How To Force An Iframe To Reload


I have a page A which contains an iframe B which gets loaded with content as the page loads Page A has a link. When the link is clicked, I invoke some JavaScript function which performs some tests, and then I would like to have my iframe reload some other URL The problem is that I change the iframe's src attribute to the new URL but nothing happens. The iframe isn't reloading. How can I force it to reload? I heard that it was a problem in IE but that could be a mistake on my part It is vital to note that if I clean my browser cache (on IE), then the code works fine once (the iframe gets reloaded). But once it is in the cache, successive attempts fail Here is a sample of my code Code: <head> function test() { // perform some tests here [Code]....

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1st post: how to force an iframe to reload? 5th post:how to force an iframe to reload? i tried the first way, and this doesn't work, then i try this: [Code]...

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I am trying to force reload an iframe (as a var) when I rewrite an .ASPX video stream page's embed params. Essentially I have 3 iframes on .ASPX page that utilize same .ASPX page source. These Iframes may or may not be in focus but are triggered using a .LIVE click (on a thumbnail set) and the .next function in Jquery handles the swaps dependent on next DOM element next to thumbnail. Below: the VAR 'img' may be an IMG or an IFRAME so I need to test first if the VAR is an iframe, if yes then force reload the source. The issue is that we are essentially changing params on the Iframe SRC page (.aspx) which in turn remotely loads a video and then ultimatley is reflected in the main Iframe. [Code]...

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I have the script below (lend by one of the geniuses of this wonderful community) and as you'll see it reloads the page products.php every 3 seconds without any visitor noticing it. Simply wonderful. Now the problem: products.php contains divs with information, but it also contains an iframe. The iframe is calling an URL that displays videos. When products.php is reloaded the information changes (is coming from a xml file) and the iframe contents are also reloaded which causes the video stream to blink every 3 seconds. Therefore, the iframe should not be reloaded. What can I do, how should I modify the script to reload everything inside of products.php but the iframe?? Code: <script type="text/javascript"> function getHTTPObject() { var request = false; try { [Code].....

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I have a main webpage with an iframe embedded inside: PHP Code: <IFRAME id="imagesframe" src="images_frame.php" width="100%"></IFRAME> Now, I want to be able to reload the content of that iframe from a pop-up window. I tried the following JavaScript command inside the pop-up window: PHP Code: opener.document.getElementById("imagesframe").location.reload(); but when I call that command i get the following JavaScript error: ...

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user fills in a form (selects files for upload, writes a post, etc.) and submits it - without page reload she gets a response from server (error, unsupported file type, inappropriate language, success, etc.)I imagine first, submit-without-reload, part is done via the form.target property like this: - iframe is either created dynamically with JS createElement or statically. But in any case it should look something like this: <iframe id="#iframe123456" name="#iframe123456"></iframe> - form, also created either dynamically or statically: <form action="process.php" target="#iframe123456"> <!-- inputs of various types --> </from> As for the response/result part, server dumps its reply into the targeted iframe, so I have three alternatives:- use iframe's onLoad (onReadyStateChange) event: attach a get_data() function to it.- frequently/manually poll iframe for data using setInterval(get_data, milliseconds). - inject some script into the server response that makes iframe itself call get_data() .how I can check if an iframe has data in it.I use the following script to get the iframe's inner document object (excerpt from get_data() fucntion ): if ( iframe.contentDocument ){ doc = iframe.contentDocument; }else if( iframe.contentWindow ){ [code]....

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I have 3 links that represent the content for one iFrame in my page. When you click each link, it'll reload the contents of that iFrame without reloading the page. How do i set one link to be active/selected by default, cause what's happening now is the page loads, but still i have to click on the link before the content of the iFrame loads? here's my code: <div id="tabs"> <div id="overview"> <a id="overviewtab" target="tabsa" href="toframe.html">Overviews</a> </div> [Code].....

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I have a page that has an iframe on it, PHP Code:<iframe src="index.php?u=<?=$ID?>" width="400"></iframe> What I need to do is on every page reload increment the $ID variable so I load the page 1 time then $ID = 1 new page reload $ID = 2 how can I do this?

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I can't seem to reload the parent page from within an iframe even though the domain for my iframe and the parent page appear to be the same. The IFRAME was created dynamically, rather than in the HTML page source, so could that be the problem? The iframe I'm working with is here [URL] once you log in. You may use user:test2@gmail.com pass: test03 Once logged in, hit the "order sample" button, and then hit "here" where it says "Your Third Party Shipper Numbers (To enter one, click here.)". I tried using javascript statements window.top.location.reload(),window.parent.location.reload(),window.parent.location.href=window.parent.location.href but none of those worked in FF 3.6 so I didn't move on to the other browsers although I am shooting for a cross-browser solution. I put the one-line javascript statements inside setTimeout("statement",2000) so people could read the content of the iframe before the redirect happens, but that shouldn't affect the execution of the statements... I wish I could test and debug the statements with the Firebug console from within the Iframe.

Iframe Refresh From Parent Window? www.codingforums.com

Alright I have an Iframe, and at the end of that Iframe I have set a variable with JS to be equal to TRUE, indicating that the page has run through the script. I then check that the iframe from the parent window for that variable, if it has not been set yet (or does not equal true) it reloads the iframe. The code works fine FF and Opera. However in IE it does not reload the frame if it is not true, and in Chrome it alerts undefined and does not reload the frame I have tried accessing the frame through the dom and it did not work for me, and i have also tried simply adding a tail to the iframes source with no success. :confused: [Code]...

Reloading Parent If Iframe Does Not Refresh? www.webdeveloper.com

I have an html script that contains an iFrame. The partent contains a display header and the iFrame contains rows of data, the iFrame is set to refesh every 20 seconds. There are times for whatever reason the iFrame does not refresh. Is there a way I can have some sort of timer in the parent that reload the set if the iFrame has not refreshed after 20 seconds.


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From a top page I load a php in an iframe. That php tries to reload a div in the main page with this code. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $('#tnav').load('loadtree.php'); }); </script> The top page is called favorites.php. It has an iframe with src=addpages.php. That addpages calls savepages.php. That savepages.php writes the script above. So you have favorites.php -> addpages.php -> savepages.php. The reload for the div which is in the top page (favorites.php) does not happen. The code does appear in the view source for the savepages.php but it appears in the iframe source.How do I get the reload to happen in the favorites.php? It seems that for the reload to happen the reload script should be appended to one of the other php files.

JQuery :: Insert Iframe - Don't Have To Reload The Page When The Menu Item Is Clicked forum.jquery.com

I currently have a website with a number of menu items, many of which result in the main site being redisplayed but with an iframe being inserted somewhere within the middle of the page. The iframe is initially loaded as hidden but there is a JavaScript 'onload' routine which calculates the height of the iframe and then makes it visible in order to avoid the iframe showing scrollbars since the content of the iframe is variable. Roughly, things look like this: Menu button: reloads main page and passes one or more parameters, e.g. [url] Then elements of the main page including the menu are displayed. Then, if specified by the relevant 'func' parameter the iframe is shown using code similar to the following: This works fine but I was wondering whether there is any way of using jQuery such that I don't have to reload the page when the menu item is clicked. In other words, you'd click on the menu item and the relevant iframe would be inserted within the middle of the website, automatically sized.

Apache/httpd Wont Restart www.webhostingtalk.com

I keep trying to restart Apache but it wont restart... I run a command line to restart it, but nothing happens. Here is what I have tried: Quote: -bash-3.1# chroot /home/fatehost.net/runtime_layeredpanel/ fatehost:/# /etc/ bash: /etc/: is a directory fatehost:/# /etc/init.d bash: /etc/init.d: is a directory fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users Usage: /etc/init.d/apache2 start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users start Starting web server: Apache2(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users restart Forcing reload of web server: Apache2httpd (pid 5955) already running . fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users force-reload Forcing reload of web server: Apache2. fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd force-reload Forcing reload of web server: Apache2. fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users restart Forcing reload of web server: Apache2httpd (pid 13475) already running . fatehost:/# fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users start Starting web server: Apache2(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users stop Stopping web server: Apache2. fatehost:/# fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users start Starting web server: Apache2(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs fatehost:/# fatehost:/# sudo /etc/init.d/httpd-users stop bash: sudo: command not found fatehost:/# su root /etc/init.d/httpd-users restart Forcing reload of web server: Apache2httpd (pid 20391) already running . fatehost:/# /etc/init.d/httpd-users reboot Usage: /etc/init.d/apache2 start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload fatehost:/# reboot WARNING: could not determine runlevel - doing soft reboot (it's better to use shutdown instead of reboot from the command line) shutdown: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl init: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl fatehost:/# WARNING: could not determine runlevel - doing soft reboot bash: WARNING:: command not found fatehost:/# (it's better to use shutdown instead of reboot from the command line) > shutdown: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl > init: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl > fatehost:/# /home/fatehost.net/runtime_layeredpanel bash: /home/fatehost.net/runtime_layeredpanel: No such file or directory fatehost:/#

Capture The Refresh Inside Of An Iframe From Parent Document? stackoverflow.com

We have a file upload page. We didn't want to reload the page once the upload is done, so we put the form inside of an iframe. The form inside of an iframe posts to itself and returns json when it's done. How can we capture that response? When upload is done, the iframe reloads, so in other words, how do we capture when the iframe is reloaded? we cannot print/return anything except the json object (so no js code to call the function in a parent document.) we cannot use ajax since you cannot post files using ajaxwe cannot append javascript code inside of iframe, because once the form inside of iframe is submitted, the page gets reloaded and we lose the appended js code. UPDATE - Seems like the solution is super simple (found it somewhere online): <iframe onload="alert(window['upload_iframe'].document.body.innerHTML);" ...></iframe> This way, it will fire the alert whenever page inside of an iframe is reloaded. Now it's just matter of differentiating JSON object from HTML code, which is pretty simple.

IWeb 09 :: Forum Page Inside Frame Does Not Return To Top discussions.apple.com

I am running a forum in an iframe on my site [URL] When users operate the forum and browse to different pages the frame reloads ok but the forum page on my website, or the forum page inside the frame does not return to the top of the page, this results in a blank screen and the user needing to scroll up to see the content, is there a way to force a return to the top of the page??? Information: Mac Book Mac OS X (10.6.2) New to Mac

Reload An IFRAME Without Adding To The History? stackoverflow.com

I'm changing an IFRAME's src in order to reload it, its working fine and firing the onload event when its HTML loads. But it adds an entry to the history, which I don't want. Is there any way to reload an IFRAME and yet not affect the history?

Web Forms :: Invoking Content Page From Iframe? forums.asp.net

I am having a content page in master page and an iframe in content page. In content page i have dynamically created treeview and in iframe i am having a gridview. As i add or delete a row in iframe my treeview should automatically reloaded that value without entire page referesh. Here point to notice is my iframe is a different aspx .

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Let me to explain the structure.... filename : api.php Having an <iframe src="remotehost/index.php"> </iframe> i have to reload current page api.php after some execution of remotehost/index.php ... I've tried header(); but got formal header error. can we reload current browser url from an iframed code?

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i want to open an page in an iframe, but when u click the link it just reloads the page with the main iframe default in it. <a href="inbox.php" onclick="javascript:document.location.reload();" target="main"> this was my last attempt, but doesny work. any one have any ideas?

Moving Iframe To Different Location On Page Without Causing It To Reload? www.codingforums.com

I have an iframe somewhere on my page. Now on click of a link, I would like to show it in a different location on the same page, BUT I don't want it to reload again. I've tried this simple method but it doesn't do it because the iframe reloads in its new location. <script type="text/javascript"> function move(what, where) { document.getElementsByID(where).innerHTML = document.getElementsByID(what).innerHTML; } </script> [Code]...

Reloading Iframe From Another Iframe? stackoverflow.com

Can I reload iframe (say __tree_iframe) from another child iframe (__content_iframe)?Difficulty: IE6/7. UPDATE:Obviosly I should use window.opener and find iframe using it iframes property. Apparently, IE doesn't support window.opener.

Reloading An IFRAME Server Side? www.codingforums.com

I have a script that writes to an IFRAME, it writes dynamically and then needs to reload it server side. Anybody knows how to do it? I'm joining the code of my attempt but it appears to be reloading the IFRAME on the client side therefore causing an activeX error since I am running this in FireFox: var frTraductionID = document.getElementById("frTraduction"); frTraductionID = (frTraductionID.contentWindow) ? frTraductionID.contentWindow : (frTraductionID.contentDocument.document) ? [Code]....

Asp.net - IFrame Automatic Sizing stackoverflow.com

I have a parent window with an iFrame in it. The content in the iFrame is loaded from a separate domain which is where I think my problems begin, although it needs to be this way. When the page originally loads I have the following running: This works great. The iFrame doesn't have any scrollbars and looks perfect to how I want. The problem I run into is the iFrame has a button that causes a post-back on the frame. I need to have this script run when the iFrame reloads itself to prevent any scrollbars from showing. Due to the child page being on a separate domain I'm not able to call a function from it to the parent (pretty sure this is where XSS comes into play) so I need to come up with another way for the parent to know it needs to run this script because the iFrame is reloading itself.

Reloading Or Redirecting The Parent From A Child Iframe In Safari? stackoverflow.com

I am generating an iFrame that following some processing with the frame (from an external site) redirects back to my domain (within the iframe), which should then reload the parent frame. However I've tried multiple ways of calling the parent, but none of them seem to work in safari?methods use include. self.parent.location="/"; self.top.location="/"; self.top.location.reload(); all of these just reload the iframe. it feels like it is losing the parent / top reference due to the redirects within the iframe.

Prevent An Iframe From Re-loading When Adding It To The Document? stackoverflow.com

We are using the simplemodal jquery plugin to host an iframe as the contents of the dialog. Upon closing the dialog, simplemodal removes the dialog content (an iframe wrapped in a div) from the document and then adds it back to the document.The following markup demonstrates the problem while taking simplemodal out of the equation. I only mention simplemodal in this post for context as to why the iframe is removed and re-addedHow do I prevent the Iframe from reloading it's contents when it is re-added to the document?test.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> [code]....

Reload Main Page From Within An IFrame? stackoverflow.com

I have a button within an iframe section of my page that performs some database processing. What I basically need is a means of performing a page refresh of the main page, when this button within the iframe is pressed. can trigger within the iframe, that will reload the main window holding the iframe.

How To Reload HTML Page Just Once stackoverflow.com

How can I reload an HTML base web page only once? I am using history.go(0); with function onLoad in body tag but I want to run it only once. Please keep in mind that I am using iframe so this is not possible to to use the below types code: <script language=" JavaScript" ><!-- function MyReload(){ window.location.reload(); }//--></script> <Body onLoad=" MyReload()" > The above code not worked for me but the below code is work good but the problem is that I need it to loads once <BODY BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF background="../images/Index_04.jpg" onLoad="history.go(0)" > I am using 2 iframes when user click on main page link a page loads in iframe than i want to reload the whole page with current iframe page.

Prevent Iframe Content Reload On Hide In Firefox? stackoverflow.com

In my webapplication I hide an iframe using jquery hide() function.Surprisingly firefox reload the content of iframe when the iframe is hidden.Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?I also tried to hide the iframe setting css style display to 'none'. Same result.

Can You Tell When Iframe Content Has Changed? www.sitepoint.com

I have a page where I load in a template from another company via IFRAME, the template I cannot change, but on a certain page of the template within the iframe I would like to tell the user some extra information, but my page remains the same and only the information in the iframe reloads, so is there a way to tell when the iframe changes so i can innerHtml some extra info on certain parts?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Key Listener Sleep And Reload An Iframe? www.kirupa.com

Would it be possible to have a keylistener accomplish the following pseudo code: doSomething(); sleep(1); reload Iframe on page; How this relates: I have multiple frames on my page, one which contains the flash chatroom. It has a keylistener set up for the various direction keys, and after an arrow is pushed I need it to doSomething, sleep for 1 second while doSomething runs, then reload an iFrame on the page containing php code that queries the changes doSomething performed.

IE + Iframe Popup Problem bytes.com

I was stuck with this really frustrating problem for sometime. Let me explain what I am trying to achieve: There is a form and an inner iframe. The form's target is set to the iframe so that when the form is submitted, the page does not get reloaded/changed ( as the iframe would be the one getting refreshed. The Iframe is set to have 0 width and height to make it look invisible ).....

Software :: Why Wouldnt This Javascript Run www.linuxquestions.org

I am working on a web-interface that has to show certain data in real-time (update it every 2 seconds). I figured including an iframe and reloading it with javascript would be the best bet. So to see if it works I wrote this test code. But it doesnt reload the iframe every 2 seconds. Can anyone point out where I am going wrong ?this is the code for hello.html PHP Code:<html><body> [code]....

Access Child IFrame DOM From Parent Page? stackoverflow.com

domain.com/page -- Parent page (document.domain=domain.com) contains an iframe sub.domain.com/page -- Child iframe (document.domain=not set) is on a subdomain Is there any way to access the DOM of that iframe or am I out of luck? Does same origin policy block me from forcing a document.domain on an iframe contained within a parent page? I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the same origin policy... If that is the case, is there any workaround to access the DOM of the iframe on the rendered parent page?

Web Forms :: How To Refresh A Page From A Child Page Without Causing Windows Warnings To Pop Up forums.asp.net

I need to reload a page without causing a warning pop up in IE from displaying the following message. To display the webpage again, Internet explorer needs to resend the information you've previously submitted. If you were making a purchase, you should click Cancel to avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display the webpage again. I have an iframe that I need to close from the child page. I need to save back information from the iframe, then close the iframe and also reload the parent page to show the changes made but when the pop up shows and I click ok, my changes are rolled back. When I choose cancel instead, I get a page error message. How can I close the iframe and refresh the parent page without loosing the changes from the iframe?

Prevent IFrame From Changing Location? stackoverflow.com

I've got a simple app that parses Tumblr blog templates. It's modeled after theircustomization screen and contains a header with some configurable options and an iframe. Every time an option changes, the app reloads the iframe, serializing the config form and updating the iframe's src with the serialized data as a query string.his all works fine, except every time this happens, I am only able to reload the main index page with the changed options. If the user wants to view, say, a single post page by navigating away from the index, the template renders that page, only with the default options.In other words, the changed options do no persist while the user navigates the blog.I've been able to have 'persisting changes' with an $('iframe').load() event like so: $('iframe').load(function(){ updateTheme(); }); [code]....

Reload Page On Open? www.sitepoint.com

I have a drop down menu that has an iframe in the menu. At the moment when i click the drop down menu it loads the iframe and the content in the iframe, but when i click it again it just runs from the cache, but is there a way to make it reload everytime when i click the drop down menu.

Chaning Iframe Src With Javascript www.sitepoint.com

Is there a way to change an iframe's src with a javascript? I need to have an iframe on my webpage display different data based on which link is clicked. I don't want to have it reload the whole page, just the iframe.

Reload Image Directly bytes.com

I am uploading a new image to my database. The upload works ok and the new image is stored ok on server. The problem is can I force a reload on cache to display the new image. If I reload the page it works fine but if i dont then the old image is displayed.is there a way to force a reload of image.

POST A Form In An Iframe? stackoverflow.com

I would like to POST a form in an iframe, generated like so: My JS loads an iframe inside the page, adds a form to the iframe and submits the form. What I would like to happen is the iframe to load the result of that request. So, I would effectively like to post a form and render the result inside the iframe, without touching the parent (apart from putting the iframe up for display in the first place).I am using the code from this answer: http:[url].....but I can't get it to not reload the parent. I post the form, and instead of the iframe refreshing, the entire parent refreshes. I don't know why that is, since the url it's posting to is different and would at least redirect there.I just want a post inside an iframe and only within the iframe, basically. EDIT: After some more research, apparently the form is not being created properly. I'm using document.createElement("form") and then document.getElementById("my_iframe_id")appendChild (form) to append it, but it does not seem to be working correctly.

Dynamic IFrame Height, Not Working In Ie Without Refresh? www.daniweb.com

When i try to dynamically change the height of an iframe in ie through a java-script to match its content (a html page containing a flash movie, it doesn't resize the iframe at first, but when i reload the same page into the iFrame it resizes as planned, how come?This script works well in firefox, safari and netscape, but i cant get it to work in ie(8, 7). And i get the same problems with every resizing script i've tried. This is the script i use: <script type="text/javascript"> function adjustIFrameSize(iframe) { [code]..... I have a flash menu in the first iframe, the buttons on the menu uses getURL(siteToLoad, "contents") to load another html-page into the iframe "contents". Is it possible to make the iFrame refresh automatically though javascript so that i just refreshes the iframe once? Everytime ive tried that it just ends up in a never ending refresh-loop... How can i make this work? Is there any better script for resizing (and refreshing after resize) the iframe height so that it matches to its content?

Web Forms :: Master Pages Vs Iframes? forums.asp.net

Before ASP.NET there was a powerful tool for having a subdivision of the page in a template item and a changable item. With iframes you could have a template navigation menu and an area that could change without reload the entire page. Beautiful! However iframes have side effects and are not recomandable. With ASP.NET you can define a MasterPage to accomplish the same function, but with them you always have to reload the entire page after a postback operation. I like MasterPages, but it's not a conceptually good practice to reload the entire page when a part of it is a template menu. I've solved the problem with a Multiview control encapsuled in an Ajax UpdatePanel. Each view contains a different page. This is a lot more time expensive than iframe and i think that it's not the only way.

Loading Page Into Iframe From An Onclick Event? www.webdeveloper.com

I'm loading an html page into an iframe from an onclick event. The procedure is to put a number into a textfield and then click a button that loads a separate file into the iframe. The number is used as a url parameter to grab certain info from mysql (locations.php?sku= the number ).On first click the page loads in the iframe with no info at all, then if I reload the page by way of the reload button in browser and then click the button a second time, it works. If I change the number and click the button nothing changes until I reload and click the button again. This is the code I'm working with--- Code: <script type="text/javascript"> url = document.regionbar.sku.value; function doClick() {[code]......

Reload The Page Without A Hard Refresh? www.webdeveloper.com

When I use document.location.reload() it seems to reload all the images and the css file and it's slow. I want to reload the page and change the anchor in the url. But when I do document.location = "http://mysite.com/page#anchor" No reload happens because it's already on that url. Is there any way to reload the current page and change the #anchor without forcing the reload of the images/css?

Display URL Of Iframe And Refresh Upon Reload? www.codingforums.com

I am having trouble with a script that displays the url of an iframe. On this page, I have a single iframe and want to display the url of the iframe in a div. It works upon initial loading, but the url does not change when a link within the iframe is clicked and a new iframe page loads within the frame. My users need the ability to determine and directly link/view the iframe url. Here is the script <iframe id="mainFrame" name="mainFrame" class="inner-center" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="100%" height="400" src="whats_new.htm"></iframe> [Code].... what to research and implement. Can you reload the content in the div? do I want to look at cross-frame scripting?

Why Can "page Not Be Refreshed Without Resending Information"? www.vbforums.com

I have an ASP.NET page with an IFRAME. The IFRAME contains the second ASP.NET page. I need to be able to click on an "update" button on the page within the IFRAME and have the browser refresh. Lord_Rat provided me with the following code to do this. Code: JavaScript = "<script language=""javascript"">" & vbCrLf JavaScript += "parent.location.reload();" & vbCrLf JavaScript += "</script>" Response.Write(JavaScript)The code works, but the problem now is as follows: When I run the application, the first time the page loads, I can click the "update" button on the page within the IFRAME and the parent page will reload with the update in effect. However, if I click on any of the controls on the main page and then try to use the "update" button, I get the following message from IE: "The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information. Click Retry to send the information again, or click Cancel to return to the page that you were trying to view." Is there any way to remedy this problem?

Focus Event Of The Parent Window Stops Firing After The Page In The Iframe Is Posted Back? stackoverflow.com

I have a main page in which I have an iframe I have bound a function to be executed whenever the main page gets focus (that will be after the user, opens another tab or window and then comes back to the page) When the user clicks on a button inside the main page, an iframe opens, and if that iframe is posted back or reloads, then the focus event of the main page stops working. In the following code, I have tried an alternate solution, by rebinding the focus event to the main page's window whenever the contents of the iframe are reloaded. But, still it is not able to bind the focus event again to the main page's window. $(document).ready(function() { $(window).focus(function() { CheckChange(); }); [Code]....

Reload IFrame (within IFrame) With New URL www.sitepoint.com

Basically I have a web page with a search box and an iFrame where the full dataset is loaded. What I am trying to do is when the search field is populated and the user clicks search modify the src element of the iFrame to include a get variable. Then reload the iFrame so the new results will load. I've tried various combinations and nothing appears to work. It is only the master page that reloads. The jQuery to detect the click on the search box outside the frame is written into the iFrame file because other functions are. [Code]....

IDE :: Flash Reloads On Clicking Another Navigation Link www.kirupa.com

I used flash banner at html page in a iframe. But when I clicked at another navigation link (like index to contact page). flash reloads. & it takes time for low bandwidth user. Is there any solution that, i can go at any page without refresh whole page...(not reload flash). I don't want to reload flash when I click at another link.

How To Identify If A Window Is Within An Iframe www.codingforums.com

I have jsp1.jsp with an iframe iframe1.jsp within. Once the http session is expired any page is redirected to a logout1.jsp page. If the iframe1.jsp was loaded and httpsession expired the logout1.jsp is displayed inside the iframe .... but I want it to be displayed on the full screen. My idea is to check once loading the logout1.jsp if it is inside an iframe and to reload it's parent. I tried following lines within the logout.jsp. It worked well, but caused an infinite loop ... if (window.parent != null ) window.parent.location.reload(); I guess it is not the correct way to check if a window is within an iframe...

How To Prevant Form IFRAME www.webhostingtalk.com

I have shared hosting linux server and I have already enabled Firewall,brute-force but form the couple of weeks,I am facing such issue regarding crossside virus tags or scripts,I have already enabled Mod_security2,so can any body help me to prevent such type of iframe tags. Please let me know how to restrict or prevent "iframe" tags through Mod_security2,if any body have any specific rule for "iframe" tags,

Php Iframe Security www.codingforums.com

I have this link which passes a PHP variable of a track I want to play. There are several of these links in the page all with different variables being passed to an iframe. <a href="mp3Player.php?track=http://www.buildrebuild.com/dirtyDeeds2.mp3" target="hydroponicPlayer">[PLAY]</a> I know in javascript you can force the iframe to be opened with the parent frame even if someone tries to copy and paste the iframe URL into their location bar.

Force Outside URL To Open In IFrame ? www.sitepoint.com

I have a simple iFrame which I use to open other websites. However, some websites force themselves to be opened in "parent" windows when links are clicked, or even always. How do I go about avoiding this? I believe there is a way to set my iFrame as "self" or something like this in order for all sites to still only load in iFrames, but I'm not sure how.

JQuery :: Reload/Refresh Page & Fancybox? forum.jquery.com

I have the following problem: In wordpress I wanted to popup the login-page (wp-login.php) and i used the fancybox to generate an iframe. after clicking the "login" button i want that the fancybox is closing (thats not the problem) and i want to reload the whole page so that it recognizes that i'm logged in. Now that is the problem .. I cant reload the index page when clicking the login button, because (i think so) the login document is in a iframe and is not able to reload the whole screen). I don't know the "reload" command, too, maybe load("index.php"); ? :D

Iframe OnLoad Function Lost With Replace() Method? www.codingforums.com

I've been using a hidden iframe for remote server scripting - how i've been doing it is that a load(); function changes the src component of the iframe with $_GET variables to pass to PHP: this.load = function () { this.iframe.src = this.file + "?action=load&gid=" + this.gid + "&last_modified=" + this.last_modified; } The frame itself then has an "onload" function that calls a doLoad(); function that handles receipt of any information back from the server. declared this way:<iframe id="loader" onload="loader.doLoad();" style="width:0px;height:0px;border:none;"></iframe> The trouble with this as you may guess is that the page was reloading every time src was changed and the history list of the browser was messed up. So I did some research and came up with this method that solves that problem: this.load = function () { //this.iframe.src = ''; this.iframe.contentWindow.document.location.replace(this.file + "?action=load&gid=" + this.gid + "&last_modified=" + this.last_modified); } Which is great, but now onload doesn't call!

Jquery :: Reloading A Tree Navigation Iframe From Container Page And From Content Iframe stackoverflow.com

What's the best way to reload a tree navigation iframe from within the HTML page containing that tree and from within the content area iframe? The tree navigation iframe is defined in favorites.php (HTML page) like this. <iframe id="tnav" src="loadtreeb.php" style="border: 0px; width: 200px; height: 86%; overflow: auto;"> </iframe> If nodes are added to the tree, there is a button in the HTML page to save the updates by calling savepages.php. That php file is loaded into the content iframe. <FORM name="pagesform" action="savepages.php" method="post"> <P style="font:12px Arial, Verdana;" > Add one line for each page in this format: Page Name, Folder Name, http://thepage.com <br/> [Code].... There must be an issue with getting to the #tnav. What could be the problem? I thought that adding the location window.parent.document to locate #tnav was the right way to reload the tree navigation from within the content area iframe. Whereas omitting the location was the right way to reload from within the HTML page script. Are there other issues that I had not thought about? Is caching an issue? How do I prevent caching for the tree navigation iframe?

AJAX :: Using Modalpopup To Trigger A File Download? forums.asp.net

I have a click event on a gridview trigger a modalpopup show. A panel with an iframe (outside of the updatepanel) is then visible. I'm trying to use the iframe as a way of downloading a file based on the value of the orginal gridview selection (response.write(), etc). I have the extender working, but I'm not sure of a good way to get the gridview selection to the iframe on the click event. I was thinking I could change the src of the iframe, but I don't know how to get the iframe to reload and only trigger on the click event (opposed to the user clicking refresh). I was also thinking about setting a session variable, but I'm still stuck on getting that iframe to trigger some event only when the gridview row is clicked. Then I call a download function from the selectedindexchange to call the mpe.show(). Is there a better way of getting a file downloaded when a row is selected?

Forcing Queries/php To Refresh Page forums.devshed.com

let's say I have a page listing records in a table... If I go somewhere else and later on reload this list page, it does NOT refresh the list (if more records were added to the table meantime). What should I do? Is there a way to force a refresh? If I turn off the cache, are people still going to be able to cache the graphics (i don't want to force a reload of every element, just the page itself)?

Resetting Form With Javascript Won't Work stackoverflow.com

Here is my main page code: <form><iframe name="iframe_pic" src="iframe.html"></iframe></form> Here is my iframe.html: <script type="text/javascript"> function reset_imageform(){ f = document.getElementById("pic_form"); f.src=f.src; [Code].... READ: As you can see I am trying to call javascript inside iframe.html to reset the form. This is because after all my php, the image shows, and I want the user to be able to click a link and then the form gets resetted and the user can chose another picture to upload. Should I reset the form (pic_form) or should i reload the entire iframe (iframe_pic) that contains the 'pic_form'?

Web Forms :: Refresh Part Of A Parent Page On Event Fired From An Iframe Page? forums.asp.net

I have a page containing a datagrid(datagrid 1) and an iframe. The page dispalyed in the iframe has a datagrid(datagrid 2) too. Now on selection of any row in the datagrid 2, i want to update the contents of datagrid 1. I have enclosed datagrid 1 within the update panel since i donot want page reloads. How can I go about to achieve this...

Reload/refresh Parent Web Page From An Iframe bytes.com

My main browser page has an iframe. Whenever the iframe is reloaded (updated), I want to automatically refresh the main webpage as well. How can this be done, preferably using javascript?

Jquery :: Reload Parent Window From Within An Iframe stackoverflow.com

I have my login page in an iframe and wished to reload the parent window using ajax and jquery from within iframe without refreshing but i'm getting errors like this this[0].ownerDocument || this[0]).createDocumentFragment is not a function

Refresh Current Page In IFrame With JS? forums.devshed.com

I put my website in an iFrame to mask the URL...and everything works great, except that on any given page, when you click the browser reload button it goes back to the original iframe src. I assume I need JS to get it to refresh the current content(page), but I cannot for the life of me find a simple answer. Does anyone know how to do this off hand? Is it even JS that I need?

Reload Page And Display A Particular Iframe Based On Option Choice? www.codingforums.com

What I would like to do is have a page with a dropdown menu, and depending on which option the user chooses from the dropdown, reload the page and display a particular iframe below the dropdown, based on the users choice. Also, a default iframe would load (the one connected to the default choice in the select box). I was trying to make this work with PHP (without having the user having to click a submit button) but I couldn't find a way to make it happen.

Iframe Is Embedded In The Page And Doesn't Cause A Reload? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to understand this bit of code: in display.php: <html> ... <body> <table> [code].... The iframe is embedded in the page and doesn't cause a reload or anything like that. 2) I'm trying to duplicate this functionality on another page but the iframe is always empty (i've verified this using the IE developer Toolbar)

Asp.net - Load Masterpage's Content - Aspx-page - Asynchronously From Menu? stackoverflow.com

I have a Asp.Net Project with one MasterPage. I have used this menu for navigation. It's in the header of the MasterPage. Is it possible with Ajax to change the Content-Page from this menu without having the whole MasterPage reloaded(including the Menu)? Perhaps this link describes my problem better:[url] Is iframe an alternative and when yes, does MasterPages make sense anymore when using iframes? Kervin and this page leads me on the right track.

Navigating To A Bookmark Within An IFrame bytes.com

I load an Iframe within html page contained within another page and from the hosting page I would like to scroll to a given bookmark within the page loaded within the iframe without causing it to reload. How do I do this? I have tried: function navIContent(bm) { IContent.src=bm return } called by : onclick='navIContent("../content.htm#test")' but it doesn't seem to work!

Get The IFrame To Resize To The Content? www.daniweb.com

I've been able to get the iFrame to resize to the content - see this link - it's pretty simple. My only problem, is if the user clicks a link so that another page is displayed, the iFrame doesn't resize. It will only resize when the parent page is reloaded. So, not sure what to do about that. (I do work with someone who writes Javascript and PHP, so they would know how to implement it if I found a solution).

Send Data Via CURL Without Reloading Page? stackoverflow.com

In a facebook iframe page (not tab), I'd like to post data to an external API using cURL, but I would prefer if my form page didn't reload. I'd like to have some jquery ajax happening ("submitting data" message on submission of the form and a success message on success of the curl_exec). I was thinking of creating a hidden iframe with a duplicate form and update values in that form on change events, but i don't know quite how I'd implement that exchange between PHP and jquery. Is there a better way? Here's the code I'm working on: UPDATED CODE TO RETURN FALSE -- Does not submit form data. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> [Code].... Currently this will successfully send the data to the external PHP API, but the iframe (or my whole file) reloads on submission (and displays "success" message).

How To Reload A Page Once Once? www.codingforums.com

I have a index page on which there are several iframes which point to pages from a tomcat server. Sometimes when the index page loads, most of the iframes display session expired error. When I refresh the page, all iframes load properly. I want to reload the page twice whenever I come to that page initially. I also want to reload that page twice when I come to it from another page. Any ideas are welcome. [Code]...

Changing Html <object> Data="" String On Mouseover? www.webdeveloper.com

I'm trying to create an onClick that will change an embedded html page. I'm using the same syntax that works for both <img> and <iframe>. Code:<object id="thing" data="page1.html" type="text/html"> error message</object> [Code].... There must be some fundamental difference between changing an image or iframe "src" and changing an object's "data" that totally escapes me because the above script won't update/refresh/reload/change the existing embedded page (page1.html) to page2.html. I have run the script with an "alert(document.getElementById('thing').data)" tacked onto the end of the above script, and it does, in fact, return "page2.html" in the dialogue box. So, maybe, I just need to refresh the object (without reloading the whole page!)? I've noticed that <object> is usually used with applets and flash and sound and there seem to be commands to "run" them, but I can't find any terms to handle updating an embedded html document. Maybe there really just isn't any way to do this yet aside from iframe?

Motorola Droid X :: Launcher Pro Force Closes After Unplugging androidforums.com

It seems like every morning when I unplug my phone LauncherPro seems to not respond and force close. Are there certain memory settings I should be using to prevent this?Also, when LPP DOES force close, there's no way to get out of it. If I click "Force close" instead of "wait", it will just reload my default homescreen, but then force close again. It's an endless loop!

Login Form Inside IFrame - Refresh Parent Frame (once) On Successful Login? stackoverflow.com

I have a PHP login form/script running inside an iFrame on my home page. I'm hoping there is a way to reload the parent page on sucessful login. I have tried inserting parent.location.reload()at the end of the script, but that put my login form into an endless loop. is there another way to do this?

Jquery :: Reload A Div With Dynamic Content From Main Page When Closing A Fancybox stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to reload a div on a main page when I edit the dynamic content in a fancybox. The main page is made of an included php files. I thought I would be able to reload it. I used the .load() function on the 'onClosed' element in the fancy box: $(".add_form").fancybox({ 'type' : 'iframe', 'onClosed': function() { $('.param_middle_down').load('admin_inc_param_call_fav.php'); [Code].....

Script In Internet Explorer (IE) Hangs And Becomes Unresponsible With Empty Cache (works Fine With C... stackoverflow.com

Ok, I have put together a script which does this:Make ajax request (via getHTTPObject(), no libraries is used)Create an iframe with script, src is "blank.html".use iframe.document.write() to execute scripts (inkluding document.write based scripts) in the iframe.call parent window's document to clone the iframe content.Append the content clone to parent body.Works like a charm in all browsers but IE, where every version - including IE9 beta - hangs on iframeWindow.document.close() with empty cache, leaving the window/tab unresponsible. When I force quit, restart and load the page again it works.What I've tried already:Googled.called the ajax request callback manually with string instead of request.responseText - it works even with empty cache here.Removed document.close() - resultin in scripts in iframe not executing at all (again, only with empty cache, cached pages works fine).Tested to make the ajax request synchronous - no difference.://labs.adeprimo.se/~adupanyt/ot/unlimited_scroll/Here is the code. The install(), finish() and append()-functions manages the iframe. /*! * Cross browser unlimited scroll snippet * Copyright (c) 2010 by Adeprimo. [code]....

Php - Keep A Div From Reloading? www.codingforums.com

Basically, I want the same effect as the oldschool html 'frameset' I think.[URL]If a user selects a project from industry -> transportation for example, I would like that the right scrollmenu keeps its initial state when the new project page comes up. So they won't get lost and have to click again to be in the same submenu section.So, the right thumbnail navigation should stay in the same way, I don't want it to reload.Do I have to do it with frames or iframes? Or can I make some kind of jQuery call to 'not reload' that div? Maybe PHP? I'm sorry, I am not a programmer from origin. Update:I managed to put the whole thumbnail navigation code into a seperate php file, called sidebar.php. Now this gets called in my single.php (Wordpress) by <?php get_sidebar(); ?>.Should it now be easier to make this sidebar.php NOT refresh on page reload? I've been looking at cookies, php sessions, iframes.. but I can't get it to work.

How Does Facebook Load Pages www.dreamincode.net

If anyone has gone to facebook.com and logged in, you will notice there is a little bar at the bottom of your screen. Whenever you navigate through Facebook, the main page reloads, url changes, all of that (So no iframe). But that bottom bar never changes. It is always there and never gets reloaded (You can test this by highlighting the bar and then navigating through pages)

Permission Denied To Iframe After Frame Reload? www.daniweb.com

I have an iframe that is used to access the server so the entire page doesn't reload. The frame works great the first time but after the frame has preformed the query and reloaded, if the script tries to access the frame, I get a "permission denied" error. server = (document.all) ? window.frames['SERVER_REQUEST'].document.getElementsByTagName('input') : document.getElementById('SERVER_REQUEST').contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName('input'); post_edit.onclick = function() { server['REQUEST_CRITERIA_0'].value = "some value";}

ActionScript 2.0 :: Passing Values To SWF On Runtime? www.kirupa.com

Setup: 2 iframes (one has a php-generated list, the other my swf) So this is what I want to do: Clicking on an item in the list has to pass info to the SWF file without reloading it. I think I heard / read that this is possible with JavaScript. Thing is, it needs to be quick... hence the "JavaScript / no reload" approach. Otherwise I was thinking to just have the PHP-iframe reload itself when clicked and create something like a server-side cookie (a tiny text file with the choice) and have the SWF check for that file. That would mean I could avoid using JavaScript (simply for security / compatiblity reasons) but it would be slower responding sind I wouldn't want to let the SWF check more often than once every 10 seconds or so (server load, etc).

Add Parameter To Multiple Rendered URLs? stackoverflow.com

've got a PHP page serving content into an Iframe on another website, and it needs to re-load content inside the Iframe according to user interaction on the host website. The page content that's inside the Iframe contains multiple URLs.In order for the Iframe interaction to work, I was thinking of using a request parameter in the URLs that identifies that it's a call for the Iframe --- in order to reload the content with custom formatting/styles/behavior for the host website, instead of treating it as a normal request.What might be a simple solution for rendering lots of URLs on the page with a custom request parameter, without having to add this manually to the end of every link in the relevant HTML templates?I've found a few JavaScript-based ideas but they seem a little excessive.

Reload Iframe Src / Location With New Url Not Working In Safari? stackoverflow.com

I have a page that loads with initially just a form within an iframe, something like this: <iframe id="oIframe" ...src='somePage>' <form ... /> </iframe> When you click a button in the form, some javascript is invoked that builds a url and then I want to do the following: frame.src = 'somePage?listId=1'; This works in IE to "reload" the frame with the new contents. However, in Safari this does not work. I have jQuery available, but I don't want to replace the existing iframe because there are events attached to it. I also can not modify the id of the iframe because it is referenced throughout the application. I have seen some similar issues but no solutions that seem to work well for my exact issue.

Document.location.reload(true) Vs Regular Refresh - Reload The Frame www.codingforums.com

Is there a difference between right clicking an iframe and reloading post reponse vs. using javascript to reload the frame? So far, the javascript route hasn't worked for me. [some context] I am writing a little bookmarklet to help me with the online registrations at my school. Here is the setup. Load up a page on the domain. Remove all body elements. Insert an iframe. Set iframe to page for class roster search. (in iframe on school search page) Select class search options, POST the form data, and view results in frame. *This works perfectly, but I need to have it refresh results every minute or so. When I use frame.contentDocument.location.reload(true); the frame loses the post data or something and the page is broken. BUT when I just right click on the frame and select "reload frame" it works perfectly. What is the difference between rightclicking the frame and refreshing it like that vs. using javascript to reload the frame?