How To Force An Iframe To Reload


I have a page A which contains an iframe B which gets loaded with content as the page loads Page A has a link. When the link is clicked, I invoke some JavaScript function which performs some tests, and then I would like to have my iframe reload some other URL The problem is that I change the iframe's src attribute to the new URL but nothing happens. The iframe isn't reloading. How can I force it to reload? I heard that it was a problem in IE but that could be a mistake on my part It is vital to note that if I clean my browser cache (on IE), then the code works fine once (the iframe gets reloaded). But once it is in the cache, successive attempts fail Here is a sample of my code Code: <head> function test() { // perform some tests here [Code]....

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I have to say that this default Application is truly simple and easy to deal with, and that makes it all the more significant in my view. However, I am running into an odd problem, and I would like to see if anyone has had the same experience, and/or could offer their assistance in this matter. I have linked all of my contacts to their FB profiles, and all seems to work extremely well. However, for reasons beyond my understanding, when I attempt to click on the "Album" icon (To view the photographs of a FB Friend), this App. always makes me go through a "Force Close". This ONLY happens with ONE of my contacts though, as with every other contact I still retain the ability to view their FB Photo Albums. I was thinking that the one contact in question here, possibly has too many photographs for this App. to handle(?), but I can get it to work on a very rare occasion despite such. I would really like to hear from folks in regard to this issue, because it's puzzling, and somewhat irritating. I have rebooted, and I have also taken the particular FB profile off of my contact list, and then re-applied it (All to no avail). Here is the error message:

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With 2 command buttons one being cmdSTART and the other cmdSTOP, how would I allow the user to click the start button and then the next time he clicks the start button and if he hadn't clicked the stop button first, prompt him through a form to first click the stop button before the start function would execute again? I think I make sense!D.

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I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I try to open a Facebook contact, the people app keeps force closing and restarting.

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I'm having an issue linking my wife to her Facebook profile in the contact "people." When she calls her number comes up. After I hang up, I try to "connect with person already in contacts" and it forces "People" to close. I tried to add her manually and it deleted it before my very eyes while I was within "people." I did it using the Google phonebook and not the phone's. Is there any issue with this, and what's the difference between the Google and Phone options (benefits, etc... ?).

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My People seems to be syncing with Facebook fine (their status updates show up, and it uses their FB profile photo), but when I select "View Facebook Profile", I get the following error message: "The application People (process com.android.htccontacts) has stopped unexpectedly. Force Close."

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I need to force an auto postback after aspx page loads (dont ask why, just humor me). [Code]....

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I have a webpage with a button. If I click the button and enter the event handler for the click event (so I have actually a postback) I want to force a second postback in this event handler.(Background for this weird seeming request is: I change the theme of the page in the button click event handler. To make this change immediately visible I need to pass the PreInit event of the page again.)At the moment I force a "refresh" of the page by redirecting the page to itself: [Code].... But this clears all controls on the page as if I would enter the page the very first time. For instance, a textbox already filled out by the user is emptied. But I want only a postback which does not change any control contents.

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I'd like to programmatically force a full page postback to occur after an event is fired by one of the child controls. I can't add any triggers to make this work so it will have to be done via code.

Membership Force HTTPS On PostBack? stackoverflow.com

I have a login form on the home page of an ASP.NET 3.5 website which for performance reasons needs to be accessed with a standard HTTP connection. Since the normal postback for an ASP.NET page is relative call for the post, it would mean that when the browser posts the values are sent unprotected. I would like to do one of two things to make this secure: Force the Postback to be secure to the same page Send the post to a different page using an HTTPS connection Is there a way to implement option one? I'm also looking at the Authentication Service, but looking at the URL reference it is using a relative path: Sys.Services._AuthenticationService.DefaultWebServicePath = '../Authentication_JSON_AppService.axd'; I don't see a way to override this to put in an HTTP path.

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Does anyone know how to force a tooltip to stay visible as long as the mouse hovers over it? I tried manipulating this code:Code:             mytooltip.InitialDelay = 500            mytooltip.ReshowDelay = 100            mytooltip.AutoPopDelay = 5000I changed the AutoPopDelay to 50000 with no results. It still stayed visible just as long as it was before i put this code in.Thanking you in advance.Edited by - ramon38 on 4/13/2005 6:17:28 AM

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I recently loaded Baked Snack 1.7 on my phone as my first custom ROM - before that I had rooted stock Froyo. I tried two Baked Snack kernels and now have KingsxKlick bfs #9. So I have all these variables and now I have a weird problem - my address book is force-closing on me every time I try to create a new contact. I haven't created a new contact in awhile, so I have no idea whether this could be related to my new ROM or kernel, or if it's a problem with the address book itself. I have had no other problems since installing the ROM and kernel. I can input the new number for the contact, but when I try to name the contact it says it has encountered an error and needs to stop. This is the stock HTC People app, and I have tried it creating the contact as a regular phone contact and as a Google contact. No dice. I've also tried a battery pull, clearing cache, the basics. Any thoughts, guys? I met a cute boy and I REALLY need to save his number.

AJAX :: Force TabPanel To Fill Entire Height Of Page? forums.asp.net

How do I go about forcing a TabPanel to fill the entire height of the page? Each of the tabs in the tab control are being populated with different data such that each panel is of a different height.  Some of the tabs may only fill half of the page while others may exceed it, which is why I can't simply hardcode the height. I've tried wrapping the <contenttemplate></contenttemplate> inside of a div and set the div height to 100%, but that obviously did nothing. 

Select Menu Not Being Restored When Back Button Used / Fix It? stackoverflow.com

Consider a web page that has a select menu with a JavaScript event handler tied to the menu's onchange event that when fired reloads the page with a new query string (using the value selected in the menu). Issue: when the user hits the Back button, the page DOM is restored from the cache but NOT the state of the select menu. Browsers affected: Firefox and Safari (which use a back/forward cache) code... View this page and notice that option A is selected. Then select a different option (say option C) - the page is reloaded (with a query string, ?select1=C). Then hit the Back button - the select menu continues to show Option C as selected. Question: Does anyone know why the select menu isn't restored and how one could solve this issue? I've used JavaScript in the past to force the form fields on a page to match the query string but there are issues with that approach (i.e., FF and Safari don't normally execute the onload event for the window when loading a page from the cache) and it seems like a hack to me.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Link My Facebook Contacts To Their Matching Phone Book androidforums.com

Is there a quick way to link my Facebook contacts to their matching phone book contact, Or am I forced to do it one by one. My Moto Backflip automatically linked FB to PB, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with Timescape. I'm at a loss, as I work in the industry and cannot figure this out. Any help would be appreciated

Intel Mac :: Can't Sync IPhone Or IPad To It discussions.apple.com

I have had recurrent kernel panic attacks on my Macbook pro runnig 10.4.7.  This seems to be OK once rebooted in safe mode but I can find the underlying software/hardware problem.  The logs are not helping me with this issue.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I am thinking of backing up all my files and erasing hard drive and starting with reloading all my applications and then files.The computer is only useable in safe mode at present. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.4 gHz i7 and 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

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After developing a whole CMS on PHP and MySQL, it looks like out IT department is forcing us to use MSSQL (long story)... My question would be: Does anyone have experiencing migrating MySQL code to MSSQL code? Where would the major "headache" spot come up? With a good MySQL background, how hard would it be to learn MSSQL? Any advise, ideas and help would be appreciated. Thanks

HTC Incredible :: No Sync For All Facebook Contacts? androidforums.com

Anyone having issues syncing their facebook contacts? For some reason I am only getting some of them to sync, but not all. I've done a few force synchronizations and made sure everything is enables and logged in correctly, as far as I can tell.

HTC Droid Eris :: Facebook Contacts Showing Up In Phone Dialer androidforums.com

I'm wondering why in the new 2.1 update they decided to force your phone-book to be populated with ALL of your Facebook contacts, rather then the ones you manually put in. I certainly have a lot more friends on Facebook then I care to have in my phone-book. Is there a site where we can petition this issue?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Stop Google Voice From Loading And Running Automatically? androidforums.com

1) How do I switch my phone from using EVDo to 1x only? I use an Airave, and it uses more battery since it is always trying to find the best data signal from a tower. 2) How do I stop google voice from loading and running automatically whenever i reboot my phone? If i go to menu>settings>applications>running services, I can force stop it there, but I dont want it ever loading, I don't use google vioce.

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I am able to get rid of the X button on each form within my database, but I want to force users to click the command button to exit access, as apposed to using the X on the top right. How can this be done? There has got to be a way, either using VBA code within Access, or to write a seprate program itself that will disable that. Please let me know. I'll do whatever it takes.

Samsung Behold 2 : Way To Delete Unwanted Apps? androidforums.com

Is there a way to delete unwanted apps on a stock phone? I got an update last week and it came with some stupid trial games that I don't want. When I go into app management to remove it, there is no unistall option. I hate how we are forced to keep some apps.

HTC Desire :: Handcent Not Sending Text Messages To Multiple Contacts androidforums.com

I've been using Handcent since I've had my Desire, but since the last few updates it seems to have developed a fault when sending the same sms message to multiple contacts. If I send a message to say 3 people, it either force closes, or comes up with the error message not sent. If it comes up with the latter, the messages are queued & sent 1 after the other. I was able to do this no problem before, so has anyone else experienced this in Handcent?

Motorola Droid :: Adding Contacts To Phone W/o Adding To Gmail androidforums.com

I want to add a contact just to my phone and not to my gmail account.Whenever I start to add a contact (phone, 208544.menu, +contact, create new contact,) the next thing it forces me to do is to choose an account to create the new contact under and it lists my 3 gmail accounts.I have no option to just put it on the phone.Any ideas here?We do the same thing on the Incredible but it gives us the gmail account and the phone to choose from but not on the Motorola.

Server Lost Ability To Resolve Names www.webhostingtalk.com

my server seems to have lost its ability to do name lookups: Quote: [root@cp ~]# wget =>`ossec-hids-2.0.tar.gz' Resolving failed: Temporary failure in name resolution. it hangs on the "Resolving bit for a long time. my resolv.conf file is as follows: Quote: nameserver nameserver which are the 2 nameservers of my datacenter. I tried doing a /scripts/upcp --force and I get this: Quote: [root@cp ~]# /scripts/upcp --force Updating /scripts... Sync Source: and it just hangs there the sites I am hosting use PHP script that make a lot of outbound web connections so this is crippling my server

AJAX :: Accordion Control Use Only Button To Collapse Not Entire Header? forums.asp.net

I have an accordion control that I am dropping info in the content pane and the header pane. In the header pane there are several fields and buttons. Is it possible to force the collapse and expand action to just a single button in the header? 

Security :: What If CreateUserWizard Gets Refreshed forums.asp.net

I customized CreateUserWizard, added WizardSteps.... If I reload the page (F5) and I am in Step3, it goes back to the first step. How do I remain in the same Wizardstep if the user refreshes the page. 

Way To Hide A JQuery UI Accordion Panel forums.asp.net

have several Accordion panel and each one contains a datalist of hyperlinks, that when clicked will append a querystring to the current URL. What I'm trying to do is after the pages reloads or after clicking a hyperlink I want that datalist together wit its corresponding accordion panel gone. I'm using a single file for the markup and code btw.

SQL Reporting :: ReportViewer "View Report" Button Not Functioning? forums.asp.net

Version 9 of ReportViewer in Remote Processing mode, IE 7 or 8 my report loads correctly. The toolbar appears correctly and parameters can be changed however the View Report button does not refresh the page to reload the report with the adjusted parameters - ie clicking performs no action. I am sure this is something simple I have missed?

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I am trying to pass data from client to server using a hidden field. If I use a button, then OnClientClick sets the value, and OnClick does the postback and all is well. However, I am responding to a Client event, and although this works I get no postback. How do I now force a postback from my client handler?

Configuration :: 2.0 Site On IIS 6 - Loads Super Slow And Sometimes Throws "Page Not Found" On Post ... forums.asp.net

Looking for advice on how to troubleshoot an application (not something I wrote) that is on the old 2.0 Framework.  It acts "crazy" sometimes when selecting an item from a drop down list.  Sometimes the page will reload like it should on the post back with the new data, while othertimes, it just throws a Page Not Found error.  What's the best way to troubleshoot and eliminate the various variables of IIS6,  2.0 Framework, SQL Server, the VirtualMachine, etc.   

Detecting/Disabling Back Button Using PHP www.phpfreaks.com

I was wondering if there is a way to disable or detect when a user presses the browser back button in PHP. What I want to do is that when a back button is pressed, the page reloads. Please let me know if there is a way to do this. If any of you use modernbill, it has that feature.

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<script type="text/javascript" The problem i have is when i try to move my mouse down too the menu that slides on mouseover. The moment i remove my mouse from the menu it moves away again(just like i made it). So my question is: can i make a div that pauses all script? That way i could do that with menycontent and force the menycontent to show.

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I am working on creating pages for mobile devices with jQuery mobile.Here is the basic page template I am using: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <meta charset="utf-8" />[code]..... When I try to view this on a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, etc,) the page width is far too large (forcing scrolling on small resolution devices or very small text on larger resolution devices.)

Make Single Bar In Highcharts The Width Of The Container stackoverflow.com

I have a chart using a stacked bar. the container is 400px wide x 20px height, but I can't seem to get the bar to extend to 100% of the container.There will only ever be one bar.You can see the remaining part of the container as there is a light blue background colour (see jsfiddle).How can i force the width of the bar to 100% of the container? [URL]

Add Items In Second Drop Down List ? www.daniweb.com

I have two dropdown lists in my HTML form. In first dropdown list, I have some countries name already added in HTML form. In second drop down list there is no item yet except "Select choice". Now my problem is that I want that when i click on any country in first dropdown list, then with the help of AJAX,PHP and MYSQL, all the states of the selected country is added to the second dropdown list dynamically wihout reloading the page.

Switch Case Image Maps phpbuilder.com

Seems my switch case statement isn't working, and I can't see why it isn't. The App: The webapp I am making is a webpage that uses imagemaps as a menu system. The menu is basically a table with 6 columns and 5 rows. Each row is a seperate image. When a cell of the "table" is clicked, the options under that tables category are displayed as pictures. I did this by passing a variable and reloading the page when a hotspot on the image map is clicked. When the page reloads a switch case is used to display either a row with a cell selected, or the default unselected row. Below is the select case that will not work properly. The Map functions all work (they have been tested) and pass the variable. PHP Code: .....

Disable The Firefox Image Zoom? stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with image quality in Firefox: Firefox seems to zoom "everything" per default so some images really look fuzzy while in chrome their quality is perfect! I found out, that there is a setting in Firefox, which resolves the problem: "View->Zoom->Zoom Text only". Do you know a way to force Firefox to use this setting for a special website (using javascript)?

Google Maps V3 - Overriding Default SmoothZoom Behavior? stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to prevent a Google Map from automatically doing the Smooth Zoom transition when zooming in or out? I would like it to just snap to the desired zoom level. In the ModestMaps Library for Flash, for example, I can set zoomDuration to 0 to force all transitions to be instant rather than animated.

Pass Variables Depending On Linked That Is Clicked www.daniweb.com

how to set a variable depending on the link that is clicked than pass it to php.It's for a rating plugin - The links will be numbers 1 - 5 and need to pass the integer to php when clicked.. in background.I am assuming I would use "XMLHttpRequest" so I can reload - send variable, and display in the background.Then in php have something like $vote = GET_(vote).

Killing Threads With Abort() Method Not Working Properly www.xtremevbtalk.com

Inside the five threads that I create I use some API to query remote servers for info. These calls have no timeout and will just sit there in the APIGetRemoteServerInfo() function for a minute. So in my main thread I see if they've been alive for 10 seconds then try to abort() the thread then join() to make sure it's dead. The problem is that I do my threads(i).abort() and the main thread will simply stay on this abort() line for upwards of a minute before even hitting the next statement. I think that what happens is that the worker thread refuses to acknowledge the abort() until it reaches the next line of code. So.. is there any way to either A. force the worker to heed my abort() or B. force APIGetRemoteServerInfo() function call to terminate after 10 seconds? Thanks in advance.

Prevent Iframe Content Reload On Hide In Firefox? stackoverflow.com

In my webapplication I hide an iframe using jquery hide() function.Surprisingly firefox reload the content of iframe when the iframe is hidden.Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?I also tried to hide the iframe setting css style display to 'none'. Same result.

Jquery :: Adding Class To List While Removing From Previously Clicked stackoverflow.com

In my menu, when one selects a link, "selected" is appended to the class name so that the background position jumps, highlighting the menu item without reloading the page. This works well, however I cannot seem to remove the class from the element once another link is selected. I tried a while loop, which froze up my page. This is as close as Ive gotten, however its still not executing the "else" part of the statement. The CSS is fine, it just wont clear. Javascript:

Input Type Text And OnKeyDown Not Working Under IE stackoverflow.com

I am writing a WWW application, it has to run under IE. I have the problem with the code that runs under FF, but i can't get it running under IE.I've tried some similar ways around window.location and location.href, also document.location. I've read that IE has problems with that, so i ask for a solution.The goal is, that page reloads after typing in some text into <input type='text' name='item_code' onKeyDown='test()'> and click enter. So the result is similar to pressing submit type button below the text input.

ActionScript 3 :: Flex - Parse A Large JSON File? stackoverflow.com

I need to parse a large trace file (up to 200-300 MB) in a Flex application. I started using JSON instead of XML hoping to avoid these problems, but it did not help much. When the file is bigger than 50MB, JSON decoder can't handle it (I am using the as3corelib). Try to split the file: I would really like to avoid this; I don't want to change the current format of the trace files and, in addition, it would be very uncomfortable to handle.Use a database: I was thinking of writing the trace into a SQLite database and then reading from there, but that would force me to modify the program that creates the trace file.

Links To Other Files In Error www.mrexcel.com

This workbook contains links to other data sources. *If you update the links, Excel will attempt to retrieve the latest data. *If you don't update the links, Excel will use the previous information. Note that data links can be used to access and share confidential information without permission and possibly perform other harmful actions. Do not update the links if you do not trust the source of this workbook. I've stopped trying to rectify the situation and just click on cancel. So does everyone else. Big mistake. If there is a file that changes from time to time, and you're relying on a link to it to make your data correct, and some one moves or removes it! you get the above message. But you have no idea it's your very important file that has been deleted or moved. And Excel as the message says, uses the last data it had access to. Is there a way to force Excel to display the #N/A error for the broken link instead of telling the lie? Well really, if the file’s been deleted or moved, Excel has no idea what the true value of the "Link" is and is lying when it puts up that last known value and really doesn't tell you except for that opening message. Very frustrating, the Bill Of Material was moved and then changed, and my Excel file reported the old value just like that. I've got a huge file with lots of pages and all sorts of people do lots of things including making links to files that after a while get moved or deleted. I can't chase them all down. So, is there a way to force Excel to "Crash" and put up an error message in the cell where the link is supposed to be?

Dell :: Intel Centrino WiMAX 6250 Driver forum.notebookreview.com

I followed a couple threads on here on how to format and reload everything from scratch. It has worked perfectly and I'm much more happier without the Dell bloatware. That said, the only issue (not sure if it's really an issue) that I'm having is with the WiMAX 6250 driver. I downloaded the latest drivers from here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Deta...18748&lang=eng They aren't even listed on Dell's website (not that I would use Dell's over Intels anyway). The wifi and everything seems to be working fine. However, when I look under device manager, it's the only one that has an "!" on it. It says that the driver isn't loaded. Again, I don't know this is really a problem since it's working, but I just wanted to make sure this won't hurt me down the road or if anyone else knows how to fix it.

Dell :: Latest Greatest Video Driver www.notebookforums.com

I've been out of the loop for few years, as in, not paying much attention to my i9100 (w/ATI 9800...unmodded). Now I've totally dumped and reloaded it with XP pro and I am using whatever MS uses for a v-driver when there is nothing else. Everything else has been updated with the latest from the Dell site, and XP Pro too. I use this rig for light to medium duty gaming, and soon, I hope, watching net TV on it....and then all the other standard computery things that don't really need anything fancy for a video driver ....

A Command To Write An SQL Database Dump File? www.webmasterworld.com

I'm really confused by the various backup methods for MySQL. I'm only interested in having a manually generated backup in the form of an SQL file containing a series of "DROP TABLE...CREATE TABLE...INSERT" statements, which I can reload if necessary. I can do this from within phpMyAdmin, but I'd really like to know how to do this myself from within my Apache/PHP-based website code on my home PC so that I can create the text file at the push of a button. I'm writing some PHP code to manage some data via a web interface. I can't seem to find in the docs exactly how to do this except from the MySQL server command line using mysqldump.

HTC Incredible :: SU Included With Jager ROM Not Working androidforums.com

So I installed the Jager ROM over the weekend, and today I had a problem with the SU program included not working. This sucks because now I can not back anything up or do anything that requires SU privies. The SU program just force closes when it comes up in any program that needs it. I downloaded another SU program but the old one always comes up. Is there a way to change this or uninstall the other one. I found the same one in the market but it wont install. Maybe cause its read only?

Write And Read From Database At Same Time www.phpbuilder.com

I am running a dedicated server with a fast internet connection. This is the issue; I have a web site that displays data held in an SQL database. The web site page displays the data 10 rows at a time rolling on to the next page until the last page is reached, then reloads the complete page which also runs the SQL query to get the lastest data. The refresh rate is set 2 15 seconds. The data table is updated every 2 mins with new data from an outside source. The issue I am having is that at random times the browser get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". This happens on clients PCs in a number of different locations. My question is: could the error be anything to do with the source table been updated at the same time as the client PCs are reading it.

Mysql Insert Query Locking Becuz It Tries To Select Before Read Lock Is Finish? forums.devshed.com

My site is having some problems and getting locked on an insert (cause lock) and then it tries to select b4 read lock is finished causing my script on calendar.php to lock the site up which causes it (during heavy traffic) to just keep reloading without finishing out the whole page. Here is the exact message my administrator sent me: (t appears that your script is causing contention with the database it is trying to access. You are inserting (causing a lock) ) and then attempting to select, and the read lock isn't complete yet. This is causing the lock contention that your calendar script is suffering from. Please reevaluate your code to streamline your queries and/or change it to atomic writes (by using the lock procedure) What be the best thing to do at this point?? Because its causing me to miss out on THOUSANDS OF DAILY USERS).

Clicking A Button On An External Application www.vbforums.com

Hello, I'm trying to click a button on another application, but I can't get it to work. The button is a few layers down, but it never finds the button. What am I doing wrong?I've included a screenshot of Spy++ to show the structure.VB Code:Option Explicit 'API Declarations to Find Parent and Child windowsPrivate Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" _(ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As LongPrivate Declare Function FindWindowEx Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowExA" _(ByVal hWnd1 As Long, ByVal hWnd2 As Long, ByVal lpsz1 As String, ByVal lpsz2 As String) As Long 'API Declarations to send messages to Parent and Child windowsPrivate Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" _(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As String) As Long 'Constants DeclarationsPrivate Const BM_CLICK As Long = &HF5    'To click a button   Private Sub Command1_Click()    Dim hParent As Long    Dim hChild As Long        hParent = FindWindow("#32770", "eMule Plus v1.2")        If hParent <> 0 Then                hChild = FindWindowEx(hParent, 0&, "#32770", vbNullString)        hChild = FindWindowEx(hChild, 0&, "Button", "Reload")                If hChild <> 0 Then            Call SendMessage(hChild, BM_CLICK, 0, 0)        End If    End IfEnd Sub

Samsung Fascinate : Get Full Facebook Listings On Phone? androidforums.com

The biggest reason I wanted a data phone was so I could check facebook from work (blocked), or while out and about. When I got the Incredible, I found out that all the Facebook apps do the stupid "Top News" only, and you can't change it to view all the recent new. The only way I could find to get around it was to click on "Full Site" at the bottom of the mobile site page, click on "Most Recent" when the page loaded, then often the link wouldn't actually work but if I hit "refresh" the page would reload with "Most Recent" selected and the most recent posts all listed out. A real pain, but possible. But when I try the same thing on my Fascinate, I just get a big blank page with no status updates. Is there any way to view the full, regular, "Most Recent" post list on the Fascinate?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Sync Facebook Photo With Contact androidforums.com

I just rooted my phone and loaded a 2.1 ROM (Damage Control v2.08). Everything seems to be working great. I went into my contacts (reloaded through MS Exchange) and noticed that some of the Facebook photos were auto linked to a contact, but some were not. I am guessing the ones that did not do not have a name that matches exactly did not load.With the stock phone, I was able to manually select the Facebook friend I wanted to associate with my contact and it added the picture.With 2.1, when I try to manually select a Facebook contact through "Link Facebook Profile", the screen doesn't list anyone to choose from.It is just blank and says "no matches found".Has anyone else had this problem? I'm trying to figure out how to manually link people. I can log into Facebook with no problem and everything there seems to work.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Sync With Gmail Contacts androidforums.com

Here is the deal, back in Jan when I finally got all my contacts sorted and edit after some issues with sync, I tuned off the Auto sync, with the idea that I would force a sync when I wanted to and I could watch what was going on.I have about 350-375 contacts in my phone currently. I want to play with some 2.1 roms so I need to get these synced to gmail so I dont loose them again. i can not get it to sync. I get :I have tried setting auto sync and still have an issue.

Motorola Droid X :: How To Get Missing Contacts Displayed In List? androidforums.com

If you have missing contacts in your contact list (even if all contacts is selected) but when you search for them they come up, here is the worlds easiest fix. Log into your google mail on your computers browser, click "contacts". In the left hand column the 1st row says "my contacts", note the total.Now 2nd to the bottom there it says "all contacts". If that total is more, click on it. At the top of the list of names click "all", In the column to the right there is a box that says "add to my contacts", Dont worry it will not duplicate contacts. Click on "add to my contacts" Now after this my phone started syncing contacts automatically, if yours does not, force the sync in the settings, accounts, google. as soon as its done, your missing contacts are now displayed.

HTC Hero :: Linking Facebook Users To Contacts androidforums.com

I have to link a lot of my contacts manually to my Facebook friends. I read it should go automatic, but that doesn't seem to work for me all the time. (People -> Updates and Events -> Update now) It seems it only automatically links people who have recently updated any photos recently. Is it possible to force it to go over each of my contacts and see if there is a match? Also, I would LOVE it if the contact would be synced back into Gmail with the information it pulled from Facebook. Is this possible?

Timers On Server-side - From A Client-side Piece, Call Off To A Server-side Piece stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to, from a client-side piece, call off to a server-side piece. I need to do this synchronously. On my server-side code, though, I'm calling off to another piece of code, which I want to have a maximum of, say, 10 seconds to return a value. If I don't have a response within 10 seconds, I want to force my own server piece to set my result equal to 0, and return to the client. Here's what I have on my server-side code so far: Public Function GetWebResult(ByVal inputParameter As Object) As WebReturnObject Implements IWebInterface.GetWebResult Dim result As New WebReturnObject Dim webItem As WebItem = Nothing [CODE]... I realize this code is not functional. The problem is that I'm unsure how I would go about getting back into GetWebResult to set the appropriate return values before it is sent back to the client.

Professional :: Reproducible Error: Flash Can Not Parse This Document forums.adobe.com

I have a reproducible error: I am being forced to fix corrupted flash files that give the "Flash can not parse this document" error. But shortly after I fix the problem, the files are re-corrupted.   Here is how the problem is reproduced: when I update a custom component that is used in other symbols in the library. When a new version of a custom component symbol added to the library, replacing an older version, the symbols that contained the old symbol are corrupted in the XML. This is tedious and time consuming to work around.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Parse HTML Out Of RSS Feed? www.actionscript.org

I am trying to make a rss aggregator and I am stuck at the moment as I can seem to parse out the HTML info that is held in the certain sections of the rss document. Below I have posted my AS3 code as well as the rss doc info. How to parse out the HTML from the description and title of the rss feeds. ActionScript Code: import fl.controls.UIScrollBar; var finalNote:String = "" trace( finalNote ); var urlVar:String = "rss_example.xml";// local XML file that loads by default reloadRSS();// function to initially load or reload the feed [Code] .....

Prevent Databind On Gridview When Clicking The Edit Template Link? stackoverflow.com

My Gridview is refreshing its datasource when the edit button is clicked. How can I prevent this from happening? This isn't much of a problem when there aren't a lot of records, but when there are many it takes awhile. The data is already loaded so the edit button shouldn't need to reload the data. The edit button is a template edit button, and I'm using an SQL Datasource that connects to an Oracle database. The SQL datasource uses a control parameter that points to a dropdownlist.

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Insert Mode Cause Whole Page Reload? forums.asp.net

I have a FormView at the very bottom of the page in insert/edit mode. When I click insert/update button, the whole page reload and the pointer does not keep within the Formview but go to the very top of the page far away from the desired FormView. What can I do here to prevent cursor going outside the Formview ? Is it I can use update panel ? What and where I should use the tags ? Or there are other better way ?

Design Website With Many Articles? forums.asp.net

I'm need a good recommendation about how to build a site that looks as the following (very general) structure ____________ |menu | article | ------------------- the menu has a recursive structure a menu item can be either an article link or a sub menu. qhen  selecting an item I want to display the proper article in the center ('article' location in the page). I used asp:treeMenu  but iI couldn't figure out how to bind the menu to the articles without using the navigateURL property. when using navigateURL from the xml it causes page reload which closing the selected menu (if it was opened). when using the navigateURL whith url like "#?varName=varValue" articles are not loaded because the browser doesn't make a fresh request from the server (where I can use queryString to change the center article) is there is any commom site  deploymet or pattern to solve this issue?

Sessions Lost When The Page Is Reloaded (ispostback = False)? stackoverflow.com

I have an asp.net page that sets a few session variables. On my development machine (localhost), I do a postback and the session values are still populated. When I Reload the page by clicking on the url bar and pressing enter the session variables are still there. However when i deploy this page to a webserver, the page still retains the session values when doing a postback, but as soon as i click the url and press enter the session values are lost (where the ispostback = false) But when i press the refresh button the session variables are present (but i do get a popup warning me that the page data needs to be resent!) i am running IE 7, and the webserver is iis6 what am i doing wrong?!

AJAX :: Reorderlist And The Horrible 'compatibility Mode' In IE8? forums.asp.net

I have created an intranet site that has a reorder list.IE8 defaults to running intranet sites in compatibility mode. My reorderlist does not like this. Basically the drag/drop function goes away. Now, i have tried adding the <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" /> but it does not fix it. It fixes most of my issues, but not the drag/drop.If i tell the browser to NOT use compatibility mode, everything seems to work as intended, but there is no way i can force all the users to disable it.

Web Forms :: Detailsview Insert Not Reflected In Dynamic Report? forums.asp.net

I have a panel with a detailsview that i use to create rows for table MMS_Projects. I have another Panel in which i create a report of contents of this table along with dedicated controls for each (buttons to add elements to child tables like goals and tasks) when i complete an insert into the projects table, the page re-posts and the dynamic projects report re-initializes (i added a timestamp at the top of the report to confirm that the page re-initializes). but the new row is not immdiately present.  if another control is clicked (causing another re-post), the new row shows up. since i know the insert was successfull and that the dynamic report has been "re-init"-ed, i assumed there is a delay (one thread is still performing an insert while another is creating a report), so i forced a system.threading.thread.sleep(3000) in the creation of the report.

AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Refresh? forums.asp.net

I am having a problem with the AutoCompleteExtender contol that I've put up on my webpage. I have this employee page where the seach is done at the very top and I'm using this control ; The formatted name is my search key that I'm doing in my web method. Now when I am deleting an employee and reloading the page...the Formatted name still appears during the page load. I've to close the window and load it again to get the updated employee list. <asp:TextBox ID="txtFName" runat="server" [code]...

Checking Site For JS Errors? www.vbforums.com

I have an application where I use the AJAX Tabpanel. It works 99 times out of 100. But sometimes a JavaScript error appears on the site saying that the Tabpanel cannot be found. What I want is to check the site for JS errors and if JS errors appear then I will reload the site. In Pseudo-code: Code: If noJavaScriptErrorsAppear then Ok Else reloadTheSite Endif Is that possible to implement in the serverside code e.g. in the page events?

File Upload Using Ftp Commands bytes.com

Because of limitations of my provider, I am forced to use the ftp functions to upload files to my server (the permissions on the server will not allow me to load files via php). I have successfully ported the sample code from php.net to do everything BUT upload the file. I can connect. I can log in. I can change directories. But the file never uploads. As I note in the code, I have tried using ftp_put with the local filename, and I have tried using ftp_fput with the file in /tmp/php with no luck. Suggestions are welcome. Code: ( text )

Quick Refresh Definition phpbuilder.com

I could really use some help understanding something. Why does php have to refresh the whole page for a function to continue. <?php $getfile = rand(1,5); $includefile = "file" . $getfile . ".txt"; include ($includefile); ?> Gets .txt randomly but in order for it to get a new random item the page needs reloaded or refreshed. And in javascript the whole page doesn't need refreshed but just the function. I know its because its a server side command but that doesn't tell me much. I need to understand "why" it must be the whole page, then I will know how to fix other problems.

Expand Div Children To Width Of The Canvas Not Just The Viewport? stackoverflow.com

The issue is illustrated by this screenshot, ironically taken from a CSS blog site (it's immediately below the text "In order to set a positioning context".) I've been hitting the same issue in my own code. About halfway down this image, there's a line with a long comment that forces the enclosing div to provide a horizontal scrollbar (via the overflow: auto setting.) As shown in the screenshot, the surrounding lines with gray backgrounds don't stretch to fill the entire width of the parent's canvas. Instead, they remain fixed at the width of the parent's viewport. (Those backgrounds belong to divs that enclose individual lines of text.)I see this in Firefox 3.1 and IE8 (regardless of IE7 compatibility mode.)Is there any cross-browser method to force those child divs to stretch to the full width of the canvas (or put another way, to set their widths to the max width of their peers)? My guess is "no", or the site's author would be using it. EDIT: Here is a bare-bones example. For some reason, the scrollbar doesn't show in IE, but it does show in Firefox 3.1 (and with the same behavior that I'm seeing elsewhere.) Note: The CSS shown here is derived from SyntaxHighlighter [URL] released under GPL 3. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> [code]....

Object Properties In Echo() bytes.com

I started using PHP's object-oriented stuff a little while ago, which has mostly been a joy. However, I've noticed that they don't seem to echo as I would like. Eg: $this->field['id'] = 255; $this->key = 'id' echo "$this->key is $this->field[$this->key]"; // prints "id is Array[id]" // Thus I am forced to do this $keyval = $this->field[$this->key]; echo "this->key is $keyval"; // prints "id is 255" echo "this->key is " . $this->field[$this->key]; // also works This example is trivial, but it becomes much more of a nuisance when I'm making forms and whatnot and don't want to have to define a whole bunch of new variables or keep opening and closing quotes. Is there a workaround or different syntax I can use for this, or am I just stuck?

Previous Instance Abort www.xtremevbtalk.com

In a program I wrote, I used the following code in the Form_Load() event to prevent multiple instances running: Code:If App.PrevInstance Then Ret = MsgBox("Program is already running. Click OK to close", vbOKOnly, "Already running") Unload MeEnd IfI copied this short segment of code and inserted it into another program and the second program refuses to terminate when a previous instance is detected. The program detects the previous instance because it displays the message box but when I click OK, the message box disappears briefly and then reappears.If I force the program to execute this code in the IDE, it executes the Unload Me line and continues executing.When I insert the End command like below, the program terminates as expected: Code:If App.PrevInstance Then Ret = MsgBox("Program is already running. Click OK to close", vbOKOnly, "Already running") Unload Me EndEnd IfI'd really like to get some insight into this one.The program has one form and two modules of code: nothing fancy beyond a few API calls involved. The other program was far more complex having 5 forms and code modules and a class module and this code worked flawlessly. What gives?

[unsolved] Abort All Functions In Progress www.vbcity.com

Hi!I have a app that call functions to complete a diferents tasks, i want abort all functions with ... for example ... a button.Is too easy abort one function with a boolean control's variable.. but... i am looking for a more universal metod for all functions.The problem is, that some functions take a lot of time for acomplished it, if you mistake the operation have two options... wait or close.I am looking for some thing like ... "app.reload" ... :P A greeting !!

Stop Transparent Iframe Overlay Going Over Video? stackoverflow.com

I am placing a transaparent iframe over a page (the host page is not mine so I cannot change the code of these pages) -- some of the pages contain video. I would still like the video to be visible and watchable. Currently my transparent iframe layer 'blocks out the video' so you cannot watch it in Chrome.. the video does sit on top in Firefox. Even in Firefox, some videos sit under, some over the layer. Does anyone know how I can make it conssitent. Is there a way to force the iframe under the video but over the rest of the content in Chrome also?

Prototyping In Flash - Using JSON For Web Services? stackoverflow.com

I know most people hate 100% flash-based websites, but I was recently forced to use flash for a college assignment. After creating a fully-featured ria in less than 2 weeks with every feature I could imagine, i've regrettably fallen in love with this beast (which I previously refused to touch with a stick) due to the power of AS3 and the ability to sprinkle it everywhere :- I now want to port a commercial desktop application of mine (which has been largely unsuccesful) to the web and feel flash/flex is an excellent candidate. While creating a html/css/js version would be ideal (working browser shortcuts, for a start), i'm certain it'll take a year to create in cross-browser html/css/js what would take just ~3 months in flash. Obviously as the (paid) desktop product was unsuccessful, i'd want to minimize the risk/investment in the (free) web application. I plan on using JSON for web services, so it shouldn't be a huge pita to port in the future.Is this a good strategy for launching a web app you're not yet 100% committed to? Or will the fact i'm using flash doom me from the start? Has anybody else done this? If so, how did your userbase respond to the 100% usage of flash, and did you get around to porting it to standard web technologies?

Write A File To The Harddrive On The Server When Generating This M3u File? stackoverflow.com

THE EXAMPLE:1)User enters in a playlist in a <textarea>.2)They click a save button.I send the user's playlist to the server with AJAX.3)The server formats the text with PHP in this fashion: <playlist> <item>C:/music/foo.mp3</item> <item>C:/music/bar.mp3</item> [code]... 4)A file save dialog pops up asking the user to save this formatted text as playlist.m3u on their own harddrive.QUESTIONS, A)Is it possible to not write a file to the harddrive on the server when generating this m3u file?I don't want millions of files clogging up my server.I suppose PHP can echo out the formatted text and set headers to masquerade as a file.B)How do I get the file save dialog to pop up for this on-the-fly file?If it were a real file, I would just have the PHP respond back with the location of the file.Then I would have JS insert a new iFrame with that location.But I don't want to write a file on the server, so I can't do this. new Ajax.Request( 'generateM3u.php', onSuccess: function(transport) { [code]...

Android :: Manually Edit - Add Contacts Sync W/ Facebook androidforums.com

Is there anyway to re-establish or manually add the Facebook syncronization option to an existing contact in my Contacts app? I lost the Facebook sync icon in the contact information and this is inconvienent at best, and possibly is the cause of disabling the phone functionality at worse. Subsequent behavior on at least two occassions has shown that attempts to dial out using this particular contact locks up the dialer, causing multiple forces closes, and essentially disables the phone functionally both in and out of the phone for long periods time (10-20 mins) until the application can be correctly cleared and purged from memory. I was able to successfully sync my Contacts with both my Google contact list and then all my Facebook friends. However some of the contact information was not exactly how I preferred and attempts to update that information using the Google contact list was not always successful. Not entirely sure if this is a bug or by design. I was able to successfully modify one contacts name with Facebook sync from first name first to last name first (to correct sorting to my preference). A second contact wouldn't modify no matter if I updated the name information on Google contact or on the phone itself. Finally I attempted to delete the contact and re-add it. This worked but now I lost its Facebook sync (no Facebook icon to click within the contact information). I'm not sure if this detachment is causing the dialer problems. After syncing all my Facebook friends with my contacts (for complete-ism), I successfully deleted some Facebook friends from my contact list. But what if I want one back with Facebook sync, is that possible?

HTC Droid Eris :: Sync Facebook Contacts With My Phone androidforums.com

So in early May, I got the Android update thing for my Droid Eris. I started it, and it took forever. Ever since then, I can't link my Facebook account to my phone. I've seen a lot of similar situations but nothing exactly the same. I can't link any of my phone contacts to my Facebook contacts. I have the Facebook for HTC Sense and the Facebook app. I can log on and view my Facebook accout, etc but when I go to People my contacts don't have pictures. I've tried to go to menu > settings > account & sync and remove my Facebook for HTC Sense account and manually sync or whatever. Still didn't work. A "force close" message appears every time I try to sync, yet my Google accounts will sync. I've tried going to each contact and manually link them to their Facebook profile but nothing even loads, as in it will say I have no friends to choose from (whomp whomp). I finally gave in and installed that Sync My Pix app but I'm not satisfied. Mainly, because that app saves all the contacts pictures in my photo albums and it doesn't do their status updates, etc. Really, I just don't want an app to make my phone do something it's already suppose to do.

HTC Hero :: Fix For Facebook Sync With Phone Contacts androidforums.com

After the update to Android 2.1 on my HTC Hero, like many other people, I had problems syncing my phone contacts to my facebook contacts. The process com.htc.bgp constantly force closed, and no linking could be made or is some cases only a part of the facebook contacts were synced. Different fixes has been suggested by users online but none of them worked. But after a lot of trying, a combination of these fixes finally solved the problem for me. Now all my facebook contacts are available to link to my phone contacts. Here's what I did and what you can try: 1. On your computer, go to Facebook Account Application settings. Remove applications Facebook for Android and HTC Sense. Log out of Facebook. 2. On your phone, remove any all Facebook programs or widgets you might have installed. 3. Go to Settings Accounts and delete your Facebook for HTC Sense account. The settings Background data should be checked and Auto-sync unchecked. 4. Go to Settings Applications Manage applications. Enter each of the following applications and click Clear data: a. Calender b. Calender Storage c. com.htc.socialnetwork.accountmanager d. com.htc.socialnetwork.provider e. Facebook for HTC Snese f. Gmail g. Gmail Storage h. My Uploads i. PC Synchronization 5. Restart your phone. 6. Connect to the internet. 7. Start the Photos program 8. At the bottom there should be a facebook icon. Click it and log in to your facebook account. 9. Let all the contacts download. 10. Go to your contacts (People), and now your old Facebook connections should slowly start to appear, and you should be able to link the contacts to your facebook contacts. It might take a while but have patience! Perhaps one or a few of these steps are not necessary, but at least its what worked for me and hopefully it will help some of you.

Parse HTML Trough XML? www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I would like to load in Flash the next bit: Code: Select all<IFRAME SRC="http://tickertape.beurs.nl/beursnl/ticker.aspx?width=750&speed=15" NORESIZE SCROLLING=NO HSPACE=0 VSPACE=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 MARGINWIDTH=0 WIDTH=750 HEIGHT=25></IFRAME> I know this is not possible in Flash, but I thought maybe there is a roundabout to get this to work anyway..Is it maybe possible to load in the above mentioned bit of code with XML ?

Web Forms :: Open A New Tab In Iframe Using A Link Button? forums.asp.net

I have an iframe inside that there is a linkbutton if i click it should open a new tab in that browser,or Unblockable POPup's. I cant change it into other controls like Hyperlink or <a> tag, coz i am doing an DB updation in that linkbutton click event also passing values in query string.

Web Forms :: Open The Link Of One Page In Anothrer? forums.asp.net

i am using rss and i get the links,description all data to my xml datasource and i display the details through data lis and i  am using an iframe so that i can get the links opened in my master page but now when i right click on the url and select ot open in new page it is opening the url related stuff but not under my master page can i solve this problem and also i want to get the same result when i click it i mean when i clik the url it has to open in new page but under my master page can i do this

Forms Data Controls :: How To Open A Link In Iframe forums.asp.net

i am using web.sitemap i have an iframe in my page i want that when i click a link from web.sitemap the page will open  in iframe how can i do this?

Using Iframe In Secure Page Show Non Secure Message On IE8? www.vbforums.com

I have a web page that used IFrame to show an http website in my https page. The problem is: It keeps showing user non-secure message.(as in attachment) I have read some articles. Most of those articles suggested to change the security setting in the IE, which is not a good solution. My question is: Do we have any solution that show both Secure and Non-Secure site in the same page without showing security message?

Web Forms :: A Link Target Doesnt Work? forums.asp.net

i have a link and iframe wich his id is set to "iframe3" ... now in the link target i set the target to "iframe3" now it suppose to open it in the iframe3 , but instead it opens it in a new window ... this is the code :[Code]....

AJAX :: Use In UpdateProgress Tag? forums.asp.net

how to use <iFrame> tag in <UpdateProgress>. I want my whole screen in opacity when i press a button like the screenshot below. I tried in this way [Code]....

Protecting Content www.webhostingtalk.com

My company provides various reports and dynamic website content to clients whose websites we design and host as well as to clients who have their sites designed and hosted elsewhere. We do not want people to be able to easily link to our content or bring it up in an iframe or whatever unless they are a paid subscriber. We would like to be able to limit the content to the domains of paying clients and keep it from displaying elsewhere. Note also that out of several reports, publications and content we offer, clients can mix and match, subscribe to just one element or all of them (The subscription levels are managed by us on the back end.) Currently we have a system that is built in Perl/Postgres SQL and it is problematic(constantly failing and not very secure) Also it requires that the content be loaded into an iframe on the client's site or linked directly. We would like a solution that is PHP-based and can talk to our existing database. We would also like to be able to display the content on the page without an iframe so it is more search engine friendly, etc. An off-the-shelf solution would be preferable if one is available - and we like to support the open source community.

DataSource Controls :: Sql Server 2008 Import/export Wizard... Completely Useless forums.asp.net

import/export wizard in 2000 had lots of options. I could copy databases without a care in the world. Including constraints, stored proc., AND the data, etc. Now, with v2008, the wizard is dumbed down too much. It's a "stupid" copy function that fails on the first constraint it meets. "Copy database.." is not an option here: it needs sysadmin on both source and destination server. Re-adding the constraints manually is not an option either: the database is WAY too large.  I'm actually hoping there is a temporary bug in the import/export wizard. Each option (and you have THREE...) returns with a new error. Googling, I found I am not alone: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/sql-server-2008-export-data-problem/ This post is exactly my situation. Here's what his post says: (bolded key parts) I'm trying to get used to sql server 2008 having been forced to upgrade by my isp. I need to back up my key db on a weekly remote schedule, so have been trying to use ssms to export data from my remote db to a local copy. Firstly I created a new empty db on the local machine. Then I scripted the structure of the db on the remote machine and ran the resulting query on the local machine to copy the table structure into the new db. This gave me empty target tables to map to (see below). I used the export data wizard and selected my remote tables, then highlighted the tables to be copied and used the Edit Mappings option. Here I need to do two things, firstly checking'Enable Identity Insert' (because I have a unique id in most tables which is identity seeded, and I've read that if this is not checked sql server will helpfully renumber your entire table, rendering all your foreign key references useless). Secondly I need to decide what to do with the data already in the destination table. SQL 2k DTS simply dropped the destination table and recreated it. SQL 2008 will either keep the structure and delete the rows therein, or drop the table and recreate it. Because I intend to save this package and call it on a schedule in the future, I need to choose one of these options, because next time the target db won't be empty. If I choose the delete rows option, when the package runs I get the following error when the process gets ot the first table with an identity ID which is used elsewhere in the db as a foreign key. Error 0xc002f210: Preparation SQL Task 4: Executing the query "Truncate TABLE [dbo][tblCompany] failed with the following error 'Cannot truncate table tblCompany because it is being referenced by a foreign key constraint. Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "Result Set" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly or connection not established correctly' Half a dozen preceding tables did seem to transfer fine, but the process falls down on this one table. What I want is for the process to ignore constraints whilst it does the backup. Undeterred I tried the other option, dropping each table and creating a new version. This time I get the error: Error 0cx0202009: Data Flow Task 1: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available. Source MS SQL Server Native Client 10.0. Hresult 0x80004005 Description "The statement has been terminated". An OLE DB record is available. Source MS SQL Server Native Client 10.0. Hresult 0x80004005 Description "Violation of Primary Key constraint 'PK_LoginClasses'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.LoginClasses'. Then I try unchecking the Enable Identity Insert option to see what happens. This happens: - Validating (Error)Messages Error 0xc0202049: Data Flow Task 1: Failure inserting into the read-only column "UserID". (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) Error 0xc0202045: Data Flow Task 1: Column metadata validation failed. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) Error 0xc004706b: Data Flow Task 1: "component "Destination - Login" (40)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN". (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)Error 0xc004700c: Data Flow Task 1: One or more component failed validation. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) Error 0xc0024107: Data Flow Task 1: There were errors during task validation. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) I can't see any more options to try. So how do I get SSMS 2008 to do what Enterprise Manager 2k did with no drama?

Delete Link With Jquery Confirm In MVC 2 Application? stackoverflow.com

I have a table with records that has delete links. Basically I followed the NerdDinner tutorial for that part in MVC. But I don't want to have the confirm view, I'd rather have a confirm dialog, and then if confirmed let the HttPost action method delete the record directly. I have something working, but being new to both MVC and jQuery, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Here's the jQuery: I found the function for making the link POST instead of GET on the internet: `$.post(this.href); return false; And I'm not sure what the "return false" part does. I tried to modify it for my needs with a callback and so on, and kept the return part without knowing what it's for. Secondly, the action method has the HttpPost attribute, but I have also read somewhere that you can use a delete verb. Should you? And what about the RedirectToAction? The purpose of that was originally to refresh the page, but that didn't work, so I added the window.location.reload instead in a callback in the jQuery. Any thoughts? The Delete action method calls a couple of helper methods because it seems with the Entity Framework that I use for data, I can't just delete an record if it has relationship dependencies. I had to first delete the relationships and then the "User" record itself. That works fine, but I would have thought it would be possible to just delete a record and all the relationships would be automatically deleted...? I know you're not supposed to just delete with links directly because crawlers etc could accidentally be deleting records. But with the jQuery, are there any security issues with this? Crawlers couldn't do that when there is a jQuery check in between, right?

C# - Whenever RewritePath() Is Called, Page.IsPostBack Is False? stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a custom URL Rewriter for a ASP.Net 3.5 project. This rewriter is not functionally different than most rewriters out there, the only difference being that the friendly URL collection is not loaded from a web.config file -- it's coming from a database instead. I made the naive assumption that it would be easy to develop a custom rewriter module from scratch, but now I know the mess I put myself in. I digress; let's go straight to the technical issues. While testing the rewriter, I set up a friendly url that would take the user to a web form. Postbacks from this form should not alter the friendly address, as anyone would expect, sohttp://my.web.site/app_root/FriendlyURL is always rewritten asttp://my.web.site/app_root/not_friendly/form.aspxThings are fine when the browser first loads the FriendlyURL. The page comes up and is completely functional. However, when the form is posted back to the server, the page simply reloads but, at server-side, IsPostBack is false. It's like F5 was hit, except that a HTTP POST had indeed occurred.Unsurprisingly, when the interaction occurs through the "unfriendly" URL, the POST action triggers the postback as expected. This evidence suggests that HttpContext.RewritePath is somehow messing with the page lifecycle in a way that it loses sense of the postback operation.

Web Forms :: Compatibility View IE8? forums.asp.net

in my application i got this error.i got it when i do postback in iframe in this pagewhat can be the reason for this error. and how can i slove this problemanother important point.this error  not append all times.this error append in the first proccess , but the other run ok with no errors!

Live Thumbnail Preview Of Page For Style Switching? forums.asp.net

My application allows the admin to switch stylesheet to change the look of the site. Is there any way to create a live thumbnail preview of the actual page? I tried using iFrame window with zoom property but it is only supperted by IE. Any ideas? I'm not even sure how to search for this. Do you know?

AJAX :: When Add The Usercontrol It End Up In The Iframe From Where It Was Added? forums.asp.net

I have a ajax tabpanel where i add the "tab content" dynamicly with use of iframe. In one of the iframes i have to add a user control (menu bar) to the page, but (ofcource) when i add the usercontrol it end up in the iframe from where it was added.Is there anyway to set the position outside the iframe?. I set the position trough a public property of a hiddenfield. The position is then set with javascript.

Facebook Like Button Built? www.phpfreaks.com

I am using joomla with sobi2. im working in the sobi2 details template. I am having some difficulties with the like button. maybe i'm going about it all wrong but ill show you what i got and hopefully you can lend me some advise. This works <?php echo '<p><iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href='; ?> <?php echo 'www.google.com'; ?> <?php echo '&layout=standard&show_faces=false&width=450&action=like&colorscheme=light&height=35" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:35px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe></p>'; ?> output (working like button) [Code]...

Auto-adjust Iframe Height Inside A Static Header And Footer? stackoverflow.com

I have a page with a static header and footer which is displayed throughout the whole pages. I then have an iframe which is displayed between the header and footer. Currently, the iframe has a static height. I would like to adjust the height depending on the height of the inner page, since the iframe contains an application which must be displayed in an outer page. Therefore, the outer page contains a header and a footer and between these the application (inside an iframe) is displayed. There are a lot of pages in this application and therefore I require to make the iframe to automatically adjust the height. Apart from the iframe, I also need to adjust the height of the div where the iframe is being placed. Therefore, I have to adjust the height of the iframe itself and of the container div as well upon page change.

Absolute URL Overwritten As A Relative URL When Adding A New HTML Element Like Iframe? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to add an iframe to my website. The problem is that our CMS automatically overrides the src address given ex: I set the absolute url (source address) to [URL] and when the page is rendered the src is modified as shown. The base address is being added. This was set as we normaly upload images/files on our file system. how can I override this, maybe embed some javascript function. I do not have access to .cs/ Asp.net pages.

HTML5 - Framework/Library For Drag-and-Drop On Canvas stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a framework/library which enables me to perform several tasks on a HTML5-Canvas. What I need are mechanisms to access objects after drawing them, so that they can be changed and parsed to XML. Furthermore I need to be able to Drag-and-Drop certain objects with the cursor. I've already tried several frameworks but none of them gives the possibility to assign onDrag-Listeners to the object (only to the canvas). It might be possible to implement such behavior by hand but that grows complicated since I have to deal with much more than one object on the canvas. Also, performance is an important criterion, so it would be good if I could use optimized library-functions rather than my own miserable code. I do know of SVG as an alternative, so please don't try to push me that way. I need to do that with canvas to compare the performances of both. So i think, what I'm looking for is a framework which let's me assign Listeners to canvas-objects. Animation-skills are not that important since everything will concentrate on the user-input by mouse. Does anyone know of such a framework/library which fits my needs and can share some experience? I would be glad not being forced to test all the frameworks and libraries for HTML5-Canvas out there. One thing I forgot to mention: Besides geometric objects I also need to be able to draw paths (i.e. scribbles) and parse them. Although it's not necessary to have handlers for them to, I would be happy, if i didn't have to implement that myself outside the library.

Defer To Default Behavior When Handling Certain Keys In A Keydown Event stackoverflow.com

I'm using jQuery to handle a keydown event on an html tree. As you can see from the code, I'm handling the tab key so that it walks the tree. But if it gets to the end of the tree, I'd like it to tab out of the tree and into the next available field. I've tried returning true in this case, but that doesn't work. This is preventing other keys from functioning as well. For example, I'd also like to have CTRL+R working, but it does nothing when I'm focused on the tree. I am returning before e.stopPropagation() and e.preventDefault() are called, so I'd expect my event to get picked up by the default browser handlers, but they don't. I've read in other posts that there's no way to force the default behavior, so I'd think my best bet is just to stop handling the event and pass it on, but it's not being passed. Does anyone know why? $(treeItem).keydown(function(e) { return onKeyDown(obj, e); }); var onKeyDown = function(obj, e) { [Code].... I've updated the code to more accurately reflect what's happening. Now it's more clear what the problem is. The event is attached to a list item element, so when I return true, it keeps firing on all the ancestors until it gets to the root. At that point, the default behavior is stopped. The solution is to only prevent the default behavior when I know I need to, instead of making it the default behavior.

JQuery :: Drag & Drop On Table Rows www.daniweb.com

I'm looking to find out a way to drag and drop table rows between two tables. I reused jQuery example for portlets, but that did not work to full satisfaction. In above screen shot I added border, but that is just for illustration of the issue. Problems:As you will see from the code I have to work with relative measurement there for I use percentage. I wasn't able to enforce row width to fill in whole table. How do I force full row width? Drag-able row are part of table body (tbody) and headers are done with thead. In this scenario I enforced same style settings on header as body and everything is now squashed to the left. If I leave styling out of header then first header stretches over whole tdody content and second is out of place over nothing. Sort of bad designed table when you forget one column. This become a big issue if there is more then 2 items in a row, for example 4 column in tbody get squashed under one thead column even though there are 4 headers to align under it. [Code]...