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I had a small problem on my iphone4 these days, often when I was going to unlock it by sliding the bar, it froze. I've seen that it was quiet a common problem so I've read some tutorials and I basically restore my phone. Before that I obviously did a backup on Itunes. Following the tutorial, when after restoring Itunes asked me if I wanted to restore it as a new iphone or I wanted to backup the old settings, I chose the first option. My phone was like a new one, empty with just the basic apps. I wasn't worried, I could see my backup still there, so I double clicked on the name on my iphone and he selected restore from the backup choosing the one I did before the restoring. At that point I had a bad surprise; a message came out saying: "itunes could not restore the iphone... because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iphone that is being restored"... I've tried so many things, I even recovered from a time machine a backup file from April but didn't get any better. I had two years of pictures, videos and other stuff in that backup Info: iPhone 4

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Is there a way to restore my device to an old iCloud backup? Yesterday I had to restore my device with my iTunes backup and it was months old and I'm afraid that now my iCloud backup is overwritten. Is there a way to choose whick backup I want to restore and say, 2 days ago instead of the latest one?

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lost my old iphone 4s and got a warranty replacement iphone 4s. However when I tried to restore a recent backup I made to the cloud it said that I could not do it because the old backup was on an older ios and the new phone was on a new ios. Is there anyway that I can somehow restore this backup? Also I don't have any backups to itunes. Info: iPhone 4S

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I got the new iPad (3) and on the initializing I trying to restore from my itunes backup of my older iPad 2.�After backing up the iPad 2, I connected the new iPad and clicked restore from the backup file I chose, it starts to do the back up and then pops up an error message saying: This iPad could not be restored because the backup file is either corrupted or the ipad device that is restored is not supported. I used different backup files and I tried backing up afresh, but the error remain the same. Info: iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1

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Has anyone ever moved a backup folder for the iPhone onto a new PC/Laptop and successfully restored the iPhone back to its previous setup?I wiped the iPhone thinking it would just restore the backup I moved onto the new PC.I've got this problem and I'm worried I've lost everything I have the backup folders from my old (destroyed) pc so there is no way of using that. The error just says "itunes could not restore the iphone because the backup session failed"

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If I don't want to restore content from my backup with old Apple IDs (wife's old deactivated account, brother's account, etc), how do I remove that content from a backup?  I skip in the restore process, but that doesn't seem to remove anything.  I'm assuming the content/media from the other accounts isn't loaded.   I guess I'm looking to create a fresh backup with only the iTunes items associated with my account.  I can't find a way to identify what media is from these other accounts in iTunes, so I keep getting this issue when I restore from a backup. Info: iPhone, iOS 7.1.2

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Connected to iTunes, found was an update, backup performed, system proceeds to download software, I believe during install it has failed and now iPad has dies and only showing that it wants a cable to connect to iTunes. If hold down power and home button to restore it fails and just loops back. iTunes says it is now known as "iPad" when it was known as "Jason's iPad".It wants to restore factory settings which is fine as I have a backup I can restore. problem is it keeps looping without going anywhere with the same errors coming up. Your iPad can't be updated; you must restore it to factory settings. If you previously backed up the iPad, click restore backup after the restore process completes. Is there anything I can do without connecting to iTunes in the first instance? Is there a way to by pass the errors and get software on it that will allow it to then restore a backup?  Info: iPad Mini, iOS 8.1, Think it was on 8.1 trying 8.1.1

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Before I activated my new iphone 6+ today ... I backed up my old iphone 4 into my computer through itunes.� After activation I went into itunes to restore today's backup into the new phone and the backup from today vanished.� Part of the problem may be that when I plugged in the new phone itunes asked me to update their software in my computer.� Is there anyway to retrieve my backup from today?� Info: iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.1.1

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My daughter forgot her passcode, and is subsequently locked out of her iPad. I found the KB article iOS: Forgot passcode or device disabled which says to open iTunes and restore from backup. The problem is, when I open iTunes, the iPad Mini does not show up, therefore I can't restore from the previous backup. The iPad .screen says 'iPad is disabled connect to iTunes'.

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I have followed the steps for restoring my iTunes library from my Time Machine backup. When I go to choose the library (which I copied to my new computer), the file remains grey and can't be selected. I copied two companion files that had .itdb labels as well as the library file (all were from the most current backup and showed that I had opened them the last time I used my computer before it died). I could not find any .xml files related to this iTunes library (some of the help said there would be files like this as well). My old computer was running iTunes 10.6.1, same as my new computer. Suggestions?  The old computer is a 2008 MacBookPro. I can't get it to start up at all, but have the Time Machine backup from the last time it opened (last week). I'm trying to open the library on a 2011 MacBook Air. Info: iTunes, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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I want to block the SQL Server database, so that no data can be export using third party tools and also the specific db can't be restore from old backups


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I bought a 2010 Alum Mac Mini (2.4Ghz/2GB/320GB/OS10.6.4) a couple months ago, and I restored it from a time machine backup from my old '08 Mac Mini (1.83ghz/2GB/OS10.6.4). All data moved successfully, but this machine seems 2x slower than my old Mac Mini. Issues I'm encountering include: iDisk sync extremely slow launching Apps slow Trouble handling more than 3 or 4 open apps (Chrome, iTunes, Pages, Numbers) Is it possible that this is an issue because of restoring from the backup?

IPhone :: Can't Restore From Backup Due To Corrupt File discussions.apple.com

I'm trying to restore my new 4s (16g) to my backup, but it will not sync with iTunes, shows I have too much "other" taking up memory and I can't change the settings. Can't restore from backup due to corrupt file?? I've tried soft reset, restarting my computer, restoring the iPhone...exhausted and tired. Ready to return it. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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So my old Mac g4 12" hard drive bit the dust. Just received my new 13" - yeah! I had used Backup 3 to backup the drive to an external drive - another yeah I'm now trying to restore the backed up applications. However, when I open the full backup file I found with Backup 3, there is my old user folder comes up, but I can't seem to find the Applications folder so that I can restore my applications. Information: 13" iMac Mac OS X (10.6.1)

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Say you have an app (Facebook, for arguments sake) which has messages, cached pictures etc. Is that info stored in the actual app file (iTunes Media > Mobile Applications) or do you have to trigger an iTunes backup? For context, I don't have access to a backup to restore my phone from however I do have a file system backup of my applications folder. If I install these apps to my new phone will they be fresh installs or will they retain my old data?

Applications :: Clean Install Of Snow Leopard - Time Machine & Carbon Copy Cloner? forums.macrumors.com

I just did a clean install of Snow Leopard on my older macbook. I did not specifically back up my itunes purchases, however, I did do several Time Machine back ups as well as manually moving data via Finder (copy "Macintosh HD" and paste to folder on external), and finally a clone using CarbonCopyCloner. I wanted to start fresh, but I failed to think of my iTunes purchases, as well as iPhone app purchases/downloads. Is there some way I can specifically restore iTunes from the back up without having to restore from a TimeMachine backup?

IPhone :: How To Backup / Restore Only SMS And Restore Them To New Installed IOS4 forums.macrumors.com

I'm planning to restore my iPhone while updating to iOS 4 since I've bee using the same old backup for 3 years or so now, installed a bunch of thing etc... so I want to start from scratch. The only thing I don't want to lose are my SMS.I also don't want to jailbreak my iPhone. What are the solution to backup only my SMS (so not regular iTunes backup) and then restore that only to my freshly installed iOS4?

IPhone :: Restore Only Restores Bare Apps? discussions.apple.com

I just restored a new iPhone from a backup of my old phone on iTunes. However, I don't find any of my personal data now on the phone. All my apps are installed, sure, but none of the following is: photos contacts personal data associated with the apps phone settings email account details Which, to me, entirely misses the point of a backup and makes it virtually worthless. Is this what an iPHone "backup" actually is, or did the restore not happen correct? Info: iPhone 4, Windows7

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I just got a 3gs a few days ago...i am trying to add my music to it and iTunes is not letting me drag and drop. this phone is a replacement for my old 2g and when i set up my new phone i restored it from my old one through backup on itunes. i have selected to manually manage my music b/c i have stuff in itunes that i don;t want/need on my phone. any ideas? Information: 13" macbook white Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Backing Up On External HD Or Time Machine? discussions.apple.com

My nearly full 64 GBs iPad is eating up my HD. I have like 200 MBs left! Is there a way to save the backup to an external HD to save it for whenever I need to restore?? If there isn't a way, I have a full Time machine backup, is it OK to delete the backup from iTunes, and if I needed the backup I restore it from Time machine, or I can't?? Information: White MacBook, iPhone 4, 64GB WiFi iPad Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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How to format old iPad and transfer everything to new iPad? I have backed up my old iPad on iTunes. I need to format it to sell to a friend tomorrow. Do I just restore iPad to factory settings through iTunes and will my most recent backup stay stored in my iTunes to transfer my files on to iPad 3?

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i had an error while syncing and now when i plug my ipad, itunes detects it ad a new ipad and gives me the choice to restore my old backup?? What is the problem?, i dont want to restore since my last backup is a few days old. What can i do to make itunes recognize my ipad as normal. I tried rebooting both my computer and the ipad with no succes. Should i reinstall itunes? Will i loose my last backup if i do so? I'm on windows 7 with itunes 9.2. Information: ipad iPhone OS 3.1.3

IPhone 5s :: Backup IOS Blocked List discussions.apple.com

Is there a way to backup or export the blocked contact list of my iPhone? I want to backup or export or transfer the blocked list from my old iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s. I know I can backup the whole content of the old 4s and restore it to 5s in iTunes but I got another blocked list in my 5s and I don't want to overwrite it.�

Restore From Backup Or Sync? www.ipadforums.net

What's the difference between syncing and restore from backup? i upgraded to iOS5 but i want to restore all the apps(games) and their respective settings, but when i click on 'Restore from Backup' iTunes says that it will only restore "contacts, calendars and notes", it doesn't say anything about restoring apps and their settings. And when i click on 'Sync Apps' iTunes says that it will delete all apps and stuff from the iPad 2 and i don't know if syncing restores all the apps with their respective settings. [url]...

IPhone :: Error 1603 While Updating From IOS5.0 To IOS5.1 On 4 discussions.apple.com

When restarted my computer and reconnects my iPhone, it now prompts saying that iPhone in recovery mode and I must restore before it can be used with iTunes. I am very sure there's 2 backup copies in my (default designated) computer folder, with one being dated 12Mar (the day of updating). I browsed the computer folder while waiting for the downloads in iTunes. However the backup folder is now empty!! and I can't restore to any previous backup, and my phone cannot be turn on. The iTunes restore button asked if I wanted to restore to original factory settings. How could this happen?!! My Recycle bin has this item "iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw". How can I retreive my previous phone backup, or just return to iOS5.0.1 with its data prior to the 5.1? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Restore From Previous Backup? discussions.apple.com

I got a new iPad2 today as a warranty replacement for one with screen issues.� The store tech backed everything up to iCloud when the switch was made about 9:30.� When I got home and went to restore the new iPad with my old data, it said the most recent backup was at 11:00.� Restoring with this backup basically restored to factor settings.� My question is is it possible to restore an iPad from iCloud with an old backup?� Can I tell it specifically to restore with the 9:30 backup or is that one completely gone and I am out of luck? Info: iPad 2

OS X :: Clean Re-install But Restore Files From Time Machine? forums.macrumors.com

So my hard-drive died. Luckily I have a Time Machine backup of my system. I bought a new HD and tried to restore from the backup. No-go. It complains that it can't restore certain file, so it snorts the restore. I tried an older backup, no help. So I decided to do a fresh install instead. But once I have OS up & running again, can I restore files from my old Time Machine backup? How does the process work? I'm afraid if I point Time Machone to my old backup, it will overwrite it. I do have my files backed up manually as well, so I can always copy them by hand. Bit that backup is not as recent as the TM backup.

IPhone :: Upgrade 3.0.1 To 3.1.2 www.howardforums.com

I always to a fresh update each time new os is out. (no backup/restore) I would like to know it is good to backup with iTunes and restore after updated to new OS even my phone is jalbraked. Here is the step I am planning to do. Jailbraked IPhone - backup with itunes - update to new OS - jailbrake - restore

Can't Connect To ITunes After Latest IOS Update www.ipadforums.net

I have the original iPad. After updating with the latest iOS, I can't connect to iTunes. I can access iTunes, but when trying to purchase or update apps, I see the "waiting" icon, but eventually get a "can't connect to iTunes - please check network settings" message. I can connect to the internet, and my iPhone connects to iTunes with no problem. I've tried restoring from backup but this didn't solve the problem.

IPhone :: When Try To Restore Backup ITunes Shows That The Backup Is Corrupted Or Not Compatible With... discussions.apple.com

I have updated my iPhone 4 to 5.1.1 and I can't restore my backup files because when I try to restore my backup iTunes shows that the backup is corrupted or not compatible with the iPhone Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: Set Up New Phone Or Restore From Backup? discussions.apple.com

When I want to backup my iphone to itunes using a PC it asks me if I want to set up as new phone or restore from the backup. I don't want to do either. How do I get around this? I used to be able to find the answer to this just googling the question but the answer no longer appears anywhere. I also can't find it on the apple site. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1, backup restore failure

IPhone :: Cannot Sync Address Book Too Many Flushes In Console discussions.apple.com

I've restored the phone twice, without restoring a backup, setting it up as a new phone each time.It'll sync everything else fine but not this.I have reset the sync history in isync, deleted my address book completely (I have a backup of it) yet iTunes still shows the old groups under the info tab. I've double checked that I am the owner on the permissions page of the mail/ical/itunes/etc. folders in %users/Library. Repaired permissions.I'm running out of things to check. Whenever I try to sync this is the information that can be found in the Console. I've deleted preferences, i'm almost ready to completely blow itunes away and re-import/re-rate my itunes library from scratch!I also cannot sync anything from the Info tab, contacts, calendars, can't replace the data either. If I enable iCal syncing it just hangs on the sync and doesn't error out. it'll stay syncing contacts for over 12 hours so far with no change. Information: Macbook Pro 15.4" 2.4c2d iPhone OS 3.1.3

Restore A Corrupted Encrypted Backup? discussions.apple.com

I have a problem restoring backups. My mom wanted me to upgrade her iPad 1 from iOS 4.2 to iOS 5. I'm running Windows 7 with the latest iTunes. So I plugged her iPad in and clicked update. iTunes promted me to update and I clicked it. Then it told me that it would backup the iPad and then wipe it and update it. So I accepted the prompt and it upgraded successfully to iOS 5. Now I wanted it to restore the backup so I selected the backup file, entered the password, and the restore completes half way then tells me that iTunes cannot restore the backup because the backup is corrupt or not compatible with the device. I understand that there are apps to read from the backup file and extract stuff from it but they don't support encrypted files. I tried one program and it told me that the backup is complete and intact except for the fact that it is encrypted.

IPhone :: Restore From Backup - How To Make ITunes Revert To An Older Backup To Get Text Messages Back discussions.apple.com

I cleared a conversation by mistake earlier today. Plugged in the iPhone this evening, it synced and backed up. I didn't mean to let it do that! Now it means that if I restore from backup, it will restore with the conversation deleted. Is there a way to make iTunes revert to an older backup so I get the conversation back? Information: MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.1)

IPhone :: Restore From Backup On An Already Setup discussions.apple.com

I got a replacement phone and recieved it already set up and the person from the store said i could restore it from my backup of my old phone. I have connected my phone to itunes but it doesnt show me an option of restore from backup. How do i find this on the Summary part of my device? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Applications :: ITunes Back Up On A New Computer? forums.macrumors.com

iTunes backs everything up from your iPhone that way if you want to do a restore and get everything back such as things done in apps that don't save to the cloud. Problem I'm finding is what if I get a new computer and sell the old computer that has iTunes with the back ups of my device? If I were to plug my iPhone to the new computer and iTunes pop up, would it take everything from the iPhone and put it on iTunes AND THEN do a backup?

IPhone :: Album Artwork - How To Restore From Latest Backup? discussions.apple.com

I have had this problem for a while -- how do you fix it? The artwork on the phone is wrong, but right on the computer's iTunes. Someone said to do a restore from backup, but I am nervous about doing that. The only 'restore' I see on iTunes says that the phone is restored to its factory defaults -- I don't want that! How do you restore from the latest backup? Information: Powermac G5 Mac OS X (10.4.2)

Can't Delete Vista Backups After Upgrading www.sevenforums.com

I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit from Vista Ultimate 64-bit. While in Vista, I had automatic backups to an external drive. I cannot delete these old backups manually, and the Backup and Restore module does not recognize them as backups, so it won't manage them. How can I delete these old backups. When I try to delete them, I get an "Access denied" error. I can't even open the folder with the name of the computer.

Restore Backup IOS 5 Beta 3? forums.macrumors.com

On my iPad 2 I was on beta 1. I synced a back up to my computer and then upgraded itunes to beta 3 and loaded ios 5 beta 3 on the ipad. The update loads fine, but when I "restore from backup" the backup will hang and it wont boot. This is if I use the backup from icloud or from itunes as I saved it on both. If I revert to beta 1 and restore the same exact backup it works no problem.

IPad Mini :: IOS 7.1.2 - Restoring From Older Backup discussions.apple.com

I had my iPad wiped while on vacation because the wrong access code was entered too many times. (lesson #1: unpair bluetooth keyboard from iPad before throwing them in a bag). So my only option was to wipe everything and restore as new. Now being back home, I wanted to restore from the backup I had made on iTunes just before I left. Unfortunately, I did not check the "Prevent iPods etc from syncing automatically" in iTunes prior to plugging my iPad (lesson #2), so iTunes did a backup before I could realize what was happening. So now, I have only one backup available: the one just made, which is useless.  I do regular backups of my mac with Time Machine, so I'm hoping there's a way to get the older backup by accessing the files on TM. Info : iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.1.2

IMac :: Is Restore To Multiple Macs Possible forums.macrumors.com

I have a new 27"iMac following a smashed screen on my old 24" iMac. I have the time machine backup luckily! But I have also managed to fix my old 24" with a replacement LCD panel. So my question is this: How do I restore from time macine to both iMacs so I have all my iTunes films & music on both machines? I also want to put all my iTunes on my Dads new iMac which is in a different house of course.

OS X Leopard :: Time Machine Restored An Older Version Of System - How To Fix It discussions.apple.com

I had to wipe my drive clean before bringing my macbook pro to applecare technicians, and restored the whole back up from time machine upon reinstalling. Now I realize there are weird discrepancies between my backups and what is reinstalled. I had the latest version of Leopard installed originally, but Time Machine restored the version from the DVD (10.5.1) - so I have the old version of iTunes, for example. I did pick to move ALL my old files back, including the system prefs and apps. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1)

IPhone :: Find My Old Backup So That I Can Restore Everything Back To It Again? discussions.apple.com

I just tried syncing my 4S to my itunes and I previously used my 3G iPhone before the 4S. When I plugged it in, it restored all of my old 3g settings to my 4S, now I have lost several pictures, apps, and contacts. How do I find my old backup so that I can restore everything back to it again? Info: iPhone 4

Transfer Data To New Ipad 3? discussions.apple.com

I have tried unsuccessfully to transfer data from my old iPad 1 to my new iPad 3.�I have done the following:�Conected old iPad 1 to my Mac Mini.� From wiithin iTunes 10.6.1, control-clicked on the device icon and selected "backup".�At the conclusion of the backup I disconnected the iPad 1 and conceted the iPad 3 to the Mac Mini.� Again, within iTunes I control-clicked the device icon and selected "restore from backup".� The restore proceded to conclusion and I then disconnected the iPad 3 and checked to see if the transfer had been sussessfully completed.� Here is what I discovered:�All Apps, settings, etc. were transferred properly as were my Safari bookmarks.� However, my Mail (POP account) data was not completley transferred.� The "inbox" was transferred correctly, but the"sent", "trash" and "draft" folders were not transferred at all.� Additionally, the Photo transfer is totally screwy.� All of the photos transferred, however, several of the albums that existed on my old iPad are now empty on the new iPad.� Additionally, the albums that are displayed on the new device are sequenced differently than on the original.� Info: Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 23 inch Apple Display. LaCie CD/DVD

Data CPanel :: Restore Old User Account Backups From Diff Server? forums.cpanel.net

I have just started up a new server, its a fresh install, I have 2 old accounts from an old server backed up using the whm backup utility befroe the old server went off over a year ago.How do i go about restoring these to user accounts please, as putting the backup files in to the backup dir /home backup but evidently that dont works as the backups are not showing in the restore panel.

IPhone 4 :: Does Not Restore From Backup - Returns To Hello Screen discussions.apple.com

I backed up my old 3G phone and have been trying to restore the backup to my new iphone 4 but it will not do it.� IT seems to complete the process, but then the phone just keeps returning to the 'hello' screen when the itunes process has finished, therefore you have to try and redo it again and the same thing happens. I have tried an older backup too so I don't think it's the back up files causing the issue.�

IPhone :: Is Ip Still Jailbroken After Restoring From Backup? forums.macrumors.com

So I needed to restore my iphone from a backup because when I tried syncing an app I got an error then everytime I connected my phone to itunes it was asking to either restore from backup or setup as new device and I restored from backup.Just wanted to know if my iphone is still jailbroken after restoring from a backup because I still have Cydia and the other stuff.

Xperia X10 :: Can't Find Backup And Restore App After Update Services talk.sonymobile.com

I have backup my data before perform update services, and now i can't find the backup and restore app to restore my saved data.

How To Backup Jailbroken Apps Included? forums.macrumors.com

Tried doing a couple of searches but couldn't find a direct answer.How do I backup my jailbroken ipad? I would like to have the jailbroken apps backed up as well.It's not something simple like connecting to itunes to backup correct?Also, later down the road if I wanted to restore from backup, would I be able to choose which backup to restore from (if 1 choice was a clean non-jailbroken restore and the other is the jailbroken restore)?

IPhone :: Apps And App Data Disappeared discussions.apple.com

I backed up my iphone and suddenly my apps are gone - not on my phone and not in iTunes. I'm banging my head trying to get my apps back. It wouldn't matter to me if I had a backup of my 300 item to do list from Listomania - my entire life is in there - and I have no other backup. So far I've found an old backup from last Wednesday and restored my iPhone from that backup. I know it succeeded in some way because it changed the background photo to what it was last Wednesday and my most recent text messages are missing. My apps are still not there however. I tried what vburger did - went to applications in iTunes and synched them. I have no option to update them and in fact there are no apps in my Selected applications list in iTunes (I can't even select Selected Applications - only All Applications). Where did they go?

Restoring IPhone 5s From ITunes Backup discussions.apple.com

I seem to have lost my data in iphone 5s. It is asking to either setup as a new phone or restore from itunes backup. The last back i did was today afternoon when everything was intact. But once the iphone was connected to itunes, it automatically started backing up the device with no data (as it was wiped out), now when I attempt to restore from itunes backup all it does is restore from the latest backup.This afternoon's successful backup does not seem to get listed in the list of backups. The reason for doing backup is to restore when in need.

OS X :: Changed MBP But Want To Continue With Time Machine Backup forums.macrumors.com

I recently changed MBPs and restored from Time Machine. Now I want to continue using the backup disk with about 6 months worth of backups on, but it wants to start again saying that there's not enough space for the initial backup. I can't see any way around this in the TM help, but I don't want to start afresh and delete all those old backups. Surely there's a way of making Time Machine think the computer is the old one?

IPhone :: Can't Type Letters In 4 discussions.apple.com

My IPhone if having trouble with the screen, I can't type neither letter M nor I. I did an icloud backup and restore the phone thinking that could fix it and it didn't. Now I can't get to my backup in icloud because letter M and I are part of the user/password needed. how to get to my backup? Can I access icloud from iTunes? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

How Do You RESTORE FROM BACK-UP? forums.macrumors.com

I want to restore to last night's back-up because today I sync'd and I did something dumb and all my contacts are gone. Thanks to mobileme they're gone from my iphone and my Google account too.I found the instructions in the manual:Restore iPad from a backup:1 Connect iPad to the computer you normally sync with.2 In iTunes, Control-click iPad in the sidebar, then choose ?Restore from Backup? from the menu that appears.3 Choose the backup that you want to restore from the pop-up menu, then click Restore.

ITunes For Mac :: Unable To Restore From Backup? discussions.apple.com

tried to factory unlock my iphone 5s through ATT. recvd approval, followed instructions re: backup, restore, then restore from backup. everything went well up until restoring from back up. it says "cannot restore from back up because not compatible or corrup backup". what do i do??? ITunes should specify that the back up is not successful or is corrupted before letting consumers restore!! Info: iPhone 5s, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

IPad 2 :: Restore Can't Be Completed discussions.apple.com

So I recently restored to iOS 7.1.1 with iTunes. When I was restoring from an iCloud backup a message popped up saying that the restore can't be completed and that I should choose another backup. I looked at the support articles where it's said that I should check iCloud Server Status. There everything was normal. So I selected another backup, but the problem still persisted so I decided to do a restore with iTunes again, but that didn't work. So I decided to set up my iPad as a new iPad and erased all the content and settings. Didn't work. So now I'm stuck here with my iPad failing to get the iCloud Backup data to my device. Info: iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

ITunes Mac :: Restoring Library From Time Machine discussions.apple.com

I have just encountered a problems, where after the latest upgrade to iTunes, random songs are now missing from my iTunes Library. There is no rhyme or reason to which ones are missing. Sometimes it is a whole album, sometimes only one or two songs. Some of the missing content has come from cd, some purchased through iTunes. I have contacted Apple support who were somewhat perplexed as to what had happened but were able to steer me to restoring from Time Machine. My question is this - if I choose to restore my entire Music library instead of the individual songs/albums, will this overwrite/delete music I have added (and seems to be ok) since the backup? i.e. the backup I am restoring from was on the 26th. If I restore the entire music library, will music I downloaded on the 27th be removed? Will music that doesn't match the old library be left intact? Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.3)

IPhone :: ITunes Can't Restore From 4.3.2 Backup To 5.01 discussions.apple.com

today i upgrade my iphone4 to 5.01 ,when use itunes to restore 4.3.2 backup .the itunes compain 'May 19 10:33:32 BigBears-iPhone BackupAgent2[202] <Warning>: ERROR: Restore error - File path in set of paths not to back up: AppDomain-com.moji.MojiWeather:Library/SyncedPreferences (MBErrorDomain/205) why, the 4.3.2 backup is full and succeed . what a suck of itunes. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

ITunes Asking For Back Up Password But I Haven't Set Any Password Ever? What Should I Do Now? ipadqueries.com

iTunes took over and done a backup / upgrade and restore, however to restore from my backup image it's prompting me for a password. I'm certain I've never set this password. Currently apps synced from iTunes however all my photos are in the backup image file.

Restoring Old Books & Videos Libraries? discussions.apple.com

I have lost all my videos and books from my ipad2!! I have a backup that should contain them all but when I restore the backup everything was restored (all apps and photos and..) but not videos nor books!� The (Movies) section in the iTunes library on my PC shows nothing!! all videos were removed?!! and the same for Books!� They are very important and I want to restore them in any way!� Info: iPad 2, Windows 7, iTunes

Apps Missing In ITunes And No Sync www.ipadforums.net

I had installed a couple of free apps via iTunes on my Windows computer and synced my iPad2 5.0.1 multiple times and the apps never showed up on the iPad. I looked in iTunes and under the Apps for iTunes the Sync Apps is greyed out. If I click on the Sync Apps check box in iTunes I am warned that the Apps and their data on the iPad will be removed and replaced by the two new apps I installed via iTunes today, which appear to be the only apps in iTunes desktop. I noticed that in a backup that the ITunes folder in all places in My Music folder has all of the apps that were on the iPad. Is the best way to fix this is to restore this directory from a backup of that folder or do a I restore from a backup from within iTunes ? What about the apps since last iTunes or hard drive backup? Am I sol for being able to install those apps??

ITunes :: Save Multiple Backups For One Device? discussions.apple.com

I manage multiple iPads here at my school and had a question about iTunes backup. We want to have multiple backups from the past for each device so that we can restore the device from an old backup if something goes wrong. We have over 180 iPads so I need something quick and automated. We are also using a Mac Server if that helps any. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

IPhone :: Backing Up From Old 3g To New 4s? discussions.apple.com

I want to restore my backup from my old 3g to my 4s, however I have been using my 4s for a couple of weeks now and wondered if I restored the back up from my 3g through itunes, would this wipe off any new data that's on my 4s? Or is there a way I can restore the data without wiping off any new stuff such as pictures etc? Info: iPhone 4S

IPhone :: Deleted A Backup / Like It Back. discussions.apple.com

I wanted to restore from a backup, but could not find the backup I wanted in the dropdown box after right clicking the iPhone in the devices column. So I deleted all the other backups in Preferences/Devices, keeping the backup I wanted to backup from.When I now want to restore from that backup, the option to restore from backup is no longer available. The system does not recognize any backups. Restore from backup is no longer an option at all, even though I still have that one backup in my Preferences/Devices box. iTunes does not see that backup.So now I want the backup that I deleted in Preferences/Devices back, so I can restore from that backup. Normally I would not have deleted the backups to begin with, but copied them to the desktop, just in case. But I could not find where they were stored on my HD. Is is possible to restore a deleted backup? And if so, how do I do this? Information:

Restoring Files From A Backup Folder? www.bleepingcomputer.com

Backstory: My computer decides to crash on me while browsing some site, and it failed to startup after that. After many tries of getting it to work through system restore/system repair, it still would not load up. I then see an advanced option of restoring to the system default, with an option of saving all personal data such as files and documents. After this successful reinstall, I have a huge folder (190 gigs!) worth of my old files sitting in a folder named 'Backup' in the C: drive, all on a fresh version of Windows 7 (ie: default programs and icons like internet explorer). I have tried running Windows' Backup and Restore application, but the aforementioned backup drive does not show up. Is it possible to transfer everything back? tl;dr: restored old comp to system default, (with an option to save personal files/programs, all in a new folder C:/Backup) but can't figure out how to move/replace this system default back to my old setup.

IPhone 5s :: Any Way To Reverse A Restore discussions.apple.com

I got a new iphone and when I plugged it into computer, it started doing a restore on itunes, but my last backup on my old phone was months ago. Therefore, new contacts and pictures were erased and everything was restored to how my phone was in January. Is there anyway to reverse a restore? Info: iPhone 5s

IPhone :: Itunes Says Have To Enter A Password To Restore From Backup discussions.apple.com

My itunes says i have to enter a password to restore from backup but I dont know this password and dont remember setting one Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: Sync My Music To My IPhone Without It Saying On Itunes? discussions.apple.com

someone tell me how I can sync my music to my iPhone without it saying on itunes "set up as a new iPhone" or "restore from the backup of: iPod"

ITunes Libraries All Don't Work discussions.apple.com

Upon opening iTunes this morning, it took upon itself the job of "importing" something from I have no clue, labeled my library as "damaged", created a new one that had most of my stuff missing with no playlists, and now I can't import an old library or open any sort of iTunes library from anywhere.iTunes is version 10.6.1 (7)Is it some sort of version of iTunes that I can't run on OS 10.5? I'm waiting for the fall rollout to get a new machine, there is no reason to update my OS, it does everything I need now.I have a Time Machine backup. Do I need to download a completely new copy of iTunes and then try to restore out of Time Machine? Has Apple updated iTunes into yet another version that has no added value to me, yet I have to cope with all the advertising trash loaded into it (read: Genius, Ping)? How do I get my library back along with a version of iTunes that works?

IPhone :: Itunes Not Restore From Backup? discussions.apple.com

I attempted to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1.1.I selected 'back up' from the phone in the device menu and iTunes confirmed that the phone had been backed up. I then installed iOS 5.1.1 which wiped everything on the phone & now I am getting the error iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored"I have tried restoring factory settings but iTunes simply will not restore from back up & I'm not sure what else to do Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: Restore Itunes To Earlier Date For Older Backup? discussions.apple.com

I just had my iphone4 upgraded to the latest os .. prior to the upgrade, i synced my contacts and noted using outlook ... however, after the upgrade, when i tried to restore, nothing happened ... so i kept trying, until i discovered that my old backup have been changed to a different date (after the upgrade) ... which means my old backup is gone! is there any way i can restore an older backup? can i do a system restore of itunes or something? by the way, i am using windows 7 ...

IPhone :: Restoring Texts From Backup discussions.apple.com

I have browsed the forums regarding SMS messages that are accidentally deleted, and how to restore them.I have read that the only way to restore these is to restore the iPhone from it's iTunes backup.My question: If I go ahead and restore from backup, what exactly will I lose? I know I any texts sent after the latest backup will be lost, but will I also lose pictures and music too?

Data CPanel :: Reset Some Values During Restore forums.cpanel.net

One of most important problems (for me) in cPanel is that cPanel restore backup config while restoring backup file. This make some problems. For example, sometimes we want to restore backup for a user, but we find that there is no backup available! because old hosting provider was disabled backup for that user and this option persists after transfer. So we have to check "Backup User Selection" every week to see if all users backup's are enabled.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: My Contacts Are Gone After 2.1 Update talk.sonyericsson.com

I installed android 2.1 today but for some reason I can't restore my contacts.I followed the instructions on the sony ericsson webpage and used the SE backup software to make a backup of my contacts, mms, photos etc. When I restored everything after the update everything was restored except my contacts. How can I get my contacts back? Is there some way to extract them manually from the backup file or something? The backup software can't seem to restore them for me.

Xperia X10 :: My Contacts Are Gone After Android 2.1 Update talk.sonymobile.com

I installed android 2.1 today but for some reason I can't restore my contacts.I followed the instructions on the sony ericsson webpage and used the SE backup software to make a backup of my contacts, mms, photos etc.When I restored everything after the update everything was restored except my contacts. How can I get my contacts back? Is there some way to extract them manually from the backup file or something? The backup software can't seem to restore them for me...

OS X :: Broken Applications Since Time Machine Restore forums.macrumors.com

I replaced my hard drive and restored the system from a Time Machine backup. It boots and all, but it seems to be missing a component. Both Safari and any app that relies on Safari crash. This affects Safari, Software Update, iTunes, iChat, iPlayer Downloader, and even Installer, among others. I do have my old hard drive in a SATA enclosure, I just mounted it and tried to run Safari from it without success, which suggests it isn't the app itself that's the problem, but one of it's core files elsewhere on the system. I made the connection to Safari because of the Console logs, which always mentioned both it and com.apple.main-thread. Here's the other problem, though: when I restored the system, Time Machine helpfully removed all my old backups without asking me, so if I wanted to restore the system from a backup again, I'd have to do it from a new backup which would surely have the same problem anyway. What file to replace? Or even just a way to check and repair my OS X install?

IPhone :: Upgrading 3GS IOS 5.1 To New 4S IOS 5.0? discussions.apple.com

I have been using a 3GS iOS 5.1 backed up to iTunes. (some data also on iCloud)I bought a brand new 4S and it was all going so well until .. "The backup cannot be restored to this [iOS device] because the software on the [iOS device] is too old." [URL] Looks like the iPhone was shipped with iOS 5.0 after 5.1 was available. Irritating. Really irritating.So I set the 4S up as new phone, updated to iOS 5.0 and now have a shiny new 4S iOS 5.1with no data that is merrily syncing an empty phone with iTunes and iCloud and I still have a beaten up 3GS iOS 5.1 with all my info on it.I have a backup of the old phone but I don't know how to get that onto the new phone. I've tried iTunes/summary/restore which sets of an 803MB download - that's still going but I'm thinking I may have the same problem again. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

Hacking :: Notability App Data Lost After Upgrade / Restore Of Jailbroken IPad 2 www.ipadforums.net

This may be a lost cause, as I've been combing the internet. But I would give my left arm to retrieve some lost files from my notability app. What happened: 1. Jailbroken Ipad 2 running old iOS (cannot remember, possibly 5.1.1) with notability and my precious notes 2. Backed up iPad 2 on iTunes, (assumed things would be saved), cos new iOS 7.0.4 and its JB was out 3. Restored iPad using iTunes to iOS 7.0.4 and used evasi0n to JB 4. Restored old back ups but then new version of notability app present and with NOTHING inside :'( So I've tried a few things: 1: Unsuccessfully downgrading iOS 7.0.4 (did not save shsh blobs) 2. Numerous Backup software: Wondershare, Back up extractor, iTunes backup extractor all to no avail. The back up software have just allowed me to extract notability cookies and preference folder and googleanalytics.sql file.

IPhone :: Why Cannot Restore New 3G From Old / Last Backup discussions.apple.com

I broke my old iPhone 3G (16GB) so today I went to the Apple store, and got a new one for free by setting up an AT&T account (this free iPhone 3G is 8GB). I got home, plugged it in my laptop, and wanted to transfer my stuff from my old phone over to my new one so I clicked restore from last backup. When I did so, I got this error message: iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored. I need to restore from my last backup but apparently it's corrupted? Info: iPhone 3G

IPhone :: Successful JB On 3.1.2 3GS - Backup / Sync? forums.macrumors.com

I just got my iPhone and what perfect timing with GeoHot's new JB release for the 3GS 3.1.2!!! :-D So I had no problems JBing the iPhone, and his install worked perfectly. Since I'm new to this whole JB think; 1. Now with a JB iPhone will I still be able to "Sync" and perform "Backups" in iTunes?? 2. Now if Apple releases a new update, if I update my iPhone I will lose my JB and my iPhone will get restored to factory settings or will it use one of my old backups to restore from?? 3. Can I backup my iPhone in iTunes, and also backup all my JB apps within iTunes?? 4. If I need to go to AT&T I would just restore my iPhone from an old backup or restore to factory, and then take it to AT&T, right?? And then later I can just go home and restore my JB backup from iTunes??

Restoring From Transaction Log forums.databasejournal.com

Hi all, purpose of this is to restore a backup of database and logs from sql7.0 to sql 2000 I have a full backup of sql 7 database(12:30 PM) and 3 log backups that are not in time sequence(Like one at 1:00Pm other at 1:45 Pm and other at 2:50 PM) I took that complete full backup of a database and restored to it's equivalent datbase in sql 2000 and kept the option leave it in Non-operational mode and be able to restore more logs Then i took the oldest log(1:00PM one) and applied restoring it keeping the same option leave it in Non-operational mode and be able to restore more logs It gave me a following message at the end of restore(for that log) " This version can't redo any index creation or non-logged operation done by sql 7.0.Further roll forward is not possible.RESTORE LOG has been halted" Do i have to check something on sql 7.0 when i am taking log backups? Does the time sequence matters?Like it should be periodic?