How To Show Status To User For Long Running Process


Note:- i don't want to use updateprogress etc. control of ajax on button click, long task(e.g thread) runs in my webpage for about 4-5 minutes.I want to show status to user either by a processing image through javascript(image must be shown in a certain part of page other part of page will remain intact) or an exact status of process if possible. i have tried a lot but all in vein.

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I have processes running on the server that show a status of "sleeping" from sp_who and sysprocesses, however they are still running. I run sp_who over and over again and only occasionally the process status shows running, and then switches back to "sleeping" or "defwakeup". I know what all the statuses mean, I just don't know why a running process would ever show as "sleeping". The processes take a very very long time to run as well. Thanks in advance, Steve

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i was create an excel macro to arrange the data in a worksheet, and i want to load a userform to show the user the status of the process...but as you all know, once the userform show, the source code would stop at that step until the userfrom close...how do make the userform show and update it's contents( the status of the process ) while the macro still running to arrange the data in the worksheet?or any other method can do that?

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Hi,I am developing a program where I have to do many long running processes like data import, label generation, etc.Whenever the program runs it just becomes inactive and user is unaware whether the program has hung or is progressing fine. After the process is completed it show the mesg box giving the Process Successful message.I wish to give the users a progress bar which will tell them how much the process has completed and hence avoid the user from trying to kill the process.How can i develop a progress bar for any application without putting additional load on the processor or ram hence affecting the performance of the application.Please advise.Thanks and regardsHitendra

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I have an SQL server with several (100) users connected. When I run a long running process, it severely impacts user performance. The long running process is a store procedure with several cursors. Are there SQL configuration settings that would reduce the impact of these long running processes on other Users?

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I need show the number of process per user, and after the date of the oldest process per user also. With "ps -eo user | sort -u" i get all users that are running any process. And with "ps U username | wc -l" i get the number of process that the user "username" is running. But how can i merge both commands for do what i need? Like a FOR or something like that. There is any method of make a FOR using the list that i get with the first command? And then for show the date of the oldest process.. with "ps U username | sort -k 4" (4 is TIME field) i can show the process of the user "username" sorting they by time. But how can i get the date of the process takes longer running?? I can get only the time, but no the date.

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I have a long running process around 1 and 1/2 hours but after 30 or 45 minutes process is still runnning but IE shows no page foud error and it shows user that it is get expired or some thing wrong with it. but the process I saw was running in background. How to resolve this issue.

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I am writing a program that uses databases and basically does a month end process. I have added a status bar (it's really just a label) to the bottom of my form and when the program is running it updates the status bar with text telling the user where the program is during the process.But the program seems to run so fast that when I update the text on the status bar in the code nothing changes in the way it appears to the user. If I pause the program during the process it will then update the status bar. But it doesn't do it while the programming is running. It is almost as if the program runs to fast. Is there a way that I can fix this. Perhaps by putting a small pause after each update to the text for the status bar (label) or some other method?Any help would be appreciated.

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Module:VB Code:Private Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function GetExitCodeProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, lpExitCode As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)Const STILL_ACTIVE = &H103Const PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION = &H400 Sub Shell32Bit(ByVal jobtodo As String)         Dim hProcess As Long         Dim RetVal As Long          'captures process ID         hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, False, Shell(jobtodo, 0))                      Do              'Get the status of the process             GetExitCodeProcess hProcess, RetVal              'Sleep command recommended as well as DoEvents             DoEvents: Sleep 100                              'Loop while the process is active         Loop While RetVal = STILL_ACTIVEEnd Sub usage:VB Code:Call Shell32Bit("C:ExsternalApp.exe")

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When user hits button on my VB form I go away and process for what could be quite a long time. Is there an function or means that I don't know about that will allow me to send status messages to the screen or form occasionally that don't require user intervention and won't hold up processing (ie; won't stop processing till OK is hit ike Msgbox would - I just want them to know their PC's still alive)? Thanks!

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U]confirmer [/u] status statusCount showedJOHN pending* 44 YSteve confirmed 29 NKaren NULL 09 YBob pending* 11 NI'm trying to have a select statement that retrieves all records from a certain date as long as status is not NULL and when status equals pending* showed can not be N.Here is what i have so far.Code:SELECT DISTINCT confermer, status, COUNT(status) as statusCount, showedFROM TS_DATAWHERE LEFT(CONVERT(varchar, _lastcall, 120), 10) = @date AND Status <> 'none' and Status <> 'never call' and (status = 'pending* and showed <> 'N')GROUP BY confermer, status, showedI know its wrong cause its still retrieves records with status = to pending* while showed is 'N'.Please any help would be appreciated.


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Hi,I'm developing a client/server app in VB.Net. The app has one main panel, and a number of wizards, which I've setup as FixedDialog forms. One of my forms takes a lot of time (1min 30sec) to finish a process, and as the process is running I display a status bar at the end of the form. This causes the following funnies:1. If I ALT-TAB to a different application, then ALT-TAB back to my VB app, the form box displays, but with no content, just a white background with nothing on it. The process is still running though, and when it finishes the next form is displayed okay. 2. Even though I've disabled the buttons etc. on the form when the long process is runnning, if the user clicks on a button, the status bar stops updating. Again, the process is still running, and when it finishes the next form is displayed okay.I've also tried displaying the status bar in a separate modeless form, but the outcome was the same. I've also tried setting the form the Enabled=False when the status bar is building, but still no luck.What I want it to do is when I start this process, I want to disallow the user from doing data entry or pressing anything on the form with the status bar on it, but I still want the user to be able to ALT-TAB to another app while they're waiting.Is there a way to lock out a form and still display a status bar, and still allow ALT-TAB, so that I can achieve the above?Any help is greatly appreciated - this has been driving me mad all day!Thanks,Liam.

Updating Database Record Explicitly On Power Turn Off social.msdn.microsoft.com

HI all, �I have a windows application which runs a process, �I am updating database column "Status" with Processing when the application is running, and on completion I update it with Staus="Completed" or in case I close the application� I update db with Status="Interupted" . I have problem that in case while proces is running, power supply or system turns off, the db Status="Processing", but in actual it is interupted. How will i update? Please help.

Transaction When App Pool Recycles Or The Worker Process Is Terminated Forcefully stackoverflow.com

The architecture of the application is straight forward. There is a web application which maintain account holder data. This data is processed and the status of account holders is updated based on number of business rules. This process is initiated using a button on the page and is a long running process (say 15 mins). A component is developed to do this data processing which internally calls stored procedures. Most of the business rules are kept in stored procedure.

How To NOT Wait For Exit Using Impersonataion.RunProcess In C#/ stackoverflow.com

What I want to know is if there is a way to NOT wait for a process when using impersonation. There's no overloads so I'm not sure how to do this. // always waits for exit to continue Impersonation.RunProcess(someProcessPath); The reason I want to do this is that I have a long executing application that processes large files, but I want to deliver a success response to the client that the process has began before directing them to a status page. I cannot run the process with a normal process.Start() because the IUSER needs to impersonate an elevated user account.I've even tried using process.StartInfo after Impersonation.Login() and supplying a un/pass, but I think the "logged in" status is part of the static Impersonation class only. if (Impersonation.Logon(LoginCredentials.UserName, LoginCredentials.Password)) { // this fails with an invalid privileges exit code [code]....

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Here's what I am trying to do. I have a website that lets users submit requests that are queued up in a Jobs table that the service picks up and processes. I have a status column in the table that denotes whether the request is queued up for processing or being currenty processed by the service or the service has completed processing the request. The entire process takes a few minutes.I have a Status ASP.NET page in which I will need to show the current status of their request on a real time basis. I want to display some kind of animation and denote the current status. One way I could do this is to have a meta http refresh every x seconds that checks the status of the request (I guess this is how sites such as Expedia, Priceline does it?) would like to prevent a complete page refresh is possible and looking for a AJAX/JQuery solution. How would I implement this? Is polling the correct approach?

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I run CheckPoint Full Disk Encryption on my MBP 13. It normally has a status icon in the menu bar that I can right click on to get a status of the the program. Well it is missing now however there is still a process being shown in the Activity Monitor, FDEStatusMenu, that is for that. Is there anyway I could go into Terminal and restart that show it shows the icon? (There are no menu options to show it)

Bad Process Handle Returned By OpenProcess www.vbcity.com

I have noticed a perplexing behavior with the OpenProcess() API call. I am fairly well versed in this and the GetExitCodeProcess() API calls since my application needs to exert a fine degree of control over applications launched by the user (via my Shell call in VB).I have set up an timer to call a subroutine CheckApps() once every 500 ms from my code. I maintain a collection of objects, each one representing an application that was launched by the user. Among the things I keep track of is the Process ID returned by the shell call.In CheckApps() I first call OpenProcess() with the Process ID. I then use the handle returned by OpenProcess to call GetExitCodeProcess(). This in turn gives me the exitCode status, to help me determine if the application laucnhed by the user has been shut down. (See code segment below)For 99% of the time this all works fine. However, once in a while when I launch Word (and Word is the only app I have this problem with), I get what appears to be a valid Process ID, however, a subsequent call to OpenProcess() produces a process handle of ZERO! This of course does not allow me to obtain the exitCode status in future calls to GetExitCodeProcess(), which renders my ability to check if that app is still running, useless.Is there anyone out there who:1) Has seen this type of behavior, and2) If so, knows what to do about itHelp!Code follows ...Code:Public Sub LaunchApp(ByRef oApp As CApp)  Dim lProcessID As Long  Dim sCmdLine As String  Dim oRunningApp As New CRunningApp  ' launch the app  sCmdLine = oApp.AppPath  lProcessID = Shell(sCmdLine, vbNormalFocus)    ' add it to the running app list  oRunningApp.StartTime = CDate(CStr(Time) & " " & CStr(Date))  oRunningApp.ProcessID = lProcessID  oRunningApp.Remove = False  oRunningApp.App = oApp  Call m_oRunningApps.AddRun(oRunningApp, False)  ' notify server of app start (AS:AppName,StartTime,Station)  Call SendSocketMessage("AS~", ...)End SubCode:Public Sub CheckApps()  Dim hProcess As Long  Dim exitCode As Long  Dim lSeconds As Long  Dim oRunningApp As CRunningApp    ' loop to check for status change in running app  For Each oRunningApp In m_oRunningApps.Run_Col    ' get status and exitcode of app    hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, False, oRunningApp.ProcessID)    Call GetExitCodeProcess(hProcess, exitCode)    ' see if still running    If exitCode <> STATUS_PENDING Or hProcess = 0 Then      ' nope, close out the handle, if still there      If hProcess <> 0 Then        ' but only if handle non-zero        Call CloseHandle(hProcess)      End If            ' get duration of run (in seconds)      oRunningApp.StopTime = CDate(CStr(Time) & " " & CStr(Date))      lSeconds = DateDiff("s", oRunningApp.StartTime, oRunningApp.StopTime)             ' notify server of app end (AE:AppName,StopTime,Duration)      Call SendSocketMessage("AE~", ...)           ' display the run time in seconds      MsgBox ("Application: " & oRunningApp.App.AppName _        & Chr(13) _        & "ran for: " & LTrim(Str(lSeconds)) & " seconds")            ' mark for removal since no longer running      oRunningApp.Remove = True    End If  Next oRunningApp    ' clear apps that are no longer running  m_oRunningApps.CleanDeadAppsEnd SubEdited by - etishler on 6/2/2003 9:29:12 AM

Implementation Of Ajax Status Check? stackoverflow.com

My application is written in symfony 1.4 and PHP locks session data until a page completes processing. I have a long running (~10 second) login script and I want to display a progress bar showing the user what is being done while they wait. (I want to actually display what is being done and not use a standard [faux] loading bar.) Whenever a script calls session_start(), PHP locks that user's session data until that script completes. This prevents my status check ajax calls from returning anything until the longer running script completes. (My question on why my ajax calls were not asynchronous is here.) I have devised a way to do this but I want to make sure this way is secure enough for general purposes (i.e.- this is not a banking application). My idea is: On authentication of username & password (before the long login script starts), a cookie is set on the client computer with a unique identifier. This same unique identifier is written to a file on the server along with the client IP address. While the long login script runs, it will update that file with the status of the login process. The ajax status check will ping the server on a special page that does not use session_start(). This page will get the cookie value and the client IP and check the server side file for any status updates.

Do Background Processing Without Using Windows Service? stackoverflow.com

I have an web application which needs some calculations and processing on data. This job is a long running job(few hours). Job is initiated by user. Requirement. User Clicks on Process Data. Some functions are called to start data processing. Data Processing runs for hours. User is given feedback of percentage completed etc. Even if user logs off and then again log on he should get this feedback. The requirement is somewhat similar to Spiceworks. Where it runs in background to detect the devices/computers in network and the user is notified in his page about the progress. But spicework uses windows service. We don't want to us windows service. Now the question is. What if user closes the page, will the task still run in background. This task has to be completed fully.If terminated in between output will not have any meaning. How to actually to design this long running process. In ASP.Net environment. Also is there a way to show all/same user who logs in the status of processing.

Problems With 'Waiting' www.vbforums.com

So, I have a Wait function:VB Code:Sub Wait(ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)Dim lStartTime As LonglStartTime = GetTickCountDoDoEventsLoop Until GetTickCount >= lStartTime + dwMillisecondsEnd Sub And then I have my 'main' code:VB Code:Sub Standby()Wait (Waitt)Do:If Running = False Then GoTo StoppSendKeys "{UP}"If Running = False Then GoTo StoppWait (Upp)If Running = False Then GoTo StoppSendKeys "{DOWN}"If Running = False Then GoTo StoppWait (Downn)If Running = False Then GoTo StoppLoopStopp:Status.Caption = "Status: Stopped"End Sub And before all that, the assigning of the variables:VB Code:Private Sub Start_Click()Dim Upp As LongDim Downn As LongDim Waitt As LongUpp = txtUp.TextDownn = txtDown.TextWaitt = txtWait.TextUpp = Upp * 1000Downn = Downn * 1000Waitt = Waitt * 1000Label4.Caption = UppLabel5.Caption = DownnLabel6.Caption = WaittRunning = TrueStatus.Caption = "Status: Standbying"StandbyEnd Sub So, while the code is being executed, the labels show the variables correctly, as in Lavel4.Caption shows, in this instance, 2000, Label5 shows 4000, etc.However, when putting those same variables with the same values into the wait function, the code DOES NOT wait, or it waits for 2 milliseconds, of 4 milliseconds. Whatever it does, it doesn't wait long enough.However, if I put a direct value into the wait function; say, 2000, then it does wait for 2 seconds.Can anyone point me on the right paths as to what I'm doing wrong?

Ajax - Implement Real Time Updates? stackoverflow.com

I have seen several websites that show you a real time update of what's going on in the database. An example could be. A stock ticker website that shows stock prices in real time Showing data like "What other users are searching for currently.." I'd assume this would involve some kind of polling mechanism that queries the database every few seconds and renders it on a web page. But the thought scares me when I think about it from the performance standpoint. In an application I am working on, I need to display the real time status of an operation that a user has submitted. Users wait for the process to be completed. As and when an operation is completed, the status is updated by another process (could be a windows service). Should I query the database every second to get the updated status?

Show Realtime Cpu Usage Via Unix Using Top Command www.vbforums.com

currently i am working on a project to help our customers troubleshoot our products, our products have the availabilty to be access via telnet, i can use the top command to show top provides an view of processor activity in real time. This utility reads the status for all processes in /proc each <seconds> and shows the status for however many processes will fit on the screen. This utility will not show processes that are started after program startup, but it will show the EXIT status for and PIDs that exit while it is running. I am looking to but this into my project in real time and show a graph do you think this can be achived ?

CPanel :: PHP Scripts Running More Than Hour forums.cpanel.net

One user account has quite heavy Wordpress blog and last week i found this account is running php processed that are not killed for a long time.. at Home »Server Status »Apache Status i see 2 processes: POST /wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1425434809.05796098709106445312 POST /wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1425453710.31721806526184082031"SS" value is: 26849 and 7948 (2 processes)"SSSeconds since beginning of most recent request""Req" value (Milliseconds required to process most recent request) is around 300 000 for both processes. so i want to ask what to check to discover why these are still runing even i have max_execution time 30 seconds? Server Version: Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) Server Built: Jan 16 2015 11:33:36

How To Cancel A Loop www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello Everyone,I have a little print routine in my program that prints selected labels...works fine. However, I would like to have a way to stop the loop if the user clicks a Cancel button which in turns stops the printing.The problem is, while the loop is processing. I cannot determine if the user clicked the button it just keeps processing. How can I stop the loop for a second, test if cancel was pressed?Example Code:Dim L as integer'Sets up the label on our status box telling the'user what we are doing.StatusBoxLabel = "Printing Label " & Str(L) 'Show the status box which is a picture box'with a progressbar control on itStatusBox.Visible = True'Setup the progressbar on the status boxProgressBar.Min = 0ProgressBar.Max = UBound(printtagquene())ProgressBar.Value = 0'Refresh status boxStatusBox.Refresh'Now start the loop for printingFor L = 0 To UBound(printtagquene()) 'Update the status box label with what we are printing StatusBoxLabel = "Printing Label " & Str(QL) 'Refresh the label so it gets updated StatusBoxLabel.Refresh '**** Send item to printer here **** 'Update the progressbar ProgressBar.Value = LNext LHow do I check if user has pressed a button thepicture box while in the above loop. I tried everythingthat I'm aware of, but it only triggers after the loopfinishes.Thx

Server :: How To Check Process Hung Or Not? www.linuxquestions.org

I want to know how can I check if the ( currently running one )process is hung or not? Is there any command or something that I can check the running/hang status?What I know is from "ps auxww |grep 'process_ID' " I can have current process' status like S (Sleep), R (Running) , Z (zombie) etc.. But my question is how can I check if the process is running or not..

AJAX :: WebService Jquery Progress Indicator? forums.asp.net

I will explain it in Simple I have a Default Page with a button, upon clicking invokes a Web Service through jquery.ajax which runs a background process(like for 60 secs). I want to show the real process of the Background Process on the Default Page.I have created a handler which reads process status from WebService to Update the Default page.I have made another jquery.ajax call to the handler to retrieve the current status. But the Problem is the second ajax call returns values only after the First one completes. Can you please guide me to show the status with out waiting for the background process to complete.

AJAX :: Sending Updates To The User On Long Running Process? forums.asp.net

I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an asp.net page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

Ajax - Long Process And Sending Updates To Browser stackoverflow.com

I've asked this before but I was hoping for another answer and perhaps some code samples because I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an asp.net page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

Reading All Running Windows Processes social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have the code below that reads all the processes running. Dim procList() As Process = Process.GetProcesses() For i As Integer = 0 To UBound(procList) Dim strProcName As String = procList(i).ProcessName 'msgbox(strProcName) Next I want to know what company the process belongs to, like the status bar in windows explorer shows the executable info: "Description: Windows Explorer", Company: Microsoft Corporation" and so on. Is it possible?

VS 2005 How To Run Any Application From Within A Windows Service?? www.vbforums.com

I am using Vb 2005 to develope a windows service, i have completed a long flow,but at the end i am having a little problem.When i use process.start("abc.exe"), it didnt show me But when i have a little more analysis of the problem i noticed that its running in background by making windows service as its parten process, So it means process runs but as a service how i can show that application on desktop?

How To Make A Concurrent AJAX WCF Web Service Request During An Async Postback stackoverflow.com

I want to provide status updates during a long-running task on an ASP.NET WebForms page with AJAX.Is there a way to get the ScriptManager to execute and process a script for a web service request concurrently with an async postback? I have a script on the page that makes a web service request. It runs on page load and periodically using setInterval(). It's running correctly before the async postback is initiated, but it stops running during the async postback, and doesn't run again until after the async postback completes.

Shows Up In Task Manager. www.vbforums.com

I'm writing a program in WindowsXP that I don't want to clutter up the users taskmanager window under Applications when its running. Now at first I figured I would have to register it as a service in the API but I found out that you can no longer do that in XP.I was wondering if anyone else knew how to remove it from the Applications menu, and only make it show up if the click on the Processes menu next too it which shows all exes running.Thanks for any help which you can render.

VS 2008 Progress Bar - Run FrmProcess - Shows Progress Of Their Selection www.vbforums.com

frmMain - Allows user to pick process or combination of processes they want to run frmProcess - Shows progress of their selection I have three modules. Each runs a specific process. The frmMain allows the user to run any one of the three modules individually or all together in a single process (basically, runs the one after the other until done). [Code]...

Web Forms :: Changing Label Content From A Button Click Code? forums.asp.net

I have a asp.net page - manageCustomer.aspx with a button 'SyncCustomers'. When this button is clicked, customer records will be taken one by one from one database and syncd with another database. As it is a long running process, when this button is clicked and process starts, I want to show present status in a label box of the same manageCustomer.aspx page. But inside this button click event, where I have codings for this process, when I try to update text of label box, its not changing in that page. only when all process were completed,last text that i gave for label box is displayed. So, How to give updates of running process in a label?

Process Info (SQL Server Enterprise - Management - Current Activity) bytes.com

Dear All I have problem with my database server which running SQL server 2000. The server running very slow. The worst case, to save a record required more than 20-30 seconds. Since this problem, I usually monitoring Process Info from Enterprise Manager (Management - Current Activity), and I found a misterious process as follow : 1. User: System AccessTo: Master Status: Background Common: Task Manager Waiting: >438 Million 2. User: System AccessTo: Master Status: Background Common: Task Manager Physical IO: > 51000 3. User: Administrator (Join domain) Database: MSDB Status: Sleeping Common: Awaiting Command App: SQL Agent Alert Engine CPU Usage: > 16 Million Anybody know about these condition? Does it normal? Thanks Michael

VS 2008 Updating Progress Bar? www.vbforums.com

I have two forms:frmMain - Allows user to pick process or combination of processes they want to runfrmProcess - Shows progress of their selectionI have three modules. Each runs a specific process.The frmMain allows the user to run any one of the three modules individually or all together in a single process (basically, runs the one after the other until done).

Show A Text Value In A Column In Gridview In .net? stackoverflow.com

I have a GridView to show user detail like name,phone,and status(active,suspend).my problem is that in database the user status in from of integer like 1 for Active and 0 for suspend.now while i am showing data to user in GridView I want to show Active and suspend Text according to status in database 1 or 0. I am not getting where to check for this condition in Asp.Net I am new in asp. I have done it in php also.like if($fetch->user_status==1) echo "Active" else echo "suspend"

Using A Timer To Yield To The Processor (as Opposed To DoEvents) www.xtremevbtalk.com

From the MSDN:Quote:DoEvents is most useful for simple things like allowing a user to cancel a process after it has started, for example a search for a file. For long-running processes, yielding the processor is better accomplished by using a Timer or delegating the task to an ActiveX EXE component.. In the latter case, the task can continue completely independent of your application, and the operating system takes case of multitasking and time slicing.Can anyone show me an example of the code to "yield the processor" in the Timer event?

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hi,i placed a progressbar and a textbox in a picture box and placed it picture control and kept in status bar under MDI form.now i had some procedures,for examplesubproCheckTestssubproCheckParameterssubproWriteTestIntoDatabasesubproWriteParametersIntoDatabasesubproWriteValuesIntoDatabasenow each procedure will take around more than 30 seconds or more than that.iam able to show the process in a progressbar which is kept under MDI Form.by placing this code iam able to show the process likemdiForm.progressbar1.value=10pronamemdiForm.progressbar1.value=30proname1mdiForm.progressbar1.value=50proname2mdiForm.progressbar1.value=100i kept an hour glass for the user to wait.now the problem is i want to show the process in a percentage bar in textbox kept in the status bar,till the process completes.could,please any body suggest me the solutionregardsvarma_varma@rediffmail.com

Ubuntu :: An Error Occurred While Mounting /media/6092-594B ubuntuforums.org

My linux mint while booting shows an error: An error occurred while mounting /media/6092-594B. There are two options : Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery. I have tried press S, but nothing happens. Showing that code: fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sda7: clean, 366872/2943360 files, 9301096/11765248 blocks init: unreadahead-other main process (843) terminated with status 4 init: unreadahead-other main process (848 ) terminated with status 4 mount: /media//6092-594B not mounted already, or bad option [Code].....

Exit Code www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a long process to run, roughly 30 minutes, because it is so long I want to give the user a chance to escape out of the process. Can I set an 'on goto' in the code so if the user selects a cancel button it will exit the code? Basically the same as the 'on error goto' statement. ie 'on cmdCancel_click goto'.I would be extremely gratefull for any help.Ben

Messagebox Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

Morning All,Have tried to search for this but site won't let me...I need to have a message box (or message of some type) pop up and give the user a status response as to what the app is doing.However, when using msgbox it brings the app to a halt.How do I show a message but still allow the app to run and process whatever calculating it doing and remove the message when its done.Thanks

Invalid Row Value? www.vbforums.com

Hey guys I'm writing a program which checks the link status of users connected in a network basically. I have a grid (grdStatus) in the form which shows the status of these users and Column 2 is the column which shows whether the link is up or down. If sending and receiving of data to opposing user is available it will show a green in the Column 2. If only receiving data from opposing user, it will show yellow. While if both sending and receiving to opposing user is not through, then it will show red. So I was writing this small function which returns a certain value for the link status of each station. The code is as follows:VB Code:Public Sub CheckStatus()   Dim i as Integer   With grdStatus   For i = 1 to .Rows      .Col = 2      .Row = i      Select Case .CellBackColor         Case QBColor(RCV_OK)            arrLinkStatus(i) = 1         Case QBColor(SEND_RCV_OK)            arrLinkStatus(i) = 2         Case QBColor(NOT_OK)            arrLinkStatus(i) = 3      End Select   Next i   End WithEnd Sub When I try to run the program, it gives me an error which says Invalid Row Value. Anyone knows what's wrong with that?(BTW this is on VB6)

AJAX :: PageMethod Does Not Respond? forums.asp.net

I have a long running process that i kick off with a pagemethod that normally takes about an hour to complete, when it is finished it returns the result of the method.I then poll with another pagemethod to update the status of the first process.the process is taking 4.5 hours this week which is acceptable and understandable, but the feedback sometimes gives up after a couple of hours and sometimes the main method never returns any feedback to the client. Regardless of the lack of status updates and final feedback the server still completes the long task.As far as i'm aware we have made no changes to any timeout values.is there a timeout setting that we are hitting that is above 1 hour for ajax methods?

Time Remaining www.codeguru.com

I have 2 textboxes and one checkbox on the form.the textboxes allows user to set the interval of process to execute.Textbox1 = txthoursTextbox2 = txtminutesnow what I want is that when user tick the checkbox then application should run a timer to show the time remaining to execute the process.Suppose user set values as followstxthours = 1txtminutes = 15In statusbar it will show like Time Remaining 1:15:00As soon user will check the checkbox then it should start calculating time remaining Like this after every second1:14:591:14:581:14:57every time it should show the new value in the statusbar after calculating the time every second.Thanks in advance

Terminating An External App www.codeguru.com

I'm currently writing a class to start external applications (to use in place of Shell). I'm using CreateProcess to start the app, and am providing methods to my class so that users can check the status as part of a loop, or suspend all VB code as long as the app is running (waiting for it to finish).I now want to add the functionality to force the app to terminate. I've been reading up on ExitProcess and TerminateProcess. As near as I can tell, ExitProcess terminates the existing process (since it doesn't take a process handle) - somewhat like the VB End command. But TerminateProcess says that it doesn't notifiy any DLL's attached to the process when it kills it (unlike ExitProcess). I'm concerned about the possible impact on the users system, since the overall application will be spawning- and potentially terminating- applications (that's it's main purpose), if DLL attachments are not cleared.Is this something I should be concerned about?And is there some way to manually detach the DLL's, without even knowing if there are any attached to the given process?Unfortunatley, this is for my employer, so I'm not at liberty to post the code.Thanks for any help :-)- ShawnGame ProgrammerHumongous Entertainment, Inc.