Invalid Compressed Data To Inflate


I am a fairly new VB Programmer, so I apologize upfront for any confusion in the way I might describe my problem. My VB 6.0 program uses CDO.Configuration and CDO.Message to send an e-mails automatically with zipped attachments. I have done this to bypass the security prompts in VB programs using Outlook that started happening when we got Microsoft XP. The files that get e-mailed are saved on my C drive and I am able to open them with no problem. But when the file is sent through Outlook 2002 I cannot open the attachments. (This used to work fine). This is the message I receive when I try to open CUSTLIST.PDFExtracting to “C:Documents and SettingsNAMELocal SettingsTemp”Use Path: no Overlay Files: yesWarning [C:Documents and SettingsNAMELocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesOLK6Reports122004.Error in file #1: bad Zip file offset (Error local header signature not found): 0(attempting to re-compensate)Extracting CUSTLIST.PDFError: invalid compressed data to inflateI beleive it is related to the new security in Outlook 2002, but have no idea how to make it work. Any ideas? Thank-you for any help on this!

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1. I am using VB 6.0. I have a customer database. I have created a program using DATA command from the toolbar (and linked it with Access file) such that when i select the customer code ...the whole info of that customer appears in the respective text box.But here i want to use Combo Box instead of DATA command so that i can select the customer code form the pull down menu of the combo box.How can i do this....NEED HELP....????2. Also i gAve the link of DATA command to an ACCESS file (.mdb) but when i run my program on some other computer.....the program gives error asking for the same location for the Ascess file which was on the first system. How to rectify this....because i need to create the programs and send it to somebody ......... the other person may copy the folder (containing program file and the Access file) on any drive may be C:,D:,E:,.....please help...thanks....

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I am using data environment & adodc for data accessingData environment & ADODC I am given the link with the path & file name in the properties (right click menu ) of the data environment. Here it ask for the data base path and name indata link properties ->connectionAfter installation of the software in the other machine using packing & development setup. While running of the package it ask for the same path for the database which was given during the programming time, it is not taking the application path where the database file (MS-Access) was installed. For this I have to manually create the same path and put the database there. Then the package work.What is the solution so that the application automatically find the application path not the path mentioned in the forms data file link to ado or Data environment.Rahul 2K india

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I'm a newbie to VB (even if I have experience with ASP/VB Script), so bear with me if I'm not explaining things properly or possibly asking a completely moronic question. Following my VB tutorial I've been making a small application, consisting of 1 form that displays info from a database.The standard application with db-connection (ADO) hasn't posed a problem, but now that I want to make the application location/directory independant I'm running into problems.Basically the application consists of 3 files:E:Tests est-form.frmE:TestsconADO.dsn (file with ODBC info)E:TestsDatabase est-db.mdb (Access database)Now I'm not having any problems using the conADO.dsn to indicate the db-path relative to the application, but I'm finding it impossible to make a relative path between the form/application to conADO.dsnSince I'm used to hard coding stuff I dove into the form file to see how VB connects the form to the dsn-file and found this: Begin MSAdodcLib.Adodc adoBiblio .... .... Connect = "FILE NAME=E:TestsconADO.dsn" OLEDBString = "" OLEDBFile = "E:TestsconADO.dsn"I've tried both CurDir() and App.Path to get the "E:Tests" directory to become a relative one that doesn't depend on where I place the form/application (since I want to be able to use my application wherever I chose and not just in the E:Tests directory), but nothing I try seems to be working.So my question is:How can I change the form properties so that the path to the DSN file becomes relative?Or if I can't do it this way, what is the best way to make a relative connection between a form and a database?Thanks in advance.

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Hi all,I have a code that will write my data from a tempimport table to a orderstable. Then deletes the temptable. What I need help with is how to check a value in my temptable before writing it to my orderstable. Below is the code I have so far and it works great but doesnt check for duplicate data before writing.I have looked at alot of differnt codes here and just can not seem to get a code to work correctly.I am using VB6 and the tables are in a SQL 2000 serverCode:Private Sub cmdImport_Click()Dim rst As ADODB.RecordsetDim xrst As ADODB.RecordsetSet xrst = GetRecordSet("select * from tempimport")Set rst = GetRecordSet("orderstable")Do While Not xrst.EOF    With rst        .AddNew        !ponumber = xrst!ponumber        !sfname = xrst!sfname        !slname = xrst!slname        !pfname = xrst!pfname        !plname = xrst!plname        !phone = xrst!phone        !streetaddress = xrst!streetaddress        !aptnumber = xrst!aptnumber        !city = xrst!city        !State = xrst!State        !zipcode = xrst!zipcode        !student = xrst!student        !studentpassword = xrst!studentpassword        !Parent = xrst!Parent        !parentpassword = xrst!parentpassword        !isp = xrst!isp        !isppassword = xrst!isppassword        .Update    End With    xrst.MoveNextLoopMsgBox ("Import Finished")GetRecordSet ("delete tempimport")End SubCode:Function GetRecordSet(ByVal SQLString As String) As ADODB.Recordset  Dim myConnection As New ADODB.Connection  Dim myRecordSet As New ADODB.Recordset  'assign connectionString  myConnection.ConnectionString = ODBCString    'open SQL database  myConnection.Open    'set CursorLocation  myRecordSet.CursorLocation = adUseClient    'get recordset  myRecordSet.Open SQLString, myConnection, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic    'return adodb.recordset   Set GetRecordSet = myRecordSetEnd FunctionThanksClarkEdited by - clark on 2/15/2005 9:50:20 AM

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Hi Folks I am fairly new to VB. My problem is this.I have created a form in Vb, i want to open a table in an access database. i need open the table in edit mode so i can enter data imeadiatly. The next problem is how do you add a new record, using code?Thanks in advance.

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Hello,I have a Data Report that has a Data Enviroment as its Data Source.I am useing SQL text as the source of data for the command under the data environments connection.The SQL text I have entered directly into the DE is..SELECT * FROM TablesI would like to be able to change the SQL query from within the code prior to the report being shown. so I have been playing with the following...Dim MySQL As StringMySQL = "SELECT Title from Titles Where Title = '101 Database Exercises'"DataEnvironment1.Commands("Command1").CommandText = MySQLDataReport1.ShowWhen the report is shown it is useing the SQL query that is Typed in the Date Environment and not the one that is in the code. I have tried to leave the SQL Text empty in the DE, but then the report craps out all together.Am I going about this the right way?BTW in case you need to know, I am useing an ACCESS 2000 DB and VB 6 (SP 5)Thanks,Daniel

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I made this form and I need it to read the data and write the data to a table and its not working heres the html form I left off the doc type so it dont take up that much room <form> <h1>Telephone Directory</h1> <br> [code]........

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how to read and write records hyperlinked content from excel by using PHP

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I have a server (debian lenny), spectral analyzer and I have downloaded collection of source codes from Steve Sharples's site. With these s. coudes I am able to connect to spectral analyzer - type command and get the responce.For example: my-atom:~/vxi11# ./vxi11_cmd Input command or query ('q' to exit): *IDN? and I get: Rohde&Schwarz,FSV-7,102004/007,1.50 SP1Am I able to connect to this server, write command and read the responce using PHP? I was thinking about sockets, but I am not sure if the best choice.

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I have 2 problems. 1st, when I want to update multiple values, I tried: $sqlRequest = "UPDATE gvntools_msg SET title = '$title' AND body='$body' AND videoID='$videoID' WHERE username = '$username'"; What would be a correct syntax? Because it wont save the results. Also, I wanna store a private message in database. As its plain text I decided to go simply with VARCHAR(1000). Saves fine, but I have a problem getting it inside textarea. Messagebr /><textarea name="body" cols="40" rows="10" maxlength="1000" value="$body">

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i'm working on a program that will take data entered into a text field lets say txtURL then send it to a website like google and submit the info. Any help would be appreciated I am somewhat new to VisualBasic and programming.

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Hi All, I have an MS Access table that currently links into word as a mail merge. Great! Sample data as follows: Tutor Student Mr A Donald Duck Mr A Mickey Mouse Mr A Minnie Mouse Mrs B Joe Bloggs I want to produce a mail document that allows me to address each tutor separately, along with the respective student names in a grid. Now I've setup the document, but when I view each document it produces the list of all students for each tutor. e.g. Dear Mr A Your students are: Donald Duck Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse ------------------- Dear Mrs B Your Students are: Joe Bloggs Is this at all possible? Thanks:)

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I got the phone last week and very disappointed with low sound volume but seems I am not alone....anyway that's not my question.I am interested in how much my 3G connection is active and how much data my phone is receiving/sending. I installed the 3G Watchdog app and for example this morning with browsing BBC website with NO downloads etc it is showing 4.76MB data alone (3.96MB received and 838KB transmitted). My 3G connection is almost always flashing with the arrows showing data transfer but what is it?! Facebook has all updates off Email is synced hourly Moxier calendar daily I seem to have a "background" data transfer of 3MB/day and this is without any browsing etc...what is going on?!

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In my Android dev phone I have a requirement to implement - On power up Radio interface (GSM in my case) is up and any data traffic (e.g. ping, http, etc) goes through radio interface. When I turned on Wifi I need to shift all data traffic (except voice/voip) into WiFi channel. Does Cupcake/Donut support this kind of handoff?

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I have an existing WSDL which returns information to remote devices using SOAP. However, I'm writing a new app with Android which doesn't support SOAP so I can't use the existing WSDL and have had to code a new app which looks for a querystring from the Android app and returns the data in a JSON packet. I've coded the module which receives the data okay but I'm unsure how to send the data back in JSON forma

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I need to load and parse a text file and extract data between points on any given line. I can load the file, but it's the parsing that's giving me headaches. e.g. "Phoned Jim and arranged for John to attend site" First I need to search for "Phoned" because the line always starts with that, and then I need to extract "Jim and arranged for John" [Code]....

.net - Invalid JSON Data stackoverflow.com

I have the following jquery which is invalid: { "id": 12, "heading": "heading goes here 3", "content": "<p><span style="color: #ff0000;">content</span> <u><strong>goes </strong></u><span style="color: #ffffff;"><span style="background-color: #ff0000;">here</span></span> 3.</p>" } I am generating this with asp.net (vb.net) from data stored in a database. I think I need to somehow escape the double quotes within the content section of the json data. How do I do this?

Asp.net - Create JSON Data With .NET? stackoverflow.com

At the moment, I am building json data as follows: <%@ Page Language="VB" Debug="True" EnableViewState="false" %> <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %> <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %> [Code]..... Is this the preferred method of creating JSON data using .NET? I think I am supposed to use asmx web services with arrays converted to json? But all the examples I have seen are in C#.

Flex :: Display And Parse Sensor Data (text)? stackoverflow.com

I have a sensor that sends data as text file. Data format as follow: dat=110405120000+000.00+000.00+005.65+000.00+040.71+000.00+000.00+000.20. How can i parse this data? The output i want is: date: 05-04-11 time: 12:00:00 ch01: 000.00 ch02: 000.00 [Code].....

Flex :: Send HTTP POST Request With Binary Data In Body stackoverflow.com

I'm new to Flex and couldn't figure out yet how to send binary data to the server as the body of a POST request. The HTTPService component doesn't seem to support this. The FileReference doesn't seem to support setting the data via the Flex API.

Flash :: Obtain And Push JSON Data Into Arrays? stackoverflow.com

so I have a JSON link that contains a couple of nodes (not sure what you call them in JSON) that I need to put into arrays in ActionScript, but I'm still having trouble trying to trace out all the specific node content.I found a similar question here, but the fix just showed how to trace out the entire JSON file (which shows up in my output window as [object Object],[object Object],[object Object],...)first node: {"captions":[{"content":"[hello world] ","startTime":0,"duration":4000} My code: private function onCaptionsComplete( event:Event ):void { //var jsonObj:Object = JSON.decode(event.target.data);[code]..... captions: undefined TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.What I would like to be able to do is put the content data into the captionsContent Array, and the startingTime into a startingTime Array, same with the duration data.

Actionscript 3 :: Decoding JSON Data From PHP? stackoverflow.com

I am able to pull JSON data from PHP into my Flex application just fine with the following bit of code: [Code]...

Php :: Load JSON Data With URL Loader? stackoverflow.com

I am new to action script 3.0. o understand how can I load data with URLLoader.So, I have an aplication like: var PATH:String = "http://www.somesite.com/myFirstPage.php?a=10&b=20"; var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(PATH); var urlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); [code].....

ActionScript 2.0 :: Pull Data From JSON In It? www.actionscript.org

I am currently designing a set of actionscript charts for my company's website. For the set of charts I have set up right now I'm reading all the data from FlashVars, but as you could guess that's not a very good format for charts... I'd prefer to use a JSON array of values, now my question is: Where should I go to start learning about reading from JSON is AS2? I'll hit the books, of course, but this forum is always good when I need to get some advice to dive right in to an urgent project

ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading Data From JSON www.actionscript.org

does anybody have any experience with using the JSON class from JSON.org to load JSON data into Actionscript 2?

Flex :: Actionscript 3 - Property Like 'visible Columns' In Advance Data Grid stackoverflow.com

I want to some how control the visibility of some columns in my advance data grid. I have a data provider with 115 coumns out of which I want to hide few columns. I know the column index and header field of these columns. Is there some property in Advance data grid where I can specify this directly?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Load JSON / Formatting Non-array Data? www.actionscript.org

I'm trying to format JSON data without using brackets for an array. To start off with, this works (to be followed by what doesn't)[code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Load JSON Data From Another Server? www.actionscript.org

I'm trying to load JSON data from another server. It works when I test i Flash - but in Browser it doesn't work. Is there something I have to change before publishing? ActionScript Code: import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON  /*Path to the JSON class (in JSON.as). NOTE: make sure to keep all the classes in the original json folder together and that at the very beginning of each class file in the json folder, the file path after the word 'package' accurately reflects that path to the FOLDER in which all the classes are located. E.g. package [URL] /*Create the objects you need*/ var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader() ; var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest() ; /*Connect to and load the data within the numbers.php file*/ [Code].....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Save Data In JSON File? www.actionscript.org

I have a table which contains 3 columns, "itemid, xcordinate, ycordinate", in this different records are saved, now i want to have these records on a JSON file, when use click save button, all records present in the table(2d array) save in JSON file.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Getting Json Data With A Useragent From Server www.actionscript.org

sendInfo = new LoadVars(); sendInfo.addRequestHeader("User-Agent", "myagent"); sendInfo.onLoad = function() { trace(sendInfo.loaded): }; sendInfo.load("url");//for getting JSON data My Result is false and the firefox browser is still loading data from server. how to use useragent in actionscript2 and also how to get json data. I don't know is it json data problem or another

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Keeping Data After Unsuccessful Insert? forums.asp.net

I have a formview in Insert Mode linked to a SqlDataSource through a stored procedure. The stored procedure returns -1 in case of a duplicate and i wrote code for this in SqlFormInsertDataSource_Inserted event. Now, when there is a duplicate i display a message and i want the form to show the values inputed. I thought this would be done if i enable the ViewState but i doesn't work. I get the message but the form gets back to insert mode without any data.

Forms Data Controls :: Load 'item' Data From Linked Table? forums.asp.net

I have come from MS Access and am working through a couple of textbooks on ASP.NET 4. I am using the Gridview control connected to an SQL data source control. As an exercise I am converting my simpliest MS Access page which is simple a form to request a new stock item in our engineering stores. I have a normalised table called [stock_requests] and part of this is a field calle [failure_mode]. This field is an integer and there is another table listing the possible values for this field. This other table is called [failure_modes] and has two field: [id] < the primary key [mode] < the text to be displayed In my main table [stock_requests] in the field [failure_mode] I store the [id] from the [failure_modes] table for the applicable record in the [failure_modes] table. So for example if someone wanted to select "Catastrophic" as the failure mode the [stock_requests].[failure_mode] field would be 1; if the user selected "Gradual" as the failure mode the [stock_requests].[failure_mode] field would be 2 etc. Now, the gridview wants to display "1" or "2" but I want to display "gradual" or "catastrophic" without using views and all the headaches that brings. I have managed to sort out editting by using a templated field where I have a drop down list in this cell and I databind to a second SQL data source (imaginatively called SqlDataSource2). what is the best method for displaying the text 'Catastophic' or 'Gradual' etc. when in normal mode (view mode)? Is it another templated field and what is the basic approach I should use? I reckon I should be able to work it out once someone points me in the right direction.

Forms Data Controls :: Check Whether Data Has Been Modified Or Not In User Controls? forums.asp.net

I have 5 user controls in a web form. Data is being loaded into the user controls at the user control page load event. I have a single save button for the entire web form(the the top of the page). Each user control has update panel and consists of many web controls like textbox, dropdown,gridview and many other. after the page has been rendered successfully to the user. Considered that he has changed text in one user control (  in few textboxes,dropdowns , grid) and clicked on save button. Now I should save only the changes user has made ( in 1 user control) instead of saving all the 5 user controls. how can i achieve this?

Forms Data Controls :: Check Already Exist Data From Database Without Post Back? forums.asp.net

I have developed an asp.net application ... I have a textbox where user will enter is name ... I need to check if the name is already exist in the database table column when ever user enter their name with out post back . If user exist mean it should show a msg user already exist .....

Forms Data Controls :: Showing Data In Grid Format Without Repetition? forums.asp.net

Say I have a table which as two fields Category and Subcategory.  There are multiple sub categories under a particular category.  when displaying in grid it shows all subcategories along with the category which is the same is this case. How can I display records so that the category is displayed only once and all subcategories are displayed.

Forms Data Controls :: Load Data Into Gridview When Scroll? forums.asp.net

i have a gridview with vertical scrollbar and i have 100 rows in table. How to load 10 rows each time,when i scroll down or up.

Forms Data Controls :: Copy Data From Excel Row To Gridview Row? forums.asp.net

I need to copy data from excel to asp.net gridview. I have to select a row and press Ctrl+C to copy from excel, then I have to paste it in Gridview.

Forms Data Controls :: Copy Data From Db To Textbox? forums.asp.net

I have a web page like this default.aspx?id={0-n} default.aspx?id=5 for example  how can i copy this number to textbox !? i mean the 5  or any another number  i must use it in text box

Forms Data Controls :: Attempting To Bind Data From A Dropdown List / Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into... forums.asp.net

I am attempting to bind data from a dropdown list that was populated from another datasourceID. I've bolded what I believe is relevant to this issue in the code below. But basicly its binding the proper county on the pull down menu but when I hit form submit it dosnt postback that info instead its null. [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Integer Data Validation In DataSet Select Method? forums.asp.net

I am having dataset and I want to validate particular column for Integer(Numeric) value. e.g. ErrorRows = dt.Select("LEN(Year) <> 4 ") Above I have to validate Year column for Numeric value otherwise it should give me erroneous records which have data other than numeric.

Forms Data Controls :: Get Data From A GridView Without Using Select Column? forums.asp.net

i have a Grid View called: GridView1.. and i have a column of DropDownList with 4 items inside it (Approve Training 1, Approve Training 2, Approve Training 3, Reject)..when the Admin or user choose one of these items and then click on the Button (Process)an event will be called (process_Click)..it should go throw all the GridView rows and check the DropDown list.. and there is if/else statement to control the selected item.. what i don't know how to do is: if the user choose item1 (Approve Training 1) for example. then the ID, GPA, TrainingCode1 will be saved in a DataBase table called Approved.how to get these information from the GridView without using Select column??this is a part of my code: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Read A Data Table And Write In Access DB? forums.asp.net

I need to read a table from a dtgrid there is one code for example?

Forms Data Controls :: Invalid Attempt To Read When No Data Is Present? forums.asp.net

here, i want to read the data for sql table, but there has error occur. "Invalid attempt to read when no data is present." protected void DropDownListSelectDateYYYY_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { Session["selectDate"] = Session["month"].ToString() + '/' + Session["day"].ToString() + '/' + DropDownListSelectDateYYYY.SelectedValue.ToString(); System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print(Session["selectDate"].ToString()); } string sqlstr = "select * from ATTENDANCE where staff_Name = '" + LabelEmpSelected.Text.Trim() + "'and attendance_Date = '" + Session["selectDate"] + "' ";  whic session["selectDate"] cann't match to the database column data which is mm/dd/yyyy

Forms Data Controls :: How To Read Data From Stored Proceedure And Display To Gridview Using Object ... forums.asp.net

I have an object datasource which is using Business object as a myconnection The method i have defined under myconnection is Publicstatic DataTable getfn(String dtype, String did, String dprefix, String dname) { datable table = new datatable(); then declared stored proceedure and defined parameters and assighned values In the stored proceedure it has a query like select column1,coloumn2,coloumn3 As Call from table where I need to take data from Call and display it to the gridview through object datasource .

Forms Data Controls :: Selected Value For Filtered Data In ListView? forums.asp.net

My page has ListView with SqlDataSource. I set SqlDataSource as DataSet and EnableCaching = True. BEFORE I filter SqlDataSource, I don't have problem to get the record value for selected record data in my ListView. AFTER I filter SqlDataSource, my ListView can display the filter record data properly, but I have problem to get the record value for selected record data in my ListView. The record value for selected record data does not refer to the record value what I am selecting.

Forms Data Controls :: Populating Dropdown Box With XML Data Filtered From Another Dropdown Box? forums.asp.net

I've currently got a form with two dropdown boxes on, and an XML file sitting on the site. My two drop down boxes are Location and Date and what i'm trying to do it get the Location box to filter the XML and put the dates in the Date dropdown box. I'm using C#. Unfortunatly, its not working. My code is: [Code].... and my XML is like this: [Code].... why my dropdown boxes are not being populated?

C# - How To Write Binary Data "as Is" To Registry (ie: I Have Visible Binary Data As String From Regedit... stackoverflow.com

I have been googling this and have not come along a working solution for an entire day. I don't know anything about binary data types (as I've never knowingly used them) and I'm trying to write a binary value that I see in the registry, to the registry. Now, all I see is the following [shown below]... and if I try to pass that as a string to the RegSetValueEx in the WinAPI and of course it errors out... I do not know what 'numbers' I need to pass into the lpData As Any, argument of RegSetValueEx (i tried a bit array) in order for it to come out as the following [shown below] in the regedit. I really have no idea, and my tests to place random numbers in the bit array just produce corresponding random "figures" as visible in regedit that I do not understand how to 'tie' them together logically. here is the culprit! [Code]... If I had the following in a string or a bit array, what must I populate the bitarray with so that the registry outputs this [above] when written? or, how can I figure out how to do it? I was hoping there'd be a function that reads my string of binary data and transforms it into the real binary format to submit to the RegSetValueEx function in VB6 or other function in VB.Net or C# (this really is a language agnostic question, and the problem exists in all languages; ie: same process).

Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data Sourse To Repeter Control? forums.asp.net

I have sql dataset (getting by stored procedure) and i want to show it in repeter control . I never use this control .After bind datasource i want to click on one row and send that row  records  to another page. Can i do this using repeter control .I have done same concept using GridView . But now should do using Repeter Control.

Forms Data Controls :: Bind Gridview To Data From Another Page? forums.asp.net

I have two pages: The Source page with a query function SearchUser (Linq) and the Target page with Gridview. now I need to to pass the data that retrieve from the SearchUser function to the GridView of the Target page by "Object Data Source". (I've tried to click on gridview->Configure Data Source-> Object->  and then I can't see the Source page where the function is in).

Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Data / Display The Sub Models Of Particular Laptop Category? forums.asp.net

I have two tables... Laptop category and Laptop details ... Laptop of each category is displayed using Imagebuttons in my website... eg: Dell.HP,Compaq and each category is associated with unique ID like 1 ,2, 3, etc. Based on this category ID when i click on particular image button it should redirect  to another web page ( I ve specified the page in each ImageButton's PostBackUrl property as LaptopDetails.aspx ? catId=1 ....). And  in Details page  I would like to display the sub models of particular Laptop Category... for eg Dell has three sub models INSPIRON 1464, INSPIRON 15 and INSPIRON 15R sub models has to be displayed with image and all the details from the database...

Forms Data Controls :: Viewing Datalist Data Where From Another Table? forums.asp.net

I am trying to show data on a datalist, but with some caveats.1. WHERE the User Id = the querystring id pass on the url2. WHERE the table 'resume', the 'permissions' column shows as '1'orWHERE the table 'resume' the 'permissions' column contains within it any number from 2-4, any of which matches one or more numbers in the 'permissions' column of the 'contacts' table (but WHERE the 'contacts' table where the url querystring id = column 'myuserid' and the signed in Profile.UserName = the column 'theiruserid'Its complicted, but i dont know how to reference another data table when selecting data from the first table...?

Forms Data Controls :: Get Sql Data In Datalist On Mouseover Event? forums.asp.net

In this link [URL] you can see that we have a real state list. When you click the datalist the selectedindexchange event launched and call a method that retrieved the data from sql to display the correct image and realstate address, etc. How can I change the event to a mouseover event? I don't want to click to see the info I just want to mouseover and see the more info. <asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" ScrollBars="Vertical" meta:resourcekey="Panel1Resource1"> <div> <asp:DataList runat="server" id="DataListRealStates" DataKeyField="InmobiliariaID" [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Store A Gridview With Data In A Cookie? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to store a gridview with data in a cookie, and retrive whenever we want?

Forms Data Controls :: Accessing Data In DataList Using C#? forums.asp.net

Basically, for each group of rows belonging to the same category, I'd like to display one big "category" header above those rows.  So, for example, i have the following example data: name, category, ID jim, sales, 2 jane, sales, 5 john, sales 8 randy, marketing, 6 sandy, marketing, 44 I'd like to display it like so: SALES jim, sales, 2 jane, sales, 5 john, sales 8 MARKETING randy, marketing, 6 sandy, marketing, 44 I'm using the Datalist control, and the way I've been approaching it is to store the "current" category within some string variable, and for each row that's displayed, I compare the category with the "current" category variable to see if they're equal; if not equal, then I display a new header for the new category and store the new category in the "current" category variable.  Sounds simple enough, but I'm having trouble on how to approach this (I'm new to ASP.NET, former ASP user). this is what I have so far: <table width="100%"> <asp:DataList ID="DataList1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1"> <ItemTemplate> <tr> [Code].... * Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control.

Forms Data Controls :: Get The Label Data From Datalist? forums.asp.net

I am trying the below code but It didn't work. [Code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Using 'MyDataGrid' In The Correct Syntax To Insert Data? forums.asp.net

Are we using 'MyDataGrid' in the correct syntax to insert data  Code behind reads: [Code].... The front code [URL] for the Gridview reads: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Correct Use Of Listvieuw With Object Data Source? forums.asp.net

i made a small n-tier webapplication, a DATA project with my business objects a DA project with my datacces logic and a GUI project woth my website. For the CRUD operations on my main tables I use a lot of listviews, that works fine but when data grows its slows down.I used already used optimal paging & shared collection's to preventing database acces if data is already loaded en that helps alot.But I see when a user select the EDIT command the select of my listview is performed what is not needed, also when the user than select cancel the select is again called , is this normal behavior or do I made a  mistake in program logic somewhere because this behavior is slowing my application down.