at the second data point 5(ms) and the third data point at 80(ms). The aftr 80 the line become staright again.[IMG][/IMG]

Could It Be Possible To Connect Points In Excel-Chart? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, there are many points in a Excel-chart (see attachment). The chart has type "point" and points build increasing tree. Do you now, if it possible to connect this points with lines in form of tree? Please help me. Viktor.

Pass Data To Microsoft Graph (OLE) www.vbforums.com

Hi,I've been spending more than 3.5 hours searching the iternet, MSDN, vb Forums and every thing I can think of , on article that can teach me how to control ms graph ole object from VB.I am so surprise taht I can't find a single one that ask on how to pass a data to the object.I have my data in Access.mdb.. but I'll have to querry the database first. Currently i am using microsoft chart (that comes with VB 6.0)... but the 3d bar is too ugly, but the worse case is... if i have 2 points with the same value, and I would like to display a line chart.. the line between these 2 similar vlaues will not be shown.Is there anytihng I an do to fix the ms chart problem ?? I really desperately looking for the iformation on either passing data to ms graph object or fixing the problem in ms chart.Any respose is so grealty appreciated.hendra wijaya

MSGraph visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hello all,I had written a program to capture real-time temperature and show it inMSGraph Line Chart. The temperature data was collected every 10 secondsinterval. Every time when the system update the Line chart, the wholeMSGraph control flickering very badly. I would like to know how can I stopthe MSGraph from flickering every time I update the line chart?RegardsECLim

MSChart Point Value Using Mouseover? www.vbforums.com

Hello,How can I do that when the mouse is over a point in my chart (line chart), I can get the point's values (x values and y values which are dates in my case)?I mean it would look like point selection but without really selecting the point, just being over it with the mouse.Please help me,Thanks.

Forms Data Controls :: Zero For Non-existing Records In Chart? forums.asp.net

specific section for the chart control, sorry if this is in the wrong place.Using Microsoft's chart and a line or fast line type,is there a way to default non-existing values to zero? If for example I have dates on the X axis and have all of January but don't have values on for a couple of days by default the line jumps from one record to nother. Is there a way to make it drop to zero for the date there is no record for?

Forms Data Controls :: Focus On Point Index? forums.asp.net

would like to build a chart that will focus on the point plot. which mean every first point index is plotted will show in the chart as more and more chart plotted those point already been plotted will move to the back of the chart so the user only see the latest point is plot in the chart,anyone try this before in mschart ? can we add scrollbar, slide show or something for user to view the past plotted chart ?

Custom Function, UDF, To Return Nothing Or Empty Text www.ozgrid.com

I am plotting a chart using data from custom functions. On occasion, the formulas return erratic values (due to the underlying data) which I wish to exclude from the chart. If the function does not pick up a value in the code, by default it returns a zero.I would like when this happens to have my function return nothing instead of a value - and I mean absolutely nothing, not a blank string. in this way, the chart line will totally ignore this point.

Hide Minus Values On Y-axis On A Chart www.mrexcel.com

column chart displaying various pieces of data. At the top of my worksheet I have a combo box which allows you to select a local authority name; and all relevant information in the worksheet is highlighted (using conditional formatting, extra series in charts to make relevant points highlight in red, etc). I've added a series to the chart and changed it's type to line - then with the data labels positioned beneath the points on the line I can get conditional formatted x category labels - all outlined here: [url] Because my x category labels are fairly long I've had to give them an orientation of -90 and make the minimum y-axis value equal to -200 to give enough room beneath the chart to fit the text in. As I said above, the values below 0 are just there to provide space at the bottom of the chart, so my question is: is there a way to hide these negative values? I'm sure I've done it before, but can't remember how - I thought maybe a custom number format of #;[White]# would work, but it just inverted my text (white text on black background).

Formatting X Axis On Scatter Plot Chart www.ozgrid.com

Attached is a chart I am trying to create. So basically, I originally used a line chart but it didn't have the flexibility of the scatter chart, but i am having a very hard time formatting the X axis. First of all - I would like the line in the middle at the 0% point to actually go to the bottom so that the x axis labels aren't in the middle of the graph. Second the x axis labels aren't showing up correctly. They should be quarters: 1Q:02, 2Q:02, 3Q:02, 4Q:02... Finally, how can I show the correlation between these two data points plotted - the R-squared. THANKS!!! Auto Merged Post;I actually was able to figure out most of what I asked. What is remaining: how do I calculate the R-Squared on the chart? Isn't there a way to do it automatically in excel on the chart.

"subscript Out Of Range Error" When Chart Referenced www.codeguru.com

I have a chart sheet in Excel with a line chart having three data series. I want to read the data for the first series, and change the style and color of the point if a certain condition is met. I get a "subscript out of range" error on the line beginning "With...". Can anyone tell me the problem?Code:Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) Dim i As Integer With Sheets("Chart1").ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollection(1) For i = 1 To UBound(.Values) If Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(i + 3, 7) <= 0 Then .Points(i).MarkerForegroundColorIndex = 0 .Points(i).MarkerBackgroundColorIndex = 0 .Points(i).MarkerStyle = 0 Else .Points(i).MarkerForegroundColorIndex = 3 .Points(i).MarkerBackgroundColorIndex = 3 .Points(i).MarkerStyle = 3 End If Next i End WithEnd Sub

Dataset - Charting Library For Huge Data? stackoverflow.com

Does anyone know of a Javascript charting library that can handle huge datasets? By 'huge', I mean drawing a line graph with around 1,000 lines and 25,000 data points in total. (With an uneven distribution of points per line. A lot of lines have very few points, but some have up to 4,000.) Here is an example data file. Currently I'm using Highcharts, but it's far too slow at plotting the example file. Here is my test website, graphing the example data file using Highcharts. WARNING: Going to that page will eat up your processor for a while :) I don't want to use Flash or Silverlight. I was hoping to use Javascript so that my users can zoom+pan around the graph, and turn lines on/off etc. But if this is just too much data for any Javascript charting library to handle, then I'll have to make the graphs server-side.

MSChart/Drawing www.vbforums.com

Hi there;Any of you use MSChart before? I want to draw some bar chart and x-y diagram... wonder if it is the correct control i need... or it is better to draw by using simple drawing comandAlso, if i use mschart control bar chart.. how can move the x-axis ticks to point on the bar? thanks

Make Chart www.xtremevbtalk.com

how do you make a bar chart in VB6 using MS Chart control?(using data from a databbase)can some1 write some example code?thanks

Crystal Report Chart And VB6 Help?? www.codeguru.com

Hello!....I m using crystal report with visual basic 6.......i develop a report in crystal report in which i add a chart control......when i see preview in crystal report and move mouse over chart then on Tool tip i get each data point shown on mouse movement......but when i open this report in VB...and run project and move mouse over it then i only get "CHART"...for whole movement.....how i can get data values for mouse movement in VB6??.....thanks in advance........

Excel 2003 :: Add Horizontal Line To Stock Chart? www.excelforum.com

I am using the the stock chart and I would like there to be a horizontal line across the chart with a y-axis of the opening price. In the end I want this to be in VBA but how to do this manually I should be able to put it in loop of data that will produce many charts with a horizontal line starting at the day opening. I have tried to add a new series to the chart but I'm using the Candle stick stock chart and the new series comes out as a vertical not horizontal line. I read about using a secondary horizontal axis but all the tutorials I find are in Excel 2003 and they donlt line up well with Excel 2007. I found this link on charts with horizontal lines but again they are in 2003 and I'm using a candle stick stock chart not a scatter chart. [URL]

Excel 2010 :: Click On Pivot Chart Data Point And Display Data www.mrexcel.com

Pivot Chart. I would like to set up something to where a user can click on an individual value on a pivot chart (currently a line chart set up with 4 data series) and somehow display some underlying data. I have a lot of information stored in a data worksheet that I can't display all at once, but if a user sees a questionable data point, he/she can click and learn more about it from source data, or even a new query of the data worksheet. I am using Excel 2010

C# - Getting X-coordinate On Chart From Mouse Click? stackoverflow.com

I have a chart on a Windows Form with several line graphs. I would like to be able to get the x-coordinate from a mouse click on the chart in such a way that the user would be able to place vertical annotations on the chart at the location of the click. I looked at the Chart.HitTest function, but that will only do what I need if the user clicks on a data point, not anywhere in the chart area.

Determine Half-Way Point Of Bar Series On Bar Chart/Graph www.ozgrid.com

i have created a xlColumnStacked chart using VBA in excel 2000. i would like to place a line in the center of one of the Points(). How can i locate a specific point, for example Points(1), so what i can then "draw" a line in the center

Export Excel Charts To Data Table In VB.NET? forums.asp.net

I am looking for a way to export the Charts Created in Excel to be exported to the data table so that I can build the same chart using any thrid party chart controls or probabaly using the new ASP.NET 4.0 chart control. Basically I want to represent the chart on the web. I want the user to upload the excel and extract the chart information and represent / store that data in some form, say xml or sql etc.

How To Use Syncfusion / Finding Tutorial www.sitepoint.com

i was just trying to get a feel for how to use it, i'm not sure if anyone here has used it before or not, i'm sure many have, but i downloaded the free trial and i'm just currently testing it. i had an error with the code that it provided and on this line: <%@ Page MasterPageFile="~/samplebrowser.master" Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="chart.cs" Inherits="_Default" %> error says that samplebrowser.master does not exist, but idk where the file is at, if i don't include it starts picking up other errors like the syncfusion:ChartWebControl tag.

More Instances Of One Object www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm not a star at english, but i will try to explain my problem.In my program there is a chart. Users can click on the main form and add points in the chart this way. Between each point there a line. Just a normal vb line1 . Because i will need more lines i could draw 10 lines in the design view, but isn't it possible to create another line in a array? I now about control arrays, but can't i create another line object with some coding?Many thanks... Michel

Creating A Circular Profile With VB? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have tubing material which is circular (360°) Every 4.5° (80 points) I get a reading of how thick the material is.I want to create a circular diagram on my form to show all 80 points and their relative thickness to a setpoint thickness. So you would see a perfect circle representing the setpoint thickness, and around that circle you would see the 80 points showing the actual variance.Where is the best place to start looking at how to piece this together?**This is very similar to a Radar Chart in excel... however the radar chart is too limiting. I need to have the size of the chart relative to a setpoint value which is changing and allows for the setpoint circle of the chart to be a line always at 50% outward from the center of the circle, create the scale and have the circle always the same size.ie: Setpoint thickness of 100microns. This creates a circle with a reference from 0-200 microns from the center to the outer edge. My 80 points of data are then placed around the setpoint line always in the same spot.

How To Select Covered Data Point On A Series In A Chart www.mrexcel.com

At the moment I've got a chart with 3 series lines on it and each line has 12 points. I need to select the 12th point on each series in the chart and create a label for it. The 3 lines are Budget, Forecast and Actual and often the Forecast line hits the same points as the Budget line in the chart and every time I try to find a way to select the last point on the Forecast line, I end up selecting the budget one because it's the one in the foreground. I can select the forecast line with the keyboard arrows, but not the last point. I also try to zoom in to get it but one of my charts has exactly the same forecast line as budget line and I still need the forecast line because the forecast will change in future. I can delete the budget line then add it back, but this is difficult and one I'd have to repeat many times because I'm always making graphs and labelling the final point in a series is something I'm going to have to do more often. How do I select the last point on the forecast line if it's directly behind the budget line?

RangeBar Sample Creates Big Red X? social.msdn.microsoft.com

The sample program for the Chart Control is written in C#. It provides VB snippets but there appears to be a key piece of information missing or at least hidden. Can anyone explain to me what is needed to get the Chart Control working in VB.NET VS2008 Pro?Using the Chart Controls sample, I tried to create a RangeBar. The only thing showing is a big red X across the chart. Here's the code almost exactly as taken from the VB sample: Private Sub ChartSample()' Populate series data chrtTCP.Series.Add("Tasks") [code]....