JQuery :: How To Move DIV And Resize It With Animation Effect


How can I both move a div and resize it with animation effect at JQuery? i.e. div will be at the middle of screen and it will go to the left side and will have %50 of its height and %50 of its width after it completed its move.(It will have for example %75 of its size at the middle of its way) I tried that: $(".block").animate({"left": "-=100px", "height": "-=30%", "width":"-=30%" }, 1000); However it disappears? This works: $(".block").animate({"left": "-=100px", "height": "30%", "width":"30%" }, 1000); However it makes my square more bigger, I try =-30% but doesn't work. What should I do getting smaller instead of getting bigger?

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while loading a page i am using a animation, wid=jQuery(window).width()+400; jQuery('#div').animate({'marginLeft' : '+='+wid+'px'},{queue:false, duration:20000 }) div, is being moved to left in 20 sec. I use this animation for loading page. when page is loaded <body onload=myfunction()> is called. when myfunction is called (page is loadad completly) i want to my animation faster. how to change an animation duration while it's animating?

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I created a page with multiple images and a div element. When I click on those images, I change the background image of the div with jQuery animation. The moment is made to change the image, the effect of exchange is white, and needed it to be black. Can I change the color of the effect fadin / fadeout without changing the background image of div element? You can view what i've done here, just click in "Manaca" and "Historia" words

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If you take a look at emmawatson.com or ted.com, you will notice that there are multiple panels, or divs, that resize on hover.At emmawatson.com, they actually cause the other divs to dynamically resize based on the div being hovered over.I would like to create a similar effect, using click, for divs within a certain boundary.How can this be done? The psuedo code is as follows: $(div*containing"input").function() div*containing"input".resize(when input element is active) otherDivs.move(get out of the way so this div can expand) $(xButton).click(bring things back to their original size)

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I am going to using jQuery UI.Layout Plug-in with JQuery UI resizable plugin.the container layout example of JQuery UI layout plugin: My code struct like this: html code: <div id="container"> <div id="paddingWrapper" class="pane ui-layout-center"> <div class="pane ui-layout-center"> Center [code].... But it seems when I resize the div id="container",the layout was broken.the inner contents also preserve original with and height.So, I need a way to make the layout of inner could auto resize when I resize the container of them.

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I am going to using jQuery UI.Layout Plug-in with JQuery UI resizable plugin.the container layout example of JQuery UI layout plugin: My code struct like this: html code: <div id="container"> <div id="paddingWrapper" class="pane ui-layout-center"> <div class="pane ui-layout-cen [code].... But it seems when I resize the div id="container",the layout was broken.the inner contents also preserve original with and height.So, I need a way to make the layout of inner could auto resize when I resize the container of them.

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I'm creating an overlay with multiple effects and clicks. To setup the overlay and the general effects(slide, fade, duration,.) there's no problem. As for some actions there's need an automated close after a few seconds.Here is my jQeury code for the total animation. jQuery.noConflict(); jQuery(document).ready(function() { // START DOCUMENT READY [code].... Now for what I want exactly to do: Create overlay if clicked on div in the body content. (DONE) Open the refering overlay of witch div container was clicked. (DONE) In my project there are 2 div's (as clickable items) with actions. For one of them the content with in the overlay moves to the right side and showes some other content. (DONE) If that last is done (click and move tot right) the overlay is suposed to close automaticly after a few seconds.

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I have a button which is animated with a rollover effect, obtained through jQuery of course. I wish to open a lightbox clicking that button and I tried with a simple, self-made lightbox and with FancyBox but in either case the lightbox is displayed without animation.I post the code for my buttons and the lightboxHTML for buttons: <ul> <li><div id="fader0"> <div class="from"><a class="products" href="#inline"><img src="images/tabproducts.png" alt="Our products" /></a></div> <div class="to"><a class="products" href="#inline"><img src="images/tabproductsHover.png" alt="Our products" [code]....

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I want to achieve a similar effect using jquery and in div's not tables,[URL]

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I have the following html repeated many times on a page: <div class="outer"> outer <div class="inner"> inner [Code]..... As you can see here: [URL] moving the mouse slowly between the divs (waiting for the animation to complete) achieves the desired effect of displaying only one inner div at a time. However if you move the mouse quickly between the divs, all the inner divs remain visible. I've tried using the stop() function but without success. How can I prevent the inner divs from remaining open?

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I am using a jquery photo slideshow feature I found online. It contains a div which uses the accordian effect to display the name of the photo currently being shown. The client however does not want the div to "slide" down. He wants it static while still loading the current photos title as they advance. I have an example here. I tried going into the js file and commenting out the parts that I thought cause the animation to the div, but it had no effect. Any ideas on how I could achieve stopping jquery animation on one particular div in my example?


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I'm newbie to jQuery and java script, i try to make show/hide effect for block with product info like here URL... (square images with rollover info).For example i have code this code (effect could be slideToggle or show/hide):[code]But when i add some tags inside div "bo2" like <div>some text 1</div> or <p>some text 2</p> etc. this parent div start flickering on mouse moves.

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I have a jquery animation that toggles the width of a div. Within the div, I have a span that has a link in it. Every time i click the link, instead of being directed to the link url the div's with is toggled instead. you expand the orange block and hover over the bottom part, there should be a more link. How do I change my code so the the more link will take me to the corresponding url and take priority over the toggle effect?

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I'm currently working on a project where i use SWFObject to include a flash header (some fire animation). Also I'm using jQuery for serveral animations and effects on the page, like Imagesliders and hovering effects.The problems I got:high CPU usage: about 50% on a Intel Q9550 low frame rates of jQuery animations due to the high CPU usage.The flash animation seem to stuck when i trigger any jQuery animations or effects.I tried to remove serveral jQuery animations and simplify the page, but also with only an hover menu, the flash animation stucks and the jQuery animations are laggy when hovering the menu.The only browsers where my page runs smooth are Chrome and Opera, but only with high CPU usage. FF3&4 and IE7-9 produce bad frame rates all time.I tried to reduce the jQuery internal fx interval, that seems to help, but the animations were not smooth any more. Am I the only one having this issue, i could not find any other postings here with that topic?!url...We changes the graphic card of the computer, from a GeForce 8400GS to a 8800GT. After that, the animation run smooth. I never thought that it would be the graphic card ^^

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I have a jquery script that prepends a <div> tag on button click. Additionaly in this script there are some jquery effects(like slideDown) applicable to <div> tags that were before(and for them effects work fine) and also to <div> which was prepended. However, after new <div> is prepended the effects don't work on it, why?

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I use jquery ui to apply a drag and drop effect on a serial of DIVs, for example: <div class="draggable">...</div> <div class="draggable">...</div> <div class="draggable">...</div> <div class="draggable"> this DIV was dynamically added, not draggable </div> The problem is dynamically added DIVs won't have this effect applied, how can i apply this effect on new members too?

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I've been looking for an "Ajax CMS" but decided to learn jQuery to learn how to code it myself in order to earn some geek-girl cred among my male colleagues. I've learn a lot about jQuery in a week but as you can imagine I still have a lot to learn. I have successfully animated an image (move to the left and increase opacity) when the mouse hovers a div and reset the image (move it back to its original position and reset the opacity) when the mouse move outside the div. So far so good... Here comes the question: What I need to do -and don't know how to - is when the user clicks on the div the image should stay in the hover position while still being able to hover any other divs and activate the animation normally. When a different div is clicked the previous "Clicked" div should return (animate) to its original position and the new "Clicked" div should stay in the hover position. Content will be loaded when the divs are clicked but there won't be page refresh since I'm loading the content by using the load funtion of jQuery. I'm including the code:

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how to achieve the same animation effect from the flash action script on the [URL] homepage with jquery. It's really an amazing slide effect. I've been unable to sleep tight after saw those slide panel effect and thinking how to use same effect but in jquery. I've been doing a research with jquery masonry layout plugin from david desandro to achieve same effect but still got nothing.

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I have a parent div with a child div inside. The parent div is using jquery Ui resizable. How can i make the child div inherent the parent div dimensions in real time when parent div is resized. Here's what i have http://jsfiddle.net/dtxhe/7/ After resize, the child div is not resizing according to it's parent.

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Is it possible to resize a view over the period of tween animation. I do not want the view to be scaled but it should be resized giving the effect that it is zooming out and as it zooms out reveals more content of the view.Is there an existing way I can use the animation framework to achieve this effect?

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I have serveral DIV-Containers on my site and I added to each an .mouseenter and .mouseleave event: $(document).ready(function() { $('div.Menu').mouseenter[code]... It works fine but the problem is, if I move the mouse over and over the DIV-Containers the animations runs, and runs, and runs.I think, each time I move over the DIV, the animation is going to the Queue and runs that often. I want it to stop after the .mouseleave animation is finished, so that it runs just on time..

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I am having a problem with an absolutely-positioned div disappearing while IE7 is animating. The animation has a z-index lower than the div containing Questions, Customizable, and Library, but the div disappears during animation. Is there anything I can do about this? I've tried changing the positioning, z-index, and moving the div to occur before the animation, but nothing seems to work. Everything looks fine in FF, IE8, and Safari.

Script.aculo.us: Slide Up A Table Row? www.codingforums.com

Having problems sliding a table row using scriptaculous. Using the code newEffect.SlideUp('test1');, the table row gets hidden but without the animation effects.While trying to research this, I saw a post in stackoverflow and someone said it's really hard to create animated effect for table rows. There's a solution there but it's for jQuery.Another solution is probably to use <div id="test1"> inside the <tr> instead but that creates XHTML error.Code for table table row:<tr id="test1"><td>Hello World!</td></tr>

Jquery :: Resizing Of A Div When Clicking A Link stackoverflow.com

How I can resize a div using jquery when someone clicks on a link. This code isn't working:

Jquery :: Nivo Slider - Error Alert (Stack Overflow) www.webdeveloper.com

I am using Nivo Slider, a jquery image slider on my site Lykka.se. It works fine in all browsers except IE. In this browser an error alert appears stating 'Stack overflow at line: 881'. I am including the following scripts related to the slider in the page: jquery-1.3.2.noConflict.min.js jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js The following script is included inside the <head>-section of the page: Code: <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(window).load(function() { jQuery('#slider').nivoSlider({ effect:'random', slices:15, animSpeed:500, pauseTime:3000, startSlide:0, //Set starting Slide (0 index) directionNav:true, //Next and Prev directionNavHide:true, //Only show on hover controlNav:true, //1,2,3... keyboardNav:true, //Use left and right arrows pauseOnHover:true, //Stop animation while hovering manualAdvance:false, //Force manual transitions captionOpacity:0.8, //Universal caption opacity beforeChange: function(){}, afterChange: function(){}, slideshowEnd: function(){} //Triggers after all slides have been shown }); }); </script> And finally this is the html-code I am using: HTML Code: <div id="slider-wrapper"> <div id="slider" class="nivoSlider"> <a href="[URL]"><img src="[URL]" alt="" /></a><a href="[URL]"><img src="[URL]" alt="" /></a> </div> </div>

JQuery :: Toggle Animation When A Div Contains A Table? forum.jquery.com

I'm searching for a fix: I've a div that contains a table, and when i "slideToggle" the div, the animation goes bad (sorry for my eng): while expanding the div, it's height become greater than the "real" hieght, so when animation finishes, the height returns like the original size. So the problem is that I've an error in jQuery when the height is calculated. I think a fix could be calculate differently the height if a div contains a table..what do you think about that?

Jquery :: 'chained' Animation That Moves A Div Element On The Screen To Two Different Points On The Screen... stackoverflow.com

I would like to create a 'chained' animation that moves a div element on the screen to two different points on the screen, in two consecutive steps. So if my div starts at (0,0), I would like this div to animate and move towards (100,100) in 2 seconds. After it reaches the latter destination, it then animates again and moves to point (200, 200) in 3 seconds. Using -webkit-animation I am able to make one translation or animation, but I cannot chain the second animation to start after the first has finished - because I do not have a handle provided to be (an event, or a css class) that can give me such information. I am happy to use a bit of javascript magic as part of the solution. Here is some code to visualise what I am trying to do: [Code].... Edit: I am after a solution that uses -webkit-animation because it is currently the best way to display smooth native-like animation in osx

JQuery :: Animation In Accordion Using Mobile? forum.jquery.com

do anyone know how do i slidedown animation using jquery mobile ? im able to do the normal animation thats given in example. Its just kind of hide and show but i need to do a animation like when i click the top div tag it should slide down the inner div content.

Jquery :: Button - Effect - Slide Hidden Div Down / Up, Hiding Currently Showed Hidden Div? stackoverflow.com

i wish to make a jquery effect like the one found on this website, which is sitting to the right of the main flash add: [URL] I have made a start, but have hit a little snag with muy method.. perhaps its not the best way to achieve my desired effect, please advise and thanks in advance!! My Code can be found here: [URL] Also i will display it below: * HTML <div id="latestNewsJs"> <div id="lnClickDivs1" class="sideJsBtns sidejsbtn1"></div> <div id="hiddenDiv1" class="secretDiv"></div> <div id="lnClickDivs2" class="sideJsBtns sidejsbtn2"></div> [code]....

Animate Div With Tons Of Dom Objects Inside? www.webdeveloper.com

I've found a lot of animation scripts (jQuery, etc) that all work perfectly for animating a DIV with some text or an image inside. However, if the DIV has hundreds of divs, each with 20 or so span objects inside them, the animation doesn't work. It becomes jumpy and too heavy a load on the GPU or processor. I haven't been able to get animation like this to work anywhere. Does anyone know of a solution?

JQuery :: Animate - Rotate An Animated Div? stackoverflow.com

I have a jQuery animation where pictures slide from bottom to left. Now I want to rotate this div with -ms-transform: rotate(90deg). After rotating this div, the animation is broken. The animation should have a fixed infobox on the left side and pictures which slide from left to right on the right side. The Animation Container is rotated 90deg. My animation: $('#divImg0').animate({ "marginTop": -this.screenHeight, "Height": 0 }, "slow"); HTML: <div style="-ms-transform: rotate(90deg); position: absolute; right: 0; bottom: 0;"> <div id="PictureContainer" style="padding: 0; margin: 0;"> </div> </div> [Code...

Flex 4.5 Mobile Resize Textarea With Animation On Soft Keyboard Activate Event? stackoverflow.com

I'm using Flex 4.5.1 with AIR 2.7 (and Flash Builder 4.5.1) to build an app for the Blackberry Playbook. The app has a large textarea that needs to be resized when the soft keyboard shows up. I am able to hook into the soft keyboard events and do things there. Now, I want to resize the textarea to fit the remaining part of the screen when the keyboard shows up. I know the current and destination size and want to use a smooth animation to show the textarea resizing. (I can't already set the height and can see the textarea being correctly resized in the keyboard_activating event - but I want to do it through an animation). I've tried using the Animate class, the spark.effects.Move class and none of them seem to work in this case. They seem to run the animation but the screen does not get refreshed! [Code]...

JQuery :: Applying Effects In A DIV Class? forum.jquery.com

im new to jquery and still learning, i want to ask how can i apply animate effects in a div class, i have a class made for my content and im trying to apply opacity to my div using jquery, but i guess im not able to apply it to a div class, ive done the same thing with a div ID its working fine for my header. here is my code<div class="mydiv" style="border-color:#FFF; border-style: solid;"><p>some text</p></div>

JQuery :: Center A Relative Div Horizontally On Window Resize? stackoverflow.com

i am initially centering div horizontally using jquery but when the window is resized it looks bad so what i want to do is keep it centered using jquery after the window is resized check this [URL] and resize the window, you will see that the content doesn't get positioned correctly although i used jquery to center it but if we use the css thing then FutureKode's answer is best suited for me :)

ActionScript 3.0 :: Make 2, 3 Group Of Animation Using Multiple Arrays? www.actionscript.org

I m trying to make 2, 3 group of animation using multiple arrays, A group having 10 circles and those circles r moving from X to Y (using mainFunction). while moving... i m calling subFunction for blink effect (here my problem comes). So each circle are having two different animation (moving, blinking) , also going to make 2, 3 group by calling "mainFunction" Experts pls help me to resolve this problem, or sugges me some other way to make this animation [Code]...

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I want to know if the jQuery transfer effect has any callback mechanism by which I can determine when a transfer effect starts and when ends. I got the code below, but I found no callback function… $("div").click(function () { var i = 1 - $("div").index(this); $(this).effect("transfer", { to: $("div").eq(i) }, 1000); });

Moving Images Without Weird Glitch. www.vbforums.com

How do you move and resize images without that weird blip effect?

JQuery :: How To Make Tabbed DIVs Visible Using Scroll Effect stackoverflow.com

I want to make a tabbed divs in asp.net. These divs should be made visible using Jquery scroll effect. Sort of like this, Here. But I want to use Jquery. Here is my div <div class="prodreview"> //this will contain a form that will allow the user to review a product </div><div class="prodDesc"> //this div will simple show product description </desc>

Jquery :: Load In And Animate Content? stackoverflow.com

I have a little issue concerning an animation-effect which loads a certain div into the body of the site.Let me be more precise: I have a div with the id 'contact':<div id="contact">content</div> The jquery code loads the contents within that div, when I press the link with the id 'ajax_contact': <a href="#" id="ajax_contact">link</a>.The code is working perfectly. However, I want #contact to be HIDDEN when the site loads, i.e. the default state must be non-visible. Only when the user clicks the link #ajax_contact, the div must appear.have a look at the jquery code: $(document).ready(function() { var hash = window.location.hash.substr(1); var href = $('#ajax_contact').each(function(){ [code]....

Jquery :: Create The Sliding Effect, It Is Not Being Animated Correctly? stackoverflow.com

Am using jquery to animate a sliding effect on the li elements. While I have managed to create the sliding effect, it is not being animated correctly.I think the issue is to with the jquery animation timing, which conflicts with the rest of the code immediately below the jquery animate call. Code: Here is the relevant code for review (jsfiddle link underneath): function activateRightTab() {[code]......... Here is the working prototype on jsfiddle (press the light green button 'rght' button on the right)

Showing / Hiding The Next Div On Mouseover Of The Previous Div? stackoverflow.com

This is my php code: echo '<div class="code" rel="$url">$title</div> <div class="tip">Copy and open site</div>'; the above is a loop's echo result. Namely, there maybe 0->n like the following html structure <div class="code" rel="....">...</div> <div class="tip">Copy and open site</div> Now, supposed there are 6 results like the above, I want to use jQuery to get when I put the mouse hover on the first <div class="code" rel="....">...</div> the only first tip div will show. When I move the mouse out, the div will be hidden. I think using jQuery alone can't get that effect. There must be some php added to the code, but I don't know how to do that?

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i want this animation to start from the beginning but i dont know how to do it.im using scriptaculous framework. here is my animation:[URL].. and here is my code:<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> //fade div 1 new Effect.Fade('anim1', {duration: 1, from: 0, to: 1, afterFinish: function (one){ //after finnish 1 //after fade 1 effects [Code]...

JQuery :: Resizing Divs With SlideToggle? forum.jquery.com

I am trying to get my divs to resize but i am having a number of difficulties. I am new to jQuery so be gentle! Here is what i am trying to achieve: 1) When the "About me" div is clicked - resize the "About Me" div and hide the other divs. (Which i have managed to get working) 2) When the initialanimation has finished, wait for another click before resizing the div to its original size/position. (This is working but I have had to use the delay function to "pause" the animation - which is not ideal). [Code]...

Flex :: Search Results Filter Effects stackoverflow.com

I've created a search with a couple of comboboxes that allow users to filter their search results. The results are currently using a TileList & itemRenderer to display, and now I'd like to add an animation effect when the user filters their results. I know that you can use the itemsChangeEffect to create an animation effect when the user drags and moves result itmes. So I'd like to know if there's a way to create a similar effect triggered by the filtering on the comboboxes?

Jquery :: Mouseover/mouseenter Not Fired By Browser On Animated/moving Element? stackoverflow.com

If you have an element that has an animation to move it around, the mouseover and mouseenter events aren't fired unless the mouse is moved by the user. To demonstrate try the block of code below with jQuery. If you put your mouse in front of the moving div so you're not moving the mouse when the div passes by then the mouseover isn't fired and the block doesn't stop. In Firefox the mouseover event is fired without moving the mouse manually over the div, but only if you've moved the mouse at least once. My question is there a workaround so an element moved under the mouse cursor will still have its mouseover event fired? <script> $(function() { var move = 10, left = 0, [Code].....

MX04 Quick Question About Dynamic Text Fields board.flashkit.com

I'm making a simple program in Flash MX 2004 and I can't figure out if what I'm trying to do is possible.I have an animation of a card flipping over. It's a movie clip with a dynamic text field placed on it.It animates fine, but the text only shows up when the animation stops, not while it's moving.Is it possible to have a dynamic text field actually move with the animation? (rotate, resize, etc...)

Animation Effect In Gif Is Not Working When Used In The Form www.vbforums.com

Hi, I created a gif file with Animation Effect through Adobe ImageReady, the Animation Effect in the Gif is working fine when i open the Gif file through InternetExplorer. But the Animation Effect in the Gif is not working when i assign the picture to the Form's picture property or PictureBox in my VB Project. Is is possible to assign a Gif with animation effect to the Form or not. Kindly reply about this. Thankyou, Chock.

Animation Effect In Gif Is Not Working When Used In The Form www.vbforums.com

Hi, I created a gif file with Animation Effect through Adobe ImageReady, the Animation Effect in the Gif is working fine when i open the Gif file through InternetExplorer. But the Animation Effect in the Gif is not working when i assign the picture to the Form's picture property or PictureBox in my VB Project. Is is possible to assign a Gif with animation effect to the Form or not. Kindly reply about this. Thankyou, Chock.

Animation Effect In Gif Is Not Working When Used In The Form www.vbcity.com

 Hi,     I created a gif file with Animation Effect through Adobe ImageReady, the Animation Effect in the Gif is working fine when i open the Gif file through InternetExplorer. But the Animation Effect in the Gif is not working when i assign the picture to the Form's picture property or PictureBox in my VB Project. Is is possible to assign a Gif with animation effect to the Form or not. Kindly reply about this.Thankyou,Chock.    

Jquery :: Delay .animate Until Animated Container Is Visible In Browser Window? stackoverflow.com

I am animating the background image of a div using jQuery .animate(), but sometimes the container is pushed below the fold and I'm afraid users will miss the animation because they haven't scrolled down to view it by the time it's done. Is there a way to delay the animation until the div that's being animated is visible in the browser's viewport?[code]

Jquery :: MojQuery Append A Div On Mouse Move? stackoverflow.com

I tried to achieve this by something like this : $('div.check').mousemove(function(e){ // Mouse click + moving logic here $('.movestatus').text('mouse moved'); var clientCoords = "( " + e.clientX + ", " + e.clientY + " )"; [Code]..... What is happening when i move the mouse in the div the main div gets dissapeared or on jsfiddle nothing happens. How can i bind jQuery to .check such that when i move the mouse it adds a div at the moved position.

Jquery :: Accordion Animation Stops It Working stackoverflow.com

I have a jquery accordion that works fine without animation: jQuery('#countrylist').accordion({ active: false, alwaysOpen: false, autoHeight: false, animated: false }); But if I try to use animation it no longer works: [Code]... Now clicking on one of the heading links no longer opens that div, it doesn't do anything.

JQuery :: Select Element Fires Hover? forum.jquery.com

I am trying to implement a div containing an advanced search form drop down on hover and I have everything working (only in FF) except for when I try to add any sort of animation or speed to the '.show' or'.hide' effect. When I try to add speed or seemingly any other effect to the div, the select elements of the search form fires the hover [Code]...

JQuery :: Setting Active State On Animated Menu Tabs? stackoverflow.com

I have image sprites that use JQuery to set the BG position on mouseover and mouseout events. When I set the active state BG position using JQUERY it works fine until I move my cursor away from the active 'tab' which then fires the mouseout event animation. What I want is the mouseClick event to stop the animation on the active tab but still allow the animation effect to work on the other tabs, and when another tab is clicked for the active state to be removed from the current tab to the new 'active' tab. JQuery $(function(){ /* This script changes main nav links hover state*/ $('.navigation a') [Code]....

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I am using the jquery splitter from [URL]My right pane is fully occupied by an iframe. The splitter doesn't work when I try to drag it over the iframe (drag to right) i.e. the iframe does not resize when the splitter is dragged over it, but the same iframe resizes when the splitter is dragged over the left pane (drag to left). The iframe is contained in a div tag as shown in the html below. <html> <body> <div id="left"></div> [code]....

JQuery :: Create The Queue Effects Using .animate Function? forums.asp.net

i m trying to develop a tabbed content slider. during this i am facing two problems. first i don't know how to create the queue effects mean, i want to animate first div, after completion of first animation than second animation would be started. for this i using the callback function here, but i want to know is there any other procedure to do this thing. second there is jerk in the animation at second and fourth tab. [code]....

JQuery :: Stopping A Loop Animation? forum.jquery.com

I'm having trouble figuring out how to apply stop() to a function which cycles an animation.The animation changes the background by fading in, pausing, and fading out a background div.For smooth effect the animation needs to stop on completion of the fade out. [Code]... Maybe stopping also needs a straight js solution,

AJAX :: AnimationExtender For Vertical Scroll With Pause forums.asp.net

I would like to create an animation effect in order to have a vertical scroll of my images, the scroll must have a pause from an image to another. I have started with this, but I have some problems: [Code].... 1. how center my image exactly in the div? Actually it is "near" it but not "in" it! 2. When the image move up it moves in the window OVER the div, not inside (so it doesen't disappeare when move up) 3. how realize the start-stop-start moving of the effect? Actually it begin at the load event of the page and then finish!

JQuery :: Hold Animation For Some Time Period? stackoverflow.com

this is the code i've written inside jquery document.ready function.It moves a div in a circlular path when the page is loaded. div is having class 'pixel' . Now i want to hold the animation for suppose 3secs so that when the page is loaded no action is seen and after 3 secs div should get start moving. here 4000 is the time period of animation occurs. var i =0; $(".pixel").each(function(){ $(this).animate({path: Paths[type][i] }, 4000) i++; })

JQuery :: Simple Animation - Image Move Up To Show Bottom forums.devshed.com

This is meant to be a very simple animation. Everything seems to be correct, but it doesn't seem to run. Basically it is a system where the image is 50px taller than the box it is being displayed in. When you hover over the image, the image is meant to move up via jquery to show the bottom (previously hidden) 50px and cut off the top 50px. Here is my Site: [URL] Here is my HTML: Code: <div id="container"><div> <a class="none" href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"><img src="/themes/smo/portfolio/<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'portfolio_img',true).".gif"; ?>" alt="" /></a> </div></div> Here is the Jquery: Code: $(function(){ $("div.container div a").hover(function(){ $("img", this).stop().animate({top:"-51px"},{queue:false,duration:200}); }, function() { $("img", this).stop().animate({top:"0px"},{queue:false,duration:200}); }); I think its something to do with the container class.

JQuery :: Functions Are Returning A Deferred/promise Object? forum.jquery.com

I've been going through the documentation for the deferred objects API, and one thing that's still not clear to me is : what jQuery functions are returning a deferred object? The documentation seems to say that jQuery.ajax() and the animation functions like jQuery.fadeIn() does (what about jQuery UI effects?), but the pages for those functions say they return a jqXHR object and a plain jQuery object. [Code]...

JQuery :: Accordion 'height: Auto' Causes Animation Glitch? stackoverflow.com

I'm using a jQuery Accordion, and I want each section to be able to resize dynamically according to the inner content. So I set the styling of .ui-accordion-content-active to 'height: auto'. This works while one particular section is active; it resizes correctly to accommodate the content inside it.However, the height property seems to affect the animation when selecting different sections of the Accordion. It looks like it starts to slide, but the auto height takes over and both sections are fully open for a brief time, and finally the previously active one closes.It seems like there should be a correct way to force an Accordion content div to resize dynamically, without affecting the animation.

JQuery :: Html - SlideDown() Animation Is Choppy When In Container Without Fixed Height stackoverflow.com

I have a hidden div that I want to show using slideDown(also tried jquery UI .slide('blind')). If I set a fixed height on its container, the animation is smooth as a baby's bottom. But if I set it the height to auto and have the the slide animation push the height of the container, like I want to, the animation is choppy - there are maybe five "frames". Is there a workaround for this?

JQuery :: Css - Animating Div To Each Corner Ends In Jumpy Animation And 'fixed' Element stackoverflow.com

Link: [URL] Unfortunately I can't even perform the most simple animation with jquery right now. I've got a quadratic div separated in 4 buttons. Each button represents one corner of my screen. So if I press btn1 my quadrativ div should animate to the upper-left corner. btn2 should animate the div to the upper-right. btn3 bottom left a.s.o. Now there are two problems: 1. animation is not smooth in safari & chrome (it jumps from one corner to an other) 2. If I have clicked all (one after the previous animation) the div is stuck in the upper left corner. Firebug told me that my div keeps all of the css rules applied by $.animate()?! Btw. the div initially should have been centered on my window :)

JQuery Statements To Elements Are Loaded In Runtime? stackoverflow.com

A web page with one button and one div, If click this button that will load another button into the div using jQuery.The new button -which is loaded in runtime-will not be effected by other jQuery statements.Apply jQuery statements to elements that are loaded in runtime?

JQuery :: .each() - Iterate Over Items And Animate Each Of Them Separately Causing Ripple Effect? stackoverflow.com

I have a page with 100 boxes stacked on top of each other, in a teetering stack. I want to simulate this teetering with some jQuery animation having them sway back and forth in a ripple effect. I first tried this: $("#teetering-tester").click(function () { $("#box-stack div").each(function (id) { $(this).animate({ 'margin-right': "+=3px" }, 300 + id, function () { $(this).animate({ 'margin-right': "-=3px" }, 300 + id); }); }); return false; }); But this makes the entire stack move to the right, and then move to the right. I was hoping for a ripple effect. So, I tried to open new threads with setTimeout(): [Code]....

JQuery :: Animation With No Stop forum.jquery.com

I have 2 div blocks next to each other. Whenever the mouse enters block1, an animation is started. Now when I move the mouse from block1 to block2, the first animation needs to stop and the animation for block2 needs to start. So I have a function: and then: The problem is now, as soon as the mouse leaves block1, the animation stops for a second before it starts the animation triggered by mouseenter into block2. What I need is a smooth transition with no stop of the animation. Is there a way to realize that with jquery?

Jquery :: Dropdown Menus Are 'stopping' Flash Animation Causing Choppy Animation stackoverflow.com

I'm using a jQuery driven dropdown menu in addition to a Flash scrolling animation.I am only using the Flash animation in IE only as I created an equivalent, jQuery based animation for all other browsers (because, surprise, IE didn't handle the jQuery version). So please look at this in IE only.When you hover over the dropdown menus, the Flash animation temporarily "freezes" and the continues. This causes choppy behavior in the Flash animation.

Jquery :: Dynamically Change Width Of Div When Content Is More On Load? stackoverflow.com

I have one div with predefined width (say 80px), but the length of the content in the div can be long, can any body tell me how to increase the width of div based on content length? my div looks like <div class="content"> Text here </div> I have tried to use jQuery to resize it, but I am always getting 0 value when I am using .width() or .innerWidth() functions.

Jquery :: Parent Div Transparent Background But Not Affect Child Div Transparency stackoverflow.com

<div class="container"> <div class="site_content"> some stuff, images etc </div> </div> .container{ background-color:#333; } What I'd like is to have the .container div to have opacity of 80%, but the content of .site_content to be at 100% Setting css opacity affects all child elements. Is there a way do this? With jQuery? Because of how this will be used, I'd prefer to avoid the technique of positioning another transparent div behind to achieve the effect.

JQuery :: Animation - Inline Text Scrolling - Rotating - Carousel Effect stackoverflow.com

I trying to create an animation with JQuery that scrolls 1 word in a sentence. For example, I am a nice sententce of text with a MAGIC word in it OTHER HIDDEN WORDS After a second or so, MAGIC would move upwards and OTHER would scroll into view. I've tried playing with a few carousel plugins but I can't seem to get the effect working. Some seem to have so many nested divs that they refuse to display inline, others have issues when one word is longer than another.

Ajax :: Part Of A Page To Stay Loaded Throughout The Website? stackoverflow.com

possible to have one element only loaded once upon visiting my website.In other words, I have a <div> which contains a bunch of different spritely backgrounds, and I was wondering if I could only have that single <div> load once, and then, each time an end-user loads a different page, that <div> stays the same.The effect I would like to achieve is to not have the animation start over.How hard is this to implement, and how exactly do I do this? Is this too much of a hassle to quickly implement?

Jquery :: UI Resizable - Cannot Cancel Resize Programmatically stackoverflow.com

I have been trying to create a resizable div using JQuery UI which will also resize a table contained within the div. $("#WorkRequests").resizable({ minWidth: $("#WorkRequests").width(), maxWidth: $("#WorkRequests").width(), handles: 's', resize: function (event, ui) { var minRows = 10; var rowHeight = 35; var rows = $("#tbl-WorkRequests-page-size").val(); if ((rows * rowHeight) > $("#WorkRequests").height()) { if (rows > minRows) { $("tbl-WorkRequests-page-size").val((rows - minRows).toString()); } else { return false; } } } }); However when they resize the div to be too small so that it reaches "return false;" it does not cancel the resize event like with other JQuery ui things. Why? Also the below line: $("tbl-WorkRequests-page-size").val((rows - minRows).toString()); Should set the value of a select list, however it does not, why?

Jquery :: User Interface - How To Call Animate Scroll Effect stackoverflow.com

I'm not sure how to call the effect, but can someone point me into a library that would do the same effect as this website? [URL]. Basically, it moves up the row to the top of the page on mouse click. A code snippet, preferably jQuery, if there is no such specialized effect library for it. Any small jQuery snippet to achieve the whole effect of the Makr UI?

JQuery :: Animation Change Speed During The Animation? stackoverflow.com

I want to move a div down a page, and I want it to slow down as it reaches the target. I tried using call back with recursive func but it doesn’t look smooth: function MovePanel() { sidePanel.animate({"marginTop": newCurrTop}, moveSpeed,function(){MovePanel();}); Is it possible to slow down an JQuery animation? If not what are the alternatives?

Flash :: Create A Flash Animation And Embed It Into Website? forums.adobe.com

i'm wanting to create a flash animation and embed it into my website.i used to do this with a gif image within a DIV and make the position of the DIV vary via javascript so that the image moved across the screen. i'm looking now for a more professional touch via Flash. � A gif's background is transparent so as it moves over differen't areas of the webpage it shows not the bounding rectangle but only the character image itself. Is this possible via flash - or will flash always be a boxed image that is moved?

Is There Any Way To Stop Window-Resize Animation For My Form Only ? www.vbforums.com

Is there any way to stop Window-Resize Animation for my Form only ?I'm changing the Form from vbMaximized/vbNormal mode to fullscreen-mode. The animation looks bad.VB Code:Private Sub cmdFullScreen_Click()     If IsFullScreen Then 'change to Maximized            RemoveTitlebar Me.hwnd ' This Sub removes titlebar at runtime        Me.WindowState = vbMaximized        IsFullScreen = False            Else            Titlebar False, Me.hwnd        Me.WindowState = vbNormal ' A maximized/Minimized form        '                           Can't be moved        Me.Move 0, 0, Screen.Width, Screen.Height        IsFullScreen = True        End If End Sub

Jquery :: Show / Hide Does Not Work When Moving DIV Inside Another stackoverflow.com

I've been wracking my brain on this one and can't figure out why jQuery won't show / hide a div when I place it inside a repeater. Here's the div that I'm trying to show / hide: <div id="EmailForMoreInfo">Hey there!</div> The jQuery that I use to show / hide it is here: if (event.srcElement && event.srcElement.hash == "#2") { $("#EmailForMoreInfo").show(); } else { $("#EmailForMoreInfo").hide(); } The placement of the 'EmailForMoreInfo' is placed inside a repeater: <div class="panes"> <asp:Repeater ID="rptProductsCategories" runat="server"> <ItemTemplate> <div id="tabs-<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Key") %>"> <div id="EmailForMoreInfo">Hey there!</div> <br style="clear:both;" /> </div> </ItemTemplate> </asp:Repeater> </div> The above jQuery does not work when the 'EmailForMoreInfo' is placed inside the repeater. Moving it outside the repeater, everything works. Analyzing the jQuery shows that it finds the element just fine in either case, but only when it is outside the repeater does it actually show / hide correctly. Otherwise, it always shows.

JQuery :: Select Some Sibling Elements? stackoverflow.com

My HTML looks like: <li> <div class="yes"><input type="radio" name="Group 1"></div> <div class="no"><input type="radio" name="Group 1"></div> Group 1 [code].... It took a while to get the html right (I need the divs around the radio buttons for appearances), and now I'm moving on to the JQuery processing. Primarily, I need to propagate changes to Group 1 to all of its "child" items. I'm not really sure how to accomplish that using jquery (we use

Jquery :: Prevent A Div To Collapse When We Click Checkbox Inside That? stackoverflow.com

I have a checkbox present inside a div. When the user clicks on the div(except the checkbox) another div is showing and hiding. This is achieved by JQuery. But my problem is when i click on the check box the div also showing the sliding effect(which i dont want). How to prevent the div from sliding when I click on the checkbox.

Jquery :: Make An Animation Not Affect The Parent Container? stackoverflow.com

I've just started reading a book on jQuery and was just messing around with animations. If I have a <div> nested in another <div>, how do I stop the nested <div>'s animation from affecting it's parent? <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#outerDiv").click(function () { [Code].....

On Load Jump To Anchor Within A Div? stackoverflow.com

I have the following page: <html> <body> <div id='foo' style='scroll:auto;height:400px'> // content, content, content... [code].... What jQuery (or vanilla Javascript) can I use so that when the page loads, it jumps to #bar only within the div#foo (and not the entire page)? I don't need a fancy animation or scrolling, I just want #bar to be at the top of the div on page load.

JQuery :: Animation On Multiple Elements, Single Animation Thread/timer Or Multiple? stackoverflow.com

I'm wondering when the jQuery selector returns multiple elements and I do a "slideDown" for example on all those element... $('.allthisclasss').slideDown(); Is there a single loop of code that moves all objects down in synch or if jQuery treats all objects separately and they each have a thread of execution to move themselves?My question is about animation optimization and it would be great if there were only one timer for all objects instead of one per objects.nyone knows how jQuery handles this situation?

Jquery :: Select Element Which Doesn't Has The Active Class? stackoverflow.com

I want to make a animation when the user clicks on an element. Except if the element has the class 'active'. <div class="collectionContainer"> <div class="collectionName">SPRING SUMMER <br> 2012</div> <div class="collSex"><a href="#" id="collection1-man" class="active"> MAN </a></div> <div class="collSex"><a href="#" id="collection1-woman"> WOMAN </a></div> [Code].... When an element has the class active I don't want to make the action/animation.

JQuery :: Hiding/showing Divs - Hide The Currently Shown Div And Then Slide In The Div Associated With... forum.jquery.com

I awhen it comes to "developing" jQuery but I am trying to do something that is seemingly something simple but I can't for the life of me, figure out the best way to do it. http:[url]..... Here, you'll see the area below the navigation that has five buttons which are supposed to help scroll between the five associated divs.All I want to do is hide the currently shown div and then slide in the div associated with the button clicked.http:[url].....Here is what the animation is SUPPOSED to look like but the problem is is that the correct one uses Prototype and I am trying to use only one library and jQuery is the most suitable because I use it for other effects in the site and jQuery and Prototype obviously don't mesh well.

JQuery :: Jerky Animations When Using Php To Create Animated Content forum.jquery.com

This is a weird one. I have a page I'm working on, and I made a simple div that slides up to display some content, then slides down, replaces the content and slides back up again. Basically a showy news ticker. When I created the div/animation code it ran fine. smooth as silk. However, I then decided to move that part of the html into a templated system, where some php reads a second file and outputs the contents into the webpage. (real simple stuff, it uses file_get_contents and echo to output the file contents). Using this system, it all displays correctly, but the animation is suddenly slow and jerky. This doesn't make sense to me. Why would the animation suddenly become jerky just because the html that creates the divs is now created via php? Surely the php fires long before jquery gets involved - so why would this occur?

How To Blur Effect In Flash forums.devshed.com

I have just made a flash animation with various amazing effect. Now i have a question: How to Make Blur Effect in Flash

JQuery :: Passing Animation To Another Objects Queue? forum.jquery.com

I have been trying to get queues working the way I thought they should work for ages… But I think I this functionality is not available in jQuery. I basically want to run an animation in another elements queue (e.g. $('body').queue('custom')). So say I am moving a div element using the animate function I want that animation to be passed to the body's 'custom' queue so that I can do some other animations on other objects and also pass them to the body's 'custom' queue and they will respect the animation before it. I did see a plugin [URL] which addressed it a few years ago but it has not been updated to even support jQuery 1.4. There is also another plugin [URL] which seems quite new… but this seems ridiculous that such a feature has not already been addressed. It is a problem that I keep encountering over and over and over again.

JQuery :: Flash Animation On Website www.webdeveloper.com

I looking for animation (jQuery, mootools or other javascript library) similar to this flash animation on this website [URL]

How To Get Notified When Scrollbar Appears stackoverflow.com

I have a div like this: <div id='test' style='overflow:auto'> ... </div> In javascript (no jquery) How do I know when - as a consequence of the user resizing the browser - the div is showing a horizontal bar or not? I don't want only to figure if it is showing horizontal bar or not, I want to be notified when that happens.

JQuery :: Dom - FadeIn, FadeOut Scrolls Window To Top? stackoverflow.com

I have a strange side effect from a jQuery carousel I am using to spin couple of images - every time it fades in (or fades out?), the window is scrolled to the top. Sometimes it scrolls to the top of the parent object, sometimes even higher - there seems to be no real anchor or coordinates which this side effect references. HTML <div id="carousel"> <div id="carousel_inner"> <ul id="carousel_ul"> <li> [Code]....

Jquery :: Getting A Flash Of Unstyled Content (IE And Chrome)? stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:Cross-browser window resize event - JavaScript / jQuery Jquery flash of unstyled content (IE onlyO.I have a div (#container) where on a click event I swap out an image and replace it with a YouTube video: $("#feature_content").click(function(){ var iframe = "<iframe />"; var url = "http://www.youtube.com/embedlink";[code].... However, I am getting a flash of unstyled content (the iframe) BELOW the div before the video starts playing.This is happening in IE and Chrome, but not Firefox

Asp.net - Apple Effect Jquery Not Working? stackoverflow.com

I'm here again because of jquery overlay.I have an overlay that loads a normal Div into it, i want to apply the apple effect to it, but i can't, i get an javascript error "Effect no found".The code for the jquery function is written as below: [code]...

JQuery :: Continuously Scroll Text In A Div? stackoverflow.com

Does anyone know of any jQuery plugins that can achieve the scrolling effect like the one seen here? I'm not too well-up on javascript or jQuery and want to find something simple that just works. I've found examples on the net that I either can't understand or plugins that don't work. Don't need any fancy effects, just literally the ability to scroll the contents of a div and pause on mouse over, resume on mouse exit.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Flash StageAlign.BOTTOM, A BUG In Fl Player 9 When Calling ExternalInterface For... www.kirupa.com

This is definitely a huge BUG in flash player 9.Here is some info if someone had run into similar problem?If I try to align flash to: StageAlign.BOTTOMorStageAlign.BOTTOM_RIGHTr StageAlign.BOTTOM _LEFT and then if I try to resize my flash using externalinterface which will call outside JS that resize div around it, you`ll get flicker effect on your flash.However, if I align Flash to: StageAlign.TOPorStageAlign.TOP_RIGHTorStageAlign.TOP_LEFTand then use external script for resize, everything works fine.

Jquery :: Flash - Make Appear And Disappear Div Background Color? stackoverflow.com

I am trying make the background color of a div appear and then disappear like a flash coming and going but without nay success till now. On the click of a div, I am trying to give a flash effect to another div's background color.So far, my jquery knowledge have come to the following code: $("div.first_div").click(function(){ $("#second_div_ID").fadeIn(30).css("background-color", 'blue') .fadeOut(1000).css("background-color", 'blue'); [code].....

JQuery :: Animation Using Recursion? forum.jquery.com

wanna know how we can get the animation effect using the recursion method. following is the code: $(document).ready(function(){ $(".flip").click(function(){ $(".panel").slideToggle(2000); // i wanna call this jquery animation recursively [code]....

Java :: Detect If Flash Is Installed Without Js? stackoverflow.com

If flash is not installed, i want to replace the flash animation with a jquery animation.BUT if flash and js are not installed, i want to display a div with a message to the user.how is it possible to check if flash is not running at the clientside without using js?

Jquery :: Make Fixed Position Element Stop Moving After Window Is Resized Certain Amount? stackoverflow.com

I have a navigation bar that is fixed-position to the right side of the window. However, I want it to stop moving if the window is resized smaller than a certain size, and then reattach itself to the right side if the window is resized larger than this size. I am trying to use jquery and $(window).resize and am able to stop the element from moving inwards after a certain point, but it does not reattach if the window is scaled larger. [code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Converting AS 2 Rollover Effect To AS 3? www.kirupa.com

I am having trouble with a piece of code that I used to implement for all of my buttons in Actionscript 2.0. What I need help with is creating a similar effect in AS 3 (see code at bottom of post). I prefer this code because when a visitor rolls off of the button before it is finished with the rollover animation, it will rewind the animation and give it a smooth rollout effect (instead of an abrupt stop to the rollover effect to play the roll out effect). [Code]... My timeline would be setup like this: I set up the rollover effect only, putting stop(); code in the keyframe at the beginning and end of animation. Because of the rewind (prevFrame()) effect it would use the same animation to rewind for the rollout effect.