IPad 3 :: Keyboard Sometimes Doesn't Type A Letter?


when I'm typing something some characters don't show, it's not any particular letter or number but it does happen frequently. For example, if I type "word" it may show as "ord". At first I thought I was just not actually touching the particular character that didn't show o I started (note: the word just before I in this sentence is SUPPOSED to be so but only the o is showing- that's exactly what I'm talking about!!) has anyone else had this issue with the iPad 3?

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the one that is in roms like NFXHero and stuff. im using the rooted .7 deodexed rom.

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I know we can use the HTML helpers, but how about the strongly typed one's? Html.LabelFor()

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i have date validation, how can i validate 2 types of date formats on one textbox. when user enters a date into the textbox, it must accept date such as 01/01/2009 AND 1/1/2009 [Code]....

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I use ASP.NET MVC for serving web application and I want to create something like the following code. <% using(HTML.Form(Model)) { %> <% HTML.CreateTextBox('txt1', x => x.Property1); <% } From the above code, Form extension method will receive object that represent type of current Model object in current View page. Next, CreateTextBox method will receive type from Form method and I can bind textbox to some property of this model. Update 1 The following code is code of CreateTextBox method that will create instance of TextBox class. [code].... Is it possible to creating some code that doing something like the above code?

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I have a page method which take in a complex parameter how can i call this page method using jquery. This is my page method  [Code].... and these are my types  [Code]....

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I have a datalist which querys the database and pulls the data ApplicantID, date, and testimonial into the datalist. I now want to get the username from the ApplicantID. Im using TLists to do this but on the line ApplicantDetails = JustClick.DAL.DataRepository.ApplicantProvider.GetByApplicantID(ApplicantID); im getting the error cannot implicitly convert type on datalist can anyone help as to why and how I can fix this cheers. The code im using is below  protected void testimonialsList_OnItemDataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             TList<BLL.ApplicantTestimonials> Testimonials; [code].....

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Is there a way to do this in either scalar function form or in an aggregate function form?  The problem I'm dealing with is building a security system with multiple tiers of inheritable permissions.  Like you'll inherit certain permissions form the department level and then certain permissions from the supervisor level.  I'd like to find a way to produce these resultsFor user permissions I pull these binary values and get these results, (they are sorted by their tree node depth level in the hierarchy.

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Is there a way to do this in either scalar function form or in an aggregate function form?  The problem I'm dealing with is building a security system with multiple tiers of inheritable permissions.  Like you'll inherit certain permissions form the department level and then certain permissions from the supervisor level.  I'd like to find a way to produce these results For user permissions I pull these binary values and get these results, (they are sorted by their tree node depth level in the hierarchy.) [code].... Does it look like I will be stuck with manually compiling the tables of departmentpermissions and supervisorpermissions base on every possible outcome of inherited permissions or is there a way to do this on the fly in an efficient manner? 

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Is there a way to obtain what operating system a user is using when they register to my site without them giving the info which would mean they could lie. Similar to how you get their ip but with operating systems? The reason why is cos multiple accounts i want to allow as long as the two accounts are not on the same OS which adds extra proof they they may be "brothers and sisters" etc with two computers. If they cheat for example and say "hes my brother he is on a different pc in a different room.." i want to find a way to get enough info to prove it.. cos my fear is banning people who ain't lying.. cos there are bound to be instances... i just want to keep it as fair as possible.

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I have a question regarding file type restrictions when uploading to a database . I am currently using the MAMP program rather than an actual online server and the MySQL version is: MySQL 5.1.44. I want to have one column in a table for virtually any type of file a user would wish to load, .mov, .jpg, .doc, .pdf, etc. you should add restrictions on what the user is allowed to upload. The idea is that they can actually upload anything they want. Is security really a threat by doing this? And what would the threat be? As I don't really know much about security. If so, should there be any types of files that I would be wise to restrict?, would it be wise for example to restrict uploads that are .php scripts as that is what I have written the website code in. It would change the whole concept of this aspect of my website if I were to only allow certain files so I would prefer to limit the users as little as possible. Sorry if this is a silly question, like I say I don't really know much about security. I've only gone as far as encrypting passwords as there won't be any sensitive data being stored.

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I am having problems passing complex data types from a SOAP server constructed using the built-in PHP5 SOAP extension to a SOAP client using nusoap.php or PEAR::SOAP. Code:

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I would like use Jquery to add keyboard navigation to a Jquery slider. I am trying to use the left and right keys to trigger the previous and next buttons I already have but i can't get it to work. Can anyone see from my code where I am going wrong? <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $("div#controller").jFlow({ slides: "#slides", width: "980px", height: "313px" }); [Code]....

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I have a form with texts inputs and a submit button... The page has post parameters from the previous page. Now when I press enter key on one of the text inputs, the posted parameters were gone... Do you know how to disable enter key for this purpose

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Initialize an input (type="text") with the value of another input (type="hidden")?

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I want to set selection on HTML input type=text. Here's the code for FF and Chrome: <input type=text value="01234567890" id=1> <input type=submit onClick="selectIt()" > <script> selectIt=function (){ [Code].....

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I have input type/text, and when i write something like 5 ot 14, this numbers to go to another input.

Length Of Textfields (input Type='text') bytes.com

Any way to define the length of a textfield? I have just set all the field with a width so that they look like clear and easy to read, However, When I see the page of mac os, They are totally not the result in IE of FF, Does there any way to define it absolutely? I have already change the size attribute and set the width of the input.

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I want to create a input box the says Password inside the box and gets erased when someone clicks inside of it. Then when they type their password it is in asterisk characters.Can anyone tell me what extra scripting I need?

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I am writing a WWW application, it has to run under IE. I have the problem with the code that runs under FF, but i can't get it running under IE.I've tried some similar ways around window.location and location.href, also document.location. I've read that IE has problems with that, so i ask for a solution.The goal is, that page reloads after typing in some text into <input type='text' name='item_code' onKeyDown='test()'> and click enter. So the result is similar to pressing submit type button below the text input.

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I have an <input> of type text that I want to populate with a value from a database using AJAX.I want to get only the value in the input type text populated from database, because after that I will be able to change it.

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Normally the text is gray in the text fields. But when you have completed a field. The color must be black. How can i check this with javascript?

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I'm trying to access a value from an input form. I know this works without the onkeyup event but with it it says the that document.formname.elementid.value is undefined! Its extremely frustrating. As the user types into the input, I am using AJAX to generate some more options which works but I need to be able to access the input type=text value.

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Firstly, I got this script which gets values and automatically calculates it and shows result. Script: <script type="text/javascript"> function calculate(f){ var prod=Number(f['users'].value); var quan=Number(f['months'].value); var tot=prod*quan; f['total'].value=tot==0?'':tot.toFixed(2); } </script> <ul><li class="bold">Users</li> <li> <select name="users" onchange="calculate(this.form)" id="users"> <option value='1'>1</option> <option value='2'>2</option> </select> </li></ul> <ul><li class="bold">Period</li><li> <select name="months" onchange="calculate(this.form)" id="months"> <option value=''>Select Months</option> <option value='1'>1 Month</option> <option value='2'>2 Months</option> </select></li></ul> Total: <input type="text" name="total" readonly="readonly"> What I'm trying to make is, the total, to be in a div and not input type text Something like <div id="total"></div> I don't like because it shows in form, I want it directly. One more thing, is possible to make the default price 0.00 ? and when selecting automatically changes to price..

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how can we set text in html file uploader. is it possible using javascript?

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why doesn't all my photos from my iphone photostream load to my mac Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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When I make an ICal entry on my iphone, it shws on my IPad ok, but not on my Mac. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Link Server Doesn't Work Except Through Query Analyzer: MSSQL Freezing / Timing Out bytes.com

Environment: Server1 (Local) OS Windows 2000 Server SQL Server 2000 Server2 (Remote) OS Windows 2003 Server SQL Server 2000 (Both with most recent service packs) Using Enterprise Manager, we have set up the Link Server (LINK_A) in the Local Server 1 to connect to Server 2. The SQL we need to run is the following: INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx; When we run this from the Query Analyzer, it completes with no problems in a few seconds. Our problem: When we add the DTS Package as the ActiveX Script (VB Script) to the Local Package, it times out at "obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql" Dim Sql, obj_Conn Set obj_Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") obj_Conn.Open XXXX obj_Conn.BeginTrans str_Sql = "INSERT INTO table1(" str_Sql = str_Sql & "column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & ")" str_Sql = str_Sql & " SELECT A.column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", A.column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & " FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A" str_Sql = str_Sql & " WHERE A.column1 0" str_Sql = str_Sql & ";" obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql ---------------------------------------------------------- When we make a Stored Procedure and run the following SQL, it freezes. INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx We've also tried the following with the same results; INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM [LINK_A].[catalog_name].[dbo].[table2] AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx The same thing happens when we try to run the "SELECT" by itself. SELECT TOP 1 @test=A.column1 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx ORDER BY A.column1 What is going wrong here, and how do we need to change this so that it runs without timing out or freezing?

Button Link To Exe Doesn't Work www.xtremevbtalk.com

I tried this code hoping to click a button and have a file on my desktop open. I get the error Run-time error 5, invalid procedure call or argument.Can someone please tell me what this code is missing?edit* I am using VB6Thank you, NoraPrivate Sub Command1_Click()Shell ("C:Documents and SettingsOwnerDesktopLenny Kravitz - Thinking Of You - Salsa Remix.mp3")End Sub

HTC :: Desire Doesn't Update Facebook Picture In Contacts androidforums.com

I found it annoying that when in my Contacts my friends facebook pictures dont update. Under, Menu/Settings/(Account and synch) I got facebook to refresh every 1 hour. The facebook headlines from my friends do show up, but their pictures stay the same nomatter what. How do I update the contacts pictures automatically?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Phone Doesn't Pop Up Facebook Notifications talk.sonyericsson.com

My x Peria doesn't pop up face book notifications ? i have it with time scape and face book for android? Also how do u update emails as that updates face book?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Doesn't Sync With Facebook androidforums.com

My Timescape worked fine, but 13 days ago doesn't sync with the Facebook. I get a message: "Could not connect to the internet!" I tried with 3G and WIFI connection too. Everything works fine (for example the Twitter in Timescape or browser so the internet connection is available), only the Facebook refresh doesn't work. I tryed clear the timescape settings, and reconfig the timescape, tryed remove the Facebook account and re set, but the problem is the same. 4 days ago, I updated the phone software for the newest (R2BA026 1.1.31). I made a factory reset and made a repair with the PC Companion. I tryed remove the sony ericsson app, from my Facebook account. Still I have the problem, I can't fix it I didn't change anything, when the problem starts.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Twitter In Timescape Doesn't Work talk.sonyericsson.com

So I always used timescap to update my twitter. But now, when I try to post a new message, it just says: "can't update twitter". The weird thing is, it does update twitter and I can receiver updates from people I follow. This means that the account and twitter is working, but I just can't update my own status. Then I just Seesmic, to see if it's a problem with my account. But that just works fine. The main difference between timescape working and then not, is that I was on holiday in America. There, it worked fine. Then I got back in the Netherlands and all of the sudden I can't update my status anymore. While in America, my X10 updated the time wherever I went. Back home, it didn't update the time automatically, so I did it manually. That's the only thing I can think of that changed.  Does anyone know anything I can do? (besides restoring the phone). I don't know if i'm the only one with this problem, if not, there must be some sort of solution for it. 

HTC Desire :: Doesn't Sync Birthdays Contacts Details With Calendar androidforums.com

i am using HTC desire(Android) and i am pretty much happy with the performance. The issue i wanna discuss here is that my phone does not sync the birthdays from my phone contact details to the calender, as it was availabe in my previous phone HTC Touch diamond, i used to feed the birthday details along with the contact and it syncs those birthdays with the calender when i used to sync it manually with the help of computer. But no such option is availabe in Android. please don't reply with the 'synching birthday contact and events' from google calender. I've seen loads of forums on that , but that ain't related to my problem. i want synchronization of my phone contact's birthday details to the phone calender.

HTC Desire :: Google Contacts' Birthdays Calendar Doesn't Update androidforums.com

I added the birthday to a contact the other day but it didn't appear in my calendar on the phone, even though I have the Google 'Contacts' birthdays and events' enabled and it has worked fine in the past. To cut a long story short when I add a birthday a new entry is created in the Google calendar but it doesn't appear on the phone even after multiple syncs. The only way to get it to appear (or to get the test ones I tried, to disappear) was to remove the calendar from the phone and then add it again (Calendars>Menu>Remove----Menu>Add).

Android :: Setting Profiles Doesn't Work 100% Of The Time androidforums.com

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have a profile for "in dock" to turn on GPS and bluetooth. Last night it didn't shut off and this am - DEAD battery. I've noticed sometimes in the dock it doesn't turn those features on either - but sometimes it does work?

Android :: Emulator Doesn't Link To Eclipse groups.google.com

I'm developing on a Mac with Eclipse and the emulator sometimes doesn't seem to link to eclipse (doesn't show anything in the logcat). I just have to close and run again and it works. I wonder why this happens. Has anybody else experienced this?

Configuration :: Localhost Doesn't Recognize Images - Css But Shows Html Content forums.asp.net

on a server, I am trying to deploy a website.  Originally, the page styles did not work and the some of the .gif and .jpg images didnt show up.  I fixed the css problem by adding a http handler mapping through IIS.  I tried the same thing to get the images to work but that didn't fix the problem.  If the website was fully deployed im pretty sure the images would work so I dont want to change their paths (same with css). The handler mapping i added for css was for "*.css" of type system.web.staticfilehandler. This is the same type i tried for .jpg and .gif.  I don't know specifically the purpose of system.web.staticfilehandler because msdn info is very short.

Web Forms :: Sending Mail With SMTP Doesn't Work? forums.asp.net

I've been quite looking all around for solutions about my problem but it seems nothing I've found actually works at the moment... When my form is validated, I want to send an automatic mail using SMTP. I have tried using both System.Web.Mail and System.Net.Mail :/ MailMessage message = new MailMessage();

MVC :: Download The Framework Link Doesn't Work? forums.asp.net

I am trying to download MVC framework but it doesn't work.

Code Behind Doesn't Recognize Control ID's On HTML Page forums.asp.net

I had a website with a few asp.net controls with id like: btnSave and tbAmount I renamed one of my controls and when I tried to use it in the code behind I get the following error. Error 5 Name 'tbAmount' is not declared.  I was messing around trying to add new controlls rather than rename, but nothing seems to work. And now, none of my controlls that were added to the page are recognized in the code behind. They all have the error: Error 5 Name 'tbAmount' is not declared. Or Error 3 Name 'hfNoteId' is either not declared or not in the current scope. E:NoteTenderNoteTenderMembersManageNote.aspx.vb 33 71 NoteTender Even my button click event handler gives me the following error: Error 2 Handles clause requires a WithEvents variable defined in the containing type or one of its base types. E:NoteTenderNoteTenderMembersManageNote.aspx.vb 27 91 NoteTender I have verified that my inherits is using the correct namespace and class name.

Passing Parameter To Page Doesn't Work forums.asp.net

The follwoing statement does nto work. document.all.oFrame.src = "/mmm/xyz/hello.aspx?ConceptID="&vConceptID&"&ShortName="&vShortName I have given alert. alert( "/mmm/xyz/hello.aspx?ConceptID="&vConceptID&"&ShortName="&vShortName) IT GIVES 0 AS OUTPUT.

Web Forms :: Doesn't Support The Format() Function? forums.asp.net

var date1 = new Date(document.forms.a1.startDate.value); alert(date1.getDate() + '...' + date1.getDay() + '...' + date1.getMonth() + '...' + date1.getYear()); The startDate field has 10/18/2009 and the alert() gives 18...0...9...2009Why does getMonth() return 9 instead of 10??When I type in 101809 in the startDate field, how can I convert it to 10/18/2009?I google and see example of the format() function. I try date1.format('mm/dd/yyyy') but it gives error.It doesn't support the format() function.

.net - Httphandler Doesn't Engage For Non-home Pages stackoverflow.com

I have an MVC2 application, and HttpHandler Library. The library, to simplify, serves an image. The problem is that if I invoke this handler from the root page ( http://whatever/ ), everything works fine. If, however, I change the Global.asax, so the same page now has the address of http://whatever/controller/action - it doesn't work (ALT text comes out instead of image).I didn't write the handler library, but I have the code; so I put a breakpoint in ProcessRequest function of IHttpHandler implementation. For good situation the breakpoint gets triggered, but for bad case it isn't. So, I assume that the handler isn't invoked for non-root pages.

Installation :: Registry Value Doesn't Exist - HttpException Was Unhandled By User Code forums.asp.net

I was researching an issue relating to Excel automation and one of the website recommended to modify the machine.config file. So following I took the following steps: 1. Browsed to folder "c:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727". 2. Backed Up "machine.config" file. 3. Edited the machine. config file. Re-run the solution. It didn't work. 4. So I restored the machine.config file. This is the only thing I did. So now whenever I'm running my solution, I get the following error: Unable to make the session state request to the session state server. Please ensure that the ASP.NET State service is started and that the client and server ports are the same. If the server is on a remote machine, please ensure that it accepts remote requests by checking the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesaspnet_stateParametersAllowRemoteConnection. If the server is on the local machine, and if the before mentioned registry value does not exist or is set to 0, then the state server connection string must use either 'localhost' or '' as the server name. The Build is succeed but the following code of global.asax.vb fire this error: Sub Application_Error(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)            Dim err As Exception = Server.GetLastError()             'Response.Clear()            'Response.Write("<h1>" & err.InnerException.Message & "</h1>")            'Response.Write("<pre>" & err.ToString & "</pre>")             Dim vErr As String            Try                 vErr = err.InnerException.Message.ToString()        Catch ex As Exception                vErr = "Unknown Server Error"            End Try            'Response.Write("<h1>Polaris.Net Server Error.<BR>Please provide any helpful comments and click the [Submit] button to send details of this error to the systems department.</h1>")            Session("ServerError") = vErr            Response.Redirect("~/ServerErrorMessage.aspx")            Server.ClearError()  End Sub I tried all the googled solutions but didn't work. I even copied the whole solution, including the new web.config file but to no avail.

File Upload With HttpWebRequest Doesn't Post The File stackoverflow.com

Here is my code to post the file. I use asp fileupload control to get the file stream. HttpWebRequest requestToSender = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create [URL] requestToSender.Method = "POST"; requestToSender.ContentType = "multipart/form-data"; requestToSender.KeepAlive = true; requestToSender.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials; requestToSender.ContentLength = BtnUpload.PostedFile.ContentLength; BinaryReader binaryReader = new BinaryReader(BtnUpload.PostedFile.InputStream); byte[] binData = binaryReader.ReadBytes(BtnUpload.PostedFile.ContentLength); Stream requestStream = requestToSender.GetRequestStream(); requestStream.Write(binData, 0, binData.Length); requestStream.Close(); HttpWebResponse responseFromSender = (HttpWebResponse)requestToSender.GetResponse(); string fromSender = string.Empty; using (StreamReader responseReader = new StreamReader(responseFromSender.GetResponseStream())) { fromSender = responseReader.ReadToEnd(); } XMLString.Text = fromSender; In the page load of CrossPage.aspx i have the following code NameValueCollection postPageCollection = Request.Form; foreach (string name in postPageCollection.AllKeys) { Response.Write(name + " " + postPageCollection[name]); } HttpFileCollection postCollection = Request.Files; foreach (string name in postCollection.AllKeys) { HttpPostedFile aFile = postCollection[name]; aFile.SaveAs(Server.MapPath(".") + "/" + Path.GetFileName(aFile.FileName)); } string strxml = "sample"; Response.Clear(); Response.Write(strxml); I don't get the file in Request.Files. The byte array is created. What was wrong with my HttpWebRequest?

Expression Encoder Doesn't Encode .3gp After Uploading? www.vbforums.com

As I've mentioned in other threads, I have zilch experience configuring iis 5.1. So I've been having some troubles with things that work perfectly on the vs webserver, but when I upload the project, they cease to work. I have a project where I use expression encoder to encode video files to a format compatible with the silverlight media player . The thing is, when I encode the uploaded videos with expression in the vs bundled webserver, it encodes them Okay, no problem. But once I upload the project, it just encodes .wmv files. I suppose it's got to be something with permissions, as When I'm working with the vs webserver I can see the ffdshow filters activate in the system tray when the videos are encoding. in the iis versions no such thing happens.

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Doesn't Fill Automatically E.NewValues Collection forums.asp.net

I placed one FormView and one GridView conrtrols on the same page with one linqdatasource that is connected to both controls via their DataSourceID properties. While the GridView works without  any problem (on updating) the FormView doesn't update the record.I traced the FormView  events and found that in FormView1_ItemUpdating the argument  e.NewVaues.Count = 0 as well as e.OldVaues. Count (also zero). Getting items from e.NewValues[index] or [key] causes an obvious exception. However, all the bound contolsn this wa [Code]....

Web Forms :: RequiredFieldValidator Doesn't Work When Using AspxMenu? forums.asp.net

i have webForm which have aspxMenu as toolbar.my problem is that when user click on aspxMenuItem, my requiredFieldValidator doesn't work, but when i use simple button instead of aspxMenu, it works!

Forms Data Controls :: Category Doesn't Appear Until Department Is Selected forums.asp.net

I have a question about datalist and selected item template Here is how it works: On a webpage I have a 2 datalists which are getting data from their respective tables: DepartmentList calling DepartmentTable CategoryList calling CategoryTable Each Department has one or more Category. What I want is: My Department are coming on the screen (the category doesn't appear until a deparment is selected) Dept1 Dept2 Dept3 The user click Dept 2 (for ex) and then will have the category appearing inside the Departement (something like this) Dept1 Dept2 Cat1 Cat2 Cat3 Dept3 So at the end I have a menu made of 2 datalists I tried the put CategoryList in the selected Item Template of the DepartmentList but nothing happens. the way I use visual studio express and my project is asp.net 2.0 c#

AJAX :: AsyncFileUpload Doesn't Display In ModalPopupExtender forums.asp.net

As far as I can see, the following code should make an AsyncFileUpload display in ModalPopupExtender. The MPE shows fine but the AsyncFileUpload doesn't load inside it. I also tried removing the update panel and putting the divs both inside and outside of the update panel, all with the same (lack of) results. And the AsyncFileUpload displays and works outside of the MPE. In ListView EditItemTemplate: [Code].... After ListView closing tag: [Code]....

Isset Function Doesn't Work phpbuilder.com

I've experienced many problems using isset(). For instance, when I want to know if an user has filled a required field in a form Code:

LIMIT Doesn't Work In Some Cases? www.phpbuilder.com

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table1 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5"); the query above must return the newest 5 records stored in database. [code]... in another table, when the 'id' column type is text and hasn't been indexed, the limit parameter works fine. mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table2 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5"); should i always choose the type as text and not to index the column to be able to use the LIMIT parameter properly?

Question Mark Equals Doesn't Work? stackoverflow.com

this is my php code: <html><body>Hey!: <?= "World";?></body></html> It just prints "Hey!:" Whats wrong with my code?

JQuery :: Malsup Cycle Restarts - Doesn't Work? forum.jquery.com

I'm trying to do a goto thing with the cycle plugin. I've succeeded with the same thing before. The only thing that happens now is that it goes to the first index/restarts. $('#id').cycle(n); always gets me the first slide. I've checked that the n value is a number/integer. The only thing I can come up with is some kind of conflict.I'm also using jcarousel but when I deactivate that it's the same problem. Does anybody have clue about what might be going on? Or maybe how to troubleshoot?

Replace() Double Characters - Instances Of "zz" With 'Z' Doesn't Work www.codingforums.com

This is driving me nuts :) I need to replace all instances of "zz" with 'Z'. I can easily replace other strings such as a = a.replace(/mickeymouse/, "Z"); but a = a.replace(/zz/, "Z"); doesn't work. Must be a double characer thing?

Rhino 1.7 In Shell Doesn't Map The Arrow Keys For History stackoverflow.com

I downloaded Mozilla Rhino so I can use the interactive JavaScript console through java -jar js.jar I can get into the prompt, and everything is all working fine. Except... My arrow keys are not mapped to move the cursor back and forth or to use the history function with up and down. Now, according to the documentation, these features do exist in the interactive console, but they seem to break on Mac OS. I need some pointers to change these settings or add code to support this?

Jquery :: Drag And Drop Mask That Doesn't Hide Page's Events stackoverflow.com

I am building a small website.In my website users can perform different operations, everything is written in plain html. Nothing complex there.Now, here comes the trick. I'd like to give my users the ability to drag and drop images and place them in a mask on top pf the page they are viewing.This doesn't work well since the mask blocks all operations users used to be able to do. My old html controls no longer receive focus when the user click them, as my upper mask catches all click events. Is there any way to get around this? Maybe somehow tell the script engine to set the z-index of the original page as the topmost, yet not hiding the mask?

Jquery :: Drag And Drop: Droppable Doesn't Work On Elements With Float:left Or Inline-block stackoverflow.com

I cannot seem to drop into TARGET that has display: inline-block or float:left. Here's link to sample code: [URL] Some info I found: [URL] I noticed if might work INLINE if I dump it EXACTLY in the middle. but it would be nice for it to accept drop if any part of my drag touches.