Jquery :: Fetching Blank Value From Input Field


I have a form where it have 2 input and 1 texatarea, when a user submit the form the default behavior of the form is stopped to make the way for ajax request. Here is the code I am using. $(document).ready(function(){ $('input#submit').click(function(){ $name = $('input#name').val(); alert($name); return false; }); }); And here is my html form <form action="" method="post" id="mail-form"> <label for="name">Name *</label><br/> <input type="text" name="name" id="name"/><br/> <label for="email">Email *</label><br/> <input type="text" name="email" id="email"/><br/> <label for="message">Message *</label><br/> <textarea id="message"></textarea> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send" id="submit"/> </form> When I click submit buttons it just displays blank value in alert box even if I enter some value in name field. Whereas if I use the following code for form. <input type="text" name="name" id="name" value="yourname"/> It display yourname in alert box properly. what is wrong with my code? ere is my whole index.html [URL] file, is there anything wrong with DOM?

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How do I populate several text input fields with corresponding data, executing php-mysql query script once only? e.g. <form name="video" action="mysql.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" target="videofrm"> <p> <label for="url">url/gallery:</label><input class="text" type="text" id="url" name="url"/> <input id="favorite" class="text" type="checkbox" name="favorite" value="true"/> <label for="favorite" class="noneFloat">favorite</label> </p> <p> <input id="thumb" type="file" name="thumb"/> </p> <p> <label for="title">title:</label><input class="text" type="text" id="title" name="title"/> </p> <p> <label for="desc">description:</label><input class="text" type="text" id="desc" name="description"/> </p> <p> <label for="country">country:</label><input class="text" type="text" id="country" name="country"/> </p> <p> <label for="categories">categories:</label><input class="text" type="text" id="categories" name="category"/> </p> <input type="button" value="fetch" id="fetch"/> <input type="reset" value="clear"/> </form> I need to populate input text fields with: select url,title,desc,country,category from video where url='something'; First I need to know how to write this kind of php script so it returns json datatype, and afterwards how to populate text input fields, using jquery, with returned data.

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I have a form with fields that are automatically totaled when values are added, it works fine in ie 6,7 +8 and FF but the field is blank in Safari and Chrome - any ideas?? // total income jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("input.add").change(function () { var sum = 0; jQuery('.add').each(function() { var Total = sum += Number(jQuery(this).val()); [Code]...

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I need to form a string with the all values input fields within a div layer - using jquery <div id="selection"> <input class="field" id="1" type="hidden" value="A"/> <input class="field" id="2" type="hidden" value="B"/> <input class="field" id="3" type="hidden" value="C"/> <input class="field" id="4" type="hidden" value="D"/> </div> <input type="button" id="button" value="generate"/> [Code]....

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I have an html form (generated in php), and if a user select a specific value from a select, extra input fields are added via jQuery.In the processing page, the values for the new fields were not coming through - see an exerpt from phpinfo(): _POST["child"] Array[code].... However, if I set the value attribute in the html that jquery adds, that value comes through. <input type='hidden' name='orderIds' id='orderIds'/> <input type="hidden" name="changeNums" id="changeNums"/> <input type="hidden" name="changeIds" id="changeIds"/>[code].....

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I have a check box from HTML form and I would like to used the selected values from the check box to get data from MYSQL database with PHP. the form is like this: <input type="checkbox" name="a" value="red">red <br> <input type="checkbox" name="a" value="green">green <br> <input type="checkbox" name="a" value="yellow">yellow How do you fetch those values if red and green are selected with PHP and run the query to the Mysql to fetch data where a field is equal to red or green??

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Using jQuery how can check if all input fields (EXCL hidden fields) and textareas are blank? I'm not sure how to "loop" through all form fields and check for: $("input").val() and $("textarea).val() This is to run a function that should only "work" if all form fields are blank.

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I have one form in which one input type whose value is "First Name".But this can be changed on onfocus function I want validation for this input field if it is blank or "First name" I have two jquery files jquery-1.4.2.min.js & jquery.validate.pack.js. I have another jqeury file for this form jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery("#frmRegister").validate({ errorElement:'div', rules: { Fname:{ required:true, minlength: 2, maxlength:30 code.... In this file required:true is working if value is balnk but by default value is "First Name" so it does not work I want both if it is blank or it is "First Name". Full Name:

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I am using jquery ui date picker for take fromDate and toDate. Following is the code of from date <input name="from_date" id="from_date" maxlength="20" size="20" type="text"/> $("#from_date").datepicker({ dateFormat: 'M dd, yy', showButtonPanel: true, changeMonth: true, changeYear: true, defaultDate: null }); Now I use the form to take the value in POST varible using PHP. If the fromDate field is blank then it take value '1970-01-01' I want it blank.

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For example, I'm using the script below to check for empty fields : $('a.submit').click(function() { if ($('.LoginData').val() == "") { $('input:text[value=""]').attr('style', 'border-color:#FF0000;'); } else { $(this).parents('form').submit(); }}); All the input elements have the class LoginData, so I used the jQuery class selector which selects all the elements containing that class. However, when the if condition finds a field that isn't blank, it just stops there.

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Im using jquery. And i need to get the input field value character by character.

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<input id="u1" class="username"> <input id="u2" class="username"> <input id="u3" class="username"> ... How to fetch input value with "username" class and send with ajax jquery to php page. i want to recive data like simple array or simple json. (i need INPUT values and not ids)

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<p>First Name <input type="text" name="first_name"> Last Name <input type="text" name="last_name"></p> <input type="hidden" name="screen_name" value="first_name + last_name"> How do I take what was typed into first_name and last_name fields and add them together to the screen_name so when the field is submitted, it inputs the values appropriately for the screen_name field?I am looking for either a php or jQuery resolution.Would this do the trick? <?php $screen_name = $_POST["first_name"]." ".$_POST["last_name"]; ?> <input type="hidden" name="screen_name" value="<?php print $screen_name; ?>" />

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This is my form, i would like to default the select box to USA, and default the text field to a name such as 'Sarah' and the hidden field to another number like ??', when the user clicks on the check box, otherwise the fields should be blank, the value of the select box dosnt matter much, only that it defaults to USA, when the user checks it. -- <form name="form1"> <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox" value="checkbox"> <select name="prefix"> <option value="off" selected>Select country <option value="61">Australia <option value="1">USA <option value="58">Venezuela </select> <input type="text" name="name"> <input type="hidden" name="number"> </form> --

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how do I prevent the user to change the value in an input field (which contains a certain value to be copied into the clipboard) without using disabled="true"? The text should be selected once the user clicks in the field (that's working already) but entering anything should have no effect. jQuery('input.autoselect[value]').focus(function() { jQuery(this).select(); });

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HTML code: <input type="text" name="percentage[]" value="1"/> <input type="text" name="percentage[]" value="2"/> <input type="text" name="percentage[]" value="3"/> I want to be able to catch change event by using JQuery when any of the 'percentage' text fields changes and find sum of all these fields. So, if the value on the first field changes from 1 to 5, I want to be able to display "10".

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I have at the moment a create_user.php and edit_user.php they are the same, create has <input type="text" value="" name="xx"> for a field, and edit has <input type="text" value="<?=$row['rowhere']?>" name="xx"> - I would much rather have just the one page where if page function was edit then it calls in the row otherwise leaves value blank. How can I do this other than if ($pagefunction == "create") { echo "<input type="text" value="" name="xx">"; } elseif ($pagefunction == "edit") { <input type="text" value="<?=$row['rowhere']?>" name="xx"> } on every field!?

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I have a bunch of fields like so created on the fly <input type="text" name="coeff_a"> <input type="text" name="coeff_b"> <input type="text" name="coeff_c"> .. and so on .. I want to validate the input to the above fields, and am using the jQuery validate plugin. I have set up a rule like so jQuery.validator.addMethod( "perc", function(value, element) { [code]....

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I'm coding a form using PHP and jQuery. I have a file upload field to which I applied the following jQuery-validate rules: image: { accept: "jpeg|jpg|png|gif", required: "#edit_ID:blank" } The file upload field must only accept jpeg/jpg, png, or gif images. It is required only if the field with the ID "edit_ID" is left blank. This is my file upload field: <input type="file" id="image" name="image" class="input1" /> The file upload field selects files without any problem, but when jQuery returns an error because of a violated rule, even if I select a new file from my computer the file I selected before the error appeared remains there. It's as if it becomes disabled after jQuery-validate gives an error. I tried removing the rules set for this field, tested it, and encountered no problem. P.S.: I encounter the problem in Firefox (v.3.6.9) and IE (v.8) but not in Google Chrome (v.5).

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I am using jquery.validationEngine.js for form validation .I was downloaded this js from URl...this site.But it not works for checking validation for default value such as I have first name field whose value is "First Name".I want validation for checking that this field should not be blank but it not works because it contains default value "First Name".Also I want this should work in jquery.validationEngine.js file because I have to many validations on form & I am using this js.[code]

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i have tags field  in my table and tags field is optional when tags are addesso most of the time tag field is empty with no tag.and some time there are so many tags in a tag field of database.like in my artical table i have tags field which contain php, frameworks , advance php empty field java jquery how i can fetch all tags to show on user side and ignore empty field.and should be unique tags in the list.my fetch funtion is show as Code: [Select]/** getting all tags  [code]........

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With jQuery how do I count how many fields of my array field[] are not empty ? Sample of the input field <input type="file" name="arquivo[]" id="arquivo"> I was trying to make something up using map and get but it is not coming along well: var total = 0; var count = $('#arquivo[value!=""]').map(function() { total = total+1; }).get(); But no matter how many fields I have filled it always end up with the value of 1 and if I have no fields filled 0.

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I have a form with over 50 input fields. The input fields are divided into 5 jquery jabs within the form container. Here's a sample of what it looks like: <form action="admin/save" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="hidden" name="type" value="department" /> <input type="hidden" name="id" value="21" /> <div id="tabs"> <ul> <li><a href="#tab-1">Tab 1</a><li> <li><a href="#tab-2">Tab 2</a><li>............

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I have a group of radio buttons, i could able to pick the selected value using jQuery but not the text label for selected values. for ex: <input type="radio" value="1" name="priority">High</input> <input type="radio" value="2" name="priority">Medium</input> <input type="radio" value="3" name="priority">Low</input> JQUERY CODE TO PICK THE SELECTED VALUE [Code]... Now my requirement is, i would like to display the label of the selected values for eg (high or low or medium) depends on the selection of the radio button.

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I'm trying to build a form using php & jquery, but I'm a little confused as to what to do with the jquery portion of it... Basically, when the user submits the first form, I want to direct them to the "next step" form, but I want to retain the values submitted from the first one in a hidden input field... If someone can either show me how or point me to a good tutorial, I'd appreciate it... I don't have any of the php or jquery yet, and this is just a simplified version of the html markup... //first.php <form name="form1" method="post" action="second.php"> <input type="text" name="name" value="" />Name <input type="submit" name="step1" value="Next" /> </form> //second.php <form name="form2" method="post" action="process.php"> <input type="hidden" name="name" value="{$_POST['name']}" /> <input type="text" name="message" value="" />message <input type="submit" name="step2" value="Finish" /> </form>

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I'm trying to get my uploading script to work with jquery but having problems with fetching the values (files) that are queued up in a multiple form. I can get it to work so i can select like 10 files in a single input but when i'm trying to fetch those values i only get the first file of the 10 i added simultaneously. I can upload the files and fetch its values but i want to make it to work with jqeury as well something i can't get to work. Here is the code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en-us"> <head> <script src="jquery-min.js"></script> <script> [Code]... So when i drag and select the files and adds them then only the first value gets assigned to "div.files". So my question is how do i read the array of the files inside of it so i just don't get the first one? Here is an image that displays the problem: [URL]

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I have a form that gets automatically filled based on the values returned by my php file. Then the form elements have their values filled. Now the problem is, I have set few additional show and hide <div> tags based on the values of some other fields. So when the form loads, the <div> tag doesnt show up and stays hidden only as the event that activates it is based on the radio button's change event function. So my question is, as the form loads, how can I have these <div> show/hide based on the default values of the text fields on which they depend upon.... jQuery(document).ready( function() { jQuery(".hidden, .error").hide(); // This only gets activated when the radio button is changed but i want this to be checked on change as well as based on initial values... How do I do that ? jQuery( jQuery("input[name='ssc_appear']") ).change ( function() { if ( jQuery("input[name='ssc_appear']:checked" ).val() == "yes" ) [Code]....

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I am having a form with two input fields. I want to enter some text in the first input field and then the second field should get the same text. Is there a simple way (maybe a plugin) to do this with jQuery? It would be perfect if I even could output all these input fields values as normal text in <p> or <li> tags.

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I am using jQuery masked input plugin. However when I set the mask, any existing value in the input field is being destroyed. Doing the following: $(".priceSKUID").mask("**-***-******", { placeholder: " " }); There must be a way to deal with existing values which are programmatically placed into the input field.

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I have a php page that accept user input into a field (decimal value). I set the default value of the field as blank and accept null value. I insert a null value, it return 0.00. I want the field to return null value to me. What should I do for the field to return null value.

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I've created a dynamic HTML form that uses jQuery and customizes the form fields and labels based on the users' input. In addition to passing the form field values to the $_POST[] array, is there also a simple way to pass the label values? I need to turn the form submission into an email, and the email should include the same label names that appeared on the form. I've contemplated using hidden input fields, but that doesn't seem like an ideal option.

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i'h developed code where the user will give the table name and the quary will fetch the data from that table and display the each field value in text box. but when the user see the table data he can make the value of any text box and then press update. then the table will updated with the new and old field value. the main problem is tht we make a script where the table structure is dynamic and different user can input different table which can have different number of fields.

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I have this date value fetch from a Controller but when I use jQuery Datepicker with validation, the output is not good.The validation is to check if the value is less than or greater than today's date. JQuery Datepicker works well.If I select a date two days from now using datepicker, the validation error won't occur. [:(] ViewData("DateToday") = Date.Now.ToShortDateString() <link href="/css/jQuery/jquery-ui.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.7.2/jquery-ui.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> [code]....

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I'm trying to serialize some contents inside of a form: <form><input ...> <input ...><div id=div1> <input name=input1 ...> <input name=input2 ...> </div></form><script> jQuery("#div1").serialize(); </script> In this code serialize() function doesn't serialize the input1 and input2. Even I tried jQuery("<form>" + jQuery("div1").html() + "</form>").serialize() And it does serialize the inputs but all the values are Empty! it's like it doesn't assign values that user entered: input1=&input2=

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I have a login field for a site I am developing. The flash site sends the data to a php file and receives response. My problem is input text fields. If I hard code the values of the variables I am sending from flash to php, the whole thing works just fine, but if I try to set the value of the variables to what a user enters in input fields I have provided, then blank data is sent to PHP.here is the as file Code: package { [code].....

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I coded the following and it does what I want but the cursor flickers annoyingly in the input field in IE.The code I have is (BTW -- am using this in a Java development environment and the '$' had to be changed to 'JQuery' for this to work...):This is supposed to fade in and fade out the groupTip div block. jQuery("td.divisionTrigger input, td.groupTrigger input, td.hqTrigger input").focus(function(){ jQuery("#groupTip").fadeIn(80); }).blur(function(){ jQuery("#groupTip").fadeOut(80); });

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hi, i am facing a problem while fetching a null value.i.ei have declared one structure and one cursor.now from that cursor i want to fetch 100 records at a time for some processing .i am fetching 100 recs but there are some fields which has a null value in it . so its giving me problem as---&gt; Fetch across null fields.so, can anyone tell me how to handle this in proc.

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I have the following piece of jQuery code: [code]If a user have posted the form, and something is entered into one of the fields, then I can't show the default value in the field, if the user deletes the text from the input field.This is happening because the value of the text-field is still containing something, even when the user deletes the content. So my problem is how to show the default value when the form is submitted, and the user then removes the typed in content?When the form is submitted the input looks like this, and keeps looking like this until the form is submitted again:<input type="text" value="someValue" defaultvalue="From" />So I need to show the default value in the input-field right after the user have deleted the content in the field, and removed the focus from the field.

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I currently have a form with a single file upload input on it. the original form input I've tried <input type="file" name="userFile[]" /> and <input type="file" name="userFile1" />[code]....... I don't think the issue is JS related here but possibly the server I think.The issue is that when I finally press the Submit button and pass the files to the server and try to access all the $_FILES['userFile']['name']/['size']/['error'] etc values, only the very first original form upload values can be echoed/printed. I tried uploading large size files for testing I know that all files are getting uploaded but once it gets to the server side, only one can be accessed. more info after some more testing it looks like Jquery might be the issue after all.In the above method mentioned of duplicating the fields, only the first original input is recognized when the files are uploaded.But if I create three original input fields and upload to them as normal then all files in the $_FILES array are recognized as they should be.So why are the jQuery generated fields not posting in the form?

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When it comes to field validation, when I use a Compare Validator to make sure a date is a date or a numeric field has a number, I must also use a Required Field Validator to make sure there is something actually enetered. In other words, the Compare Validator allows a blank value even though a blank is not a date or number or whatever. Is using both a Required Field Validator and a Compare Validator the way to do this or is there some way to make the Compare Validator also require input of some kind?

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I've got a problem with the form.serialize() function in jQuery. When I try to submit my serialized form via AJAX, serialize() only returns me an empty string. Perhaps there's a problem with my HTML outline: <form id="category-dynamic" class="dynamic"> <fieldset id="inner-fieldset"> <legend id="new-category"> <label for="category-name">Category Name: </label> <input type="text" name="category-name" value="" /> </legend> <ul id="category-fields"> <li> <label>Field #1:</label><br /> <input type="text" name="fields[]" value="" /> </li><li> <label>Field #2:</label><br /> <input type="text" name="fields[]" value="" /> </li></ul> </fieldset> </form> In my jQuery function I simply call: $.post("processor.php", $('#category-dynamic').serialize(), function(data){ // data handling here... });

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I'm trying to get a input text value on jQuery .keypress() function, I've saw various examples with keypress and keydown but not dedicated on getting the input value. $(document).ready(function(){ $("#my_field").keydown (function (e) { alert (e); }); }); The returned object has a series of properties but I haven't saw something for value input field attribute.

Sending Variables From JQuery To FPDF? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to send the contents of a form with jQuery to FPDF. The variables aren't showing but the pdf isn't giving an error either; it's just blank. I have only one variable so far for brevity. Any guesses? Form <form id="contact"> <input type="hidden" name="front_finish_name_field" id="front_finish_name_field" value="Mirror" /> <input type="hidden" name="front_finish_price_field" id="front_finish_price_field" value="15" /> <input type="hidden" name="front_pattern_name_field" id="front_pattern_name_field" value="Tiger" /> <input type="hidden" name="front_pattern_price_field" id="front_pattern_price_field" value="5" /><br /> [Code]... It looks like the problem lies in returning the generated pdf to the user. If I set the pdf to be saved on the server, the field values show up in the document.

Get Associative Array As Output From JQuery.map? stackoverflow.com

I'm using JQuery map function to get an array of inputs' values: var inputs = $("[id^='field']"); var values = inputs.map(function () { return $(this).val(); }).get(); I would like to get an associative array of [id, value]: { id1: value1, id2: value2 }

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We are building an advanced form with following fields... <input type="text" size="50" name="name" > <input type="text" size="50" name="custid" > <input type="text" size="50" name="projectname" > <input type="text" size="50" name="overdue" > we are using jquery autocomplete to select name from mysql and what we would like to do is.. we want to add custid, projectname, overdue to their fields after adding name automatically, we can do it in php but how can we do it using jquery or ajax.

JQuery :: Fill In Input Field By Clicking Link? stackoverflow.com

How might someone fill in an input field with some text using jquery by clicking that text? The text is generated dynamically so the value is not know ahead of time. For example with: <input id="a_input_id" type="text"> <a href="#" class="special_field_link">@r.SpecialField<a> When someone clicks that link the text field with be populated with the value of @r.SpecialField

JQuery: Attaching Input Form To Input Field In Datepicker Style? stackoverflow.com

I want to display an input form attached to an input field like the datepicker does. I've tried the "show" function, but instead of displaying the input form overlaid, it shows what was hidden and moves the rest of the page down. There are many overlay libraries out-there, but none (that I've seen) attaches the overlaid form to the input field, like the "datepicker" does. Is there a simple way to accomplish this? (preferably no other external libraries, other than jQuery or jQuery UI).

JQuery :: Css - Form Field Focus Change Submit Button Class? stackoverflow.com

I have the following form: <input name="q" value="" class="qa-search-field"> <input type="submit" value="Search" class="qa-search-button"> I am trying to get the submit button's class to change when the qa-search-field is active by adding the class .qa-search-button-active, and then removing it if the search form is not active, meaning the cursor is not on there and blinking. how to code this in Jquery.

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I have the following form input field: <input type="text" value="" title="Enter item description" name="description"> When I call JQuery's serialize function on the containing form, it gives me the following:description=Enter+item+descriptionDoes anyone know why serialize() takes the title as a value for the description field? How can I get around this? I want the result to be:

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I'm building a nested form in rails 3.1 and instead of pressing the "add" button i want to automaticly add an input field when typing text in an empty input field (just like making a question in facebook and adding poll options). But i also want to only add a field if there are characters typed in the field if the characters are removed the extra field should also be removed.I am working with rails 3.1 and so jQuery and jquery-rails are included in my gem, i don't know coffee script yet.

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I have a form in which the user can dynamically add/remove name/value pairs of fields eg: inventory list: [description text input field] [quantity text input field] [remove item button] [add item button] so basically the user can add more inventory items: inventory list: [description text input field] [quantity text input field] [remove item button] [description text input field] [quantity text input field] [remove item button] [description text input field] [quantity text input field] [remove item button] [add item button] ok so what is the easiest way to save the form state if server side field validation fails, or if the user wants to later edit the custom-created form? (i don't think it is of any relevance but I am using JQuery and CakePHP)

Jquery :: Not Able To Fetch Changed Value Of Input Field stackoverflow.com

I am trying to fetch the changed input filed value using jquery which is getting changed javascript event of drop down select. I simply am not getting where exactly the things are getting wrong. It is something related to dom tree refresh (.live)? /* adding the value to user_val input field id in javascript onload function based on drop down select event*/document.getElementById('user_val').Value = "abcd"; /* then trying to get value which changed */ $(document).ready(function() { $("#submits").click(function() { alert($("#user_val").val()); });

Jquery :: .get Function With Insert From Input Text Line? stackoverflow.com

I have the following <div id="myscore"><div> <input type="text" name="score" id="score" /> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> [code].... The code will not pick up the value of score. How do you get the value of an input field into the a jquery function?It updates the myscore field with the computed score after the score has been entered and clicked.

Updating Image Via Form www.phpfreaks.com

I have a form that is used to updated existing data in my database.� One of the fields is an image.� What is happening is that if I am happy with the image, but want to update other data, because I don't select an image from my file input field, it shows that I am updating a blank.� Therefore when I submit my form update it changes my image field from something like "image.jpg" to " ".� I have read that I cannot use "value" for a file input field.� How would I make sure that the database entry for the image stays "image.jpg" instead of switching to " ". Code:

Update Query Based On Reference Table www.access-programmers.co.uk

I would like to update two fields [Category] and [ProdType] in tblAccum based on a reference table. The reference table is tblReference and contains the fields [ProdCode], [Category] and [ProdType]. tblReference example of field values: A Blank Accessory BS Blank Blank Stock O Printed Offset So if the ProdCode field in tblAccum has a value of O then based on the tblReference table the Category value would be Printed and the ProdType value would be Offset. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update Field Based On A Reference Table forums.aspfree.com

I would like to update two fields [Category] and [ProdType] in tblAccum based on a reference table. The reference table is tblReference and contains the fields [Code], [Category] and [ProdType]. tblReference example of field values: Code Category ProdType A Blank Accessory BS Blank Blank Stock O Printed Offset So if the Code field in tblAccum has a value of O then based on the tblReference table the Category value would be Printed and the ProdType value would be Offset. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

MVC :: How To Validate HTML Input Fields Using JQuery Inside Ajax.BeginForm? forums.asp.net

How to validate HTML input fields using jQuery inside Ajax.BeginForm? [Code]....

Disable Specific Text Fields With JQuery? stackoverflow.com

I have a jQuery script that should enable an associated text-field if a person clicks the radio "yes" button, and disable that text field if a person clicks the "no" radio button. The issue I am having is every text-field in every row will become disabled/enabled AND value set to 0 by clicking on only the first pair of yes/no radio buttons. I need to figure out how disable and assign the 0 value to a text-field specifically associated with the radio buttons assigned to it. Here is the HTML for 3 example rows Yes <input name="getFlow1" type="radio" value="1" /> No <input name="getFlow1" type="radio" value="0" checked /> <input name="enterFlowVal1" id="enterFlowVal1" value="0" size="7" type="text" disabled="disabled"/> Yes <input name="getFlow2" type="radio" value="1" /> [Code]....

How To Compare The Records With Relationships And Same Field Name www.vbcity.com

 rs.Open "select truckno,mdate,movement from mregister", con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic               Do While rs.EOF = False               If rs.fields("movement") = "M" Then                        txttnumber.Text = rs.fields("truckno")                        trdate.value = rs.fields("mdate")                        con.Execute "insert into billing(billno,bdate,truckno,quantity,rate,taxamt,taxpercent,discount,disamt,netamt)values(" & Val(txtbill.Text) & ",# " & rs.fields("mdate") & " #,'" & rs.fields("truckno") & "'," & Val(txtqty.Text) & "," & Val(txtrate.Text) & "," & Val(txttamt.Text) & "," & Val(txtper.Text) & ", " & Val(txtdiscount.Text) & ", " & Val(txtdamt.Text) & ", " & Val(txtnamt.Text) & ")"                        Call grid1(billno)                        clear1               End If               rs.MoveNext               Loophai guys,          i am using this code for fetching the record set from one table to other .this code is working for one record set and then problem for fetching the second recordset.plz help me.It's very urgent for me.byeramkumar

Disable [cntl + C] And [cntl + V] From An Input Field To Another Input Field? www.sitepoint.com

I wonder if there is any way to disable [cntl + c] and [cntl + v] from an input field to another input field with php? I can do this easily with jquery below, but what if I turn off javascript on my browser - it won't work for sure... Code: <html> <head> <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script> [Code]....

Passing Jquery Values To Variables? www.daniweb.com

i have a form in another form.. <form1> <form2> </for> </form> the form2 is submited automatically, and has only one field of fileupload, and is auto processing file upload with jquery ajax...!! it works fine for me but when i pass the response filename of form2 to form1 <input> field it shows me fine........but when i submit form1 the <input> field which contains the form2 response value it says empty.

Jquery :: Add To Hidden Input Field On Keypress? stackoverflow.com

I've got a hidden input field that I want to append text to depending upon what a user enters in two other fields. So, <input type="hidden" name="name" value="" /> <input type="text" name="first" value="" /> <input type="text" name="second" value="" /> If the user types First in the first input field and Second in the second input field, I want the name input field to be "First Second"... Tried using keyup and keypress, but can't get it to append to what's already there?

Fetching Only New Rows From Mysql With Jquery Ajax? stackoverflow.com

i have a table named news with 3 fields i.e (id, news, time) and i have a setInterval after every 3mints to fetch news from google or any news site .... now i want to fetch only new rows inserted after every 5 minutes...with jquery $.ajax()...how can i do that... do i reload the whole table or there is a way to fetch only the new ones...

JQuery :: Cycle Plugin - Only Display Certain Elements? forum.jquery.com

check the code snippet below: <div id="Mu00"> <div id="Mu001"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery('#Mu001').load('http://www.myserver.com/page1.html'); [Code].... NOTE jQuery load function is used to fetch the content for the <div> above. Everything works (it displays the content that is fetched by jquery load function), but it also displays the literal HTML code "jQuery('#Mu001').load('http://www.myserver.com/page1.html'); " and "jQuery('#Mu002').load('http://www.myserver.com/page2.html'); "

Set Blank Default Text On Input? stackoverflow.com

How to set blank default text on input field and clear it when element is active.

VBA Commands For ActiveX Controls www.mrexcel.com

I have made an Excel sheet that uses ActiveX controls (Option Box and Check Box). I have included a couple of screen caps at the bottom of this post to better explain the layout. Here are the specifics: There is one Option Box Group labeled "InputOptionGroup" with choices labeled: "FirstOption", "SecondOption", "RefundOption" and "NoneOption". Adjacent to the Option Box is a series of Check Boxes that correspond to the choice made in the Option Box with the exception of "NoneOption". The Check Boxes are labeled "FirstCheck", "SecondCheck" and "RefundCheck". Each Check Box object belongs to the group labeled "OutputCheckGroup". I do know that the value of the Option Box choices and Check Boxes can be either True or False depending on if it has been chosen or marked, but I do not know how to incorporate these values into the action script. With that being said, here's what I'm trying to accomplish: ...when "FirstOption" is chosen, clear values of all Check Boxes and place a check mark in "FirstCheck". ...when "SecondOption" is chosen, clear values of all Check Boxes and place a check mark in "SecondCheck". ...when "RefundOption" is chosen, clear values of all Check Boxes and place a check mark in "RefundCheck". ...when "NoneOption" is chosen, clear values of all Check Boxes (no furthur action). Also, there are a couple more requests:Is there a way to lock the Check Boxes from user input? I want the Check Box values to be altered only by the choice in the Option Box. Take the "GPIN" field, the one on the right is locked from user input. This particular cell references user input from the "GPIN" field on the left. Is there a way to return a blank value when the input field is blank insted of returning a "0"? If you notice, all fields on the right reference blank values as "0". In the left "Amount" field, I need to display a "$" followed by the value in the input "Amount" field

Insert <a> Tag On Input Text Field? www.sitepoint.com

I'm trying to save the <a> tag on input 'title' text field into mysql database I'm also using JQuery technology. Here is the form below, My programming Adventure... So for example in the 'Title' field I entered a value like this below, <a href='http://www.coder9.com'>Accordion</a> under JQuery category Now when it showed on the index.php the format looks like this below, My programming Adventure... Sadly the entire texts turn into hyperlink and when you clicked the link it redirect into wrong web address.

From Field In Contact Form And Mail() Function? stackoverflow.com

I've got a contact form with 3 fields and a textarea..I use jQuery to validate it and then php to send emails. This contact form works fine but, when I receive an email, From field isn't correct. I'd like to want that From field shows text typed in the Name field of the contact form. Now I get a From field like this: <nameOfMyServerAdmin@serverUrl.com> For example, if an user types "Matthew" in the name field, I'd like to want that this word "Matthew" appears in the From field. This is my code (XHTML, jQuery, PHP): <div id="contact"> <h3 id="formHeader">Send Us a Message!</h3> <form id="contactForm" method="post" action=""> <div id="risposta"></div> <!-- End Risposta Div --> <span>Name:</span> <input type="text" id="formName" value="" /><br /> <span>E-mail:</span> <input type="text" id="formEmail" value="" /><br /> <span>Subject:</span>...........

JQuery :: Set Value Of Hidden Field In A Form Using ".val()" Doesn't Work stackoverflow.com

I've been trying to set the value of a hidden field in a form using jQuery, but without success. Here is a sample code that explains the problem. If I keep the input type to "text", it works without any trouble. But, changing the input type to "hidden", doesn't work ! <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script> [code].... I also tried the following workaround, by setting the input type to "text" and then using a "display:none" style for the input box. But, this also fails !It seems jQuery has some trouble setting hidden or invisible input fields.

C# - Creating A DropDownList From Database Entries And Then Binding It In Form Submission? stackoverflow.com

I have entries for an enumeration stored inside a database table with only the following fields: ID and Name. I want to show the values stored inside this table inside a DropDownList on a form. The user then chooses a value and submits the form. I found a way to easily create a DropDownList from an enumeration (although it would probably be best to just populate the DropDownList with the Name fields of all the records in the table). However, I haven't found a way to later bind the DropDownList in the form submission to an integer value to put into the database (FK - PK) with the other form values. is it possible to fetch DropDownList content via AJAX and have it be put into the DropDownList and into the SelectList in the ViewModel (with both the ID and Name parameters)? I want to selectively fetch content based on an input the user makes and I want the ViewModel to then be filled with that fetched data.

Filtering Out Entries With Null Date Field www.mrexcel.com

I have a column formatted as a date. I would like to filter out all rows which have a blank date value. I don't see any blank value to select when I try to select auto-filter for that row. Any suggestions? I would like to filter out the blank values because I found that if I pivot on the data and there are blank values in the field, I can not use the group option for that field.

JQuery :: Prevent Form Submission If The Field Before Submit Button Is Empty? stackoverflow.com

I've just started learning jQuery and already love it, but my skills aren't enough yet to solve this probably simple problem for my work: I have 3 different forms with an input field immediately followed by submit button: I would like to prevent form submission if the text input field or the textarea before the submit button is empty. I've stolen a snippet from the jQuery Ninja book: $(function() { $(':submit').click(function(e) { $(':text').each(function() { if ($(this).val().length == 0) { [Code].... but the form is never submitted and all 3 text fields turn red instead of just one.

Jquery :: Form ID - Get Default Values Just In Definite Input? stackoverflow.com

If I have code like this <form id="test_form"> <input type="text" value="Original value" /> </form> Then using jQuery I run this code: $('#test_form input').val('New value'); So input have new value, but I wanna get the old one, so I do: $('#test_form')[0].reset(); now $('#test_form input').val() == 'Original value'; But reset method reset all form inputs and restore there default values, so how can I restore default value just in definite input?

Jquery :: 1.3.2 Remove Empty Values stackoverflow.com

I use this code to remove empty input text fields from my form:$('input:text[value=""]','#submForm'). remove ();How do I achieve the same but with empty dropdown values like the below one? <select><option value=""></option></select>I need to remove the empty dropdown with the jQuery remove();

CKEditor On Focus Remove Default Value? stackoverflow.com

For a normal input field i can write something like the below code, which will remove the default value of an input field when i click, and if i dont write anything in the input field, than the default value will return when i leave the input field. jQuery('input[type="text"]').focus(function() { if (this.value == this.defaultValue) { [Code]..... how to do this with CKEditor. I found this code which will alert when I click in the CKEditor. But I dont know how modify it to work the way I need. CKEDITOR.instances['post_content'].on('focus', function() { alert(1); });

Macro To Combine Cells In Row To 1 Cell While Skipping Blank Cells www.excelforum.com

However, in addition to what the macro already does, it is possible to add another work sheet in the same work book that outputs the values in separate cells? It also has to output the data in order: for example, in the first work sheet the data is inputted at random and has spaces but the macro will have to remove all the blank cells and output them in order based on the first value in the test string, 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 5; input: blank 3-x Blank 1-y blank 2-z 1-k output: 1-k 1-x 2-z 3-y

Radio Button On Form Field Always Submitting As ON/TRUE? stackoverflow.com

I have a fairly basic form set up with an input field for a single radio button. There's a php script that processes the form and inserts the values into a mysql database. For some reason, every time I fill the form out, regardless of whether I have the radio selected or not, the result is always ON/TRUE. here is my input field: <input type="radio" name="news" id="news" class="radio" value="yes" /> Here is part of the PHP code that is supposed to process that: if(isset($_POST['news'])) { $news = "Yes"; } [code].... here is the full form code: <form method="POST" id="ipad" name="ipad" action="list.php"> <input type="text" onfocus="if (this.value == 'First Name') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'First Name';}" value="First Name" id="fname" name="fname" class="inputtext"> [code].... Notice that the radio button input has no javascript being applied to it. I've tried filling in the value="" with YES or NO or leaving it blank.

JQuery - Store All Form Input Values In A Hidden Input? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to create a interface with a conditional logic that will allow the webmaster to insert advertisments anywhere on the site.But before coding it, I need some advices from you :)The forms are handled trough jquery & ajax. When the "add another ad" button is pressed a new form is created with jQuery.My question is how could I gather all the form input values into a single hidden input that would look like: <input name="ad[]" type="hidden" value="homepage,after_article,4,visitors" /> I think this value would be easier for me to handle in PHP.

Select Form Array Value Using JQuery stackoverflow.com

I have a form that is being generated on the fly in PHP using the below ($theFeatures is a multidimensional array): [code]... This should create two input boxes that look like this: <input value="Type" name="theFeatures[4]['Key']" size="6" type="text" /> <input value="Bird Table" name="theFeatures[4]['Value']" type="text" /> How can I get the first part of the array ( [4] in the above example ) in jQuery so I can store that as a JavaScript variable and use it else where in my jQuery?

Calendar Report Layout Help social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hello � I need to create something like the following table: � MON���������� TUE������������� WED������������ THU�������������� FRI���������������� SAT���������������� SUN 01/01/07���� 02/01/07����� 03/01/07������ 04/01/07������ 05/01/07������� 06/01/07�������� 07/01/07 Blank Field Blank Field� Blank Field�� Blank Field�� Blank Field��� Blank Field���� Blank Field 08/01/07���� 09/01/07����� 10/01/07������ 11/01/07�������12/01/07��������13/01/07�������� 14/01/07 Blank Field Blank Field��Blank Field�� Blank Field�� Blank Field����Blank Field��� Blank Field� � The user would enter the start date, in this case the 1st Jan 07 and then this would populate a table.� This seems like it should be so simple but I can't work it out, can anyone help please?� � Cheers

JQuery :: Select First Blank Input Not Checkbox Or Button stackoverflow.com

How in Jquery do I select the first blank input which is not a check box or a button. I have the following: $(':input[value="",type!="button",type!="checkbox"]:visible:first').focus();

JQuery :: Filling Input Fields When Pressing Edit Button stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a way through jQuery/javascript to fill up some input fields with data I get out of a table. The table I have looks like this: <tr> <th>ticketID</th> <th>eventID</th> <th>name</th> <th>price</th> <th>priceWithinAllocation</th> <th>&nbsp;</th> ..... I also have a form which I want the values to appear in. However, not all values should appear there. <p> <label for="">Name:</label> <input type="text" name="name" /> </p><p> <label for="">Price:</label> <input type="text" name="price" /> </p><p> <label for="">PriceWithinAllocation:</label> <input type="text" name="priceWithinAllocation" /> So, say I click on the EDIT button of the first row, I want the name, price and price within allocation to appear in my input fields. However, I see no way to do this. I tried with some jquery DOM traversal, but that didn't work out exactly.

JQuery :: Limit The Available Character For An Input Field? stackoverflow.com

I just started adding JS-validation to a signup form and I want the username input field in a Twitter-style (using jQuery). That means that the input is limited to certain characters and other characters do not even appear. So far, I've got this: jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('input#user_login').keyup(function() { jQuery(this).val( jQuery(this).val().replace(/[^a-z0-9\_]+/i, '') ); }); }); This solution works, but the problem is that the illegal character appears as long as the user hasn't released the key and the keyup event isn't triggered. The character flickers in the input field for a second and then disappears. The ideal solution would be the way Twitter does it: The character doesn't even show up once. How can I do that?? I guess I'll have to intercept the input in some way.

JQuery/js Val() Overwriting ' $_POST['field']. How To Fix? stackoverflow.com

I did all js and now I'm doing php stuff.The thing is I've put a possibility to copy part of the inputs to other, similar section (recipient -> payer). It's all done by jQuery first copying $("input.payer_sth").val() to $("input.payer_sth"), and then doing it again and again on keyup and blur.All my inputs are built like that: <input id="payer_name" name="payer_name" class="foo" type="text" value="<?=$_POST['payer_name']?>"/> as long as the ones that aren't modified by jQuery work all right on submit and "back", the ones that has modified val() are empty on back.What's obvious for me is that jQuery is overwriting value="<?=$_POST['field']?>" .How can this be fixed?

JQuery :: Using Contains() When Form Submits? forum.jquery.com

I am trying to figure out the contains() selector, and I may be using it incorrectly. Basically I am trying to check if the email input field contains 'invalid' in the user entered value. So shorthand it would be like this: if (email value contains 'invalid' when form submits) { do something; } This is what I have: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script> [Code].....

JQuery :: Place Cursor At End Of An Input Field With Its Validation? stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with input validation jQuery code. I'd like to have a solution for this specific code. code... This works fine, except for one problem: If you type many letters (over the default length of the input box), you will not see the last letters, because the value of the input is rewritten after the sanitization. How can I modify this code to put the cursor at the end of the input field?

Using Jquery To Check Checkboxes From Array stackoverflow.com

I have a php array which I'm trying to get jQuery to check those checkboxes, but I can't seem to get it working. My php array name is "toCheck" which is: Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 3 [2] => 4 ) 0,3,4 are the checkboxes I need checked. Here's my checkboxes: <input type="checkbox" name="correct[0]" id="correct" value="0" /> <input type="checkbox" name="correct[1]" id="correct" value="1" /> <input type="checkbox" name="correct[2]" id="correct" value="2" /> <input type="checkbox" name="correct[3]" id="correct" value="3" /> <input type="checkbox" name="correct[4]" id="correct" value="4" /> <input type="checkbox" name="correct[5]" id="correct" value="5" /> If someone could point out what jQuery to use to make these checkboxes selected, that would be great! <?php foreach($toCheck as $checkMe) { ?> //i'm assuming my jquery goes here but I can't get it working <?php }; ?>

Capturing HTML bytes.com

I have a long, dynamically-generated form questionnaire. Not all of the form fields are dynamically generated, though. I'd like to capture the NAME of every HTML form field element on the server, even if that element is submitted blank. The trouble is, with, say, radio buttons or checkboxes for example, a *blank* element does not get submitted at all. Example: <form action="text.php"> <input type="radio" name="firstbutton" value="1"> <input type="radio" name="firstbutton" value="2"> <input type="radio" name="firstbutton" value="2"> <input type="text" name="thetextbox"> </form>.

Database Condition - All Inputs Required From User On Form www.vbforums.com

I am building a program where all the inputs (10) required from the user are asked on one form. Since it is not possible to let fields blank on the database, I would like to know how can I build an 'IF' saying that if all fields are full, then the database CAN save all the input. So that if there are any field blank, it won't save. I just dont know how to do the database condition. Thats all.

JQuery :: Several Input Text Boxes - Reset Button That Acts Like The Form RESET Button forum.jquery.com

I have a table (not in a form) that has several input text boxes. I want to have a reset button that acts like the form RESET button. I thought I would use the following jQuery method: Here's my reset button code: Here's one of my table input lines: I thought this would be simple, but I can't seem to figure out how to target the text that the user types into an input field before he/she decides to "reset" and start over. I'm thinking that my problem is that I can't find the correct syntax for my line: $('input.firstname').value('')

Calling Action Method In MVC With JQuery And Parameters Not Working stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to call an action method in an MVC application using jQuery. Basically what I want is to take the value of a couple of input fields and call the action method by clicking a button, passing the values of the input fields as parameters. But I only get the value of the "number" parameter, not the "year" parameter. function selectWeek() { $('#selectWeekButton').click(function (event) { var number = $("#selectWeekId").val(); [code]... I checked the url with an alert, as you can see, and it seems to contain both values fine. But when I check the value of the year parameter in the action method it is null.Here are the input fields: <span>Vecka: </span> <input type="text" id="selectWeekId" /> <span>År: </span> <input type="text" id="selectYearId" /> <input type="button" value="Välj vecka" id="selectWeekButton" /> And the beginning of the action method: public ActionResult Edit(string number, string year) //etc... I know that this looks like a strange thing to do instead of just binding fields, but the reason is that these input fields and their values is not the main purpose of this View. They're just there to select another week in this timesheet application. And besides, I'm going to replace the input fields with a jQuery calendar eventually, so I will still have to do something like this. So what's the easiest way to do this, and why isn't it working as it is?

Jquery - Receive Form Input Data With POST? stackoverflow.com

I'm using the jQuery tag-it plugin, which basically has an input field. Everything works well, but I am unable to receive the input field value by submitting the form with PHP. Here's the form part: <form action="<?=$PHP_SELF?>" method="post"> <div class="line"> <label for="tags">Tags</label> <ul id="mytags"></ul> [Code]....

Change A Buttons Value If Parameters Are Met - JQuery - Sessions stackoverflow.com

I have the following button: <input type="button" count='<?php echo count($_SESSION['children']);?>' name="children" class="add_child" value="Add Another Child"/> On default when the form loads (with a clean session) there is no input for children, so the button should read "Add a Child". If there is a text field present with the name children[] then it should just display: "Add another Child". How would this be done ? I am using php / jquery / sessions for the fields here is the code for it: [Code..........]

Autocomplete Doesn't Work Properly? stackoverflow.com

I want to apply "Jquery UI Autocomplete with multiple values" to one registration forms input field. What i want to do exactly: When visitor types name of existing user to this input field, first of all, script searches for name existence, completes it (if exists), adds comma. User can type second, third... existing usernames to this field, and everytime script will auto complete. And when visitor clicks to submit button, PHP searches for id's of this usernames, creates array of id's, adds it to new users "friends" field in db table. My code: HTML <form action="index.php" method="post"> <input class="std" type="text" name="friends" id="friends"/> <input type="submit" name="submit"> </form> [Code].... Autocomplete php script works prntscr.com/22mxl but i think something wrong with jquery: it doesn't show menu. prntscr.com/22mxg. How to solve this issue? P.S FOR ORIGINAL SEARCH.PHP IT RETURNS something like this prntscr.com/22n0e and shows prntscr.com/22n0r.

Data Sanitation With <select> Fields And Submit The Values? www.sitepoint.com

The JQuery library loaded.Enter javascript:some_jquery_longhand()in the address bar of the browser and manipulate the page from the client side.inputs[] and textareas[](among many others)need to be validated and sanitized.sanitize data that comes from <select> fields and expect some completely different input not in the <option> list?Or can <select> fields only submit the values contained within the hard-coded <option> list?

JQuery :: Passing An Input Field Value Through A Querystring? stackoverflow.com

I trying to store the value of the input field tbEmail into str so when the user clicks the submit button the value of tbEmail will be added to the querystring. If i change this so that it reads var str = "this"; then this works. Is this the incorrect way to get an iput field value in jquery? <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { var str = $('#idofinputfield').val(); [Code].....

Displaying File Path In File Input Field bytes.com

i have file input field in a form like this: <input name="isbn" type="text" size="25" value="<?php echo $_POST['isbn'] ?>" /> <input name="image" type="file" size="25" value="<?php echo $_FILES['image']['name'] ?>" /> when i press "submit" button, the same page gets loaded... if my $_POST['isbn'] is empty, i want to have the file path on "file input field" to redisplay on that same field... it's possible in text input field but i don't know of a way to do it in file input fields...

Reporting Services - Input Parameter Needs To Return All Records If Left Blank social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have an input parameter for my stored Proc, Instead of choosing available values from a drop Dwn, the customer wants an empty input box that when left blank returns all records. the parameter type is numeric(6,0) in the Db. I have not found a way to leave the input blank and retrieve all records. my default value for all records is '-99' and also is declared as the default value for the param in the proc.

Jquery :: Trigger Image Creation From Input Field's Text? stackoverflow.com

A user types words into an input field, after clicking the Go button, little images with file names that match the keywords pop up in a certain place in the hierarchy. I just wanted someone to double check this script to see if there's any bugs in it, as it doesn't appear to work. The input is a comma separated list, hence the trim. $(".Go").live('click', function(){ var words = []; jQuery.each(jQuery.trim(jQuery("#input").val()).split(","), function(index, value){ words.push(jQuery.trim(value)); [Code].....

Empty Values! How To Create Them Here? www.vbforums.com

OK, I have this registration form where users choose from 5 different values, one of which represents a blank value (you know the - symbol) if they leave the field blank. When they submit my form for processing how do I make the variable that holds the potential - value and turn it into an empty value?See, when I print a receipt it will print the - when I don't want it to.Any ideas?I have tried setting the variable equal to "" but that only makes the receipt print out a blank field with the label that represents the value!Ugh!