IPad 3 :: Keyboard Sometimes Doesn't Type A Letter?


when I'm typing something some characters don't show, it's not any particular letter or number but it does happen frequently. For example, if I type "word" it may show as "ord". At first I thought I was just not actually touching the particular character that didn't show o I started (note: the word just before I in this sentence is SUPPOSED to be so but only the o is showing- that's exactly what I'm talking about!!) has anyone else had this issue with the iPad 3?

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My IPad is typing on it's own!It's "glitchy" in that it moved from one screen to the next without me touching it, like it's possessed!It moved itself to the search screen and started typing random letters, I actually see the letters on the keyboard being punched in. I'm freaking out. This seems to be the mother glove. PS doesn't do it all the time, just when it wants to. Also I've cut off and on, and tried to sync with itunes.

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Sometimes I cannot type at all. I start typing it will type the 1st letter & maybe the 2nd and then stop I have to move the space bar forward type the next letter (sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't). I then have to backspace it to finish the word this happens predominantly on the web when typing into a message board. Acer Aspire all in one Z5600 Windows 7 64bit

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I have a problem with my ipad2 virtual keyboard. When I type on Safari or on some chat software like Facebook mobile my ipad2 virtual keyboard is sometimes sluggish and it will take longer than usual for a letter to show up on the screen and if I type fast that letter won't even show at all... It happens more with some keys than with others, especially with the y.Can someone tell me what the problem may be due to

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I am having a very weird thing going on in Photoshop CS. Every time I turn on the type tool (horizontal) and try to use it, it won't type any letters, and instead when I strike the letter keys on my keyboard, it activates other tools based on their keyboard shortcut letters (such as L for lasso). I have tried resetting system defaults and still have this problem. Another weird thing that happens is that when I try to type letters, the canvas turns pink, and the letters turn white (this might be connected to the keyboard shortcut for flood fill)


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with iOS 3 you could access special caracters like è é etc by pressing the e key when using the standard german keyboard on the iPad or iPhone.This is gone with iOS 4.21 - the only additional caracter is the letter ė.As my first name contains the letter é this is very bothersome as I need to work with an additonal (french) keyboard layout to type my name.Why where most of the letters removed, when will they be back?

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My question may sound a little odd but I am used to using it on a regular PC keyboard."How do you delete a letter when typing on the ipad incorporated keyboard" ? I know there is the back key that deletes letters to the left of the cursor but how do you delete a letter located to the right of the cursor?

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1505, XP OS. My computer has been working fine until recently. Suddenly, my touchpad started to lag. It starts to jump everywhere whenever I move it. My keyboard is very unresponsive, I can't even hold down a button for it to read it would read only once and sometimes it doesn't read the letter I type. It took me about 10 minutes just to type this whole thing up. To sum it all up .....

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Sometimes when I type it wont fill in whatever field that I am typing in whether its a text message, search, or web page. The dictionary will come up as if I am typing the word but no actual letters will have been typed. I've tried with both the stock keyboard and better keyboard but it wont work until I restart the phone.

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When I insert a blank slide with text, common international characters won't be written. i.e. the letter s or a space. When I type the s letter on my keyboard it won't appear. I type it in another application and copy and paste it and it won't work either. I have my keyboard in Spanish and I have changed it to US and it doesn't work either. Information: Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.6.2)

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I have the Apple Keyboard and it messes up sometimes. Sometimes I will be typing and the onscreen keyboard will come out then in then back out again and so on. When it is out or even sometimes when it is not the Apple accessory keyboard doesn't work. its really a PITA. Well today I was typing and once again it started acting up. But then A message popped up on my Ipad. It said "An app is required for this accessory to work correctly. Would you like to down load the app now?" (Or something like that) I hit yes and it closed out Safari and opened the App Store, but when it opened it there was nothing there. It just brought me to an app Store page that had nothing on it. Does anyone else experience problems with they're keyboard? And is there really an app for it?

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My daughter and I both got Eris' [Erii?] with Verizon's 2 for 1. I noticed while loading some stuff to hers last night though that when you type on the keyboard, you don't get the letters popping up (i.e. on mine, when I hit a letter on the keyboard, it pops up a bubble showing what letter I hit for a half second or so, this doesn't occur on hers).I've looked everywhere I can find but don't see anywhere to turn that on/off. Any suggestions?

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Acer V3-111P laptop and when using the keyboard on the laptop, typing a certain letter that letter will add an extra character. Example, typing letter e, it will add ex, letter q will become q1, letter c will become hc. Not all letter will do that but there are a few.I've reformatted the laptop already and updated the BIOS as well. Also deleted the keyboard driver and re-install after to no avail. Still the same thing to those letters.

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I have been trying to convince myself to install ubuntu 10.04 64BIT because it's just perfect,, and i used to use windows and i used virtual keyboard alot cuz i need to type in my language sometimes and it's Thai,as you know i can't get a hardware keyboard that has Thai letters on them , i live in Oman,,so iused Virtual keyboard.And What i want to request is that is there anybody can figure anything out if there is a virtual keyboard for Ubuntu?

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I am using a new 10w USB charger for my iPad and when I try to use the touch keyboard it starts behaving erratically. I touch a letter and other letters appear and when I touch the delete button more letters appear? When i unplug it the keyboard is fine, is this a problem with the charger? Info: iPad

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My new iPad keyboard (i.e. the default virtual keyboard of iOS) when it comes up (slides up) it doesn't slide back in when the typing mode is no longer needed.� E.g. when I swipe all the way to the left and reach the search screen, the keyboard pops up, and when I swipe back to the home screen the keyboard stays up until I press the 'hide keyboard' button.� Info: iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1

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In a previous post, I was complaining about the difficulties I encountered while typing on the iPad's chunky on-screen keyboard. Meanwhile, I discovered a great tip about this, the touch-hold-slide feature, which allows me to go to the symbol page, select a symbol, and return to the letters page, all with one motion. This feature is documented in the "iPad User Guide" only for uppercase letters, but not for digits and symbols.

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My keyboard has stopped wanting to type any key back to back without a pause (whether it's a letter or delete or backspace). So if I'm typing a word with two letters that are consecutive, I have to pause or forget and backspace (which I can only do once also without a pause). It's also started this slight click/beep that happens usually in conjunction with the error although sometimes not. And, the click/beep isn't consistent (or at least I haven't found it's rhythm yet).

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I've been noticing that sometimes when I type, I get some keyboard lag and it misses letters. There's no way it can't keep up with me, I mean I type fast.. roughly 100-120wpm, but not THAT fast? Other keyboard(s) have no problem catching me, it's just this Acer one seems to be laggy at times. This time around though, I have noticed that after I installed the Synaptics driver, it started happening. I wonder if it's related?

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Not able to set up bluetooth keyboard through bluetooth setup. It recognizes the keyboard but it sometimes gives the option of putting in passkey & sometimes it doesn't. When typing in the passkey, it says keyboard pairing receives fail error. Information: MacBook Pro5,1 - 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac OS X (10.5.5)

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When I am using the onscreen keyboard on my iPad2, the input is sometimes getting duplicated (for example: if I press the letter 'N', instead of showing up once on the screen, it shows up as NNNNN). This is not limited to any single key. The only way to resolve this is to restart the iPad. I have reset and re-installed iOS 5.1.1 but hasn't helped. Any recommendations of what to do or should I be looking to schedule a Genius bar Info: iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

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I've got an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. When I'm sitting at my desk, I set my iPad on a stand and I type on the bluetooth keyboard. Sometimes I pick up my iPad and carry it with me when I am away from my desk, but when I try to type something I realize that the on-screen keyboard is hidden. Is there any way to make the on-screen keyboard reappear aside from walking back to my desk and pushing the eject button on the bluetooth keyboard or disabling bluetooth altogether? Disabling bluetooth is annoying because I have to re-enable it when I get back to my desk, and pressing the button is inconvenient because I have to remember to push it before I leavee my desk (I can't just grab the iPad and go).

Keyboard & Doc Doesn't Work discussions.apple.com

I got my keyboard dock today with the iPad (wifi version). When I type very few times I see the iPad reading the keyboard, usually it doesn't work What could be going wrong? I have ensured the iPad is sitting properly on the doc Information: ipad wifi iOS 4

Forcing Virtual Keyboard To Come Up Instead Of Physical Keyboard discussions.apple.com

I have a bluetooth keyboard working with my iPad (in fact, I'm typing up this message with it now). But I took my iPad to another room, and when I went to a text area to type, it still thought I was connected to my bluetooth keyboard. Needless to say, I couldn't type, and so I had to turn off my Bluetooth in order to bring the virtual keyboard back up again. Is there a way to tell the iPad to bring up the virtual keyboard, even if the bluetooth one is currently connected? Information:

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Is there a way to access the iPad keyboard while using the apple blutooth keyboard without pressing a button on the Bluetooth keyboard? There are times when I am away from my keyboard, but still need to type on the iPad. The only way I can figure out how to do it is to turn off my blutooth.�Is there a setting on the iPad 2 or command/swipe that will bring up the onscreen keyboard? Info: iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1, Apple blutooth keyboard and iPad 2

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I got my iPad two days ago and I am experiencing several recurring issues with the touchscreen keyboard. The "home" apps at the bottom of the home screen are frequently unresponsive. also, when typing emails, I am deliberately only pressing one key, but four or five inputs show up on the screen. it makes typing a single sentence impossible. I also just experienced a "stuck" key, where the letter "C" was input over and over again until I reset the iPad.

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When I'm in contacts and in portrait mode using the multitap keyboard, it doesn't work. Sometimes it works and other times I will tap twice and the third letter or first letter comes up other times it works great. Is this a glich and where can I get the latest upgrade for the device and how do I install it?

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I started having an issue with my iMac typing in the letter 'V' in any field, whether in a browser or in a window even after I've unplugged the keyboard. I've tried restarting several times, but it's getting worse to the point that I can't even type my password in b/c strings of the letter 'V' keep erroring out each field. The letter 'V' isn't stuck in the keyboard, my keyboard doesn't need to be cleaned, I've run a disk repair and no errors are coming up. I had to type this from a different computer otherwise the entire message would have had "v's" typed throughout! Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), I use a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet

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I've bought the bluetooth remote keyboard for the ipad.�I don't understand why the auto-edit feature when writing is not working. For example making the first letter in the sentence a capital letter, changing "i" for an "I" and so on. Like the regular touch keyboard does. Info: iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

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When I first reboot my phone after a battery pull I notice all the letter sizes on the query and portrait (suretype) key board are the same size.However, after typing a few messages I noticed a difference in font size between certain letters.For example I'm looking at the phone now in portrait mode and see: GH key font size is large, but right above it the TY font is smaller. The JK is big, but the BN is small, The ER is big but the QW is small.In Landscape mode some examples:Q W E R are larger than T Y U I, the O and P are larger than A S D etc.. It just doesn't look very nice overall. I mean nothing is wrong and it doesn't really slow me down, but just looking at it doesn't look right.Sometimes if I hide the keyboard and bring it back up it's fine or if I return back to letter mode from number mode it's fixed.Overall it's like this most of the time though. I do hope this is something they address in a future OS. This is also happening on the multi-tap key board as I use that to enter my unlock password.

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I just got this phone off Amazon market place, and when I flip the phone to the left to use the qwerty keyboard, the letter 'E' does not work correctly, sometimes it does work but other's it just spams my phone with the letters next to it (W and R). The thing which confuses me is when I go to use a menu on the same place it works fine, just not on the qwerty keyboard, also when I turn the phone to the right to use the qwerty keyboard on that side it seems to work fine.

MacBook Pro :: Keyboard Missing Letters And Mouse forums.macrumors.com

all of a sudden tonight my keyboard is missing out letters when i type and when i go back and hit the key again it wont work but if i wait a minute or 2 it works but it happens with all the keys not just one in particular and sometimes now they seem to stick so if i press the letter "a" it will come out as aaaaaaaaa my trackpad is staring to go where it wants to even when i'm not touching it and also when i use 2 fingers to zoom i have to lift my 2 fingers off the trackpad twicee sooo that it actually works

Sprint HTC Hero :: Keyboard - Text Not Showing androidforums.com

I have had a strange issue for the past couple days. Sometimes when I type on the keyboard, no text is entered into the text box, but I see the letters "pop up". I have tried to change orientation, and exit the app and no luck. The only thing that really works is to reset the phone. i have even tried to use Better Keyboard and it does it too.

Unable To Type Fast - TAB Key Is Not Present forums.macrumors.com

I use my iPad to take notes in class, but my issue is that I type in outline format so the lack of a TAB key on the iPad keyboard slows my typing speed significantly. Is there a custom keyboard for the iPad that does have a TAB key? I would like to avoid carrying the external keyboard dock or bluetooth keyboard.

Android :Want Keyboard That Doesn't Cover Up Original Screen When Typing? androidforums.com

Looking for a virtual keyboard that doesn't cover up the original screen when you are typing. I.E. if I'm typing something into a Google search box, I want to see the letters appearing in the search box, not some other box that I then have to send to the original application. Ideally it would also have a tab key on the main keyboard. Anything like this exist?

Aluminum Keyboard Will Not Pair To IPad 3? discussions.apple.com

My aluminum keyboard will no longer pair with my iPad 3. The light on the keyboard flashes as it is supposed to but the iPad cannot find it. The keyboard has only been paired with my iPad and has new batteries. I tried to remove the saved pairing and connect again and it doesn't find it. Keyboard is less than a month old and the iPad is about 6 weeks old. Info: iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

IMac :: USB Keyboard Not Typing Letters forums.macrumors.com

I've already tried basic methods of resolving this issue i.e. resetting and unplugging and replugging the keyboard and my keyboard still won't type letters or numbers. The only kind of response I get by typing the keys is the keyboard will performing shortcut commands like save and open, etc. without holding control or alt, it does it when I press the letter keys by themselves.

Motorola Droid 3 :: Keyboard Not Typing Correctly forums.motorola.com

when I am using the qwerty keyboard (not touch screen) it is either not responding when I press a letter, or after several presses, when it does eventually respond, it displays a letter or character different from what I am pressing. Its basically to the point where my keyboard is useless. I have to hit the same key at least 5 times before it shows anything. It will sometimes skip letters that I'm typing and just display the next character. for example, I can be typing SLOWLY, hitting one at a time, spelling t-e-x-t and it will show up e-t, or something along those lines. Ill backspace to go back to the beginning to add in the missing letter and Ill hit T over and over and over till it eventually shows up, or some random character will show up.

Add An Real French Keyboard (with Accents, Etc)? www.ipadforums.net

Does anybody know how to add an real French keyboard (w/ accents, etc.)? The so-called "French" keyboard available on iPad is essentially the same as English - doesn't have the usual French accents and letters such as:

Internal Touch Screen KeyBoard? discussions.apple.com

I have noticed that ipads keyboard is not sensitive enough and letters are so close, how many times do you mistake a letter in your writings?The question is, is there any other ipad keyboard themes came up wid teh iOs 4.2? I heard yes, if so, how to?Second question, is there any app gives us another keyboard ? This stAndard one is not good must be bigger.

Android :: Android Emulator - Keyboard Display Touch Input When Using Physical Keyboard To Type stackoverflow.com

If it was possible to use my physical keyboard to type, and have the android emulator simulate it as if it were a touch (specifically- the button highlights, and letter overlay)

IDE :: Flash On Screen Keyboard Input? www.kirupa.com

I wanted to know how can I make my on screen keyboard type in to a text box. I want my keyboard which I have designed , when a letter is clicked I want it to display the letter in the text box. Note this is not a full keyboad its only the letter. Image attached of the keyboard and text box.

Ubuntu :: Terminal Window Woes: Letter P Not Working ubuntuforums.org

As of this morning, whenever I open a terminal window, the letter 'p' no longer works. Uppercase 'P' works fine in a terminal window, but lowercase 'p' doesn't do a thing. It isn't my keyboard, either (I can type 'p' here fine).I tried checking the "Keyboard Shortcuts" (Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts..) for the terminal window, but 'p' is not assigned.

BB Tour 9630 :: Keyboard Backlight - Fades Even When Typing forums.crackberry.com

On my Tour, it's a funny yhing that when I'm typing..ina "any" ap, sometimes the keyboard is backlit, sometimes not...and sometimes it just ...fades..even when typing. (kinda bad in low light). looked for settings to keep keyboard lit while typing...can't find.

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my ipad has started jumping from different pages and then the keyboard comes up and it looks like someone else is typing on the screen Info: iPad 2

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When ever I write an email that address stays in my iPad. So when I type the first letter of that address it brings up all the addresses that begin with that letter. Sometimes this is annoying because it can be a long list.

HTC :: Mogul Keyboard Keys Are Too Sensitive www.howardforums.com

So I recently upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 on my HTC Mogul. When I try text messaging or typing out anything on my keyboard, the keys are so sensitive that instead of typing just one letter, it inputs multiple letters. Is there any way I can fix this problem. I've pretty much stopped using my keyboard because it takes so long to type out messages.

Kicking Back To Home Screen? discussions.apple.com

I have a used iPad 1st gen 16gb 3g.�I have only owned this for around 1 month.�I know about the "multi tasking" and I only have the one app open while using the ipad. � What I have found is I keep getting kicked back to the home screen, while using a number of different apps and The web browser is a pain for doing it.� I have done a factory reset, but its doing it just the same, if not more so.��� Also I getting really tired of when i start to type it does one or two things, I start to type on the keyboard, then while typing it removes the keyboard and what i type has gone, also sometimes it again kicks me out of the app.�� What I have found in the past also is when Apple brings out a "new" version of the iOS� I am using, they aways seem to start going wrong more and more, or running very slow, its the ipod touch and ipad.��� Info: iPad 3G, Windows 7

Dictation On It Now Does It Process The Input? forums.macrumors.com

I noticed dictation only works if you have internet connection, and with only a select few languages (English, Japanese, but not Spanish when I tried).My guess is a recorded speech is digitized, compressed, sent to some servers (iCloud? or Wolfram Alpha?) for transcribing, then sent back and pasted to document (very impressive). It also seems to analyze the sentence to help find the correct word, instead of simply analyzing the audio.It is when trying to speak in a combination of numbers and letters, however, it fails.Any data entry into the iPad that switches between letters and numbers is somewhat cumbersome.Entering "A11 DEF V111 GHI V222 JKLMN Q9A" could possible be easier to speak than type.In non-rigorous testing, though, I get a weird assortment of results, even though I'm speaking one letter or number at a time. For example, sometimes my home airport, I19, shows up as "I19", "I 19", "EYE19", etc. I think the iPad doesn't know what to do with it since it's not a word.

Accessories Keyboard : Wireless Vs Connected forums.macrumors.com

You've got the iPad Dock keyboard and a normal iPad dock. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the normal iPad dock but I will also need a keyboard.The Apple site tells me you can also use bluetooth keyboards (which I don't have at home).Now I thought that it might be better to buy the bluetooth keyboard. Than I will just put the iPad on the normal iPad dock and I will use the bluetooth keyboard to type stuff.Now the bluetooth keyboard and the special iPad Dock Keyboard have the same price except there's one difference: the iPad Dock Keyboard isn't wireless but it's also a dock at the same time.Buy a wireless bluetooth keyboard or buy the connected iPad Dock Keyboard?

BB Storm 9500 :: Letters Highlight Slower Than It Appears On Screen supportforums.blackberry.com

When I type an email, the letter pressed is not highlight as fast as I type on the keyboard, Most of the time, it delay until I press the next or 2,3 letters after the first one. I mean it is a long delay between letters pressed.The letters appear on screen fine, but only the key is not highlight fast enough. How do I adjust this or I have to type slower one by one.?

Pairing With The Third Party BT Keyboard discussions.apple.com

I bought a Solidtek ASK-3152 Blue-tooth Keyboard specifically for my Ipad as it fits in the pocket of the iPad sleeve I have (The Apple bluetooth Keyboard is too big) The peoblem is when I try to connect it sees the keyboard but it does not give me enough time to type in the password it asks for to pair the device. Does the iPad only pair with Apple keyboards? Information: iPad 64 Gb

Apple Wireless Keyboard For Both System And Mac forums.macrumors.com

The title says everything: What accessories are you going to buy?For me, that would be the following:- iPad case- Apple Wireless Keyboard for both iPad and Mac.- iPad dockI will use the iPad case to save my iPad in, to use it up-standing (top picture) and to use it flat-keyboard-like (bottom picture).I'm going to buy the Apple Wireless Keyboard because 1) I don't have a bluetooth keyboard at all. 2) It's more portable than the iPad dock keyboard, and it's wireless. 3) Because than I will also be able to type in landscape-mode. With the iPad dock keyboard you'll only be able to type in portrait mode.

Virtual Keyboard Is Easier Than Tactile Keyboard forums.macrumors.com

I hear people complain a lot about iPad's virtual keyboard or I hear them say that the keyboard dock is necessary for typing longer documents. I actually find iPad's virtual keyboard easier to type on than a tactile keyboard, and I was wondering if I'm the only one.I often see people typing in landscape mode on their iPad with only one finger. Why not just type the correct way as you would on a tactile keyboard? That's the way I type and my typing is faster on the virtual keyboard. I think it's easier and faster because 1) I don't have to press down on each key, just lightly and quickly tap my fingers on the screen, and 2) iOS corrects and auto-capitalizes so many words that I save time by not needing to hold down shift keys or enter periods or apostrophes all the time.

Popup Keyboard Needs An Up And Down Arrow Keys discussions.apple.com

I just got my iPad and I discovered right off the bat that the popup keyboard needs an up down arrow keys for scrolling. Sometimes when I'm replying to a message in a forum, I need to scroll down to the bottom of the quoted text. But as far as I know the popup keyboard doesn't have an up down arrow keys so it's difficult to scroll. So is there a way to scroll up and down other than with the missing arrow keys?

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I have a problem with my keyboard that only seems to have started since I installed the Hero firmware update (which has sped up the phone considerably). When I first got the phone I was really impressed by the Keyboard and the speed at which I could type. But since the update it is really slow and keys on the right edge of the screen (especially delete) don't register at all sometimes. I have calibrated the keyboard but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

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I am unable to pair the iPad to the keyboard even though the keyboard is not paired to anything else and the code to pair does come up on the ipad2. Once I type in the no I get a message that the keyboard is not close enough or turned on but it is right next to it. I then tried to pair it to the iMac to see if it was the keyboard or the iPad and I got the same type of results.

IPad 2 :: Typing A Post Or Comment On Facebook - Words Seems To Pop Into Sentences discussions.apple.com

When I be on Facebook I always have a problem with my posting and comments. There is a tendency that when I'm typing two or three other words will pop into the sentence that I did not type. Also when there are words beginning with the letters I use for a word, the letter z pops in in front of the letter b. I experienced this problem with my original IPad and the same is going on with the replacement. Info: iPad 2, iOS 7.1.1

Ipad 2 Note Pad Sensitivity www.ipadforums.net

New Ipad 2 user.When I type a note in notepad it it is too touch sensitive and it adds too many letters. When I normally type on a keyboard I let my fingers rest lightly on a key.Now I try and it goes crazy.Can you adjust the sensitivity on for this application?

Keyboard Is Split In Half On Screen? discussions.apple.com

On the screen when I type the keyboard is split right down the middle not touching whatsoever. It still types but letters are small and close together. Info: iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Keyboard Not Showing Up? www.ipadforums.net

Recently the keyboard on my iPad has stopped showing up. I've turned off my bluetooth just incase I had any wireless keyboards connected, but it still won't show up. My iPad also isn't working with the keyboard dock that I have (my iPad doesn't respond when I press keys on my keyboard).

Will Any Apps Let You Reliably Edit Google Docs discussions.apple.com

I got the Zagg keyboard and case for my iPad because I want to use it as a mini-laptop when I go on trips and don't want to take my MacBook Pro.� This works great for most things, but using Google Docs in the iOS Safari browser is a frustrating experience.� Using it with the Bluetooth keyboard doesn't seem to work at all; the cursor will vanish or skip around the screen, and sometimes things you type show up in multiple places or overwrite other parts of the document without warning.� Even using it with the onscreen keyboard seems dodgy, as changes don't seem to sync reliably.� I downloaded GoDocs because it promised Google Docs support but all it does is open an internal browser window that has a all the same problems as Safari. Documents To Go [URL] also says it has Google Docs support but as it costs $15 I'm a bit leery of downloading it if I don't know that it'll work.� Would love to hear anybody's experience with this or other apps. Info: iPad 2 Wi-Fi