JQuery :: Use OR Condition For Validation?


I am using jquery.validate.js for validating the forms. The issue now is I have a dropdown list with values. Say a dropdown has the values 'One', 'two', 'Three', 'Four','Five'. If the value is 'Three' OR 'Four' . The next 2 input fields are required. Else those are not required. The value will be seperated with optgroups. I tried with different options but I couldnt find the solution. How to validate this?[code]...

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I am using jquery.validate.js. I am having 2 input fields. The condition is the second input value should not be less than first input value. The second condition is the first input value should not be greater than 2nd value. I tried with different options but it didnt work. Is there any jquery function for this validation? Or pl

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I have this date value fetch from a Controller but when I use jQuery Datepicker with validation, the output is not good.The validation is to check if the value is less than or greater than today's date. JQuery Datepicker works well.If I select a date two days from now using datepicker, the validation error won't occur. [:(] ViewData("DateToday") = Date.Now.ToShortDateString() <link href="/css/jQuery/jquery-ui.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.7.2/jquery-ui.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> [code]....

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I have a form, that uses validation with jquery, it contains 2 submit-buttons: one is 'back' the other is 'forward' How it should be: By clicking the 'forward'-submit-button, jquery should validate, if clicking the 'back'-submit-button, jquery should ignore validation But the problem is: jquery validates at each submit Now my question: How can I get it, that there is no Validation, when I click on 'back'-submit-button, or in other words, that jquery can differentiate on whitch submit-button it should validate?

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How can I set email validation in jquery I am using .net

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How to use the IF ELSE condition inside the RUle function in Jquery Validation. I am using one form for some fields are require for option 1 and some fields are require for option 2. Example for the below code I need name and address for option one and name and url for option 2. How to use the IF/Else condition for this. [Code]...

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I have one form and i have bonded form validation using Jquery form validation by below code. I have used A jQuery inline form validation from code... As per above code form validation works properly when clicks on submit button but. If form is validated then fire submit() event and try to validate again.. in recursively then i got alert of "Stake Overflow error on line(..)" in ie.

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I am using jquery.validationEngine.js for form validation .I was downloaded this js from URl...this site.But it not works for checking validation for default value such as I have first name field whose value is "First Name".I want validation for checking that this field should not be blank but it not works because it contains default value "First Name".Also I want this should work in jquery.validationEngine.js file because I have to many validations on form & I am using this js.[code]

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jquery.validation remote method doesn't work with jquery 1.5.0

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I am using jQuery and jQuery.validate plugin to validate ASP.NET pages, since I found jQuery Validation plugin better than ASP.NET validation controls. I have used This validation code for Login and simultaneously for other pages like register and many others. //.NET code Dim jsValidate As String = String.Format("Validators.validateLogin('{0}','{1}');", _ txtUsername.ClientID, txtPassword.ClientID) [Code].... Now the problem I am facing is if I have multiple controls on a page which require or not require validation. How to handle that situation. Bcoz once someone clicked on Login button it starts validation function and on pressing on some other button in some other control, it stuck with current validation. I wish if jQuery validation plugin can handle some groups like ASP.NET validationGroup, it could be a lot easier.

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What is the right way of doing both client side and server side validation using jQuery and CodeIgniter? I am using the jQuery form plugin for form submit. I would like to use jQuery validation plugin [URL] for client side validation and CodeIgniter form validation on the server side. However the two don't seem to gel together (or I am unable to get my head around it). Whether its a client side validation or server side validation, the user should see consistent UI displaying error messages next to the input fields. [Edit] It appears that I can pass server side errors to showErrors() like here [URL]. However, if I am doing extra server-side validations (like checking if username is already taken) that aren't present in the client-side rules, then the validation plugin clears these validation messages when user tabs out of these fields.


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Is there anyway to customize only the client side code validation generated by the EnableClientValidation?I have some forms Ajax Submited with Jquery being client side validated with jquery validation and in the submitHandler i post the form.I want to create a helper to write my own client side validation, but i have no idea on how to get the validation attributes (with or without reflection) from my metaData class. (I'm using EF)

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Using : jQuery Validate (jQuery Validation Plugin 1.8.0) Browser : IE 8 Code : Problem: The live('submit).. code fires before the validation does. So, validation never actually stops the form submitting. In other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), this is not a problem, validation always fires first.

JQuery Support For DataAnnotation? forums.asp.net

Is there any support from JQuery for DataAnnotations?Found this but not sure if its supporting. http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/

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I've got 2 methods of validation in my Form. a. JQuery Validation b. A couple complicated hardcoded rules in Form.Submit() handlers. I need to disable the submit button once BOTH a & b validation has succeeded so that the user doesn't submit twice. My best attempt so far involves adding a "submitHandler" to the JQuery Validation as so... jQuery("#myForm").validate( { submitHandler: function (form) { form.submit({ success: function (submittedForm, action) { [Code]....

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Doing my part to test out jQuery 1.6 RC1, I changed my link to jQuery. I have a form and with all previous versions of jQuerywhen I click my save button my invalid inputs show their respective messages. With jQuery 1.6 RC1 the validation messages do not show. No other changes were made to the app. Using validation 1.8. Iswitchedback to jQuery 1.5.2 and it works as expected.

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I am using jquery validation.But i am having problem with cancel butttoni am not able to make validate false for it,

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I am using the jquery plugin and want the validation to upload only extension .doc but it does not validates the HTML5 input file when the name has brackets.[code]

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is there any way to trim the filed value before using jquery validate plugin [URL]../Plugins/Validation/Validator.

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How can I give my own custom validation message in JQuery and XVal Validation.

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Is there easy to integrate ASP.NET with jQuery form validation plugin or any other JS framework to replace standard ASP.NET client validation ?

Jquery :: ASP.NET MVC 3 Unobtrusive Validation - Before Validate Event? stackoverflow.com

Using ASP.NET MVC3's unobtrusive validation feature how can I run some JavaScript before validation runs? Jquery's submit handler runs after validation for obvious reasons. I can hook into a click on the submit button but that doesn't seem very elegant. EDIT:It appears my above statement is incorrect. As was pointed out below the submit handler does run before validation.I need to manipulate a form value after form submission but before jQuery validation. If I change the value after submission using jQuery's submit handler then jQuery validates the original value not the new value.

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How to make validation something like in this screen shot attached below.is there any jquery plugin ,will do the validation...Attachmentsvalidation.gifSize : 5.48 KBDownload :389

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I have a simple form that uses jQuery validation to notify the user of input errors, etc. When I add an ASP.NET CustomValidator to the form, it causes the page to postback and skip the jQuery validation. I need the form to not be submitted to the server until the client-validation is correct. Has anyone seen this before? This is my form: [code]...

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I am having dynamic text box in my form . I like to validate using bassistance jquery plugin. http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/ My textbox name is in array formate setting[], how to represent rules and messages <input type="text" name="setting[]"> my validation script is <script type="text/javascript"> $("#freebidz_frm").validate({ rules: { [code].... But it's not working .

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Any best tutorial for Registration Page With Jquery Validations

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i m using joomla default editor for a form and jquery validator plugin, now i want to validate that joomla text editor should not be blank.... how do i validate that?? i read an article regarding validation for tinymce, i want similar to this post although if i click on toggle editor than validation works( coz it turn into teaxarea) but when there is joomla default editor then does not display any error when it is blank here is the reuired code <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#addBookForm").validate({ rules: { description: "required" [Code]....

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I am using jquery validation plugin to validate an ajax submited form. the ajax call returns the html of the form if there was some error server side. The problem is if this happens to ajax doens´t work anymore. I would need something like "live" jquery function that works with the jquery validation plugin. Here is my code:

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jQuery validation is working fine on my machine, when i pushed it to test server it won't it's throwing some errors which is kind of surprising.These are the errors I am getting: $.validator is null or not an object...I've never gotten this error before and it throwing an error when I declared a variable like var isValid.I don't know what to do. I am doing the custom validation methods not in the document.ready(). Does this cause this error? I wonder because all jquery validations are passing and hitting the server side validations.

Jquery Validation Plugins In Conjunction With Server Side Fallbacks? stackoverflow.com

I like the look of some of the Jquery validation plugins as opposed to the ASP.NET validation controls. However, one big benefit of the ASP.NET validators is they automatically work on the server side too. Hence saving time and saving validation getting missed when work is maintained. I am wondering if anyone has come across any tool/plugin to assist in automated mapping of jquery client side validation to a server side fallback.

Creating List Box In Conditional Statement? www.mrexcel.com

HOW I CAN USE IN EXCEL VALIDATION DROP DOWN BELOW CONDITION =IF(B1="Assets",[Mapping.xls]Assets!$A:$A,IF(B1="Liability",[Mapping.xls]Liability!$A:$A,""))

JQuery :: Creating The Validation Using Jquery In .netform With Post Mehtod? forums.asp.net

I have created the validation using jquery in my asp.netform with post mehtod.but i have replicate the same in usercontrol.But in useroncontrol i dont have any form and i cant give any action and any post mehtod. how to do validation using jquery in usercontrol.

JQuery :: Classic ASP And Alidation Plug-in? forum.jquery.com

Basically I am putting together a registration form for my site using, ASP, Javascript/AJAX, jQuery. I can't find any reference to using the Validation Plugin and ASP anywhere. Here is what I have so far. jQuery validation: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#frmRegister").validate({ [Code]...

JQuery :: Validation Plugin Doesn't Work On ASP NET MVC? forum.jquery.com

I'm trying to use the Jquery Validation plugin on aspnet mvc fframework but it doesn't work, when I open the firebug console it display an error: jQuery is not defined [Break on this error] jQuery.extend(jQuery.fn, { I don´t know how to fix this issue an had already added the jquery-1.3.2.js to my scripts, there is the valdiation code I'm using: <script type="text/javascript" src="../../Scripts/ jquery.validate.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="../../Scripts/[code]....

Jquery :: Validate Plugin Prevent Double Submit On Validation stackoverflow.com

I am using a jquery validation plugin at: [url] I want to disabled submit button ONLY when validation passes: It tried: But this disables the submit button even if validation fails. Is there a way to only disable the submit when validation passes and a submit event occurs?

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i have a group of textbox and i have to validate them on button click.First validation is required field validation i.e., it iscompulsoryto provide input and, Second validation is range validation .e.g., textbox can only contain numeric values between 0-9. How can iachievethis functionality using jQuery ?

Can Read Captcha Data From JavaScript In A Secure Way stackoverflow.com

We use Captcha control in a registration form that we make full client validation for all fields in JavaScript ( JQuery ) beside server validation .. I tried a lot of ways but all will write the Captcha value in JavaScript that can be accessed by anyone :( I search if is there any way that allow me validate Captcha value in client side using JQuery in secure way or it can't be done ?

Jquery :: Use The Validation Rules On Both Client-side And Server-side? stackoverflow.com

I'm using jQuery validation system for client-side validation. The backend works with django. jQuery use an interesting set of rules in JSON format. Does exists something to use the same rules on django side or I need to code it myself?

Jquery :: Bypass The Validation For A Specific Email Address? www.sitepoint.com

I'm using a jquery plugin to validate email addresses submitted on a form.The plug-in is available at this address: http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins...in-validation/ The code I use is as follows: Code JavaScript: <SCRIPT type="text/javascript"> $().ready(function() {code].... How can I bypass the validation for a specific email address? Let's say "if the user submits abc@test.com" then I do not want to validate this address and accept it as it is.

JQuery :: Validate Email List - Add JS Validation To Forms? forum.jquery.com

I've used the excellent validate plugin (http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/) to add JS validation to forms. I'm aware there's a built-in setting to validate an email address. However, I'd like to validate a list of email addresses, and I don't think the plugin contains a built-in solution. What's the best way to implement this?

JQuery :: Does Not Work In Ie7 forum.jquery.com

It does not work in ie7!I have been trying to fix for 2 hours now! Please help. I tried using jquery 1.6.1, 1.5.2, min.validation, regular validation, i changed the buttons to input type="submit" and did everything else I could find but nothing works.When you click submit, it does not validate. It goes straight to my thank you page and I get a blank form in return.I do not know much jquery, just enough to know what I copy and paste and make some minimal changes.[code]

JQuery :: Validate Certain Fields - Setting Delay Time forum.jquery.com

I am using jquery validation plugin successfully to validate certain fields against my server. The thing is sometimes user types too fast, and the validation plugin sends the word if not equal to the previously sent word. This causes some problems with my mod-evasive that I run in apache. Is there anyway to slow down these requests, or say post to server each 300ms. The jquery UI autosuggest has this feature, where you can set a delay time.

Ajax :: JQuery Validations Plugin - Add Delay To Spinner To Prevent Quick Flash stackoverflow.com

Im using jQuery validation plugin [URL] to do some client side validations. I have a remote validation to check whether a username is available in the database, and I would like my spinner to hang about for maybe a second longer than the request will take, to prevent the sudden flash of the spinner appearing/disappearing when the responce is very quick. The code I am using to handle the spinner is as follows: [Code]...

Combine JQuery Client And Server Side Errors In Same Summary At Top Of Page stackoverflow.com

I am using JQuery for all of my client side validation and Asp.net validator controls for all of my server side validation. I am using an errorlabelcontainer to store the client side validations in a summary at the top of the page, which is the requirement. All works well. My problem is, I want to display the server side asp.net errors in the same errorlabelcontainer OR display all of the client side errors in the validation summary. Either way, Both errors need to be in the same place/div. Any ideas on how to do this? I thought of maybe using the asp.net validation summary as the errorcontainer in JQuery, but I cannot find the summary. This is what I have right now. $("#aspnetForm").validate( { onkeyup: false, errorLabelContainer: $("ul", $("#FormErrors")), wrapper: "li" }); If you need to see more code.

Web Forms :: Combining JQuery Client And Server Side Errors In Same Summary forums.asp.net

I am using JQuery for all of my client side validation and Asp.net validator controls for all of my server side validation. I am using an errorlabelcontainer to store the client side validations in a summary at the top of the page, which is the requirement. All works well. My problem is, I want to display the server side asp.net errors in the same errorlabelcontainer OR display all of the client side errors in the validation summary. Either way, Both errors need to be in the same place/div. Any ideas on how to do this? I thought of maybe using the asp.net validation summary as the errorcontainer in JQuery, but I cannot find the summary. This is what I have right now.

MVC :: JQuery Validation Not Working For Dropdowns? forums.asp.net

I have an problem with dropdowns and validation. With MvcValidation it worked perfectly, since upgrade to jquery the validation for the dropdowns fail. Example: [Code].... If I click the submit button als fields are validated, except the dropdowns...why? Btw. how do I add dynamic validation for dynamic forms in jquery? I know that it was something like class="required" as an html attribute in former days.

JQuery :: Complex Form Hiding Input Depending On A Tick Box forum.jquery.com

I am writing an accounting sofware, and I have difficulties with the form used to enter the debit and credit for a given transaction. I have used the Jquery validation plugin demo, but I don't know how to hide a specific input cell and replace it by blanks. In accounting, you have either a credit or a debit. So I have an indicator tick box at the beginning of each line which defines whether the line is a debit or credit, and if so it hides the credit cell or debit cell. </head> <body> <h1 id="banner"><a href="http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery- plugin-validation/">jQuery Validation Plugin</a> Demo</h1> <div id="main"> [Code].....

JQuery :: Apply Validations On Dynamically Generated Forms? forum.jquery.com

I am using the JQuery validation plug in for form validations. My page contains a loop in which dynamic forms are generated and within each form some text fields are also dynamically generated. I have assigned the id and name attributes both to form and fields with dynamically appending a value. Now I want to apply the validation on all these form, please note that each form contains its own submit button. I have tried using the following selector, [Code]...

Jquery :: Ruby On Rails - Display The Flash Error Message When Validation On The Server Side Fails? stackoverflow.com

I am using the Jquery form plugin to submit the form via ajax. I have set up validations on the server side in my models. Now when the validation fails i want to display the same flash[:error] message to the user using ajax. If the validation succeeds I can display the flash[:notice] as it is available after the request is completed. How do i go about displaying flash[:error]?

JQuery :: How To Pass PHP Variable forum.jquery.com

So after the validation find true, from that validation.php , i want to pass a PHP variable to custom.js( Jquery file).How can i do it.I am getting validation errors as a concatinated string which is returned by php,am trying to append a variable to that string.but its ech oing on the screen.Is it possible to assign a variable in that PHP file and pass to jquery file.

Forms Data Controls :: Comparing Two Columns In A Grid View To Avoid Duplication? forums.asp.net

I have a condition to check weekdays with a particular time corresponding to that day that were added to a grid view using a drop down list and two text boxes. The drop down list has weekdays and textboxes has from and to time. I have to verify a condition to avoid duplication of same day with same time should not occur in the table twice. (i have used time picker jquery to get time.) how should i write the condition in sql and use that in C#

Jquery :: How To Use Validation Plugin On Form www.daniweb.com

I am trying to use the jQuery validation plugin to validate my form but cant get it working. I have the script types in the header:<script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery.validate.js"></script> And my Form:<form id="taskentry" method="post"> Trip Date<input type="text" class="required" name="trip[Date]" id="tripDate" placeholder="MM/DD/YYYY"/></form> I tried this but not working:<script> $("#taskentry").validate({ rules: { tripDate: {required: true} } });</script> How do I implement the validation plugin to use on my form?

Web Forms :: How To Place Two Regular Expressions forums.asp.net

I have two the below regular expressions for a textbox , to validate. ^(([01]?dd?|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]).){3}([01]?dd?|25[0-5]|2[0-4]d)$ - Validation Expression For IP Address ^(([a-zA-Z0-9]|[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9-]*[a-zA-Z0-9]).)*([A-Za-z]|[A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9-]*[A-Za-z0-9])$ - Validation Expression for Host name I want to use both these for the same textbox, It should fullfill either of these conditions. What should I do so as to satisfy my condition.

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How to hide a div if validation summary is available in javascript/Jquery.

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How to validate Internet address in asp.net mvc textbox like [URL] or [URL] I want to implement jquery client side validation

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How to validate Internet address(URL) in javascript like [URL] or [URL] or [URL] I want to implement jquery client side validation

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What is the best way to handle validation and error handling in ASP MVC 3 with jQuery Mobile?

Jquery :: Validation Is Not Working Chrome Version- stackoverflow.com

jquery validation is not working in chrome ( for a external site,But it works for our local machine.

JQuery :: How To Reset The Page After Jquery Validation On Asyncronous Postbacks forums.asp.net

I am having some problem with Jquery validation. In my application i am using jquery validation plugin..I am using Updatepanels and i am validating using Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance().add_initializeRequest(ValidateMyForm); and ValidateMyform will validate on each button click... var objPost = args.get_postBackElement(); if (objPost === null || objPost === undefined) return; if (objPost.type == 'submit') {[code]..... Here I want to get back the page to normal stage(like after a full page postback)...even though after async postback the validation is still active...it should not get back to normal and its throwing errors if i enter something wrong...this is because the page is not fully refreshed on asyc postbacks...I just want get the like the normal after each asyc post back... I tried using submit and reset to reset the page but its became to normal..the validation is still active...I have no idea what to do..

Possible To Fire Validation From JQuery? stackoverflow.com

I have a form with several text boxes on it. I only want to accept floats, but it is likely that users will enter a dollar sign. I'm using the following code to remove dollar signs and validate the content: jQuery: $("#<%= tb.ClientID %>").change(function() { var ctrl = $("#<%= tb.ClientID %>"); ctrl.val(ctrl.val().replace('$','')) }); asp.net validation: <asp:CompareValidator ID="CompareValidator4" runat="server" Type="Double" ControlToValidate="tb" Operator="DataTypeCheck" ValidationGroup="vld_Page" ErrorMessage="Some error" /> My problem is that when someone enters a dollar sign in the TextBox "tb" and changes focus the validation happens first and THEN the jQuery removes the dollar sign. Is it possible to have the jQuery run first or to force the validation to run again after the jQuery executes?

MVC :: 3 DataType.EmailAddress Client Side Validation? forums.asp.net

Is there built-in client side validation when using the [Datatype(DataType.EmailAddress)] attribute on a class in MVC 3. If there is, it's not working for me, and I'm having a heck of a time finding any info on that Datatype. I have found a number of articles on creating custom validation on MVC 2 for email, but being that this Datatype is available and that it's included in the jQuery Validation, I'm assuming that it should be all automatically setup.

Web Forms :: Need To Somehow Trigger The Summary Control And Append The Error Message To The Header ... forums.asp.net

I am using a combination of required field validators and validation on postback. The reason I am using both is because I have some controls that are dependant on conditions. Anyway, with these conditional controls I would like to make use of the validation summary to display the error (instead of having a separate label to display the error). I am thinking I would need to somehow trigger the summary control and append the error message to the header text.

Use Jquery Validation Plugin For Validation Empty Forms? stackoverflow.com

I am using jquery validation plugin for validation empty forms. Should I also check this in PHP to be sure on 100%? Or it is ok with javascript validation.

Serverside Validation With The JQuery Validation Plugin? stackoverflow.com

I'm currently starting out with the jQuery validation plugin, and I want to add validation with AJAX using PHP on the backend to validate. To my understanding, that's achieved through something like the following: $("#myform").validate({ rules: { email: { required: true, email: true, remote: "check-email.php"............ where "check-email.php" would including the proper validation code.

Jquery :: Validation - Submit A Validated Form That Used Validate Plugin - With AJAX? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to validate my form before the inputs will be processed and stored in the database. I used the jquery plugin for validation. Here is my code for the validation: My form looks like this: Now, I was wondering if how can I proceed to submit the form after the validation. I am planning to make an AJAX call after it.

JQuery :: Validation Plugin Inside A Fancybox Window? forum.jquery.com

I'm using the JQuery validation plugin inside a Fancybox window. My contact form appears in the modal popup when the user clicks a link (loaded through an external .html file with the form code), but my problem is that the validation is always skipped and the form is always submitted.The weirdest thing is it works if I put an "alert('...');" before the validation code [Code]...

JQuery :: Prevent Server-side Call When Client Side Validation Fails In ASP.NET MVC stackoverflow.com

I have a view page with model validations and client side validation enabled. I have a submit button which on click I have called a javascript function which uses jQuery for an AJAX call to the server..but I want to stop the AJAX action when client side validations fails. [Code]....

JQuery :: Block UI And Validations / Don't Want To Block Page forum.jquery.com

I am new to JQuery. I am using Block UI in my application.In submit button onclick event, i am performing client side validations ( required fied validators )in asp.net.On clicking submit button,whole page is blocked and at the same time validation message is also displayed and page remains blocked. While performing client side validations i don't want to block the page.

JQuery :: Function As Parameter Data In Requests? forum.jquery.com

I'm using jQuery Validate to validate my on-line things.it looks like a plugin issue, but my turn-arround was on ajax/param not on the plugin, so i put it on core.Today i faced a problem, that is: i use remote validation and i needed that all the form is submited to the validation. (this remote validation is like a bridge to the $.ajax)i have tried this, and of it is not the best deal, because it get the form on ready and don't change when the form change: $('#nome').rules('add', { remote: [code]....

JQuery :: Validation Plugin - Email Validation And Whitespace? forum.jquery.com

I am using the jquery validation plugin to validate a form's email address field. The validation works but with the minor exception that when trailing whitespace is entered after the email the validation fails. I'm not sure if this is because of the regexp or a missing trim.

C# - MVC Form Validation In Multiple Tabs - Auto Jump To Tab With Validation Errors? stackoverflow.com

I have tabstrip with multiple tabs. In each tab I have a number of text fields for the user to input. The tabstrip is surrounded by a form and just below a submit button. I have annotated validation on the model attributes. Validations works fine using Jquery validation. However, if the user makes an input error in a field, goes to a different tab and press submit the error will appear in the inactive tab and thus not be seen by the user. I would like the Jquery validation automatically to go to the tab with the validation error, so the user can see it. Is this possible?

JQuery :: Difference In Regex Email Validation Between Plugin And Org.springmodules.validation? stackoverflow.com

I have a Spring app and a form getting validated on the back and front ends. On the back end I'm using annotation based validation for the EMAIL field with help from org.springmodules.validation. So far so good. On the front end I decided to use the jQuery Form Validation plugin and discovered that front and back validation are out of sync with one another. For instance: a@b.c with pass the jQuery validation but not the Spring one. I looked at both re-gex'es and my eyes crossed. [Code]...

JQuery :: Use Twitter Bootstrap Popovers For Its Validation Notifications? stackoverflow.com

I can make popovers appear using bootstrap easily enough, and I can also do validations using the standard jQuery validation plugin or the jQuery validation engine, but I can't figure out how to feed one into the other. I think what I need is some hook which is called by the validator when it wants to display a notification, give it a closure that passes the message and the target element to a popover. This seems like a kind of dependency injection. All nice in theory, but I just can't figure out where that hook is, or even if one exists in either validation engine. They both seem intent on taking responsibility for displaying notifications with all kinds of elaborate options for placement, wrappers, styles when all I'm after is the error type(s) (I don't necessarily even need message text) and element it relates to. I've found hooks for the entire form, not the individual notifications

JQuery :: Verification Is Not Triggered For Empty Inputs OnBlur? forum.jquery.com

I'm using jquery-validation for validation of an edit form. The behaviour of the onBlur validation is a bit strange. I've put an example up on my webserver here: [URL] It's using a patched version of jQuery Validation with some additional console debug output. Works in Chrome and Firebug. This patch for version 1.9.0 fixes the problem, but I'm not sure of there are other dependencies I haven't considered. 229c229,230< if ( !this.checkable(element) && (element.name in this.submitted || !this.optional(element)) ) { ---> var optional = this.optional(element); [Code].....

Jquery Validation Not Working After Clearing A Form? stackoverflow.com

I have applied validation through JQuery Validation Plugin on my page. The validation works fine but once the Clear button is hit to clear out all the fields on the form, and then the save button is clicked again, the validation doesn't fire and the form gets submitted. I have called the following javascript function on click of Clear button to clear out all the form fields :- [code]... The Clear button is on a ChildPage and ResetForm function is on the MasterPage.

Web Forms :: How To Add Messages To The ValidationSummary Using C# forums.asp.net

I have to customize a validation scheme for my form because required validation is only necessary if 2 other conditions are met; I have this figured out, but is there a way to add the messages to the ValidationSummary Control using C#

Check If A Post Value Has Been Selected In A Drop Down List ? stackoverflow.com

How can I fetch a post value from a drop-down list to check if a given value has been selected and use it in a if condition to check if only the element like India is selected then only he should submit. I'm not getting the post values to use if and else condition ? For example to fetch country I'm using $country = $post['country'];--- how to do this in zend and I want to do some validation like this if($country == 'india) --- how to do this in zend framework

Avoid Enduser From Giving Urls In Textarea Jquery? stackoverflow.com

I want to avoid user from submitting website URLs in text-area using (JQuery) client side validation. I am using Validation plug-in. Example: [URL] I need to validate when user types http:// or www in text-area

JQuery Validation Plugin To Validate Some Fields On One Page forums.asp.net

am trying to use JQuery validation plugin to validate some fields on one page.at page also has a link button which submits the page to server. Now the problem that I am facing is jQuery validator doesn't fire when I submit the page with that link button. If I change the link button to normal button or image button then validation works fine. I can't change the control on the page and have to use the link button.

Use Jquery For Sliding Effect? stackoverflow.com

I am new to javascript and jquery. I have written some javascript code for some client validation. document.getElementById(spnError).style.display = 'block'; This is how I am showing a span if there is some validation issues in the form. I want to use Jquery to show this span. I would like to slide it down slowly.

AJAX :: Validation Inside Update Panel? forums.asp.net

I am trying to implement validations for a jQuery pop-up which is placed inside an update panel. I am facing problems using validation controls and I presume its because oft he ClientScriptManager it uses. I read in the FAQ section [URL] that we need to download and apply a hotfix to solve this.

MVC :: Using�json And Jquery To Send A Form To The Controller? forums.asp.net

i am using json and jquery to send a form to the controller like below, when i click submit validation occers but line is executed even if form is invlid. How can i tell if form validation failed or succeded using javascript? [Code]....

Jquery :: Django Form Validation Message Not Render In View In Ajax Post? stackoverflow.com

I have created django form and shown in the html page from django views. From the page i need to post the data from jquery ajax and i have did if data's are valid then my django valid get True and perform the task and return the json value.But in case invalid data means it will not render to corresponding html with django error messages like normal form submission.Is there any way to do django validation message shown in corresponding fields(as like normal django form post validation) with jquery ajax post method.

JQuery :: .When Link Librarys, Timepicker Does Not Show Time Good? forum.jquery.com

i need use jquery time picker: http:[url]....and jquery validation plugin: http:[url]....When i link this librarys timepicker dont show time good: http:[url]....but when i take validation plugin away, timepicker show time good: http:[url].... i need use this librarys together.

How To Attach The Validation Framework To Textboxes With In Page stackoverflow.com

how to use jquery in an asp.net nested masterpage. I have my main masterpage where I have added the link to the jquery libaray and also the validation framework. I have then created another masterpage with some styling and created a aspx page based on that masterpage.How can I attach the validation framework to textboxes within my page? $("#aspnetForm").validate({ rules: { <%=txtPostCode.UniqueID %>: { minlength: 2, required: true }, <%=txtContactEmail.UniqueID %>: { required: true, email:true } }, messages: { <%=txtPostCode.UniqueID %>:{ required: "* Required Field *", minlength: "* Please enter atleast 2 characters *" }

JQuery :: Validation For Dynamic Field To Check The File Extension? forum.jquery.com

I am using jquery.validate.js for my validation. I need to validate some dynamic input fields. By using class now I am able to validate that. Here my problem is to validate for the file extension. For static files I use as file: { required:true, accept: "png|jpg", }, How to write the accept validation for dynamically generated input fields. Below is my input field where the ID and name will change for every input field.<input type="file" id="tval_1" name="tval_1" class="required accept" />

JQuery :: Validation Ignores Placeholder? forum.jquery.com

I am using jQuery validation plugin to validate my form, but it is seems to ignore required fields witch have placeholder text.ow to solve it?To display placeholders in all browsers I am using this jQuery plugiAnd to validate my form, I am using this code : $("#userRegistration").validate({ errorLabelContainer: "#messageBox", wrapper: "li", [code]....

Jquery :: Submit A Form Using Ajax After Validation? www.sitepoint.com

I have a form and i am using jquery validation plugin to validate form.now i want to after validation submit form using ajax. here is the example. Code:<form id="frmRegister" action="" method="Post" ><input type="text" id="username" name="username" value="" /><input type="submit" id="btnRegister" name="btnRegister" value="Register" /></form> [Code]...

JQuery :: Validate A Textfield And Use Regex? forum.jquery.com

I doa validation for a textbox (email field), with help from the validate plugin, it works great to use this email function. The thing is that I want to a validation for another text field (title) and needs to check for 'bad' characters, like regex. how to to this like the function below? ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jquery.validate/1.5.5/jquery.validate.min.js $("#aspnetForm").validate({ submitHandler: function(form) { } [Code]...

JQuery :: Compare 2 Fields And Clear Both forums.asp.net

I'm new to JQuery and recently started using the validation plug-in. I have a scenario where user have one of those type in your password and confirm your password textboxes. This is easilly accomplished with the "equalTo" rule how every my requirement is that once this failed the error message should be displayed and the textbox cleared. I assume there is no short and easy way todo this without writing javascript functions. point me in the right direction with a url or example. Then a question to all you JQuery experts I've noticed "digits" and "number" to me they do the same thing? If not then explain the differance to me. Also how do I do a validation group in jQuery, similar to the asp.net validation controls assigned to a group and activated by a certain valodation enabled button?

Jquery :: Conditionally Load On A Wordpress Page stackoverflow.com

my website is powered by wordpress and I have conflicting plugins. I found when I remove the <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> from the header to load the Jquery libary, the plugin works but all other Jquery elements do not. I thought a good solution would be to make a condition where Jquery does not load on the page where I am running the plugin to stop the conflict but I am not sure if this is possible or how to achieve this.

JQuery :: Custom Validation For Validate (two Method In One) stackoverflow.com

I would like to know, how can I call another custom validation method of jquery validate in my method to validate some data. For sample, I have a field called 'Document ID' that can accept CPF or CNPJ (both are brazilians documents), and I need to validate it with jquery validate. I'm doing something like this: jQuery.validator.addMethod("cpf", function(value, element) { // my validation for CPF Documents }, "CPF inválido!"); jQuery.validator.addMethod("cnpj", function(value, element) { // my validation for CNPJ Documents }, "CNPJ inválido!"); Both works fine when I have one field for each type but I have only one and I have to discovery what my user type on textfield and validate it, somethind like this: [Code]...

JQuery :: Asp.net - Attaching Event To Validation & Disabling Fields stackoverflow.com

I have an accordion JQuery UI control that shows two different sets of fields. At least one set has to be enabled, and when it is, it needs the validation disabled for the other set. This has been really frustrating to implement dynamically. Finally I settled on maybe just removing the validation rules right before the submit on the set of fields that are collapsed. (So the user is no required to fill that set). However, even then I can't seem to figure out how to attach an event to the form's submit event that will run before the validation! I was this function to run before the JQuery validation. I'm using MVC3. Here's what some of my code looks like: <div id="accordion"> <h3><a href="#">Option Set 1</a></h3> <div> [Code].....

JQuery :: Validate - Max Validation With Float Values? forum.jquery.com

I use the validation from [URL] and have a problem with float values on the validation.I have implemented the following on my page: <script src="/admincustomers/js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/ javascript"></script> <script src="/admincustomers/js/validate/jquery.metadata.js" [code].... the user enters his values in 4, 5,25,6,00 or 6,05 etc.(using the , sign)and the max validation only takes integers. How can I still make the max validation with the , sign and float values? The users isn't allowed to submit the form if the value is greater than the max value specifyed.

JQuery :: Ajax And French Characters When Inserted In Database forum.jquery.com

I get french characters who look like this �, � but are � for example.I am using jquery ajax and making a form validation with php then inserting in the database,[code]i have try many things but nothing seems to get rid of the problem and i know it's because of jquery ajax because if i make a simple insert in database using only PHP eveything works fine.

Check If File Is Downloaded On Client End? stackoverflow.com

The problem page uses some jQuery code to collect data and it does input checking validation. If the validation is true, it posts to the server. Some of our users reported (10% or maybe a lot less), they could not submit on the website.We talked with one of the users who had the problem, and were even more confused afterwards.Tester's PC: XP, IE8, FireFoxThe first time he used IE and the JavaScript validation did not fire, he was NOT able to submit data to server neither, because the validation was set to be false by default.(it is supposed to have a error message showing up if the validation is false)Afterwards he tested with F.F. (F.F. worked straight away). Coming back to IE again, the validation script started working and the submit was again successful.So, after all the tester don't have problem any more, and couldn't replicate neither.I am wondering if there is any software or program may stop the js file from downloading properly?Because the page is also hosted in a i-frame in another website, that is why i thinking some antivirus may think this is a across-domain threat and stopped the posting working.If so how can i do a check to ensure all the required js files are downloaded before user doing a submit