ICloud :: Calendar Doesn't Update Laptop Calendar


Changes to my iPhone calendar do not change the calendar on my desktop. Info: iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ICal Calendar Duplicates Created By ICloud discussions.apple.com

Two weeks after I migrated to Lion, I stopped syncing my iPad and iPhone through iTunes and turned on iCloud.I had 15 years of calendar data, and after the iCloud syncing, most of the entries were duplicated or even triplicated.It took me 5 days and about 5 hours with Apple tier 2 advisors to resolve the problem.The support communities had useful info, but it was scattered around.I am consolidating the useful stuff in this posting so that it may help others.� 1.The important thing to understand about iCloud is that it considers itself the "master repository".Its primary purpose is to backup your data, but it cannot distinguish your data if it originates from multiple sources.My 3 devices (mac, iPad, iPhone) synced fine via iTunes.But when I connected the 3 devices to iCloud, iCloud did not continue from where iTunes left off.Instead, the calendars on the 3 devices were Merged in iCloud, resulting in duplicates.However, many repeating events (events that spanned multiple days) were not duplicated. 2.At this point, your calendar is corrupted.Don't try to fix a calendar while you are connected to iCloud (see why below).Your best choice is to delete the calendar from all platforms and then restore your pre-iCloud calendar from your archive or from Time Machine.  First, disconnect your calendar on ALL devices (Apple->Preferences->iCloud->uncheck the calendar).This will delete calendar from those devices.Then go into iCloud and delete the calendar there (click the Edit button at the top of the calendar list and then click the minus button). 3.Restore your pre-iCloud calendar to your mac.Because this is pre-iCloud, all your calendars should be under the "On my Mac" section.Go into Apple->Preferences->iCloud->check the calendar.iCloud will start syncing immediately and your iCal will say "iCal - Updating" in the title bar.When it stops Updating, check your data.You will see that all of your calendars in the Mac are now in the iCloud section. 4. Add a test event and see how it updates on iCloud.Now go to your iPad and iPhone If you did step 2 correctly, both of their calendars should be empty.Turn iCloud back on on those devices through Preferences, and the data will sync to your devices.By default, the mobile devices only sync I think 2 weeks of data.I discovered that even tho I could get 15 years of data to sync to my iPad, the iPad could not display it.So I am going to have to tolerate having only a short period of data on my mobile devices and keep the whole archive only on my mac.TIPS I LEARNEDBackup your calendar and address book BEFORE you go to iCloud.Use the File->Export menus to export an archive of the whole calendar (.icbu) or whole address book (.abbu).In addition, you might want to export each of your calendars and address book groups as individual .ics files and .vcf files.This way, if you need to combine calendars, you can simply import a .ics file into an existing calendar in iCal.Why can't you delete duplicates while you are connected to iCloud?I tried to do that, and just when I got close to the very end, iCloud seemed to get confused, and then it suddenly put all the duplicates back.Several hours wasted.If you delete the calendar from iCloud and then try to restore it to your mac, it is very important to disconnect iCloud first. Otherwise, iCloud syncs the deletion back to the mac and deletes the calendar you just restored.Just remember, everytime you disconnect from iCloud, it deletes the calendar on your device.So the sequence must be:disconnect iCloud first, and THEN restore. When you turn iCloud back on, iCloud sees this as a whole new calendar.I was used to the replication idea of Lotus Notes, where the newest time stamp determined which event to keep in a sync conflict.iCloud does not work that way.It doesn't use timestamps and has no idea of latest event.It just merges everything.When you first turn iCloud on, if it asks you if you want to merge your Address Book, realize that iCloud will merge at the field level.So for a contact, if you made changes in work phone on two devices, that contact will now have 2 work phone fields.How to restore a Lion calendar from Time Machine:  In Finder, go to the Go menu.Press the option key, and Library shows up in the dropdown menu.Select Library and then open the Calendars folder.Copy everything in it to a safe place and then delete the originals.Now, open Time Machine, and it will navigate to that hidden folder.Restore everything in the Calendars folder.How to restore a Snow Leopard calendar from Time Machine:If you have since migrated to Lion, use the method above to get to the Calendars folder and clear it out.Now open Time Machine and go to the Library->Calendars folder and restore everything in that folder. Info: MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: Can't Add Calendar Back To It discussions.apple.com

I have run into a situation with my iCal calendars and iCloud. It's a long story, but basically I ended up deleting one of my calendars off of iCloud (and subsequently off of all of my other devices). I had made a backup of my ~/Library/Calendars folder as well as the com.apple.ical.plist before I was modifying it, and tried to restore the calendar from the Calendar folder. I now have a situation whereby my calendars appear correctly in iCal, but iCloud is not picking up the deleted calendar (the others are still syncing fine). I was looking at trying to unsync/resync, however, iCloud threatens to delete all of my calendar data off the machine but leave it in iCloud, which is not helpful to what I am trying to accomplish. System has latest updates to 10.7.3. How can I get this particular calendar to sync with iCloud again?

IPhone 5s :: Calendar Is Not Syncing With Anything discussions.apple.com

It was working fine but now will not sync with iCal, iCloud or iPad.� I tried turning off Calendars (settings>iCloud>Calendars) and restarting, and now it is worse.Now when I go to 'Calendars' at the bottom of my calendar, iCloud doesn't even show up as a possibility. Info: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4

OS X Mountain Lion :: Calendar Syncing Failing From IMac? discussions.apple.com

IMac late 2009, Os X 10.8.3. 8GB RAM. IPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad mini. iCloud calendar only. Nothing defined On my Mac. I sync between the mobile devices and iCloud without problems (Mostly Calendar & Notes). Over the last year I have had occasions  when my Mac Calendar failed to update with the message "The server is currently not reachable or the connection was blocked). Sometimes the problem went away and Calendar resumed normal syncing. It has been off-line now for 2 weeks. I have deleted and recreated the icloud calendar in Calendar >Preferences>Accounts. I have unchecked Calendar in System Preferences>Mail, Contacts&Calendars>iCloud and rechecked it. I have created a Google calendar as a test and it is being imported and displayed by Calendar on my mac.

ICloud :: Upload Some But NOT All Calendars? discussions.apple.com

I maintain several iCal calendars on my mac.  I'd like to have some, but NOT all of them in iCloud.  Is there any way to do this?   If I use System Preferences -> Mail, Contacts & Calendars -> iCloud and check Calendar, the system uploads ALL of my local calendars.  I do not see an option to limit which calendars are uploaded.    I know that iCal can support a mix of local and iCloud-based calendars. 

IPhone :: Calendar Disappear After 30 Days discussions.apple.com

I have calendars that sync to my computer and calendars that sync to my icloud, calendar entries that i have set to the icloud calendar disappear after 30 days. Is there somewhere I can change this setting? I like to search my phone to find the last time "something" happened, usually something that I track in the calendar. I can't find how to retrieve these missing items back to my phone. Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, only items on icloud calendar gone

IPhone 5 :: Calendar Not Syncing With ICloud In One Direction discussions.apple.com

If I add a calendar entry on iCloud or on my laptop (Win 7, Outlook 2010) the event shows up on all my devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, and iCloud).� However, if I enter an event on my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.4) calendar it will not show up anywhere else.� My iCloud login is set up with my ID login on all my devices.� Also, my iPhone is set to sync Calendars and under "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" my "Account" is correct, "Calendars" is switched "ON", and I have tried setting "Fetch New Data" to both Push and Pull.� Still, whenever I enter an event on my iPhone Calendar it will not show up anywhere else. Info: iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, Verizon

IPhone :: Syncing Calendar To Icloud? discussions.apple.com

I have one calendar that is in a different section when I look at the calendars list that says "on my phone."It doesn't sync with icloud like the ones in the section below it called "Untitled Account".The phone made it the default calendar for some reason and now a BUNCH of appointments don't show up on the other calendars. How do I fix this.I want all the calendars accessed everywhere!

Share Calendar On It? discussions.apple.com

How do I share the calendar on the ipad to an iphone and macbook pro?My wife entered all of the kid's soccer games and such on her ipad and I would like to share those to my work iphone and my personal macbook.� We have iCloud set up and I can get into iCloud calendar from the macbook but of course nothing is on that calendar and when I try iCloud calendar on the iPad it does not come up. Info:iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1

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My computer does not seem to be transferring to icloud. Calendar update. Info: iPad 2


General :: Calendar In IOS8 On IPad With Retina Display? www.ipadforums.net

I just updated to iOS8. My calendar won't stay open! I had this problem in iOS7, and a suggestion somewhere told me not to sync with iCloud and that should take care of the problem. After I stopped syncing with iCloud, it worked sometimes. I saw some other suggestions that said to turn off all calendars and then turn them back on. I did that with iOS8, but as soon as the calendar populates, it shuts down.

ICloud :: Understanding Where Calendars Are Displayed In Calendar And In ICal discussions.apple.com

Understanding where iCloud Calendars are displayed in Calendar and in iCal Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

IPad 2 :: Delete Duplicate Events In Calendar? www.ipadforums.net

The calendar on my iPad2 is synced via iCloud to both of my Macs. For some reason, all of the events on the iPad2 calendar are duplicated. However, that is not the case on either the calendar on iCloud or my Macs. Unfortunately, if I delete any of the dupes on the iPad2, that event will be completely deleted from both iCloud & my Macs (since they are all synced). So, how can I delete the duplicated events on the iPad2 without affecting those same events on iCloud or my Macs

ICloud :: How To Stop Receiving Notifications About Updated Calendar Events discussions.apple.com

Whenever I update anything on my shared calendar, all those who subscribe to it get an email/notification about what I've changed or added. Same if someone who I'm subscribed to updates anything on their calendar, I get an inbox full of emails telling me they have done so.�Am I able to stop sending these update emails/notifications? And/or is there a setting to stop receiving these update emails/notifications? Info: iCal, Calendar and iCloud

ICloud :: Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries In ITunes? discussions.apple.com

The main issue is that in iTunes>Devices>Info>Sync Calendars, I see of Local calendars listed and also iCloud calendars listed (they show a portion of the address (CalDAV?) that they use to sync), and the issue is that I have DUPLICATE iCloud calendar entries here and I would love to remove them. Here is my setup: MBP with Lion and iPhone 3G with all updates. All of my calendars sync with iCloud (I also have an iPad, but not issue with it.) and there are no duplicate calendars or events in iCloud on the web, so this is fine.I sync my iCloud/iCal calendars to my iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1) via iTunes and this is going well, so no problems here, either. I would just like to remove the duplicate iCloud calendars from iTunes under the Info pane so as to simplify life and my understanding. Also, there are other apps (like TimeTable) that go and read the master list of calendars. So, on this app, I see ALL of the calendars by name without being able to distinguish them any other way.how I can climb inside of iTunes and remove the duplicate iCloud calendar entries? Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

IPhone :: Subscribed ICal Feed Not Updating Properly discussions.apple.com

My subscribed ical feed updates properly on my Mac calendar, but it doesn't update to my iPhone properly. All my calendars are set up on the iCloud. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5

ICloud :: My Calendars On My IPhone And My Macbook Are Still Not Syncing discussions.apple.com

I have iCloud, and it doesn't seem to be doing a thing. My calendars, which used to sync under MobileMe, now don't sync anymore.� In fact, they don't even sync through iTunes when I PHYSICALLY PLUG the phone into the Macbook.� Calendars are set up to sync. I have selected ALL calendars to sync (even though I wish I could just get rid of the different calendars and have just one.� What a pain!� Just because I wanted to write in different colors on my calendar depending on the type of event, iCal has to complicate everything and treat these as separate calendars???)� The settings on my iPhone are also set to sync all calendars.� I've gone into the iCloud settings; everything is on and enabled.� The OS on the iPhone is the most current.� iTunes is up to date.� My OS on my Macbook is the latest (Lion OS 10.7.4).� Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

IPhone :: Get Subscribed Calendar Events To Show On My 4? discussions.apple.com

I have a subscribed calendar in iCal on my desktop that shows up in the list of iCloud calendars on my iPhone, but none of the events actually show up on my iPhone even though that calendar is selected to show its events. How can I fix this? It's really strange that my phone "sees" the calendar, but won't show the events that are in it! Very frustrating! I've already tried unsyncing and resyncing all of the calendars on my iPhone (i.e. I turned off iCloud calendar syncing, deleted all calendar info on my iPhone, then turned iCloud calendar syncing back on). No luck. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

ICloud :: ICal Events Not Showing On Calendar On MBP discussions.apple.com

iCal events from not showing on iCloud calendar on my MBP, Lion 10.7.4. They also don't show up on my PC on iCloud calendar. However they DO show up on mg iPod Touch Calendar. I have looked at all the settings both in iCal and iCloud, read all of support files and websites for both, but I am missing something. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 13-inch, Mid 2010

ICloud :: Calendar Events Missing (Showing Empty) discussions.apple.com

I created several calendars on my MacBook and placed them on iCloud. I can view the events on my iPad and MacBook, but when I logged onto icloud, that calendar is empty for June and July with only one event for August.�Do I have to add these calendars again to the iCloud?? Info: iPad 2, iOS 5

ICloud :: Sync ICal Calendar Subscriptions Across Devices? discussions.apple.com

How do I sync a Google Calendar subscription on my iMac with iCloud Calendar and my associated iOS devices? I subscribe to my google calendar on my iMac (because my University forces me to use google calendar) but cannot see the events on my iCloud account, MacBook or iPhone4. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

ICloud :: How To Move Calendars From Computer discussions.apple.com

I followed directions to migrate to icloud, however, the calendar set up three new calendars, two of which (home and work) are named the same as two old ones. I have about 6 calendars in cluding home and work that I need to move to icloud and not to create new calendars. Info: Mac Pro (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

IPad 3 Settings Crashes When Trying To Enable ICloud Calendar discussions.apple.com

I bought the new iPad on launch day in March and the Calendar app has rarely worked. Matter of fact it crashed almost constantly. To try and fix this issue, I had turned off iPad > Settings > iCloud > Off, to try and stem the offending code or sync session. Now when I try to re-enable (turn on) iCloud Calendars on the iPad, the iPad prompts me with a message "Merge Calendars.Your calendars will be merged with iCloud".When I tap the "Merge" button the iPad Settings app crashes and shuts down.I have tried a full restore as recommended in the Support communities; however, no dice. Calendar crashes, and Settings crashes when attempting to re-enable to merge iPad calendar with iCloud. Info: I operate an all Apple Household!

ICloud :: Why Is ICal Sending Event Notifications Via Email discussions.apple.com

My wife and I subscribe to each other's ical calendars via iCloud and it's been working fine since first set up months ago. Suddenly today, she got a ton of emails after I updated and added a bunch of events in my calendar. This hasn't happened before today. Neither of us changed anything and I know I made similar updates in my calendar earlier in the week that didn't generate emails to her. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

ICloud :: Why Aren't People Receiving Calendar Invites discussions.apple.com

Why aren't people receiving my icloud calendar invites?

MobileMe :: Sync My Calendar If I Do Not Move To ICloud? discussions.apple.com

how will I sync my calendar if I do not move to iCloud

ICloud :: How To Print Calendar From It discussions.apple.com

How do I print a calendar from icloud.

Calendar Is Not Syncing After ICloud discussions.apple.com

Calendar is not syncing after iCloud.

Xperia X10 :: Default Calendar App Crashes After Update? talk.sonymobile.com

I updated to build 435 yesterday. Since then, the default calendar app force closes (com.android.calendar). I have tried rebooting, doesn't help.I sync my calendar with outlook through google. There are some semi-advanced entries there, ie meetings with replies. However, problem persists when I disable that calendar from my outlook.Calendar data is accessible for my agenda widget. Data shown on the widget is even updated when I add data to my google calendar.

ICloud Out Of Safari Plus Syncing discussions.apple.com

Two related questions: 1.iCloud is in my browser but I'd like to keep my calendar and contacts etc. open all the time outside Safari and on the dock.� 2. I have iCloud in my iphone 4 and ipad2 , latest OS,but can't see icon or keep icloud open there?Do I really have to go through Safari everytime I want to see my icloud calendar or contacts?As you know, there's already my calendar and contacts icons from before iCloud.There and accessible but not synced to changes from my laptop. Info: MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Ipad2 & iphone4

IPhone :: Outlook Appointments Disappear From Calendar? discussions.apple.com

I have a reoccurring problem with appointments that are set in Outlook that will appear immediately on my iPhone calendar, but when I check back later sometimes the event has been deleted from my iPhone calendar but not from my Outlook calendar. It's driving me mad. Some of the times it does this is when I send an invite through outlook for an event to another user. The event will appear on my iPhone calendar but once the other person accepts my event invitation it will disappear from my iPhone calendar, but remain on my Outlook calendar. It doesn't do this everytime, but seems to be when I notice this happening the most. On my phone settings I have the outlook calendar set as my default calendar. My iPhone is also synched with two gmail accounts a Hotmail and an icloud account. The only calendars I actually use however are my Outlook and the the iPhone calendar. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

OS X Mavericks :: How Can A Calendar Completely Disappear discussions.apple.com

Every few months I have an issue with iCal. One or more of my calendars COMPLETELY disappear. I have an iPhone with a list of calendars on the phone and on iCloud. The iCal application on my laptop only has iCloud. Calendars seem to magically vanish from iCloud while they remain on my phone. It's driving me crazy!!! I'm about to look for a different calendar app to use. I need my MacBook Pro to sync with my iPhone.  Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Nokia Nseries :: Calendar Doesn't Save After Updating N8 To Symbian? discussions.nokia.com

After updated my Nokia N8 to Symbian Belle my calendar doesn't work. It is possible to save posts, but after closing the calendar and reopening, all the information is lost and the calendar is totally empty. I have run all updates but it still doesn't work. It's annoying because the calendar is one of my most important tools.

ICloud :: Cannot Upload A Local ICal Calendar discussions.apple.com

I have encountered a problem with consolidating and migrating my calendars to iCloud.  Previously I had been using MobileMe, but like a lot of iOS device users, I had made the mistake of also synching calendars and contacts locally.  This had the effect of creating an "on my mac" calendar, which I did not realize for quite some time that I had been using.  In the process of migrating my MobileMe account to iCloud, I realized this and set about uploading the local calendar to iCloud.  I used the following procedure:  1. Highlight the "on my mac" calendar and export it to an ics file. 2. From iCal, select File>Import and select the ics file I had just created 3. In the window that opens, selecting one of the iCloud calendars to import the events into  However, what I find is that the calendar hardly imports any of its hundreds of events.  I rely on this calendar to keep track of events that I attended in the past, but it seems like no events in this local calendar prior to January 1, 2012 got imported into iCloud.  I don't want to try and re-import it, since that might create duplicates of the events that have already succesfully imported.  Is iCloud not allowing me to import old events?  Is there a way I can import the entire calendar to iCloud? 

Add Birthdays To Calendar App On IPad 2? www.ipadforums.net

How do add birthdays to the Calendar app on the iPad? I've just put a new contact adding their birthday to the relative field in Contacts app, but it doesn't show up in the Calendar app. I've looked in the iCloud Calendar and no birthdays are showing at all Sent from my iPad using iPF

ICloud On Mac :: Turn On Reminders Without Turning On Calendars discussions.apple.com

Since Reminders was released, I have had them synced fine between my phone and computer. However, in the past week this is no longer happening. I'd like to turn on my reminders on both my iPhone and MacBook without turning on my iCloud calendar sync. However, it seems that on the iPhone end of things, I can choose to turn on just reminders, while on my computer they are lumped together in the same checkbox (see images.)  I would be okay with syncing them via my gmail, but again there is a discrepancy in the options I have. On my phone, no reminders option exists, but on my accounts tab on my laptop, there it is: reminder sync with gmail! I have also posted images of this. I found out that if you turn on calendars AND reminders on both ends, then the reminders work. Which is not what I want.  So my question: how can I sync reminders with my computer from my phone, without having to sync my iCloud calendar? Note that i use google calendar exclusively, for work/personal use. I have NEVER used iCloud calendar, never had it synced, and my reminders have worked fine until now.   UPDATE: before, i could get reminders to work by turning reminders+calendars on and off on both devices in iCloud. now it doesn't work at all, no matter what!  iCloud: Gmail: I am using mountain lion 10.8.5 and iOS 8.1.2 Info: Reminders, iOS 8.1.2

IPhone :: Lost Home Calendar After Accepting A Shared Calendar With The Same Name discussions.apple.com

I wanted to share my Home iCloud calendar on my iPhone with my wife so we could both add our respective events and see when the other person is busy. So far, all well. I logged on to the iCloud web site and shared my calendar with my wife. She then accepted the shared calendar, but then her own Home calendar was replaced with mine, and she can no longer find hers anywhere. It's not on iCloud when she logs on to the web site, and there is no trace of it on her iPhone. And is there a chance we can get her calendar back? There were a lot of events on her calendar. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

ICloud On Mac :: How To Duplicate Calendars Onto IMac discussions.apple.com

I recently changed my Apple ID. Prior to this I had my contacts and calandar and reminders on the iCloud and also on the iMac (e.g. Calendar and Contacts and Reminders groups duplicated on the iCloud and the iMac). Following the change to a new Apple ID, everything on the iCloud appears in order and this information is updated between devices however the 'master list' held on the iMac is missing. I no longer have any of the separate contact, calendar and reminder information on the iMac.  Any way of creating new folder on the iMac in the applications - particularly the contacts - in order to copy the information from the iCloud back onto the iMac (so that I can manage the contact lists in both (i.e. when I update one contact folder, I manually move it to the duplicate as well)? How do I set a default calendar?

Android :: CGoogle Calendar Doesn't Sync Sports Calendars androidforums.com

Anyone hear anything new regarding sports calendars not showing up on the Android calendar app?Google Calendar doesn't sync sports calendars to Android | Nexus Onederful

IPhone :: Ics Attachment Will Not Open In Calendar? discussions.apple.com

When I receive an email in Mail on my iPhone 4S with an ICS attachment, it offers to open it in Calendar but when I choose Calendar, the Calendar app does open but the appointment/event does not appear anywhere. The ICS file did originate from Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange but not sure that should make a difference. iPhone is current with published updates. Info: iCloud, iOS 5, Outlook 2010 on Windows 7

ICloud :: Can't Add Reminder In ICal For Other Calendars discussions.apple.com

On my Mac and in iCloud, I can only add Reminders to two Calendar types, Home and Sarah. I'd like to add other reminders for calendars labeled Work, for example. However, I can only choose to reclassify Reminders in the other Calendar types that have Reminders- so only Home and Sarah. Do I have to do something in iCloud for me to gain this ability?  Info: MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: How To Stop Email Notifications In Calendars discussions.apple.com

My coworkers and I share numerous calendars using icloud. Recently we have began to receive a deluge of email notifications for every change, tweak, or addition made to the shared calendars. We have been using shared icloud ical calendars for over 8 months and have never had this issue until it started earlier this week.�My email inbox has become literally overrun with ical notification emails.

Intel Mac :: When Moved From Mobileme To Icloud / Calendar No Longer Pushes To Icloud discussions.apple.com

I have Imac.When we moved from mobile me to icloud, the calendar no longer pushes to icloud.Message in calendar is: The calendar url... was not found on the server. Make sure the URL is correct. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Can't Turn Off ICloud And F'd Up Calendar discussions.apple.com

I have an iPhone with my Work calendar Synced with my work computer (outlook Calendar). Also, I have iMac 27" i5 with my Home calendar (iCal).This has worked fine and separetly for the last 3years.My home calenders allow me to organise my life with payments and is very important. My work calendar, well that speaks for it's self. I install iOS5 on iPhone and Lion on the iMac which unbekownence to me have iCloud syncing on and doing stuff that has totally corupted my iMac Home Calendar.My home calendar has my work calander mixed in with my home calendar and reminders popup every few minutes that I have already dissmissed.They won't stop popping up.The same one over and over and they go back a month or more.Additionally, when I try to add an event it sometimes puts it in very day instead of a monthly re-ocurring event and then it won't delete the event.I've tried to turn off iCloud, and it does all the right things and appears to turn off but then when I go back in it is on again.The Work Calendar (Windows 7 Office 2010) doesn't show any symptoms and has kept working as it should on my work computer as on the iPhone. Neither appear to be effected.I've tried all the delete files and reinsralls but iCal seems to just get more confused. It renames calendars and is totally out of control to the point of no return.I can't find any where which shows how to delete iCal and do a fresh install of iCal and not have iCloud sync.I have searched Google for months and months with no joy.What I need is to stop iCloud and it off permently as it appears to be a problem for how I use my apps.� I do not want to use iCloud for calander or anything just yet.I need to get my original .ics backup in iCal that I have and working on it's own and with out the cloud or syncing. Info: || iMac 27" i5 and 20" G5 || Macbook intel & iBook G4 ||, Mac OS X (10.5), || iMac i5 and G5 || Macbook and iBook ||

ICloud :: Calendar Entries Double Triple Or Even More discussions.apple.com

Ever since Icloud, everytime I enter an event it doubles, or triples the event.  This occurs even with all but one of the calendar types checked.  I would love to just delete those other types of calendar because I dont need 5 types of calendars.  Things were working great until Icloud dammit Steve lol Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: Possible To Subscribe To Calendars discussions.apple.com

In the new iCloud, is it possible possible to subscribe to calendars (as it was in iCal)?� I used to be able to see such calendars as:�[code] None of these were migrated when I moved from iCal to iCloud today.Is there anyway to migrate them, modify and import, re-subscribe?I do not care if I have to do something new; so be it. But to be unable to track these (or other) calendars would be a shame. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 15", 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo

IPhone :: Multiple Copies Of Birthdays Calendar On 4s? discussions.apple.com

I use iCloud for my calendars on my iPhone 4S.However, there are 28 Birthdays calendars listed under "other" on the phone that I cannot figure out how to delete.I have already tried turning off iCloud syncing and deleting the calendars information.This has no effect.I have seen similar problems addressed here, but not exactly this one. Please help, it is an exceptionally annoying situation. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

ICloud Calendar With Exchange Server? www.ipadforums.net

I am using iCloud on my iPad 2 and have the iCloud Control panel installed on my HP Windows 7 64-bit desktop computer. I am wanting all the calendar items from my work calendar (Exchange server) to show on my home calendar but it isn't working.

IPhone :: Sync Icloud Calendar With Calendar? discussions.apple.com

I want to sync my icloud calendar with my iphone calendar. All of my entries from previous months are on my icloud calendar but not my iphone. How do I get them back on there? I have corrected my settings for future entries (I think/hope) but want to put the old stuff back on. Info: iPhone 4

ICloud Won't Let Me Sign Out Of System Preferences discussions.apple.com

I've recently installed Lion and moved to iCloud. I have iCal set up with iCloud and it syncs with my iPad.In the iCloud System Prefs Pane, which I'd not looked at before, I have Calendars ticked, but when I click on Sign Out, I get a message telling me: "If you stop using iCloud for Calendars and Reminders, calendars and reminders stored in iCloud will be removed from this Mac."This seems to me to indicate that the message generator can't see my tick next to Calendars. Or is it that one isn't meant to sign out in this Pref Pane.?

ICloud :: Multiple Calendar Entry Replicates? discussions.apple.com

Whenever I try to use iCloud, many of my calendar entries, especially older ones, are replicated, and may be replicated multiple times. For instance, one repeated calendar entry is replicated about 20-25 times on each and every every day. Interestingly, this particular calendar event doesn't show up when I search for it.  I tried exporting my calendars as iCal files, then importing them back into iCal hoping this would correct any problems with the entries. No luck. When I activate iCloud for my calendars, I create multiple entries for many events.  Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

IPad 2 :: Adding Its Calendar To Iphone www.ipadforums.net

I have a personal calendar on my iPad 2 that I want to subscribe to on my work phone which is a new iPhone 4s. I cannot connect through icloud because my work will not allow the use of it. I got as far as Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add account > Other > Add subscribed calendar...But now I am stuck. How do I get the server address for my iPad calendar? This is a calendar on the factory app.

Calendar On IOS 5 Invites Duplicates When Accepted www.ipadforums.net

I am having some issues with the calendar on ios 5. I have an iPhone, iPad and Windows PC. I sync over WiFi. I don't sync the calendars with Outlook or Exchange, only with iCloud. Whenever I create an event (or somebody else creates an event and sends me an invite) and it gets confirmed, that event gets duplicated. The original event remains in the calendar which I selected, while the duplicate is in the calendar "inbox" which isn't one of my calendars nor does it appear in the list of my calendars. This doesn't happen to the person invited or any of my friends' calendars, only to my calendar, and only when I invite somebody to an event.

AJAX :: Calendar Extender Behavior Breaks When Assigning Popup Button forums.asp.net

If I have a calendar extender paired with a textbox, then things work as expected. I can set a date eg 03/10/2011. I can then type in the textbox to update that date to something like 03/12/2011 and the calendar updates as well. [Code].... However, the moment I add a button to pop the calendar up, the calendar doesn't change when you manually type a new date. [Code].... In the second example, you can set the date the first time. Any updates from then on have to be through the calendar though. I can type in the textbox, but it will not update the calendar. Am I missing something or does this calendar extender have a major bug? If anyone knows a clean elegant fix, I would be very appreciative. I am not all that excited about manually hooking up a change event to that textbox and then updating the calendar extender, but if I have to I will.

OS X Yosemite :: Calendar - All Day Events Are Not Showing discussions.apple.com

I have been using  Apple Calendar for quite some time but after I upgraded to Yosemite All day events does not show in the calendar any more. Other events in my calendar is showing.  Environment: 1: I'm on Macbook Pro Retina, running Yosemite 10.10.1 2: Calendar is version 8.0 (2026) 3: I am using Google Calendar, added as account to Calendar  Problem/Bug: This has been working fine on Maverick until this upgrade and I think it is a bug in Calendar. 1. I tried to add an all day event from Calendar, using my Google account calendar 2. Event is saved, but once saved it isn't shown in Calendar. 3. When I login to my Google account calendar, the event I created just created is shown nicely there!  I then tried adding a new calendar using my iCloud account, but same thing happened: 1. I tried to add an all day event from Calendar, using my iCloud account calendar 2. Event is saved, but once saved it isn't shown in Calendar 3. I once again try, this time by logging into my iCloud account, the event I created just created is shown!  This is really weird and a major issue as all-day events are kind of important to see when you are planning and scheduling meetings. One additional thing, I'm not sure if it is related, I have Time zone support turned on as I am working across multiple time zones.  Info: MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

ICloud :: Appointments Don't Show Up On The Calendar? discussions.apple.com

I have spend days trying to figure out why my appointments don't show up on the iCloud calendar.  iCal on my Mac is just fine, all appointments are visible and working.  I can get contacts on iCloud and Mail on iCloud but calendar shows up with no appointments.  Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: How To Access From Safari discussions.apple.com

I have successfully upgraded my iPhone (iOS 5.1.1) from MobileMe to iCloud. And, on my NON-COMPATIBLE iMac (cannot run OS 10.7), my Mail from iCloud is working okay. I understand that my Calendar and Address Book will NOT be able to sync with my NON-COMPATIBLE iMac.  However, here is my question:  Can I use my Safari browser (5.0.6) on my NON-COMPATIBLE iMac to view my Calendar and Address Book at the Apple iCloud website?  If so, how do I access it via Safari?

ICloud :: Sync With Outlook 2011 On Mac? discussions.apple.com

I had a Windows XP PC with Outlook and MobileMe, my Contacts and Calendar synced fine between my PC and iPhone 3GS.  Bought a new iPhone 4S and and iPad 3, upgraded to iCloud. iCloud wouldn't sync to my old Windows XP and Outlook.  Went out and bought a new Mac and Office 2011 for Mac. My Contacts and Calendar still won't sync to iCloud.  I bought all this Apple stuff and it still won't sync Info: Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Get Icloud Calendar To Ipad 2? discussions.apple.com

I have setup calendars on my iPhone 4s but I cant get it to go to my iPad2.� My primary calendar is on my phone and outlook 2010 which has been enabled for iCloud.� I have tried checking the iCloud webpage and all my settings appear correct but neither the iPad or webpage show anything (contacts are appearing on my iCloud webpage but not the iPad. Info: iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

ICloud On Mac :: ICal Entries Just Disappeared On MacBook Air discussions.apple.com

I went to my calendar (iCal) on my MacBook Air and all my appointments were gone! All that is displayed are all my Facebook friends' birthdays. I went to System Prefs > iCloud and saw that Calendar was unchecked. I checked it and it tried to sync for 30 seconds and then failed. The box was automatically unchecked. I tried this repeatedly. The calendar on my iPhone, which is also synced to my iCloud account looks fine. What happened to my calendar on my laptop and how do I get them back? Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), iWork '09

ICloud :: Calendar With MS Outlook - Fine On Windows But No Dice On Mac? discussions.apple.com

I first checked out iCloud page: [URL]. Seems you can use Outlook on Windows with iCloud calendar.�Then I head over to MS support site to find this: [URL] : "Outlook for Mac 2011 does not support Apple iCloud calendar (CalDAV) and contact (CardDAV) synchronization."�What can I do to be able to use calendars in Outlook on a Mac? Is there a way to set up Outlook for Mac the same way as Outlook for Windows (i.e. without CalDAV)? What is that sorcery Windows version is using to get the calendar from the iCloud?