Inserting Images Into Lotus Notes Email


Finally I have the code all okay for Sending Reports, and other extra comments etc... And now... Is there code available for picking up images ( Screen snaps) and inserting into an email in Notes after the Body of the Message? Either a reference to a link or some code would be greatly appreciated, cos I cannot find any info at this point in the archives ( Presuming I have searched using proper parameters ).

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I have been using my device without any problems, but yesterday I received a message saying that an upgrade to my Blackberry software was available. Foolishly, I agreed to it. The upgrade erased all of my settings and wiped out my photos. The upgrade set things so that the device was acting as a brand new device. After hours of struggle, I was able to reset everything EXCEPT for my link to my earthlink email. When I go into the email setup wizard, I am asked to enter my email password. The email address is already there. When I enter the password, I get the message, "Sorry, unable to continue your session. Please log in again."

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I'm trying to pull a field from an Access Database and have the user email that person when the field is clicked. I'm having trouble with the code to use that particular record. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is my code. I can't figure out what to put in the "mailto: " field to get the linked email address. The name of the link label is lnkEmail.Private Sub lnkEmail_LinkClicked(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs) Handles lnkEmail.LinkClicked lnkEmail.LinkVisited = True System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("mailto:'lnkEmail.Value'") End Sub

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Running Zen and have noticed that my exchange account does not receive email when its set to "As Item Arrives" after a couple hours... Its works for about an hour and then after the phone has been sleeping for awhile nothing shows up. Same thing happens when i have it set to pull every 5min. Help would be great...

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I have set up my sky.com email address as the default email within the function of the phone. All working fine other than I don't seem to be able to import my address book into the phone email function.

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I am using the default application for email on the 2.2 OS. When I receive a link on my yahoo mail account I am unable to click on the link so it will open. Is this a bug in the software. I don't recall if this worked in 2.1

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I was wondering how I can mimic the action that occurs on an auto linked email address via an intent. I tried using this method, Messaging and email intents in Android? And ran in on my phone and in my emulator and the message window opened but did not have the email address. And the composer window for the auto-link looks different than the composer for the following code. Here is the code from the link above so you don't have to click: Intent emailIntent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND); emailIntent.putExtra(android.content.Intent.EXTRA_EMAIL, new String[] {"foo@bar.com"}); emailIntent.setType("text/plain"); startActivity(Intent.createChooser(emailIntent, "Send a mail ..."));

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i just got my behold 2 & was so frustrated about not being able to delete all my unwanted emails all at once...what a terrible feature not to have. but i found the solution...just go to market & download the "K9" application & it's done. you can select all emails, then delete AND they don't go to a "junk" folder...they are gone for good. maybe everyone knows about K9 already but i just had to share this wonderful information for anyone encountering this!!

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I am creating an image file on the fly and saving it on the harddrive. I display the saved file on the page through an Image control during the page_load event. The code is shown below: Dim ms As System.IO.MemoryStream = New System.IO.MemoryStream(byteValue) Dim img As System.Drawing.Image img = img.FromStream(ms) img.Save(Server.MapPath(filePath)) Image1.ImageUrl = Server.MapPath(filePath) The above code works fine and it displays the image on the page. I want to delete this image file from the hard drive, once it is displayed. I wrote the following code to do so: Protected Overrides Sub OnUnload(ByVal e As System.EventArgs) MyBase.OnUnload(e) Dim file As FileInfo = New FileInfo(Server.MapPath(filePath)) If (file.Exists) Then file.Delete() End If End Sub I was under the impression that the above code will be executed only when the page is unloading. However, it is executed immediately when the Page_Load is executed, and hence the image is never displayed. how to display the image and then delete the image file from the harddrive once it is displayed?

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i have three pages named first.aspx, second.aspx, third.aspx. i fillup some fields in first.aspx, then click next,i fillup some fields in second.aspx then click next, i fillup some fields in third.aspx and here i click submit button.now i want to save those all fields in to the database at once.

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i'm trying to use Entity Framework to insert into SQL SERVER 2005, using Visual studio 2008.the following codes are a Button onclick event,I want to insert into DB multiple rows at a time [Code].... however this does not work, it seems we can only insert into DB only one row at a time

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I have a listview that has a hiddenField in the ItemTemplate. I want to pass this hidden control as control parameter when inserting a new record.but i get the errorCould not find control 'hiddenFieldID' in ControlParameter 'ID'.I also tried to access it in the ItemCommand event of the list view but it returns null. <ItemTemplate> <asp:HiddenField ID="hiddenFieldID" runat="server" Value='<%# Eval("reviewID") %>' /> </ItemTemplate> [code]...

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I got this to populate the dropdownlist, but I'm not sure how to setup the codebehind to insert the selected value when I select it and hit "insert" in the detailsview. Details View <asp:DetailsView ID="DetailsView1" runat="server" Width="400px" DefaultMode="Insert" AutoGenerateRows="False" oniteminserted="DetailsView1_ItemInserted"> <Fields> [Code]....

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I am using the query builder to frame an Insert query that I am using for a FormsView control on a web page. The problem is there are more than 50 fields that need to be inserted and I am wondering if there is any better way to do this... than manually typing in IdNames of controls on the web page in the VALUES (,,,,,,,,,,.......) section of the SQL statement.

Forms Data Controls :: Default Value In Formview Insert Mode forums.asp.net

Formview1 datasource ID is SQLTest. When I click New on the form and go into insertmode, is there an easy way to auto file  textboxID to the value of the NextIDNumber  field ( field 9)  from SQLTest datasource?

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I'm using a formview in Insert mode with an AccessDataSource. I want to switch to readonly mode upon insertion to let the user confirm the input worked, then give them the option to insert a new record. If I set the DefaultMode to Insert, then after the first record is inserted, I get a new blank insertion form (no confirmation). If I set the DefaultMode to ReadOnly, after insertion, I get a blank form (presumably because I am not on the record just inserted).  How do I get the just inserted record to display? If I need to set the ID of the formview to the just inserted record OnInserted, how do I get that given I'm using an AccessDataSource?

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i'm very new to this. I have a gridview, formview and an "Add" button on the page, this button is to hide the grid and show the formview. This formview has a default mode of Insert - and have databound this form view to my ods. (sharing with grid) This form view declared invisible on the button click - I hide the gridview and show the formview, the user fills in the form and presses insert button in the fv, the record is inserted and in my ods_inserted event i hide the formview and reshow the gridview. And the new record is in my grid. However if i press the add button again, my formview is still populated with my previous inserts values. I would have thought the values would have been cleared.. How do i clear the values?

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I am new to formview .My formview works fine, when I insert data into the database directly and then do an update on it. It throws an error when I try to insert a new record.  The error just says "An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details." How to insert data into the table using an entity dastasource?

Forms Data Controls :: Use Manual Insert & Update With FormView (master/detail) forums.asp.net

I have a master/detail page using gridView and  formView attached to a pair of entityDataSources.  The automagic insert and updates quit working after making heavy customizations to the form (replacing ID numbers with persons' name, etc).  The automatic CRUD throws errors on insert and silently fails on edits, but delete works fine (woot!!!). After two fruitless months of trying to get the automatic insert and update to work, I wrote my own code to replace them.  This has caused a new problem: The records are inserting correctly (haven't made it to the updates yet) but the automatic is still firing and throwing an error.  I've tried turning the automatic inserts and updates off - the insert still fires, but an exception is thrown that the form doesn't support inserting records. I can post code but I don't know whats relevant. The two files are in the neighborhood of 220 lines each. Basic structure is gridView formview tied to gridview formview fires OnDataBound (code replaces numbers with human readable stuff) formview fires OnItemInserting (fires custom code to assemble new record and save to the database outside the entityDataSource) formview fires OnItemUpdating (when completed, will update records similar to OnItemInserting) entityDatasource for gridview autogenerate where clause turned on Enable Insert, Delete & Update turned on entityDatSource for formview

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is it possible to add an onclick event to button so when its clicked a page would be renamed from "a" to whatever is in a textbox . and also is it possible to make the onclick event insert some text into a textbox in this renamed page from a text that is already in an existant page.

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I am  inserting new values in  appsettings of  web.config file  using   user interface my web.config file <appSettings> <add key="ConnectionString" value="user id=sa;password=123;Initial Catalog=MYDB;data source=MYSERVERNAME" Connect Timeout=5" /> </appSettings> I am using this method in page.aspx i have 4 textboxes int page.aspx for input userid ,password, servername  , databasename from page.aspx Dim xDoc As New XmlDocument xDoc.Load(path) Dim nodeList As XmlNodeList = xDoc.GetElementsByTagName("appSettings") Dim nodeAppSettings As XmlNodeList = nodeList(0).ChildNodes Dim xmlAttConnectionString As XmlAttributeCollection = nodeAppSettings(0).Attributes xmlAttConnectionString(0).InnerXml = "ConnectionString" '' for key attribute xmlAttConnectionString(1).InnerXml = '' for value attribute  her i am getting problem  how i insert value to ConnectionString Key

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The wierd thing is this was working fine and then it just started throwing this error, "Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'Reports' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF." Here is the code: [Code]....

DataSource Controls :: Multiplying Column Values On Insert Statement? forums.asp.net

This is my code so far: SQL = "insert into " & tableNameToday _ & "(ID, Name, Calories, Of_Which_Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Of_which_sugars," _ & "Fat, Of_Which_Saturated, Of_Which_Monounsaturates, Of_Which_Polyunsaturates," _ [Code]....  how do i multiply the columns like this. for now static explanation would be ok but eventually i would like to make it dynamic so there would be a text box for users to enter the amout they like e.g 160g then the table would know to multiply the columns by 1.6.

DataSource Controls :: Way O Insert Statement Conflicted With Column Foriegn Key Constraint forums.asp.net

I have a stored procedure which i pass a number of parameters into. One of these parameters is staffNo (only passed this in because i couldn't execute the query without it). The thing is this field can be Null, but when trying to pass null into it it comes up with an Foreign Key conflict. staffNo is a foreign key within the table i'm inserting the data into.This is the error i get:"INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'PropStaffFK'. The conflict occurred in database 'DewMountain', table 'TblStaff', column 'staffNo'. The statement has been terminated. The 'PropertyAdvert' procedure attempted to return a status of NULL, which is not allowed. A status of 0 will be returned instead. "

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I have three column comes from database table(Table1) and one column is for entering data for the user let us consider it look like this  ItemNo ItemName Qty  uservalue 001       A               50       20 002       A               20       5 003       B               50   004       C               60      10 005       D               40  006       E               90      15  ........ If its 300 row from database to gridview it will show 50 record with page navigation..What i need is i need to insert data in to database table which gridview row has user value..The output of the another table(Table2) will look like this after insert ItemNo ItemName   uservalue 001       A                    20 002       A                      5   004       C                    10 006       E                    15 

Forms Data Controls :: Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column 'UniqueID' forums.asp.net

so i have a FormView bound to an SQL datasource. Using the Auto generated insert/update/delete. "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'UniqueID'" The FormView Default view = Edit I have set the PKey and the Datasource is loading the record from a session. The record is loading no problem, just wont update.

SQL Server :: Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column ReviewDate - Table "ProrsumDB.dbo.Review" forums.asp.net

I've been working on this project which requires me to insert data into a database. Due to the complexities of the function that I am doing, it is more complex to use SqlDataSource and hence I've used the traditional method of inserting to the database. The codes are as follows: [Code].... I am not too sure why, but even though I've debugged numerous times and the data gets inserted into the database through the form view, I get this error on the page after everything is executed: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'reviewDate', table 'ProrsumDB.dbo.Review'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. The statement has been terminated. reviewDate wasn't null when I tried and there are no exception thrown.

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why I am getting this error when I try to insert data in a DetailsView 2.0?  Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Title',table'C:INETPUBWWWROOTTESTAPP_DATAQUIZ.MDF.dbo.Question'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. I used the Configure Data Source wizard to set this up and Question ID is a autonumber. When you autogenerate the Insert button on a Detailsview control and click on that button during run time the control posts back with text input areas where you are supposed to type the Title, Answer1, Answer2 etc. Obviously I typed data in to this text area labeled Title. It didn't work and that's why I'm asking about the control. Because I can't debug the control I am having a hard time figuring out where the problem is. Here is the code: [code]....

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I have error: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'UserDetails' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF. I'm trying to insert a record through a BLL (Business Logic Layer) class with an 'Insert' button attached to the FooterTemplate of a GridView2. My code:   [Code].... [Code].... BLL layer code:   [Code]....   The field 'idUser' is autoincremented. When I use SqlDataSource with a DetailsView, add option it adds a record and autoincrements the 'isUser'.

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i have a form with several checkboxes....i want to insert the selected checkbox values in to a single column in the sql database..

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Following the MVC1 vers of Nerddinner, but using 2010 and MVC2. Never seen this error. Looked in controller, model, view. Where does MVC pass the identity value, and how to stop it? I have never had to set IDENTITY_INSERT in any app before.

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I have a table called category that has tow attribute (Cid,Name)  what can i do to insert  category name only without allow user to insert category id in my webpage, I use view detail control and make the wizard link but when run the error message appear (Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Cid) note the identity properties is not pass.

Error - Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column 'Vid' forums.asp.net

I have two table with a one to many relation. 1- voteChoose has (Choid PK,Choose,Vid) 2-VoteQuestion has(Vid PK,Vquestion,Action) so when insert a question and answer in a page this error message (  Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Vid') appears i use this function to add vote  public void AddVote(string VQuestion, string[] Choose)

C# Return Identity After Insert Using SQL DB bytes.com

I need to know how to return th Id after inserting row, I can do it by many ways, but I need to know why my code doesn't work? [Code]....

ADO.NET :: Show Identity Value Before Insert? forums.asp.net

I have a registration page that must contain a user id label. When a user tries to register, the label on the page should show the identity value for the registration before completion. How to do this?

MVC :: Insert Many To Many With Linq To Sql forums.asp.net

I have two Table Products(ProductID,ProductName) and Categories(CategoryID,CategoryName) with Many to many Relation Between Products and Categories ProdctsCategries(ProductID,CategoryID) How Can I Implement a view that enable user to add and Edit one prodcut to many category Using ASP.NET Mvc and LINQ TO SQL

ADO.NET :: Linq To Sql Many To Many Insert Into Database In One Transaction forums.asp.net

i have a Tag Table TagId TagName Post Table  PostId PostName TagPost Table TagId PostId How can i do a many to many insert into database in one transaction?

ADO.NET :: Linq Insert/update Exception? forums.asp.net

I am using Linq-To-Sql to add people to a one-to-one table. Sometimes I get a error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint" when the person is already added. Can anyone give me instruction on how to handel the exception. [Code]....

DataSource Controls :: Insert Dbnull With Linq To SQL? forums.asp.net

I am trying to do an update and if no selection has been made in a dropdownlist (integer) or date field I would like to insert a dbnull value. But I am new to Linq to Sql and wonder if this is possible and if so how to process. I have the following code but the DBNull.Value is giving me an error. Dim context As New SondageDataContext() Dim repondant = (From r In context.Repondants Where r.RefRepondant = iRefRepondant Select r).Single repondant.Prenom = strPrenom repondant.Nom = strNom 'dates If dtAdhesion > Date.MinValue Then repondant.DateAdhesion = dtAdhesion else repondant.DateAdhesion = DBNull.Value End If 'Integer for dropdownmenu If iOccupation <> -1 Then repondant.RefOccupation = iOccupation Else repondant.RefOccupation = DBNull.Value End If context.SubmitChanges()

Insert An Empty Record Using LINQ Query? forums.asp.net

I have a LINQ query like this: var query1 = from x in db.FaqCategories select new { x.CategoryId, x.Category }; What I would like to get is a query with an empty record var empty = new {CategoryId="", Category=""}; on the very top of query1. I think this can be accomplished by using the union operator, just don't know how.

Linq Insert Statement Inserts Nothing, Does Not Fail Either? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to insert a new account in my Acccounts table with linq. I tried using the EntityModel and Linq2Sql. I get no insert into my database nor an exception of any kind. public static Linq2SQLDataContext dataContext { get { return new Linq2SQLDataContext(); } } [code]...

How To Specify A Default Value For A Field In A .NET Details View Insert Mode stackoverflow.com

.NET newbie. I know there has to be a way to do this.I have a details view with it's default mode set to Insert. This is to be used as a form for users to enter records into a database. For two of the fields, I want to pre-populate the field with information. Specifically, I have a vb script with a few functions to query Active Directory to return the user's name based upon their user id. This script works fine.I call the functions for the user name like this: <InsertItemTemplate> <asp:TextBox ID="txtUserID" runat="server" Text='<%#CurrentUID() %>'></asp:TextBox> </InsertItemTemplate> <InsertItemTemplate> <asp:TextBox ID="txtUserName" runat="server" Text='<%# GetUserName(CurrentUID()) %>'></asp:TextBox> </InsertItemTemplate> When the page loads, this populates the text boxes with the user id and the user name.But when the form is submitted, the values in the text boxes are not inserted in to the database.How can I set default values for the fields when the values come from functions?

Insert Checkbox Values In To Database? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to insert checkbox values in to a table, this is my code:-  [Code].... I get :- The variable name '@emp_id' has already been declared. Variable names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure.

Databases :: Inserting Malayalam Data To Blob Data Field? forums.asp.net

I am using asp.net 3.5 framework and mysql as my database. When i am saving malayalam data in to the database having datataype blob, it saves like '????'. But when i insert the specified value directly using the mysql query browser, then i can able insert the correct malayalam value.

Security :: CreateUserWizard With Inserting A New Member? forums.asp.net

I can't seem to add a new member when using the CreateUserWizard.... All my validation seems to be working...I don't think it is wired up correctly though because:   1. No user is added to the database (remote)   2. CompleteWizardStep does not fireI tried to see if anything was happening by stepping through the page's VB code and flagged...AddUserWizard_CreatedUser  sub...but it did not fire...I created a user using the built-in ASP.NET Configuration Wizard.. I also created a login file and I can successfully login.... just can't create a user with the CreateUserWizardmy hunch after some investigating is that I am missing something in my web.config file...I suspect I need something under the <authentication> tag???

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In gridview, one of my fields is date. (i have editing enabled). I want, everytime i update the gridview, to get date and store it in [date] field in database.

SQL Bulk Insert And Operating System Error 3 forums.asp.net

I have two servers. One is a web server and one is a sql server. What I'm trying to do is as follows: User uploads a document to a web site. File is stored on a web server in a directory, verified that it's a certain type of file, and saved. When the user presses a submit button, the page is uploaded and the Onclick event triggers a sql bulk insert (not on the same web server.) That's it in a nutshell. The basics of this page are done. The file can be saved but for whatever reason, I'm getting a Operating system error code 3(The system cannot find the path specified.) I've modified the machine.config on the web server to impersonate another user. I've made sure that the directory in question can be reached from both servers (and it can.) I can open/edit/delete the file  from the directory from both sides, but evidently that's not the issue.

Jquery - Insert Checkbox Checked Value To Textbox? stackoverflow.com

I have a 45 checkboxes in webform with values 1 to 45 i want ...to insert checkbox checked value to textbox in comma seperated string as in ascending order as 1,2,3,4,5 ...if checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3, checkbox4 and checkbox5 is checked...if these checkboxes will be unchecked then the inserted value in textbox will be removed 1 by one respectively. .. hwo to do this using vb.net or jquery or javascript ..

How To Insert Checkbox Checked Value To Textbox Without Autopostback stackoverflow.com

I have unlimited asp.net checkboxes to my webpage .How to insert checkbox checked value to textbox without autopostback. I i check checkbox1 and checkbox2 then in textbox it appear as 1,2 ...and after when i uncheck checkbox1 then in textbox the value would be 2. and if i uncheck checkbox1 and checkbox2 then value in textbox is blank

Jquery :: Css - Image Slider And Border Radius In Images? stackoverflow.com

[URL] when images are sliding; border-radius properity is crashes in images.I have banner rotator. And when my banners are rotating; banner's border-radius prority is crashing

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I have any form for register member. my field phone number is 3 text input . how to import into one row(col) mysql?? and how to show for edit .

Multidimensional Array Filtering / Put Some Images To An Other Image? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to put some images to an other image. The short code below is a sample about my trying. but the $i and $j variable is invisible. $positions = array( array('64','64','home.png','www.sdsd.vf'), array('128','640','icon-building64.png','www.sdsd232.vf') ); for($i=0; $i<700; $i+=64) for($j=0; $j<1100; $j+=64) { $out = array_filter($positions, function($position) { return ($position[0] == $j AND $position[1] == $i); }); $out = array_merge(array(),$out); I tried this but I get errors: $out = array_filter($positions, function($position,$i,$j) { return ($position[0] == $j AND $position[1] == $i); });

Build A Image Editor Application Where The User Can Edit Images? www.webdeveloper.com

I need to build a image editor application where the user can edit images.. I need to integrate this image editor in my Ruby on Rails project.. So does anyone knows any specific site where I can get the JS code of image editor which will be able to integrate into my project

Batch Inserts And Prepared Query Error? stackoverflow.com

Ok, so I need to populate a MS Access database table with results from a MySQL query. That's not hard at all. I've got the program written to where it copies a template .mdb file to a temp name and opens it via odbc. No problem so far.I've noticed that Access does not support batch inserting (VALUES (foo, bar), (second, query), (third query)). So that means I need to execute one query per row (there are potentially hundreds of thousands of rows). Initial performance tests show a rate of around 900 inserts/sec into Access. With our largest data sets, that could mean execution times of minutes (Which isn't the end of the world, but obviously the faster the better). So, I tried testing a prepared statement. But I keep getting an error (Warning: odbc_execute() [function.odbc-execute]: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]COUNT field incorrect , SQL state 07001 in SQLExecute in D:....php on line 30). Here's the code I'm using (Line 30 is odbc_execute): $sql = 'INSERT INTO table ([field0], [field1], [field2], [field3], [field4], [field5]) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)';[code].... So my question is two fold. First, is there any idea on why I'm getting that error (I've checked, and the number in the array matches the field list which matches the number of parameter ? markers)? And second, should I even bother with this or just use the straight INSERT statements? Like I said, time isn't critical, but if it's possible, I'd like to get that time as low as possible (Then again, I may be limited by disk throughput, since 900 operations/sec is high already)...

Looping A Db Insert Statement With Dates? stackoverflow.com

I need to run a statement that will populate a data base with the same information every time EXCEPT for the date. im currently trying something along these lines and aren't having any luck. DECLARE i_int BINARY_INTEGER := 1; BEGIN WHILE i_int <= 30 LOOP INSERT INTO bs_events.......... I can't seem to get it to work and im stuck in a code hole and cannot think straight. I basically want the date to up by one from 01-30 and then i will manually change the month and run the script again for all 12 months of the year.

Insert Into Middle Of Array www.phpfreaks.com

I've read over all of the array functions at php.net. The closest thing to what I'm looking for is array_push(). But I can't figure out how to use push to put data in at a specific point in the array, just the beginning. I want to insert data in the middle of my arrays while preserving/pushing back all the values behind it: array(0,1,2,3,4); insert_into_array at 2(value1,value2,value3) so then my array is 0,1,2,value1,value2,value3,3,4 How do you do this? I'm feeling befuddled, maybe I should get more sleep (I really don't get enough sleep:()

Insert Row Into Middle Of Table phpbuilder.com

Is there a lovely easy way of swapping 2 mysql rows? Come to think of it, swapping the unique IDs instead of the entire row data may have the desired effect.

Jquery :: Insert Default Value If Input-text Is Deleted stackoverflow.com

I have the following piece of jQuery code: [code]If a user have posted the form, and something is entered into one of the fields, then I can't show the default value in the field, if the user deletes the text from the input field.This is happening because the value of the text-field is still containing something, even when the user deletes the content. So my problem is how to show the default value when the form is submitted, and the user then removes the typed in content?When the form is submitted the input looks like this, and keeps looking like this until the form is submitted again:<input type="text" value="someValue" defaultvalue="From" />So I need to show the default value in the input-field right after the user have deleted the content in the field, and removed the focus from the field.

Jquery :: Insert Text Into The Input / Textarea stackoverflow.com

<div class="ctrlHolder"> <label for="" id="name.label">Name</label> <input name="name" id="name" type="text" class="textInput small" /> <p class="formHint">The name of the item you are submitting</p> </div> How can I insert predefined text into a input element. I'd like this function to active when the user doubleclicks the label element. $('#name.label').dblclick(function(){ $('#name').val('some text'); });

Insert Parameter Into Input Text? www.webdeveloper.com

i want to store some parameter in input text. im using this code to get the querystring parameter Code: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function qs(unique) { var query = window.location.search.substring(1); var parms = query.split('&'); [code].... how do i store this parameter in input text?

Building Insert Query phpbuilder.com

I'm somewhat confused on how to build an insert query that will take $this->tagPositions and insert it as a record in my db. It's an decrypted block of text. PHP Code: function decompPositions($positions) { $this->tagPositions = unserialize(base64_decode(urldecode($positions))); }

Tracking Which Image In A List Of Images Is Clicked? stackoverflow.com

I have a set of images that correspond to video thumbnails. The user clicks a thumb which loads the browser. This would be simple enough, but I need to track which of the thumbs was clicked, so that I can automatically cue up the next video in sequence.My first thought was to do something like this (highly simplified example): <div class="thumbs"> <img id="vt_0" src="thumbxxx00.jpg" /> <img id="vt_1" src="thumbxxx01.jpg" /> [code]....

Paypal IPN Script: Create On Site That Receives Confirmed Payment Messages And Inserts Into Wordpress... stackoverflow.com

There are two parts to this question, so I'm going to pubish it as two separate questions. The first one deals with interfacing with IPN and is this: I need to create a simple .php script that can interface with Paypal's IPN system everytime I receive a confirmed payment for a given product. The script will then install the user into my wordpress user's database as a "member" (which is a custom role I've defined) using their email address as their username and the paypal transaction id as their password. I'm doing it this way because I can easily enter all the people who have purchased prior to this, into the database without having to generate random passwords for everyone. The second question will be much easier and that's how to use the IPN data (firstname, lastname, email address and transaction id) to enter the user into the wordpress member database.