Inserting Images Into Lotus Notes Email


Finally I have the code all okay for Sending Reports, and other extra comments etc... And now... Is there code available for picking up images ( Screen snaps) and inserting into an email in Notes after the Body of the Message? Either a reference to a link or some code would be greatly appreciated, cos I cannot find any info at this point in the archives ( Presuming I have searched using proper parameters ).

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I am using Lotus Notes for email purposeI developed an system using VB6, where its requires to send email to theuser.Can I send mail by using Lotus Notes object.Bharat

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Hello, all,Wondering if anyone has done this...Is there a way to connect to a Lotus Notes server and read an email into variables or into an array?Example:We can normally see these five pieces of information in our Lotus Notes Email:FromToLong DateSubjectThe Email textI'd like to connect to our Lotus Notes server and read an email into my program. I'd really love to start at the first email and loop to the end while reading in the five categories into my array. If that's not feasible, then reading in one at a time will certainly do.Anyone ever do this in VB?Thanks in advance!Strick

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I have a project which requires simple send and receive type access to our Lotus Notes email system. From what I have seen so far, it appears that our current version of Notes (4.6) does not support MAPI. I have looked around quite a bit and I have not found a method to access Notes email from VB. I found Lotus' VIM library, but it appears to only be a 16 bit solution. Could somebody please point me to a reliable way to access Lotus Notes email using 32 bit VB? Thanks,Ken

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How I solved my problem of sending out information to more than one email recipient using Lotus notes email and Excel 2003 vb code. I created groups in Lotus Notes for those with more than one email address Then I assigned a string to vaRecipient like so: .SendTo = vaRecipientThe string was either one email address or a lotus notes group name.

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Hi,Can anyone tell me how to loop through the eMails in the inbox of Lotus Notes in visual Basic.I've search the threads concerning Lotus Notes, but i can only find examples of sending Email but no threads of Reding Email in Lotus Notes.Thanks!!

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For no apparent reason, whenever I attempt to synchronize, the calendar does not synch with my Lotus Notes (the address book does) and Desktop Manager shuts itself down. I am now getting a dialogue box stating "the default service for your device's calendar has changed since the last time you synchronized." I don't recall changing anything. I have attempted to change the default service from Yahoo (my email comes from this account as work doesn't authorize the Lotus Notes email on the phone) to Lotus Notes and it's not even an option.

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Hi I've seen plenty of examples of code to send email with either Outlook or Lotus Notes. Some of the users of a database will have Lotus Notes, some Outlook. Does anyone have code that can send an email via either Outlook or Lotus Notes, checking which program to send with? SendObject can do this, but it isn't powerful enough for my needs. Thank you! Gord

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Hi,I am trying to build an exe that will send emails through the default mail program..that's why I am using MAPI.When I try to send an email through lotus notes, lotus notes will be opened and a new message will be created and then I need to click on send to send it but if I am sending through outlook it sends the email automatically (in sleep mode) and the outlook will not be opened!Is there away the lotus will not be opened? Any suggestions?Thanks- George

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I want to write program to send email using lotus notes automatically and also save the email in draft folder.Could you let me share your code?Thanks!MaggieZhao

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I have a product which is developed in VB, i want to communicate to Lotus Notes scheduler so that i can change the shedules of the Lotus Notes from VB through email options of Notes. And let me know how to access the Lotus Notes Database through VB, is there any interface available for this? Pls let me know ASAP.Regards,Shankar N Raj.


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Hi All,I have an issue and I would like your help. We are currently migrating email addresses from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Emails are still being sent to Lotus Notes, therefore we have enabled a forwarding from Lotus Notes to Outlook.The issue is that when emails are forwarded, they are sent from the "Server", so they all appear from the same sender. Our staff need to open each mail to find out who it is from.WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO DO:We would like to write a VB Script that takes all emails from a particular sender (in this case the Lotus Notes Server), searches through the email to get the sender and the subject. And then applies the changes to email.Is this possible, if so, can someone direct me in the right direction. I am a Java Programmer, but not coded in VB for a number of years.Kind regardsAngus

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Hi,I am trying to access the Lotus Domino Server from Visual Basic 6 using COM.The situation is that on my machine i have both the Lotus Notes Mail box (version 5) and Lotus Domino Designer (version 6).The Lotus Domino Designer is cofigured to access the Lotus Domino Server (version 6) on some other machine .But my problem is that the VB program is taking the user of Lotus Notes Mail box and not Lotus Domino Designer (version 6).I want it to take the user from Lotus Notes designer so that it should be able to connect with Lotus Notes Server on other machine .What should i do it to take the ID from Designer and not Mail box ?Thanks and Regards,Vishal

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Hi,I am trying to access the Lotus Domino Server from Visual Basic 6 using COM.The situation is that on my machine i have both the Lotus Notes Mail box (version 5) and Lotus Domino Designer (version 6).The Lotus Domino Designer is cofigured to access the Lotus Domino Server (version 6) on some other machine .But my problem is that the VB program is taking the user of Lotus Notes Mail box and not Lotus Domino Designer (version 6).I want it to take the user from Lotus Notes designer so that it should be able to connect with Lotus Notes Server on other machine .What should i do it to take the ID from Designer and not Mail box ?Thanks and Regards,Vishal

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I have just upgaded my Nokia PC Suite to OVI. But I can't get my contact and calendar in sync with Lotus Notes.I have checked the OVI help database, and it document that Lotus Notes is supported.I saw in this discussion forum that Lotus Notes isn't support any more, but I hope it is a joke. I use my phone in my dayly work, and it is impossible to continu to use a Nokia phone if is doesn't support Lotus Notes.Please help me out and let me know how I sync my Nokia phone with Lotus Notes (and please don't tell me to use Lotus Notes traveller)

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Hi there, I currently have some code so that people can email the contact person through Lotus Notes. It currently works well except for the fact that it doesn't bring lotus notes to the front of the screen, so you have to click on lotus notes after clicking on the command button, to see your email there all ready to go. Does anyone know what I can add to my code so that it will bring Lotus Notes to the front? The code I am currently using is below. Thanks Megan Private Sub SendLotusEmail_Click() Dim strEmailAddresses As String Dim strSpecialList As String Dim ctl As Control Dim itm As Variant Dim strAttachmentChain As String Dim db As DAO.Database Dim rst As DAO.Recordset Dim objNotesWS As Object Dim notesdb As Object Dim strFileName As String Dim NotesSession As Object Dim NotesDatabase As Object Dim NotesDocument As Object Dim NotesAttach As Object Dim strServer As String Dim strAttachmentPath As String Dim successfulValidation As Boolean Set NotesSession = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession") Set NotesDatabase = NotesSession.GetDatabase("", "") NotesDatabase.openmail strServer = NotesDatabase.Server strFileName = NotesDatabase.FilePath Set NotesDatabase = Nothing Set NotesSession = Nothing Set NotesSession = CreateObject("Notes.NotesUIWorkspace") Set NotesDocument = NotesSession.composedocument(strServer, strFileName, "Memo") ToName = Me.EmailAddress NotesDocument.FIELDSETTEXT "EnterSendTo", ToName NotesDocument.FIELDSETTEXT "Subject", "Enter Subject" NotesDocument.FIELDSETTEXT "Body", "Enter Email here" NotesDocument.Document.SaveOptions = "1" End Sub

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I'm using Lotus notes on my work pc and installed pcsuite to sync my data. The calendar and contact's sync fine but the email does not get synced. It finishes without any error. I called nokia care but they don't seem to know wath lotus notes is or that pcsuite supports it I use a bt connection. My soft: Lotus Notes 7.0.2 Windows XP SP2 Pc suite

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Hello, I am using Lotus Notes 5.0 for email and would like to set the MS SQL Server Agent to email failure messages to my Lotus Notes mailbox. I setup a profile in exchange (after installing Microsoft Messaging) called "Lotus Notes Mail". This profile actually works.. I can send and receive email from microsoft exchange.. But when I go in SQL server agent to setup the mail profile, first of all, the mail profile drop down list is empty (my profile I created with Microsoft Exchange is not there) so I typed it (Lotus Notes Mail).. When I click on the TEST button, I get the following error message: Error 22030: A mapi error {error number 87} occured: MapiLogonEx failed due to mapi error 87: Invalid parameter. Can someone help?? Does this means that there is something not setup properly in Notes?? Thanks in advance

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I try to send email with vb using lostus notes, and i already saw a solution here in this forum, and it's works fine, but the type of document body is text list, so if you have a link (url), reciever can not click it and i have check in lotus notes if you send email from lotus notes not from vb the type of document is rich text. how can i change this ? Thanks

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below is the code i use to create a lotus note email. i would like it to display my email and send it manually instead of sending out automatically. ' Open and locate current LOTUS NOTES User Set Session = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession") UserName = Session.UserName [Code].....

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putting a macro button on an individual worksheet so the user can click a big easy button and a new email will pop up in Lotus notes with the worksheet attached for them to input the address and then send the worksheet.. I prefer to: Send individual worksheets only The ability to input the email address is the new composition email in LOTUS Notes

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I have searched high and low on the forum and can not seem to find a solution to my problem. Here is my problem (besides being new to Lotus Notes): I need a button on my excel worksheet that gets information from Column H in the attached spreadsheet and puts all the emails in the To: (could be >than 100 email addresses) Field in Lotus Notes. I would like to have the subject read "New Email from Your Basin Coordinator" and have the CC list come from a second worksheet (CC).

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Does anyone know of a way to generate an email to a lotus notes (mail app) when inside ms excel (using vba). For example I will set up conditional formatting that will turn a cell "red" and when that happens I want to send an email warning; the email app is lotus notes (I am not sure if that matters). Thank you for any direction!Take good care and best regards!

SQL 7 @ Lotus Notes? forums.databasejournal.com

I was under the impression that SQL 7 could utilize any MAPI compliant email application for use with the Mail Agent. I have been unable to confirm this. I am using Lotus Notes for company email and would like to set the Agent to email failure messages to my Lotus Notes mailbox. Does anyone know anything about this??? And if so, how do I set this up???

Urgent Help Required Regarding Lotus Notes Accessing Through VB www.vbcity.com

Dear All,I'm trying to access the information throgh my VB based application of all those emails that are bounced back due to any sort of reasons from the Lotus Notes database. I'm using Lotus Notes R5 and Visual Basic 6 for the purpose.Is there any possibilty to access the information about such sort of bounced back emails alongwith the reason and the reciever's email address through Visual Basic.Regards,

Send Button Of Lotus Notes In VB www.vbcity.com

I am writing a code for sending lotus note's mail from vb. For this I am creating a new memo of lotus notes from vb and on click of send mail button of lotus notes I need to check the some code in my vb.The problems I am facing now is how to get the "send" event of lotus notes. I have to check the mail details in my VB code on click of the send button of lotus note.So please let me know the solutions of this.RegardsLucky

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Hi I need small help on Lotus notes. I am writing VB code to send mail from lotus notes. I can able to create a new memo of Lotus Notes. However, I am unsuccess in catching the event of Lotus notes "send" button in VB. I have no clue how to get send mail event of lotus notes in VB. So Please any one can help me to get solutions for this.

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I've been using code in VB to send emails through Lotus notes.Essentially:Dim s As ObjectDim db As ObjectDim doc As ObjectDim EmbedObj As Object 'The embedded objectSet s = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession") 'create notes sessionSet db = s.GETDATABASE("", "") Call db.OPENMAIL 'set database to default mail databaseSet doc = db.CreateDocument ' create a mail documentCall doc.REPLACEITEMVALUE("SendTo", sentin)Call doc.REPLACEITEMVALUE("Subject", MailSub)Call doc.REPLACEITEMVALUE("Body", MailText)Call doc.Send(False) 'send the messageSet s = Nothing Set AttachME = NothingSet EmbedObj = NothingThis works great, but it fails to close the Notes shell (workspace).Is there anyway to completely quit the Lotus notes (R5) application through VB?Thanks.JZ

Emailing A Datareport As Attachement In Lotus Notes www.vbcity.com

When using a Public Sub such as FAQ: Send Mail Using Lotus Notes (posted by rjhare), is it possible to include a datareport saved in memory instead of saving the report as a temp file first?I am wanting to be able to call a report from my form and attach it as an XLS in a Lotus Notes email and include the recipients name and subject. Additionally I will need it to be able to identify the user's mail database in Lotus, since this will be installed on multiple user's machines.Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Email Using Lotus Server www.vbforums.com

I plan to create an application that would send email to users within the organization. My organization is using Lotus server as the messaging system. How can I send mail from VB using lotus notes. All the users have lotus notes client intalled on their machine. I do not want to open this client to send mail instead I want to send it through VB directly. IS THERE ANY WAY IT CAN BE DONE?

Lotus Notes Session www.codeguru.com

Hi,I have 2 questions to asks. The questions are related to using lotus notes objects in visual basic 6.0.1 . How can I determine if a lotus notes session is already running . 2 . How can I close a session in lotus once an email has been sent.Thanks

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Friends, I need to extract the Lotus Notes data from Lotus notes databaseto Oracle database. Kindly help for me.regardssaravanan

Preview Emails Via Lotus Notes - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

Hi. I am trying to get Access to automatically compose mail for Lotus Notes using the code below. Mostly, things appear to be working rather well (considering that I've got Lotus Notes here!) with three exceptions that I thought someone may be able to assist with. Firstly, I would like the email to appear in Lotus Notes so I can preview it before it gets sent. Is there any way to do this? To be honest I am quite suprised that Lotus Notes allows an external programme, such as Access, to hit the "send" button itself, as it were. Secondly, the signature that usually appears in the emails that are composed in Lotus Notes are not appearing in the emails created with this code. Does anyone have any advice regarding this? Finally - how does one attach more than one file to an email? Anyway - hope to hear from some kind genius on this! Thanks! Tom The Code: Public Sub SendNotesMail(Subject As String, attachment As String, recipient As String, bodytext As String, saveit As Boolean) 'Set up the objects required for Automation into lotus notes Dim Maildb As Object 'The mail database Dim UserName As String 'The current users notes name Dim MailDbName As String 'THe current users notes mail database name Dim MailDoc As Object 'The mail document itself Dim AttachME As Object 'The attachment richtextfile object Dim Session As Object 'The notes session Dim EmbedObj As Object 'The embedded object (Attachment) 'Start a session to notes Set Session = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession") 'Get the sessions username and then calculate the mail file name 'You may or may not need this as for MailDBname with some systems you 'can pass an empty string UserName = Session.UserName MailDbName = Left$(UserName, 1) & Right$(UserName, (Len(UserName) - InStr(1, UserName, " "))) & ".nsf" 'Open the mail database in notes Set Maildb = Session.GETDATABASE("", MailDbName) If Maildb.IsOpen = True Then 'Already open for mail Else Maildb.OPENMAIL End If 'Set up the new mail document Set MailDoc = Maildb.CREATEDOCUMENT MailDoc.Form = "Memo" MailDoc.sendto = recipient MailDoc.Subject = Subject MailDoc.Body = bodytext MailDoc.SAVEMESSAGEONSEND = saveit 'Set up the embedded object and attachment and attach it If attachment <> "" Then Set AttachME = MailDoc.CREATERICHTEXTITEM("Attachment") Set EmbedObj = AttachME.EMBEDOBJECT(1454, "", attachment, "Attachment") MailDoc.CREATERICHTEXTITEM ("Attachment") End If 'Send the document MailDoc.PostedDate = Now() 'Gets the mail to appear in the sent items folder MailDoc.SEND 0, recipient 'Clean Up Set Maildb = Nothing Set MailDoc = Nothing Set AttachME = Nothing Set Session = Nothing Set EmbedObj = Nothing End Sub

Pasting Bitmap From Excel To Lotus Notes www.vbforums.com

Afternoon,I was hoping someone could help me with some VB code to paste a range of cells in excel into a Lotus Notes Message BodyI have code already to copy in Excel, and then create a lotus Notes email - but not the final bit of code to place the clipboard in the email as a bitmap.Thanks in advanceCheers

VB And Lotus Notes forums.devshed.com

Dear all,I have a problem that How Can I use VB Code to check whether the groupname of email exists in my lotus notes client. Moreover, how can I add the groupname and list of email address to the group in lotus notes, if not exists.Is there any links or coding are available.Your help is greatly appreciated.Thanks,Raymond

BB Curve 8300 :: 8310 Two Address Books And Calendars? supportforums.blackberry.com

My employer gave me a Blackberry Curve 8310. It is set up to sync email (wireless) with my employer's email server which is Lotus Notes.My personal address book and calander are on MS Outlook, which I used to sync hardwire with my personal desktop. Can I use two address books and calendars on the Curve 8310, one Lotus Notes for professional items and one MS based for personal items?

Using Lotus Notes W/SQL Server For EMail Alerts forums.databasejournal.com

Has anyone seen any instructions on how to use Lotus Notes as an EMail post office for SQLMail. Specifically, I would like to use Lotus Notes to be able to send EMail alerts. The MS documentation assumes that you are using either MSMail or Exchange. We don't use either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Chris Markiewicz.

Automating Export In Lotus Notes www.vbforums.com

Using VB6, is it possible to take an email in lotus notes and export it to a directory on yourhard drive using vb?Today I am using Lotus Notes and get an email every day that need to be exported to a text file.I have to go through many steps to accomplish this but would like to be able to create a vb applicationwere I can just push a button and it automates the same process I would do manually.If anyone has information or code please let me know.Thanks in advance.

Attaching Signature To Email In Lotus Notes www.mrexcel.com

Any ways to automatically send emails using Lotus Notes. On Lotus Notes, I automatically have my signature to append to an email, however when I am running Johns script at the bottom it is replaced with the file path of my signature (i.e. C:Program Fileslotus otesdatasig.htm), and when I comment out the part where strSignature is mentioned there is no signature. My code is below: Sub mySub() Dim x As Integer Dim UserName As String Dim MailDbName As String Dim Recipient As Variant Dim Maildb As Object Dim MailDoc As Object [Code] ...........

Lotus Notes Email Insert As Text - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP www.utteraccess.com

I want to insert a Lotus Notes email into a Access. I want to pull the email subject line into a txtTitle field. I want the email body to insert into a txtBody field. Furthermore, if the Lotus email is a chain of emails, I want to be able to recognize where each email in the chain is and either pull those in seprately, or put a text break line (----------) inbetween the emails. Can someone help point me to code that can do this? Matthew..

ERROR [42000] [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Table Reference Has To Be A Table Name Or An Outer Join Escape... social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am using web developer 2008, while connecting to I wanted to fetch data from Lotus notes database file, for this i used notesql connector, while connectiong to notes database i am fetting error � ERROR [42000] [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Table reference has to be a table name or an outer join escape clause in a FROM clause � I have already checked that database & table name are correct, please help me out How i can fetch the lotus notes data in my asp.net pages. �

ERROR [42000] [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Table Reference Has To Be A Table Name Or An Outer Join Escape... social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am using web developer 2008, while connecting to I wanted to fetch data from Lotus notes database file, for this i used notesql connector, while connectiong to notes database i am fetting error � ERROR [42000] [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Table reference has to be a table name or an outer join escape clause in a FROM clause � I have already checked that database & table name are correct, please help me out How i can fetch the lotus notes data in my asp.net pages.

Send Object Via Lotus Notes www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi , In MS Access, I used sendobject to send the object via Lotus Notes, but I want to skip to click the Send button from the Lotus Notes, everytime, when I sent, it goes to the Lotus Notes, then I need to click the send button again on the Lotus Notes for confirmation to send the mail. How can I skip it? sendobject ........................, False I used False or True, it still cannot be solved. Please let me know, thanks. Thanks.

Email Using Lotus Notes VBA - NSD Is Runnning - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

Below is code to email a user in an access module. For some reason the code runs all the way through to the Set rtitem = doc.CreateRichTextItem("ProjectDescription") line and then I get a message that the NSD is running. After receiving the message, it shuts down the database. Do you have any suggestions or alternative code that would allow my code in access to email a user in Lotus Notes? Thank you for your time. Set session = New Domino.NotesSession 'Create New Notes Session Call session.Initialize("JDP1234") 'Users Notes Password Set ndb = session.GetDatabase("ohcollnp0049.nwie.net", "c:lotus otesdataJDP.id") Set doc = ndb.CreateDocument() Set rtitem = doc.CreateRichTextItem("ProjectDescription") ' Move data to Lotus Notes defined variables Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Form", "Memo") Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Body", stBody$) Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", "Test Recap Reconciliation File(Hourly vs Palidign)") recipients(1) = "JDP@yahoo.us" ' If you want attachemts use the following lines sFileName = "I:ITJoeReconciliation.snp" Set embObj(1) = rtitem.EmbedObject(EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", sFileName) ' Send Emails Call doc.Send(True, recipients) ' Clear Set Items Set doc = Nothing Set ndb = Nothing Set session = Nothing Set rtitem = Nothing

Lotus Notes www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, I would like to ask you to help me with the following problem:I sent an email to addressee (in Visual Basic), who is only to "click" on generated message and by this he is to confirm by return email whether attachment delivery has been successful or not. This generated message is longer than 76 characters. It is o.k. when the addressee is using Outlook, but there is a problem for addressees using Lotus Notes. The Lotus Notes will split the message to lines - 76 characters long only - and the message will be created from the first line only. Is it possible, to create similar procedure used for Outlook for addressee with Lotus Notes ?Thank all.Example of the procedure :'=============================================...Recipient = "name@post.com" 'with Lotus NotesBackMan = "myname@mail.com" 'with MS OutlookSubjectOut = "TEST"Body = "...message longer than 76 characters ..."MessageOut = "... mailto:" & BackMan & "?Subject=" & SubjectOut & "&Body=" & BodyCall SendMail(Recipient,Subject,MessageOut)...'=============================================Sub SendMail(Rcp, Sbj, Msg)Dim myOlApp As Outlook.ApplicationDim mi As Outlook.MailItemSet myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")Set mi = myOlApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)On Error GoTo MailError mi.To = Rcp mi.Subject = Sbj mi.Body = Msg mi.SendSet myOlApp = NothingSet mi = NothingExit Sub'=============================================

Email From Excel To Lotus www.xtremevbtalk.com

It's possible to send email directly from Excel to a Lotus Notes Server.I need to send small notifications, and I think the best way it's to send small emails, but the email server it not outlock, but Lotus.It's possible and I can I do ???

Nokia :: E71 - Room Not Synchronized With Lotus Notes discussions.europe.nokia.com

Synchronizing E71 and Lotus Notes works well but not all fields are synchronized. Lotus Notes has two fields for meeting locations. "Location" - for manual entries (typically not used) "Room" - the meeting room is inserted in this field when using the automatic meeting room reservation tool (the most often used option). The problem is that E71 only synchronizes "Location" but not "Room" meaning that you don't know where over 90% of the meetings take place. Due to this the calendar loses it's value.

Shell Function In VBA www.vbcity.com

Hi,I am trying to call a lotus notes e-mail application from within a module in MS Access.Like:li_ret = Shell("C:LotusNOTESotes.exe", vbNormalFocus)AppActivate li_ret, TrueWhen my Lotus notes e-mail app opens up it immediately asks me for a password.How do I send this password to the lotus notus using sendkeys ?Also why does my AppActivate give an error when i try to make the Lotus notes application my active window ?? Please help.Thanks!

Syncronise Problem Lotus To Access www.vbcity.com

I have to syncronise two databases with eachother.The main database is an lotus notes database, the second an access database.The first problem I have is that Lotus don't recognize his field names in an sql statement. Is there anyone that had the same problem or anyone that know what to do.    ex: "select CompanyName from tblCompany;" ( altougth the fieldName is correct, vb gives an error [LOTUS][ODBC     Lotus Notes] Column not found -CompanyNameThe second problem is that the lotus notes database is a one table with companyname, adressess and contacts in the same table with one primary key and the access database is split in tree tables, Company's, Adressess and contacts that are linked to eachother with primary keys.What is the best way to go for a syncronization between those databases? (Update, Insert, Delete )The problem is that I can't make one table in access because it is used by a program that is bought.GreetzDooke 

Lotus Notes Emailing - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

I'm looked at the other email posts for lotus notes emailing and I'm still a little unsure. I have a db that I want to have a cmd button that I can attach a report to an email. My company uses lotus notes 6.5. It's kinda weird. I can use the button and my lotus email will load, but when someone else on the server clicks the button they get this error "Mirosoft can't open the mail session" I don't understand why I can open my email and attach the report, but no one else can. Can someone please explain to me what I need to do? I just want to email a report.

Can VBA Detect Whether Users Are On Outlook Or On Lotus Notes www.mrexcel.com

I have a networked spreadsheet that users access, process data, and then e-mail the results to a common recipient. Until recently we have all been on Lotus Notes - and my e-mail VBA worked OK. However, some users are now using Outlook (the new Corporate standard) while some remain on Lotus Notes. The Lotus Notes users now say the e-mail part of the process no longer works for them. Can VBA detect whether users are on Outlook or on Lotus Notes? Should I give them a prompt - "Which e-mail do you use? Enter L for Lotus Notes or O for Outlook" - and if they answer L then use specific Lotus Notes VBA for the e-mail process or if they answer O use Outlook-specific VBA?

Using VBA To Enable Prevent Copying Function In Lotus Notes www.mrexcel.com

I have a set of macros that allows me to call up lotus notes and send emails. However, i am not able to call up the 'prevent copying' function of lotus notes.

BB Desktop Software :: Lotus Notes Calendar Entries Disappearing From Email Client supportforums.blackberry.com

My organization supports serveral Blackberry users who use Blackberry's desktop software to synchronize their Lotus Notes contacts and calendars. Over the past several months most of these employees have been complaining that calendar entries are missing from their Lotus Notes clients. The Blackberry users are the only ones who are effected by this, and all of them claim to have not deleted the entries from their phones or their email clients.

E-mail With VB Code On Lotus Notes www.codeguru.com

Hi,Can somebody help me on sending E-mail through VB code.I have seen the posting of sending an E-mail through VB6.0 when we are using Microsoft Outlook,however we sue Lotus notes to send and receive mails.What kind of changes would be required in the code mentioned below when Lotus Notes is being used for mails.Dim objOutlook As ObjectDim objOutlookMsg As ObjectSet objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")Set objOutlookMsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(0)With objOutlookMsg .To = "you@email.com .Cc = "ifneed@copy.com" .Subject = "Hello World (one more time)..." .Body = "This is the body of message" .HTMLBody = "HTML version of message" .Attachments.Add ("c:myFileToSend.txt") .Send 'Let´s go!End WithSet objOutlookMsg = NothingSet objOutlook = Nothing

Lotus Notes www.vbforums.com

Hi PeopleWe use Lotus Notes, just for email. I am trying to access the Lotus Notes address book with vb.Has anyone done this who can helpGreenhill52

Visual Basic / Lotus Notes www.vbforums.com

I have created a visual basic macro which takes information from a dialog box, creates a new document and puts the information in specified places in the new document.What I want to do now is to include code which creates a Lotus Notes email, attaches the document to it and sends it. I am having real problems over the attachment because I don't want to have to save the document, just attach it. I used to be able to this with Outlook, is it possible with Lotus Notes and is anyone able to provide me with code for this?

OS X Leopard :: How To Import Emails From Lotus Notes discussions.apple.com

Everything is in the title... If you have an idea of how to import emails + attachments & archive from Lotus Notes please share. Do you know if we can export in a suitable mac mailbox format with the new 8.5 version of Lotus Notes? Information: MacBook Pro 15" Mac OS X (10.5.6) 2GB mem

BB (RIM) :: With Lotus Notes / No BES Server? www.howardforums.com

I work for an organization that has standardized on Good's mobile messaging product and needless to say, I think the people here would agree that Blackberry is way better. I'm in the market for a Pearl, but I want it to integrate with my organizations email system (Lotus Notes.) I haven't a snowball's chance in hell of bringing up a BES server, but I do have my own PC, which is left on 24x7. My question is, can I have the BES experience, with lotus notes, and no BES server?

BB Torch :: Unable To Receive Mail From External Mail supportforums.blackberry.com

I am using Lotus Domino 8.5 and able to receive internal within office lotus mail from my colleague.However, I unable to receive mail from external mail such as @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com etc which is forwarding from my Lotus Notes email.

How To Set Up SQLAgentMail At Lotus Notes? forums.databasejournal.com

Hi all, I use email at Lotus Notes. Does anyone have experience to set up SQL server7.0 mail with Lotus Notes? I appreciate any input ahead, Stella Liu

SQLMail And Lotus Notes Setup forums.databasejournal.com

Has anyone setup Lotus Notes as the email client for SQLMail? I currently have Lotus Notes client installed on dedicated MS SQL Servers but am having trouble configuring the SQL Mail in order to get it working. Does anyone have any suggestions or instructions on how this is done? I've researched all of the "Books on line" but they are all slanted to Exchange. Jim

Sending Mails From VB www.codeguru.com

Hi all!How to send an email from VB through lotus notes server. Can I user MAPI controls for this, is lotus notes server is mapi compient??Thanks,Santosh NSr. Software Engineer,Wipro Infotech, India.

Copy Html Source Of A Link To The Clipboard And Parse As A Link In Lotus Notes? stackoverflow.com

How do you copy the html code of a link to the clipboard and parse it as a link in Lotus Notes?For example, in Javascript put <a href='http://www.stackoverflow.com'>StackOverFlow</a> into clipboard, and then parse it as a link in Lotus Notes while writing a new email. It should only show a link as StackOverFlow in new message.I found a function window.clipboardData.setData("Text",link), but it can only copy the text into clipboard.

Sending Mmail Via Lotus Notes www.vbcity.com

i want to send an email via lotus notes from a PC that DONT!!! have a lotus notes staion installed and if possible not to touch the user's mail that i use - i dont wantto touch his nsf file/!is it possile?beacuse i am doing it in php like this : Code:ini_set("SMTP","");ini_set("smtp_port","25");ini_set("sendmail_from","peleg@whowherewhenwhyhowmyman.com");

Curse Progress. Using VB MAPI Control 6.0 W/ Lotus Notes 6 www.vbcity.com

I'm using VB6 to send email using the Microsoft MAPI Control 6.0 Component in VB. It works fine with Lotus Notes 5.0However, our company has since upgraded to Lotus 6. Now, when I call the MapiSession1.SignOn command, the VB doesn't query the user for the Lotus Logon. As a result, the MAPIMessage1.Send command fails. Is there a trick to get around this compatibility issue?

Verifying SMTP Addresses www.vbforums.com

I created a smtp dll that uses the winsock object to send email. This connects with Lotus Notes on the server. Is there a way to verify addresses on the Lotus Notes address book or on a specific database?

Send Email Using Lotus Notes - Version: 97 (8.0) www.utteraccess.com

I have a module that sends email via Lotus Notes. No problems when we have Lotus Notes version 5. Error message pop up with version 6: a stored form cannot contain computed subforms Anyone know how to fix this.

Sending Automated Mail To Lotus Notes - Version: Any Version www.utteraccess.com

I want to send an email to lotus notes without invoking lotus notes client. For example, I want to send a notification from database administrator to some predesignated recepients in order to notify them that there is a job registered against them, please take appropriate action. But I want to do this without using FE client, like sending to server directly, Is it possible?

How Can You Close A Lotus Notes Session In Visual Basic www.codeguru.com

HiCan anyone help ? I've tried closing a notes session by setting the session object to nothing , all this does is is freeing the object from memory, it does not close lotus notes.Also, Is there way of finding out if lotus notes session is alreay running, with com object like microsoft word for example, you can use GetObject(Word.Application), i've tried similar approach with lotus notes, it does not work. Thanks

Lotus Notes Email Flags - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

I'm sending emails thru Lotus Notes using an Access DB but need to know the verbage to turn on the DELIVERY RECEIPT and PREVIEW options when the email is sent. I've got the .SAVEMESSAGEONSEND = part working but don't know the other Lotus flags. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Sending A Query As An Excel Attachment With Lotus Notes - Version: Any Version www.utteraccess.com

Hi , I am using the following code to send emails from access using Lotus notes, however the only examples I have seen use richtext format, is there anyway I can adapt this to export a query as an excel spreadsheet as a lotus notes attachement? Code: Public Function SendLotusEmail(strEmail As String, strSubject As String, _ strBody As String, Optional strAttachment As String) On Error GoTo Ett_Trap Dim nDB As Object Dim nDoc As Object Dim nSession As Object Dim nRichTextItem As Object Dim nAttachment As Object Dim strTo As String Dim strCC As String Dim strBCC As String strTo = strEmail 'strCC = "Additional Email Address" 'strBCC = "Additional Email Address" Set nSession = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession") Set nDB = nSession.GETDATABASE("", "") Call nDB.OPENMAIL Set nDoc = nDB.CREATEDOCUMENT 'Add Attachemnt to email if passed ' If Not IsMissing(strAttachment) Then ' Set nRichTextItem = nDoc.CreateRichTextItem("Attachment") ' Set nAttachment = nRichTextItem.EmbedObject(EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", strAttachment) ' End If Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("Sendto", strTo) Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("CopyTo", strCC) Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("BlindCopyTo", strBCC) Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("Subject", strSubject) Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("Body", strBody) Call nDoc.SEND(False) 'Comment to not send email and save to drafts Call nDoc.Save(False, False) Set nDoc = Nothing MsgBox "Email sent" Ett_Trap_Exit: Exit Function Ett_Trap: MsgBox Err.Description Resume Ett_Trap_Exit End Function Thanks

URGENT!!! Could Not Open ID File www.vbcity.com

i am ASP developer and this is the first time i deal with Lotus Notes.I am trying to initialize an Lotus Notes Session. however, i got an error "An exception of type 'NotesSession:Notes error: could not open the ID file' was not handled"when i try to use InitializeUsingNotesUserName() with username and password, i got a different error message "'An invalid username/password' was not handled".here's that section of the code:Dim sset s = CreateObject("Lotus.NotesSession")Call s.Initialize("password")'and then process documents.....some environment info.:i am running win2k, with lotus notes client installed as Island. Lotus Domino Server is not installed.here's some value from my notes.ini file...Directory=C:program fileslotusotesdataFileDlgDirectory=C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktopKeyFileName=C:Program Fileslotusotesdatauser.id i have checked the notes.ini file, KeyFilename=user.id. i've tried changing it to the full path, but didn't help.i noticed if i used InitializeUsingNotesUserName() without passing parameters, then i'm fine and have no problem initializingWhat did i do wrong???Any response will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Link Table From Lotus Notes www.access-programmers.co.uk

hi, i'm using access 2000 to create an application. i need to get the information of Staff, but the Staff informationis in Lotus Notes 6. my problem is how to link table from Lotus notes document? an for your information exporting from Lotus Notes then access 2000 link table to that exported file is not an option. anyone help? regards, askaccess :confused:

BB Bold 9000 :: Address Book Sync With Lotus Notes / Missing Some Contacts supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm trying to sync my blackberry with lotus notes. Everything runs fine, except that I'm missing some contacts. In the Phone I have 479 contacts, after syncing in lotus notes 429. There are missing round 50. I don't get any error messages in the desktop manager as well. Desktop Manager Version Lotus Notes 8.0.2

Nokia 6300 :: Lotus Notes V7 Sync Error With Calendar? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Trying to synch my calendar on a 6300 with Lotus Notes v7 HF277 L-GHUS-5RWNHM with PC Sync v trying to Synch the process fails with following error message: Calendar Incomplete. Unable to process all items.The calendar sycn was working fine for several days and all of a sudden the synch started to fail. No updates to phone or Lotus Notes occurred during this period.Can you advise how I can force replication from Lotus Notes to my 6300 phone or overcome the problem above ?

Nokia :: Does OS2 Support Lotus Notes For Calendar Syncing?� discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm using PC Suite at work to sync all my calendar information to my N97, as the company uses Lotus Notes. It was one of the main reasons I went for the N97 rather than the iPhone. I'm using Ovi Suite 2 at home but haven't set it up at work as it doesn't seem to support Lotus Notes when I've had a look through the set-up options. There only seems to be various incarnations of the dreaded Outlook.Does OS2 support Lotus Notes for Calendar syncing?

How Can I Get MAIL In Outlook Express From Lotus Notes www.codeguru.com

How can i get MAIL in outlook express from Lotus notes.here i'm able to send mail from outlook express to lotus notes but not getting mail from lotus notes to outlook express

Lotus Notes www.vbforums.com

I am trying to send E-mail using Lotus Note 5.0. The problem is that i donot want to invoke Lotus Notes. I want to send the mail and everything directly by code without calling Lotus Notes.Can anyone help me?

VB To Lotus Notes www.vbforums.com

On the lotus notes server, there are 2 documents (ASC files),is there anyway that I could access to those documents (stored in Lotus notes database) and read those ascii files using VB.I know how to read from ascii files but to access lotus notes database from VB?Can any one throw some light on this please?Thank Younath

Lotus Notes API Documentation www.xtremevbtalk.com

Where can I find the documentation for Lotus notes API? If any documentation is there specifically for Lotus notes API for VBA, it will be very helpful. I referred IBM Lotus notes site, but could not find anything specific to VB.

Lotus Notes And Visual Basic www.vbforums.com

On the domino server (Lotus notes 4.4.2), there are 2 documents (ASC files), is there anyway that I could access to those documents (stored in Lotus notes database) and read those ascii files using VB. I know how to read from ascii files but to access lotus notes database from VB? Can any one throw some light on this please? Thank You nath

Motorola Droid :: Android Sync Lotus Notes / USB Version androidforums.com

I wrote up a method to do sync with Lotus Notes using CompanionLink. Of all the products I've look at, they all offered Sync via Internet and no USB. Recently CompanionLink Announced a USB version coming soon. Sync with Lotus Notes - Android Sync Lotus Notes (CompanionLink Software) | Mobile Technology Deals and Help. This is what they recently announced.

TRANSFERRING DATA www.codeguru.com

Does anyone know where I can find a lotus notes odbc driver. I am trying to transfer some data from a lotus notes db into an oracle db with vb, but I don't know where to locate the driver for lotus notes. I would greatly appreciate any information.Thanks

Lotus Notes R5 - Sending MULTIPLE Email Using VB www.vbforums.com

OK, using the crappy Lotus Notes drivers I can send an email to a recipient I know, a feat in it's own right. BUT!!! I want to send to many recipients If my recipient list is "Fish@Hotmail.com, badger@Hydro.net, SmellyWellies@Woof.co.uk" then I get an email sent back to my account saying that it could not deliver the email to "Fish@Hotmail.com, badger" WHAT?! bad Lotus Notes *SLAP*Arghghghghghghghghg *SOB*Any ideas?And no, using outlook is NOT an option although I would prefer it.How can IBM hold there head up high when the release such twatty software that is SOOOOOOOOO un-userfriendly How are they still in business? What "funny hand shake brigade" buy this crap! Adios,WokaPS If you haven't already guessed I ****ing HATE lotus, IBM and everything they stand for. Almost as bad as MDI forms

Vb6 && Lotus Notes www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm sending e-mail via Lotus Notes with my vb app.It works fine. But when vb exits it will not clear the screen of the Lotus Notes.Using Set Session = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")To open the Lotus Notes in preparation to sendand Set Session = NothingTo end the sessionMy problem is this .... After the vb app. ends the Lotus Notes is still on the screen and to get it off you must use the 'x'. Anyone have any ideas as to what to do or call to get lotus shut down properly from vb?