HTC Incredible : DINC Stuck On Phone White Screen / Way To Fix


My DINC is stuck on the HTC Incredible white screen?

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My dinc just automatically rebooted and got stuck in the initial white droid incredible screen (before the green htc logo)....vibrate...black...white droid incredible screen. happened for first time two nights ago...finally got it out of this and wiped phone to factory. just today happened again. i was able to uninstal it in between the 5 minutes of working phone i had (kept going into reboot cycle....and as soon as i uninstalled it..this nonesense stopped!

HTC Incredible :: Can't Hard Reset Or Enter Recovery Mode androidforums.com

I have a Droid Incredible that I rooted with UnRevoked3 about a week ago. I want to do a hard reset, but it just sticks at the first white "HTC Incredible" boot screen. I get the same result if I try to enter recovery mode. I can get into HBOOT ok by pressing the vol down and power button, but if I select any option it locks on the "htc Incredible" boot screen. I searched around for this problem for an hour and I've come up dry.

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HTC phone (think it's the HTC Incredible) Samsung Galaxy S, Has The Best Multi-Touch Screen Ever? | Android Community

General :: White Screen With HTC Logo After Attempting ICS Update On Sensation 4G forum.xda-developers.com

So I decided to upgrade the rom on my tmobile us sensation 4g and now it is stuck on the white screen with the green htc logo. Here are the steps that I took... Download and run HTCSupertoolv3, run "root" option, run "attempt s-off and everything else" option - go through this process by getting key and submitting code to get update.bin file and then finish Boot to recovery, phone says Unlocked at top Download and run android recovery manager - flash clockworkmod5 on phone Copy ordroid for sensation zip to sd card, boot to recovery, select zip file, go through installer - shows success boot phone - white screen with htc logo boot into recovery - wipe cache white screen with htc logo, learn that I need latest firmware (3.3.2) for rom to work copy pg58img.zip to sd card, do not modify file- boot into recovery, phone says parsing pg58img.zip - then nothing, no prompts or continue boot phone - WHITE SCREEN WITH HTC LOGO

Samsung Captivate :: Install Latest Cog And Now Phone Is Stuck On Screen? androidforums.com

I was attempting to install the latest Cog and now the phone is stuck on a screen with a little white phone ---an exclamation point---and then a little white PC.

HTC Incredible :: HTC Or Verizon Logo? androidforums.com

Do your guys phone have an HTC or Verizon on top? I saw this Engadget article Droid Incredible OTA update said to be bringing mobile hotspot, 720p recording Engadget and the phone has an HTC logo instead of Verizon. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here have a Dinc with htc branding instead of Verizon?

HTC Incredible :: No Clockworkmod androidforums.com

I have begun the process of rooting my brand new Incredible, using the instructions at http://www.jonamerica.com/technology/howto-root-the-htc-droid-incredible/. I have gotten as far as installing the SDK and running unrEVOked. unrEVOked runs without issue, and completes, claiming that it is "Done." However, when the phone reboots, it fails to go into the recovery partition. If i reboot the phone while holding down the "volume down" and "power" keys, I get a white boot loder menu. If I select the recovery option, the phone scren goes to a white HTC logo,a nd subsequently turns black, leaving to vertical white bars up either side of the screen. I have tried placing the clockworkmod zip and img files at the root of the SD card and updating the recovery flash using the boot loader, but I continue to get this black screen.

HTC Incredible :: Home Screens Changing On Its Own androidforums.com

I really like my Droid Incredible (Dinc), but I just noticed a minor glitch on it. When I was on the main home screen, the phone switched over to all three of the left home screens on its own (it switched to these home screens one after another). Do you know if there will be a software update that will fix this problem?

HTC Incredible :: Won't Boot - Stuck At White Screen androidforums.com

Got the WSOD on a non-rooted, stock 2.2 incredible last night. Pulling the battery is the only way to turn it off. Recovery and Factory Reset from hboot manager hang at the htc white screen. Clear Storage also goes straight to the white screen. If turned off it'll charge. SD card is not corrupted. Phone was in close proximity to an iphone 3g for maybe an hour. (We'd been comparing the screens then the iphone was placed on top of the incredible while we ate dinner.) Noticed that phone was at the white screen. Battery was not warm. No signs of external damage. Either this is totally random, or the RF from the iphone managed to fry something.

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I haven't tried this, just passing it along. If/when you have experience with this root method, please post in this thread. Current as of 10/12/2010 For all phones except: Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible) HTC Desire GSM HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC) HTC Aria Droid Eris (HTC DesireC) HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr UPDATED: Here is a video guide showing how to install custom ROMs after rooting your device. How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your Android Phone (After Any One Click Root Methods) | TheUnlockr


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Current as of 10/12/2010 For all phones except: Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible) HTC Desire GSM HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC) HTC Aria Droid Eris (HTC DesireC) HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr Here is a video guide showing how to install custom ROMs after rooting your device. http://theunlockr.com/2010/10/12/how-to-load-a-custom-rom-on-your-android-phone-after-any-one-click-root-methods/

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Current as of 10/12/2010 For all phones except: Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible) HTC Desire GSM HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC) HTC Aria Droid Eris (HTC DesireC) HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr Here is a video guide showing how to install custom ROMs after rooting your device. http://theunlockr.com/2010/10/12/how-to-load-a-custom-rom-on-your-android-phone-after-any-one-click-root-methods/ Credit to TheUnlockr

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Current as of 10/12/2010 For all phones except: Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible) HTC Desire GSM HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC) HTC Aria Droid Eris (HTC DesireC) HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr Here is a video guide showing how to install custom ROMs after rooting your device. http://theunlockr.com/2010/10/12/how-to-load-a-custom-rom-on-your-android-phone-after-any-one-click-root-methods/ Credit to TheUnlockr

Samsung Captivate :: Samsung Galaxy - Capitivate - Vs Htc Indredible androidforums.com

I Have been using the HTC Incredible for 5-6 weeks now and really love it. Yes, the battery life is not great, but I am over that having 3 fully charged batteries before I go out the door each morning. Can anyone tell me, who has used the Dinc AND the Samsung Galaxy S if there is, other than larger 4" screen, any reason why I would want to go from the Dinc to the Galaxy phone? When the new 2.2 Android software and HTC OTA update comes out, my understanding is the Dinc will also be able to record HD video as well as serve as a hotspot for WiFi.

Motorola Droid :: Shocked HTC HD2 Windows Phone Looks Better Than Droid androidforums.com

I love Android, but I can only hope HTC makes a similar phone for Verizon. This screen and interface look incredible. Snapdragon CPU. Too bad you are stuck with WinMo apps. YouTube - HTC HD2 Sense interface video demo

LG :: Chocoate Phone Still Works But White Screen All Time? www.howardforums.com

i have a lg chocolate,phone still works but white screen all the time,is this an easy fix or is phone knackered.

HTC Incredible :: Rooted 2.2 Leak Update / Load Backup Home Screen androidforums.com

I recently rooted my Incredible and installed the leaked 2.2 update. Since then, occasionally when I go from one app and then click the home button, it flashes and then shows the HTC white screen and then it takes time to load all my home screens back up. It seems to me like HTC Sense is rebooting.

HTC Incredible :: Huge Battery Fix / Is This Legit? androidforums.com

Anyone tried this to see if it works? HTC Incredible Battery Fix - shadrach's posterous

HTC Sensation :: Sensation Does Random Reboots www.htcforums.com

I have had the phone for about three weeks now. I am past the 14 day remorse period and I didn't start having problems till after this period... Sometimes the phone will just reset bact to the white HTC screen then return to the home page after a few seconds, it sometimes asks to send the error report and sometimes it doesn't. It only did this once or twice out of the blue but now I am noticing it is doing it more often now. The phone has now also started to reboot back to the white HTC screen then show the t-mobile red letters screen then start up. One time it was completely off even though it had battery power and I had to turn it back on. Just last night I was in the middle of a phone call when the phone just dropped the call then rebooted to the white HTC screen then said it recovered from a fatal error or whatever the message says and asked me to report it.

BB Curve :: 9300 Scroller Won't Work supportforums.blackberry.com

For the past few months, my scroller has been sticking and freezing, but i have managed to fix it everytime by pressing down hard or doing a battery pull. Also, the screen would just randomly turn white and then the phone would restart. The white screening was getting unbearable, so i did a software reload through desktop manager and since my scroller won't work at all. It wont select or scroll.

HTC Incredible :: Flashing ROMs - Boot Failed androidforums.com

Every time I try I get a 'boot failed' then 'error at line 390' installation failed, aborted etc. If I try to reboot it just sticks on the HTC incredible screen. I've tried using Rom manager and directly from recovery. Re downloaded files. Maybe related but any kernels I tried stick on the same screen?

HTC Incredible :: How To Download Mms? androidforums.com

This is getting ridiculous this is my 2nd replacement incredible 1st one started having these problems when someone sends me a pic message it gets stuck at downloading but never does come through I've did some searches on this forum and m not the only one experiencing this and to beat it all its people with HTC phones like the eris,hero,and incredible so i don't think its a network problem its htc problem m getting so pissed off because mms messages is something i get daily and i cant download them i went through hard resets, *228 option 1 and 2 nothing helps so if anyone knows a fix for this please help or this pos is going back i never had these problems with my droid glad i didn't sell it yet but i really like everything about this phone except this and i really want to keep it if this gets fixed.

HTC Droid Eris :: Headphone Mode - Reboot Doesn't Work androidforums.com

I dropped my phone (htc eris) in snow but it didn't submerge and I checked the water damage indicator and it still has the little red x's on the white strip so there was no water damage. But now the phone is randomly stuck in headphone mode. I have searched the forum and the only fix people have mentioned is rebooting and taking out the battery... That doesn't work for me.

Motorola Droid X :: Having Hard Time Unlocking Phone androidforums.com

I notice that on random occasions,I'd have an extremely hard time unlocking my phone.When pulling the unlock bar on the lock screen (stock),there are times when my finger doesn't register.I'd do it for a few times until it finally works.Anyway,I had this problem with the Incredible when trying to unlock that screen (HTC EVO 4G and Droid Incredible suffering from unresponsive screen issues -- Engadget)

HTC Incredible :: How To Make A Custom Splash Screen? androidforums.com

Now that we have NAND unlock, how can i make my own splash screen to replace the HTC Incredible one?

HTC Incredible :: Nonresponsive Screens androidforums.com

Just saw this on Engadget... YouTube - Verizon HTC Incredible - Unresponsive Screen Test 4

HTC Incredible :: How To Downgrade And Root Your DInc From 2.2 androidforums.com

I have the htc incredible and want to downgrade, i am curently using this tutorial but have found some issues How to downgrade and root your DInc from 2.2. when i try to type :adb push flash_image /data/local/ the cmd just says error device not found when my phone is on charging and usb debuging.

Android :: Standby Clock App? androidforums.com

Just got myself a new HTC Incredible.It's my first Android phone, and hell my first smartphone at all, and I'm loving it.One aspect that's kind of bugging me, on previous phones I had, it was very easy to glance at the phone to see what time it is.With the Incredible, the screen shuts off completely when it goes into standby, and I have to press the top button to see the clock.It's not the worst thing in the world, but does anyone know of an app out there that can make standby mode display a clock instead?

LG Ally :: Phone Stuck At LG Boot Screen androidforums.com

My phone is stuck at the LG boot screen.. Is there a way to fix this?

HTC Incredible :: Beep After End Call androidforums.com

Does anyone else phone "Beep" 3-5 seconds after a call is ended? Background: HTC Incredible, Rooted, Launcher Pro

HTC EVO 4G :: Bricked After Update / Way To Reflash? androidforums.com

Been using my iPhone 4 for the past few weeks and finally broke the Evo back out to compare it for a few weeks. When I turned it on I got the notice for update so I did it thinking maybe it would help with the random reboot problem I had been having. Well after the update it sticks at the white HTC screen. I have tried all the basic fixes, held down volume/power, clear storage, recovery. When I clear storage it reboots and hangs at white screen again, if I do recovery I get a picture of a phone with a red triangle with a ! in it. Any way to re-flash the phone or something to get it working? I assume If i can get something on the little SD card but how do I do that when the phone won't work? I'd really like to not have to deal with getting it replaced.

HTC Desire :: USB In Hboot Not Working androidforums.com

Im having some problems with my desire.. my phone is presently in a htc white logo > reset > htc white screen logo > reset loop of doom... I can load up my hboot menu but that is about it.. If i try and select recovery in hboot it just resets the phone back into the htc white logo > reset > htc white screen logo loop.. somebody has suggested that unrevoked scewed up somewhere along the line and to install the RUU but windows isnt even recognising it as a USB drive in hboot...

HTC Incredible :: LCD Density Changer Brick androidforums.com

Running Incredible with Froyo. I rooted using Unrevoked3, but I forgot to make the nandroid backup, I guess. the LCD Changer app has my reboot looping. After the very first HTC Incredible screen it goes totally white and I just hear the "Droid" voice(plays when the red droid eye comes up on screen normally" nothing but white and the voice just repeats after the screen flashes every minute or so. Tried applying the update.zip that was linked to on the developers blog, but no luck. Any ideas? I even tried resetting to factory defaults, formatted everything, basically. Lost a great of data, I'm afraid, but I just want my phone back.

HTC Hero :: Stuck At Boot Screen - Can't Enter Fastboot? androidforums.com

stuck at the HTC "HERO" boot screen, Can't enter Fastboot (Home+Back+Power)

HTC Incredible :: Flashing HTC Droid Incredible To Cricket... androidforums.com

Flashing HTC Droid Incredible to Cricket...? Has anyone flashed HTC Droid Incredible yet...?

MacBook Pro :: Screen Comes Out With White Fuzzy Lines Going Across The Screen? discussions.apple.com

My mac screen is frozen with white fuzzy lines going across the screen. I shut it off and turn it back on but it still remains white fish lines on the start up screen. I've tried revolting it, it works sometimes but now its stuck at the starting screen. I have been at this for 2 hours to try and fix it but nothing has changed about the screen.

Android :: HTC 1ghz Snapdragon? androidforums.com

I recently purchased the HTC HD2 and it's a great phone but I am not a windows mobile fan so i returned it and am back to using the Cliq. I was wondering if there will be a phone similar to it coming out with T-Mobile anytime soon but with Android instead. I know Verizon has the Incredible and that phone is incredible. I am wanting something similar to an HTC 1ghz snapdragon android phone for T-Mobile

HTC Incredible :: Glitch Between Incredible Calendar And Google Calendar androidforums.com

Anyone know how to fix the glitch between incredible's calendar and google's calendar.I've read a lot of the posts online and tried all the suggestions.I can post online at my calendar on google and it will sync with htc's calendar on my incredible.I can even delete the same entry off of my incredible and it will delete off of google's online calendar. The problem I have is nothing posted on the htc calendar syncs with my google calendar online.

HTC Incredible :: White Screen Of Death androidforums.com

my phone is stuck on the white screen that says htc incredible, now when i try to use the unroot method put the zip file. on the sd card and turn off phone and turn it on by holding the volume down and power button. when it tries to load the file as it should , it says no image or wrong image and does not load anything. now im stuck when i try to go into the recovery it lets me get there but i cant even wipe anything. it says something like E: Cant mount.

Android :: Will I Get Dinc With New LCD Screen androidforums.com

I am new to the forums(1st post) so please bare with me.I ordered the Droid Incredible on 6/4/10.and quite frankly the wait has been TORTURE. I still don't have my phone and the VZW people had initially told me "you'll get it in 2 weeks and maybe even before". Anyways they told me i should get it by Wednesday.Now i recently was made aware of the fact that HTC may be putting LCD screens in the Incredible Would my phone(when it comes in) be the one with LCD or will it still be AMOLED?

Nokia :: Facebook Widgets Make N97 Stuck In White Screen Logo discussions.europe.nokia.com

After a few days trying without micro sd inserted the result is, n97 still stuck in white screen nokia logo,it happend always if i turn off my phone without sign off the facebook app widggetz..here is how to crash your phone.put facebook widgetz on nokia,standby screeen,and then put it online mode,klik the facebook app just do anything in your facebook for check it already connected,klik end key,now turn off your phone without sign out the Facebook,turn on again,and boom your phone will stuck on nokia white screen logo,and it will never boot forever..sometime when you take off the batery and reinserted again it can boot normaly but the percentage is 20% only..soo if your n97 can boot normaly after FB "accident" that mean you lucky and i sugest you unistall your FB ASAP before n97 stuck again on white screen nokia logo..is anyone have problem like mee?

General :: HTC Evo 3D CDMA Stuck On Splash Screen After Attempting New ROM Zip Flash forum.xda-developers.com

I have an HTC Evo 3D with boot v1.50 (unlocked using the official HTC device method successfully) TWERP v2.0.0 (the touch style recovery). I have "successfully" installed the MikRunny v1.13 CDMA ROM but I am stuck in the white HTC splash screen. I did not back up my original stock ROM (the worst mistake ever.) But I have wiped everything (except the / SD card/ portion of my external card) each time I try to flash a .zip ROM.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Google Maps Reboots Phone androidforums.com

So just starting like about a week ago, my phone will reboot if i go into google maps.I press google maps, press menu, then the screen goes to the white background with green htc, and reboots.This happens all the time without fail.This sucks cuz I use the google maps a lot as a traffic report and gps.This is not good.The hero has too many problems.I feel like nothing works properly on this phone.. anyone else have this problem? fix?

HTC Incredible :: Macworld Reviews Incredible - Read User Reviews androidforums.com

HTC Droid Incredible Smartphone Review | Macworld Macworld Reviews Incredible - Read user reviews

BB Curve :: 8530 - Upgrading BBM / Lost After Rebooting supportforums.blackberry.com

I tried to update my BlackBerry Messenger and when I hit upgrade it gave me a white screen, I took the battery off the phone to reboot it because it was stuck on that white screen, once I turned my phone back on BlackBerry Messenger was no longer there, I can't find it anywhere in my phone, and when I go to the APP world it doesn't let me "upgrade it" it says "Please try again later" I've tried to "Upgrade" multiple times and it doesn't work.

BB Curve :: It Gets Stuck On Reboot Screen supportforums.blackberry.com

was in the middle of updating my blackberry and it came up with a message saying it had failed, so I unplugged my phone and from then onwards it gets stuck on the reboot screen and I cannot use my phone. All that happens is that the white bar at the bottom (the one that shows how much longer the reboot is going to be) , when it gets to the end instead of starting up my phone it just stays like it and nothing happens for a while. Then a white screen comes up and says " app error 200 "

Nokia :: White Screen Of Death On 5800 XM discussions.europe.nokia.com

Clue anybody to probable cuase of white screen of death on a 5800 xm . Where phone just sticks on the white screen or sometimes the actual boot screen . Its not a reboot that happens phone just freezes battery out solves the problem . Have an idea that it could be tied to the Auto Keyguard switch but that may be a red herring.

General :: White Screen After Reset? forum.xda-developers.com

I have the zte Carl. I can't do a factory reset .every time I try, the result is a white screen on reboot and stuck there. I tried to do hard reset but still got white screen. the basic problem is that both home and dial button not working so I want to do a reset. I cannot even get my phone into recovery mode. white screen again. if.

HTC Incredible :: Fails To Sync Outlook Calendar / Software Seems To Freeze androidforums.com

I need to sync my Calendar and Contacts from Outlook to the Incredible. For multiple reasons, going from Outlook to Gmail to Incredible is not an option for me. I installed HTC Sync and was able to get all 800+ of my contacts to the Incredible. But the Sync keeps failing when it tries to move my Calendar over. I've left the default setting to sync future appointments and 20 days before today. Sometimes the HTC Sync software seems to freeze, but most times it does connect to the phone but eventually gives me a timeout/failed to connect message. I've tried rebooting both PC and phone but the problem persists. Running Outlook 2007 on XP SP3 machine. Running HTC Sync 2.0.25 that came on the phone (as apparently there isn't a version for Incredible avail to d/l from HTC support yet).

HTC Incredible :: Few Small Force Closes Snowballed androidforums.com

This is a kind of long process of what I went through to kind of get my phone back up and running after a few small force closes snowballed. My phone is up and running now but still not at 100%, any input would be appreciated. My phone's previous software information was the following. Virtuous Rom 2.6 with King's BFS #5 kernel not overclocked and the Incredible Revolution Theme. About a week ago I started noticing some random force closes with some of the HTC services (.com.htc.downloader, or something similar). It would force close but never caused me any problems that I would notice. The only new app I had added in about a month was "Angry Birds Lite" Then yesterday my phone started acting sluggish all of a sudden so I decided a reboot was in order. I used "quick boot" and selected reboot and my phone started to reboot, and then started to boot loop (it would get all the way to the droid eye animation and sit for a minute then try to boot again). I pulled the battery and attempted to let it boot again and it was still stuck in the boot loop. I then booted into recovery and attempted to restore one of my backups with no luck, now it would just get stuck at the first white HTC incredible screen and sit for half an hour if I let it. Next I did a full data/dalvik cache wipe and tried to restore a couple different nandroids with no luck. My next step was just to re-download Virtuous and start fresh. I was able to get Virtuous to boot but after going through the set up .com.htc.launcher would go into a force close loop with no way out of it, after another few attempts at loading Virtuous and other Sense based roms and having them all fail with the same .com.htc.launcher force close loop, I tried to go to a senseless Rom and was able to get Sky Raider to boot with no issues. But I wanted my phone back the way I had it. My last resort was to unroot back to stock(S-off still). I downloaded the stock PB31IMG.zip and flashed it to my phone with complete success. Next I needed to root my phone again. I used the UnrEVOked 3.2 and got my phone rooted, but I couldn't boot into recovery. After much trial and error I was able to get recovery to load by flashing Adrynalyne's version of clockwork mod. I then flashed Virtuous 3.1 with the stock kernel onto my phone, and then I was able to flash back to the standard Clockwork mod recovery. My phone is up and running now fine when it's on. But my issue now is that I can't do anything through rom manager or manually through clockwork mod to my phone without my phone getting stuck in a boot loop or getting stuck at the first HTC incredible screen after booting out of recovery. Even after just making a nandroid backup of my phone (without loading any apps) it will get stuck at the HTC screen. 95% of the time, clearing the dalvik cache will let my phone boot, but if I had loaded any apps they are all erased and just a placeholder is left on the home-screens. Sometimes I need to do a data I'm using a newly formatted FAT32 sd card since flashing back to stock and rooting again

General :: HTC One X - Water Spots On Screen? forums.androidcentral.com

so i got an HTC One X and first thing i bout for it was an invisible shield screen protector, so applied the screen protector and after letting it dry i turned my phone on and it seemed to go well but when i go on a white page i can see black streaks and on the bottom there is a big blue strip which i believe is water. The phone however works perfectly fine and i cant see the spots unless im on a white page but it is pretty bad so i was wondering what should i do to get rid of the streaks?

HTC Incredible :: Stuck At White Screen androidforums.com

I rooted my Inc with the Evo tool, and installed a ROM through ROM manager, after deciding that I did not want to keep the ROM, I tried to restore back to the stock rooted ROM I had before through the clockworkmod/nandroid options. Now the phone is stuck at the white screen that reads, "htc incredible" and none of the buttons will cause anything to happen. I was debating on doing a battery pull and restarting, but I believe I read somewhere that doing so would brick the phone. Update: Did a battery pull and was able to boot into the HBOOT and run the nandroid recovery again, I am trying it now to see if I can get back to the original ROM. Update:Update: After rerestoring the phone, the boot animation runs all the way through and the phone starts back up.

HTC Incredible :: Gets Stuck On Cyanogenmod Load Screen androidforums.com

I have clockwork recovery installed, and was running running Ruby 1.1.1 when I started having some SD card troubles. The card was getting write protected so I couldn't delete anything off of it through a file explorer on the phone, or with either of my microSD adapters. I was rebooting the phone with no card in there today and it just hung on the white HTC Incredible boot screen. I tried going into clockwork and wiping everything and reinstalling Cyanogenmod 6, but now it just gets stuck on the cyanogenmod load screen. Clockwork is throwing out a lot of errors about E:Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 (file exists) and CACHE:recovery/command.

Desire :: HTC Sense Not Working After Froyo androidforums.com

I installed 2.2 the ligit way, searched for updates and asked if I wanted to download 2.2 so I did. Now HTC Sense will not even start when I switch on the phone. The phone starts and then says "loading..." and while it's loading it shows that lovely application error, normally you just click "force close" but application that's breaking is actually HTC Sense and the "force close" button is grayed out, then the phone restarts with the white screen and green HTC logo and then gets to the "loading..." part and then HTC Sense breaks again and the phone is stuck in an infinite loop.

HTC Incredible :: Stuck At The HTC Incredible Screen androidforums.com

I've had the phone since launch day with no problems. No suddenly, it's being weird. Yesterday I kept trying to answer a call and the other line would be dead. Then when I would try to cal the person back, there was a horrible high pitch buzzing noise in the speaker. So I did a battery pull and that seemed to fix it. Now today, I turned the phone on and it' stuck on the initial "HTC Incredible" screen. It won't get past the screen. Has this happened to anyone? The phone is not rooted.

HTC EVO 4G :: Stuck At White Boot Screen androidforums.com

Been creating a theme last few days. I installed it on my phone, but before doing so i was a good boy and did a nandroid backup. Then i didnt like osme of the things i changed so i restored my backup i just did now its stuck after restoring on the white htc evo screen. NOT GOOD!! I even pulled the battery and SD Card...twice.

HTC Incredible : How Can I Back Everything Up / Don't Want To Lose Contacts androidforums.com

My phone isn't working right. It will randomly restart and get stuck on the white HTC screen. It'll only boot back up after a battery pull. I'm going to reset it to default but I want to know how I can back up all my stuff. I could care less about my applications but I don't want to lose contacts or SMS/MMS records, etc.

HTC EVO 4G :: Stuck On White Screen! androidforums.com

After following the guide to rooting, my phone is now stuck on the white "htc evo 4g" screen. It will boot up to that, then restart, and repeat.

BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Phone Stuck In A Reboot Cycle forums.crackberry.com

My Storm2 running official Verizon .713 has suddenly gotten stuck in a boot cycle. It will reboot, get as far as the "BlackBerry" screen, maybe 2 or 3 % into the progress bar, then it will give the white background "freeze/crash" screen but it only flashes momentarily such that I cannot read the error it is giving, then reboots, starting the process all over again in a seemingly endless cycle. Is there any way I can fix this or do I need to wipe the phone and reinstall everything, losing all my data?

HTC Desire :: Restarts Phone About 10 Times And Stuck With Blank Screen? www.htcforums.com

my HTC desire phone restarts unexpectedly and sometime restarts phone about 10 times and stuck with blank screen.i did hard reset but still problem is same. have any one face this issue and how can i fix this issue.

HTC Incredible :: Sense Launcher Crashing androidforums.com

my sense launcher on my DINC just crashed on me and I had to restart my phone. Anybody else have this problem? This is one of the first issues that I have had with the dinc besides the short battery and the intermittent signal that everyone seems to be experiencing. i hope they have an update soon and with any luck some of that sweet 2.2 goodness. let me know if anyone else haas experienced this.This message is being sent from my Incredible not using Tapatalk!

HTC Incredible :: Exporting BS1 Contacts - Importing To Inc? androidforums.com

Barring any complications, I will be preordering the HTC Droid Incredible on Monday, April 19th, to be shipped to me on launch (April 29th). I currently have the Blackberry Storm 1. Has anyone heard of how to import the contacts from the Storm to the Incredible? Since I will be doing the activation once I get it shipped to me and I haven't messed with the Android OS or anything with the current HTC phones or whatnot, I am not sure what it takes to get the contacts from the Blackberry to other phones.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Universal Root Solution For Android Devices androidforums.com

Current as of 10/12/2010 For all phones except: Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible) HTC Desire GSM HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC) HTC Aria Droid Eris (HTC DesireC) HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr Edit Video added on how to guide to installing custom Roms http://theunlockr.com/2010/10/12/how-to-load-a-custom-rom-on-your-android-phone-after-any-one-click-root-methods/ Credit to TheUnlockr This information is currently being filtered out across all the relevant boards on the forum at the request of TheUnlockr and one of the Guides. I have no knowledge of the rooting process and suggest that you gather all information available before undertaking any changes to your device.

BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Screen Goes White And Stops Working forums.crackberry.com

Recently my 8520 screen just goes white and stops working. It restarts when I charge the phone and works properly till the next white" out which is becoming more frequent as the days go by. I read up a fix that has to do with disassembling the phone but i dont know how to go about it. Does anyone have any other fix or a guide on how to disassemble the phone?

Samsung Captivate :: What Are Impressions Of DCap After Owning A DInc? androidforums.com

I'm looking to move to Android from my iPhone 3G and up until recently I was pretty set on an HTC Incredible. Stumbled upon the Captivate recently and have been considering it instead of the DInc. I like the extra screen space (despite same resolution) and the sleeker body styling. I'm a little worried after reading the "bugs" thread here as it seems a lot of people are having a lot of issues with the DCap.Has anyone owned both a DInc and DCap? What are you impressions of the DCap after owning a DInc?

HTC EVO 4G :: Evo Getting Exchanged androidforums.com

Well, I have a double whammy, Screen Separation and Light Leakage on my one week old white Evo.Went to BB yesterday to setup an exchange. I love HTC phones, but they always seem to have issues with all of their phones. On my HTC Mogul, their screens had the infamous white spot issue. On my TP, it had overheating issues and the keyboard cable issue. I had four of those phones. On my Diamond it was riddled with issues, for the most post, manufacturing wasn't one of them. On my TP2, there were issues with the keys along the bottom. And now on my Evo there are issues with the screen.HTC has a great product line up, they just need to tighten up the manufacturing and QC product. Especially on flagship products!

HTC Hero :: Fully Working 2.1 Rom With Sense On XDA androidforums.com

If you were thinking about rooting your phone, now is the time.Nprussel on XDA has released this.[ROM]-[04/03/10- PUBLIC] VillainROM 3.0 FINAL (HTC Sense - Android 2.1) - xda-developers - Apps2SD (not tested) - HUGE APN list - Loads of languages added (including German) - Busybox - JBED - Root - Push working perfectly - 3D Gallery with MULTITOUCH - Google NAVIGATION working worldwide - as standard. - Oh, and MAPS has working MULTITOUCH - HTC Desire Wallpaper & Lockscreen - HTC Legend Bootscreen (white) - Nexus boot will be made available via update.zip later - Low Memory Killer tweaks applied - FIXED Flickr integration and slight widget issues - aNETSHARE Wifi Tether - Genie Widget - Some further tweaks I won't share just yet!

HTC Incredible :: Screen Dimming And Phone Locking androidforums.com

I recently made the switch from a BlackBerry Curve to the HTC Incredible. One of the "features" of my Curve that I'm having trouble duplicating on the Incredible is this: I was able to set a timeout to lock the phone and a separate timeout to blacken the screen. That is, if the screen went black after 30 seconds of inactivity, the screen wouldn't necessarily lock until 30 minutes of inactivity. I have increased the screen timeout on my Incredible, but the screen doesn't dim at all. I tried installing the No Lock application, but now I can't find a way to manually lock the phone if necessary.

Android :: How To Access Phone With Broken Screen With Pc? androidforums.com

My HTC Incredible has a broken screen (physically intact but it doesn't turn on, and the phone is functional), so I'm getting a replacement soon. I managed to backup the files that I can see as "mass media storage" from the phone, the contacts are synced with Google account, but couldn't back up the SMS. Is there a way to access the android phone with PC? I'm trying screencast 0.4 but it looks like it requires "rooted" phone, which my phone is not.

General :: Cannot Boot Phone After Update? forum.xda-developers.com

I have a rooted HTC Desire s, I did a software update through "phone, info, check for updates",(android 2.3.5 sense 3.0) now my phone wont boot, it's stuck on the HTC boot screen., I've tried updating from SD card (various custom stock roms) but I always get an error message. Phone info: -Revolutionary- SAGA PUT SHIP S-OFF RL HOOT-6. 98.1002 RADIO- eMMC-boot Mar 10 2011, 14:58:38

General :: HTC Sensation Xl System Formatted forum.xda-developers.com

I got a HTC sensation xl which has been rooted.When trying to install JB rom via recovery, it did not succeed and I accidentally format/ system in recovery.Now I am stuck in HTC logo white screen whenever I turn on my device. My Recovery CWM is still accessible.But I got a problem with my sd card which cannot mount and it show error sd card in the recovery. It doesn't pop up in "My Computer" as well.

General :: HTC Sensation - Gets Stuck On Home Screen? forum.xda-developers.com

I have rooted HTC sensation xe (Hboot 1.27, ICS 4.0.3, S-On). Tried installing custom ROMs. It installs but when I reboot from recovery, it gets stuck on home screen (white background with HTC). Tried Virtuous Inquisition and MIUI bit same problem.P.S. I am a rookie and read that it could be due to S-On even if rooted.

HTC Desire :: Rooted Stuck On White Screen - Cant Load The Recovery To Change Anything androidforums.com

I rooted it last week with the unrevoked 3 method which seemed to go ok then i tried some different roms and some worked some didnt. I tried to install the r8-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-withadditions-a2sd+-signed...! This rom got stuck on the white start up screen. I thought that if i cleared the sd card it would install but still the same thing then i just got the white htc screen which i cant get off and i cant load the recovery to change anything...! The sd card is working and i can get into the hboot and when it reads the sd card says wrong img! Is there something missing on the sd card? Have i bricked my phone? Any ideas on a fix?

Nokia :: N73 Unable To Open Calender - Screen Shakes And Doesn't Respond discussions.europe.nokia.com

I recently bought a nokia n73 as my cousin had one,after a few months i was pleased with this phone.But about 2-3 months ago it broke. The whole screen went white with nokia wrote in the center, i later got this fixed. But unfortunatly it recently did the same thing and got it fixed yet egen. Since this phone was last fixed i cannot open/enter the Calender when i click on the calender the screen shakes and then does nothing.

HTC Chacha :: Can't Login To Sense Through It www.htcforums.com

I want to registered online with HTC sense, and got to the step where it asks me to login with my phone.i've gone to Setup on my phone where it said to go, saying that I should login when the HTC Sense screen comes up. However, no HTC Sense comes up during the setup?I've also tried going to HTC Sense website through the phone's browser, but it just has the loading screen constantly cycling through / msg appears that try again.The phone is an HTC ChaCha?

HTC Incredible :: Can Sense UI Be Turned Off? androidforums.com

Can the Sense UI be turned off easily? I prefer a phone without it and I've been waiting for the Nexus One for Verizon or Sprint. With the HTC Incredible coming out I'm starting to wonder if the Nexus One is going to be pushed out a little further to give Incredible sales time to build. My contract was up months ago and I really need a new phone. I'm thinking of maybe just biting the bullet and getting the Incredible if I can shut off Sense.

Samsung Captivate :: Phone Stuck On Logo androidforums.com

I was rebooting my phone today and it every time I try it gets stuck on The Galaxy S logo with the big flashing "S" on the screen. It acts like it is going to boot up but just after the ATT screen and the boot sound it gets stuck. I did the one-click-lag-fix about 2 weeks ago and the phone has been running smooth ever since. My wife and daughter are on the road so not having a phone really stinks right now.

BB Curve 8900 :: Stuck On Operator Logo Again forums.crackberry.com

i made a thread yesterday about my bb getting stuck on the operator logo screen when i turnt it on, and was told to hold on the red button un it the phone rebooted etc etc, and it worked, but today my phone froze again, so i done another battery pull , and now when it goes to the operator logo screen the red button has no effect and im just stuck on that screen, ive been trying to fix it all day with no luck, really frustrating

Motorola :: V505 - White Screen www.howardforums.com

I have a motorola v505 and when i boot up the screen just stays white. i can hear all the chimes and dings when i hit buttons, but no display, just a bright white screen. on the back of the phone, inside the batter holder, that little white sticker DOES have a little red on it - which i believe indicates some water or moisture? i am NOT sure though if that is what is causing the bright white screen with no display. it may be related to the problem or not, but i dont believe so. i tried the bootloader function, but cant get to the bootloader screen. the screen still stays white. motorola wanted $75.00 to fix the phone and to me thats just not worth it. im very mechanical inclined, and was wondering if i took the phone apart myself, what things i should look for that might be the problem. loose connection? unattached connection?

General :: HTC Sensation Stuck Boot Screen After Update? forum.xda-developers.com

I have an unlocked HTC Sensation and when i updated it when it was rebooting it got stuck at the htc screen for ages soo i took the battery out and now it gets stuck at the boot screen with the htc on it I Really am unclear

IPhone 5c :: Will Not Swipe To Unlock - Can Reset discussions.apple.com

the screen won't swipe to unlock.� How to fix?� Can I hard reset?� I bought this 5C used from Swappa about 2 months ago.� was advertised as "New Screen" - and the screen did look new.� Worked great, everything was fine till a few days ago.� Now the screen will not rregister the swipe to unlock.� I have rebooted the phone by holding the top power button and home button.� Phone boots ok, shows messages on lock screen, alarms go off, seems normal, except, the swipe will not swipe.� it acts like you are not touching it.� Also, about the same time the swipe stopped working , the screen started showing vertical banding..My thought are maybe one of two issues - 1 my son downloaded a bad app, and it locked the phone up.� factory wipe should fix this.� But itunes won't let me restore the phone unless I turn off "Find my Iphone", which requires I unlock the phone... dead end.� 2 - I am also think, because of the banding, the "new" screen may be bad.� Sound plausible?� � he does not have a lot of stuff loaded on the phone, so I would like to try a reset before paying $175 for a new screen - that would not fix it if the issue is software.How can I reset the phone? Info: iPhone 5c, iOS 8.1, 32gb white

HTC Incredible :: Phone Won't Sleep - Lock androidforums.com

This just started happening. The Dinc won't auto lock itself nor will it go into screen lock when I press the hold/power button. I set the screen lock time to 15 seconds and after 15 seconds the screen only dims but doesn't lock. When I press the power button to awake the Dinc it pops up to home screen or which ever screen I slept it at. i tried uninstalling the apps I updated and downloaded but no luck ETA: Installed ATK just to see what apps were running. Everything looked normal. I took of the reminder I had in my calendar and the phone is locking itself after screen timeout has expired and power key works. I put my reminder back onto my event and it is still locking. Conclusion: Dinc has a mind of its own and was probably amped up on Starbucks since I had some today for the first time since owning the Dinc

Samsung Galaxy S II :: Phone Stuck On Downloading Update samsunggalaxysforums.com

I know my way around PC hardware and OS's.My problem sarted when I went to the T-mobile update. Phone stuck on "downloading update...", blue text on white background. Unable to boot into recovery, but was able to get into download mode. I found the correct ICS firmware update .tar file, but Odin 1.85 will not work. It always sticks on Setup Connection. Others fixed this by using differnt USB port and/or cable. Tried all 10 USB ports, nada; don't have another cable, but I'm out to get one this morning. I assume if I can get to download mode I'm not totally bricked. Only way I can get into d/l mode is to remove the battery, otherwise phone just boots to white update screen.I'm looking at a $200 brick! Wonder if I should just walk in to a T-mobile outlet and demand a fix.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Unable To Downgrade To 2.27.651.5 androidforums.com

I have a CDMA Sprint HTC Hero running 2.27.651.6 If I have read the FAQ/Stickies/Walkthroughs correctly the first step in rooting my phone is to downgrade it to 2.27.651.5.I downloaded and attempted to run "RUU_Hero_C_Sprint_2.27.651.5_R_signed_release " however it doesn't complete. The program is "Waiting for Bootloader" for about 80 seconds and then fails with "ERROR [171]: USB CONNECTION ERROR". I am able to hear the Win7 sound effect of my device being disconnected when the program says "Rebooting Device" and I hear another sound effect right after it, like it is trying to reconnect the phone to my PC but the sound is different. I think something may be wrong when the device attempts to reconnect to the PC. At this point my phone is connected to the PC via USB and the phone is now stalled on the black screen with white "HTC" logo. If I unplug the USB cord at this point I get the white screen with skateboarding Androids at the bottom (which I assume is the bootloader). The following text is at the top of the screen.

HTC Incredible :: Rooted Incredible No Longer Works androidforums.com


Sprint HTC Hero :: Phone Stuck On Screen Afterloading DC 2.08 / Should I Try To Flash Fresh's 2.1.2? androidforums.com

After using Fresh's 2.0d for the last month, I decided to try DC 2.08. I did a Titanium Backup, copied 2.08 to the SD, wiped the phone and the dalvik and installed from the SD card. After the installation, the phone boots up but is stuck on the HTC logo screen (the white background that says "quietly brilliant"). It looks like it is looping as it shows the sprint screen every few minutes before going back to the HTC screen. I've tried wiping and reinstalling, but I am getting the same result. FWIW, I root using Fresh Kitchen's auto-root if that matters. Any suggestions? Should I try to flash Fresh's 2.1.2?

Android :: Screen Completely White With 'Success' In Top Left After Logging Into Facebook On Tablet? stackoverflow.com

This issue is being tracked on the facebook-actionscript-api site here:url...What steps will reproduce the problem? Call FacebookMobile.login( APP_ ID, cbLogin) on an Android tablet.Enter Facebook account credentials and press "Login".What is the expected output? What do you see instead?The login window closes and returns to the screen that launched the login window. The callback function 'cbLogin' is called.The screen goes completely white, and has 'Success' in small black text in the >top left corner of the screen. The callback function 'cbLogin' is never called.What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? -Android v3.2 -facebook-actionscript-ap v1.7 -ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 I've tested this on 2 Android phones, the HTC Incredible (Android v2.2) and the HTC Thunderbolt (Android v2.2.1), and it works fine on both.

IMac Intel :: Stuck At White Screen And 3 Beeps Sound Continuously discussions.apple.com

Intel Imac stuck at white screen and 3 beeps sound continously when power on. Information: Intel iMac 20" Mac OS X (10.5.7)

BB Curve :: Stuck On A Plain White Screen supportforums.blackberry.com

i have a blackberry curve 8520 its stuck on a white screen and it does nothing except stay on that no timer

Apps Freeze On A Blank White Screen discussions.apple.com

Unfreeze my app! It is stuck on a blank white screen! Info:iPad 2 Wi-Fi

General :: CM Causes Reboot Loop forum.xda-developers.com

I installed CM using CWM onto my HTC Deluxe. I tried 4 different nightlies and the 10.2 stable and after installing any of them, I get this... it reboots into the white htc screen with a quick vibrate. Then it goes black for a second and reboots again. No CM screen or anything! I've tried flashing it multiple times, doing factory resets, clearing cache and dalvaic cache. I am at a loss as to what to do next. with the 10.2, instead of rebooting it just gets stuck at the HTC white screen!

OS X Mavericks :: Recovery And Safe Modes Won't Work discussions.apple.com

Can't get either to boot and the macbook pro 2011 is just stuck on white screen. Info: iOS 5, MMS, iPhone 4S

HTC Droid Eris :: Sense Freeze androidforums.com

My sister downloaded the app lockbot free and her words were 'it froze when installed so i restarted my phone and now it's stuck at the HTC screen when i turn my phone on'. She was right in the fact that it won't get past HTC now.. I'm at a loss on what to do besides a factory restore.

HTC EVO 4G :: Download Default Ringtones And Notifications androidforums.com

I am an HTC Incredible user but would like to compare or see if the HTC Evo has different default ringtones and notifications.

BB Curve :: When Got A White Sceen Have Tried Pulling The Battery But It Just Goes Straight Back To The... supportforums.blackberry.com

3 days ago i was using my phone like normal when i got a white sceen, ive tried pulling the battery but it just goes straight back to the white screen. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? Bear in mind i cant connect to Blackberry Software Desktop because for some reason it wont recognise my device, i want to state the phone hasnt been dropped and hasnt been near any water, it just randonly went white.

HTC :: How To Access Safe Mode For Android Incredible androidforums.com

For those of you who don't know...this is how you can boot your incredible into safe mode (newer version). 1 start your phone wait for the white screen 2 hold down your volume down button with one thumb and use your other thumb to press the circular button and the menu button at the same time. 3 hold this until your phone buzzes (then its ok to release the buttons) 4 you phone will start in safe mode...you will see "safe mode" in the lower corner.

General :: Phone Keeps Rebooting After Installing Paranoid ROM? forum.xda-developers.com

I followed the guide on this website to update my HTC One V to Android 4.2.1: URL..... I did everything exactly as the website said but now my phone keeps rebooting!.If it is connected to the PC it keeps rebboting after the HTC logo and if it is not connected to PC it is simply stuck at the HTC logo screen -s13(dot)postimage(dot)org/6hy5sfs2f/IMG_20120530_193934_1(dot)jpg I am so paranoid,this is the first time i've tried rooting or flashing a ROM,is there any way to stop this?

General :: No Service With Rooted HTC Incredible 2 Running Cyanogenmod 10? forum.xda-developers.com

I'm new to rooting phones and today I downgraded my HTC Incredible 2, rooted it, installed CWM Recovery, and flashed CyanogenMod 10 but for some reason my phone's telling me I have no service. What have I done and how can it be fixed?