IPhone :: Won't Start Or Charge Battery


My I-phone is dead. won't start or charge battery Info:iPhone 3G, Windows XP, replacement phone will not sync

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My problem is the system goes through regular BIOS Startup, and shows everything as working, then when it gets to the windows startup screen (where the 4 colored dots turn into the windows symbol), it does one of two things: 1. it just keeps waving there (you know how the colors kind of come out and in etc.) 2. it goes to a black screen, and none of my inputs work (ie. no keyboard mouse, ctrl+alt+del, anything) The only way to get out of these two situations is to reset directly on the case. Sometimes it will not go to the startup screen, and will give me the option of "launch startup repair" or "start windows normally". If I choose start windows normally, it goes to one of the top two problems, if i choose startup repair, it begins loading windows files, then the bar stops halfway (and doesnt move for over 8 hours). The last thing i tried was starting from my windows 7 dvd, and that also begins loading files, then stops halfway.

ITunes Mac :: Iphone And IPad Won't Sync discussions.apple.com

I plugged in my iphone and ipad two days ago. I got a message saying to set up as a new iphone or restore from backup. I never restored my iPhone. I have gotten this message before, and it completely messed up my iphone. I actually just upgraded to the Mac Pro from a Mac Book Pro after going to the genius bar 6 times, 6 days in a row and they did nothing. iTunes has been working ok for the past two months. Anyway, so I clicked restore from back up, and then quickly unplugged the iPhone to trick iTunes that I restored it. It worked, the iPhone is working fine; but when I try to sync it, it just says it is syncing when no content is actually being synced. And last night, the exact same thing happened with my iPad! So both my iPhone and iPad are working OK, but they wont actually sync even though iTunes says it is. I do not use limewire, so I don't think any of my content is corrupted. Information: Mac Pro (early 2009) Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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I have recently purchased an iMac i3 with a 27" monitor. I am having issues with the recognition of any portable device. I have read a thousand forums and gone through the solutions but nothing has worked. I originally installed iTunes and it recognised my devices. I shut down the iMac and came back later and when starting it up it does not recognise any device. I changed cables, USB ports. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes around 15 times. iTunes will recognise any device untill I restart the computer. I have gone through and removed apple mobile device files, I have restarted the computer and it still doesn't reconise my devices after the iMac is restarted. I can't tell you how frustrating this is. If anybody out there has had teh same issue could you please let me know how you fixed it? Information: iMac i3 Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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I'm having a bit of trouble with iTunes on my MacBook Pro. Whenever I attempt to restore my iPhone or iPad, the restore bar gets very close to the end (when displayed in iTunes), and to about 2/3 of the way through (on my iDevice), then the process freezes. I thought this was limited to my iPhone 4. But, after having attempted to restore my iPad, I've encountered the same problem again. The only way I can get my iDevices out of recovery mode and back to work is by restoring them on another computer, then syncing on my MacBook. As you can imagine, this is extremely annoying. Is there a way for me to fix iTunes on my Mac, or do I need to visit a Genius Bar? Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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Im using a wireless d-link router that a friend set-up so we could piggy back off the internet a mutual friend has in his room,for one reason or another, when I attempt to add my iPhone wi-fi mac address to the mac filter list, it says it is an invalid mac address (mines begins in "04") does anyone know how I can get around this or if there is a fix action I can take?

ICloud :: Can't Not Link Mac To My IPad Or IPhone discussions.apple.com

I can't seem to have my mac linked via icloud to my ios devices. When I buy a song on my ipad, it will imediately show up on my iphone and vice versa. However, nothing shows up on my mac itunes. As well, if I buy a song through itunes on my mac, nothing shows up on either of the ios devices. I have icloud turned on on my mac. I've check and triple checked all the settings and all seem to be correct.

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I have my Windows 7 Ultimate PC here and I can connect to my worksite via the built-in VPN software in windows 7 no problem whatsoever. I've just built a second PC and installed Windows 7 Home Premium on it, it is sitting here right next to me on my same network and it refuses to connect via VPN. Username and Password is OK, I've perfectly mirrored the VPN configuration between the two machines and one connects and the other won't. I've tried turning off all of the windows firewalls on the problematic system with no success. Everytime it get's to verifying username and password and then it stalls there and eventually comes back with a 619 error. I've checked the logging, but I can't see anything useful there (but maybe i don't know what to look for?).

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I am having a very strange problem that I can't figure out. One of my command buttons which was previously working fine has suddenly stopped working. It's not that the code isn't working; it's that the code isn't running at all. When I click on the button, nothing happens. I have proper error checking set up in the click event of the button, and still nothing. I put a dummy message box as the first line of code for the button, and it's not even popping up, so the button clearly isn't running its code. I tried creating a new button and copying and pasting the code into this button, but it won't run either. All my other buttons run fine.Does anyone know how this could be happening? I feel helpless to fix it since I can't debug it - there's no way to debug code that won't run in the first place!

Samsung Epic 4G :: My Facebook Contacts Won't Sync To My Contacts androidforums.com

Am I the only one having this problem? I purchased my samsung epic a week ago and every since I've been getting the message that my facebook contacts is unable to syn at the moment an error of some sort,and too try later.WTH? My facebook calender syncs but not the contacts.I thought that it was th phone so I took it back to the sprint store they restarted my hard drive but it still didn't work,thy sent me to the repair center at another store and the general manager told me to go back and tell them to replace the phone and that I shouldn't be having issues so soon. Well I did that,they gave me a new phone and guess what.yep u guessed it,still the same issue.I went back to the repair center they played with it for 2 straight hours while I waited impatiently and still I walked away with the same problem. What the heck and I suppose to do now?

ICloud :: Mac Doesn't Show Up On My Iphone Or Ipad discussions.apple.com

My Iphone and Ipad do not see my mac My find my Mac doesn't show up on my Iphone or Ipad. It is turned ON in my Mac. and it is connected to the internet Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: People Aren't Receiving Its Calendar Invites From My Mac , IPhone Or IPad discussions.apple.com

Why aren't people receiving my iCloud Calendar invites?  This is a problem with all my devices.This problem has been going on for weeks.  I switched from MobileMe months ago and never had any problems until a few weeks ago. I kept thinking it would resolve itself, but it hasn't. Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: Syncing Mail On IPad, Iphone, & Mac Pro? discussions.apple.com

I use mail app on my Mac Pro to view my gmail account, now with iCloud how do I sync my mail on my mac pro, iPhone, & iPad so they are all updated as one account.  Currently I my mail on my iPhone and iPad update with each, but my mail on my Mac Pro does not.  I thought when I updated to Lion I would be able to use iCloud to solve this problem, but it has not.

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail Missing On Mac - Visible On IPad / IPhone And ICloud discussions.apple.com

I have emails that show up on my iPad, iPhone and are visible when I log into iCloud but are not being shown on my Mac (Lion 10.7.4). I have checked my Junk mail and Trash and the messages are not there. I do not use Mail rules. I have restarted the Mail app and I've rebooted the Mac without any change. How to "re-sync" Mac Mail to iCloud or fix this issue?

ICloud :: Set Up IPhone And IPad With ICloud discussions.apple.com

I am trying to set up my IPhone and IPad with Icloud.  We have an existing Mobile Me account and our home computer is an IMac. When we try to set up Icloud on my phone it asks me to set up a new mobile me account and won't let me put in my existing account. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

ICloud :: Syncing To Ipad And Iphone? discussions.apple.com

I am trying to sync my contacts and my ical from my mac to my iphone and my ipad. It gives message that there is not enough storage. Can I really be using 5 gigs to sync only contacts and ical? I only have 198 cards in contacts and the ical is what I would say as average on entries.  Info: iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2

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How do I get music from iCloud to iPad and iPhone 4s Info: iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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the icloud icon does not appear on my imac, ipad or iphone . idisk is still there although I moved my account ti icloud Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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I cannot transfer my calendar from my I pad to my I phone via I cloud Info:iPad, iOS 5.0.1

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My calendar synchs with my iPhone and iPad, but not with my Macbood Pro. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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how to re-establish the procedure to being able to sync my iPhone and iPad to my iMac.  I recently had to do an update for Mac OS X and reestablish my iPhoto.  This must be the next thing. Info: iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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I have had recurrent kernel panic attacks on my Macbook pro runnig 10.4.7.  This seems to be OK once rebooted in safe mode but I can find the underlying software/hardware problem.  The logs are not helping me with this issue.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I am thinking of backing up all my files and erasing hard drive and starting with reloading all my applications and then files.The computer is only useable in safe mode at present. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.4 gHz i7 and 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

ITunes Mac :: Doesn't Recognize Iphone Or Ipad discussions.apple.com

Recently upgraded to itunes 9.2 and OS 10.6.3 since upgrade itunes will not recognise iphone or ipad. If i reinstall itunes it works fine until i restart computer, then the same problem occurs again. I have gone through all the suggestions at (URL)none have worked. Im getting fed up having to install itunes once a day. Other programs such as iPhoto still recognise iphone/ipad so its not a USB problem. its just itunes that wont recognise them Information: MacBook2,1 Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Intel Mac :: ITunes Doesn't Update IPhone Nor IPad discussions.apple.com

i don't know what i did in Terminal a few weeks ago and now i'm having problems. I firts noticed this when trying to update my ipad and iphone to ios5.1 itunes kept showing the message "connecting to the iphone software actualisation server" but it stayed this way for hours. I think i touched something in Terminal i didn't had to.Can anyone tell me how to reput iTunes in to its default settings using Terminal? Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Mac :: IWeb Gradient Background Doesn't Show On IPad Or IPhone discussions.apple.com

I created a website on iWeb that is displayed just fine on my MacBookPro using different search engines. However, the gradient background that I used just shows as a small square block of color on my iPad and iPhone when I bring up my website. I don't know what the problem could be. I used a shape box and chose two colors with the gradient tool. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.8)

ICloud :: Can't Access Mail On Mac Or IPhone discussions.apple.com

On both my mac and iPhone the mail program keeps asking for my password, saying: The iCloud IMAP server 99-imap.mail.me.com rejected the password  My password has not changed. When I enter it into the box, it just keeps repeating the message.  Info: powerbook, iphone, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Applications :: IPhoto And IPad - Can Sync IPad And IPhone Without Having To Create A New Library forums.macrumors.com

Also, is it possible to share an iTunes library between my MBA and my PC so I can sync my iPad and iPhone without having to create a new library? The library file is currently on the NAS and just wanted to use the same one. Would it allow me to sync my iPhone with the PC and the iPad with the MBA using the same library on the NAS? I know this is more of an iTunes question, but figured I would post it here instead of starting another thread.

ICloud :: My IPhone And Mac Calendars Aren't Syncing Properly discussions.apple.com

When I add a date or event on my computer I enter it in as an all day event. When it syncs to my iPhone it shows as a 2 days event. When I attempt to change it back to a one day event it deletes my event from the computer.

ICloud :: Events Entered In ICal On Mac Don't Appear On IPhone discussions.apple.com

I've recently updated my MacBook Air to the Lion OS (10.7.3).  I've been frustrated over the fact that calendar events entered into iCal through my MacBook Air don't appear on my iPhone 4 (running iOS 5.1).  However, when I create a calendar event on my iPhone, it does appear in iCal on my MacBook Air.  I've got iCloud running on both devices and have Calendars turned on.  Both have the same iCloud account set up in the "Mail, Contacts & Calendars" setting.  Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1

ICloud :: Why Doesn't All Photos From Iphone Photostream Load To Mac discussions.apple.com

why doesn't all my photos from my iphone photostream load to my mac Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

ITunes Mac :: ITunes Doesn't Show IPhone Or IPad Under Devices discussions.apple.com

yet clearly seen in System Profiler and reappear under devices after each time I download iTunes. (The devices do their vanishing trick everytime the iMac is re-started). Message was edited by: Joe Cowley Information: 24" iMac Intel C2D 2.8 GHz Mac OS X (10.6.4) 20" iMac, 27" iMac, 15" MacBookPro. 32GB iPhone 3GS, 1TB Time Capsule.

ITunes Mac :: ITunes 10 Can't Find IPhone 4 Or IPad After Re-boot discussions.apple.com

iTunes doesn't find my iPhone or iPad. After reinstalling iTunes it did work. However, I've rebooting iTunes again can't find my devices (while iPhoto can). Information: iMac Mac OS X (10.6.4) Core i5

ICloud :: Why Doesn't A ICAl Entry Make On IPhone Show On Mac discussions.apple.com

When I make an ICal entry on my iphone, it shws on my IPad ok, but not on my Mac. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

IPhone :: 4.1 Bricked Phone Link To 4.0? discussions.apple.com

4.1 bricked my phone, anyone have a link to 4.0? I would like to revert. Information: macbook Mac OS X (10.5.4)

IPhone :: Link Two To Icloud Without Mixing Phone Contacts, Apps Etc discussions.apple.com

can i link two phones to icloud without mixing phone contacts, apps etc Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

BB Torch :: Not Started - No Enterprise Activation Code supportforums.blackberry.com

I cannot get my new smartphone started because I do not have an enterprise activation code.

Win 7 Won't Connect Automatically And Always Asks For Network Key www.tomshardware.com

i have windows 7 ultimate, although i have the connect automatically checked evry time i reboot i have to put the network key in. dongle is a billion and router bthomehub2, any help appreciated drives me mad trying to remember network key all the time.

Won't Boot - Error Message www.sevenforums.com

I can't boot to Windows 7. It says that Windows could not verify something about this object. Windowssystem32winboot.exe Anyone got anyway to fix it so I can boot to windows 7? PS: I used Vista Boot Pro, and for the boot loader option, I clicked Install Longhorn Bootloader. Could this be the problem?

Monitor Won't Shut Off www.sevenforums.com

Under power management, I have the monitor to shut down but it never does. Any ideas?

Computer Won't Stay Off www.sevenforums.com

I am about at wits end when it comes to this computer. I just built it like last week, and everything runs beautifully about it; that is, except that the dang thing won't stay turned off! I tell it to shutdown, and it turns itself back on after about two or three seconds. Let me clarify: the computer itself does NOT randomly shutdown, nor am I having problems with sleep or hibernate (haven't used them yet). Ok, so I have tried about everything on every help forum I've read from here to knittingforums.com. I have disable all wake events, including the ones in regards to network adapters. I have disabled automatic restart, and even fooled around in the BIOS, disabling all wake events. I've even flipped around between BIOS commanded and OS commanded event wakes in the BIOS. About the only thing I can do is log off of my user account, and then do a hard shutdown. Even did the thing where you specifically set what the power button does. So... please help! I will be most gracious, and will give any more information if necessary. The only thing I have NOT done is flash the BIOS; it won't recognize the USB device I have the updated drivers on.

Installation Won't Reboot www.sevenforums.com

I've been trying to install Windows 7 on a brand new computer. It's running RAID 0, and I'm using the latest drivers from my motherboard manufacturer. Starting up the installation seems to work fine. It goes through the first phase of installation where I choose which partition I want to use, and it starts to copy files from the dvd, yada yada yada. After the "installing updates" section, a window pops up with the following message: "Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation." It then kicks me back to the start of installation. If I start the install again, it does the same thing. If I reboot and restart installation, also the same. If I try a startup repair, I get a message saying that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. I've tried this on two builds--7000 and 7077. Both have the same result.

Won't Boot Without The DVD www.sevenforums.com

OK, this feels a bit stupid but I can't seem to get Windows 7 to boot without the DVD in the drive. Without it I get NTLDR is missing etc etc. I have 2 Sata drives, one with XP on it and the other clean apart from an install of Windows 7. I've arranged the boot order so that it tries to boot the Windows 7 drive first but to no avail. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? When I give up and finally boot with the DVD in start up takes roughly 7 minutes. It all seems pretty strange. Once it's running all is fine, haven't had one issue or error yet.

Laptop Won't Sleep www.w7forums.com

Today, I installed Home Premium 32 bit (it's dual booting with Win 2K Pro) on a Dell Latitude C640. After much patience, googling and having a driver disc for this laptop, I finally finished the install. For a 2002 model laptop, it looks pretty good. The only known problem that I'm having is that it won't go into sleep mode. All of the other options are there except that. Windows 7 will install on almost anything there is, it looks like. Anyone have a suggestion for the sleep mode problem?

ATI Driver Won't Install www.sevenforums.com

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop and I installed Windows 7 Build 7100 on it. However, Open GL games do not work, and I have the ATI 8.56 graphics driver installed and I am trying to upgrade it to the latest 8.61. However, after I run the installer, my screen does not blink and once installation is complete, I do not see a change in the driver version - and catalyst is not installed as well. However, when i am trying to re-install it says the drivers are already installed. Any ideas as to whats going wrong? Its a 32-bit OS. I cannot run any OpenGL games, they fail saying it could not load OpenGL.

Netgear Adapter Won't Work www.sevenforums.com

Just installed windows 7 64 bit. I'm using a pci wireless adapter chip, Netgear wg311v3 I installed the netgear driver automatically, and then installed the netger smart wizard. However, the smart wizard will not start up. I've done some research, and apparently netgear doesn't make 64bit drivers. I've also tried using the chipset driver which is a Marvell 88w8335. But I may not have used the right driver. To sum it up: I have a netgear wg311v3 adapter. Running Windows 7 64bit. It won't run the wizard. What should I do? Do I need to go back to 32 bit?

Laptop Won't Display Aero windows7center.com

last night i did a fresh install on my laptop which had windows vista premium edition (which came pre-installed). and when i finish installing, the Aero effects was not being enable, and it was only displaying the "Basic" effects System..... Toshiba Equium P200D-139 OS......... Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) x64 when windows vista premium was installed it had aero enable

Won't Connect To Pc / Displing As Camera And Can't Connect To Itunes discussions.apple.com

When i plug my ipad into the computer via the sync lead that came with the ipad, an auto popup display comes up saying that the ipad is a camera and when i go into itunes it says that i cant connect it to itunes store.

Won't Connect To Itunes / But Can Connect To Photos discussions.apple.com

I have an older iMac. I just upgraded the RAM and the operating system. When I connect the iPad my photos opens but iTunes does not see the iPad. Anyone have any similar problems or any ideas on how to fix the problem? Also is there a way to run the iPad on FireWire? Information: iMac Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Won't Connect To Pc / Can't Connect With Pc When Traveling www.ipadforums.net

i have been thinking about this for a while now and i was wondering if there is a application for go to my pc for the ipad ..i would like to be able to connect with my desktop if i need something when traveling or i can look something up for work . any ideas on that one ..would the loging into the system and useing the ipad as a device that there system would able to work it at times.

Won't Connect To Wifi / But Can Connect To 3g discussions.apple.com

When I awake my iPad, it connects to the 3G network rather than the wireless network. The problem does not occur when I turn Cellular Data OFF. Is this a sign I should return this unit to the store? Information: MacMini, 4GB,10.6.3, iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3 PBG412, 1.5GHz, iPad-3G

Won't Connect To Wifi / Can't Find Settings To Connect With Wifi forums.macrumors.com

Here's my issue, I just bought an ipad, and I got the wifi only model because I don't really need a 3G ipad and an iphone 4. I work in a public high school that does have wifi, but no one will tell me how to get on it. They act like it some huge secret, but with all the blocks and restriction on our networks its not like I can access things that are inappropriate if I was using the wifi. Anyway, my question is this... is there anything I can buy that can turn the current wired connection into a wifi hotspot for my classroom. Is there a product that can plug into an ethernet outlet and turn the internet connection that is already there into wireless. I brought my airport express from home with me once, but it did not work. Any advice would be nice. I love my ipad, and will love it even if I cannot get online at school, but I am not going to give up.

Won't Connect To Anything discussions.apple.com

I was so happy to get my ipad but now I am frustrated. It wont do anything! Ive tried to set up the 3g service and it wont let me. Cant even use the wifi; Im connected but get an error message that the server has timed out.

Won't Connect To Bt Hub discussions.apple.com

for some reason this ipad 3 will not connect to the bt hub, it keeps searching for the connection and says internet is not available. when i know it is Info:iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, Windows Vista

Starting Program Wth Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

HI, i was wondering how to start a program up with it's default viewer using a command button?eg my code is:Private Sub Command1_Click()Shell ("c:windowsmediachimes.wav")End Subbut i get a runtime error 5 "invalid procedure call or argument"what do i need to do? and how do i do it? thanks for your help.<font color=red> Paying the bills with my mad programming skills. Defraging my harddrive for thrills.</font color=red>

How Can I Make A Command Button On My Form Pop Up The Start Menu Like www.vbforums.com

how can i make a command button on my form pop up the start menu like clicking button button im talking about my button well be the one poping up the command button not the rebutton making hte menu show

HTC Incredible :: Won't Download Facebook Contacts androidforums.com

So I logged out of my FB account in the "Accounts & Sync" section, and then I logged back in... don't ask why... I just did it lol... my problem now is that it won't download my contacts. When I go to People, slide over to Global, tap on Facebook and hit refresh...

HTC Incredible :: Contacts Facebook Photo Won't Update androidforums.com

Some of my contacts photos update, some never do, some do it randomly. Yes I sync, I update through the contact, I've tried everything I can think of. Whats the trick here? Yes they are all linked because they have pictures but some have pictures from 5 months ago!

Disable The START Menu And All Its Menu Items Of WINDOWS 98 OS www.vbforums.com

Hi, During the execution of a visual basic .exe file ,I want to disable the START menu and all its menu items of WINDOWS 98 OS.Also i want to trap the key hits , CTRL + ESC and the windows keys.Ultimately,a user should not access the START menu or any of its menu items under any circumstances, once the exe gets loaded .Help would be highly appreciated.Aju.

From Where To Start Building.......... www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I m quite new to VB,i want to design a software like outlook express (means just can send an email to a given address without running on a server means from a local computer)but i dont know anything about it that from where to start ,which api ,which dll,which object know nothing,So will anyone kindly guide me in detail and ya I ALSO need a comprehensive tutorial related to these meterial and related to my task. I hope this is not a very hard question for such talented and experienced people. Thanks.

On Key Press - Start Command www.vbforums.com

easy small question here, i have never tryed or come accross it, so thanks for any help.in my code, i want somone to press:Ctrl + Shift + Cif they do, i want a form to show, or any other command, but thats out of the question.how wud i go about doing 3 command keys pressed together on the keyboard? thanks in advanced

Character Won't Allow To Write Record To Database? www.phpfreaks.com

I have a MySQL database and add records with a PHP form to the tables.I have 2 fields (char) in one table. When the fields contain the character '  it wont write the record to the table! For example...if I enter. " John's house" it wont accept the record since ' appears in John's name!

Starting A Program And Retaining Link www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi. This may be a pretty redundant question to be asking on this site, but I hope someone can help me. I'm opening external files/programs from my program, and I want to retain the info/link (hwnd, processID, ?) to the file/program so that I can close it later (not necessarily when it is finished or idle). I am currently using ShellExecute to open files/programs (which I like because it will open files with their associated programs), but I cannot keep a reference to the file/program to close it. Is there a way to open the file/program and simultaneously save a reference to it? Any suggestions, advice, or code examples would be greatly appreciated!

Motorola Droid X :: Enabled Auto Matic Update For Market Apps Still Won't Auto Update androidforums.com

So one of the cool things about Froyo is being able to check off Enable Automatic Update for market apps. So i have that checked off for like 80+% of my 80+ apps (that took a while to do let me tell you). Now i have had three apps have updates available since i checked off the box, yet they never actually automatically updated. I waited, hours, still never updated. Is there a setting i need to modify? Do i need to tell it what time of day to do it? Anyone else noticing this? I only really want it in apps that i don't care about reading the new features. But it is annoying that i have it enabled and it does nothing.

Samsung Captivate :: IPhone 4 Contacts Into The Captivate androidforums.com

Can anyone explain to me how I get my contacts from the 4 to the Captivate that doesn't involve using Gmail? I don't care to use Gmail to manage or sync my contacts.

Android :: Phone Won't Sync Contacts To Gmail androidforums.com

My contacts aren't syncing from my phone to gmail.my phone is fully synced to gmail otherwise. Any help, is this a common problem? i need my contacts backed up.

Samsung Epic 4G :: Moving Contacts From IPhone To Epic androidforums.com

Please provide thoughts on best way to move contacts from iPhone to Epic.I use outlook, so I assume once I connect my Epic to my outlook server, I should get all my contacts.My wife and son do not use Outlook and will be looking to move all their contacts over.

HTC Droid Eris :: Contacts Won't Sync With Gmail androidforums.com

I've tried posting this on other threads but have gotten no replies. Forgive me for starting a new one. I haven't synced my contacts to Gmail since January because I found the way it would garble them all up annoying. But I got the OTA on my phone & wanted to make sure they're backed up before I go ahead w/the installation. Problem is, it has been acting like it's syncing for over 12 hours now & all it's doing is draining my battery. It still shows that it hasn't been synced since January. Also, periodically during the sync attempts, the "too many contacts deletes" notification pops up. I always tell it to delete everything. And it's odd that one time it'll say 505 deletes & the next time it'll say 502 deletes & it keeps getting less. I don't get it. need to back up my contacts before I install 2.1 right?

HTC Droid Eris :: Contacts Won't Sync From Phone To GMail Account androidforums.com

Need some help here. I first deleted some of the random contacts that where on my gmail account when i first linked the phone. I even removed the contacts I put in to my phone. How do I relink or sync the contacts i have in my phone with my gmail account? I do not see the contacts that are in my phone on my gmail account. Thats what I am trying to accomplish. How to link the contacts on my phone with my gmail.Contacts won't sync from HTC Eris to GMail Account - Google Mobile Help

Web Forms :: Masterpage Won't Display Picture If Page Is Not Saved In The Same Folder forums.asp.net

i have a master page in a root and some pages in root and works perfectly, but now i need a different folder (secure) and in this folder i have an Admin page but doesnt show icons from master, only the placeholder. If i change the url from .css (url('images/page-bgglare.png') to (url('../images/page-bgglare.png') works the pages inside the folder but doesnt works the pages in root.

Can I Start A Wallpapers Site Using A Shared Host www.sitepoint.com

I want to know that can I start a female celebs wallpapers site using a shared host or should I use vps or share a dedicated server from start?

Web Forms :: Starts Download When Clicking The Link forums.asp.net

i m working on a project with c# asp.net. i listed the thesis on a table and every these has a edit link ( Ex : edit link = ad_disp_these.aspx?these_id=1 ) and theses are stored on sql Server 2005 db in theses table. what i want is, when i clicked the edit link the these which id is related to the link starts downloading.

Vps Lighttpd Will Not Start www.webhostingtalk.com

So basicly I got a vps and am using lxadmin *renamed* and with ssh and lxadmin the lighthttpd wont start and it is installed under the centos hostinabox distro.

How To Clear A Status Message On A Web Form When Starting A Process stackoverflow.com

I have a web form used for importing data from a CSV file. It contains a result panel and a result label, which either show a success message or an error message after the import process. Let me say here I know the page should not be doing the import, but this is legacy code and the client expects only small changes. My problem is that the result message (label) retains it's previous content and visibility during the next import process, because clearing it during Page_Load or at the beginning of the import method only has effect when the import method is complete and thus the postback is complete. At the moment, the only solution I can see is to move the import code into a separate class (as it should be), call the import method asynchronously, clear the result message, and thne set then result message when the complete or error callback from the import process is called.

Forms Data Controls :: GridView Won't Update? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that retrieves just fine. I can add rows and that works. I have a stored procedure hooked to the datasource and the sproc will update the database when executed in the SQL studio. It lets me add the update command to the grid and when I click Edit the row changes to edit mode. I change values and press update and it changes back to read mode but no update has occurred.  I put a break inGridView1_RowUpdating and the new values are all captured in the e.NewValues element in the debugger, but it doesnt make the change. I am trying to let the aspx do the update; I would normally just write code to do this but if this would work it would save me time. Sesides I've messed with it all night now and it should work, far as I can tell!

Visual Studio :: 2008 Takes Forever To Start Debugging? forums.asp.net

I have a solution I have been working on over the last few weeks with a 3 or 4 projects in that used to build and begin debugging in under 10 seconds.The solution contains 3 dll's and 1 mvc project. As of today, it takes about 2 minutes to start debugging, it keeps pausing on "loading symbols for ccpCodeProvider.dll". I'm debugging on the internal vs development server, and I haven't changed anything since yesterday?I haven't ever used symbols before, and I'm not trying to debug the framework or anything, I just want my stupid web project to run.I created a new solution from scratch and added a random console app, and that also takes forever to debug.

How To Get Start To Design Multi Language Website forums.asp.net

How i get start to design Multi language website Any Article or some thing else where i can learn.

Localization :: How To Get Start For Developing Multilingual Website forums.asp.net

Iam going to develop the Multilingual website using c# asp.net 3.5 i want to know what things are important to know or from where i can get start any resource or links or help is apperiacted.

SQL Server :: How To Start Identity Column From 001 forums.asp.net

I want to konw how to start my identity column from 001? [Code].... this does not work as it still takes it froom cause 001 and 1 is the same 

Starting View For Deployed MVC Site - Don't Want Login By Default forums.asp.net

Everything works as expected in VS under development (of course), but when deployed (local IIS) the log in view (sans css) comes up rather than the home index view. I've tried this with several test apps, including NerdDinner with the same results. I want to allow unauthenticated users to browse most of the site, but I do have views that require authentication (fomrs). I don't want to see the login view by default, only when the user explicitly wants to log in, or trys to see a view that requires authentication. What settings need to be made to not default to the login view?

Forms Data Controls :: Database Won't Update Correctly? forums.asp.net

Sometimes the database clears everything and keeps the original status record.I don't know why this won't update, [Code]....

Dynamic Based Map - Messed Up And Won't Move forums.devshed.com

The below code connects to a mysql dbase gets a players current lonitude and latitude in a game and then display's where they are located via cross hairs on a game map. You can see what I mean in the screenshot attached if needed. There are also 4 html form buttons on the page to enable the player to move up down left right on the map. So when I go to the page and click one of the buttons I can see the blue cross hairs move. But after a few clicks of any of the buttons the cross hairs seem not to move any further. I am not sure if its an issue with the script not having the correct map size to useas there is a "gamesize" column in the mysql that is set to 250 but when I change it to some other larger or even smaller number the map gets all messed up and the cross hairs wont move at all. //lets get the players current lat and lon location to start out at $sqllatlon = mysql_query("SELECT map_lati, map_long from player_profiles where pid='$mypid'"); $latlonrow = mysql_fetch_array($sqllatlon); $current_lat = $latlonrow['map_lati']; $current_lon = $latlonrow['map_long']; //lets update the map display $brx = - $gamesize - $current_lon + 200;     $bry = - $gamesize + $current_lat + 200;  [Code].....

ReCAPTCHA Code Won't Show In IE6 stackoverflow.com

I'm using the reCAPTCHA service from Google but I have problem in IE6 where it doesn't show the code.

Photo's / Image Won't Move forums.devshed.com

I am currently building a simple photogallery. The photogallery contains a box with a few photo's in it, lined up horizontally. The box where the photo's are placed in is using an overflow so that there are only shown a few photo's. Below the box i have two buttons, left and right. The idea is simple if you click the left button the photo's must go 50 px to the left and visa versa goes with the right. I have coded this but the photo's unfortunately won't move! Have i done something wrong? You can see my code here:

Strtotime For Weekdays Starting On Actual Week? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to get the starting monday date of the actual week we are in. Like we are July 15th and would like to have the result with strtotime to return July 11th... I've tried strtotime("-1 weekdays");

File_get_Contents Won't Send Query Strings In Url? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make a request to a website this way : file_get_contents('http://www.yahoo.com/index.php?var=value'); in the index.php file ( Receiver ) , when I try to echo $_GET['var'] from within the index.php and get the response with file_Get_contents, I get nothing. curl is getting it right , but I just want to know it this way in case curl is not installed sender: echo file_get_contents('http://www.yahoo.com/index.php?var=value'); receiver : index.php contains <?php echo $_GET['var']; ?>

Photo Gallery Caption Won't Change? www.daniweb.com

Im not sure if this is a php problem or javascript, but since the actual photo gallery is run by javascript I'll post it here, sorry if its not though. Everything works fine but when I click on another image to change the main image the caption wont change with it. <script type="text/javascript"> // Gallery script. // With image cross fade effect for those browsers that support it. // Script copyright (C) 2004-08 [url]www.cryer.co.uk[/url]. [Code].....

JQuery :: Malsup Cycle Won't Work forum.jquery.com

downloaded and installed the cycle .jquery.cycle.all.2.74.js and jquery.cycle.min.js and set up the code like on the example: <head> <style type="text/css"> .slideshow { margin: 0px 50px 0px 0px; width: 713px; height: 478px; position: relative; [Code]... I also found it worked better if I put the class styles in the head and not on a separate CSS file. Any thoughts to what's wrong?

Iphone's Safari Touchmove Event Not Working? stackoverflow.com

i am using jquery and touchmove event but the code is not showing anything in #info $('#movieShow').bind('touchmove',function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $('#info').text(e.touches[0].pageX); [code]....

ICloud :: Synchronize Mac With IPad And Iphone By Using It? discussions.apple.com

I have installed Lion on my Mac Book and updated to 10.7.4. / and I bought the new IPhone und the new IPad. >> The synchronization (Mails/Contacts) between IPad and IPhone via iCloud is running very well. But the synchronizsation via iCloud between my Mac and IPad and IPhone for Mails and Contacts is not running. I checked the installation of iCloud on my Mac, it's installed. Info: Mac OS X (10.7.4)

ICloud :: Mail Option Only For Mac But Want IPhone And Ipad On It? discussions.apple.com

So I have a friend who doesn't really want to upgrade to lion, but has IOS iCloud capabilty on her iPhone and iPad.I have done the mobileme.com/move thing online for her mail only.  Can I just activate icloud for her iPad and iPhone without having to do the online thing?  Using the iCloud login thing in the settings on her devices?  Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5

ICloud :: Mac IPad And IPhone Have Stopped Syncing Calendars? discussions.apple.com

My Mac ipad  and iphone use icloud to sync calendar. They stopped a few weeks ago. What do I do?

Write A Regular Expression To Read All The Contents From {AUTHOR} To Starting? www.sitepoint.com

How to write a regular expression to read all the contents from {AUTHOR} to starting of another '{' Code: {AUTHOR} author1 staff1 {HEADLINE} DISPOSABLE DECOR: THE CUTTING EDGE DULLS FAST STYLE AT A SPEED USUALLY ASSOCIATED WITH WARDROBE ITEMS.

Read A XML File That Is Generated From A Script - Recieve The Error : Start Tag Expected, '<' Not Found... www.sitepoint.com

how i can read a XML file that is generated from a PHP script. for example i have a php script called books which outputs the XML code below: $books = array(); $books [] = array( 'title' => 'PHP Hacks',[code].... Then i have another script that reads this and outputs this onto the users screen see code below: <?php $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->load( 'book.php' );[code].... however this does not seem to work, i recieve the following error Warning: DOMDocument::load() [domdocument.load]: Start tag expected, '<' not found in file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/LTI/book.php, line: 47 in C:xampphtdocsLTIindex.php on line 3 if i however hardcode the XML and save it as an XML file then the 2nd piece of code works fine. Any one have any ideas or can point me in the right direction to to get the 2nd piece of code to work when reading an php script that output xml?

Why Won't A Button's Click Event Fire In ASP.NET? www.vbforums.com

Hi, there.I have a button on an ASP.NET Webpage and have added code to its click event. However, when I run the application and click on the button, the click event code is never run. I placed a breakpoint on within the the button's click event so that I can tell if that code is run. However, I noticed that when I fire the app up in debug mode, a question mark appears over the breakpoint with the following message:"The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.".What does that mean? Why won't the event fire? In my other Webpages, there has never been a problem like this.

HTC Desire :: Facebook - Apps Won't Update With New Information / What Could Have Changed? androidforums.com

My facebook has stopped working - the apps won't update with new information, and trying to access the main site through the browser brings up the 'bad ip - your ip address is linked to abusive behaviour blah blah ' facebook form. I've filled this in and am waiting to hear back, but was wondering if this could be due to the settings on my phone? it was working fine for the last month, so no idea what could have changed...

.exe Projector File For PC Works Fine But Extracted .hqx For Mac Won't Open When On CD forums.adobe.com

I'm using Flash MX, AS 2, Projector 6, working on a PC. I saved two versions of my project -- one .exe for Windows and one .hqx for Mac. The .exe works fine when burned onto a CD. When opening the .hqx from a CD on a Mac, I got a message that the file is on a locked volume. I discovered that the reason for this is that an .hqx is essentially a zipped file which has to be extracted, and when a file is extracted, the unzipped files are written onto the same location as the original. When the original files are on a CD, Stuffit (Mac's zip extractor program) can't write onto that location. [So if anyone at Adobe looks at these forum posts, let me say that I think its absolutely ridiculous that the Mac version of Flash's projector files have to be extracted in order to be viewed!] To get around this problem, I saved the .hqx on my PC, put it on a portable hard drive and brought it over to a Mac (because Stuffit for PC converts it into an .exe for PC), and unzipped it. When I'd test it on the portable hard drive or on a USB drive, the extracted file would work. When I'd bring it back over to the PC and burn a CD with both versions on it, and then test that CD on the Mac, it wouldn't work.

Flex :: Change Starting And Ending The LineChart Of JSON Data With Slider? stackoverflow.com

My JSON Data file ise data.txt [ { "sayim":"1", "x":"400", [code]... and my aim ise to create a Slider which can change starting and ending of the graphic, it is like what is showing in figure 6 in this website and here the MXML codes; . .. ... jsonDataArray = JSON.decode(urlLoader.data); [code]... The problem is "dataProvider" definition in LineChart, I wrote this code but it is still not working, dataProvider="{dgg(sayim>=daySlider.values[0] && sayim<=daySlider.values[1])}" what is the right code to control the LineChart with the Slider.

Web Forms :: Start Two Asynchronous Database Access Calls That Are Executed Onto The Separate Thread? forums.asp.net

i have the code for asynchronous call to the database. i execute the sql command into the begin method that will executed onto the separate thread. now i want to execute the another database call asynchronously so that this also execute onto the separate thread. code for one database cal is here.... private SqlConnection con, con1; private SqlCommand cmd, cmd1; private SqlDataReader dr, dr1; protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { AddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync(new BeginEventHandler(Begin), new EndEventHandler(End) ); } } /////////////BEGIN METHOD IAsyncResult Begin(object sender, EventArgs e,AsyncCallback cb, object state) { string connect = "Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Asynchronous Processing=true;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\Database.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True"; con = new SqlConnection(connect); con.Open(); cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT FirstName,LastName,Age,Company,Profile FROM Person",con); return cmd.BeginExecuteReader(cb, state); } //////END METHOD void End(IAsyncResult ar) { dr = cmd.EndExecuteReader(ar); Label2.Text = System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.GetHashCode().ToString(); GridView1.DataSource = dr; GridView1.DataBind(); }

Forms Data Controls :: Horizontal Scrollbar Won't Resize In IE6? forums.asp.net

I am having a lot of trouble displaying detail data with ASP.NET, especially in Internet Explorer (IE6). I've given up on the ReportViewer control, for a host of reasons, and now I'm just trying to use the GridView. Unfortunately, I cannot get the horizontal scrollbar to work in IE (although my web page works just fine in Firefox). The scrollbar appears at the bottom of the window, but it doesn't resize when there is too much data on the page, making it utterly useless and I don't understand why it appears at all. getting the scrollbar to resize? The only posts I can find anywhere discuss removing the scrollbar alltogether, which is the last thing I want. By the way, it does nott appear to be an option to use panel or div, because I have many rows of data and those scrollbars appear at the very bottom of the grid, and that is virtually unusable.

Zend_Soap_Client Switch From WAMP To LAMP And Params Won't Set Properly? stackoverflow.com

All the required libraries are set for soap. I'm using standard WSDL. Moved my code to the LAMP (RedHat Enterprise). $params = array( 'test1'=>'Testing', 'test2'=> '1' [code]...

JQuery :: Prevent Script From Starting New Animation While Old One Still Lasts? forum.jquery.com

How can I make the script below "stop responding" when it's already animating?I want the script below to animate ONCE and STOP animating (even if mouse is still on element #s2) until I take mouse off it and hover again. This is what I'm using: http:[url].... <script type="text/javascript">$('#s2').cycle({ fx: 'scrollDown', timeout: 0,[code].....