How To Show Status To User For Long Running Process


Note:- i don't want to use updateprogress etc. control of ajax on button click, long task(e.g thread) runs in my webpage for about 4-5 minutes.I want to show status to user either by a processing image through javascript(image must be shown in a certain part of page other part of page will remain intact) or an exact status of process if possible. i have tried a lot but all in vein.

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I have processes running on the server that show a status of "sleeping" from sp_who and sysprocesses, however they are still running. I run sp_who over and over again and only occasionally the process status shows running, and then switches back to "sleeping" or "defwakeup". I know what all the statuses mean, I just don't know why a running process would ever show as "sleeping". The processes take a very very long time to run as well. Thanks in advance, Steve

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i was create an excel macro to arrange the data in a worksheet, and i want to load a userform to show the user the status of the process...but as you all know, once the userform show, the source code would stop at that step until the userfrom close...how do make the userform show and update it's contents( the status of the process ) while the macro still running to arrange the data in the worksheet?or any other method can do that?

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Hi,I am developing a program where I have to do many long running processes like data import, label generation, etc.Whenever the program runs it just becomes inactive and user is unaware whether the program has hung or is progressing fine. After the process is completed it show the mesg box giving the Process Successful message.I wish to give the users a progress bar which will tell them how much the process has completed and hence avoid the user from trying to kill the process.How can i develop a progress bar for any application without putting additional load on the processor or ram hence affecting the performance of the application.Please advise.Thanks and regardsHitendra

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I have an SQL server with several (100) users connected. When I run a long running process, it severely impacts user performance. The long running process is a store procedure with several cursors. Are there SQL configuration settings that would reduce the impact of these long running processes on other Users?

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I need show the number of process per user, and after the date of the oldest process per user also. With "ps -eo user | sort -u" i get all users that are running any process. And with "ps U username | wc -l" i get the number of process that the user "username" is running. But how can i merge both commands for do what i need? Like a FOR or something like that. There is any method of make a FOR using the list that i get with the first command? And then for show the date of the oldest process.. with "ps U username | sort -k 4" (4 is TIME field) i can show the process of the user "username" sorting they by time. But how can i get the date of the process takes longer running?? I can get only the time, but no the date.

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I have a long running process around 1 and 1/2 hours but after 30 or 45 minutes process is still runnning but IE shows no page foud error and it shows user that it is get expired or some thing wrong with it. but the process I saw was running in background. How to resolve this issue.

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I am writing a program that uses databases and basically does a month end process. I have added a status bar (it's really just a label) to the bottom of my form and when the program is running it updates the status bar with text telling the user where the program is during the process.But the program seems to run so fast that when I update the text on the status bar in the code nothing changes in the way it appears to the user. If I pause the program during the process it will then update the status bar. But it doesn't do it while the programming is running. It is almost as if the program runs to fast. Is there a way that I can fix this. Perhaps by putting a small pause after each update to the text for the status bar (label) or some other method?Any help would be appreciated.

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Module:VB Code:Private Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function GetExitCodeProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, lpExitCode As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)Const STILL_ACTIVE = &H103Const PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION = &H400 Sub Shell32Bit(ByVal jobtodo As String)         Dim hProcess As Long         Dim RetVal As Long          'captures process ID         hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, False, Shell(jobtodo, 0))                      Do              'Get the status of the process             GetExitCodeProcess hProcess, RetVal              'Sleep command recommended as well as DoEvents             DoEvents: Sleep 100                              'Loop while the process is active         Loop While RetVal = STILL_ACTIVEEnd Sub usage:VB Code:Call Shell32Bit("C:ExsternalApp.exe")

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U]confirmer [/u] status statusCount showedJOHN pending* 44 YSteve confirmed 29 NKaren NULL 09 YBob pending* 11 NI'm trying to have a select statement that retrieves all records from a certain date as long as status is not NULL and when status equals pending* showed can not be N.Here is what i have so far.Code:SELECT DISTINCT confermer, status, COUNT(status) as statusCount, showedFROM TS_DATAWHERE LEFT(CONVERT(varchar, _lastcall, 120), 10) = @date AND Status <> 'none' and Status <> 'never call' and (status = 'pending* and showed <> 'N')GROUP BY confermer, status, showedI know its wrong cause its still retrieves records with status = to pending* while showed is 'N'.Please any help would be appreciated.

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HI all, �I have a windows application which runs a process, �I am updating database column "Status" with Processing when the application is running, and on completion I update it with Staus="Completed" or in case I close the application� I update db with Status="Interupted" . I have problem that in case while proces is running, power supply or system turns off, the db Status="Processing", but in actual it is interupted. How will i update? Please help.


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When user hits button on my VB form I go away and process for what could be quite a long time. Is there an function or means that I don't know about that will allow me to send status messages to the screen or form occasionally that don't require user intervention and won't hold up processing (ie; won't stop processing till OK is hit ike Msgbox would - I just want them to know their PC's still alive)? Thanks!

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I run CheckPoint Full Disk Encryption on my MBP 13. It normally has a status icon in the menu bar that I can right click on to get a status of the the program. Well it is missing now however there is still a process being shown in the Activity Monitor, FDEStatusMenu, that is for that. Is there anyway I could go into Terminal and restart that show it shows the icon? (There are no menu options to show it)

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The architecture of the application is straight forward. There is a web application which maintain account holder data. This data is processed and the status of account holders is updated based on number of business rules. This process is initiated using a button on the page and is a long running process (say 15 mins). A component is developed to do this data processing which internally calls stored procedures. Most of the business rules are kept in stored procedure.

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Hi,I'm developing a client/server app in VB.Net. The app has one main panel, and a number of wizards, which I've setup as FixedDialog forms. One of my forms takes a lot of time (1min 30sec) to finish a process, and as the process is running I display a status bar at the end of the form. This causes the following funnies:1. If I ALT-TAB to a different application, then ALT-TAB back to my VB app, the form box displays, but with no content, just a white background with nothing on it. The process is still running though, and when it finishes the next form is displayed okay. 2. Even though I've disabled the buttons etc. on the form when the long process is runnning, if the user clicks on a button, the status bar stops updating. Again, the process is still running, and when it finishes the next form is displayed okay.I've also tried displaying the status bar in a separate modeless form, but the outcome was the same. I've also tried setting the form the Enabled=False when the status bar is building, but still no luck.What I want it to do is when I start this process, I want to disallow the user from doing data entry or pressing anything on the form with the status bar on it, but I still want the user to be able to ALT-TAB to another app while they're waiting.Is there a way to lock out a form and still display a status bar, and still allow ALT-TAB, so that I can achieve the above?Any help is greatly appreciated - this has been driving me mad all day!Thanks,Liam.

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Here's what I am trying to do. I have a website that lets users submit requests that are queued up in a Jobs table that the service picks up and processes. I have a status column in the table that denotes whether the request is queued up for processing or being currenty processed by the service or the service has completed processing the request. The entire process takes a few minutes.I have a Status ASP.NET page in which I will need to show the current status of their request on a real time basis. I want to display some kind of animation and denote the current status. One way I could do this is to have a meta http refresh every x seconds that checks the status of the request (I guess this is how sites such as Expedia, Priceline does it?) would like to prevent a complete page refresh is possible and looking for a AJAX/JQuery solution. How would I implement this? Is polling the correct approach?

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I want to know how can I check if the ( currently running one )process is hung or not? Is there any command or something that I can check the running/hang status?What I know is from "ps auxww |grep 'process_ID' " I can have current process' status like S (Sleep), R (Running) , Z (zombie) etc.. But my question is how can I check if the process is running or not..

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So, I have a Wait function:VB Code:Sub Wait(ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)Dim lStartTime As LonglStartTime = GetTickCountDoDoEventsLoop Until GetTickCount >= lStartTime + dwMillisecondsEnd Sub And then I have my 'main' code:VB Code:Sub Standby()Wait (Waitt)Do:If Running = False Then GoTo StoppSendKeys "{UP}"If Running = False Then GoTo StoppWait (Upp)If Running = False Then GoTo StoppSendKeys "{DOWN}"If Running = False Then GoTo StoppWait (Downn)If Running = False Then GoTo StoppLoopStopp:Status.Caption = "Status: Stopped"End Sub And before all that, the assigning of the variables:VB Code:Private Sub Start_Click()Dim Upp As LongDim Downn As LongDim Waitt As LongUpp = txtUp.TextDownn = txtDown.TextWaitt = txtWait.TextUpp = Upp * 1000Downn = Downn * 1000Waitt = Waitt * 1000Label4.Caption = UppLabel5.Caption = DownnLabel6.Caption = WaittRunning = TrueStatus.Caption = "Status: Standbying"StandbyEnd Sub So, while the code is being executed, the labels show the variables correctly, as in Lavel4.Caption shows, in this instance, 2000, Label5 shows 4000, etc.However, when putting those same variables with the same values into the wait function, the code DOES NOT wait, or it waits for 2 milliseconds, of 4 milliseconds. Whatever it does, it doesn't wait long enough.However, if I put a direct value into the wait function; say, 2000, then it does wait for 2 seconds.Can anyone point me on the right paths as to what I'm doing wrong?

How To NOT Wait For Exit Using Impersonataion.RunProcess In C#/ stackoverflow.com

What I want to know is if there is a way to NOT wait for a process when using impersonation. There's no overloads so I'm not sure how to do this. // always waits for exit to continue Impersonation.RunProcess(someProcessPath); The reason I want to do this is that I have a long executing application that processes large files, but I want to deliver a success response to the client that the process has began before directing them to a status page. I cannot run the process with a normal process.Start() because the IUSER needs to impersonate an elevated user account.I've even tried using process.StartInfo after Impersonation.Login() and supplying a un/pass, but I think the "logged in" status is part of the static Impersonation class only. if (Impersonation.Logon(LoginCredentials.UserName, LoginCredentials.Password)) { // this fails with an invalid privileges exit code [code]....

Show Realtime Cpu Usage Via Unix Using Top Command www.vbforums.com

currently i am working on a project to help our customers troubleshoot our products, our products have the availabilty to be access via telnet, i can use the top command to show top provides an view of processor activity in real time. This utility reads the status for all processes in /proc each <seconds> and shows the status for however many processes will fit on the screen. This utility will not show processes that are started after program startup, but it will show the EXIT status for and PIDs that exit while it is running. I am looking to but this into my project in real time and show a graph do you think this can be achived ?

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I will explain it in Simple I have a Default Page with a button, upon clicking invokes a Web Service through jquery.ajax which runs a background process(like for 60 secs). I want to show the real process of the Background Process on the Default Page.I have created a handler which reads process status from WebService to Update the Default page.I have made another jquery.ajax call to the handler to retrieve the current status. But the Problem is the second ajax call returns values only after the First one completes. Can you please guide me to show the status with out waiting for the background process to complete.

Bad Process Handle Returned By OpenProcess www.vbcity.com

I have noticed a perplexing behavior with the OpenProcess() API call. I am fairly well versed in this and the GetExitCodeProcess() API calls since my application needs to exert a fine degree of control over applications launched by the user (via my Shell call in VB).I have set up an timer to call a subroutine CheckApps() once every 500 ms from my code. I maintain a collection of objects, each one representing an application that was launched by the user. Among the things I keep track of is the Process ID returned by the shell call.In CheckApps() I first call OpenProcess() with the Process ID. I then use the handle returned by OpenProcess to call GetExitCodeProcess(). This in turn gives me the exitCode status, to help me determine if the application laucnhed by the user has been shut down. (See code segment below)For 99% of the time this all works fine. However, once in a while when I launch Word (and Word is the only app I have this problem with), I get what appears to be a valid Process ID, however, a subsequent call to OpenProcess() produces a process handle of ZERO! This of course does not allow me to obtain the exitCode status in future calls to GetExitCodeProcess(), which renders my ability to check if that app is still running, useless.Is there anyone out there who:1) Has seen this type of behavior, and2) If so, knows what to do about itHelp!Code follows ...Code:Public Sub LaunchApp(ByRef oApp As CApp)  Dim lProcessID As Long  Dim sCmdLine As String  Dim oRunningApp As New CRunningApp  ' launch the app  sCmdLine = oApp.AppPath  lProcessID = Shell(sCmdLine, vbNormalFocus)    ' add it to the running app list  oRunningApp.StartTime = CDate(CStr(Time) & " " & CStr(Date))  oRunningApp.ProcessID = lProcessID  oRunningApp.Remove = False  oRunningApp.App = oApp  Call m_oRunningApps.AddRun(oRunningApp, False)  ' notify server of app start (AS:AppName,StartTime,Station)  Call SendSocketMessage("AS~", ...)End SubCode:Public Sub CheckApps()  Dim hProcess As Long  Dim exitCode As Long  Dim lSeconds As Long  Dim oRunningApp As CRunningApp    ' loop to check for status change in running app  For Each oRunningApp In m_oRunningApps.Run_Col    ' get status and exitcode of app    hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, False, oRunningApp.ProcessID)    Call GetExitCodeProcess(hProcess, exitCode)    ' see if still running    If exitCode <> STATUS_PENDING Or hProcess = 0 Then      ' nope, close out the handle, if still there      If hProcess <> 0 Then        ' but only if handle non-zero        Call CloseHandle(hProcess)      End If            ' get duration of run (in seconds)      oRunningApp.StopTime = CDate(CStr(Time) & " " & CStr(Date))      lSeconds = DateDiff("s", oRunningApp.StartTime, oRunningApp.StopTime)             ' notify server of app end (AE:AppName,StopTime,Duration)      Call SendSocketMessage("AE~", ...)           ' display the run time in seconds      MsgBox ("Application: " & oRunningApp.App.AppName _        & Chr(13) _        & "ran for: " & LTrim(Str(lSeconds)) & " seconds")            ' mark for removal since no longer running      oRunningApp.Remove = True    End If  Next oRunningApp    ' clear apps that are no longer running  m_oRunningApps.CleanDeadAppsEnd SubEdited by - etishler on 6/2/2003 9:29:12 AM

Do Background Processing Without Using Windows Service? stackoverflow.com

I have an web application which needs some calculations and processing on data. This job is a long running job(few hours). Job is initiated by user. Requirement. User Clicks on Process Data. Some functions are called to start data processing. Data Processing runs for hours. User is given feedback of percentage completed etc. Even if user logs off and then again log on he should get this feedback. The requirement is somewhat similar to Spiceworks. Where it runs in background to detect the devices/computers in network and the user is notified in his page about the progress. But spicework uses windows service. We don't want to us windows service. Now the question is. What if user closes the page, will the task still run in background. This task has to be completed fully.If terminated in between output will not have any meaning. How to actually to design this long running process. In ASP.Net environment. Also is there a way to show all/same user who logs in the status of processing.

Ajax - Implement Real Time Updates? stackoverflow.com

I have seen several websites that show you a real time update of what's going on in the database. An example could be. A stock ticker website that shows stock prices in real time Showing data like "What other users are searching for currently.." I'd assume this would involve some kind of polling mechanism that queries the database every few seconds and renders it on a web page. But the thought scares me when I think about it from the performance standpoint. In an application I am working on, I need to display the real time status of an operation that a user has submitted. Users wait for the process to be completed. As and when an operation is completed, the status is updated by another process (could be a windows service). Should I query the database every second to get the updated status?

Implementation Of Ajax Status Check? stackoverflow.com

My application is written in symfony 1.4 and PHP locks session data until a page completes processing. I have a long running (~10 second) login script and I want to display a progress bar showing the user what is being done while they wait. (I want to actually display what is being done and not use a standard [faux] loading bar.) Whenever a script calls session_start(), PHP locks that user's session data until that script completes. This prevents my status check ajax calls from returning anything until the longer running script completes. (My question on why my ajax calls were not asynchronous is here.) I have devised a way to do this but I want to make sure this way is secure enough for general purposes (i.e.- this is not a banking application). My idea is: On authentication of username & password (before the long login script starts), a cookie is set on the client computer with a unique identifier. This same unique identifier is written to a file on the server along with the client IP address. While the long login script runs, it will update that file with the status of the login process. The ajax status check will ping the server on a special page that does not use session_start(). This page will get the cookie value and the client IP and check the server side file for any status updates.

CPanel :: PHP Scripts Running More Than Hour forums.cpanel.net

One user account has quite heavy Wordpress blog and last week i found this account is running php processed that are not killed for a long time.. at Home »Server Status »Apache Status i see 2 processes: POST /wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1425434809.05796098709106445312 POST /wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1425453710.31721806526184082031"SS" value is: 26849 and 7948 (2 processes)"SSSeconds since beginning of most recent request""Req" value (Milliseconds required to process most recent request) is around 300 000 for both processes. so i want to ask what to check to discover why these are still runing even i have max_execution time 30 seconds? Server Version: Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) Server Built: Jan 16 2015 11:33:36

How To Cancel A Loop www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello Everyone,I have a little print routine in my program that prints selected labels...works fine. However, I would like to have a way to stop the loop if the user clicks a Cancel button which in turns stops the printing.The problem is, while the loop is processing. I cannot determine if the user clicked the button it just keeps processing. How can I stop the loop for a second, test if cancel was pressed?Example Code:Dim L as integer'Sets up the label on our status box telling the'user what we are doing.StatusBoxLabel = "Printing Label " & Str(L) 'Show the status box which is a picture box'with a progressbar control on itStatusBox.Visible = True'Setup the progressbar on the status boxProgressBar.Min = 0ProgressBar.Max = UBound(printtagquene())ProgressBar.Value = 0'Refresh status boxStatusBox.Refresh'Now start the loop for printingFor L = 0 To UBound(printtagquene()) 'Update the status box label with what we are printing StatusBoxLabel = "Printing Label " & Str(QL) 'Refresh the label so it gets updated StatusBoxLabel.Refresh '**** Send item to printer here **** 'Update the progressbar ProgressBar.Value = LNext LHow do I check if user has pressed a button thepicture box while in the above loop. I tried everythingthat I'm aware of, but it only triggers after the loopfinishes.Thx

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Hi, Does anyone know what the following process status : running, sleeping, runnable, or background means?

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frmMain - Allows user to pick process or combination of processes they want to run frmProcess - Shows progress of their selection I have three modules. Each runs a specific process. The frmMain allows the user to run any one of the three modules individually or all together in a single process (basically, runs the one after the other until done). [Code]...

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I am using Vb 2005 to develope a windows service, i have completed a long flow,but at the end i am having a little problem.When i use process.start("abc.exe"), it didnt show me But when i have a little more analysis of the problem i noticed that its running in background by making windows service as its parten process, So it means process runs but as a service how i can show that application on desktop?

How To Make A Concurrent AJAX WCF Web Service Request During An Async Postback stackoverflow.com

I want to provide status updates during a long-running task on an ASP.NET WebForms page with AJAX.Is there a way to get the ScriptManager to execute and process a script for a web service request concurrently with an async postback? I have a script on the page that makes a web service request. It runs on page load and periodically using setInterval(). It's running correctly before the async postback is initiated, but it stops running during the async postback, and doesn't run again until after the async postback completes.

AJAX :: Sending Updates To The User On Long Running Process? forums.asp.net

I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an asp.net page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

Ajax - Long Process And Sending Updates To Browser stackoverflow.com

I've asked this before but I was hoping for another answer and perhaps some code samples because I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an asp.net page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

Reading All Running Windows Processes social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have the code below that reads all the processes running. Dim procList() As Process = Process.GetProcesses() For i As Integer = 0 To UBound(procList) Dim strProcName As String = procList(i).ProcessName 'msgbox(strProcName) Next I want to know what company the process belongs to, like the status bar in windows explorer shows the executable info: "Description: Windows Explorer", Company: Microsoft Corporation" and so on. Is it possible?

Shows Up In Task Manager. www.vbforums.com

I'm writing a program in WindowsXP that I don't want to clutter up the users taskmanager window under Applications when its running. Now at first I figured I would have to register it as a service in the API but I found out that you can no longer do that in XP.I was wondering if anyone else knew how to remove it from the Applications menu, and only make it show up if the click on the Processes menu next too it which shows all exes running.Thanks for any help which you can render.

VS 2008 Updating Progress Bar? www.vbforums.com

I have two forms:frmMain - Allows user to pick process or combination of processes they want to runfrmProcess - Shows progress of their selectionI have three modules. Each runs a specific process.The frmMain allows the user to run any one of the three modules individually or all together in a single process (basically, runs the one after the other until done).

Show A Text Value In A Column In Gridview In .net? stackoverflow.com

I have a GridView to show user detail like name,phone,and status(active,suspend).my problem is that in database the user status in from of integer like 1 for Active and 0 for suspend.now while i am showing data to user in GridView I want to show Active and suspend Text according to status in database 1 or 0. I am not getting where to check for this condition in Asp.Net I am new in asp. I have done it in php also.like if($fetch->user_status==1) echo "Active" else echo "suspend"

Web Forms :: Changing Label Content From A Button Click Code? forums.asp.net

I have a asp.net page - manageCustomer.aspx with a button 'SyncCustomers'. When this button is clicked, customer records will be taken one by one from one database and syncd with another database. As it is a long running process, when this button is clicked and process starts, I want to show present status in a label box of the same manageCustomer.aspx page. But inside this button click event, where I have codings for this process, when I try to update text of label box, its not changing in that page. only when all process were completed,last text that i gave for label box is displayed. So, How to give updates of running process in a label?

Ubuntu :: An Error Occurred While Mounting /media/6092-594B ubuntuforums.org

My linux mint while booting shows an error: An error occurred while mounting /media/6092-594B. There are two options : Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery. I have tried press S, but nothing happens. Showing that code: fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sda7: clean, 366872/2943360 files, 9301096/11765248 blocks init: unreadahead-other main process (843) terminated with status 4 init: unreadahead-other main process (848 ) terminated with status 4 mount: /media//6092-594B not mounted already, or bad option [Code].....

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Dear All I have problem with my database server which running SQL server 2000. The server running very slow. The worst case, to save a record required more than 20-30 seconds. Since this problem, I usually monitoring Process Info from Enterprise Manager (Management - Current Activity), and I found a misterious process as follow : 1. User: System AccessTo: Master Status: Background Common: Task Manager Waiting: >438 Million 2. User: System AccessTo: Master Status: Background Common: Task Manager Physical IO: > 51000 3. User: Administrator (Join domain) Database: MSDB Status: Sleeping Common: Awaiting Command App: SQL Agent Alert Engine CPU Usage: > 16 Million Anybody know about these condition? Does it normal? Thanks Michael

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I have 2 textboxes and one checkbox on the form.the textboxes allows user to set the interval of process to execute.Textbox1 = txthoursTextbox2 = txtminutesnow what I want is that when user tick the checkbox then application should run a timer to show the time remaining to execute the process.Suppose user set values as followstxthours = 1txtminutes = 15In statusbar it will show like Time Remaining 1:15:00As soon user will check the checkbox then it should start calculating time remaining Like this after every second1:14:591:14:581:14:57every time it should show the new value in the statusbar after calculating the time every second.Thanks in advance

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From the MSDN:Quote:DoEvents is most useful for simple things like allowing a user to cancel a process after it has started, for example a search for a file. For long-running processes, yielding the processor is better accomplished by using a Timer or delegating the task to an ActiveX EXE component.. In the latter case, the task can continue completely independent of your application, and the operating system takes case of multitasking and time slicing.Can anyone show me an example of the code to "yield the processor" in the Timer event?

Invalid Row Value? www.vbforums.com

Hey guys I'm writing a program which checks the link status of users connected in a network basically. I have a grid (grdStatus) in the form which shows the status of these users and Column 2 is the column which shows whether the link is up or down. If sending and receiving of data to opposing user is available it will show a green in the Column 2. If only receiving data from opposing user, it will show yellow. While if both sending and receiving to opposing user is not through, then it will show red. So I was writing this small function which returns a certain value for the link status of each station. The code is as follows:VB Code:Public Sub CheckStatus()   Dim i as Integer   With grdStatus   For i = 1 to .Rows      .Col = 2      .Row = i      Select Case .CellBackColor         Case QBColor(RCV_OK)            arrLinkStatus(i) = 1         Case QBColor(SEND_RCV_OK)            arrLinkStatus(i) = 2         Case QBColor(NOT_OK)            arrLinkStatus(i) = 3      End Select   Next i   End WithEnd Sub When I try to run the program, it gives me an error which says Invalid Row Value. Anyone knows what's wrong with that?(BTW this is on VB6)

Exit Code www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a long process to run, roughly 30 minutes, because it is so long I want to give the user a chance to escape out of the process. Can I set an 'on goto' in the code so if the user selects a cancel button it will exit the code? Basically the same as the 'on error goto' statement. ie 'on cmdCancel_click goto'.I would be extremely gratefull for any help.Ben

Display The Correct Number Of Comments For Status System? stackoverflow.com

I'm creating a system where users can write their current status and other users can comment. If anyone has commented on a user's status the user will get notified, but I'm having an issue coding this behavior. My desired behavior is this: if i have one comment on my status (by one user, of course): echo "user has commented your status" If I have two comments in 2 of my statuses (and the both are from same user): "user has commented your status" "user has commented your status" (the text should be printed twice, each for one status) If I have 3 comments in my 2 statuses (where the 1st status has 1 comment from one user, and the second has 2 by different users) echo "More than one users has commented your status" echo "user has commented your status" So if I have 2 comments in 1 status (where both comments are different user and NOT the same) echo "More than one users has commented your status" To summarize: my system should only echo one time for EACH status notification. If its one comment from one user, or more comment in one status, from one user, you will get: echo "user has commented your status" but if comments come from different users in one status, you will get: echo "more than one has commented your status When a user comments, it also saves in users_msgs a row, with: uID | nData | icon uID contains the status creator's id (not the id of the user who commented) icon contains the commenting user's id. nData contains the status id. The only thing that I know should be done is that in the query should be uID = '$USER' (where $USER is the id of the signed-in user). But how do I check if there's more than one user that has commented per status id (nData), and if not show a single message of user has commented on your status.

How To Show The Percentage Of Status Of Progressbar? www.codeguru.com

hi,i placed a progressbar and a textbox in a picture box and placed it picture control and kept in status bar under MDI form.now i had some procedures,for examplesubproCheckTestssubproCheckParameterssubproWriteTestIntoDatabasesubproWriteParametersIntoDatabasesubproWriteValuesIntoDatabasenow each procedure will take around more than 30 seconds or more than that.iam able to show the process in a progressbar which is kept under MDI Form.by placing this code iam able to show the process likemdiForm.progressbar1.value=10pronamemdiForm.progressbar1.value=30proname1mdiForm.progressbar1.value=50proname2mdiForm.progressbar1.value=100i kept an hour glass for the user to wait.now the problem is i want to show the process in a percentage bar in textbox kept in the status bar,till the process completes.could,please any body suggest me the solutionregardsvarma_varma@rediffmail.com

Messagebox Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

Morning All,Have tried to search for this but site won't let me...I need to have a message box (or message of some type) pop up and give the user a status response as to what the app is doing.However, when using msgbox it brings the app to a halt.How do I show a message but still allow the app to run and process whatever calculating it doing and remove the message when its done.Thanks

General :: Setuid Process Cannot See Processes Owned By That User superuser.com

I would like to give a non-root user (nicollet) the ability to detect and send a signal to processes started by Apache2 (those processes are FastCGI scripts and the signal tells them to empty their cache). The processes are owned by the web user (www-data), and I'm running on Debian unstable. I can't find any way to have the nicollet user see those processes. The processes are running and can see by both root and www-data: root@linux-01:~# ps -Af | grep baryton www-data 17649 17648 0 10:27 ? 00:00:00 baryton www-data 28145 1 0 Nov01 ? 00:00:12 baryton --bot root 18701 18700 0 10:46 pts/0 00:00:00 grep baryton root@linux-01:~# [Code].... The most surprising is that the grep process is indeed run by www-data (because it's started from a setuid executable) and is visible, but the baryton process isn't. What's going on here? Why can ps run by www-data show those processes, but ps run by a setuid executable running as www-data cannot, when it's started by nicollet?

Progress Bar IN Status Bar ??? www.vbforums.com

Hi all, can someone tell me how to use a status bar's panel so it can show a progress bar ? You know... like when you compact a Database in Access... it shows you the process execution in a panel of the status bar.Is it by using the picture property of the Panels collection in the status bar ?I know someone got to know this one...C'mon Gurus !!!Thx all :-)

Integration Between Webservices And Website stackoverflow.com

I have some web services running on a central server(Debian) on Apache. I have multiple remote machines which call these webservices. One of the webservice is a status/healthcheck webservice - each remote machine has a cronjob which calls the status webservice every minute. Basically the point of this status webservice is to send requests back to the machines as a response to the status webservice. I also have a website running on the same central server. I want to have communication between the status webservice & the website. i.e. someone can click on an option on the website & ask to send request 'X' to Remote Machine 'Y'. If the webservice were a running process, the website would just communicate this to the webservice & the webservice would send this next time it gets a status call from that Machine. However, since the webservice is not a process

Page Linkage Failed forums.databasejournal.com

When I run : SP_DBOPTION HIS, 'SINGLE USER', TRUE GO DBCC CHECKDB(HIS) GO DBCC NEWALLOC(HIS) GO SP_DBOPTION HIS, 'SINGLE USER', FALSE GO I receive "linkage failed for INDID 1; processed 1 pages" in the error log, I assumed the database is damage, but when I run "select name from master..sysdatabases where status & 256 = 256", no rows return which means the database is not corrupt, or when I run "dbcc checktable" no errors are produce. What is Page linkage failed telling me?

Page Linkage Failed forums.databasejournal.com

When I run : SP_DBOPTION HIS, 'SINGLE USER', TRUE GO DBCC CHECKDB(HIS) GO DBCC NEWALLOC(HIS) GO SP_DBOPTION HIS, 'SINGLE USER', FALSE GO I receive "linkage failed for INDID 1; processed 1 pages" in the error log, I assumed the database is damage, but when I run "select name from master..sysdatabases where status & 256 = 256", no rows return which means the database is not corrupt, or when I run "dbcc checktable" no errors are produce. What is Page linkage failed telling me?

Java - Save A Process Resource From Proc_open In Order To Check The Status Later On? stackoverflow.com

I'm running a sh script that runs a java process through php on ubuntu server. I'm using proc_open for running the process. usually the Workflow goes like : request a page -> script runs (until it's finished) -> result page. In my case the script runs in parallel so the server won't wait until the script is finished (it takes hours sometimes so it can't) , so I need to save that resource somehow to follow it later (status of the process or just stopping it).

AJAX :: PageMethod Does Not Respond? forums.asp.net

I have a long running process that i kick off with a pagemethod that normally takes about an hour to complete, when it is finished it returns the result of the method.I then poll with another pagemethod to update the status of the first process.the process is taking 4.5 hours this week which is acceptable and understandable, but the feedback sometimes gives up after a couple of hours and sometimes the main method never returns any feedback to the client. Regardless of the lack of status updates and final feedback the server still completes the long task.As far as i'm aware we have made no changes to any timeout values.is there a timeout setting that we are hitting that is above 1 hour for ajax methods?

Missing Files After Using File System Task social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi All, I don't know if anyone faced this issue. We are having a strange problem. Our process was working well when it was implemented on 32 bit processor.IT ran perfectly for 6 months with out a problem.�But when we moved the packages to a 64 bit machine, this issue along with some other issues started to show up. The issue is we are missing files in the source folder. Our process is designed such that a source process, brings in a file and updates a status for the file in a audit table. The ETL process picks up the file, then assigns the status as ��running�� when SRC process is complete and loads into Target DB, and updates ETL status to complete. But current problem is the ETL is losing files after it assigns the status as running. When we looked into the DB weather the data is loaded, we could not find any data related to these files. we are have mapping level parameters for source path and target path. We are using a For Each Loop task, and processing files(which are simple flat files) in the source path. The file name is stored in the mapping level parameter. Once the file is process we are moving them into a target path. Our src and target file paths are on the same drive, just have src folder, inside src folder we have processed folder and failed folder. So files are picked from the source folder and moved into processed folder after processing. The files are not even moved to a failed folder. There are lot other processing going on this box, and the trend observed is that when more processors are running at peak hour, the missing files�� count is more. Right now we are refetching those files, as a work around, but does any one has any suggestion why this is happening or any better implementation suggestions? Thanks �

What Does Sleeping Process Will Do forums.databasejournal.com

what does the sleeping process will do I am running the following stored procedure the cpu value is increasing by time. I am killing old process manually. How to stop the sleeping processing. CREATE PROCEDURE SP_MONITOR2 AS select spid, hostname,cpu,status,datediff(mi,last_batch,getdate ())Diff_in_Min from sysprocesses where hostname <>'' and last_batch <>'1900-01-01 00:00:00.000' order by Diff_in_Min desc the output is spid hostname cpu status Diff_in_Min ------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- ------------------------------ ----------- 47 EADMIN2 3662 sleeping 75 9 SETUP6500 11375 sleeping 60 82 EADMIN2 13271 sleeping 59 7 EADMIN2 5147 sleeping 49 27 EADMIN2 4647 sleeping 49

Execute A CURL Call From Postgres Trigger? stackoverflow.com

I have to create a process call on a db field(s) being a certain status. I have heard you can execute a cURL call with a db trigger but Google is not being kind enough to return anything I can use. So I guess my question is three parts: Workflow: db field is updated with status, need to kick off script/request/process that run the next step in my work flow (This is a PHP script) that will pull the recorded in the db and process another step, then update the db with the results.

How To Check If A Process Is Running? www.vbforums.com

I want to make my application as user friendly as possible with minimal chances of crashing. I've done lots of error handling and am stuck on the following part.I want to make a "Load" button that will check whether a specific process is running. For example, let's say I want to make the "Load" button check if PacWorld is running. How would I go about it?The following code is what's in my module that does the actual writing to the memory. I want to split this somehow so it's in 2 functions; 1) for checking if the process is running, hence the "Load" button2) for the actual writing to the memory of that process.Code:Public Function WriteLong(Offset As Long, WindowName As String, Value As Long) As Boolean Dim hwnd As Long Dim ProcessID As Long Dim ProcessHandle As Long 'Try to find the window that was passed in the variable WindowName to this function. hwnd = FindWindow(vbNullString, "PacWorld") If hwnd = 0 Then 'This is executed if the window cannot be found. Form1.lblStatus = "Error: PacWorld.exe not found!" Exit Function Else Form1.lblStatus = "PacWorld.exe loaded!" End If 'Get the window's process ID. GetWindowThreadProcessId hwnd, ProcessID 'Get a process handle ProcessHandle = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, False, ProcessID) If ProcessHandle = 0 Then 'This is executed if a process handle cannot be found. Form1.lblStatus = "Couldn't get the process handle!" Exit Function End If 'Write a LONG value to the specified memory offset. WriteProcessMemory ProcessHandle, Offset, Value, 4, 0& 'It is important to close the current process handle. CloseHandle ProcessHandleEnd FunctionSo to clarify, the "Load" button isn't loading anything. It will just check if the process is running and tell the user if it is or not using lblStatus. Think of the button as "Check if process is running". Sorry for any confusion.

Kill, List - Processes www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need to build a program that get's a list of all the processes that running on my PC,If she found Process that found on her list, she kill the process.I think i need to use the API function "EnumProcesses"Anyone know how to use the finction (or another way) to killget listof all the processes?---------------------------------------Code:Declare Function EnumProcesses Lib "PSAPI.DLL" (ByRef lpidProcess As Long, ByVal cb As Long, ByRef cbNeeded As Long) As Long--------------------------------------If someone help me to get a list of prorecess with ID and maybe location, I think i can do the rest...

Scrollbar/MultiLine Text Box www.vbforums.com

I have a mulitline textbox that shows the progress of the app as it runs. When it is finished the text is far longer than the textbox. Is there a way that the scrollbar can automatically scroll down with the text as it appears so that the user can see the up to date status of the program?

Kill Previous Process www.vbforums.com

I am new to VB coding...I am requesting all experts to give me thier valuable feed back...Requirement is: -I am developing a small VB application which is having following requirementWhen I will open the new instance of the application it will check whether its previous instance is already running or not...If its previous instance is already running then this new instance will close its previous instance without any warnings...I think this can be achieved by killing previous process by its process ID...but my code is not working...Please help me...Code:' Function for detecting previous instance Public Sub DetectApplication()Dim m_hWnd As LongapplicationStatus = False m_hWnd = FindWindow(vbNullString, "Screen") If m_hWnd > 0 Then 'MsgBox "Program " & App.Title & " is already running..." applicationStatus = True ProcessTerminate , m_hWnd Exit Sub End If'Screen.Show End Sub' Terminate process functionPrivate Declare Function SetWindowPos Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, _ ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal cx As Long, _ ByVal cy As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long Public applicationStatus As Boolean Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long Private Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As Long Private Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long Private Declare Function TerminateProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, ByVal uExitCode As Long) As Long Private Declare Function GetWindowThreadProcessId Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, lpdwProcessId As Long) As Long Private Declare Function AdjustTokenPrivileges Lib "advapi32.dll" (ByVal TokenHandle As Long, ByVal DisableAllPrivileges As Long, NewState As TOKEN_PRIVILEGES, ByVal BufferLength As Long, PreviousState As TOKEN_PRIVILEGES, ReturnLength As Long) As Long Private Declare Function OpenProcessToken Lib "advapi32.dll" (ByVal ProcessHandle As Long, ByVal DesiredAccess As Long, TokenHandle As Long) As Long Private Declare Function LookupPrivilegeValue Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias "LookupPrivilegeValueA" (ByVal lpSystemName As String, ByVal lpName As String, lpLuid As LUID) As Long Private Declare Function GetCurrentProcess Lib "kernel32" () As Long Private Type LUID LowPart As Long HighPart As Long End Type Private Type LUID_AND_ATTRIBUTES pLuid As LUID Attributes As Long End Type Private Type TOKEN_PRIVILEGES PrivilegeCount As Long TheLuid As LUID Attributes As Long End Type Function ProcessTerminate(Optional lProcessID As Long, Optional lHwndWindow As Long) As Boolean Dim lhwndProcess As Long Dim lExitCode As Long Dim lRetVal As Long Dim lhThisProc As Long Dim lhTokenHandle As Long Dim tLuid As LUID Dim tTokenPriv As TOKEN_PRIVILEGES, tTokenPrivNew As TOKEN_PRIVILEGES Dim lBufferNeeded As Long Const PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS = &H1F0FFF, PROCESS_TERMINATE = &H1 Const ANYSIZE_ARRAY = 1, TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES = &H20 Const TOKEN_QUERY = &H8, SE_DEBUG_NAME As String = "SeDebugPrivilege" Const SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED = &H2 On Error Resume Next If lHwndWindow Then 'Get the process ID from the window handle lRetVal = GetWindowThreadProcessId(lHwndWindow, lProcessID) End If If lProcessID Then 'Give Kill permissions to this process lhThisProc = GetCurrentProcess OpenProcessToken lhThisProc, TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES Or TOKEN_QUERY, lhTokenHandle LookupPrivilegeValue "", SE_DEBUG_NAME, tLuid 'Set the number of privileges to be change tTokenPriv.PrivilegeCount = 1 tTokenPriv.TheLuid = tLuid tTokenPriv.Attributes = SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED 'Enable the kill privilege in the access token of this process AdjustTokenPrivileges lhTokenHandle, False, tTokenPriv, Len(tTokenPrivNew), tTokenPrivNew, lBufferNeeded 'Open the process to kill lhwndProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_TERMINATE, 0, lProcessID) If lhwndProcess Then 'Obtained process handle, kill the process ProcessTerminate = CBool(TerminateProcess(lhwndProcess, lExitCode)) Call CloseHandle(lhwndProcess) End If End If On Error GoTo 0End FunctionPublic Sub FormOnTop(hWindow As Long, bTopMost As Boolean) Const SWP_NOSIZE = &H1 Const SWP_NOMOVE = &H2 Const SWP_NOACTIVATE = &H10 Const SWP_SHOWWINDOW = &H40 Const HWND_TOPMOST = -1 Const HWND_NOTOPMOST = -2 wFlags = SWP_NOMOVE Or SWP_NOSIZE Or SWP_SHOWWINDOW Or SWP_NOACTIVATE Select Case bTopMost Case True Placement = HWND_TOPMOST Case False Placement = HWND_NOTOPMOST End Select SetWindowPos hWindow, Placement, 0, 0, 0, 0, wFlagsEnd Sub

Task Scheduler And Running Application In Foreground www.sevenforums.com

My requirement is to start an application (UI based) in the foreground as soon as the PC boots (whether user is logged in or not). I added a task to the task scheduler & configured it to run under the same account as my foreground logon account. I am seeing the task is scheduled but it is running in the background. Also observed that task manager is not showing the process unless I click on the button "Show processes from all users".

Help With VB's WebBrowser Control --Resolved-- www.vbforums.com

My app uses the WebBrowser control to post some data to a webpage which will process the data.The problem I'm having is ending the VB program AFTER the webpage has finished loading.I've tried a "timeout" loop to check the status of it's Busy state or it READYSTATE_COMPLETE, but running a loop immediately after the WebBrowser starts running stops it's process until the loop ends.The program is supposed to run "silently". I have found that adding a messagebox immediately after starting the WebBrowser allows it to finish processing, but I can't have that. I need the program to continue running, checking the state of the WebBrowser until it's finished being busy or until it times out.Thanks!-- I found a solution in DoEvents. I run a loop which continues while MyBrowser.Busy is true. It calls DoEvents to allow the processes to continue until MyBrowser.Busy is no longer true, then it ends. I've read that there are some possible problems with DoEvents. Taking those issues into consideration, I feel that my app will run properly regardless of possible issues. For future reference here's the code:Do While wbrBrowser.Busy DoEventsLoopThanks!--

Countdown Timer www.vbforums.com

On one of my forms i have 3 textboxes that are used to enter how long i want my program to run for. Hours, Minutes and seconds.On my main form it would be nice to have in the bottom left of the status bar, a countdown from the time entered on the other form to zero so the user can see how long the program has got left to run...How do i do this???Matt

False Process Handle www.codeguru.com

We are using the OpenProcess API to look for a process handle based on a process id and are getting a false handle back. Here's some code:Code:Public ProcID As LongPublic Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hObject As Long) As LongPublic Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccessas As Long, ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcId As Long) As LongPublic Sub ShellExe(MyExe As String) ProcID = Shell(MyExe, vbNormalFocus)End Sub'Later we check to see if this process is still running...Public Function IsRunning() As Boolean Dim Process_Handle As Long Process_Handle = OpenProcess(PROCESS_TERMINATE Or SYNCHRONIZE, 0, ProcID) If Process_Handle <> 0 Then IsRunning = True CloseHandle Process_Handle End IfEnd FunctionThis function is returning true even when we know the process is no longer running. We can look in task manager and see that there are no processes with that ID running yet we get a valid process handle for it. We have verified that the process id we get from the shell command is the same as what we see in the PID in task manager when the exe is running.This application is running on hundreds of machines and all different OSs, but we have this problem on 2 PCs running XP pro sp1. We have checked user rights to rule out adminstrative access problems with the APIs. This exe is not an ActiveX exe and is not running as a service. Just a straight exe.Any ideas on why this API would be returning a process handle for a process that is not running?Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

Terminating An External App www.codeguru.com

I'm currently writing a class to start external applications (to use in place of Shell). I'm using CreateProcess to start the app, and am providing methods to my class so that users can check the status as part of a loop, or suspend all VB code as long as the app is running (waiting for it to finish).I now want to add the functionality to force the app to terminate. I've been reading up on ExitProcess and TerminateProcess. As near as I can tell, ExitProcess terminates the existing process (since it doesn't take a process handle) - somewhat like the VB End command. But TerminateProcess says that it doesn't notifiy any DLL's attached to the process when it kills it (unlike ExitProcess). I'm concerned about the possible impact on the users system, since the overall application will be spawning- and potentially terminating- applications (that's it's main purpose), if DLL attachments are not cleared.Is this something I should be concerned about?And is there some way to manually detach the DLL's, without even knowing if there are any attached to the given process?Unfortunatley, this is for my employer, so I'm not at liberty to post the code.Thanks for any help :-)- ShawnGame ProgrammerHumongous Entertainment, Inc.

Android :: Place An Icon In Status Bar / Not Notification? groups.google.com

I want to place an icon in the status bar when my service is started. I know how to send notifications to the status bar, but what I want is to show only an icon at the right, like the WIFI icon when WIFI is on, the antenna icon when "GoogleMaps" is on, etc. My service will send notifications to the status bar when needed, but also I want the user to know that the service is running placing an icon at the right. Is that possible?

Add An Onclick Event To The OK Button Of The Javascript Confirm Box? stackoverflow.com

I am working with a .Net 1.1 web application. There is a Save button that, when clicked, will pop up the Javascript confirm box. Once the user clicks OK a long running process is kicked off. We would like to show a busy indicator when the user clicks the OK button of the confirm dialog.

Using C# - How To Set A Content Page Property When Users Clicks On A TabStrip (user Control) In Master... stackoverflow.com

I have a web page (Orders.aspx) that gets some orders and show them in a Gridview .The orders list I get from DB is depend on a field named Status. The page has a master page that contains a Tab user control. The user control has several tabs and every tab has a different Status. Therefor, when the user clicks on every tab, I want to pass a value as status to my content page (Orders.aspx) and then select the orders from DB based on status.

Javascript - AJAX (prototype / It) Getting Partial Status Updates During Script Execution stackoverflow.com

I have a process I want to run in the background of a page. The process will take a while to run, lets say a few minutes. I have it set up so that from the page I can click on a button to start the process off, wait a bit and then it will finish and I can have the page update notifying me that the process was run successfully. I'm doing this with prototype and php. What I want to do is have status updates while the process is running. So it could update a the page letting me know how many records have been processed so far or update a status bar or something like that. Is this possible? I'm just not a huge JS guru and I can do the basic functionality I've already described but was wondering if it was possible to extend it to do this little extra bit as I haven't had any luck googling or looking through the docs.

Cancel On A Long Process... www.vbforums.com

Hi !!!I want to put a cancel button to let the user exit a long process.When I run the process, the user interface is frozen, so I can´t press anything until the process is finalized.Any idea???

Error 424 Object Required ? www.vbforums.com

Hello,dont know what's wrong with this code, I get always error 424 when I compile exe, but when I start it from vbproject, it run's without any problem?Here is code:Code:Private hOpen As LongPrivate hConnection As LongPrivate hFile As LongPrivate dwType As LongPrivate dwSeman As LongPrivate Sub Command1_Click() 'Variables sServer = txtServer.Text sUser = txtUser.Text sPassword = txtPassword.Text sDir = txtDir.Text sLocal = App.Path & "" & TxtFile.Text sRemote = TxtFileR.Text 'Save values to remember SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "Server", txtServer.Text SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "User", txtUser.Text SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "Password", txtPassword.Text SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "Directory", txtDir.Text 'Open INTERNET hOpen = InternetOpen("PutGet FTP", INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, vbNullString, vbNullString, 0) If hOpen = 0 Then 'ZERO means Internet Coudn't Open MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "Internet Conection Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Internet Open..." dwType = FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY 'SET TO BINARY dwSeman = 0 'Set Conection Active hConnection = 0 'Reset Conection 'Connect to server hConnection = InternetConnect(hOpen, sServer, INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER, sUser, sPassword, INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP, dwSeman, 0) If hConnection = 0 Then 'ZERO means can't connect to Server MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "Server Conection Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Connected to Server..."'Specify Initial Directory OpenDir = FtpSetCurrentDirectory(hConnection, sDir) If OpenDir = False Then 'False means specified directory is wrong MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "Initial Directory Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." If hConnection <> 0 Then 'Disconnect if is still conected Cerrar = InternetCloseHandle(hConnection) End If Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Directory Ready..."'Put File Subir = FTPPutFile(hConnection, sLocal, sRemote, dwType, 0) If Subir = False Then 'False means couldn't send the file MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "File Transfer Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." If hConnection <> 0 Then 'Disconnect if is still conected Cerrar = InternetCloseHandle(hConnection) End If Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Sending File..." 'Close conection If hConnection <> 0 Then Cerrar = InternetCloseHandle(hConnection) Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." End If End SubPrivate Sub Command2_Click() 'Variables sServer = txtServer.Text sUser = txtUser.Text sPassword = txtPassword.Text sDir = txtDir.Text sLocal = App.Path & "" & TxtFile.Text sRemote = TxtFileR.Text 'Save values to remember SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "Server", txtServer.Text SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "User", txtUser.Text SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "Password", txtPassword.Text SaveSetting "PutGet FTP", "Values", "Directory", txtDir.Text 'Open INTERNET hOpen = InternetOpen("CYSM FTP", INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, vbNullString, vbNullString, 0) If hOpen = 0 Then 'ZERO means Internet Coudn't Open MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "Internet Conection Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Internet Open..." dwType = FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY 'SET TO BINARY dwSeman = 0 'Set Conection Active hConnection = 0 'Reset Conection'Connect to server hConnection = InternetConnect(hOpen, sServer, INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER, sUser, sPassword, INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP, dwSeman, 0) If hConnection = 0 Then 'ZERO means can't connect to Server MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "Server Conection Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Connected to Server..."'Specify Initial Directory OpenDir = FtpSetCurrentDirectory(hConnection, sDir) If OpenDir = False Then 'False means specified directory is wrong MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "Error de Directorio Inicial" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." If hConnection <> 0 Then 'Disconnect if is still conected Cerrar = InternetCloseHandle(hConnection) End If Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Directory Ready..."'Get File Bajar = FTPGetFile(hConnection, sRemote, sLocal, False, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, dwType Or INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD, 0) If Bajar = False Then 'False means couldn't get the file MsgBox "Error: " & Err.LastDllError, 32, "File Transfer Error" Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." If hConnection <> 0 Then 'Disconnect if is still conected Cerrar = InternetCloseHandle(hConnection) End If Exit Sub End If Status.Caption = "Downloading File..." 'Close conection If hConnection <> 0 Then Cerrar = InternetCloseHandle(hConnection) Status.Caption = "Disconnected..." End If End SubPrivate Sub Command3_Click()EndEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Load()'Values to remember txtServer.Text = GetSetting("PutGet FTP", "Values", "Server") txtUser.Text = GetSetting("PutGet FTP", "Values", "User") txtPassword.Text = GetSetting("PutGet FTP", "Values", "Password") txtDir.Text = GetSetting("PutGet FTP", "Values", "Directory") TxtFile.Text = "Text.txt" TxtFileR.Text = "Text.txt" End Subhere is module:Code:Public Const INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG = 0Public Const FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY = &H2Public Const FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_ASCII = &H1Public Const INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER = 0Public Const INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP = 1Public Const INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD = &H80000000Public Const FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL = &H80Public Declare Function InternetOpen Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "InternetOpenA" (ByVal sAgent As String, ByVal lAccessType As Long, ByVal sProxyName As String, ByVal sProxyBypass As String, ByVal lFlags As Long) As LongPublic Declare Function InternetConnect Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "InternetConnectA" (ByVal hInternetSession As Long, ByVal sServerName As String, ByVal nServerPort As Integer, ByVal sUsername As String, ByVal sPassword As String, ByVal lService As Long, ByVal lFlags As Long, ByVal lContext As Long) As LongPublic Declare Function FtpSetCurrentDirectory Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "FtpSetCurrentDirectoryA" (ByVal hFtpSession As Long, ByVal lpszDirectory As String) As BooleanPublic Declare Function FTPPutFile Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "FtpPutFileA" (ByVal hFtpSession As Long, ByVal lpszLocalFile As String, ByVal lpszRemoteFile As String, ByVal dwFlags As Long, ByVal dwContext As Long) As BooleanPublic Declare Function InternetCloseHandle Lib "wininet.dll" (ByVal hInet As Long) As LongPublic Declare Function FTPGetFile Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "FtpGetFileA" (ByVal hFtpSession As Long, ByVal lpszRemoteFile As String, ByVal lpszNewFile As String, ByVal fFailIfExists As Boolean, ByVal dwFlagsAndAttributes As Long, ByVal dwFlags As Long, ByVal dwContext As Long) As BooleanAfther compile code, not working ( error 424 ) ?

BB Curve :: Status Update For It? supportforums.blackberry.com

I downloaded status update for Facebook but when I try to open it am having this problem uncaught exception application status update (280)is not responding process terminated

AJAX :: Client Side Validation? forums.asp.net

I have MaskedEditValidator, which set u pt ovalidate datetime entry into text box. After that the button (html button input control )is pressed in order to start some process. Button is running the client side function (JavaScript). Now in case of wrong input validator shows proper message, but how I can prevent button to be pressed and start the process. I.e. is it possible to check on client side the status of the validation?

Progress Meter For Numerous Queries - Access 2000 www.vbcity.com

Hi alli'm running various queries, work fine on my machine but another users the process hangs, but i'm not sure where it hangs.so i have added progress meter code to update after each query, giving the query name, however even with this it disappears whilst running the code.is there a way of keeping the description & status on the bar at all times? Example code at mo....Code:varProgressMeter = SysCmd(acSysCmdInitMeter, "running query updFields", 1)docmd.openquery "updFields"varProgressMeter = SysCmd(acSysCmdInitMeter, "running query apdRecords", 1)docmd.openquery "apdRecords"thanks!Moved to VBA Forum - AbbydonKraftsEdited by - AbbydonKrafts on 11/10/2006 6:57:07 AM

Android :: Process Is Not Ending? groups.google.com

Can anyone tell me where can I see the active process and current process. I think we can see in the DDMS --> Devices.But when see the process list, when I launch a application it showing that applications process in the list. after finishing that application also it showing it process in the process list.So how can see only the current active prcocess (Foregroud,Background..etc). I want to see only the current process which running on the device/emulator.One more thing. when I hold on the Home button for long time, It is showing a list. What that list means. whether that list is For the forgrund running apps or active apps or that is a History.

VS 2005 Get Process Running Time? www.vbforums.com

check how long a process has been running? I'm using the below code to check whether these programs are running. Is there a way to see how long they've been running? Private Sub tmrKillJoy_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles tmrKillJoy.Tick Dim local As Process() = Process.GetProcesses [Code].....

Ubuntu :: Send Process To Working Backgroud For CTRL+Z Processes? ubuntuforums.org

I would like to set process in background in such a way that it will be running.For example, I started vim editor and pressed CTRL+Z command to put the process in background. But this process is in stopped status, which I can check with 'jobs' command.Is there any way that stopped job can be put into running background process?

How Can I Show Processes On Windows Server 2000? www.vbcity.com

Hi all ! after a little code search in some web sites, & search for a string in this fourum, I could'nt locate any help about showing the pc processes on windows server, only under windows XP... ( The code for Window XP I've allrady working smoothly. ) Where can i gat an example or the code it self to show my processes on Windows 2000?Thanks in advance, though I need the processes, PIDS & the user that running this process.Thanks alot in advance, yours Yoni D.

Web Forms :: Page Events - Show Page Contents Before Running Task forums.asp.net

I'm trying to create a page that displays a databound gridview to the user showing them the items being processed. Then the page should immediately begin processing. The problem is that the page never shows the gridview (or any other control) until the process is complete. The process is being sent to a WCF service. I've tried setting the page to async and running the wcf in async mode but the content still fails to display.

Ubuntu Servers :: "service Mysql Status" Doesn't Work In 10.04.1 ubuntuforums.org

I'm running Ubuntu Server 10.04.1 in Virtualbox environment with the host is Ubuntu Desktop 10.04.1.I have built a LAMP server after a fresh installation of Ubuntu server (I didn't choose LAMP to install when I installed this server) , everything works fine, but when I run "service mysql status" command I get this error: "status: Unable to connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory" I try in my desktop (also with LAMP installed) and I get the result like:"mysql start/running, process 1218"

Timer Events bytes.com

This may be an elementary question but it's something I have not encounteredin about 10 years writing code in VB 5 / 6I have a timer that using the API checks if there has been a change to oneof several watched directories in the file system, if there has been achange a rather long running process is started.The long running process loops through all files comparing the last modifiedattributes on each to those in the database if there is a change thedatabase is updated.Simple so far right ?Just prior to the loop statement in that routine there is a DoEvents to keepeverything ticking along, however something interesting happens.I have another timer on a very short interval watching for something else tohappen. This something else is unrelated to the file system, it is updatingthe status of an out of process com component.This second timer is not firing while the long running process is takingplace, the do events is working because the status of the long runningprocess is updated in the status bar of the application and that works.Is there a rule that I have missed that says only one timer event can berunning at any one time ?Come to think of it over the years I have only ever put very short routinesin timers so have never faced such a problem.I can think of a few ways to get around this but am wondering if you agreewith my reasoning?All the best for the new yearMax

Message When Background Process Done? forums.asp.net

I am running huge time taking background process using a thread. Now Is there any way to show a javascript message whenever the background process completes. I am using a user control to run the background process. How will I fire the javascript whenever the background process is complete which is unknown.

Showing Excel Macro Status www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am running a Excel macro (VB Sub) which updates 4000 cells on a worksheet when a command button is depressed. I would like to be able to show the macro status with a status box while the macro is running. First, I added a form to the project, then used a "Label" that was placed on the form to show the macro progress. When the macro was started, I used frmMyStatus.Show to bring the form up on top, then lblMyMacroStatus.Caption = "My New Status" to update macro status. The problem is that the form comes up, but the label does not get updated as the macro runs. I have tried frmMyStatus.RePaint and DoEvents after I update the Caption; however, the caption for the label never gets updated.How can I get the caption on my "Status" form to update as the macro runs ?Fizbim

Sleeping Without Pausing Progress Help? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am importing some 37 object creations verifying and recreating to text files. in the mean wile i have a ccp progress bar run and in another function have all the files verifyd and creating. on each file verification a status message is displayd on the progress bar. i was using sleep on each one to displaya small noted progress caption on the progress bar about the files curent state verification or creating a input. The poblem was the processes are held seperate in 2 buttons. a timer goes it calls each button it works but they wont work together the progress bar wont go wile the files are pending wihtout an sleep() the prog bar goes finishes and hten the files apent insted of simataniusly. ok so i only call the prog bar to run and manualy click the file pending commmand th prog stops apends and then finishes cycle. i put a sleep() after each file apends to alow the status to display on the prog bar. The prog bar stops wile each file apends the sleep allso stops the whol form it looks like pausing the file apending alows both to run from what i see is there a way to not use sleep and achive the same efect only pausing the file apend process? why does it seem the prog bar stops during other processes? here is some of what i have. Code:Private Sub cmdTest_Click()On Error Resume Next Dim Count As Long Dim Progress As Long Dim lTimer As Long For Progress = 1 To 100 ccrpProgressBar.Value = Progress lTimer = timeGetTime Do: Loop Until timeGetTime - lTimer > 5 DoEvents 'Allows user to do stuff even if in progress. like click and close. If m_Unload Then Exit Sub Next Progress '// prog bar is done show forms frmMain.Hide Form1.ShowEnd SubchkGraphical.Value = 1ccrpProgressBar.ForeColor = "50,255,5"Set ccrpProgressBar.BackPicture = Picture2.PictureSet ccrpProgressBar.Picture = Picture1.PictureccrpProgressBar.Caption = lbCaption.Caption 'progress captionIf Dir$("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice BlueTimerConfigColors", vbDirectory) = "" ThenccrpProgressBar.ForeColor = "0,0,255"lbCaption.Caption = "Files are NOT ok! Now creating them."Sleep 380ccrpProgressBar.ForeColor = "80,255,0"'// This is users forst time runing me. create the folders needed. MkDir ("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice Blue") lbCaption.Caption = "Creating C:Program FilesFrozen Ice Blue" Sleep 300 'Let system breath and catch up for slower systems and be able to show status caption lbCaption.Caption = "" MkDir ("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice BlueTimer") lbCaption.Caption = "Creating Timer" Sleep 300 'Let system breath and catch up for slower systems and be able to show status caption lbCaption.Caption = "" MkDir ("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice BlueTimerConfig") lbCaption.Caption = "Creating Config" Sleep 300 'Let system breath and catch up for slower systems and be able to show status caption lbCaption.Caption = "" MkDir ("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice BlueTimerConfigColors") lbCaption.Caption = "Creating Colors" Sleep 300 'Let system breath and catch up for slower systems and be able to show status caption lbCaption.Caption = "" '// The folders have ben created. now set the configuration files. Open ("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice BlueTimerConfigColorsTimeFont.txt") For Output As #1 'For output means we create Print #1, txtTimeF.Text Close #1 lbCaption.Caption = "Creating TimeFont.txt" Sleep 300 'Let system breath and catch up for slower systems and be able to show status caption lbCaption.Caption = "" Open ("C:Program FilesFrozen Ice BlueTimerConfigColorsTimeBack.txt") For Output As #1 'For output means we create Print #1, txtTimeB.Text Close #1 lbCaption.Caption = "Creating TimeBack.txt" Sleep 300 'Let system breath and catch up for slower systems and be able to show status caption lbCaption.Caption = ""and the files go on and on

How To Minimized A Program Started With OpenProcess forums.devshed.com

I use the following to lauch a program and wait until it is complete, but I want to know how to force that program to be minimized. Sime I know the processid, can I use some other API to minimize (or even hide) the window?Private Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "Kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function GetExitCodeProcess Lib "Kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, lpExitCode As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Sub Sleep Lib "Kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)Const STILL_ACTIVE = &H103Const PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION = &H400Sub Shell32Bit(ByVal JobToDo As String) Dim hProcess As Long Dim RetVal As Long 'The next line launches JobToDo as icon, 'captures process ID hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, False, Shell(JobToDo, 1)) Do 'Get the status of the process GetExitCodeProcess hProcess, RetVal 'Sleep command recommended as well as DoEvents DoEvents: Sleep 100 'Loop while the process is active Loop While RetVal = STILL_ACTIVEEnd Sub

Refresh / Update Text Field And Progress Bar While Running A Sub In Wpf Application stackoverflow.com

I have several reports that all merge onto the same datatable. The user can click several to run and then hit the 'find records' button to run them all simultaneously. Since they each take so long, I'd like to update the user on the status bar as each of these stored procedures is called successfully. However, when I call the procedure, i only get one update at the very end listing evertyhing. [Code]...

OpenSUSE :: Tomcat6 Status Results Into Dead State? forums.opensuse.org

When i start tomcat6 (on a SLES 11 box) two times without a stop in between, rctomcat6 status results into dead state. I checked the rctomcat6 start script, in this case when the tomcat6 is already running and a rctomcat6 start is done, it display a msg that "process already running", but it continues in the start function further down & executes the TOMCAT_SCRIPT(dtomcat6) script with the start argument. And after that pid in the tomcat6.pid file gets changed but the process keeps running with the old pid, and hence when we do a rctomcat6 status, it results into dead state(bcoz it doesn't find any process running with that pid). I think it shouldn't execute the TOMCAT_SCRIPT in this case, so in case when checkpid is success(in start function), i put an exit after the echo msg " process already running", this solves the problem, but is this the correct solution ? function start() { echo -n "Starting Tomcat ($CATALINA_BASE)" if [ -f "/var/lock/subsys/${NAME}" ] ; then if [ -f "/var/run/${NAME}.pid" ]; then [Code]...,

Ubuntu :: CPU 100% Though System Monitor Shows No Processes Running? ubuntuforums.org

Ran the most recent updates several days ago and now System Monitor show my CPU at %100 constantly although it shows no processes running.

Samsung I7500 :: Better Battery Indicator Idea androidforums.com

I've come up with an idea for a battery status indicator application. On my old Windows Mobile phone I had an application(abcPowerMeter) which could show the current power consumption of the phone. Like this: If we can get this on the Galaxy, then it can be coupled with the existing battery status information to give a pretty good estimate of how long the battery is going to last under current load.Instead of showing a notoriously unreliable and counterintuitive green bar the phone would show something like this in the tray.

How To Identify Whether A Person Is Online Or Not stackoverflow.com

I am creating a userprofile type of thing in my site i want to show all user SKYPE status whether online or offline how to do

Windows Task List www.vbforums.com

Ok, this is my second try, hehe. I want to get the processes running that show up on the Windows Taskbar. I have a function that gets ALL processes and converts them into window names, and another that just lists the exes that windows runs (not background hidden things like kernel calls) and has the process ID, but I need only get the programs that the Windows user ran.-------------------Mystiq

Windows Task List www.vbforums.com

Ok, this is my second try, hehe. I want to get the processes running that show up on the Windows Taskbar. I have a function that gets ALL processes and converts them into window names, and another that just lists the exes that windows runs (not background hidden things like kernel calls) and has the process ID, but I need only get the programs that the Windows user ran.-------------------Mystiq

Logging In www.vbforums.com

gud day ^_^just want to ask how can i prevent a user account to be login multiple times at the same time? ex. if the user admin is currently log in the system, no other user in the network can use that account as long as that account is still log.im thinking of making a column in my database named status and through that, the status of the user will be checked if the user is currently log in or not.any other idea?

VS 2008 : Stop A Process That Runs In The Background? www.vbforums.com

I develop an appliaction which is running a process in the background. This process is "forked" from the application (I'm not using threads). The process may take a few minutes while the 'father' application is waiting to the process output, so I'd like to enhance the application with the following: a) a "Stop" button (like in IE, FireFox) to stop the process in background b) A status bar that displays what's going on while the process is running in BG. how to draw a button or status bar of course... I mean how VB.NET handle with stopping or displaying while something else is running in background and how to do it.

Plesk 12.x / Linux :: MySQL Process Running Unlimited With High CPU? forum.odin.com

I have a single mysql process that never stops and running with 10-200% CPU load: URL.... I restart mysql => process coming back I restart server => process coming back I kill process => process coming back I have run: # mysqladmin -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` -i 1 processlist but there was noting that runs >10min. Code: > SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST; +------+-------+-----------+------+---------+------+-------+-----------------------+ | Id | User | Host | db | Command | Time | State | Info | +------+-------+-----------+------+---------+------+-------+-----------------------+ | 328 | admin | localhost | psa | Sleep | 56 | | NULL | | 8110 | admin | localhost | NULL | Query | 0 | init | SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST | +------+-------+-----------+------+---------+------+-------+-----------------------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec) I have strace the PID Code: # timeout 1m strace -f -c -p 5873 Process 5873 attached with 30 threads - interrupt to quit Process 10499 attached (waiting for parent) Process 10499 resumed (parent 5873 ready) Process 10502 attached (waiting for parent) Process 10502 resumed (parent 5873 ready) Process 10503 attached (waiting for parent) [code].... I found with google a hint for high cpu URL....I have deinstalled "health monitor" module, but that was not the reason.I use plesk 12.0.18 Update #38 with CentOS 6.6 (Final).

Apache Too Graceful? bytes.com

(this is a PHP question...honest!) I'm getting a lot of httpds hanging around in status G for a v. long time (apache 1.3.27) what concerns me is that they all seem to have just run the same script...one which does things a little strangely. It (proxy.php) proxies a request to another script on the site (process.php) by opening a socket, and sending an HTTP request down it, then reading back the response....up to a point. The other script takes a long time to run - approx 30 seconds, but is able to tell the proxy whether it will succeed after approx 2 seconds. When 'proxy.php' receives this notification from 'process.php' it closes the socket, and exits. Since 'process.php' ignores user abort, it keeps running until completed. So despite the fact that PHP has exited, the client has disconnected, the httpd process which ran proxy.php is still in status G. Anybody any clues why? I couldn't find anything useful on apache.org. Google just turns up thousands of server-status pages and pages about mod_status.

Matching Data www.mrexcel.com

I have a report that shows "users" in column A, "time of call" in column B and "Call direction" in column C as below Usertime of callCall DirectionUser 112/02/2010 09:00:59InboundUser 112/02/2010 09:10:15InboundUser 112/02/2010 09:26:03InboundUser 112/02/2010 09:41:40OutboundUser 112/02/2010 09:52:11OutboundUser 112/02/2010 10:25:28InboundUser 112/02/2010 10:25:32Outbound On a second sheet I have another report that shows the "user" in A, the "time" in B, the "Status" in C and the "Duration in status" in D. As follows UsertimeStatusDurationUser 109:28:57Follow Up:00:08User 109:29:05Available, No ACD:04:17User 109:33:22Outbound Working01:08:37User 110:41:59On Break:02:55User 110:44:54Outbound Working:41:59 I am trying to write a formula that will show me if a user is making an outbound call and also showing on the Outbound working status, but unfortunatley these times will not match because one shows the time call was made and the other shows duration in status.

How To Show Timer In Status Bar www.mrexcel.com

I've got a workbook which runs several macros and take approx 10 mins to run. I was wonder if its possible to put a timer in the status bar which shows how long the macros have been running.

MacBook Pro :: No Low Battery Warning? discussions.apple.com

I replaced the battery in my MBP which wouldn't charge or run for more than 1 hour.  Now, with the new battery, I have 2 issues: 1--battery status in menu bar does not change.  It shows it's at 28% all the time 2--I not longer get a warning that my battery is about to run out.  This is a drag since the computer keeps going to sleep on me because it's run out of juice unbeknownst to me.  Info: MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)