IPhone :: Won't Start Or Charge Battery


My I-phone is dead. won't start or charge battery Info:iPhone 3G, Windows XP, replacement phone will not sync

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My iphone 4s battery ran out yesterday so I put it on charge and now it won't turn on Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone 5s :: Not Recharging After Last Battery Empty discussions.apple.com

How to start my I phone again because on last battery empty its not starting again after charging several time.� This is the IMEI : 358691055333482.� Info: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

IPhone 5 Won't Turn On If Discharged discussions.apple.com

It has a been over a year when my iphone battery drained to 0, and when it happened again few days ago; my iPhone won't turn back on or even charge I've tried to reset, pressing both buttons,....... but the iphone doesn't response, so I thought that it's might be the battery. I put the battery of my sister's iPhone (same model) and it works ! So I waited for it to discharge with the new battery and the same problem happened!

BB Torch :: 9850 Won't Hold Charge After OS Update supportforums.blackberry.com

I updated my blackberry last Wednesday with the latest OS (7.1), and since then, my phone won't hold a charge. I started noticing it on Thursday, and it's progressively gotten worse.A full charge will last only about 4 hours.I've changed the battery out for a new one, but to no avail. The phone won't hold a charge.It will, however, still charge with either battery (the old and the new), and after it's charged (after being totally dead) it will turn on, andit will connect to Blackberry desktop software.

HTC EVO 4G :: Factory Rest Will My Internal Battery Calibration Be Reset? androidforums.com

If I do a factory rest will my internal battery calibration be reset? I'm asking because I have a seidio 3500mah battery and it won't fully charge in the phone. I'm wondering if starting fresh(factory reset) and a fully charged battery will re calibrate the charging settings to this battery. Will this work?

Charger Will Not Charge IPhone?! discussions.apple.com

So I understand that the iPad needs more power to charge than an iPhone, hence the different charger. My iPad will charge when connected to my computer via USB (albeit slowly, and only when sleeping).But so I was traveling recently, and only wanted to take one charger.I got the charging screen, with the giant green battery, and it made the little 'clink!' connected noise. The battery icon in the upper right showed a lightning bolt. I left it plugged in overnight (I started out with about 75% charge). By morning, the giant green battery still showed about 75% charge. **BUT**- the battery icon in the corner showed a plug (=charged) instead of a lightning bolt (=charging).I repeated this the next night, so it is not just a fluke. So I can't tell-Did it charge and the big green battery icon showing no change is wrong?Or did it NOT charge, and the little plug icon was wrong?And more than that- why did it do this??!Why would my iPad charger not charge my iPhone??

IPhone 5 Quit Accepting A Charge discussions.apple.com

My iPhone 5 is 2 years old.� I never recharge unless it's less than 50%.� I've had no problems until a month or so ago.� Now when I plug it in, there is no green battery ding or no green battery showing it's accepting a charge.� Could it be the charge attachment line?� Sometimes I take it out and turn it over and try it again and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.� If I keep playing with it long enough so far I've been able to get it to start charging. Info: iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2

IPhone :: Shows It's Charging But The Percentage Is Dropping? discussions.apple.com

When I plug in my fiances iPhone it shows that it is charging, the green battery shows up, the battery icon on the top of the screen has a little plug in it just like it's charging but the battery level keeps dropping. I have already restarted the phone, I performed a basic reset and I just finished wiping and reseting the phone to factory settings. (btw, this problem started showing up last night and she updated her iPhone to 5.1.1 two days ago.)

IPhone :: 4 Won't Charge On Computer? discussions.apple.com

My iphone will charge when plugged into the wall, but won't charge or connect to iTunes on my computer. Info: iPhone 4

IPhone :: 4 Leaking Brown Gooey Substance When Charging? discussions.apple.com

Every time I charge my iPhone 4 with the Apple iPhone Charger (5 W) I get this gooey substance inside the dock connector of the device itself and on the charger. This started almost a week ago. The substance does not smell of rust or anything. The device itself is half a year old, never had contact with water, never ran too hot and was never dropped. It does run quite hot under heavy load and while being charged, however judging from many many forum posts that's a regular thing for the iPhone 4/4S. It behaves normally, charges normally and holds its charge just like you would expect from a regular iPhone 4. I don't think this is battery related as it only appears to happen when I'm charging the device (why would the battery only leak when being charged?). However, except for the polymer gel inside the battery, there's nothing else inside the device that could possibly leak. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1


Nokia Lumia :: 800 Battery Not Holding Charge discussions.nokia.com

I bought this phone for my son for Christmas and despite having it on charge for a few hours it still shows that there's 56% battery charge then once you unplug the charger the phone won't turn on, completely dead! Tried to check software but when I plug it into laptop it just says device unplugged, the only time I got it to recognise it it was unable to find device driver software. Must admit its completely put me off this phone before we've started, I champion Nokia all the time but wish I'd bought him an iPhone now!!

IPhone :: 4 Won't Charge Nor Get Recognized By ITunes discussions.apple.com

My iPhone 4 suddently won't charge anymore nor get recognized by iTunes it's a hardware issue but not sure which part. Sympthoms: iPhone 4 not charging via USB connected to Windows PC, Macbook Pro iPhone 4 not charging via wall charger iPhone 4 not being recognized by iTunes in all my computers (tried in 2 Windows PCs, a Macbook Pro) iPhone 4 not being even recognized as some device, It's like it never was connected. At this moment I have no remaning battery charge so the phone can't be turned on. Before battery was drained, I tried to reset my phone, turn it off/on again, remore all settings (through the phone, because I can't do it through iTunes) None of this worked. So, I guess it has something to do with the iPhone dock connector.. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: 3g Keep Freezing And Then Won't Shut Off? discussions.apple.com

My iphone 3g keeps freezing and then won't shut off. I have to let the battery run down for it to shut off. After I put a charge back in it it will be fine for awhile! It 1st started when I was on Facebook and now it does it on phone calls after about 5 min. I restored it but that didn't help it! Info: iPhone 3G

BB Curve 8900 :: Phone Not Charging - Red Light Indicator Goes Out After 10 Seconds supportforums.blackberry.com

I had an earlier post...that solution worked for a day or two.Now, BB won't charge at all. -it appears that BB is draining the battery from a full charge battery after unplugging and powering on....w/out any use of unit. -the red LED light comes on after plugging via a/c charge. After about 10 seconds, the LED light goes out...and indication that it's not charging. -Battery is a new battery, and is completely dead. -overall, it appears that unit starts a charge, then just stop charging. -I have removed and reinstalled battery several times after a charge start...it will charge for

IPhone :: Battery Drains Very Quickly? discussions.apple.com

All of a sudden my iPhone 4s won't hold a charge. Without use the entire battery is gone in 4 hours. The phone is one month old and had been working fine until two days ago. I have seen the suggestion to wipe it clean and start over. Is that necessary? Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

BB Bold :: My Battery Won't Charge supportforums.blackberry.com

Just got my Bold and the battery won't charge

It Is Not Charging After Plugging In discussions.apple.com

IPad won't charge- recongizes connection but battery notice states not charging. Info: iPad

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Cannot Charge X10 Mini Pro/ False Battery Level Indication? talk.sonymobile.com

a few days ago I bought my SE X10 mini pro.I now have a problem with my battery. A few hours ago, my battery level was around 35% A few hours later, it remained at 35% indication.Since this couldn't be correct, i restarted the phone. Now, my battery indication was 100%. False again.I turned the phone off. It wouldn't restart.I tried the 'flash device method' by holding back button and putting in computer USB. No help.I tried SEUS. After that, phone switched back on, with false battery indication back to 100%, which is impossible.I noticed that during all this 'fun stuff', my battery refuses to charge. The LED indicator remains green without flashing, the settings screen doesnt say 'charging'. I know that the phone won't charge below 95% battery.So, the phone thinks the battery is 100%, therefore won't charge, and I'm pretty screwed, especially since I fear that once my battery drops dead, the phone won't be able to charge ever since it will think its 100% full...

IPhone :: 4s Displays Battery Is Charged, But Battery Has No Charge discussions.apple.com

My iphone 4s battery was dead, so I replaced a battery bought over internet. Now when I charge the phone ( using usb cable plugged to the power outlet on the wall) on right top corner it displays "battery is charged" (battery icon with a plug) but % of charge remains at 5%. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: 4S Charge Slow And Drains Battery Fast ? discussions.apple.com

my iPhone 4S charge slow and drains battery fast

IPhone 5 :: Battery Indicator And Percentage Still On Same Level After Charged For More Than 2 Hours discussions.apple.com

I have iphone 5 ,my battery indicator doesn't get working,when I am charging my iphone it says 4% charging in lock screen and my battery indicator at red level. And I have charged for more than 2 hours,but the indicator and percentage are still in the same level.But my phone has been charged,since I can use my phone for nearly 1 and half day with that same level.If I restart my phone ,the indicator and percentage are changed .I am weird with this condition. Because I don't know when will my iphone goes down.

IPhone :: 3GS Will Not Stay Charged discussions.apple.com

On Saturday I dropped my iPhone 3GS in water. I kept it in rice until yesterday (Monday) and it started working again. The only problem is that it will not hold a charge. When charging, it takes 3-5 minutes for the battery to go up one percent. It also dies very fast. I had 100% battery and thirty minutes later I looked down and it was it 30%. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Red Light Of Battery Start Continuously Blinking - Not Charging forums.lenovo.com

I am using Lenovo T500 laptop for last 2 years. yesterday suddenly its battery stop charging and a red light of battery start continuously blinking. i have read many forum for charging solution and found one solution, i press the power button for 30 sec and then insert battery and charger cable. With this trick battery start charging but after 2 hours battery again stop charging. Till now battery is not charging......

IPhone 5s :: Won't Charge - Red Light Keeps Flashing discussions.apple.com

My 4 month 5s wont charge the charging symbol has a little bit of red in it and it keeps flashing on and of in the battery symbol Info: iPhone 5s

IPhone :: 4s Won't Turn On - Doesn't Show 'battery' When Plugged In To Charge discussions.apple.com

Phone won't turn on. Doesn't show 'battery' when plugged in to charge. It was in my holster, next to my body. It had 90% charge when I put it on. 5 hrs later I found it off, and it won't turn on. What do I do? Info: iPhone 4S

IPhone :: 4S Won't Charge Or Connect To PC discussions.apple.com

My iPhone 4S won't charge or connect to pc. I've tried several cables, power adapters and pc's and nothing helps. I also tried connecting other iPhones and iPads and they worked well. Also when my iPhone is off it can charge. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, iPhone won't charge when on

IPhone :: Battery Died During Reset To Original Settings forums.macrumors.com

I recently bought a 2G iphone that was upgraded to a 3.0.I was trying to reset the phone to the original factory settings. I didn't realize that the phone doesn't charge while doing this and partway through the reset the battery died. Now the phone won't charge, won't boot up, nothing. I took it to an ATT store and they couldn't help either.

IPhone :: 3gs Crashes Anytime While Using Camera Or Playing Games? discussions.apple.com

My iPhone 3gs is working rightly when i bought it. but now some issue related to battery is concerned and when i am playing game or using multiple apps the iPhone was crashed at even 80 or 90% batteryand after when i try to restart it sometime it starts normally and show me 78 or 88% battery ...but sometime it directly shows charging option and saw a red battery image and when i charge it after 5 - 10 minutes it starts and show around 85 or 95% battery .....so this is my problem specially this happend on camera and games. so is it the problem of battery or any parts in iPhone? Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.2

Samsung :: R450 Battery Wouldnt Hold The Charge www.howardforums.com

Today when I tried to charge my battery it wouldn't hold the charge. I would plug the charger in and it would say charging, but the moment I pulled the charger out the battery died. I left it on all last with the charger in it, and it still wouldn't hold the charge. Is my phone just broken and won't charge any battery, or is my battery dead? I only had the phone for about a year.

Dell XPS L502x :: Battery Health Light? en.community.dell.com

Basically yesterday the battery charging light started flashing 4 orange then 1 white, and when I booted up it would say that the battery is not at an optimal running tempreture It wouldn't the charge the battery but once I started using it and got the battery to about 90% charge then plugged it in it would start charging with no issues till it was 99% charged

Xperia X8 :: Phone Won't Charge talk.sonymobile.com

My Phone won't charge, I've tried different positions, taking the battery out and in. It started like a week ago when i charged it to 95% and it stoppped. I left it on charge (turned off as it often doesn't register the charger whilst it's on) and in the morning it had lost all it's battery. I now can't recharge it.

HP 250 :: Laptop Won't Charge Or Power On h30434.www3.hp.com

My HP 250 laptop is barely 6 months, a few hours ago I shut it down, and just when I tried to power it again it won't come on,the little light close to the charging port that indicates if the laptop is charging won't even blink, I've tried several stuffs like: removing the battery, and connecting the charger directly,I also removed the ram and put it back. Now my laptop isn't charging, with or without the battery, and it won't power on. Its just completely dead, what could be the problem.

IPhone :: Went Shut Down, Still With 79% Battery Charge discussions.apple.com

My iphone went shut down, still with 79% battery charge and will not turn on. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone 5 :: Started To Shut Down At 20-30% Battery discussions.apple.com

i have a battery issue with my iphone 5 after the 8.1.1 upgrade. The phone started to shut down at 20-30% battery. Then i try a restore. Then i saw a post by Lawrence Finch advising to drain out all the battery and wall charge it for 4 hours. I did. It was almost one hour charging to turn back on. This changed the behavior and it kind did solve the problem because after this i saw my battery going 100 to 1% in 8-10 hours without any over use. NOW the situation is when arrived to 1% it stucked there. Im on full bright, wifi on, 7 apps open (facebook, minions game, etc) and it won't turn off. Info: iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.1

IPhone :: How Many Hours Does It Need For A "first-time" Charge Of A 4S Battery discussions.apple.com

How many hours does it need for a "first-time" charge of an iphone 4S battery? Info: iPhone 4S

IPhone :: The Battery On 3g 8gb Phone Goes Down And Will Not Charge Up ? discussions.apple.com

The battery was replaced after a fault of the battery going flat ( so I was told ) and would not re-charge and the phone will not work or respond to any buttons.After 3 days of operating and after fully charging the battery then running it down and charging it again it has happened again. The battery shows up when the unit is put on charge but it stays showing with the thin red line at the bottom of the battery. Info: iPhone 3G, iOS 4.1

IPhone :: It Doesn't Connect To IMac Anymore? discussions.apple.com

When I connect my iPhone 4S (iOs 5.1) by USB to my iMac (Os X 10.6.8), it won't show up anymore in iTunes/iPhoto/Finder and the battery won't charge either. It used to work, but now it doesn't. I have the latest versions of all the relevant software and I tried every trick I could find on the fora. What can I do next? Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: It Won't Stay Charge discussions.apple.com

My phone won't stay charge Info:iPhone 4S

BB Torch :: 9860 Black Screen With A Battery supportforums.blackberry.com

hi my blackberry torch won't start up. i downloaded the new blackberry messenger after installing the latest update. It asked me for a reboot and then all of a sudden my blackberry won't start up. If i run it in safe mode i see battery charging for about 10 seconds and then battery with a red cross in the middle all over again.

MacBook :: Why Battery Not Charging Properly - Die So Fast forums.macrumors.com

My battery was at 100%, but I unplugged it for about 15 minutes while I was still working and it was at 96%. I plugged it back in, but it won't charge. It says battery is charged instead of __ until charged. Why won't it charge, and why does it die so fast? Screen brightness is all the way down and I'm only using firefox and word.

Acer :: Aspire 5680 Won't Power Up www.notebookforums.com

My Acer Aspire 5860 is a great laptop. Other than the power issue I am having. It is just over a year old ( out of warranty) It won't power up from the battery ( which is still in good condition, hardy used) I bought a new battery, just in case ( it is charged and is new) The battery will charge in the laptop, but won't run from the battery.

Use During Charging Effect Battery Life? discussions.apple.com

I have an iPad wi-fi 64 gb. and so far I am loving it. My question is about the battery of the iPad. During my daily use, I can use my iPad while it is charged (i.e., it is connected to the wall charger while charged 100%). Does it lengthen or shorten the battery life of the iPad? From the new MacBook pros, I know that you should use them on the charger as much as you can since there is a chip in the battery that regulates the ampere level so that even if it is on charge the battery is not being charged and it won't get old. Does the same thing applies to iPad? Or if I am trying to use it on charge, am I shortening it's battery life? Information: iPad wi-fi 64 gb. iPhone OS 3.1.3 None.

BB Curve 83xx :: Dead Device - Led Doesn't Blink And Screen Doesn't Light Up? forums.crackberry.com

Led doesn't blink and screen doesn't light up, computer won't recognize (Jlcmder, MFI 1.8, DM 4.7, Crackutil, apploader /nojvm). Tried with and without battery. The only thing that does is charge battery (I left a battery charging overnight in the dead phone and use it in another phone and it is fully charged). Led does not do anything even while charging the battery.

IPhone :: 3gs Shut Down And Screen Gone Blank discussions.apple.com

My iphone 3gs just shut down and won't come back, it want charge either. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1

IPhone :: USB Charging Stops In Snow Leopard discussions.apple.com

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard on my 2009 MacBook Pro, my iPhone stops charging mid-charge when connected by USB to the MacBook. It also drops off the menu in iTunes. iTunes finds the phone when started and sync's just fine. But when I leave the phone connected to charge, I often come back and find the phone doesn't show the lightning bar in battery symbol and wakes up to my phone's wallpaper instead of the big battery symbol. If I unplug and re-plug the USB, it starts charging again. Don't see that any phone calls came in during the charging. Doesn't always happen. So I'm stumped. Information: iPhone 3Gs iPhone OS 3.0.1 MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard

IPhone :: Won't Hold A Charge discussions.apple.com

my iphone battery died and now it wont turn it all it shows is the charging screen with a lighting bolt i left it on my wall charger for 45 mins and still had not turned on so i plugged it in my laptop for another 45 mins and still not turned on i tried restoreing it but the computer wont recognise the iphone i tried holding down the home and power button and the screen went black then took me back to the charging screen there are no signs of it charging do i need to replace my battery Info: iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2

IPhone :: Battery Keeps Draining Too Fast discussions.apple.com

I charge my iphone at least 2 times in a day. I have an iphone 4s running 5.1 and I am so disappointed because my my battery keeps draining even if I am not using my iphone, seriously im thinking in replacing the battery. I charge my iphone to 100% 20min later without using it 80%. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

IPhone 5s :: Is Completely Dead And It Won't Charge discussions.apple.com

My phone is completely dead and it won't charge. Thought it was the cable so I went and bought a new one. Still isn't charging. I've tried cleaning out the port, still nothing... I charged it the other day and it worked fine. Until it died, now it shows that lightning thing and the red battery flashing... Info: iPhone 5s

IPhone :: 4S Battery Does Not Last More Than 6 Hours discussions.apple.com

I have been using my iPhone 4S for a few months and was working perfectly until two days ago I have been noticing battery charge issues. I use my iPhone for calls and emails - I am not a huge user and don't have too many apps on it. THis is the second day in a row when I have been charging my battery twice at night and in the morning when I wake up. I expect the battery will run out today as well before 6 p.m. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: Do Need Full Battery Cycles? forums.macrumors.com

My last iPhone started having some battery issues about a year after owning it.With the iPhone 4, is it safe to charge the phone every night despite how far into draining the battery it is? Or should I always try to run the battery down if possible?

IPhone :: Charge 4 With An IPad Charger? discussions.apple.com

Can I charge my iPhone 4 with an iPad charger? The iPhone charger charge with 1.0 Amp whereas the iPad chargere is charging with 2.1 Amp; does this higher charge intensity overheats the iPhone battery or could this reduce the livetime of the iPhone? Info:iPhone 4

MacBook :: Battery - MagSafe Adapter Was Lit Up Green Even When Unplugged From Mac forums.macrumors.com

Firstly i have a MacBook 10.4.11 that is somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. I have had no problems with the Mac up until yesterday. Yesterday i was charging my Mac and everything was fine but i noticed that the MagSafe Adapter was lit up Green, even when unplugged from my Mac. I shrugged it off until this morning when i realised that when i unplug my adapter the Mac just turns off and won't turn back on until i plug the adapter back in. I have seen different threads about it being a battery problem or a charger problem but i am not sure where to start as most of the threads say that their Battery Icon on the Mac screen has a black "X" through it. Mine just has the Forks in the battery icon and where it would have a Time or % of what is left in the Battery, it just has a (Calculating...) and when i click to see how much it has charged, it says 0% I also downloaded Coconut Battery and here is what it says: Current Battery Charge: 0 mAh Maximum Battery Charge : 5093 mAh 0% Current Battery Capacity: 5093 mAh Original Battery Capacity: 5020 mAg 100%

MacBook Pro :: Won't Charge If It Runs Out Of Battery Power discussions.apple.com

My macbook pro won't charge again or even start up if it runs out of battery power, so I use my wife's power cable it charges and starts ..  I have to charge it with her's for 20 min, then I can use mine and it works fine .. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

IPhone :: Won't Start After The Battery Drained? discussions.apple.com

My battery was drained and I started charging it and waited for how many minutes to turn it on. But It won't turn on. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

BB Bold :: 9780 Won't Turn On After Battery Drained? supportforums.blackberry.com

Bold 9780 battery drained completely (overnight) and when I went to charge it again it won't turn on. I tried charging it overnight and still nothing, I have also tried another fully charged battery and that won't work. My Desktop manager software doesn't detect it. Just before it died I had actually transferred all of the data onto a new blackberry and the software said I could now wipe my device but I didn't bother yet.

IPhone 5 :: Won't Turn On Unless Plugged In - IOS 7.0.4 discussions.apple.com

iPhone 5 won't turn on unless plugged in. Then when plugged in goes onto the charging screen, then tries to turn on and the apple start up logo appears, then repeats. Is 14 months old. Its 16g and nothing will make it respond if not turned on Info: iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4, iPhone 5 not charging

Nokia Lumia :: Not Charging After Tango Update discussions.nokia.com

I updated my phone to the latest firmware update through Zune and now the battery won't charge up past 2%. I then restored the backup and the phone charges up fine but when I install the updates again the battery just won't charge?

IPhone :: Not Charging Even With Multiple Chargers discussions.apple.com

i am now on my 2nd iphone 3g as the first one had the same symptoms as my new one. my iphone ran out of battery and went dead. i plugged the charger in and the iphone displayed the charging electricity bolt and the red battery with a small amount of charge (charging from mains) i charged both phones overnight but they still displayed the red battery sign in the morning. i attempted to reboot using the home + on off button until the apple sign usually appears but this did not work and the same battery icon appears. attempted to connect to itunes but itunes will not see the phone. have tried multiple chargers and the PC to charge but will not charge. the first time this happened i was with the first 30 days of my contract so the phone was replaced by 02. has anyone else seen this and has anyone fixed this Information: dual core Windows Vista

Dell Latitude D620 :: Suddenly Stopped Working With AC Adapter - No Battery Charging en.community.dell.com

My D620 suddenly stopped working with an AC adaptor, won't charge the battery, won't operate without the battery.  I have several AC adaptors and none of them work now.  However, when docked the ac works fine and the battery charges with no issue. 

BB Torch :: 9800 Stuck On No Battery Icon supportforums.blackberry.com

I am trying to charge my blackberry after a weekend camping. The battery ran out. I plugged it into charge, it started to boot, the screen flashed white and now it won't come off the red x with a battery behind it.

Motorola Droid Bionic :: Battery Won't Charge After Fully Draining? forums.motorola.com

anyone else noticed this? what's up with that??when the battery fully dies and i plug it in to the charger-no lights or anything. won't charge. when i pull the battery and put it back in, it starts charging again.

BB Torch :: 9810 Won't Power Up Red Light Keeps Blinking? supportforums.blackberry.com

My blackberry torch 9810, switched off after having a low battery, i put it to charge, but the red light keeps (blink....blink blink blink) but it won't charge nor power up, i have tried connecting it to my pc the pc won't even detect it and the read light keeps blinking.Idid my research at crackberry.com and saw a software update would solve the issue, but i cannot update it using the desktop software because the pc won't recognize it. I tried removing the battery then connecting it to the pc but still its not recognized what could be wrong.

BB Curve :: Won't Charge After It Dies? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Curve charges just fine except for when it dies completely. For the third time my phone has died and I have been unable to get it to charge. I have bought a new battery, charger and taken the battery out and hard set it to the point that I have a blister on my finger.connected the phone to my PC...won't recognize the phone because it won't turn on run some loading program....won't recognize determined there to be no water damage verified that my charger is fine

IPhone :: Battery Dies At 20-30%? discussions.apple.com

In the past week, my phone has started dying at 20-30%. When I plug it in to charge, it starts charging at the same charge it died at. Will a restore in iTunes help that, or do I just need to replace the battery or phone? Or, will updating to iOS 5.1.1 help that (I am running at 5.1)? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Apple :: Keeping My Unibody On Charge - Hampers Battery Life- Or Enhances It forum.notebookreview.com

I know that keeping a battery on charge after it is fully charged can decrease its battery life by 30%, but I also know that Apple's batteries automatically stop charging when they have reached 100%, wait till the battery drops to 97%, and then start charging again. I need to know if the battery life will degrade if I keep the laptop on charge...

IPhone :: 3GS Only Charge When Powered Off discussions.apple.com

I bought my friends iPhone 3GS 16 gb and since I got it I have had to turn off the phone and then plug it in to start charging it otherwise it wouldn't charge. I thought it was a battery problem so I bought a battery and replaced it. This did nothing, I still had to power off the phone to get it to start charging so I ordered a new charging port with the speaker mic and antenna in one unit. I didn't change it out and just kept turning off the phone to start charging it. Just recently I did this and when I woke up the phone was at 9% so I tried another cord then another power source nothing worked. The phone will show the dead battery and can tell when it's pluged in but won't charge. I could go onto iTunes and do the restore but it still won't charge. I replaced the dock port on the phone and it made no difference. I also tried holding the reset and power button for 10 sec. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1

BB Curve :: 9300 Not Charging Properly? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm recently having a problem with the charging behavior of my 9300. I leave it to charge and it starts normally then I go back to it I find the sign of the plug on the battery indicator while the battery isn't fully charged yet. I pull out the plug and replug it again and still I get the plug sign on the battery. I did a battery pull out and plugged again, now what it does is that it starts charging and the battery flashes for about 30 seconds then it stops and I get the plug sign for 30 seconds. Then it starts flashing and charging again then stops. I normally charge my phone overnight so I hardly monitor the charging behavior. The only 2 times I monitored this happened. Also noticed that the phone is extra warm. So is all this normal? Us anyone having the same? Does it stop charging when it hears and starts again when it cools?

Laptop Crash At Random Intervals? www.sevenforums.com

I brought a HP Pavilion laptop from ebay quite a while ago now, the only problem listed was that the battery didn't work. The laptop worked fine for months and then it started to crash, when it crashed I couldn't do anything, the mouse wouldn't move and none of the keys would work either so all I could do was hold the power button in to shut it down. The charge light seems to flash just before the laptop crashes. I thought the problem might of been with the battery so I brought a new battery for the laptop. It still wouldn't recognise there was a battery plugged in, sometimes it won't have a red cross on the battery but will say "plugged in but not charging". I have noticed now that when the laptop does crash if I unplug the charger for a second and plug it back in (as the charge doesn't hold on the battery) the laptop will start working again. I was thinking the problem may lie with the charger or the bit inside the laptop the charger plugs into.

IPhone :: Battery Drains While Charging And Streaming Internet Radio discussions.apple.com

I recently starting streaming internet radio at work, while connected to a docking station, an iHome 19P, and a LogicTech Pure Fi Anywhere. After several hours, the phone's battery dies no matter what charging device I use, but it is constantly connected to power. Do the radio apps drain more power than a charging devices (as noted above)provide, or is my battery damaged? Should I not steam internet radio all day? Information: iPhone 3G Windows XP

IPhone 5 :: Battery Drains After IOS Update And Unannounced Shut Off discussions.apple.com

Ever since I've downloaded the iOS update, the battery drains much faster.� When I turned on my iPhone 5, even when it's at 90% and after a minute or so, it drops to half or sometimes to 30%.� Then after using a camera to take a picture or to do nothing, my iPhone unexpectedly shuts off and says I need to recharge it.� Sometimes after five minutes or so, I turn it on with no problem or when I plug it in to charge it, the battery would say 30 or so percent charge.� Even if I have background apps that are turned off, the battery still drains like crazy.�

IPhone 5 :: New Battery Not Increasing Charge Stuck At 16% discussions.apple.com

I Had a new battery installed in my iPhone 5 today and the battery charge has not increased at all. Still at 16% the same as it was when I got it back 3 hours ago. Is it's to be expected or do I need to return to the Apple store? Info: iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2, New battery not increasing charge

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Can I charge the iPad battery with the iPhone 5W charger? Info:iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: Battery Will Not Hold Charge For More Than 4hrs discussions.apple.com

battery will not hold charge for more than 4hrs.case gets very hot phone is only 4mo.old Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1